The Sentinel

This adventure was based on "The Sentinel" by Graeme Morris from TSR Module #UK2

Mon Nov 3, 2003
================================================ <DM> So we will begin where we left off, sitting outside the Chapel, having been debriefed by Shar the cleric on the threat that you most recently defeated. <DM> Recall that the city is about 20 km downstream from where you are now. <Flint> A nice little stroll. <Vlix> The trip would be easier if we traveled at night. <DM> So -- the ball is in your court. Mialee and Pengo, and Jozlan and Icarius are desirous of going back to the city of Byrne, to run various errands, identify stuff, etc. <Flint> I'm in favor of that as well. <Mordin> Me too. <DM> Flint, for the time being, why don't you lead the group -- if anyone (Vlix?) objects to something they can either /send to me or /act accordingly. <Vlix> The day does not wear me as deeply as my kinfolk, but the sun is ruinous. <Flint> Okay <Flint> What time is it? <DM> Let's say it's late afternoon. <Flint> By the time we pack this stuff onto the mules, it will be evening. <Vlix> ...and the open spaces of the aboveground are not favored by me. <DM> mules? I know you had one, but... <Flint> Mine and Mordin's. <DM> ah, ok. <DM> Shar asks if any of you have anything else to ask him. If not, he will be on his way. <Flint> Is there anything he can tell us about the items we found in the chapel? <Vlix> I'd like to know if he's aware of any other followers of the dark mistress hearabouts. <DM> Which Items? <DM> and no, he doesn't know of any other followers of the 'dark mistress' That was a surprise to him. <Flint> Any of them. <DM> specifically, which items? <DM> he doesn't know what you found. <Flint> The Jewelled Helmet <DM> Only that it is a cermonial helmet-- pretty for parades, but probably not to practical in battle. <Flint> The Short Sword with Golden hilt and silvery blade? <DM> Also good for show, but these seem better suited (as I'm sure the dwarves could tell) for real use. In particular, he advises you that silver weapons are useful for attacking certain types of foul creatures. <Flint> The Longsword which Mialee is carrying? <DM> It seems that short sword is steel underneath, with a silver coating of some kind. <DM> The longsword which Mialee is carrying is indeed a weapon of moderate magical power. <Flint> The Small Ivory Hunting Horn? <DM> He recognized the runes on it when he first saw it, and was able to 'unlock' the magic lying dormant in the sword. <Flint> What sort of magic? <DM> Nothing speacial about the horn, that he knows, other than it's obvious great craftsmanship. <Vlix> who's craftmanship? race? <DM> the type of magi which makes the sword strike truer, and do more damage to evil opponents. <DM> no particular racial craftsman, it's just a nicely scrimshawed horn. <Flint> The Sickle, Plow and bowl? *** << <Vlix> << need a few minutes to reboot <DM> Shar doesn't know anything about those items, except to suggest that they were probably used (as were the other items you've recovered) for ceremonies conducted in the chapel back when it was in regular use. <Flint> The Ruby Bracelet? <DM> No, he can't tell you anything about that. <Flint> The Shield with the eye engraving? <DM> He is fairly certain that this particular shield was created for the purpose of battling those creatures whose very eyes can damage or kill people. <Flint> The Rod and Wand? <DM> It seems to offer some protection against baleful gazes. <DM> which wand? <Flint> Do we have more than one? <DM> oh, that one. He shudders a bit when he sees that one, and indiates that it has a most baleful dweomer but he doesn't know exactly what it does. <Flint> And the Rod? <DM> The rod seems to project a more neutral aura, and fairly powerful, but as its purpose, he has no idea. <DM> as TO its purpose.. <Flint> The Amulet from the woman in the sarcophogus? *** << <Vlix> << back <DM> That one he is familiar with. It is a special protective device which is intended to protect the wearer from undead creatures. > Flint thanks him for his help. <DM> And now he says he is rather tired, and will retire for the evening, before heading back to his long lost home in the morning. <Vlix> may I see the bone wand? I assume thats the baleful dweomer'ed one. <Flint> Yes. <DM> He gets up, and pronounces a general blessing on the group, and heads back over the cliff to the lower entry into the chapel. <Vlix> I examine it carefully - and see if it's purpose is revealed to me. *** >> <Vlix> >> it has a small human like head carved into what you would think is the handle, and the expression on the face of the human is unmistakable fear. <Flint> What have you found, Vlix? <Vlix> Flint - this device may be beneficial to us, but only if used carefully - may I keep it for now or do you wish to keep the items grouped for later disposition? > Vlix offers it back in case Flint wants it. <Flint> best to keep them grouped for now. <Vlix> I believe this device, if used correctly may cause it's victims to fear the bearer. <Flint> Once we get them identified, we can divy them out. <Flint> That could be useful. <Vlix> Aye, as you wish. > Vlix returns the device. <DM> Mialee suggests that between all the spell casters in the group, after one nights or days' sleep, they should be able to determine which items are magical in nature. <DM> Identifying the exact features of the devices will of course, take much longer. <Vlix> Let us journey to the comfort and security of the town then, eh Flint? If we leave early in the eve, we can arrive before morning if not waylaid. <Flint> That's why we should head for town now. We can set up a base of operations there and ID things. <Flint> You are right Vlix. <DM> Pengo is anxious to get back, and is figiting a bit. <Flint> We will set out for Town as soon as we get everything packed. <Vlix> then let us be off before the hobbit bursts. <DM> Ok, it is a crisp evening in the early fall, and the wind is getting a bit cool, but you manage to make it the 20 km back to the city without any trouble. <DM> In fact, you arrive just before dawn, and the gates to the city are shut. <Vlix> blow the horn? <Vlix> dawn. *** <Sheppy> has entered the room. *** <Sheppy> is now known as <Mialee> <DM> g'day, Sheppy! <Flint> We might as well stop in sight of the gates and wait for them to be opened. *** <Pengo> has entered the room. <Pengo> re <DM> You've just arrived back at the city gates, at around dawn. <DM> Shar has told you what he knows about the items you found, before going away. <Mialee> Anything I need to know? :) <DM> The sword you carry he definitely said was magical. <Mialee> Clearly. I'm curious in what way. <DM> He didn't know much else of interest, other than what Flint or Vlix could fill you in on. <Mialee> OK. <DM> So, after waiting for a while, the gates of the city creak open, pushed by some big strong guards. (Map for the City of Byrne) <Vlix> Flint, we could blow that horn at dawn and make a grand entrance (assuming the horn isn't some magical weapon) of returning champions - or we could just make a quiet entry. <DM> They see you standing there, and wish you a good day. <Flint> Once the gates open we need to find a place to rest and them report to the palace. <Mialee> Agreed. <Pengo> Maybe we should go back to Freddie's place? <DM> Jozlan is agreeable to that. Icarius agrees also. <Flint> Later we need to get a place of our own as a base. <Flint> Yes Pengo, Freddie's will be a good place. <Mialee> Yes, we need our own place. But for now, let's get some sleep then go let the man know we took care of his problem. > Pengo smiles. <DM> Ok, so you make it across town as the sun rises, <Vlix> I do not know this place and will trust your judgement. <DM> and as you pass through the main market square, you see the merchants bustling around, setting up their stalls. <DM> (They must have come in through the other gates ;) <DM> you make it to Freddie's place without further incident (unless you make one :) > Pengo pretends he didn't hear that. *** << <Vlix> << I would prefer to keep my cloak and hood close to me - no sense in revealing myself to anyone in town. <Pengo> Hey Freddie. Rooms for my friends here! <Pengo> As for me, I should probably go home. I don't exactly live in the best part of town and I should check to be sure my place is still there. <Vlix> Pengo, should you not stay with us? What of the spoils? <Pengo> Well... I guess a few more hours won't hurt. <DM> You'll recall that the name of this in is the Dragon's claw, marked as I8 on your map, in the NW corner of the city <Pengo> But I need to go home later. <Pengo> At least to stop in and check on the place. <DM> Seems like a year since we've been here.... Oh, it HAS been a year since we were here :) <Pengo> :) <Flint> Go ahead Pengo, meet us back here in the early afternoon. <Pengo> Unless we could stop by there after we meet up with hizzoner. <Flint> That will give us time to rest and cleanup before reporting to the palace. <DM> Freddie comes around the bar, and warmly greets you. <Pengo> OK... I'll be back in a few hours. <DM> Welcome Back, my friends! > Pengo grins at Freddie and ducks out the door, headed home. <Mialee> Hi Freddie. <DM> It so happens, I have your previous rooms available, if that will be satisfactory? <Mialee> That would be perfect. <Mialee> Thank you, Freddie. <DM> I see you have a new companion though. I'm sure I can find a room nearby yours for..... > Mialee looks over at Vlix. > Flint looks over at Vlix. <Mialee> That would be appreciated. > Vlix nods, "A room for me" <Vlix> I can share a room. > Mialee plods upstairs to her room, tosses her stuff in a heap in the corner, and collapses onto the bed. <DM> Jozlan and Icarius do the same. *** << <Pengo> << What exactly is Pengo's home like? :) > Flint and Mordin stable the mules and bring the baggage to the room. <DM> Would you want something to eat now, or would you rather wait until you've rested? > Vlix follows to the room he is lead to and after examing in for anything unusual, locks the door, sits and meditates (rests). <DM> click on the maps, the real ones will, but theyare big :) > Pengo doesn't see anything. *** >> <Pengo> >> he lives in a small apartment above a butcher shop. <Pengo> Oh, there it is... took forever. :) *** << <Pengo> << Where is it on the map? *** << <Pengo> << Thieves' Qtr. presumably, but I'd like to know more or less an exact spot. :) <Vlix> looks like we're resting, will eat later. <Mialee> Yeah. <Vlix> say till early noon? *** >> <Pengo> >> sw corner, do you see a building labeled c4? that's actually a cobbler's shop, so let's say he rents a room from the cobbler, instead of a butcher. *** << <Pengo> << OK *** >> <Pengo> >> right near the s' in Thieves' *** << <Pengo> << Thanks. > Mialee is sleeping. *** << <Pengo> << I presume no problems getting home, making sure it's intact, and getting to sleep? :) *** >> <Mialee> >> btw, you could make arrows yourself, but given all the other things that you want to do, it would not be a cost effective use of your time. It would take you a couple of weeks to make 30 arrows. *** >> <Pengo> >> right *** << <Mialee> << OK, I'll just pick some up when shopping. :) <DM> Ok, so... the time passes, and it's noon. > Pengo arrives back at Freddie's and orders luncheon. <Pengo> And an ale. > Mordin wakes up and rouses Flint. > Pengo relaxes while waiting for the others to come downstairs. > Vlix waits to hear his companions stirring and then will join them. > Mialee wakes up, cleans up, dresses, etc., then goes downstairs for food. <Mialee> Hello, Pengo. <Pengo> Hey. <DM> Jozlan and Icarius stumble down the stairs, yawning a bit, but looking refreshed. <Pengo> I still have a home. > Pengo grins. > Flint cleans up and heads downstairs for food. > Mordin does the same. > Mialee orders food and wine. <DM> Freddie serves you up a delicious brunch. <Mordin> Ale. > DM is getting hungry and thirsty > Vlix orders a wine flask, offers to share. > Pengo scarfs it down, chugging ale and burping. <Flint> Ale please Freddie. <DM> He brings it right over. > Mialee eats quietly, sipping her wine. <DM> eventually, you all finish eating... <Vlix> The wine of the above world tastes very different than I am used to. > Pengo looks at Vlix curiously. > Pengo burps again and pushes back from the table, sighing contentedly. <Flint> Pengo, how safe will our stuff be if we leave it here while we go to the palace? > Mialee finishes her meal and sips her wine. <Vlix> it is sweeter, but has no warmth. <Pengo> This is a good part of town. You haven't anything to worry about here. <Pengo> And Freddie here, he knows all the tricks. > Pengo winks at Freddie. <Flint> Then we best be on our way. <Vlix> What of our profits? <DM> Freddie, overhearing your concerns, hurries to your table and whispers, "good folk, I have a chest in which you can secure any small valuable items you might have, and I will guarantee their safety. > Pengo smiles and nods. <Pengo> Freddie's more trustworthy than I am. <Flint> Since we were sent on this mission by the crown, it isn't over until we report in. <Mialee> Let's leave what we can in Freddie's chest and go report in. <Mordin> Okay. > Vlix is surprised <DM> His chest turns out to be about 2 ft x 3 ft, big enough for a short sword, but not a longsword <Mialee> We could just hang onto the money, but I figure it's probably safer here. <DM> you can put in the small items, like the wand and rod, jewelry, etc. but not the silk sail, etc > Mialee dumps her money and books and scrolls into the chest and gives Freddie 10 gp. <Mialee> For your trouble. <Vlix> May I humbly suggest that anything suspected to be magical in nature NOT be left in the chest? Forgive me, trust is a difficult concept to me. <DM> "thank-you Mistress!" says Freddie. <Vlix> ...or does one of our esteemed magi posses the skill to lock the chest? > Mialee doesn't have that ability at this time. <DM> Freddie says: "Oh fear not, this chest will lock tighter than anything you can imagine" <Flint> Are we ready to go? <Mialee> Guys, I think that's the DM telling us to stop worrying about the chest and get into gear. :) > Vlix steps aside > Mialee strolls outside. <DM> He puts your items in, closes the lid, and then puts his body between you and the chest, and you see a small flash of blue light > Pengo follows. > Mordin follows <DM> "Nothing short of a mountain giant is going to get into that chest now!" > Vlix follows > Flint follows Mordin. <Mialee> All right, let's go let the man know we've completed his quest. > Mialee leads the way. <DM> You arrive at the palace gates. There are two guards there. <DM> <DM> "G'day, folk. What can we do fer ya?" <Mialee> We have completed our quest. We come for an audience! <DM> The first guard asks you to wait, and sends his companion back to the palace. A few minutes later, the second guard returns, and motions for you to follow him. <DM> He leads you back into the palace, to the great hall where you had met the Baron before. <DM> The place is bustling with activity, with courtiers scurrying around, shufling papers and such. <DM> But when you enter, the Baron looks up from the paperwork he is working on, and otions you over. <DM> motions you over <DM> "Well, my friends, what can you tell me about the mystery at the old Chapel? <DM> Have you discovered anything about the cult activity? <Mialee> Yes. > Mialee tells the story. <Mialee> (Do I need to actually tell it, or will that do? :) <DM> that's fine. <DM> "Excellent! My dear friends, I am very grateful, on behalf of the entire barony, that you have rid us of this atrocity. > Mialee curtsies. <DM> Please accept this small token of gratitude. > Pengo bows clumsily. <DM> He motions to a man standing by his side, who hands him a small satchel, which the baron deposits on the table with a loud ka-chink! <Mialee> Thank you, My Lord. > Flint bows. <Mialee> If ever you have need of us again, please do let us know! > Mialee picks up the satchel. > Mordin bends like a rusty hinge. <DM> It's probably not worth the risks you took on our behalf, but you must understand that the baronial coffers have suffered from the recent military campaign. <Mialee> We understand, My Lord. <DM> Do you plan to stay for long in our city? <Flint> We are looking to live here for a while, if we can find a suitable home. <Mialee> My Lord, this afternoon we shall be seeking a home to stay in for some time. <DM> At this point, the older fella called Paulinus walks into the room, and seeing Icarius, exclaims: "welcome back old friend! Come, we must talk! " and they go walking off arm in arm. <DM> > Mialee chuckles quietly. > Mialee isn't sure what to do now. Do we wait for Icarius? :) <DM> "well, I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully, should the need arise in the future, you might offer the city your able assistance! " <Mialee> We would be honored, My Lord. > Mialee curtsies again. <Flint> You may call on us if you have need, my lord. > Vlix mentions that the Demon Queen surely hasn't been defeated so easily, and advises vigil. <DM> "I'm sure Paulinus will send Icarius back to your lodgings when they've had a chance to talk. I keep Paulinis too busy here to go out in the field much, and he does miss it. " <Mialee> Thank you again, My Lord. <DM> I'm guessing he'll want to hear all the gruesome details of your adventure from Icarius. <Vlix> ...and now we should leave I suppose. > Mialee departs the hall, beckoning Pengo to follow. <DM> "Meanwhile, have a good day! " And with that, the Baron goes back to his paperwork > Vlix follows > Flint and Mordin bring up the rear. <Mialee> Shall we attend to looking for a place to live? <Mialee> Vlix, my friend... you are of course welcome to stay with us, if you like. You have proven a worthy companion! <Vlix> shall we return to the inn or look for a place? I'm curious to find out how grateful the Baron was. > DM wonders if he should give Jozlan a call. <Mialee> I would like to go look for a place, while we're out. <Flint> It might be better to return to the Inn. <Flint> YES. <Mialee> Let's go to the inn, then. Perhaps Freddie knows of places for rent? <Mialee> Yes, please call him. <Flint> We can see if freddie knows of any small townhouses, or estates for sale. <Mialee> He seems to know this town pretty well. <Vlix> I will travel with you - and thanks. <Flint> Never rent when you can Buy, Mialee. > Mialee smiles and leads the way back to the Dragon's Claw. <Mialee> True, Flint -- if we can afford to do so. <DM> Jozlan feels a communion with his god and will be dropping in shortly. :) <Mialee> :) <DM> You arrive back at the inn, and settle into the taproom. <Flint> ROTFLMAO! > Mialee opens the satchel and peers inside. <DM> And she sees what she estimates to be oh... 700 gp. <Mialee> Not bad. <DM> uh, make that 140 pp <Flint> We have almost 5000gp in coin alone from the chapel. <Mialee> Freddie... we're interested in possibly purchasing a home in the city here. Do you know of anything that might be of interest? <DM> Freddie says: "well, I don't watch the real estate market much, but I can check for you and let you know in a few days." <Mialee> Do you know anyone we might talk to? *** <Kelvin> has entered the room. <DM> "Just let me know what you're looking for, and whether you want to rent or buy, and I'll find out what I can. " *** <Kelvin> is now known as <Jozlan> <Mialee> Hiya Joz. :) <Flint> That would be much appreciated, Freddie. <Flint> Hello, Jozlan. <Mialee> I think we just need something that would be a comfortable home for all of us, in a decent part of town. *** >> <Jozlan> >> To fill you in, you've made it back to town, had an audience with the Baron, who rewarded you with 140 pp *** << <Jozlan> << thank you :) *** >> <Jozlan> >> and if I'm not mistaken, you're about to divy up the loot. *** <icarius> has entered the room. <DM> and at this point, Icarius comes back from his chat with his mentor Paulinus <Mialee> Hi Icarius. <Mialee> :) <icarius> hi, back from my chat *** >> <Icarius> >> Paulinus has offered the use of his laboratory if any of you need it <Mialee> Well, while Freddie asks around on the housing market, perhaps we can use this time to recuperate a bit from our exploits? *** >> <Icarius> >> to conduct any magical inquiries. <Flint> A walled compound, with stables and some grounds. <Mialee> I for one need to sit down and do some studying; I feel like I've advanced magically somewhat and would like to flex my abilities a bit. > DM checks on the current real estate market in Byrne <Flint> Yes, we need to rest up and tend to various tasks: but we should split the items up to handle expenses. <Vlix> someone should be treasurer? <Mialee> Keep in mind we need to keep a good stash so we can actually buy a place. > Pengo grins and offers to be treasurer. > Mordin grins and runs his thumb along his axe blade. > Pengo stops grinning. <Pengo> Then have one of the religion guys do it. > Pengo points at Flint. <Pengo> He gives me the heebie-jeebies with all his religion stuff, but I'd trust him with anything. <Flint> Yes, But you for one will probably need monies for research, adding spells to your books, etc. <Mialee> True. <Vlix> well, as long as it doesn't all find it's way to his temple's coffers, I don't mind. <Mialee> Adding spells to my book is expensive. <Flint> Icarius may needs similar funds. <Jozlan> yes, that would be nice <DM> ok, so you're there in the taproom of the inn. <Flint> Who esle is here with us? > Vlix looks sideways... and says "I too have similar requirements". <DM> There are a few other customers at other tables, quietly sipping at their drinks > Mialee stands up. <Mialee> Let's go up to my room and continue this discussion privately. > Pengo slowly stands. <Flint> Okay, but your room may not be big enough for all of us. :) > Vlix joins <Vlix> My room is large enough. *** >> <Icarius> >> Since you've lived in this city for a while, you would know where you could find apothecaries and other shops to buy magical ingredients, etc <Vlix> I think <DM> either room will fit for this purpose. <Mialee> Let's use Flint and Jozlan's room; that should be large enough. <Vlix> lets go <Mialee> OK. > Mialee heads upstairs. <DM> Are you going to ask freeddie for your stuff back? <Mialee> Duh. <Mialee> Freddie, can we get our stuff back out of the chest? <DM> "Sure!" he says. He leans over the chest so that you can't see the locking mechanism, and you see that little flash of light again, and the chest opens. <DM> He hands you all the stuff you gave him earlier. <Mialee> Thank you, Freddie. > Mialee heads upstairs. <Flint> Thank you, Freddie. > Pengo follows. <DM> you're in the Mialee's room <DM> I'll assume for the sake of argument, that after your last rest period, those that could have memorized "detect magic" <Mialee> OK, how much exactly do we have here? <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> I've memorized that and Identify. > Vlix sits on the floor watching, listening... <Mialee> Do we have anything we think is magic but don't know is? <Mialee> We know my sword is... <DM> Well, technically, all the potions and scrolls could be magical or not. I'll assume you've also memorized read magic. :) *** << <Mialee> << How can I figure out how many charges are left on my staff? <Mialee> OK. :) *** >> <Mialee> >> identify will give you an approximate range. <Mialee> Well, the scrolls I already have a list of what spells are on them. :) <DM> ok <Mialee> What potions do we have that need a detect magic cast on them? <Flint> We have 8 potions. <DM> actually 10, I think. <Vlix> no markings? <DM> no, 8 <Mialee> I have three detect magic spells memorized. <DM> Ok, that should be enough to do a short range scan. :) <Vlix> isn't that an area of effect spell? <Flint> The clerics can do detects, if the MU's do Identify. <DM> The jewelled helmet is not magical <Mialee> Well, I can only Identify once before resting. :) <Flint> Yes. <DM> the longsword is <DM> the silver short sword is not, BUT IT IS SILVER! > Mialee casts however many DMs are needed. <DM> the horn is not (20 gp) <DM> the sickle plow and bowl, (100 gp) <DM> the helmet, actually, on closer inspection reveals that the jewels are fake, so it's only 20 gp <DM> the ruby bracelet is not magic, but it is a fine bracelet (200gp) <DM> the 3 necklaces, silver combs and ring with 2 pearls (175 for the lot) <DM> The quarterstaff IS magical <DM> another jeweled ruby necklace is not magical but is worth 500 gp <DM> the shield with the eye is magical > Mialee is making a list of stuff that needs to be IDed. <Vlix> thanks <DM> the amulet from the lady in the crypt is magical, as is the necklace that Vlix gave to Icarius <Pengo> Does the latter need identifying? <DM> The wnad and the rod, of course, are magical. <Pengo> Or do you guys know what it does? :) <Flint> What Quarterstaff? <DM> not actually, since Shar explained that it was for protection from undead. <Vlix> I told Icarius what the necklace does. <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> OK. <Jozlan> i remember <DM> oops. Forget the quarterstaff. That was Shar's <Mialee> :) <Flint> I don't. :( <Jozlan> you can throw the little balls on the necklace <Mialee> Anything else? <DM> and of course, the remaining potions. <DM> <DM> <Flint> Necklace of magic missles? <Vlix> It was my gesture of goodwill. <Mialee> Are the potions all magical or not? <DM> Yes they are <Mialee> OK. <Vlix> I think I know what the wand is... just a hunch. <Flint> Wand of terror? <DM> Now, assuming you sold all of the non-magical stuff, by my calculations, you would have a total of 5600.75 gpv from the total haul <Mialee> Well, does Icarius have Identify memorized? If so, shall we divide these up? I need a full 8 hours of rest after each casting. <Jozlan> sounds good > Mialee sits comfortably and casts Identify on the longsword. <DM> you have a 30% chance of finding something out about it. <Mialee> 30%? <Mialee> So low? Ick. <Mialee> Is there a way of improving the odds? <icarius> can we hire someone to do it for us? <Mialee> Good question. <DM> get a higher level magicuser, but they don't come cheap. <Flint> We have 3 MU's that can try. <Vlix> 3? <DM> Remember, each attempt costs materials that cost 100gp value. <Mialee> We have 3 MUs? <Mialee> I'm only aware of myself and Icarius. <DM> I'll assume that mialee has sufficient matterials for 3 attempts, as does Icarius <Mialee> Well, let's go ahead and try it. <Flint> Vlix, can you cast spells? > Mialee goes ahead and attempts Identify on the sword. <Mialee> I assume I need a d20 roll? <DM> roll percentile UNDER 31 <Flint> a D100. <Mialee> %, okay > Vlix shh'es Flint - Mialee needs total concentration. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 36 <Mialee> Bah. <DM> gaahhh1 <DM> and she's down for the count. <Mialee> I assume I'm still passed out for 8 hours after that. :) > Pengo watches Mialee slip into sleepyland and says, "Next!" <Pengo> I'm thinking the things that most need identifying are the sword, the shield, the amulet, then the wand and rod, probably in about that order. > Vlix Vlix nods <Pengo> Icarius, care to take a crack at one? :) <Jozlan> ok <icarius> ok <Pengo> The potions would be nice to ID, but I'm not sure they're worth 100 gp each right now. *** Roll by icarius: 1d100 -> 84 <Pengo> Ow. <DM> At least he doesn't swoon away, but he's still incapable of further activity for 8 hours. *** << <Vlix> << want to let me try? You would have to back-in-time me... > Mialee snores. *** >> <Vlix> >> back in time? *** >> <Vlix> >> you can try if you want to let your secret out. <Pengo> So, what do we do while we wait for Mialee to wake up? *** << <Vlix> << you know, assume I swapped out a spell for Identify *** >> <Vlix> >> oh sure <Flint> Vlix, when we were talking downstairs about monies for spell books, you said you had similar expenses. Can you cast spells? <Vlix> I... have some small skill. <Pengo> (IMHO we should accelerate this a bit; we know we're going to just sit here until we get all these identifies done :) <Vlix> The sword? I should try it first? <Flint> Would you care to make an attempt? <DM> acceleration is good. <Pengo> I think you should. <Pengo> Let's get this over with. :) <DM> wait asec <Vlix> Vlix tries... <Vlix> Vlix waits <DM> vlix only has a 25% chance <Vlix> Vlix tries... *** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 49 <Vlix> clunk <Pengo> :) <Pengo> Can we just say it's been the eight hours? :) <DM> sure > Mialee wakes up, grumbles, and tries again on the sword. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 65 > Mialee passes out again. *** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 53 <Flint> Next! <DM> oh boy, the pearl merchant in town is going to retire off you guys. :) *** << <Mialee> << Is there anything Mialee can do to improve her chances on that over time? <Pengo> Icarius? <Jozlan> :) *** >> <Mialee> >> it's totally level based *** Roll by icarius: 1d100 -> 71 *** << <Mialee> << OK, so she'll get better then. *** >> <Mialee> >> 15% + 5% / level > Mialee wakes up eight hours later and swears mightily before trying one more time. <icarius> i hope we don't find out they're cursed :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 69 > Mialee passes out futiley. <Mialee> futilely. <Flint> Maybe we should invest in an oyster farm? *** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 12 <Pengo> Finally! <Vlix> tah-dah! <DM> yahoo! <Pengo> So what does Mialee have? :) *** >> <Vlix> >> you discover that the sword is blessed with an increased ability to hit, especially vs. undead. *** >> <Vlix> >> and damage, of course. *** >> <Vlix> >> the sword is lightly blessed. <Vlix> This weapon doth smite the unliving with might and accuracy, and it is blessed. > Pengo looks impressed. > Mialee wakes up to the news. <Pengo> By my count, Icarius can make one more attempt. Want to try the shield? *** Roll by icarius: 1d100 -> 52 <Vlix> Fetch food and drink while we prepare for the next round. <Mialee> Well... do we really want to make another round of identifies right now? We need to buy materials to do it, and they're not cheap. > Mordin goes down to get food and drink. <Mialee> Perhaps we should wait until we've bought a house first. <Mialee> Otherwise this could get ugly. :) <DM> It's been about 2 days now. Are any of the rest of you going to do anything else while the spell-slingers are trying to ID stuff? <DM> yeah, basically 100 gp per attempt. and now you're all out. > Pengo goes downstairs to talk to Freddie about the housing situation. <Pengo> Hi Freddie. Find out anything about houses for sale yet? <Vlix> almost 10pm here. <DM> Freddie says that the market is pretty tight, now, but were they looking for furnished, unfurnished, with servants, and if so how many? > Flint will act on a hunch from his god and investigates the cost of silver weapons in the dwarven area of the city. <Pengo> Furnished, no servants. <Pengo> We can look to servants later if need be. <DM> well, a medium-sized townhouse with space for all of you can be got for about 2500 gp in this part of town, a little less in other parts <DM> or you can rent one for 200/month <Pengo> Would a townhouse like that include a stable? <DM> no, add 20% for that <Pengo> All right. Do you know of any that are actually for sale? <DM> sure, there's one right across the street from St Mark's Cathedral that's available <Pengo> Thanks, Freddie. I'll let the others know. > Pengo goes upstairs with the news. <DM> It's getting toward the ritzy part of town <Pengo> Sounds good to me. :) <Jozlan> nice > Pengo tells the others about the place and suggests that at least a couple of us go have a look. <Vlix> and while you're out.... components? <DM> while the MUs are recuperating? <Pengo> Sure... let me know what you need and I'll pick them up. <Pengo> Who wants to go have a look at the place with me? <DM> admin note: I'm never going to tell you exact plusses and minuses or charges on any magic item. > Mialee thinks Flint should go. <Mialee> Perhaps Mordin as well. <DM> but they'll still work just as well, or bad. > Flint thinks he should stay and tend the MU's. <Mialee> OK. Mordin then. > Pengo is ready. <Mordin> Okay. <DM> Freddy offers to send his stable boy to show you where it is. <Pengo> Thanks, Freddie. <Pengo> Let's go! <Mordin> Who wants to go with me? <Pengo> I'll go. <Pengo> I know town pretty well. <Pengo> Let all the magic types rest. > Mordin follows the stable boy. <DM> the place, as Freddy said, is directly north across the street from the westernmost tip of the St. Marks compound. > Pengo tags along. <Pengo> Does it have any property, or is it just a house crammed in among the buildings? <DM> just crammed in, as in any medieval city :) > Pengo looks it over for security concerns. <Pengo> Can we secure it tightly? <DM> but it has 3 floors, and 8 bedrooms. <DM> as tight as any you're likely to find in the middle of the city. <Pengo> Tight enough for now, then. <Pengo> And we can always booby-trap the doors and windows. :) <DM> You haven't done a thorough magical search yet, but it looks fairly secure at first blush <Mordin> They 3rd house from the left of the line of 4? <Pengo> Do we need to bring an MU down here to look at it then? <DM> Yeah, Mordin, that's the very one! :) <DM> actually, just someone who is adept at finding conceiled doors, etc. <Mordin> is there a basement? <Pengo> Wouldn't a thief be good at that? :) <DM> yes, there is a basement > Pengo carefully searches each floor of the house, looking for concealed doors and the like. > Mordin searches the house, starting with the basement. <Vlix> class is wrapping up - going to get kicked out here soon. ;) <Pengo> :) > Pengo keeps searching. <DM> actually more of a racila thing. Elves are good at it. <Pengo> racila? <DM> racial <Pengo> Oh. <Pengo> Well, we need Mialee then. > Pengo runs back to the Inn to fetch her. <Pengo> Mialee, we need you to look at the place. > Mialee sighs and wearily gets up and follows Pengo back to the house. > Mialee searches the house. <Mialee> Slowly. Carefully. <Mialee> Let me know if I need any rolls. <Mordin> The same with me. <DM> ok, to move things along here, let's say you take another week of looking at the items, and looking at the house, and let's just say for the sake of argument, that you are ultimately successful in your identification attempts after spending 800 gp <Mialee> OK :) <Mordin> Okay. > Mialee wondered how long it would take to get there. :) <DM> (It could have been days, and I need to go to work tomorrow :) <Mordin> And the house? <DM> It looks as secure as you could expect. You don't find any secret doors. <Mialee> Let's take it then. <Mialee> And what do we find out about the items? <Mordin> Any body object? <Pengo> Not me. I get to move out of my pit of an apartment. :) =================================================== <DM> So on the ID's: Here's what you have. The shield gives the bearer a +? bonus on saving throws versus gaze attacks, assuming the user is actively using the shield to combat the creature. <icarius> let's do it <Mordin> Vlix? <DM> The wand is in fact a wand of fear, and you now know the command word: "Boo!" <Vlix> no objs <DM> there are approximately 10 charges remaining on that <Vlix> My hunch was correct on the wand. <Flint> Good one. > Mialee nods. <DM> On the rod -- that doesn't even take a spell, because as soon as a MU grasps it for real, he or she realizes that this rod is an extremely powerful ROD of Absorbtion <Mialee> What's that mean? <Flint> Nice... <DM> it actually sucks in spell energy cast at the wielder, and holds it as potential <Mialee> Oooh. <Mialee> Me likes. <Vlix> it's a capacitor. <DM> I'll post more details later, but it's a cleric or MU item > Mialee nods. <Vlix> or, so people will compare it to in the far off future. <DM> Potions: 2X healing, speed, Super-heroism, invisibility, human control <Vlix> Vlix hints that he'd like the Wand of Boo. <DM> an two more potions of speed <DM> Do you already have the scrolls? <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> I think so, give them to me again. <Mialee> Also, what's the amulet? > Mialee agrees Vlix should have the Wand of Boo. <DM> There were also the 2 clerical scrolls with wyvern watch, augury, prayer, imbue with spell ability, speak with dead, animate dead, continual light, cure disease, and meld into stone. <DM> I THINK that's it. Anything else I missed? <Mialee> Amulet. <DM> Protection from UNdead. (gives a bonus to saving throws, etc) <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> Let's buy the house and move in. <Vlix> Ok, I'm getting kicked. I'll have to read the log from here on out. Goodnight and thanks! <Pengo> I'll let my landlord know I'm out and pick up any of my stuff still at home. <Pengo> Night Sean. <DM> MU Scroll had rope trick, Ray of enfeeblement and knock <icarius> night vlix <DM> Night Vlix *** <Vlix> has left the room. <Flint> Night Vlix. <Mialee> What other spells in scrolls and books do I have? I have most of them down, but I failed to keep them sorted among books and scrolls. <DM> ahhh, lessee <Mialee> Need to sort them through so I can do some writes. :) <DM> Party Scrolls <DM> Levitate (M) <DM> Leomund's Tiny Hut (M) <DM> Magic Missile (M) <DM> Rope Trick, Hold Person, Dispel Magic, FireBall (M) <DM> Identify, Push (M) <DM> <DM> Tenser's Floating Disk (M) <DM> Continual Light (J) <DM> Cure Serious Wounds (F) <DM> Create Food and Water (J) <DM> Mialee has picked up spellbooks from Burne and the apprentices <DM> Magic Missile, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, Transfer By Portal, Write, Mirror <DM> Image, Web. <DM> <DM> Read Magic, Burning Hands, Sleep, Write, Identify, Tenser's Floating Disk ============================================= <DM> BTW, on the Write spell, the bottles of ink cost 300 gp, but they will be enough for 4 levels' worth of spells, so IOW, 3 1st level spells, 1 1st and 1 2d level spell, etc <Mialee> OK, so 2 2nd level spells then. <Mialee> Do I have any ink already or do I need to buy some? <DM> If you try to write one that you "can't" know at this time, there is the danger of backfiring. <Flint> Or 4 1st level spells? <Mialee> I'll only do ones I can actually use now. <DM> right flint. D'oh it's late <Mialee> :) <DM> let's do that offline, ok? <Mialee> Do I already have any ink? <Mialee> OK. <DM> After you've been in town for a couple of weeks, and have done all the resting a relaxing you can stand, a courier in the Baron's livery enters the room you're in and asks: <DM> "Who here is the elf called Mialee?" <DM> > Mialee stands. <Mialee> I am. <Flint> I thought you got ink when we were last in town. <Mialee> I believe I did. <DM> "I bear a request for your attendance on His Lordship the Baron tomorrow at an hour past the top of the clock, along with your companions." <DM> <Mialee> Very well. We shall be there. <DM> He exits <Mialee> I guess our next adventure awaits. <Mialee> Thomas, I'll be in touch about the spells. *** <Pengo> has left the room. <DM> If there's nothing else you want to do before the meeting, we'll move right to it. I'll assume you've already taken care of the writing that you are going to do later. (Aren't time paradoxes wonderful? :) <Flint> The dwarves can do their shopping when your in chat, Thomas. <Mialee> Hm? <DM> wait! <Mialee> Wait? <DM> let's do the meeting. <Mialee> OK.

