Pengo's Quest

This adventure was in two parts, and based on two different adventures:
The first part (the shipwreck) was based on "That Island Charm" by M.S. Rooney, Patrick Carpenter and Greg Gliedman from Issue #33 of Dungeon Magazine
The second part (sneaking into Karak's 2nd Keep) was based on TSR Module C2, "The Ghost Tower of Inverness, by Allen Hammack


The DM: So you're settling back into life in Byrne, and enjoying the holidays.

Mialee: And doing research on portals. :)

The DM: yeah, that too. :)

The DM: A goldsmith named Malachin in Byrne comes to talk to Pengo:

Malachin: I don't know if you remember me, but I bought much of the stock from your Grandfather's shop when he disappeared and you were forced to sell it all to pay his debts.

Pengo: I remember.

Malachin: I remember that you were (understandably) a bit numb or bewildered at the time, and weren't paying too much attention as I was appraising the merchandise. There was an envelope in a drawer with your name scrawled on it, and inside was an earring. Do you remember me asking if you wanted to keep it? { You do vaguely remember the incident. } You said "No, I need as much cash as I can get to pay off the debt."

Pengo: That rings a bell.

Malachin: Many of the items from that stock I was able to sell over time, but that one earring never attracted any attention. Years went by, and it went collecting dust in my showcase. Finally one night, I decided to wear it myself when I went out to dinner with my wife. Imagine my surprise when, as soon as I put it on, I began hearing a voice in my head chanting softly: "I belong to Pengo Strongfoot. Return me to Pengo Strongfoot. I belong to Pengo Strongfoot..." and it went on and on and on, and needless to say, I didn't want to hear this chanting earring all night, so I removed it.

Malachin: Frankly, I didn't know what happened to you, since you seemed to disappear almost as fast as your grandfather, so I had assumed that you had moved on. But then a few months ago, I heard your name mentioned in connection with some heroic rescue of a princess or something, so I asked around, and found you still lived here in the city. Anyway, here is the earring. I really can't sell it anyway, so you might as well have it back.

The DM: He gives Pengo the earring. It's a semi-clear green stone with what looks like a dark red cloud floating inside, set in ornately fashioned gold.

Pengo: Well... thank you.

Pengo stares at it.

Pengo: How odd.

Malachin: I hope you enjoy it. Farewell.

The DM: He makes his departure.

Pengo hesitates, then puts the earring on.

The DM: It's not a clip on, so Pengo will have to pierce his ear in order to wear it.

Pengo: Ouch.

The DM: When Pengo inserts the earring, the rest of the people notice that the red cloud inside the earring disappears, leaving a bright green sparkling stone that is beautiful to behold.

Pengo hears an achingly familiar voice fill his head:

"Pengo, my dear Pengo, I'm sorry to leave you in such a mess, but I need to leave town in a hurry. By now, of course, you know my secret; that despite the outward signs of professional success, I am in fact buried in debt. The money-lenders that have by now come to see you are not the only ones to whom I owe money. There are other far more nefarious usurers that have threatened my life. It is from these iniquitous hoodlums that I must flee.

"I hate to lay this burden on you, but please sell the inventory in the shop to pay off what debts you can, and watch your back! I don't think that my creditors will actually harm you physically; they made themselves clear that it was MY hide they would like on their wall, and if I've disappeared, there will be no incentive for them to use you to get to me.

"I shall be moving about quite a bit for the next several months, but once you've settled affairs as best you can, if you can forgive me for this sudden abandonment, please try to meet me in Devonshire. I'll leave word in the village of Wadebridge about how you can find me."

"Hoping to see you again soon,

    I remain, your loving Grandfather"

Pengo is stunned beyond belief.

The DM: The voice fades away

Pengo: I thought Grandfather had been hauled off and killed by thugs.

Pengo: Or at least I always assumed as much.

Pengo: I need to go find him.

The DM: But that will be a tale for another day. :)

Pengo: heh

Sunday, May 5, 2008
Site of Jozlan's Shrine

TheDM: Jozlan has been granted the right by Baron Stephen to build a shrine to Thor on his (the Baron's) land about 10 km NE of Byrne, along the River Adur. The site is at the top of a tall cliff overlooking the river.

TheDM: That site, incidentally, is just a few miles downriver from the Chapel of Silence.

Mialee: Nice spot.

TheDM: Jozlan has drawn up plans for a shrine that looks something like this:

Jozlan's Shrine

TheDM: This is a fairly ambitious project, and will take about 6 months to complete. You leave the project in the hands of a capable overseer, and prepare to make your way on your journey.

Mialee: Most excellent.

TheDM: BTW, you all HAD created the lab in your attic for Icarius (and Mialee and Vlix, eventually)

TheDM: Was there anything that Icarius would have wanted to brew up before starting?

Mialee: Oh, that's good to know. Did we have a chance to make a healing potion or two for emergencies?

Mialee: I guess the first thing to do is arrange transport then.

TheDM: Icarius can only make MU-type potions.

Mialee: Ahhh.

Mialee: Dunno what those would include.

TheDM: Things like invisibility, speed, etc.

Mialee: Ah.

TheDM: Levitation, perhaps

Icarius: I thought we going to put it in a separate facility to reduce the risk of fire/explosion damage

Mialee: That does sound familiar.

TheDM: We discussed it, but I thought we decided that for the low level spells he can currently cast, it wouldn't matter too much. If you have dangerous stuff to do, you could move the facility later.

Icarius: ok, sounds good

TheDM: You've decided to make the journey to Devonshire by sea, and make ready for your departure by the end of February.

TheDM: You find passage on a river boat that takes you downstream to the mouth of the Adur River, to the small city of Port Nalium.

TheDM: Nalium is slightly smaller than Byrne, but 75% of the city is engaged in port traffic.

TheDM: The wharf area only has a few ships docked.

TheDM: what will you do once you're off the small river boat?

Mialee: Did we send ahead to make arrangements for passage, or do we need to do that now?

TheDM: You have to do that now.

Mialee: Hm. Do we need to talk to a wharfmaster or to individual ships' captains?

TheDM: You could speak to the captains themselves.

Mialee looks over the docked ships.

Mialee: Any look like they're owned by reputable folks?

Pengo looks around out of sheer habit to see if there are any easy targets for a lift job.

TheDM: There are a few. One large Galleon, a medium cog, and aswift-looking sloop

Mialee: Sloop! There it is.

Icarius: ugh

Mialee channels Sean.

TheDM: Pengo sees stuff that, while valuable, is too hard to hide in his pockets.

Icarius: are pirates prevalent in these parts?

TheDM: Pirates are an ever-present danger.

TheDM: Recall that your last BIG adventure was against a league of pirates.

Icarius: oh yeah

Mialee: Yeah. Anyone have a preference here? I'm torn between the cog and the sloop.

Icarius: me too, I'd base it on the captain

TheDM: Quick inquiries uncover the fact that the sloop and galleon are both heading south. Only the cog is heading north anytime soon.

Mialee: We're going north, right? :)

TheDM: right, north to Devonshire.

Icarius: ok, that was easy

Mialee heads for the cog to inquire.

TheDM: When you make your way to the pier, you find a battered sea vessel busily being prepared for an ocean voyage. This is the Maclean, a small merchant cog out of Rheghed heading for Valonia and Devonshire. It has two masts, one deck, square sails, and a crew of 14 humans. Her current cargo capacity is 150 tons, and she usually carries silver and animal hides south into Naliam and finished goods to the north.

TheDM: The captain, one Asamin Terrence, is a sailor of many years' experience. He is businesslike and nondescript but has obviously spent a great deal of time in the sun and at sea. He can be found on the pier, observing repairs to his ship.

Mialee approaches the captain.

Mialee: "Pardon me, Captain?"

TheDM: He greets you warmly

Mialee: We've heard that you're headed north to Devonshire, and I was wondering if it would be possible to book passage.

TheDM: He offers you passage north for 25 gp each, which will cover bunks and rations. He won't require you to take part in any of the sailing duties, but does expect you to assist in fending off any "denizens of the deep or pirates such as threatens the MacLean". He expects the journey to take 2 weeks "with a fair breeze".

Mialee: That sounds quite reasonable.

Shipping Out

Icarius: sounds agreeable

Mialee: When do we depart?

TheDM: Day after tomorrow.

Mialee: Excellent. We'll see you then.

Pengo fidgets over the delay.

TheDM: Anything in particular you want to do?

TheDM: in the meantime?

Mialee: Might look around, see if anyone's got anything interesting for sale.

Icarius: I'll check out the library for any interesting books

TheDM: There are numerous shops in the city, as you would expect. Many of them, especially near the wharf, deal with ship outfitting.

Mialee: I still want to figure out how I can get some better armor someday, but I don't expect to have much luck here. :)

TheDM: This city isn't big enough to really have any sort of public library, Icarius

Mialee: I'm curious if there are any imports for sale here, since there's so much shipping traffic.

Mialee: Port cities often have exotic goods for sale.

TheDM: That's a good point, and there are some shops which seem to have a rather eclectic inventory.

Mialee goes browsing.

TheDM: One such is called "Nothing New"

Mialee goes in and looks through their stock.

TheDM: There is a gnarly old woman behind the counter that eyes you suspiciously as you browse around.

Mialee: What sorts of things are in here?

Pengo finds a pub and climbs into a stool to spend the day.

TheDM: You see many exotic looking fabrics and beads, candlesticks, ...

TheDM: and also some not so exotic clothing hanging on the walls.

Mialee: Not so exotic?

TheDM: there are several knick-knacks on a couple of shelves, and a glass case of jewelry.

Mialee examines the jewelry.

TheDM: As you're looking, the old woman points at your pendant, and says:

Old Woman: "Aye, that's a pretty bauble. would you like to trade that for something?"

Pengo works on his first beer.

