The PuppetMaster

The PuppetMaster

This adventure was based on "Master of Puppets" by Carl Sargent, from Issue #14 of Dungeon Magazine

While relaxing in Byrne, the party discusses the distribution of magic items:

<The DM>

<Pengo> We need to decide if anyone wants to start using some of the new gear we just got.

<The DM> I was going to mention that.

<Pengo> For instance, someone probably should put on the Ring of Water Walking.

<Pengo> I also suggest that Mordin should put on the Ring of Protection +1 since he takes the brunt of our attacks.

<Pengo> And someone should use the fire protection ring.

<Mialee> How does a ring of spell storing work?

<Mordin> The home page is because I only use it to access the google realtime page for this game.

<Mordin> btw - I already have a ring of protection.

<Pengo> OK, someone else then. :)

<Mialee> Flint maybe?

<Mordin> Someday I should probably have someone ID it's plusses. :)

<Mialee> I would love to have it but want to share the wealth. :)

<The DM> Ring of Spell storing allows ANY character to cast the listed spells from the ring. Once.

<The DM> The ring can be recharged with THOSE spells by a spellcaster able to cast those spells.

<Icarius> will it ever wear out?

<The DM> Umm, dunno.

<Mialee> :)Jozlan

<Flint> I already have two nice rings.

<Mialee> Either Pengo or Mordin should have that; they're the only two non-magic using types, might be handy for them to have access to something in a pinch.

<The DM> Remember, no character can wear more than two rings at a time.

<Mialee> OK, let me take the protection ring then.

<Jozlan> has anybody grabbed the fire resistance ring?

<Flint> On the other hand, a spell caster could use it while mordin is fighting and Pengo is sneaking.

<Pengo> Not yet, Joz.

<Flint> In addition, there is a 20% chance that the ring will fail everytime Mordin tried to use it. :)

Pengo grabs the spell storing ring.

<Pengo> I could see a case where I might sneak in somewhere and use the ring to do something.

<Jozlan> I'll take the fire resistance ring then

<Flint> What spells does the ring have?

<Jozlan> jump, shatter, friends

<Pengo> Friends, Shatter, and Jump

<Pengo> I can see some potential use for sneaking in and casting the first two.

Pengo slips the ring on.

<Flint> Those could be useful for him.

<Pengo> Yeah.

<Icarius> actually, I'll take the fire protection ring... I end up getting burned more often than most of you

<Pengo> heh

<The DM> Hmm, for some reason, I already had Icarius marked for the Ring of Spell Storing, but I've changed it.

<Pengo> huh

<Flint> Maybe that was a different one we got earlier? :)

<Mialee> :)

<The DM> Nah, not with the same spells. I think it was just not identified until now.

<The DM> Who took the ring of water walking?

<Mialee> Nobody yet

<Icarius> I have the absorption rod

<The DM> One of the Clerics should probably grab the Pearl of Wisdom.

<Icarius> that increases wisdom?

<The DM> yes, by one point

<Pengo> Snazzy

<Jozlan> i'll take it

<Flint> Okay with me.

<Flint> You will benefit more.

<Flint> Besides, dwarves don't like pearls. :)

<Pengo> Or wisdom. :)

<The DM> That means you get 3 3rd level spells, Jozlan

<Icarius> nifty

<Mordin> Look who's talking, little one.

<Pengo> You're calling me little?

<Pengo> Besides, I got street smarts.

<The DM> Icarius, in addition to the rod, you also still have the Staff of Magic Missiles, which I usually forget about. You need to be very specific about which you are "wielding" at any one time, ok?

<Mialee> :)

<Icarius> ok. Right now it's the rod of absorption (and light)

<The DM> After relaxing in Byrne for a few weeks, and doing some training and research, as desired, you have decided to travel to Lethbridge to collect your reward for saving the lady Elannie and her handmaidens. (You recall that Duke Richard promised 460pp to each party member who returned with his daughter safely, along with her six handmaidens.)

<The DM> You set out in early October; the mornings are quite brisk.

<The DM>

<The DM> It takes about 10 days overland to get there, since you're in no particular hurry, and the livin' is easy, as they say.

<The DM> Late afternoon on the 15th of October, 976, you arrive at the city gates of Lethbridge, capital city of the Duchy of Lethbridge. This is the second largest city in the kingdom, second only to Kendall, and it looks very imposing, with high stone walls and alert guards at the gates.

<The DM>

<The DM> Incidentally, Mialee remembers passing through the city once on a trip she took with her father Baradin long ago, and of course, Vlix has a passing familiarity with the city from his visits with Owen.

<The DM> Once you have identified yourselves to the gate guards, you are escorted up to the castle, and into the main hall, where you are greeted warmly by Duke Richard.

<The DM> Richard is tall--taller than most men, (6'4") and lean. His hair is dark except for a speckle of gray at his temples and in his beard, which is kept close cropped. Returned to the vigor of full health since you saw him last, Richard has a commanding presence.

<The DM> He naturally invites you to stay for dinner and in fact, he extends that invitation to stay at the castle for as long as you would like (within reason). Or, if you prefer, he will arrange for lodging (at his expense) at an inn of your choice in the city.

<The DM> Owen is not present. Richard explains his absence:

<Duke Richard>"Once my loyal friend Owen had ensured the safe delivery of my daughter and her ladies, he was off again into the wilderness, to continue his patrol on the border of the Wilderlands."

<The DM> After dinner, he makes a bit of a show to the courtiers in attendance of presenting your rewards to you all, plopping down the 45 lb sacks of coin at each of your places.

<The DM> The atmosphere is gay, and conversation is rambling on in a pleasant way, when a guardsman enters the room and approaches the Duke. Kneeling next to his chair, the man whispers something in the Duke's ear.

<Duke Richard> May Torm sustain me! explodes the Duke. Why can't we find this fiend?

<The DM> Sudden quiet covers the room.

<Duke Richard> My apologies, friends, for my outburst. My frustration got the better of me.

<The DM> Richard explains:

<Duke Richard> We have been plagued of late by a series of bizarre incidents down in Low Town --- that's the nickname for the west end of the city, where those of lower station tend to live and work.

<Duke Richard> People have claimed seeing strange animated statues made of wood and metal roaming the streets late at night.

<Duke Richard> Ordinarily, I would pass such talk off as the effects of too much ale, and too few brains, but it gets more complicated:

<Duke Richard> At least 4 shopkeepers (that I know of) have found notes pinned to their doors, demanding payments in coin to be left in odd places, such as feeding troughs or water barrels in dark alleyways. Those that ignored the notes found their shops ransacked and demolished, and one in fact was burned to the ground.

<Duke Richard> Now, understand that I'm not so naive as to think that there isn't a certain underground criminal element in this city that wouldn't be above such scare tactics, but it so happens that I uhÉ have, shall we say, some limited insight into what goes on inside that organization, and I'm confident that they are not behind these particular threats and attacks.

<Duke Richard> One of the shopkeepers, who like most, lives above his shop, after going down to see what the commotion was in middle of the night, reported seeing these hideous mockeries of life smashing his shop and all his merchandise to pieces. He was too frightened to resist.

<Duke Richard> In every case, the shopkeepers found a toy puppet left behind, nailed to the wall with a slim stiletto.

<Duke Richard> This morning one of the city guardsmen coming off his shift reported seeing a pair of strange automatons roaming the street.

<Duke Richard> When he challenged them, one flung a big floppy hat at him, (yes, a big floppy _hat_) which somehow... now remember, this is the report I was given... somehow wrapped around his face and so entangled him that he was blinded for a few minutes.

<Duke Richard> When he finally cleared himself of the hat, the things were gone, and he couldn't find them, though while he was entangled, he heard someone laughing at him.

<Duke Richard> The sergeant to whom he reported asked him where this magical hat was, but he said that he couldn't find it either. It was like it disappeared when his eyes cleared.

<Duke Richard> Now, the sergeant is a man I know and trust, and he swears that the guardsman was not overtaken with drink.

<Duke Richard> These events lead me to believe that some person, probably a mage or cleric of some backwater religion, has come to the city in order to stir up trouble, make a name for themselves, or some other nefarious reason. However, whoever is behind it has so far remained out of sight, and unidentified.

<Duke Richard> I've just been informed that this afternoon, in broad daylight, a man was seen strolling about the city escorted by 2 of these mechanical creatures, and they wandered about, collecting things from shops without paying for them, and when the shopkeepers tried to resist, they were beaten down by the mechanical creatures while the man laughed out loud. The city watch was called, of course, but by the time they arrived, the arrogant robbers were nowhere to be found.

<Duke Richard> <sigh!> A ruler's work is truly never done. However, that is my problem to deal with: pray don't mind yourselves about it. Please, eat, drink and be merry!

<The DM> The rest of the evening passes pleasantly enough, and you retire to your rooms.

<The DM> You spend the next couple of days wandering about the city, enjoying the sights and getting to know the city.

<The DM> Pengo has a slight misadventure with a member of the local Thieves' Guild, and Jozlan brews up a potion of Extra Healing.

<The DM> You've been enjoying the sights and sounds of the city for about a week, (Jozlan just finished his potion brewing) when the Duke summons you to an audience early in the afternoon.

<The DM> The mood in the court is somber today. Courtiers speak in hushed tones.

<The DM> Richard begins:

<Duke Richard> Some new information has come to light regarding the matter we spoke of the other night. Richard then introduces a thin, tall, silver-haired man in his late 70s.

<Duke Richard> Aarhius is a master in a community of monks and he has traveled far to come here in order to recover a stolen book. I will let him explain.

<The DM> Aarhius begins:

<Aarhius> I come to you as a messenger from my masters. We call ourselves simply 'The Followers of Ke'Taen', a closed fellowship of monks based in the East Riding of Rahn.

<Aarhius> The book of which I shall speak was stolen from the sealed library of my order by one of our former members, two years ago.

<Aarhius> Only now have I been able to locate him. He is named Qhyjanoth, (pronounced KI-ya-nothe) and he was a member of our order until about 10 years ago.

<Aarhius> He had attained mastery of the west wind, but strove too soon for mastery of south wind, and was defeated by the then-current Master. Instead of reapplying himself to discipline and learning, he left the temple in disgust, and -- in _his_ mind -- disgrace.

<Aarhius> He had taken up an apprenticeship with a mage local to our area -- but 2 years later, we learned of the mage's untimely death, attributed to a magical experiment gone awry. Or so at least we thought at the time.

<Aarhius> Qhyjanoth disappeared from our knowledge then, and we didn't hear from him again -- that is, until 2 years ago, when he suddenly showed up again.

<Aarhius> He was very humble, and told us that he would like to take up study at our temple again, but it was against the rules of our order. Once departed, a brother may not be reinstated into our order.

<Aarhius> He left, then, but came back in the middle of the night, and with his new-found magical power, he was able to by-pass the guards and wards we have on our temple and gain entrance to the sacred library.

<Aarhius> He stole several scrolls and books, but the most important, and the most dangerous, was the Pandect de Humanis Mechanica

<Aarhius> This book is no trivial treatise. It is akin to a Manual of Golems, except that the creations described within it are nightmarish things of wood and metal and fabric. In the hands of a powerful and wicked mage, appalling things could be brought into being.

<Aarhius> I have been following him since then, and have found a trail of blood and mayhem. It is clear that Qhyjanoth has lost The Balance.

<Aarhius> Qhyjanoth is not yet so talented that he can use the book to _full_ effect, but he has obviously learned some of its lessons.

<Aarhius> A year ago in one town where I just missed catching up with him, a frightened innkeeper told me that Qhyjanoth laughingly called himself the Master of Puppets as he gave orders to an inhuman servant-thing made of wood and metal.

<Aarhius> It is because of arrogant slips like this that I've been able to follow him here. When I learned of the sightings of the strange mechanical creatures and the depredations they had wrought in this city, I knew that Qhyjanoth had come. Qhyjanoth is a deadlier foe than I, and I have requested guidance on how best to subdue him. My prayers indicated that I should trust to outsiders - and once the good Duke here told me of your exploits, I felt the risk of involving you in this would be worthwhile.

<Aarhius> It is absolutely vital that this tome be recovered. I am prepared to offer 5000 gp. worth of gems for its safe return.

<Aarhius> As for Qhyjanoth-- ideally, I'd like him captured alive to face justice - I know of at least seven murders he has committed - but if you can only show proof of his death, I could accept that. The worst possible outcome would be for him to escape with the book. Only slightly better would be his escape without it, for he is a dangerous man, and will become only more dangerous. I offer the sum of 3,000 gold pieces in gems for his capture or 1000 for his head.

<Aarhius> Please consider my request, but quickly. We have little time.

<The DM> Duke Richard breaks in at this point:

<Duke Richard> Ordinarily, I wouldn't sanction a bounty-hunt within the walls of my city, but at the same time, I cannot afford to have some rogue wizard creating an army of automatons that could threaten the Duchy. To add insult to injury, with his 'Pay cash or lose your livelihood' threats, this man has instituted what amounts to a parallel taxation system, which I simply won't stand for. It completely undermines my authority.

<Duke Richard> Now, early this morning a guard patrol followed one of these automatons to an abandoned warehouse in Low Town. While one man was sent for reinforcements, 10 of the men entered the den, and have not been seen again. The reinforcements arrived and found nothing but traces of blood on the floor of the warehouse. If you are willing to make this attempt, I will add onto Aarhius' offer an additional 3000 gp. for delivering him to me, dead or alive. What say you? Will you come once again to the aid of Lethbridge?

<The DM> Naturally, our friends agree to help the Duke, and so begins the next chapter...

April 22, 2007

<The DM> Ok, so are their any more questions you have of Richard or Aarhius?

<Mialee> Are guards and other protective types aware of our mission?

<The DM> They could be if you want.

<Mialee> Hm.

<The DM> Though they are mostly low level fighters

<Mialee> Well, it's not about wanting help. It's about wanting them to stay out of our way. :)

<Icarius> let's keep it to ourselves for now... we don't know how trustworthy they are

<Mialee> OK

<The DM> Have all the spellasters picked their spells on the Google sheet?

<Mialee> I have

<Icarius> yes

<Jozlan> yep

Pengo relates the story of what happened while in Low Town.

<The DM> To everyone assembled?

<Pengo> To the party, once we're away from the others. Sorry.

<The DM> Remember, you are currently in Richard's Court

<The DM> ok, we'll assume you did that the night before.

<The DM> You are directed to the abandoned warehouse, and shown the entrance. The 1.5 story warehouse stands in a cluster of buildings, crowded in and towered over by other buildings. The warehouse, like most of the buildings hereabout, is constructed of half-timber wattle & daub.

<The DM> Inside, half of the building has a loft, while the other half is empty from floor to roof. You find the normal things that you would expect in an abandoned warehouse -- there are barrels and crates, and a lot of broken crating material.

Pengo pokes around through the debris, looking for anything of interest.

Mialee looks around to see if there are any doors or anything.

<The DM> Even a cursory look reveals a trapdoor, 5' square, set into the wooden floor in the northeast corner of the warehouse storeroom. There is a locking mechanism in the door.

<Pengo> The lock's accessible from this side?

<The DM> yes

Pengo picks it.

<Pengo> er, wait

Pengo checks for traps

<The DM> dm rolls

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

Pengo picks the lock.

Pengo rolls to pick the lock (d100): [68] = 68

<The DM> He manages to do so.

Pengo carefully opens the door.

<The DM> The trap door opens, and you see a dark stairway leading down.

<The DM> The unlit steps descend 40' to a small landing.

Pengo gets back into formation.

<The DM>

<The DM> The location of the warehouse is highlighted there.

<The DM> Ok, you're in your standard formation.

<The DM> Mordin and Flint. you're leading.

<Flint> Does anyone want to check for traps on the stairs?

<Pengo> I can do that if you want.

<The DM> DM rolls

<Flint> If we are looking for theives and other lowlifes, it might be a good idea to do that constantly.

<Pengo> True.

<Pengo> Hey, wait a minute.

<The DM> Pengo, you do actually find a trip wire about 2/3 of the way down.

Pengo sticks out his tongue at Flint.

Pengo points it out.

<Pengo> I can try to disarm it, or we can just all step over it. :)

<The DM> It's faster to step over than to disarm.

<Pengo> Let's do that then. :)

<Mordin> And stepping over doesn't show that we came this way.

<Pengo> That's true

<The DM> Go ahead and move your pogs

<The DM> to the door.

<The DM> If Pengo is going to check the door, he'll have to be in front.

<Flint> Is that enough room for him to check?

<The DM> Sure

Pengo squeezes by and checks it.

<The DM> Crap. I lost all my Dice Macros.

<The DM> I can't make a macro from a /proll either, I guess.

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps.

Pengo opens the door then slides back into position.

<Flint> ??

<Pengo> What?

<Pengo> So, you guys going to go? :)

Mialee waits patiently.

<Flint> No, we will look first.

<The DM> This chamber is crudely and sparsely furnished with one table, four chairs, and bunk beds covered in foul-smelling furs. The first things you notice, though, are the inhabitants -- 3 ogres with huge clubs.

<Mialee> Yay! Combat! :)

<Mordin> Unless you guys want to go toe to toe with them, we better wait for them to come to us.

<Mialee> That's fine.

<Mordin> Which?

<Mialee> Let them come to us.

<The DM> While you're discussing it, one of them, looking bored, saunters over.

<The DM> "Whaddya want?"

<Mordin> Your life.

<The DM> "Get atta here, ya squirt!" He yells.

<The DM> Roll for initiative:

Mordin rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> He swings his club at Mordin

<Mordin> That's the last time I roll for initiative. :(

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [6] = 6

<The DM> He misses, swinging over Mordin's head.

<The DM> the other two take an interest.

<The DM> "What's goin on, Dunk?

<The DM> Your turn

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

<The DM> Flint misses

<The DM> damage, Mordin?

<Mordin> I hit?

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

<The DM> "Ugghh! You little B@stard!"

<The DM> Round 2:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<Mialee> I was hoping to cast a spell, but okay. :)

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [6] = 6

<The DM> Cast away.

<Mialee> At O1

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(1 + 4 + 4) + 3] = 12

<The DM> no line of sight

<Mialee> Really? OK, then, at O3.

<The DM> The ogre clutches his chest in pain.

<The DM> Mordin and Flint can hit.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> hits

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

<The DM> misses

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6

<The DM> He clips the thing above the knee, and it goes down

<The DM> its lifeblood geysering out of its femoral artery

<The DM> The other two are like: "Huh? Hey Dunk, get up! "

<Pengo> Those guys aren't so bright.

<The DM> They stand waiting

<The DM> Mialee, Now you have line of sight to O1

<Flint> Can we advance beyond O3?

<The DM> You can clamber over his body

Mialee fires Magic Missile at O1.

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(1 + 2 + 2) + 3] = 8

<The DM> "Uuuughh!"

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<Mialee> Now he'll come to us. :)

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

<Mialee> Oh, you guys advanced.

<The DM> The ogres swing at Mordin and Flint

The DM rolls 2d20: [8 + 17] = 25

<The DM> The one hits Flint

The DM rolls d10: [8] = 8

<The DM> Remember, Please update your own stats on the spreadsheet.

<Flint> I did. :)

<The DM> Your turn

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

<The DM> hits

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [8 + 8] = 16

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9

<Flint> Sorry, wrong macro.

<The DM> Mordin scurries back as the guts of the ogre spill onto the floor.

<Pengo> Gross.

<The DM> Round 5?

<Pengo> Yeah.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

<Mordin> Round 4.

<The DM> The too-stupid-to-be-scared ogre swings at Flint

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [10] = 10

<The DM> but misses.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

<The DM> hits

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8

<The DM> The thing hits the ground with a big THUD

<Icarius> anything interesting now that we're in the room?

Pengo searches the bodies.

<The DM> Not that you can see. The bodies have nothing of interest either.

<Pengo> OK.

<Jozlan> today is not a good day for us southerners

<Pengo> :)

Pengo opens the door on the right.

<The DM> Your nose is assaulted by a foul smell. This small, unlit chamber contains a number of raggedy plain cotton robes hanging from wall pegs. Crude sanitary facilities and a bowl of water are also herein.

<Pengo> Eew.

Pengo closes the door.

<Jozlan> move along nothing to see here

<Pengo> No kidding.

Pengo opens the right-hand north door.

Flint inspects the robes.

