Nine Tenths of the Law

This adventure was based on "Nine-Tenths of the Law" by Willie Walsh, from Issue #26 of Dungeon Magazine

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The DM: After capturing Qhyanoth, the Puppet Master, you were lauded and praised by Duke Richard and his court. He had arranged for you to take possession of the warehouse and underground labyrinth that had belonged to Qhyanoth. You've decided to stick around in Lethbridge through the Midwinter Festival.

Mialee: Ooh, I'd forgotten about that. Need to secure the place and clean it up a bit. :) Pengo nods.

The DM: Since your stay in the city began, Jozlan has been welcome to make use of the facilities in a local temple to Thor. He has made several donations to cover this, but one day in mid-November, he is approached by Okinar, a senior cleric at the temple.

The DM: Okinar is a short, well built man with stern features and dark, grey eyes, with a mustache drooping over his mouth and chin.

Okinar: "Some weeks ago, I was approached by a man calling himself Nerick who donated 2,000 gp in gems to the temple, to cure him of lycanthropy by casting a remove curse spell. As I'm sure you're aware, to be effective, the spell must be cast the night of a full moon (or the night immediately before or after), when the man is in wereform. By bad luck, I had not finished preparation for this lengthy spell casting when the creature escaped the confines of the temple, wounding me and killing several temple inhabitants. Fortunately, I was not infected with the magical disease afflicting Nerick. I wish to track down Nerick to complete the casting of the spell -- not only am I morally obligated to do so because of the payment Nerick already made, but I would be in violation of my vows to allow a known werewolf to roam the city. I would ask the Duke to assist in the search, but again, I feel it is the temple's responsibility to do so, since we allowed him the opportunity to escape. "Would you be willing to undertake the task of finding this Nerick fellow and return him (alive, obviously) to the temple so that I might complete the spell of purification?"

The DM: This is mostly to Jozlan:, BTW

Mialee: I've been assuming so :)

Jozlan: Yes I would. The hospitality you have shown me compels me to do so

Jozlan: when did he escape?

Okinar: "It was the night of the last full moon, so I'd say about 3 weeks ago. "

Jozlan: 3 weeks?!

Jozlan: have you heard any reports of his location?

Okinar: "I have had some of the priestlings out looking for him, but they are not experienced in this sort of thing, which is why I come to you. You seem to be a man of the world, and not totally unfamiliar with the ahhh, shall we say... seedier parts of society?

Jozlan: do you know where he lives?

Jozlan: or where he was infected

Okinar: "I'm afraid I don't know where he lives, precisely, only somewhere in the city. I think he mentioned a wife."

Jozlan: did he have any effects, a diary perhaps, in his cell?

Mialee: Are you even sure he's still in the city?

Okinar: "I cannot be certain that he is still in the city, no."

Okinar: "He left nothing behind when he left."

Okinar: "I was hoping that you and your compatriots might somehow comb the city to find clues as to his whereabouts. "

The DM:

Jozlan: I can visit his house and talk to his wife, but if there have been no reports he may have fled the city or be dead.

Jozlan: I'll/We'll report back when we know more

The DM: On that map, above the last 't' in Middle Class District, in that NW corner, there is a large building. That is the temple of Thor.

Mialee: What sorts of buildings are those near it?

The DM: The buildings around it are businesses and residences.

Pengo: I can go snoop around Low Town and see if I can find anything out.

Mialee: Where on the map is our warehouse? (Might be nice if we could update the map to include a mark for it)

Mialee: Maybe we can ask around some of those locations, see if anyone noticed anything? We can simply say there was a break-in at the temple.

Mordin: Are the rest of us present at this discussion?

The DM: not really. :)

Mordin: I thought so. :)

Mialee: Oh, I thought he came to us. :)

Jozlan: We were shouting very loudly, so you overheard

Mialee: vanishes in a puff of not really there.

The DM: He approached Jozlan while Jozlan was at the temple.

Mialee: Ah, I thought he came by our place. OK.

Jozlan: returns and repeats the story

Jozlan: Does Duke Richard keep a census?

The DM: If he does (keep a census) I'm sure it wouldn't be complete.

Jozlan: no tax/land records?

Mordin: Jozlan - What is he willing to pay us for our time in this task?

Jozlan: he didn't mention any payment, but I'm sure there will be xp involved, and possibly cool loot along the way

The DM: Ok, while Jozlan is walking back toward the Royal Arms Inn where you've been staying for the past several weeks, let's do a little flashback. :)

Mordin: Typical churchman. Sorry Flint.

The DM: It's been about 3 weeks since you hauled the wizard/monk out of his hole.

The DM: Is there anything any of you have particularly been doing in that time?

Mialee: Drinking, mostly.

Jozlan: Hanging out at the Temple of Thor, so I've been told

Mordin: Cleaning up and securing the warehouse for a base of operations.

Mialee: Yeah, that's more what I've been up to.

Icarius: looking through the library for interesting texts

Pengo: I've been practicing my profession. :)

The DM: Pengo -- As in, pick-pocketing? Burglary?

Pengo: A lot of snooping about going places I oughn't to. Maybe some light pick-pocketing. :)

Pengo: As opportunities arise. :)

Flint: Is there a Temple to Moradin in this town?

The DM: checking....

Icarius: I see a church of Tyr, no Moradin temple

Mialee: What has our evaluation of the security and improvement/cleanup needs of the warehouse shown, btw?

The DM: The warehouse is usable as such with no change, really. It's an empty warehouse. It's not terribly secure, being made of wood etc.

The DM: The areas below are a bit more secure, since there is only one real entrance in and out.

Mialee: OK, can we do anything to make them more than just a bit more secure? :)

The DM: It needs a crew to clean up the dead bodies and do regular clean up.

The DM: Plus some construction of staircases in certain places if you want to make it a bit easier to get around.

Mialee: We should get some prices on doing that work.

The DM: Still looking for that temple, Flint.

Flint: The search for true faith takes time. :)

Mialee: hehe Pengo practices picking locks.

The DM: Flint, there is a dwarven temple in the SW corner of the city, near the SW gate.

Flint: I'll pray and tithe there then.

The DM: It is a rather generalist temple, serving all the Dwarven gods, giving each proportionally the attention they deserve.

Flint: I'll also inquire into the availability of any dwarven workers to help us renovate the warehouse.

The DM: You can hire some laborers to clean up and do light construction for 500gp.

Pengo: Sounds reasonable to me.

The DM: There are some dwarves in the city, and there are some available for hire, but they'd prefer to work in stone, and will cost 1000 gp.

Flint: Sounds good to me. :)

Mialee votes for the cheap labor.

Mordin votes for quality and trustworthiness.

Pengo shrugs and resumes picking locks for practice.

Jozlan votes for the labor with citizenship papers

Mialee: OK, bring on the dwarves.

The DM: Pengo, while you've been out doing some "light" pick-pocketing, you get the feeling that people are watching you intently, although not the ones whose pockets you're picking.

Pengo: Yes, I expected as much.

The DM: You'll recall you had a little run-in with a local thief who thought he was entitled.

Pengo: Yep.

Pengo: I'm switching focus to snooping for information now anyway. :)

The DM: Is Jozlan going to be cooking any more potions?

Pengo: In fact, I'm headed out to do that now. I'll explore Low Town, see if there's anything unusual going on over there that might lead us to our lycanthrope.

Jozlan: I need to go back to ask about Nerick's physical appearance, clothes, accent.

Mialee: If he ever mentioned a job or anyone else we might talk to.

Jozlan: maybe I should bring along a constable sketch artist as well

Mialee: A sketch could be helpful.

Jozlan: any artists among us?

The DM: not unless one of you picked that proficiency.

Jozlan: ok, is there an artsy district? The duke must like paintings and drawings of himself

The DM: Ok, so back to Jozlan - Would you have been making some in the past few weeks, and if so, which?

Icarius: healing potion

Jozlan: I concur

The DM: as a reminder: The costs of materials would be 250gp for a Healing potion (2d4+2) and 500gp for an Extra-Healing Potion (3d8+3, or 3 portions of d8) and 800gp for a Neutralize Poison Potion, to name a few examples. It takes 3 days to create a Healing, 5 days for an Extra-Healing, etc.

Jozlan: 4 healing potions

The DM: ok, and barring any objection, I'll spread the costs out across the board.

Jozlan: I don't object :)

Pengo: You wouldn't :)

The DM: There ARE artsy parts of the city, btw, both high-brow and low.

Pengo: But yeah, that's fine.

Mialee: Mid-brow?

The DM: yeah, them too. :)

Mordin: Uni-brow? :)

The DM: That would be the dwarven artists, of course. :)

Icarius: I'd prefer a starving artist willing to work cheap and not ask questions

Mialee: Yeah, good point.

The DM: So Jozlan finds a starving artist, and returns to the temple of Thor to meet with Okinar once again. Anyone going with him?

Mialee: I'll tag along.

The DM: Ok, then, we've caught up from our flashback, and Mialee and Jozlan and the starving artist are meeting with Okinar.

Okinar: "Have you considered my request? "

Jozlan: Yes. We need you and anyone else that aw Nerick to describe him so we can draw a picture of him

Jozlan: did he have an accent?

The DM: Okinar describes Nerick as a powerfully built man of about 190 lbs, and 30 years of age.

The DM: He has short, greying black hair and a noticable scar over his left eye.

Jozlan: what sort of clothes did he wear?

Okinar: "He seemed very fit, a soldier, perhaps or an athlete of some sort. His clothes were non-descript. Not ragged, for sure, but neither were they fine."

Jozlan: middle class?

Okinar: "His clothing would indicate that, yes. As would his manner."

Okinar: "That is, of course, until he turned into the beast."

Jozlan: he didn't appear to be upper class in hiding then

Okinar: "I wouldn't say so, no."

Jozlan: and he seemed to be a local denizen?

Okinar: "As far as I know, yes."

Jozlan: ok, any questions, Mialee?

Jozlan: he didn't mention an occupation or how he was bitten?

Okinar: "He said that it happened in the course of an adventure over a year ago. He didn't realize that he had the disease until fairly recently."

Okinar: "As you know, the lycanthrope temporarily loses his mind when the transformation takes place."

Jozlan: did anyone else talk to him?

Okinar: "Often, the bouts are put off as amnesia."

Okinar: "Here at the temple you mean?"

Okinar: "He only spoke to me and the priestling that showed him in."

Jozlan: I'd like to talk to him in case he mentioned anything else

The DM: Okinar obliges, and calls in the young priest, but he can really offer no other clues about the man.

Jozlan: I assume the artist is done and the likeness is good?

The DM: Okinar indicates that the likeness is good.

Jozlan: ok, I'd like to search his room/cell in case there was anything you overlooked

Mialee: He never said anything about his personal life?

The DM: He didn't have a room/cell here. He only came for the working of the spell. It was while he was waiting for me to prepare the spell that the sickness overcame him.

Jozlan: oh, I see

Mialee: Oh... I was under the impression he stayed with you for some time.

Okinar: "He never mentioned much about his life. Frankly, I was somewhat taken aback when he offered the 2000 gp for the spellworking, I didn't ask for many details."

Jozlan: what sort of gem did he pay with?

Okinar: "This is a lesson _I_ have learned from this experience."

Mialee: You're certain he was affected by lycanthropy and not here for some other purpose?

Okinar: "He paid in coin."

Mialee: (strike that)

Mialee: I just remembered being told he killed people etc. :)

Jozlan: "I was approached by a man calling himself Nerick who donated 2,000 gp in gems to the temple"

The DM: whoops!

The DM: Gems totaling 2000gp in value: a huge red Garnet worth 600gp, a huge red Garnet worth 600gp, a small pink Sapphire worth 400gp, a very small rich purple Oriental Amethyst worth 200gp, an average size translucent light green Jade worth 100gp, an average size Opaque white Chalcedony worth 50gp, a small opaque black Jasper worth 25gp, an average size translucent yellow-white with grayish "moss markings" Moss Agate worth 10gp, a large translucent circles of gray, white, brown, blue and green Eye Agate worth 15gp,

The DM: how's that? :D

Mialee: hehe

Jozlan: it seems unusual to pay in gems. Perhaps that will help us find him. Did you verify the gems are real?

The DM: Okinar sighs, and says: "I am desperate to find this man, and wipe clean the stain on the reputation of the temple, so if you can find him and return hiim safely here, I will ensure that your future efforts here in the realm of potion-concoction are made easier" (read as: [ HEY! 50% OFF SALE])

Okinar: "Yes, the gems are real."

Jozlan: ok. Thank you for your help. We will try to track him down.

Okinar: "Our treasurer is quite expert in evaluating the value of gems."

Jozlan: I guess we should get 7 copies of the drawing, 1 for each of us

The DM: The artist is glad to oblige, and asks for a mere 7 gp for the drawings.

Jozlan: give him 10 gp

Jozlan: thank you for your help

The DM: So the group gathers in your quarters, and plans what to do next.... what's the plan?

Pengo: Has my snooping about and asking questions delicately in Low Town uncovered anything?

Jozlan: I'd like to go visit the tax collector.

Jozlan: and the black lion tavern

Mialee: The tax collector is a good idea.

The DM: So I see you guys have the big map in hand. :)

Mialee: Yes. :)

The DM: I suggest viewing that in Firefox, so you can zoom in and out with a click.

Mialee: Any chance we can mark the location of our warehouse on that map?

The DM: Actually, your warehouse is marked (highlighted) as building 638 on the west end.

The DM: Anyway, Pengo did find one grizzled old man in Lowtown who said:


Grizzled Old Man: "Nerick? Oh, that's a name not heard round here for a couple of months. He was an adventurer, you know, a fighter type, He took off on some wilderness trek, oh, about 10 weeks ago. I reckon he's dead- so many adventurers end up that way, after all."

Pengo: Did the man know where Nerick went?

The DM: No, he just knows that he disappeared about 10 weeks ago, and hasn't been seen since.

Pengo: relays that tidbit upon arriving back home.

Mialee: I wish we knew where he'd gone.

The DM: So you're gathered together, what do you plan to do? More info gathering of course, but in what manner?

Jozlan: hands out the artist's rendition

Pengo: Well.

Jozlan: somebody in the barracks might know of him

Mialee: We should start close to the temple and see if anyone saw him the night in question...

Mordin: Is there any area that adventuring types hang out? An inn or tavern?

Mialee: Ah, yeah, good idea. That and the barracks.

Jozlan: they must sell their loot somewhere

Mordin: Also listening for any rumors of beasts or killings.

Mialee: Yeah.

The DM: Adventuring types hang out all over the city, and there are lots of taverns about.

Pengo: Tell you what, let me go out around town and just eavesdrop on conversations, see what I can find.

Pengo: You guys do the more formal searching type stuff.

The DM: I'm looking for ones close to the Temple

Mordin: Okay.

Mialee: So perhaps the rest of us split into two groups, one hit the temple area, the other visit the taverns?

The DM: Around the temple you find mostly craftsmen and residences. Craftsmen include a cooper, cartographer, spice merchant, etc. Pengo heads out the door and starts hitting good spots to eavesdrop.

The DM: The closest Tavern that I find right off is The INN Between, (Building 159, under the 'd' in Middle Class)

The DM: There's another one called the "Welcome INN" at building 232.

The DM: So you head out there, and Pengo heads downtown, with Vlix in tow, I suppose.

Pengo: Yeah, because Vlix is inconspicuous. :)

The DM: You spend a day and an evening snooping around, and come up with some more stories.

Pengo: Excellent.

Pengo: Hopefully some of them useful :)

The DM: When you re-gather at the Royal Arms, you relate the following stories to each other:

The DM: Mialee found someone who said: "Nerick? Yeah, I used to see him around occasionally. Didn't know him too well myself. Someone searching for Nerick might ask for his wife, who serves at the Black Lion tavern near the center of the city."

The DM: Jozlan pried this out of one guy: "Nerick, you say? Hmm... I think there was a fella by the name of Nerick used to hang around with old Certimfil. (Now THERE's a strange one.)" "In fact, word has it that Nerick was a member of the wizard's old adventuring group. If anyone would know of Nerick's likely hiding places, an old friend like Certimfil might." "Certimfil lives in a big house on the north bank of the Dyv River."

Jozlan: perfect

Mialee: Wow, yes, excellent.

The DM: Flint was able to find someone to confide: "Know what I think? Nerick left town to get away from 'is nagging wife, that's what I think. Mialee giggles.

The DM: Mordin Found this tidbit of info: "His wife's named Cindal. Since he's been gone, she's taken up with a no-account, would-be trader named Hurot. They share a place behind the Tower of the Tax Collector. If you think about it, that's kinda funny, since I'll bet old Hurot never paid a penny of tax in his lifetime. If Nerick was in some kind of trouble, though, he might look up Cindal.

The DM: Pengo got this from a sly looking fellow: "I remember Nerick. I remember he was SOOO proud of all the exotic weapons he brought back from his travels in foreign parts. He seldom carried fewer than three weapons, and one of these was sure to be exotic." "If he's back in town, I'd bet he'll try to retrieve his collection." "He had a house behind the Tower of the Tax Collector."

The DM: Finally, Icarius was told by a young wench at a brothel: "I heard from someone who knows about these things that Nerick had fallen prey to some form of disease that his companions were loath to bring back to the city." "Talk was, they either slew him or abandoned him in the wild." "Germad, the new Captain of the Watch, led the party in whose company Nerick adventured."

Mialee: Wow.

The DM: That's about all you found the first day out.

Pengo: Yeah, no kidding. Icarius got to hang out at a brothel and talk to the wenches, lucky bastard.

Mialee: Well, I'm thinking we need to visit the Black Lion, Certimfil, Germad, and the house behind the tower.

Mordin: Pillow talk? :)

Pengo: Lucky bastard.

The DM: As a side note; Do you see all those numbers on the map? Way back when, Midkemia Press released a book called _Cities_ which had tables for generating building purposes for towns of different size populations. One of the first Apple ][ programs I wrote was to implement that set of tables. So I actually have all those buildings in a keyed list printed from my NEC 8023 printer. Unfortunately, I can't find the program in digital form anymore. :(

Pengo: Magic-users get all the women.

Pengo: Heh

Jozlan: interesting

Mialee: So in the morning, shall we all go visit those places?

Jozlan: sounds good

The DM: .... the night passes uneventfully.

Mialee: We want to all go together?

Mialee: Or split up again?

Jozlan: I say split up to save time

Flint: Yes.

Mialee: OK, who should go where?

Mialee: I suggest Icarius talk to the wizard Certimfil.

Jozlan: I say the fighters should visit Germad

Jozlan: his wife will either be at work or at home, so everybody else can stay together and visit both

Mialee: OK. Yes, I was about to say that myself.

Mialee: Sounds good.

Jozlan: since that 's the most likely to cause trouble :)

Mialee: :)

The DM: So, then, who's going where? Icarius goes to visit Certimfil

Mialee: Pengo and I will go look for the wife.

Mordin: Flint and I will visit Germad.

Jozlan: goes with Pengo & Mialee

The DM: Ok, so let's cover the wife first.

The DM: The house you're directed to behind the squat tower of the Tax Collector is a small, one-room dwelling that appears to have once been quite comfortable in comparison to the other houses on the street. Now, though, the paint is flaked and odd shingles are missing from the sagging roof. Rough steps lead up to an iron-studded door.

The DM: Your knock is answered by a thin, tired-looking woman who peers around the door at you suspiciously.

Cindal: "What do you want?"

Mialee: I'm here.

Icarius: ok, I think she'd be most empathetic to you :)

Mialee: Are you Nerick's wife?

Cindal: "I was married to Nerick, but I'm sure he's dead. I ain't seen him in months."

Mialee: We've been trying to find him. Do you know where he went his last adventure?

Cindal: "Nah, he never told me where he was goin'. He took off months ago on some fool '_Adventure_' and never came back. "

The DM: BTW, as you've probably surmised, the house you're in is the little yellow house just to the north of the Tax collector.

Jozlan: he was in town about 3 weeks ago. Did you notice anything unusual around then?

Cindal: "was he? He never came by here. "

Cindal: "That figures though. He didn't spend too much time around here when he lived here. "

Mialee: Where did he typically spend his time?

Cindal: "Oh, hanging around with his buddies, getting into trouble. "

Jozlan: was Nerick born in town?

Cindal: "No, he was born in a little village way to the north of here, in the Northern March. He told me he always liked the city life, though."

Mialee: Do you know the name of the village?

Cindal: "No, I met him here in town."

Cindal: "I got the feeling he didn't want to remember much of his growin' up. "

Jozlan: i'll assume he's not hiding there, then

Mialee: Probably not.

Jozlan: this seems to be a dead end

Cindal: "Awww, hell no."

Cindal: "Hey, if you find him, remind him that he's got a wife to support, ok? "

Mialee: Okay. Mialee smiles.

Jozlan: thank you for your help.

Cindal: "Since I lost my job, it's been tough to make ends meet, you know what I mean? "

Jozlan: you lost your job?

Cindal: "I used to work at the Black Lion, but times is hard, and they let me go a few weeks ago."

Cindal: "I ain't been able to find nothin' else since."

Jozlan: that's unfortunate.

Mialee: Well, thank you for the information, ma'am.

Cindal: "Yeah, sure. " She frowns and closes the door.

Mialee: I wonder if maybe even though he didn't like his home village he might not have gone there anyway.

Mialee: If I were a killing machine, I might be tempted to go visit the site of my unhappy childhood. :)

Jozlan: maybe we should just burn down the temple and forget about the quest

Pengo: We should still visit the tavern, just to see if anyone else there knows more.

Jozlan: yeah. I'm wondering if her getting fired around the same time is a coincidence.

Mialee: Yeah, that's what I wonder myself.

Mialee: Let's head that way then.

The DM: So you make your way through the streets to the Black Lion Tavern. Pengo goes inside and orders an ale.

The DM: It's about lunchtime by now, so the place has a few customers, but not as many as it could hold on a good day. Mialee finds a seat.

The DM: There's a man behind the bar, with a razor-thin beard, wearing a leather apron.

Mialee: What kind of staff do we see?

The DM: The man is the only staff you see. He gives Pengo an ale, collecting 5cp. Mialee shows the sketch to the man and asks if he's seen the guy.

Barkeep: "Yeah, that looks like Cindal's old man. Ain't seen him in months. "

Mialee: How's business been?

Barkeep: "He used to be a regular here, in fact, he met Cindal here. "

Mialee: Oh yeah?

Barkeep: "Business has been real slow, lately. In fact, sorry to say, I had to let Cindal go. She was a good worker, but I can't afford any help now. "

Barkeep: "I'm pretty much by myself, with my wife working in the kitchen. "

Mialee: Any idea why business has been so slow?

Barkeep: "I really have no idea. could just be the season. It's gettin' colder, and maybe people don't want to be out and about if they don't have to. I don't know. "

Barkeep: "I'm sure it will pick up again."

Mialee: Haven't had any trouble around here?

Barkeep: "Say, my wife makes a really good stew, would you like a bowl? "

Mialee: Sure. I'll take a beer with that, too.

Barkeep: "No trouble that I can't handle. Occasional rough types, but nothin' too bad. "

Mialee: Nothing unusual, then?

The DM: He yells the order to the back room, and collects a few coins. Pengo drinks his ale silently in the corner seat he's taken up residence in.

Barkeep: "No, nothin' I'd say is unusual. " Mialee nods.

Jozlan: sounds like a dead end to me

Mialee: Did you know that Nerick was in town about three weeks ago?

The DM: He delivers the stew and some crusty bread.

Mialee: Thanks. Mialee begins to eat.

Barkeep: "no, really? He hasn't been by here. "

Mialee: That's too bad...

Mialee: You happen to know of anyone else we might talk to about him? Mialee compliments the wife's stew.

Barkeep: "Let me think..."

Barkeep: "He used to hang around with Germad, who is now the Captain of the outer watch, interestingly enough." Baarkeep: "I've seen him with Kernin, too. Kernin was a priest, I think. "

Jozlan: oh, which temple?

Barkeep: "I'm not sure to tell you the truth, it could have been Bragi, or Mielikki

The DM: Ok, let's look at Icarius' visit to building 660, outside the wall, near the river.

Icarius: 660, on the west end?

The DM: yeah, toward the west.

The DM: It's easy to find Certimfil's house, on the bank of the Dyv river.

The DM: The house is made up of three connected buildings, each with its own exit.

The DM: One emits a decidedly chemical odor, another is surrounded by piles of ash and slag, and the third is barred and shuttered from within. A large chimney rises from the rear of the house.

The DM: sounds of shouting can be heard from inside. As you approach, a door opens and a man exits in a highly animated state.

Certimfil: "Where is the watch when you need them? Robbery! Mayhem! Curses! "

Icarius: Certimfil I presume?

Certimfil: "Yes, dammit! What? Yes. Who are you?"

Icarius: My name is Icarius. I'm trying to find Nerick.

Certimfil: "Nerick?!?! Why in the world would you want to find him? "

Icarius: I understand he's been a tad bit lycanthropic as of late. I've been charged with locating him to cure him.

Icarius: have you heard word of him recently?

Certimfil: "I _told_ Germad we should have killed him when we had the chance. He was responsible for the deaths of at least two of our party. "

Certimfil: "But I've been ROBBED!" sheppy: You have? Of what?

Icarius: oh? what has been stolen? sheppy: oops, I'm not there.

Certimfil: "can you believe it? I HAVE BEEN ROBBED! CURSES!"

Certimfil: "Those b@stards in the guild swore this would never happen, as long as I paid them off. You just can't trust a thief these days."

Icarius: what have they stolen? Thomas: He pauses, and looks carefully at you: "What business is it of yours, anyway? "

Icarius: It's none of my business. I'm trying to find Nerick. But I like to know what's happening. And if it may be related.

Certimfil: "Hrmmpf. I'm not sure why that should mean anything to _me_."

Certimfil: "But let's assume for the sake of argument that you're _not_ the thief that robbed me. What can you do for me? "

Icarius: Not being a thief, it's a fair assumption that I didn't rob you. However, I and my fellow adventurers can look into this matter.

Certimfil: "So, what ARE you then, if not a thief? You don't look like much of a fighter. "

Icarius: I'm a magic user.

Certimfil: "Ahh, so you will understand when I say that only my most valuable possessions have been stolen.

Icarius: yes... which guild was "protecting" you?

Certimfil: "Well, the thieves' guild, of course, although I suspect that whoever I was paying off, they weren't high enough in the pecking order to be effective.

Certimfil: "But where are my manners? Come in, Come in, we'll have a spot of tea, and discuss what might be done to correct this violent trespass. "

Icarius: thank you, yes, let's discuss the situation

The DM: He leads you inside the building.

The DM:

The DM: He leads you into section A:

The DM: The only concession to comfort in this, the largest of Certimfil's rooms, is the simple bed in the north corner. Six large bookcases, a desk, and a chair are the other furnishings. The contents of the shelves are now in disarray, with gaps showing places from which various books and tomes have been taken.

Icarius: so your magic books were stolen?

The DM: Certimfil mentions, as he makes some tea, that only his most valuable tomes were taken, and...

Certimfil: "I don't understand how, since I make a habit of wizard-locking ALL my doors all the time.

Certimfil: "I was secure in my bed last night, but when I woke up this morning, my spellbooks were GONE!"

Icarius: it was no ordinary thief

Certimfil: "Furthermore, the wizard lock on the door from here into my laboratory was brought down.

Icarius: you live alone? No disgruntled assistants? Sleighted pupils?

Certimfil: "No, I prefer my own company, usually. I have no enemies that I know of. "

Icarius: but you do go adventuring.