Mialee smiles and says, "No thank you. Sentimental value and all that."

TheDM: You see an assortment of necklaces, rings bracelets and earrings.

Mialee: "Lovely selection you have here."

TheDM: Many of them are pretty, but some have a slightly sinister look.

Mialee points to one of the sinister ones. "What can you tell me about this one?"

Old Woman: Well, I've heard that the stone in that necklace was found in the heart of a volcano, and purified with the breath of a dragon.

Mialee makes "impressed" noises.

Mialee: "Do you happen to know anyone around here that might sell armor or weaponry?"

TheDM: Looking about, there is nothing that you can immediately see that really draws your attention.

Mialee continues looking over the jewelry.

Old Woman: There is an armorer on the other side of town, I think. His name is Bernard. you can find him at the sign of the Anvil.

Mialee: "Thank you. Um... let me think about that necklace. I may be back later."

Old Woman: He's more blacksmith than armorer, though.

Mialee smiles and departs.

Mialee debates the odds of how likely it is Bernard will have anything interesting to look at.

TheDM: She concludes that he probably wouldn't :)

Mialee: Yep. I was about to say. :)

Mialee heads for the nearest place to relax.

Mialee: OK, I'm done in this town. :D

Pengo starts into another beer.

TheDM: Ok, the day passes quietly, and you find a simple but comfortable inn to spend the night.

TheDM: The night likewise passes, and the next day dawns bright and clear.

Mialee: Another day to kill. :)

Mialee spends the day quietly resting.

Pengo skulks around town contemplating deviousness.

Icarius twiddles his thumbs

Flint and Mordin stay in the bar drinking at a steady, but moderate, pace.

TheDM: The day passes quietly, as well as the next night.

TheDM: another clear day, with a brisk breeze!

Icarius: a good omen

Mialee: Indeed!

Pengo makes sure all his gear is properly packed.

Mialee wanders down to the dock to see how preparations go for departure.

TheDM: What precautions are you taking in packing your gear for the sea voyage?

Mialee: That's a good question.

Mialee: I'm not sure what precautions to take, although I'd like to find something reasonably water-resistant to wrap my spell book in.

Mialee: Perhaps leather.

Icarius: we don't really have much fragile gear... but yeah, we should wrap up the books and such

TheDM: hmm, what sort of containers do you have that are waterproof? Hmmmm

Mialee: Could stow them in the portable hole. :)

TheDM: ;)

Flint: Oiled leather and other water resistant wrappings for metal weapons, etc.

TheDM: Although you might want to spread the wealth and put some in the hole and some in Pengo's bag.

Mialee: Sounds like a plan.

TheDM: Who is carrying the hole? I think it was Mialee, right? or Flint?

Mialee: I have it.

Mialee puts her spell book into the bag, and slips her sword into the portable hole.

Mialee: Anyone else have anything they want to tuck away?

TheDM: Mialee, which of your swords are you putting in the hole?

Mialee: One of them is already in the bag of holding, so the one I've been using. :)

Mialee: Defender goes into the hole.

TheDM: Ok, remember, the hole is not something you can just dig into in a hurry. It takes about 3-5 minutes to lay it out, and it needs to be on a relatively flat surface, etc.

Mialee: Oh, I didn't realize the time aspect.

Mialee: Spell book into the hole then, sword into the bag. :)

Mialee: If need be, I'll transfer the longsword of light into the hole.

Icarius: so we should keep a main weapon with us, anything we won't need in combat in the hole

Mialee: Well, we should have enough warning to pull stuff out of the bag if we're set upon by pirates.

TheDM: Yeah, the bag is realtively quick access, but the hole is slow. Icarius, you might want to put YOUR books in the bag, since Mialee put hers in the hole.

TheDM: Vlix will ask to do that as well.

Mordin and Flint coat their axes with a light layer of grease on the metal parts.

TheDM: Ok, it seems that you're ready, then.

Mialee: Yep.

TheDM: Ok, then, last chance for a little time travel, Icarius: You would have had time to create a combination of up to 3 scrolls or potions before you left home, Is there anything that you would have wanted to do? (Hint: think of non-combat spells that you don't normally memorize, but might be handy under certain circumstances)

Icarius: hmmm

Icarius: comprehend languages, suggestion

Icarius: and fly

TheDM: As scrolls, I presume.

Icarius: yes

TheDM: You have to roll for each one, to see if you botched the job. The chance of failure is 20% + level of spell - your level (7), so you want to roll high.

TheDM: so your chance to fail would be 14,16 & 16

TheDM: go ahead and roll them now.

TheDM: on % dice

Icarius rolls 3d100: [76 + 2 + 29] = 107

TheDM: So the suggestion failed.

TheDM: I'm adding a scroll of Comprehend Languages and one of Fly to your list.

Mordin: That would make it a bad suggestion?

TheDM: hehe.

Icarius: groan

TheDM: Moving right along: You arrive at the pier in time to see the crew of the MacLean readying her for departure.

TheDM: Captain Terrence invites you aboard, and collects your fee.

Mordin: Somebody has to try and fill Sean's place until he gets here. :)

Mialee: hehe

TheDM: He looks askance at the livestock you're bringing with you, but shows you to the hold where you'll be staying.

TheDM: Your quarters consist of hammocks slung between the beams in the cargo hold, along with the other sailors.

TheDM: There is not much more to be expected in a ship of this size.

Mialee: Looks quite adequate.

Pengo stows his gear and finds an out of the way place to hang out.

TheDM: Once you're aboard, the captain gives the order to his sailors to cast off.

Sea Journey

TheDM: He barks orders at his crew for the first hour or two.

TheDM: the move efficiently about the ship, trimming sails, etc.

TheDM: Would everyone please roll a saving throw (?) vs your constitution?

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [8] = 8

TheDM: roll UNDER your constitution on a d20

Pengo rolls d20: [9] = 9

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [13] = 13

TheDM: Vlix:

TheDM rolls d20: [5] = 5

Icarius rolls d20: [7] = 7

Jozlan rolls d20: [9] = 9

TheDM: so the only one that feels a little queazy is Pengo. He suffers a -1 dexterity and -1 to hit while on this journey.

TheDM: ok, the day passes by, and evening falls.

TheDM: the captain invites you to dine with him in his cabin.

Mialee takes him up on his offer.

Pengo tags along.

Pengo: Although possibly only for the company. :)

TheDM: He relates the tale of his last voyage, where he nearly lost his ship on a reef, having been propelled onto it with a howling wind and an unnaturally strong current. He notes that two other ships have been lost along the coast in recent weeks.

Mialee: Hm.

TheDM: He asks if any of you have spent any time at sea?

Mialee: Not really.

Pengo: Very little.

TheDM: He chats on for a while, and then excuses himself to go check on the crew.

TheDM: A few more days pass, the weather being fair.

TheDM: you observe the crew go about their duties in an efficient, quiet manner.

TheDM: During the voyage, the crew is laconic but never unfriendly to your party, and seem to go out of their way to accommodate you in any reasonable request.

TheDM: Terrence runs a tight ship and can usually be found on the decks, supervising the sailors.

TheDM: On the seventh day out, the morning breaks with sunshine and a stiff wind, but as evening approaches, the wind gets stronger and more turbulent, and the seas get rough. The captain advises you to go belowdecks to weather the storm.

Mialee does so.

Pengo takes cover.

TheDM: After sunset, the storm seems to have settleed out some.

TheDM: settled

TheDM: you notice the ship seems to be sailing in a more westerly direction than for the previous six days.

Icarius: hmm

Mialee: Hum.

Mialee: Was that expected or no?

TheDM: umm, I don't know... you might have to ask the captain.

Icarius inquires with the captain

TheDM: Captain Terrence responds that he is avoiding some known dangerous reefs, and would-you-be-so-kind-as-to-allow-him-to-do-what-he-does-best?

Icarius: certainly, of course

TheDM: The evening wears on...

TheDM: Who is up on deck, and who is below, as the evening progresses?

Mialee: I'm on deck.

Pengo: I'm cowering below because I frankly hate this freaking boat.

Mordin: On Deck

Flint: On Deck

TheDM: Later on, toward midnight, the ship is enveloped in a shroud of fog, which seems to have formed rather suddenly.

Mialee listens to the night and fidgets.

Icarius: hmm

TheDM: You hear a crunching sound (like breaking timber) near the back of the ship, and it suddenly lurches forward.

Mialee: Damn.

Mialee: "Pengo, get up here!"

Pengo is startled.

TheDM: The crewmembers remain calm and sit at their posts listlessly.

Mialee looks around with suspicion.

Pengo starts heading to the deck.

TheDM: With all the fog, it's hard to tell which way the ship is going.

TheDM: Pengo arrives on deck.

Mialee: Something's wrong here.

Mialee gestures for Pengo to open the bag.

Pengo does so and holds it out.

Mialee pulls her sword out of the bag and holds it.

Pengo tucks the bag back among his things and rests his hand on the hilt of his own sword.

Icarius: where is the captain

Icarius: ?

TheDM: He is on deck.

Flint: I think we better go see.

Mialee heads aft to investigate that crunching noise.

TheDM: he's up in the bow area

Pengo tags along with Mialee.

TheDM: You get to the back of the rear deck, but it's pretty dark, and with the fog, you can't really see even down to the water.

Mialee listens intently.

Mialee: (still holding her sword)

TheDM: You do hear the sound of turbulent, rushing water.

Mialee: The normal sound of water flowing past a boat, or something more ominous?

Pengo heads below deck to take a look.

Pengo: I have a bad, bad feeling.

TheDM: normal, but louder

TheDM: like a LOT of water. (but of course you're in the middle of the ocean)

Icarius: is the captain listless like the crew?

TheDM: you get the feeling from the sound, though, that the ship is moving pretty fast.

TheDM: you seem to be moving much faster than the current wind would allow.