<Flint> Anything of interest?

<The DM> Flint, In the pocket of one robe, you find a small amethyst (worth 100 gp). One peg also holds a long, multicolored, knitted scarf and an attractively embroidered black hat.

Flint takes all 3.

<The DM> In Chamber 4:

<The DM> This chamber contains two small tables, several small chairs, a not-quite-ratty-looking couch, two poor quality oil paintings of unidentifiable cloaked humans, a modest glass decanter, several glasses, two small wolf skin rugs, and some bric-a-brac.

<The DM> ...

<Pengo> Anyone in it?

<The DM> no

Pengo looks under the rugs.

<The DM> Stone floor.

Mialee searches the couch.

<Mialee> (under it, under cushions)

Flint searches the room [4].

<The DM> You don't find anything, but scare a rat, which scampers off

<Pengo> OK...

<The DM> BTW, the floors and walls of this area are worked stone, with 12' high ceilings.

<Pengo> OK...

Pengo opens the last remaining door in room 2.

<The DM> Hallway, going up and turning right.

Flint advances into the hall.

Mordin does as well.

<Jozlan> I think we all are

<The DM> As you come around the corner, Mordin -- roll under your dexterity on a d40.

<Mordin> d40?

Mordin rolls d40: [33] = 33

<The DM> yeah.

<The DM> Despite your best efforts, you fall into a pit that you'd swear wasn't there a moment ago. It's 20 feet deep, with stakes at the bottom. You unfortunately impale yourself on

The DM rolls d4: [3] = 3 stakes, so you take

The DM rolls 2d6: [4 + 1] = 5 hp of damage from the fall, and an additional

The DM rolls 3d6: [1 + 2 + 3] = 6 from the stakes!

<Jozlan> ugh

<Pengo> uhoh

<Jozlan> maybe pengo and his feather fall ring whould be up front

<Pengo> Problem is that next time it could be some other kind of trap. But I'm willing.

Pengo pulls out his rope and lowers it down, then hands the end to someone bigger and stronger than he is.

<The DM> Mordin, Roll under your strength on a d20.

<Mordin> Okay, new formation.

Mordin rolls d20: [3] = 3

<The DM> You manage to free yourself from the stakes.

<Mordin> Some body who can find these traps leads the group.

<The DM> After some grunting and groaning, you manage to haul poor Mordin up.

<The DM> This particular trap seems to have been magical/illusionary in nature.

<The DM> Now that you've seen the result, what looked like solid floor is clearly a big hole.

<Mordin> At this point, I really don't care. :)

<The DM> Ok, so who's taking the lead?

<Pengo> I am, apparently.

<Pengo> Walking softly and carefully, keeping my eyes open. :)

<Mordin> We have found too many traps already not to expect more. :)

<The DM> the trap, incidently, is only on the south side of the hallway, so you can easily get around it.

<Mialee> OK

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly...

<The DM> I sure wish this thing had multi-line paste. :/

<The DM> So, you get to the door...

Jozlan rolls csw (2d6 + 5): [(6 + 3) + 5] = 14

<The DM> on who? Mordin?

Pengo checks the door for traps.

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly...

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

<Jozlan> yeah, i'm getting dropped lines

<Mordin> Thank you Jozlan.

Pengo opens the door.

<The DM> In this room you discover what can only be two of Qhyjanoth's magical creations. They seem to be maintaining an ever vigilant guard here. These slightly-larger-than-man-sized (6'5") puppet-like creatures are made of articulated brass, steel, and wood covered in leather and treated cloth. Each wears a floppy hat and carries a short wooden wand, and they have permanently stupid grins painted on their wooden faces.

<Mordin> lol

<Pengo> Wow, those are intimidating.


<Pengo> We going to attack them or what? :)

Mialee waits.

<The DM> One cocks his head to the side a bit.

<The DM> ...???

Mordin attacks

Flint attacks.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Jozlan attacks

<Pengo> There we go -- that took a while :)

<The DM> The puppets immediately whisk their hats off their heads, and toss them in the direction of Mordin and Flint.

The DM rolls 2d20: [6 + 18] = 24

<The DM> As soon as they've thrown the hats, another magically appears in their hand.

<The DM> Flint, save vs. spells

<Flint> Don't we get to roll for inititive?

<The DM> yes, you can.

<Flint> I see that you rolled twice but we didn't.

<The DM> Take the first one.

<Flint> Or am I missing lines?

<The DM> no, I accidently hit the button twice.

<The DM> I got a six on the first one though.

Flint rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<The DM> ok, so now roll a save, Flint

<Flint> I tried... :)

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [3] = 3

The DM rolls d4: [3] = 3

<The DM> Flint, You collapse to the floor in gales of helpless laughter;

<Mialee> Oh. That's interesting.

<The DM> (the hat hit your head, and stuck there. Apparently, it's funny looking)

<Icarius> heh

<The DM> You're laughing through round 3

<Mialee> Our turn?

<The DM> Ok, so who now is advancing to attack?

<Mordin> I am.

<Mialee> I will if I can get by the guys in front. :)

<Jozlan> I am

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> hits

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [9] = 9

<The DM> hits

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10

Jozlan rolls to hit (d20): [9] = 9

<The DM> On which one, Jozlan?

<Jozlan> p1

<The DM> missed

<The DM> Jozlan, Mace or Hammer/

<The DM> ?

<Jozlan> everready mace

<The DM> ok

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

<The DM> miss

<The DM> The puppets then go on to attack with their wands, hitting as with a club at Pengo and Mordin

The DM rolls 2d20: [4 + 13] = 17

<The DM> Hits Mordin

<The DM> There is a snap and sizzle as they hit, and you take

The DM rolls 2d6: [2 + 1] = 3

<The DM> Of electrical damage.

<The DM> Ok, Round 2:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<The DM> P1 throws his hat at Jozlan, and P2 at Mordin

The DM rolls 2d20: [14 + 15] = 29

<Pengo> How many hats are these guys wearing?

<Pengo> They've already thrown hats. :)

<Jozlan> they reappear after being thrown

<The DM> As soon as they throw one, another magically appears on their head.

<Pengo> Oh. That's clever.

<The DM> both hit.

<The DM> Jozlan

The DM rolls d4: [3] = 3

<Pengo> I'd have strategized differently if I'd known. :)

<Icarius> the lightning bolt spell causes a lot of collateral damage, right?

<The DM> You also find this side-splittingly funny, and convulse in laughter,

The DM rolls d4: [2] = 2

<The DM> for 2 rounds, so you're also back in round 4

<Flint> It bounces off walls.

<The DM> Mordin.

The DM rolls d4: [2] = 2

<Mordin> Do I get a save?

<The DM> The hat hits you, and you stop and stare at the goings on in mute stupefaction;

The DM rolls d4: [3] = 3

<The DM> until round 5

<The DM> Ok, Pengo and Mialee can hit.

Pengo swings at P2.

<Pengo> er, p1

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

Mialee attacks p2.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

<The DM> ooh, lucky you I don't do crits, :)

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9

<Mialee> Is vlix doing anything?

<The DM> It cocks its head a little, like it's surprised.

<Mialee> How about Icarius?

<Icarius> I'd like to cast mm if i can

<The DM> Go ahead

<Icarius> at p1

Icarius rolls mm (3d4 + 3): [(2 + 4 + 2) + 3] = 11

<The DM> ok, they'll take their swings at Pengo and Mialee

The DM rolls 2d20: [16 + 17] = 33

<The DM> both hit

The DM rolls 2d6: [5 + 2] = 7

<The DM> on Pengo and on


The DM rolls 2d6: [3 + 4] = 7

<The DM> Round 3:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<Mialee> Flint's back this round, right?

<The DM> They throw their hats at Pengo and Mialee this time.

<Flint> No, next round.

<The DM> No, he's back in round 4

The DM rolls 2d20: [14 + 4] = 18

<Mialee> OK. Flint got to roll a save, why didn't MOrdin and Jozlan?

<The DM> Pengo, roll a saving throw

<The DM> they actually should have, come to think of it.

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [3] = 3

<Mordin> I did ask about that.

<The DM> so they should roll now, and if they save, they're back

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [7] = 7

<The DM> Sorry, I missed that, though I see it now.

Jozlan rolls d20: [14] = 14

<The DM> So Jozlan made it.

<The DM> Pengo did not.

The DM rolls d4: [1] = 1

<Pengo> Saves aren't low?

Pengo is apparently forgetting rules.

<Flint> N0, High.

<The DM> Pengo, you are blinded (you could still try to attack while blind);

The DM rolls d4: [1] = 1

<Pengo> Hum.

<The DM> but only for this round.

<Pengo> Them now or us?

<The DM> So Vlix, Jozlan Icarius can attack

<The DM> you

<The DM> and Pengo

<The DM> at a -4

<Mialee> Wait, what about me?

<The DM> for being blind

<Mialee> As far as I know I didn't get hit.

<The DM> sorry again, you're right.

<Mialee> :)

Mialee swings at P2.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [11] = 11

<The DM> hits

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7

<The DM> That puppet thing clatters to the ground in a heap.

Jozlan attacks p1

Jozlan rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

<The DM> miss

<The DM> Someone roll for Vlix

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [9] = 9

<Mialee> Vlix's rolls were bad :)

<The DM> both miss

<Pengo> I'm just going to wait.

<The DM> I forgot, is Jozlan incapacitated?

<Jozlan> nope, but he missed

<Jozlan> he had a saving roll

<The DM> Ok, P1 swings at Jozlan then.

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [19] = 19

<The DM> Jozlan roll a Save at +2

Jozlan rolls d20: [3] = 3

The DM rolls 2d6: [2 + 1] = 3

<The DM> you take 3 electrical damage.

<The DM> Round 4:

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [6] = 6

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<The DM> you get it.

Mialee swings at P1

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [13] = 13

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3

<The DM> Pengo is unblind this round, and Mordin and Flint are ok again.

<The DM> Someone swing for Vlix

Pengo swings at p1 too

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<Mordin> No, I'm out until next round.

<The DM> hits

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [4 + 2] = 6

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

<Mordin> No, I'm out until next round.

<The DM> ok. I knew someone was.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [11] = 11

<The DM> Vlix hit with the stiletto

<Vlix> What's the dmg roll?

<The DM> Flint hit

<The DM> d3+3

Mialee rolls d3 + 3: [2 + 3] = 5

Jozlan rolls to hit (d20): [12] = 12

<The DM> hit, Joz

<Jozlan> d6+2?

<The DM> yes

Jozlan rolls d6 + 2: [5 + 2] = 7

<The DM> Strangely, the mace seems to fizzle this time, instead of its customary crackle

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [5 + 3] = 8

<Jozlan> hmm

<Jozlan> perhaps their electro wand protects them

<The DM> The thing is moving a little jerkily

<Flint> Probably.

<The DM> But it takes a crack at Mialee

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [20] = 20

The DM rolls 2d6: [3 + 5] = 8

<Mialee> Yow

<The DM> in electrical dam

<The DM> Round 5:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee attacks.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [5 + 2] = 7

<The DM> The bizarre thing crumples to the ground in a heap.

Mialee pokes through the... uh... bodies, looking for anything interesting.

Icarius investigates the bodies' inner workings

Flint casts CSW on Mialee.

Flint rolls Cure Serious Wounds (2d6 + 5): [(5 + 1) + 5] = 11

<Mialee> Thanks.

<Pengo> Is that two doors right next to each other in the east wall?

<The DM> ok, quick bio-break

<Pengo> Or some kind of a double-door?

<Pengo> OK, me too

<Icarius> I've got fireball and flaming sphere spells, but they aren't so practical if we're up meleeing, so it might be advantageous if I cast them before we charge into a room

<Mialee> Mmhm.

Flint casts CLW on Pengo.

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [1 + 4] = 5

<The DM> The doors are a set of double doors

Pengo checks them for traps

<The DM> You don't find anything interesting on the "bodies" other than their construction.

<The DM> There are mechanisms to connect the limbs, but you see nothing mechanical which would account for their animation.

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly...

<Flint> You better check the Area of Effect for those spells before casting them indoors.

<The DM> Yes, please do!

<Icarius> there's a reason I grabbed the resist fire ring :)

<The DM> The door here is locked. You DO find a trap mechanism, of sorts, or at least a mechanism other than that which unlocks/opens the door.

Pengo attempts to disarm the trap.

<Icarius> fireball is a 20' radius

Pengo rolls d100: [23] = 23

<Mordin> But do you have a Ring of Resist Mordin?

<Icarius> :)

<The DM> You manage to get around the trap, Pengo.

Pengo picks the lock.

Pengo rolls to pick the lock (d100): [80] = 80

<Pengo> OR not. :)

<Flint> One fireball fills a sphere of 20' radius. Thats 33,000 cubic feet.

<The DM> Vlix tries:

The DM rolls d100: [11] = 11

<The DM> he unlocks it easily, and sneers just a bit at Pengo.

Pengo shrugs.

Pengo opens the door

Pengo steps back

<Flint> That's 3 rooms this size.

<Pengo> Anyone in that hallway?

<Flint> DM - How much time has past since I was wounded in Room 2?

<The DM> BTW, Icarius, the ring doesn't completely protect you from fireballs, but does give you a +4 on the saving throw.

<The DM> 20 minutes

<The DM> Not that you can see. it all looks very QUIET.

<Pengo> Too quiet? :)

<Flint> With searching of Room 4, only 20 minutes?

<The DM> ok, maybe 40

Pengo advances into the hallway and searches its length for traps ever-so-carefully

<Flint> Will you be updating Jozlan and my HP for the Rings of Regeneration?

<The DM> No, you should ask like you just did, and keep them up to date.

<The DM>


<Flint> Okay.

<The DM> As soon as your feet touch the stones of the hallway, you hear a loud horn sound coming from under your feet.

<Pengo> Well. I think they know we're here.

<The DM> Strangest of all, on the far end of the passageway, on the wall next to the double doors, you see the stones of the wall form into a large mouth! The mouth shouts "Someone's come to see you!" in a deep voice.

<The DM> Aarhius DID mention that this guy had some magical training, right? :)

<Pengo> Well.

<Icarius> yeah

Pengo checks the first door to the south for traps.

<The DM> It's silent for 10 seconds, and then repeats: "Someone's come to see you!"

<Mordin> Hmm,,,I think there might be a wizard here.

<Mialee> You think? :)

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly...

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

Pengo checks the second set of doors in the south wall.

<The DM> But by the time he's done checking, the door on the north opens, and out come...

<The DM> roll for surprise

Mialee rolls surprise (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> you're surprised for 1 segment.

<Mialee> How you can be surprised when you've set off an alarm is beyond me :)

<The DM> Now roll for initiative

<Mialee> But OK :)

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> Your initiative....

<The DM> After a few seconds, the door on the left (N) opens, and two more puppet-creatures step into the hallway, similar in appearance to those in area 6, but they do not carry hats or wands. Instead, they have large bronze-covered fists.

Mordin attacks

<Mialee> Wait, what door on the left?

<The DM> The north door.

<Mialee> Same one the first two came from?

Mialee casts Protection From Evil, 10' Radius

<The DM> Yes, I was just describing their entrance

<Mialee> Hm... actually, no idea if these creatures are technically evil.

<The DM> nevertheless, the magic goes into effect. :)

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> We'll see then.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

<The DM> uhh, that would hit

Pengo swings at p4

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

<Mialee> Are you going to add the other two? :)

<Flint> There are only 2.

<The DM> At the moment, there are only two. the description just came late.

<Mialee> Oh.

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> I wouldn't have thrown that spell if I'd known there were only two. :)

<Mialee> All right.

<Pengo> Now what? :)

<The DM> They hit back.

<The DM> They attack twice per round: on Mordin, then Pengo

The DM rolls 4d20: [10 + 7 + 20 + 10] = 47

<The DM> Penog is hit twice

<Pengo> Whew, and I thought I was in trouble. :)

<Pengo> But Penog is the one who's screwed. :)

<Icarius> :)

<The DM> LOL

<Flint> They hit back - Hard.

<The DM> You are stunned!

<The DM> You can hardly hold your weapon, much less swing it. (Please apply a -4 on "to hit" rolls, -2 to damage, -4 to your AC)

<The DM> and you take damage:

<The DM> 2d10+2

The DM rolls 2d10 + 2: [8 + 1 + 2] = 11

<The DM> This situation will last for rounds.

<The DM> ok, that's it

<The DM> Round 2:

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Pengo feebly swings at p4

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

<The DM> Order is Mordin, them Pengo then Mordin Then Them

<Pengo> Sorry.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [4] = 4

<Icarius> can I cast a flaming sphere spell *behind* the droids?

<The DM> lemme check, ic

<The DM> Mordin, that hits

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [4 + 8] = 12

<The DM> Ic. no, indoor range is 10 feet.

<Icarius> ok, too bad

<The DM> they hit Mordin and Pengo

The DM rolls 2d20: [14 + 16] = 30

<The DM> both hit

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [1 + 1] = 2

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [7 + 1] = 8

<The DM> 2 on Mordin, 8 on Pengo

<Pengo> OK, I'm at 0.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

<The DM> now, Pengo, you can retire.

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [7 + 8] = 15

<The DM> Mordin's thing collpases.

<The DM> or collapses

<The DM> The other one swings at Mordin

The DM rolls d20: [20] = 20

<The DM> Mordin is Stunned!

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [8 + 1] = 9

<The DM> and takes that damage.

<The DM> You can hardly hold your weapon, much less swing it. (Please apply a -4 on "to hit" rolls, -2 to damage, -4 to your AC)

<The DM> Round 3:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> Is someone stepping up to take Pengo's place?

<Flint> Yes.

<The DM> The thing will swing at Flint, then.

The DM rolls d20: [20] = 20

<The DM> And Flint is Stunned!

The DM rolls d10: [9] = 9

<The DM> You can hardly hold your weapon, much less swing it. (Please apply a -4 on "to hit" rolls, -2 to damage, -4 to your AC)

<The DM> Spellcasting is impossible. This situation will last for rounds.

<The DM> Your shots

Mordin rolls d20 - 4: [4 - 4] = 0

<The DM> The door at the far (E) end of the hallway opens, apparently of its own volition.

<The DM> Miss

Flint rolls d20 - 4: [8 - 4] = 4

<The DM> miss

<The DM> The thing swings again at Mordin

The DM rolls d20: [4] = 4

<The DM> misses

<The DM> Round 4:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<Icarius> .

<The DM> Is Jozlan doing anything for Pengo?

<The DM> Mordin and Flint can go

Flint rolls d20 - 4: [3 - 4] = -1

Mordin rolls d20 - 4: [17 - 4] = 13

<The DM> That hits, Mordin

Mordin rolls d20 - 4: [4 - 4] = 0

Mordin rolls d8 + 6: [6 + 6] = 12

<The DM> Sorry, I missed the order, continue

<The DM> Icarius, you feel a surge in the rod as it absorbs 4 spell levels!

<The DM> A man fades into view at the end of the corridor, in front of the open door. He appears to be 45 years old, and has short-cropped straight black hair, a pale complexion, green-hazel eyes, high cheekbones, and slender limbs. He is wearing a rich-looking red short silk robe with elaborate gold and silver embroidery, and silk pants. He is barefoot.

<Flint> If I wasn't stunned, I'd be worried that he is casting 4th level spells.

<Pengo> heh

<Icarius> :)

Jozlan casts csw on pengo

Jozlan rolls csw (2d6 + 5): [(5 + 1) + 5] = 11

<The DM> The thing takes shots at Mordin and Flint

The DM rolls 2d20: [11 + 15] = 26

<The DM> Hits flint

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [5 + 1] = 6

<Flint> Ic, time to return some of those spell levels that he sent you.

<The DM> Anyhting else this round?

<Flint> Read the item description for the rod.

<The DM> Round 5:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Mialee casts Magic Missile at Q.

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (3d4 + 3): [(3 + 1 + 4) + 3] = 11

<The DM> Your magic missile flies out and splatters against some sort of invisible barrier in front of the man. He gloats:

Flint rolls d20 - 4: [10 - 4] = 6

<The DM> "Ha! Your puny spells cannot touch me!"

Mordin rolls d20 - 4: [17 - 4] = 13

<The DM> Mordin hits

Mordin rolls d8 + 6: [2 + 6] = 8

<Icarius> can I move up to the front?

<The DM> If someother people move out of the way.