Certimfil: "Yes, well, I have in the past, but I don't think I will do much of that in the future. Certainly, if I cannot recover my books, I will never be able to. "

Icarius: was there anything particularly interesting about the stolen books?

Certimfil: "Well, I personally found all of my spells to be particularly interesting. "

The DM: He pours some tea.

Icarius: yes, but would they be interesting to another magic user? A high level magic user

Icarius: someone capable of stealing them.

Certimfil: "I'm certain that they would be, but they would have to be exceptionally powerful to bypass my wizard locks. "

Icarius: were there any particularly powerful or exotic spells?

The DM: He gets a wary look in his eye, but then blurts out: "Oh what the hell."

Certimfil: "The spells included hypnotism, magic missile, alter self, fog cloud, Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter, fly, infravision, phantom steed, dig, dimension door, and passwall."

Icarius: hmmm

Certimfil: "If you could help me recover my books, I would certainly make it worth your while. "

Icarius: This is a most interesting case. I'll look into it. Can you tell me about Nerick?

Certimfil: "I'm at a bit of a loss. The City Watch won't care too much, since I'm outside the city walls, and it's a given that I'll get nothing from the guild concerning this. "

Icarius: how many other high level magic users are in the area?

Certimfil: "What do you want to know? He was a former companion of ours, until he contracted lycanthropy.

Certimfil: "even then, Germad said we should allow him to stay, because of his loyalty and service to the group. I though that was crazy, and told Germad so. "

Icarius: when and where did he contract it?

Certimfil: "I'm not really sure when it was. It could have been over a year ago. As a party, we ran into a pack of wolves back then, but we killed them all, and went about our business. "

Icarius: do you recall where the wolves were?

Certimfil: "It took a while for us to even realize that Nerick was infected. "

The DM: Oh, it was far to the north, in the Wilderness north of the Northern Reaches.

The DM:

Icarius: thanks

Icarius: Nerick was from the Northern Marsh, no?

Certimfil: "He was from the Northern _March_, not to be confused with the Northern _Reaches_, which is a province of Rahn. "

Icarius: did he ever say where precisely?

Certimfil: "not that I recall"

Certimfil: "some farming village up there. "

Icarius: yeah. If you've seen one farming village, you've seen them all.

Certimfil: "That's what I always say."

Icarius: when was the last time you saw him?

Certimfil: " Do you want the long version or the short one? The short answer is, about 10 weeks ago.

Icarius: whichever you feel like typing/copy pasting

The DM: LOL!

Certimfil: "Ok, the long version, then...

Certimfil: "About twenty years ago, the mage Artanal was besieged in his mountain fortress by forces led by our own Duke of Lethbridge, a city from which Artanal had fled when its citizens and the young duke grew tired of his evil schemes. In the course of the siege, the servants of the mage fled or were slain, leaving Artanal to prepare his last, desperate defense against the city troops.

Certimfil: "The final battle was fought furiously in the deepest dungeon of the mage's foul lair until, with many enemies slain around him, the magician gave one mighty shout and fell lifeless to the floor, a victim, it was thought, of his own arcane magic. His conquerors burned his body, lest his death be feigned and he might rise again. In triumph, the survivors returned laden with gold and silver from the treasuries of the hidden dungeon, and the world heard no more of Artanal.

Certimfil: "No more, that is, except for rumors whispered in the city. It was said that not all the wondrous items of the mage's hoard were recovered by the Duke, who had left them hidden for his own use should he be in need of money in some unforeseen difficulty. Indeed, survivors of the siege had supposed that hidden rooms existed in the wreck, but they cared little at the time for tackling the horrors likely to be guarding them.

Certimfil: "Many adventurous people talked about this "lost treasure", but none were bold enough to try for it. Eventually, after years of speculation, Germad convinced us that we (our group) could find that unrecovered treasure.

Certimfil: "Germad was our leader, but there were 5 of us that set off after the treasure.

Certimfil: "The others included Nerick, a fighter; Bundane, a thief; Certimfil, a mage; and Kernin, a priest.

Certimfil: "Bundane and Kernin were slain in the fight with Artanal's guardian golem, and Germad and I were left to fight it alone when Nerick's lycanthropy-which we hoped to cure from proceeds of the adventure-got the better of him and made him run wild through the hills.

Certimfil: "After defeating the golem, we followed Nerick's trail and left him clothing and his share of the treasure, thinking he'd follow us to the city. He never showed up. When he failed to show up after several months, we presumed he was dead."

Certimfil: "That was the last I saw of Nerick."

Icarius: He was in town about 3 weeks ago trying to get a cure, but to no avail. Do you recall anything odd happening around that time?

Certimfil: "Really? That's odd. I'd have expected if he were in town, he would have tried to contact Germad, at least. They were good friends.

Certimfil: "I don't recall anything strange happening at that time. But then again, I stay to myself down here most of the time."

Icarius: 2 of my adventuring companions are talking to him now

Certimfil: "Who, to Germad? He should be able to help you, if anyone can. "

Icarius: yes. Which temple was Kernin associated with?

Certimfil: "Let's see, Kernin was a follower of Mielikki. "

The DM: Icarius looks around for clues/evidence at the breakin

Certimfil: "Oh, sure, look around, see if you can see anything I've missed."

The DM: What you see is an open door leading into area B.

The DM: Inside, the odor of chemicals and strange, noxious substances is almost overpowering. Furnishings include three heavy workbenches along the wall to the northwest; a hand pump near the outer exit; a long table against the southwest wall; a large drainage sump for waste materials in the east corner; and a rack of fine crystal flasks, beakers, and oddly shaped containers against the southeast wall.

The DM: The door to the outside from this room is still firmly wizard-locked.

Icarius: thanks. I'll see what Germad has to say and see what we can do about your books (and Nerick)

Certimfil: "Excellent. As I said, I'd be appreciative of any help you could render."

Icarius: my pleasure.

The DM: Guys, that's probably a good stopping point for tonight. We can pick up with Mordin and Flint when we get together next time. ==

November 11, 2007

The DM: We left off in the middle of an investigation -- everyone remember where we were? Icarius had just finished talking to Certimfil, a wizard that had just been ripped off.

The DM: You had been asked to investigate the disappearance of one Nerick by Okinar, a priest of Thor who has recently been mentoring Jozlan

The DM: We left off in the middle of an investigation -- everyone remember where we were? Icarius had just finished talking to Certimfil, a wizard that had just been ripped off.

The DM: You had been asked to investigate the disappearance of one Nerick by Okinar, a priest of Thor who has recently been mentoring Jozlan

Mialee: Right.

The DM: Mialee and Pengo had previously visited with Nerick's wife.

The DM: and then her former employer.

The DM: who had recently laid her off.

The DM: Meanwhile, Mordin and Flint had been planning to go find Germad, who was Captain of the Guard.

The DM: And that's where we were going to pick things up.

Vlix: where/with who is Vlix

The DM: Ahhh, good question.

The DM: Where would he want to be? (He was not with Icarius)

Vlix: Vlix seems to be frequently hanging out with Pengo... as evidenced by the many times he's saved poor Pengo's bacon.

The DM: So let's assume he was with Pengo and Mialee.

Mialee: hehe

Vlix: ok

Vlix: and I still have Syn?

Mialee: So now we do the meeting with Germad then.

The DM: Syn? Let's see, familiar?

Vlix: yah I assume it's with me.

The DM: I think it was Zym -- male Black cat.

The DM: yes. As is Mialee's and Icarius'

The DM: You guys are a walking menagerie :D

The DM: Mordin? Flint? You are heading toward Bldg 255 on the Lethbridge map

Jozlan: my bird must feel slightly nervous

Vlix: Zyn then... Mordin: Okay.

The DM: Sorry, 225

Flint: See Mordin, I told you it was that way.

Mialee: Hehe

The DM: You find Germad's quarters on the north side of the Middle Class District (Bldg 225). The stone structure is seemingly a converted military billet house, judging by other buildings nearby. You notice the heavy door is slightly ajar, and the interior of the house looks dark and quiet.

Flint: I knock on the door.

The DM: There is no response, but the door swings open enough for you to see a human hand on the floor, with the rest of the body out of view.

Flint: I enter.

Flint: I follow.

The DM: A bloody corpse is sprawled on the floor close to the door. The body is covered with knife wounds, many of which are in its back.

The DM: You actually recognize the fellow, although you didn't know his name before. He was in charge of the guards in attendance when you struggled out of Qhyanoth's lair.

The DM:

Flint: I call for the watch.

The DM: Is Mordin staying at the house?

The DM: I mean, you're not pulling out your cell phone to call the watch :D

Flint: Yes, I stand guard.

The DM: The body is probably right where the "A" is in the diagram.

The DM: It takes Flint about 20 minutes to locate a guardsman and return to the house. Is Mordin going to do anything other than stand guard?

Flint: I will look around as much as I can without disturbing anything.

The DM: The interior of the house is softened by hanging tapestries and a thin but serviceable carpet. A partition made from newer materials than the main structure divides the building into two rooms.

Vlix: ping Sheppy

The DM: The house has been ransacked, though it's difficult to determine if anything is missing.

The DM: An efficient-looking stove looks like it might have heated the room that serves as both kitchen and living room.

The DM: The doors to the kitchen cupboard (which sits across from the sofa almost in the center of the house) are thrown wide,

Mialee: I'm still here.

The DM: The rest of the room is upended. The area immediately in front of the stove shows signs of the struggle between Germad and his assailant, but a trail of bloodstains leads to the front door where the body lies.

The DM: Bedroom. The small bedroom's furnishings include a bookcase, a clothing dummy with a suit of mail hanging on it, and a chest. Along with the mail on the clothing dummy, there is a swordbelt with a longsword on it. The chest in the northwest corner is a sturdy, iron-bound wooden case.

The DM: The contents of the bookshelf on the east wall have been carelessly swept onto the floor. One of the two ceramic bookends has been smashed.

Flint: What kind of bookends are they?

Flint: What shapes?

The DM: Heavy ceramic horse-heads

The DM: With heraldic plumes.

Flint: Anything else?

The DM: Not without digging in.

Flint: I move back to the doorway where I can keep an eye on both rooms.

The DM: That is, you can't see aught else without disturbing things.

Flint: I avoid the blood stains.

Mialee: Why, to avoid tampering with DNA evidence? ;)

The DM: Well, now, a shaman or priest might be able to do something with that. ;)

Flint: Speak with Dead. :)

The DM: Ok, so 20 minutes goes by, and Flint returns with 3 guardsmen from the nearest watchroom. They are led by a sergeant named Hanson.

The DM: The 3 guardsmen all look a little shocked when they see the body, while Hanson glances around the room.

Vlix: the Hansons?

Hanson: "When did you find this body?"

Flint: About 20 minutes ago.

The DM: He squats down, and dips his finger in the blood.

The DM: It's tacky, if not solidified.

Mialee: And? :)

Hanson: " Germad will be missed. He was a good Captain, unafraid of anything."

Hanson: "What business did you have with the captain? "

Flint: Did he have any enemies?

Hanson: "Answer my question first please..."

Hanson: "for how am I to know that YOU were not his enemies, after all?"

Flint: We are trying to locate an adventuring friend of his, Nerick.

Hanson: "Nerick? I don't know the name, though I do know that Germad was in an adventuring party before he took command of the guard"

Hanson: "Enemies? I'm sure he had some. One doesn't rise to his stature without gaining some, is it not so?"

Flint: Tru enough.

Hanson: "He had been trying to clean up LowTown, so I'm sure he had created some antipathy with the uhhh, various powers there. "

Flint: From the looks of his back, it was more than antipathy.

Flint: I take a closer look at the wounds.

Hanson: "Since you have interest in Germad's life and fate, and since I am short-handed, would you assist me in looking for clues here as to the why's and wherefores of his untimely demise? "

Flint: Yes, sir.

The DM: The body is covered with knife wounds, many of which are in its back. Probably dagger wounds, since you don't see matching wounds on the front and back.

Flint: Stab or slash wounds?

The DM: Stab wounds, mostly. The few slash wounds are not deep.

Flint: How deep are the stab wounds?

The DM: Now that's hard to tell without a full autopsy, but they are at least 3-4 inches.

Flint: All of them?

The DM: Most of them look similar, as if made by the same weapon.

The DM: The victim's throat is cut, also.

Flint: The trail of Blood? Did he crawl to the door or was the body dragged?

The DM: The trail of blood is more spattered than smeared. Maybe the struggle moved before he dropped.

Flint: How bloody are his hands?

The DM: His left hand is VERY bloody, and was close to his neck. The right hand, not so much.

Flint: Any wounds to his arms, like he may have tried to defend himself?

The DM: That's where some of the shallow slash wounds are.

Flint: How is he dressed>

Flint: ?

The DM: He is dressed casually, like someone on a day off would dress at home.

The DM: normal clothes, no armor.

The DM: Hanson and the other guards start poking around the house.

Flint: I search the body.

The DM: While you join them, I'm going to take a quick bio break, and brb.

The DM: bak

The DM: The body has nothing of interest on it. No purse, no weapon, no jewelry

Flint: I'll help search the rooms.

The DM: The doors to the kitchen cupboard (which sits across from the sofa almost in the center of the house) are thrown wide, and the shelves are bare of foodstuffs and utensils alike.

The DM: The small bedroom's furnishings include a bookcase, a clothing dummy with a suit of mail hanging on it, and a chest. Along with the mail on the clothing dummy, there is a swordbelt with a longsword on it. The chest in the northwest corner is a sturdy, iron-bound wooden case.

The DM: It is unlocked. It looks like it's been opened and apparently rummaged through, but you find a small bag of 57 gp in the pocket of a carefully folded coat that has not been removed. Some other items are also in the chest: a finely sharpened dagger, a helm, and a short sword.

The DM: The contents of the bookshelf on the east wall have been carelessly swept onto the floor.

Flint: What were the contents?

The DM: Rulebooks and schedules for the city watch, biographies of famous fighting men, a guide to swordmaking, and an illustrated guide to armor types are representative subjects from the scattered volumes. One item of interest is a book whose uneven handwritten style indicates a diary; it is titled "Journal and Memoir of Germad the SwordMaster" Mialee drums fingers.

Flint: Has rigor mortis set in the body yet?

The DM: hmmm, I'd say it's come and gone.

Flint: And the blood's only Tacky?

The DM: Ok, after checking wikipedia, I'd say the rigor mortis is still on.

Flint: :)

Flint: I examine the broken bookend.

The DM: It's heavy, almost solid ceramic, but you don't notice anything unusual about it.

Flint: Could it have contained something?

The DM: It's possible, but if you sort of piece the major pieces together, you don't find a 'hole' in it anywhere.

The DM: well, except where they let the excess greenslip (?) out.

Flint: I examine his head for an injury. Was he hit with the doorend?

The DM: It doesn't appear that he was.

Flint: Bookend.

The DM: the bookend is in the bedroom, far from any blood.

The DM: The bedroom just looks ransacked, as if it was a robbery.

Flint: Have the guards found anything?

The DM: No, they haven't.

Flint: I'm at a loss.

The DM: Though Hanson is flipping through the journal, and calls you over: "This may be of interest... "

Flint: Yes?

The DM: In the Journal and Memoir of Germad the SwordMaster, apart from accounts of battles with many human and nonhuman foes in far-flung lands that occurred many years in the past, the author also relates news about his more recent doings.
The latest entry reads: ... received some disturbing news this day. It seems likely that Nerick has returned to Lethbridge, as people representing Okinar of Thor have been asking about him in the city. His lycanthropy must be taking control. I must alert the Watch to be on the lookout - my old companion must be taken dead or alive before it's too late ...
Flipping back about eight weeks, you find this entry about his last adventure outside the city:
... Certimfil wanted to either tie Nerick up or slay him while he slept, but I dissuaded him. "let him have a chance," I said. He had been a fine companion once and was owed that chance. I filled his pack with food as well as gems from Artanal's foul lair and left a hurried note. We came to the city after dusk of the following evening, and the gates then being closed, we stayed at the mage's home by the river. It was a strained affair at best, for the matter of Nerick lay heavily on our minds. I regretted abandoning Nerick, and harsh words were said between Certimfil and me so that we divided the treasure and parted with no farewells in the morning.
I kept the shining gem myself, and I doubt if Certimfil even saw it. I may sell it separately, as a curiosity, though its inner light is quite attractive. Perhaps I'll keep it myself.
An entry from a week later reads: ... I sold the gems for a good price-far more than I'd expected-so I felt guilty again about Nerick not sharing in our good fortune. Each time I look at the curious gem I'm reminded of Nerick, who has failed to return to the city. We shouldn't have left him! I know it's no more than an attempt at easing a guilty conscience, but I'm going to donate the special gem to the Royal Athenaeum instead of either keeping or selling it. Given Certimfil's attitude, I'll not show it to him now. He's retired to studies of his own, so I may as well concentrate on my own ambitions ...
There follows mundane material outlining Germad's purchasing of the captaincy of the watch, for the mutual benefit of both Lethbridge and Germad, and the efficient and diligent way in which the man attended to his duties. The diary finishes with the reported reappearance of Nerick in the city.

Icarius: interesting

Flint: Hanson, is this his handwriting?

Hanson: Based on the schedules and orders I've seen him write, I'd say that is written in his hand.

Flint: I'd like to hang on to that journal for now.

Hanson: "As long as you are willing to make it available to us for the inquiry which is sure to come, you may. "

Flint: Thank you.

Flint: When I first looked around, did I see any footprints in the blood?

The DM: Hanson orders his men to wrap the body in some sheets, and carry it to the morgue.

The DM: There were some smears that might have been footprints.

The DM: but since they were smears, it would be hard to distinguish the type of creature that made them.

Flint: Can you think of anything we've forgotten, Flint?

The DM: Flint says no.

Flint: No, not really.

Flint: We night as well return to the others.

Hanson: "Gentlemen, I'll ask you to leave, so we can lock up this crime scene. "

Flint: We leave.

Vlix: CSI: D&D

The DM: He closes the door, and locks it with a padlock he brought along.

The DM: He lets you know where he can be reached, and goes off with his men and the body.

The DM: It's midafternoon, now, and everyone is just finishing up their various encounters in the city.

Flint: We take the journal and head back to the inn.

The DM: Icarius is leaving Certimfil's house, while the other three are leaving the Black Lion Tavern

The DM: Mordin and Flint return to the Royal Arms Inn without incident.

The DM: Are the rest heading back for the Inn?

Mialee: Yes

Icarius: yep

The DM: As you approach the Royal District, a cold rain begins to fall, soaking you thoroughly before you make it back.

The DM: But you all arrive safely.

Mialee: So we clean up, etc, and swap stories of what we learned? :)

The DM: yes, and enjoy a cozy dinner in the common room by a roaring fire.

Mialee: Ahhhh.

Icarius: comfy

Vlix: brb

Mialee: We need to see that special gem he donated to the Royal Athenaeum.

Flint: Yes.

Mialee: Best clue we have.

Icarius: definitely

Icarius: assuming it hasn't been recently stolen

Mialee: May provide insight into where they were when this happened.

The DM: Ok, brb

Icarius: I'd say we shouldn't waste any time... after this break

Mialee: Yep, need to head right over there.

Flint: Yes.

The DM: bak

The DM: Ok, Let's assume then that you have whatever spells are currently listed on the google spreadsheet, ok?

Icarius likes the sound of this

Flint: I don't think we ever updated after the last combat.

Mialee: And? :)

The DM: Well, that's my point. :)

Mialee: Hehe

Mialee: OK.

Icarius: we've rested up since then, no?

Flint: We would have rested and studied.

The DM: I'm not sure what anyone used in the last session.

Icarius: I don't recall any combat last session

The DM: Ok, then, fix that spreadsheet before you go any further. :)

Flint: Nothing in the last session. We didn't update it then either. :)

Vlix: didn't Vlix go up like 5 levels or something?

Flint: Yes, but then he got level drained.

Flint: btw add 1700 years to your age. :)

The DM: Vlix should get 4/2/1 spells, but he doesn't have any 3rd level spells in his book yet.

The DM: so he can have 4/3

Vlix: I wouldn't have done that during the down time, eh?

The DM: I wonder how good google spreadsheets is when there are 6 people editing simultaneously. :)

The DM: Well, there wasn't much downtime, but if you want to "borrow" one spell from one of your compatriots, I'd allow it.

Mialee: OK, I've put down my memorization update.

The DM: Most of your party's "captured spellbooks" are in Byrne. But your friends have theirs with them, of course.

The DM: You would have to do the normal rolling for "being able to know"

Vlix: ok, what do I need to roll?

The DM: that's assuming they are willing to share, of course ;)

The DM: Which spell do you want to copy?

Vlix: suggestion since others are using FB and LB

Vlix: I don't need to roll for this spell...

Icarius: clairvoyance

The DM: 70 or less on % dice

Vlix: these aren't the droids you're looking for...

Vlix rolls d100: [75] = 75

Vlix: yay!

The DM: So Vlix cannot know suggestion.

Mialee: Bummer.

Vlix: can I try others or was that "it"

The DM: Try another, tell me first which you are trying.

Vlix: lightning bolt

Vlix rolls d100: [61] = 61

The DM: Vlix can learn Lightning Bolt, and copies it successfully into his Spell book.

The DM: He can memorize one more 2d level too.

Mialee: whee :)

Vlix: 1 mirror, 1 invis

The DM: Google Spreadsheet is cool.

The DM: Ok, is everyone ready?

Mialee: Yes :)

The DM: When will you leave the Inn?

Icarius: now

The DM: :)

Mialee: :)

The DM: Ok, let me be more specific.

Mialee: Should be mid-afternoon or so, shouldn't it?

Mialee: Maybe late?

The DM: Right after dinner? Right Before midnight? After midnight?

Mialee: If it's evening, then we should retire for the night and do it in the morning.

Icarius: the gem might not be there in the morning

Vlix: bah, afraid of the dark?

Mialee: OK, let's go now.

Mialee: I was under the impression this was a museum of some kind. :)

The DM: It's JUST after dinner right now, and dark outside.

Mialee: Well, let's go then.

The DM: It is a museum of some kind.

Mialee: We planning to break in then? :)

Mialee: That's why I was wondering if we should wait 'til business hours. :)

Vlix: No, I'm planning to sneak in.

Icarius: sounds good to me

The DM: Just let me know. ;)

Vlix: well, what will it be lightsiders? Are we going or not? If we

Mialee: I already said let's go :)

Vlix: If we're staying, let's do some wine and wenching.

Mialee: hehe

Icarius: we could bring the wine and wenches

Vlix: if the dwarves are nervous, Vlix and Pengo can go.

Pengo: That would work for me.

The DM: Dwarves, you nervous?

Vlix: only in the service....

The DM: I think the dwarves had a little too much ale at dinner.

The DM: Moving right along then. With the dwarves snoring in their ales, what will you do?

The DM: Sleep it off, or do a recon?

Pengo: I say Vlix and I do a little recon.

The DM: ok

Pengo: Sound good, Vlix?

The DM: Jozlan, Icarius? Will you join them, or let them go alone?

Icarius: We'll join them

Mialee: I'll go too, although they may need to go in first to get a look around.

Mialee: If we're talking about sneaking in.

Icarius: that's prudent

Mialee: I'd rather we actually go to the people that run it and talk to them about this situation.

The DM: Well, for that, you'd probably have to wait for the morning.

Icarius: thieves and murderers don't wait until morning

Pengo: Let's all go then.

Mialee: OK, let's do it.

Pengo: I still think Vlix and I should go in first then send for the rest of you once we've scouted it out.

Icarius: sounds good

The DM: You'll notice from the map that the Athenaeum is only a few blocks from the Inn

Pengo: Convenient.

Vlix: Pengo and I will recon... everyone else keeps watch.

Pengo: Yep.

Vlix: if something happens, create a diversion for us.

The DM: I guess the dwarves will overwatch from the bar.

Pengo: :)

Vlix: dreaming of short hairy women with beards.

Pengo: :)

The DM: Ok, so the rest are going, but hanging back?

Vlix: they are our diversion

Mialee: Yeah.

Mialee: We'll hang back and be ready to assist if called upon basically.

The DM: You make it down the street, and see that the Athenaeum is a rather large building, with very impressive looking front doors, but with a more modest door on either end of the front of the building.

Vlix: c'mon Pengo, let's go stea... er, check out the exhibits... you know, "acquire" some education and all that.

Pengo: Right.

Vlix: let's case the entire bldg

Pengo: Smart.

The DM: Surprisingly enough, you don't find any other entrances other than the 3 at the front of the building.

Vlix: how tall is it?

The DM: It looks about 2 stories tall, though you don't know if there are actually 2 floors.

Vlix: wonders if it has skylights...

Vlix: any windows?

The DM: None that you can see.

Vlix: is it dark enough to become a bat?

The DM: Absolutely

Pengo: Go for it, friend.

Vlix: I'll give Pengo a nod, morph and fly up to the roof for a look see.

The DM: You see a normal roof, with no skylights.

Vlix: no access at all?

The DM: Not from the roof.

The DM: Nor from any of the other walls of the building.

The DM: It apparently had a paranoid architect.

Vlix: ok, return and... check out the street situation.

The DM: returning to normal form?

Vlix: sure.

Pengo: Shall we simply pick a lock and walk in then? :)

The DM: It's quiet on the street, and dark. There are streetlights, but they are dim and distant.

Vlix: ok, I'll watch your back. Pengo selects the right-hand small door and attempts to pick the lock.

The DM: roll it Pengo rolls to pick the lock (d100): [11] = 11

The DM: The door opens. Pengo peeks inside.

Pengo: (looking to see if there are guards or anything like that)

The DM: You see a broad corridor, with paintings hanging on the wall.

The DM: You don't see any guards. Pengo gestures to Vlix to follow and goes inside.

Vlix: let's go in, and close the door

The DM: I've forgotten how to lock the pogs to the grid. Pengo quietly shuts the door behind us.

The DM: Now, how far away is the rest of the party (less the dwarves)?

Pengo: Holy crap

Pengo: That's a hell of a lot of Vlix.

Mialee: I'm going to just be hanging out on the street near the door basically.

Mialee: Trying to look like I'm stargazing or something. :D

Pengo: So, paintings in this room you say?

Vlix: a lone female... on a dark street at night...

The DM: Yes, portraits of important people, mostly

Pengo: With a sword and bow. :D

Pengo: In armor. :D

Vlix: chk the door Pengo..

Pengo: Is the door open or closed? Looks open.

The DM: um, it's acctually a door,

The DM: closed Pengo checks it for traps.

Pengo: Although it seems unlikely they'd have traps in what probably sees some totally innocent traffic. :)

Vlix: psst ... it's a museum.

Pengo: Then why'd you tell me to check it you goob? :)

The DM: you don't find any traps.

Vlix: chk the door, as in is it locked Pengo listens for sounds beyond the door and checks the lock to see if it's locked.

The DM: It doesn't seem to be locked.

Pengo: And sounds?

The DM: none Pengo opens the door.

Pengo: (quietly please)

The DM: It's reeeeally dark in there. except for a slight glow to the west.

Vlix: is using infravision

The DM: Everything is a fairly even cold -- no body heat in here.

The DM: You can barely make out walls, etc.

Pengo: Do we have a light source along?

Vlix: check the glow?

The DM: not that I know of. Ic usually carries his rod.

Pengo: You want to risk knocking something over in the dark to get there?

Vlix: Pengo, I have candles...

The DM: candles would work.

Pengo: Let's light one candle just so we can see to get around.