TheDM: He seems to be intently gazing at the fog.

Pengo looks around below deck. Are we taking on water?

TheDM: Not at the moment, no.

Pengo goes back above.

Mialee peers out into the fog and continues to listen intently.

TheDM: Suddenly, there is a tremendous crash, throwing almost everyone off their feet as the ship slams into something in the dark, and careens precipitously on it's side. The calm night air is rent with the sound of timbers breaking, and the deck of the ship cracks in half.

Pengo heads forward. "Captain, what was that..."

Pengo: never mind :)

TheDM: It is with some dismay that you note the deck of the MacLean heave apart and hurl you into the sea. You fall gracelessly into the ocean.

Pengo: Good thing I swim like a fish.

TheDM: Any 1-segment spells?

TheDM: Desperate for air, you thrash about, not really certain which way is up. Needless to say, spell-casting is impossible in these conditions.

Mialee: Does my position at the very aft rail affect how the impact affects me?

Icarius: what of the captain & crew, or can we tell?

TheDM: Mordin, of course, sinks like a rock, and soon finds himself on a tumble of coral

Pengo: Do I see Mordin go down?

TheDM: Mialee, no, you're in the water too.

Mialee: OK... as soon as I get oriented, I make for the surface.

TheDM: At the moment, you're all too concerned with breathing to think about someone else.

Pengo swims for the surface to catch a breath.

TheDM: The ocean seems unpleasantly alive with a powerful current pulling you beyond the reef You struggle to keep above water until a great surge brings your feet into contact with silt. Another wave heaves your sodden carcasses ashore.

Mialee sputters.

Mialee: As soon as I can, I ask if everyone's all right.

TheDM: Except for Mordin. He is at the bottom, doing.... what?

Pengo: Let me know when I'm in a position to look around and notice that Mordin is missing.

Mordin: Trying like hell to get to the reef and climb out.

TheDM: Mialee, roll under your dex on d20-5

Mialee rolls d20 - 5: [5 - 5] = 0

TheDM: You kept it.

Mialee: I think that's under my dex. :)

Mialee: Whew.

Flint: Yes, even for an elf. :)

Mialee: :P

TheDM: Mordin, you scramble to the top of the reef, and the current blows you off it again,

TheDM: You decide to go with the flow, and run along the bottom WITH the current, but now you have less breath

TheDM: roll under your constitution on a d20

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [18] = 18

TheDM: You ALMOST get to the shore, but collapse some distance out.

TheDM: Pengo, you've noticed Mordin's absence by now.

Pengo: Damn!

Pengo tosses as much of his stuff off as he can and races to the water to go look for Mordin.

TheDM: Swimming like a fish like you do, you manage, even in the darkness to catch a glint off of Mordin's armor.

Pengo heads for Mordin as fast as he can swim.

TheDM: You get to him. He's heavy, and in about 10 ft of water.

TheDM: Of course, in the water, he's not all THAT heavy

Pengo: How far from shore?

TheDM: 40 ft

Pengo starts dragging Mordin.

Mordin: I'm not THAT heavy on land either. :)

Pengo: If I seem to be making poor headway, I'll start working on removing his gear. I can come back for it after I get Mordin ashore.

TheDM: The strong current helps push YOU toward shore, even though it slips past mordin as if he weren't there.

Pengo: Does that mean I've been separated from Mordin?

TheDM: However, using yourself as a "sail", you manage to drag him to the shallows.

Pengo: OK.

Pengo drags Mordin ashore.

Flint helps Pengo once he gets to shore.

TheDM: Flint, what are you going to do with/for Mordin?

Pengo: Is Mordin breathing?

TheDM: Not really.

Pengo: Hm, I think this is your territory now, Flint.

Pengo flops over backward and rests.

Flint: I will render first aid.

TheDM: Ok, you yank on his arms and beat on his chest.

Icarius: it's still a deep fog, I presume?

TheDM: He coughs, sputters and spits, and then rolls over and vomits onto the sand.

Mialee: Any sign of the crew?

TheDM: The fog seems to have cleared away.

TheDM: A preliminary search finds all hands of the MacLean have survived the wreck and are on the beach, dazed but still fairly calm. Picking through the large amount of wreckage strewn along the shore reveals most of the contents of the ship's hold, including water-logged rations.

Pengo: Was that normal?

Pengo: That didn't seem normal. Not that I'm a seagoing expert.

Mialee looks for the captain.

TheDM: was what normal?

Pengo: The sudden fog and being hit from behind by a reef. :)

TheDM: Mialee finds the captain.

TheDM: The stars and moon are out by now.

Mialee: Captain, are you all right?

TheDM: Yes, I think I am.

Mialee: What happened? Wasthat sudden fog normal for this time of year?

TheDM: Just about then, you hear a call of greeting. A low voice reeking of authority and command sounds slowly in the night, coming from a torch-bearing group of sober-looking men walking down the beach toward you.

Mialee notices absently that she's still hanging onto her sword.

TheDM: "Hail, strangers. I am Captain Johansen, late of the Admiral Andres, and a sworn officer of the Lord Mayor of Port Naliam. I am the acting lord of this island domain, and as such command you to identify yourselves on pain of swift justice. Please do not be rash."

Mialee glances at the captain.

TheDM: Captain Terrence identifies himself and his crew.

Mialee speaks up. "My companions and I booked passage aboard the MacLean."

Mialee: "I take it you've wrecked here as well?"

TheDM: Johansen bares his teeth in what passes as a smile and says:

Johansen: "I don't answer questions, so don't ask them. If you like talk, you can wait till you get to the village and jabber with the Old Man. If you enjoy living, come with us."

TheDM: Bring along what you can. We'll return for the rest in the morning.

Mialee scowls a bit.

Mialee: But follows.

Pengo gathers up the stuff he shedded before going after Mordin.

Pengo: Speaking of whom, is he up to the walk?

TheDM: Barely. he's winded, and can't move fast, but he can move.

Pengo will hang back with Mordin.

TheDM: Johansen turns and heads to the north. One of Johansen's underlings grumbles about the Captain "going easy on these cast-off weaklings" and gestures everyone to follow. The soldiers are generally large, tall, and thoroughly unlikable.

TheDM: The crew of the MacLean follows, and you appear to have nowhere else to go.

Mialee: How many of these men are there?

The Island

TheDM: There is Johansen, his lieutenant, and 6 soldiers

TheDM: You were cast ashore at point 1

TheDM: Johansen leads you up the beach toward area 2. It's a pretty fair walk, about 2 miles.

TheDM: The soldiers, incidently, are carrying crossbows and longswords.

TheDM: and are wearing studded leather armor.

Mialee: Good to know.

Icarius: how many sailors are there?

TheDM: from the MacLean? 14 plus the captain

Mialee: And are any of the MacLean crew armed?

TheDM: The MacLean crew are armed with short swords or cutlasses.

TheDM: You walk for about 30 minutes until you see the wavering light of some torches ahead

TheDM: As you round a patch of dense bushes, you see the wavering lights of several prominently placed torches illuminating a short wooden stockade. Beyond this, the thatched palm roofs of a number of huts can be dimly discerned. As you draw nearer, a crude gate swings open in the shakily built wall, and your military escort leads you into the village.

Mialee keeps her eyes and ears open.

Pengo keeps an eye on Mordin to be sure he's all right.

TheDM: The crude wooden stockade circles an area about 60 feet across.

TheDM: There are 3 thatch roofed huts in the "village"


Icarius: how old does the establishment look?

TheDM: Hard to tell how old in the dark.

TheDM: You are greeted by a short, wizened old man.

TheDM: He says: Oh, another sad tale! Please, folks, come, come into my house and rest. We can tell our stories in the morning.

TheDM: He tries to lead you into the center, larger of the 3 huts.

Mialee looks at the old man with suspicion.

Mialee: "Who are you people?"

Pengo idly looks around.

TheDM: The old man says: My name is Moran, and I've been here for years and years. These other gentlemen had the misfortune to be shipwrecked on the coral reef, just as you were.

Icarius: were you shipwrecked as well?

Moran: No, I retired here many years ago, desiring to divorce myself from the hustle and bustle of civilized life.

Mialee: Strange place to retire to.

Moran: It's quiet. I like it quiet.

Icarius: what trade were you in?

Icarius: can't be too quiet with all these shipwrecks...

Moran: I, uh, I was a tender of gardens.

Mialee looks at Moran with increased suspicion.

TheDM: He settles down on a mattress of leaves, and indicates that you should make yourselves comfortable on the floor.

TheDM: Johansen and his men bid you goodnight, and leave the hut

Pengo pats Mordin on the shoulder and moves toward the old man. "Before I retire, may I ask you from where you came here?"

Moran: I came initially from far to the east.

Pengo selects a spot to lie down, but remains standing for the moment.

Moran: East of the Aerdi Sea, in fact.

Pengo nods slowly and lies down.

Icarius disbelieves that he's an old man

TheDM: Icarius, he sure looks like an old man.

Mialee: So human, then?

TheDM: yes

Pengo closes his eyes but resists sleep.

Icarius: we should probably keep an eye out just in case, but if we were in imminent danger, I think we'd see it already

TheDM: It's tough, Pengo, It's been a long day, and you did all that rescuing and all.

Flint quietly suggests that we maintain a watch.

Mialee nods.

Mialee: I'll go first.

Icarius quietly agrees and goes to sleep

Pengo drifts off as well.

Flint: I'll go second.

TheDM: The night passes peacefully. At dawn, the crew of the MacLean quietly rise and exit the hut.

Mialee: Those guys are too damn quiet. :)

Pengo mumbles agreement.

Pengo sits up and looks around.

Mialee gets out and goes looking for Moran.

Icarius: are there any people here other than the old man and the soldiers from last night?

TheDM: As you get up, Mialee, Moran comes into the hut.