<The DM> The thing hits at Mordin

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [8] = 8

<Flint> If he can see you to target you, then you should be able to target him.

<The DM> and again at Flint

The DM rolls d20: [3] = 3

<The DM> miss

<Flint> without moving.

<Icarius> how long is the hallway?

<The DM> The guy at the end of the corridor pulls an egg out of his pocket, and throws it in your general direction.

<The DM> Each block is 5 feet.

<The DM> The hallway, and half of the room behind you fill up with a billowing cloud of noxious vapors, such that you can hardly breathe, and feel like you're going to puke. Everyone roll a saving throw vs. Poison (d20)

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [17] = 17

Icarius rolls d20: [13] = 13

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [3] = 3

Jozlan rolls d20: [8] = 8

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [7] = 7

<The DM> If you failed your saving throw, you cannot attack or cast spells and won't be able to while in the cloud and for 3 rounds after you leave it.

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [7] = 7

<Mialee> I'm sure I failed it, but what about Pengo? :)

<The DM> Unbelieveable, everyone saved but Mialee. someone roll for Vlix

<Flint> Your saves are listed at:

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [19] = 19

<Pengo> (for Vlix)

<The DM> and he saves too.

<The DM> Ok, then, Round 6:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Mordin rolls d20 - 4: [7 - 4] = 3

Mordin rolls d20 - 4: [12 - 4] = 8

Flint rolls d20 - 4: [17 - 4] = 13

<Icarius> I'd like to cast fireball targetted at Q

<The DM> miss

Pengo swings at P4.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> Ic, a Fireball will surely envelope your whole party.

<Pengo> I don't think a fireball in this small space is a good idea :)

<Icarius> ok, skip that

<The DM> though it would burn off the stinking cloud. :)

<Mordin> I missed with an 8?

<Icarius> i was thinking p4 and the body of p3 would block it coming back so much

<The DM> Pengo, you're not ina position to attack.

<The DM> The thing hits at Mordin and Flint

The DM rolls 2d20: [1 + 19] = 20

<The DM> hits Flint

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [10 + 1] = 11

<Pengo> Whoops, didn't realize I'd been repositioned.

<The DM> and Flint is stunned some more.

<Flint> I didn't notice a thing. :)

<The DM> The guy in the red suit incants...

<The DM> Suddenly, the ceiling erupts with a shower of hail! Icy balls thunder down on your heads. Everyone roll a saving throw vs. spells (d20)

Icarius rolls d20: [9] = 9

Jozlan rolls d20: [13] = 13

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [17] = 17

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [8] = 8

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [9] = 9

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [15] = 15

The DM rolls 2d10: [2 + 4] = 6

<The DM> If you failed your throw, that's what you took for damage. If you passed, you take half of that. (Please keep the stats sheet updated)

<The DM> When the hail clears, and you manage to raise your heads, the man is gone. The puppet is looking a little shaky.

<The DM> Round 7:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

<The DM> The thing strikes at Mordin and Flint

The DM rolls 2d20: [14 + 12] = 26

<The DM> both hit: Mordin first

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [9 + 1] = 10

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [3 + 1] = 4

<The DM> Mordin is Unstunned

<The DM> As is Pengo

<The DM> Your turn

Flint collapses.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

<Pengo> Why did Flint collapse? :)

<The DM> miss

<The DM> he's down to 0 hit points.

<Pengo> Really? Spreadsheet says 32.

<The DM> I see 0

<Pengo> Hm, it didn't auto-update like it's supposed to.

<Flint> So do I.

<Pengo> How odd.

<Pengo> So basically it's Mordin vs. p4. :)

<The DM> Peng could jump in if he wanted, or let Jozlan through, though he couldn't attack until next round.

<Mordin> Not for long.

<The DM> Yeah, Mordin is hurting too.

<Jozlan> better let me through then

Pengo backs up to let Joz move up

Jozlan moves up

<The DM> Mialee might want to take over for Mordin?

<Mialee> I was overtaken by the cloud. :)

<The DM> oh, right.

<Mialee> Oh, wait, Pengo was, actually.

<Mialee> So Pengo couldn't move back unless I'm mistaken.

<The DM> no, I thiink it was MIalee

<Mialee> Mialee rolled 15; Pengo 9.

<Mordin> It was Mialee.

<Mialee> (for the save)

<Mialee> So doesn't that mean I'm fine and Pengo isn't?

<Mordin> That was the save for the hail.

<Mialee> Oh, right. Yes.

<Mialee> OK, I'll move up and switch with Mordin then.

<The DM> Yeah, Mialee really ought to have moved back into the room 6

<The DM> So Vlix will jump up front

<Mordin> At this point, I'm still going to attack.

<Mialee> Oh. I'm so confused now.

<Mordin> I aM PISSED.

<Mialee> So Pengo's okay but badly hurt and Mialee's the one who's out.

<The DM> Ok, then

<The DM> Round 8

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<The DM> the thing hits Jozlan first.

The DM rolls d20: [16] = 16

<The DM> hits

The DM rolls d10 + 1: [9 + 1] = 10

<The DM> now Mordin

<The DM> Mordin?

<Mordin> Sorry.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

<The DM> miss

<The DM> Jozlan?

<Mordin> I thought that "Now Mordin" meant that you were going to hit me. :)

<The DM> oh, sorry. :)

<The DM> Now Jozlan should hit.

<The DM> or swing, at least

Jozlan rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

<Jozlan> or not

<The DM> It swings at Jozlan again.

The DM rolls d20: [2] = 2

<The DM> missed. Mordin's 2d

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> hit

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

<The DM> He IS pissed. That thing shatters !!

<The DM> After a few more moments, the stinking cloud dissipates.

<The DM> You collect yourselves.

<The DM> after 10 minutes, Flint wakes up.

<Pengo> we need to do some healing and whatnot.

<The DM> Why don't you figure that out, and then let's break for the night. It's 11PM

<Flint> Actually it only takes me 2 minutes to wake up. I was still regen'ing from the earlier fight. :)

<Mialee> Well, I'm okay, but Pengo needs healing nearly as badly as Mordin and Flint do.

<Jozlan> flint, mordin, and pengo are pretty banged up

<The DM> You can't really wait for the regen alone, at this point.

<Flint> I see Pengo at zero.

Jozlan casts ccw on flint

Jozlan rolls ccw (4d4 + 11): [(2 + 2 + 2 + 4) + 11] = 21

Flint casts CCW on Mordin.

Flint rolls Cure Critical Wounds (4d4 + 11): [(3 + 4 + 3 + 2) + 11] = 23

<Flint> Is Pengo really at o HP? I thought Jozlan cast some curing on him earlier.

<The DM> I see him at 5

<Icarius> yeah, 11 points worth

<Jozlan> though he took hail damage after that

<Flint> There it is. I had to manually refresh the page.

Flint casts CSW on Pengo.

Flint rolls Cure Serious Wounds (2d6 + 5): [(4 + 1) + 5] = 10

<Pengo> Thank you :)

<The DM> It looks to me like Jozlan, Flint and Pengo could still use a little more juice.

Flint casts CLW on Pengo.

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [3 + 4] = 7

<Jozlan> jozlan will regenerate

<The DM> eventually, that's true.

<Pengo> So that's it for tonight?

Flint casts CLW on Jozlan.

Flint rolls Cure Light Wounds (d4 + 4): [4 + 4] = 8

<The DM> Yeah, I think so. Kelvin has left the session

<Pengo> That was fun despite the beating :)

<The DM> We'll pick it up right here in Room 6 next time. Can someone please capture the scrollback for me?

May 06, 2007

<The DM> So -- Last time, you had just defeated 2 of Qhyjanoth's creations, and then 2 more of them in the hallway, and caught a glimpse of Qhyjanoth himself, before he dumped a stinking cloud on you all. The puppet things beat you up pretty bad, but as the smoke cleared, you did some healing, and are contemplating your next move.

<Jozlan> is the stink cloud dissipated?

<Mialee> Well... perhaps we should check out that room to the north then?

<The DM> the door that the puppets came through is still open.

<Pengo> Yeah, we need to go check that room out.

<The DM> Yes, the stinking cloud is dissapated.

<The DM> note that there is also a door right in front of pengo.

<Pengo> Open or closed? :)

<The DM> closed

<Pengo> Yeah, I still think we need to take a look in the room to the north.

<Flint> Which door folks?

Mordin heads for the noth door.

Flint follows.

Jozlan follows

<The DM> The room to the north is silent.

Mordin enters the room.

Flint follows.

<The DM> This chamber is bare except for a single rosewood table, some scattered chairs, and a very long (20') workbench set against the middle of the north wall. The bench contains tarred and treated heavy cloth, several ingots of brass and bronze, earthenware jugs, and hand tools.

<The DM> There is also a large (slightly bigger than head size) round wooden ball on the table. (Brass and Bronze ingots worth total value 650 gp), Stacked in the NW corner are several large pieces of wood, formed in rough cylindrical shapes, and a couple of large chunks of a rectangular form.

<Jozlan> the same material as the automatons?

<The DM> Yes, actually it is.

<Pengo> Workshop for building them, I take it.

<Jozlan> any directions/blueprints?

<Pengo> How much weight in hand tools are we talking about?

<The DM> I assume we're all entering?

<Flint> Yes.

<The DM> probably 50 obs of hand tools.

<The DM> 50 lbs

<Pengo> 50 obs?

<Pengo> Oh.

<Pengo> We could swipe his tools... would slow him down on making more of the things. ;)

<The DM> It occurs to me that the best use of underlays with this gametable would be for "dungeon dressing" rather than for floor sections.

<The DM> There isn't really anything special about the tools.

<Pengo> No, but he'd have to go get more. :)

<The DM> they'd be found at any blacksmith's or cooper's shop

<Pengo> Station cops at every such shop. ;)

<The DM> heh, true enough, I guess. :)

<The DM> That's if you let him get away.... ;)

<Pengo> Just a whimsical thought.

<Jozlan> onto the next room?

<Pengo> Anyway, as much as I love the notion of 650 gp worth of stuff, not sure lugging a bunch of brass and whatnot worth that is conducive to effective combat.

<Jozlan> we can collect it later

<Flint> Yes.

<Mialee> Let's keep going then.

<The DM> What next?

<Flint> Is that a door in the SE wall?

<The DM> Yes

<The DM> And the wall really is connected to it, despite appearances :)

<Pengo> heh

<Pengo> My inclination is to hit the SW door.

<Pengo> Any disagreement on that? :)

<Flint> No.

Pengo checks it for traps.

<Jozlan> if there are robots in the sw, we should clear them out now

<The DM> DM rolls secretly

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps.

Mordin heads for the SW door.

<The DM> he arrives there.

Flint follows.

Pengo opens the door.

Pengo steps back afterward

<The DM> This chamber contains a long table along the west wall, which holds a small stack of dishes and silverware. There is a large basin of dirty water on the floor at the end of the table, and small barrel at the end of the table.

<The DM> There is a basket of vegetables on the table, a 1/4 round of cheese, and 2 and a half loaves of bread.

<The DM> On the far end of the room, there are some oil lamps, a quantity of wood and tarred cloths, fabric, ropes, and the like.

<Jozlan> on to the next door down?

<Pengo> Yeah.

<Flint> Okay.

Pengo checks for traps.

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly.

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps.

Pengo opens the door and steps back.

<The DM> This is a library and study, comfortably furnished with two sturdy tables bearing quills, papers and vellums, inks of diverse color, and the like and with chairs, ledgers, and minor ornaments, as well as a large stuffed chair. There is a standing floor lamp next to the large chair, and another normal oil lamp on each table. The west wall has a large bookshelf filled with books and scrolls.

<The DM> In the SW corner of the room, sitting motionless on a 5 ft high perch, is something that strikes mortal fear into Mordin's and Flint's hearts -- a cockatrice! (You will recall that they had an encounter with such a beast in the Chapel of Silence.)

<Pengo> Uh-oh.

<Pengo> Anything else in there?

<Pengo> If not, we could just close the door and pretend nothing happened. :)

<The DM> Are you entering and searching the room?

<Jozlan> i think not

<Pengo> Apparently we are. :)

<Pengo> Since Flint and Mordin already have.

<Flint> I don't think the mages are going to agree to that. :)

<Mialee> Sigh.

<Pengo> OK, let's go for it then.

<Flint> Mage's library ... Spellbooks, maybe?

<Mialee> Well, let's kill the thing so we can get a look. :)

<Jozlan> I would assume so

<Mordin> Is that bloody bird breathing?

<The DM> You're too far away to tell

<Jozlan> sleeping?

<Flint> Oh hell.

<Pengo> Were you not paying attention? :)

<The DM> Closer examination shows that the cockatrice is stuffed. It is about the size of a large goose or turkey, and has the head and body of a cock, with two bat-like wings and the long tail of a lizard tipped with a few feathers. Its feathers are golden brown, its beak yellow, its tail green, and its wings gray. The cockatrice's wattles and comb, are bright red.

<Pengo> Oh. Whew.

<Jozlan> oh

<The DM> Its eyes are fashioned from small clusters of zircons; the gems alone are worth a total of 1,200 gp.

<Pengo> Wow.

<Jozlan> maybe it's stuffed with goodies too

Pengo looks to see how hard it would be to extract the eyes.

<The DM> two minutes

<The DM> that's how long it would take.

Pengo starts prying.

Mialee looks through the books and scrolls to see if there's anything interesting.

Icarius looks through the papers

<The DM> How long will you spend searching?

<Icarius> if there's magic ink, I'd like to snag it

<Mialee> I don't know... a few minutes.

<Mialee> Could you others watch the door while we do this? :)

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly.

Jozlan watches the door

<The DM> Vlix would be happy to watch your backs

<The DM> The books are general works on astronomy, archaeology, theology, magic, philosophy, etc. There are some volumes here on the construction of puppets and lesser golems.

<Flint> Okay.

<The DM> Certainly, they would be a valuable addition to your library, but they are very heavy in total.

<The DM> All the books together would be worth up to 2,000 gp.

<Pengo> All right... we'll have to come back for them.

<The DM> Searching the tables reveals several (15) sheets of vellum suitable for creating scrolls, and 12 quills suitable for writing spells into magic books. There is also a quill from the cockatrice on the table, and 5 bottles of ink. (Each bottle holds 5 level's worth of ink)

<Mialee> Let's grab all of that stuff now though, just in case we can't come back. :)

<Flint> Pengo, do you have that bag still?

<Pengo> Yep.

<The DM> The books? or just the vellum and quills?

<Pengo> I presume by now I've finished pulling the gems out of the bird?

<Icarius> let's take it then

<The DM> yes

<Pengo> Vellum and quills.

<The DM> and Ink, I'm sure. :)

<Pengo> Yes

<The DM> ok, Pengo stuffs all that into his bag.

<Flint> We can come back for the library and ingots.

<Pengo> Yeah.

<Pengo> Hm. I just realized there are doors in 9 and 10 leading east.

<Pengo> Which door do we want to do next?

<The DM> Yes there are.

<Flint> Well, we are in 10 already, so...

Pengo checks this door for traps.

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly.

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

Pengo waits for the others to line up. :)

<Flint> How much time has pasted since we started tonight's session?

<The DM> 30 minutes

<The DM> (3 turns)

<Flint> Joz, that's 3 hp back.

<Icarius> ok

<Flint> Update your total on the stat page.

<Flint> If you can get the page to come up. :(

<The DM> so--

<Flint> There, I had to manually refresh the page.

Pengo opens the door.

<The DM> This room is comfortably decorated, with tables bearing decanters of wine and spirits, silver goblets, fine crockery, linen tablecloths, leather armchairs, animal-skin rugs, and other items of comfort.

<The DM> Contrary to what the diagram might indicate, the stairs are actually going UP to the east. The gallery at the east end of the room stands 8'higher than the floor of the room. The overall ceiling height is 15' here, 7' in the gallery.

<Pengo> And Q's up there waiting for us?

<The DM> Flint peeks up and sees Q on the upper deck, yes.

<Icarius> how far away?

<The DM> Each square is 5 feet

<Pengo> Well, let's go to it then.

<The DM> but Icarius can't see him, because of the wall blocking vision

<Flint> Ready?

<Icarius> wouldn't it be a good idea to go invisible and sneak up on him?

<Icarius> while the rest of the party distracts him?

<The DM> Vlix says: "Ic, you da man" and disappears.

<Pengo> Heh

<Flint> Sounds like a job for someone who can backstab.

<Icarius> mialee could send invisibilize someone for the other set of stairs

Pengo steps out of Q's line of sight and casts Invisibility on herself.

<Pengo> Er, that was Mialee.

<Flint> Herself?

<The DM> You hear from the balcony: "You sniveling fools! How dare you interrupt my studies!?! Come out of there and DIE!"

<Pengo> Yes.

<Flint> Ready?

<Mialee> I guess I should have done Pengo, but I didn't think of that in time. :)

<Flint> Mordin and I will charge side by side up the south stairs.

<Mialee> I presume I'm now invisible?

<The DM> yes

<Flint> Ready?

<Mialee> Pengo is going to open the middle set of doors so that they don't open magically when Mialee goes through :)

<Mialee> And he'll enter from there.

<Icarius> I'll hold my rod and taunt him

<Flint> We are the distraction.

<Mordin> We charge the south stairs.

<The DM> He makes a motion with his hands, as if winding up with a baseball, and "throws" at Mordin and Flint

<Mordin> We will go as far as we can.

<Mialee> Mialee is going to head up the same side as Vlix.

<Pengo> Can I see him well enough from where I am to shoot at him?

<The DM> yeah

<Pengo> Then that's what I'll do.

<The DM> Ok, then, Round 1:

Pengo readies an arrow.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> From his hands fly, in rapid succession, 5 globes of fire, aimed at Mordin and Flint

<Mialee> Well.

<Mialee> Not that I say that aloud.

<Mialee> And I meant to type that on Pengo anyway. :)

The DM rolls d20 + 2: [10 + 2] = 12

The DM rolls d20 + 2: [4 + 2] = 6

The DM rolls d20 + 2: [7 + 2] = 9

The DM rolls d20 + 2: [8 + 2] = 10

The DM rolls d20 + 2: [17 + 2] = 19

<Pengo> And? :)

<The DM> One of them hits just in front of Flint, exploding in flame, and the "Splash" does 1 hp of damage

<The DM> one of them actually hits Jozlan, doing

The DM rolls 1d4 (d4): [4] = 4

<The DM> ok, your actions.

<Icarius> that wasn't so bad

<Pengo> Can you move Mialee the distance she can make it during this time?

Pengo shoots an arrow at Q.

<Flint> Can we close with him this round?

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

<The DM> Mialee and Vlix could.

<The DM> Flint and Mordin won't QUITE make it.

<Mialee> So I can close and attack this round?

<Flint> Please move us as far as we can get.

<The DM> ok

<Mialee> Same, please move me too. :)

<Mialee> Do I get an attack as well?

<The DM> you can get one swipe.

<Icarius> can I get off a mm spell from the rod this round?

<The DM> yes

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

Mialee thinks "Surprise!"

<The DM> you KNOW you connected with that, Mialee, but for some reason, your sword bounced off like the guy was made of STONE

<Mialee> Oh man.

<Icarius> uh

<The DM> He laughs!

<Icarius> push him over the edge

<Mialee> Ha, I like that.

<The DM> Round 2:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<Mialee> How high up are we anyway?

<Icarius> 8 foot

<The DM> there is a railing, though

<Mialee> Yeah, that won't do much good even if I can get him over.

<Mialee> Can I cast Magic Missile this round then?

<The DM> you're pretty close for that, but you can if you want.

<Mialee> Pretty close for that? Does that mean somthing in particular?

<Icarius> last time he had that sheild.

<Mialee> Oh yeah.

Mialee swings again.

<The DM> you're within melee range, is all.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [18] = 18

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9

<Mialee> Whatever juju he's got going on has to wear off eventually.

<Flint> Can we close and attack at this point, or will he go first?

Pengo shoots again.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

<Pengo> pfft.

<The DM> 1 sec

<The DM> Mialee hit, but again, your steel rings as if hitting a stone.

<Mialee> I can do this all day.

<The DM> Dwarves can close --

<The DM> and attack

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

<The DM> Mordin, your first swing hits

<The DM> but again, "chink!"