Pengo: If the gem glows, should be easy enough to find -- especially in near darkness.

Vlix: eh, whatever... darksiders don't need to rely on light as much.

Vlix strikes a candle

Vlix: and my cat can see 6x better than either of us.

The DM: You can see that the building you're in is a combination of museum and library.

The DM: more museum, really.

Vlix: check out the glow...

Pengo: Yeah.

The DM: at the area labeled 'E', you see 2 exhibits. The northern exhibit is a moth-eaten replica of a carpet of flying that the first Duke of Lethbridge was said to have owned. The other exhibit is a good copy of his alleged magical lamp.

Vlix: candle in one hand, rapier in the other..

Pengo: Which way to the glow we see?

The DM: The glow seems to be coming from the area marked 'O'

Pengo: OK, let's head that way then. Mialee hums quietly to herself.

The DM: You see a display case standing on the floor. Laid on a velvet cushion, you see a bright red ruby.

Pengo: Is it glowing? :)

The DM: It's a well-cut ruby with a slight flaw in its center shaped like a clenched fist. The gem shines brightly.

Pengo: Glass enclosure?

The DM: yes Pengo studies the enclosure.

Pengo: What's the lock mechanism look like?

Vlix: is this the item we're interested in?

The DM: It looks more like a construction mechanism. The glass enclosure is leaded on all sides. Apparently, the exhibit was intended to be permanent.

Pengo: So basically we're talking smash and grab if we want the gem? Pengo looks at Vlix.

The DM: It would seem so, if you want the gem.

Pengo: Should we actually swipe it or just guard it to be sure nobody else does?

Vlix: well, did we come here to make sure it was here or to take it?

Pengo: Not sure, to be honest.

Pengo: I think that as long as it stays here and we can get access to it more appropriately in the morning, we'd be better off in the long term.

Pengo: So as not to harm our good relations with the court here.

Vlix: looks a Pengo with irony, when he said the word "honest"

Pengo: Yeah, yeah, I know. The holy guy is a bad influence.

Vlix: ok, let's bug out then.

Pengo: Should we do that or stand guard over this thing? I dunno.

Vlix: but I've got a feeling... it won't be here for long.

Pengo: Tell you what, you go tell the others what we found, I'll hang here and keep an eye on it.

Pengo: Find out what they want to do, and we'll do that.

Vlix: you're not getting itchy hobbit fingers are you?

Pengo: Who, me?

Vlix: fine, I'll do my best covert exit.

Pengo: OK.

Pengo: Uh, leave me a candle.

The DM: You gonna keep it lit?

Pengo: No, just want to have it in case I need it.

Vlix: I'll leave him the lit candle plus an extra.

Pengo: OK, that works.

The DM: So What do Mialee, Jozlan and Icarius want to do? Mialee hangs out.

Mialee: Well, I personally think we should guard the stone where it is and then get permission to borrow it in the morning.

Icarius: I agree

Mialee: I don't like the idea of stealing royal property.

Vlix: waits for Joz/Ic

Mialee: We don't actually even know that someone's going to try to take it.

Mialee: But I expect we can get permission from the authorities to borrow it, given the esteem they hold us in. Pengo keeps his eyes open.

Icarius: right

The DM: Vlix, roll a %

Mialee: So let's all go in and stand watch then.

Mialee: Uh-oh.

Mialee: That's never good :)

Mialee: So much for "we don't actually know that someone's going to try to take it." :)

Vlix rolls d100: [44] = 44

Mialee: And? :)

Mialee: Long waits after rolls make me jumpy :)

The DM: Ask Vlix :)

Vlix: psst.. company

Mialee looks about and quietly asks where.

Vlix: 3 down, in the shadows

Vlix: coming this way.

Vlix: I'll hide... you be the bait.

Mialee: OK. Mialee launches into animated conversation with Icarius.

Mialee: "I think you're nuts. Obviously fireball is overpowered for indoor combat."

Icarius: collateral damage is underrated

Vlix: I'll wander off, dbl back and hide in shadows along the path of the oncoming whatever.

Mialee: (this after Vlix is gone of course)

The DM: A few minutes go by, and you don't notice the re-emergence of the mysterious shadow.

Mialee: You like being collateral damage?

Icarius: you only live once

Pengo starts to wonder what's taking so long.

Mialee: I think the gods have been watching over you, because you've lived a couple-three times I think.

The DM: BTW, is that where Pengo is really guarding?

Pengo looks around slightly anxiously.

Pengo: I'm assuming that O is exactly where the gem is; if it's not, move him to be standing next to it. :)

Vlix: I'd watch it from some shadows.. play to your strengths.

Pengo: That doesn't make sense if I'm standing here with a candle. :D

The DM: Ok, you're right next to it.

Pengo: Which was your idea. :D

Vlix: blow it out then... if you're concerned.

Pengo looks around in all directions, then glances up.

Pengo: How high is the ceiling here?

The DM: The ceiling is 30 feet over your head.

Pengo: The case the gem is in... it has a top, right?

The DM: The building is styled with gothic buttresses supporting a high ceiling.

The DM: The case is wooden on the bottom, with leaded glass sides and top.

Mialee: Where was the shadow Vlix saw?

Mialee: Could it have gone in the other door at the far end of the building?

The DM: No, it was further away than that.

Mialee: OK.

Mialee: At least some of us need to go in and back Pengo up inside... shall we all go?

Vlix: I'll do it...

Mialee: Shall the other three of us take up positions outside each of the doors to let out a yell if anything comes?

Vlix: sure

Mialee: I've got an ominous feeling.

The DM: Ok, that's just to let you know how far away the "shadow" was spotted. Mialee heads for the western door.

Mialee: If Ic can take the center one, he can get backup faster if someone approaches his position.

Pengo: Am I aware now that Vlix is back inside?

Vlix: I'll come back to the inner room, hiding... won't tip off my position to Pengo.

The DM: yes

Pengo: OK.

The DM: or --- not?

Pengo: OK, if I don't know he's there, I'm continuing to get more worried that something's happened to the others outside.

Pengo continues to keep an eye out for trouble.

Vlix: quietly draws

The DM: The folks on the street don't see any further activity.

Pengo: As well as surveying the room for movement, I also periodically glance to be sure the gem's still in the case.

Pengo fidgets a bit.

The DM: So if I'm seeing correctly, Mialee, Jozlan and Icarius are more or less "standing guard" outside the building??

Mialee: Yeah.

Mialee: And I believe we're staying there until morning.

Vlix: stiletto, rapier

The DM: About 2 in the morning, a patrol from the city watch wanders by, and approaches Mialee : "good evening miss. Pretty late to be out isn't it?

Mialee: Yes, it is.

Vlix: are we stopping soon? Got to leave soon.

Watchman: Have ye some business here? Any we should know about?

Mialee: We're conducting an investigation on behalf of (can't remember his name, just pretend I put it here), and are watching for someone that might attempt to gain entry to the museum tonight.

Mialee: Not really expecting any trouble, but it's a job, you know?

Watchman: "Hm? you heard of that, Jess?" (to his companion)

Other Watchman: "No, 'spect we'll have to find out about that."

The DM: They wander off.

The DM: You spend the night guarding the Athenaeum, and nothing else comes up.

The DM: 'The sun rises, and common traffic in the street picks up, as you would expect in this section of town.

Vlix: psst. Pengo... wake up and come on.

The DM: Yawning, you head back to the Royal arms

Pengo: Hey, I never slept... I was too nervous. :)

Icarius: hmm

Pengo: We still need to talk to someone about getting a good look at that gem.

The DM: No doubt he remembers to lock the door behind him.

Pengo: Indeed.

Vlix: Ic, why don't you and Joz wait for the curator.

The DM: And that should do it for this evening.

Icarius: ok

November 18, 2007

The DM: We last left you heading back to the Royal Arms Inn, after staking out the place all night long, and I believe Icarius and Jozlan were going to wait for the Custodian in the morning. Is that still the plan?

Mialee: That sounds right.

Icarius: evidently :) Vlix runs off to feed the cat Mialee catches some sleep. Icarius waitd for the curator

The DM: So while the rest return to their rest, you hang out until the bells of Tyr ring sext, and a short dumply man walks up to the side door.

The DM: He barely glances at Icarius and Jozlan as he enters the building.

The DM: Icarius and Jozlan are once again alone on the street.

Icarius: was his name mentioned last time?

The DM: well, not entirely alone, as people have begun to go about their normal business of the day.

The DM: Shopkeepers are opening shops, and people are moving about

The DM: His name was not mentioned.

The DM: You have not met him yet.

Icarius: ok, I didn't see it but vaguely remember a name thrown out

Icarius enters the building

Jozlan continues waiting outside

Icarius wanders around in search of the custodian

The DM: I would note that the big middle doors are still locked. The curator opened only the side doors.

Icarius: excuse me, are you the curator?

Gerfeld Blim: "I am"

The DM: He seems slow-moving, low-talking, and sleepy-eyed,

Icarius: pardon the interruption. I understand Germad donated a gem?

Gerfeld Blim: "Why, yes, he did, just a few weeks ago.

Gerfeld Blim: "It's our newest exhibit" he says, pointing to the Gem Case at Area O

Icarius: do you know anything about it?

Gerfeld Blim: I don't know any of the history of it, if that's what you mean.

Icarius: oh my

Icarius: you certainly wouldn't be exhibiting if you did

Icarius: I fear this is the cursed gem of the wilderness!

The DM: But it's obviously rare, and must be somehow magical, since its glow can be seen by the naked eye.

Icarius: Germad was killed last night... this could explain everything...

Gerfeld Blim: Really? Cursed? How so?

Gerfeld Blim: Germad is Dead? I'm sorry to hear that. He was a fair man, if uneducated.

Icarius: there's no time! My coleague, Mialee von Elfenstein and I must examine it immediately! If this gem is cursed, there's no telling what tragedies might befall

Icarius: have many people seen it?

The DM: Oh, yes, people have come by daily to see it. I'd say dozens have seen it, and some have offered to buy it!

Vlix: "Mialee von Elfenstein"?

Icarius: yes, the esteemed scholar of cursed gems

Gerfeld Blim: Of course, since it is the Duke's property, I couldn't do that.

Gerfeld Blim: sell it, that is.

The DM: ...?

Icarius: they'll never know the catastraphe they narrowly avoided. I must go get my colleague!

Gerfeld Blim: What is the nature of the curse you speak of?

Icarius: oh, it can manifest itself in many ways... sleepiness, hearing voices, seeing things that aren't there... and eventually death.

Icarius: Perhaps we should cover the case with a blanket until we return

The DM: I had no idea.

Icarius: most don't until it's too late

Gerfeld Blim: Perhaps I should ask my superiors what to do.

Icarius: I don't know if we have the time. Dr. von Elfenstein is staying at the inn. She'll know what to do

Gerfeld Blim: Please ask her to come and examine it, then.

Icarius: I will! make sure no one looks at the gem until we return!!

Icarius runs to fetch the others...

Gerfeld Blim: So be it. Meanwhile, I'll send for my superior for guidance.

The DM: Of course, they're all sleeping soundly, since they were up the entire night, and you're both getting pretty tired too.

The DM: or I should say you ARE tired. Mialee snores softly.

The DM: It's now about midmorning. Are you going to wake everyone up, or let them sleep Pengo snores vigorously.

Icarius: uhh . just mialee

Icarius: the dwarves have been sleeping all night

Icarius: and thy know a thing or two about cursed gems

Icarius: so let mialee sleep, they can handle it

The DM: So you wake the dwarves.

Mialee: Which of them is going to be Mialee von Elfenstein? :D

Icarius: Mialee von Elfenstein? I said Professor Flint! The gem must be affecting his memory!

The DM: hehe...

Mialee: ROTFL

The DM: Ok, so the dwarves are awake... What are you going to tell them, Icarius?

Icarius: so... I told the custodian that the Gem might be the cursed gem of the wilderness and it was responsible for Germad's death... you two expert gemologists should be able to inspect it up close.

The DM: Flint suggests that he could look at the gem, but what does

Icarius really expect him to be able to learn about it?

Jozlan: don't dwarves know stuff about gems?

The DM: Sure, most would have a passing familiarity with normal gems and their value, but not necessarily anything about magical properties of gems.

Icarius: Flint has a detect magic spell

The DM: He could cast a detect magic, detect evil, maybe

Icarius: the gem guy from the temple might be able to provide some insight

Icarius: maybe it's a dead end. Since someone might be after it, we could at least convince them to lock it up elsewhere until we've got the situation under control.

The DM: (I'm really just stalling -- :) You might just want to sack out until the afternoon, when you'll all be refreshed. :)

Icarius: ok :) Sleeping is probably a good idea

The DM: So you sack out until about 3 in the afternoon, when you all get up and get a bite to eat.

The DM: As you're sitting around chowing down, you discuss what to do next.....

The DM: (That's y'all's cue... :)

Icarius: of course, then again, maybe it's just a really big glowing gem Icarius discusses what to do next...

Vlix: Vlix watches Pengo and Mialee fade in and out of reality

Mialee: :)

Icarius: we can look at it, detect magic... identify on it, but not until tomorrow...

The DM: Why not until tomorrow?

Icarius: I don't have it memorized and if you're a stickler for the rules, it needs 8 hours of purification

The DM: Everyone just got up -- they are refreshed. You can memorize whatever spells you want.

Icarius: ok, good enough

The DM: Ok, well, for identify, you'd first have to discuss getting possession of it.

Mialee: I'll keep my current set.

The DM: Flint decides it would be wise to load up on detection spells.

Icarius: ok, I'll try to do that

Icarius: shall we go visit the gem?

Mialee: Hm.

Mialee: Grr.

The DM: Ok, Flint is ready to go.

Mialee: Let's go! :)

The DM: Flint suggests that someone that has been there lead the way.

Icarius: you've already left

Mialee: :)

Icarius: Mialee von Elfenstein spoke to him this morning

Mialee: Really? Wow, I don't remember that.

Mialee: Happened while I was disconnected did it?

The DM: Must be the gem affecting your memory. :) (not really)

Icarius: or internet connection

The DM: So is the whole crew going?

The DM: Flint is ready to go, but Mordin is bored by the concept and wishes to stay and drink.

Icarius: hehe

The DM: Ok, Roll call for those that are heading to the Aetheneaum.

The DM: Flint

Icarius: me

Mialee: I'll go if that is consistent with what we need to do given what I may have missed while disconnected :)

Vlix: Vlix and Syn

Jozlan: I'll drink with Mordin at the bar

Icarius: shall we?

The DM: Ok, you arrive at the large building as the sun hangs low in the sky

The DM: You go inside, and see several people visiting the various exhibits.

The DM: Gerfeld is sitting at his desk, looking bored.

Mialee: What do you guys need from me? :)

Icarius: (pretend to recognize him from this morning)

Mialee: OK. :)

Mialee: Mr. Gerfeld, what a pleasure to see you again! Mialee walks up, beaming.

Gerfeld Blim: "Huh? Do I know you?"

Mialee looks concerned.

Mialee: Of course! We spoke at great length about the cursed gem this morning.

Mialee: I've brought my gemologist experts to examine it, as I promised.

Gerfeld Blim: "But, I thought I spoke to this other gentleman..."

Mialee looks more concerned.

The DM: he indicates Icarius

Mialee: Yes, yes, then he brought me to see you shortly thereafter. You really don't remember?

Mialee frowns worriedly.

Mialee: "You haven't been... looking at the stone, have you?"

Gerfeld Blim: "n-no, I don't.. Oh bother. "

Mialee: Oh my.

Gerfeld Blim: "No! I haven't been looking at it at all!

Mialee leans in close and looks in his eyes.

Mialee: Hm. Perhaps you don't remember looking at it, but, hmmm...

Icarius: is there discoloration?

The DM: of what? his face? the gem?

Mialee: I'm unsure. It does look a little pale to me.

Icarius: (just talking to mialee :)

Mialee: Yes, I suspect he caught a glimpse. It's not too serious.

The DM: Gerfeld begins to look a little nervous.

Mialee: However, we simply must get the gem properly attended to.

Mialee: This won't do at all, not at all.

Gerfeld Blim: "Oh my. I must see my superiors about this. "

Mialee: We can't have all these eager tourists having their minds tampered with by this accursed thing.

Gerfeld Blim: "Minds? tampered with? "

Gerfeld Blim: "oh my."

Mialee: Oh yes. The curse is quite vile.

Icarius: "I thought he already talked to his superiors!"

Mialee: He did say he would attend to it before our return.

Gerfeld Blim: "Well, it's almost closing time, anyway. I suppose I should close early then, eh? "

Mialee: Perhaps he felt it more important to take a little nap than to protect the innocents of this city.

Mialee: Or maybe he simply forgot that he already spoke to his superiors.

Icarius: you can't blame him for the effects of the gem

Mialee shrugs.

The DM: He looks startled, and then gets up and starts shooing the other visitors out of the building.

Gerfeld Blim: "Gentlefolk, I must ask you to leave now, it's closing time...."

The DM: Annoyed patrons begin shuffling toward the door.

Mialee: Dr. Flint must inspect the abomination at once!

Mialee: If our suspicions are indeed correct -- and I've no doubt that they are -- the gem must be properly dealt with, for the safety of everyone.

The DM: He comes back to your group, after getting the others out.

Gerfeld Blim: "I must ask you kind folks to leave also, please. We can get this all sorted out tomorrow, I'm sure. "

Mialee: Oh my. Mialee affects a look of near panic.

Mialee looks at Icarius.

Gerfeld Blim: "What- What is it?

Icarius: we must take him to the temple at once!

Mialee: Yes, yes, of course.

Gerfeld Blim: "What? Why? What do you mean? "

Mialee: Part of the curse is an apathy toward attending to the situation. You must be attended to by a priest at once!

Mialee: This vile, evil thing is polluting your mind!

Icarius: tyr's blessing might be able to clear the fog

Mialee: Deep down, don't you feel the evil of the thing?

Gerfeld Blim: "No! I really must insist that you leave at once, " he says with a slight tremor in his voice.

Mialee: The power of the gem is trying to trick you into allowing it to remain here and continue to claim your soul for its dark purposes.

Gerfeld Blim: "please, it's closing time. You must leave. "

Icarius: closing time? Noon?

The DM: No, it's almost vespers. (4PM)

Mialee: I simply cannot in good conscience allow that to happen. You are clearly too good a man to allow to fall permanently under its sway.

Gerfeld Blim: "I will consult my superiors about this tomorrow, but for right now, you must depart."

Mialee: Hmmmm.

Mialee: Tsk.

Icarius: (whispering loudly) he doesn't recall our meeting with them this morning? Mialee shakes her head worriedly. Mialee whispers back, "It may be too late."

The DM: He starts motioning toward you to leave, waving his arms as if to push you ou the door.

Gerfeld Blim: "I'll be forced to call the watch if you don't depart at once!"

Mialee: "Now it begins, protecting the stone from being cleansed."

Mialee: By all means, call the watch! We may need to place you in custody for your own protection!

Mialee: Although by the time things are sorted out, it may be too late for the priests to save you.

Icarius: watch? He needs a priest.

The DM: The sweat is glistening on his brow, now.

Vlix: did you tell him about the other side effects? the loss of potency and the hideous boils?

Mialee: I didn't want to panic him.

Gerfeld Blim: "Uhh, I'm going to call the watch now!" and he starts heading for the door. Mialee casts sleep on him.

Vlix: tsk, it's your life... what's left of it now.

The DM: he collapses in a heap.

Icarius: that works

Mialee: :)

Mialee: Do we have anything that we can use to cause some boils? :D

The DM: hey, you didn't have sleep!

Icarius: we could leave some empty wine bottles around

Mialee: Really? That's news to me. Mialee looks

The DM: Icarius did., though.

Icarius: :)

Mialee: You're right, huh. Sorry about that.

Icarius: ok, shall we examine the gem?

Mialee: Yes, go take a look, I'm going to see what I can do with this fellow.

The DM: BTW, the sleep will last for 35 minutes from Icarius.

Mialee: Work fast, folks.

Icarius: can Vlix open the glass box?

Vlix: I'll try.

Mialee: Are we in an office or out in the middle of the museum floor?

The DM: The display is at area O

The DM: right in the middle of a big open area.

Vlix: looks for something heavy to swing

The DM: As stated earlier, the case was intended to be a permanent display, so the glass is leaded in place.

Icarius: no sneaky way to open it?

Vlix: ah, I can swing the dwarf.

Mialee: What sorts of things are around us?

Mialee: I'm looking at staging him going berzerk and attacking us. :)

The DM: Vlix could use a dagger or other implement to pry out a piece of glass, perhaps.

Vlix: wonders if we wanted it so bad, why didn't we steal it last night. sheeesh.

Mialee: Trying not to rile the authorities, I suppose. :)

The DM: There are all sorts of museum exhibits around you.

Icarius: that probably would have been a lot faster :)

Mialee: Given that we're presently in good graces with them. :)

Vlix: so... break it or what?

Mialee: Anything that could be used as a type of improvised weapon that Gerfeld might grab?

Mialee: And I take it we're standing near the gem's case...

The DM:
4B. This exhibit of exotic birds and dried plants is contained in airtight display cases with oval glass covers.
4C. These cases contain old coins and wooden tallies once used in the city. The coins are equivalent to 500 gp in modern money (they're still serviceable if liberated from their glasstopped containers), but the tallies are worthless.
4D. The northern exhibit is a small stuffed brownie. The southern exhibit is a wax mock-up of a head, wearing a fancy helmet of an antique design once worn by guardsmen in the city.
4E. The northern exhibit is a moth-eaten replica of a carpet of flying that the first Duke of Lethbridge was said to have owned. The other exhibit is a good copy of his alleged magical lamp.
4F. The 14 small displays along the east and north walls contain different minerals and odd rocks. The stones are all curious specimens because of their color or shape but have no commercial value.
4G. The case in the corner is large and contains a tableau of a stuffed ogre eating a wax model of a goblin. The ogre is showing signs of moldiness.
4H. This single display is of shells and pearls. It is executed in fine detail and with vibrant colors to replicate a seashore setting. The pearls are worth a total of 100 gp.
4I. The smaller displays are of military decorations. The larger case holds three suits of plate mail worth about 300 gp each. These are real athenaeum pieces, in all senses of the phrase.
4J. These three cases show artifacts dug up when a new town well was excavated. These items of pottery and everyday use are from a period of habitation prior to the laying down of the foundations of the city.
4K. The three stuffed tigers in this case were originally given to a Duke of Lethbridge as hunting beasts by a foreign delegation. They all died of a strange malady a few days after arriving in the city.
4L. The larger case holds an egg of spherical shape, about 2' in diameter and allegedly from a dragon. The smaller cases hold a variety of eggs from local domestic and wild creatures.
4M. These four cases display stuffed reptiles including a python, some poisonous members of the snake family, and an iguana.

Vlix: can't steal a gem without scrambling some eggs.

Mialee: So everything is in glass cases?

The DM: No, the larger exhibits are in the open.

Icarius: can we move the exhibits around?

The DM: Some of them could be moved, certainly. It could be that some might be damaged by moving them.

Mialee: Are we standing within a few feet of the case while talking to him?

Mialee: (the one with the gem in it, that is)

Vlix: taps a toe and twiddle his fingers... everything looks like a hammer now.

Mialee: I'm formulating an excellent plan.

Mialee: Depending on the answer I get from DM :D

The DM: Mialee, you are currently standing right next to the case.

Mialee: Perfect.

Mialee: Somebody throw me into the case. :)

Mialee: Use me to break the glass... then we can tell poor Gerfeld that he attacked me. :)

Vlix: thats ... appealing, but why?

Mialee: Should help to explain his sudden blackout.

Flint: All right.

Vlix: ok...

Mialee: Especially if we move him to another room and tell him he grabbed the gem and absconded with it himself.

Mialee: Might at least confuse things enough to keep us out of too much trouble. :)

Mialee: Toss me! Toss me! :)

Vlix: flings her

Vlix: hard Flint tries to "toss" Mialee into the case.

The DM: Mialee crashes into the case, smashing it, and doing.....

The DM rolls 1d4 (d4): [4] = 4

The DM: 4 damage.

Vlix: I've heard of dwarf tossing... but elf tossing?

Icarius gasps

The DM: to Mialee.

Vlix: did it break>

Mialee: OK, someone grab the stone. Vlix, help me move Gerfeld into another part of the building.

The DM: The gem in question spins across the floor.

Mialee scoops up some glass and scatters it about Gerfeld's person.

Flint: I'll get it.

Vlix: sure... Flint gets the stone.

The DM: The gem glows softly, Mialee drags Gerfeld to, say, the C area.

Mialee: Let's do our detect magic and detect evil stuff on it.

The DM: pulsating slightly in a slow rhythm

Flint casts Detect Evil.

The DM: You don't detect any evil in the stone.

Mialee: That surprises me.

Flint casts Detect magic.

Mialee gets situated among the shattered glass on the floor.

The DM: You detect a STRONG magical field

Vlix: got identify?

Icarius: I do, but we need to purify it for 8 hours first

Mialee: In other words we definitely need to take it.

Flint casts Detect Life.

Mialee: OK... I'm in position on the floor to look like the attack just took place.

The DM: You do detect a glimmer of life within the gem.

Mialee: Once we're done with our more immediate... whoa.

Icarius: life?

Vlix: it's life Gem, but not as we know it...

The DM: Well, it's not like the gem is alive, but more like there is a life-force contained within the gem.

The DM: A ka, perhaps, in the Vulcan vernacular.

Icarius: for example... the guy Certimfil mentioned

Mialee: Well, yeah.

Mialee: Mmhm.

Mialee: OK, clearly we need to take that with us then.

Mialee: How much time left until Gerfeld wakes up?

The DM: about 20 minutes still.

Mialee: We can wake him up by choice as well, right?

The DM: of course

Vlix: I suggest we hold him, as he's coming around - as if we restrained him.

Pengo: Yes, exactly.

Pengo: If we can wake him up that would be even better, the less time that's really passed the better.

The DM: (pengo's not there)

Pengo: I know, Mialee disconnected. :)

Vlix: yah, we would have used him on the case instead.

Pengo: That gametable crashed :)

Mialee: OK.

The DM: ok.

Mialee: Go ahead and wake him up wrestling him down. :)

Vlix: save the virtual mt dew and cheetos

Vlix: Vlix jumps on him and gives him a few smacks

Flint: What do we do with the gem?

Mialee: Hide it on your person!

The DM: Now look at the map. Where are you going to do that?

Flint hides the gem on himself.

Mialee: Feel free to make some minor destruction to make it more convincing first.

The DM: ok, he wakes up , startled.

Vlix: I should kill you for attacking us!

Gerfeld Blim: "What happened?" he yells. "Let me go! Thieves! Watch! Help! "

Mialee cries out weakly, "No, Vlix, I think I'll be okay, don't kill him, he doesn't know what he's doing!"

Icarius: that cursed gem!!!

Gerfeld Blim: "What the hell is she talking about? "

Mialee: Yes, the gem! Mialee slowly, painfully gets up.

Vlix: on your feet ruffian - shame for attacking a weakling woman

Mialee: (Vlix will pay for that one later)

Gerfeld Blim: "Wha---- I didn't attack anyone! I was trying to leave, wasn't I?"

Vlix: I'm acting Mialee shuffles into the room where Gerfeld is.

Mialee: Restrain him before the gem siezes control of him aga-- where is it!? What have you done with it!?

Vlix: no you attacked Mialee, and ...

Mialee: How long was he out of your sight before you caught up with him?