The Quest begins...

<DM> As you approach the center of the hall, you see the Baron sitting at a large table, surrounded by important-looking men. One of them looks up as you approach and you recognize Lord Darcy saying: <DM> Ah, well, here are our adventurous friends! > Mialee greets Paulinius. <Mialee> We have come as requested by His Lordship. <DM> The Baron looks up. His face looks tense, but softens a bit, as if with relief, when he sees you. > Mialee curtsies. <Baron> Gentlemen, (and my good mistress Elf), you were so successful in eliminating the threat of the cult, that I was hoping I might prevail upon you to take on another challenge on my behalf. <Mialee> You may, of course. <Baron> There is a small group of villages about 50 km to the northeast, on a plateau of sorts. They are mostly farmers, and live fairly autonomously, with village elders leading their people, and reporting to me with their tithes annually. <Baron> A few days ago, I received a message from the elder of Kusnir, one of the villages, requesting my aid in ridding their area of a new threat of some kind. The message, relayed by a young man from the village was not too coherent, but it is evident that I that I must take some action. <Baron> As you know, I am supported by my tenants, and I must support them in their time of need. <Baron> Unfortunately, while I was away many things have gotten out of hand here, and I don't have the manpower to spare to send any off on what could turn out to be a wild-goose chase. <Baron> Plus, those soldiers that work for me are courageous in battle, but not suited for investigative work. <Baron> This mission calls for a group that can use their heads AND get themselves out of trouble, as I believe you have proven yourselves capable of. <Baron> I can't offer a huge reward, as our coffers are nearly empty from the war effort, but there is certainly booty to be found in the lair of whatever miscreants are causing trouble up there, and you are welcome to it, as long as it is not something that you can positively identify as having been stolen from one of my subjects. <Baron> What say you, will you take on this mission for me? <Mialee> My Lord, it is our honor to serve. > Mialee curtsies deeply. > Flint bows > Pengo smiles. <Baron> Excellent! As usual, Lord Darcy will see to your needs for traveling. I wish you well! <Mialee> Thank you. <DM> Lord Darcy sees you out, and asks if there is anything you require. > Mialee looks at the others. <Mialee> No, My Lord, I think not. <DM> Lord Darcy hands you a map of the SE end of the Barony. <Lord Darcy> Please note the red line leading NE from Rhenghat. The easiest and safest way to get to the Berghof region is by following the path which skirts the mountains and then follow the Hool river upriver to the south. <DM> (Please also note the direction of North on this map. Each hexagonal grid represents an area 8 km across.) <Lord Darcy> Stay away from the hills and mountains to the south of Rhenghat; they are infested with goblin tribes, but we've not heard much of them lately, and would prefer not to stir things up with them right now. <Lord Darcy> May the gods be with you!

================================================ Dec 14, 2003 ================================================ <DM> So having done all the preparations in town that you could think of, you've started out on the road to the NE <DM> You are traveling along a road which parallels the river, going past the chapel that you remember so well. <DM> Recalling that each hex on this map is 8 km across, it takes you about 2 days to get back to where the chapel is, traveling at a comfortable pace <Mialee> OK. <DM> You've passed some people on the way. The populous seems to be a bit cheerier and more awake than when you were last here. <DM> After another day's travel, you come to the town of Rhenghat. <DM> Rhenghat is a large town, but not a city, probably the home for about 1000 people. <Jozlan> anything interesting here? <DM> Well, if you look hard enough, you can always find something interesting in a town, but as it is, you are concentrating on the task at hand. > Mialee nods. <DM> You do find a comfortable inn to stay at though, which is a relief <Jozlan> maybe later > Pengo watches the goings-on. <DM> The next day, as you hit the road again, you see that the road veers away from the river, to the NE, while the river goes SE <DM> It goes through farmlands. <DM> the terrain is gently rolling grassland, bordered on the north by a forest. <DM> You're walking along the cart track between the town of Rhenghat and the forest, <DM> when suddenly the ground to your right erupts, and a huge (15' long) creature emerges. <DM> It is insectoid in appearance, with hard, dark brown chitinous armor covering its back and sides. <DM> Its underside is pink, and its eyes are gleaming black. <DM> <DM> It scrambles toward the group, and reaches out with its mandibles at . . . *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> Mordin! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> wait a sec <DM> let's roll for surprise *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 1 <DM> ok, you are surprised. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> even so, the creature misses the chance! <DM> initiative. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 <Mialee> Either way ;) <DM> ok you got it. hang on -- <Flint> :) <DM> go > Mialee slashes with her sword. > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 8 <Mialee> Bah. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1 > Pengo slashes with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 6 <Pengo> (I have down that he gets d8 on large creatures :) <Pengo> (with this sword) <DM> yes > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 20 <Pengo> Woot! <Flint> YES <DM> Hit! > Flint # > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. # *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 3 > Mialee senses with her elvish powers that scripts went awry. <Icarius> scripts? <Mialee> Never mind. :) > Jozlan attacks with a war hammer <DM> ok, is that everyone? *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9 <DM> that's a miss, <DM> ok the creature attacks... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> Mialee! <DM> .2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> and misses! > Mialee sticks her tongue out. <DM> next round -- initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> you got it again. <Mialee> With her longsword: *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19 <DM> a big hit! *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 2 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 13 <Pengo> (No idea if that hits or not :) <DM> miss, pengo > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. > Pengo nods ruefully. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 3 + 6 = 9 <DM> hits, Mordin > Jozlan attacks *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 20 <DM> and you cleave deeply into its armor! *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 1 <Flint> YES > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13 <DM> The think starts backing up, <DM> miss, Flint <DM> The creature stumbles back... <DM> anyone else? <DM> ok, in desperation, the creature lunges at... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> Jozlan! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 <DM> but misses entirely > Mialee laughs. <DM> next round -- initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <Jozlan> it's not doing so good *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1 <Mialee> er *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 <Mialee> Oof. <Flint> How did this thing ever get so big if it can't hit anything? <DM> just not its day, I guess. <DM> ok, it gets another attack at... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> Pengo! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> The creature's mandibles lock into your thigh, and in addition to the normal pain of your flesh being shredded, you feel a burning sensation in the area of the wound. > Pengo screams. *** Roll by DM: 3d6 -> 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 <Pengo> Boy, that coulda been worse. <DM> You take some damage. HP: 4 <DM> yeah... <DM> your turn *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 7 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5 <DM> and Mialee cleaves the head of the shoulders! *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1 > Mialee cheers. *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2 <DM> Pengo's wound seems to be getting worse... he takes another 2 damage from acid-like stuff in the wound <Pengo> Ow, ow, ow... > Jozlan casts cure light on pengo <Pengo> Medic! *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 5 <Jozlan> should it be d4? <DM> it should be d4+4 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Pengo> Ahhh. <Pengo> Thanks, holy dude. <DM> He's up to snuff <DM> it was almost as if the thing was trying to digest you before it ate you. <Icarius> shall we get on with it? <Pengo> Eeew. Yeah. <Flint> I think we should follow it's trail back to it's lair. <DM> Its trail only lasts about 10 feet to where it came out of the ground <Mialee> Yes, let's. <Mialee> Anything interesting about where it came up? <Flint> That hole looks like a good trail to me. :) <DM> There is no hole big enough to go down, unless you want to dig for a while > Mialee thinks that sounds like work. > Icarius lights a torch <DM> IOW, it collapsed in on itself after the creature emerged <Mordin> I don't mind tunneling. <Mialee> I bet. <Mialee> Let's just move on. <DM> Anyway, there is nothing particularly interesting about the hole <Icarius> maybe we should focus on the task at hand for now. <Mialee> Agreed. <DM> Ok, you move on, and the road soon turns into the forest to the north. <DM> The road skirts the hills, which you see rising to the E and SE <DM> The hills are also mostly covered with heavy forest. > Mialee enjoys the scenery. <DM> There don't seem to be any villages in the forest here, so you'll have to camp for the night in the forest. <DM> Night closes in... <Icarius> should we keep 1 person watch at all times? <Mialee> Yes. <Mialee> The hills are alive with the sound of me being nervous. <DM> As darkness covers the area, you hear wolves howling in the distance. <Pengo> Yeah, a watch is a good idea. <DM> Are you going to light a fire? <Icarius> what time of year is it? <DM> you had to ask, right? <Icarius> will a fire be needed for warmth? <DM> it's early fall. <Mialee> I'd light a fire just for safety's sake. <Icarius> probably should to keep the wolves awy <DM> You could probably survive without it. > Mialee builds a small fire. <DM> If nothing else, I'll assume a 1.5 hour watch for each person. <Mialee> Sounds good. <Mordin> I'll take first watch. <DM> BTW, in case I wasn't clear, Vlix HAS gone off scouting, so he is not with you. > Mialee nods. <Flint> I'll take second. <Mialee> I'll take third. <Pengo> I'll take fourth, I suppose. <Icarius> fifth <Jozlan> 6th *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Flint is on watch when he hears the howling come closer, and then stop altogether <Flint> Did it just quit, or was it cut off? <DM> it just quit > Pengo snores loudly. <DM> ..... <DM> the fire burns low... > Flint adds wood to the fire. <DM> .... <DM> Flint, roll for surprise *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> You are surprised for one segment. *** << <Mialee> << I predict a chewing out of the guard later. :) <DM> suddenly, 3 wolves come crashing through the underbrush, <DM> and all three attack Flint! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** << <Mialee> << Let us know if we get awakened. :) *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 > Flint shouts #><*|! <Jozlan> are they noisy enough to wake anyone? <DM> w#2 hits > Mialee is startled awake. <Pengo> What the...? > Pengo sits up groggily. <DM> everyone is awakened by the noise, but won't get into the fight until round number 2. We are still in round #0 > Mialee leaps to her feet pending round 2. *** Roll by DM: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2 <DM> Flint takes 2 hp in his surprise. <DM> Now, Flint, Roll Iitiative for round 1 <Flint> Ouch. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3 <DM> they all three attack again. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> the first hits. *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 3 = 5 <DM> You take some damage. HP: 5 <DM> Flint can swing back, now. What weapon are you using? > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4 <DM> against which wolf? 1,2 or 3 <Flint> Wolf 1. <DM> you miss <DM> ok, initiative for round 2 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> you got it. > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11 <DM> miss! <Flint> wolf 1 <DM> everyone else can play now. :) > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. Wolf 2. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9 > Mialee swings at wolf 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 9 <Mialee> Hmph. <DM> pengo missed > Jozlan attacks wolf 3 <DM> Mialee hits *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 3 <DM> mordin hit *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 1 + 6 = 7 <DM> ok. <Mialee> And...? :) <DM> the wolves attack back <DM> wolf 1 at ... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> hits! *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <DM> 7 more damage to Flint <DM> #2 at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> miss <DM> #3 at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> Mialee again! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> hits! *** Roll by DM: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4 <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 6 <Mialee> (wolf 3) <Pengo> Wolf 1 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5 <Pengo> Bah. <DM> miss pengo <Flint> Wolf 1. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4 <DM> miss <Mordin> Wolf 2. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19 <DM> wofl 3 is hurting bad, but going crazy just the same *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 7 + 6 = 13 <DM> Hit Mordin! <DM> Mordin cuts the wolf in Two! > Jozlan attacks #3 <Mordin> Wolf 2 is cut in two? *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9 <Mordin> <eg> <DM> Yes, MOrdin, W#2 is out of action <DM> Jozlan, are you using your hammer? <Jozlan> yes <DM> ok, it's a miss anyway <DM> That it? <DM> ok, the remaining wolves attack back <DM> #1 at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> Pengo! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 <DM> miss <DM> #3 at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> hit! *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 1 = 5 > Mialee grunts. <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5 <DM> go ahead <Flint> Wolf 1. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 14 <DM> miss > Mialee swings at wolf 1. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> You'd swear you SHOULD have hit him, but... > Pengo swings at wolf 3. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> Mialee misses <Pengo> Hmph. <DM> miss > Jozlan attacks #1 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 2 <Jozlan> bleh <Mordin> Wolf 1. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 8 <DM> miss, Mordin <DM> ok, #1 at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> miss <DM> #3 at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 <DM> hit! *** Roll by DM: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4 <DM> Flint is sucking wind, no? <Flint> The leader is immune to normal weapons, use spells on him. > Mialee nods and grins widely. <DM> Is icarius assuming the better part of valor in this? <Flint> Yes, very much. <Icarius> yeah > Mialee will start casting spells next round. <DM> ok, I guess it's the next round. Initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <Mialee> Cool. <DM> go for it > Mialee casts Magic Missile at wolf 1. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 1 <Mialee> Pfft. <Mialee> Wait, there are two now. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4 <DM> you get a second missile, Mialee, since ...yeah <Mialee> That's better. :) <Mordin> Isn't 3rd level wonderful? > Pengo slashes at wolf 3. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 3 <Pengo> Oof. <DM> miss > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself. <Flint> cl~ *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Jozlan attacks #3 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 13 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> mordin, you swinging? <Mordin> wolf 3 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 8 <DM> (just to keep them occupied?) <DM> hit, mordin! <DM> and you crush #3's skull! *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 7 + 6 = 13 <DM> Jozlan missed <DM> no sorry, he hit <DM> I guess Jozlan crushed his skull :) <Mialee> :) <Jozlan> as long as it's dead <DM> that leaves #1, going at <DM> *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> Mordin! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 <Mordin> By now, it's very dead. :) <DM> miss <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> your shot <Mialee> Magic Missile. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 1 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 3 <DM> ok > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14 <DM> miss! <DM> anyone else? > Jozlan atatcks *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> miss! > Flint presents his Holy Symbol boldly and attempts to turn the Undead. <DM> the wolf growls menacingly <DM> and attacks... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> Pengo! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <Pengo> Oh boy! <DM> hit *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> you got it <Mialee> Magic missile. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 1 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 2 <Mialee> Hm. > Mordin attempts to grab a burning log out of the fire and use it as a club. > Pengo attacks. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> miss <DM> ok, the thing attacks back at *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Flint! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 <DM> hits *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 3 = 6 <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> go for it > Mialee slashes at it. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> hit > Pengo hacks at the wolf. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 5 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> hit PEngo *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 3 > Mordin attacks with the burning log. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15 <DM> it pisses him off, but doesn't do any particular damage. > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1 <Mialee> Anyone else want to hit him? :) <DM> miss, Flint *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> miss, Jozlan <DM> ok, he attacks... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Flint again! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 <DM> hit *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5 > Flint drops. <DM> Flint tumbles to the ground <Mialee> Someone heal him! > Jozlan casts cure light *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <DM> He's stabilized, but out of this fight. <Mialee> Initiative? <DM> yes *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> y'all have been lucky with the initiative :) <Mialee> :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 1 <DM> hit! *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> miss <Pengo> Ugh. > Jozlan attacks... *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12 <DM> jozlan, you were curing Flint <Jozlan> oops, so i am <Jozlan> <DM> and would have missed anyway <DM> he attacks *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1 <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> miss > Mordin attacks with the burning log. Just to keep him busy. <DM> good job, Mordin. :) <DM> <DM> I guess it's next round again. <DM> <DM> <DM> <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 <Mialee> Ohhh. *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1 <DM> he attacks Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> hits *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 3 = 7 <Mialee> Oh dear. <Mialee> Medic!! <DM> mialee stumble back <DM> stumbles, > Pengo attacks. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> miss! > Pengo curses. <Mialee> Someone take my sword! *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: please cure mialee > Mialee holds it out. > Mordin takes the sword. > Jozlan casts c; om mialee <Jozlan> cl *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Mialee> Thanks. *** << <Mialee> << Am I still standing? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you are now *** << <Mialee> << Excellent. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: but you have no weapon *** << <Mialee> << I presume I can't attack 'til next round? *** << <Mialee> << I have my longbow and silver arrows. :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: true *** << <Mialee> << And you said I've stumbled back, so hopefully I have enough room to shoot. <DM> ok, next round *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: yes, but it's tough shooting into a melee <Mialee> I could probably use another CL, but I'm standing. :) <DM> <DM> <DM> *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** << <Mialee> << Yeah, true. But half the guys are staying out of the way. :) > Mialee shoots at the wolf with a silver arrow. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> hit, mialee *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 > Mordin attacks with the sword. <DM> The wolf squeals in pain *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 13 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 6 <DM> uh, that should be a d6, Pengo <Mialee> Oh yeah. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5 <Pengo> Sorry. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 16 > Icarius attacks <Mordin> What does this sword do for damage? *** Roll by Icarius: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> Pengo's blade scores deep into the animal's flank, and with a shudder, it drops to the ground. <Mialee> Mordin: d8 <Mialee> But guess it matters not. > Mialee pulls her silver arrow out of the wolf. <Mialee> Can it be reused? :) > Mialee asks for her sword back. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11 <DM> 50-50 chance, roll % <DM> low *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 31 <Mordin> JUST TO MAKE SURE IT STAYS DOWN. <DM> it's ok, then > Mialee cleans the arrow a bit and puts it away. > Mordin returns the sword. > Mialee slings her bow and thanks Mordin for her sword. > Pengo wipes his blade. <Pengo> Hey, I need a five minute break. :) <Pengo> (or so) <DM> Mordin, as you hack the body, it seems to shimmer in the moonlight, and grows fuzzy, <DM> and then assumes the form of a hacked up human! <Jozlan> ooh > Pengo is surprised. > Mialee nods understandingly. <DM> ok, then 5minute bio break while you think about what you're going to do next? <Mialee> Explains why only Pengo and I were able to hurt it; we both have silver weapons. *** <Mialee> is now known as <AFK-Mialee> *** <Pengo> is now known as <AFK-Pengo> *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: actually you both have magic weapons, but silver would do too. *** User 'Mialee' not found. *** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM> <Flint> Oh oh, who all was bitten by Wolf 1? *** <Flint> is now known as <AFK-Flint> *** <Mordin> is now known as <AFK-Mordin> *** <AFK-Mialee> is now known as <Mialee> *** <AFK-Pengo> is now known as <Pengo> <Mialee> I was injured by it but I don't know if it was by claw or bite. *** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM> <DM> bite *** <AFK-Mordin> is now known as <Mordin> <Mialee> Hm. *** <AFK-Flint> is now known as <Flint> <Mialee> Am I going to be howling at the moon soon? :) <Flint> Not for at least a month. :) *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: are you sure? *** << <Flint> << No, all I know about it is the common folklore. <Mialee> OK then. <Mialee> Did anyone else get bitten? <Mordin> I say we go back to Byrne and get those axes. <DM> Is there anything you folks (that got bitten) are going to do, or.... eat? <DM> Flint and Mialee were bitten by wolf #1 <Flint> I was bitten... a lot. *** << <Mialee> << Should I know what the treatment for a werewolf bite is? :) <DM> Meanwhile, you're also both injured pretty bad. <Mialee> Yes. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: not necessarily *** << <Mialee> << OK, because I don't. :) <Mialee> Anyone know what to do about a werewolf bite? <Mialee> We don't see those often where I come from. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: hmm, think NWN <Icarius> i don't <Jozlan> i don't *** << <Mialee> << There's a berry or something -- I never actually used it. :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: not the fenberry, something else -- the leafy thing. <Flint> If I knew what wolfsbane looked like, I'd use some in a poultice. *** << <Mialee> << Belladonna? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: ! also known as wolfsbane *** << <Mialee> << Not that I know what it looks like. :) <DM> Flint, I'm surprised you're not carrying any :) <Mialee> Yeah. Speaking of which... you're not much of a guard, are you? > Flint checks his supply of herbs for wolfsbane. <DM> I show you to have 4 CLs left between all the clerics <DM> Flint doesn't find any :( At least there was none on the character sheet you gave me. <Mialee> Does anyone know what it looks like, so we can scout around for some? <Mialee> Sheesh. <DM> Remember, it is still the middle of the night. <Flint> I listed herbs, but not specific ones. <Pengo> Look, heal the wounded and let's get some more sleep. We can figure out what to do in the morning. <Jozlan> 1 have 1 cl left <DM> You sure did. Ok. I'll give you a 25% chance that belladonna was one of them *** Roll by Flint: 1D100 -> 72 <DM> sorry > Flint shaves some silver from the edge of his mirror and grinds it into a powder. <DM> I show Mialee to be down 10 and Flint down 17 <Mialee> Yes. > Flint sprinkles the silver powder in his and Mialee's wounds. <Flint> I'm down 18. <DM> ok, so who's going to cure who? <DM> Actually, Pengo is down 6 also <Pengo> Yes. <Flint> Hopefully the silver powder will help. <DM> Jozlan, who are you going to cure? > Jozlan casts cl on pendo <Flint> After putting the silver in the wounds, I'll cast CL. *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <DM> Pengo is back up to snuff <Pengo> Thanks! > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <Mialee> Ah, better. Still down 5, but feeling elfish again. <Mialee> At least until I start howling at the moon. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <DM> and the last one? Flint needs it most <Mialee> Use it on yourself. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <DM> This is a serious exertion for Flint, since he was wounded so badly, and he needs some real rest. <Mialee> Well, let's finish the night's sleep now. <Flint> I think my watch is done. <Pengo> I'll keep watch. The rest of you get some rest. <DM> The rest of the night passes uneventfully, and the sun shines brightly the next day. > Mialee stretches. > Flint prays for spells. <DM> those who were still down each get 1hp back, which leaves Mialee and Flint each down 4 still, if I'm not mistaken <Jozlan> feeling wolfish, mialee or flint? <Mialee> Not that I can tell. *** << <Mialee> << was there enough time to re-memorize any spells? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: there is time now, in the morning, since you've rested. *** << <Mialee> << Great. > Mialee re-memorizes three Magic Missiles. <Flint> I'm down 5. <Mialee> Do we need to return to town, or find a village or something, where we can find some belladonna? <DM> You're closer to Hallbridges than any other town. It's still ahhead <Mialee> Let's press on to there then. <Jozlan> let's go <Flint> Does the first aid skill allow me to recognize Belladonna? <DM> Licking your wouunds, you press on through the forest, <DM> I suppose it would. Do you have that skill? <Flint> Yes. <Mialee> Whew :) <Mialee> Find some. Find lots. :) <DM> Ok, the road starts to climb through the forest onto higher ground > Flint describes the plant to the others. > Mialee keeps an eye out for it. <DM> by noon, you've reached a river, and your map indicates that you should follwo it upstream. > Mordin keeps an eye out for it, and wonders if it can be used in making beer. <Mialee> Let's keep on trudging along. <DM> while you're breaking for chow, and Flint is out taking care of business, he happens across some of the belladonna. <Mialee> Whew. <Mialee> Collect extra. :) > Flint collects as much as possible. <DM> You head on upstream, as the ground rises more steeply as you go, <Mialee> What do I need to do? Eat it, mash it and smear it on the wound...? <Mialee> Smoke it? :) <DM> and you come to a waterfall, where the cart track you've been following has to switch back and forth up the slope. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: You seem to think it should be ingested. Recall that it IS poisonous, to a certain degree <Mialee> Anything interesting around the waterfall? <Mialee> Or behind it? <DM> it's pretty to look at, but no, nothing that raises your interest. <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> Let's keep going. <DM> when you get to the top of the hill, the road straightens out, and keeps heading south. <DM> the forest thins out a bit, and you can see signs of civilization. > Flint gives a small amount of the Belladonna to Mialee, Pengo and himself. <Flint> Eat it. > Mialee eats it. <DM> by early evening, you come to a bridge over the river. On the other side is a small town. > Pengo eats some too. <Mialee> Ah, civilization! <DM> each of those three need to roll % and hope you don't get 100 > Flint eats some. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 74 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 83 <Flint> D% *** Roll by Flint: 1D100 -> 21 <DM> As you cross the bridge into town, you get a little queasy. *** << <Flint> << Do I have any Belladonna left? <DM> by the time you're IN town, you're violently ill, retching in the street. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: yes, you've eaten half of what you collected. > Pengo turns around and tries to leave town. <DM> he makes it to the bridge, but doesn't feel any better. > Pengo crosses back over the bridge to where he was before starting to feel sick. <Flint> It's the Belladonna. <Pengo> Oh. <DM> he feels just as sick. > Pengo catches up. <Mialee> I thought everyone was feeling it. :) <DM> no, just those that ate the belladonna <Mialee> OK. <DM> In fact, you can barely stumble along. <DM> and depend on the others in the party to guide you <Jozlan> anything notable about the town? <Mialee> Someone get us a room at an inn. <Mialee> We need to lay down. <Mialee> I feel dreadful. <DM> I turn your attention back to the map that the Baron's assistant gave you before you left:

This is a map of the Berghof region. You are entering the map from the north, on the road through Hallbridges.

