The Caves of Shadow

The very first adventure our little band ever undertook, played on Fri Oct 26, 2001. It was based on the AD&D 3rd Ed. free intro adventure, heavily modified to put it back into 1st Ed. terms. You can also see the complete maps.

<DM< W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   C A V E S   O F   S H A D O W !

<DM> Ok, let's begin
<DM> Your characters live in a world where magic works and evil
monsters threaten the lives of innocent people.
<DM> Some of you dream of doing great deeds.
<DM> Some of you dream of wielding great power.
<DM> Some of you dream of amassing great wealth
<DM> Some of you dream of getting through the day alive.
<DM> Whatever your dreams, whatever your reasons, tonight, you find
yourselves in the taproom of a snug inn in the small village of Hinesford. 
There aren't many tables in the room, yet it seems most of the village has
collected here.
> Regdar looks around the room.
> Mialee looks to see how many arrows she has.
> Jozlan starts a conversation with a local
<DM> Mialee sees that she has at least 30 arrows
<DM> Perhaps the palpable fear that you feel in the room has led these
simple folk to cluster together during these hours of darkness.  Whatever
the reason, you find yourself thrown together at the same table with three
other adventurers.
<DM> Introduce yourselves, giving as much detail as you want.  It
would be good to mention your profession, or at least give a hint as to your
"special talents" so that your new companions can get a feel for what you
can do.
> Floren sneaks around to see if she can see an easy mark
<Mialee> Greetings, fellow wanderers.  I am Mialee of the elves.  I
wield a bow and am learning the art of magic.
<Mialee> I can cast Magic Missile and Detect Magic.
> Jozan drank so much he couldn't remember his own name
> Mialee kicks her feet up onto the table and starts to sing quietly.
<Regdar> I'm Regdar.  As you can see, I'm a human man at arms who
favors the Greatsword.
<Floren> I'm Floren, I can fight a little but my talent is sneaking
<Jozan> I am Jozan, a servant to the mighty god Thor.  I can heal and
protect others
<DM> Since you've been in the inn, you've overheard whispers from
other patrons about the frightening goings-on of late.  You hear talk about
monsters stealing children away in the night, and travelers and merchants
being waylaid on the road to the next town.
<Mialee> This sounds like an opportunity to test my magical skills in
a practical way.
<DM> Hinesford doesn't often see the likes of you, being a small
farming village in a backwater barony of the Kingdom of Mercia.  Thus, it
doesn't take long for your group to get noticed by the "regulars." One of
them, a man bent with age, limps over to your table with the assistance of a
cane, and helps himself to a seat.
<Regdar> Greetings grandfather.
<Floren> Hello old man
<Mialee> Good morrow, elder.
<Jozan> geed evening Sir
<OldMan> Yer strangers around here, but ye look like ye've seen a bit
of the world.  Have ye any experience fighting monsters?
<Mialee> Some.
<Regdar> Not much but we have heart.
<Jozan> what monsters do you speak of?
<OldMan> We've had a plague of attacks from the hills around; folk
have disappeared, or been found dead in their homes, or layin' in the road
gruesomely mutilated.
<OldMan> It seems the attackers have plundered whomever they've
attacked, robbing them of simple foodgoods and valuables alike
<Floren> This looks interesting
<OldMan> Some young lads around here have tried to find out where the
attacks are comin' from, but the 3 or 4 that have set out to find the lair
have never been seen again.
<Mialee> I would be more than happy to lend my assistance.
<Regdar> Have groups been attacked or just individuals?
<Mialee> Good question, Regdar.
<OldMan> mostly individuals or small groups
<OldMan> no more than 2-3 at a time
<Mialee> Hmm.
<OldMan> and this morning the widow Smith was found dead in her home
on the east side of town.  Her hut was ransacked, and her cupboards laid
bare. But the worst thing was that there were bite wounds on her that
suggested that her attackers tried to eat her alive.
<Mialee> Then if the four of us join forces we should find ourselves
in a good position to help.
<Jozan> Thor demands that evil everywhere be sought out and destroyed.
that's good, kind sir -- evil should be destroyed
<OldMan> that's good, kind sir -- evil should be destroyed
<OldMan> Folks 'round here are right scared, and looking for some help
from some brave and adventurous sorts like yerselves.
<Mialee> I seek personal growth, but growth achieved to benefit a just
cause is the best kind.
<OldMan> Do ye have the courage to face down the evil that is cursing
this village?
> Mialee leaps to her feet.
<Floren> I'll come along.
<Mialee> I do!
<Regdar> I'm willing to aid those in need.
<OldMan> Folks 'round here are right scared, and looking for some help
from some brave and adventurous sorts like yerselves.
> Mialee slides the old man's drink away from him, since he's repeating
<Jozan> where is the widow's house?
<OldMan> We've nothing to pay you, but if you can drive them off,
you'd be welcome to keep any of the booty you find in their lair, even stuff
that's come from the people hereabout.
<Mialee> That is most kind, sir.
*** >> <mialee> >>  touche`
<Mialee> We should begin at the widow's home, as Jozan suggests.
<Mialee> Perhaps we will find clues there to aid our search.
<OldMan> nah, lass, the home's been cleaned out
<OldMan> Best we can figure, the attacks are coming from the hills to
the east of here.  The hills are filled with caves where bandits and other
creatures can lair.
<Mialee> I see.
<OldMan> we can give ye a rough map of where we think they're comin'
<Mialee> That would be appreciated.
<Regdar> What else can you tell us about the bite marks?
<Jozan> that would be appreciated
<OldMan> Then y'll set out in the mornin'?
<Regdar> Have there been any survivers?
<OldMan> no, sadly, none at all
<Mialee> Have any tracks been seen?
<OldMan> in fact, most of the time, we don't find out about the
attaacks until several days later
<Mialee> Curious.  Do you know why that is?
<OldMan> when the people have been missed by their friends
<Mialee> I see.
<OldMan> this is a pretty sparse community
<Regdar> If the others are willing, we'll leave at first light.
<OldMan> with people spread out
<Mialee> I'm with you, Regdar.
<Jozan> as am I
<Floren> I'll be ready and waiting early.
<OldMan> Good then!  I'll see to your rooms for the night.  Is there
anything we could provide for ye?
<OldMan> we haven't got much, as I said
<Floren> good dinner and wine
<Mialee> Basic provisions would be appreciated.  Food, water, a bindle
for sleeping...
<Mialee> If you have such to spare, of course.
<Regdar> We should discuss how we will search for these killers.
<Regdar> I could use some basic provisions.
<Mialee> It sounds like the only clue we have is that they're in the
hills to the east.  That's not much to go on.
<Jozan> are there any hunting dogs that might be able to track them
<Mialee> Good question!
<OldMan> nay, there are no dogs about that could track well
<OldMan> We've sent a message to the Baron, asking for his aid, but
it's a three day ride to get there, so we've no hope of aid from that
quarter for another week at least.
<Regdar> Can anyone follow tracks or do we just blindly search the
<Mialee> If you can provide us each with basic provisions, we will do
our best to serve.
<OldMan> I'll see to your provisions.  Good night!
<Mialee> I regret that I have no talent for tracking.
<Jozan> nor I
<Regdar> Good night Grandfather.
> Mialee looks hopefully at the thief.
<DM> The old man is as good as his word, and sees to it that you are
provisioned with a weeks worth of trail rations...
<DM> a 50' length of rope...
<DM> plenty of waterskins...
<DM> and a crude map of the area, with a bold circle drawn on the
eastern hills
<Regdar> I suggest we split up the rations and waterskins.  Who wants
to carry the rope?
<Mialee> Someone that can climb would be best.
<Jozan> i'm not a climber
<Mialee> Nor I.
<Regdar> I can do a little climbing.
<Floren> I'm too short to carry the rope.
<Floren> I can climb.
<Mialee> Then I suggest Regdar carry it, as I need to have fluidity of
movement to use my bow.
> Regdar picks up and stows the rope.
<Mialee> Thank you, Regdar.
<Regdar> You're welcome noble one.
<Mialee> Shall we sleep, in order to be rested for the journey ahead?
<Floren> I'm fast and sneaky, remember.
(good idea)
<DM> (good idea)
<Floren> good night.
<Jozan> I second the idea
<Regdar> Yes, I could use a good nights sleep.

<DM>  T W O   D A Y S    L A T E R....