Vlix: moments... he's surprisingly fast.

Gerfeld Blim: "What are you all TALKING about?" Mialee slumps against the wall.

Mialee: We... we need... Mialee slips to the floor.

Vlix: You ... you attacked us, don't you remember?

Mialee: Get him to the temple, quickly, it's his only hope.

Vlix: and you grabbed the jewel!

Gerfeld Blim: "No, I certainly did NOT!"

Mialee flops over "unconscious."

Icarius: noooooooo!!!

Icarius: how many lives must you claim until your gemmish curse is satisfied!!!

Gerfeld Blim: "What in the world is going on here. Someone must call the watch! Let me go!"

Vlix: I swear, if she dies from the hurt you gave her you will suffer.

The DM: he tries to push past Vlix.

Vlix: yes, call the guard - this man must be put in prison

Gerfeld Blim: "Me? I've done nothing at all! What are you scoundrels up to? "

Icarius: no prison can hold him ... only Tyr's blessing can help

Icarius: his memory is fading... I wonder if he can even remember who he is

Vlix: he must be dealt with immediately ... if he won't go to the temple willingly, he must be imprisoned in the deepest darkest cell we can find.

Gerfeld Blim: "b--b--but of course I can remember, my name is Gerfeld Blim!"

Flint: Good, then it's not too late.

Gerfeld Blim: "What!?!?! Let me go, I say, I've done nothing wrong! It is YOU all who have trespassed here!"

Vlix: watch out, he's going to attack us again!

The DM: Again, he tries to push past. Is Vlix restraining him?

Vlix: sure

The DM: He does so easily.

Icarius: Gerfeld, you have been possessed by a cursed gem. Once you are blessed and get some sleep, you will be better

The DM: Gerfeld whimpers a bit.

Gerfeld Blim: "no, no, I've done nothing wrong."

Vlix: there lies the evidence otherwise...

Vlix: now, what did you do with the gem?

Gerfeld Blim: "Oh, bother. What is to become of me? "

The DM: He slumps down, in abject despair.

Gerfeld Blim: "I don't have the gem."

Gerfeld Blim: "Search me, you'll see that I have no gem. "

Flint: Vlix, I'll hold him and you search him.

Vlix: ok

Flint holds Gerfield.

Vlix: what's this....

Vlix: finds the gem palmed to him

Gerfeld Blim: "What?" I never touched that! It's impossible, the Gem has always been in its case!"

Icarius: he doesn't remember his actions when he's possessed....

Gerfeld Blim: "I'm so confused, maybe I do need some help and healing."

Icarius: yet he's not possessed now. There is still hope!

Icarius: perhaps we should take him to the inn for healing and rest

Gerfeld Blim: "I -- I must go to the temple to have this curse cleansed... "

Flint: It would be more discrete than the temple. There is his reputation to think of.

Gerfeld Blim: "But the gem must be protected. It is very valuable, and worth my life should it be lost. "

Icarius: we can bring a priest

Gerfeld Blim: "I have a safe place. Let me put the gem there, and then I'll go to the temple."

Flint: We don't dare let you out of our sight.

The DM: He tries to stand up, and holds out his hand for the gem.

Vlix: the gem calls him again.

Icarius: his hand! it's shaking! Flint tightens his grip.

Icarius: your name! do you know your name!

Mialee: (am I the only one that just heard "the preciousssss..." :D

Gerfeld Blim: "What? we must safeguard the gem."

Gerfeld Blim: "Of course, my name is Gerfeld Blim!"

Flint: Please let him still know his name.

Gerfeld Blim: "Why do you keep asking me that?"

Icarius: you must remember who you are to help avoid possession

Gerfeld Blim: "I am Gerfeld Blim! I am Gerfeld Blim! I am Gerfeld Blim!"

Icarius: ok, Gerfeld, let's go to the inn

Gerfeld Blim: "Please, let me secure the Gem in my safe place, and I'll go with you willingly to the temple or the inn or whatever."

Icarius: your condition is so fragile, you must not be in contact with the gem

Gerfeld Blim: "Ok, ok, I'll let you put it in the safe place for me, would that be ok ??"

Icarius: we can do that

Flint: If it's truly a safe place.

The DM: He again tries to get up and move toward his desk.

Flint: I keep a hand on his arm.

Mialee lies there.

The DM: He kneels down next to the desk, and begins to dial the combination lock on the safe underneath the desk.

The DM: It opens, and he stands back and says: "Put the gem in there, and we can leave. "

Vlix: did I see the combo?

The DM: roll %

Flint: Did I? Vlix rolls d100: [6] = 6

The DM: I guess if you followed him over there you did.

The DM: Guys, you should really move your own pogs if you want your character to move.

Vlix: winks at Flint... it's ok. I assume only you know the combo, yes?

Gerfeld Blim: "Oh, yes. I keep that very secret."

Vlix: very well...

The DM: So are you putting the gem in the safe?

Vlix: puts the gem in the safe.

The DM: Gerfeld bends down, shuts the safe and spins the dial.

Gerfeld Blim: "Now I feel better, and think I ought to go find some help.

Icarius: yes. let's go!

The DM: He glances at the remains of the case, and shrugs: "I suppose I can clean that up in the morning."

The DM: He indicates his willingness to go with you all, and sort of motions to the door.

Flint: You two get Mialee, we will be outside.

Vlix: well. Let's get Mialee and finish this brilliant plan... I'll open the safe later. Lead on

Flint escorts Gerfeld out the door.

Icarius: ok, let's throw him into a room at the inn, Jozlan can bless him, and we can get to work

The DM: Gerfeld heads first to he western door and locks it. and then goes to the eastern door to lock it.

The DM: Waiting for everyone to get out, of course.

The DM: Are Icarius/Vlix Carrying Mialee out?

Vlix: Vlix tosses Mialee over his shoulder.... my, you're a big elf.

The DM: So, you've arrived at the Inn, with Gerfeld mumbling under his breath.

The DM: Whenever you're ready.... :) Icarius rents out a new room for the night

Icarius gets some supper and ale sent to his room because I feel kind of bad about it

The DM: Is the new room for Gerfeld?

Icarius: yes

The DM: Is someone guarding him then?

Mialee: A priest should stay with him.

Jozlan: that would be me :)

The DM: He of course, is wondering why he can't just go home.

Flint: :)

Jozlan: we must monitor you in case or relapse... after tonight you should be permanently cured.

Jozlan: (Tyr willing)

The DM: Strange comment for a priest of Thor. :)

Mialee: lol

Mialee: Shall we go back and fetch the gem?

The DM: But ok, he acquiesces. "Can I send a message to my wife? "

Jozlan: indeed

Vlix: meanwhile, back at the ranch... I'll get Pengo, and someone else and go back to get the goodie.

Jozlan: yes, of course

Pengo: Sounds good, we should do that as soon as it's dark.

The DM: It's dark now. (Late November)

Pengo: Then let's go :)

The DM: Ok, whoever is going, line up at the door.

Jozlan: you're just going to recover it and bring it back to the inn?

Vlix: yes, inn and out, and inn again.

Pengo: Right.

Icarius: I'll stay at the inn

Pengo: Shall we go?

The DM: So is it just Vlix and Mordin, then?

Pengo: Pengo's going.

The DM: Three of you then?

Pengo: Yeah.

The DM: ok, as you approach the building, you notice that the door is slightly AJAR.

Pengo: That's bad.

Vlix: spif... I knew it.

Pengo: Good thing it's not in there anymore. :)

Pengo: Oh, wait... it's locked up in there.

Pengo slaps himself.

Pengo: Let's go.

Vlix: nah, pretty sure the safe is cracked.

The DM: Go ahead and move in if you want.

Vlix: weapons drawn, let's go

Pengo: Let's go... we need to see what's up.

The DM: Check your march order.

Pengo: Looks good to me.

Vlix: any light? using infra

The DM: no light, but you all have infra.

Vlix: any heat?

The DM: not in room A

Mialee: How about room C, which is where we are? :D

Mialee: er, they are

Vlix: heh... I saw that pog move

Pengo: heh

Pengo: Where is the safe?

The DM: I see mordin and Pengo in Room A at the moment. But Vlix sees a figure moving around the smashed gem case, grumbling to itself.

Gerfeld Blim: "Damn, Damn, Damn!" you hear.

Pengo nudges Vlix.

The DM: Vlix Roll to move silently.

Vlix: I want to cut off this guy's escape route Vlix rolls d100: [7] = 7

The DM: You succeed.

Vlix: move me

The DM: Actually, though, the guy is carrying something that is glowing.

Pengo: Glowing how? Pengo moves as silently as possible to block the main doors.

The DM: it's a dark red light. Pengo rolls d100: [76] = 76

Pengo: fft.

The DM: The guy starts, and look in your direction. Pengo freezes.

The DM: he moves to duck behind the wall a 'J'

The DM: he'll roll for surprise first TheDM rolls d6: [2] = 2

The DM: he is surprised, so you can react. Pengo moves in.

The DM: attacking?

Pengo: no, just rushing in to see what we're dealing with, but my sword is drawn.

Mordin: I'm grappling.

The DM: Initiative

Vlix: I'm acting like a thief and waiting.

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Pengo: Is the thing moving to fight?

Vlix: "shadowy" is probably thinking ... "omg, I'm being rushed by munchkins"

Pengo: Waiting :)

The DM: Mordin, roll to grapple.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [13] = 13

The DM: You fail to grapple him, surprised by the incredible hardness of his skin(?)

Pengo hisses, "Who are you?"

Vlix: duh, he's the janitor.

Pengo: heh

The DM: He responds by lifting his arms and spraying the two of you with blue - white energy.

Vlix: he was mad that he had to clean the broken glass.

Pengo: Oh dear.

Vlix: really mad.

The DM: Mordin is struck by 3 bolts:

Pengo: Does this energy do anything? :)

The DM rolls 3d4 + 3: [4 + 1 + 4 + 3] = 12

The DM: on Mordin

Pengo: Ouch

The DM: Pengo is struck by 3 bolts:

The DM rolls 3d4 + 3: [1 + 4 + 2 + 3] = 10

The DM: he backs up a step.

The DM: Round 2 ================================

The DM: Initiative:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

The DM: Mordin, roll a saving throw vs spells.

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [5] = 5

The DM: Mordin is lifted up and hurled against the far wall.

The DM: Shattering a few exhibits along the way.

The DM: and taking damage: TheDM rolls d6 + 3: [6 + 3] = 9

Vlix: dang...

The DM: Pengo, Vlix, you can go

Vlix: I'll lean out and give him a lightning bolt

The DM: he's pretty close to Pengo --

Vlix: 10+ feet?

The DM: Well, I'm referring to the sideways distance.

Icarius: this ought to be enlightening

The DM: and note the wall behind him.

Pengo: dumdedum

Pengo: bah

Vlix: ok, MM then Pengo swings his sword at the thing.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

Pengo: sigh :)

The DM: Pengo misses

The DM: Vlix, roll 3 missiles.

Vlix: let's see... 3?

The DM: 3d4+3 Vlix rolls 3d4 + 3: [4 + 3 + 2 + 3] = 12

The DM: Round 3:

The DM: ================

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

The DM: Mordin, you can get up and move toward the combat, but not attack this round

Vlix: cast invis

Mordin: Can I also draw my axe?

The DM: Yes

Mordin: I do so.

Vlix: such a pretty axe too

The DM: All 3 roll a saving throw vs. spell

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [12] = 12

Vlix rolls d20: [5] = 5

Pengo rolls d20: [4] = 4

The DM: Vlix and Pengo are struck cold with fear, and beat feet out the nearest exit, unless I'm missing something....

Vlix: elf

Pengo: Wah!!

Vlix: what's the url to the char sheet 0- the old one?

The DM: Elves are resistant to sleep and charm spells.... Is this a type of charm spell? HMMMMM

Mordin: Can he get all of us in the AoE?


The DM:

Vlix: the old one Ic...

The DM: ahh, good question, Mordin

The DM: Well, he can get Pengo and Vlix in it.

The DM: Hmm, ok. there is a % chance of actually causing the fear.

The DM: no, thats a % chance of dropping what's held in hand.

The DM: The fear is automatic for failed Saving Throws.

Vlix: ok, my wussy char runs away.... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

The DM: Vlix, I'm going to give you the 90% resistance

The DM: roll 90 or less and you hang.

Vlix rolls d100: [50] = 50

The DM: Vlix overcomes the fear.

The DM: Pengo, I'm afraid, has to run.

The DM: Pengo, roll 30% or less to keep hold of your sword when you run.

Pengo rolls d100: [1] = 1

Pengo: That'll do :)

The DM: You run with your sword then.

Vlix: remember, hold the blade down...

Vlix: lightning bolt

The DM: Of course, you'd need to be in position.

Vlix: I just lean out of cover and let him have it.

Vlix: remind me... what to roll?

Vlix: 3d6?

The DM: 5d6

The DM: wide bolt or narrow?

Vlix: huh? never been asked that before... whats the diff?

The DM: 10x40 ft or 5 by 80 feet

The DM: from the start of the bolt, which can be up to 90 ft from your position.

Vlix: any cons?

The DM: no reason not to go with narrow, since there's only one target.

The DM: any friendlies are approaching

Vlix: narrow it is

The DM: roll then.

Vlix rolls 5d6: [2 + 4 + 2 + 5 + 4] = 17

The DM: The guy jumps a foot in the air, smoke, rising from his cloak.

The DM: he saves. TheDM rolls d20: [19] = 19

Vlix: he's taken 29 from me. whoo hoo

The DM: well, he saved there for half damage, but it's the thought that counts. :)

Vlix: thought he rolled a 19

The DM: yeah, on saves, high is good.

Mordin: I close on the figure, axe in hand.

The DM: Ok, Round 4:

The DM: ==============

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Vlix rolls d6: [6] = 6

Mordin: I attack Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

Vlix: invis

Mordin: Do I get two attacks this round, or next round?

The DM: Mordin, it feels like you connected with a block of stone. You get 2 attacks this round.

The DM: but it didn't seem to affect him much.

The DM: you can go again.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

The DM: again, you'd have sworn you connected, but he just shrugs it off.

Pengo: How long will I be running in terror?

The DM: until round 12, Pengo

Pengo: Wow, okay.

Vlix: aren't you in the next county by now?

Pengo: Nah. Short little legs.

The DM: Meanwhile, he does something with a small brass disc and an iron rod, and Vlix and Mordin need to save again.

Vlix rolls d20: [5] = 5

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [20] = 20

The DM rolls d100: [39] = 39

The DM: Vlix, you will stand confused for Round 5

The DM: Round 5:

The DM: =================

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM: Your initiative

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

The DM: Again, that SHOULD have connected, but it's like you're hitting a stone wall.

The DM rolls d100: [24] = 24

The DM: BUT!

Vlix: that's all the time we have today...

Vlix: jk

The DM: what you see rather amazes you, as the figure in front of you warps and wavers, and assumes a wolfish form!

The DM: It attacks Mordin!

Vlix: great... more wolf things

Vlix: init?

The DM rolls d20: [2] = 2

Icarius: hmmm

The DM: but it misses

Vlix: he morphs and attacks?

The DM: yeah, but it was a weak attack. :)

The DM: Round 6:

The DM: =================

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Mordin: I can't believe I'm not hitting this guy with a +2 Axe.

Vlix: mm

The DM: You become visible.

The DM: blue lights arc from your fingertipps

Vlix: I know... I gave up on the backstab idea

Vlix rolls 3d4 + 3: [3 + 1 + 4 + 3] = 11

The DM: It attacks Mordin again.

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [18] = 18

The DM rolls Werewolf damage (2d8): [7 + 8] = 15

The DM: Mordin, You can attack twice -- You get the first attack, actually.

The DM: but just roll both

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

The DM: Both chink on the skin of this beast.

The DM rolls 1d4 (d4): [2] = 2

Mordin: I'm down.

Vlix: crikey

Vlix: time for backup plan alpha-tango-stroke-22-foxtrot.

The DM: Round 7:

The DM: ===============

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Vlix rolls d6: [6] = 6

The DM: Vlix, your move.

Pengo continues to flee

Vlix whips out his wand of fear and waves it at the beast

The DM rolls d20: [8] = 8

The DM: The creature Howls in fear, and races to the exit.

Vlix: do I get a free shot?

The DM: with what?

Vlix: mm

The DM: sure

Vlix rolls 3d4 + 3: [4 + 1 + 1 + 3] = 9

The DM: It howls again as it runs, but you don't drop it.

Vlix: eh, it's the thought that counts

The DM: Mordin, what's your hp status?

Vlix rushes over to Mordin to bandage him up

Vlix: are you going to live long enough for me to recover the gem and get you back to the inn?

Mordin: -6. I've been updating the spreadsheet.

Vlix: thats a no?

The DM: Well, given his grave condition, you judge that you can a) recover Mordin or b) recover the gem, but not both.

The DM: at the moment.

The DM: But it's still early evening.

Vlix: humm... tough choice

Vlix: scoops up the dwarf...

Vlix: double time....

The DM: More like "drags the dwarf"

The DM: in his 60 lb of armor.

The DM: But you can do that.

Vlix: if... oooof... my... ungh... father... ungh... could see me now.

Vlix: a... ugh... drow... ungh... dragging a dwarf around.

The DM: Pengo starts to recover his wits as well.

The DM: Between the two of you, you get him back to the Inn

The DM: Where Flint and Jozlan can begin their ministrations.

The DM: It's 3 hours before midnight. What are you going to do about the gem?

Pengo: OK, let's go back and get the gem -- and we need to bring reinforcements; the thing may have returned as well.

Vlix: after we get back, I go right back.

Pengo: Mialee is going along.

The DM: Ok, you find the place just as you left it,

The DM: and are able to retrieve the gem from the safe.

Pengo: Let's grab the stone and hope we don't have to fight that thing again.

The DM: Is there anything else you want to do to the site.

Vlix: yeah

Vlix: what else is in the safe?

Pengo looks to see if the thing dropped anything.

The DM: Good question: LOL!

Mialee: Don't rob the place blind, we can explain the gem being gone, but not everything else.

The DM: There's some stuff. You could take it. If you do, I'll figure it out by next time.

Vlix: I'm a thief...

Vlix: thieves take things.

Mialee: Sigh.

Icarius: tsk tsk. This is the duke's property

Vlix: wha? Ic is there?

The DM: I think he joined the crowd. :)

Pengo: So is the gem still in there?

The DM: Yes.

Vlix: I only read that Mialee was going.

The DM: ok, I thought he'd have been included in "reinforcements"

Vlix: and I clean out the safe.

Pengo: My assumption was that everyone not needed to tend to Mordin would come.

Mialee: Sigh.

The DM: Mine too

Mialee: Let's get out of here.

Vlix: ah, so sometimes we play the assumption card, other times we're more sticklier.

The DM: Ok, you make it back to the Inn, after carefully re-locking the door, and settle in for the night.

The DM: Flint and Jozlan were able to stabilize Mordin, but he'll be out of action for at least a week. (Strength is 3, Dexterity is 3, Constitution is 3)

The DM: and that's a good place to stop for tonight.

The DM: Vlix, yes, exactly. :)

Vlix: Vlix tosses the Gem to Mialee... "here, hope it was worth it... could have had it last night"

Pengo: Hehe

Icarius: so we don't forget, I'm wondering if that thing was Nerick or perhaps the werewolf that infected Nerick

Pengo: Yeah, me too.

Mordin: We have problems.

Mialee: Hm?

Mordin: When a +2 weapon bounces off the enemy... we have problems.

Pengo: Ah. Yes.

Vlix: yeah, when Vlix does all the butt-kicking, there is a problem.

Pengo: :)

Pengo: I don't think making the thing run in fear using magic necessarily qualifies as "butt kicking" :)

Vlix: I did all the damage... lightning bolt, magic missiles...

The DM: Hey, whatever works. :) (I actually didn't think it would work, but it did, lucky 4 you guys)

Vlix: and you ran away...

Pengo: Yes, but I'm a little halfling.

Pengo: :P

The DM: Yeah, think about that. What sort of attacks did Vlix succeed with?

Pengo: All magic, all the time.

Vlix: because I saw Mordin having no luck with the steel.

Vlix: I gave up on my backstab ploy

The DM: BTW, in other circumstances, that might have worked, Vlix.

Vlix: yah, I'm trying to be more thief-like when circumstances allow.

Pengo: :)

Vlix: I didn't wallow in there like a drunken hobbit.

Pengo: Yeah, that's true.

December 2, 2007

The DM: Recap: You have been asked by Okinar, a high-ranking priest of Thor to discover the whereabouts of a certain Nerick, who came to Okinar asking to be purged of lycanthropy.

The DM: Your investigations have revealed that Certimfil, an old companion of his, has been robbed of his most important items, and Germad, another companion and captain of the City watch, has been murdered.

The DM: Your investigation led you to watch the Royal Aetheneaum, where you encountered someone trying to steal a bright gem that was the newest exhibit in the place.

The DM: Your fight with this person left Mordin gravely injured, to the point where he will be bed-ridden for a week.

Mialee: Poor Mordin.

The DM: You did indeed discover first hand that the person is a werewolf.

Icarius: we should probably treat Mordin for potential lycanthropy

The DM: You managed to get Mordin back to the Royal Arms by midnight.

Mialee: Agreed,


The DM: Hehe, we've been through that before. I think Dwarves are immune.

The DM: Well, maybe not. We'll talk about that later.

Flint: Yes, we are.

The DM: In the here and now, it's midnight.

Mialee: Oh, okay.

Mialee: Well, let's get some sleep after securing the gem someplace we feel reasonably safe keeping it.

The DM: What are you going to do?

Icarius: everybody else is currently sleeping, right?

Pengo crawls into a bed and goes to sleep.

The DM: Well, the Clerics are tending to Mordin, but the others are getting some shut-eye, except for Vlix, who seems to have taken off.

Flint: I will tend to Mordin's wounds.

The DM: So you going to sit it out until morning?

Mialee tries to sleep but can't.

Mialee sits up.

Icarius: I think I'm already asleep, and Jozlan is babysitting the crazy guy, so yeah

Mialee: Is it just me or is it probably easier to find a werewolf at night when he's, you know, all wolfy, instead of relatively blending in?

Mialee: Crazy guy?

Icarius: and easiest of all when it attacks you

Mialee: Indeed.

Icarius: the curator

Mialee: Oh, right, right.

Mialee: Hehe

Flint: Yes, I'll cast out my curing spells as well.

Mialee: The problem is that with Mordin down and at least two others needing to stay behind to tend to him and watch the curator, and

Vlix on the lam, we're really short-handed to go after the werewolf.

Mialee: Basically it's me, Pengo, and Icarius.

Mialee: We're not exactly a crack fighting team. :)

The DM: You can do that, Flint, but Mordin's Strength, Dexterity and Constitution are all at 3, right now.

The DM: Complete bedrest will gain him back 3 pts per day up to his normal stats.

Flint: Understood, but at least he won't die if he falls out of bed. :)

The DM: right. :)

Mialee: heh

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [1 + 4] = 5

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7

Flint rolls Cure Serious Wounds (2d6 + 5): [(3 + 1) + 5] = 9

Flint rolls Cure Critical Wounds (4d4 + 11): [(1 + 2 + 4 + 3) + 11] = 21

The DM: Ok, that's about as good as he can get, right now.

Mialee: Should we go hunt the thing down now then?

Icarius: no way

Mialee: Then I guess we wait until morning and look for more clues as to where he's hiding out.

Mialee: At least now we know he's in the city.

Icarius: it may be Nerick, in which case killing him isn't our goal

Mialee: OK, so we detected life of some kind about this gem... we need to find out what the deal is with that too.

Flint: Having done what I can for

Mordin, I will rest and recover spells. I suggest the rest of the party do likewise. :)

Icarius: tomorrow, when I wake up, I intend to cast an identify on it

Mialee: Let's.

The DM: Ok, please update the google spreadsheet with your new spells.

Mialee: Sounds like a plan.

Flint: What we want to memorize in the morning?


Jozlan, you might want to throw a couple of Cure Lights on a few people before retiring for the night.

Mialee: OK, updated mine.

Mialee: Sheet says

Mordin is at full health :)

Pengo snores loudly in the corner bed.

Jozlan: ok, who needs it?

Pengo: I think I do. Down by 10.

Jozlan rolls clw (d4 + 4): [4 + 4] = 8

Jozlan: for pengo

Pengo: Thanks.

The DM: I'll assume that there are enough curing spells to get everyone except Mordin up to full strength before you go to bed.

Jozlan: ok, that's even easier

The DM: The spellbook is up and running at

Flint: I pumped 42 points into Mordin, but that doesn't change his stats from 3. He is still helpless, it will just take longer for him to die. :)

The DM: And so the night passes peacefully enough for you, and the morning comes, still with no sign of Vlix.

Mialee: OK, let's check out that gem some more.

Icarius, you're on. :)

Jozlan: we have to purify it first

Mialee: OK...

Icarius: I thought Mialee could identify as well

The DM: She can, but it knocks her on her butt for a day, due to the -8 Con loss

Mialee: I can but since you said you would I skipped memorizing it. :)

Icarius: ah

Icarius: I would have asked you to memorize it as a backup but it wasn't listed in the spreadsheet :)

Icarius: anyhow

Mialee: Yeah, it's not in my traveling spell book, which is what's listed on there.

Icarius purifies

Icarius identifies

Icarius: ah, forgot about that limit

The DM: Ok, the purification takes 8 hours, you know.

Icarius: I know ...

The DM: So it's late afternoon when you get down to identifying.

Mialee: While that goes on, perhaps some of us should go out and ask whatshisname (the guy that's not dead) about that gem.

Icarius: the curator didn't know anything about it

Mialee: Not him, Nerick's friend.

The DM: Gerfeld Blim was his name

Icarius: circumfil didn't even know the gem existed

The DM: Oh, the wizard Certimfil?

Mialee: Ah. Hm.

The DM: true

Mialee: So what else is there we can do other than wait on the identify? There must be something...

Mialee: Or maybe there isn't. That's not a sign of an investigation going very well though. :)

Flint: We can polish weapons and armor Mialee goes down to the tavern and drinks a lot.

Mialee: Not too much, just enough to call it a lot. :)

The DM: So -- ready to cast? Mialee returns in time for the identify. Let's see what's up.

Mialee: That's

Pengo's window, will reopen when I need him. :) Mialee waits for Icarius to do his thing.

Icarius casts identify

The DM: Roll d% 7 times

Icarius rolls 7d100: [10 + 72 + 78 + 12 + 88 + 5 + 94] = 359

The DM: You need 60 or less

The DM: you got 3 hits.

The DM: You determine that the gem is actually a receptacle for a being's life force.

The DM: There does appear to be a life force of some sort trapped within it.

The DM: You can't tell what the life force is.

Mialee wonders idly if someone with a telepathic ability could communicate with it.

The DM: You do, though, recall your old master Paulinus talking about a high level spell that would trap a life-force in such a gem.

Mialee: Sounds like meeting with Paulinus might be a good idea.

Mialee: He might be able to puzzle out more.

Icarius: I'll guess, as I did last session, that the (evil?) tower guy is in the gem. Of course it could be a princess or something

The DM: What tower guy?

Icarius: they all went adventuring to a tower before Nerick was infected

Mialee: Ic, you should definitely visit Paulinus, see if he can figure out what or who is trapped inside the gem.

The DM: ahh, yes.

Icarius: How far are we from home?

Mialee: Also, does Certimfil know where the tower is?

The DM: Ten days' ride.

Mialee: Hm. That's less than convenient.