The DM rolls 1d4 (d4): [3] = 3

<Flint> Joz, you want to take a crack at him.

<Jozlan> can I this round?

<The DM> yes

Jozlan rolls d20: [11] = 11

<The DM> nah

Icarius fires an mm from the rod's storage

Icarius rolls 3d3 + 3: [1 + 1 + 1 + 3] = 6

<The DM> You see the mms splatter against an invisible shield.

<Icarius> about what I expected

<Icarius> how far away from him is the invisible shield?

<The DM> about a foot or 2

<The DM> that it?

<Icarius> so mialee is potentially within it?

<Flint> Icarius - You are level 7, you get 4 MM now. :)

<The DM> good point, but no.

<Icarius> it's also a d4, not that it mattered :)

<Pengo> Need to step away for a couple minutes, sorry...

<The DM> ok, he sees himself surrounded, and leaps over the railing, and bolts for the door next to pengo.

<The DM> he moves INCREDIBLY fast.

<Flint> Grab him!

<Jozlan> that was fast

<The DM> Pengo can take a stab at him, as can Icarius

<The DM> as he goes by

<Icarius> I'll roll for pengo

Icarius rolls d20: [18] = 18

<The DM> Pengo MISSES!

Icarius won't even try

<The DM> He disappears into room 6

<Icarius> I think we should take a quick peek at what he was studying before chasing after him

<Flint> If we don't chase him we'll never catch him.

<Icarius> i think he can outrun us

<Icarius> I assume he's left the building. We could grab his books and torch the place

<Flint> We need him to complete the mission.

Icarius looks through his papers

<Pengo> Sorry, I'm back sheppy has joined the session

<The DM> what papers? there are none on the balcony

<Icarius> I assumed he was studying something

<The DM> Icarius, are you returning to room 10?

<Pengo> Seems unlikely that he would be studying something when he knows his place is being attacked.

<Icarius> no, in the current room

<The DM> ohh,

<Icarius> You hear from the balcony: "You sniveling fools! How dare you interrupt my studies!?! Come out of there and DIE!"

<The DM> right :)

<Pengo> I presume he was studying something when we first arrived. :)

<The DM> Well, I guess you interrrupted him a while back :)

<Icarius> so nothing interesting up on the balcony?

<The DM> No, just the door to the east.

<Flint> Do we chase after him, or not?

<Pengo> Yeah, we need to go after him.

<Flint> Capturing or killing him is the mission.

Pengo takes off in pursuit.

<Mialee> Pengo, you idiot... wait!

Mialee takes off after the halfling.

Mordin chases.

Flint chases.

<The DM> Where's Pengo going?

<Pengo> Trying to follow Q.

<The DM> into room 6 then?

<Pengo> Yeah, guess so, if that's where it appears Q has gone.

<The DM> you ge there, and don't see a thing.

<The DM> other than the puppets you destroyed earlier.

<The DM> could everyone else move their pogs, please?

Pengo keeps running to the west then

<The DM> Vlix holds back.

<The DM> Still invisible.

<Icarius> good idea

Pengo checks room 4.

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find anything there.

Pengo checks room 3

<The DM> nothing there either.

Pengo runs outside

<The DM> Pengo finds the guards that escorted them there, standing alert and ready.

<Pengo> Nobody's come out this way?

<The DM> "No sir hobbit! No one has come out of there at all!"

<Pengo> OK, keep an eye out!

<Mialee> Great, this is fun.

<Icarius> maybe he's invisible

<Pengo> Maybe, or there's another exit.

Icarius checks the table in room 9

<The DM> what ae you looking for, Icarius?

<Icarius> if there's anything behind/below it

<The DM> you don't see anything.

<Icarius> although we saw him go to room 6, so no point in searching too hard

<The DM> Jozlan, roll for surprise.

<Pengo> OK, we need to sweep this place.

Jozlan rolls d20: [11] = 11

<The DM> that would be a d6, sorry

Jozlan rolls d6: [5] = 5

<The DM> ok, initiative.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Jozlan rolls d6: [4] = 4

Pengo keeps searching, making his way back toward room 6 gradually.

<The DM> You're not surprised, but are nevertheless attacked:

<The DM> by a shimmering, half distinct sort of nothing in the air.

<Jozlan> hmm

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [1] = 1

<The DM> but whatever it is missed.

Jozlan yells "in here!"

Pengo breaks into a run.

Jozlan swings at it with his trusty ever ready mace

Jozlan rolls d20: [9] = 9

<The DM> the shimmering in the air heads for the door.

<The DM> not even close

<Jozlan> east or west

Flint chargs twords Jozlan.

<The DM> it heads down the corridor 7 toward s Icarius

Mordin charges towards Jozlan.

<Pengo> Best bet is for you to move our pogs until we catch up. :)

<The DM> right

<The DM> Icarius feels/ hears a brush of air go by him.

<The DM> Vlix hears a pounding of footsteps up the stairs toward him,

<The DM> he can't see anything, but he can hear it.

<The DM> he makes an attempt to backstab the fleeting shimmering as it goes by.

<The DM> d20

Vlix rolls d20: [1] = 1

<Pengo> whoops

<The DM> the door to the east opens, and slams shut!

<Pengo> Still running :)

Vlix curses in a language none of you understand.

Jozlan waits for everyone to regroup

<The DM> you catch up to where Vlix is.

<Flint> All of us?

<The DM> yes

<Pengo> Let's go get him!

<Jozlan> and lock the door behind us

<Flint> Ready?

<Pengo> Go!

<Mialee> Let's do it!

<Jozlan> let's roll

<The DM> The doors exiting east don't seem to be locked, but they just don't budge at all.

Mialee casts Knock, hoping it works.

<The DM> the doors swing open silently.

Mialee starts running again.

Mordin charges in.

<The DM> the hallway goes south, and jogs to the west and then south again.

<The DM> You don't see anything ahead of you.

<The DM> The doors there are open, Flint.

<The DM> his chamber is entirely devoid of decoration.

<The DM> There is an 8'-diameter opening in the floor of the northern half of the room, with a stout lever of metal and wood set into the floor just east of the hole.

<The DM> You arrive on the scene in time to see the lever moving on its own.

<The DM> You hear a rumbling noise in the hallway outside. What will you do immediately?

<Pengo> Stop that lever!

<Flint> Try and grab whoever is moving the lever.

<Mordin> Try and grab whoever is moving the lever.

<The DM> Vlix looks back to see a 2 "-thick wooden door to descend from the ceiling in the corridor 40' back from the entrance doors to this chamber.

<The DM> Who is running toward the lever?

<Mordin> I am.

<Flint> I am.

<The DM> A few seconds go by, and a misty vapor begins seeping from a hole near the ceiling on the south wall. It is quickly filling the room with swirls of reddish brown and green. What will you do immediately?

<Pengo> I'm heading that way too.

<Mialee> How high is that hole? Is it reachable?

<The DM> the hole is in the floor

<Mialee> You said it was near the ceiling.

<Mialee> That the vapor is coming through.

<Flint> Casting: Detect magic.

<The DM> the hole that the vapor is coming from is about 8 ft high.

Pengo leaps toward the lever and pulls it back the other way.

<Mialee> How big around is the hole in the floor?

<The DM> Flint, you don't see anything particlarly magical, other than what your companions are carrying.

<The DM> 5 ft diameter.

<Pengo> Do those of us at and around the lever find anyone still holding onto it?

<Flint> I look down the hole.

<The DM> Pengo, the mist stops emenating, but is still swirling about the room.

<The DM> No. No one is around the lever.

<Pengo> Well...

<Pengo> In for a penny...

<The DM> Everyone in the room roll a saving throw vs. Poison.

Pengo steps off the edge to drift down into the hole.

<The DM>

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [11] = 11

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [3] = 3

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [20] = 20

Pengo rolls d20: [1] = 1

<Pengo> Wish I'd dropped into the hole before you said to roll that. :)

<Pengo> Missed it by the time it took to hit return :)

<The DM> pengo and


The DM rolls 2d4: [2 + 3] = 5


<Pengo> Your dead corpse slowly drifts down into the hole :)

<The DM> take 5 Poison damage, and fall asleep

<Pengo> OK, so my sleeping body drifts down into the hole. :)

<The DM> Now, please note: poison damage is NOT cured by cure __ wounds spells.

<The DM> The mist slowly dissipates, and after about 5 minutes, you can breathe again.

<The DM> I'm assuming that everyone is updating the spreadsheet with damage. :)

<Pengo> Yep

<Vlix> Sean has joined the session

<Pengo> Hi Sean.

<The DM> Hi Sean!

<Pengo> Did I actually manage to drop down into the hole? :)

<Vlix> hello from flooded KS

<The DM> not yet

<The DM> why don't you catch Sean up while I take a quick bio break?

<Pengo> We're chasing the puppet master and he's just filled a room with poison and fled with us left behind.

<Pengo> Flint and Pengo are asleep.

<Pengo> He's invisible and frustrating :)

<Jozlan> we had him cornered in the room north of us. Hitting him was like hitting stone.

<Jozlan> and he's got magic shielding

<The DM> bak

<Pengo> Yeah. Stinker.

<Pengo> I have about 20-25 minutes until I have to go.

<The DM> After a few minutes, You are able to rouse Flint and Pengo. They are feeling a bit sickish, but are otherwise ok.

Pengo gathers himself up and steps into the hole.

<The DM> You're just stepping into it?

<The DM> It's pretty deep!

<Pengo> I'm trusting in my feather falling ring.

<The DM> ahhh. well, roll a % and roll high (er than 20)

Pengo rolls d100: [20] = 20

<Pengo> Hum.

<Vlix> aaaaaahhhhhh

<Vlix> sploit

<The DM> Pengo floats down about 10 feet, and then plummets the other 20

The DM rolls 2d6: [2 + 3] = 5

<The DM> taking 5 damage from his abrupt stop.

<Pengo> Oh, that's not as deep as I was afraid it would be.

Pengo looks around for signs of where Q might be now.

<The DM> You pick yourself up from the floor, and look around this 30 x 30' room.

<The DM> You are surprised to find 10 men here in the Duke's livery. They are standing listlessly against the walls.

<Vlix> need a rope?

<Pengo> Hello, gentlemen.

<The DM> no response.

<The DM> it's DARK down here, BTW

<Pengo> Figures.

<Pengo> Can I tell who/what the guy in the corner is?

<The DM> (in fact, I wonder how you could tell that they were in the duke's livery... )

<Pengo> Guys... I need some light down here.

<The DM> actually, you can't really see him yet.

<Pengo> OK

<The DM> actually, you can only BARELY see the other guys. Their "heat signature" is almost non-existent.

<Vlix> is this climable?

<The DM> yes

<Pengo> Ugh. That would have been nice to know earlier. :)

<Vlix> any where to anchor a rope?

<Pengo> Looking through scrollback, apparently I imagined asking you if there was a ladder or anything and you saying no. :)

<The DM> around the lever, perhaps.

<Pengo> That's why I decided to drop :)

<The DM> there was no ladder.

<Pengo> But it's climbable?

<The DM> yes

<Vlix> makes a knot and drops a rope.... then repels down to Pengo with torch and tinderbox

<Pengo> Not that it matters since I didn't actually ask, but in my mind "is there a ladder?" is the same question as "is it climbable?" :)

<Pengo> Oh well.

<Pengo> Hi, Vlix.

Mialee looks around room 12 some more.

<The DM> well, "is it climbable?" is a different question when asked by a thief, than when asked by anyone else. :)

<Vlix> getting into trouble again, eh Pengo?

<Jozlan> :)

<Pengo> Always.

<Pengo> Sorry... seems to me that it obviously means "Is there a reasonably safe way to get down?" :)

<The DM> Vlix, are you lighting the torch beforehand?

<Pengo> Regardless, I didn't actually ask, so... :)

<Vlix> yah, why not

<The DM> ok, you get to the bottom, and you see the guards there.

<The DM> You also see a small puppet about 2 ft in height, slumped in the NW corner of the room. In its hands are 2 drumsticks of wood and metal.

<The DM> the guys around you look pretty creepy.

<Pengo> Creepy how?

Pengo suddenly has a bad feeling about this.

<The DM> The men start slowly approaching you, and draw their swords. It is now that you realize with horror, that these men all have ghastly wounds already. In fact, you would estimate that they each have wounds enough to kill a man several times over.

<Pengo> Oh boy. Undead.

Pengo starts climbing back up as fast as he can.

Mialee starts pulling on the rope, trying to haul Vlix back up.

<The DM> Pengo, roll % to climb

Pengo rolls d100: [53] = 53

<The DM> You scamper up the wall easily enough.

<Pengo> Come on, Vlix...

<The DM> Mialee likewise hauls Vlix back up.

<Vlix> starts hoisting

Pengo whips one of the cocktails out of his bag and lights it on Vlix's torch, then chucks it down the hole.

<The DM> You hear a "POOF!"

<Pengo> Any sounds down there now?

<Pengo> Of movement, that is?

<The DM> Just some grunts and groans

Pengo lights and tosses down another cocktail.

<Vlix> why?

<Flint> What's down there?

<Pengo> Zombies, apparently.

<Vlix> we have to go this way?

<Flint> Is that all?

<Pengo> If we want to catch the guy we're after, yeah.

<Jozlan> yep

<Vlix> can't the cleric turn them?

<The DM> To be Continued.....

June 03, 2007

<The DM> When last we met, you had clashed momentarily with Qhyjanoth himself, before the latter escaped down a dark shaft (MAN, is he fast!).

<The DM> Pengo and Vlix jumped down soon after, and found themselves facing the undead remains of a patrol of the city guard.

<The DM> With the help of their comrades, they scurried back out of the 30' deep hole, and tossed down a few of Pengo's favorite cocktails.

<The DM> It has been about 10 minutes since you last saw Qhyjanoth disappear down the hole.

<The DM> Ok, so you're all clustered around this hole in the floor, smelling wisps of smoke from the burning oil below, which has now burned out.

<Mialee> Who wants to go down there? :)

<Mordin>: I do.

<The DM> You hear some shuffling of feet-type sounds, but nothing else.

<Mialee> Sounds like we didn't polish 'em off with that then.

<Flint> I could go down and try to turn them.

<Jozlan> : i support that notion

<Mialee> Even if you turn 'em eventually we'll have to destroy them.

<Mialee> But at least it would give us all time to get down there.

<Jozlan> : yeah, make life easier

<Pengo> Sounds like a plan to me.

<Mialee> So... you going? :)

<Mordin>: How did Pengo climb down?

<Mialee> Just stepped off the edge and floated down.

<The DM> He just jumped, but Vlix climbed down on a rope.

<The DM> the rope is still tied off on the lever, Flint climbs down the rope.

<The DM> You hear some shuffling noises, and see the slightest shadows in the darkness.

<Pengo> By the way, I could use a heal.

<The DM> he sure could.

<Jozlan> rolls csw (2d6 + 5): [(1 + 5) + 5] = 11

<Jozlan> : (on pengo)

<Pengo> Thank you.

<The DM> not so fast, Pengo! Mialee listens to see if she can hear what Flint's up to down there.

<Pengo> Hm?

<The DM> you can only be returned to 21, because 5 of your damage is poison damage.

<Pengo> Oh.

<Jozlan> : still better than 12

<Pengo> Yes.

<The DM> much. :)

<Pengo> Didn't realize

<The DM> So Flint, what are you doing in the dark down there?

<Flint> Looking around.

<The DM> The shuffling noises approach you. You can _feel_ the shadows, more than see them.

<Flint> I'll light my lantern.

<The DM> That will take a round...

<The DM> As you are working on that, the shadowy forms come within arm's reach of you!

<The DM> Roll initiative, Flint.

The DM rolls d6 - 2: [1 - 2] = -1

Flint rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

<Pengo> lol

<Mialee> I *think* Flint won. :)

<The DM> There are three creatures crowding around you

<The DM> you can see now, in the dim light shining from the room above, (from ic's rod)

<The DM> they are human faces, devoid of life.

<The DM> wearing the livery of the Duke.

<The DM> you didn't quite get the flint and steel thing working -- whatcha gonna do?

<Flint> Why not?

<The DM> They arrived before the round was up. If you want to continue, you can, but they'll get their hits in.

<Flint> Is there enough light from above to turn them?

<The DM> Sure, but why would you need light anyway?

<Flint> I thought they had to see me boldly present my holy symbol. :)

<The DM> I don't think they have to see you. They know you're there.

<Flint> Then I will attempt to turn them.

<The DM> but I see your point. Still, I'd say they don't need to see you.

<The DM> ok, roll 2d6


Flint rolls Turn Undead (d20): [6] = 6

<Flint> 2d6?

<The DM> No, roll 2d6 to see how many you turn.

<Flint> It's an automatic turn? Sweet. :)

<The DM> Yes

Flint rolls 2d6: [4 + 5] = 9

<The DM> The three right up in your face back away, and you hear more shuffling noise in the background.

<The DM> But it seems that at least one is still approaching.

<The DM> Meanwhile, at the top of the hole, what are the rest of you doing? Mialee peers down into the darkness and listens, trying to tell what's up. Pengo looks around the room some more while waiting for orders.

<The DM> Pengo, the room is completely bare, except for the lever in the floor that released the gas, and the vent that it came through.

<Pengo> That didn't take long then. :)

<The DM> Mialee hears Flint attempting to turn the creatures.

<Mialee> Flint, do you need help down there?

<Flint> You're going to have to come down at some point. Mialee climbs down.

<Jozlan> : no time like the present Pengo drops down as well.

<Jozlan> follows

<The DM> The last one approaches you, Flint, and though you don't see his lips move, you hear him say in a low voice: "Leave now -- you are doomed"

<Icarius> and my light source come along

<The DM> Pengo, you going down on the rope, or on the ring?

<Pengo> I'm hanging onto the rope to steady myself but I'm letting the ring take a lot of the speed off the drop.

<The DM> ok. :)

<Mordin> climbs down.

<The DM> While that's all going on, the last one approaches and attacks Flint.

<The DM> Flint you can swing first.

<Flint> Somehow these numbers don't add up. :)

<The DM> ehh?

<Jozlan> : 8 zombies, 9 turned?

<The DM> Whoops!

<Flint> I see 8 Pogs, and turned 9 creatures. Yet one attacks with an automatic turn.

<Pengo> :)

<The DM> Sorry. I thought there were ten. my bad. They're all turned.

<Flint> There were 10 before Pengo's cocktail hour. :)

<Pengo> :) Pengo does a little dance

<Mialee> Is it time to start destroying them?

<Flint> Let's just slide around the wall counter-clockwise and get after the Boss.

<Pengo> OK, we can try that. After you.

Vlix joins the group.

<Jozlan> boldly presents his holy symbol

<The DM> You hear Qhyjanoth's voice again from the room above: "Why don't you sniveling fools come up here and fight like men?"

<The DM> But with the presentation ofJozlan's symbol, ....

<The DM> Jozlan, roll 2d6

<Jozlan> rolls 2d6: [4 + 5] = 9

<The DM> They all crumble into dust. Their uniforms collapse on the floor.

<Flint> That works too. :)

<Pengo> OK then. :) Pengo is impressed.

<Mialee> Let's move on, shall we? :)

<Jozlan> : yes

<The DM> You hear a rapid rythm being beat out -- it is actually very _A_rythmic and confusing.

<Pengo> Let's get out of here.

<Flint> Are you going to check for traps? Pengo checks the door for traps.

<The DM> DM Rolls secretly.....

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps Pengo opens the door

<The DM> The beating is really odd, now, and confusing.

<The DM> You see into the room beyond, Mialee grabs scraps of the uniforms off the floor and stuffs them into her ears.

<The DM> The floor of this room is a step down from the room you're in. There is a closed door directly across and a closed door on the left wall in the center of the wall. Pengo notices what Mialee is doing and does the same.

<The DM> Well, it muffles the sound of it some, but doesn't eliminate it.

<Mialee> Is it at least a little less confusing? :)

<The DM> Actually, no. Mialee goes ahead and unplugs her ears then.

Pengo sighs and tosses the scraps aside.

<The DM> There are 8 really big snakes slithering around on the floor here, in a state of obvious agitation. They are green with yellow and olive green banding on their dorsal surfaces.

<The DM> This is in the new room...

<The DM> 14

<The DM> by really big, I mean 12-15 feet long.

<Pengo> Snakes... why'd it have to be snakes...?