<DM> You've spent 2 days searching the dark woodlands in the vicinity
of the of the foothills the old man described. Your morale is suffering a
bit, since you've found no clue so far as to the whereabouts of the
monsters' lair.
<DM> On morning of the 3rd day, as you fight your way through the
clawing branches of twisted and gnarled trees, you happen upon a crooked
cart path, leading through the woods, and seemingly up over the hills.  A
light breeze stirs the undergrowth.
> Mialee sings a particular song about waterlilies for the four hundredth
<DM> Up ahead you see some rocky crags on the hillside.  As you
approach, you can see the mouth of a cave, and there seems to be some sort
of activity in front of it.
> Jozan studies the pasth for signs of recent use
> Mialee stops singing.
<Mialee> Well, this looks interesting.
<DM> jozan sees cart tracks
> Regdar looks for cover.
> Mialee looks at the action at the cave mouth.
<DM> As you watch, two large, bestial figures menace a frightened,
somewhat scrawny man. The creatures carry nasty-looking spears and seem to
be threatening the man, who cowers on the ground. The creatures have flat
faces marked by narrow eyes and small tusks.
<Jozan> i think a sneaky one should sneak up
> Mialee tries to recall what the creatures are.
<DM> What are you going to do?
> Mialee gauges the distance to the creatures.
<Jozan> how far are we from the cave?
<Regdar> There may not be enough time before they hurt the man.
> Floren sneaking up the pathway
<DM> Mialee sees that the tree branches would get in the way of her
<DM> The creatures continue to torment the man, prodding him with the
butt-end of their spears.
<Mialee> We need to help him.
<Mialee> Quickly, I think.
<Mialee> Shall we approach?
<Jozan> perhaps we should make a noise to draw their attention and
ambush them?
<DM> Floren is already halfway up the path.
> Mialee picks up a stone and throws it into the brush.
<DM> She sees that they are orcs
<DM> The orcs pause and look in the direction of the stone
> Regdar looks to see how far we are from the creatures.
<DM> 50'
<DM> From your vantage point, it seems obvious that the creatures are
going to kill the old man within minutes.
> Jozan throws a larger rock into the bushes
<DM> Floren, roll a d20
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 7
<DM> Floren, the orc notices you hiding in the bushes!
<DM> he turns your way...
<DM> grumbles something under his breath to his companion...
> Regdar pulls out his Greatsword and charges up the path!
> Mialee runs to stand behind Floren.
> Jozan charges
<Mialee> Let me know when I've reached Floren, please.
<DM> You reach Floren as Jozan reaches the orcs
> Mialee draws her bow and readies an arrow.
<DM> Jozan, roll d6 for initiative please
<Jozan> 1d6
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1
<DM> youve got it.  d20 for a hit on which orc?
#1 or #2?
<DM> #1 or #2?
<Jozan> 1
<DM> jozan, type "/roll 1d20"
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 2
<DM> swish!
<DM> the orc lunges back with his spear
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6
<DM> and misses
*** << <Mialee> << will you tell me when I can shoot, or
do I just go? :)
<DM> the other orc stabs at jozan
*** >> <mialee> >>  just go
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9
> Mialee shoots orc #1.
<DM> and misses
> Mialee tries again.
> Jozan breathes a sigh of relief
*** >> <regdar> >>   you doing anything?
<Mialee> Oh, that was the orc.
<DM> Mialee, you need to roll d20 too
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10
> Regdar attacks orc #2 as soon as he reaches him.
<DM> close, mialee but not quite
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 17
<DM> a hit, Regdar!
*** << <Mialee> << Do I just keep going, or what? :)
roll 2d6 and add 2
<DM> roll 2d6 and add 2
*** >> <mialee> >> wait a sec
*** Roll by Regdar: 2d6 -> 4 + 5 = 9
> Regdar and causes 11 points of damage.
<DM> Regdar cuts the orc in half!
> Floren coming from the back with short sword.
<Jozan> sweet!
> Mialee lets out a cheer.
<DM> the other orc is looking a bit confused....
<DM> but stabs at jozan anyway
> Regdar attacks orc #1.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12
<DM> and misses
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 4
the orc can still see Floren sneaking around
<DM> the orc can still see Floren sneaking around
*** << <Mialee> << Now? :)
<DM> Jozan, attack
> Jozan attacks
*** << <Mialee> << OK, you're going to let us know when we
can go? :)
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 4
> Regdar flanks the orc opposite Floren.
*** >> <mialee> >>  yes
*** << <Mialee> << OK
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 11
<DM> just barely a hit, jozan
<DM> d6+1
<DM> oops d6+2
<DM> you need to roll
<Jozan> 1d6?
<DM> yes
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 4
*** >> <mialee> >> your partners are in close combat
<DM> you can hear the orcs skull cave in, and he crumples to the
*** << <Mialee> << So is firing an arrow a bad idea then?
*** >> <mialee> >> obe now
> Jozan bandages the scrawny man
> Regdar faces the cave in case there are reinforcements.
*** << <Mialee> << "obe?"
<DM> The scrawny man breathes an audible sigh of relief
> Floren jumps for joy
<Mialee> Are you all right, good sir?
<Floren> we did it.
*** >> <mialee> >> overcome by events
*** << <Mialee> << Gotcha

<Jeffries> Thank the heavens you came when you did! I thought I was
done for!
<Jeffries> My name is Jeffries. I'm a merchant from the village across
the woods.
<Mialee> What happened?
<Floren> what can you tell us
<Jeffries> I was taking my cart through the forest with goods to trade
when these orcs attacked me and took all of my belongings. They even took my
<Jozan> how many were there?
*** >> <regdar> >>   You don't see anything in the cave
<Jeffries> about 4-5 initially
<Floren> Where did they come from, did you see?
<Jeffries> they came from the cave yonder
<Jeffries> I saw their leader as well, standing in the cave entrance.
It was huge!  I think it was an ogre!
<Floren> We need to rest a little
<Mialee> Hm.
<Mialee> Yes, but if we rest here, we must post a watch.
<Floren> that's cool
<Floren> we need to talk about the plan!
<DM> you just need a very short rest to catch your breath
<Mialee> We have a plan?
<Mialee> Even if the rest is short, we must be wary.
> Regdar advances to just outside the cave entrance.
<Jeffries> I've got to get out of here. If you go into the caves, you
can have everything they stole from me: my goods, my potions and even the
sword if you want. Just promise me that you will rid us of these evil
<Jozan> we will rid the earth of these monsters for the glory of Thor
> Floren quickly sneaks on up the pathway.
*** >> <Floren> >> in which direction?
<Floren> behind Regdar
<Mialee> Goodbye, Jeffries.  Please let them know we're on the trail!
<Jeffries> Thanks again for helping me, but I've got to go
> Jozan examines the orcs
*** << <Regdar> << How big is the entrance and how far
back can I see?
*** <Jeffries> is now known as <DM>
> Mialee helps Jozan search the corpses.
*** >> <regdar> >>  about 30-40 ft, there is a glow in the
dark after that
<DM> jozan
<DM> orc #1
<DM> This orc is wearing tattered clothing and flimsy armor.  He was
attacking with a spear with a bent shaft.  In a pouch at his waist, you find
a small bone, with a piece of gristle still attached, 14 silver pieces, and
4 gold pieces
<DM> orc #2
<DM> This orc is wearing tattered clothing and crude armor.  His spear
has a chipped point. Stuck in his boot, you find a pouch with 6 gold pieces.
 In his other boot is a long dagger, the handle of which is very crudely
*** >> <Floren> >>  You can see a flickering light at the
end of a long tunnel that leads into the cliff-face. The cave looks empty.
*** >> <Regdar> >>  you see Floren coming up the path
behind you
> Jozan examines the dagger
<DM> you don't see anything unusual about the dagger
> Mialee peers into the cave.
<DM> You can see a flickering light at the end of a long tunnel that
leads into the cliff-face. The cave looks empty.
<Mialee> Have we all caught our breath?
> Jozan wonders what time it is
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////////   /////////////////////  
//////////   /////////////////////  
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////////  //////////////////////  
//////       /////////////////////  
///            ///////////////////  
@@@             @@@       @@//////  
@@@@            @@@@     @@@@@////  
@@     @@@      @@@@     @@@@@@///  
@     @@@@@     

<Floren> I can sneak in and see if i can see anything.
> Regdar searches the cave with Greatsword at the ready.
<DM> ok, figure out what your order of march is going to be
<Mialee> I'm last, with my bow at the ready.
the passageway is wide enough for 2 abreast
<DM> the passageway is wide enough for 2 abreast
<Floren> I'll go first
> Mialee tries to judge how deep the cave is.
<Jozan> I'll be in back, with Mialee then
> Regdar goes second
<DM> ok, then, it's FLoren, then Regdar, then Jozan and Mialee
<Jozan> maybe we should hide the orc bodies first
> Floren sneaks up the pathway
<Mialee> How deep is this cave?
<Mialee> Is it a long passage into the dark, or can we see the back of
<DM> Although the entrance to the cave was natural, this long tunnel
was obviously carved out of the earth long ago with tools. The caves, it
appears, are not natural caves at all, but worked passages created years
<DM> The floors and walls are smoother and flatter than they would be
in a natural cave, although not perfectly smooth.
<DM>         ////////
<DM> //////////  //////////////////////  
<DM> //////////F  /////////////////////  
<DM> //////////   /////////////////////  
<DM> //////////R //////////////////////  
<DM> //////////  //////////////////////  
<DM> //////////  //////////////////////  
<DM> //////////  //////////////////////
<DM> //////////MJ///////////////////////
<DM> //////////  //////////////////////
<DM> //////       /////////////////////
<DM> ///            ///////////////////
<DM> @@@             @@@       @@//////
<DM> @@@@            @@@@     @@@@@////
<DM> @@     @@@      @@@@     @@@@@@///
<DM> @     @@@@@
<DM>        @@@
<DM> The tunnel ends where an old torch has been mounted to the wall.
Its lazy flame lights the area dimly. From here, you see one large passage
leading off to the left and another leading off to the right. You can't see
much either way. From the right passage,
<DM> From the right passage, you hear the faint dripping of water.
> Regdar follows 20 feet behind Floren
> Mialee whispers "Which way?"
<Floren> that's good
<DM> You're at the intersection
> Mialee votes to go left.
<Floren> left or right?
<Mialee> Or shall we wait here and let Floren scout ahead?
> Regdar motions to the left.
<Floren> left it is
<Mialee> Very well then, let's go.
<DM> BTW, here's a key for the map...
<DM> Key:
<DM> /   = Rock   (10'x10' section)
<DM> .... = Ledge
<DM> __ | = Door
<DM> ]]]]]= Stairs
<DM> VVVV = Ravine
<DM> @@@  = Vegetation / Trees