Mialee: Moran, where are we exactly?

TheDM: Old man Moran hobbles about, waving his spindly arms in an upward gesture. He begins to speak in a wavering, reedy voice. "Wake up, wake up, my new little friends! You must meet with your fellows outside.

TheDM: You are still trying to figure out why a 5'-tall man called you 'little' when you notice the presence of several dozen persons standing just outside the entrance of the hut. The crew of the MacLean is among them.

Mialee finds her suspicion renewed.

TheDM: The men stand expectantly. As soon as you leave the hut, a corpulent man with light hair greets you warmly and introduces himself as Captain Hale of the Shamrock, out of Alir, and delivers the following rambling tale.

Pengo gets up and stretches.

TheDM: whoops. did you follow Moran out?

Mialee: Now I have.

TheDM: ok.

Pengo: I'll be out in a minute. :)

Hale: "Well, it's good to meet you, friends. I've already told our story to Cap'n Terrence, but we figured to let you get all the rest you wanted after last night. Now, you already heard about our two ships-the Shamrock and the Admiral Andres-getting wrecked on that nasty reef offshore.

Hale: "Most of us from the Shamrock managed to swim ashore after the wreck, and we found Old Man Moran had been livin' here for years, hunting the ogres. So we settled down here in this clearing and built us a couple of roofs to keep out the rain. We were about ready to start puttin' together a boat to get us on out of here when another fog storm came and wrecked the Andres. That was a few weeks ago, and now we're all here together.

Hale: "Cap'n Johansen put together this wall to keep the ogres out. Nasty folk them ogres-it's been them stopping us from finishing our escape boat. But now that you guys are here, I don't think we have anything to worry about," Hale and many others smile happily at the prospect of escape.


Mialee: Ogres?

Hale: Oh, did I forget to mention them? Yeah, this island is crawling with em.

Hale: They've been a real pain, distracting us from getting our escape boat built.

Mialee: How exactly are they prevening you from finishing the boat?

TheDM: '

Hale: Well, just the constant harrasment attacks that they've made.

Hale: We never know when they're comin', so we have to be alert all the time.

Mialee: hmm

Hale: But now that you're here, maybe we'll have enough manpower to go get 'em!

Icarius: do you know where their cave is?

Hale: Oh sure, we know where it is.

Mialee: Any guess how many ogres there are?

Pengo thinks this whole thing sounds like a con job.

Icarius: yeah, very weird situation

TheDM: So you're looking around at the group, and you notice Captain Hale, along with 3 of his crew, and Captain Johansen, with his six soldiers and lieutenant, who, by the way, is introduced as Will Briden..

TheDM: The crew of the Andres consists of 12 sailors, and there are two others who have not been introduced.

TheDM: One of the latter looks like a tough fighter type, while the other is obviously more of a studious type.

TheDM: Some of the crew have been cooking some fish, and offer you some breakfast of fish and fruit.

Mialee accepts a meal.

Icarius: how big of a boat are they building?

TheDM: The boat appears to be about 20 ft long, and 6 ft wide. Probably big enough for 20 people

Mialee: So there's not room for everyone.

Icarius: how many people are here?

TheDM: Not with the crew of the MacLean and you, no.

TheDM: 48? I think a total of 48 with you all.

Icarius: Moran, how far are we from mainland?

Icarius: oh, wow definitely not enough room

TheDM: He thinks for a second: About 2-3 days' sail.

Mialee: Hmm.

Icarius: how close to completion is the boat?

Pengo: Something's really weird about this.

TheDM: Mordin, btw, is fine now, after some sleep, and by now the rest of you have noticed that Vlix is not with you.

TheDM: Well, if you take a good look at the boat, you see that it isn't nearly seaworthy.

TheDM: it really looks like it was just clapped together.

Mialee: As if it might just be for show?

TheDM: half the wood in it is rotten,

Mialee: OK, something's very, very wrong here.

TheDM: there are visible holes in the hull.

Icarius: hmm

Mialee: So... how much work is left to be done on the boat?

Icarius: do any of the people appear listless or abnormal in any way?

TheDM: The people seem normal enough, with the possible exception of being in too good a mood for castaways.

TheDM: Except for that studious guy who introduces himself as Dolopion of Skamandros, who is a real complainer, and lets you know it.

TheDM: Very pessimistic.

Icarius: does the wall look older than "a few weeks"?

TheDM: Funny you should mention that. the wall looks -- a couple of weeks old.

Icarius: oh

TheDM: It's better built than the boat, but certainly, it wouldn't hold back a slew of ogres.

Mialee: This is all wrong.

Mialee asks "How much is left to do on the boat?"

Icarius: Captain Hale, do you know the date?

TheDM: The gate, in fact, is particularly flimsy looking, and it looks like any reasonable MAN could knock it over.

TheDM: There is a great deal left to be done on the boat. It needs caulking and more lumber and a mast...

TheDM: Hale gives you the date within a few days. (Beginning of March)

Mialee: Has the fence been keeping the ogres out?

TheDM: Oh, yes, he says. Thank goodness for that fence, or we'd be in serious trouble!

Mialee: Um.

Mialee: That fence looks like it would fall over if I leaned on it.

TheDM: BTW, as you're looking around, the rest of the men go about their business, whatever that might be.

Mialee: I don't like this at all.

TheDM: Oh, no! says Captain Hale. It's sturdy enough, believe you me!

Mialee walks over and gives the gate a shake.

TheDM: It shakes a little.

Mialee: Hrm.

Mialee: That doesn't seem very sturdy to me.

Mialee backs away from the gate and stares at it confusedly.

Mialee: I'm stumped. Not sure what to think, other than I think I want to go see if there's any debris from the MacLean we could use to build our own raft to get out of here.

TheDM: The crew(s) leave you to your own devices for the rest of the morning.

Icarius: I think we should observe them for clues

Mialee: Yeah, something's very fishy here.

Icarius: are our crew acting differently?

TheDM: You see some of them go fishing in the ocean, while others work on the boat, while there is always one tending the fire.

TheDM: Your crew seem to have assimilated right into the group that was here.

TheDM: Some are out gathering wood.

TheDM: Captain Johansen does seem to be the one giving the orders.

Mialee: That sure didn't take very long for the MacLean guys to make themselves at home.

TheDM: Well, they're used to following a captain's orders, after all.

Mialee: I wonder if we should go explore.

TheDM: You could explore, no one will stop you. You could also mingle with the crew and ask questions. you could take a nap.

Mialee: I'm so confused by the situation I find myself completely unable to decide what to do. :)

Icarius: what about our captain?

TheDM: Captain Terrance seems to have accepted the subordinate role to Captain Johansen

Mordin looks for the unknown fighter type.

TheDM: She finds him, wearing full plate, and carrying a kite shield. He introduces himself as Andronicus Decius Claius.

TheDM: He is crude, arrogant, and lecherous, making a pass at Mialee within 2 minutes of their meeting.

Mialee: Wow, with my low charisma score, that's saying a lot.

TheDM: he also carries a Bardiche

Mordin: She?

TheDM: Well, remember what you're wearing on your wrist.

Mialee: Ah, yeah.

Icarius: jozlan and I are going to explore the surrounding area, staying within a close distance in case of ogres

TheDM: But that MIGHT give you a clue about his general alignment.

Icarius: looking for signs of ogres or other activity

TheDM: Beyond the wall lies a flat sandy clearing. Outside the cleared space, the area is overgrown with lush vegetation. Two trails exit the clearing, one heading due west toward the central sea inlet and the other heading northwest into the heart of the island.

TheDM: The western trail appears to be relatively new, having been hacked through from the direction of the village a month or so ago. Man-sized footprints go back and forth along the trail in great number and frequency. The other trail is much older and is far less frequently used, although a large set of recently made tracks can be found in the dirt.

Mialee: "When was the last ogre attack?"

Decius: Umm, Must have been Yesterday! Yep, yesterday, we beat back a dozen or so of them. They almost got through, but _I_ held the gate fast!

Mialee: Any ogre footprints visible outside the gate?

TheDM: The area outside the gate is too trampled to see any individual prints.

Mialee: I don't believe for a second that there are ogres here.

Icarius: maybe we should follow the trail... or watch it tonight

Mialee: "How often do the ogres attack?"

Decius: Sometimes once a day, sometimes they skip a few days, especially if I've dealt them a severe beating!

TheDM: Decius is obviously pretty full of himself.

Mialee: Mmhm.

Mialee: I'm inclined to go do some exploring, I think.

TheDM: He starts bragging about his exploits before joining his last mercenary crew.

Mialee tunes him out.

Icarius: let's do some exploring

Mialee: Sounds good.

Pengo: Yes please.

TheDM: Where are you going to explore?

Mialee: I dunno, anywhere but here. :)

TheDM: There is dense forest all around the clearing, with the exception of the narrow beach from which you came, and the two trails mentioned above.

TheDM: While you could fight your way through it, it would be slow going.

Flint: The west trail first?

Icarius: I'm interested in the trails...

TheDM: Go ahead and put yourselves in march order.

Mialee: Let's rock.

TheDM: Again, the western trail seems relatively new. You can see hacked branches on the sides of the trail.

Mialee: That one first, I think, yeah.

Mialee: Let's head out then.

Icarius: let's roll

TheDM: So you head down the trail, and it winds a bit for about a mile through the woods,

TheDM: At that point, you can see the natural cove formed by this island.

TheDM: Just before the trail leaves the woods onto a narrow beach, there is a large boulder to be seen to the south of the trail.

TheDM: Actually, it's a pile of large boulders, and there appears to be a sizable crack between two of them, probably large enough to get through.

Icarius: any ogre prints?

Mialee: Or any other kinds of prints?

TheDM: There are many human-size prints along this trail, but no ogre size.

Mialee: Can I tell how recent the prints are?