Scale: 1km/hex

<DM> (This time it's right :) <Mialee> So this is Hallbridges? > Mialee flops down on the ground and moans. <Mialee> Find me a room, please... <DM> You're entering the map from the north, having crossed a bridge that is north of the map and doesn't appear. > Mordin looks for an inn. <DM> You find a nice inn. Hallbridges appears to have about 600 inhabitants > Mialee gets up slowly and stumbles into the inn. > Mordin asks for lodging. <DM> The innkeeper is very agreeable to renting a room for the night. > Mialee staggers outside, sinks to her knees, and retches in the street. > Jozlan asks if there is anything interesting going on in these parts <DM> He says "Your friends don't look so good" <Mordin> Is there a healer here? <DM> Interesting? I'd say. <Jozlan> do tell <DM> The folks down in Kusnir have been having a time of it, and those poor folk in Gannaway have always had a hard time. > Pengo slumps onto the ground and says, "can we chitchat tomorrow...?" > Icarius leads pengo to the room <DM> Healers? You mean like Clerical healers and such? No, I can't say we do... > Pengo climbs onto the nearest bed and falls asleep. > Mialee is hunched over the street still. <DM> I think they might have some down in Kusnir. They've a temple down there. <Mordin> Someone who knows about herbs and such. > Mialee staggers in and says, "Room?" > Mialee lays down on the floor and tries to sleep. <DM> ahh! well, there is old Sally the seamstress. She knows about as much about herbs as anyone _I_ know. She spends all kinds of time out in the woods hereabouts, when she's not kept busy with her sewing > Mordin helps Mialee to the room. <Mialee> Thank you... I'll try not to barf on you. <DM> People go to her sometimes when they're feeling ill, the way your friends are looking. > Mialee flops onto a bed and goes to sleep. <Mordin> Please send for her. <DM> Well, now, she's sometimes hard to get ahold of, since she does all that walking around like I said. <Jozlan> where is her house? <DM> Oh, it's just on the eastern side of town, near the woods. <DM> (you're pretty much in the center of this town now) <Jozlan> should we go out to find her then? <Mordin> Check at her house first, just in case she is home. > Icarius takes a stroll to her house <DM> Icarius finds her house, with a sign outside showing a needle and thread > Icarius knocks upon the door <DM> a not-so-old-as-the-inkeeper-led-you-to-believe lady answers the door. *** <DM> is now known as <Sally> <Sally> Can I help you sir? <Sally> You don't look like you need any sewing done <Icarius> The inkeeper told me you're knowledgabl about herbs and healing <Sally> YEs, I've some knowledge about such things. <Icarius> 3 of my travelling companions are in need of your advice and services <Icarius> would you be able to offer some assistance? <Sally> Oh? What is their problem? *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: BTW, you were only bitten by one of the other wolves, not the werewolf. <Jozlan> they are violently ill. It may have been related to some Belladonna ingestion <Sally> Belladonna? Why ever would they have eaten that? <Sally> That's a commonly known poison! <Sally> <Jozlan> is there an antidote? <Jozlan> wrong window :) <Sally> If they survive at all, it won't take more than a couple of days for the worst of it to wear off, <Sally> but I wouldn't expect them to be moving much during that time. <Sally> They just need some bedrest. <Icarius> is there anything that can be done to alleviate their condition? <Sally> But WHY would they take the belladonna in the first place? <Sally> No, just rest and a liquid diet -- maybe some chicken broth. <Icarius> thank you for your time, Sally <Sally> Ok, BE that way. hrumph. *** <Sally> is now known as <DM> <DM> She closes the door. <Mialee> So what's everyone doing? :) <DM> Back at the Inn, the three who ate it are in agony <Mialee> Me and Pengo are sleeping. :) <Mialee> Or trying to. > Mialee is disgruntled that nobody mentioned that belladonna causes these side effects. <Flint> Too bad I'm too sick to cast Slow poison. :) <DM> you're a bit feverish, and nauseaus <Mialee> I'd wonder if that might impede the belladonna in doing what we ate it for. :) <Flint> Can I cast spells? <DM> I don't think so. Not in your present condition. <DM> The night passes. Slower for some than others. <Flint> Oh well, good thing I've got a Dwarf's constitution. :) <DM> you wake up. <Mialee> Feel any better yet? <DM> the 3 of you shouldmake a saving throw vs. poison. <Mialee> d20, right? <DM> right *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19 <DM> Pengo feels great. The other two are still sick as dogs > Pengo gets out of bed and stretches. <Pengo> What's for breakfast? <Pengo> I could use a beer. <Pengo> And maybe a smoke. > Mordin goes to see Sally. <DM> Mordin arrives at her house. > Pengo suddenly realizes he doesn't actually have a pipe or tobacco along. > Mordin knocks on the door. <Pengo> Ah well, good thing I don't really smoke except on special occasions. <DM> No one answers the door. <Pengo> Looks like we're here for another day or so. > Pengo slips out of the inn and does some stealthy scouting about town. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: it's a small farm town, and most of the buildings you see are made of wood. > Mordin opens the door. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: there are a few shops <DM> The door is locked, Mordin. *** << <Pengo> << Any shops of particular interest, or other businesses of interest? > Mordin looks for a note. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: not really. It's a pretty no-descript farm town. There is a warehouse at one end, near the cart track that you came in on. <DM> Mordin doesn't find a note. *** << <Pengo> << I want to get a good look at that warehouse and see if I can figure out what's stored there. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: there are some people wandering about, but the warehouse doors are open, and it seems to be a storage area for merchants, holding a bunch of barrels and boxes and sacks. > Mordin returns to the inn, planning to come back at noon. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: It looks like the warehouse is used to store goods farmed in the surrounding area before being shipped out. *** << <Pengo> << OK. Anything at all of interest going on, people, things like that, or is it just all typical farm-town stuff? *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: you see sacks of grain, and lumber, etc. *** << <Pengo> << OK. > Pengo returns to the inn. <DM> > Pengo orders a beer. <DM> the day passes, and noon-time arrives. <DM> looking around town, you see people going about their business. <DM> it's a quiet town, or seems so. > Pengo asks the innkeeper if there's anyplace he can buy a pipe and some tobacco. *** <DM> is now known as <Innkeeper> <Innkeeper> Sure, there's a tobacco dealer in town, and he makes and sells some fine pipes. > Pengo asks for directions. <Innkeeper> He carves them from local trees. His shop is just down the street, past the butcher's shop. > Pengo pays for his beer (DM, let me know how much to deduct) and strolls down to the shop. > Mordin returns to Sally's home. *** <Innkeeper> is now known as <Shopkeeper> <Shopkeeper> Hallo, my good hobbit. And how are you today? <Pengo> I'm well, sir. And you? <Shopkeeper> Tis a fine enough day, considering. <Pengo> I seem to have left home without my pipe. I'd like to see your selection, and to buy some tobacco as well. <Shopkeeper> Well, here you go. *** <Shopkeeper> is now known as <DM> <Pengo> Considering? <Pengo> Considering what? <DM> He shows you a display case with some very nicely carved pipes. > Pengo looks over the pipes while chatting with the shopkeeper. <DM> "Oh, well, considering the trouble we've had 'round here of late. <Pengo> What sort of trouble? > Pengo keeps studying the pipes. <DM> Not so much us here in Hallbridges mind you, but the people in gannaway just can't seem to get abreak. <Pengo> What's the news from Gannaway? <DM> They say that there is an encampment of evil creatures on the bank of the River Lewyn upstream from the bridge. <Pengo> Really? Do they say what sort of creatures? <DM> Well, to hear the stories, they'd be little blue creatures, but so numerous as to not even be able to count them before they start slaughterin' <Pengo> It sounds very strange to me. But I'm a simple hobbit. > Pengo points at a pipe he likes and asks, "How much for that one?" <DM> kind of like goblins, only blue-skinned. <Pengo> Blue, you say? How very odd. <DM> That would be 12 silver pieces for that one sir <Pengo> And how much for a pouch of tobacco? <DM> 3 silver <Pengo> I'll take the pipe, and two pouches of tobacco. > Pengo pays the shopkeeper. <DM> her you go sire, and it's been nice doing business with you! <Pengo> Thank you for the interesting conversation, and for this! > Pengo holds up the pipe and grins. <DM> good day to you sir! > Pengo leaves the store and fills and lights the pipe outside before strolling back to the inn. <Pengo> Does there happen to be anyplace to sit outside the inn? It seems like a good day to relax outside. <Mordin> Is Sally home? <DM> Yes, there is a porch on the Inn, with some rocking chairs, though none particularly Hobbit sized. <DM> Sally is home, and answers the door: <Mialee> Any footrests or short tables? :) <Mialee> Or even a step? :) <DM> Eh? Good Day my good Dwarf. What will you need mending/ > Mialee sits and smokes. <Mialee> er... > Pengo sits and smokes. <DM> Pengo - Yes, there are also some stools, etc. <Pengo> And waits for the others to return. *** <DM> is now known as <Sally> <Mordin> I've a couple of sick friends at the inn. <Mordin> I'd like you to take a look at them. <Sally> Sick friends? More? There was a fella in here just yesterday had some sick friends, too. <Pengo> Hm, someone tried to kill the Pakistani president today. Set a bomb, missed him by less than a minute. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: I assume you heard about hussein getting nabbed *** << <Pengo> << Damn right -- woohoo! :) <Mordin> Is that near Gannaway? <Pengo> Busy day. <Pengo> Hehehe <Sally> He was not very friendly, are you a friend of his? <Mordin> Yes. <Sally> Oh, well, I guess I should see to the sick. Though I told him it would just take a few days. all right lead on, dwarf. <Mordin> My sick friends poisoned themselves with Belladonna. <Sally> Yer other friend wouldn't tell me why they'd do such a fool thing. Will you? > Sally walks on toward the inn <Mordin> We ran into a werewolf and they were bitten. They tried to use the Belladonna to prevent infection. <Sally> Ahhhh! I thought as much. When were they bitten? <Sally> and when did they take the Belladonna? <Mordin> Flint's a good cleric, but there aren't many werewolves in tunnels. > Pengo puffs away. <Mordin> They were bitten the night before last and took the Belladonna yesterday evening after we found it. *** << <Mialee> << Some of these guys are a little slow. ;) <Mordin> Flint also ground up some silver powder and put it in the wounds. <Sally> Acch, that's too bad. You see, if they'd taken it within an hour or two after being bitten, there's a small chance it would have done some good. <Sally> as it is, well, only the gods can tell. > Sally climbs the steps of the inn, and nods to Pengo. <Mordin> He didn't have any in his supplies. > Pengo stands and bows clumsily. <Mordin> He seems to have everything else, but not that. > Pengo follows Mordin and Sally in. <Sally> Now I don't know if there's anything that can be done, short of some divine help. <Pengo> Divine help? <Sally> You'll have to keep a close watch on your friends. <Pengo> For what? <Sally> Aye. It's said that come clerics can cure disease with the help of their gods. <Sally> Some clerics <Sally> but that's a powerful magic that is closely guarded > Sally climbs the stairs to the rooms that the others are sleeping in. <Pengo> Hopefully we can find a cleric to help them then. > Mordin shows her the room. > Pengo whispers to Mordin "Well... us." <Sally> Tsk, Tsk, I don't know of any of that caliber around these parts, but then I don't know everything, I just know what I know. > Sally examines the patients. <Sally> Yes, Yes, as I said, they'll recover from the belladonna in a day or so. <Mordin> How do their wounds look? <Sally> As for the other, you need to watch them carefully, especially at the next full moon. That's when lycanthropy shows itself first, you know. <Mordin> I didn't know that. <Sally> Their wounds will also heal, but if the sickness is in them, it is far beyond the wounds themselves now. <Sally> <Mordin> Maybe we can get Jozlen to cure the rest of their wounds. <Sally> That's what I've been told. a person inflicted with Lycanthropy will be fine until the next full moon, when their disease will first manifest. <Pengo> But it's a disease that a good cleric can cure? > Mordin tries to remember if it was a full moon that night. <Sally> At first, they will only take the shape ON the full moon night, but eventually, the disease will take over, and they will be able to change shape at any time. <Sally> A strong enough cleric can, or so I've been told. <Sally> Others tell of potions and scrolls that can be effective, but I've not had any experience with them. <Pengo> Well, we'll keep an eye on them then. <Sally> I'll be going then. Let them rest. > Sally leaves the room and goes downstairs. <Pengo> Thank you. > Pengo tells Mordin of his conversation with the shopkeeper. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: o there are another 3 weeks until the next full moon <Mordin> Let me pay you for your time and good advice. <Sally> oops *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: there are another 3 weeks before the next full moon <Mordin> Will 10 gp be enough? > Sally gratefully accepts 3 gp before she slips out. > Pengo sits on the porch, puts out his pipe, and naps. *** <Sally> is now known as <DM> <DM> the afternoon passes, and evening comes. > Pengo goes inside and orders a meal. <DM> The Inn common room starts to fill with townspeople. <DM> Pengo get fed a good meal. <DM> getS fed > Icarius goes down to listen for gossip <DM> He overhears a conversation at the next table: <DM> "Have ye heard of the corpses of strangely colored creatures have been seen floating downriver past the bridge near Gannaway.?" > Pengo listens while pretending to study his food. <DM> "I'm tellin' ya, 'tis the spirit of the lake that's demandin' payment!" <DM> At another table, there is a lively discussion of the swarms of huge rats that have apparently overrun isolated farms near Chiswell. <DM> Other conversatioins follow a similar thread. <DM> There has been an increase of unease in the region, <DM> Mostly because the people seem to feel something bad is out there, but they're not sure what. > Pengo gets up and wanders the room listening in on conversations while trying not to be noticed. <DM> The evening wears on, and people start to drift out. There are a few hangers on, but around 10PM, the Innkeeper starts to shoo them out. > Pengo goes upstairs to sleep. <DM> "I'll tell you, there is an assassin at work in Kusnir. He's just doing all this crazy stuff to throw us off the scent." says one patron to another. > Pengo stops and listens. <DM> "nah, you're crazy. Why would an assassin bother anyone up here? It's a skulk, I tell you. " > Pengo proceeds to the room and goes to bed. > Jozlan casts cl on flint and mialee *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> The last of the patrons heed the Innkeeper and head on out. *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <Pengo> Nice :) <DM> good job Jozlan <Jozlan> two in a row <Mordin> I'm Impressed. <DM> The Inkeeper says to you that remain: "Will there be anthing else sirs? If not, I'll be closing up for the night. " <DM> "you're welcome to sit for as long as you like, of course. " <Mordin> One last ale, please. <DM> "Sure." he says, and delivers it. <Icarius> innkeep, what can you tell me of the lake? *** <DM> is now known as <Innkeeper> <Innkeeper> Well, it's an ordinary enough lake, though very deep in the middle, I'm told. <Innkeeper> The fellas down in Kusnire make most of their living fishing out of it. <Innkeeper> It's small enough that storms aren't usually a problem. <Icarius> thanks <Innkeeper> There are folk tales about some spirit or something that is always wanting revenge for something or other, but I don't believe that. <Innkeeper> It's called Spendlowe, thought the origins of that name are unknown to me. <Innkeeper> Anything else sirs? <Icarius> That will be all for me, thank you <Innkeeper> Ok, then. I'll see you in the morning, and I hope your friends are feeling better. > Jozlan goes tosleep > Mordin keeps watch on the invalids. <Innkeeper> The night passes peacefully and you awaken with the sunlight in your eyes. <Innkeeper> Mordin is pretty tired, but he's a tough guy. :) *** <Innkeeper> is now known as <DM> <Jozlan> I think we should search the river for the blue things <Mialee> Do you need another roll from us? :) *** << <Flint> << What was the phase of the moon the night we were attacked? <DM> yes, please., Flint and Mialee *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 2 *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: There are 3 more weeks until the next full moon. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 <DM> Mialee is fine, but Flint is still under the weather. <DM> between the poison and the near death experience, it's no wonder. ;) > Mialee stretches. So, what'd I miss? *** << <Flint> << The moon was starting to wane, then? > Pengo catches Mialee up on the goings-on. > Icarius recaps the rumors *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: I guess so. If that's what you call it. :) <Pengo> So... do we hang around and wait for Flint to be up to traveling, or...? *** << <Flint> << Waxing is going from new moon to full moon; Waning is going from full moon to new moon. > Mialee is especially pleased to find out she ate that stuff for nothing. <Mordin> Do you want to carry him? *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: then it's waning <Mialee> Can we strap him onto one of the mules? :) *** <Dave> has entered the room. <Mordin> Yes we can. :) <DM> Not really, though you cold probably find some sort of cart to haul him in. *** <Dave> has left the room. <DM> Hi Dave <Mialee> Dave's fixing a bug in the RTC program I found a few minutes ago. :) > Mialee wonders how a cart would be for Flint's ego. <Mordin> About the same as being straped to a mule. <Mordin> He's a dwarf, he can take it. :) <Mialee> So, do we get a cart, leave him here, or stay another day? > Mialee goes looking for a cart. <Jozlan> maybe we should wait a day and investigate the rumors more <DM> FWIW, there is a stable in town, and a cartwright. <Mialee> Do we stay or do we go? <DM> Mialee, you find the cartwright's shop, right next to the blacksmith. <Pengo> Greetings! How much for a cart for our mule? <Mialee> (I said that, not Pengo :) <DM> "what do ye need to haul?" <Mialee> A dwarf. <Mialee> I mean, a couple of large sacks of grain. <DM> "HAHAHA! That's a good one. Well, I've got a small cart here that I can let you have for 60 gp with harness. <Mialee> I'll give you 50 for it. <DM> well, ordinarily I wouldn't budge, considering I'm the only cartwright for miles around, but I guess I could let it go for 55 gp <Mialee> That seems fair. > Mialee pays for the cart. <DM> The cartwright hauls it out into the street, and dumps the harness into it. > Pengo sees Mialee standing in the middle of the street with a cart and fetches one of the mules for her. > Mialee hitches the mule to the cart and heads back to the inn. <Mialee> So, shall we? <DM> The Innkeeper collects 4 gp from each person for the 2 days' stay <Jozlan> off we go <DM> Where are you heading? > Mialee puts Flint in the cart. <Mialee> Let's head for Chiswell. <DM> You get to Chiswell before noon. <DM> Chiswell is REALLY tiny, with probably less than 150 people living there. <Mialee> Anything interesting seem to be going on? <DM> probably 20-25 buildings total. <DM> This is also a farming community, with mostly residences, and a small tavern <Mordin> Should we continue to Kusnir. <DM> You see farmers' wives going about their daily chores, <Pengo> 'scuse me... <DM> and a few kids running around in the street > Pengo goes into the tavern. <Jozlan> i think we should stop at the tavern for gossip <Mialee> Do we just leave Flint in the cart? <Icarius> i'll stay with him <DM> You go into the tavern, and the place, with about ten tables, is empty, except for a woman who is busy cleaning said tables. <Pengo> Hello! <DM> She is of indeterminate age, with brown hair trying to escape the bun it's been tied up in. <Pengo> Might I get a pint, please? <DM> She glances up and greets you: "Good mornin' to ya. We don't usually get customers 'till later, but I can get you some small dinner if you'd care for some. <Pengo> Thank you, yes. <Pengo> Is there any news around these parts? <DM> She goes into a back room, and comes back out a few minutes later with a tray full of bread and cheese, with a few scaps of meat. <Pengo> Thank you. <Woman> "News? Well, there's them rats as has been ruining all our grain, and not just normal rats either, but huge ones! > Pengo sits and eats. <Pengo> Really? Giant rats you say? <Woman> They've up and carried off some of our chickens! <Pengo> Where are these rats, so I might avoid them? <Mordin> That is a big rat. <Woman> They keep hidden during the day, you can be sure, but it's dangerous to go out at night 'round her.e <Pengo> Any idea where they go at night? <Woman> I've heard tell of even worse down in Kusnir, and up Gannaway way <DM> Oh, yah, they have warrens hidden all through the area, I'm sure -- could be right below our feet! <Pengo> Sounds nasty. <Woman> gives me the willies just thinkin' about it. <Pengo> Has nobody tried to get rid of them? <Woman> Oh sure, we've tried, but they're slick little buggers, and scatter faster than... well, RATS! <Pengo> Hm. <Pengo> Well, thank you for the meal, and for the conversation. > Pengo pays for the food. <Woman> and a fine day to you, too. > Pengo leaves the tavern. > Pengo starts snooping around town, looking for signs of the rats. <Mordin> Do we want to stay here for the night? <Jozlan> maybe we could get a piece of cheese and poke it with belladonna <Pengo> Well, it's only a bit after noon. <Pengo> LOL <Mordin> I don;t think the rats are stupid enough to eat it. :) <Jozlan> is there an inn here, or just a tavern? <Mialee> Hey! <Pengo> Hey! <DM> Just a taverne <Jozlan> we can probably get to the next town today, right? <DM> Yes <Jozlan> then we probably should <DM> It's only 5km away <Mialee> Do we not want to get involved in the rat thing? It might be related to the situation down the road. <Mordin> Kusnir, right? <DM> Yes, that is your destination. <Mialee> Well, let's go then. <Jozlan> kusnir's got rats too... may be where the rat king is hiding <Mialee> Ah, okay. Let's go! <DM> After about 3 km, you come to a fork in the road, and there is a roadsign point to the right for Kusnir, and straight ahead for Gannaway <Mialee> Do we want to go straight to Kusnir or see what's up in Gannaway? <Icarius> kusnir looks closer <Mialee> OK, let's go to Kusnir then. > Mialee heads that way. > Pengo follows, with some trepidation. <Mordin> The messanger to the Baron came from Kusnir. <DM> And, I might point out, is where the Baron told you to go. :) <Mordin> Asked us to go.:) <DM> right. <DM> "< Baron> A few days ago, I received a message from one Papa Kurst, the elder of Kusnir , one of the villages, requesting my aid in ridding their area of a new threat of some kind. The message, relayed by a young man from the village was not too... " <DM> <Mialee> I was aware of that, but thought some preperatory exploration wouldn't hurt. <DM> that's a good point too. <Mordin> Better to get information about the threat first. <Jozlan> yeah <Mialee> Okay. Kusnir then. <DM> It's only about 2.5 km more to get to Kusnir, <DM> After making the turn, you soon find that the road goes into the woods, and emeges at the edge of the lake, in a small town of perhaps 400 souls. <DM> emerges, that is. <DM> The buildings are mostly two-story structures made of wood with slate roofs. <DM> You do see 3 stone buildings in the town. <DM> One seems to be a temple of some sort. *** >> <Jozlan> >> You recognize the markings on the temple which indicate its dedication to Heimdall <DM> <DM> <DM> another seems to be an inn, <DM> the 3rd looks like a dwelling. <DM> There is a marketplace in the middle of town, which is deserted at the moment. <DM> Surrounding the market are a few shops, including a net-maker, boat-builder and a herbalist. <DM> <Mordin> Good, we can get more Belladonna to give to Flint. <Mialee> Isn't the belladonna what's making him sick? :) <DM> I think that was dwarven humor <Mialee> Oh. I approve then. <Pengo> Me too. <Jozlan> lets find the mayor and ask about the issues they're facing <Mialee> Yes, let's. <Jozlan> Papa Kurst <DM> The terrain naturally slopes toward the lake a bit. The buildings and shops toward the lake side have to do with the small fising industry here. <DM> fishing industry, that is. <DM> The temple building sits at the upper end of the main street, if you can call it that. <Mordin> We might want to settle in to the inn first and then descreetly talk to Papa Kurst. <DM> Toward the docks, there are a couple of warehouses, and you see a long dock with several fishing boats tied up <DM> Half-way up the street is the Inn, with a sign of a duck prancing about. <Jozlan> to the inn? <Mialee> Sure, why not? <Mialee> We can drop of Flint for some more rest then find Papa Kurst. <DM> You arrive at the inn, and walk into the common room. <DM> It's a cheery looking room, with lots of large windows facing the street. > Jozlan rings the bell for service <DM> There is a man behind the bar, washing some glasses, and another man sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace. <DM> The man behind the bar greets you: "Hello strangers! Welcome to the Dancing Duck!" <DM> At this, the man in the rocking chair looks around <DM> When he sees you, he rises, and approaches. <Mordin> Hello sir, we would like a couple of rooms. <DM> "Certainly, " says the Innkeeper, "Let me show you the way. " <DM> The other man stops and goes back to his chair. > Mialee approaches the man in the chair. <Mialee> Greetings. <DM> The innkeeper shows you upsairs to a comfortable if spartan couple of rooms. <DM> The man turns to Mialee and says: "Your friend looks hurt." > Mordin puts Flint into a bed. <Mialee> Yes, he is. <DM> "I'm sorry to hear that. You'll pardon me, but I was expecting someone." <DM> "actaully, I've been waiting anxiously for a couple of days now. <DM> " I don't suppose you've come from Byrne, have you? <Mialee> Yes, we have. <Mialee> Are you Papa Kurst? We're looking for you if so. <DM> Were you sent from the Baron? <Mialee> Yes. <Papa Kurst> Why Yes, I am! Perhaps when you're friends come back downstairs, we can talk about our desperate situation here. <Mialee> Yes, certainly. Please give me a moment to visit our rooms. > Mialee goes upstairs and rounds up the others, except of course for Flint. <DM> He sits himself at a table.

Papa Kurst

<Papa Kurst>'For some time now we have been plagued by the attentions of a creature of the night - we suspect that it is a skulk - that comes periodically to our village, makes off with our food and goods, and kills such animals and people as are unable to defend themselves. After the first few raids, we knew what to expect and therefore how to guard ourselves against the creature by increased vigilance, but of late we have been increasingly worried by its actions. <DM> It has become so erratic that there is no telling what it may do nor why! It will kill a babe one day and will spare another the next, though it leaves clear indication that it might have killed again, had it so wished. <DM> It has taken to entering our village more and more frequently, and at odd times, and it has also started to deface our walls and floors with scrawls in blood, using letters that we cannot read. <DM> 'Your arrival is like the answer to a prayer. We wish to be rid of this creature, but we fear it is demented, and we have not the skills or the strength to fight it. <DM> Dealing with the blue devils was bad enough, and now this. It's just too much for us to handle. I implore you, will you rid us of this menace?' <Mialee> That's what we're here to do. <Mialee> Are there any samples of the creature's writing left we could examine? <Icarius> We've heard rumors of the blue devils, large rats, and evil lurking in the lake. Perhaps you could elaborate on them? <DM> To answer the second question first: <PapaKurst> There have been rumors about giant rats -- I'm not sure about them, the stories place them up 'round Chiswell mostly. At least we THINK they were giant rats. Can't be sure of it. <PapaKurst> As far as the lake goes, I don't know of any hauntings -- Fishermen often tell stories, and who's to tell which are true and which are not? <PapaKurst> The blue devils? <PapaKurst> Ah, well, that's not their proper name, I'm sure, but that's what most of us call them. <PapaKurst> They're small, goblin-like creatures, but with a blue tint to their skin. <PapaKurst> The village of Gannaway to the east of here especially has suffered from their depredations of late. <PapaKurst> I've heard that the villagers of Gannaway have tried to oust them from their lair, but I'm afraid that they're dug in too deep to root out. <PapaKurst> <Mordin> <PapaKurst> In any case, we haven't heard from them lately, whereas we have been bothered by the skulk. <Mialee> Hm. <PapaKurst> I CAN show you some of the writings, if you'd like <Mialee> Yes, please. > PapaKurst illustrates what he has been telling you by showing you various walls around the village which are covered in scrawls. <DM> You recognize them as magical script. <DM> At least Mialee and Icarius do. <Mialee> Hm, I'll read those tomorrow; I don't have Read Magic memorized right now. <Mialee> But hopefully that'll shed some light on the subject. <PapaKurst> It's the strangest thing, eh? Do you think that you'll be able to help us? <Mialee> Do you know anything of where the skulk goes when it's not in town causing trouble? <Mialee> I think we can. <PapaKurst> Not really, though I've heard tell that there is something up the river Lewyn <Mialee> All right. We'll see what we can do. <PapaKurst> them things is damn hard to track, and almost impossible to see, even if you could. <Mialee> Hm. <Jozlan> has anyone seen the thing? <PapaKurst> There's a Ranger lives 'round these parts that has tried to track it back to its lair, but has been unable to do so. <Mordin> That's not good. <PapaKurst> Not directly, no. <PapaKurst> As you know, skulks have perfected the art of hiding, to the point where they can hardly be seen, even by someone looking directly at them! <PapaKurst> Aye, they're cowardly creatures of the night, almost human, but not quite. <PapaKurst> They sneak about in the night, killing and stealing. <Mordin> I've never heard of a Skulk before. <PapaKurst> Well, ye have now, by gosh! <PapaKurst> 'tis a dreadful thing. <Jozlan> how should we proceed? <Mordin> So these creatures go skulk'ing around in the middle of the night, huh? <PapaKurst> I expect ye'll want to attend to your friend. <Mialee> Let's stop by the temple and see if they can help Flint. > Jozlan groans <PapaKurst> yes, they do! <Jozlan> it's a Heimdall temple <PapaKurst> Aye, our temple is dedicated to the god Heimdall. <Mordin> Your god, Jozlan? > Pengo looks upon all this "god" talk with skepticism. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: hehe, after all the curing they've done for you, how could you be skeptical? *** << <Pengo> << Curing is one thing, worrying about this god and that god. Sheesh. <Pengo> Gods are gods, huh? *** <Flint> has left the room. <Jozlan> Thor is my god > PapaKurst heads back toward the Inn. <Jozlan> no harm in tryig *** <Flint> has entered the room. <PapaKurst> If there is anyting I can get you to help you in this effort, please let me know. <Mialee> Can we get Flint healed at the temple, even if it's for some other god than his own? <PapaKurst> Our resources are meager, but we will give you whatever we can. <PapaKurst> The Baron has faith in you. How could we not? <Mialee> Thank you! *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20+2 -> 2 + 2 = 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20-3 -> 13 - 3 = 10 <Mialee> Excellent. *** Roll by Flint: 1d20-2 -> 12 - 2 = 10 *** <PapaKurst> is now known as <DM> <Mialee> Let's see if the holy rollers can help Flint. <DM> You arrive back at the Inn, where Papa Kurst takes his leave. > Mialee fetches Flint and hauls him to the temple. <DM> "I will return tomorrow, to see if I can assist in any way." <Mialee> Thank you, Papa Kurst. <DM> You get to the temple, and the front half is an open-sided affair, with tall, thick wooden logs holding up a substantial wooden roof. <DM> There is an alter of some sort near the back end, and doors to either side of it. > Flint groans. <DM> There seems to be a small building attached to the back of the temple. <Mialee> Anybody here? <Mordin> That's probably the cleric's quarters. <DM> You don't see anyone. > Mordin heads to the small building. > Mialee knocks on the door to the right of the altar. <DM> After a few minutes, the door opens, and a large, strapping man steps through. <DM> He is dressed in simple woodsman's clothes, and has a close cropped beard <Mialee> Pardon me, sir, but are you a healer, perchance? <DM> He is wearing a religious symbol on a golden chain around his neck. <Jozlan> do I recognize it? <PriestOfHeimdall> "Not specifically" he says <PriestOfHeimdall> "Though my god has given me the power to heal on occasion" > Mialee will leave this to Jozlan to attend to. <DM> Jozlan, yes, you recognize the amulet as a symbol of Heimdall. <Jozlan> Heimdall is indeed a powerful god who grants powerful abilities <PriestOfHeimdall> Yes, he is. And as with all deities, he grants the most power to the most devout of his servants.

<PriestOfHeimdall> I have worked all my life, and will continue to work, to perfect myself in
 the eyes of my god.

<Jozlan> 3 of our travelling companions were bitten by a werewolf while we journeyed here <Jozlan> indeed. I fear that only divine intervention from an all-powerful god may save them

<PriestOfHeimdall> That is indeed unfortunate.

<PriestOfHeimdall> How badly were they hurt? <Jozlan> how bad were you guys hurt? <PriestOfHeimdall> was it merely a scratch, or serious injury? <Mialee> I was injured most grievously, and am only alive through the ministrations of my companions. <Mordin> Flint almost died from his wounds. <PriestOfHeimdall> Ahh, then the sickness almost assuredly runs through thy veins. <Mialee> Can you help us? <Pengo> I was injured as well, although not as badly as the other two. <PriestOfHeimdall> I am not sure that I have enough favor of the god to invoke a blessing as mighty as this requires. <PriestOfHeimdall> Nevertheless, I will make the attempt. <Mialee> Do you know of someone that might be able to save us from this disease? <PriestOfHeimdall> To be sure of a cure would take the ministrations of a cleric of one of the highest orders. <PriestOfHeimdall> I will do my best, and we can only hope that it is enough. <Mialee> Thank you. <Jozlan> we thank you <Jozlan> and hope that Heimdall favors you <Mialee> Yes indeed. <PriestOfHeimdall> It will take several days to prepare, though, and I will only be able to make one attempt before requiring significant rest. <PriestOfHeimdall> If you come back in one week, we shall make an attempt. <Jozlan> is there anything we can help you with or provide for you? <PriestOfHeimdall> I think not. But let me think it over, and come back in the morning. Perhaps I'll have thought of something by then. <Mialee> Thank you, we will do so. <Mialee> All right, let's go back to the inn and spend a night. I can memorize Read Magic and check out some of these writings, and Flint can hopefully recover from the belladonna. <DM> You pass the night in the Inn uneventfully. <Mialee> Perhaps now Flint can finally roll well to save vs. poison. :) <DM> give it a try, Flint *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 <DM> yeeha <Flint> Ale! <Mialee> Finally. :) > Mialee goes to one of the writings of the skulk and casts Read Magic. <DM> The scrawlings are spread over much of the town, and a Read Magic only lasts about 6 minutes... <Mialee> Well, I'll read as much as I can. :) <DM> so how many are you memorizing? Icarius? <Mialee> I'll memorize four. <DM> You can read most of them with the 4 <Icarius> 1 read magic, 1 sleep <DM> That will be enough to get them all, then. <DM> translated, they read: <DM> DANGER <DM> FORCES OF EVIL GATHER <DM> COME TO ME <DM> FREE THE POWER TO COMBAT EVIL <DM> HASTEN OR WITNESS DIRE DESTRUCTION <DM> I AWAIT THE COMING OF A BEARER <DM> I AM THE SENTINEL <DM> EVIL GROWS STRONG <DM> HELP ME OVERCOME <DM> DANGER.... <DM> <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> Interesting. > Mordin brings Flint up to date. <Mialee> That's very interesting. It seems to be a warning and a call for aid to me. <Jozlan> thats all the message, in no particular order? <DM> no particular order <Mialee> Ah... hm. <DM> each line was a different scrawling <DM> on a different wall <Jozlan> should we ask Papa Kurst about a "bearer"? <Mialee> I'm still not sure there's a way to assemble those where it's actually a menacing message rather than a warning from someone trying to help. <Mialee> Yeah, let's read him the translation and see if it means anything to him. > Mialee goes looking for Papa Kurst. <DM> You find him at the Inn <Flint> Does there seem to be a pattern to the walls? Like walking through the pages of a book? *** <DM> is now known as <PapaKurst> > Mialee recites the messages to Papa Kurst. <PapaKurst> no pattern, no. <Mialee> Does that mean anything to you? <PapaKurst> No, my goodness, it doesn't. <Mialee> Hm. <PapaKurst> I didn't even think that those creatures could write anything intelligible at all <Mialee> I'm not sure the skulk is doing the writing. <PapaKurst> they're not much better than animals, you know. *** << <Mialee> << It's written in blood, you said? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: yes <Mialee> It's all quite mysterious.] <Flint> Maybe it's possessed. <Mialee> Hm. That could be. <Mialee> It sounds like someone or something that could combat this evil is being held captive, or is stashed somewhere, and needs to be found. <Mialee> What's our next move? <Flint> Papa Kurst, do you know what order the messages were scrawled on the walls. <Mialee> Oh, good question. <Mialee> Very good. <PapaKurst> I'm not 100% sure, but I think in the same order that I showed them to you. <Mialee> Is that the order we have them in? <PapaKurst> yes <Mialee> OK. > Flint examines the writings. Is it blood? <Mialee> Yes. <PapaKurst> yes <Mialee> Excuse me... > Mialee leaves and visits the cleric to see if there's anything he needs. *** <PapaKurst> is now known as <DM> <Jozlan> does it leave scrawlings on the days when no babies are stolen? <DM> You find the cleric deep in prayer in the temple. <PapaKurst> yes, it has. <Flint> Then the writer probably had to keep renewing its supply to write the entire message. <PapaKurst> There have been only 2 babes actually taken. <Pengo> Have there ever been babes taken and a message left on the same night? <Flint> Who did they belong to?

<PapaKurst> yes, but also there have been messages left at other times, although usually when some animal disappeared <PapaKurst> we've lost dogs, chickens, and some sheep to this creature. <Jozlan> animals and babies only? <Pengo> Hmm... when the messages were left... did an animal, not a child, disappear on all of those nights? <Pengo> (Perhaps also a child, but an animal as well?) <PapaKurst> not that I recall. The nights the babies disappeared, they were the only thing we lost <Pengo> Hm. <Flint> Where were the babies when they disappeared? <PapaKurst> When the raids began several months ago, we would usually lose several animals, or some kind of foodstuff each night. <PapaKurst> the raids then tapered off, and we seemed to only lose 1 or 2 things each night. <PapaKurst> The babes were fast asleep in their beds. <Jozlan> what about the ranger that tried to track him, might he know more about its location? <PapaKurst> we know of at least one case where the thing LEFT a baby, because he took the pet cat of the family that night <PapaKurst> Merriac the Ranger tried to track it, but wasn't able. <PapaKurst> he does think it was somewhere to the north, up the river lewyn <PapaKurst> but he couldn't track it all the way to its lair. *** << <Mialee> << Does the cleric want anything? <Pengo> We should go up that way then. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: The cleric does NOT want anything, but lets you know that he talked to Papa Kurst, and in an effort to rid the region of the threat, agreed to give YOU something. *** << <Mialee> << What's that? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: He offers you 5 potions: 2xCure Light Wounds, 2x Poison Antidote, and 1x Heroism. *** << <Mialee> << I thank him profusely and accept them on behalf of my colleagues. > Mialee returns from the temple. <Flint> What time is it? <DM> It's getting toward noon, I expect. <Icarius> should we got up the river? <Mialee> Shall we head out? <Mialee> I think so. <Mialee> The cleric has given me a few potions we may find handy. <Flint> We might want to wait untill tomorrow morning to track it. <Mialee> Very well, but tonight let's keep a watch out. <Mialee> But what will we do with the rest of the day? > Flint heads to the herbalist's shop. <DM> Recall that you've spent all of your 1st level spells <Mialee> Yes, I'll re-memorize those. <DM> Flint arrives at the herbalist's shop *** << <Mialee> << Sleep and 3x Magic Missile <Flint> Is it open? <DM> Yes > Flint enters. <DM> You see a young man grinding something in a mortar and pestle <Flint> Good day sir. <Flint> Are you the herbalist? <apprentice> good day to you! <apprentice> I'm his apprentice. <Flint> Is he available. <apprentice> Joseph, the herbalist, is taking the day off. <apprentice> Is there something I can help you with? <Flint> I was wanting some herbs and some instructions. <apprentice> What sort of herbs, sir? <Flint> Belladonna. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: humor me -- check your inventory. <apprentice> We have some of that. <apprentice> 1 sprig for 5 sp <Flint> I was also looking for instruction in the proper dosages. <apprentice> I'm afraid I can't help you there, sir. Master Joseph will be back tomorrow, though. *** << <Jozlan> << do i have something useful in my inventory? <Flint> Unfortunately, I have to leave early tomorrow morning. I guess I will have to wait to talk with him. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: according to MY records you do. :) *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: from way back when - -like in Karak's keep I think. <apprentice> He's usually up with the sun. *** << <Jozlan> << which item? *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: list for me the potions you have. <Flint> Then I will stop by on my way out of town. Please tell him to expect me. <apprentice> I will, sir. > Flint returns to the inn. <DM> as the sun goes down. <DM> What are your plans for the evening? <Mialee> I guess we're just going to get some rest <DM> ok, you pass the evening and the night comfortably. <DM> The day is overcast, and a bit chilly. <Flint> Settle up with the Innkeeper. <DM> I'll assume that you all are taking the standard "wilderness load" of spells, unless I hear otherwise. <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> 4 gp each for 2 nights. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: BTW, by my records, you have about 9 gp left, you may have to borrow some from your short friend. :) <DM> *** << <Mialee> << Yes. <Mialee> So, does Flint still plan to stop by the herbalist this morning? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: those damn spell components are so expensive! *** << <Mialee> << Yeah. <Flint> Yes. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: in fact, if _I_ were a MU, and some sword-swinger wanted my to ID something, I'd sure make THEM pay for the components. :) > Flint enters the herbalist's shop. *** << <Mialee> << Even in your own party? <DM> Flint, you get to the herbalist's shop, and see an older man in plain brown robes, puttering about the shop <Flint> Good morning sir. *** << <Mialee> << But I get your meaning. Yeah. I tend to think of the money as community property, but it's not. :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: hey, if it's a shield or sword that they want ID'd, or even a potion, I think that's a fair thing for the party to share the expense on. <Joseph> Good MOrning, Good Morning. <Joseph> what can I do for you master Dwarf? *** << <Mialee> << Yes, you're right. <Flint> I'm in need of some wolfsbane and proper instruction in it's use. <Joseph> Well, we have some wolfsbane for 10 sp per sprig. <Joseph> as for its proper use, I'm not sure I get your meaning. <Flint> We ran into a werewolf a few days ago, and in treating my companions, I fear I may have used too much. <Joseph> Did you treat them with wolfsbane, or belladonna? <Flint> Belladonna. *** << <Mialee> << Shoot, we all thought those were two words for the same thing. :) <Joseph> ahhh, well. I'm afraid that belladonna is a tricky thing to dose properly. In the best case, the recipient is going to be sick as a dog for 1-4 days. <Joseph> but that's better than becoming a werewolf, eh? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: so did I until I looked it up. :) *** << <Mialee> << Heh <Flint> What about wolfsbane? <Joseph> the thing to remember is that to be effective, it MUST be infused within an hour -- 2 at most, after being bitten. <Joseph> Well, wolfsbane is more of a preventative measure, and between you and me, it's mostly an old wives' tale anyway. Still, the people want it, so I stock it. <Flint> An infusion, instead of ingestion. That might have been the problem. <Mialee> That and we waited most of a day to take it. <Joseph> yes, the most comfortable way is to make a bit of tea with it, <Joseph> Even so, there is only 1 chance in 4 that it will be effective anyway. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: did you find your list of potions yet? :) *** << <Jozlan> << no, I don't know where I misplaced it <Flint> I had them eat it, so we got a much stronger dose. With corresponding sideeffects. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: I have you down for 2 scrolls: Continual light and Create Food and Water. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: and 2 potions; Cure Poison, and . . . . . Cure Disease. <Flint> I guess I'll get the Belladona instead of the Wolfsbane. Your apprentice said it was 5 sp a sprig last night. <Joseph> Ach, that would have been messy <Joseph> yes, it is. <Joseph> How many would you like? <Flint> How many doses can be gotten from an infusion of one sprig? <Joseph> 1 dose <Flint> I'll take a dozen sprigs, if you have them. <Joseph> That will just about clean me out, but I think I can manage that. <DM> He accepts your coins, and hands you the herbs. <Flint> I have some Belladonna here that we collected after the attack. It hasn;t been properly dried, but you might be able to use it. <Flint> hasn't <Joseph> Oh, well, then, I'll give you a discount on your purchase. Here's 10 sp back. <Flint> Thank you sir. <Joseph> Have a fine day! <Flint> Please keep them for the advise. <Joseph> Thank-you ! <Flint> Shall we go? <DM> So flint rejoins the group, and you're ready to head out? <Flint> Yes. <Mialee> Yes, let's head upstream and see if we can find the skulk. <DM> Based on the map, it looks like the easiest route would be to back out the road to the intersection, head toward Gannaway, but turn north before crossing the bridge <Mialee> OK, sounds good. <DM> It's midmorning when you get to the bridge. <Mordin> We should have asked the ranger for directions. <DM> looking into the forest, you see that it is a mixture of pine and deciduous, with a medium undergrowth. <DM> You never actually met the Ranger. <DM> Papa Kurst Just told you about him. <Mordin> That's why we didn't get directions:) <Mialee> :) > Pengo scounts around looking for anything interesting like tracks. <Pengo> scouts <DM> As you walk through the woods, you don't see anything that seems out of place. In fact, Mialee is rather enjoying the nature. <DM> Pengo doesn't see any tracks, other than animal tracks. <Mialee> Let's keep going. The rumors involve the creatures being right on the river, so hopefully we'll see something if we keep following the river. <DM> You proceed upriver. Do you see about 2 km up, where there is an elbow to the right? <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> As you round the bend of the river, you see about 200 yards ahead, a small hillock with a palisade crowning its top. <DM> On the western and northern sides, the stockade is about 15 feet high <DM> The action of the river has cut a steep cliff, some 40 feet high, on the southern and eastern sides of the hill. <DM> Someone has cleared the nearby woodland, preventing anyone from sneaking up to the palisade. <DM> It looks like it is manned. You can see the top of about a half-dozen helmets over the top of the stockade.