<The DM> And the drumming continues.

<Pengo> OK, so big damage applies? :)

<The DM> no.

<The DM> they're only medium size.

<Pengo> Then you should call them medium snakes. :D

<Icarius> : I could send a fireball in there

<Flint> How big an area does a Fireball cover?

<Icarius> : 20 foot radius

<Flint> 33,000+ cubic feet. I don't think so!

<The DM> 20 ft radius.

<Jozlan> : i guess the room is a little small for that

<The DM> that's bigger than that room.

<Mordin>: I guess we do it the hard way.

<Mialee> OK

<The DM> Yeah, if you don't have a room that's 40 x 40 x40, a fireball is pretty dangerous to use. :)

<Pengo> :)

<The DM> And the drumming continues, and it's really driving you nuts.

<Mialee> Can we tell where it's coming from?

<Pengo> Let's go kill the snakes and get it over with.

<Mordin> enters the room. Flint follows.

<The DM> The drumming is coming from somewhere in room 13.

<Mialee> It's in room 13? That's odd.


<Icarius> , look around, see if you can find the source. :)

<The DM> it started before you opened the door, remember.

<Pengo> So... do we just start killing or do we need initiative? :)

<The DM> Ok, you folks in Rm 14,

<Icarius> listens around in room 13 for the source

<The DM> you're half in the dark.

<The DM> Icauius, you can't tell from the sound, because it's echoing around the room, but...

<The DM> with the bright light from your rod, you can almost see a flicker of shadowy movement in the NW corner

<The DM> Meanwhile, in room 14:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<Icarius> : near the X perhaps?

<The DM> you can hit first.

<Pengo> Could we get some snake pogs? :)

<The DM> Yes, that's where you see the flickering.

<The DM> If you can find some,,, :)

<Pengo> Well, anything will do :)

<Jozlan> : hehe

<Pengo> Hm, ok :)

Icarius tells Jozlan to go bash around in the corner

<The DM> Numbered 1-8 clockwise (l2r)

Pengo attacks the one in the SE corner.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

Mialee attacks the one in the opposite corner.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

Flint attacks #3

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

<The DM> Mialee hits

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

<The DM> Flint hits

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3

<The DM> Mordin hits

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [2 + 3] = 5

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [4 + 8] = 12

<The DM> Mordin on which one? 5 or 6?

<Mordin>: #5

<The DM> ok, they strike back, in order, 2 on each of you:

The DM rolls 8d20: [5 + 7 + 2 + 16 + 7 + 13 + 12 + 3] = 65

<The DM> Flint is the only one hit,

<The DM> 1 pt of damage, but roll a saving throw vs. poison

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [13] = 13

<The DM> you make it.

<The DM> so just the one damage.

<Pengo> Sweet

<Flint> Got to love that dwarvish constitution. :)

<Pengo> hehe

<The DM> ok, back in the other room,

<Jozlan> , what are you doing, along with

<Icarius> ?

<The DM> Vlix is heading up to see what's in the NW corner.

<The DM> In fact, he takes a thwack at the air:

The DM rolls d20 - 4: [3 - 4] = -1

<The DM> sWISH!

<Pengo> heh

<The DM> The drumming continues unabated.

<Jozlan> : going to the nw corner as

<Icarius> suggested and bashing away

<Flint> Doesn't he use two weapons?

<The DM> not this round. He was just fishing around.

<Jozlan> rolls d20 - 4: [5 - 4] = 1

<The DM> ok,

<Jozlan> roll at -4

<The DM> sWISH!

<The DM> ok, now the drumming is just driving you batty.

<The DM> Everyone needs to roll a saving throw vs. spells, the guys fighting the snakes get a +3 on the roll.

<Jozlan> rolls to save (d20): [1] = 1

<Icarius> rolls to save (d20): [14] = 14

Flint rolls d20 + 3: [5 + 3] = 8

<Mordin> rolls d20 + 3: [18 + 3] = 21

<The DM> And someone roll for Vlix

<Mordin> rolls d20 + 3: [20 + 3] = 23

<Pengo> Hm, I haven't seen my rolls come through yet.

<The DM>Jozlan and Flint failed. Pengo, Mialee?

Pengo rolls d20 + 3: [15 + 3] = 18

Mialee rolls d20 + 3: [15 + 3] = 18

<Mialee> Did 'em a second time... first rolls didn't go through.

<The DM> they both save.

<The DM>Jozlan :

The DM rolls d100: [10] = 10

<The DM> You wander around the room

<The DM> Flint,

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [71] = 71

<The DM> You keep attacking the snake.

<The DM> ok, Round 2

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> The snakes attack:

The DM rolls 8d20: [20 + 8 + 12 + 8 + 5 + 15 + 15 + 6] = 89

<The DM> Mialee and Pengo are hit by one.

<The DM> for 1 pt of damage each, and roll to save vs poison.

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [7] = 7

Pengo rolls d20: [16] = 16

The DM rolls 3d4: [3 + 3 + 3] = 9

<The DM> Mialee, you take 9 points of poison damage.

<Pengo> OK

<Mialee> Not doing so good over here.

<The DM> in the other room, Vlix attacks in earnest, even though he can't see his foe, really.

<The DM> someone roll for him (x2) at -4 :

Pengo rolls d20 - 4: [16 - 4] = 12 :

Pengo rolls d20 - 4: [13 - 4] = 9

<The DM> swish swish

<Pengo> Our turn now?

<The DM> yes.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5 Flint rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [12] = 12

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

<The DM> both hit,


<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [7 + 8] = 15

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [1 + 8] = 9

<The DM> on which one?

<Mordin>: Still #5.

<The DM> You chop him in half.

<The DM> Guess that's it.

<The DM> Round 3:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> The snakes atttack again.

The DM rolls 7d20: [7 + 5 + 10 + 11 + 4 + 6 + 8] = 51

<The DM> All miss

<The DM> your shots, including Vlix

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

<Pengo> Vlix attacks:

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> nope

<Flint> At #3.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [4] = 4

<The DM> not quite

<Mordin>: At #6.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [9] = 9

<The DM> hits

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [5 + 8] = 13

<The DM> Round 4:

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

<The DM> Everyone roll a saving throw, except Jozlan, who is still confused and wandering aimlessly

Pengo rolls d20: [17] = 17

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [2] = 2

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

<Mordin> rolls Saving Throw (d20): [9] = 9

<Mialee> That doesn't look good.

<The DM> Ic and Vlix?

<Pengo> For


Pengo rolls d20: [11] = 11

<The DM> Mialee, Flint

<Mordin> and Vlix are confused this round, from that crazy rat-atat sound.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [50] = 50

<The DM> Flint just stands there

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [64] = 64

<The DM> Mordin is confused, but still attacks a snake

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [39] = 39

<The DM> Mialee just stands there

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [66] = 66

<The DM> Vlix attacks


The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<Pengo> Their go; I rolled a 1.

The DM rolls 7d20: [18 + 3 + 20 + 14 + 10 + 12 + 17] = 94

<Pengo> Ack

<The DM> Mialee is hit, roll a saving throw, Flint is hit twice, (2hp) roll 2 saving throws, and Pengo is hit, roll a saving throw Mialee rolls to save (d20): [12] = 12

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [7] = 7

Pengo rolls d20: [16] = 16

<The DM> Flint failed one,

<The DM> Unfortunately, this snake has a more virulent poison...

<The DM> he takes more damage from the poison.

The DM rolls 3d8: [1 + 2 + 5] = 8

<Pengo> Boy, that could have been worse.

<The DM> You can attack back, except as noted above.

<The DM>

<Icarius> , you should roll for vlix attacking you.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

<Mordin>: At #6.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [12] = 12

<The DM> both hit

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [7 + 8] = 15

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10

<The DM> That snake is dead.

<Icarius> rolls d20: [20] = 20

<The DM> the stiletto hits, roll for the sword, Ic

<Icarius> : d4?

<The DM> d3+3

<Icarius> rolls d3 + 3: [2 + 3] = 5

<The DM> and for his rapier..

<Icarius> rolls d20: [4] = 4

<The DM> actually that hits too, Ic, with a d6+2

<Icarius> rolls d6 + 2: [5 + 2] = 7

<The DM> Round 5:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [6] = 6

<Pengo> Sorry, got distracted here :)

<The DM> no sweat.

<Mialee> How long are we all out of it btw?

<The DM> your hits, then

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

<The DM> one round at a time.

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [2 + 2] = 4

<The DM> so you can hit this round.

<Mialee> OK

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

<Mialee> In theory :D

<Flint> At # 3.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

<Mordin>: At #4.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [3 + 8] = 11

<The DM> Vlix can go back to swinging at the invisible entity

<Pengo> for


Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [18] = 18

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [5] = 5

<Icarius> is glad of that

<The DM> misses

<Pengo> I bet :)

<Pengo> Both do? Wow.

<Icarius> : can I cast a mm at it?

<The DM>Icarius might want to step back a few feet, so he's not the "Closest to " Vlix ;)

<Icarius> steps back a few feet

<The DM> no, you have to see your target.

<Mordin>: Is

<Jozlan> still out of it?

<The DM> yes, he is.

<The DM> Ok, here go the snakes:

<The DM> one each on

<Mordin> and FLint, 2 at Mialee and Pengo.

<The DM> left to right

The DM rolls 6d20: [16 + 6 + 3 + 9 + 11 + 15] = 60

<The DM> One hits Mialee, and one hits Pengo.

<The DM> roll saves, guys.

Pengo rolls d20: [14] = 14

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [8] = 8

<The DM> Pengo takes 1 dam (bite, Not Poison)

<The DM> Mialee takes one bite and

The DM rolls 3d4: [1 + 4 + 2] = 7

<The DM> 7 poison

<The DM> Round 6:

<The DM> Everyone save,

<The DM> including


Pengo rolls d20: [9] = 9

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [10] = 10

<Icarius> rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [15] = 15

<Jozlan> rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

<Jozlan> rolls to save (d20): [15] = 15

<Mordin> rolls Saving Throw (d20): [17] = 17

The DM rolls d20: [20] = 20

<The DM> Pengo, Mialee and

<Icarius> are confused this round.

<The DM> the rest are not.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [91] = 91

<The DM> Pengo attacks


The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [47] = 47

<The DM> Mialee stands dumbfounded

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [27] = 27

<The DM>Icarius stands stupified

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<The DM> your shots.

<Jozlan> is back in the game. Flint Cure Critical Wounds on Mialee.

Flint rolls Cure Critical Wounds (4d4 + 11): [(2 + 3 + 4 + 3) + 11] = 23

<Jozlan> : hooray

<Jozlan> csw on


<Jozlan> rolls csw (2d6 + 5): [(6 + 1) + 5] = 12

<The DM> The max she can be is 12, you knkow,

<The DM> do you have a smaller spell?

<The DM> Flint, that was to you.

<Flint> No, it's the only one I have left.

<The DM> ok, then Mialee is 12

<Mordin>: On #4.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [4] = 4

<The DM> Mordin,. both hit

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

<Vlix> on the mystery sound thing:

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> miss both, Vlix

<The DM>Mordin, were you going on 4? if so, you killed it, and did some damage on 3

<Mordin>: Yes.

<The DM> ok, there are 5 snakes left to attack, 2 on Mialee, 1 on Flint and 2 on Pengo.

The DM rolls 5d20: [7 + 11 + 9 + 7 + 5] = 39

<Mordin>: Pengo, take your best shot. :)

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

<Pengo> whew :)

<The DM> none hit

<The DM> Round 7:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> (I really didn't think these snakes would be so tough :)

<The DM> ok, the snakes attack.

<Pengo> Well, half of us being out of it for each round due to the thumper doesn't help :)

The DM rolls 5d20: [6 + 20 + 2 + 9 + 14] = 51

<Flint> I'll bet you also didn't expect the party to split in two, either. :)

<Pengo> :)

<The DM> Mialee and pengo are hit again, roll saving throws. Pengo rolls to save (d20): [20] = 20

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [6] = 6

<The DM> Mialee fails, :( Pengo takes one bite damage, Mialee takes that plus:

The DM rolls 3d4: [1 + 3 + 2] = 6

<Pengo> Wow, Mialee's max is like 6 now :)

<Pengo> Our go?

<The DM> yes,

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [4] = 4

<Pengo> Pssh

<Flint> Joz, you might want to do something about Mialee's poisoning.

<Flint> At #3.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

<Jozlan> : didn't realize i had a cure poison spell

<Mordin>: At #7.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [9] = 9

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10

<The DM>Mordin fillets another one.

<Mordin>: That's not the one I hit.

<The DM> oops

<The DM> in that case,

<The DM>Jozlan, are you curing Mialee's poisoning?

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [11] = 11

<Pengo> Pfft

<Jozlan> : yes

<Jozlan> : as soon as I can

<The DM> Ok, the neutralize poison eliminates all of that poison damage, giving Mialee a new total of 27

<Pengo> Yay

<Mialee> Whew

<Pengo> Initiative again?

<The DM> Round 8:

<The DM> Everyone save vs spells, Please

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [6] = 6

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [15] = 15

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [17] = 17

Mordin rolls Saving Throw (d20): [4] = 4

Vlix rolls to save (d20): [18] = 18

<Pengo> Ic is safe ;)

<Pengo> At least from Vlix :)

<Jozlan> rolls to save (d20): [5] = 5

<Icarius> rolls to save (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> Flint and Jozlan, you should be adding a 1 and 3 to these rolls, for wisdom bonus.

<The DM> 1 & 3 respectively

<The DM> not that it would help this round.

<The DM> So Pengo and Jozlan are confused again this round.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [81] = 81

<The DM> Pengo attacks Mordin

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [30] = 30

<The DM> Jozlan stands confused.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> 5 snakes attack again:

The DM rolls 5d20: [16 + 19 + 11 + 4 + 20] = 70

<The DM> ouch

<Mialee> Doh

<The DM> Mialee is hit twice, and Pengo once. Please save accordingly

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [13] = 13

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [4] = 4

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [6] = 6

<The DM> Mialee takes 1 bite plus Poison:

The DM rolls 3d4: [2 + 2 + 1] = 5

<The DM> actually 2 bites plus the above poison

<The DM> Pengo takes one bite plus poison:

The DM rolls 3d8: [8 + 5 + 5] = 18

<Pengo> Oh crap

<Pengo> Puts me at -2

<The DM> Time for one of those cure lights, Jozlan, pronto!

<The DM> no he can't cause he's confused.

<Jozlan> : fdgfdkgjfdttwt

<Pengo> Very confused. :)

<The DM> Your turn

<Flint> I can cast a Slow Poison from scroll.

<The DM> obviously Pengo won't attack

<Pengo> You think? :)

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [13] = 13

<Mordin>: What does he need to roll to hit me?

<Pengo> Uh, he's like dead. :)

<Pengo> er, I am :)

<Pengo> -2 HP translates to "he's not attacking anything" :)

<The DM> But the slow poison will keep you alive, at least for a little while

Pengo nods.

<Mordin>: At #7.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

<The DM> Mialee hit, BTW

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

<The DM> Mordin hit twice

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [1 + 8] = 9

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

Vlix on the invisible thingy:

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [12] = 12

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [13] = 13

<Vlix> Nope

<The DM> Mordin kills #7 and damages #8

Flint casts Slow Poison from scroll.

<Pengo> We're going to spend the entire night on this fight, aren't we? :)

<Mordin>: Not if we die first. :|

<The DM> Ok, Pengo, 22 of the 23 poison points are restored, but you will lose 1 point PER TURN, until you can get a cure.

<Pengo> OK

<The DM> Yeah, this is complicated by you guys fighting on two fronts at once.

Flint makes a note to look at the new poison rules. :)

<Pengo> I think it's time for Vlix to quit messing with the thumper and help kill stuff instead.

<Pengo> And since I've been rolling for him, I think that's what will happen. ;)

<The DM> He would probably agree with that.

<Jozlan> : :)

<The DM> Round 9:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<The DM> Reposition yourselves as necessary

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

<Pengo> Vlix attacks the one in front of him. #3?

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

<Mordin>: At #8.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [13] = 13

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [7 + 8] = 15

Pengo rolls sword damage (d6 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3

<The DM> Vlix hits with the stilletto d3+3

Pengo rolls d3 + 3: [1 + 3] = 4

<Flint> At #3.

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

<The DM> Vlix actually skewers it!

<Pengo> Yay

<The DM> Mordin Kills his snake too.

<The DM> 1 & 2 are the only ones left.

<The DM> Mialee, did you roll damage?

<Mialee> Was waiting to find out if I hit. :)

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5

<The DM> yes

<The DM> ok

<The DM> 2 snakes attack, 1 at Mialee and 1 at Vlix

The DM rolls 2d20: [14 + 14] = 28

<The DM> no hit

<Pengo> whew

<The DM> the incessant drumming is still driving you guys nuts.

<Pengo> Two more snakes, then we can deal with that.

<Mordin>: I haven't noticed a thing. :)

<Icarius> : can I sneak in a mm?

<Mordin>: Save it.

<The DM> Round 10:

<The DM> Roll to save vs. Spells, everyone.

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [1] = 1

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [3] = 3

<Mialee> Oh, that's not so good.

<Icarius> rolls to save (d20): [15] = 15

<Mordin> rolls Saving Throw (d20): [7] = 7

<Jozlan> rolls to save (d20): [7] = 7

Flint rolls d20 + 1: [7 + 1] = 8

<The DM> Vlix saves.

<The DM>Icarius and Vlix are the only ones NOT confused.

<The DM> everyone else is standing around silly faced.

<Flint> This is not going to be pretty.

<Icarius> casts mm (from the rod) on the closest snake

<The DM>Icarius, you can certainly MM the snakes

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> Ic, roll your MM damage, and designate all your shots.

<Icarius> rolls mm (4d4 + 4): [(4 + 4 + 1 + 1) + 4] = 14

<Icarius> : 2 per snake

<Icarius> : 10 at the closest, 4 at the further one

<The DM> the closest squirms and goes limp.

<The DM> the last one attacks Mialee

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [9] = 9

<The DM> miss

<The DM> Vlix can attack

<Pengo> Vlix strikes:

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> Rapier hits, d6+2

Pengo rolls d6 + 2: [6 + 2] = 8

<Pengo> Now we're talking.

<The DM> Round 11:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> snake attacks Vlix

The DM rolls To Hit (d20): [19] = 19

<The DM> Vlix takes 1 plus save, please

Vlix rolls to save (d20): [8] = 8

The DM rolls 3d4: [3 + 3 + 4] = 10

<The DM> your shots

<The DM> pile on!

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [18] = 18

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [13] = 13

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [5 + 8] = 13

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [1 + 3] = 4

<The DM> Ok, snake saute, I get the picture. :)

<The DM> but the DRUMMING is STILL making you nuts.

<The DM> Round 12:

<The DM> roll to save, everyone.

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [5] = 5

<Icarius> rolls to save (d20): [16] = 16

Pengo rolls to save (d20): [12] = 12

<Jozlan> rolls to save (d20): [17] = 17

<Jozlan> : am i still confused?

Flint rolls d20 + 1: [16 + 1] = 17

<The DM> no

<Mordin> rolls Saving Throw (d20): [18] = 18

<The DM> Vlix saves too.

<Pengo> for


Pengo rolls to save (d20): [2] = 2

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [52] = 52

<The DM> So Mialee stands confused this round

<The DM> Everyone else can act

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

<Pengo> pfft

<Jozlan> rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> Mind you, when attacking this invisible thing, you must roll at a -4

<The DM> Mordin can attack.

<Mordin> rolls d20 - 4: [13 - 4] = 9

<Mordin> rolls d20 - 4: [5 - 4] = 1

<The DM> Not quite

<The DM> Ok

<The DM> Suddenly, the strange puppet-like creature appears in front of you!

<The DM> It is carrying two thick drumsticks.

<Jozlan> : hmm

<The DM> The drumming stops, it points a stick at

<Mordin> and says: "FLEE!"

<The DM> Mordin only, roll a saving throw

<Mordin> rolls Saving Throw (d20): [2] = 2

<Pengo> Now what? :)

<The DM> Round 13:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<The DM> The drumming has stopped

<The DM> the puppet thing tries to bolt.

<Pengo> Can we try to hit it on its way?

<The DM> Pengo, Jozlan and Vlix can each attack as he goes.