TheDM: The prints are easily within the last couple of days.

Icarius: interesting

Mialee peers into the crack.

TheDM: I'll assume by your question that you've taken the lead.

Mialee: I was just looking at the tracks :)

TheDM: There would seem to be a passageway, leading down a fairly steep incline

Mialee votes to check it out.

Icarius: only one thing to do

TheDM: Right, but to see the tracks, you would need to be in front of the dwarves.

Mialee: Ahh.

Mialee: Well, I return to my previous spot in line now :)

TheDM: So are you entering the passageway?

Mialee: I think we should. Mordin?

Mordin heads into the passageway.

Flint follows.

Mialee goes along for the ride, of course.

Icarius follows

TheDM: Ok, you don't get more than 10 feet in, when you realize that the passage is too narrow to go two abreast. You must go in single file. Please rearrange yourselves.

Mialee guesses at the order.

Icarius: good enough

Flint: That's why I followed Mordin. :)

TheDM: The passage winds down, and it doesn't take a dwarf to figure out that you are descending.

TheDM: It turns to the west, and gradually slopes down, and down and down.

TheDM: The formation of the rock walls form a sort of spiral pattern.

TheDM: The humans and elves in the party have to duck a little, as the passageway becomes almost perfectly 5 ft diameter round.

Flint: Is this natural stone, or worked stone?

Mialee: 5 feet, huh? Same size as Moran.

Mialee wonders if that's a coincidence.

TheDM: Flint, roll %

Flint rolls Percentile Dice (d100): [88] = 88

TheDM: You can't tell.

Flint: Mordin, is this natural stonework?

Mordin examines the stonework.

TheDM: roll %

Mordin rolls Percentile Dice (d100): [6] = 6

TheDM: Mordin thinks it IS worked, and not naturally occurring, but believes that it was not a "natural" working either.

Icarius: interesting

Mialee: Definitely want to keep following this then.

TheDM: So you continue, then?

Mialee: Oh yeah.

Icarius: yes of course

TheDM: You continue down the gentle slope, and eventually the passage starts curving very slightly to the right, and there is a bit of water on the floor.

TheDM: The rate of descent is very slow, probably an inch every 30 feet.

TheDM: which you can tell by the depth of the water on the floor.

Mialee: There's water on the floor?

TheDM: Yes, there is water on the floor.

TheDM: Are you continuing?

Mialee: Sure.

TheDM: The passage continues its gentle curve to the right, and its gentle descent. You get to the point where the dwarves are knee deep

TheDM: The passage continues its gentle curve to the right, and its gentle descent. You get to the point where the dwarves are waist deep

Mialee: Let's keep on going.

TheDM: You keep moving.

Icarius: is it salt water or fresh water?

TheDM: Salt water.

TheDM: Mialee, roll % (90 or under)

Mialee rolls d100: [45] = 45

TheDM: Everyone else, roll a saving throw vs spell. Apply wisdom bonuses if you got 'em.

Pengo rolls d20: [10] = 10

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

TheDM: Flint gets a +1, Jozlan Gets a +3

Icarius rolls d20: [12] = 12

Flint rolls d20 + 1: [2 + 1] = 3

Jozlan rolls d20 + 3: [16 + 3] = 19

TheDM: So Pengo, Mordin and Flint failed. the others passed. remember that.

Mialee: OK :)

TheDM: As you continue down the passageway, you feel a sudden rushing of current flowing in the direction you're going.

TheDM: The passage continues to curl to the right, a little more abruptly.

TheDM: the current you felt seems to have passed you by

Mialee: Hm. How deep is the water now.

TheDM: The water is now chest deep to Pengo, and a little more than waist deep to the dwarves.

Pengo: Good thing I swim like a fish. ;)

Pengo: Seems to be a running theme tonight.

TheDM: Yeah, just remember you can't breathe water like a fish.

Pengo: I know :)

TheDM: What are you using for a light source, BTW? I assume Icarius' rod?

Pengo: I assume we're using the rod for light.

Icarius: I'm holding my rod up high

TheDM: Ok, so you proceed down the tunnel, the dwarves and Pengo feeling almost compelled to do so, despite their curiosity.

Pengo: Hmmm.

TheDM: This cave is roughly hemispherical, with the floor descending to 10' below sea level at the far end and the cavern roof reaching 40' above sea level.

Icarius: is it natural?

TheDM: Yes, it appears to be natural, for the most part.

Icarius: what part isn't?

TheDM: The exits, which seem to be perfectly round, like the one you're in.

Icarius: oh

Icarius: and that thing is?

TheDM: Not what it looks like

TheDM: a dim, murky shape may be discerned in the far end of the cavern.

Mysterious Creature

TheDM: What's weird, though, is the "hole" in the water shown at the blue circle. It seems to be slightly moving back and forth.

Mialee: A hole in the water?

Mialee: Could it be like a whirlpool?

TheDM: Yeah, isn't that weird?

TheDM: no, it is not whirling

Icarius wonders if it's magical

Pengo: Hmm.

TheDM: Pengo is enthralled, and pushes his way to the front of the order.

Pengo: Ah, failed saving throws. :)

TheDM: Mialee is the only one that can see anything, and not too well, because of the lack of light.

Mialee: And what do I see?

TheDM: a dim, murky shape may be discerned in the far end of the cavern.

Mialee: Ah right.

Icarius: the dwarves can't see?

Mordin: Huh?

TheDM: bak

TheDM: Well, sure, they can see. but they're not tellin'

Mialee: They're all mind-addled. :)

Icarius: ugh

Mialee enters the chamber cautiously.

TheDM: BTW, have we all picked our spells today?

Mialee: Yeah

Icarius: yes

TheDM: Ok, then, what next? The short guys are all standing up to their chests or neck in the water, and they seem curiously quiet.

TheDM: The water seems quite warm, btw.

Mialee continues around the edge of the room.

TheDM: nope.

Mialee: Eh?

TheDM: Flint and Pengo block her way.

Mialee: Like, physically restrain me?

TheDM: yes

Mialee: Oh boy.

TheDM: And they all draw their weapons.

Icarius: hmmm

Mialee: Well... gosh, I'm not sure what to do now.

Mialee: Kind of unsure how to break these guys of their mind warping.

Icarius: I could sleep them

TheDM: remember, they are chest deep in water. sleep might be fatal

Mialee: Then they'd fall over in the water and drown :)

Icarius: yeah

TheDM: Speaking of which, Voronda has decided that guarding the entrance to the passage is the better part of valor.

Mialee: Wise.

Mialee: Hmmm. OK. Can I see whatever that thing is well enough to lob a magic missile at it? :)

TheDM: yes, you can.

Mialee: Any objections? :)

TheDM: is it within range?

Mialee: Good question... I have no idea.

TheDM: oh, yeah, easily

Icarius: go for it

Mialee lobs Magic Missile at the creature.

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(4 + 1 + 2) + 3] = 10

Icarius holds his rod up in a taunting manner

TheDM: Your missiles arc out at the thing, and seem to hit some sort of barrier, and zoom back at YOU! take 10 Pts of damage.

Mialee: Dammit.

TheDM: Now that Icarius' light is in the cavern, you can see the murky shape better:

Mialee: wtf?

TheDM: Hey, btw, I notice that it's after midnight. Shall we call it a night, so you all can "commune with the gods" about what you're facing?

Mialee: Yeah, that's a good idea, I think. I'm having trouble thinking of what to do here. :)

Icarius: yeah, me too

Mordin: Huh?

TheDM: Ok, then, Kelvin, let's see how your logger worked, eh?

May 18, 2008

TheDM: Again, here is the creature on the far side of the water filled cave:


TheDM: Vlix, I'll assume you were trailing the party the whole time, keeping your distance, but ready to intervene as needed. And it looks like it's needed..

TheDM: The blue circle represents a "hole" in the water; not a whirlpool, but as if something were holding back the water.

Mialee tries heading for the hole to get a closer look.

Vlix: Ok Vlix catches up

TheDM: When she approaches within 10 feet...

Vlix: "Here I am... I sensed Pengo was about to become monster food"

Pengo: I'd chuckle, but I'm currently being mind controlled by said monster.

TheDM: the "hole" becomes filled with a column of water, eerily humanoid in shape, which stands about 8 feet above the water surface.

Mialee: Interesting.

TheDM: an "arm" reaches out, and a high-velocity stream of water shoots out at Mialee.

Mialee: Joy.

TheDM: roll a saving throw

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [16] = 16

TheDM rolls d3: [1] = 1

TheDM: you're not blinded by the spray, but you take 1 pt of damage, from (inhaling?) the water

Mialee: OK

Vlix: was this hole always here or did it appear when the critter was discovered?

Mialee: The hole was always here.

Vlix: does anyone have something "cold" or "frost"?

TheDM: The column of water now occupying the hole sways to and fro a bit, like a wrestler wary of his opponent's next move.

Mialee: Doesn't look like it, Vlix.

Mialee: I'm really stumped about what we're going to do now.

Mialee: With no frost spells and no dispel magic... just not sure how to proceed.

TheDM: sometimes the better part of valor....

Mialee retreats a bit.

Vlix: I'd say, grab the enchanteds and less try skirting the well to another opening for now.

Mialee: The enchanted ones are physically preventing us from going around. Grabbing us and blocking our way.

TheDM: those other openings you see in the walls are underwater, or nearly so.

Vlix: is this monster small enough to fit into any of the openings?

TheDM: you can't tell, really, since most of the openings are underwater.

Pengo: Hm.

Mialee: So... do we retreat and see what happens, or...?

TheDM: All of this thinking, BTW is passing by in an instant. :)

Vlix: "Are you aware, can you understand me and communicate?"

TheDM: Who are you asking?

Vlix: At the water thingy but in the same direction as the turtle-whatever...