A birds' eye view would look like this:

<Icarius> does the stockade look recently used? <DM> It looks like it is manned. You can see the top of about a half-dozen helmets over the top of the stockade. <DM> You are still 200 yards away. <Mialee> Hm. *** <AFK-Flint> is now known as <Flint> *** <AFK-Mordin> is now known as <Mordin> <DM> Note that you are actually downstream, so you're not seeing the stackade gate a in the picture. <DM> as in <Mialee> Okay. <Mialee> Shall we approach? <Pengo> Want me to sneak up and have a look? <Flint> Whish direction does the stream flow in? <Flint> Which <DM> If you look at the bottom picture, the stream is flowing from NE to SW <DM> you are approaching from the downstream side. > Mialee thinks it would be a good idea for Pengo to do some snooping. <DM> Your current position is off the map, to the SW <DM> So you are still well hidden in the woods. <Flint> What are X1, X2, and X3? <DM> BTW, the current of the river here is strong and deep <Pengo> Is there any shrubbery or tall grass between us and the stockade? <Flint> One is the tower I assume. <DM> Oh, wouldn't you like to know! :> <Pengo> Well, yeah, I would like to know if there's anything between us and the stockade. :) <DM> There is some grass, but no shrubbery <Flint> Or is the tower the diamond south of X2? <Pengo> Any chance for a hobbit to sneak up to the wall? <DM> You could "lowcrawl" through the grass, but the height advantage of the wall would probably still give you away. <Pengo> OK. <Mialee> Can we tell what sort of creatures are guarding the place? <DM> Not from this distance. <Mialee> Should we just walk up to the place? <Mialee> Or wait until dark, or...? <DM> Flint, yes, the tower that you can see would be where the diamond is. <Flint> Is there anyone up there that we can see? <DM> The tower doesn't look occupied. <Mialee> Hm. <Flint> We could just walk up. <Mialee> Let's do that and see what happens. > Mialee steps out of the woods. > Pengo follows Mialee out. <Mordin> I think you both are insane. > Mialee starts walking toward the stockade. > Icarius agrees > Pengo follows but nervously. > Flint follows <DM> there are some birds singing, and crickets chirping, but nothing else can be heard > Mialee strolls casually toward the stockade. <Mordin> Well, lets all go then. > Mordin follows <DM> You approach to within 50 ft of the stockade, and see that the gate is on the NE side <DM> NWEST side > Mialee heads for the gate. > Pengo tags along. <DM> You get to the gate. <Mialee> Anything interesting about or around it? <DM> The gates are closed, but there is nothing else particularly odd about it. > Pengo examines the gates. <DM> It seems awful quiet, though, for a military installation <Pengo> Any visible way to open them or signal that we'd like access? <DM> There are big handles. <Mialee> Hm. It's awful quiet. Were the heads we saw moving? <DM> No, you didn't see them move. <Mialee> The helmets, I should say. <Mialee> Hmmm. > Mialee opens the gates. <Icarius> maybe the rest of us should join them <DM> The gates are barred from the other side. <Mialee> Hm. <Pengo> Does it look like I might be able to climb them? <DM> It's very possible. <Flint> I've been following Mialee. > Pengo climbs the gates to the top. > Flint pounds on the gate. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 97 <DM> Pengo gets almost to the top, when he slips and falls *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> You take some damage. HP: 1 <Pengo> Let me try that again. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 12 <Pengo> That's better. <DM> you make it up and over > Pengo drops to the ground and unbars the gate. *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: you look around, and see that you are on a catwalk <Pengo> Ignore that for a moment. *** << <Pengo> << OK... anything else? <DM> surprisingly, the catwalk seems to be sized for you, since you can just barely see over the top. <DM> oops <Pengo> :) <DM> but you drop to the ground, and unbar the gate. > Mialee hears the bar go, and opens the gate. <Mialee> So, what's up in here? > Mialee walks in. <DM> You see a mostly empty area. <DM> The watchtower is a simple wooden structure. Four large posts, set into the earth, support a platform about 20 feet above the ground. The platform is reached by a ladder and has a weather-beaten thatched roof. > Mialee climbs the ladder to the top of the tower. <DM> On the catwalk running along the walls, you see a dozen or so small helmets propped up against the stockade wall with sticks and broken spear shafts. <DM> As you climb the ladder, about half-way up, a rung breaks under your weight. <Pengo> I think this place has been abandoned. <DM> Roll 3d6 and get under your dexterity. *** Roll by Mialee: 3d6 -> 5 + 1 + 3 = 9 <Mialee> Done. <DM> you catch yourself from falling, <DM> and reach the top. > Mialee looks around the tower. <DM> It is an empty platform, with a small wooden wall, and a low ceiling. In fact, too low for you to stand upright under. <Mialee> Hm. This place seems to be designed for little creatures. <Mialee> Can I see anything interesting looking out from this vantage point? <DM> You can see pretty far in all directions, thanks to the cleared out underbrush. <Mialee> Anything worth noting? <DM> meanwhile, on the ground, the others have discovered... <DM> A portion of the northern slope of the hill has been cut back to produce a vertical face. In the center of this, a rough-hewn tunnel about 6 feet high and about 5 feet wide runs into the hill. <DM> No, nothing worth noting from the tower > Mialee climbs back down. <DM> On each side of the tunnel stands a wooden post. Hanging from these are a wide variety of items: rusty weapons, pieces of armour, helmets etc. <Mialee> Looks like maybe this is a post outside a warren or something. *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo *** (7 users) <Jozlan> should we check out the tunnel? <Mialee> Can we determine anything about the creatures that built this place from the stuff scattered around? <DM> The tunnel is at X3, BTW <DM> The size of the armor pieces indicate a small race, perhaps goblin size. <Mialee> Hm. <DM> Closer examination of the posts reveal <DM> some household utensils, articles of clothing, animal skins etc. All are worthless. <Flint> Anything else inside the Stockade? <Mialee> Let's explore the tunnel then. <DM> The area above ground is empty, except for the occasional battered helmet, or pile of bones. <Pengo> Sounds like tunnel time. <Mordin> Let's head into the tunnel. <DM> Let's go over the marchorder <Mialee> OK. <DM> let me have a single file and double file march order. <Mialee> Mordin's a fighter, right? He should probably go first. I'll go second. <Pengo> I'll go third. <Mordin> I'll go first, but Flint should probably go second. <Mialee> Okay. I'll follow after him, unless Joz wants to go next. <Pengo> I'll go behind Mialee at any rate. <Jozlan> ic & i will take the back <Jozlan> do you need a torch? <DM> so the single file is Mordin, Flint, Mialee, Pengo, Icarius and Jozlan <Mordin> Yes <Mialee> And I think that same order can be left-right front-back. <Mialee> Mordin/Flint, Mialee/Pengo, Icarius/Jozlan <DM> Ok, fair enough. <DM> the tunnel does seem to fade into darkness farirly quickly <Flint> How many humans do we have here? <DM> fairly <Mialee> Not me. <DM> 2 <DM> the two in back. <Flint> And they will need a torch. <DM> so--- <Mialee> Doesn't Icarius have one? <DM> Mordin is in front, so he'll take the lead <Jozlan> i have torches <Mialee> Light one up, and let's go. :) > Jozlan lights up a torch > Mordin leads off. > Flint follows > Mialee follows along. <DM> The light behind you fades quickly into the darkness ahead. <DM> luckily you have the torch <DM> The floor is dirt, covered loosely in slightly molding straw. <DM> Unless otherwise stated, all tunnels in this underground area are 6 feet high <DM> and all chambers are 8 feet high; <DM> You may need to refresh that. <DM> you see the tunnel goes down to the south, and opens slightly <Mialee> Are those doors to the left and right? <DM> Mordin, you arrive at the spot where the tunnel widens. <DM> Yes, those are doors. <DM> The door consists of a free-standing wooden frame over which animal skins are stretched. These doors are not hinged, but must be lifted aside. <Mialee> Shall we open one? <Mialee> ANyone? :) <Jozlan> can we tell if they look recently used? <DM> did someone cast a sleep spell? <Mialee> :) <DM> no not really. they are really just stretched skins over wooden frames <Jozlan> lets go then <Mialee> Let'd go right then. <Mialee> Lets. <Mialee> Let's. <DM> west? <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> ok, mordin lifts aside the doorframe, <DM> refresh again <Mialee> That's neat how you're doing that. :) <DM> it's low tech, but it seems to work. <Flint> We're back. <DM> Mordin, are you with us? <Mordin> Yes. <DM> ok. are you proceeding through the western tunnel? <Mialee> Yeah. <Mordin> Yes. <DM> ok, Mordin, you get around the sharp bend, and .... <DM> Mordin, roll 5d6 under your dexterity. <Mordin> 5d6 <DM> yes *** Roll by Mordin: 5d6 -> 3 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 6 = 17 <Mordin> Not even close. <DM> Mordin lets out a yowl of surprise as they fall into a hidden pit! <DM> he falls <Mialee> Oops. <DM> roll 3d6 under you dexterity <Flint> Maybe we better have someone check for traps. *** Roll by Mordin: 3D6 -> 4 + 6 + 4 = 14 <Mordin> No. <Pengo> I suppose I should be doing that from now on. > Flint looks meaningfully at Pengo. <DM> Mordin has become hopelessly entangled in a net, about 12 feet down in a pit that is tapered to only 2 ft at the bottom <Pengo> Hey, I'm not the one that let a werewolf and wolves surprise us the other night. > Pengo looks meaningfuly at Flint. *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: hmmm... dwarves.... pits.... mining.... skills.... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> You take some damage. HP: 4 <DM> that would be Mordin taking the damage. <Mordin> ouch. <Pengo> oof <Jozlan> we have rope, right? <DM> so what is everyone going to do, let him sit there? <DM> <Jozlan> let <Jozlan> s lower pengo down <Pengo> How are the walls of the pit? <Flint> From now on Mordin and I will constantly check the stonework. <DM> they slope steeply down from a 10' wide pit to a 2' wide pit <DM> it's 20' deep <Pengo> We have a rope, right? <DM> Ok, FLint, just realize what that will do to your movement rate. <DM> Yes, I'm sure Flint has a rope, right Flint? <Mordin> This isn't doing much for our movement rate either. :/ <Pengo> Flint, hello? :) <Flint> We could tie Pengo to a rope. Lower him down. have him tie a second rope to Mordin, then cut him free. <Pengo> yes, that sounds like a plan. <Pengo> Tie me up. :) <Flint> I have TWO ropes. :) <Flint> :P <DM> An excellent plan. And you are able to execute it flawlessly. <Pengo> Great. <DM> Mordin arrives at the top of the pit, a bit bruised and battered, but wiser for the experience. <DM> <Pengo> If the dwarves are going to be checking the stonework, I'll go ahead and watch out for traps while we go. <DM> ok <Flint> How well can you do that from the middle of the group? <DM> So, with the pit now exposed, you can see a narrow shelf of hopefully solid ground which will allow you to get to the other side of the pit. > Pengo moves up to the head of the line so he can check for traps as we go. > Mordin leaves the rope tied to him and walks around the pit. <Mordin> himself <DM> the ground holds. <DM> Pengo, are you now taking the lead? > Flint recovers the ropes. <Pengo> Yes. > Pengo continues cautiously along the corridor, watching out for traps. <Flint> If we run into anything, you fall back and let us meet it. <Pengo> Agreed. > Pengo keeps moving. <DM> ok, <DM> you're moving <DM> Are you going to check out the little cubby holes? <Pengo> Yes. <DM> ok, for the first one, roll % *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 68 <DM> you don't find any traps > Pengo goes in and looks around. <DM> and you don't see anything of note in the cubby either. > Pengo moves along the tunnel toward the next one. <DM> the passage is a little wider now, so Mordin and Pengo can be side by side. <DM> roll % both of you. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D100 -> 60 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 54 <Pengo> I was kind of figuring that I'd take the lead alone even while double-wide, while searching for traps, but I didn't say that before, so... <DM> you don't find any traps, or anything interesting, except for a rusty spear point > Pengo examines the spear point. <DM> nothing special, just a rusty spear <DM> Moving to the east, you come to another door. <Pengo> A door? <Pengo> Or do you mean cubbe? <Pengo> cubby? <DM> You've already examined the 2d cubby. <DM> that's where you found the spear <Pengo> OK, where's the door? :) <DM> You can't see thedoor on the map, but it's to the east in the passage. <Mordin> Under the next tile. <Pengo> Okay. > Pengo checks the door for traps. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 78 <DM> don't find any > Pengo opens the door. <DM> you remove the door without happenstance. > Pengo steps through. <DM> refresh <DM> the passageway goes north and south. > Pengo backtracks to the door to the north that leads east. <Pengo> (still watching for traps) <DM> do you mean back through the passageway you just came south on, or the passage directly to the north? <Pengo> To the north. <DM> roll % <Pengo> Directly, back toward the entrance, so we can take the other door. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 75 <DM> roll 5d5 under your dexterity <DM> 5d6 *** Roll by Pengo: 5d6 -> 6 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 3 = 16 <Pengo> 16 is my dex. <DM> you teeter onthe edge for a few long seconds, before falling into the pit. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> take 6 dam, and roll 3d6 under your dex <Pengo> Man, pit traps are *so* passe. *** Roll by Pengo: 3d6 -> 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 <Pengo> That's under. :) <DM> yuh <DM> so you are NOT entangled in the net. <Pengo> Somebody lower a rope and haul me out of here! > Flint tosses the end of a rope down to Pengo. <DM> you _could_ try to climb out yourself, but ... <Pengo> I'd rather not risk it. :) > Pengo grabs the rope. <Pengo> OK, pull me up <DM> and he's out real quick. *** << <Mialee> << Seriously, this way of doing the maps is great. <Pengo> OK then. > Pengo resumes heading toward that door. <Pengo> Still checking for traps. <Pengo> For all the good it does. :) <DM> roll % *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 78 <DM> no findee <Pengo> My percentile rolls seem to suck. > Pengo keeps on truckin'. > Pengo ties the rope around his middle. <Pengo> If I start to fall, hold on to me. :) <DM> you get to the door, > Pengo checks the door for traps. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 69 <DM> no find > Pengo moves the door aside. > Pengo looks through. <DM> You see the passage curves to the right about 20 ft up, and there is a small antechamber straight ahead at the corner. > Pengo steps through the door. <DM> you see the tunnel ahead as described. > Pengo makes his way up the tunnel. <Pengo> Keep a hold of that rope, guys. > Pengo keeps watching for traps. <DM> Pengo gets to the corner, and he can see a small chamber straight ahead, to the NE, and the tunnnel continues to the SE and opens into a larger chamber. <DM> the larger chamber is dark, as is the smaller one. <Pengo> Any map update? <DM> not yet :) <Pengo> Hm. :) <Pengo> OK :) > Pengo keeps walking, toward the small chamber, and peers inside. <Pengo> (still checking for traps ;) <DM> The tunnel widens out into a small chamber. There is a table and some other furniture here. <DM> There is a crude table here (with a gaming board roughly scratched on it) and four wooden stools. <DM> On the wall furthest from the passage, there is a weapons rack. It is empty except for a rusty short sword. <DM> The air smells like some kind of animal > Mialee looks at the game board. <Pengo> Any sign of recent occupation? <DM> it is very crudely scratched in, and no game that you know. <DM> there are some very faint heat signatures <Pengo> Hm. <DM> too blurry to make out shapes, <Pengo> But someone was here recently. <DM> as if something warm blooded was recently in this room. <Pengo> Any hint as to the size? <DM> medium or less > Pengo nods. <Flint> Any heat signatures on the stools? <DM> no <Pengo> Any tracks of any kind? <DM> no <Pengo> OK. > Pengo leaves the room and continues along the corridor toward the larger antechamber, still watching for traps. <DM> what is everyone else doing? <DM> following? <Mialee> I am. <Mialee> But I'm assuming we're keeping formation. Everyone? <Flint> Yes <Mordin> Yes. > Pengo keeps walking. <DM> ok, you get to the larger chamber. <Pengo> What do we see here? <DM> do you enter? > Pengo peers into the room without entering. <Pengo> What do I see? <DM> This is a large, circular chamber (X6 on the map) <DM> In the centre of the room are a stove, a table, five chairs and some sacks and chests. <Pengo> Any sign of life? <DM> not that you can tell from where you are. > Pengo goes in, watching for traps. <DM> you get to the center of the chamber, when <DM> (Suddenly, two lithe feline forms leap at you from out of the shadows). <DM> they are mountain lions, and they are attacking > Mordin charges in! > Mialee readies her sword. > Flint charges in! > Pengo backs off. <DM> ok, let's do surprise first *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> pengo is surprised, so the lions get a free attack before he backs off. > Pengo nods. <DM> and they attack *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 <Flint> Can we charge in with Pengo supprised? <DM> not this segment <DM> 3 hits *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> You take some damage. HP: <DM> 7 > Pengo yelps. > Pengo scrambles to get away. <Pengo> Medic! <DM> ok, next round, mordin roll for surprise. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> Mordin is surprised by the creature leaping out of the other dark hidden alcove to his rear. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 <Mialee> Oof. <DM> and the humanoid creature succeeds in backstabbing Mordin! <Mordin> I'll say he did. *** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 8 <DM> 16 damage! <Mialee> Wow. > Mordin drops! <DM> now, roll for initiative *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> you go <Mialee> Whatever creature is closest to me, I'm taking a swing at. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9 > Jozlan casts cl on mordin *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Pengo scrambles toward wherever he's farthest away from the bad guys, bleeding profusely. <DM> Mialee you hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 3 <Icarius> are they all sufficiently close that 1 web would hold them all? <DM> yes > Flint attacks the mountain lions. <DM> including your comrades *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4 <DM> miss > Icarius casts sleep <Icarius> 2d4? <DM> 1d4 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4 -> 4 <DM> and the 2 mountain lions hit the ground. <Pengo> Medic, I say! <DM> the humanoid is still up and active. > Pengo scrambles away from the humanoid. <Mialee> Is it blue, perchance? <DM> no <Mialee> Ah well. :) <DM> It is human sized, but really really ugly > Pengo is down to 2 hp. <Icarius> maybe it'sa skulker <Flint> It will soon be red. <Pengo> Hehe <Jozlan> next round? <Mialee> I think it's their go, at least the humanoid. <DM> no he hit mordin this round <Mialee> Oh, okay. <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <Mialee> Has Flint done anything? <Pengo> If not, hello!!?? :) <DM> he attacked the mountain lions <Mordin> He missed. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> your go > Mialee swings at the humanoid *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> miss <Mialee> Pfft. > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. The humamoid. > Jozlan cl's pengo > Pengo keeps crawling away. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 16 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Pengo stumbles to his feet. <Pengo> Thanks. I hurt, but I'm not on the brink anymore. <Mialee> Nice shot, Flint. <DM> flint hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 6 <DM> ok. <DM> any other attacks on the humanoid *** << <Mordin> << Am I out of the rest of the fight? <Mialee> Is Mordin out of it? *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: if you went under 0 then yes. <DM> he seems to be. *** << <Mordin> << Yes, -4 <Mialee> I guess we're done then. <DM> ok, the half-orc swings at <DM> .2 *** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 87 <DM> FLint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> miss <DM> initiative <DM> <DM> <DM> <DM> *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> go > Mialee swings at the half-orc. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 2 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 10 <DM> miss, flint > Mialee uses his sling and flings a rock at the humanoid. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13 <Mialee> er, pengo did that :) <Pengo> That's me :) <DM> didn't know you had a sling <Pengo> Yep, had it since the very beginning. <Pengo> Never used it until now though. <DM> ok, I'll give you a hit. <Pengo> What do I roll for damage? <DM> d4+1 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2 <DM> The half-orc is shaky now > Jozlan attacks with his war hammer <DM> but he'll still swing at *** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 56 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12 <DM> Mialee <DM> ok, go Joz *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> The guy is real wobbly but he swings *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> and misses <DM> initiative <DM> <DM> *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> go ahead > Mialee swings... *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17 <DM> hit hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 7 <DM> and the thing is cut down! <DM> ok, you can refresh now. <Pengo> Shall we behead the cats before they wake up? <DM> oh, good call <DM> This is a large, circular chamber with five dark alcoves around the outside wall, one closed off by a curtain. In the centre of the room are a stove, a table, five chairs and some sacks and chests. > Mialee chops the head off one of them with her sword. <Mialee> (let me know if you want a roll for that :) <DM> nah > Mialee does the other one too. > Pengo searches the room for traps. <Pengo> BTW, I could use another bit of healing. <DM> There is a small stove here, with some fire wood and a few pots and pans. <DM> Some casks and sacks contain wine, beer and food. There is also a table and five chairs. <DM> On the table are the remains of a meal, some thief's tools and a half finished lock mechanism *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 89 <Pengo> Hmmm... > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo <Pengo> No traps, I presume, with that roll. :) *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <DM> Pengo you don't find any in the main room, but you'll have to do each alcove seperately > Pengo examines the tools and the lock mechanism. <Pengo> Thank you. <Jozlan> mordin is still hurting, right? <Mordin> I have 1 hp. :( > Jozlan cl's > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin <DM> Yes, Mordin is grieviously wounded, and though positive, he is not really himself. > Pengo checks each of the five alcoves for traps, starting at the southernmost of them: *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 83 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Pengo> (and going clockwise) *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 70 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 80 *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 33 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 62 <DM> The southern one has a curtain across it. <Pengo> Hm, guess one at a time would be better. So southern one first. <Pengo> What's in there? <DM> Inside the alcove there is a simple bed, a small table with a mirror fixed to the wall above it, a padded stool and a chest. <DM> On the table is a map. <DM> > Pengo looks at the map. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin again. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <Mordin> I feel GOOD. <DM> Well, your strength is still low, Mordin, like about 8 <DM> Looking at the map, Pengo, you see:

You find this map, crumpled and torn.

The back side of the map has this cryptic note:

<Pengo> Interesting. <Pengo> Is that X where we are? <Pengo> It looks like about the right place. <Pengo> If not, it's not far upstream from here. <DM> ?? > Icarius exmaines the half orc <DM> He is wearing leather armor or good quality, if a bit ugly <Pengo> Or is this a totally different part of the world whose geography is only similar to where we are now? :) <DM> He had a longsword <DM> and a sling with some bullets cleverly pocketed in his leather belt. <Icarius> he's a standard half-orc? <DM> yeah. <Flint> I think we are at the circle in the upper right. <Pengo> I was assuming the K on the map was Kusnir, and we'd been going south. <Flint> We turned and followed the river north before we crossed the bridge. <Pengo> Hm, this map doesn't compare well to the one we were looking at earlier of Berghof. <Pengo> I don't see any real similarities. <Pengo> Wait, yes I do. <Pengo> Those aren't mountains on the left, that's the lake. <Flint> Yes. <Jozlan> i think so <Pengo> So the X is on the lakefront. <Pengo> OK. > Pengo checks the next alcove for traps. <Flint> Do you see the stockade? <DM> ;) *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 12 <DM> Did you finish in the first one? <Pengo> So it's the dot and circle up along the river. I didn't know we ever turned northward. <Pengo> I thought we did. > Pengo searches the bed and other furniture. <Mordin> I may need to rest for a while. <DM> Inside the alcove there is a simple bed, a small table with a mirror fixed to the wall above it, a padded stool and a chest. > Pengo checks the chest for traps. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 86 <DM> you don't find any > Pengo wishes he'd been able to use that previous 1d100 for that ;) > Pengo opens the chest. <DM> it's locked > Pengo picks the lock. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 26 <Pengo> (after "borrowing" the thieving tools from the table) <DM> the lock opens, but with it comes a cloud of gaseous vapor! <Pengo> Sigh. <DM> save vs breath, Pengo *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 <Flint> There was also a chest in the south alcove. <DM> Not quite *** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 8 <Pengo> Oh, I thought this was the south alcove still. :) <DM> Pengo takes 8 damage. <Flint> Okay. <Pengo> Dangit. <DM> from acid inhalation > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Pengo> Better, thanks. <Pengo> Anything in the chest? <Flint> I'm out of healing spells. <DM> Did that last one take you below zero, Pengo? I've sort of lost track. <Pengo> No, I'm at 11 now after that last cure. <DM> ok, <DM> The chest contains (working downwards from the top): a cloak, a robe and a brocade gown (value 50gp), <DM> a box containing a wig and a vial of perfume (value 40gp), a fine dagger in a scabbard on a silk belt (value 80gp), <Pengo> Hm. <DM> three bags containing 100sp, 210gp and 60pp respectively <Pengo> Wow, nice haul. Hope someone wrote all that down. :) <DM> a box containing a bracelet and matching necklace (silverand amber - 800 gp total), <DM> I'm logging this session :) <Pengo> Wow. <DM> a spell book containing the following spells: <DM> well, I guess you'll have to wait to see that until you have a read magic or three <Mialee> I think after we finish checking out this room we should call it a night. :) <Flint> lol <DM> The other four alcoves contain nothing of interest or value. <DM> they all have the same furniture: a bed, a stool and a table. <DM> And that's a good idea. > Pengo checks for traps on the chest in the south alcove *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 23 <Pengo> Or was that chest in the south alcove? <DM> That WAS the chest in the south alcove. <Pengo> OK, I got confused by various stuff. :) <Pengo> OK. <DM> I think we have at least 1 person that is badly in need of rest. <DM> the question is; do you rest here, leave the stockade, or wait until next time to decide that? <Flint> Jozlan do you have any healing left? <Jozlan> i'm out <DM> What is everyone's current levels? <Pengo> I say we go back to the small antechamber and rest there; it's relatively easily guarded. <Pengo> I'm at 11/16. <Mialee> I'm 17/17. <Flint> I'm 21/21. <Mordin> I'm 16/16, but I need to rest. <Jozlan> 17/17 <Icarius> 11/11 <DM> and you're all out of healing spells at the moment? <DM> Let's call it a night here, and you can think about what you want to do before the next time. <Flint> Yes, but I have a potion. <Pengo> We actually have a bunch of healing potions. <Flint> I think we rest in the watch tower. <DM> You couldn't all fit up there. <DM> There's room for 2 if you squeeze <Flint> Then the alcove. <Pengo> Yeah. <DM> ok, then, is that it? <Mordin> North of X^ <Mordin> X6 <DM> and you're going to rest there. (?) <Mordin> NW of X6. <DM> alright guys, great night. Thanks for coming! :) <Mordin> Thanks. <Icarius> good night! thanks! <DM> we'll pick it up next year! <Pengo> Night all :) <Pengo> Yep :) *** <Pengo> has left the room. *** Disconnecting from chat server. ================================================== Jan 18, 2004 ================================================== <DM> To recap, you have been exploring an underground complex, <DM> looking for the lair of the skulk that has been terrorizing the nearby towns. <DM> You have also heard tell of a band of small blue goblin-like creatures which might have also inhabited this complex. <DM> A <DM> After a fierce fight with a half-orc and his 2 pet mountain lions, you have decided to spend the night in the underground lair. <DM> Mordin was mortally wounded in the fight, and only the quick action of Jozlan saved his life. <DM> Nevertheless, because of the severity of the wound, even the expert ministrations of Jozlan were not able to restore him completely. <DM> Of course, more powerful magic than has been used so far might have a restorative effect. <DM> <DM> (In game terms, you can consider that to mean that his strength and constitution are both 5 for the time being, <DM> and will be until he can completely rest for several days.) <DM>=============================================== <DM> And let's not forget that Mialee and Flint may be afflicted with Lycanthropy. <DM> You have spent all of your memorized curative spells, and Findo is still down five points. (11/16) <DM> <Mialee> Findo? <Jozlan> so nap time? <DM> errr... Pengo <Mialee> Oh. :) <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> You had decided to nap -- I believe in the antechamber to the north of the big chamber <Mialee> Should we bail out of here? <DM> Your nap is not done yet, <DM> I'm just checking to see if that is still the plan. <Mialee> Yeah, let's take the nap. <Mialee> We need to have time for the clierics to get spells refreshed. <DM> Are you setting a watch? <Flint> Yes. <Mialee> Definitely. I'll take the first watch. <DM> Ok, so you bed down for the night. <DM> Mordin is incabable of watching, so there are only 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: While on your watch, you hear some heavy, shuffling noises from down the hall to the south. *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: There is also the sound of a clanking chain, and a low growling. *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: It goes for a while, intermittently, and then there is silence. <Icarius> hey everybody, I hear noises <Pengo> Uh-oh. <Pengo> Where? > Pengo listens <DM> you've woken everyone up? <Icarius> there was clanking of chains and a growling, but it seems to have stopped > Icarius wakes everyone <Mialee> Where'd you hear it from? <Icarius> down the hall to the south <Mialee> OK. Did we sleep long enough for it to do any good? <DM> nah, you're only about 2 hours in. <Mialee> Maybe we should back out of here to the surface and sleep outside. <Mialee> Maybe on top of that tower. <DM> The tower is too small for all of you <Mialee> Okay. <DM> you could fit maybe 2 up there. <Icarius> if the weather isn't too inclement, outside might be better <Mialee> Maybe Mordin should go up there with a guard, so he can rest. <Mialee> I think outside would be better, too. <Pengo> This place gives me the creeps. <DM> The weather is NOT too inclement. <Mialee> OK, let's go outside. <Mialee> We could post the watch in the tower maybe. <Jozlan> sounds good <DM> Will you stay inside the stockade? > Mialee leads the way out. <Mialee> Yes, I think so. <DM> whereabouts in the stockade? Remember that the tower stands on a small hill in the SE corner <Mialee> Are we out yet? :) <DM> yes, you are at the entrance to the underground area. <DM> That would be X3 <Mialee> Let's put the group on top of the hill at the base of the tower, with the watch on the tower. <Mialee> I assume you can watch both the outside world and the opening into the underground from the tower? <DM> yes <Mialee> OK, let's do that. <DM> ok, you settle in at the top of the tower, and I suppose Icarius will continue his watch? <Mialee> Sounds good to me. <Icarius> sounds good to me <DM> Ok, you settle peacefully into sleep, and after an hour, Icarius wakes Pengo for his watch. <DM> ..... > Pengo salutes with a grin and climbs the tower. <DM> and Pengo wakes Jozlan for his watch.... > Jozlan yawns <DM> and Jozlan wakes FLint *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: While on your watch, you hear some noise coming from outside the complex. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: It looks like the front gate has opened, and several people are walking toward the entrance to the cavern. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: You hear voices, speaking in a mixture of common and orcish. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: As they approach the entrance, you hear them saying something about a villa, and that they will need a clever attack strategy, given the odds. > Pengo snores loudly as only a halfling can. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: then they go inside <DM> ... <DM> ... *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: Hey Flint, are you sleeping through your watch? > Jozlan dreams of sugar plums <DM> FLint!!!!???? <DM> I think we've lost the guard *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo, logger *** (8 users) <Mialee> What? <DM> Flint, Are you here?? <Jozlan> uhoh <Mialee> Oh, have you been /sending him and he's not responding? :) <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> I'm not, so I dunno. *** <13> has entered the room. <Jozlan> maybe we could assume Flint took a reasonable action to your sends <Jozlan> or maybe that's him <Mialee> Could be. :) > Mialee waits with bated breath. <Mialee> It's him! <DM> What is the procedure for booting a rogue connection? <Mialee> Ask me to do it. :) <DM> Ok, Please boot the rogue dwarves. :) <Mialee> Does Mordin need a boot too? <Mialee> I did Flint already. :) *** <reMordin> has entered the room. *** <Mordin> has left the room. <DM> I'm guessing. <Mialee> Done. :) *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Pengo, logger, reMordin *** (8 users) *** <reMordin> is now known as <Mordin> <DM> ok, you can all go back to sleep now :) > Mialee keeps sleeping. <DM> Flint, what was the last thing you 'remember'? <Flint> Icarius hearing a noise and us debateing where to rest. <Mialee> Oof. :) <Mialee> That was a while ago. <DM> Ok, you've moved outside, to the top of the hill <Mialee> We're outside now, and Flint is on watch on top of the tower. <DM> and the Mordin and whoever is on watch is on the tower <DM> And you're it <Flint> okay. <DM> So you and Mordin are on the tower *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: While on your watch, you hear some noise coming from outside the complex. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: It looks like the front gate has opened, and several people are walking toward the entrance to the cavern. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: You hear voices, speaking in a mixture of common and orcish. <DM> As they approach the entrance, you hear them saying something about a villa, and that they will need a clever attack strategy, given the odds. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: It's dark, of course, so you can't see them clearly, but they look humanoid. <Mialee> Who? *** << <Flint> << Where is the rest of the party? <DM> oops <DM> disregard, that should have been /sent *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: At the bottom of the tower, asleep <Mialee> OK. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: There are 4 figures. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: if you try to climb down, they will surely see you *** << <Flint> << Are they coming near the tower? *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: no, they are heading straight to the underground entrance *** << <Flint> << let them go so that the spellcasters can rest. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: ok. so you are staying put? <Flint> yes. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: they go inside > Pengo mumbles in his sleep. <DM> Suddenly, you are all awakened by a blood-curdling scream coming from the underground complex... > Pengo sits up fast. > Mialee leaps to her feet. <Mialee> What the hell was that? <Mialee> Does it sound human or like an animal sound or...? <DM> It sounded humanoid, but since it is what woke you, you can't really tell exactly what <Flint> four humanoids went into the cave. <Mialee> How much rest did we get? <DM> Not enough <Mialee> Sigh. <DM> Flint, did you climb down? <Mialee> We have to go, I think. <Flint> yes. <Mialee> I don't think we're going to get enough rest to do any good around here, and something's up. <Icarius> I didn't use up my spells (no healing ones, though) <Mialee> I have mine still too, according to my sheet. <Mialee> But again, no healing spells. <Mialee> Wait... we have some healing potions. <DM> I believe everyone has everything except their healing spells <Mialee> Perhaps Mordin could use one of those. <DM> Pengo is the only one down hp at this point <Mialee> Or is Mordin too badly hurt for a healing potion to do the job? I'm not sure what it takes to heal his serious injuries. <Flint> He just needs rest. <Mialee> Hm. OK. <Mialee> Not sure what we can do about that. <Mialee> But I'm not sure if he can tag along with us either. <Mialee> Any ideas <Mialee> ? <DM> ??? <Flint> Until he can rest he will only be a 90 lb. weakling. <DM> ... <Jozlan> leave him here to rest? <Mialee> Well, do we go back to town to rest, or leave him in the tower to sleep? <Mialee> I don't like having to leave him, but I don't think we have a choice. <Flint> We don't want to split up the party. <DM> As you ponder this, 2 figures emerge from the entrance... <Mialee> Damn. <DM> they are looking around the stockade... <DM> searching... <DM> ... <Flint> HIDE IN THE SHADOWS OF THE TOWER. <Jozlan> can the dwarves identify them? <DM> Humanoid - man sized <DM> It's still dark <Mialee> Can we hear anything? <Mialee> We need to figure out fast if we should pounce on them. <DM> yes, they're talking to each other... <Mialee> And saying what? <DM> It seems like a mixture of common and orcish <DM> Something about finding out who killed Detrak <Flint> Both I and Mordin speak Orcish. <DM> One stops, sniffs the air, and lets out a howl... <Icarius> I can cast sleep upon them <Mialee> So do I. <Mialee> Damn. > Mialee readies an arrow. <DM> ok, roll initiative <Mialee> Can I shoot at them? <Mialee> Damn. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <Mialee> Damn. <DM> they duck back inside the complex > Mordin climbs down the tower. > Mialee chases after them, switching to her sword. > Pengo follows, surprised. <DM> ?? > Jozlan does too <Mialee> Don't want them to alert anyone. <Flint> ><#^*)( elves. <Mialee> </fudd> <Mialee> Alert anyone. <DM> They were about 50 yards away from you, and very close to the entrance > Mialee peers into the cave. <DM> so IOW they got a 2 round head start <Mialee> Can I see anything in there? <Mialee> (I'm pausing at the entrance) <DM> no, but you can hear some shouting down the south hallway.... "Get it loose!" <Jozlan> that doesn't sound goo <DM> "I'm trying, but the damn chain is rusted!" <Mialee> That's bad. > Mialee continues to chase after them, screaming like a wild woman and brandishing her sword. <DM> "Keep it away from me, damn it!" > Pengo runs after. <Mialee> Come on, you laggards! > Jozlan rushes in > Icarius follows <DM> Mialee, anything in particular that you're watching out for? <Mialee> I'm watching for any movement, but mostly I'm listening, following the voices. > Mordin charges after swearing in dwarvish at the elf. <DM> ok, roll 4d6 under your dexterity <Mialee> Mordin, stay in the back. > Flint follows. *** Roll by Mialee: 4d6 -> 1 + 6 + 2 + 6 = 15 <DM> Mordin CANNOT charge anywhere. <Mialee> Grr. <Mialee> Missed it by one. :) <DM> Mordin can slowly drag himself along <Mialee> Mordin needs to keep his ass outside. :) <Mordin> For now, that's my charge. <Mialee> :) <DM> Mialee teeters for a second before falling into a pit <Mordin> And it leaves more time to swear at the elf. <Mialee> Dammit, was that pit not there before? <DM> Pengo screeches to a stop just short of it. <Mialee> Or have we moved into a new area already? *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 4 <DM> and takes 4 damage <Mialee> I would have been watching for pits if I'd known we were in an area not already explored, seeing as we ran into so many before. :) <Mialee> Oh well. <DM> Now everyone is at the North edge of the pit that Mialee fell into, <Mialee> Someone toss down the rope and drag me up, fast. <DM> and you here some clanking noise down the hall. <Icarius> where in the cave are we? <Flint> across the pit? <DM> There IS a small pathway around the pit. <Mialee> Hey up there! :) <DM> the sound is coming from the other side. <Mialee> Hello? > Flint takes a position in the center of the small pathway. > Mialee curses those dwarves. <Flint> Battle Axe at the ready. <Mialee> Anyone? <DM> Is no one helping Mialee out of the pit? <DM> Not even Pengo? <Pengo> Isn't a halfling too small to haul her out? <Pengo> Alone, anyway? <DM> Not necessarily. She's pretty light. > Pengo grabs the rope from whichever slacker dwarf has it and lowers it down to her. > Mialee takes the rope and tries to climb out while Pengo pulls. > Pengo pulls. > Mordin tries to help. <DM> Mialee gets out of the pit, just as you here some more growling from ahead in the darkness. <DM> hear <Mialee> Thanks. > Mialee steps carefully around the pit and keeps heading south toward the noise, watching for traps now while listening. <DM> Flint is in the way > Pengo follows, keeping a very close eye out for traps. <Pengo> Bah. > Mialee sighs. <Mialee> Shall we? <DM> Is anyone carrying a torch? <Flint> We are not in any shape to go charging into a lair full of traps and with an ambush around every corner. <DM> (Icarius normally does.) <Mialee> Someone has one. Icarius or Mordin, I think. <DM> There's a task Mordin could handle. :) <Mialee> But if we wait for them to finish releasing whatever the hell monster they have chained up down there, we're going to be even worse off. <Flint> We may need to retreat and rest. <DM> As you discuss this, you see a fearsome sight enter the globe of your torch's light.