The DM: One could presume that he would know the way.

Mialee: We probably should go there and check it out.

Mialee: Unless it's insanely far away. I dunno.

Icarius: I think it would be faster to re-try identifying until the dice play nice

Mialee: Maybe.

Mialee: Or maybe we should try something else. The longer this takes, the more people the werewolf is going to hurt.

Mialee: Except I really don't know what else to try.

Mialee: Anyone have any ideas?

The DM: It's late afternoon, and shadows begin to darken the streets.

Flint: I think we should figure out this gem. That werewolf wants it, he'll try again to get it.

Mialee: That's a good point... it's obviously what it's after.

Mialee: Hm.

Mialee: Maybe we should leave town with it.

Icarius: yeah... he may be able to track the gem/life force

The DM: Who's got it right now, BTW?

Icarius: I do

Flint: Maybe Paulinus is in the city.

Mialee: If we take it out of town, and he's drawn to it, we might save lives.

Icarius: that what I was thinking

Pengo listens with interest.

Pengo: We'd have to leave

Mordin here at least. Maybe we could leave him in the care of the clerics at the temple?

Pengo: So we don't lose our own numbers?

Mialee: That might be a good idea.

Mialee: Anyone? :)

Icarius: yeah, sounds like a decent approach

Mialee: Flint, does that work for you?

Flint: We need more information on the gem.

Mialee: How would you like to get that?

Mialee: We might sit here for days trying to get something useful out of identify...

Mialee: Or we can head out and take it to Paulinus.

Flint: Let's see if Paulinus is in the city.

Mialee: Seems like a long shot, but we can check.

Icarius: no harm in checking

Mialee: Nope.

Pengo: Sounds good to me.

Pengo: Anything that translates into, "Let's not wander off into the darkness and get attacked by a werewolf" is good for me.

Flint: Sometimes investigations have to wait on information and lab results. :)

Mialee: Well, let's go look for Paulinus. Got ideas where to look?

The DM: The evening drifts by as you debate your strategy

Icarius: the library, old book dealers

Mialee: The DM telling us about the passage of time into night is ominous. :)

Mialee: At this point we'll have to wait until morning.

Flint: Icarius, as his student, might have an idea. Otherwise, I would guess the castle.

Mialee: We need to keep a watch tonight.

Pengo nods.

Pengo: We need to be ready in case that thing comes after us.

The DM: The fire fades on the hearth of the common room.

Mialee: Ominous... ominous... :)

Flint: Is it a full moon out tonight?

The DM: It is now 24 hours since you left the Aetheneaum.

The DM: No, the moon is not full tonight. It is a half-moon.

Mialee: So much for the full moon myth. :)

Icarius: are we all sleeping in one room?

Mialee: That would be my preference.

The DM: That's up to you all.

Flint: Yes.

Pengo: I sure has hell ain't sleeping in a room alone tonight.

Pengo: I've got a bad feeling.

Mialee: Let's set a watch and get some sleep.

The DM: ....

Mialee: I'll take first watch.

Pengo: Nah, let me. I'm too worried to sleep now.

Mialee: OK, I'll take second watch.

Flint: I'll take 3rd.

Mialee: Do you guys want me to memorize identify?

Mialee: Oh, wait, I don't have it with me. :)

Mialee: So never mind.

Mialee: Probably for the best. :)

The DM: Ok, another night passes peacefully by.

Mialee: Wow. OK. Let's see if Paulinus is in town.

The DM: Funny, you haven't seen him on Twitter at all lately. :)

Icarius: I can retry identifying first

Mialee: lol

Vlix has joined the session

The DM: Vlix arrives early in the morning, as you break your fast.

Mialee: Where'd you vanish to, Vlix?

Mialee: (assuming DM has an explanation here ;)

Vlix: oh, you know... thieving and wenching.

Vlix: I've been looking for our beasty friend, that nearly ate Mordin

Mialee: Find anything?

Vlix: no... not even a hint

Icarius: you could have said yes

Mialee: OK, let's go look to see if Paulinus happens to be in town.

Mialee: Hopefully he can be helpful.

Vlix: have you guys eliminated the curator yet?

The DM: The most likely place to look for him, if not in the same inn in which you reside, is at the Palace

Mialee: We're not going to "eliminate" the curator.

Mialee: Icarius, let's pay a visit to the palace.

Icarius: ok, let's go!

Vlix: how can you not? It's not going to take long for him or someone else to figure out we were lying when we hustled him out.

Mialee goes with Icarius, figuring we shouldn't need muscle for this outing.

Mialee: Because he's an innocent bystander and we can't kill him.

The DM: You make your way to the palace, and are welcomed into the great hall of the Duke.

The DM: He is conducting the daily business of his court.

Mialee: Icarius, you're on. :)

The DM: Eventually, you are presented to the Duke, who smiles expansively: "Welcome, my friends, what brings us the pleasure of your company? "

Vlix: did everyone go or just M and I? Mialee nudges


The DM: Just M & I

Icarius: Greetings your Dukeiness

The DM: That would be: "Your Grace"

Vlix: Meanwhile,

Vlix secures his goods, meditates and rests....

Icarius: By any chance, Your Grace, has Paulinus visited recently?

Duke Richard: Paulinus, the court mage of Stephan Wingate from Byrne? Why no, I haven't seen him in a year or more.

Duke Richard: I'm sure that he would present himself here if he were in the city.

Icarius: Yes, that is the one. I am a former student of his. I heard someone mention that he was in town, evidently that is not the case.

Duke Richard: I'm truly sorry that I cannot be of service to you, for I've not seen him.

Icarius: thank you for your time, Your Grace

Mialee: Once we've departed, I'm going to suggest to Icarius that we ask at the tavern, just to be sure Paulinus isn't visiting without announcing it to the duke.

Mialee: But I expect we'll have to find another way.

Icarius: yeah

The DM: You ask around at the Royal Arms, and the proprietor informs you that he has not seen Paulinus in over a year, either.

Mialee: Well.

Icarius: there's no danger in me repeating the identify spell, is there?

Mialee: So. Do we want to do repeated identify attempts or head for home?

Icarius: I'd rather not waste 20 days travelling

Mialee: Then I guess it's a series of identifies until we learn what we need to know.

Mialee: I hesitate to participate in the rotation given that casting it once puts me in bed for a day.

Mialee: We're already down one person.

Icarius: yeah

Icarius goes back to the hotel and identifies

The DM: You don't find out anything new about the gem. But you do suffer the consequences of the spell, that is. your con is down to 8 and you are temporarily down 14 hp.

Icarius: ouch

Flint: Do we know any other high level mages that might be in the city and willing to help us?

Icarius: Certifimil ... I'm not sure how high level he is, and he doesn't know of the gem, so I don't know if we should get him involved

Mialee: Agreed.

Flint: No, definitely not.

Mialee: So now our choice is either to go back to Byrne or try another tack.

Mialee: That's not me. :)

Mialee: So. What do you guys want to do?

Flint: Do you want to try and identify, Mialee?

Icarius: might be our only option

Mialee: I can if you guys are okay with my being bedridden for a day.

Mialee: I didn't memorize the spell either.

Mialee: So we'd be looking at another night first.

The DM: And you don't have it with you, remember?

Mialee: Duh, right.

Mialee: It's in a spell book I left at home.

Mialee: One of these days I should write a second set of my spell books to keep at our place here.

The DM: How carefully did you all explore the lair of Qhyanoth?

Vlix: you know ... the local guild might know something.

Mialee: Well, I think we did a full exploration and cleaning up of the gross stuff between sessions.

Icarius: are there possibly some magic wands down there?

Vlix: I could make contact, make some discreet inquiries...

Jozlan: no harm in trying

Mialee: Good idea.

Vlix: of course, it could get me killed too...

Mialee: Heh

Mialee: OK, check with the guild, see if they can steer us to someone.

The DM: So who's doing what, as the afternoon progresses?

Vlix: ok, well... do I have an idea where the guild is, or will I be staking out one of the dives in town?

Mialee: I'm going to go window-shop and talk shop with mages in whatever part of town they like to hang out in.

The DM: You don't know where the guild "headquarters" is, if in fact there is one.

The DM: Mages are likely to hang out in the eastern end of town, where you are now.

Mialee: Well, let me wander around, find interesting shops, and see if I find anything interesting.

The DM:

Mialee: Not really looking for anything in particular, just killing time. Listening to the tales, etc.

The DM: Most of the talk you overhear is mundane. The only part that catches your interest is totally unrelated to your current endeavor: There is talk of the expansion of the Sarcian empire.

Mialee: Hm.

Vlix: ok, I'll entrust most of my valuables to Pengo for now... but I'll keep just enough coinage on me to make for a tempting bag ... which I'll wear on the outside of my belt. I'll then find one of the more colorful local dives and, take up a table in the joint and slowly nurse a wine... maybe act a little tipsy... discreetly checking out the locals.

Mialee: :)

Vlix: I'll leave my hood on... I don't know if my heritage or background will have any meaning in this game...

The DM: In the first dive, you don't notice any interesting happenings. You figure there are plenty of other dives in the city.

Vlix: I'm looking for the tell tale signs of anyone engaging in the arts

The DM: Your appearance doesn't elicit a particularly negative response in this rather cosmopolitan city.

Vlix: a heavily tattoo'd drow...

The DM: As you are moving to another dive, however, you find yourself suddenly surrounded by six large men, very rough looking types, in a dark alley.

The DM: One of them is the fellow that Pengo had run into before, along with his henchman Andrew.

Vlix: do I know them?

The DM: From your previous "tailing" of Pengo, you recognize 2 of them.

Vlix: do they recognize me?

Large Man: "We suggest you come along peaceful-like, dark one, or you'll surely regret it. There's someone what wants to talk to you."

The DM: They seem to recognize you.

Vlix: Greetings gentlemen, I was wondering when you were going to show up...

Vlix: very well, lead on.

The DM: They take you through a darkened doorway, and then blindfold you, (bag over the head, tied at the neck) tie your hands together and disarm you. They spin you around a few times, and then one of the bigger fellas picks you up and throws you unceremoniously over his shoulder.

The DM: You are carried for some about 20 minutes, down stairs, up stairs, over wooden floors and stone floors. Finally, you're dumped on the ground, and the blindfold removed, but replaced with a noose, which is held tightly by the man standing behind you.

The DM: You look around the very dark room. You are pretty sure that you are underground, but you have no idea how far. The walls appear to be stone, though there are some threadbare tapestries covering some of them. There are some crude benches against the walls, occupied by a dozen humanoid figures of various sizes in dark hooded tunics. Their faces cannot be seen in the shadows.

The DM: Directly in front of you, there is a man seated at a table, also hooded, toying with a beer mug. Two man-size figures stand behind him, similarly clothed. There are torches burning on the wall behind him, totally obscuring his face.

Hooded Stranger: "You've broken the code. We _really_ don't like freelancers around here. You've taken a step over the line, my little friend. "

The DM: His voice is a melodious and soothing baritone.

"You're connected with that, what is his name? Pengo? the little hobbit? We've seen you covering his back"

Hooded Stranger: "Are you aware that the city limits extend not just to the mighty walls, but to the middle of the rivers Dyv and Anduin?"

Hooded Stranger: "That wasn't a rhetorical question, my friend"

Vlix: I smile and bow my head slightly, "I've not broken the code as I know them as were taught to me by my sires, for I've picked no pockets or stolen anything of worth in this town

Vlix: and as to Pengo, I am his companion but his affairs and mine are combined only at times of convenience...

Hooded Stranger: "I am both surprised and angry that the home of my good friend Certimfil was burgled. For due consideration, we had given him certain guarantees that such a thing would never happen, and now it has, much to the detriment of our unblemished reputation for fairness."

Hooded Stranger: "I've asked around among our little circle of friends, and everyone else was as shocked as I over the pernicious looting that took place, and we all agreed that it had to have been an unsanctioned enterprise."

Vlix: that was the captain?

Mialee: The wizard, Nerick's friend.

Hooded Stranger: "Since you and your friend Pengo are the only known unsanctioned operatives in the city, I am regretfully forced to conclude that you or he are the perpetrator(s) of this heinous crime."

Hooded Stranger: "Now, what have you to say for yourself?"

Vlix: on my word, and on my sires, I had nothing to do with it.

Hooded Stranger: "If you are _not_ responsible for the theft, then who could be?"

Hooded Stranger: "That was also not a rhetorical question."

Icarius assumes he told Vlix and the others that we're investigating the burglary

The DM: that would be true, although I don't know if Sean was here during that time -- you might want to summarize.

Vlix: The people I'm traveling with are investigating the burglary, nothing more. Surely you know the truth of the matter, and you're only testing me.

Mialee: Basically we arrived at the home of Certifmil or whatever his name is right after the burglary and suspect it's related to our mission.

Icarius: I went to visit Certimifil to ask about Nerick. When I arrived, he had just discovered that he had been burglarized of (some books?). His doors had been wizard locked. He assumed it may have been the thief guild, but I suspect it was a magic user, perhaps someone he angered during one of his quests

The DM: "So what have you discovered in your "investigation"?"

Vlix: I don't know anything yet... you've grabbed the wrong person. I've been looking for a lycanthrope for the past 2 days.

The DM: "Lycanthrope? is there one of those cursed beasts loose in this city? "

Vlix: Apparently, and it has something to do with the investigation... frankly, I've been hoping to meet with you, under better circumstances I assure you, to gain the guild's sanction and make inquiries.

Hooded Stranger: "What is it that you are trying to discover? Perhaps we can be of assistance."

Vlix: need some help with the background... and what I need to be asking about.

Vlix: Ah, thank you... may I ask, that the noose be loosened? It's a little chafing.

The DM: You hear a grunt behind you, and the noose is loosened, a bit.

Vlix: My thanks... (hello? anyone going to help me with the background?)

The DM: Guys, assume that you've briefed Vlix entirely -- Tell Sean whatever you know.

Mialee: OK.

Mialee: Basically we suspect that for some reason the werewolf is the one committing these breakins, and we need to find him because for various reasons we need to get him cured.

Mialee: Not the least of which is it's the job for which we were hired.

Mialee: He became afflicted with lycanthropy while on an expedition, and he's broken into the homes of everyone on that expedition now.

Mialee: Looking for something.

Mialee: We believe we now have the item in question, but we need to get it checked out by someone with a strong knowledge of magical items in order to determine what the thing wants with it.

Mialee: Because it seems to be drawn to it.

Mialee: I think that basically covers it.

Mialee: Cilf or whatever (I can never remember his name) was on that expedition, as was the dead guard.

The DM: Just to fill in a few details: the party member apparently afflicted with lycanthropy is a fighter named Nerick.

Mialee: (Sorry, having this go on over many weeks, my memory of specifics is fuzzy :)

The DM: the place they most recently raided belonged to a mage named Artanal.

The DM: The mage in that party is named Certimfil

The DM: The leader was a fighter named Germad.

Mialee: That's the dead guard.

The DM: Captain of the guard, yes.

Flint: I suspect the werewolf in the museum was Artanal.

Vlix: My companions and I are seeking the lycanthrope. We believe he is a warrior name Nerick and the one responsible for the rash of burglaries... apparently, he's been breaking into the abodes of former companions he's campaigned with, seeking something.

Mialee: Flint: really?

Vlix: ok.. all that sans naming Nerick

Mialee: I was seriously thinking it was Nerick. I'd be curious why you think it's Artanal.

Mialee: And if it is... where's Nerick?

Flint: Nerick is a fighter. When was the last time you saw a fighter casting spells? :)

Mialee: Ohhh.

Mialee: Oh!

Mialee: Well. I cast spells. :)

Mialee: but that's a good point.

Flint: You are not human either.

Hooded Stranger: "I'll tell you what then. I have a feeling that you might prove useful to me someday, so I'm going to let you go. And in a fit of generosity, I'll even endeavor to help YOU out with your problem."

Hooded Stranger: "Go to the sign of the Soaring Seagull (Bldg 608), have an ale at the bar, and leave 10 platinum pieces in the mug, and leave. "

Hooded Stranger: "One hour later, go to the sign of the Red Dragon's Tail (Bldg 655), and ask for a 'Heimwalder Stout'. Any information we have about this "Nerick" will be delivered to you then."

Hooded Stranger: "Please allow my friends to escort you out."

Vlix: Thank you Master, I thank you for your help.

The DM: The men behind you replace the bag over your head, and then pick you up and put you over their shoulder. They proceed to walk for 20-30 minutes, up stairs and down, around corners and through doors, until finally they put you down.

The DM: You hear the "chink" of a bag of metal items hitting the ground, and then you hear nothing more. Inside the bag you find all the possessions you were carrying, minus all the coins. In their place is a note saying: "Welcome to the family - consider your first month's allowance to be paid".

Mialee: hehe

Vlix: heh... I'll re-equip and head back to the party. Get my stuff back from

Pengo, tell the group what I'm doing and follow those instructions.

Mialee: Sounds good.

Mialee: I'm still miffed that

Flint realized that the werewolf probably wasn't Nerick and I missed it. :)

The DM: So you're heading for the Soaring Seagull?

Vlix: darksiders are smarter than lightsiders.

Vlix: yah... I don't want a crowd so

Pengo only please... or a dwarf

Mialee: Pengo says that he suspects he'd be unwelcome after the previous confrontation with the guild.

Vlix: if I'd known, I might could have smoothed things out for you.

Mialee: I didn't realize they were guild and basically told them off for demanding my money.

The DM: So who's going to the Soaring Seagull?

Flint: What do you need me to do?

The DM: Besides Vlix, of course. :)

Vlix: Pengo, I don't know about you... have you ever considered taking up the Druidic arts?

Mialee: If you think Pengo would be okay to go, he'd be happy to go and hopefully find an opportunity to clear up his mess.

Mialee: (to be fair, he wouldn't have acted that way had the idiot playing him known about thieves' guilds properly)

Vlix: just stick around, not too close.

Vlix: for real?

Mialee: Yeah. I just assumed they were thugs trying to take my money.

Flint: Pengo would probably be much better at it than me.

Pengo: Anyway, I'll tag along.

Vlix: well, of course they are...

Pengo: Feel free to treat me like the loser I am. :)

Pengo: Yeah, but they're thugs I actually needed to cooperate with. :)

The DM: Don't feel too bad

Pengo, every city's Thieve's guild has their own special rules. :)

Pengo: Anyway, if I get an opportunity to rectify the situation I'll do that.

The DM: So is it Vlix and Pengo then?

Pengo: Looks like it.

Vlix: OK

Pengo, stick with me... if I don't get you killed first, you might learn something from me. C'mon...

Pengo: Yessir.

The DM: So you head to the Soaring Seagull, have the requisite ale, and what information are you leaving?

Pengo: The understanding I have is that we're just to leave 10 pp.

The DM: right you are.

Vlix: 10 platinum pieces... in the mug. Very discreetly.

Pengo: And then we depart.

The DM: and then you head to the Red Dragon's Tail.

Vlix: timed to arrive at the prescribed time.

Pengo follows along and does what he's told.

The DM: Right, and after asking for a "Heimwalder Stout", you get 2 mugs of the deliciously dark beverage, along with a note slipped discretely under the mug.

Pengo quietly sips at his drink.

Vlix: I'll palm it, drink my fill and flip the 'tender a gold coin

The DM: The note is scrawled in a barely intelligible hand, citing the following rumors:

The DM: 1. A man fitting Nerick's description was seen in a hostelry just inside the city gate near Certimfils house two days ago. He asked questions about the mage's recent past. In particular, he asked about Certimfil's adventuring days.

The DM: 2. A man fitting Nerick's description was heard in the Black Lion tavern asking for news of a man named Germad, and specifically asking what Germad had done with any treasures he retrieved from his last adventure.

The DM: 3. Nerick visited all the jewelers and gemcutters in town, asking those who had dealings with Germad if they had purchased a certain glowing gemstone. Nerick was prepared to pay a great deal of gold to buy the gemstone from its current owner.

The DM: 4. Nerick approached the curator of the Royal Athenaeum and requested to be allowed access to the uncataloged gemstone that had been donated to the athenaeum by Captain Germad of the Watch. He was refused on the grounds that he must wait to see the exhibit on public display, just like everyone else.

The DM: 5. A thief named Somblet met Nerick last week and hailed him as an old friend. The fighter was evasive and uneasy, and didn't seem to recognize the thief. Somblet remarked that he didn't seem like the old Nerick at all. For one thing, he wasn't visibly armed, though Somblet detected a dagger hidden in his robes.

The DM: 6. Someone fitting Nerick's description was seen a night back walking along the bank of the Dyv River carrying a bulky parcel. He was dressed in robes and unarmored, which is totally out of character for the fighter.

The DM: That's it.

Pengo: Maybe this guy isn't really Nerick.

Icarius: wow

The DM: The waitress smiles at you and walks away.

Pengo: Is it possible that Arantal has assumed his identity somehow in an attempt to gain information to find the gem?

Pengo: And we need to check out the bank of the river, see if we find anything.


Pengo, let's go... if we stay, I won't get out of here until the morning.

Pengo: Okay.

Vlix: or afternoon.

Vlix: As we leave, I'll take note of the crowd, and watch for anyone following us.

The DM: So where are you headed?

Pengo: We should go let the others know what we found out, then go check out those tips.

Vlix: Humm, yes that would be the safest course.

Pengo: We should go to that hostelry (#1) and find Somblet.

Pengo: And we need to go visit the riverbank.

Vlix: Or we could do some snoooping.

Pengo: Okay, that sounds like fun.

The DM: It's late evening, so by the time you could make it back to the Royal Arms, it would be midnight.

Pengo: Hm... perhaps we should find someplace to bunk for the night and do it in the morning.

Vlix: I assume Somblet would be out... at least I would be.

Pengo: I'll follow your lead... I'm just a pickpocket really. You're a seriously sneaky guy.

Vlix: let's head back... don't want to de-involve anyone.

Pengo: OK.

The DM: you arrive safely back at the Royal Arms.

Vlix: I'll share the note with everyone.

Pengo: So we relay what we learned and I guess get some shuteye, again setting a watch.

Vlix: quite a mystery we have...

Pengo: Indeed.

Mialee: It's a whopper.

Vlix: too bad we don't have a familiar named Scooby Doo, we'd be set.

Pengo: lol

Pengo: "Those darned adventurers, always sticking their noses in!"

The DM: So the morning breaks bright and clear. What's your next move?

Flint: I'll check on Mordin. How is he doing?

The DM: Mordin's Strength, Con and Dex are up to 9 each

The DM: So the morning breaks bright and clear. What's your next move?

Mialee: Vlix is going to go find that thief (Somblet) if possible and see what we can learn from him, I think.

Pengo: I can go and provide backup. Such as it is.

Mialee: We also need to go to the riverbank, and we need to visit that hostelry and see if they can tell us anything interesting about the supposed "Nerick."

The DM: Who's going to do that?

Mialee: I'll visit the hostelry if the others want to check out the riverbank.

Flint: Okay.

Mialee: OK, sounds like we have a plan of action then.

Pengo: Vlix and I head out to look for Somblet.

The DM: You are able to track him down around noon, eating breakfast at a low class inn.

Vlix approaches in a suitably subtle way and plunks down with an appropriate bite of something to eat and asks him if he's seen Nerick lately.

Pengo: (I'm trusting the DM to translate into the way

Vlix would handle it :)

Somblet: "What? I ain't seen him in a while. What do you need him for? "

Vlix: We heard you saw him... or someone claiming to be him... last week, and we need badly to find him because we think he's in danger.

Somblet: "Well, he was acting strange, the last time I saw him, he was.

Vlix: How so?

Somblet: "not the rough and tumble guy I knew, but more sneaky-like, you know?"

Vlix: How did he look?

Somblet: He looked the same, though he wasn't armed the way Nerick would normally be, you know? "

Pengo nods.

Vlix: He say anything interesting or strange?

Pengo: We're just trying to figure out where we might find him.

Somblet: He kept asking about his former comrades, as though I'd know more than he would about them."

Vlix: Did he ask about them by name?

The DM: Yeah, he asked for Certimfil and Germad.

Pengo nods slowly.

Somblet: "(I heard that Germad met a bad end, 's that true?"

Pengo: Yeah... Germad's dead.

Pengo: Really, really, really dead.

Vlix: Do you have any thoughts about where we might find Nerick?

Somblet: "Well, can't say I'm sorry to hear that. He was a bit of a stickler for the letter of the law, if you now what I mean. :"

Vlix smiles.

Vlix: I know exactly what you mean.

Vlix: Anyplace he might go if he'd been given the boot by his wife or whatever?

Somblet: Where to find him? I don't know, exactly, 'cause he ain't apparently livin' at home with his wife, don't cha know.

Pengo: Yeah... we heard. Were hoping you'd know of someplace he'd bunk down in that case.

Somblet: Funny, I saw him heading for lowtown a lot.

Pengo: You don't know of any reason he'd head to low town?

Somblet: Well, there might be lot's of reasons he'd head that way, especially bein' estranged from his wife and all...

Somblet: but he never seemed to leave that part of town.

Pengo: That's strange.

Somblet: I could show you the neighborhood where he hung out, for a certain recompense, if you know what I mean.

Pengo: I think we could arrange that.

The DM: He looks at you both expectantly.

Vlix drops a few gold coins on the table, and asks: "Does that sharpen your memory any?" The slovenly thief sweeps his hand over the coins, and they seem to magically disappear.

Somblet: "Let me show you gentlemen the way, then.

Pengo: We follow him.

The DM: He gets up and heads for the door.

Pengo: We keep following.

The DM: He leads you through the lower side of lowtown, toward bldg 673.

The DM: This wooden structure is the last in a long line of similar buildings in a very seedy part of the city.

The DM: It is surrounded by several buildings of dubious structural integrity.

Pengo: Did you see him at this particular building or just in this general area?

Somblet: "In the general area. But I saw him here more than once. "

Pengo: Thank you for your help.

Somblet: "y'er welcome" and he hurries away.

Pengo studies the building.

Pengo: Does it look abandoned or just slovenly? :)

The DM: Just slovenly. There are people moving about the area, all of them very poor looking.

The DM: they avoid eye contact.

Pengo: So,

Vlix... shall we knock or just go inside?

Vlix discreetly looks around to see if there's anyone of interest around.

The DM: Inside, the shack contains a single table, chair, and candle. There is food in a sack near the stuffed rag mattress.

Pengo looks under the mattress.

The DM: Beneath the mattress is a concealed trapdoor

Pengo: Oh-ho :)

Pengo looks at Vlix.

Pengo: Do we go in or go get the others?

Pengo: I think we need backup. If this is "Nerick's" hideout, we may need help.

Pengo: Can we pause these two and see what comes of Mialee going to the hostelry and the others visiting the riverbank?

The DM: A blinding flash of insight, direct from the god Brandobaris strikes Pengo...

Pengo: lol

The DM: "Friends are important!"

The DM: Flash to Mialee at the Hostelry:

Mialee goes inside and looks for someone who seems appropriate to speak to. Manager, operator, whatever. :)

The DM: There is a man with a wooden leg behind a counter, who seems to be in charge.

Mialee approaches and inquires about Nerick.

Wooden-legged Man: "Nerick? I'm not sure I know the name. "

Mialee describes him.

Mialee: I've heard he was here recently asking you about the wizard Certfimil.

Wooden-legged Man: "Oh, yeah, he was in here a while back, asking about Certimfil."

Mialee: What was it he wanted to know, do you recall?

Wooden-legged Man: "I thought it was strange, since them two knew each other for years. "

Mialee: Strange how? He didn't seem like he knew him?