<Jozan> I think we should mrk the floor and take the torch
<Regdar> Good Idea.
<Mialee> Can someone that fights one-handed take the torch, please?
<DM> Jozan??   are you taking the torch?
> Mialee scratches an arrow on the floor, pointing in the direction from
which we came.
<Jozan> i'll take the torch
> Jozan takes the torch
> Floren moves to the left
<DM> The passageway to the left ends abruptly after only 30 feet.  The
walls in the northwest corner of the passageway are very rough, and you see
a pick and a shovel leaning against the wall.  There is a wheelbarrow full
of rocks near the wall.
> Mialee searches the wheelbarrow.
<Mialee> Looks like a shaft that was never completed.
<Jozan> good call
<DM> there is nothing unusual about the wheelbarrow
<Mialee> Then I guess we head the other way.
<Mialee> Floren, lead on.
<Jozan> yes
> Floren moving to the right side
<DM> ////  ////////////////    ///////
<DM> ////  /////////////////    //////
<DM> ////      //////////////   //////
<DM> ////////                  ///////
<DM> ///////////////           ///////
<DM> ////   ////////VVV      /////////
<DM> ////              VVV////////////
<DM> ////               //V///////////
<DM> /////////   /////////////////////
<DM> /////////   /////////////////////
<DM> /////////  //////////////////////
<DM> /////////  //////////////////////
<DM> This passage leads you toward a large cave.  Across the entrance
is a wide crevice. At the crevice's narrowest point, it spans 10 feet.
<DM> On the far side of the crevice, you can see several long
rough-cut boards, and a bucket with a rope tied to it.
> Mialee looks to see if the boards look long enough to span the ravine.
<DM> The boards look long enough
> Mialee looks at the bucket and rope.
> Floren looks to see if there is another way
> Jozan looks to see how deep the varive is
<Jozan> ravine
<DM> The crevice seems to be about 10-15 ft deep, with steep walls. 
You can hear the sound of gurgling water at the bottom.
*** <Regdar> has left the room.
<Mialee> Anyone among us a good jumper?
<Floren> Here I am
<DM> Regdar, bored with the inaction, falls asleep  :)
<Mialee> If we can get one of us across, we can use the boards to
build a bridge.
<Floren> not me sorry
<Floren> lol
<Jozan> I have a jump bonus
<Mialee> Is it enough to jump across a 10-foot span?
<DM> Regdar is a good jumper, if you can wake him up  :)
*** <Regdar> has entered the room.
<Mialee> Hi Regdar, while you were sleeping we nominated you to jump
the ravine.
<Jozan> I guess he's awake :)
> Regdar looks around to see what is happening.
<Floren> I might be able to climb down.
<Mialee> We went right, came to a 10-foot across chasm, 10-15 feet
deep with water running at the bottom.
<Mialee> There are boards on the other side that can be used to span
the chasm, we just need to get you over there.
> Mialee smiles disarmingly.
<Floren> Shall I try?
<Mialee> I wouldn't... we don't know how fast or deep that water is.
<Jozan> tie a rope on you and let you climb over?
> Regdar backs up to get a running start.
<DM> ....
<Mialee> The rope idea is an interesting one.
<Mialee> To at least see what's down there.
<Mialee> Shall we try it?
<Mialee> Anyone? :)
<Floren> give me the rope and help me tie it on.
<Jozan> probably no harm in it
<Mialee> Regdar has it.
> Regdar steps 20 feet back from the ravine, runs and jumps.....
<Mialee> Guess Regdar is going for it.
<DM> regdar, roll a d20
> Mialee covers her eyes with her hands.
> Floren looks to see regdar
> Jozan says a prayer
> Mialee notices that time seems to slow way down.
<DM> regdar, roll a d20!
*** >> <regdar> >>  are you there?
> Mialee tries to comprehend why the word "lagged" crosses her mind.
<Floren> lol
<Floren> Where did Regdar go i don't see him
> Mialee hears a mysterious tune about "staying alive" in her head.
<Jozan> maybe he's having second thoughts
<DM> good time for a potty break -- while regdar is in midair...
<Mialee> :)
<Floren> Hello Regdar, where are you?
<Mialee> It's like he's stuck in midair.
> Floren sneaking to the edge
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2
<DM> Regdar falls screaming into the chasm
> Mialee sighs sadly.
<Mialee> He has the rope.
<DM> and lands at the bottom in a heap
<Mialee> Can we tell if he's alive?
<DM> He's alive
<Mialee> That's good.
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1
<Floren> I can try to climb bown to get the rope and help him.
<DM> he's groaning, and clutching his ankle
<Jozan> good idea
<Mialee> Yeah, give it a try, Floren.
> Floren climbs down
> Jozan casts cure light wounds on redgar
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d4 -> 2
<DM> jozan is too far away to lay hands on Regdar
<Jozan> ahh
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 17
<DM> Floren makes it down without incident
<DM> and finds Regdar on his feet, hardly the worse for wear (1hp
*** <Roger> has entered the room.
<Jozan> hi roger
<Mialee> Hi Regdar.  You've fallen into the chasm and are wounded at
the bottom.
<Jozan> throw one end of the rope up
> Mialee looks to see if there's anything to tie the rope to up here.
<Roger> I guess my attention wandered at the wrong moment
<Mialee> Hey down there -- is there anything we should look into down
there before continuing on?
> Floren looking around
<Roger> ouch
*** <Regdar> has left the room.
<Floren> not a thing that I can see.
*** <Roger> is now known as <Regdar>
<DM> Floren sees something
<Mialee> What do you see, Floren?
<Regdar> Do I still have the rope?
<Mialee> Yes, you do.
<Mialee> That's why Floren climbed down to you.
<DM> Floren -- In the south end of the crevice, you find that the
water falls through a narrow crack in the floor.
<DM> On the other side of the crack, behind a rock outcropping, there
is a passageway leading south.
<Floren> I see a path
<DM> Yes Regdar, you still have the rope
> Regdar gets the rope out and tosses it up to Mialee.
> Mialee grabs the rope.
<Mialee> Jozan, how are you at climbing?
<Mialee> If one of us goes down on the rope, the other will have to
climb it.
<Mialee> Hm, but what if that passage is a dead end?
<Jozan> not good at climbing
<Floren> Let me go in a ways, Ill be right back
<DM> map...
<DM> ////////////////           ///////  
<DM> /////   ////////VVV      /////////  
<DM> ////              VVV////////////
<DM> ////               //VC   ///////
<DM> /////////   //////////    ///////
<DM> /////////   /////////////////////
<DM> /////////  //////////////////////
> Floren comes back
<Mialee> What's the C?
<DM> a concealed entrance to a room
<Floren> looks like a room
<DM> Floren, You see a 20 x 30 ft room, mostly empty, with a pile of
bones in the southwest corner.  In the southeast corner, there is a narrow
passage leading south.
> Mialee looks for something to tie the rope onto at the top of the
<Floren> come down I think this is the way
<DM> Mialee doesn't find anything that would suit
<Jozan> <send mialee 0
<DM> maybe the torch holder on the wall
<Regdar> Take the dagger from the orc and use it as a piton.
> Mialee tests the strength of the torch holder.
<DM> it's tight, but 30' from the edge of the chasm
<DM> remember, this chasm is only 15' deep
<Mialee> Ah.  True.
<Mialee> Jozan, grab the end of the rope, I'll lower you in.
<Jozan> if we hung a board over the ravine and tied the rope down from
> Regdar says "Falling doesn't hurt much."
> Jozan grabs the end of the rope
<Mialee> The boards are on the other side.
<Jozan> :)
<Mialee> Hang on tight.
> Mialee lowers Jozan down into the ravine.
<DM> Jozan gets down with no trouble
> Mialee tosses the rope down to Regdar, then starts climbing down.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2
<DM> ouch
<Mialee> Ow.
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4
<Regdar> I could climb the other side and place a board across.
> Mialee falls screaming into the chasm.
<DM> take 4 damage, mialee
> Regdar tries to catch him.
<Mialee> (her))
<DM> roll a d20 regdar
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 7
<Floren> Can anyone help Mialee
<DM> ooh, not quick enough
> Mialee lies in the dirt quietly sobbing in agony.
<Jozan> is mailee in the water floating away?
<DM> the water isn't that deep
<DM> it's only a foot or so deep
<DM> Mialee has some broken ribs
<Floren> Jozan you can help
> Jozan casts cure light wounds on mialee
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d4 -> 3
<DM> Mialee is back in shape!
<Mialee> I should still have one point of damage left, right?
<DM> what are you all going to do next?
<DM> no, the cure light does d4+4
<Mialee> Oh!
<Floren> come to the room!
> Mialee climbs to her feet and gives Jozan a grateful kiss on the cheek.
> Jozan blushes
<Mialee> Shall we follow Floren in, in formation?
<Floren> we have work to do come on.
<Jozan> i think so
<Mialee> OK, in we go!
> Mialee searches the pile of bones.
<DM> Ok, again, you see:a 20 x 30 ft room, mostly empty, with a pile
of bones in the southwest corner.  In the southeast corner, there is a
narrow passage leading south.
> Floren sneaking around
<DM> Searching through the pile of bones, you see that they came from
a humanoid skeleton.  Several of the bones show evidence of having been
gnawed on.
<Mialee> Eeew.
<DM> You find a golden ring(22gpv) on the finger of one of the hands,
and a crumpled piece of parchment in the other.
*** << <Regdar> << I thought cure light did 1d8+1
<Mialee> I take them and read the parchment.
> Jozan prays for their souls
<DM> Mialee, you can't read the parchment
> Mialee examines the ring.
<DM> looks like a normal ring, worth 22 gold pieces
> Jozan tries to read the parchment 
<DM> Jozan, you see it is a scroll of Cure disease
> Jozan pockets the scroll
> Mialee tucks the ring away.
<DM> There is nothing else in the room
<Floren> Lets move on to the next room
<Mialee> Lead on.
<Regdar> Floren do you want to go through the crack first?
<Floren> just follow me
<DM> The passage is only wide enough for single file.  What is your
order of march?
<Mialee> I'm last.
<Jozan> 3rd
<Regdar> Right behind you.
<DM> map?
<Floren> I' first
<Jozan> map
<Regdar> Please.
<DM> /////////  ///////////    ///////
<DM> /////////  //////////    ///////
<DM> /////////   ///////////// ///////
<DM> /////////  ////////////// ///////
<DM> /////////  ////////////// ///////
<DM> /////////  ////////////// ///////
<DM> order of march?
<Regdar> F R J M
<Mialee> Floren, then Regdar, then Jozan, with me in the rear.
<Mialee> I believe.
<Mialee> Yes.
<DM> good
<DM> The air in this passage is dank, moist, and vile-smelling.   The
walls glisten with moistness.  The floor is slippery.
<DM> The ceiling keeps getting lower as you move down the passageway. 
40 feet down, the passage opens into a room.
At the end of the passageway, everyone but Floren is stooped over.
<DM> At the end of the passageway, everyone but Floren is stooped
<Mialee> Comfy, eh gentles?
<Jozan> how tall were the orcs we offed?
<DM> human height
> Floren goes into the room
<Floren> who has the torch?
<Mialee> Jozan does.
<DM> The air in this room is very warm and humid.  In the southwest
corner of this room is a small pool, with bubbling hot water.  Steam is
rising off the surface of the pool.
<Floren> I see only the small pool i need some light
<Mialee> Everyone in!
> Jozan hands the torch forward
<DM> regdar?
> Mialee thinks better of it and just hands the torch up to Regdar.
> Floren in the room
<Mialee> Did Regdar disco again?
<DM> regdar, you there?
> Floren looking for some thing
<DM> Regdar grabs the torch, and heads into the room...
<DM> Just as Regdar walks through the entry, a huge mass of greenish
slime slips off the wall above him and lands on his back.
<DM> you all hear a hissing sound
*** <Regdar> has left the room.
<Mialee> Whoops.
<Jozan> act gets his mace ready
<DM> and you hear regdar start to scream
<Mialee> Do I recognize the sound?
<DM> it sounds almost like bacon sizzling on a grill
<Mialee> Oh dear... Jozan, move!  Must be an acid or something.
> Jozan pokes the slime with his mace
<DM> the slime gooshes
> Mialee waits impatiently to be able to enter the room.
> Mialee calls out, "Floren, how hot is that water?"
<DM> you hear leather snapping as Regdar's armor starts to fall apart
<Mialee> If the water isn't too hot, we can wash him in it, check the
> Floren helping to remove goosh
<DM> how are you doing that Floren?
<Floren> with my short sword
<Mialee> Jozan, move out of the way, let me through!
<DM> so you're scraping the slime off him?
> Jozan moves
<Floren> water is too hot
> Mialee goes to the pool and touches the water cautiously with one
<DM> it's boiling hot
<Mialee> Ah, so the bubbles are actual boiling then.
<DM> Floren manages to scrape most of the slime off of Regdar, but he
continues to scream
<Floren> I told you it's too hot
<Mialee> Sorry.
<Mialee> Can we drag him back to the stream?
<Mialee> Wash him off in that?
<Jozan> good idea
<DM> the slime that Floren scraped off starts moving toward the wall
of its own accord
<DM> he's still on his feet, you could guide him
> Jozan hits the slime
> Mialee looks around the room wildly.
<DM> jozan.  the slime on the floor or the slime on Regdar?
<Jozan> on the floor
<DM> mialee doesn't see anything of particular note under the
> Mialee grabs Redgar and starts hauling him toward the stream.
<DM> Jozan, it doesn't have any affect, except to stick your hammer in
<Mialee> Up the passage toward the stream.
<DM> Who's got the torch?
<Mialee> Jozan does.
*** <Regdar> has entered the room.
<Mialee> Jozan, hit the stuff with the torch, see if it hates fire.
<DM> regdar, you're in deep s#!+
<Jozan> floren has the torch
<Mialee> Oh yeah.  Floren, see what it thinks of fire.
> Regdar shakes his head and looks around.
<DM> jozan has the torch
<Mialee> Wait, no, Redgar has it.
<Mialee> He took it into the room.
> Jozan burns the slime on the floor
<DM> Regdar, you've taken another 1 hp of damage
<Regdar> ok
<DM> it shrivels up and crisps away
<Mialee> Ah-ha.
<DM> Regdar is still screaming
<Mialee> Hold very still Redgar.  Go for it, Jozan.
<Mialee> Maybe try just threatening it.
<Regdar> what color was the slime?
<Floren> Take off your shirt
<Mialee> With the flame.
> Jozan burns the slime on regdar (carefully)
<DM> green
<Regdar> oh *#@&
<DM> the slime on regdar shrivels up, but the flame does another 1hp
of damage to regdar.
<Mialee> Now everyone, away from the walls.
<Regdar> oowww
<DM> (if I'm correct, you should be down 3 right now, regdar)
<Regdar> yes
<Jozan> how many hp left regdar?
<DM> out of character jozan
<Mialee> Regdar, do you need healing?
<DM> Regdar is feeling hurt, but not incapacitated
<Regdar> 9
<Jozan> better wait until he discoes a couple more times
<Mialee> Hehehe
<Mialee> Okay then.
> Mialee takes a more careful look around the room.
<DM> you always seem to get into trouble when you disco, Regdar
<Regdar> Yes, That I have noticed. :-)