<Jozlan> : so it's fast?

<Jozlan> rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

<Icarius> rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

<The DM> not as fast as the human, but almost.

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6

<Vlix> Pfft :)

<The DM> Too fast for you guys apparently. Flint can intercept too,

<The DM> Mialee could, also

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16 Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5

<The DM> Flint?

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [5] = 5

<The DM> That's a miss.

<The DM> Round 14:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2 Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<The DM> Mordin has recovered his wits

Mialee swings again

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [7 + 2] = 9

<Mordin>: Can I attack this round?

<The DM> Mialee, 14 doesn't hit

<The DM> Mordin, If Icarius were to get out of the way, yes :)

<The DM> but only one attack.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> hits

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [1 + 8] = 9

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

<Mialee> OK, got tired of waiting to hear so figured I'd roll just in case. ;D

<The DM> Vlix?

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

<The DM> twice

<The DM> roll again for his sword.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [18] = 18

<Pengo> Sorry

<The DM> miss

<The DM> Round 15:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> He attacks Flint with his two drumsticks:

The DM rolls 2d20: [4 + 3] = 7

<The DM> missing both times.

<The DM> your shots

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

<The DM> miss

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> hits

<Mordin> rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10

<The DM> Vlix, Mialee and Jozlan?

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

Vlix rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> nope

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

<The DM> hit

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5

<The DM>Jozlan , you wanna take a swing?

<The DM> Ok, then,

<The DM> Round 16:

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> He attacks FLint again.

The DM rolls 2d20: [18 + 12] = 30

<The DM> hits him twice

The DM rolls 2d6: [1 + 2] = 3

<The DM> your turn.

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

<Mordin> rolls to hit (d20): [6] = 6



<The DM> nope

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [14] = 14

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

<The DM> nope

<Mialee> Whiff

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

<Pengo> That's better :)

<Jozlan> rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<The DM> miss, Jozlan

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [3 + 3] = 6

<The DM> Flint knocks the thing's head off!

<The DM> it collapses on the floor.

<Pengo> Finally.

Icarius investigates it

<The DM> So, we probably don't want to leave this room tonight, but you might want to figure out what comes next. Pengo loses another point to the poison.

<Pengo> OK

<Flint> What is the total amount of time that has pasted during tonight's session?

<Pengo> Well, we do need to explore more, but I don't know how long I'm going to keep taking damage from this poison.

<The DM> The thing looks like it might have been the puppet of a wizard who would astound people with feats of ventriloquism.

<The DM> about 20 minutes, I'd think.

<The DM> maybe 30

<The DM> Regarding Pengo, Pengo twiddles thumbs.

<Flint> S, 30 rounds total time?

<The DM> he will eventually lose another 13 hp of poison damage

<Pengo> OK.

<The DM> no, 16 points, for a total of 23

<The DM> he currently has 14, so.... he should get at least a little more curing pretty quick.

<Pengo> Yeah

<The DM> The slow poison lasts 6 hours

<The DM> help me with the math.

<The DM> 23 turns is 4 hours, give or take.

<Flint> 6 hours = 36 turns = 360 rounds.

<Jozlan> : flint, do you want some healing?

<The DM> right, but he'll lose all those points back in 4 hours.

<Pengo> This is too complicated for me :)

<Flint> Yes, please

<Jozlan> .

<The DM> The point is, time is of the essence, and you need to cure Pengo up at least 10 more points or the poison will eventually consume him.

<Pengo> So that would be good to do then. :)

<Jozlan> rolls csw (2d6 + 5): [(6 + 4) + 5] = 15

<The DM> Jozlan, was that on Flint?

<Jozlan> : yep

<Jozlan> : on Pengo:

<Jozlan> rolls clw (d4 + 4): [2 + 4] = 6

<Jozlan> : I killed pengo!

<Pengo> He tops out at 19 points due to the poison damage

<Jozlan> : oh, ok, remind me later

<Pengo> But at least he's topped off at the moment. :)

<The DM> right, and he has 16 points of damage still coming, which, if he takes no other damage, will leave him with 3.

<Pengo> So at least he's no longer doomed :)

<The DM> right, but he shouldn't get any more damage done to him if possible.

<Pengo> Yeah

<Pengo> So... that all for tonight?

<Pengo> That was... exciting :)

<The DM> So I think that will do it for tonight, guys,

<Pengo> Cool. That was fun.

<The DM> And we're on the calendar for the 17th.

<Pengo> Seeya guys. :)

<The DM> goodnight.

<The DM> Please look through your stuff in the interim for things that might help

June 17, 2007

<The DM> Ok, let's get started, then.

<The DM> After battling the snakes and the frustrating ventriloquist's puppet, you're taking a moment to breathe, and recoup your strength. According to the stats sheet, you're down to 5 cure light wounds spells, and 2 cure criticals, and several of you have taken poison damage, which your cure XX wounds spells won't cure anyway.

<The DM> Pengo, after taking a bad hit from a VERY poisonous snake, is under the influence of a slow poison, which means that he will take one more h.p. of poison damage EVERY TURN for the next 16 turns, and again, THOSE points of damage cannot be cured by any cure wounds spell. (if he takes NO other damage, he will end up with 3 points left.

<The DM> The next "most critically poisoned" is Vlix, and his temporary max is 13 hp.

<Pengo> I feel icky.

<Vlix> ok... wh got me poisoned?

<Pengo> :)

<The DM> Some nasty snakes

<Pengo> So.

<Pengo> Do we have anything that will actually cure poison?

<The DM> Jozlan already cast his Neutralize Poison on someonoe

<Pengo> Yeah

<Vlix> as a drow, do I have any insight here... poisons are kind of our cultural thing.

<Vlix> you know, maybe an anti-venom idea?

<The DM> While it's possible you might KNOW of something, you don't have the materials at hand, and they probably take a long time to concoct, etc.

<Vlix> of course

<Pengo> Well... we either push on and hope we can finish this place quickly or leave and get some cure poison potions or something somewhere.

<Vlix> sorry - was trying to play to my strengths.

Mialee nods

<The DM> "peregrin, do you know of the weed they call Kingsfoil?.... "

<Pengo> :)

<Vlix> reading my history.. the cat's name is Zyn... not Zym.

<Pengo> Which do we want to do? Go or stay?

<The DM> So you have about 2 hours of game time until Pengo is going to be in really bad shape.

<Pengo> I think I'd like to go get some help...

<Mialee> Yeah, but if we do that, we risk losing the guy we're after.

<The DM> Icarius reminds you of the urgency in not letting Qyjanoth escape.

<The DM> Heh, I always forget about the menagerie traveling around with you guys. :)

<Pengo> :)

<Vlix> me a drow, and the decendants of assassins...

<The DM> So there are two doors in this room, one to the north, and one to the west. Both closed.

<Pengo> Well, let's keep going, but if I die, I'm coming back to haunt you guys. :)

Pengo checks the door to the north for traps.

<The DM> DM rolls...

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

<Pengo> Want me to open it then?

<Vlix> sure

Pengo opens the north door.

<The DM> The room is dark.

<Pengo> Glad I'm not the first one going in there.

<The DM> So who is?

<Vlix> I will.

<Mordin> I will.

<Vlix> ye olde infravision

<The DM> Vlix, let me remind you that you're down to 12 hp :)

<Vlix> so... I'm playing to my stupidity now

<Pengo> To me, that says "close the door and move on." ;)

<The DM> you can see what appear to be walls that don't quite reach the ceiling (the diagonals on the map)

<Pengo> Cubicles! :)

<The DM> sort of like cubicle walls.

<Vlix> humm EA programmers... let's move on.

<Mialee> I think we need to check it out, regardless of the risk.

<Mialee> At least poke a light in there so we can see what it looks like.

<Vlix> ok, I'll look...

<The DM> Icarius pushes forward and sticks his wand in the doorway.

<The DM> This room is unlit, but by the light of Icarius' rod, you see that distracting murals cover all the walls, portraying a variety of outlandish scenes (gigantic frogs dressed in plate mail, halberd-wielding leprechauns, etc.). Several small puppets of wood and metal are affixed to the walls.

<The DM> The diagonals you see on the map represent 5 ft tall heavily lacquered screens which gleam in the light of Icarius' rod. You'll notice that they seem to block passage through the room, having mere inches between the ones zig-zagging down the center. There is some fog drifting about the floor in this chamber.

<Pengo> Spooky. I don't like it.

<Vlix> me neither... but do you have any better ideas?

Pengo sighs.

<Pengo> No.

Mialee nudges Mordin.

<Pengo> I'll, uh, watch our backs.

<Vlix> I'm gathering my cloak around me and Zyn

<Vlix> are the dwarves playing?

<Pengo> I assume so...

<Mordin> Do I see anything of interest?

<The DM> The screens you see are heavily laquered, and seem almost to glisten in the light.

<The DM> They are attached to the floor, but not rooted in it.

Mordin searches the room.

<Vlix> heavily laquered, as in easy to burn?

<The DM> as in moist.

Mialee listens carefully for movement while observing.

<Vlix> moist as in flammable?

<The DM> not that you can smell.

<Vlix> slowly backing Mordin

<Mialee> What is this... some kind of gallery...? A workshop?

<The DM> Mordin, other than the weird paintings, and the puppets stuck to the walls, you don't find anything.

<Mialee> Sounds like we can get out of here then.

<The DM> BTW the 3 diagonals on the east side are screens as well, not walls.

<Pengo> Oh?

Mialee looks to see if she can tell what's on the other side of the screens to the east.

<The DM> The screens are taller than she is.

<Mialee> Can I look under them? :)

<The DM> The ceiling is about 10 ft high, the screens are 7 ft or so.

<Mialee> Ah

<Vlix> cuts a slit and looks

<The DM> they seem to be resting on the floor.

<The DM> Vlix, your stilleto gets stuck in the screen.

<Mialee> Hum.

<The DM> roll under your strength on a d20

<Mialee> Is there anything loose in this room? Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [4] = 4

<The DM> there are the puppets nailed to the walls.

<Vlix> is that low enogh?

<The DM> You manage to yank your stiletto out.

<Vlix> warns the others

<Mialee> The laquer is sticky, apparently.

<Mialee> Hm.

<The DM> VERY sticky.

<Vlix> yeah, don't lick it.

<Mialee> Heh

<Mialee> What were those undead guards we killed wearing? We could take some of that to tack onto these walls to protect us from the stickiness.

<The DM> About this time, you hear from the other side of the room, beyond the screens, "You incompetent fools couldn't catch a cripple in a crab-tree!

Mialee says, "What the hell does that mean, you incoherent moron?"

<The DM> They were wearing the uniforms of the Duke's City guards

<The DM> "Ha ha ha ha ha! -- (<-- rather maniacal laughter)

Mialee gathers up some of their clothes and attempts to tack it to one of the screens to make a safe place to shove the thing down.

<The DM> You hear some grunting animals sounds, and a clip-clop sound now, on the other side of the screens.

<Mialee> Hum.

<The DM> You get some clothes, Mialee.

Mialee spreads them out and presses them against the screen, hoping to de-tacky it.

<Mialee> (by covering the tackiness)

<The DM> You can easily tack it up on the screen. It sticks fast.

<Mialee> I put on as many layers as it takes to make it no longer tacky to the touch.

<The DM> and sure enough, you can get enough up there to make a non-tacky section.

Mialee shoves hard, trying to knock the thing over.

<The DM> She bounces back. (She's light, and weak)

<Mialee> Someone else try it :)

Mordin shoves at the screen.

<Vlix> dwarf toss?

<The DM> The screen goes down!

Mialee throws more clothes down on the screen, to protect us as we cross over it if need be.

<Mialee> What do we see on the other side? :)

<The DM> You hear more stomping, and snorthing, and Qhyanoth's mocking voice: "Say hello to some more of my minions, weaklings!"

<The DM> Vlix sees the door on the east, and some more screens. The snorthing is coming from behind the screens.

<Pengo> Goodie.

<The DM> He also sees Q in the corner.....

<Vlix> whats the spell count?

<Pengo> Wish we could fireball him :)

<Vlix> well, I usually have one of those

<Pengo> What I mean is: "Wish the quarters weren't so close that we can't safely fireball him." :)

<The DM> Two minotaurs step from behind the screen.

<Mialee> Don't you guys know you're mythical? :)

<Mialee> Are we going to move on them?

<Flint> Better let the healthy guys go toe to toe. You guys stop Q.

<Vlix> what is the spell count?

<Pengo> Look at the spreadsheet page...

<The DM> What do you mean by that, Vlix?

<The DM> yeah, what he said. :)


<The DM> Flint and Mordin, Roll for surprise

<Flint> I don't think he has seen the spreadsheet page. :)

Flint rolls Surprise (d6): [2] = 2

Mordin rolls Surprise (d6): [5] = 5

The DM rolls d6: [2] = 2

<The DM> Ok, no one is surprised.

<The DM> Round 1:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<Vlix> I have now... and someone picked some bad spells for me

<Pengo> Dunno that anyone picked spells; those are probably left over from last adventure. :)

<The DM> your action.

<Vlix> waits to see where the minis are going

<Pengo> I'm staying out of it... sorry guys, I'm in no condition to do this.

<Mialee> I'm waiting for the dwarves to move. :)

<Mordin> Can I close and attack this round?

<The DM> Mordin, yes

<Vlix> wow mialee must have jumped over me

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

<The DM> Mordin hits

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [2 + 8] = 10

<Vlix> how dark is it in here?

<The DM> There is flickering light from Icarius' rod

<Vlix> oh, he's way back there

<The DM> actually strong light, but flickering and shadows where you are.

<Vlix> I'm trying to sneek here... Mialee

<The DM> So Vlix, you're trying to hide in shadows?

<Pengo> Sorry, I didn't know :)

<Vlix> yes - my goal is to see if I can get around behind Q

<Vlix> with my cloak... and as long as he's not alergic to cats, I might have a chance...

<The DM> Ok, you know you can't hide in shadows and move, even with the cloak.

<The DM> you're 90% invisible if you don't move.

<Mialee> That makes me feel better. :)

<Pengo> Is Flint going to attack as well this round?

<The DM> he tried

<Pengo> Ah, took a sec but I see it now.

<Mialee> Guess it's their go then, unless Joz or Ic have something in mind.

<The DM> So, Vlix, are you staionary or moving?

<Flint> Thanks, Pengo, :)

<Vlix> I want to get to the corner here if I can unnoticed and hide

<Vlix> ok?

<The DM> so you're moving. :)

<Pengo> Could Ic cast Lightning Bolt at Q?

<The DM> Qhyjanoth points his finger at Mialee , and Vlix , and then flicks his wrist...

<The DM> Both of you Roll a saving throw vs. Magic

Mialee rolls to save (d20): [11] = 11 Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [7] = 7

<Vlix> maybe he cast a cure poison by mistake

<Mialee> That'd be awesome

<The DM> You are both hurled back: Vlix, you hit the screen and are stuck there.

<The DM> Mialee, you either hit the wall or the screen, roll %, 50 or higher it's the screen.

<Mialee> Sturdy screen if he can be "hurled" at it without busting it :)

<Vlix> no I'm not - I writhe out of my cloak

Mialee rolls d100: [83] = 83

<The DM> good idea.

<Mialee> Doh :)

<The DM> Mialee also hits the screen and is stuck.

Mialee starts wriggling out of hers as well.

<The DM> Roll under your strength

Mialee rolls d20: [13] = 13

<The DM> no you're stuck.

<Mialee> Well boo.

<The DM> Qhyjanoth laughs again.

<The DM> Round 2:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee makes several obscene gestures in Q's direction.

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> your action.

<Vlix> Vlix shoots MM at Q's groin...

<Mialee> Are my arms free enough to cast a spell?

<The DM> sure.

Mialee casts Magic Missile at Q.

Mialee rolls Magic Missile (2d4 + 2): [(1 + 1) + 2] = 4

<Mialee> Wait, that's not right

Mialee rolls 3d4 + 3: [4 + 2 + 2 + 3] = 11

Flint casts Hold Person on Q.

<Vlix> I shoot three right?

<The DM> Both of your missiles arc toward him, and splatter against an invisible shield of some sort surrounding him.

<Vlix> oh, no worries.

<Mialee> I shoot 3 too, forgot to fix my macro :)

<The DM> Vlix, yes, 3

<Mialee> Damn his shield.

<The DM> but they are all ineffeectual.

Mordin attacks M1.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [7] = 7

<The DM> hits

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

<Mialee> Down side to playing in short bursts, I forgot until you said they hit the shield that he had the shield, or I'd have done something else instead :)

<Vlix> so... is it just a magical spell shield?

<Vlix> since I have no idea what's been happening

<The DM> it appears to be something of that sort, Vlix.

<Mialee> I don't believe we've had a chance to test if it protects against melee.

<Vlix> what about normal weapons?

<Vlix> ok

<Mialee> He keeps fleeing just as we attempt it.

<The DM> in fact, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, since you missed last session. you didn't expend the spell.

<Vlix> gee thanks

<Mialee> Might as well shoot at M2 then :)

<The DM> Flint, your spell .....

<Mialee> Or that :)

<Vlix> running at him then

<Vlix> I should be able to close this round correct?

<The DM> yes

<Vlix> Vlix i feeling kind of mad... very Drowish

<Pengo> :)

<Mordin> Remember, we want him Alive.

<Vlix> no one told me that...

<Mordin> That's why I thought I should mention it. :)

<Vlix> alright... to the PAIN!

<Pengo> :)

<Vlix> sorry... Princess Bride reference

<Mialee> How about Flint's Hold Person?

<Mialee> I caught it :)

<Mialee> Best movie ever.

<The DM> Still lookin git up.

<Vlix> one of my favs

<Mialee> Several of my favorite movie lines are in there, with my very favorite movie line ever being "I want my father back, you son of a bitch."

Mialee realizes what she really needs to do and takes a mental note in preparation for next round.

<Vlix> is this guy the putt-putt master?

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [61] = 61

<Pengo> Yes

The DM rolls d20: [9] = 9

<The DM> Flint, your spell has no apparent effect.

<Flint> He saves at -2. :)

<Vlix> ie it apparently sucked.

<Pengo> Yeesh

<Mialee> I don't see anything off the top of my head that Ic can do...

<Vlix> waits to see if closing with Q caused him any discomfort?

<Vlix> maybe he could cheer?

<The DM> Vlix, as you approach, he fans his finders out in front of himself, and FIRE shoots from his fingertips!

<Mialee> Ugh

<Vlix> Mac OS 9 or OS X finders?

<Mialee> heh

<The DM> Since you're on your guard, I'll give you a saving throw for half damage.

<The DM> (Don't consider that a precedent ;) Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [6] = 6

<The DM> ugh.

<The DM> Vlix takes 11 damage.

<Vlix> yay - my sucky rolling continues to semi-save the day.

<Vlix> thats half?

<Mialee> Down to 1 hp.

<The DM> no, for saving throws, you need to roll high.

<Pengo> Heh, I've always thought it was low for saving throws. No wonder I'm always confused.

<The DM> well, if you're rolling against an ability score, it IS low, but normal saves are high.

<The DM> it IS confusing.

<Flint> I don't think so. :)

<Vlix> nothing to do but go out fighting.

<Mialee> Initiative then?

<The DM> Round 3:

<Mordin> No, My second attack.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<Mialee> Oh yeah

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [5] = 5

<The DM> right do that first.

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Mialee casts Protection From Evil, 10' Radius.

<The DM> hit, Mordin.

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [5 + 8] = 13

<Mialee> Oh sorry, I was sure that was a miss :)

<The DM> Mialee, you know your'e still stuck to the wall, right?

<Mialee> Yes... why?

<The DM> ok.

<Vlix> shes always been a little stuck up.

<The DM> Mordin takes his down.

<Mialee> At least this should help protect us some from this dude.

<The DM> sorry, pulled off the wrong one.

<Flint> And here I thought my god loved me. :)

<The DM> hehe, ok, your actions.

<Mialee> heh

<Mialee> I'll go ahead and cast that PFE.

<The DM> ok Vlix rolls 2d20: [17 + 11] = 28

<Mialee> About all I can do anyway. :)

Mordin closes on Q.

<The DM> both miss, Vlix

<Vlix> 17 +3?

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [20] = 20

<The DM> Flint you hit

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [6 + 3] = 9

<Mordin> This is subdual damage.