Wooden-legged Man: "Well, it seemed he knew him, but not where he lived. Like I said, that was strange, since the¥ knew each other for years. "

Mialee: Huh.

Mialee: What did he ask about in particular, if you recall?

Wooden-legged Man: "He asked about Certimfil's recent adventuring, if you can believe that."

Mialee: Really? Anything in particular?

Wooden-legged Man: "and of course, he asked about Certimfil's whereabouts."

Mialee: That's odd.

Mialee: Well. Thank you for your time. Appreciate it.

Wooden-legged Man: "No problem, friend"

Mialee heads back to the inn.

Pengo: Hmhm.

The DM: So, you all gather back at the Royal Arms Inn to collect your data....

Pengo: We need to go back to that house and see what's in the basement.

The DM: It's again late evening.

Icarius: he'll probably come out at night

Flint: Where is that house in relation to 638?

Pengo: We might as well spend one more night in the inn and check his lair out, assuming that's what we've found, in the morning.

The DM: It's 3 hexes SW, and 1 hex W

Flint: 638 is our warehouse, right?

The DM: You gather together to discuss your tactics.

The DM: Yes, 638 is your warehouse.

Mialee: Well, as soon as it's morning, we need to head down there and get to the bottom of things, so to speak.

The DM: And so it shall be, the next time we get together, 14 days from now. :)

Mialee: :)

Icarius: ok

Mialee: Finally I see a possible light at the end of the tunnel. ;)

February 10, 2008

Mialee: So we're at the point where we're ready to explore that basement, or have we already started that? Can't quite recall. :)

The DM: You're currently back at the King's Arms, and Mordin is still out of action.

The DM: So, after delivering his report from his contact with the Thieves' guild, Vlix has apparently gone off somwhere again, leaving you all to deal with Nerick.

Pengo: Mordin's HP needs to be updated on the spreadsheet. :)

The DM: He said he'd keep in touch.

Pengo mumbles something about thieves being unreliable and chuckles.

Mordin: I see them as 30 out of 30. What do you see?

Mialee: That's what I see, but isn't he down for the count?

The DM: He is, but that means that his Strength, Constitution and Dexterity are down to almost nothing.

Mialee: ah, okay.

Mordin: Yes, I am. Even though Flint healed my injuries, I need some rest.

Mialee: Then never mind. :)

The DM: Flint Cured his injuries up

Mialee: Shall the rest of us head out and check out that basement then?

The DM: It's morning time...

Flint: Sure. By the way, you are now our only fighter. :)

Mialee: Yikes.

The DM: On the 19th of Nov

Mialee: OK... anybody have a reason we shouldn't head out right away?

Pengo: Not me.

The DM: Surely not. :)

Mialee: Then let's go :)

Mialee heads out the door hoping everyone else will come along. :)

Pengo follows.

Mordin tells Flint "Good Luck".

The DM: You make your way through the city streets, and after 45 minutes or so, find yourself at the disheveled looking tenement where you suspect Nerick to be hiding.

Pengo checks the door for traps.

The DM: DM Rolls

The DM: Pengo finds no traps.

Pengo opens the door (picking the lock if necessary)

The DM: It is locked witha very simple locking mechanism, which was the first that Pengo learned how to pick.

The DM: (no need to roll)

Pengo: k

Pengo opens the door and slips aside so Mialee can go in first.

Mialee peers inside carefully and steps inside.

The DM: Inside, the shack contains a single table, chair, and candle. There is food in a sack near the stuffed rag mattress.

Mialee: Any immediately obvious trap doors, before I go shoving the mattress aside? :)

The DM: no.

Mialee shoves the mattress aside.

The DM: Beneath the mattress is a concealed trapdoor.

Pengo checks it for traps.

The DM: Pengo doesn't find any traps.

Pengo opens the trap door.

The DM: Opening the door, you find a rope ladder leading down about 20 ft. There might be a tunnel leading to the north.

Mialee: Icarius, try to hold your light out so I can see down there while I climb down.

Mialee examines the rope to be sure it's safe before starting to climb.

The DM: It appears sturdy enough.

Mialee climbs down.

Icarius holds out the light

The DM: As you make your way down the ladder, your nose is assaulted by the smell of a cesspool.

The DM: The trapdoor opens into a roughhewn tunnel that winds northward. All is quiet except for the infrequent plops of dripping moisture.

Flint: This must be the place.

Mialee gestures the others down.

Pengo clambers down.

Flint climbs down.

The DM: Check your march order.

Thomas Recenters everyone's view!

Mialee: Well, I suppose for today I'm in the lead. :)

The DM: Ok, then.

Mialee: Otherwise probably the same march order as usual.

Pengo: Unless we want to put Flint up front to keep an eye out for stonework traps.

Mialee: Any opinions on that? :)

The DM: ??? Mialee, I guess you can lead and the others will follow for now.

Mialee: OK, I'll lead northward then.

Mialee: Actually, you may want to move me since I don't know where we'll encounter issues. :)

The DM: As you head north, the smell gets worse, almost to the point of gagging.

Mialee: Yay.

Mialee hopes Flint and Pengo are watching for traps while we go.

Pengo: I am, but there's only so much help I can be in here.

Flint: I am as well.

Mialee follows the passage westward then north.

Mialee: Oh joy, is that a sewer?

The DM: The tunnel comes into what looks like a natural cave but which has the unmistakable odor of a cesspool. A large waste pipe set high into the north wall of the cave disgorges a stream of sewage in a gurgling splash. Ominous shapes move about in the pool of semi-identifiable mess.

Mialee: Nowhere to go but into the sewage I take it?

The DM: Across the water to the NE, you can see the dim shape of a small skiff (boat) with a 10' pole leaning on it.

Mialee: Can we tell how deep the water is without wading in?

The DM: No, it's too dark and dirty.

Mialee: Skiff's, what, about 50 feet away?

The DM: more like 30

Mialee: ok

The DM: each square here is 5'

Mialee: Ah

The DM: the hatch marks are the sewage, if that wasn't obvious

The DM: The ceiling arches to about 20 ft high

Mialee: Well... anyone have an idea other than for us to wade for it?

Flint: Rope with a grappling hook, maybe?

Mialee: That's a thought. Who's got the best arm? :)

The DM: Anyone can roll 2d20 under their dexterity to "hit"

Mialee: Problem is that if we grab the boat that way, we'll lose the pole. :)

Pengo: Wait... what does Icarius's robe have in it? :)

Flint: If we can pull the boat to us, we can pull ourselfs across the sewage.

Pengo: It has a 10' pole in it, as well as a 12' rowboat. :)

Pengo: But would be nice not to blow it now if we can avoid it.

Flint: I'd say save those since we have a boat already.

Pengo: Yeah.

Mialee takes a rope and ties a hook to the end, then flings it at the boat.

Mialee rolls 2d20: [7 + 8] = 15

Flint: Pengo, you probably have the best arm for this.

Pengo: Well... I'll try after Mialee misses. :)

The DM: Mialee misses, barely

The DM: "kersplash!"

Pengo reels the rope back in and throws again.

Pengo rolls 2d20: [20 + 11] = 31

Pengo: Ouch.

The DM: kersplash-karattle"

Pengo sheepishly reels it back in.

Pengo: Next...

Icarius: we could really use batboy right about now

Flint: Can Pengo try again?

The DM: sure, you try as often as you want.

The DM: (you're not picking locks, after all ;)

Pengo rolls 2d20: [13 + 4] = 17

The DM: miss!

Pengo grumbles.

Pengo rolls 2d20: [19 + 1] = 20

The DM: just barely

Pengo rolls 2d20: [4 + 15] = 19

Flint: Close though.

Pengo rolls 2d20: [16 + 20] = 36

Pengo rolls 2d20: [10 + 19] = 29

Pengo rolls 2d20: [16 + 1] = 17

Pengo: This is crazy.

Pengo rolls 2d20: [18 + 15] = 33

Pengo stamps his little feet.

Pengo rolls 2d20: [17 + 2] = 19

The DM: Pengo is getting tired

Flint: May I?

Pengo: God yes.

Pengo hands off the rope.

Flint rolls 2d20: [16 + 8] = 24

Flint rolls 2d20: [9 + 19] = 28

Flint rolls 2d20: [12 + 20] = 32

Flint rolls 2d20: [8 + 18] = 26

The DM: The shapes in the stinky water start moving faster.

Flint: Which way is the boat?

Pengo: NE

Flint rolls 2d20: [4 + 10] = 14

Flint rolls 2d20: [9 + 4] = 13

Flint rolls 2d20: [1 + 7] = 8

The DM: woohoo!

Pengo: Please tell me that throw did it :D

The DM: you finally get the hook in the boat.

Mialee helps pull it over

Flint pulls on the rope.

The DM: As you drag the small boat across the disgusting swampy mess, the pole rolls off the boat with a clatter and off to the side.

Pengo shrugs.

The DM: You bring the boat to the near shore, and realize it's only big enough for 3 of you.

Mialee keeps pulling.

Mialee: Figures.

Mialee: Can we see anything on the far side that we could try to hook the rope on to pull ourselves back?

The DM: But you do have it.

The DM: brb

The DM: bak

The DM: So, watcha gonna do?

Mialee: Waiting to hear if

Mialee: there's anything we can hook the rope to on the other side. :)

The DM: oh, oops, didn't see that :)

The DM: no, there is nothing that you can see frrom here.

Mialee: OK guys, how we going to get the boat back over then? :)

Icarius: no other pole like things on he ground?

Mialee: We have anything we can use as an oar?

The DM: not around here, except the one in your robe

Icarius: you didn't have to mention that

Mialee: Is that a pole in your robe, or are you just happy to see me?

The DM: LOL!

Mialee: Would be nice not to have to resort to that... hm.

Mialee: Doesn't look like we have much choice though.

Flint: Mialee, do you have a shield?

Icarius: there was nothing in the shack above us, or in the street outside?

Mialee: No, no shield.

The DM: Hmm, someone could go look, I suppose.

Mialee: We might be able to bust the table or chair into oars.

Pengo heads upstairs to check.

Flint: Jozlan, Do you have a shield?

The DM: You don't see aything resembling a 10' pole in the shack. There is the table, which would take some hacking to turn into oars.

Pengo: How about the chair? Does it have any flat bits that could be oars?

The DM: The only flat bit is the seat

Icarius: I didn't think jozlan had a shield

The DM: Yes he does. He has a very special shield.

Icarius: oooh, right, that one

Pengo grabs the chair and tosses it down into the trap door.

The DM: cRASHh!

Pengo goes down below to see what shape the chair is in after the fall.

The DM: two of the legs break off.

Pengo kicks at the other two legs to snap them off as well.

The DM: They snap off pretty easily.

Pengo busts the back off as well.

The DM: KraCk!

Pengo: OK, now we have a paddle.

Pengo: Who wants to take the first trip across?

Mialee: I'll paddle for the first trip.

Mialee: Let's put maybe Flint and Icarius in this first boat with me?

Flint: I'll go.

Mialee clambers into the boat and accepts the makeshift paddle from Pengo.

The DM: So Flint is staying armed while Mialee paddles?

Mialee: Yeah, that's the idea.

The DM: Are you doing anything with the rope?

Mialee: I suppose we coil it up and find a place to tuck it where it won't smell too much. :D

Mialee: Actually... better idea.

Mialee: Pengo, hang onto one end...

Mialee: When we get to the other side, we'll see if we can find a way to anchor it to make the next trip easier.

Pengo grabs the rope.

Mialee: All aboard?

The DM: Mialee and Flint are aboard.

Mialee: Icarius, you ready?

Icarius: rrready

Mialee starts paddling once Ic is aboard.

The DM: It is arduous and disgusting work, since you only have the one, ungainly makeshift paddle...

The DM: the shapes in the water pass by very close

The DM: one of them bumps the boat.

Icarius: any lasting effect?

The DM: but after about 10 minutes, you get across.

Mialee pauses to rest and lets Icarius and Flint get out of the boat.

Mialee: Flint, see if you can find a way to anchor the rope on this side.

The DM: the boat grinds to a halt where it's shown.

The DM: The slop is about 16" deep at that point.

Mialee: Can Flint find a way to anchor the rope?

The DM: There is nowhere that you see to anchor it, although it looks like it would stay in place if you just pulledit up a few feet.

Flint searches for a place to anchor the rope.

Mialee: We dont'w ant to anchor the boat, we want to anchor the rope so we can use it to pull back across. :)

Mialee: Instead of having to paddle again. :)

Mialee starts paddling back to pick up Pengo and Joz.

The DM: Flint is a pretty solid anchor.

The DM: With Jozlan and Pengo holding one end, and Flint holding the other, you can pull yourself across

Flint: Is the pole here?

The DM: using the slimy, disgusting rope.

Mialee pulls back to the other side to pick up Joz and Pengo.

The DM: yes the pole is there too.

Mialee: Doh. :)

Flint: elves.

Mialee: As soon as I get across, Pengo and Joz should hop in and we'll turn around.

Icarius: hehe

The DM: Anyway, you pick up the other two and pull yourselves back.

Mialee: Yay

The DM: you get bumped again by the anonymous shape in the water.

The DM: but you get across.

Mialee: OK, let's move on. :)

Mialee leads the way northward.

The DM: You get to the edge of the slop where it's marked, and see an open cavern.

Mialee looks into the cavern.

The DM: To the north, a boulder half blocks the exit tunnel heading east.

Mialee: Anyone or anything visible in this room before we charge in? :)

The DM: No, you don't see anything

Mialee leads the way into the chamber.

Icarius: half blocks = passable

Icarius: ?

The DM: You would probably have to roll the stone out of the way.

The DM: There is slime dripping off the walls and ceiling here.

Mialee: Yum.

The DM: This cavern is all natural stone.

Mialee: Flint, see any stonework traps we should worry about before we move on?

Flint: No.

Mialee: OK, let's move toward the boulder.

Mialee: What's the yellow thing on the map?

The DM: that was originally the drawing of the skiff

Mialee: Oh okay :)

Mialee: Does the boulder look like something we can just shove out of the way?

The DM: well, some really strong people might be able to. or a group of people.

Mialee: OK, guys, let's line up and give this thing a shove. :)

Icarius: ok

Mialee: All together now...

Flint: Sounds like fun.

Mialee shoves.

The DM: Ok, Mialee and Icarius don't help much, but with the others , you manage to roll the stone back into the room with you.

The DM: You see a tunnel leading on from there to the NE

Mialee leads the way.

The DM: It splits after 20 feet or so.

The DM: As you enter this area, you grow cold.

The DM: The air is the temperature of a winter day.

Icarius: like outside?

Mialee: Any sounds from either direction here?

The DM: You hear some breathing sounds to the south.

Mialee: South we go, then?

Icarius: we'll have to check it out eventually so might as well

Pengo: Yeah.

Mialee: OK, let's go. Everyone ready for a fight? :)

Mialee: If it's Nerick, we need to catch him alive, so be ready to maybe Sleep him, Icarius.

The DM: As you take the fork to the south, you notice that the walls are covered with a light tan to golden brown furry substance,

The DM: And the air gets FREEZING cold.

Icarius: hmm

The DM: as in FROSTBITE cold.

Mialee: This is strange...

Mialee: Hm, perhaps we should try the other way first then.

Flint: Anybody got a torch?

The DM: tick...

Mialee: Let's go north instead.

Flint throws oil on the brown furry stuff.

Mialee: We going to try torching the brown stuff?

The DM: Please check your positions on the map

The DM: Icarious, I don't think you've memorized "meld into stone" so find another place. :D

Icarius: heh

The DM: Flint, are you doing anything with the soggy brown stuff?

Mialee: If nothing else, torching it might warm things up a bit.

The DM: tock..

Icarius: if it's soggy, it won't burn so well

Icarius: does it smell like a wet dog?

The DM: well, it's soggy from oil

Mialee: I assume it's soggy because of the oil Flint tossed on it. :)

Mialee takes a torch and ignites the stuff because she's getting impatient.

Mialee then backs off.

The DM: how are you lighting the torch?

Mialee: Uh, hell, I thought we had one lit already, never mind. :)

Mialee: Flint, your turn. :)

The DM wonders why there was never a spell to "light a torch"

Mialee: heh

Icarius: fireball

The DM: I mean, there is "Affect normal fires", but not a "Start Normal fires"

The DM: or even "light a candle" which is the most common "magic trick" one sees in fantasy movies.

The DM: Something to think about for those that are approaching the level where researching magic spells is available.

The DM: Anyway, what are we doing? tick...

Icarius: shall we send pengo to scout it out?

Mialee: I think Flint might have discoed

The DM: good thing we have the backup channel

Mialee: Yeah :)

Mialee: Yeah, he discoed quite a while ago. :)

The DM: I guess we need to consciously make some talk while on break.

Flint: Anybody got a torch?

The DM: TheDM: ok. where were we? Oh, right, getting frostbite

Mialee: Nope, no lit torches at the moment.

Flint: It doesn't have to be lit.

Mialee: OK...

Pengo hands Flint a torch.

Flint lights the torch.

Flint throws the torch on the oil to set it on fire.

The DM: With his tinderbox?

Flint: Yes.

The DM wonders where Pengo got the torch.

Mialee: Don't we carry a few around with us? Maybe it's Ic that has it.

The DM: Ic has his rod with the continual light cast on it.

Mialee: I know we have at least one torch, we've used it before.

Icarius: I have the rod. I thought pengo carried an unlit torch, though, from before the rod

Pengo: I thought so too

The DM: Ok, I guess he might have one in his bag. Why not?

Mialee: lol

The DM: So flint lights the torch and throws it onthe brown stuff.

Flint: Where I threw the oil.

The DM: right

Flint: That should warm it up in here.

The DM: the fire leaps across the oil-sodden brown mass and it quivers, and GROWS!

Mialee: Oh dear.

The DM: the fire is snuffed out, and ...

The DM: everyone takes damage from the cold (unless you have something to prevent)

The DM: Everyone roll 1d8, and take that much damage

Mialee rolls d8: [5] = 5

Icarius rolls d8: [8] = 8

Flint rolls d8: [4] = 4

Pengo rolls d8: [4] = 4

Mialee: Duh, forgot about Pengo :)

Mialee updates the spreadsheet.

Icarius: jozlan:

Icarius rolls d8: [7] = 7

The DM: i guess the second roll was for Jozlan

Icarius: yes

The DM: Ok, so you're all freezing your noogies off. What are you doing next?

Mialee: I think now we go north.

The DM: North or south?

Icarius: wherever it's warmer

Mialee: Yes, that. :D

The DM: It's warmer back in the cesspool

Mialee: Bah.

Icarius: hmm

Mialee goes south.

Mialee: Maybe it's just this junction that's so cold.

The DM: go, then.

Pengo worries but follows.

Mialee: OK, so this isn't where we wanted to be.

Icarius: back away slowly?

The DM: You see, in the southern end of the chamber, a small white Dragon!

The DM: the rd line, incidently, shows where the brown stuff ENDS.

The DM: Mialee you're warmer, but ...

The DM: roll for surprise

Mialee rolls surprise (d6): [2] = 2

Flint rolls Surprise (d6): [6] = 6

The DM: You are surpised for 1 segment, during which the lizard breathes!

Mialee: How can I be surprised by something I already saw? :D

Mialee: Anyway, waiting for the damage :D

The DM: a cloud of freezing vapor erupts from the lips of the dragon, causing damage to the entire party (subject to saving throws)

The DM rolls 2d8: [3 + 7] = 10

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [1] = 1

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [7] = 7

The DM: Everyone roll a saving throw for half damage

Pengo rolls d20: [13] = 13

The DM: no one so far

Icarius & Jozlan roll 2d20 respectively: [5 + 20] = 25

The DM: Jozlan saves

The DM: ok, then

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM: your go

The DM: spellcasters?

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(1 + 1 + 1) + 3] = 6

The DM: other actions?

Pengo charges

Pengo: Can I get close enough to attack this round?

Flint: Can I attack this round, or only close.

The DM: yes

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

The DM: to both

Pengo: Wah

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

The DM: the creature turns to Flint, and its eyes glow a deep purple!

The DM: Flint, save vs. spell.

Mialee: Has Kelvin disconnected?

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [1] = 1

The DM: Flint flees in panic,

The DM: roll % dice with a 35 or BELOW to see if you keep hold of your weapon.

Flint rolls Percentile Dice (d100): [32] = 32

Flint: :)

The DM: You keep it, but still flee

The DM: Icarius looses a magic missile from his staff

The DM: actually, two

The DM: Round 2:

The DM: Spellcasters?

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(2 + 4 + 2) + 3] = 11

The DM: Icarius also fires from the staff

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

The DM: Pengo, you should roll

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

The DM: oops. I'll take the second one.

Pengo: Bummer. :)

Pengo: Oh, well then. :)

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Pengo: pfft

The DM: Actually, that hits

Pengo: ooh :)

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4

The DM: It attacks back at Pengo

The DM: With 2 claws and a bite

The DM rolls 3d20: [6 + 12 + 13] = 31

The DM: The bite scores!

The DM rolls d6: [4] = 4

The DM: 4 dam on Pengo

The DM: Round 3:

The DM: Spellcasters?

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(2 + 1 + 2) + 3] = 8

The DM: Flint takes more damage from the cold.

The DM rolls d8: [2] = 2

The DM: The great lizard recoils from that blow!

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5

The DM: The thing staggers back,

The DM: but it's eyes spiral in bright purple at Pengo.

The DM: Round 4:

The DM: Spellcasters?

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(2 + 2 + 2) + 3] = 9

The DM: the thing gasps its last breath, in a plume of frost.

The DM: and dies.

Pengo: Well then.

The DM: Pengo looks on amazed, as the body ofthe creature shrinks to about 2 ft long.

The DM: or maybe 3

Pengo: Huh.

Pengo: That's strange.

The DM: it's scales turn a dull silver.

The DM: its

The DM: ok, ROLL CALL! Who is here?

Mialee: Me :)

Flint: Me.

The DM: OK, we may have lost Kelvin

The DM: We'll press on, however.

The DM: what next? Flint is still scared (and frozen) stiff

Mialee: Do we have a way to dispell that fear?

The DM: The dark red line indicates the coldest region.

The DM: Hmm, the spell description lists the duration as "Special" but doesn't explain.

Mialee: Or do we have to wait for it to expire? :)

The DM: I would allow that after you drag him out of the cold region, and give him 10 minutes or so, he might get over it.

Mialee drags Flint to warmer areas.

The DM: What else are you doing in this area?

Mialee: Well, a couple folks could use some healing.

Mialee: If someone would care to do that for Joz. :)

Mialee: Then we should explore this cave more thoroughly to look for evidence of Nerick.

Flint casts Cure Serious Wounds on Mialee.

Flint rolls Cure Serious Wounds (2d6 + 5): [(3 + 1) + 5] = 9

Flint: And on Pengo.

Flint rolls Cure Serious Wounds (2d6 + 5): [(6 + 2) + 5] = 13

The DM waits for those to catch up.

Mialee: OK... I'm going to explore this dragon's chamber to see if there's anything to see here.

Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee.

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7

Flint: And on Pengo.

Mialee: Icarius needs it more :)

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [1 + 4] = 5

Flint: Joz can take care of Ic.

Mialee: OK, anything of interest in this chamber?

The DM: The lizard is wearing a necklace

Mialee removes it and tucks it away.

Flint: After having cast the heals, I'll help search the room.

The DM: Flint, you don't find anything else

Mialee: Strange. OK, let's check out that passage to the north. Even though it just loops around, might as well look for evidence of Nerick there.

Mialee: Also, Flint, you might want to keep an eye open for secret doors.

Flint searches all of chamber D.

The DM: Jozlan casts CCW on Ic

The DM: anyone know the roll offhand?

Flint: 4d4+11

The DM rolls 4d4 + 11: [1 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 11] = 17

The DM: Flint finds that the area marked by the red line is extremely, and damagingly cold.

The DM: there is more of the brownish fuzz elsewhere, but it doesn't sem to exude the cold like in that area.

Pengo: OK, let's get out of there then.

Mialee: Let's check out room C again, thoroughly.

Mialee: We must have missed something.

The DM: You shudder a little at the relative warmth of chamber 'C'

Flint searches chamber C.

The DM: Mialee, a careful search reveals a secret door in the SW corner of the chamber.

Mialee: There we go.

Mialee leads the way in.

The DM: The passage past the secret door leads to a small foyer with stairs leading north.

The DM: You notice that the air is much cleaner here, and easier to breathe.

Mialee leads the way westward.

The DM: You notice a passage to the west

Mialee: I'll again rely on you to move the pogs because I don't know where incidents might occur. :D

The DM: The tunnel abruptly opens onto a wooden stairway that climbs briefly up to a landing 10' above. A pair of double doors stands closed at the rear of this landing, while an opening into another corridor can be seen heading west from the top of the stairs.

Mialee: I'll head up the stairs next assuming nothing prevents it. :)

Mialee: and once at the top, take a look west without going that way.

The DM: roll %

Mialee rolls d100: [48] = 48

Mialee wonders about that % roll.

The DM: Ok

Mialee: What do I see when I look west?

Mialee: And do we want to go west or see what's behind door #1? :)

The DM: The double doors at the top of the stairs burst open, and ahuge log rolls out of what turn out to be false doors.

Mialee: Ah, a trap.

The DM: so Mialee, Pengo and Flint, roll under your dexterity on a d20

Mialee rolls d20: [19] = 19

Pengo rolls d20: [6] = 6

Flint rolls d20: [15] = 15

The DM: Pengo takes half damage from the log which rolls down the stairs.

The DM: the damage is:

The DM rolls 4d6 + 6: [2 + 3 + 6 + 2 + 6] = 19

Mialee: Damn.

Flint: How much time has passed since I first took damage from the Brown Mold.

The DM: ummm, 10 minutes?

Flint: After fighting a dragon and searching two chambers?

The DM: ok, 20? 30 minutes?

Mialee: :)

Flint: Which?

Jozlan scrambles over the log and casts a CCW on Flint

Jozlan rolls 4d4 + 11: [1 + 3 + 4 + 2 + 11] = 21

The DM: 20 minutes

Mialee: I could use a heal as well.

Mialee: Then let's head west. :)

Jozlan then does the same for Mialee

Jozlan rolls 4d4 + 11: [4 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 11] = 21

Mialee: Thanks :)

Mialee: OK, westward ho!

The DM: He also does a CSW on Pengo

Flint: Pengo, it might be a good idea for you to keep an eye out for traps as well.

Mialee: Will do.

Jozlan rolls 2d6 + 5: [(5 + 5) + 5] = 15

Jozlan: he does a CLW on himself

Jozlan rolls 1d4 (d4) + 4: [(1) + 4] = 5

Jozlan: Once again

Jozlan rolls 1d4 (d4) + 4: [(1) + 4] = 5

The DM: ok, everyone ready?

Mialee: Yep, let's go :)

Flint: Sure.

The DM: The passage leads to an open chamber,

The DM: crudely outfitted as a laboratory

Mialee: Anyone in here?

The DM: There are several tables holding what look like spell components.

The DM: there are huge books stacked on one of the tables.

The DM: Beside the throne is a collection of unstoppered flasks, each containing a wet, peaty mixture.

Mialee: Is Nerick himself or all wolfy? :D

The DM: You see a man standing int he northern part of the chamber.

The DM: roll for surprise

Mialee rolls surprise (d6): [6] = 6

The DM rolls d6: [2] = 2

Flint rolls Surprise (d6): [3] = 3

The DM: You surpise him for one segment.