<DM> whew!
> Floren looking to see what else
<DM> ok.
<DM> In the northwest corner of  the room is a moldering humanoid
skeleton, half-dressed.
<Jozan> should we burn all the wall slime?
<DM> you don't see any other large clumps of slime
<Regdar> yes, burn it before it drips on us.
> Mialee carefully searches the skeleton.
<DM> just generally slimy walls
<DM> When you touch any of the clothing, it crumbles, releasing a
small cloud of lint or dust.
> Jozan burns the slimy walls
> Mialee keeps searching the skeleton.
> Floren standing and helping mialee
<DM> Jozan:  no apparent effect
<DM> Surprisingly, the boots on the skeleton are in perfect shape.
> Mialee examines the boots.
<Regdar> It might not be a good idea to inhale any of that dust.
<DM> They look like finely crafted boots
<DM> and they are in perfect condition
> Mialee removes the boots.
<Regdar> What kind of boots are they?
<DM> Leather, looks like
<Floren> be careful
<DM> finely tooled leather
<Mialee> I'm being careful.
> Mialee removes the boots carefully.
<Floren> stop
> Mialee stops.
<Regdar> Riding boots or walking boots?
<DM> walking
<Floren> let us all move away
> Mialee backs off.
<Regdar> Why?
> Mialee mumbles good-naturedly about paranoid thiev
<DM> so no one is near the boots?
<Mialee> Nobody is near the boots.
<Floren> we should just have one of us there
<DM> ok
<Regdar> ok
<Floren> I'll do it
<Mialee> Check to see if they're trapped.
<Jozan> good idea
> Floren looking
<DM> roll d20
> Floren pulling slow
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 14
<DM> you don't find any traps
> Mialee hides behind Regdar.
<DM> the boots pull off smoothly
<Floren> there must be something special about these boots
<Mialee> Should I detect magic on them?
<Mialee> I'm only able to do it twice.
<Regdar> Anybody want to try them on?
<Floren> shall I try them on?
<Jozan> examine the insides
<Mialee> Good idea, Jozan.
<Floren> heres one for you to look at
<Regdar> Save the spell for later when we have more to check.
<Mialee> Agreed.
> Mialee looks carefully inside the boots.
<DM> You don't see anything unusual inside
<Mialee> Well then.
<Mialee> Should Floren try them on, or just stow them for now?
<Floren> Let's try them on!
<Regdar> I'll try them on if you want.
<Mialee> Who's trying them on? :)
<Floren> Ok go for it
<Floren> Regdar
> Mialee stands back.
<Jozan> regdar.  then he'll disco :)
> Mialee laughs.
> Floren moves back too
<DM> remember, use /act to tell me what you're DOING
> Regdar trys on the boots.  (LOL)
<DM> They fit PERFECTLY!
> Mialee waits for Regdar to explode or something.
<Floren> looking good on you Reg
> Regdar walks around and listens to his footsteps.
<DM> normal
> Regdar jumps up.
<Jozan> uh, see if you can take them off
<DM> Regdar hits his head on the ceiling of the cavern!
<Mialee> Oooh, magic jumping boots.
<Floren> wow
<Jozan> hmm
<Mialee> Wait, how high is the ceiling here? :)
> Regdar looks to see how high the ceiling is.
<Floren> is slime up there?
<DM> no Floren
*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2
<DM> Regdar, take another 2 hp of damage
> Mialee winces sympathetically.
<Regdar> ouch
<Mialee> How high is the ceiling?
<DM> Mialee, about 15'
<Mialee> Wow.
<Floren> Take them off Reg
> Jozan casts cure light wounds on regdar
<Mialee> OK then.  We have a way across the chasm. :)
<DM> roll, Jozan
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d4 -> 3
> Regdar takes the boots off.
<DM> Regdar, you are back up to snuff
> Floren Looking around the room
<DM> you don't see anything else of interest
*** << <Regdar> << I thought cure light wounds was 1d8+1?
*** >> <regdar> >> in my world, it's 1d4+4
*** << <Regdar> << ok
<Mialee> OK, back to the ravine then.
<Mialee> Everyone in order?
<Jozan> is this the final room?
<Jozan> i mean, is it a dead end?
<Mialee> Down here, apparently.
<Regdar> I feel much better, thank you Jozan.
<Jozan> you're welcome
<Floren> Let take the boots with us
<Mialee> Definitely.
*** >> <jozan> >>  that's your 2d of 3 cure light wounds
<Jozan> yes
<Mialee> Shall we?
<Mialee> Lead on, Floren!
<DM> map follows
<Regdar> Who wants to carry them?
<Mialee> Map?  There's more down here?
<Floren> You Reg
<DM> /////               //VC   ///////  
<DM> //////////  ///////////    ///////  
<DM> //////////   //////////    ///////  
<DM> //////////   ///////////// ///////  
<DM> //////////  ////////////// ///////  
<DM> //////////  ////////////// ///////  
<DM> //////////  ////////////// ///////  
<DM> //////////  ///////        ///////  
<DM> //////////  ///////        ///////  
<DM> //////////  ///////        ///////  
<DM> //////       /////////////////////  
<DM> ///            ///////////////////  
<DM> @@@             @@@       @@//////  
<DM> @@@@            @@@@     @@@@@////  
<DM> @@     @@@      @@@@     @@@@@@///  
<DM> @     @@@@@     
<DM>        @@@  