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [6 + 8] = 14

<Pengo> Wham.

<Pengo> Assuming that his shield is only against magic.

<The DM> He has a surprised look on his face.

Mialee laughs out loud

<Vlix> Mordin... you wearing iron shod boots?

<Mialee> If so, kick the $&#@ in the nuts. :)

<Mordin> Dwarven Plate Mail.

<The DM> He backs up against the wall, punches a stone, and the wall and floor near him start turning around a vertical axis.

<Mialee> Jam something in there, don't let him get away!

<Vlix> i'll just grab him

<Mordin> I close with him.

<The DM> Now, Vlix and Mordin, you can attempt to jump on the turnstile with him, or you can try to get away from it.

<Mordin> Get on it.

<The DM> both roll UNDER your dexterity to make that attempt. Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [16] = 16

<Vlix> heh of course

<The DM> Vlix is on it.

Mordin rolls d20: [19] = 19

<Mordin> crap

<The DM> Mordin isn't.

<Vlix> I'm trying to pull him off

<Vlix> if I have to use the wall

<Vlix> or I'll push him back through.

<The DM> The wall spins around, presenting another blank wall to your compatriots, but Vlix you're on the east side now, all alone with him.

<Pengo> uhoh

<Vlix> if I can, I'll use shocking grasp on him.

<Mialee> Did any of us see exactly where he punched the wall to open that thing?

<The DM> Let's finsih up the round on the other side.

<The DM> Minotaur on Flint.

The DM rolls d20: [19] = 19

The DM rolls Minotaur Damage (d8 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3

<The DM> Round 4:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<The DM> Qhyjanoth bolts down the hall toward the door.

<The DM> The minotaur on Flint again.

<Vlix> uh, I laid hands on him

The DM rolls d20: [6] = 6

<The DM> miss

<The DM> You can try that as he goes by, Vlix

<The DM> roll to hit Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [20] = 20

<Mialee> Woot :)

<Mordin> Yes.

<The DM> Roll your damage.

<Vlix> I don't know what damage it does...

<The DM> d8 + 5 Vlix rolls d8 + 5: [1 + 5] = 6

<Vlix> plfst

<Mialee> Awww

<Vlix> still holding him...

<The DM> He shudders a bit, but keeps on running, and is soon through the door.

<Mialee> Apparently he's stronger than he looks.

<The DM> Jozlan tries to yank Mialee off the wall.

The DM rolls d20: [13] = 13

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [2] = 2

<Vlix> grabbed, grasped, pulled...

<The DM> he can't get Mialee off the panel.

<Vlix> why are we after this guy?

Mordin punches the same stone on the wall that Q did.

<The DM> He's a rogue monk/wizard who is terrorizing the neighborhood, of course. :)

<Vlix> slumps to the floor... waits to breath his last breath before the poison does him in.

<Mialee> I'd say something pithy if I could see that happen.

<The DM> Mordin, try to find that sliding shifting, I'll give you a 20% bnus because you saw him do it.

<The DM> so roll % under 96%

<The DM> rather, 86%

Mordin rolls d100: [46] = 46

<Mialee> That'll do it.

<The DM> you find it, and the wall spins around again.

<The DM> and you find VLix slumped on the ground.

<Mialee> Go!

<The DM> Jozlan stops to cast a CCW on Vlix

<Mordin> Which way did he go?

<Vlix> points... leave me, I'll just slow you down.

<The DM> On second thought, he'll start with a CLW

The DM rolls d4 + 4: [4 + 4] = 8

<Vlix> hes not ever there.

<Vlix> even

Mordin charges through the door.

<The DM> The door in the south wall?

<The DM> of room 18? or INTO 18?

<Mordin> into 18.

<The DM> As you step onto the flagstones of the floor of this 20' x 20' chamber, FLAMES erupt from the very stones of the floor! You take fire damage:

The DM rolls d10 + 8: [1 + 8] = 9

<Pengo> need to go afk a minute, sorry, Sarah needs help with something

<The DM> Ok, I need a bio break anyway.

<The DM> afk

<Mialee> back

<The DM> bak

<The DM> Mordin, did you get that damage?

<Mordin> Yes.

<Pengo> Hmhm

<The DM> Round 5: and Flint is still fighting the Minotaur all by himself.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [1] = 1

<Pengo> jeez

<The DM> Icarius magic missiiles the minotaur

<The DM> using a potential from the rod:

The DM rolls 4d4 + 4: [4 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 4] = 18

<The DM> The mintaur grunts, then slowly slips to the floor.

<The DM> Dead

<The DM> Mialee is still stuck to the wall.

Flint tries to pull Mialee from the wall.

<The DM> Roll under your strength, Flint

Flint rolls d20: [18] = 18

<Pengo> oof

<The DM> Mialee is still stuck to the panel.

<Mialee> Just leave me, I'll work on it -- go get him!

Mialee tries again to squirm out of her cloak.

<Mialee> What was it I need to roll? % or d20?

Mordin charges through the door in the south wall of 18.

<The DM> That's ok, given a few more minutes, you can get out of the cloak.

<Mialee> OK...

<Mialee> Does that mean "it's been a few minutes so you're out" or "you can work your way out in a few more minutes" :)

<The DM> Mordin. This room is luxuriously appointed, with animalskin rugs and woolen carpets (total value 3,200 gp), tables with fine lace and linen covers (total value 170 gp), silvered wall mirrors (too heavy to carry, although worth a total value of 700 gp), silver cutlery and plates, tureens, a tea samovar, decanters, and glasses (total value for these 1,600 gp). The south wall holds a shelf of musical instruments of diverse kinds. The two most unusual instruments are a highly varnished antique lute (value 2,200 gp) and a cor anglais (English horn).

<The DM> There is a 6'-diameter hole in the eastern part of the ceiling ascending directly along the wall.

<The DM> Qhyjanoth is no where to be seen.

<Mordin> Is there a way to climb up?

Mialee waits for the "you're free finally" :)

<The DM> Not for a non thief, though the wall looks very rough and non-slippery.

<The DM> Mialee, you're free.

Mordin searches the room.

Mialee runs for it, heading after the others through the secret door.

<The DM> Mordin, you don't find anything other than what I said earlier, but...

<The DM> Without warning, you hear a frantic bleating, and a goat falls out of the hole in the ceiling and hits the floor!

<The DM> It bleats once more softly, and dies.

<Pengo> Hum.

<Mordin> In here!

Mialee charges into room 18 on the way to 19.

<The DM> The fire trap having already sprung, does nothing to her.

<The DM> Round 2:

Mordin looks up the hole.

<The DM> A low guttural roar emanates from the hole in the ceiling just a second before a BULL falls out of the hole and hits Mordin.

<Pengo> Ouch

The DM rolls 3d6: [2 + 2 + 2] = 6

<The DM> He takes that damage from the falling bull. It looks like one of his legs is broken, but he's up and he's Mad!

<Pengo> Mordin's leg is broken?

<Mordin> So am I. :)

<Pengo> Or the bull's? :)

<The DM> The bull's

<The DM> I need to get my pogs organized. :)

<The DM> There. That looks like a wolf, but it's a bull.

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [5] = 5

Mialee swings at the bull.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [6 + 2] = 8

<The DM> hits

<Mialee> btw, once we win this thing, whether I remember specifically to mention it or not, I'm going to go back and try to get my cloak back :)

<The DM> Mordin?

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [3] = 3

<The DM> one hit

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [5 + 8] = 13

<The DM> and you decapitate it.

<Flint> I'd say he's desperate at this point.

<Pengo> I'd think so.

<Vlix> be careful... he might throw a chicken next.

<The DM> Round 3:

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [6] = 6

<The DM> An owl flies out of the hole and immediately attacks Talos!

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [1] = 1

<The DM> someone attack for talos

<The DM> (Icarius' familiar)

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> Talos hits for 1, and can roll twice more for the claws.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [1] = 1

<The DM> or rather, just roll 2d2

Pengo rolls 2d2: [1 + 2] = 3

<The DM> Talos is victorious!

<Pengo> Woot!

<Pengo> Or as the case may be, "Hoot!"

<The DM> He drops the dead owl on the floor and screeches in rage.

<The DM> Round 4:

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<Vlix> here comes the chicken!

<The DM> A Lion drops to the ground, and true to its feline family, lands on its feet. It growls menacingly before leaping at Mialee

<Pengo> heh

<The DM> (Voronda hisses and raises her hackles. Zyn hisses and spits. )

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [3] = 3

Mialee swings

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [10] = 10 Vlix rolls 2d20: [4 + 8] = 12

<Vlix> whee

<Vlix> this sucks and I'm not lion.

<The DM> Mialee and Mordin hit.

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [3 + 2] = 5

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8): [1 + 8] = 9

Flint rolls to hit (d20): [15] = 15

<Vlix> how high does this tunnel go up?

<The DM> about 40 feet

<The DM> Flint hits

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3): [4 + 3] = 7

<Vlix> might as well withdraw... I go back to see if I can get my cloak

<Flint> Take someone with you.

<The DM> Anyway, the lion is leaping at Mialee, and trying to claw and bite.

<Vlix> I don't see how any of you are going to get up the hole? Anyone have spider climb?

<Mialee> I could levitate up.

<The DM> 2 claws:

The DM rolls 2d20: [13 + 18] = 31

<The DM> BOTH hit (That's bad)

The DM rolls 1d4 (d4): [1] = 1

The DM rolls 1d4 (d4): [4] = 4

<The DM> the bite

The DM rolls d20: [6] = 6

<The DM> miss, but because both front claws hit, it can rake with the back claws

The DM rolls 2d20: [10 + 17] = 27

<The DM> one hit

The DM rolls d6 + 1: [(4) + 1] = 5

<The DM> 10 total, I think.

<Vlix> let me know when I get back to the cloak 0 I want to see if I can remove it. I'll also try wetting it down with water.

<The DM> ok

<Vlix> Zyn will watch my back while I work.

<The DM> Round 5:

<The DM> Another goat splatters on the ground, dead.

<The DM> You hear a voice from above: "You fools! No One dares to oppose the might of Qhyjanoth"

Mialee laughs uproariously again.

<Vlix> just fire a fb up there.

<The DM> Fog billows out of the hole, filling the area beneath the hole. You can't see anything through the fog.

<Mialee> Bah

<The DM> You hear a soft "thump"

<The DM> From out of the fog, you hear a contemptuous voice: "Come, meet your DOOM!"

<Pengo> Hm

<Vlix> welpers... so much for getting the cloak and flying up there.

<Mialee> So we can't see him at all?

<Mialee> Is infravision of no help in terms of locating someone in fog?

<The DM> There is an indistinct shadow, you can see him with infravision.

<Mialee> Then I attack.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [8] = 8

<Mialee> Heh

<Mialee> Not successfully, but I attack :)

Mordin attacks to subdue.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20): [17] = 17

<The DM> For those meleeing with Qhyjanoth, you need to SUBTRACT the magical bonus of your weapons from your "to hit" rolls, and don't include them in your damage rolls. For some reason, your magical stuff doesn't give you an advantage against this particular opponent.

<Mialee> OK

<The DM> Mordin still manages to hit.

<Vlix> of course

Flint casts Silence 15' radius on himself.

<Mialee> Hehe

Mordin rolls d8 + 6: [5 + 6] = 11

<The DM> Jozlan casts CLW on Mialee

The DM rolls d4 + 4: [1 + 4] = 5

<Vlix> tests the cloak.... tug, splash, tug tug

<Mialee> Thanks...

<Mialee> Anyone else this round?

<Mialee> Guess not :)

<The DM> this guy is FAST, and he attacks twice this round.

<The DM> On FLint and Mialee

The DM rolls 2d20: [19 + 1] = 20

<The DM> hits flint

The DM rolls Damage by Qhyjanoth: (3d4 + 1): [(4 + 3 + 3) + 1] = 11

<Flint> What is he using?

<Mialee> He's swinging an ass.

<The DM> His bare hands.

<Mialee> Hum.

<The DM> Round 6:

<The DM> ---------------

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

<The DM> He gets 3 attacks this round.

<The DM> at Flint, Mialee and Mordin.

<The DM> At Mialee

The DM rolls d20: [16] = 16

The DM rolls Damage by Qhyjanoth: (3d4 + 1): [(4 + 1 + 3) + 1] = 9

<The DM> Mordin, you go.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20 - 2): [19 - 2] = 17

<The DM> hit

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8 - 2): [4 + 8 - 2] = 10

<Vlix> watches his cloak soak, and tries again... tug tug...

<The DM> the water doesn't seem to work, Vlix

<The DM> He attacks Mialee

<Mordin> That was Subdual btw.

<The DM> sorry, Flint

The DM rolls d20: [1] = 1

<The DM> miss

<The DM> Mordin, then the others.

<Flint> Moradin protects me. :)

<Vlix> well, looks like the cloak is a lost cause.

<Mialee> Sigh.

<The DM> Mordin you go.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20 - 2): [2 - 2] = 0

<Mialee> Oops.

<The DM> The rest can go

Mialee swings at Q.

Mialee rolls to hit (d20): [16] = 16

Flint rolls to hit (d20 - 3): [8 - 3] = 5

<Mialee> (I don't know what I'm supposed to subtract here)

<The DM> Mialee hits

Mialee rolls sword damage (d8 + 2): [1 + 2] = 3

<Vlix> eh, ok... I'll dump my precious wine on it.

<Mialee> Ugh, 1.

<The DM> subtract 2

<The DM> Vlix, the wine works into the folds of the cloak, and it comes free.

<The DM> Finally, he goes at Mordin.

The DM rolls d20: [3] = 3

<Vlix> I'll use the excess to free Mialees cloak

<Flint> You are using a Longsword, Defender +2, so subtract 2.

<The DM> miss

<The DM> Round 7:

<Mialee> Too bad there aren't any dry cleaners handy :)

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [2] = 2

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Mialee swings.

Mialee rolls d20 - 2: [18 - 2] = 16

Mialee rolls d8: [4] = 4

<Vlix> so... does hers come free too?

<The DM> Yes, Vlix

Mordin attacks to subdue.

Mordin rolls to hit (d20 - 2): [16 - 2] = 14

<Mialee> Coolness (I would say were I present to see this)

<The DM> hit, Mordin

Flint attacks to subdue.

Flint rolls to hit (d20 - 3): [19 - 3] = 16

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8 - 2): [5 + 8 - 2] = 11

<Vlix> ok, once I have both, I'll roll them both up and trot casually back to where the action is....

<The DM> Flint hit too

Flint rolls Hand Axe Damage (d6 + 3 - 3): [1 + 3 - 3] = 1

<The DM> He goes after Flint and Mordin.

The DM rolls 2d20: [14 + 8] = 22

<The DM> He hits Flint, and STUNS him!

<Flint> Stun?

<Vlix> lemme know when I've trotted back in please

The DM rolls d6: [2] = 2

<The DM> Flint is out of action for rounds 8 & 9

<Pengo> ugh

<The DM> In fact, he has a 7% chance of killing Flint

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [21] = 21

<The DM> but he deosn't

<Flint> This guy is a monk?

<The DM> Apparently so.

<The DM> Didn't you get the briefing?

<Flint> I didn't hear a thing. :)

<The DM> Round 8:

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [2] = 2

<Mialee> ick

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [5] = 5

<Vlix> stil trotting...

<The DM> him, then Mordin, then him, then all then him

<The DM> Vlix, you're back in the room.

<The DM> He'll attack Mordin Mialee and FLint in that order.

<Vlix> switches to bow as he enters

The DM rolls d20: [8] = 8

<Vlix> do I get to attack?

<The DM> miss

Mordin rolls to hit (d20 - 2): [7 - 2] = 5

<The DM> Vlix, one shot when the rest attack.

<The DM> miss

<The DM> on Mialee

The DM rolls d20: [10] = 10

<The DM> miss

<The DM> everyone on him.

Mialee swings

Mialee rolls d20 - 2: [9 - 2] = 7

<Mialee> blech

<The DM> miss

Mordin rolls to hit (d20 - 2): [19 - 2] = 17

<The DM> hit

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8 - 2): [8 + 8 - 2] = 14

<The DM> Flint and Vlix can go Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [14] = 14

<Flint> I'm stunned.

<Mialee> And stunning!

<The DM> right

<Vlix> and I'm aiming for something tender

<The DM> Vlix, you miss

<Vlix> yah shure you betcha

<The DM> At Flint, then

The DM rolls d20 + 2: [(18) + 2] = 20

<The DM> that hits

The DM rolls Damage by Qhyjanoth: (3d4 + 1): [(1 + 2 + 1) + 1] = 5

<The DM> another stunning blow

The DM rolls d6: [4] = 4

<The DM> Flint is out until Round 13

<The DM> if he's not dead.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [3] = 3

<Vlix> whoops

<The DM> Flint Dies.

<Mialee> Ugh.

<The DM> Jozlan Rushes to his side.

<The DM> Round 9:

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [4] = 4

Pengo rolls initiative (d6): [3] = 3

<The DM> Jozlan administers a CLW

<The DM> He attacks Mordin, then Mialee

<Mialee> Does death break the stun? :)

The DM rolls d20: [7] = 7

<The DM> miss

<The DM> your shots Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [3] = 3

<Vlix> pweee

Mordin rolls to hit (d20 - 2): [16 - 2] = 14

Mialee rolls d20 - 2: [10 - 2] = 8

<The DM> wanna roll that damage again?

<Mialee> What?

<The DM> oh sorry, no.

<The DM> Mordin hits.

Mordin rolls Battle Axe Damage (d8 + 8 - 2): [1 + 8 - 2] = 7

<Vlix> drops his bow and charges Q to knock him over

<Mialee> Heh

<Vlix> I want to grapple him and tie up his arms so he can't hit anyone else

<The DM>

<Vlix> appears to require a password

<The DM> Well, roll to hit. Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [5] = 5

<The DM> that missed.

<Vlix> they almost always do

<Vlix> but now we can spread the hits around some

<The DM> ok, On Mialee

The DM rolls d20: [18] = 18

<Mialee> Of course :)

The DM rolls Damage by Qhyjanoth: (3d4 + 1): [(1 + 3 + 4) + 1] = 9

<Mialee> Mialee's dead.

<Mialee> -3 hp

Mialee dies dramatically.

<The DM> Jozlan Rushes to HER side.

<The DM> CLW

<The DM> Icarius stands helplessly by

<The DM> Round 10:

Mialee rolls initiative (d6): [4] = 4

The DM rolls Initiative (d6): [6] = 6

<Mialee> $&#@

<Vlix> how can you roll?

<Vlix> you're dead Vlix rolls d6: [2] = 2

<Mialee> Sorry, just habit of rolling for the party. :)

<Mialee> That was an improvement :D

<The DM> He'll go after Mordin, Vlix and Mordin

The DM rolls d20: [19] = 19

The DM rolls Damage by Qhyjanoth: (3d4 + 1): [(2 + 2 + 4) + 1] = 9

<The DM> And Mordin is stunned.

<Mialee> eep

The DM rolls d6: [4] = 4

<The DM> until round 14

<Mialee> Taking 9 points off the HP he has on the character sheet puts him in the dead column.

The DM rolls Percentage (d100): [5] = 5

<Mialee> And so does that.

<The DM> whew!

<The DM> He's not dead.

<Mordin> I already subtracted the damage.

<Mialee> Wow, you're fast.

<Mialee> Never mind.

<Mialee> Whew

<Mordin> I do this a lot. :)

<Mialee> heh

<The DM> Vlix and Mialee attack.

<Mialee> I'm lying on the ground in a heap at the moment.

<Vlix> kicks to the middle knee

<The DM> oh

<The DM> right

<Vlix> left knee, right knee, the ...nie. Vlix rolls 1D20 (d20): [16] = 16

<Mialee> We're about to the point where Ic needs to come in slapping the guy across the face for 0.05 points of damage. :)

<Mialee> The middle knee... that's funny :)

<Mialee> The wee knee. :)

Mialee waits breathlessly to see if that connected.

<The DM> Are you still grappling, Vlix?

<Vlix> that was a kick to the oompa-loompas

<The DM> miss, sorry.

Mialee starts to quietly decompose.

<The DM> Who is still standing?

<Vlix> me

<Mialee> Icarius and Joz are.

<The DM> and Ic and Pengo.

<Vlix> that means... me

<Pengo> Yeah, but by now I must be down to like 4 hp. :)

<The DM> Joz will attack.