TheDM: what you take to be the head region nods a bit

TheDM: of the water column

Vlix: Whom am I speaking to, the water or the creature behind the water?

TheDM: the water column / creature

TheDM: NOT the thing in the back

Vlix: no, that was a question addressed to the water... so the water thingy is sentient?

TheDM: OHH :)

TheDM: There is no response to your question.

Mialee: That's an odd shift.

Vlix: I am Vlix, my companions and I will not harm you if you do not seek to do us harm. Do you understand me?

TheDM: a slight nod

Mialee watches Vlix.

Vlix: I am sorry that we have intruded on you... we are searching ... nudges Mialee to take over the story

Mialee clears her throat.

Mialee: We are trying to understand why the people living on the coast are acting strangely. They appear to be hallucinating, and we're curious why.

Mialee: We did not come here to harm you.

TheDM: no reaction

Mialee: You try saying that, Vlix.

Vlix: Did you understand her?

TheDM: no reaction

Mialee: Hm.

Mialee: I wonder if this creature is responsible.

Vlix: seems plausible... something's controlling the others.

Mialee: "Why are you doing this, if I may ask?"

Mialee: "Are you the one causing the hallucinations in the people on the coast?"

TheDM: no reaction from the column of water

Mialee: "May we take our friends and go?"

TheDM: no reaction

Mialee looks at Vlix and Jozlan and Icarius and shrugs.

Mialee: Now what?

TheDM: Jozlan suggests that a re-grouping might be in order.

Vlix: we could see if we can leave, pulling the companions along with us.

Mialee gently takes Pengo by the arm and tries to guide him out of the chamber.

TheDM: Your companions follow you out when requested.

Mialee: Do they snap out of it when they do?

TheDM: not exactly

Mialee: Not exactly?

TheDM: are you exiting the cave/passage entirely? Or heading that way?

Mialee: Heading that way, but not exiting yet.

TheDM: when you get about half-way back, you again feel the current in the water, this time flowing uphill.

TheDM: you arrive at the cave entrance.

TheDM: your companions seem ok, if a bit complacent.

TheDM: to remind you, the entrance to the cave is more or less directly west of the numeral 2 on the island map

Mialee: Sounds like the folks down at the village.

Vlix: this is the only way in we know of?

TheDM: yes

Mialee: What time is it, roughly?

TheDM: I think it's late afternoon.

TheDM: You headed for the cave after being fed lunch at the village, if I recall.

Mialee: OK...

Mialee: The main thing I think of is that we need someone to memorize some dispel magic so we can try to cure our companions here before we proceed.

TheDM: Jozlan agrees with that plan.

Vlix: don't forget to get'em naked first.

Mialee: OK, who all can memorize dispel magic?

Mialee: Joz seems to be the only person who's got it along.

Vlix: or at least remove their magical items from their persons.

Mialee: Yes, good call.

TheDM: Jozlan and Flint

Mialee: Well, Flint's one of the affected. :)

Mialee: So we'll go with Joz then.

TheDM: you're at the cave entrance...

Mialee: So we'll settle down and let Joz do that.

TheDM: Well, he'd have to rest overnight and all

Mialee: Yeah, I know.

Mialee: I think I'd rather do it here than in that creepy village.

Vlix: anyone try to sleep that critter?

Mialee: No... I did cast a magic missile, which hit a barrier and bounced back.

TheDM: That was at the strange creature in the back, though, not the water column, just to be clear

Mialee: True


TheDM: I would say that you have with you, in your various magical receptacles, any scrolls or potions that appear on that page.

Mialee: Hm, we have a dispel magic scroll.

Mialee: We could probably use that instead of having to sleep overnight to memorize.

TheDM: Jozlan agrees with that as well. :)

TheDM: Although, since there is no emergency at the moment, that might be a waste of resources...

Mialee: That's true.

Mialee: Let's just rest and do it that way, and save the scroll for later.

Vlix: so.. we have that ring of water walking with us?

TheDM: yes to the ring.

TheDM: unless someone has already picked it up.

TheDM: So you settle in to rest.

TheDM: Jozlan Casts a CSW on Mialee

Mialee: Thank you.

Mialee: For how many points? :)

Flint rolls Cure Serious Wounds (2d6 + 5): [(6 + 2) + 5] = 13

TheDM: there ya go.

Vlix: did anyone ever check if the ship's anchor brooch was magical?

Vlix: or identified

Mialee: Not that I recall.

Vlix: ...apparently it is magical.

TheDM: not that you've seen.

TheDM: So, you've settled in to rest, and an hour and a half goes by, when you hear the sound of tramping feet coming from the trail to the west.

Mialee: Hmm.

Mialee stands back up and draws her sword.

Vlix: same

TheDM: Vlix, I remind you that prior to this, you had remained in hiding.

Vlix: takes cover

TheDM: in the cave?

Vlix: yah, decided to hide as you said that..

Vlix: is the brush sufficient cover? if not, I'll take the cave mouth

TheDM: You could find some concealment in the bushes.

TheDM: it would be about 30 ft from the rest of the group.

Vlix: ok

TheDM: The sound becomes louder, and you see a group of soldiers and sailors emerge from the woods.

TheDM: headed by Capt Johansen

Mialee waves.

Vlix: yah shure yoo betcha

TheDM: You also recognise the old man Moran in the group.

Johansen: Well met, my friends!

Mialee smiles and says, "Hello!"

TheDM: We feared you had become lost, so we set out to find you, lest you be lost in these dangerous parts during the night.

Johansen: There be fearsome ogres wandering about, don't forget.

Johansen: We will guide you back to the camp.

TheDM: He indicates with a curt gesture that you are to get up and follow.

TheDM: Flint, Pengo and Mordin imediately comply

Vlix: it's gilligans island meets children of the corn

Mialee says, "No thanks, I'm fine."

Mialee: Flint, Pengo, Mordin, we're making camp here, remember?

Johansen growls: That was no request, Madam. You WILL return to the camp.

TheDM: Then he eases up:

Mialee: Excuse me?

Johansen: We need every able body in case of an ogre attack in the night!

Mialee: I'm sure you'll be fine.

TheDM: The group of sailors and soldiers slowly start spreading out, encircling your group.

Mialee: You're going to find yourselves short on able bodies if you don't return to your village right now.

Vlix: wonders if Mialee will do the prudent thing "for now" and comply...

Johansen: What?!?! How dare you address me inthat manner!?

TheDM: The sailors and soldiers raise up the crossbows they're carrying.

Mialee: I apologize if I've offended you. I don't take kindly to orders from strangers, especially under such odd circumstances.

Mialee: We simply wanted to scout ahead so that we could provide advance notice if the ogres choose to attack

TheDM: Pengo, Mordin and Flint, now standing with the others, nervously finger their weapons.

Johansen: That is not necessary. We have enough early warning systems.

Mialee: Such as?

Johansen: We post guards on the ramparts al night long.

Johansen: Come along now. it will be dark soon.

Mialee: Well, if you're sure that's prudent.

Mialee scowls annoyedly.

Johansen: Absolutely. We must stick together if we're to survive the dangers of this island

Mialee: Uh-huh. Sure.

Mialee: Because of all the ogres. Right.

Johansen: Come along, or I'll be forced to shackle you.

Mialee: I said I'd go. Lead on.

TheDM: Johansen heads back along the path, with 1/3 of the group ahead of you, and 2/3 behind you.

Mialee: So, where do these ogres live, anyway?

Johansen: They are scattered across the island, in caves and villages.

Mialee: I see.

TheDM: It takes about 45 minutes to make it back to the village, where there is a hearty meal of fish cooking on the communal fireplace.

TheDM: The sun sets behind the trees.

Mialee hangs out chitchatting with the sailors and soldiers, pretending not to think they're all really creepy.

TheDM: They regale her with stories of their exploits in glory days gone by, and

TheDM: boast of mighty deeds yet to be accomplished.

TheDM: Andronicus Decius Claius, the arrogant one, leads the pack in that regard.

Mialee: Nothing gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies like people that are mind-controlled. :)

Mialee: I hesitate to sleep tonight. :)

Vlix: meanwhile, I'm trying to remember what the spell firewater does

Mialee: Lets you turn water into a flammable liquid, iirc.

Vlix: just the surface?


Mialee: Joz, don't forget that we need dispel magic. :)

Mialee: Turns a volume of water into a flammable liquid similar to alcohol and likewise lighter than water.

TheDM: Well, Mialee, you don't really need a LOT of sleep, being an elf and all.

Mialee: Good, because I think I would rather claw my eyes out with a dirty fork than sleep in this place tonight.

TheDM: ok, well, Jozlan settles in to sleep, along with Icarius.

Mialee: Hm, dispel magic works on everything within a cube... we could probably get at least some of the residents of the island along with our own people.

Mialee sits up, poking the fire and generally trying to keep her mind off the creepiness.

Vlix: I think I'll creep back down the tunnel...

Mialee pretends to be on the lookout for ogres.

TheDM: Mialee notices Moran creeping out of the hut, and through the gate. The guards pacing the fenceline ignore him

Mialee wants to follow but is pretty sure she's nowhere near stealthy enough to get away with it.

Vlix: nothing ventured nothing gained

TheDM: Vlix, you get halfway down the tunnel, and get into some knee deep water.

Mialee: Decides to try to take advantage of her cloak of elvenkind and starts trying to stealthily follow Moran.

TheDM: The guards do notice you, and call you to halt.

Vlix: I'm going along.. stealthy as possible.

Mialee smiles and returns to her seat at the fire.

Vlix: I've got the stilleto in one hand, and the WoF in the other.

TheDM: Wand of Fear?

Vlix: yah

TheDM: Vlix, at the point where the water gets thigh deep, you feel an odd current flowing past you

TheDM: lessee.

TheDM: you're a half-drow, right?

TheDM: do you want to roll your resistance, or should I?