<Mialee> Reg gets to carry everything. :)
<Mialee> OK, we're in that square room at the bottom right, so we're
done down here.
> Regdar stows the boots with the rope.
<DM> :D
> Mialee looks into the pool of water.
<Mialee> Is there anything in there?
<DM> Mialee sees boiling water
> Jozan searches the stream
<Floren> Hot be careful Mialee
<DM> There is no stream here,
<DM> that dropped out of sight in the chasm
<Regdar> Mialee, How deep is the pool?
<Mialee> I'm trying to see.
<DM> it is boiling too hard for ou to make out
<Mialee> I'm not touching it...
<Mialee> Hm.  We need that bucket with the rope on it.
. . . . . .
<DM> What are you all doing?
<Jozan> ggod idea
<Mialee> Let's go get that.
<Regdar> No, you are not dropping me in to see how deep it is. ;-)
<Mialee> Aww.
<Jozan> :)
<DM> :D
<Mialee> Shall we head back to the chasm and fetch the bucket?
. . . . . .
<Mialee> Don't all answer at once. :)
<Floren> I can get it I'm fast
<Mialee> Bring the boots with you.
<Mialee> You sure you want to be up there alone?
<Floren> I'll climb up and come back
<Mialee> Okay.
<Floren> maybe Jozan can come with me
<Jozan> sounds good
<Mialee> OK, we'll be here when you get back.
> Jozan follows along
<Regdar> Better if two go.
> Mialee hums quietly.
> Floren moving out
> Jozan ditto
> Regdar gives Floren the boots.
<DM> Floren and Jozan get back to the chasm without incident
<Floren> come on jozan a little faster
<DM> Floren, are you putting on the boots?
<Jozan> can you just climb up?
> Mialee starts to sing absent-mindedly.
<Floren> The boots may be a good idea
<DM> You're in the chasm
> Floren putting on boots
<Jozan> go for it then
<DM> ok
<DM> map follows

<DM> ////  ///////////////    ////////
<DM> ////  ////////////////    ///////
<DM> ////  /////////////////    //////
<DM> ////      //////////////   //////
<DM> ////////                  ///////
<DM> ///////////////           ///////
<DM> ////   ////////VVV      /////////
<DM> ////              VVV////////////
<DM> ////               //V///////////
<Floren> I'm going to jump
> Floren jumps
<DM> Floren goes sailing through the air, and lands on the far side of
the chasm
<Floren> I made it
<Jozan> cool
> Floren getting the bucket and the rope
> Mialee plays idly with her hair.
<Jozan> take a quick look for any other goodies
> Floren looking
<DM> all you see are the boards
> Regdar sharpens his Greatsword.
<Floren> I'll also bring the boards
<DM> they definitely look long enough to reach across the chasm
> Mialee admires Regdar's sword.
<Mialee> That's a great sword, Regdar.  Wherever did you get it?
<DM> Regdar and mialee begin to sweat
> Mialee chuckles at her little joke.
<Floren> lowering the thing down to Jozan
<DM> it's pretty humid in that room
> Regdar looks to see if the level of the water in the pool has raisen.
> Jozan gets the bucket
<DM> sorry, Floren, the boards are too heavy for you to move
<DM> regdar, no
<Jozan> we can move em later
<Floren> ok I'm climbing back down
<DM> roll d20
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 13
<DM> you climb down with no problem
<Floren> lets get back fast
> Jozan gets back fast
<Floren> take the rope I'll take the bucket
<DM> you both arrive back in the steamy room
> Mialee fans herself.
<Mialee> How long is the rope?
<Floren> we are back
about 20'
<Floren> 50 feet
<DM> about 20'
<Mialee> The one attached to the bucket, I mean.
<Floren> oh sorry
<Mialee> OK, let's lower that bucket into the pool, then.
> Mialee takes the bucket and eases it into the water.
<DM> the bucket clunks away down into the pool, until it disappears
<DM> you get to the end of the rope
<Mialee> Does it hit bottom before we run out of rope?
<Mialee> Ah. :)
<Floren> Do we hear anything?
<Jozan> tie the other rope one?
<Mialee> Hm.  it's quite deep.
<DM> well, it sort of clunks along, because the bottom of the pool is
<Regdar> Pull it back up
<Mialee> Ah, interesting.
<Mialee> Jozan, yeah, pull it up.
> Jozan pulls
<DM> and you have a hot steaming bucket of water
<Regdar> Any one for tea?
<DM> Floren you don't hear anything but the bubbling water
> Mialee giggles.
<Jozan> are orcs allergic to baths?
<Mialee> Heh
<Mialee> Regdar, tie the other rope on, let's get this longer.
<Floren> I think we need to look alse where
> Regdar sniffs the air to detect any sulfer or metallic smells
<Mialee> I think we need to be sure this pool isn't hiding anything
before we move on.
<DM> regdar  -- no
<DM> other than it being a natural hot spring, you don't detect
anything unusual about it
<Floren> I'll go look around ok
<Mialee> Okay, let's move on, but let's keep the bucket full of hot
water for now. :)
<Floren> good idea
<DM> where are you going?
<Mialee> Let's head back to the chasm.
<Jozan> regdar can carry the bucket of scalding water :)
> Mialee laughs melodically.
<DM> you're back at the chasm
> Jozan searches the stream
<Floren> what do we see?
<Mialee> OK, let's take turns using the boots to jump up.
<DM> jozan sees a stream of cold water
> Jozan pans for gold :)
<Mialee> Floren, you're wearing the boots, jump on up. :)
<Floren> anything living in the stream
<DM> no Floren
<Mialee> Where does the stream come from?
> Regdar searches the spot where the stream disappears.
<DM> from a crack in the northern corner
<Floren> ok here i go
<DM> it flows from a crack, back into a crack
> Floren jumping
<DM> Floren easily clears the chasm, and is on the eastern side of it
<Floren> looking around
<Mialee> OK, Floren, toss down the boots.
<Mialee> Regdar, why don't you go next, you can then lower the rope
and haul the rest of us up.
<Floren> ok here comes the boots
<Jozan> don't jump with the bucket of water :)
<Floren> you can toss up the rope
<Mialee> Right. :)
<Mialee> I doubt you're strong enough to haul us up, Floren.
> Regdar puts on the boots and jumps up.
<DM> strangely enough, the boots fit Regdar Perfectly!
<Floren> no but the bucket
> Regdar without the bucket.
<DM> He junps up to the east side of the chasm
> Mialee tosses the rope tied to the bucket up to Floren.
<Mialee> Those boots look great on Redgar, by the way.
> Floren catches the rope
<Regdar> Floren, did the boots seem to fit you perfectly?
<Jozan> :)
<Floren> yes
> Floren pulling up the bucket
<Jozan> lower the 50' rope please
> Regdar lowers the end of the long rope to pull the others up.
<Mialee> Go ahead, Jozan.
<DM> you all get up to the other side without a problem
<Mialee> Hehe, DM shortcut. :)
<Mialee> We need to move those boards so we can cross the chasm back
again without delay.
> Regdar stows the rope.
<Mialee> Regdar, lend me a hand, please...
> Jozan moves the boards to fom a bridge
<Regdar> Where do you want to move them too?
<DM> with Regdar's help, Jozan and Mialee move the boards to form a
bridge across the chasm
<Jozan> cool
<Mialee> OK, shall we proceed onward?
<Regdar> No problem.
<DM> map follows

<DM> ////  ///////////////    ////////
<DM> ////  ////////////////    ///////
<DM> ////  /////////////////    //////
<DM> ////      //////////////   //////
<DM> ////////                  ///////
<DM> ///////////////           ///////
<DM> ////   ////////VVV      /////////
<DM> ////              VVV////////////
<DM> ////               //V///////////
you're on the NE side of the chasm
<DM> you're on the NE side of the chasm
<DM> You see a largish cave, with a passage leading west, and one
leading north
<Jozan> shall we check west?
<Mialee> Let's resume formation and check the west first.
> Regdar searches the areas to the sides of the chasm.
<DM> regdar doesn't find anything strange
<Mialee> Floren, lead on...
> Floren looking to see up the wall
<DM> you don't see anything on the wall
<DM> no slime or anything  :)
<Mialee> Shall we?
<DM> you don't see anything to the west, but after about 40 feet, it
jigs to the north, and jags to the west again
<Floren> lets go
<Jozan> onward
<Mialee> Away we go.
> Floren sneaking around the corner
<DM> after another 20 feet, the passage turns to the north again
map follows
<DM> map follows
<DM> /////    /////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  /////////////////    //////  
<DM> /////      //////////////   //////  
<DM> /////////                  ///////  
<DM> ////////////////           ///////  
<DM> /////   ////////VVV      /////////  
<DM> /////              VVV////////////  
<DM> /////               //V///////////  
<DM> //////////  //////////////////////  
<DM> //////////   /////////////////////  