<Pengo> Ack, our only remaining healer. :)

<The DM> For Joz:

The DM rolls d20: [13] = 13

<Pengo> Well, if Joz will throw it on the line, I will too.

<Pengo> Except I can't reach him. Heh. Too many people lying in the way. :D

<The DM> Joz missed.

Pengo attacks with his sword.

Pengo rolls to hit (d20): [19] = 19

<The DM> hit!

Pengo rolls d6: [5] = 5

<Pengo> Yay!

<Flint> :)

<Pengo> Of course, now he will pound me into the ground.

<The DM> You caught him just right, and knocked him out!

<Pengo> Wow, convenient.

<Vlix> pretty convenient

Pengo leaps on him and starts tying him up quite firmly.

<Pengo> Someone cram a gag into his mouth.

<The DM> brb

<The DM> bak

<The DM> So you get him all tied up.

<The DM> What will you do next?

Pengo searches him uncomfortably thoroughly.

Pengo gags him as well.

<Pengo> If he moves, we knock him back out again.

<Pengo> Need to get everyone back upright again.

<Pengo> Then get the hell out of here.

<The DM> He is wearing ornate robes of silk.

<Pengo> Should we really strip him? That would involve untying him...

<The DM> you don't find anything else on him, even after a thorough search.

<Pengo> Then let's revive everyone and go.

<Pengo> Guess that's Joz's job to deal with :)

<The DM> Jozlan can get Mialee to breathe, but Flint needs to roll a saving throw vs. death.

Flint rolls Saving Throw (d20): [3] = 3

<The DM> Flint is not breathing.

Pengo looks on sadly.

Mialee lies around breathing.

<Mordin> Do I need to save as well?

<Pengo> How odd.

<Pengo> I don't think he killed you, just stunned you.

<The DM> I don't think so, you were just stunned. By now you're ok again.

<Mialee> So... does Joz need to cast some spells to get those of us that can be made mobile mobile again?

Pengo watches Q like a hawk, sword hilt ready to whack him across the head to put him out again if he twitches.

<The DM> he already has. Mialee can move, just barely, but can't do anything else.

<Mialee> OK...

<Mialee> Is anyone strong enough to lug Q out?

<Mialee> Let alone poor Flint?

<The DM> Mordin could.

<The DM> Jozlan can certainly handle Flint

<Mialee> OK. Sounds like a plan.

<Mialee> Let's get out of here...

Pengo sighs and falls into line.

<The DM> Icarius mentions that it might be a goo idea to look around a bit.

<Mordin> One of you want to climb up and see if that's a way out?

<Pengo> What if there's someone up there waiting to kill us? We can't handle another fight.

<Pengo> But I can go if you guys want me to.

<Mordin> Let's search down here first.

<Mialee> Would be nice to find an easier way out, but...

Mialee searches this room.

<Mialee> slowly

<The DM> This room is luxuriously appointed, with animal-skin rugs and woolen carpets (total value 3,200 gp), tables with fine lace and linen covers (total value 170 gp), silvered wall mirrors (too heavy to carry, although worth a total value of 700 gp), silver cutlery and plates, tureens, a tea samovar, decanters, and glasses (total value for these 1,600 gp). The south wall holds a shelf of musical instruments of diverse kinds. The two most unusual instruments are a highly varnished antique lute (value 2,200 gp) and a cor anglais (English horn).

<Mialee> I think we need to just come back.

<Mialee> If we're really lucky now that he's dead his creatures are nonfunctional... although I'm not holding my breath.

Mialee winces and looks over at Flint.

<Mordin> There are still doors in 16 and 14 that might have stuff.

<Mialee> If we run into something involving a fight, we'll die.

<Mordin> He isn't dead.

<Mialee> That's right, you're right.

<Mialee> So we definitely need to get out of here. :)

<Mordin> I was doing subdual damage, he will get half of that back.

<Mialee> Then why don't you want to haul him off to the authorities instead of looking around? :)

<Mialee> We need to haul him out of here and get him in a cell before he wakes up

Pengo gets tired of waiting around doing nothing and starts climbing to take a look at what's up above us.

Pengo rolls to climb (d100): [16] = 16

<The DM> Pengo finds the wall incredibly easy to climb,

<Mordin> I was thinking of spell books and magic items that he might have around. Then after we haul him ti jail, we come back and loot.

<The DM> and is up in a flash.

Pengo peeks to see what's up there.

<The DM> Wall frescoes and plain cotton wall hangings are this room's only decorations. A spartan cot and a small chest take up very little space here.

<The DM> High on the wall on the south and west sides of the room are two narrow slits which let in air and light.

<Pengo> Is the room devoid of life?

<The DM> seems so.

Pengo hefts himself into the room and checks the chest for traps.

<The DM> The chest is 1' x 1' by 2', and is open.

<Pengo> Anything in it?

<The DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

<The DM> There are two empty flasks on the floor next to the chest.

<Pengo> Sounds like he drank some stuff before coming after us... any labels?

<The DM> no

<Pengo> Chest's empty?

<The DM> Inside the chest, you find 3 small leather pouches, a silver scroll tube (value 200 gp), a silver-banded rosy quartz vial worth 300 gp, and a neatly folded piece of black silk cloth.

Pengo gathers that stuff up.

<Pengo> Any doors in this room?

<The DM> No

Pengo returns back down to the others then.

<Mordin> He has got to have spell books around here.

<Pengo> And I say we can come back for them later.

<Pengo> We need to dump this guy before he wakes up.

<Mialee> If you really want to keep exploring, we can, but... it makes me nervous. Not as nervous as it makes Pengo but still...

<The DM> Well, actaully, Mialee can't. do. anything.

<Mialee> I doubt I'm the only one in that position.

<Mialee> So... what's the plan, Mordin, you're kind of the leader here with everyone else a mess. :)

<Mordin> I'd say it's up to the 3 magic users. Do they want to grab the spell books before someone else sneaks in while we are gone or take the chance of finding them later?

<Mialee> Well, that would be lovely if I had the strength to pick one up. :)

<Mialee> And there's still a strong risk of running into another fight, which we can't possibly win.

<Mialee> Could send Vlix to scout around. He's hurt but still functional.

<Mialee> And he's a magic-user so can recognize worthwhile magical stuff.

<Mialee> He could do that while the rest of us try to get out.

<The DM> Looks to me like Pengo is more functional than Vlix. But he's not magical, that's true.

<Mialee> Maybe Ic could even go with him.

<Mordin> There is no way out from above, so we all have to go back the way we came.

<The DM> Ic is just fine.

<The DM> Come to think of it, Pengo is probably feeling a bit sick.

<Mialee> So if Ic and Vlix went browsing for goodies while the rest of us make our way out...

<Mialee> We could probably actually all meet up at the door, since they'll be able to move faster than us. :)

<Mialee> This assuming there aren't any more nasties.

<Mordin> I'd rather not split the party up.

<Mialee> Well, as long as you feel you can do all the work, let's go exploring. But most of us are going to just drag ourselves along and wish we had died. :)

<Mialee> Let's go. Sooner we start trudging our way around this place, the sooner we can go.

<The DM> Just need to know, are you going to open any doors you haven't opened before?

<Mordin> Jozlan, do you have any healing left?

Pengo grabs the two fancy instruments, stuffing them into his bag if there's room, otherwise finding places among us to put them.

<The DM> he has 1 CLW and 2 CCW

<The DM> Looks like Mordin could use one

<Mordin> I haven't taken any poison damage. Hit me with a CCW and I'll be good to go.

<Pengo> Where are my HP now?

The DM rolls 4d4 + 11: [2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 11] = 18

<The DM> There ya go, Mordin.

<Pengo> Don't know how much to subtract.

<The DM> 8, Pengo

<Pengo> OK

<Mialee> Lead on, Mordin

<The DM> You work your way back through the lair of Q.

<Mordin> I intend to open those two doors.

<The DM> You have some trouble at the vertical tunnel going back to level one, but after an hour or so, you make it up. Pengo is down to about 4 hp.

<The DM> oh

<The DM> ok

<The DM> In room 16, you open the door on the east wall,

<The DM> and see a small, 10x10 ft empty room.

<The DM> as you open the door, 6 small spears fire from the opposite wall!

The DM rolls 6d20: [15 + 7 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 1] = 30

<The DM> one hits!

The DM rolls d6: [5] = 5

<The DM> are you going to open the other one?

<The DM> (in room 14)

<Mordin> Yes, But I will ask the thieves to check for traps, first.

Pengo does so

<The DM> Pengo inds the trap off rm 14

<The DM> finds

<The DM> brb

Pengo attempts to disable it.

Pengo rolls d100: [4] = 4

<The DM> He manages to do so.

Mordin opens the door.

<The DM> Unfortunately, you don't find anything of interest in the small room beyond.

<The DM> Along the way, Q wakes up, and struggles, but to no avail. He was bound well.

<The DM> Any other stops along the way?

<Mordin> Is Flint breathing, yet?

<The DM> no

<Pengo> Heh, I got lagged up, just now saw the result of my roll to check for traps

<Mialee> So, now what?

<Mialee> Up through the hole in the floor?

<Mialee> er, ceiling

<Mordin> Did we search room 19?

<The DM> yes. twice

<The DM> You left most of it there, but you did search it.

<Pengo> I grabbed the two valuable musical instruments... left the rest because it's bulky.

<Mordin> I guess room 16 is the only one we haven't searched completely.

<The DM> There was nothing there to search, really.

<Mordin> Is it possible to get into the NW corner?

<The DM> of 16? SURE.

Mordin searches for hidden doors, etc.

<The DM> Mordin doesn't find anything of interest.

<Mordin> Unless anyone has any other ideas, let's go.

<Mialee> I have nothing... let's go

<The DM> When you emerge from the basement levels into the warehouse proper, you find a squad of the Duke's men waiting for you.

<The DM> They escort you back to the castle, where you are greeted by Duke Richard and the monk Aarhius. Richard asks how you fared.

<Mialee> Well... we captured Q.

<Mialee> Our comrade Flint needs a little help though.

<The DM> Aarhius recognizes Q, and exclaims " You are truly bold adventurers!"

<The DM> Duke Richard sees your dead comrade and says: " He will be honored for all time in this city."

<The DM> "You have the deepest gratitude of myself and the citizens of this city, for ridding them of this threat." With that, he snaps his fingers and a pair of squires come forward with a small chest. Richard opens the chest, revealing 600 platinum pieces. "Here is a more practical expression of that gratitude, my friends."

Pengo 's eyes light up.

<The DM> Meanwhile, 4 burly guards come in and take charge of Q, shackling him in proper chains, and drag him off.

<The DM> Aarhius then approaches the group and presents, in a very formal manner, an ornately carved and decorated case holding several large gems, the value of which Pengo's practiced eyes can see are worth 8000 gp.

<Mialee> Most kind.

<The DM> Richard says: " And what else did you find down in his hole, my friends?"

Mialee wearily slumps down to the floor and gestures to Mordin to handle things.

Mordin relates what was found.

<The DM> Suddenly, there is a gasp from Flint, as he starts to breathe again!

Pengo jumps startledly.

<The DM> He is weak, and mostly unreponsive, but he is breathing.

<Mialee> Well... that's good news.

<The DM> Astonishment fills the hall.

<Pengo> That's certainly not something I expected.

<The DM> "The Sentinel" comes through in the clutch.

<Mialee> :)

<Flint> No, that was the ring of shielding.

<The DM> Richard says: " Well, my friends, since you have eliminated this threat to my city, I will encourage you to take possession of anything that is to be found in this miscreant's lair, for whatever purpose you deem appropriate. "

Mialee smiles and says, "Thank you, my lord."

<The DM> Right, Flint. The Ring of Shielding that you have is what is left over from the Sentinel, right?

<Flint> Right, but the Ring of Regeneration is what brought me back.

<The DM> Richard Continues: "Please take what time you need to recuperate. I will ensure that the warehouse is not disturbed, and you can use it for what you will.

<The DM> Right. Of course. Duh.

<Flint> That's okay, it is getting late for you guys. :)

<Mialee> (Something I'll say once we're in private again: If he'll let us keep the warehouse, we might be able to adapt it into a home in this town).

<Flint> I was thinking the same thing.

<Mialee> Would save us the trouble of emptying it of its valuables. ;)

<The DM> So after a night of reveling etc, you make your way back to your quarters. After a good night's sleep, you wake up and take a look at your situation.

<The DM> What would be the first thing that you would want to investigate.

<The DM> ?

<Mialee> Well... getting the poison cured, etc. :)

<Mialee> After that, I think we'd want to check out the warehouse in thorough and excruciating detail. :)

<The DM> Eventually, (after several weeks) the poison will work its way out of your systems.

<Mialee> OK

<Mialee> Then let's just go check out the warehouse in detail.

<The DM> You can explore the warehouse underground, and after paying some workmen to haul off the dead, stinking carcasses, you can explore it thoroughly.

<Flint> Of course, in 4 days Jozlan could cast a neutralize poison on everybody too.

<The DM> True enough.

<The DM> Pengo picked up some stuff, though, before you even left...

<Mialee> Yes, that's true.

Mialee will idly do a detect magic on them for the heck of it.

<The DM> Pengo found 3 small leather pouches, a silver scroll tube (value 200 gp), a silver-banded rosy quartz vial worth 300 gp, and a neatly folded piece of black silk cloth.

Pengo checks out the contents of the pouches and examines the cloth.

<The DM> The last pouch and the vial and the cloth register as magical, the cloth most of all.

<Mialee> Interesting.

<The DM> The scroll tube too.

Mialee takes a close look at the cloth.

<The DM> The cloth, when unfolded, is 6' x 6', very lightweight, and as you look at it, the glossy silk shimmers, and almost seems to sparkle.

Mialee wonders what the heck it is.

<Mordin> We need to go through the building and maze with a fine tooth comb; searches, Detect Magic. the whole nine yards. If he was a wizard then there has to be spell books, etc.

<Flint> Try laying the cloth out on the floor.

<The DM> When you lay it flat on the floor, nothing happens for a moment, but then it shimmers a bit more, and what was a simple piece of silk appears to be more like a hole in the floor! The hole is 10' deep, with inky black walls, and you can see some things at the bottom of the hole.

<Mialee> Oooh.

<Mialee> I was just going to ask that.

Mialee peers down into the hole to see what's in there.

<The DM> Inside the hole, you find the following items: A small casket of silver A stout leather case (6" x 8" x 12")

<Flint> Do not ever put the cloth in Pengo's bag, or the bag in the hole!

<The DM> ;)

<Mialee> No kidding. :)

Pengo retrieves the items from the cloth and checks the case for traps.

<The DM> After divesting himself of his bag, I'm sure. :)

<The DM> The small casket has a silk and velvet lining, and is worth 275 gp. It contains a matched set of a brooch, necklace, and earrings (values 1,000 gp, 1,200 gp, 2,700 gp). The leather case contains are three crystal vials (worth 30 gp apiece), each of which contains a liquid. Two of the liquids are azure blue, and one is opaque and brown colored.

<The DM> You also find a slim dagger, and several (5) large books bound in exotic hides, measuring 15" x 12" x 6".

<The DM> One of them in particular seems to match the description given to you by the monk Aarhius. It is bound in black dragon hide. The others seem to be spell books.

<Mialee> Haha, we were carrying his spell books with us. :)

<Mordin> We still need to go through the place with a fine toot comb, looking for "surprises". :)

<Pengo> Certainly. :)

<The DM> Additionally, while you're exploring his abode, you come across a section of the floor in room 20 which gives you that somewhat familiar tingle...

<Pengo> Oooooooooh.

<The DM> However, you feel a slight chill -- this portal has a slightly evil aura.

<Pengo> ugh

<The DM> As it says in the spell description, you can use a portal that is aligned differently than yourselves, but the further the alignment differs, the more damage you will take as a result.

<Pengo> Well, if it's only slight, hopefully we can make use of it. Although with a portal in here, we may need to be wary about using this as a residence.

<Flint> Where is Room 20?

<Pengo> It's the room above 19 where we caught Q.

<The DM> it's the room at the top of the tunnel in room 19

<Pengo> The one I went into.

<The DM> So, are you going to strip the place and leave it, or keep it intact as a second residence?

<Mialee> I think we're going to try to keep it.

<Mialee> We'll need to deal with some security issues, but I'd like to try hanging onto it.

<Mialee> At least for now.

<Flint> Yes.

<The DM> Ok, then. The Duke is certainly amicable to the notion of you taking up some form of residence in his city.

<Mialee> :)

<The DM> He arranges for the lease on the warehouse.

<The DM> It's a rough neighborhood.

<The DM> but I'm sure you can handle yourselves. :)

<Mialee> We need to arrange security.

<The DM> Of course.

<Mialee> For when we're not around. But if we intend to stay there while we recuperate, we can handle it on our own for the time being.

<The DM> But that can be done along the way.

<Mialee> yep

The D'enouement:
You miraculously managed to overcome the evil and devious Qhyjanoth, "Master of Puppets" by the skin of your teeth.  (Can you say Deus ex Machina"?  :)

Aarhius and some recently arrived brothers have taken him into custody in order to face justice in the land of Rahn whence he came.   You've discovered (and returned to Aarhius) the much feared "Pandect de Humanis Mechanica" that allowed Qhyjanoth to create the fearsome puppet creatures that you faced in the labyrinth under the warehouse. 

Duke Richard has graciously offered you the lair and all its contents to be yours, including the warehouse above it. 

You spend a week or more recovering, recuperating, and researching the items you've found in his lair. 
Among his belongings, you have found the incredibly useful "portable hole".  You find that it can be laid flat out on the floor, or even held against a wall to create an extra-dimensional space of 360 cubic feet (6x6x10).  Flint rightfully admonishes Pengo to never let his Bag of Holding enter the hole, or vice versa.   

Within the hole, you found the bulk of Qhyjanoth's treasure:
o  2 potions of Extra Healing
o  1 potion of Ghast Control
o  Dagger of Throwing +3
o  Qhyjanoth's Spell Books, containing the following spells: 
Level 1) Alarm, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Magic Missile X2, Magic Mouth, Read Magic, Shield, Transfer By Portal, Ventriloquism, Write
Level 2) Darkness 15' Radius, Detect Invisibility, ESP,  Invisibility X2, Stinking Cloud, 
Level 3) Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Haste, Hold Person, Infravision, Melf's Minute Meteors, 
Level 4) Charm Monster, Confusion, Dimension Door, Extension I, Ice Storm, Improved Invisibility, Shout, Minor Globe Of Invulnerability, Stoneskin
Level 5) Animate Dead, Feeblemind, Hold Monster, Telekinesis X2, 
Level 6) Anti-Magic Shell, Create Transfer Portal, Contingency
Level 7) Monster Summoning V
Exploring his inner sanctum, you also find a slim wand on the floor, which you are able to identify as a:
Wand of Fog
When activated, this wand creates 1,000 cubic feet of fog per round for 7-12 rounds, as per the first-level illusionist spell Wall of Fog. Such usage drains the wand of one charge. The initial 10' x 10' x 10' fog cube can be centered on any area within 60' of the wand user and within his range of vision. On subsequent rounds, additional cubes of fog can be created in adjacent 10' x 10' x 10' areas as willed by the wand user. Each fog cube persists for one turn after its creation. The wand is _usable_by_all_classes_ and may be recharged by an wizard of 13th or higher level. 

Pengo found 3 small leather pouches, a silver scroll tube (value 200 gp), and a silver-banded rosy quartz vial worth 300 gp.

One of the three pouches within the chest contains seven amethysts (value 100 gp each). The second pouch contains eight gold rings, seven set with chrysoprases and one containing a small sapphire (total value 2,500 gp). The last pouch contains two blocks of incense. 

The scroll tube was the most interesting, as it contains the following scrolls:
The first is a clerical scroll of Raise Dead!
The second contains the illusion spell Phantom Steed
The third holds the illusion spells Wraithform, Dispel Magic, and Rainbow (all at the 9th level of spell use).

The rosy quartz vial holds 20 oz of Ultimate Solution. 
The incense is Incense of Meditation. 

Altogether, your characters have gained the following experience from this adventure:

Experience Gained from this adventure per class:	
Mialee	2155
Icarius	4741
Flint	2155
Jozlan	4741
Mordin	4741
Pengo	4741
Vlix	2371

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