The Pet?

Before you is a bare irregular chamber. A strong animal smell seems to come from a creature lurking near the far side. It is a stocky, bear-like animal with an odd, feathered head and a beak-like snout.</p>

<Mialee> Damn. <DM> Only now it's not chained up. <Icarius> I presume hold person won't do any good? <Mialee> Point taken. Let's get the hell out of here. <DM> It advances slowly toward you, and stops at the edge of the pit and roars *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: nope <Mialee> Wait, is it too big to get around the pit? <DM> yes <Mialee> Ooh. <Icarius> hehe cool <Mialee> Let's dance. :) > Mialee lets loose a magic missile at it. *** Roll by Mialee: 2d4 -> 2 + 3 = 5 <Flint> Time to use your bow elf. <Mialee> Good point. <Mialee> DM, do we need to do initiative, or just hammer away, or...? <DM> The thing flinches from the magic missile. <Flint> Now you know why we didn't advance. <Mialee> Mordin, hold onto the torch and watch our backs. <DM> you can have one more round *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> why +3? > Mordin holds the torch. <Mialee> Bah. <Mialee> Don't I fire two missiles? <Mialee> 2d4? <DM> yes, but it should be 2d4+2 then, if I'm not mistaken <Flint> Yes. <Mialee> Really? I thought each one did 1d4. <Mialee> OK, let me roll that again then. <DM> ok, so it did 4 dam <Mialee> I'm so confused. :) <Flint> No 7 points. <Mialee> Yeah. 7. <DM> oh, you're right. <DM> I assumed you used the +roll <Mialee> No, I didn't realize I was supposed to. I thought it was 1d4 per, not 1d4+1 per. <DM> anyway, the arrow DID hit, believe it or not. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 1 <Mialee> Bah. :) <Mialee> Wait, wrong roll. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <Mialee> That's better. I rolled for the sword first time. :D <DM> the thing flinches again, and backs out of the light cast by your torch <Mialee> Can I still see it? <DM> you can see a vague shadowy form, but it is still backing up. <Mialee> Can I shoot again, or no? <Icarius> maybe we should leave and go to sleep in the woods outside the stockade? <DM> and the passage has twists and turns. <Mialee> OK, let's get out of there now then. <DM> you can get one more arrow off, at -2 <Mialee> I'll give it a shot. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4 <Flint> Good shot. <Mialee> Thanks. <Flint> Let's go before it sneaks around us. <Mialee> Yes. Let's get out of here. *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: you see something coming out of the path to the NE > Pengo leads the way out. > Mialee follows. <Mordin> Here comes something. <Mialee> From behind? <Mialee> Damn. <Mordin> From the NE. <DM> you head toward the entrance, and see 2 figures coming out of the path to the NE <Mialee> Can I take a shot at them? <DM> They look humanoid, and stand in the path, <DM> no you're now in the back of the group > Mialee nods. <Icarius> can we divine their alignment? > Pengo has his sword ready. <Pengo> (and is now a little concerned about being out front like this) <DM> If you had a 'know alignment' spell <Flint> If they're in here they're evil. <Mialee> Yeah, I think that's likely. <Icarius> how far away? <DM> You approach to within 15 feet, and you can see that they are like the guy you killed the day before in the other room <Mialee> Hey, can I use a magic missile? :) > Icarius casts web on them <DM> yes <DM> wait <Mialee> OK. <DM> ================================================= <DM> initiative, Icarius *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> ok, as you're casting your spell, Icarius, the whole chamber fills up with fog so thick, you can't see the end of your swords. <DM> You can still cast, but it may have less than desired effects. <Mialee> Uh-oh. <Icarius> cancel the spell then <Mialee> I take it I don't have a target for my magic missile then. :) <DM> No, Mialee <Flint> I think we should leave. > Pengo grins and attempts to sneak forward through the fog to get behind the bad guys, staying along the wall. <DM> Are you standing fast, or moving toward the creatures, or moving toward the exit? <Pengo> Wait, where are we? <Pengo> I thought these guys were blocking our exit. <Icarius> that's what i thought <DM> They are blocking the tunnel to the NE, toward the chamber where you met the guy and his pet lions <Icarius> or arre they in the path from x6? <Pengo> I see. <DM> yes, Icarius <Pengo> Well, let's get out of here then. <Icarius> good idea <DM> (This is where figures would come in handy,. eh?) > Mordin leads the way out. <Flint> Yes, why don't we use figures? <DM> You can slowly move in the direction of the exit. <Pengo> Let's go out then. <Mordin> I move slowly no matter which way I'm going. <DM> ok, you get outside. <DM> You're at X3 on the stockade map, and it is the beginning of dawn twilight <Mialee> Let's get outside the stockade and into the woods, and find a place to rest. <Icarius> yes > Mialee leads the way back to the woods. > Pengo follows, watching out for bad guys. <DM> So you move slowly toward the woods. <DM> you're out the gate, and Pengo looks back and sees the head of one of the humanoids sticking out <DM> and watching you leave. <DM> You're in the woods. <Pengo> Once we're in the woods, we need to veer, so we're not camped in a straight line along the path they watched us take. > Mialee turns to the side and hikes on a ways farther, watching for a good spot to stop. <DM> Are you going to go up stream or downstream? <DM> How far away are you going to move? <Icarius> downstream, so it's looks like we're going back to town probably <Mialee> Where are we right now? <DM> recall that you are approximately at the sharp elbow in the stream <DM> the River Lewyn <DM> directly north of Gannaway <Mialee> Yeah, let's head in the direction of town, but stay in the woods and make camp. <Flint> How far is it to town? <DM> (I should have added hex numbers to this map) <DM> So I'll assume you're in that hex to the SW of the elbow, about 1KM from the stockade <DM> Each hex is 1km on this map <DM> IOW Gannaway is only about 4.5 km away if you take the bridge <Mordin> We need to find a defensible spot for camp. <Mialee> OK, we don't want to go as far as the bridge, I think, just find a place that's good to stop in the woods. <Icarius> yeah, we need to rest of <DM> You find a suitable spot. <Icarius> up <Mialee> OK. <Mordin> Or head into Gannaway. <Mialee> Let's set a watch and try to rest up. > Pengo volunteers to take the first watch. <DM> It's full daylight by the time you fnd your spot. <Flint> When the four creatures went into the cavern, they were talking about attacking a villa. <Mialee> Well, let's get some sleep and we can talk about it after. > Mialee lays down and dozes off. > Pengo sits and watches for trouble. <DM> You bed down for the day, and this time manage to get enough rest for the spellcasters to re-memorize. > Mordin rests. --- a lot. *** << <Mialee> << I'm carrying sleep, 3x magic missile, knock, and web. <DM> Mordin regains some strength. He now has 8 Strength and 8 Constitution. <DM> Here's what I have for the spells that you would normally memorize, unless you say otherwise: <DM> Flint: <DM> 1st level: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds <DM> 2nd level: Silence 15' radius, Slow Poison > Mordin keeps resting. <DM> Mialee: <DM> 1st Level: Sleep, Magic Missile X 3 <DM> 2nd Level: Knock and Web. <DM> Jozlan: <DM> 1st Level: 3 cure light wounds, light, bless, <DM> 2nd Level: 2 hold person <DM> Icarius: <DM> 1st Level: Sleep X 2 <DM> 2nd Level: Web. <DM> If that's not right, or if in the future you don't want me to say that "aloud" let me know. <DM> After a day of rest, Pengo is down 4hp and Mialee is down 3 <DM> Everyone else is max <Icarius> so it's evening now? <DM> it's late afternoon. <Mialee> How is pengo down 4 hp when he was down only 3 before resting? :) <Mialee> Or did I mess up somewhere? <DM> I had him as down 5 from the last time <Flint> I think we could do with more rest. <Mialee> Wait, yes. <Mialee> I'm looking at Mialee. :D <Mialee> I agree, I think we need to rest more. <DM> But naturally before you do, you will memorize spells? <Mialee> Yes. <Mialee> Same as usual. <Mordin> No, I will just continue to rest. <DM> Ok, you take another period of rest, and just as you are about finished with it, <DM> you hear this loud droning in the air, and it seems to be coming toward you. <Jozlan> that "pet"? > Mialee stands up and readies her bow. > Pengo gets his sword ready for action. <Mordin> Do we have overhead concealment? <DM> Through the trees, you see some wasps heading for you, but these are like really BIG wasps <Mialee> Oh boy! <Flint> Use a web on them. <DM> there is a pretty high canopy in these woods, meaning that you can shoot up to about 20 feet high without hitting too many branches <Mialee> Can I get a shot to cast web at them? <DM> hhmmm <DM> lets roll initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4 <Mialee> So, what's the word on web? :) <DM> ok cast the web <Mialee> What do I roll? :) <DM> uhhh, nothing > Mialee is so confused. :) <Jozlan> it's guaranteed to work? <DM> you cast the web, <DM> and the wasps roll a saving throw. <DM> .2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> one of them escapes the web! <DM> the other two are caught fast. <DM> the one which escapes heads for ... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <Mialee> They take any damage when they come crashing to the ground? :) <DM> Flint! <Jozlan> aren't they stuck up in the trees? <DM> they don't crash to the ground, they are stuck in the web in the tree branches <Mialee> OK. <Pengo> Hey... *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 <Pengo> Never mind. :) *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 > Pengo switches to his sling. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 <DM> Flint is hit 3 times! :[ *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 1 + 1 = 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2 <Flint> No Initiative? <DM> he takes 3 damage. <DM> err,,, 4 damage <Mialee> We did initiative already. I'm not sure why they got to attack even though we had initiative. :) <DM> ok, actually you won, so you can swing first. > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 14 > Pengo slings a rock at the wasp that escaped the web. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8 <Pengo> Pfft. <DM> Flint misses <DM> ok, so with the previous rolls, Flint takes 4 damage, and must roll a saving throw <DM> Pengo missed too. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17 <DM> an easy save vs. poison for Flint. <Mialee> Whew. <DM> anybody else doing anything this round? <Mialee> Is anyone else within range? > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 5 <DM> Mordin misses, and starts breathing hard <DM> any other missile weapons? <DM> ok <DM> ================================================= <Mordin> I may have to sit this one out. <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 8 <DM> miss <DM> the wasp attacks flint again. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> hits with his jaws *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 2 = 4 <DM> Flint takes 4 dam <DM> The wasp is buzzing around Flint, darting in and out. <DM> your turn > Jozlan casts cl on flint *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+2 -> 3 + 2 = 5 <DM> The two wasps in the web are struggling fiercely > Mialee shoots an arrow at the wasp troubling Flint. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11 *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: that should have been 1d4+4 > Pengo slings another rock. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> Mialee hits *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 <Jozlan> that's better :) <DM> Pengo missed <DM> anyone else? <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> again, please *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11 <DM> need a tiebreaker initiative first. <Flint> I rolled 6 and you rolled 3. <Mialee> He rolled a 6. :) <DM> I rolled 6 then you rolled 6 then I rolled 3 <Mialee> Then rerolled the 3. :) *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 <DM> ok, roll again for the hit. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 19 <DM> better <DM> hit. *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2 <DM> others? > Mialee switches to her sword. > Mialee roll 1d20 <Mialee> er <Mialee> er. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> no > Pengo swings his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> no <DM> ================================================= <Mialee> Do Joz and Icarious want to contribute? :) <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 6 <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 <DM> your shot > Mialee swings at the closest wasp. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 8 <Mialee> Woohoo <DM> flint hit too *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 4 <Pengo> Is it dead yet? :) <DM> between the two of you, you bring the wasp down. > Pengo slings a rock at one of the wasps in the trees. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5 <Pengo> And misses badly, it seems. :) <Mordin> What are the other two doing? <DM> they are still struggling against the web <Mialee> Icarius? Joz? :) <DM> They are caught about 20 feet up, <Mordin> We could always set fire to the trees. <Mialee> Not sure that's a good idea. :) <Mialee> Are Icarius and Jozlan MIA? <DM> Something the woodsmen of Gannaway would probably not appreciate. <Jozlan> we don't have anything useful against them anyhow <Flint> One wasp is dead. <Flint> Two are hung up in the trees. <Flint> The DM needs to take a break. <Mialee> OK <Mordin> I think we need to use arrows and rocks to kill them, with the spell casters standing by in case they break free. > Mialee nods. <Mialee> I'll keep shooting. <Pengo> And I'll keep hefting rocks. <Mordin> Ic, Joz - do either one of you have a web left? <Icarius> I have web <Icarius> and sleep, if needed <Mialee> I used my only web. <Mordin> At most we should only need one more Web spell. <Mialee> Yeah, I think so. <Mialee> Do we need another initiative, or can we just start pounding on them? :) <DM> Ok, are you shooting arrows or MMs, Mialee? <Mialee> Arrows. <Mialee> Do I go? <DM> I'm trying to think of a way to shortcircuit this. <Jozlan> how about a roll if we kill before they break free? <DM> ok, Mialee, after shooting 10 arrows, and Pengo slinging 10 stones, you figure they're dead. <DM> unless you want to go through the rolls., <Mialee> OK. <Jozlan> i'm satisfied they're dead <DM> those arrows are NOT recoverable <Mialee> No, that's fine. > DM makes a note to add a spreadsheet page to do that sort of calculation. <DM> ok, so it's what, the next day, in the morning, and you're all freshened up? <Mialee> How are we doing? <Mordin> How do I feel? <Mialee> And is this rested yet again so I can re-memorize my web, or...? <DM> no, the battle happened just AFTER your last rest. <DM> but mialee is at -2 and Pango at -3. <DM> Joz cured Flint all the way. <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> How's Mordin? <DM> 12 str and 12 constitution <DM> he's well enough to take part in most activities, but doesn't have his strength bonus's back <DM> hiking won't tire him unduly, though. <Mialee> OK, that's good. <Mordin> But I don't have my bonus hit points back either. <DM> no, and I'd forgotten about that. :) <Mialee> Hmm. <DM> so what DO you have? <Mialee> Well, we can probably move on at least. <DM> 10? <Mordin> 13/13 <DM> ok, right. <DM> ok, where are you headed? <Mialee> Should we go back into the cave? <Flint> Do we want to recover the Web and Cure Light spells? <Mialee> Hm, that might be a good idea. Let's try resting one more time and hope we don't get interrupted. :) <DM> BTW, do you have a given watch schedule / order? <Jozlan> that way we'll havea full day tomorrow <DM> and are you keeping a cold camp? (no fire) <Mialee> Cold camp, yes. <Mialee> I propose Mialee, Flint, Icarius, Pengo, Jozlan, Mordin for the watch schedule. <Mordin> If I keep watch, I won't recover. <DM> true, Mordin, but I was actually asking about your SOP, <Mialee> Right, I was talking SOP. Tonight let's not have Mordin take a shift. <DM> and I'd point out that it might be good to have the spellcasters at the beginning and end of the watch, so they don't need to be awakened in the middle <Mialee> OK, that makes sense. <Mordin> SOP would have Vlix in the rotation as well. <Mialee> True. <DM> So Flint and Pengo would be in the middle. <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> no, I meant Mordin and Pengo <Icarius> lets sleep then <Mordin> Yes. <Mialee> So Mialee, Jozlan, Mordin, Pengo, Vlix, Flint, Icarius? <Mialee> Yeah, let's sleep. <DM> So I'll assume the following SOP order: Mialee, Jozlan, Mordin, Pengo, Icarius and Flint and Vlix <Mialee> OK< that's fine. <DM> ok, you start your watches. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: on your watch, you hear some rustling in the bushes. *** << <Mialee> << Can I get any clue as to the size of whatever it is? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: it sounds like a big, lumbering creature, *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: or is it 2 big loumbering creatures? *** << <Mialee> << OK... *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you can't tell, exactly. > Mialee quietly wakes up the non-spell casters. <Mialee> Except Mordin. <DM> ok, that would be Pengo. <Mialee> Ah. :) > Mialee whispers to Pengo. *** << <Pengo> << I want to try to sneak out and get a closer look. *** Private roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 80 *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: ok, do a surprise roll, with a +1 *** << <Pengo> << What's surprise? *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: d6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Private roll by Pengo: 1d6+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2 *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: you are surprised by a huge black bear which raises up and swings one of it's paws at you! > Pengo yells out loudly. > Mialee heads after Pengo. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> the second paw hits for <DM> .3 *** Unknown die specification. Type /HELP ROLL for details. *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 > Flint wakes up. <DM> as you leap back to avoid the slavering jaws of the beast, you see its mate right behind him! <DM> now initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6 > Pengo slashes at the first bear with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> you are out ahead of the rest of the group, remember. <DM> ok *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 6 <DM> that's a hit <Pengo> (the silver sword gets d8 on large creatures) <DM> right <Mialee> Am I in range yet to attack? <DM> with your arrows, yes *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20 <DM> you're 1 rd behind him *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> the bear attacks Pengo again. <Flint> Are the rest of us aware of these attacks? <DM> Yes, Pengo's yell woke you up <Pengo> Good. :) <Icarius> cool <DM> you are 2 rds behind Pengo though *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> scores another paw hit <DM> .3 <Flint> Is he here or did he go charging into the woods? *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> he snuck into the woods <DM> about 25 yards away from the camp <Pengo> I was trying to find out what was out there without starting anything. :) <DM> mialee, your second arrow? > Flint heads towards the sound of combat. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2 <Mialee> Oof. <DM> THAT arrow is lost. <DM> The other bear is closing in on poor Pengo <Mialee> I bet. :) <DM> Ok, so everyone else is heading for the scene. <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Pengo *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6 *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you can attack with missile or sword *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** << <Mialee> << Thanks. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9 <Mialee> Sword now, on the bear behind Pengo. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> no <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 7 <DM> no, roll a d12 on large *** Roll by Mialee: 1d12 -> 8 <DM> and you deal it a serious blow, <DM> ok, one bear on Pengo and one on Mialee <DM> pengo first *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 <DM> 2 hits, claw and jaw *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> 3 hp on Pengo <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> 3 hits! *** Roll by DM: 2d3 -> 3 + 2 = 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> 8 hp total <DM> That's it for this round. Next round everyone else can join in. <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Pengo *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <Pengo> Argh. <DM> the bears attack again. <DM> pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> one claw *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <Mialee> Ow. *** Roll by DM: 2d3 -> 1 + 1 = 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> 6 dam > Mialee starts trying to get away. <DM> no wait. <DM> oh, ok. that's correct. <DM> so you're retreating instead of swinging? <Mialee> Yes. I'm down to 1 hp. <DM> ok, Peno? <Mialee> I need to get the heck out of here. :) <DM> Pengo? *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5 <Pengo> Ack. <DM> no dice. <DM> Everyone else can attack this round though > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4 <DM> which bear? <Flint> The one on Mialee. <DM> miss anyway <Flint> But she can get away. > Jozlan cls on mialee <DM> yes *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. <Mialee> Bless you, Mr. healer man. :) *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 12 <DM> no <DM> Icarius? > Icarius casts web on the bears <Mordin> The bear on Pengo. <DM> uh, you'd be casting on EVERYONE <Mialee> :) <Icarius> oh.. better not then <DM> whic is ok, if that's what you want to do. <Icarius> does sleep work on animals? <DM> yes > Icarius casts sleep <DM> roll a d2 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d2 -> 1 <DM> ok, the first bear rolls over and seeps <DM> sleeps <DM> that would be the one on Pengo <DM> the other is still facing Flint <Pengo> Thankee! <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 6 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. <DM> your go *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13 <DM> hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2 > Pengo turns and swings with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11 <Pengo> (assuming I'm close enough) <DM> no hit, Pengo > Mialee fires a magic missile. *** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 1 = 4 + 2 = 6 <DM> the bear shudders <Jozlan> how many hp are mialee and pengo down? <Mialee> I'm down by 11. <DM> about 10 each <Pengo> I'm down by the same. > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6 <DM> miss, Mordin <DM> any action this round, Joz? Icarius? <Jozlan> cl on pengo *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <DM> ================================================= <Pengo> Thankee! <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 <DM> go *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 3 > Pengo swings at the bear. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> hit *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2 > Mialee shoots an arrow at the bear. <DM> the thing is staggering now, and howling in rage. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> the thing stumbles about... *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 16 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8 -> 7 <DM> and Mordin knocks the bear's head off! <DM> the other one snores softly <Jozlan> we should probably take care of that one as well <Mialee> Yes. > Mordin kills the sleeping bear. <DM> done <Mialee> Excellent. :) <Mordin> The elf runs into caverns and falls in pits, and the halfling charges into the woods and attacks bears. <Pengo> I didn't charge. > Pengo looks indignant. <Mordin> What is it with you people? <Pengo> I sneaked and failed badly. :) <Mialee> So... now we're still a mess. <Mialee> I think we should go back to town and try resting there. :) <Jozlan> it's still early evening, no? <DM> So, this all happened only about 2.5 hurs into your planned rest period. <Mialee> This is getting us nowhere. <DM> it's about Noon <Mialee> Anyone have an opinion on that? <Jozlan> maybe we should go back to town and rest <Mialee> Let's. <Flint> We can be in Ganaway by late afternoon. <Jozlan> see if the villa was attacked or whatnot > Mialee leads the way toward town. <DM> ok, you head toward town. <DM> you've gone about a km, when.... <Mialee> Argh. :) <DM> Mialee, you're leading, so roll for surprise *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> you spy 4 figures sneaking quietly though the woods, heading in your direction <Mialee> Is there any reasonable chance of avoiding them? <DM> they haven't seen you <DM> yes > Mialee gestures for everyone to take cover and hide. <DM> they keep heading toward your position. <Mialee> Are we all hidden? <Icarius> I can sleep or web them <DM> reasonably so. <Mialee> OK. <DM> if you stand up <Mialee> We wait. <Mialee> Just wait. <DM> is your intent to ambush or avoid contact? <Mialee> I'm not sure yet. <Mialee> What sort of figures are they? <Mialee> Size, etc? <Icarius> was it 4 people that were discussing the attack at the cave? <DM> they look like the ones you saw in the stockade <Mialee> Are they heading toward town as well, or away from it? <DM> at this point, away from it. They are now within 200 meters of your position <Mialee> We keep waiting. How close are they going to pass by us? <Mialee> Still trying to decide if we want to ambush them. <DM> within 30 meters, if they keep on the same heading. <Mialee> OK, I want to wait until they're at roughly their closest point, then stand up and web them. <Mialee> Or Icarius could do the webbing. <Mialee> But I'm not sure we can communicate that idea. :) <DM> They're 150m off, you could whisper that > Mialee whispers that plan to Icarius. <DM> but Icarius' web is gone, <Mialee> Oh. <DM> or is it yours? <Icarius> I'll try to sleep thm <Mialee> It's mine. <Icarius> i have 1 sleep left <Mialee> OK, do that when they get in the 30 m range. > Icarius waits <Mialee> I have a sleep too, I'll cast as well, just to improve our chances. <DM> ok, they eventually get to that point, and Icarius stands up... and I wonder if they are surprised... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> oh, yes they are. You can both sleep them > Mialee stands up as well. > Icarius casts sleep > Mialee casts sleep at them. *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 2 <DM> nah, you need to roll a d2 on these <Mialee> OK. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d2 -> 1 <DM> Icarius? <DM> roll a d2? <DM> Mialee, roll a d4 now *** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d2 -> 1 <DM> ok, now a d4 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4 -> 2 <DM> ok, 2 of them drop to the ground, and the other two stop, looking rather puzzled. <DM> you are all still 30-40 yards away, hat is your action? <Mialee> Can I shoot an arrow now? :) <DM> yes <Mialee> I target one of the standing ones. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11 > Pengo stands up and slings a rock. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17 > Flint charges forward. <DM> hit, Mialee *** Roll by Pengo: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2 > Mordin charges forward. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> hit, Pengo <DM> those charging will arrive on the next round <DM> pengo, damage? <Pengo> I did that already. :) <Pengo> 2 <DM> sorry <DM> What are Joz and Icarius doing this round? <Icarius> staying put <DM> nevermind, he casted > Jozlan charges out <DM> ok <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Mialee <DM> no wait <DM> you have it > Mialee fires an arrow. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> Mordin and Flint are almost there. <Mialee> Argh. <DM> Mialee loses another arrow > Pengo slings another rock. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> pengo hits *** Roll by Pengo: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2 <DM> The 2 standing figures are moving toward the ones on the ground. <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> ok, they bend over their partners and start slapping them up side the head. <DM> FLint and Mordin can try an attack > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 8 > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 20 <Mialee> Go Mordin :) <DM> by now you can see that one of the figures is a really ug... well you decide.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8 -> 5 <Mialee> Oh good. :) <Flint> Did I hit from behind? <DM> So, The standing ones are the female and one of the males. Which is Mordin attacking? WWhich is Flint attacking? <Flint> d2 <DM> No FLint *** Flint flips a coin: heads <Flint> the female. <Mordin> the male. <DM> then the 8 hit <DM> as did Mordin *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 1 <DM> Let's call the male #2 <Jozlan> am I close enough yet? <DM> ok. They slap their partners, adn that's their action for the round. The partners wake up, but they will be out of action for the next round. <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Flint *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> Mialee and Pengo are still 30 yds away, as are Joz and Ic *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> your shot. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 > Mialee fires an arrow at #2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3 <Mialee> Argh. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1 > Pengo slings a rock at the other one that's standing. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8 <Pengo> Ugh. <DM> Mordin is still abit under the weather, eh? <DM> no hit Pengo <Mordin> Definately. <DM> Flint hit though. *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 8 <DM> You cut a huge gouge in the woman's leg > Jozlan charges out to get down and personal <DM> She screams, and backs off, muttering curses, ... or something. *** << <Mordin> << I'm +1 to hit these things as a dwarf, aren't I? <DM> suddenly, the entire battle area is swathed in Fog so thick you could cut it with a dagger. <Mialee> Dammit. *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: yup. *** << <Mordin> << Good, I need all the pluses I can get. <Mialee> Now what? <Mialee> Can I hear where they are? <DM> you hear the woman say: "Protect me m'boys!" <Mialee> Can I target the sound with a magic missile or arrow and hope for the best? <DM> Mialee, you're still 30 yds off. They're in the fog, but there's no shot for you. <Mialee> OK. <Flint> Unless you want to hit us. <Mialee> Yeah. Well. Damn. <Jozlan> you could web everybody <DM> ================================================= <Flint> If you can't see it, you can't target it. <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, FLint *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 <DM> ok, you're blind in the fog, but you could swing away anyway. <DM> miss, Flint. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 18 <DM> miss, MOrdin > Pengo gets up from his hiding place and stealthily advances toward the fight, trying to listen for signs of the enemy so he can get close enough to attack out of the fog. <DM> ok, that'll take two rounds to get there <Pengo> OK. <DM> What is Mialee doing? <Mialee> Not much of anything. <Mordin> The fog is so thick that we can't see a shape at 5 feet? <Mialee> I'm too badly injured to risk melee. <DM> Still standing 30 yds away? <Mialee> Yes. *** << <Mialee> << Would a dispel magic spell get rid of the fog? <DM> ok, Joz is heading for the fight, right? he'll be there next round. Icarius? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: it probably would. <Jozlan> given the fog, I'll stop running *** << <Mialee> << Hm. I have one in a scroll or book here, I could use it. I'd like to hang onto it to write into my book, but... <Mialee> What the heck. *** << <Mialee> << Can I read the book in this fog? :) <Icarius> no action now > Mialee rummages through her pack. <DM> The people NOT in the fight, are NOT in the fog. <Mialee> Oh! <Jozlan> ok > Mialee pulls out a book and recites the Dispel Magic spell. <DM> The fog is covering an area of about 50 ft in diameter <Jozlan> I'll approach up to outside the fog <DM> ok, lessee, you have a base 50% plus 20% = 70% chance of success. <DM> roll 70% or less *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 94 <Mialee> Dammit. <DM> aw, shucks! <DM> good try though. :) <Mialee> Wasted a spell. <Mialee> Worth a shot. :) <Jozlan> good try <DM> absolutely <DM> meanwhile, in the midst of the fog, the woman is still muttering. <Mialee> Someone kill her. :) *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: Flint and Mordin each make a save vs magic *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 8 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15 <DM> . or Mordin makes it <DM> oops *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: you don't, and stand there, stupidly staring at some wonderfully bright swirling colors in the fog. *** << <Flint> << OOOhhh...Pretty colors.... > Mordin approaches the muttering. > Pengo keeps sneaking toward the muttering. <DM> anyone else inside the fog? I don't think so *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: the fog has taken on some new swirling colors, it looks like, *** << <Jozlan> << which colors? <DM> Pengo is still OUTSIDE the fog at the moment though. <DM> Well, instead of just plain grey fog, now the fog is a swirling mass of bright colors. <DM> ================================================= <DM> . n Mordin <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Mordin *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> out of the mist you hear a swish! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> a blade just sneaks past your cheek *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 <DM> Flint, on the other hand, is HIT by a blade. *** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 6 <DM> now, lessee. <Flint> oooooohhh ... pretty colors ... <DM> Flint roll another saving throw *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17 <DM> The attack has awoken you. You may attack when it's your turn. <DM> Pengo, I need you to roll for hiding in shadows, and moving silently. <Flint> Ouch! <Pengo> What do I roll for that, 1d100? <DM> yes *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 43 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 39 <Pengo> For a thief, I seem to suck at these things. :) <DM> well, I'll assume that was reversed -- and you just barely made it. <DM> now... <Pengo> You're so nice. :) <Flint> Maybe we should give up being a thief? *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> like ships passing in the night.... > Pengo would mutter about meddling holy men if he'd actually heard that. <DM> Pengo, you're free to do whatever action you want. <Pengo> Where am I in relation to the woman? <Pengo> Or whatever she is. <DM> You're outside the fog bank, trying to orient by the sound of her voice <Pengo> My goal is to get up to her and backstab if possible. <Pengo> I'm going to keep sneaking in to get to her. <DM> Since you can't see which way she's facing, I'll give you a 50% chance that she is facing in the right direction. <Pengo> OK. <Pengo> The important thing is that I sneak up to her as stealthily as I can in this fog. <DM> that's what the rolls were for. > Pengo nods. *** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 31 *** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 76 <DM> meanwhile, Joz, you were ALMOST taken by surprise by one of the creatures that had tried to sneak out of the fog. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 <DM> so you avoided the backstab, but did get hit <Jozlan> drat *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2 <DM> you take 2 damage. <DM> and roll a saving throw <Jozlan> d? <DM> d20 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> ok <DM> the guy jumps back, then and whips out a sword. <DM> Ok, I think it's your turn. <DM> Flint, Mordin and Jozlan and Pengo can attack *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 18 <DM> hit! *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8 -> 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18 *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2 > Jozlan attacks the meany that attacked him > Mialee watches for bad guys to emerge from the fog. *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> miss, Jozlan <Pengo> Is Pengo up on the female yet? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you only see the one fighting Jozlan *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: yes > Pengo stabs the female with his short sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6 <Pengo> D'oh. > Mialee shoots at the guy that attacked Joz. <DM> ok, no backstab either. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Mordin *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> actually, first, Mialee, shoot a second arrow if you want. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> you get 2 per round *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7 <Mialee> Pfft. <DM> miss <DM> ok *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 6 <DM> your go. > Mialee shoots again. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> the dazzling colors seem to fade, and now just the fog remains. > Pengo slashes at the female again. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18 > Jozlan attacks again *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 16 <DM> mialee hit <DM> pengo missed *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <Mialee> There ya go. <DM> FLint hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5 <DM> Mialeee's arrow caught him right in the throat, and he drops <Mialee> Excellent. <DM> You hear the female mumble something, and then say: "Let's go boys, it's time to boogaloo" > Jozlan steps back to watch for anyone emerging <DM> you don't see anyone, but you hear the voice of the female from a point OUTSIDE the fog, saying, "Where's Redec? Damn. " <Pengo> Can I follow her? <Pengo> I mean, I'm right on top of her... <DM> you can try to move in the direction you heard her voice. > Pengo waits. <Mialee> She's just suddenly somewhere else? Weird. <DM> in the fog? <Icarius> maybe she turend invisible <Pengo> No, I'll leave the fog, in the direction of her voice. <DM> you can hear some footsteps then, moving off to the northwest. <DM> Are you following the footsteps? <Pengo> Yes. <Pengo> Invisibility, interesting. > Mialee follows Pengo. > Jozlan follows mialerr <DM> Hmm, is there a ranger in this bunch? :) <Flint> Vlix??? <Mialee> I wish Vlix were here. <DM> you're trying to follow the footsteps, and you occasionally see some leaves on the ground stirring, but they are about 50 yards away. <DM> is Everyone following? <Jozlan> sure <DM> IOW, FLint and Mordin? <Flint> Yes. <Mordin> Yes. <DM> ok, I'm gonna just say you have a 50% chance of keeping up with them. Pengo rolls, since he's in the lead *** Roll by Pengo: 1d2 -> 2 <DM> ok. By now the longer limbed party members have overtaken Pengo, and are leading the chase. <DM> the sound of the steps veers to the north, and continues through the woods for over a km until the ground starts to rise, and become less woodsy <Mialee> These guys can stay invisible for a long time. <DM> you do gain on them though, and are within 20 yards of them when the footsteps suddenly stop > Mialee listens. <Mialee> Do I hear them at all? <DM> you hear some quiet mumbling ahead of you, and then the sound of running footsteps off to your right (east) <Mialee> Um. <Mialee> Some of you go after the footsteps. *** << <Mialee> << I think they split up. I have no idea how I can verify. :) <Mialee> Can I tell how many footsteps run to the east? <DM> It sounds like 2 or three <Mialee> I think someone's still here. <DM> more like 2 > Mialee listens. <DM> the footsteps reced into the distance to the east. <Mialee> I think the noisy runners were trying to draw us away from here. <DM> recede even > Pengo looks around. <Icarius> how bigof an area does web cover? <DM> you're starting froma point 20 yards from where you last heard the footsteps. <DM> Icarius, there are no two opposing things to string it from here. You're in a bit of a clearing > Pengo looks for places someone might hide. <DM> the terrain has definately gotten rougher here, though the vegetation has decreased a bunch <DM> there are small bushes about. <DM> and occasional boulders. > Flint thinks that if some one were invisible, they could hide anywhere. > Pengo listens for movement. <DM> he hears no movement <Pengo> Hey, ugly! You ashamed of that hideous mess you call a face? <Pengo> That's a good reason to hide. <DM> Pengo has moved around a bit. Is anyone else moving at all? <Mialee> I'm poking around a little, wishing I still had that dispell magic. :) <DM> in what direction <DM> and how far? > Pengo wanders around the clearing making wise-ass comments about the ugly female. <Mialee> Not too far, just randomly ambling around, toward the east. > Jozlan prays to thor that their invisibility wears off <DM> sorry, that's a third level spell, ;) <DM> (Dispel Magic, that is) <Pengo> Hey! You! Your momma was a hairy kobold! *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: Wat are Flint and Mordin Doing? > Pengo keeps taunting. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you don't find much of anything to the east *** << <Flint> << Seeing if they can catch their scent on the wind. > Mialee starts a spiralling search pattern, searching the clearing. <DM> relative to the point at which you heard the footsteps stop, where are you searching? *** << <Flint> << Moving within the clearing. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <Mialee> I'm starting there and working outward in growing circles, trying to search the whole clearing. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <Mordin> Towards the spot where they stopped. <DM> As mordin approaches the spot, one of the males suddenly appears and attacks him! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> but misses :( <DM> Mordin, you can attack back. <Mialee> Let me know when I can shoot at him. :) *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 4 <DM> suddenly, the other male appears, and looks around, and moves toward Mordin. > Flint charges to where Mordin is. <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Mordin <DM> You can shoot now, Mialee *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 6 <DM> your go *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 4 <Mialee> I target the one that just appeared. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6 <Pengo> Am I close enough to attack? <DM> next round. <DM> mialee you missed <Flint> Can I attack this round? <DM> next round <DM> ok, the 2 attack mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 <DM> the second one hits, *** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 7 > Mialee fires her second arrow at the same one as before. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> he growls in triumph! <DM> <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> ================================================= <DM> New Round. Roll Initiative, Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1 <DM> Mialee, with everyone closing in, you've a high chance of hitting one of your friends <DM> if you shoot arrows > Mialee casts Magic Missile at the same guy as before. *** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 3 = 5 + 2 = 7 <DM> everyone else can pile on now. > Pengo swings at whichever is closest. <DM> And he screams, and falls to the ground dead. <Pengo> The other one :) *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11 <DM> there is only one standing . *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Flint and Pengo both hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 8 <DM> and off comes the creature's head! <Mialee> Excellent. > Jozlan searches the body > Mialee listens for signs of the female. <DM> Mialee hears nothing. > Mordin searches the other one. <DM> Male #1: <DM> Clothing - grey travelling cloak over leather armour, small back pack (see below). <DM> <DM> Weapons - long sword, dagger, short bow, 15 arrows. Languages spoken - common, orc, goblin. <DM> <DM> Personal treasure - small platinum clasp on cloak (value 160gp) and the following items in his back pack: a set of thief's tools, a flask of oil, two small torches, tinder box. <DM> <DM> Male #2 <DM> Clothing - dark green robe over chain mail armour, small shield, small back pack (see below). <DM> <DM> Weapons - long sword, two daggers. <DM> <DM> Languages spoken - common, orc. <DM> <DM> Personal treasure - a talisman on a chain around his neck (wrought gold and haematite value <DM> <DM> (wrought gold and haematite value 250gp) and the following items in his back pack: food, wine-skin, 50 foot coil of rope, two sacks. > Flint searches the area they seemed to appear from. <DM> He finds nothing but their blood on the ground. <Jozlan> we can use the rope to search <Jozlan> spread it out and walk through the clearing <Flint> Any sign of the female still here? <DM> No sign that you can see <DM> The males appear to be half-orcs <Mialee> Hm. I really hoped we'd catch up with her. <Mialee> Well, now what? <Flint> Swinging my axe, hoping to find an invisible female standing (or squatting) still. <Mialee> Continue back to town, or head east? <Flint> If we heard two or three sets of running feet and only the female is left, then the sounds must have been an illusion. <Mialee> Yeah. I think you're right. <Mialee> She might have gotten away during the noise of this fight. <Jozlan> let's get going then <Jozlan> we'll probably see her again <DM> where to? <Flint> Help me search the area. <Mialee> Agreed, let's go to town as originally planned and finish resting up so we can take that cave again. <Jozlan> i've had enough of bears, lets go to town <DM> No stops along the way? <Mialee> No. <Flint> Stop at the other body to search it. <Mialee> OK <DM> You get back to the scene of the last battle, and looking around for the body, at first you can't find it. <Flint> By the way, since these half-orcs speak common; if the female is in the area, we just told her our plans. <DM> then suddenly, it just appears, and you hear footsteps running off again. <Flint> Chase the footsteps <DM> flint chases, anyone else? <Mialee> Yes. > Mialee chases the footsteps. > Pengo follows as fast as he can. <Mordin> Yes. <DM> after a few hundred feet, you are getting very close. you cna hear not only the footsteps, but heavy breathing <DM> you get to a point where the person seems almost within reach. Do you make an attempt to grab? <Jozlan> you probably need to *see* someone for hold person to work? <DM> yes, Jozlan <Flint> Yes. <DM> Mialee is the front runner here <Mialee> Yes, I try to grab. <DM> roll d20 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> you manage to knock the person down, and they struggle and hammer your head and shoulders with their hands, <DM> and then she appears, a most comely and beautiful woman. <DM> "Please, don't hurt me! Those horrible people kept me captive!" <Mialee> Yeah right. > Mialee doesn't buy it. <Icarius> a succubus? <DM> "Yes really! I was kidnapped from Gannaway, and have been kept hostage for a month now!" <Flint> Disbelieve <Mialee> I don't believe it for a second. <DM> Well, believe it or not, she (it?) appears to be a lovely young woman. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 8 <DM> "Please, oh please let me go! I want to see my family again!" <Mialee> What's your name? <DM> Flint are you attacking with your Axe? <Flint> I'm Disbelieving. <DM> ok. <DM> "My name is Lavinia" <DM> "I've been living here all of my life." <Mialee> So why were you attacking us? <DM> "I wasn't attacking you! It was those horrid creatures that kidnapped me!" <Mialee> Uh-huh. <DM> "I was just trying to stay out of the fight" <Mialee> Uh-huh. <DM> "Please-oh-please-oh-pleassse let me go! " <Mialee> Is she injured? <Flint> Bind her. <Mialee> The ugly female was wounded. <DM> you don't see any injuries. <Icarius> yeah, she had her leg cut good <DM> but she does seem to have a limp <Mialee> Flint, you tie her up while I hold her down. <Mialee> Uh-huh. > Mialee checks her leg, poking and prodding, trying to see if she can feel the cut. > Pengo watches interestedly. <DM> when you prod the leg, the girl grimaces. > Mialee pokes it harder. <DM> "Ouch! What are you? You're as bad as my former captors were! Leave me BE!" > Mordin is poised to attack. <Mialee> Flint, bind her. <Mialee> I'll hold it down. <Mialee> I don't know what it is, but it's not a woman. > Flint binds both hands and feet. Hands behind the back. <DM> She was carrying a small purse. When you bind her up, the purse falls to the ground. and actually, it turns out to be a rough leather satchel. <Mialee> Uh-huh. > Pengo picks it up and looks inside. <DM> You see some stuff: <DM> 12gp, material components forspells, a scroll <Mialee> So the purse turned into a leather satchel as she dropped it? <DM> a dagger, a gold ring, a set of thieves' tools, a tinder box a vial of liquid, and a pill box <DM> Yes, it changed form. <Mialee> Yeah. I'm glad we tied her up. :) <Mialee> So, who are you really? <DM> As you're poring over the contents of the satchel, her face seems to shimmer some, and resolves into the ugly face you saw before. <DM> "I told you, my name is Lavinia" <Mialee> And who are you really? <Mialee> Or, should I ask, what are you? <Jozlan> and *what* are you? <DM> Just a poor widow trying to make it in this cruel world <Mialee> Maybe we should take her to town, see if anybody there knows anything. <DM> "And now, not only a widow, but one who has lost her sons to your dispicable selves!" <Mialee> Well, you had pretty despicable sons. <DM> She starts to say something, then clamps her mouth shut. <Mialee> Truth hurts. <Jozlan> what were you planning to do to the villa? <DM> "What villa?" <Mialee> Let's drag her along when we go to town. <Mialee> Perhaps someone there will know what to do with her. <DM> Did I mention that she was wearing a pretty nice looking necklace and a ring on her finger? <Flint> NO...Take the ring and necklace. <Mialee> Definitely. <DM> It's a necklace of topaz beads (value 1800gp), and it's a gold finger ring (10gp) > Mialee searches her. <DM> "So you're thieves as well as murderers!" <DM> you don't find anything else of interest. <Flint> Strip her. Her is full of tricks. <Mialee> Do we really need to strip her? <Jozlan> eww <Flint> The way she throws magic around? <DM> "thieves, murderers, AND voyeurs! Is there no depth to which you will not stoop?!?!" <Mialee> Point taken. > Icarius reminds everyone there are no witnesses if we do kill her <Mialee> I won't have anything to do with that. <Flint> No, not once she is a prisoner. <Jozlan> then should we take her back to town? <Mialee> Can't we just gag her, and cover her eyes, and take her as-is? <Mialee> Yes, let's take her to town. <DM> Ok, so are you heading back to town then? <Jozlan> gag her, bag her <DM> Ok, you arrive safely in Kusnir, with your prisoner in tow. <DM> Where in town are you going to take her? <Flint> I thought we were headed to Gannaway? <Mialee> I did too. <DM> Well, Kusnir is where you started from. <DM> If you meant to go to Gannawy instead, that's ok <Mialee> But Gannaway is the nearest town. <Mialee> And it's where she claims to be from. <DM> ehh, it's a wash <DM> ok <DM> So you arrive safely in Gannaway <Flint> And she claims to be from there. <DM> This is another small town, with buildings made of stout timber. <Jozlan> maybe if we got work with a pair of pliers and a blow torch she'll do more talking <DM> There is only one street to speak of, and about 30 buildings in the town, mostly residences <Mialee> Any sign of a town hall or other central building? <DM> along in the center of town, there are a few shops, including a drygoods store, a cabinetmaker <DM> but no sign of a main town hall or anything. <Mialee> Any people around? <DM> Oh yes, there are people moving about a bit, but it's getting late in the day, and the shops seem to be ready to close. <Mialee> Anyplace seem especially active? <DM> You see smoke rising from the chimneys of most of the buildings. <DM> There is a tavern which seems to be getting MORE active <DM> as the day gets shorter. <DM> It bears a sign of a woodpecker <Mialee> Let's go there, then. <Flint> Stop and ask for directions to the mayor's office. <Mialee> Should a couple of us stay outside with the prisoner? <DM> Who's going IN? <Mialee> I'll go in. > Jozlan i'll stay out here > Mialee goes inside. <Mordin> I'll stay. > Pengo goes as well, figuring he's more in his element in a pub than the street. <Flint> I'll go in. <DM> The inside of the tavern is cozy, with a warm fire burning in the common room <DM> behind the bar is a small, thin man, serving drinks to his customers <DM> The tables are half full <DM> the conversation subdued > Mialee walks over to the bar, takes a seat, and orders some wine. <DM> "What can I get you good folks?" <Mialee> Anything interesting going on around these parts? <DM> He serves up a small goblet of wine. <DM> "Well, you've no doubt heard of some of the trouble we've had. Are you from up 'round Hallbridges? Haven't seen you in here before." > Mialee tries quickly to think of the best answer. <Mialee> We're really just passing through. <Flint> We came from Kusnir. > Mialee nods. <DM> "Ahh, well, some of our homesteads on the fringe of the forest have been burned out, luckily none in the past few weeks" <DM> We're pretty certain 'twas the blue devils that done it. " <Mialee> What do you know about them? <DM> "but if they're gone, I'd hate to know what displaced them." <DM> "not too much. I've never actually seen one myself, but my brother's wife's cousin was in on one of the raids we made on their fortress." <Mialee> I think I'd like to talk to him. <DM> " he says their awful fierce fighters, what for being so small and all. " <Mialee> You have anybody turn up missing around here in the last month or so? <Flint> Is there anyone in town named Lavinia? <DM> "Lavinia? No, I don't think I know anyone by that name. " <Flint> Anybody turn up missing in the last month or so? <DM> "No, no one missing. We had some injuries a while back, on the last raid from the blue devils, but no one was taken. " <Flint> When was that? <DM> "Oh, had to be a month or more. Like I said, things seem to have quieted down some -- I just hope it's not like the calm before the storm." <Mialee> Have you had any run-ins or dealings with any orcs or half-orcs? > Mialee sips at her wine. > Pengo orders a beer. > Pengo looks around the room for interesting... prospects. <DM> "No, can't say I've heard of any of those types round here a'tall" *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: a pretty homely lot in here -- no one has any jewelery showing. *** << <Pengo> << Anybody stand out as being interesting to point out to the others for possible questioning or conversation? <DM> "ye say yer passing through. Have ye got a place to stay in town? " <Flint> You say you've raided their fortress, Where is it? <Mialee> Well, I'd sure like to talk to your brother's wife's cousin about that raid on the blue devils. <Mialee> Not yet, no; can you help us with that? *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: no, they seem to mostly be residents. Woodsmen mostly, but of a quiet sort, not unruly as you might expect. <DM> "Well. I've got a couple of mattresses upstairs in a common sleeping chamber -- that is about all I can offer you." <Mialee> I think that would be all right. <DM> "But you won't find anything better in this town. You'd have to go to Kusnir or Hallbridges to find something more elegant. " <Mialee> Do you have a mayor or someone who runs things around here? <DM> "Mayor? nah, we kind of fall in under Kusnir for any kind of governin' " <DM> "Papa Kurst is the one we've looked to for leadership 'round here. " > Mialee quietly asks Flint, "So, do we stay here or do we take our prisoner back to Kusnir, where they're more likely to be able to handle her?" <Flint> Rest here tonight, then go to Kusnir. <Mialee> We'd sure like to take you up on the offer of those mattresses, sir. <DM> "Ok, I'll have my boy get some blankets out. Will there be just the 3 of you?" <Flint> No, Seven and a prisoner. <DM> "A prisoner?!?!" he asks with a rather alarmed look on his face. > Mialee wonders why Flint mentioned the prisoner. <Mialee> Someone who attacked us in the woods. <Flint> The next person that walks through that door is going to mention the prisoner standing outside. <DM> "Oh? tsk tsk tsk. I hope you weren't harmed. What sort of creature have you captured?" <DM> "Is it dangerous? I can't afford to have a dangerous creature in my house. " <Mialee> It's well-bound, and will be guarded. <Flint> A half-orc that may be in league with the blue devils. <DM> "<gasp!> oh, no no no, I'm sorry, but I can't have that. You'll have to go see Papa Kurst about that. " > Mialee shrugs, pays for her wine, and leaves. <Flint> We will leave in the morning. <DM> " I just can't be responsible. What if one of my other patrons or my wife or child were strangled in their sleep?" <DM> BTW, the woman may be ugly, but she was a human woman. <Mialee> Really? <Flint> She is bound. we need to rest however in order to take her to Pappa Kurst. <Mialee> Huh. <DM> "oh dear me. I don't know what to do. Can you really keep her safely?" > Pengo looks up at Flint and grins. > Pengo climbs up onto a stool and says, "We can, and we will!" <Flint> Yes. <DM> "I'll send a boy to Kusnir and ask Papa Kurst what to do. Meanwhile, I suppose you can take her upstairs, but I'll lock the door. " > Pengo standing solemnly atop the stool. <Flint> We can sleep her if someone has a spell left. <DM> The barkeep disappears in the back room for a minute, and then comes back out. <DM> "Oh dear me, dear me. Ok, please bring the creature around back. I can't have my other customers seeing you bring her in. " > Mialee comes back in smiling. <DM> Sleep only lasts 5 minutes per level, Flint. :) <Mialee> Well, after getting a closer look, she's actually a human. She just looks like kind of orcish. > Mialee smiles. <Flint> Guess that's why I'm a cleric. <DM> As you bring her through the back door, with the tavernkeeper looking on, he whispers: "She doesn't look that dangerous. Would she really have attacked a group as large as you all?" <Mialee> She wasn't alone. <Flint> She had friends. <DM> "Oh, my my my. " <DM> "I guess I don't really need to now any more. " <DM> " will you be staying just the one night then? " <Mialee> Yes, just one night. <DM> He shows you to the upstairs room, which is VERY spartanly furnished, and leaves, whispering "dear dear dear." <DM> BTW, where in the heck did you all leave your pack mules? <DM> I always forget about them when the action heats up. <Mialee> Me too. :) <Mialee> We need to find a place for them for the night. <DM> For the sake of continuity, I'd say that you must have really left them in Kusnir, since that's the last time they were mentioned. :D <Mialee> OK. :) <DM> So the night passes, and after several hours, your prisoner seems to have given up her struggles against the bonds with which you tied her. <Mialee> Of course we keep watching her. <DM> The next morning, the tavernkeeper comes up the the room, and reports that Papa Kurst would very much like to hear what you've learned at your most early convenience. <Mialee> Did we get enough rest to memorize spells or heal any? <DM> yes. > Mialee waits anxiously for details. <DM> In fact, since Flint still had 4 CLW left, I'll assume he expended them on you last night. <DM> ok <Icarius> so back to Kurstin? <DM> So what next? <Mialee> Let's head for Kusnir now. <DM> That would be Kusnir :) <Flint> Memorize spells first. <DM> ok, after memorizing spells, you get to Kusnir, and Papa Kurst is there to greet you in the square. <Mialee> Hello, Papa Kurst. Look what we have. <Mordin> How am I this morning? <Mialee> I think he said you're back to normal. <DM> Yes, Mordin, you are in tip top shape <Mordin> Yes... <Flint> And I should have gotten a point back from last night's rest. <DM> Papa Kurst asks how things went, and is very interested in the prisoner. <DM> True, Flint. and You too Mialee <DM> so Mialee is the only one down at all at -3 > Mialee tells the story of what happened since we left a few days ago. <Flint> Tell him about the prisoner and that we need to go back and clean out the lair. <PapaKurst> "Amazing! So you were actually inside that stockade, and you didn't see any of the blue devils?" <Mialee> No, none of them. <PapaKurst> "Oh, so they might still be there then" > Mialee gestures toward the prisoner. <Mialee> I think she knows a great deal about the place. <DM> Papa Kurst Suggests that if you were to leave her with him, he and the Priest from the temple might be able to extract some information from her. <Mialee> That sounds like a good idea. <PapaKurst> "Will you be going back to the stockade, then, to see what else is there?" <Mialee> Yes. <PapaKurst> "Excellent! I'm confident you will hoave our little mystery solved in no time at all!" <Flint> This time we take the mules! <Mialee> Yes. <Mialee> Is there anything else we need to deal with before we head out? <DM> apparently not. <Mialee> Then let's go back to the stockade and deal with that place once and for all. <Icarius> let's ask the priest about the lycanthropy progress <DM> So you're heading back up river, this time with the mules in tow. :) <Flint> Food, healing, etc??? <DM> ahh, good point. It has been about a week since you were bitten. <Mialee> Oh, yes, let's ask about that. Good call. <Flint> Yes, lets talk to the priest. <DM> Papa Kurst escorts you to the temple, and explains to the priest about Lavinia, and leaves her in his care. > Mialee defers to Flint to talk to the priest. <Flint> Have you found out anything about Lycanthropy? <DM> To you, he explains that he has been gathering the materials needed, but hasn't gotten them all assembled yet. <Icarius> If there's anything we can help you with, please let us know <Flint> Okay, since we were back in town we thought we'd touch base. <DM> He explains that chances are even if he gets the materials, he would only be able to perform the ceremony once. So he has come to believe from his communion with his god. <Mialee> Have you learned anything else about the condition? <DM> If only, he says, there were close at hand a scroll with the spell ensorcerlled, he would be able to help both sufferers. <Mialee> Hey, our prisoner's bag has a scroll in it. What's it say? <Flint> ????!!!! <Flint> Check Lavinia's sachetal. > Mialee rustles through Lavinia's satchel. <DM> There is a scroll there, with no spells that you can read. > Mialee hands it to the priest. <Mialee> Can you make anything of this? <DM> He can't read it either, but suggests that perhaps with a Read Magic spell, it might be deciphered > Mialee takes it back. <Mialee> OK, guess I need to memorize a read magic. :) <DM> Meanwhile, he says, good luck, and may the gods go with you. <Mialee> OK, let's find someplace for me to rest so I can memorize read magic and use it on this scroll. > Flint thanks him and leaves. > Mialee follows. > Pengo does too. <Icarius> maybe we should go back to the stockade and you can memorize it when we need to rest then <Flint> We might want to ID the other items we found. <DM> If you want to spend another night in Kusnir, there is, of course the Inn you stayed in before. <Flint> They might come in handy in the stockade. <DM> ??? <DM> .... <Mialee> Do we want to read that scroll or head for the stockade? <Mialee> Reading the scroll means another night here. <Mialee> I'm more inclined to just head for the stockade. <Flint> Let's just spend a night so that Mialee can read the scroll. <Mordin> Let's head for the stockade. <Mialee> Stockade. <DM> Ok, you carefully pick your way back upriver, through the woods, and arrive just where you were a few days ago. <Mialee> OK, let's go on in, this time being more careful about freaking traps. :) <DM> in the clearing just south of the stockade. <DM> ok, you enter the stockade. Now. What are you doing with the mules? <Mialee> Hm... tie them up in the woods, or to the base of the tower? <Mordin> Is there any trails to the north of the stockade? > Mialee realizes the former is a ways out of the stockade. <DM> Mordin, there is a light trail following the river up, but it looks like it hasn't been used in a while <Mordin> Tieing them to the tower is a sign to anyone who comes in behind us that we are inside. <Mialee> OK, let's take a side trip to the woods and tie them up out there. <Mordin> We could head up the north trail and find a clearing. > DM considers calling the SPCA :) <Mordin> ? <Mialee> Sigh. <DM> Well, what'll it be? woods or stockade? <Mialee> Woods. <Jozlan> soc. prevention cruelty animals <Jozlan> woods <Mialee> Just far enough in that they can't be seen from the clearing. <DM> ok, you find a nice little area with some grass where you can tie them on a long lead. <Mordin> I miss the relevance. <DM> and you head back to the stockade. <Mordin> Okay. <DM> And you arrive at the entrance to the underground. <Mialee> All right, let's go on in. Again, watching for traps this time. :) <DM> Good Idea! :) <Mialee> I think we should head for X6 and follow that way around. <DM> You arrive at the first juncture, with the pit trap that Mialee fell into in front of you (to the south) <DM> tunnels leading o the NE and NW <Mialee> So we head NE towarde X6. <Mordin> Which way is north on the diagram? <DM> March order here is <DM> Mordin and Flint <DM> Mialee and Pengo <DM> Icarius and Jozlan <DM> Correct? <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> The top is north <DM> Ok, you find your way back to the scene of carnage in X6 <Mialee> OK, we finished searching in here, right? <DM> The place is stinking from the dead bodies. <Mialee> If so, let's proceed SE, cautiously, watching for traps. <DM> Yes, you thoroughly searhed this area <Flint> Remember that that creature is still in here. <Mialee> Yes, I know. <Mialee> SE we go. <DM> Ok, refresh your webpage <Mialee> Anything interesting to note in this junction? <DM> Directly in front of you to the SE is just a wall <Flint> What is to the NE? <Mialee> I think we should check out the passage to the northeast first. <DM> At X10, it looks like there is a big pile of rocks and timbers. <DM> Flint and Mordin, each of you roll % (low) *** Roll by Flint: 1D100 -> 58 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D100 -> 87 <DM> <sigh> <Mialee> Who's got the rope? :) <DM> each of you roll 4d6 under your dexterity <Flint> We never make it easy do we? *** Roll by Flint: 4D6 -> 6 + 2 + 6 + 5 = 19 *** Roll by Mordin: 4D6 -> 6 + 5 + 5 + 3 = 19 <DM> They don't even teeter, but fall headlong into the pit. <Mialee> Heh. <DM> Flint takes <DM> .6 <DM> .6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> for Mordin. <DM> alright, Is anyone going to help the dwarves out of their predicment? <DM> err, the dwarves <Flint> Does anyone carry rope besides the dwarves? <DM> Hello? Is anyone there? <Mialee> Mordin carries it. <Mialee> As far as I know he's the only one who does. <Mialee> But he should be able to toss it up here. <Flint> So do I. <DM> I'm sure he could manage to throw an end up <DM> So after a bit of huffing and puffing, you get the dwarves out of the hole. <Mialee> OK. <DM> BTW, you found another 50' coil of rope with one of the 1/2 orcs *** << <Flint> << Everybody depends on the dwarves. <DM> You explore the rest of the corridor to the NE, and find that it simply dead-ends there. <Mialee> Great. <Mordin> Let's search the wall to the south of X10. <Mialee> Yes. <DM> at X10: A passage leading from the one which you have been following is completely blocked by a jumble of rocks, casks, sacks and other items. As you approach, the stench of rotting flesh assails you. <DM> Not to mention a rather maggotty smell. <Mialee> Lovely. > Mialee gingerly searches the debris. <DM> to the west, the passage opens up into a chamber of some sort. <Flint> I think we should come back to this later. <DM> You see that there is a bunch of rotting foodstuffs piled up here. <Mialee> OK, let's move on to the chamber to the west then. Carefully, boys. :) <Mordin> Off we go... <DM> ok, refresh <DM> Arranged around this room are items which one would associate with training for combat. Near one wall is a wooden manikin. <DM> A wooden ball with long spikes set into it hangs by a chain from the ceiling. <DM> There are several dumb-bells in a rack and a treadle-driven grind-stone. On a bench against another wall are some bottles and crossbow bolts. Under this bench is a battered straw target. <Flint> Are the bottles empty? <DM> No <DM> Nor are they labelled at all <Mialee> Figures. <Mordin> Are they sealed? <DM> They are corked, but not wax-sealed <DM> and they are of various shapes. <Mordin> Are the corks fully inserted or only partially? <DM> partially <Mordin> Open a bottle and smell it. <DM> #1 smells like glue <Mordin> Check the rest. <DM> #2 smells like glue <DM> #3 smells like wintergreen > Mialee watches Mordin sniff glue. <DM> #4 smells metallic and oily <DM> #5 has no smell <Mordin> Enough glue and anything smells like wintergreen. <Mialee> Let's take them and move on. > Pengo searches the room for anything not already seen. <DM> Pengo doesn't fnd anything else <Flint> Gather the bolts. How many are there? <DM> 12 <Flint> Anything special about them? <Mialee> So, south or NW? <Mordin> Are those doors to the NW? <Mialee> Yeah, there's a door up there, looks like. <Mialee> One of those little set aside wicker-like basket kinda doors. :) <DM> yes, it's a door like the others in this complex, consisting of a skin stretched over a wooden frame <Mordin> That might be the Armory. <Mialee> I think it's going to lead back to the central passage. <Mialee> I have doubts about there being another room there. <Mialee> NW or S? <Mordin> NW <Mialee> OK. > Pengo checks the NW door for traps. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 17 <DM> Pengo doesn't find any on the door. <DM> refresh > Pengo moves the door to the side. <DM> as you round the corner, Mordin and Flint should both roll % <Mialee> OK, I was wrong about taking back to the central passage. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D100 -> 70 *** Roll by Flint: 1D100 -> 14 <Flint> Finally. <DM> Flint SPOTS A TRAP! <DM> yahoo! > Mialee would apploud if it were safe. <Flint> Hey, there's a trap there! <DM> it's one like the others you've seen, cleverly disguised with a bit of canvas and straw. <DM> naturally, knowing that it's there, you could pick your way around it, but it looks like the passage dead ends there anyway. <Mordin> Pengo, care to try and disarm it? <DM> and all you see on the other side is a couple of sticks and bones. <Pengo> Sure. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 87 <Pengo> Sigh. <DM> Well, there's really nothing to disarm per se. <Pengo> A pit, is it? <DM> it's a concealed pit. > Pengo sidesteps the pit to the other side and searches the sticks and bones. <DM> which dwarves can see half of the time if they're looking for them. <Pengo> Anything in there? <DM> He doesn't find anything interesting there. > Pengo steps back around. <Mordin> 1 out of 4 isn't bad. <Mialee> Guess we head south from X9 then. <Mordin> Yes. <Mialee> Still watching for traps, thanks. :) <DM> Ok, as you leave the room to the south, (refresh) you see that the passageway 'T's <Mialee> Where on this map were we when we had our encounter with the large weird creature? <DM> To the west, you can hear some shuffling noises, and the rattle of a chain. <Mialee> I guess that's where. :) <DM> In the main hallway, just south of the entrance. <DM> > Mialee whispers, "Shall we dance?" <Mordin> Let's go west. <Mialee> We shall. > Mialee grins. > Mialee has sword in hand. > Pengo does too. <Mialee> Lead on, boys. <Flint> ><##)(*@% elves. <Mialee> That's you, Flint and Mordin, you're in the front. :) <Mialee> Whatever's wrong with elves, shorty? > Mordin heads west. <DM> Before you is a bare irregular chamber. A strong animal smell seems to come from a creature lurking near the far side. It is a stocky, bear-like animal with an odd, feathered head and a beak-like snout. > Mialee follows, staying in position. <DM> This animal has a broad leather belt around its waist from which a heavy chain runs through a ring fixed to the far wall and across the floor to a hook on the corridor wall beside the doorway. When it sees you, the creature lunges forward as if to attack, <Mialee> Is it chained up again, or still unchained? <DM> chained <Mialee> Chained, good deal. <Jozlan> yippee > Mialee switches back to her bow. <Mialee> Anyone else in here? <DM> It howls in rage, and lunges forward again. <DM> not that you can see > Mialee shoots the creature. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> the thing winces, and steps back into an alcove which is out of sight <Mialee> Hm. > Mordin advances. > Flint advances. > Mialee does as well, trying to get sight of it so she can shoot again. <Pengo> Me too. <DM> The thing rushes out and attacks! <DM> initiative please *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2 > Pengo slashes with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10 > Mialee shoots it. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. <DM> Pengo missed *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 18 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 <DM> Mordin hits *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 1 + 6 = 7 <DM> Flint hits *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 8 <Mialee> Nice. :) <DM> the thing howls, and goes after .... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> .5 <DM> .5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> .2 <DM> jees *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> Pengo! <Jozlan> maybe he doesn't go after anyone *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> he hits with a claw and with his beak! *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 1 + 6 = 7 <DM> 9 points on Pengo! <Pengo> Ow! <DM> .l <DM> =========================================== <DM> new round *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 3 *** Unknown command: /r *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 <DM> after Mordin this time. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> 2 claws and the beak! *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 2 + 2 = 4 <DM> 13 HP DAMAGE on Mordin <Mialee> Oof. <Mialee> Our turn? <DM> It's not Mordin's week > Mordin DROPS. <DM> I thought so. <Mialee> Arrow. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5 <Mialee> Doh. <DM> your turn > Pengo slashes. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 3 > Jozlan casts cl on mordin *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 9 <DM> Pengo Digs deep into the flesh of the creature. <DM> Flint misses <DM> Mialee, your second arrow *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14 <Icarius> does hold person apply to this thing? <DM> Your arrow speeds right to the eye of the beast! *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> It stands transfixed for a moment, before slowly falling to the ground. > Mialee grins. <Jozlan> cool <DM> Icarius, no there is a separate "Hold Monster" spell <Icarius> ok <Icarius> thanks > Pengo starts searching the room. <DM> Pengo doesn't find anything but some piles of well, Owlbear-sh!+ <Mialee> (Sheppy is starting to get sleepy from the pizza he ate a while ago) <Mialee> Eeew. <DM> There is nothing of value to be found in this chamber. <Mialee> OK, let's head to the east then. <Mordin> There is still a room to the north. <DM> Mordin is once again mortally injured, with barely the strength to stand and walk <Mialee> Someone fix him up. :) <Jozlan> i did a cl, he should only be down 5 now > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> Ok, he's got his hp back now, but he's still at strength of 4 and constitution of 4 <Mialee> OK, let's check that room to the north then, before heading east. <Mialee> Man. <DM> and Pengo is down a bit too <Mialee> Well, keep him in the back out of the way. <Pengo> True, I'm down to 7. <Flint> Anybody else need healing? <Pengo> Me :) <DM> mialee and Flint just a little > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Flint> We may need to leave and rest. <Mialee> Sigh. Maybe so. <DM> Which way are you going? <Mialee> Let's go north to the room we haven't looked at and check in there on our way outside. <Flint> We could check the room to the north on the way out. <Mialee> Mordin can wait in the hall while we take a look. <Flint> :) <Mialee> OK, Flint, lead us up there. <DM> ok, refresh <Mialee> Anything good in there? <DM> Just off the passage is an irregular chamber. It is apparently unoccupied. The walls and ceilings are covered with lurid blue paint, over which childish drawings of battle scenes have been scrawled in chalk. <DM> There is a broken table lying on the floor, on top of which is a considerable quantity of what appears to be broken furniture. > Mialee examines the battle scenes. <DM> They look like drawings done by primitive people > Flint searches the broken furniture. <DM> A family of mice have made a nest under the table. <DM> Among the items which they have gathered are an ivory die (value 10gp) and a jade gaming piece (value 12gp). <DM> Nothing else of interest in the room. <Mialee> Shall we venture forth into the outside world then? <Flint> Out we go. <Mialee> Onward and outward then. <DM> Are you going to stay in the stockade? What about the Mules? <DM> It's late afternoon when you emerge <Mialee> We'll return to the mules to camp. <DM> ok, and that might be a good enough place to break for the night. ================================================== Feb 1, 2004 ================================================== <DM> If you recall, when we last left our little band of adventurers, they had <DM> defeated the evil Lavinia and her irascible sons. <DM> The party, with the heroic Mordin once again incapacitated by grievous wounds <DM> taken in the fight with the owlbear, have left the stockade with its <DM> underground labyrinth, and camped for the night with their ponies in the woods. <DM> You've been able to rest through the night, taking your shifts per SOP. The <DM> morning dawns grey and dreary. <Mordin> How bad do I feel? <Mialee> OK, we've already handed Lavinia over to Papa Kurst, right? <DM> Yes. before you went back to the stockade <Mialee> That's right. <Mialee> OK. <DM> You ventured in, and Mordin got clobbered by the Owlbear, so you decided to go back out to where the ponies were <DM> You can assume that you're all up on hit points, though Mordin's Con and Str <DM> are once again drained <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> So. We need to sort out how to deal with this. Do we go back in, or do we rest a while to get Mordin back into shape? <DM> So now it's up to you all what you want to do. <Mialee> Is there anything we can do to get his strength and con back up without just resting? <Flint> I think we may need to rest for several days or return to town to rest. <DM> Well, a "heal" spell would probably work, as opposed to a CLW <Mialee> I don't think we have one. <Icarius> i don't <Jozlan> i don't <Flint> I don't. <DM> (It's a 6th level spell) <Mialee> Perhaps next time we have a chance, we should find a place to buy some nice postions. :) <Mialee> potions. <Mialee> I guess we need to go back to town again. Experience tells us we can't get any real rest out here. <Mialee> Personally, I think that having beated Livinia and her sons, and their pet, we're probably fairly safe sleeping in the cave. <Mialee> But probably not as safe as going to town. <Mialee> Any opinions? <Mialee> Beated? <Mialee> Hm. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: I'm still here. :) *** << <Mialee> << Apparently nobody else though. :) <Mialee> Anyone? :) <Jozlan> maybe we should go back to town <Flint> Isn't there still part of the cave that is unexplored? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: of course, I always forget that not everyone is on a high-speed cable connection. :) <Pengo> Either way. <DM> Flint, yes there is. <Mialee> I think we've explored very nearly all of it. I haven't looked at the map recently. <Mialee> Well, let's play it safe and head back to town. <Mialee> But I swear, if Mordin gets wiped out again, we should leave him behind. :) <Flint> We can try and rest here. If we are disturbed, we can relocate. <Mialee> OK, let's do that. Sounds like a plan. <DM> Resting another day? <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> alright <Mialee> You still have our resting order? <DM> Yes, although other than Mordin, you don't need to sleep the whole day. <Mialee> OK. <DM> You've just finished a normal rest period, and regained your spells <Mialee> All right... let's just relax and let him sleep all day then. :) <DM> Is there anything that anyone is going to do while Mordin is resting, other than relaxing themselves? <Mordin> :/ <Mialee> Nothing comes to mind here. > Jozlan twiddles his thumbs <DM> Ok, the morning passes by, and about noon.... <DM> Mialee, roll for surprise (d6) *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> you spot, from your lookoutish vantage point, an Ogre approaching your position, flanked by several wolves. <DM> roll initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> they are about 50 yards away when you spot them coming toward you. > Mialee shoots an arrow at the ogre. <Mialee> Wait, can I get a clean shot through the trees? <DM> well, it's a tough shot, but you can handle it. :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4 <Mialee> Apparently. :) <Flint> That's handling it. > Pengo slings a rock. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6 <Pengo> Or not. :) <DM> The ogre howls in rage, and charges, brandishing a club of enormous size. <DM> the wolves also charge the party. <Mialee> Okay, boys. Go for it. :) <DM> Mialee, you get another shot this round *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 > Jozlan casts sleep <Jozlan> oops, not me > Icarius casts sleep <Mialee> :) <Icarius> how many are in the party? <DM> an ogre and 3 wolves *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4 -> 2 <DM> and 2 of the wolves drop in their tracks! > Pengo cheers. <DM> but the ogre and the other wolf are still coming > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. <Mialee> Are they close enough for you to reach? <DM> their action this round was charging, so now it's a new round, and they are upon you. > Mialee suddenly has an idea. > Mialee gives Icarius her Staff of Magic Missile. <Mialee> Icarius -- that'll help you have more to do during fights. <Icarius> good thinking, thanks > Mialee grins. <Mialee> Don't forget to put it on your inventory list. :) <DM> -------------------------------------------------------------- <DM> New Round: Roll for initiative <DM> -------------------------------------------------------------- *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <Mialee> (the ogre) <DM> with the bow still? <Mialee> Yes. <DM> hit > Pengo attacks a wolf with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17 <Flint> The Ogre. <DM> ok. the thing is howling in rage and pain *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 9 > Jozlan attacks the ogre with his warhammer *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12 <DM> Flint hits *** Roll by Flint: 1D8+6 -> 6 + 6 = 12 <Flint> Nevermind the +6. <DM> Joz barely missed <DM> The ogre stumbles as the axe bites into his leg <DM> Ok, then the wolf on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 <DM> missed <DM> .2 *** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 2 <DM> The ogre attacks flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 <DM> and misses <DM> ok, next round. <DM> initiative <Mialee> Do I get another shot? <DM> ----------------------------------------------------- <DM> yes, sorry <Mialee> :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4 <Mialee> Ogre still. <DM> your arrow takes it right in the head. <DM> but since there is not much there anyway.... <DM> it keeps swinging. <Flint> Nice shot. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <Mialee> Stupid thing. :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> your go. <Mialee> OK, with my sword this time. :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1 <Mialee> Or not :) > Pengo hacks at his wolf *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8 <Pengo> Hmph. <DM> miss, pengo <DM> Flint? <DM> nevermind <DM> Is that it then? <DM> Jozlan? > Jozlan attacks the ogre with his warhammer *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 1 <DM> Crushing it's chest! THe huge thing drops like a ton of bricks! <DM> But the wolf angrily attacks Pengo! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> hits! > Pengo yelps. *** Roll by DM: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3 <DM> You take some damage. HP: 3 <Pengo> Got it. <DM> Ok, next round, I guess *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> The wolf tucks tail and runs <Pengo> The one on me? <DM> yes <DM> the other two are asleep <Mialee> Oh yeah. <DM> your action? <Flint> Can we get a parting shot? > Mialee shoots the fleeing wolf. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Mialee, by the time you get your bow out again, the thing is at a long distant shot <Mialee> Wow, that's awfully fast. <DM> but you do get a hit! <DM> but it keeps going. > Pengo shoots his sling at it. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 20 <Jozlan> we can take it out on the other 2 <DM> those amazing hobbits! *** Roll by Pengo: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5 <Pengo> Bang! <DM> and Pengo brings it down! > Icarius is impressed <Flint> I think Pengo has a grudge against that wolf. :) > Flint kills the two sleeping wolves. > Mialee grins. > Pengo bows deeply. <DM> Flint surprisingly feels a pang of regret <Jozlan> why so glum, chum? <Mialee> Flint is turning to the dark side. :) <DM> (at killing the wolves) <Flint> There pets of the ogre. <Flint> their. <Flint> They're. <Jozlan> they'd be lonesome without it <Mialee> So, how's Mordin feeling now? <DM> He's feeling weak, still. <DM> but you make it through to the late afternoon without any other excitement. <Mialee> Hm. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. > Pengo smiles. <Pengo> Thanks! *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Mialee> Shall we stay here and rest more, then? *** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 29 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <Flint> Yes. <Mialee> OK, let's do that. We keep resting. <DM> Ok, you make it through the night without any surprises. <Mialee> OK. > Flint prays for spells. <DM> The next day is a little sunnier, and Mordin's Con is up to max, but his str is still down 2 pts <DM> He is able to move and wield a weapon, though. <DM> Just not with those huge bonuses for strength. <Flint> Rest a second day, or finish exploring the cavern? <Jozlan> how does Mordin feel about it? *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: ought to feel up to it. <Mialee> Yeah, his call. <Mordin> Let's go! <Mialee> Let's. <Flint> He always was eager for a fight. <DM> So you're leaving the ponies tied up still, next to the corpses of the ogre and wolves? <Mialee> :) <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> The blood may draw unwanted attention. <Mialee> We should take the ponies with us. I think this time we need to tie them up inside the stockade. <Mialee> We certainly can't leave them anywhere near here. <Flint> Good idea. <Mialee> All right, we take them with us this time. <Mialee> Let's go. <Flint> There is grass in there. <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> They should be pretty happy. <Flint> Can we close the stockade gates? <DM> I've added some grid coordinates. :) <DM> Yes you can. <Mialee> There ya go. Let's do that. :) <DM> So the stockade is in the very eastern tip of Hex E10 <DM> ok, you get back to the stockade, and close the gates, and the ponies begin to contentedly munch the grass. <DM> Everything else is just as you left it <DM> ... *** << <Mordin> << My strength is 16 instead of 18/21? *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: yes <DM> ... <Mialee> OK, let's go on in, and get back to the south end of that long hallway. <Mialee> Just north of X8, so we can head east and check out that area. > Mordin leads the way. <DM> Carefully picking your way past the pit traps, you get back to the corner in the hallway where the carcass of the owlbear is beginning to stink more than usual <DM> You arrive at the doorway leading into area X9 <Mialee> OK, let's head around the bend and turn south to see what's down there. > Pengo watches for traps. <DM> The more important thing would probably be if Mordin and Flint were watching for traps, eh? <Mialee> True. :) <Flint> We do. <DM> anyway, you go south for just a few feet, and the hallway bends to the east. You haven't found any traps, and the hall just dead-ends. <DM> the Finder is getting wierd here. <Mialee> Really. Hm. OK, I guess it's back up to X10 then, to see about that debris. <DM> Ok, you arrive back at the stinking pile of rubbish that is blocking the hallway to the SE > Mialee examines the rubble. <DM> Ok, my finder has a spinning beach ball, so If I disappear, it's cause I had to reboot. > DM wonders if he can safely force-quit the finder. <Mialee> OS X? Sure. <Flint> We didn't check that hallway for any hidden doors. <DM> Rats. it didn't work. <Mialee> What didn't work? <Mialee> When a force quit fails on OS X, try it a second time. That usually does it. <DM> ahh, there we are. Just give me a sec... <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> Want to go back down and check out that dead end for trap doors before se check out this debris then? <Mialee> Because you're right, it seems like we should. <Flint> Yes. <Mialee> OK, let's. <DM> Ok, we're back in business. You can refresh your browser for the underground. <DM> Ok, back down in that little corner, you search very thoroughly, but don't find any type of door or other passage <Mialee> OK, now... <Mialee> Back to the debris. > Mialee examines the debris. > Flint assists her. > Pengo watches, holding his nose. <DM> A passage leading from the one which you have been following is completely blocked by a jumble of rocks, casks, sacks and other items. As you approach, the stench of rotting flesh assails you. <Mialee> Does it look like something we can get through with some shoveling aside of junk? <DM> Are you going to attempt to MOVE the debris, or are you just looking at it? <DM> Yes, it would seem so. <Flint> Let's move it. <Mialee> Then let's do that, with some caution, since it looks like a heap o' biohazard. :) <DM> As you start moving the piles of trash, with the almost overpowering stench, <DM> you notice something squirming in some of the casks. <Mialee> What is it? <DM> one crawls out on your arm, Mialee, it's like a huge maggot or something. > Mialee shakes it off. <DM> It tries to bite you! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 <Mialee> Grr. <DM> roll for initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> oh, well, it succeeded, it seems, <DM> and it starts burrowinbg into your arm! <Mialee> Ack! <DM> What are you going to do?!?!? <DM> tick... tick.... tick.... <Mialee> I don't know!! <Flint> Slap a torch on it. <Mialee> Who has the torch!? *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: good man, Fllint! > Mialee grabs the end of it to try to keep it from getting deeper. <DM> it's too slippery *** << <Flint> << Thanks. <Mialee> Torch! Torch!! <Mialee> Help me! <Flint> Who is carrying the torch? <DM> I guess Icarius has the torch. He usually does, eh? <Mialee> I don't know! Help me! <Mialee> I think it's usually him. > Icarius torches the beat <Icarius> st <DM> huh? <DM> ok <Flint> Icarius slap the torch on it!!! <Icarius> torch the maggot *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> Mialee takes 3 damage from the torch > Mialee screams. <Icarius> sorry <Mialee> No worries. Did you kill it?? <DM> It would seem so <Mialee> Is it out? :) <Flint> Pull out the grub. <DM> well, it's burned up at any rate. > Mialee pulls it out. <DM> there's nothing really left to pull out. <Mialee> OK. <DM> but it's dead and gone. > Flint digs in the wound with a knife to see that all of it is gone. <Mialee> What say we be more careful with those casks then? :) <Mialee> Ow, ow, ow! <DM> Flint doesn't find any more remains. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Mialee> Thanks. <DM> Ok, exercising extreme caution, you manage to move enough of the garbage to squeeze by into the corridor beyond. <Mialee> Let's go then. <DM> refresh <DM> You see the corridor running to the southeast. <DM> There is a door immediately to your left, and some openings on either side of the passageway. <Mialee> Let's check out the openings first. The one to the south first. <DM> The first one is to your immediate right <Mialee> That one. :) <DM> refresh <DM> You have come to a roughly circular chamber, the walls of which have been painted vivid green. The lower parts of the walls are scored by deep vertical scratches. <DM> In the center of the room lies a human corpse wearing chainmail armour. A very large rat is chewing at the armor apparently in an attempt to reach the body. > Mialee hacks at the rat with her sword. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 > Mordin attacks the rat. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 20 <Mialee> Go Mordin. :) <DM> both hit, but when you do, the rat suddenly morphs into something entirely different! <DM> It becomes a blurringly fast feline form, with midnight blue fur and yellow eyes and a long tail. <DM> go ahead an roll damage. <Mialee> Oh boy. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 7 + 4 = 11 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 2 <Mialee> Or is it large enough to roll d12? <DM> no <Mialee> Didn't expect so :) *** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 1 <DM> it attacks Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 <Mordin> Flint? <DM> err... Mordin <DM> sorry *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 4 <DM> Mordin takes 5 points <DM> This cat-like creature is moving unbelievably fast, and is able to get in another attack on Mialee before you realize it. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <Mialee> Wow. *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> Mialee take 9 damage <Mialee> Got it. <DM> anyone else? <Flint> Put it to sleep. > Pengo slices with his sword. > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17 > Jozlan casts cl on mialee *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+2 -> 1 + 2 = 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 3 <Mialee> That helps, thanks. <DM> actually, it should be +4, Joz <DM> Pengo hits <DM> oh, I see he did :) <DM> next round? <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> your shot > Mialee hacks with her sword. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. <DM> hit > Pengo swings his too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 2 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 14 <DM> Mordin cleaves the thing in two, breaking its back *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> jozlan, roll a saving throw *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> d20 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 4 <DM> hang on <Jozlan> you're making me nervous :) *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: you have been charmed by a creature in the room, who has commanded you to attack your party, who suddenly seem to be inimical... <Mialee> Yeah. :) *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: so pick someone to attack and attack with the hammer <Jozlan> die fowl beast! > Jozlan attacks mordin *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 2 <Mialee> This is interesting. > Mialee casts sleep on Jozlan. <Mialee> (I don't know if that needs a roll :) <Mialee> (or what roll, I mean) <DM> no roll <Jozlan> 1d1 <Jozlan> zzzz <DM> Jozlan Sleeps <Mialee> Good. Now we can figure out what to do with him. :) <DM> you hear a sort of a slurping sound from above you > Mialee looks up. <DM> and sees what looks like a giant egg yolk slithering across the ceiling. > Mialee makes sure she's not under it, then shoots at it. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9 <DM> hits *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> It continues to slide away > Flint shoots it. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 5 > Pengo slings a rock at it. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 20 <DM> both hit! *** Roll by Pengo: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D4 -> 3 <DM> Ok, Mialee, roll a saving throw *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1 <Mialee> D'oh. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you have been charmed by the creature, and commanded to attack your compatriots. Pick someone to attack next with your bow. > Mialee shoots at Pengo. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> The creature continues to slither toward the SE <Pengo> What the f**k?? > Pengo leaps to the ground. > Mordin looks around the room. <DM> the arrow skitters across the ground *** << <Mialee> << How long does this last? :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: until the creature is dead. *** << <Mialee> << Let me know when I should go again. This is fun. ;) <Pengo> Someone put her down too! > Pengo gets back up. *** << <Pengo> << Let me know when I can shoot at the thing again. > Icarius uses the magic missile staff > Flint grapples with Mialee. <Pengo> Don't kill her, just knock her out. :) <DM> roll *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11 > Mialee beats on Flint with her bow, trying to shoot again. <DM> Flint succeeds in keeping Mialee from firing this round. > Mialee screams at Flint. <DM> meanwhile, what is everyone else doing? *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: now you can shoot > Pengo shoots at it. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2 > Icarius uses magic missile staff on teh thing *** Roll by Icarius: 1d20 -> 6 <Pengo> Dammit! > Mialee keeps trying to hit Flint with the bow, trying to get him off. *** << <Mordin> << do I see anything besides the egg yolk in the room? <DM> Icarius, it's an auto hit thing, you just roll d4+1` damage *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: no <Mialee> Get off, you foul beast! *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: no other creatures, anyway <DM> You do hear some scurrying feet in the room off to the SE <DM> Icarius, roll 1d4+1 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4 -> 4 *** << <Mordin> << Subdual damage on Mialee. > Mialee knees Flint in the groin. > Mordin attacks Mialee. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3 <Mialee> Well, kicks, more like. He's pretty short. ;) <DM> The thing sizzles and pops, and drops to the floor with a 'PLOP!' *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you come to your senses > Mialee shakes her head and stops beating on Flint. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: you come to your senses. <Mialee> What the...? *** << <Jozlan> << so I'm awake and no longer charmed? > Flint stops with the elf. *** << <Mialee> << Do I remember what happened? *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: yes <Jozlan> yawn <DM> Jozlan wakes up <Jozlan> what a weird dream > Mialee looks around confusedly. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: yes <Mordin> I heard feet off to the SE. <Mialee> That was really weird. Sorry about that... > Mialee turns and looks off to the southeast. > Mordin heads SE > Mialee follows. <Mialee> By the way, I could use a CLW. <Mialee> No hard feelings, I hope. :) <DM> You are in a roughly circular chamber, the walls of which have been painted vivid green. The lower parts of the walls are scored by deep vertical scratches. > Flint heads NE. > Pengo tags along, but stays away from Mialee. <DM> this is back in the old chamber <Mialee> We left it? > Jozlan cls mialee *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <Mialee> Thanks, much better! <DM> Sorry for being slow. Are you looking around this chamber, or moving off to the SE? <Mialee> I think we're heading after the footsteps we heard. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: you are back in the corridor <DM> ok, you move into the chamber to the SE <Mordin> I'm heading SE after the footsteps. <DM> This is a roughly rectangular chamber whose rock walls are painted black. <DM> In the centre of the room is a huge pile of dry vegetable matter, Scuttling over and around this are at least a dozen large rats. <Flint> II'm circling to the NE to cut them off. <DM> As you enter the room, they attack! <Flint> From the green room. <DM> you can refresh <Mialee> Rats galore. :) <DM> rats galore <Mialee> Are we waiting for them, or do we roll initiative, or...? <DM> Who is in Front with Mordin, (who BTW is down 7 hp by my count) <DM> initiative *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <Mialee> I presume Flint is, as usual. Someone heal Mordin. <DM> Flint is not with you <Mialee> Oh. Then I am. <DM> Mordin is in front, with Mialee and Pengo close behind. <DM> ok *** << <Flint> << I'll enter X13 from the NE. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: got it. Next round > Mialee swings at the nearest rat. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11 > Pengo does too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 10 <DM> all hits *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 3 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 6 + 4 = 10 <DM> and each one kills a rat, but you see more pouring out of the pile! <Mialee> Hum. <Mialee> Oh. <Icarius> we should torch the pile <Mialee> Icarius... yes. <Mialee> Torch it now. > Mialee backs off. > Pengo does too. > Pengo guards Icarius. <DM> there are 3 rats each on Pengo, Mialee and Mordin <Mordin> Says the man with the torch. :) <Mialee> Likewise. > Icarius torches the pile <DM> wait asec <DM> you're not near the pile. You just entered the room <Mialee> How big is the room? You said the pile was huge. :) <Mialee> I was picturing it filling most of the room. :) <DM> it fills about 1/2 of the center of the room. <Mialee> Do we have any spare torches? If so, just toss this one on. :) <DM> Icarius could toss a torch over your heads, and hope to hit the pile, I suppose. <Mialee> Throw it. <Mialee> Actually, hang on. <DM> meanwhile, back at the fracas... <DM> on Mordin <Mialee> How close am I to Icarius? *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> one gets a hit on Mordin/ *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <Mialee> We could always ignite an arrow and I could shoot the pile. :) *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12 <DM> on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> 2 hit Pengo for 2 hp <Mialee> And...? :) <DM> Icarius, are you going to toss the torch this round? <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 > Mialee grumbles at Icarius. :) *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5 <DM> a pile of rats on Mordin, Mialee and Pengo still <DM> on Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 <DM> all miss <DM> on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> one hit *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> on pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> all miss *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: you are entering the room now *** << <Flint> << Do I get to attack before the rats? <DM> your turn *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: no, you should roll separate initiative *** Private roll to flint: 1d6 -> 6 *** << <Flint> << I did. > Mialee lights one of his arrows using Icarius's torch. <Mialee> Can I shoot it too, or do I have to wait? :) <Mialee> (I figure I can poke the arrow in there without him actually doing anything ;) <Icarius> and we won't lose the torch either <DM> Mialee, you can't just light any old arrow on fire. <Mialee> Bah. :) <DM> they have to be specially prepared. <Mialee> OK, then, Icarius, toss the torch. > Icarius passes the torch up <Mialee> Yeah, yeah. I was hoping you wouldn't notice. :) > Mialee throws the damn torch at the pile. <Mialee> What do I roll for that? :) <DM> But you could shoot at one of the rats <DM> ok <DM> d20 <Mialee> I would, but apparently Icarius doesn't want to. :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 <Mialee> (do the throwing :) <DM> you hit the pile, and the torch sits there, burning. <Mialee> OK, next. <Mialee> Hopefully it will catch. :) <DM> Did Pengo and Mordin hack at the rats yet? <Mialee> If anyone has some oil... :) > Pengo swings at one of his rats. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2 <Pengo> Bah. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6 <Mialee> Icarius, you can use that staff if you want. :) <DM> both miss > Icarius uses the staff *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5 <Mialee> Yay :) <DM> What is flint doing? You are in the room, and between the pile and MOST of the rats, tough there are still more piling out of the pile. <Mialee> Which rat did you shoot? :) <DM> and one rats explodes <Icarius> they all look the same to me > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13 <Mialee> Well, I hope it was one of the ones immediately threatening one of us. :) <DM> Flint hits, cutting a rat in 2 *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 7 <DM> There are so many of them, they are piling on you like there's no tomorrow. <DM> and crawling right over the top of their dead brothers <Mialee> Any progress with the torch? :) <Mialee> If someone has some oil, we could toss that on to help things along a bit. :) > Mialee wishes she knew Fireball. :) <DM> ok, I think that's it for this round. The torch is burning, and MAY be catching some of the nest. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 > Mialee hacks at the nearest rat. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 12 > Pengo does too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6 <DM> pengo misses *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 11 <DM> Mialee and Mordin hit. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 5 + 4 = 9 <DM> Mordin crushes a rat. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 4 <DM> Mialee slices one neatly in 2 > Jozlan plays whack-a-rat *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 7 *** << <Flint> << Can I see the torch on the pile? <DM> The ones still emerging from the nest see Flint, and surround him. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: yes you can. > Icarius mms one near flint *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4 *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: you are about 15' from the pile, surrounded by rats > Flint tosses oit on the fire. <Flint> oil <DM> Icarius, one of the rats explodes disgustingly <Mialee> Woohoo :) <DM> Flint tosses some oil on the burning torch, and the pile starts to burn merrily <DM> ok, willard's turn. <Flint> :) <DM> on FLint, there were 6 rats, minus the one that exploded. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12 <DM> none hit. <DM> on MOrdin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> mordin takes 3 <DM> on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 <DM> Mialee takse 5 <DM> on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> PEngo takes 1 <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 > Mialee slashes away. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7 > Pengo does too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5 <DM> smoke begins to rise from the pile *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 8 <DM> all miss! > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <DM> FLINT ISN'T near enough for that <DM> You have to be able to "lay on hands" > Flint tosses more oil on the fire. <DM> ok <DM> Ok, then, on Flint, there are 6 rats. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> Flint takes 4 <DM> on Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 <DM> you hear some squeals from inside the pile of stuff, but no more rats come out. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <Flint> Is Jozlan doing anything this round? *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> your shot <Flint> Or Icarius? > Mialee slashes at the nearest rat. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17 *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: Mordin could probably use a CLW *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 6 > Pengo does too. <DM> Mialee plugs one. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3 > Jozlan casts cl on mordin *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <Jozlan> that was my last one <DM> Mordin? Are you attacking? > Flint attacks a rat. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 16 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 13 *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 3 <DM> hit Mordin *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> Both dwarves splatter a rat. <DM> ok, our turn, then <DM> on Flint there are 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> You take some damage. HP: 4 <DM> on Mordin there are 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 <DM> on Mialee there are 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 <DM> on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 <DM> miss <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> They viciously attack again! <DM> on Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 9 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> on ehit *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> on Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> ok, your turn. > Mialee swings. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 5 <DM> splat! > Pengo swings too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> splat! *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 3 <DM> splat! > Mordin attacks twice. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 20 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 5 + 4 = 9 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> Splat Splat! <DM> Mordin has cut a path, through which he could run to the aid of his cousin <DM> next round after next > Jozlan attacks *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <Mordin> It's been so long since we were in prolonged combat that I forgot I have an extra attack. <DM> ;) <DM> Flint, why don't you roll initiative? *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 <Mialee> :) <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 1 <Mialee> Nice roll. ;) <DM> ok, the remaining rats attack <DM> on Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> 3 hits! *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> 6 hp on Flint <DM> on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 <DM> on Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> misses both <DM> your shot *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> hit, Pengo > Mordin charges to aid Flint! > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 > Jozlan attacks *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> miss <DM> ok, Mordin, you can attack *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 11 <DM> hit *** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> splat! <DM> did Pengo ever roll damage? <Pengo> Yes. <Pengo> Er... no. :) *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> ok, splat then. :) <Pengo> I was sure I missed and got up for a minute. :) <DM> ok there are 4 rats left, 3 on Flint/Mordin, and one on Mialee <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> and the smoke is starting to obscure your vision. *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> on Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> on Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 <DM> all miss *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 4 <Pengo> Man. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 16 <DM> hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 7 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 10 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14 <DM> splat splat splat *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> not quite, Jozlan <Jozlan> not my fight <Mialee> :) <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3 <DM> the lone remaining rat, on Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <Mialee> Little bastard. :) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20 <DM> and gets a nibble! *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <Flint> lol <DM> your turn! <Flint> I think it's dead. <Mialee> Did I get it? :) <Mialee> Better be, little rat. <DM> it's dead, indeed! <DM> The smoke is increasing, and starting from the ceiling down, it is getting hard to breathe. <Mialee> OK, let's get out of here and let the fire burn down. :) <Mialee> Back to the green room, so we can check out that corpse. <Mordin> Yes. <Flint> How badly is everyone hurt? <DM> by my count, Flint -10, Mordin -5, Mialee -8 and Pengo -4 <Mialee> I'm down to 3. <DM> I'm afraid I've lsot count of how many CLW you all have left. <Pengo> I'm down 5. <Flint> !Mialee. <Pengo> (to 11) > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <Mialee> Thank you. <DM> mialee now down 6 <Mialee> Right. <Flint> She was -8 and now is -6? <DM> no, I was mistaken, and she was down more than I thought <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> I was actually down 14. <Flint> I have one Cure Light left. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <Mialee> Thankee! <Flint> That's it for healing. Let's search the green room and rest for spells. <Mialee> Yes. <DM> You are in a roughly circular chamber, the walls of which have been painted <DM> vivid green. The lower parts of the walls are scored by deep vertical <DM> scratches. > Pengo examines the corpse. <DM> The corpse of the cat-thing? <Flint> After the pile burns out we can search it. <Mialee> No, the human. <Mialee> Remember it? :) <Mialee> THe one the rat was chewing on? :) <DM> Funny thing is, you go back there, and there doesn't seem to be a human corpse. <Mialee> Curious. > Mialee searches the room. <Jozlan> eird <Flint> Any sign it was ever there? <DM> It looks like the scratches on one part of the wall are much deeper than elsewhere. <Jozlan> ^w <DM> No Flint. <Mordin> search the walls. <DM> Closer examination reveals a light-coloured material beneath the paint under the deep scratches. > Mordin searches the walls. <DM> Mordin, for something in particular? <Mordin> Secret doors, etc. > Pengo searches the walls for secret doors or panels. <DM> You don't find any secret doors. <Pengo> (I figure I should earn my keep) > Mialee examines the light colored material. <DM> The material feels like very soft plaster of some kind. <Jozlan> bash it? > Pengo kicks the plastery material. <DM> and stubs his big toe! > Mialee /act gouges at the plastery material with her sword. <DM> the material is in one section of the wall. <Mialee> No, with my dagger. > Mialee digs at it. <DM> it crumbles and comes out fairly easily > Mialee digs away until she can see what's behind it. <DM> As you're digging, you hear a 'chunk!' sound, as your dagger hits something slightly denser than the plaster. > Mialee clears away the plaster to get a look. <DM> Carefully digging around the object (which takes about 15 minutes) eventually reveals a small statue which seems to be made entirely of Gold! <Mialee> Nice. <DM> It is a statue of an ugly little creature, somewhat goblin-like but with a big head. > Mialee takes it and shows it to the others, then tucks it away among her things to carry out. <DM> It's REALLY heavy <Mialee> Really? <Mialee> :) <DM> You can barely lift it > Mialee gives it a closer look. <Mialee> How small is it? :) <DM> It looks like solid gold. It stands about 14" tall <DM> but it's thick. <Mialee> Hm. Is it so heavy we can't carry it around with us? <Mordin> I'll carry it. > Mialee wants a bag of holding. :) > Mialee gives it to Mordin. <DM> On a GOOD day, Mordin could carry it without becoming encumbered, but no one else, and not MOrdin today <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> Well, that kinda sucks. :) <Jozlan> we probably don't need to worry about anyonw taking it for now <DM> Mind you , you COULD carry it, but it would definitely encumber anyone who did. <Mordin> We can rest here for a day. <Mialee> Well, except that corpse that disappeared makes me nervous. :) <Flint> An illusion cast by the yellow thing? <Mialee> Hm, could be. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: nice insight! <Mialee> OK, let's rest here then. *** << <Flint> << I have to be careful that Flint isn't to insightful. :) <DM> ok, I'll assume you settle into your normal watch routine. <DM> ... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 <Mialee> Damn those dice. :) <DM> You get through about 7 hours without being disturbed... <DM> and wake refreshed. Even Mordin is feeling ok today. <Mialee> Wow. :) <DM> But first, we'll pause for station Identification.... <Mialee> OK, let's stash this statue in here (can it be shoved back into the wall?) and finish exploring this place. <Flint> Everybody gets 1 hp back today? <Flint> Anything else in the hole behind the statue? <DM> Nothing else in the hole, no. <Mialee> Well, after these few hours of resting, should be okay to go back in the next room again, I hope. <Mordin> I'll carry the statue. <DM> Yes, the smoke has cleared out for the most part, but the pile of refuse is still smouldering a bit in places. <Mialee> If you can't do it without being encumbered, let's leave it and pick it back up later. <Mialee> OK, what does the rat room look like again? :) <DM> He's actually ok with it now. <Mialee> Okay, cool. <DM> This is a roughly rectangular chamber whose rock walls are painted black. <DM> Other than the pile of smouldering refuse, and the dead rat boodies, there isn't much here. <DM> The nest contains many chewed bones, but there are no items of interest or value here. <Mialee> OK. <DM> Are you going to dig around in the pile? <DM> the nest, that is? <Mialee> Yeah, we should, I guess. > Mialee pokes through it with her sword. <Mialee> (kind of pushing stuff around to try to see if she can find anything) <DM> you don't find anything of value, but in the center, there is sort of a pedestal <DM> built into the floor, made of stone. <Mialee> I bet it's the right size for that statue. :) <DM> it would be indeed. > Mialee grins. <Mialee> Any inscriptions or anything on the pedestal? <DM> No > Mordin sets the statue on the pedestal. <DM> Nothing happens. > Mialee steps back and waits to see if anything happens. <Mialee> Guess nothing. :) > Mordin takes the statue. <Mialee> Take it back. <Mialee> Doh :) <Mialee> OK, let's head northeast then. :) <Flint> The room across from X12? <DM> You're soon back into the Passageway going NW to SE <Mialee> Yeah, let's go up and do that room across from X12. <DM> ok. > Pengo checks that door for traps. *** << <Jozlan> << for the other 2 l2 spells, chant and speak with animals <DM> The door to this room consists of heavy planks nailed together. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: good choice! <DM> It is not hinged, but is held firmly in place by wedges driven in around the edges from the corridor side. <DM> The door is only 3 feet high. <Pengo> Any traps? *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 39 <DM> You don't find any traps, Pengo <Flint> Somebody trapped something within this room. <DM> It looks like you could easily pull or knock the wedges out with a hammer. <Mialee> Do we want to open it? <Mordin> Yes. <DM> BTW, after you rested and regained spells, did anyone do any CLW on anyone? <Pengo> I'm down 4. <Mialee> I'm healthy. <Flint> Yes. <DM> Flint Mordin and Pengo are each down 4 or 5 I think <Mordin> I'm down 8. <Flint> I'm down 10. > Jozlan cl flint and mordin *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Pengo> Thanks! <DM> If I read that right, then Flint and Mordin are each down 2, and everyone else is ok now? <Flint> did we get a point from resting? <DM> yes <Mialee> We're fine. <Flint> Then we are only down 1. <DM> ok <DM> ok, back to the door with the wedges > Mialee pries the wedges out. <DM> they come out after a bit of a struggle. > Mordin stands ready to attack. > Mialee moves the door off to the side. <DM> Nothing comes out of the door > Pengo peers inside. <DM> Behind the door is a low-ceilinged irregular chamber, about 3 feet high. <DM> Sprawled against the far wall are two human skeletons in ragged clothes. > Pengo looks at the ceiling. <Pengo> (trying to without going in :) <DM> nothing of intrest on the ceiling. <DM> (refresh) > Pengo examines the skeletons (again, without going in) <DM> Their clothes are ragged, no sign of any type of armor <Pengo> Any hint of how they died? <Pengo> Signs of a fight or injuries? <DM> no. The skeletons seem fairly complete, and all together. <Pengo> You guys stay here for a minute. <Jozlan> must have been here for years > Pengo crawls into the room. > Mialee looks at the back side of the door. <DM> actually, Pengo just needs to duck a little, right? <Pengo> Yeah, true. > Pengo walks in. <DM> but when he gets inside, he doesn't see anything else that is particulary interesting > Pengo searches the skeletons. *** << <Mialee> << Anything interesting about the back of the door? <DM> the clothing falls apart, but the skeletons are otherwise empty. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: no. Just a wooden door. <Flint> Have the bones been striped clean or did all the meat rot away a long time ago? *** << <Mialee> << OK, so no sign of these people being shoved in here alive and trying to get out. :) > Pengo scraches his head. <DM> looks like the latter, Flint > Pengo examines the walls and floor. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: well, that's a good question... <DM> Pengo doesn't find anything on the walls or floor. *** << <Mialee> << I was hoping for scratches or damage that might indicate an effort to get through the door. <DM> no passages, nooks or crannies <Flint> Pengo - no chew marks on the bones, they are arranged in their proper location, etc. :) <Pengo> They look completely intact. <DM> no chew marks. <Pengo> What sort of clothing are they wearing? Is there enough left to tell? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: well, there might be some scratches on the back of the door <DM> Pengo, normal clothing, too rotten to tell. *** << <Mialee> << Hm. Deep ones, or just something faintish? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: faintish <Pengo> Hm. *** << <Mialee> << From fingernails or something maybe? > Pengo examines the skeleton's hands and fingers. <Flint> They might have been forgotten prisioners from when this place was abandoned. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: possibly fingernails, sure. *** << <Mialee> << Hm. <Mialee> The door has some scratches on the back that may be from fingernails. *** << <Mialee> << Any sign of blood or anything? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: no <Jozlan> good thinking <Pengo> Might be. <Flint> They probably starved to death. <Pengo> I think so. > Flint prays for their souls. <Mialee> Looks like they got shoved in here, tried for a while to et out, and then resigned themselves to death. <Mialee> Poor bastards. <DM> hey! no need to question their paternity! <Mialee> Should we leave them here or bring them out and give them a proper burial? <DM> :) <Mialee> Heh <Mialee> Opinions? <Flint> leave them and close it back up. It's a tomb now. > Mialee assumes the clerics have thoughts on the matter. <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> C'mon out, Pengo. > Pengo leaves the room. <Jozlan> let's leave them for now > Mialee puts the door back in place. > Mialee reinserts the wedges. > Mordin hammers them home. <Mialee> OK then. Let's go SE and finish checking this place out. <DM> You go to the bottom of the hallway, and see that it bends up to the NE again, and opens into a chamber. > Mordin leads the way. <Mialee> Anything interesting down here? :) <DM> You enter the chamber, <DM> This room is apparently unoccupied. With the exception of some fragments of bone and vegetable matter on the floor it seems to be empty. <DM> There is, however, a small opening in the back wall <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> How small? <Mordin> Search the room. <DM> hobbit size. <Pengo> Of course it is. :) > Pengo peers into the opening. <DM> The room is quite empty, except for the aforementioned vegetable matter, which is mostly scattered leaves and straw <DM> Pengo sees a passageway leading to the NE, and then bending to the SE (refresh) <Mialee> Looks like it's an exit. <Mialee> An escape route perhaps. <Mialee> (pretend Pengo said that :) <DM> :) <Mialee> Want to go check out the other direction real quick before we find out what's out there? <Flint> Yes. > Mialee goes over the other way. > Pengo follows. <DM> which way? <Mialee> To the one tile left that isn't filled in on the map. :) <Mialee> Between X13 and X14, and south. <DM> Well, that just looks like a bend in the passageway. Roll a d6 to see if you notice anything there *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 <Mialee> Gr. <DM> ok, oook. <DM> yes, indeed, it looks like you can push on the wall and open a door of some sort. <DM> imagine that! > Pengo checks for traps. <Pengo> :) *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 65 <DM> you don't find any traps > Pengo gives the wall a push. <DM> the door, which is made of rock, swings back on heavy hinges <DM> The small chamber before you appears to be unoccupied, but contains a wide variety of objects scattered haphazardly about. <Pengo> What sorts of objects? <Flint> Searh the room. <DM> refresh > Pengo searches the room. <DM> a whole bunch of stuff. <Pengo> That's helpful. ;) <DM> Four human-size cloaks, a small skirt, six long belts, two left boots and a tall hat. <Flint> Search. <DM> A suit of chain mail armor, two helms, half a suit of leather armor (the right half) - all human size. <Pengo> LOL <DM> A crossbow, a longbow (no string), three ranseurs and a javelin. <DM> A wooden fire-place surround, a large brass platter, a rug, a large broom, a wagon wheel, two oars and a chamber pot. <Pengo> Wow. Score! <Mordin> Any magic? <DM> how could you tell? > Mialee doesn't have detect magic memorized at the moment. :) <Jozlan> we needed a broom <Mordin> That was a hint. :) <Mialee> Do we want to rest so I can memorize it, then? :) <Flint> Sure, and we can heal as well. <Mialee> OK, let's. > Mialee plunks down. <DM> are you healing first? <Mialee> Whatever they decide. :) <DM> actually, you've only been up for about 1.5 hours <Flint> Yes, then we can renew spells. <DM> and you haven't been wounded at all since then, right? <Mialee> Yeah, but I need to rest to memorize Detect Magic. :) <DM> ok <Flint> Right, but we used CL's <DM> oh. true <DM> ok. so WHO is memorizing Detect Magic, and what spell are you giving up for it? (Hint Detect Magic is also a 1st level Cleric spell) <Flint> Mordin and I are only down a point, but if we are resting any way we might as well burn two more CL's and have everyone up to par. <Mialee> I'm giving up one of my magic missile spells for it. <Jozlan> I'll trade bless for detect magic <Mialee> How many DMs will it take to scan all this stuff? :) <Flint> I think the clerics should keep the healing magic and let the mages do the detecting. <Mialee> Agreed. <Mialee> Any idea how many we need, Mr. DM? :) <DM> Actually, you could do a quick scan with just one, probably. It is an area of effect spell, after all <Mialee> OK, that'll do then. <Mialee> Let's rest. :) *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> you manage to make it through another period of rest, and are able to renew your spells > Mialee casts Detect Magic. <DM> to include the detect magic <Mialee> Apparently this is the slow kind that takes a while to detect anything. ;) <DM> :) <Mialee> Or there's nothing magic here. :) <DM> The following items turn up as magical: <Mialee> Yeeees? :) <DM> 2 cloaks, one of the helms, bow, 1 ranseur, 1 broom, the wagon wheel and the chmber pot. <Mialee> Um. :) <Mialee> Woohoo, a magic chamber pot!! :) <Mialee> I don't suppose the statue Mordin is carrying turned up magic. :) > Mordin takes the statue out. <DM> I didn't see that you were checking that. <DM> but no. it's just reeallly heavy <Mialee> It's an area of effect spell, I would assume it would hit everything in the area. :) <Mialee> Since we're in it. :) <Mialee> OK... Well. <DM> for you, it's a 1" x 6" beam <Mialee> Ah. <Mialee> I guess we should at least gather up the magic items and take them with. :) <Mialee> And anything else we think might actually be worth taking. <DM> but you could sweep there area, I guess. <Flint> The armor for sure. <DM> in fact, you do note a glimmer of magic from behind te door, now that you mention it. <Flint> Which door? <DM> the stone door to the room you're in <Flint> Outside the room? <Mialee> Behind it? <DM> behind the door, inside the room > Mialee looks behind the door. > Mordin checks behind the door. <DM> and sees a cloak hanging there on a hook. > Mialee takes that cloak *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: which you recognize as being of elven make. *** << <Mialee> << Can I tell anything more about it by just looking at it? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: no <Mialee> OK, can we gather up all the magic stuff? <DM> yup <Mialee> Let's then. :) > Pengo goes through the passage and peeks outside. <Pengo> (after taking his share of stuff) <DM> You mean down the passageway, I assume? <Pengo> The little opening. <DM> from X14 <Pengo> The one that appears to lead outside. <Pengo> The hobbit-sized one. :) <DM> ok, you go down the hallway, and at the end, you can see a low hole leading to the outside, completely covered in bushes. <Flint> Let's take the normal armor as well. <Mialee> OK. <DM> you see the river running in front of you, about 10 feet away. <Mialee> Although do we have any human-size fighters? <Flint> We have a human size cleric. <Pengo> Do I see anything else, and can I tell where I am in relation to anything? <Mialee> Good point. <DM> from inside the passageway, you can't get your bearings <Pengo> Any sign that anyone's around to notice if I pop out for a look around? <Flint> And armor can be sold for cash. <DM> Pengo, not that you can see <Pengo> Hear? <DM> no > Pengo slips out of the tunnel and looks around. <Pengo> (out from behind the bushes, too) <DM> you're on the riverbank. there is a hill behind you, with a short piece of palisade on the top. The hill is VERY steep <Pengo> Hm. <DM> you, as a thief, could possibly climb it, but most people couldn't. <Pengo> I presume that the stockade is on top of it? <DM> yes, stockade = palisade <Pengo> Given that's where I came out from? :) > Pengo nods. <Pengo> OK. Anything on the river, or across it, worth noting? <DM> just woods. > Pengo goes back inside and rejoins the others. <DM> you note that the river bends around the hillside > Pengo describes the passage and where it goes. <Mialee> Now what? <Mialee> Do we do more experimenting with the statue and the pedestal? <Mialee> Or maybe that's just where the statue was until it got hidden. <Flint> IF the detect magic is still up, go see if the pedestal is magic. <Mialee> It's not. It doesn't last that long. :) <Jozlan> i have a detect magic <Mialee> Well, let's go then. :) > Mialee leads the pack back to the pedestal room. > Jozlan detects magic on the statue and pedestal <DM> neither appear to be magical. > Flint searches the pedestal for any hidden compartments. <Mialee> Then let's just take the statue with us and go. <DM> It just looks like a piece of the floor that wasn't flattened out <Jozlan> papa kurst might know something about the statue <Mialee> Yeah. <Jozlan> or lavinia <Mialee> Shall we go back to show it to them? <Flint> Let's head back. <Mialee> Lead on. > Mordin leads the way back to the ponies. <DM> You take off (with your ponies) on the trail back toward Kusnir... *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> and several hours after dark, you arrive back in the little hamlet safely <Flint> We can either ID magic here or wait until we get back to the Baron. <Mialee> I'd kind of like to at least check out the magic cloaks, because they could be immediately useful. <Jozlan> yes <Mialee> There are two of them, right? <Flint> Let's rest for the night and talk to Pappa Kurst in the morring. <Mialee> I'll need a full day's rest for each Identify I cast. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: there are 3 total, including the one you found behind the door. <Flint> There are 3 magic cloaks. <Mialee> OK, then I'll need three days' rest total to ID them all. <Mialee> Not counting the extra day just to memorize identify in the first place for the first shot. :) <Mialee> Let's go sleep, I can memorize ID, and then do my thing while you guys talk to Papa Kurst. <Mialee> (Cast it once and start resting again) <Flint> Plus the other magic items --- MAGIC BOW ___ . <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> Just remember, it's one day per item. :) <Mialee> So let's only check out the stuff we really want or need to know about. :) <Mialee> Let's get back to wherever it is we're staying. :) <Mialee> (I don't remember) <Flint> Yes, that's most of it. <Mialee> It's a back room at the tavern, right? *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: don't you have identify in your spell book? *** << <Icarius> << not that I recall, but I could be mistaken *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: I know I wrote down what you had somewhere, but I can't remember where. *** << <Icarius> << I'll check my notes... <Mialee> DM? :) <DM> When you get to the tavern, Papa Kurst is in the common room, and is pacing back and forth very agitatedly <Mialee> Uh-oh. :) <Mialee> Hello, Papa Kurst. <DM> When he sees you, he lets out an explosive gasp of relief <Flint> We may not be able to keep all this stuff when we get back. Remember that the Baron said we keep only what isn't the property of others. <DM> "You're back, at last!" <Mialee> Right. <Mialee> Is there news? <DM> Thank heavens - I was afraid that you had.... well, never mind. <Flint> That we had what? <DM> I have serious news.. the skulk has struck again, leaving another enigmatic note.... <DM> thank goodness it onl took a chicken this time. <Mialee> What this time? <Mialee> (What is the note) <DM> I can show it to you if you like, it's on the back of this very building. <Mialee> Yes, let's see it. <DM> he leads you around back, and shows you another scrawling, which, of course, you can't read. <Mialee> Oh yeah, we had to use Read Magic before, didn't we? <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> Tonight when I sleep, I'll memorize that too, and come read this before I do my Identify for the day. <DM> "The townspeople are beginning to get very very nervous, and some are talking of leaving!" <Mialee> We will get to the bottom of this, Papa Kurst. <Flint> Any indication which way the Skulk went when it left? <Jozlan> how often has the skulk been showing up? <DM> "It would be terrible if the town were deserted for fear of a scoundrally skulk!" <Mialee> How many people live in this town? <DM> No way to tell which way it went. The only evidence we have is the note out back and the missing chicken <DM> About 400 sould live in Kusnir <DM> The Skullk has only been heard of this once since you last went away <Mialee> Okay. <DM> 400 souls. <Mialee> I need to rest so I can do what I need to do, magic-wise. <Mialee> We can continue this investigation in the morning. <Flint> Let the towns people know that we are here to hunt down the Skulk, and that we will be doing detection magics to aid in that hunt. > Mialee goes to the room where we've been staying here and sleeps. <DM> Any other activity before turning in? <Jozlan> should we ask him about the statue? <Mialee> Yes, do. <Jozlan> and the blue cat thing? <Mialee> But I'm sleeping now. :) <Pengo> Ask about it. :) > Flint shows Pappa Kurst the statue. <DM> Papa Kurst says that the statue, as ugly as it is, depicts one of the little blue devils he's been talking about. <Icarius> interesting <Flint> Lavinia and here son's pushed the skulks out of their lair? <Icarius> have you ever heard of a speedy, blue, shapeshifting cat? <Pengo> The little blue devils aren't the skulks. <Jozlan> who would make a statue of a blue devil? <DM> "?? Shapeshifting? No, can't say I have. The Caterwaul is bluish in color though." <DM> "and it's reputed to be lighting fast. I haven't ever seen one in these parts though" <Pengo> The shapeshifting may have been the mind controlling egg yolk thing. <Pengo> Tricking our brains. > Mialee snores <Icarius> good point. <DM> While you're sleeping, the DM will take another short bio break. *** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM> <Flint> Pappa Kurst - The little blue devils are NOT the skulks? *** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM> <DM> "oh, no, no, no.... The blue devils are like a tribe, the skulks are very solitary. You won't find more than 1 or two together.." <DM> "and even that is rare." <Flint> Well, reassure the towns people. <DM> You sleep the night away, and wake the next morning to the smell of coffee. <DM> and sausage > Mialee memorizes Read Magic and Identify > Icarius drools <Icarius> aaach > Mialee eats breakfast happily, then goes out and casts Read Magic on the newest writing. <DM> You read the writing, and this time, it says "You have come! Hurry! The evil grows in power!" > Mialee goes back inside and shares this with others. <Mialee> I think this confirms the theory that there are two things doing the writing out there, or one with a split personality. <Mialee> Something is trying to warn us. *** << <Mialee> << Do you have the other writings handy that you could send me? I've misplaced them. <Flint> WHY do I get the feeling we are going to end up helping the skulk? <DM> You will recall, of course, that the previous writings were similar to the following: <DM> DANGER <DM> FORCES OF EVIL GATHER <DM> COME TO ME <DM> FREE THE POWER TO COMBAT EVIL <DM> HASTEN OR WITNESS DIRE DESTRUCTION <DM> I AWAIT THE COMING OF A BEARER <DM> I AM THE SENTINEL <DM> EVIL GROWS STRONG <DM> HELP ME OVERCOME <DM> DANGER.... <DM> <DM> scattered about the town. <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> And whoever it is is apparently aware of our arrival. <Mialee> Well... <DM> Papa Kurst comes in as you're eating breakfast, and asks about how you slept <Mialee> I slept well. > Mialee tells Papa Kurst the meaning of the new message, and about their interpretation. <DM> he hems and haws a bit, and asks when you think you might be ready to set out again afte the skulk. <Mialee> their->our <Mialee> I need to do some magic, and then we'll be on our way. <Flint> Well, if it wants our help and is intelligent enough to write, then it will not be that hard to find. <Mialee> Agreed. > Mialee goes back to the room, gets comfortable, and casts identify on the cloak she picked up off the hook. *** Private roll: 1d20 -> 1 > Mialee hopes to get the identification information before passing out. ;) *** Private roll: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> you need to roll % 3 times *** Private roll: 1d20 -> 12 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 65 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 60 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 49 <DM> unfortunately, you can't determine any of the magical enhancements on this cloak. <Mialee> Grumble. > Mialee passes out. <Mialee> Do let me know when I wake up and can try again. :) <Jozlan> i can try *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d100 -> 27 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d100 -> 6 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d100 -> 78 <DM> on the cloak? <Jozlan> yeah <DM> same cloak or another one? <Flint> You have the Identify spell memorized? <Jozlan> yeah, i should <DM> I think that's Icarius talking :) <Flint> You're a Cleric. <Pengo> I hope that's Icarius talking. :) <Jozlan> didn't you say identify was l1 cleric? <Mialee> Detect Magic. :) <DM> no Detect Magic <Jozlan> ah, ignore me. too much ale for breakfast <Flint> Icarius can do Identify if he has it in his book, however. <DM> Well, Mialee is going to be out of action for the day, so what is everyone else doing? <Pengo> We could see if there's anything on the lycanthropy yet. <Pengo> Well, I'm going. :) > Pengo heads to the priest or whatever he is and asks about that. > Flint follows. <Jozlan> we could ask him about the statue to see of he can add anything <DM> You arrive at the temple, an after a while, the priest comes out and greets you. <PriestOfHeimdall> "Welcome back, my friends. I'm glad you made it back unharmed. " <Flint> Thank you. <PriestOfHeimdall> You will be cheered to know that I have assembled all the ingredients that are needed to perform the ceremony which will rid one of you of the dread disease of Lycanthropy. <PriestOfHeimdall> Unfortunately, I can only perform the ceremony once. <Jozlan> that's better tahn 0 times. we thank you for your devotion <Flint> Then we must wait until we know which of us is infected. <Pengo> What if we all are? <Flint> How soon until the full moon? <DM> One more week. <Pengo> I guess we wait. <Flint> Then we have a problem. <Pengo> Hm? <Pengo> I mean, we can't hang out here, but we can come back in a week... <Flint> Is there any way to tell if someone is infected before the full moon? <PriestOfHeimdall> "No way that I'm aware of" says the priest <Jozlan> while we're here, do you hane any healing potions and such? <PriestOfHeimdall> "I do have a limited supply of such potions, with which I tend the people of this town." <Flint> The Skulk's growing evil could be Lycanthropy. <PriestOfHeimdall> "Given the grave danger the town is in, I suppose I could spare some, but they are not easily replaced" > Pengo stands around and tries not to whistle. <PriestOfHeimdall> "What in particular were you looking for?" <Pengo> This is taking forever. :) > Pengo has no idea. <Pengo> I'm just a thief. > Pengo looks expectantly at the holy dudes. <Jozlan> just general healing potions. lately, we haven't been able to ge a good night sleep in the woods due to ogres and such <Flint> I'm trying to change that. :) <Jozlan> or perhaps something that might encourage someone to be truthful <Pengo> Trying to change the sleep thing? <Flint> You wish. <PriestOfHeimdall> "Well, I could part with 2 potions of healing, but would have to ask for a donation so that I could replace them the next time I have the chance." <Jozlan> of course <PriestOfHeimdall> "A donation of 400 gp each would allow me to carry on the work here." <Jozlan> how much do we have with us? *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: you personally have 890 gp <Pengo> I don't know. <Jozlan> I'll buy 1. > Flint donates 400 gp. <DM> The priest thanks you, and goes back to his quarters, and comes out with 2 potions. > Pengo idly looks around for things he could use to... recoup... the donations. <Pengo> Not that I would, just kind of curious. <Pengo> I need to keep my eye sharp. <PriestOfHeimdall> "These will cure most wounds, but will not do anythign for sickness or disease <DM> <Flint> Thank you for your help. <Jozlan> thank you *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: it's a rather spartan temple <Jozlan> should we scope outside town for signs of the skulk? <Pengo> Sure. Maybe we could spot some tracks or something. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: as you stick the potion in your pack, you notice 2 other potions that you found way back in Karak's lab *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: You don't know exactly what they do, but they have labels on them. <Pengo> Well? :) *** << <Pengo> << The down side to Mialee being asleep. ;) <Flint> Let's look behind the Inn. <Jozlan> let's look <DM> You walk around town, especially behind the inn, but you find no signs of the passing of the skulk. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: one is labeled with a skull and crossbones, with a red line through it, and the other is labeled with a mottled head and a red line though it. <Flint> We could talk to Lavinia. <Jozlan> maybe if we give her some spirits, she'd be more likely to talk <Pengo> Maybe. <Flint> I'm thinking that if we show her the statue, she will have a great deal to say. <DM> Remember that Lavinia is currently under the "care" of the Priest. <Jozlan> worth a try <Pengo> Maybe ask the priest if he's gotten anything out of her yet? :) <Pengo> Before talking to her. <Flint> Yes. <Pengo> Sigh. > Pengo turns to the priest and asks if he's gotten anything out of Livinia. <Pengo> You guys, with Mialee asleep, one of you needs to pick up the slack. :) <DM> You walk back to the temple, and greet the priest again. <DM> The Priest says that he has been interrogating her for several days, and has <DM> not yet been able to gather any worthwhile information. <Pengo> Can we see her? <DM> But if you would like to try, he would allow you to speak to her. <Pengo> Please. <Jozlan> yes, we would <DM> He leads you into the building at the back of the temple, and through a short hallway to a locked door. <Flint> Pengo, go back to the inn and have Mordin bring the statue. <Pengo> Mordin's not here with us? <DM> he pulls a key out, and unlocks the door. <Flint> No. <DM> No Mordin is not. > Pengo goes and gets Mordin. > Pengo wonders why not. <Jozlan> and don't steal it <DM> Sprawled in the corner of the room on a cot is Lavinia, and she gives you a scowl when she sees you. <Mordin> You want to leave the elf and our stuff unprotected? <Pengo> I'll stay with her. Go. > Mordin takes the statue to the temple in a sack. <Lavinia> "what do you want NOW? " she demands. "The shirt off my back?" <Jozlan> I think we'd bne happier if you keep your clothes on <Flint> We wanted to talk to you about that stockade. <Lavinia> "What, you mean my home which you invaded and probably destroyed by now?" <Lavinia> "What do you want to know?" she snaps <Jozlan> what happneed to the blue devils? <Lavinia> "How should I know? We were just trying to do a little community service by ridding the area of those little devils, and what do I get for it?" <Lavinia> "Kicked out of house and home, and my sons killed to boot!" <Flint> You will never guess what we found in your home. <Flint> ... <DM> She turns to the priest: "" I don't suppose these bastards told you that they killed my innocent sons, did they?" > Mordin pulls the statue out of the sack. <DM> The priest answers, "From what I know of your sons, Lavinia, they were anything but innocent. " <Flint> This was hidden there by the poor little creatures you drove out. <DM> The Priest looks at the statue, and says: " That is a trophy indeed. Is it solid gold?" <Mordin> It's heavy enough for it. <DM> The priest cocks his head at that remark... <PriestOfHeimdall> "Well, I'd hardly say they were 'poor little creatures.' They've also cause a deal of grief 'round here, although none lately" *** << <Mordin> << Is it heavy enough to be solid gold. *** << <Mordin> << ? <PriestOfHeimdall> "They're generally too lazy to do any work themselves, so they live mostly by theft and plundering isolated farmsteads. " *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: it is <Jozlan> someone made the statue in their likeness <Flint> Lavinia - What happened to the little blue devils? <Lavinia> "Like I said, we were doing the community a little service, so we got rid of them, or thought we did." <Flint> Did you kill them all? <Lavinia> "turns out, we didn't drive them far enough away to get out of our hair. <Lavinia> "Nah, we didn't kill them all, though we did as many as we cou.... uh, we just drove them out of the stockade." <Flint> You drove the poor things out of their only home, of course they came back. <Lavinia> "It wasn't hard with Boopsie. They were right scared of him. Hahahahahah!" <Jozlan> boopsie the owl bear? <Lavinia> "No they didn't come back. They settled somewhere else. " <Flint> They probably have returned right now since you are no longer there. <DM> "We had only just found out where when you creeps came along" <Flint> Where is that? <Jozlan> yes, do tell <Lavinia> "we was gonna go drive them out of there too, but you spoiled all of our plans!" <Lavinia> "You stole everything else from my home, you must have seen the map." <Flint> No, what map? <DM> (The map you found on the table in the stockade) <Flint> I think some of them had snuck in while you were out. <Lavinia> Those little bugggers had settled in with a couple of skulks down in the villa by the lake. <Lavinia> "We were ready to go in and take them out, but now I guess I don't have to worry about that no more. " <Flint> They would have known about any back doors and could sneak in under your noses. <Lavinia> "Nah, we blocked up all those old back passages so none of them could sneak back in. " <Flint> They will send scouts back and reclaim your home soon. <Lavinia> "So what do I care now? I'll be lucky if Master Friendly herre ever lets me out of this hole. " <Jozlan> did we figure out where the villa/skulks are on the map? <Flint> We found three back entrances that you missed. <Mialee> Due south of Kusnir, looks like. <Mialee> Erp, I'm not here. ;) <DM> The Priest replies that there is an abandoned villa down near the lakeshore where the river meets the lake. <PreistOfHeimdall> "It hasn't been in use in decades, or so we thought. " he says. <Flint> If you want to keep them from reclaiming your home, you might want to tell us anything that you think we could find helpfull. <Lavinia> "I got nothin' to say to you!" <Flint> It will also help at your trial. The priest here will bear witness to your help. <Lavinia> "'cept I hope you rot!" <Lavinia> "Now leave me alone!" <Flint> If you don't want to look out for yourself, that's your choice. <Jozlan> let's take her advice <DM> The priest points out: "Her patience span is limited" > Mordin puts the statue back in the sack. <Flint> Think about it Lavinia, we will be in town for a day or maybe two. <Flint> Let's go. > Flint leaves. <DM> Heading back to the Inn? <Flint> Yes. <Jozlan> should we ask papa kurst about the abandoned villa? <DM> You arrive there and it's mid afternoon. <DM> Papa Kurst is waiting in the taproom for you. <Flint> Let's bring the rest of the group up to speed and see in the morning. <PapaKurst> "Greetings my friends!. I hope you found everything you needed?" <Jozlan> Papa Kurst, what do you know of the abandoned villa nearby? <PapaKurst> "I uh, wondered, if you, ahhh, had decided what could be done or what other assistance we might render you on your way to find the skulk? <PapaKurst> "villa? You mean the old van Arthog place?" <Jozlan> yes <PapaKurst> "wooo, well, that place hasn't been occupied in decades. When I was a boy, it was used as a summer home by some noble from Byrne, but they stopped coming up before my 30th year, and thats a while back, now" <PapaKurst> "I suppose they still own it, but it's been abandoned ever since then. " <PapaKurst> It's got its own set of stories, but I don't believe 'em anyway. No real problem has been comin' from there that I know of." <Flint> What are the stories? It might help us with the skulk. <PapaKurst> "Why, have ya heard something about the villa in connection with the skulk?" <Jozlan> the prisoner lavina seemed to think the blue devils had relocated there <PapaKurst> "ahhh, just the normal old tales mothers tell their children about spooks that attack naughty children" <Flint> Please tell us. <PapaKurst> "Relocated? well, I suppose it's possible they could be down there now. Do you think the skulk is there as well? I can't imagine a skulk living with anything else, they're so reclusive." <Flint> If the place is big enough, it could be hiding from them. <PapaKurst> "Well, supposedly many years ago, some adventurous lads went exploring down there, and only one returned, claiming that a writhing black cloud had ensnared all his friends, and he only just escaped. " <Flint> That's why we need to hear the stories. <Flint> What was the name of the noble family? <PapaKurst> "most folks thought that they had been doing something illegal, and it went bad on them and the boy that came back was just trying to cover his tracks. " <PapaKurst> "Anyway, he left town as soon as he was fully grown, and hasn't been seen since. " <PapaKurst> "So when do you think you'll be able to check that out? If the Skulk HAS joined forces with the blue devils, they could be a fearsome foe, and I'd fear greatly for the sake of the town. " <Jozlan> we can venture down ojce mialee is rested <Icarius> were there any other stories involving arcane magic? <PapaKurst> "No, none that I've heard." <PapaKurst> "of course, the van Arthogs were all magic-users... but again, they haven't been around for generations. " <Flint> After talking with the priest, we may have to stay in town for the rest of the week, until the full moon. <Jozlan> can't we go investigate the villa and be back b4 the full moon? <PapaKurst> "A week? But but but they could be planning an attack!" <Flint> If they attack, we will be here to defend the town. > Mialee keeps snoring. <PapaKurst> "I suppose, though I just thought it would be easier for you to surprise them on your terms, rather than wait for them to come to us on their terms." > Pengo hums quietly while keeping an eye on the stuff. <DM> Mialee wakes up. <Mialee> Ah! :) > Mialee goes downstairs and gets food. > Pengo follows and does likewise. <PapaKurst> "Not that I'm a military tactician or anything. " <Mialee> So... what's going on? > Flint brings Mialee up to speed. <PapaKurst> "I'm sorry, my good elf. I'm letting my anxiety get the best of me. I've been trying to convince your compatriots that time is of the essence, but they are of the opinion that rest and planning are in order. " <Mialee> Hm. I think we can probably put off further identify attempts. > Flint avoids mentioning Lycanthropy. <Mialee> Waiting around here for a week trying to identify some stuff would be awful boring. <Mialee> And we have a week before we have to worry about lycanthropy; we can be back here by then. <Mialee> I say we head out now. <Flint> Tonight? <Jozlan> as long as we keep the 1 week limitin mind i think we should be ok <DM> It's evening now. <Mialee> Either now or first thing in the morning. <Mialee> If we go in the morning, I could get in one more attempt to ID one of the cloaks before we leave, I guess. :) <Flint> Have you recpvered your spells? <Mialee> I assume so. :) <DM> except that you'll be incapacitated again for the rest of the day, Mialee <Flint> Can Icarius Identify things? <Mialee> But if we're going to sleep anyway? <DM> Oh, you mean do the identify NOW, and then rest. Ok <Mialee> Yeah. <DM> ok, you can do that if you like. <Mialee> You guys decide if you want to sleep now or not. :) <Mialee> Yes, no, what? :) <Icarius> how far to the villa? <DM> About 2.5 km <DM> an hour's walk <DM> but it is getting dark. <Mialee> Then let's sleep. > Mialee gets comfortable in the room they sleep in and casts Identify on the cloak she took off the hook (again). *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 97 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 34 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 42 <DM> <sigh> Nothing. Though you do note that the cloak is of fine make. <Mialee> Sigh. <Mialee> I'm pretty worthless as a magic user. <DM> you're just pretty low level as a magic user. <Mialee> But passing out every time I cast Identify blows. :) <Icarius> say, Mialee, would you be so kind as to teach me how to identify stuff? <DM> yeah, that's true <Mialee> You don't have Identify already? <Icarius> If I do, I've forgeotten it <Mialee> Shoot... there's a copy in one of the books I'm carrying around from a previous adventure. Copy it into your book. :) <DM> I think Icarius has lost his spell book, as has the DM :{ <DM> only kidding.... sort of. :) <Mialee> Of course, I'm sleeping for 8 hours now. <Flint> I've only been asking about that for the last day and a half! > Mordin prepares to subdue Flint. <Mialee> Well, people kept asking if he had identify, and he never said either way. <DM> Ok, so another night passes comfortably <Mialee> If he'd answered the question, I'd have offered the spell. :) <Icarius> :) <Mialee> OK, we're up and about. Let's go. <DM> Anyway, the clouds hang low this morning, causing a dim greyness. <DM> Papa Kurst mentioned that going along the lakeshore would prove difficult, given the rocky cliffs which run most of the way <DM> But he recommends cutting through the woods until you get to the river, and then just head downriver <DM> So, you head out.... > Mordin leads the way. <Flint> Are we taking everything with us?