<Mialee> Let's keep going.
> Mialee has her bow ready, just in case.
<DM> As you move north....
<DM> Floren, roll d20
<DM> map follows
<DM> /////__///////////////////////////  
<DM> ///       ////////////////////////  
<DM> //         ///////////////////////  
<DM> ////       ///////////////////////  
<DM> /////    /////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  /////////////////    //////  
<DM> /////      //////////////   //////  
<DM> /////////                  ///////  
<DM> ////////////////           ///////  
<DM> /////   ////////VVV      /////////  
<DM> As Floren reaches the end of the passage, she sees into a room
with a closed wooden door on the opposite wall. In the middle of the room
are a small table and a few chairs.
<DM> Sitting at the table is an orc, munching on a haunch of pig.   A
horrible, bristle-haired rat the size of a large dog sits next to the orc.
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> . It raises its nose and sniffs the air, then grunts and squeals.
 The Orc jumps up in alarm, and grabs his spear.  What do you do Floren?
<Jozan> let him chase you out to us so we can play whack-a-orc!
> Regdar charges forwards and attacks the orc.
> Mialee shoots the orc.
<DM> ok
> Jozan charges and attacks the orc
<DM> Mialee, roll
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 19
<Mialee> Roll what?
<DM> d20
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> mialee shoots wide
> Mialee apparently barely avoids shooting herself in the foot.
<DM> regdar closes with the orc, and delivers a smashing blow!
<DM> roll 2d6. regdar
> Floren waiting to come from behind
*** Roll by Regdar: 2d6 -> 5 + 6 = 11
<Regdar> for 13 points.
+2 is 13
<DM> +2 is 13
<DM> and the orc's head flies from his shoulder.
<Jozan> hehehe
> Mialee dodges the flying head.
> Floren has her sword ready to fight
<DM> however, the rat attacks tenaciously!
> Jozan clubs the rat
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3
<DM> the rat stubs his toe
<Mialee> Hehe
<DM> roll jozan
> Regdar turns and attacks the rat.
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 3
<DM> jozan clubs his own foot.  Ouch!
<Jozan> d'oh!
Floren, roll d20 for surprise
<DM> Floren, roll d20 for surprise
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 15
<DM> roll for an atack
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 5
<DM> you miss, but just by a hair's breadth
<DM> regdar
<Mialee> Do I have a safe line to shoot at the rat?
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 1
<DM> mialee no
<DM> there are 3 people around it
<Mialee> Bummer.
> Mialee takes a seat.
<Regdar> Duhoo
<DM> regdar drops his sword
<Jozan> kick it
<DM> and the rat presses the advantage
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11
> Mialee kicks the rat.
<DM> the rat misses
<DM> mialee roll for the kick
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 4
<Mialee> Ow.
<Mialee> Sorry, Regdar, didn't mean that.
<DM> Mialee slips on the orcs blood and falls!
> Jozan kicks the rat
<Mialee> Heh.
<Mialee> Eeew.
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 1
<Jozan> arrgh
<DM> jozan is on the floor!
> Mialee stands back up.
> Regdar recovers his Greatsword.
<DM> regdar?
<Floren> coming with my sword
<DM> Floren?
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 6
<DM> the rat lunges at Jozan!
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3
<DM> and you hear the snap of the creature's jaws on thin air!
> Mialee kicks the rat again.
> Mialee curses frustratedly.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13
<Jozan> woohoo
<DM> Mialee hits!  roll d3
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d3 -> 3
> Mialee cheers.
<DM> The rat whoofs. and staggers back
> Jozan clubs the rat
<DM> ok, roll
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 17
<Jozan> bwahahaha
<DM> a might hit!
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 6
<Floren> alright
<DM> roll d6
<DM> nighty hit
<Floren> hehehe
<DM> mighty hit even!
<Jozan> took long enough
<DM> You hear the soft crunch of the rat's skull being crushed
> Jozan searches the room
> Floren looking around by the orc to see if anything he can find
> Regdar searches the rat.
<DM> Jozan sees the door on the north wall, and a table and stool in
the middle of the room
<DM> Regdar finds nothing
<DM> Floren:  This orc is wearing dirty, unkempt clothing and ordinary
armor. He was attacking with a spear of poor but serviceable quality.  In a
pouch at his waist, you find a small ruby, (50gpv), an evil-looking iron
talisman, 26 copper pieces, and 7 gold pieces.
<DM> There's some half-eaten food on the plate. It's also obvious that
the orc threw scraps on the floor for the rat. The whole scene is a little
> Jozan puts his ear to the door to listen for noise on the other side
<Floren> cool we will take it with us.
<Mialee> What, the scraps or the pouch? :)
<DM> You don't hear anything through the stout door
<DM> The door is made of sturdy wood. It's locked.
<Mialee> Let's see, according to Jeffries, there were four or five
orcs and an ogre.
<Mialee> This is the third orc we've polished off, so...
<Jozan> right
<Mialee> Floren, care to try picking the lock?
<Regdar> let Mialee or Floren listen at the door.
<Floren> ok
> Mialee listens at the door, carefully.
<Floren> i'll pick
<Mialee> I forgot, we elves have better ears than you humans do...
<DM> It's a thick door and you don't hear anything
<Mialee> Very well.  Floren.
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 6
<DM> You can't seem to get the lock open, no matter how hard you try.
<Jozan> can we see through the keyhole?
<DM> no Jozan, you can't
<Regdar> Jozan, what symbols are on that talisman?
> Jozan searches under the table
<DM> what talisman?
<Mialee> The one in the pouch, I assume.
<Jozan> Floren has it
<Regdar> The Iron on the orc had (evil looking)
<DM> oh
<DM> Some evil orcish thing
<Mialee> Floren, try the lock again.
<Floren> ok
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 20
> Jozan examines orc talisman
<DM> You breathe a quiet sigh as the lock snicks open.
> Mialee readies an arrow.
<Jozan> probably all the loot
<Regdar> Good, I was afraid I would have to open the door.
You see a 10' wide passage heading north
<DM> You see a 10' wide passage heading north
<Mialee> Shall we proceed?
map follows
<DM> map follows
> Jozan is on alert
<DM> //         ///////////////////////  
<DM> // ....  [[  /////////////////////  
<DM> ///    ]]]]  /////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
> Floren moves ahead
<Mialee> Is that ledge a drop down, or is it above us?
you eventually come to a ledge
<DM> you eventually come to a ledge
which overlooks a room
<DM> which overlooks a room
map follows
<DM> map follows
<Mialee> OK.
<DM> //////////////////////////////////  
<DM> //////////////////////////////////  
<DM> ///        ///////////////////////  
<DM> //         ///////////////////////  
<DM> //         ///////////////////////  
<DM> //         ///////////////////////  
<DM> // ....  [[  /////////////////////  
<DM> ///    ]]]]  /////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  
<DM> /////  ///////////////////////////  