The DM: your action

Mialee: Nerick? We're here to help you!

Mialee casts Sleep on him.

Flint: Casting Hold Person.

The DM: Ha Ha Ha HA! Nerick is beyond help, you fools!

Mialee: What do I roll for Sleep?

The DM: "nerick" rolls a saving throw

The DM rolls d20: [13] = 13

The DM: he doesn't seem to be affected by the "hold" spell, or the sleep spell

Mialee: That's worrisome.

The DM: Round 1:

The DM: Spellcasters?

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(4 + 1 + 1) + 3] = 9

The DM: He jolts a bit

The DM: and whips out a wand and points it at you, mumbling a few words and a bolt of lightning streaks from his wand!

Mialee: Would be nice if Ic could takea crack at sleep :)

Mialee: Doh, forgot something I meant to do :)

Mialee: Have to wait til next round now

The DM: Mialee and Flint make a saving throw vs. wands

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [17] = 17

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [3] = 3

The DM: Mialee will take half of the damage:

The DM rolls 6d6: [5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4] = 15

Mialee: That could have been much worse. :)

The DM: Flint takes 15, Mialee takes 8

Flint: It will be.

Mialee: Yes.

Flint: Lightning bolts bounce.

Pengo: Our go now?

The DM: yes

Pengo charges.

Pengo: How close do I get, and can I attack this round?

The DM: You can attack this round

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [18] = 18

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

The DM: hit!

Mialee: Go Pengo... go Pengo...

Flint: Striking to Subdue.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

The DM: Flint hits

The DM: damage?

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9

The DM: Is that it for round 1?

Mialee: Guess so :)

The DM: Round 2:

The DM: spellasters?

Mialee casts Protection From Evil, 10' Radius.

Mialee: Can Ic try a sleep? :)

Flint casts Cure Critical wounds on himself.

The DM: He can try -- he does so. -- to no effect

Mialee: Mm, okay, so that's not good.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Mialee: Can I approach any or is the spell all I an do this round?

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Pengo attacks

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

Pengo: whiff

The DM: The spell is all you can do.

Flint rolls Cure Critical Wounds (4d4 + 11): [(1 + 2 + 4 + 3) + 11] = 21

Mialee: Thought so, wanted to be sure.

The DM: The human attacks Pengo, swatting him with the wand.

The DM rolls d20: [9] = 9

Mialee: Does Joz want to fight or is he going to cower in the hallway? :D

The DM: he misses

Pengo: Whew

The DM: Jozlan approaches, to attack next round.

Mialee: Which starts now, eh?

The DM: Round 3:

The DM: Spellcasters?

Mialee: Melee this round.

Flint: Melee.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Mialee: Bummer :)

The DM: He attacks Jozlan with his wand

The DM rolls d20: [11] = 11

The DM: he hits!

The DM rolls d10: [5] = 5

The DM: your go

Flint: Striking to Subdue.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

Mialee: Nice

The DM: hit!

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

Flint: We want him alive.

Mialee: Oh yeah, right.

Mialee: Assuming this is Nerick.

The DM: Pengo?

Flint: And how are you going to find out his name when he is dead? :)

Pengo attempts to strike to subdue (not sure how that differs, but anyway :)

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3


The DM: Icarius launches another 2 MM from the staff

The DM rolls 2d4 + 2: [4 + 2 + 2] = 8

Mialee: That's a 404 for me, after requesting my password.

The DM: Round 4:

Mialee: Which happens with about 90% of Thomas's pages on .Mac :)

The DM: I don't get that

Mialee: Melee this round.

Flint: Goto and select the "Rules of the Game" link.

Mialee: 404

Mialee: I'm even logged into .Mac.

The DM: let's work on that later.

Mialee: Yeah.

The DM: Spellcasters?

Mialee: Melee

Flint: Melee

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

The DM: Your shot

Mialee strikes to subdue

Flint: Striking to Subdue.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [5] = 5

Pengo does the same

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [12] = 12

The DM: You beat him to the ground, where he lays quivering and shaken. "Please don't Kill me!" he cries.

Flint: If there's anything I can't stand, it's a sloppy victim.

Mialee hands a rope to Flint and suggests binding him quickly.

Mialee: And firmly.

Mialee takes away the wand.

Flint Binds the victim - I mean prisoner.

Mialee: heh

Mialee: Well, some of us should question him while the others search this chamber.

Flint: You question him, the rest of us will search the chamber.

Mialee: OK, works for me.

The DM: On the tables, you find scattered books: large volumes with ornate decorations.

The DM: In the SE alcove, there is a keg of some sort, covered in a yellowish moldy substance.

Mialee demands information from the prisoner.

Mialee: Are you Nerick?

The Prisoner: "Nerick? Do I look Like nericK?

The Prisoner: Of course I do!

Mialee: But are you Nerick?

The Prisoner: I am if it suits you.

Mialee puts her sword to his throat.

Mialee: Now, who are you?

The Prisoner: Hey!

The Prisoner: Am I not NericK?

Mialee: I don't know.... are you?

Mialee: So far, I'm not convinced.

The Prisoner: This is the body of Nerick, so I must be Nerick, nay?

Mialee: Is the real Nerick still in there?

Mialee: Well... that's enough of that.

Mialee sheathes her sword.

Mialee: You guys find anything of interest?

The Prisoner: What?!? Am I not the real Nerick? Ask my wife!

Mialee: You're a fake. Shut up or I'll kick you in the head.

The DM: He shuts up. For now.

Mialee: Let's finish our search of this chamber, gather up anything we want to take with us, and get out of here.

Mialee gags him.

The DM: There are many books, some crude foodstuffs, and a bottle of rather fine wine.

Mialee looks through the books to see if any are interesting.

Pengo takes over watching the prisoner.

The DM: Many of the books are unreadable.

Flint looks at the books.

Mialee: As in "we need Read Magic" or as in "some foreign language?" :)

The DM: Yes. :)

Mialee: Goodie.

The DM: Flint can't make hide nor hair of the books either.

Flint: Let's take them all.

Mialee: Let's.

The DM: You can do that, since you have that handy portable hole now.

Mialee: Yay for portable holes.

Mialee: So we gather it all up and put it all in the hole.

The DM: And then what?

Flint examines the keg.

The DM: Which keg is that, Flint?

Flint: In the SE alcove.

The DM: Like I said, it's covered with a yellowish moldy substance.

Flint scrapes away the mold.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [91] = 91

The DM: You scrape away the ugly yellow mold and find a keg underneath.

Flint: Any markings on it?

The DM: no

Flint: Is there a bung hole?

The DM: ummmm, not that I can see from here. :D

The DM: Oh, you mean literally, like a place to put the tap. No. nos such thing.

Flint: Is there a bung?

Flint: Actually a bung is the plug that seals any hole.

The DM: right. There is in fact, a bung in this barrel.

Flint opens the keg.

Flint removes the bung when it is in an upright position.

The DM: There is, inside, a great pile of grain.

Flint: I'll leave it.

The DM: it might be wheat, or it might be hops.

Mialee: OK, we need to take this guy to the temple.

The DM: so, where are we?

Mialee: Getting ready to haul this guy out of here. :)

The DM: What are you going to do?

Mialee: Well, I presume we're going to drag him to the boat and start making our runs back and forth.

Flint searches the rest of the room.

Mialee: Maybe him and Flint in the first group so Flint can watch him while I go back for more.

The DM: Flint finds nothing of interest beyond the books that have already been taken.

Flint: Are there any other secret doors?

Pengo: Good idea.

Pengo looks for secret doors.

The DM: Not that you've found.

Pengo: Would be nice if we find another way out of here...

Flint: Let's head back then.

The DM: So where are you going to drag this miscreant to?

Mialee: The skiff, so we can get him out of here.

The DM: And thence?

Mialee: Need to take him to the temple.

Flint: Yes.

Mialee: Then we can get the gem, and see if we can figure out what to do with him from there.

Mialee: Flint and I think that the gem has Nerick trapped inside.

The DM: Let's please continue that in the message board.

Mialee: OK.

The DM: I think that's it for tonight.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The DM: Ok, let's go ahead. You're in the room that you beat up the guy in. He is tied up.

The DM: You've searched the room for secret doors and found none.

The DM: You've found a bunch of books. Some look interesting.

Icarius: let's take the interesting ones.

Flint: Let's take the books.

Icarius: any titles that suggest they're related to our current situation?

Flint: Let's take all of them.

The DM: Some certainly look like they are volumes of Magic Spells.

Icarius: ok, let's take them all, sort em out later

The DM: Who's got the "hole"?

Icarius: Pengo?

The DM: no, he's got the bag.

Flint: No, Pengo has the bag.

The DM: you want to keep them far apart.

Icarius: Mialee?

Flint: I don't remember.

Flint: Was it ever added to the character sheets?

Icarius: I'm pretty sure it wasn't me, and if it wasn't you, that leaves Mialee

Flint: Or Vlix.

Icarius: yeah, but he has a tendency to wonder off, so I don't know if we'd let him carry it

The DM: Ok, Mialee has it then. She spreads out the satiny folds onto the floor, and you see some sparkles, and then a deep dark hole.

The DM: what are you going to do with the prisoner, besides tie him up?

Flint: Toss him in the hole?

Flint: Except he won't be able to breathe when we roll it up. :)

The DM: true

Flint: So I guess I better carry him.

The DM: Oh, did you bind his legs too?

Flint: Yes, we did.

Icarius: we should gag his mouth, too

Icarius: and blindfold him

Flint: Yes, we will gag and blindfold him.

The DM: thank-you Icarius, that was the answer I was looking for. :)

Flint: as well as strip him.

The DM: you mean, strip him of all accoutrements, or strip him nekkid?

Icarius: better safe than sorry

Icarius: strip his outer clothes, at least

Icarius gags, blindfolds, and strips down the prisoner

Icarius: is there anything else to do here, or shall we get moving?

Flint: Have we collected all the books in the hole?

The DM: Yes, all the books are in the hole.

Mialee picks up the hole and folds it neatly and tucks it away.

Icarius: onward and upward?

The DM: Mialee and Pengo are ready

Flint: Yes.

The DM: So you get back to the boat. How will you proceed?

Icarius: 3 in a boat?

The DM: that's the max.

Flint: Mialee can take the prisoner and myself across and then return for the others.

Icarius: I'd prefer 2 of us with our guests, just in case.

Flint: And who would bring the boat back for the rest?

Icarius: 2 over, 1 returns, 1 stays

Mialee picks up the pole laying half-submerged in the water, and steps into the skiff.

Flint: And then take the prisoner on the second trip?

Icarius: better make it 3rd, more people to guard him on the other side

Flint: So what order do you want people to cross?

Icarius: Jozlan will go over with Mialee

The DM: Mialee gets Jozlan across, but feels the boat being bumped along the way by those moving shapes in the water.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [13] = 13

The DM: She gets back ok.

Flint loads himself and the prisoner in the boat.

The DM: She starts poling back across.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [95] = 95

Icarius: uh oh

The DM: and gets there without incident.

Icarius: whew

The DM: She poles back.

Flint unloads himself and the prisoner.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [60] = 60

Icarius: this trip, Pengo + nerick

The DM: and arrives safely

The DM: He went with Flint already.

Flint: "Nerick" is the prisoner.

The DM: Pengo and Icarius can go back

Icarius: Pengo and I... the fewer trips the better TheDM rolls Percentage (d100): [85] = 85

The DM: Ok, everyone is safely across.

Icarius: let's send Pengo ahead to check for surprises

The DM: Pengo says: "on it!" and slinks ahead.

Flint: Okay.

Flint: I'll carry the prisoner.

Icarius: no news is good news, let's get moving

The DM: You climb out of the hole, and into the one-room shack.

The DM: It's about 2PM on the 19th of Nov.

Icarius: shall we cover up nerick and take him to the church?

Flint: Okay.

The DM: How will you transport him?

Flint: I'll carry him.

The DM: transport

Icarius: onward?

Flint: Yes.

The DM: Ok, you wend your way through the city streets, eliciting a few stares at the dwarf carrying a bound (covered with a robe, I Guess?) man over his shoulder.

The DM: The prisoner is not making it easy for you, so it takes some rest stops before you finally get to the Temple of THOR in the NE corner of the city.

The DM:

The DM: You arrive at the gate to the compound there at around 4:30

Jozlan: Okinar? Okinar? Wherefore art thou Okinar?

The DM: The gate is open, and you see a few monks milling around.

The DM: monks/priests/brothers whatever

Jozlan: let's bring him to Okinar's office

Flint: Okay.

The DM: You carry him to the temple proper, and a man approaches you and asks what he can do for you.

Jozlan: Okinar has requested our presence.

The DM: "Wait here, please" and he walks away.

Icarius: I'm wondering if we'll have to get Certimfil involved.

Icarius: It might be one of his spells

The DM: He soon returns with Okinar

Jozlan: I think we have found Nerick

Okinar: Excellent! says the priest.

Okinar: Bring him this way. By the way, why have you had to restrain him?

The DM: As he's talking, he leads you deep into the temple. Jozlan gives him a quick overview

The DM: Up some stairs onto a balcony sort of thing with no ceiling.

The DM: There is an altar there.

Okinar: We must gather the required materials to exorcise this lycanthropic demon.

The DM: Jozlan, please elucidate a bit on what you're including in the overview.

Jozlan: he seems to be possessed or controlled. We had to restrain him.

Okinar: By possession, do you mean other than his lycanthropic ailment?

The DM: With curt phrases and hand signals, Okinar is directing his subordinates while he's talking to you.

Jozlan: yes. others have reported that he didn't act like Nerick, and from what I know of him, I'm inclined to agree.

Okinar: Hmmm.

Okinar: Well, we must wait for the next full moon before we can complete the spell. We have a holding cell downstairs where we can keep him securely.

Okinar: But this other issue interests me. Can you tell me anything else?

Jozlan: "Ha Ha Ha HA! Nerick is beyond help, you fools!" that is what he said to use when we encountered him.

Jozlan: and he was using magic.

Icarius: The wizard Certimifil, a friend of Nericks's, reported some magic books stolen recently. We found magic books with Nerick.

Okinar: Using Magic?

Okinar's eyebrow goes up

Icarius: yes

Okinar: Then we shall have to add additional safeguards on his cell.

Icarius: are you confident you can hold him?

Flint: We believe that Nerick's soul has been trapped in a gem and that a wizard has taken possession of his body.

The DM: Aha! That is interesting.

Icarius: do you have experience with that sort of problem?

Okinar: I do not have direct experience, no, but I've heard of some powerful mages that have been able to do such a thing.

Okinar: It is powerful magic indeed.

Icarius: I should go speak to Certimifil then

Flint: We believe that this is the mage Artanal.

Okinar: Oh, really? I have heard that name before, but believed he was killed years ago.

Icarius: he disappeared years ago.

Icarius: I'll go get Certimifil and see what he thinks.

Okinar: Let's see. If Artanal was not killed so many years ago, and you believe he has taken over this man's body, then he must have lain dormant for some time.

Icarius: yes certainly

The DM: It's getting late in the evening.

Okinar takes possession of the prisoner, with assurances that he will remain secure, and bid you to find out what you can from Certimfil.

Icarius: ok

The DM: One of his subordinates sees you out.

Icarius: ok, shall we visit with Certimifil? we have to return his books anyway

Flint: Yes.

Icarius heads off to Certimifil's house

Mialee and Pengo beg off, claiming hunger, and head back to the Kings Arms. They wish you well and good luck.

The DM: the three of you get to Certimfil's house around 7PM

Icarius knocks on the door

Flint: Maybe we should wait until tomorrow to visit the mage?

The DM: Mialee, before leaving, gave you the hole, BTW

Icarius: (good, I was just thinking of that)

Flint: That was my concern.

Icarius: knock knock

The DM: The door opens, and you see Certimfil standing there.

Certimfil: Good evening to you, my friends. Please come in.

Icarius: thanks! Icarius spreads out the hole and retrieves the books

Icarius: Are these yours?

The DM:

Certimfil: Yes! Yes they are! How did you find them!?!?!

Certimfil: And where did you come upon this wondrous magical hole?

Icarius: we found them with Nerick.

Icarius explains abut Nerick, the gem, etc.

Certimfil: Nerick? really?

Certimfil: He certainly would have known where to find my books, but what would he want with them?

Certimfil: but if the possessor that you speak of was a mage, as of course he would have to be...

Icarius: Have you had any experience with possessions of that nature?

Certimfil: Not direct experience, since I am not yet so powerful that I can cast such a spell, but I know OF it. It sounds very much like the Magic Jar spell that I once heard my old master speak of.

Icarius: ooh

Icarius: do tell

Certimfil: The spell locks the life force of the caster into a gem, whence it can attack other creatures, forcing the attacked creature's life force into the gem while the caster gains control of the body of the attacked.

Icarius: is there a way to undo the effects?

Certimfil: It is usually only cast in desperation, because of course, the original body of the caster is left totally helpless the entire time.

Certimfil: Undoing it is as tricky as it is simple.

Certimfil: I have heard that casting a dispel magic on either the possessed or on the gem might have some effect, but I'm not sure which, and I don't know that it might not harm the victim trapped in the gem.

Certimfil: I do know that the power of the various casters involved has a great effect on the potential success of the operation.

Certimfil: I'm further uncertain as to how Nerick's lycanthropy might affect the outcome of this endeavor as well.

Icarius: hmm

Icarius: we could try dispelling both.

Flint: We have some time, several weeks before the clerics can complete the ritual.

Flint: We should research this further instead of guessing.

Icarius: we can research it, but I think the sooner the better

Flint: An innocent man's soul hangs in the balance.

Icarius: on the other hand, we were supposed to recover the books and return him to the church, not restore him from the magic jar

Flint: The church will certainly argue that without his soul, we have not yet returned all of him.

Icarius: we have all of him, just in 2 parts

Certimfil: I can do some research into this, and get back to you if I find anything out.

Icarius: Ok, that would be wonderful.

Certimfil: Would you like some tea?

Icarius: thanks, but we should probably be returning to the hotel

Flint: Exactly.

The DM: Ok, he bids you goodnight then, and shows you out.

The DM: And you head back for the Royal Arms?

Flint: Back to our rooms?

Flint: Yes.

Icarius: not much else to do

The DM: You get back to the inn, and retire for the night, which passes peacefully.

Flint: Before retiring, I'll burn my last CLW or two to heal Mialee.

The DM: Right.

Flint: Do you want me to roll them?

The DM: You get everyone healed up.

Icarius: ok, what now?

The DM: The next day, you are visited by Hanson, of the city guard

Flint: I'll check on Mordin.

Flint: Rest and Pray for spells in the morning.

The DM: Mordin is slowly recovering. He is up to a 10 in each of his stats or original score whichever is lower.

The DM: Hanson: I understand you've apprehended the killer of Germad.

Flint: Yes, sort of, it's complicated and involves magic.

Hanson: I understand that you left him in the care of the Temple of Thor. Why did you not bring him to us?

Icarius: we need to cure his lycanthropy and expel the wizard who possesses him

Flint: Germad was killed by the wizard who is currently possessing the body of an innocent man.

Hanson: !! Oh !! I shall report that to my superiors. Things like that are probably best left to the priests.

Hanson: Please keep us informed.

Icarius: We shall.

The DM: He leaves.

The DM: You have a few days to spend either doing things or not, while Mordin heals up.

The DM: After three days, Certimfil shows up at the Kings Arms around dinner time. He has information to share.

March 9, 2008

The DM: ok, let's get started then. Has everyone reviewed the log?

The DM: You have a few days before Certimfil is going to show up on your doorstep.

The DM: During which time Mordin should be recovered.

The DM: Is there anything you specifically want to do or people to see in that time?

Mialee: Not me.

Pengo: Nope, not really.

The DM: Ok, then. After three days, Certimfil shows up at the Kings Arms around dinner time. He has information to share.

Mialee: Greetings Certimfil. What have you learned?

The DM: Well, I was able to confirm what I earlier surmised.

The DM: The "Magic Jar" spell can be dispelled through the use of a "Dispel Magic" spell, but the efficacy of that spell is determined by the relative powers of the casters.

Icarius: at least we know what we're dealing with

Icarius: casters? more than 1 is needed?

Mialee: So we need as powerful a caster as we can find to cast the Dispel Magic.

Mialee: I think he means the relative power of the person that cast the Magic Jar spell and the person that casts Dispel Magic.

The DM: I've found that critical detail is that the current body and the receptacle itself must be in a close vicinity when the attempt is made.

The DM: When I said Casters in the plural, I was referring to the original caster of the Magic Jar Spell, and the caster of the Dispel Magic.

Mialee: Makes sense.

The DM: Not to say that multiple attempts couldn't be made...

Icarius: but what happens if there is a failed attempt?

The DM: One other thing that you should know. If the dispelling is successful, the life force of the Jarring caster is forced back into the receptacle, but from there, he can attack again!

Mialee: Can you destroy the receptacle?

The DM: A failed attempt, as far as I know, simply fails. Of course, as I earlier alluded to, I'm not sure what effect the lycanthropy factor might have on the process.

Mialee: Hm.

The DM: I'm sure if you destroy it before the hoped for transference is made, that the body's original life force will be forever destroyed.

Mialee: How about after the transference?

Flint: I think she is referring to destroying it after the hoped for transference.

The DM: That would probably be a good idea, as long as you do it BEFORE the mage inside has the chance to trap someone else. You se, the timing would be tricky.

Mialee: Do you have any idea how long it would take him to do that?

Icarius: hmmm

The DM: From what I've been able to discover, there is a period of disorientation when the transfer takes place. That lasts anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes.

The DM: After that, he could attack at any time.

Icarius: what if we cast a silence on the gem before the transfer?

The DM: I'm not sure how that would help. There are no verbal components of the spell once it is initially cast.

Mialee: Hm.

Mialee: The trick is being sure it worked in less than a minute.

Mialee: And how do you destroy the gem, I wonder. Can we just smash it with an axe, you think?

Icarius: and dispel magic wouldn't be any help either

The DM: I suppose you could try that, with the realization that magical items are usually protected somewhat from normal damage.

Mordin: So, if I understand this correctly, we have a couple of minutes to hit the gem with a big hammer after we switch the people back?

The DM: That's about it.

Icarius: after determining if the transfer worked.

Mialee: Piece of cake!

Mialee frets.

Mialee: Being sure the transfer worked could be tricky.

Icarius: indeed very much so

Mialee: This'll be interesting.

Flint: Certimfil, would you consider Nerick to be an evil man?

Mialee: Ahhh...

The DM: Nerick? The original Nerick that I campaigned with? No, I wouldn't call him evil, though I never did get along with him myself.

The DM: Especially after he contracted the lycanthropy

Mialee: Do we have a detect evil spell?

The DM: I kept telling Germad that we should have rid ourselves of him.

Flint: I'm sure we have several.

Mialee: That should do the trick.

The DM: he didn't take my advice, and I understand he's paid the ultimate price for that bad judgment.

Icarius: yes

Mialee: OK, if someone is ready to cast detect evil on the body after the transfer attempts, with Mordin ready to destroy the gem if the transfer worked, we should be able to make this work.

Mialee: How long until that full moon?

The DM: 3 more days.

Icarius: we should run a battery of detect x spells on him to verify our plan

Mialee: Good idea.

Mialee: Very good idea.

Mialee: Let's do that.

The DM: As you recall, he is being held at the Temple of Thor, by Okinar and his priests.

Flint: How long does it take to cast the Dispel?

Mialee: Let's go there then and try this experimental round of detect spells.

Mialee: Be sure that detect evil detects it on the body and not on the gem, for example.

Mialee: Shall we?

The DM: six segments.

Mialee: Are we headed to the temple?

Icarius: I say we should

Flint: We can.

Mialee heads out the door to the temple.

Mialee: Can't think of anything else to do but some experimental probing of the two.

The DM: You naturally arrive there with no trouble.

The DM: but do you have the spells memorized?

Mialee: I dunno. I don't have a detect evil spell. :)

Mialee: Should have asked that question first I suppose. :D

Flint: By the way, I came leave the Detect Evil spell up during the casting of the Dispel and see when the evil switches.

Mialee: Oh, that's awesome.

Mialee: I assumed it was an instantaneous thing.

Flint: No, it takes a minute to cast.

Mialee: OK, so I guess we go back to the inn and let the clerics memorize their detect spells. :)

Icarius: yep

Flint: Why?

Mialee: I dunno, don't you have to rest and stuff to memorize? I have no idea. :)

Flint: What do you want to try and detect besides evil?

Icarius: magic at least

Mialee: I don't know. Evil ought to do it, I expect.

Mialee: Mm.

The DM: Meanwhile, Certimfil has bid you all adieu, and left. It's getting dark outside.

Icarius: we've got detect magic, might as well do that now

Mialee: OK, we can go ahead and do that now.

The DM: So you're still heading for the Temple?

Mialee: Yeah, guess so.

Icarius: I thought we were already there

Flint: Yes.

The DM: Ok, again, you arrive there without incident.

The DM: There is a guard at the gate.

Mialee: To the temple?

The DM: Yeah.

Mialee hails the guard and asks why the temple needs guarding.

The Guard: Only a precaution in uncertain times, milady.

Mialee passes and enters the temple.

The DM: A priest approaches and asks if he can be of service.

Mialee: We need to speak to Okinar, please.

The priest: Very well. Follow me please.

Mialee does so.

The DM: He leads you into the temple proper, to a foyer of sorts.

The priest: Please wait here.

Mialee nods.

Pengo looks around for anything that might fit into his pockets without drawing attention, just out of habit.

The DM: He disappears, and before too long, Okinar appears.

Okinar: Yes? What can I do for you this evening?

Mialee: Okinar, we need to see Nerick, to test something, please.

Okinar: What sort of test?

Mialee: We have a theory on how we might help him and need to check to see if it will work.

Okinar: Perhaps you could enlighten me as to the nature of the test??

Mialee: We intend to cast a detect magic spell on Nerick to learn more about the nature of his condition.

Mialee: And we also need to cast detect evil on him and the gem, to ensure that we'll be able to properly detect the success of our attempt to save him.

Okinar: Very well, Come with me.

Icarius: so we can tell if our attempt to cure his was successful

Mialee: Right.

Mialee follows Okinar.

The DM: BTW, isn't the Gem still in your possession?

Mialee: Yes

The DM: As he leads you down some stairs, he explains that the priests have been feeding Nerick a series of specially prepared potions in hopes of easing the removal of his curse.

Flint: As I recall, I did a detect evil on the gem and got no reading.

Mialee: that sounds familiar, Flint.

Icarius: has he been cooperative?

Okinar: Generally, he has been cooperative. Regardless of his crimes, he wishes to rid himself of the disease.

Icarius: I'm glad to hear that.

The DM: Eventually, you arrive at a dim hallway, with locked cells lining one wall. Okinar stops in front of one of them, which is made of heavy oak, reinforced with steel bands. There is a 2x2 ft window in the door filled with bars. You see Nerick laying on a simple cot across the cell.

Mialee: OK, let's pull out the gem and cast this detect magic so we can get out of here. :)

Mialee: Is the gem in Pengo's bag or does someone else have it?

The DM: I guess it could be wherever you want it to be. :)

Mialee whips the gem out of hammer-space and casts detect magic to see what gets detected between the gem and Nerick.

The DM: The gem registers strong magic, Nerick registers barely any.

Mialee: Good to know.

Flint casts Detect Evil

The DM: Flint does not detect any evil.

Mialee: Not on either the gem or Nerick? That's bad.

The DM: No, not on either.