TheDM: you go ahead: %

Vlix: I didn't have to roll anything before? I thought I was immune.

TheDM: you're 30% resistant.

TheDM: I forgot to have you roll before.

Vlix: swell, that would have changed my plans.

Mialee: :)

Vlix rolls d100: [65] = 65

TheDM: ok, roll a saving throw now, 12 or better on d20

Vlix rolls d20: [10] = 10

Vlix: of course.

Mialee: Ugh.

TheDM: You wonder what in the heck you're doing here anyway, and decide to go to the village to join your friends.

Vlix: after that, I'll decide to build a raft and try to escape by sea.

TheDM: Of course, you're challenged by the guards at the gate, who shout "HALT! who goes there?"

Mialee: Can I see him?

TheDM: Yes, you can.

Mialee waves. "Hi, Vlix!"

TheDM: The guard turns and looks at Mialee with a "huh?" look on his face.

Vlix: hey, its just me... I'm their friend. I want to build a raft.

Mialee: "He's part of our party... thought he was lost when our ship sank, so it's quite a relief to see him!"

Guard: Oh, ok, if you say so.

TheDM: He opens the gate and lets you in.

TheDM: Vlix walks calmly into the hut and settles down for a nap.

Mialee watches Vlix go with a scowl.

Mialee: "Dammit."

Vlix: hey, when I wake up... remind me to build a raft.

TheDM: The night passes, and Jozlan wakes up, and comences with his morning prayers, while Icarius studies his books.

TheDM: Flint, of course, does his morning prayers, but doesn't think to ask for any new spells.

TheDM: Mordin gets up and goes to chop some wood for the fire.

Mordin: Vlix, remember to build a raft.

Mialee stands up and stretches.

TheDM: Jozlan and Icarius consult with Mialee.

Jozlan: What should our plan be?

Jozlan: Also, have you rechecked your spells, Mialee?

Vlix: Thanks! So.. if I can, I start building a raft.

Mialee: I think we should get as many people with the dispel magic as we can. Get our people together in one place and try to nail some of theirs too.

Mialee: Hey, you can work on their "raft" they've been building for ages, which is clearly a sham. :)

Vlix: nah, I want to build my own raft. the ss minnow.

Mialee: I've updated my spells.

TheDM: Ok, Jozlan is ready.

Vlix: see... these empty coconuts can store fresh water for our trip. I'll call them cocanteens.

TheDM: Where do you suggest he do it?

Mialee: I'm thinking right here in the village if possible.

Mialee: Maybe during the first meal.

Mialee: If we can get Moran too, that might be helpful.

TheDM: Ok, you notice Moran sauntering into the village about then, as some of the sailors go about the duties of preparing breakfast.

TheDM: the men gather for the meal.. what are you going to do?

Vlix: determines that by using sand as ballast, his raft could also be a submarine.

Mialee: Are our people gathered together in close proximity, so we can get all our guys with one Dispel Magic?

TheDM: Yes, but you can't get Moran in the same group.

Mialee: Well, getting ours first is the priority... then we can target Moran.

TheDM: Jozlan informs you, however, that he has prayed for 3 instances of the spell.

TheDM: As the crew eats, you are mingled in with several of the sailors, about 12 of them.

Mialee nods to Joz.

Jozlan casts the spell, ensuring that all of your party are within range and AOA.

TheDM: DM rolls secretly

TheDM: Your entire party suddenly becomes aware --

TheDM: or rather, somewhat confused as to how they ended up right here right now.

TheDM: several of the sailors also look a little bewildered.

Mialee: Joz, get the next batch... try to get Moran.

Jozlan casts the spell again.

TheDM: Johansen starts, and several more sailors and the soldiers in the vicinity of Moran look around a bit bewildered.

TheDM: But Moran suddenly jumps up and down.

Mialee watches Moran.

TheDM: and shouts as if for joy.

TheDM: In some language you don't know.

TheDM: Then, his form begins to writhe and waver, and grow! Suddenly standing before you is an 18' tall humanoid, wearing light blue silk pantaloons and a dark blue vest.

Giant: HA HA HA HA hhhaaa!

Mialee: Um.

Giant: Whomever among you is responsible for this, I give you my THANKS!

Mialee: You're all right now, then?

Vlix: damn... now I'll never know if my submaraft would have worked.

Mialee: lol

Mialee: The way your saves roll, probably not. :D

TheDM: and with that, the form becomes surrounded with mist, and the mist starts to spin like a cyclone

TheDM: and rises up into the air,

Mialee: wtf? :)

TheDM: and swirls out over the ocean and disappears.

Mialee: Interesting.

Vlix: and a great evil has been released into the world.

Mialee: Could be. :)

Mialee: So, can we tell how many people haven't been cleared yet?

TheDM: By now, there is a loud jabbering of voices,

TheDM: as the soldiers and sailors are arguing and talking excitedly

TheDM: at least those within the two areas of effect, which include about 2/3 of the whole contingent.

Mialee: Can we get the other third?

Mialee stands up on something and calls out for quiet, and explains what's happened.

TheDM: As a matter of fact, several of those (not in the AOA) get up and slowly start moving toward the gate.

TheDM: What does she explain?

Mialee: We need to keep those folks from leaving!

Mialee: I explain that there's a creature on the island that's been affecting their minds, but that we've dispelled the effect on most of them.

TheDM: Johansen quickly takes charge: "Seize those men!"

Mialee: We need to dispel the effect from the remaining people, for their own safety as well as ours.

TheDM: As the ok sailors and soldiers start to act on that, the still-charmed pull out their weapons. and back toward the gate.

Jozlan casts his last spell.

Mialee: Are the still charmed ones in a small enough area that... yeah.

TheDM: They stop, and look around bewildered.

Mialee: Nicely done, Jozlan.

Jozlan sits down, a bit tired.

Mialee: We need to get off this island as soon as possible. Now that we're not under the influence of that creature, we need to work on building rafts or boats to get out of here.

TheDM: Johansen agrees, and starts barking orders at the men to get serious about their boat building.

Mialee pitches in to help.

TheDM: It will still take several days or weeks to construct enough seagoing vessels to transport all of you.

Mialee: Well, we do what we have to do.

Mialee: And we stay the hell away from that cave.

Mordin: I'd like to go have a 'chat' with that thing in the cave.

Mialee: The problem is that it appears to be going into the cave that gets you influenced.

Vlix: Capt Johansen I have this idea... I call it the Submaraft...

Flint: More likely just getting close enough to the creature for it to cast the spell.

Mialee: Either way, we need to stay down here and just build our boats.

Vlix: checks his gear, to see if anything that used to feel magical still feels magical.

TheDM: Everything appears normal, Vlix.

TheDM: err, normally magical

TheDM: or magically normal.

Vlix: magically delicioius?

Mialee: :)

Mialee: Let's just build. :)

Icarius agrees with Mordin, that he'd be curious as to what's in the cave.

Mialee: It seems to me like an incredibly bad idea to go back in there.

Pengo: I agree -- I want to go find my grandfather!

Vlix: sits on the beach watching the raft building... "that could have been my submaraft"

Flint: Were we attacked in there?

Mialee works on building a raft.

Mialee: Well, from my point of view, being mind-controlled is an attack, so yes.

TheDM: So a couple of days go by, and everyone is helping the boat-building effort.

Flint: Did the controlled ones attack the others?

Mialee: They threatened to.

Vlix: no, they threaten to shackle you.

Vlix: big diff.

Mialee: They drew swords and crossbows and surrounded us.

Flint: When did they threaten to?

Mialee: That's close enough for my tastes.

Vlix: if you resisted.

Mialee: Why on earth would you want to go in there and risk being mind-warped again?

Mialee: That's insane. No way in hell am I going in there.

Mialee: And if any of you decide to go, I'd insist that Jozlan not go.

Mialee: Someone needs to fix you if and when you come out.

Vlix: I'm not going back...

Pengo: Me neither. I need to find my grandfather.

Flint: They could have killed us the first night, The creature has them doing useless work to keep them occupied. When we entered the cave, the creature didn't have the controlled party members attack the others. I think the creature is peacefull and wanted to simply protect itself.

Vlix: I feel that if we go back, we may or may not be rolling the dice with our fate... and bad things will happen to us.

TheDM: The work on the boats continues for several more days. Trees are cut for masts, and plants are sought which might contain resin to caulk the seams with

Mialee: And I think that controlling minds is a vile violation and I want nothing to do with a creature that would do that.

Pengo works on a boat.

Vlix: so its a pacifist creature... what are you going to do? Go back and say "Ha! We know what you did.. we get it.. you're peaceful and don't want to hurt anyone... OK, we'll leave you alone now... we're leaving. Just wanted to let you know we figured it out. Thanks! ta-ta!"

TheDM: Days turn into weeks, and life settles into a routine of gathering food, gathering wood and other building supplies.

Mialee: Yeah, I don't see the point in going in there.

Flint: It might have some useful items that it doesn't want.

TheDM: One day, 4 of the sailors that had gone into the woods to the north looking for special sap came running back to the village, screaming "Ogres! Ogres!"

Mialee: They got too close.

Mialee: We'll need to clean them again.

Vlix: and.. we need the special sap probably.

TheDM: They are corralled by Johansen, and sta down and interrogated.

Flint: They are coming from the north trail. The creature's cave is on the west trail.

Vlix: I'm the one who is going to feel like a sap.

TheDM: They claim that they were up north a bit, looking for the sap, when they saw an Ogre crashing through the woods.

Mialee sighs.

Pengo ignores it all and keeps working on a boat.

TheDM: When asked how many, they said they only saw one, but after all, where's there's one, there's usually many

Vlix: Gets up, goes to investigate.

TheDM: Vlix, are you heading up the northern trail? If so, are you going alone?

Vlix: looks back, to see if anyone follows... if they don't, so be it.