<DM> You stand on a 10 ft ledge, looking down into a large, dimly-lit
cave. A staircase cut into the rock leads down to the main level of this
<DM> Below you, you see a huge, brutish creature talking with an orc. 
The larger creature is no orc, although it is humanoid in shape.
<DM> It stands 8 feet tall and has long, black hair. It clutches a
massive axe in its meaty hands.
They are looking at a map on a stone table in the middle of the room.
<DM> They are looking at a map on a stone table in the middle of the
<DM> what do you do, Floren?
> Mialee whispers very very quietly, "Shall I use a couple of magic
missiles on the ogre?"
<Floren> that sounds good
<Jozan> how about tie the rope across the stairs to trip them as they
come uo
<Regdar> How far down from the ledge to the room floor?
<Jozan> up
Regdar -- 15'
<DM> Regdar -- 15'
<Jozan> magic missile them, and dump water on them :)
<Mialee> Heh
the water is quite cool by now
<DM> the water is quite cool by now
<Jozan> we could get the wheelbarrow ofrocks :)
<Mialee> Heh.
<Mialee> Don't they hate water?
<Mialee> Is everyone ready?  If so, I'm going to open fire.
<Floren> ready
<DM> where is everyone standing?
<Regdar> since I still have the boots on, I'll leap down onto them
after you launch your first attack.
<Mialee> OK.
<Jozan> wait, let me cast a bless first
<Regdar> Please.
<Mialee> I'm standing on the ledge back as far as I can and still be
able to see the baddies.
<Mialee> Bless good.
<Regdar> Please
<DM> ok, Mialee, on the left side
<Mialee> Let me know when bless is done so I can begin. :)
<DM> done
> Mialee casts Magic Missile at the ogre.
<Floren> I back behind Jozan
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> you see the ogre flinch as you do 4 damage!
<Mialee> How long do I have to wait before doing it again?
<DM> He roars in pain
<DM> next round
<Mialee> OK.
<Jozan> baby one more time!
> Regdar leaps out twords the middle of the room and tries to attack the
<DM> and spins about, seeing you all on the ledge
<DM> redgar, are you jumping off the ledge?
<Regdar> Yes
<Jozan> wait on top of the stairs
<Jozan> :)
<DM> roll d20
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 3
<Regdar> oh oh
> Mialee winces.
<DM> you twist your other ankle as you land badly
> Floren behind Jozan
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> you take 4 damage
<DM> and the ogre strikes!
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16
<Jozan> ouch
<DM> he hits
*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 3 + 4 = 7
<DM> regdar takes another 7 pts dam
<DM> the orc starts for the stairs
<Regdar> ouch
> Jozan casts cure light wounds on regdar
<DM> Regdar is barely hanging on
<DM> jozan isn't within range yet
<Floren> Sword ready still behind Jozan
<Jozan> or is he too far away?
<Jozan> ok
<DM> jozan is still on the ledge, no?
> Jozan moves to the top of stairs
<DM> mialee, you can go
> Mialee casts Magic Missile at the ogre.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> The ogre winces in pain
<DM> but doesn't break stride
<Mialee> Floren, Jozan, you need to try to help Regdar.  I'll stay up
here and shoot arrows.
<Mialee> Do either orcs or ogres have a problem with water?
<DM> the ogre steps toward regdar
> Floren jumping
> Jozan runsdown the stairs and clubs the orc
<DM> doesn't Regdar still have the boots on?
<Mialee> Yes.
> Jozan stops
<DM> ok.  forget the 4 points falling damage, regdar
<Mialee> Whew.
> Regdar gets to his feet and attacks the ogre.
<Regdar> Thats why I jumped. :-)
<DM> but FLoren, that means, you take.....
*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 4
<DM> 4 damage
<DM> oh, wait.  I said stop, didn't I?
<Mialee> Yes.
<Jozan> twice :)
<Mialee> With feeling.
<DM> ok. let's start with Floren, you're on the ledge
<DM> what are you doing?
> Floren climbing down
<Mialee> :)
<DM> roll d20
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 4
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5
sorry, you take 5 damage from a bad fall
<DM> sorry, you take 5 damage from a bad fall
<Mialee> Ow.
<DM> you're suckin wind
<Jozan> whew
<DM> ok
<DM> ok mialee, go
<DM> with an arrow
> Mialee shoots the ogre with an arrow.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5
<Mialee> Argh.
whoosh it goes by
<DM> whoosh it goes by
<DM> regdar
<Jozan> how far up the stairs is the orc?
he's at the bottom of the stairs
<DM> he's at the bottom of the stairs
> Regdar attacks the ogre.
you're above him you have the initiative
<DM> you're above him you have the initiative
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 14
<DM> hit!
> Jozan runs down the stairs and swings his mace at the orc
<DM> 2d6+2
<Regdar> plus 3 for 17
*** Roll by Regdar: 2d6 -> 4 + 4 = 8
<Regdar> +2 for 10
<DM> and the ogre crumples to the ground writhing in agony
<DM> jozan go
<Jozan> go roll?
<DM> yes
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 10
<DM> just hit
<DM> with +2 +1 for bless
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 1
<DM> the orc laughs that off!
<DM> and swings back at you!
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19
<DM> and hits!
/roll 2d4
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 1 = 4
<DM> jozan take 4 damage
<Jozan> ow
<DM> ok, next round
<DM> y'all have the initiative
<DM> jozan, roll
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> swish!
<DM> anyone else?
> Regdar charges up the stairs and attacks the orc.
> Floren sneaking around to attack from the back
> Mialee shoots the ogre.
<Mialee> Last I looked it was just in pain, not actually dead.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3
<DM> and you still miss!
<Mialee> I need to find a new line of work.
<DM> the orc swings back at Jozan
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7
<DM> and misses
<DM> regdar
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 7
<DM> the orc glances around and notices Floren sneaking up behind him
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 3
<DM> regdar dents his sword on the stone floor!
<Regdar> plus 3 for 6
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 9
<DM> Floren misses!
<DM> the orc stares wildly about, surrounded
> Mialee takes aim at the ogre and curses herself under her breath.
<DM> and desperately strikes out at...
*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2
<DM> regdar!
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10
<Regdar> Ha ha!
<DM> but misses, near to the mark!
<Floren> Jozan I need your healing power, help me
> Jozan maces the orc
<DM> once you act, you can immediately roll
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 2
<DM> woooooosh!
<Jozan> for shame
> Mialee keeps working on her aim.
<Mialee> (waiting for her go)
<DM> what are you aiming at?
<Mialee> The ogre.
<DM> Mialee, go
> Mialee shoots the ogre.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11
<DM> it's a hit!
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2
<Mialee> +1 = 3
<DM> the ogre groans, then slumps silently
<Mialee> I hit something!  I hit something!
> Mialee jumps up and down happily.
<DM> regdar?
> Regdar attacks the orc.
<DM> Floren?
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 12
<Jozan> yes
<Regdar> +3 = 15
<DM> hit!
*** Roll by Regdar: 2d6 -> 3 + 6 = 9
<Regdar> +2 = 11
<DM> Regdar's mighty sword cleaves the evil orc in two!
<DM> whew!
<Mialee> Woohoo!
> Jozan casts cure light wounds on floren
> Floren crawling
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d4 -> 3
<Floren> thanks, my friend
<Regdar> I dented my sword...:-(
<DM> ok, what I've got for hp:
<DM> Regdar:  5
<Regdar> Yes
<DM> Jozan: 5
<Jozan> yep
<DM> Floren: 7
<DM> Mialee : 6
<Mialee> Yes sir.
<DM> ok, what do you do next?
<Mialee> Let's check out that room down below.
> Jozan searches the room
<Floren> let's go home
<DM> think about it while the DM takes a break
<Mialee> I want to see what's in there.
<Regdar> Let's search the place, rest and heal up.
<Mialee> And see what that map's of.
<Floren> ok lets do it I'm with you all the way.
<Mialee> Shall we adjourn downstairs then?
<Regdar> yes
> Mialee follows the crowd downstairs.
> Floren moving close behind
<DM> Looking around the cave, you find a large wood-frame bed, a
panther skin rug on the floor, and a stone table with a map on it and a
large stool next to it.
> Mialee rolls the rug up and moves it aside.
<DM> The map shows the surrounding area, including the village you
most recently came from, with X's showing places that the band had already
raided, and circles around farms and villages, presumably where they planned
to raid in the future.
<DM> nothing under the rug
> Jozan searches the bed
> Mialee looks under the bed.
> Floren looks under the bed
<DM> Under the bed is a small bag with 20 gold coins in it.
There is also a small coffer under the bed.
<DM> There is also a small coffer under the bed.
<Regdar> Pretty organized for orcs and an orge.
<Mialee> Open that sucker up, Floren.
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 6
<DM> Floren can't seem to get it open
<Floren> I'm still a little weak
<Regdar> Want me to try?
<Floren> shall i try again?
<Mialee> Go for it.
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 3
<Mialee> Regdar, you try.
<DM> Floren snaps one of her tools in the lock
<Floren> Regar try it
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 14
<Regdar> -1 = 13
<DM> the only thing regdar can do is smash it with his sword.
<Mialee> Let Floren try again.
<DM> is that what he's doing?
<Regdar> sorry, wrong bonus.
<DM> Floren has tried the best she can
<Mialee> Can we try prying it open?
> Regdar uses his greatsword as a coffer opener.
<DM> yes
<Floren> try it mialee
<DM> roll regdar
<Mialee> I don't have anything to pry with.
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 12
<Regdar> +3 = 15
<DM> ok, you open it, but in the process, you hear the tinkling of
breaking glass:
<Mialee> Ugh.
<DM> you open it to see the coffer filling with a blue liquid
<DM> from the flask that you broke opening the coffer
> Jozan examines the liquid
<Mialee> No use crying over spilt... uh... blue liquid.
<DM> it's blue, it smells pleasant
<DM> kind of like bananas
<Regdar> pour the blue liguid into an empty water skin.
<Mialee> Perhaps we should head back... there's still a passage we
haven't traveled.
<Jozan> good idea
<Mialee> Very good idea.
<DM> who's pouring?
<Jozan> then lets check the other passage
<Floren> ok let go
<Mialee> Who's pouring?
<Mialee> Let Floren do it.
<Floren> thank you
<Regdar> Who's got the steadyist hands?
<Regdar> Floren?
<Mialee> I assume the thief would.
<DM> Floren, you get about half of it into the waterskin
<Mialee> That works.
<Mialee> Let's head for that other passage.
<Floren> maybe we can use two waterskins
<DM> no the rest spilled
<Regdar> was there any label in the coffer that might indicate what it
<DM> you head south, around the corner, and come back to the eastern
side of the chasm
<Mialee> Isn't there a passage to the east from here that we hadn't
tried yet?
<DM> there is a passage leading to the north
<Jozan> to the north, I believ
<DM> map follows
<Mialee> Oh.  Right.  Let's do that then.
<DM> //////////////////         ///////  
<DM> ///////////////////////    ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> //////////////////////    ////////  
<DM> ///////////////////////    ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////    //////  
<DM> /////////////////////////   //////  
<DM> /////////////              ///////  
<DM> ////////////////           ///////  
<DM> /////   ////////VVV      /////////  
<DM> /////              VVV////////////  
<Mialee> OK, north we go.
march order?  Normal?
<DM> march order?  Normal?
<Mialee> I think so.
<Regdar> yes
<DM> Floren, roll
<Floren> sure I'm much better now
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 13
<DM> Floren, this dimly-lit, smelly cave is obviously the orcs'
sleeping quarters. Five beds are on the floor.
<DM> On two of the beds, orcs are sleeping. Another orc is awake,
sitting at a crude table, sharpening a long, evil-looking serrated dagger. 
What do you do? (Floren only)
<Regdar> Jozen, do you have any healing left?
<Jozan> nope
> Floren sneaking up front
> Floren back to my friend tell them what I saw.
<Jozan> the sleeping orcs aren't likely to have weapons on them
<Regdar> I'll take the one at the table.
<Mialee> Should I shoot him or one of the sleeping ones?
<Mialee> Sleeping I guess, you can finish an orc in one shot.
<Jozan> i'll take a sleeping one... cant possibly miss :)
<Regdar> Sleeping, I think.
<DM> remember, the beds are a good 70 ft away
map follows:
<DM> map follows:

<DM> /////////////////////////__///////  
<DM> ///////////////////        ///////  
<DM> //////////////////         ///////  
<DM> //////////////////         ///////  
<DM> //////////////////         ///////  
<DM> ///////////////////////    ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////   ///////  
<DM> //////////////////////    ////////  
<DM> ///////////////////////    ///////  
<DM> ////////////////////////    //////  
<DM> /////////////////////////   //////  
<DM> /////////////              ///////  
<DM> ////////////////           ///////  
<DM> /////   ////////VVV      /////////  
<DM> /////              VVV////////////  
<DM> /////////  //////////////////////