Flint asks "Nerick" his name.

Flint: What is your name?

Nerick(?): He replies: "You know I'm Nerick"

Icarius: do you know you're Nerick?

The DM: He gives you a bored look and replies: Yes, I think I know who I am.

Flint: Do I detect any evil?

The DM: Flint: no.

Mialee: Hm.

Mialee: That complicates things.

Okinar: We are planning the ceremony 3 days hence, on the night of the full moon, to rid the man of his disease.

Okinar: You are welcome to attend.

Okinar: Since you were responsible for his uhh… recovery.

Mialee: I for one wouldn't miss it.

Icarius: we could bring his wife along. The real Nerick would cringe at the sight of her

Mialee chuckles.

Flint: Let's discuss this somewhere else.

Icarius: yes, it's late, let's get going and discuss this at the hotel

Mialee: Agreed.

The DM: You make your way back to the King's Arms, and settle in front of the fire.

Flint: This is not the problem that it might seem.

Icarius: oh?

Mialee: How so?

Flint: There is a similar spell to Detect Evil called Detect Lie.

Flint: Unfortunately, I cannot cast it yet.

Mialee: Why not?

Icarius: level 4 cleric

Mialee: Ah. Hm.

Flint: I'm not quite capable of that level of magic yet.

Icarius: ym alter ego jozlan is l4

The DM: Jozlan is, though

Mialee: Well, that's something.

Flint: I know that.

Mialee: So you're suggesting we do the transfer, then ask who he is, and use detect lie to see if it's really him? kelvin has joined the session

Flint: Yes.

Icarius: Seems reasonable to me

Mialee: Sounds like a plan.

Flint: We simple tell him :Answer Yes of No, Are you Nerick?"

Flint: Yes or No.

Mialee: Do we want to attempt it before the lycanthropy cure or after?

Icarius: we don't know if lycanthropy will interfere with it

Mialee: Yeah.

Mialee: I'm inclined to say we let them cure that first.

Flint: I don't think it matters, but I say we try it before.

Mialee: We can always try it again after, I suppose.

Mialee: If need be.

Jozlan: I an only cast detect lie once and it lasts for 4 rounds

Mialee: Well, we can wait and do it a day or whatever later if need be.

Mialee: Well, let's try it in the morning. Sooner the better, I say.

Flint: Who is going to cast the dispel Magic spell?

Mialee: I think I have it.

Mialee: Or not. Hrm.

Mialee: Hm, not only do I not have it, but it's not in any of the books I have either.

Mialee: That's embarrassing, after all this discussion.

The DM: Clerics also have that spell available.

Mialee: Do either of you have it?

Icarius: ahh convenient

Mialee: hehe

Icarius: could I suggest that he undo the transfer?

The DM: I doubt he'd be susceptible to that particular suggestion: :)

Icarius: that would be too easy, I suppose

Mialee: :)

Mialee: That'd be pretty funny though :)

Mialee: "Yep, no problem, let me just lock myself in a gem to be destroyed."

The DM: You might also want to consider beforehand the technique you plan to use to destroy the gem.

Mialee: I thought we had already. Have Mordin smash it with his hammer.

Mialee: That seems like the most likely way to work.

Mialee: Wait...

Icarius: is there any danger there?

Mialee: Anyone have the spell Shatter? :)

The DM: I don't know if Mordin even has a hammer.

Mialee: Axe, hammer, whatever. :)

Mialee: Large heavy weapon. :D

Icarius: I do

Mialee: Icarius has shatter...

Mialee: That might work.

Mordin: I do.

The DM: The shatter spell affects //non//-magical objects of crystal, glass, ceramic, or porcelain such as vials, bottles, flasks, jugs, windows, mirrors, etc.

Icarius: ooh

Mialee: Oh. Oh well.

Flint: I guess we are back to brute force.

Mialee: Yep.

Mialee: Let's try that tomorrow then.

Icarius: ok

Mialee turns in for the night to get some rest before the big attempt in the morning.

Pengo does so too.

Flint: So to sum up:

Jozlan prays

Flint: Jozlan casts the dispel and then he casts the detect.

Flint: Jozlan will have a better chance than I will of dispelling it, and he is the only one ho can cast Detect Lie.

The DM: go ahead and update your spell lists for the next day.

Icarius: I'll study it twice for good luck

Jozlan: updated

Mialee: Same

Flint: Same.

The DM: Ok, so the sun rises, and you're feeling good.

Mialee: Let's go do this.

The DM: You get to the temple, and are brought into the presence of Okinar.

The DM: He asks what you would like to do?

Mialee: Flint and Joz are pretty much running this show. :)

Flint: Go ahead Jozlan.

The DM: Jozlan would be the most likely point man for anything to do with this temple anyway. :)

Jozlan: I think we should be the only ones in the room

The DM: Okinar still wants to know what it is you want to do to/with his "guest"

Jozlan: we need to dispel the magic possession of him

Okinar: Very well, but I must insist on being present. The man is my responsibility now.

The DM: He leads you to Nerick's cell, along with two strapping young priestlings.

The DM: They enter the cell, and shackle Nerick's hands, and lead him out into the hall. Okinar leads on.

The DM: They wind through several corridors and up some stairs.

The DM: Eventually, they get to a patio with high walls open to the sky.

The DM: There is a locked gate at the top of the stairs.

The DM: The gate leads into the patio area.

The DM: The walls of this patio are 10 ft high.

Jozlan: ok

Mialee: Seems like a good place to do it.

The DM: The section to the right has weapons hung on the walls. There are a number and wide variety of shields, hammers, morning stars, etc.

Jozlan: assuming it works :)

The DM: At the west end, you see an altar made of wood.

Okinar: This place is used for many things. We worship here, perform rituals such as you are about to attempt, and practice our martial skills."

Okinar:: Please wait a moment while we consecrate the area.

The DM: He proceeds to walk around the area, muttering some prayers, while his two associates position Nerick in front of the altar.

The DM: Please go ahead and position yourselves.

Mialee hands the gem to Mordin, so Mordin can position it how he wishes in order to smash it.

The DM: Okinar locks the gate after you're all inside.

Mialee: Let's do this thing.

Mialee: I'm going to be ready to hit the gem with a magic missile if smashing it fails.

Mialee: As a backup plan.

The DM: Ahem. From the spell description: " Inanimate objects (locks, etc.) cannot be damaged by the spell, and any attempt to do so wastes the missiles to no effect."

Mordin places the gem on the ground about 20 feet from "Nerick".

Mialee: OK. :)

Mialee: Then never mind. :)

The DM: you guys want to place your pogs?

Mordin gets ready to smash the gem with his hammer.

Jozlan: ready?

Mordin: Yes.

Mialee nods.

Jozlan: dispel magic, detect lie, ask a question, smash

The DM: You cast the Dispel Magic: Roll % (low)

Jozlan rolls d100: [7] = 7

Mialee: Nice roll. :)

Jozlan: that's low

The DM: You see the gem glow, and a glowing aura spreads from Nerick, and then the glows arc toward each other...

The DM: "Nerick" suddenly jumps up and yells NO!

Jozlan: we didn't' even ask yet :)

Mialee: Heh

The DM: The glows spread, and then arc toward each other.

The DM: They merge briefly and then disappear.

Jozlan casts detect lie

The DM: DM rolls secretly:

The DM: Nerick stands there woozily.

The DM: He shakes his head, and looks around with a confused look.

Jozlan: what is your name?

Nerick(?): "My... my Name? My name is Nerick."

The DM: (He's not Lying)

Jozlan: any other questions?

Jozlan: or is it hammer time?

Mialee: Smash it!

The DM: tick....

Mordin: Is he lying?

The DM: tock....

Mialee: DM said no

Mialee: Smash it!

Mordin strikes the gem with the hammer.

The DM: roll to hit

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

The DM: he hits it... and the gem gets a saving throw.

The DM rolls d20: [20] = 20

The DM: Apparently he caught the edge of it, and the gem skitters across the floor!

Mialee: Hit it again!

Icarius: ruh roh

Mordin strikes the gem with the hammer again.

The DM: It's across the floor.

The DM: Round 2:

The DM: Roll for initiative, Mordin

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

The DM: again

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

The DM: again

Mialee: hehe

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mialee: My word.

The DM: c'mon!

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee: That's bad news.

The DM: While Mordin chases the gem...

The DM: The Gem Flashes with light, and a ever so slight glow arcs toward Jozlan

Mialee: Uh-oh... he's trying to take over Joz.

The DM: Joz, roll a saving throw vs. Magic, add a +1 plus whatever else you have that might modify.

The DM: you get a +3 for wisdom, I think

Jozlan: wisdom + intel is 30

Jozlan rolls d20 + 4: [15 + 4] = 19

The DM: Well, that saves anyway.

The DM: Mordin, you can take another swipe

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

The DM: The gem saves:

Jozlan: what was that?

The DM rolls d20: [16] = 16

Mialee: Damn gem.

The DM: The gem saves.

The DM: Round 3:

The DM: Initiative, Mordin

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM: again

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

The DM: Your initiative

Mialee: Hm?

Mordin: Huh?

The DM: Mordin can swing again

Mialee: You won initiative though :)

Jozlan: whack it again

The DM: oh, I did, sorry.

The DM: Ok, Jozlan, save again.

The DM: You need an 8 or better

Mialee: Please. :)

Flint: You know the party is in trouble when the DM allows them to win initiative.

Jozlan rolls d20: [9] = 9

Mialee: Whoo

The DM: Mordin, try again.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

Mialee: Doh


The DM: Round 4:

Icarius: time to try a magic missile approach?

Vlix has joined the session

Mialee: Magic Missile doesn't work on objects. :(

Icarius: oh

Mialee: Please win initiative this time, Mordin :D

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Mialee: Yay

Mialee: Now bust that sucker!

The DM: Try again.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

Mialee: No-o-o.

The DM: that's a hit.

Icarius: if nothing else, maybe he's too dizzy to cast

The DM: The Gem saves:

The DM rolls d20: [16] = 16

Mialee: Dang.

The DM: Oh, yae, that's one tough Gem.

The DM: The gem skitters across the floor again.

Mordin: oh yae oh yae oh yae

The DM: Hi Sean!

Mialee: afk a sec, sorry

The DM: This time, the Gem aims at Flint

Icarius: we undid the magic jar/possession of Nerick, but we're having trouble destroying the gem

The DM: Flint, Roll a saving throw vs. Magic.

Vlix: he's not dead gem?

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

The DM: You take a -1 plus whatever your natural bonuses are.

The DM: uh, oh.

Mialee: Well, that's bad news.

The DM: DM rolls secretly

Mialee: Very very bad.

The DM: Flint stands there, rather dumbfounded.

Mialee: Restrain him, now!

Flint: I have a +1 for wisdom bonus.

The DM: You're closest.

Mialee leaps onto Flint and holds him down.

Pengo runs to help.

The DM: Okinar Casts:

Jozlan: Mordin, bring the gem and I'll dispel him again

Mordin heads for the gem.

The DM: Flint, roll another save vs. Okinar's spell

Mialee wonders what Okinar is doing.

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

The DM: Flint freezes up, rigid as a board.

Jozlan: weird

Mialee: Oh good.

Mialee: Smart.

Jozlan: oh, good :)

The DM: Okinar says: That should hold him long enough for you to expel the mage.

Mialee: Thank you, Okinar.

Mialee climbs off Flint.

Mialee: Try it again.

Jozlan casts dispel magic

Jozlan rolls d100: [62] = 62

The DM: Roll %

Mordin brings the gem near Flint.

The DM: You don't see any apparent effect from Jozlan's Spell

Mialee: That's bad.

Jozlan: 1 more, then we'll have to lock him up overnight

Mialee: Yeah.

Mordin: No lights that time. Try it again, Jozlan.

Jozlan casts dispel magic again

Jozlan rolls d100: [37] = 37

The DM: This time, the gem glows again, and Flint glows, and they glows arc and touch.

The DM: DM rolls secretly

The DM: Round 1:

Mialee: Do we need to do the detect lie again?

Mialee: Wait, we only had one try of that.

The DM: Flint stands there, discombobulated.

Jozlan: I can't, but I presume it worked

Mialee: OK. :)

Jozlan: what's you're name?


Mialee doesn't think that sounds like Flint.

The DM: But Jozlan doesn't detect a lie.

Jozlan: is the spell still active?

Mialee: Smash it!

The DM: yes

Jozlan: nifty :)

Mordin strikes the gem.

The DM: roll to hit.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [4] = 4

Vlix: I would have asked a few more questions.

Mialee: No time.

Mialee: Mordin, you need to work on your swing. :)

The DM: He misses, and the gem skitters off again.

Mialee: Go chase after the gem again, dude. :)

Jozlan: it's not too late to ask him

Jozlan: at this rate, it may be a while

Mialee: Go ahead and ask them while Mordin chases the gem. :)

The DM: Round 2:

The DM: Mordin, Initiative

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

The DM: this is too weird

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

The DM: Go ahead and swing

Mialee: Smash it!

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

The DM: hits!

The DM: The Gem saves:

Mialee: The gem better blow this save. :)

The DM rolls d20: [13] = 13

The DM: The gem is smashed to a thousand pieces!

Mialee: Whoo!

The DM: and there is a brilliant flash of light.

Vlix: he's dead gem... finally.

Mialee: heh

The DM: and you almost hear a faint wailing....

Mialee: Almost? :)

Mialee hopes it doesn't sound like Flint. :D

The DM: almost _think_ you hear a distant wailing.

Vlix: you idiots killed the wrooooong duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude

Mialee: Yeah :D

Mialee checks to see how Flint's doing.

The DM: Flint is recovered, and assures you that he is him.

Okinar: Thor has graced this endeavor with success. Congratulations!

Mialee says to Okinar, "Now all you need to do is cure Nerick."

Jozlan: that's our Thor!

The DM: About this time, Nerick is saying: "Where am I? Who are all of you? Why am I chained up? "

Mialee: What's the last thing you remember, Nerick?

Nerick: I was with my companions digging through the lair of the wizard Artanal.

Nerick: We were battling a golem, when... when....

Nerick: I don't remember anything past that.

Vlix: all Thor one, one Thor all.

Jozlan: Artanal possessed you.

The DM: Okinar steps in and explains:

Okinar: You, or whoever was in possession of your body, came to me to rid you of your lycanthropy.

Okinar: He paid well, and we are prepared to conduct that ceremony 2 days hence.

The DM: Nerick looks shocked that his "secret" is out.

The DM: Okinar also explains that Nerick might have some answering to do to the city authorities.

The DM: Are any of you offering any more explanations?

Mialee: Don't really have much more to say other than "stay at the temple until they cure your lycanthropy."

The DM: Okinar thanks you, and says that they will again take custody of Nerick, and effect the cure.

Jozlan: great

Jozlan: (did we get a reward?)

The DM: hmm. Let me check.

The DM: Do you remember Okinar offering a reward? (If you can find it in the log, he'll of course live up to it.)

Mialee: I don't remember him offering one.

Jozlan: I don't see anything in the log about it, so I guess our reward isn't monetary

The DM: So, it's about noonish. What do you do next?

Mialee: I don't have anything that comes to mind that I need or want to take care of... I think we accomplished our mission here.

Vlix: I suppose that means you'll get off Flint now... unless you like laying there.

Mialee: I already did that a while ago :)

Jozlan: oh, I hada question:

Jozlan: Okinar, what did you cast on Flint?

The DM: Hold Person.

Jozlan: ok, thanks :)

The DM: It's the 21st of November, 976

The DM: Okinar leads you out of the temple, with his two young priests taking charge of Nerick.

The DM: Are you heading back to the Kings Arms?

Mialee: Think so...

The DM: Ok, putting things in fast forward....

The DM: Two days later, you witness the cure of the lycanthropy.

Mialee: Yay Nerick.

Mialee: He's got a few people to talk to. :)

The DM: You decide to return to Byrne before the winter sets in in force, but have time to settle any loose ends in Lethbridge. Have you any?

Mialee: I don't think Pengo or I do...

Flint: Yes.

Mialee: What's that?

Flint: What do we want to do with our property here?

Mialee: Oh yeah.

Mialee: We need a caretaker for it if we intend to keep it.

Mialee: Otherwise we could arrange to sell it, although having a cool underground lair would be kind of fun.

Jozlan: that it would

Mordin: It would be a good idea to keep it as a base of operations for when we are in the city.

Mialee: Agreed.

Mialee: Need to talk to someone respectable to get a recommendation for someone to keep an eye on it.

The DM: Remember, it's lair underneath what is essentially a warehouse.

Mialee: Yeah.

The DM: it's A lair

Mialee: Who could we talk to about a recommendation?

The DM: Any number of people -- the innkeeper? Duke Richard?

Mialee: The Duke would be a good one to talk to most likely.

Jozlan: Okinar

Mialee: Or Okinar, yeah.

The DM: So is the goal just to keep an eye on it to prevent squatters, or to make use of the building?

Mialee: I think for starters, just to keep it from being busted into.

Mialee: Eventually we'll want to make use of it but I don't think that's an immediate priority.

The DM: I think you pretty much cleared out all the furniture and cleaned up the mess right?

Mialee: Yeah

Flint: I don't know if we cleared out the furniture, but we did clean up the mess.

Vlix: poof - here I am! Wow, you guys look like you'd had the snot whacked out of you.

Mialee: lol

Mialee: Wow, you missed all the action.

Vlix: well, I've been drinking and wenching (I think) and robbing the city blind (I hope).

Mialee: No XP for you!

Vlix: couldn't be helped. I had to restore a customer's server.

Mialee nods.

Flint checks to see if he knows Cure Disease.

The DM: Just a reminder from the LAST log, 'cause I know it's been a while:

The DM:

>>Mordin: We still need to go through the place with a fine tooth comb, looking for "surprises". :)

>>Pengo: Certainly. :)

>>The DM: Additionally, while you're exploring his abode, you come across a section of the floor in room 20 which gives you that somewhat familiar tingle...

>>Pengo: Oooooooooh.

>>The DM: However, you feel a slight chill -- this portal has a slightly evil aura.

>>Pengo: ugh

The DM: As it says in the spell description, you can use a portal that is aligned differently than yourselves, but the further the alignment differs, the more damage you will take as a result. Pengo: Well, if it's only slight, hopefully we can make use of it. Although with a portal in here, we may need to be wary about using this as a residence.

Mialee: Hm. Yeah, I'd forgotten about that.

Mordin: eventually, I'll fall too far behind ... and get squished along the way.

Mialee: We should probably check out that portal soon, to see where it goes.

The DM: In any case, by asking around, you can in fact find someone that will keep an eye on the place for you for a nominal fee. Say, 10gp / month to check it once a week for intruders.

Mialee: That sounds reasonable.

The DM: So will you check it out before you leave?

Mialee: We probably should.

Flint: We need to memorize that portal so we can use it to travel here.

Mialee: Yeah, although a lot depends on where that portal goes.

Mialee: Oh, wait, it's not a point to point thing.

Mialee: Never mind.

Mialee: Been a while :D

Mialee: Yes, let's go memorize it.

Flint: You might want to look up the Transfer by Portal spell.

The DM: Well, it IS point to point, but the points are selectable. :)

Mialee: Right.

Mialee: Yeah.

Mialee leads the way to our warehouse lair.

The DM:

Flint goes to Room 20 of the lair to memorize the portal.

The DM: Guess I'll have to re-label it :)

Mialee: hehe

The DM: Flint can memorize the location, but it hurts him.

Mialee: Which room is it in?

Mialee memorizes the portal.

Mialee: Oh, 20.

Icarius: I'll memorize it too

Mialee: Ah, the evil tingle.

The DM: Mialee memorizes it as well, and though it isn't exactly COMFORTABLE, it doesn't actually HURT

Mialee: I'm not as good as Flint. :)

The DM: Whoops. It hurts a LITTLE, Mialee and Icarius

The DM: But not as bad as it hurt Flint.

The DM: So, are you going to try anything else?

Flint: Jozlan, do you and Vlix want to memorize this as well?

Mialee: I'm game to bunking down, memorizing the TBP spell, and portaling home. :)

Mialee: Would we like to do that, or do it the old fashioned way?

Jozlan: oh, yes, I'll memorize it

The DM: It's also slightly painful for you, Jozlan,

The DM: But it doesn't bother Vlix at all

Mialee: That figures. :)

Vlix: \

Mialee: So... portal or walk home? :)

Flint: Do we know of a portal near home?

The DM: And if a) where will you go?

Mialee: Isn't there one at the castle in Byrne?

Flint: Is there a list somewhere of the portals we know?

Mialee: Good question...

Mialee can't remember.

The DM: There should be, shouldn't there?

The DM: We need a wiki, dammit. :)

Mialee: I think there's one but I'm not sure. Been a while.

Vlix: we have that list from waaaay back, the one we got in that city from the Elves.

The DM: There is one at the palace, maintained and trapped by Paulinus

Mialee: OK, let's walk home then. :)

The DM: and there is one in the elven enclave, maintained by the elves.

Vlix: see - I actually remembered something useful.

Mialee: :)

Mialee: Is that closer to home than this is?

The DM: The elven enclave is within the city of Byrne. about 10 blocks from your house.

Mialee: Well, let's try portaling there. :)

Flint: Will they mind us using it though?

Vlix: dial it up

Mialee: I dunno, that's a good question.

Vlix: let Mialee go through first...

Mialee: I'm game.

The DM: Recall that the last time you used it, you felt the need to hide Vlix.

Mialee: Oh yeah.

Mialee: We could just walk home. :D

The DM: and don't forget all the "pets" you need to carry through too.

Mialee: Let's just walk home. :)

The DM: I think it's time for some magical research!

Mialee: What sort of research?

Flint: Portal Creation.

The DM: to see how to create one of those portals, of course. :)

Icarius: I think you're about to find out

Mialee: Oh! Yes.

The DM: So, taking the low road?

Mialee: We definitely need to research that. Having one of these in our house in Byrne would be exceptionally handy.

Mialee: For now, yeah, let's walk home.

The DM: Fast-forwarding again....

Mialee: Need to hit up some literature when we get home, spend the winter researching portals. :)

Flint: I think we should put one in the house in Byrne, and then move our base of operations to Karak's Keep.

The DM: You walk/ride back to Byrne, arriving there on the 15th of December, 976.

Mialee: Hmm.

The DM: Your seneschal James is delighted to see you,

The DM: and within 2 hours of your arrival, has gathered the help to make your house habitable again.

The DM: OH.... KAY!

Mialee: Whee :)

The DM: ===========================================

The DM: We need some rolls, folks.

Mialee: OK...

Icarius: what d?

The DM: This adventure didn't have a lot of killing and gold gathering, so I kind of winged the X.P.

Mialee: hehe

The DM: Pengo gained a level, and Flint and Mialee each gained a fighter level.

Mialee: Yay

The DM: So I need a d6 from Pengo, and a d10/2 (round up) plus CON bonus from Flint and Mialee.

Pengo rolls d6: [1] = 1

Pengo: Argh

Mialee: Typical roll for me. :)

The DM: no kidding.

Mialee rolls d10: [5] = 5

Mialee: 3... don't think I have a con bonus with my puny 9 con.

Flint rolls d10: [8] = 8

Flint: 8/2 = 4

Flint: 4+1 + 5

Mialee: Snazzy.

Icarius: congratulations, guys

Mialee: Thanks

Mialee: That it for tonight then?

Vlix: did this xp count back to all that stuff we did back at the museum when we stole the gem.. etc?

Flint: Yes, Vlix was here for that part.

Vlix: I assume I coughed it up at some point... since I stole it.

Mialee: Yep.

The DM: Yes, Vlix. You've been involved for about 75% of the adventure, as I recall.

The DM: Umm. It could be (it for tonight)

Mialee: Why, you have more in mind?

The DM: If you leave, please keep an eye on the list, for upcoming news.

Mialee: Now I'm all curious. :)

Vlix: I need to pay off the guild probably.

Mordin: I am so close to making a level. :(

Icarius: it doesn't feel late, but tomorrow morning it will feel early

The DM: So you're settling back into life in Byrne, and enjoying the holidays.

Mialee: And doing research on portals. :)

The DM: yeah, that too. :)

The DM: A goldsmith named Malachin in Byrne comes to talk to Pengo:

Flint: I will research Portal construction, as well.

Malachin: I don't know if you remember me, but I bought much of the stock from your Grandfather's shop when he disappeared and you were forced to sell it all to pay his debts.

Pengo: I remember.

Malachin: I remember that you were (understandably) a bit numb or bewildered at the time, and weren't paying too much attention as I was appraising the merchandise. There was an envelope in a drawer with your name scrawled on it, and inside was an earring. Do you remember me asking if you wanted to keep it? { You do vaguely remember the incident. } You said "No, I need as much cash as I can get to pay off the debt."

Pengo: That rings a bell.

Malachin: Many of the items from that stock I was able to sell over time, but that one earring never attracted any attention. Years went by, and it went collecting dust in my showcase. Finally one night, I decided to wear it myself when I went out to dinner with my wife. Imagine my surprise when, as soon as I put it on, I began hearing a voice in my head chanting softly: "I belong to Pengo Strongfoot. Return me to Pengo Strongfoot. I belong to Pengo Strongfoot..." and it went on and on and on, and needless to say, I didn't want to hear this chanting earring all night, so I removed it.

Malachin: Frankly, I didn't know what happened to you, since you seemed to disappear almost as fast as your grandfather, so I had assumed that you had moved on. But then a few months ago, I heard your name mentioned in connection with some heroic rescue of a princess or something, so I asked around, and found you still lived here in the city. Anyway, here is the earring. I really can't sell it anyway, so you might as well have it back.

The DM: He gives Pengo the earring. It's a semi-clear green stone with what looks like a dark red cloud floating inside, set in ornately fashioned gold.

Pengo: Well... thank you.

Pengo stares at it.

Pengo: How odd.

Malachin: I hope you enjoy it. Farewell.

The DM: He makes his departure.

Pengo hesitates, then puts the earring on.

The DM: It's not a clip on, so Pengo will have to pierce his ear in order to wear it.

Pengo: Ouch.

The DM: When Pengo inserts the earring, the rest of the people notice that the red cloud inside the earring disappears, leaving a bright green sparkling stone that is beautiful to behold.

Pengo hears an achingly familiar voice fill his head:

"Pengo, my dear Pengo, I'm sorry to leave you in such a mess, but I need to leave town in a hurry. By now, of course, you know my secret; that despite the outward signs of professional success, I am in fact buried in debt. The money-lenders that have by now come to see you are not the only ones to whom I owe money. There are other far more nefarious usurers that have threatened my life. It is from these iniquitous hoodlums that I must flee.

"I hate to lay this burden on you, but please sell the inventory in the shop to pay off what debts you can, and watch your back! I don't think that my creditors will actually harm you physically; they made themselves clear that it was MY hide they would like on their wall, and if I've disappeared, there will be no incentive for them to use you to get to me.

"I shall be moving about quite a bit for the next several months, but once you've settled affairs as best you can, if you can forgive me for this sudden abandonment, please try to meet me in Devonshire. I'll leave word in the village of Wadebridge about how you can find me."

"Hoping to see you again soon,

    I remain, your loving Grandfather"

Pengo is stunned beyond belief.

The DM: The voice fades away

Pengo: I thought Grandfather had been hauled off and killed by thugs.

Pengo: Or at least I always assumed as much.

Pengo: I need to go find him.

The DM: But that will be a tale for another day. :)

Pengo: heh

The DM: ok, that's really it for the night. Thanks guys.

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