Mialee doesn't go.

Mordin follows Vlix

Mialee: This is a bad idea.

Mialee goes back to working on a boat.

Flint follows Mordin

TheDM: The trail goes north, wandering through the woods. it seems to be fairly well-worn.

Vlix: looks for tracks

TheDM: You follow the trail for about an hour.

TheDM: As you walk along the well-worn path leading north you notice dry gullies on either side of the trail. They are about 2' deep and appear to have been made by the rapid drainage of water from some point farther up the path.

Vlix: humm... ok

TheDM: After several minutes of walking between lush foliage, you enter a large clearing dotted with several wrecked mounds of dried mud and bamboo. Debris is strewn on the ground.

Ogre Village

Flint: Do the gullies feed into the trail or away from it?

TheDM: DM rolls secretly

Vlix: is this an island grave yard?

TheDM: The gullies sort of parallel the trail.

Vlix: oh wait...

Vlix: I get it.

Vlix: I bet if we dug open the mounds of mud, we'd find eggs.

TheDM: Broken spears and other signs of a fierce battle are liberally strewn throughout the area

Vlix: or not.

Flint: How are the spears crafted?

Vlix continues warily up the path

TheDM: They are crude, but large

Mordin: About Ogre sized?

Vlix: the mud... ogre sized?

TheDM: yeah, you would guess they are that type

TheDM: The collapsed mounds are about 15-20 feet across,

TheDM: There are 9 of them in the clearing.

Mordin: Any signs of defensive works?

TheDM: No

Vlix continues on


TheDM: The central hut seems not quite so collapsed

Pengo keeps working on a boat, blissfully unaware of the goings-on up the trail.

TheDM: This building remains mostly intact despite the warping of its north and east walls and the collapse of its entrance. Anyone under 5' tall (and not too fat) can squeeze through the hole in the northeast corner. Crude furnishings inside the hut include a mattress of palm fronds and an overturned bamboo table.

Vlix: sure, I'll check it out

Vlix: poke, lift, search

TheDM: Considering the construction of these huts, (mud and wood) it looks like they were attacked by a typhoon or huge wave, but you're far too inland to have that happen

Vlix: oh, I have an idea as to what happened.

TheDM: under the mattress you find a rusted strongbox buried beneath a thin covering of dirt.

Vlix: big?

Flint: It wouldn't be about 18' tall would it?

TheDM: heh, no

Vlix: Flint, help me...

TheDM: it's about 2' x 3' x 1'

Flint helps Vlix.

Mordin stands guard.

Vlix: lets drag it out of the hut... looks

TheDM: You drag the box out into the clearing.

Vlix: ar, pirate ogre booty me thinks

TheDM: The box appears to be locked and sealed.

Flint: I had meant that Vlix's idea of what happened wouldn't happen to involve something 18' tall. :)

TheDM: oh, heh, I see. You never know. :)

Flint: I will when Vlix tells me. :)

Vlix: checks for traps

TheDM: DM rolls privately

TheDM: Vlix finds no traps

Vlix: pick it

TheDM: roll it

Vlix rolls d100: [95] = 95

Vlix: heh

TheDM: sorry, it's too rusty or something.

Vlix: smash the lock then... Flint?

Vlix: I've got a spike

Flint: I'll smash the lock.

TheDM: You smash the lock.

TheDM: The hinges on the chest are rusty too, but you manage to get the thing open. Just about that time you hear a gruff voice from the tree line to the NW:

Gruff Voice: Hey! Leave that alone! That don't belong to you!

TheDM: The voice is speaking in Ogrish

Vlix: I'll reply in Ogrish back... come out and we'll talk about it.

Gruff Voice: Naw, I think I'll wait here 'til my brothers come back.

Vlix: I think we should attack

Flint: I think we should see what's in the chest. He can come to us.

TheDM: You look into the chest.

Vlix: Me thinks you'll be waiting a long time Ogre...

TheDM: It contains a boar-bone headdress (20 gp value), three sculptured lapis lazuli icons of a little-known ogre fertility god (50 gp value each), an ornate silver spearhead (old dwarven craftsmanship, worth 1,000 gp), and 29 grime-encrusted coins that are apparently worthless

Flint: I think we should take it all.

Vlix: lets the dwarves pick what they want... taps the lid and bottom for compartments.

TheDM: You don't find any secret compartments

Vlix: OK dwarf, I thought I was the thief.

TheDM: So what next?

Flint: It's not stealing, it's loot. Where do you think the ogre got it, if it even belonged to him.

Vlix: If you want any of your precious items Ogre, you'll come out and talk to us.

Vlix: the headress, the fertility items?

Flint: Yes.

Vlix: doubts those would be loot he stole from somewhere.

TheDM: You see some leaves rustling at the edge of the woods.

Vlix: we're waiting... I just want to talk.

TheDM: An ugly ogrish head and shoulders pokes through the heavy underbrush.

Flint: Ogres, orcs, hobgoblin, giants - they are all worthless scum.

OGRE: You should leave that there. It's mine

Vlix: We didn't know that until you claimed it... this place looks deserted.

Vlix: What happened here?

OGRE: Well, you know it now.

OGRE: I -- we live here.

Vlix: What happened? It looks like something destroyed your village.

OGRE: If I tell you what happened, will you leave me my things?

Vlix: Looks at Flint...

Vlix: that depends on what you have to tell us.

OGRE: I was away foraging --- with my brothers -- when we heard a ruckus goin' on here.

Vlix: and...

OGRE: we came back, and saw our chief fall in battle with a huge giant. The whole village here was flooded, too.

Vlix: when did this happen?

OGRE: don' know how that happened.

OGRE: it was 'bout 3 turns of the moon ago.

Vlix: describe the giant to me.

OGRE: I -- we 'bin hiding out waiting to get back at that giant.

OGRE: he was tall, bout twice my size, dressed in girly pants and carrying a big scimitar kind of blade.

Vlix: heh, Moran I assume.

OGRE: He didn't show no emotion at all when he cut down all'n our folk.

Flint: Yes, and his watery companion from the cave.

Vlix: how did you come to be here on this island ogre... and do you have a name?

OGRE: I'm called Kazir, and we've lived here forever. Least as far as I know.

Vlix: what else can you tell me about this island Kazir?

Kazir: not much to it, I guess. lots of trees, but not too much game anymore.

Vlix: do you know anything about the creature in the cave?

Kazir: Oh, there's caves all over this place. which one do you mean?

Vlix: come out here and draw me a map in the sand.

Kazir: Unh, unh. Nope. Not gonna do that.

Vlix: why not Kazir? I just want to talk.

Kazir: I can talk fine from here.

Vlix: well then, I'd say we can't verify your claim on these goods then....

Kazir: They're MINE I tell you!

Vlix: we'll leave you this head dress... it's not my style.

TheDM: he growls and gnashes his teeth.

TheDM: He waves his spear threateningly.

Vlix: these ornaments... we'll have to break these up.

Kazir: NOOOoo

Vlix: are you going to come out?

TheDM: He slowly emerges from the underbrush.

TheDM: He is carrying a huge spear, and looks a little the worse for wear, even by ogre standards.

Vlix: draw me a map of the island with all the caves.

Vlix: have you been in any of the caves?

Kazir: Some.

TheDM: He scratches out a crude map with his spear point, and pokes several places around the island, identifying those places as caves. One of them appears to be the one that you've explored.

Vlix: ever find anything in the caves?

Kazir: Bats, sometimes. They're good eating now and then, but they're hardly worth the effort

Vlix: you've never seen a creature in the caves?

Kazir: what kinda creature?

Vlix: something like a turtle.

TheDM: Naw, never seen nothin' like that.

Vlix: Flint, got any questions?

Flint: Are there any other villages on the island?

Kazir: besides the one tha the humans made down on the eastern shore? No.

Vlix: well, I think we can leave Kazir in peace now, can't we. He and his brothers.

Flint: Any Idea why your village was attacked?

Kazir: No, I got no idea why. and No idea where that Giant came from neither.

Flint: Have you ever seen this big guy since?

Kazir: nope. and haven't wanted to.

Flint: How long has the human village been there?

Vlix: memorizes the map, cave locations

Kazir: Not long, I think. A ship got wrecked out on the reef maybe 2 moons ago.

Flint: Did you ever attack the human village?

Kazir: Say, ain't you from that vilage?

Flint: Do I look human?

Kazir: no, I guess not.

TheDM: You've been on the island for almost a month now.

Vlix: so much for our 3 hour tour.

Flint: I'm going to have to think about that.

Vlix: waits for the ogre to answer the question..

TheDM: about attacking the village? No, because the ogre village was destroyed before the first shipwreck.

Vlix: I know that.. I wanted to know if he's been attacking anyone or hiding this whole time.

Kazir: No, I ain't attacked nobody. Just gettin' by.

Vlix: leaves the ogre's fate in dwarvish hands... I say we go back and see if the caves roughly correspond with the tunnels we saw in the chamber.

Flint: We will keep the spear head. but give you back the rest of the treasure.

Vlix: go back to our camp I mean.

Kazir: But, But,,,

Kazir: Oh, ok.

TheDM: He carefully puts the objects back into the box,

TheDM: picks up the box and his spear

TheDM: and high-tails it into the woods again.

Vlix: are you with me? let's head back for now.

Flint: There was no way I was going to leave a dwarven crafted item in the hands of a filthy ogre.

TheDM: You make it back the the camp with no trouble, and ponder what you've heard.

TheDM: And with that, I'm afraid I need to break for the night.

Vlix: dwarves and their precious trinkets...

Vlix: you're welcome to it.

It takes the combined crews and our adventurous party 2 months of hard work to build 2 boats seaworthy enough to sail on the open ocean. At some point near the middle of April, they set sail to the east, and with fair winds, and good luck, make landfall in 5 days' time. be continued...