<DM> Floren saw what she saw from the little bend in the hallway
<Mialee> How far is the table from us?
<Jozan> how wide is the hall?
<DM> you are all down at the chasm still
<DM> the hall is 10 ft wide
<Mialee> OK, but if we advance to where Floren was, how far to the
<DM> the table is in  the middle of the room
<Regdar> Hopefully the boots will help me move fast enough to take the
one at the table.
<DM> 70'
<DM> maybe
<Mialee> OK, let's go then.
> Floren sneaking into the room first
<Regdar> Is the orc at the table facing the passageway?
<DM> no
<Mialee> Well geez... Floren, go backstab it.
> Floren moving to the left of the room
<Regdar> Floren sneak attack the orc at the table.
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 17
<Jozan> yes!
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 14
<DM> good sneak
<Regdar> Y E S
> Mialee smiles.
<DM> double damage!
*** Roll by Floren: 1d6 -> 2
<DM> The orc screams in rage and pain!
<DM> Staggered by your initial onslaught, the orc is bowled over and
off the stool he was sitting on.  Surprisingly, he rolls to his feet as he
shouts out a curse to wake his sleeping comrades.
> Regdar charges into the room and attacks the orc at the table.
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 1
<DM> Regdar stumbles and falls
<Mialee> Oh dear.
<DM> The sleeping orcs wake up startled, and just a little bewildered.
They see intruders, and roll out of bed, reaching for their weapons.
> Jozan runs in and attacks the formerly sleeping orc #2
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 16
<Regdar> Maybe I'll trip him up.
<DM> jozan you hit
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 2
<Jozan> should have stolen their weapons first
<Mialee> Whoops.
<DM> 4 damage
> Mialee shoots sleeping orc #1
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2
<DM> don't confuse me:  the sleepingg orcs are 2 and 3
<DM> :)
<Mialee> Heh.
<DM> mialee skips an arrow off the ceiling
<DM> the third orc is on his feet, and has a weapon
> Mialee swears a mighty elfin curse.
> Floren sneaking around to get the orc from the back again.
<DM> regdar roll d6 for initiative
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> you got it
<DM> The other two orcs are on their feet, looking for someone to
> Regdar attacks the orc at the table.
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 12
<Regdar> +3 = 15
<DM> hit
*** Roll by Regdar: 2d6 -> 1 + 4 = 5
<Regdar> +2 = 7
<DM> Regdar has the satisfaction of seeing his enemy's entrails coiled
about his blade
<DM> as it crumples to the ground
> Jozan attacks orc #2
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d20 -> 10
<DM> with +2 that is a hit
*** Roll by Jozan: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> that orc's head caves in with a soft thump
> Mialee shoots orc #3.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14
<DM> hit
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3
<Mialee> +1 = 4
<DM> the orc staggers back, clutching his chest
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 20
<Jozan> woohoo
<DM> Floren hits!
<Mialee> Well now.
*** Roll by Floren: 1d6 -> 2
<Regdar> yes
<DM> the orc, goes down to his knees...
<DM> but he makes a desperate stab at Floren...
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5
<DM> but falls short
> Floren running back
<DM> mialee, it's wide open
<Jozan> finish him! :)
> Mialee shoots the orc.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 8
<DM> the orc stumbles to his feet, and looks for a place to hide as an
arrow wings over his head
> Regdar attacks orc #3.
*** Roll by Regdar: 1d20 -> 1
> Mialee smacks her forehead.
<DM> regdar breaks his sword!
<Regdar> so does Regdar
<Regdar> :-(
> Floren come from behind with sword
> Jozan maces orc
<DM> the orc is cowering in a corner
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 11
<Jozan> oops,
<DM> too late..
<DM> Floren runs him through with her sword
<DM> he slumps to the floor quietly
> Mialee searches the room.
<DM> The contents of this room are disgusting. Orcs are foul
creatures.  There are 2 sets of nasty leather armor laying on the floor next
to the beds.
<Regdar> Good, that will teach him to break my sword
<Jozan> you should steal one of their weapons, just in case
<Mialee> Yeah.
<DM> there is  a door on the north wall
> Jozan holds his nose and searches the beds
> Mialee searches orc #3

> Floren searches the orc
<DM> You find a small golden statue of an orc. You can probably sell
the statue at the nearby village for 20 gold pieces.
> Regdar examines their weapons looking for a replacement.
<Floren> orc#2
orc #3
<DM> orc #3
<DM> This orc has no armor on, and nothing of value.   He fought with
a spear.
<DM> orc #2
<DM> This orc is wearing no armor, and his clothes are tattered and
worn.  He does have a gold bracelet (25gpv) on his left arm.  He fought with
a short sword of mediocre quality.
> Mialee searches orc #1 
<Jozan> he had the knife
<DM> Orc #1
<DM> This orc is wearing dirty, smelly clothing and ordinary leather
armor.  The evil looking dagger he was attacking with is of surprisingly
good quality, with evil-looking runes on the blade and  an ugly head on the
<DM> In a pouch around his neck, you find a single platinum piece, 12
silver pieces, and 3 gold pieces
<Mialee> Have we searched and taken everything here?
> Floren looking under the beds
<Mialee> If so, let's check out that door.
<DM> everything has been gotten from under the beds
<Mialee> OK... is that door locked?
<DM> The door is made of sturdy wood and is locked.
<Mialee> Floren?
<Floren> ok here I am
> Regdar gathers the pieces of his greatsword and stows them away to take
with him.
<Mialee> Try that lock.
<Mialee> Please. :)
> Floren tries to pick the lock
*** Roll by Floren: 1d20 -> 15
<DM> You are rewarded with the scraping sound of the lock opening.
> Regdar arms himself with the short sword and the spear.
> Mialee prepares an arrow.
> Jozan readies his mace
<DM> The door swings open. The room beyond is dark.
> Jozan hands Floren the torch
<DM> btw, the torch you had been carrying is long since dead, but
there is one or two on the wall
> Jozan gets a new torch
> Floren taking the torch and walking in slow
<Regdar> We haven't found any keys around here, How have they been
opening these doors?
<DM> This appears to be a storage room.
<DM> The only exit that you see is the door you came through. Inside,
you see four wooden crates in the middle of the room.
There's also a wooden barrel with metal bindings against the nearest wall,
<Mialee> Let's open those crates up.
<DM> There's also a wooden barrel with metal bindings against the
nearest wall,
<DM> an iron box against the far wall, a sack sitting on a shelf on
the right wall, and a wooden pull-cart in the far corner.
<DM> Do you wish to examine anything here, or would you like to move
> Regdar searches the room.
<DM> see above
<Regdar> The merchant mentioned a sword
<DM> be more specific
> Jozan examines the sack
> Regdar searches the cart.
<DM> The sack is filled with gold pieces;  50 of them, to be exact.
<Floren> we need to take the pull cart for all our findings
<Mialee> I expect that's Jeffries' cart.
<Jozan> move the stuff to the cart then
> Mialee opens the barrel.
<DM> The barrel is filled with water.
<Floren> let's open the iron box
> Jozan puts the sack in the cart
<Jozan> hmmm
<Mialee> OK, do the iron box.
> Floren opening the box
<DM> Inside the box are 3 green flasks stuffed amid straw padding.
Blue liquid fills one flask, while the second has green fluid and the third
has orange fluid.
> Regdar searches the cart.
<DM> Though there is nothing _in_ the cart,
<DM> , strapped to the underside of the cart, wrapped in burlap bags,
you find a 2-handed greatsword. The huge sword looks too heavy for the orcs
to use.
<Jozan> examine the flasks
> Jozan examines the flasks
<DM> Blue liquid fills one flask, while the second has green fluid and
the third has orange fluid.
> Mialee opens the first wooden crate.
<DM> The crates contain a 50-foot coil of rope, two empty sacks,
clothing, unused torches, and some bread, cheese, and dried meat.
<DM> You also find a crossbow of good quality and 10 crossbow bolts.
> Mialee takes the crossbow and bolts.
> Regdar examines the Greatsword.
<DM> Closer examination shows the greatsword to be of high quality, in
immaculate condition.  There is a jewel embedded in the pomel of the sword,
and fine engraving on the silvery blade.
> Mialee casts Detect Magic.
<Regdar> Does anyone mind if I use this sword?
<Mialee> It's yours.
<Jozan> go ahead
<Mialee> What all do we have that's magic? :)
<Regdar> Thank you.
*** >> <mialee> >>   you see a magical aura on the sword
and the three flasks of liquid
<Mialee> OK, the sword is magic, and of course the potions are.
<Mialee> Let's gather up everything and load it up in the cart.
<DM> Mialee, roll a d20
> Floren holds the iron box
> Regdar tastes the water.
> Jozan moves the loot into the cart
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1
<Mialee> Ow.
<DM> the water is brackish, but drinkable
*** >> <mialee> >>  well, all you can tell is that the
stuff is magical
*** << <Mialee> << Can I cast Detect Magic again?
> Regdar seals the barrel back up and loads it in the cart.
<DM> the cart is intended to be pulled by a human
*** >> <mialee> >> sure, if you have another spell
> Jozan pulls the cart
> Mialee casts Detect Magic again.
<DM> mialee roll another d20
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5
<Mialee> Jeez. :)
<DM> no joy
*** << <Mialee> << The boots aren't magical? :)
> Regdar removes the boots.
*** >> <mialee> >>  yes, they are
<Mialee> Shall we get out of here?
<Floren> are the boot magic?
<Mialee> Yes.
> Regdar stows the boots and leaves the spear and shortsword behind.
<Mialee> Let's go.
<Jozan> ok
> Floren following
<DM> you get back down to the chasm without mishap
<Regdar> Who's going to push the cart?  As if I need to ask.
<Mialee> It's a pull cart. :)
<Mialee> Let's head back to town.
<DM> pull the cart, actually  :)
<Regdar> (lol)
> Regdar pulls the cart.
<DM> laughing merrily, you make your way out of the caves of Shadow
<DM> and back to the village whence you came
> Mialee sings cheerfully along the way.
or would it?
<Jozan> hinesburg
<DM> You make it back unscathed
<Mialee> Woohoo.
<DM> congratulations!
<Jozan> neat
<DM> you have defeated the evil of the Caves of Shadow!
<Floren> That was good
<Jozan> can you reveal what the deal with the water was?
<Regdar> Excellent.
<Mialee> That was fun. :)
<DM> what water?  the hot water?
<DM> it was just an underground hot spring
<Mialee> Heh.
<Jozan> hot water, brackish water, and bucket :)
<DM> the warm dampness it provided was an excellent place for a green
slime to hang out 
<Jozan> sort of a red herring, then
<Floren> it is late I see
<DM> the bucket and rope is what the orcs used to pull water up to
<Mialee> Yes, it is.  I need to fo find food. :)
<Jozan> ah
<Mialee> Thanks for the game, it was great fun!
<DM> thanks for coming by!
<Mialee> Night folks!
<Jozan> reminds me of infocom :)
<DM> :)
*** <Mialee> has left the room.
<Floren> thank you all
<Regdar> I think this worked well.
<DM> I do too
<Floren> we had some good laughs here
<Jozan> good thing it wasn't monday night :)
<DM> I'm glad my ISP cooperated
<Regdar> Do you want to try this on a regular basis?
<DM> and I'm glad it's Friday night
<DM> I wouldn't mind, as long as the frequency wasn't too high
<Jozan> uh, it's saturday morning :)
<Regdar> Yes, Friday is better than Monday.
<DM> it takes a long time to prepare this
<DM> longer even than for a live game
<Jozan> it was well thought out
<DM> I had to do some serious repairs to the original module
<DM> which had some things that just didn't make sense
<Regdar> Yes, you would have to set the pace.
<DM> if you want to see the original material,
<Regdar> Most of third edition doesn't make sence.
<DM> you can download a file from
<DM> I think
<Regdar> ok, I'll check it out.
<Jozan> me too
<Jozan> thanks!
*** <Jozan> has left the room.
<DM> or look at
<Floren>  good night everyone
<DM> ok, then.   Good night!

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