You meet an elderly gentleman on the road.

<DM> As you get about a km into the woods, you are surprised by an old man that drops lightly out of a tree directly in your path...

Greetings, noble travellers.

My name is Urquant, humble monk of the Monastery of the Grey Cowl many leagues to the north. I was sent here to seek information from Quern, the hermit and writer of great renown, but arriving at his home, I found his corpse hanging ignominiously from a nearby tree and the cave occupied by two noisome creatures. They were like men, but had wings, tails, cruel claws and horns much like those of the fabled unicorn.

I assailed the creatures, intent on vengeance, but all my hard-learned arts were in vain and these hands which have smashed stone and splintered oak could do them no injury.

Confused, I fled and have been wandering in search of aid since then. Will you come with me to Quern's cave to defeat these creatures and retrieve such of his library as remains? I have no interest in wealth, of course, and you would be welcome to any other treasures which might be found.

<Mialee> Why not? :) <Icarius> sounds like fun <DM> He bows, and thanks you profusely. <Flint> Which direction lies the cave? <DM> He leads you through the woods, a little to the north of where you were originally heading, until you get to hex J7 on the BergPlain map The Hermitage <DM> He warns you that the creatures are very hard to see, and are nearly impossiible to damage. <DM> He guesses that they will be hiding near the entrance to Quern's cave. <DM> "As I said, I assailed the creatures, but was unable to do them any harm" <Mialee> Maybe a special type of weapon is required. <DM> "Perhaps someone of greater experience in my order might have been able to bring them down, but I have not the power." <DM> "that could indeed be the case, my good elf. I know not" <Icarius> shall we? <Mialee> Let's do it. <DM> He leads you carefully through the woods to within a few hundred feet of the cave. <DM> in the distance, you can see the body of poor Quern, dangling from a tree limb <Mialee> Any sign of movement? <DM> The cave entrance can be seen in the face of the rock wall, about 10' off the ground. <DM> You can't see any movement <Mialee> Any sign of a way to get up to the cave entrance? <DM> There doesn't appear (from this distance) to be any way to get INTO the cave from the ground. <Mialee> Shall we approach? <Mordin> Yes. <Mialee> Lead on :) > Mordin leads the way. <DM> Roll for surprise, Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 3 <DM> as you approach the cave, you just barely can see 2 creatures perched on the ledge outside the cave. <DM> they don't seem to have seen you for the moment. > Mialee shoots one. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2 <Mialee> Bah. > Pengo slings a rock at one. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10 > Flint shoots one. <Icarius> maybe they didn't notice *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4 > Icarius casts sleep <DM> the rock pings off the stone wall, alerting the two to your presence. <Icarius> roll 1d2 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d2 -> 1 *** Roll by Icarius: 2d1 -> 1 + 1 = 2 <Pengo> 2d1? :) <Icarius> can't go wring :) <Pengo> Or can you? :) <DM> uh, icarius, you need to roll a d2-1 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d2-1 -> 1 - 1 = 0 <DM> your spell has no effect <Icarius> sigh <Mialee> That went well. :) <DM> Ok, they've seen you now, <Jozlan> act chants <DM> so it's time to roll initiative. You are still 50 yards away from these creatures *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 > Mialee casts Magic Missile. *** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 3 = 6 + 2 = 8 <DM> you got it. > Flint shoots a bolt. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 <Mialee> Got it as in killed it, or just hit it? :) <Mialee> The latter was a given. :) <DM> Jozlan, it takes 10 rounds to cast that spell... <DM> no as in got the initiative. I'm a bit behind <Mialee> Apparently. :) <Jozlan> ok, maybe better to not chant <Pengo> Are they out of reach? <Pengo> I mean, on a ledge, does that mean we can't reach them with a sword? <DM> FLint, you missed. <DM> right, no swords, yet <Pengo> OK. <DM> but don't worry, they'll be coming your way, > Pengo opts to do nothing this round. <Pengo> (other than be ready and watchful) <DM> In fact, they launch off the shelf, and start flapping their big leathery wings your way. > Mordin holds action. <DM> Jozlan, chanting wouldn't be a bad thing. <DM> Tell you what. <DM> I'll assume you started your chant 5 rounds ago. <DM> so you only have 5 to go before it takes effect. <Jozlan> ok thanks. since we did know we were going to encounter them <DM> Their action is to fly toward you, and they take the round to do it. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6 > Mialee fires another Magic Missile. *** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 2 = 4 + 2 = 6 <DM> They have closed to within striking distance of the front rank. <Icarius> is the mm doing damage? > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 20 <DM> Seems to be, Icarius > Pengo takes a swing with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> Flint, you missed. *** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 8 <Mialee> Well. :) <DM> Pengo missed > Mialee only has one MM left memorized. > Pengo starts moving back. <Mialee> Icarius, send them one. :) > Icarius uses staff of mm *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3 <DM> The thing screams in anger *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: When you shoot that MM, you feel a sort of a buzz in the staff, like a hand <DM> buzzer <DM> oops <Mialee> Buzzer? <DM> nevermind <DM> any other attacks? <Flint> This cannot be good. <DM> ok, they are on Flint and Mordin, I guess <DM> Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> You take some damage. HP: 5 <DM> Mordin: *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 1 + 1 = 2 <DM> no wiat <DM> ok 2 points <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. (7) <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> go > Mialee casts Magic Missile. *** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 1 = 5 + 2 = 7 <DM> The thing shrieks in pain <Mialee> Hit it again, Icarius! > Flint parries. > Mordin parries. > Icarius uses the staff, a little warily *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: that gives you what, +1 or +2 on defensive *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5 *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: When you shoot that MM, you feel a sort of a buzz in the staff again <DM> Assuming you were shooting at the same thing Mialee was, the creature shrieks again, and collapses to the ground. <Mialee> Woohoo! *** << <Mordin> << I'm not sure, I'll look it up. > Pengo just stays out of the way. <DM> The one that is left attacks Flint *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> Ouch <DM> Flint takes 6 damage from the horn stab <DM> or was it the bite. <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Next Round. (8) <DM> ------------------------------------------- <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> The thing attacks Flint again. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10 <DM> ,20 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2 *** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2 <DM> 4 more damage to Flint > Mialee casts sleep at the remaining critter. <Mialee> What do I roll? :) <DM> 1d2-1 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d2-1 -> 2 - 1 = 1 <Mialee> Ah :) <DM> and the thing bowls over. > Mialee hacks its head off with her longsword. <DM> it looks like a statue, the type you'd see on the corner of a fancy building in a big city <Mialee> A gargoyle? <Mialee> Interesting. <DM> As you watch, the body turns to stone. <Mialee> Hm. Curious. <DM> the body of the other one has turned to stone as well. <Mialee> Well, that's done then. I presume Flint and perhaps Mordin need some healing? :) <DM> Urquant leaps for joy. <DM> Flint needs it bad <Mialee> Nice work Icarius. <Icarius> how many did you encounter, Urquant? *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: the second time the staff 'buzzed' was stronger than the first time. <DM> "Just the two" <DM> "Thank-you so much for your assistance! Now at least I will be able to recover Quern's library, and save it for posterity, " <Icarius> Mialee, I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this mm staff is giving me a buzz whn i use it <Mialee> You're welcome. <Mialee> A buzz? That's strange. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: sort of a vibration <Mialee> It never did that to me. Could it be some kind of warning that it's about to run out of charges? <Mialee> I know it's getting low. > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself. <Icarius> it should still have 5-10 charges left *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Mialee> Well, it was 5-15 left when I gave it to you. <Icarius> oh, it could be getting low then <Mialee> Yeah. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Mialee looks at the cliff face to see if there's any way to climb up to the cave entrance. <DM> Urquant asks for some help retrieving the body of Quern <DM> He scampers up the tree that the body is dangling from and unties the rope that is holding him up. <DM> Mialee, you don't see any way up > Mialee helps ease the body to the ground. > Mordin helps Urquant. <DM> You see that poor Quern was tied up with what looks like a rope ladder > Mordin unties Quern. <DM> "I will lay him to rest once we have investigated his home" <Mialee> Can we see a way to tie the ladder up so we can climb up the cliff? <Pengo> Is the cliff something I could climb? <DM> Urquant proceeds over to the wall, looks around it a bit, and starts to climb... <DM> No Mialee, you can't <Flint> Someone good at climbing walls could take the ladder up and tie it off. <DM> As Flint mentions this, Urquant reaches the top, and says: "Someone throw me a rope!" <Icarius> like Urquant? :) > Flint tosses him a rope. <DM> He ties it off somewhere out of sight, and motions for you to come up. > Flint climbs the rope. > Mialee climbs after. > Pengo follows. > Mordin follows. *** >> <Jozlan> >> to Jozlan: sorry your chant didn't do much, but it is a great spell to use if you know ahead of time you're going into combat. <DM> The cave mouth is about 10 feet high. <DM> The cave beyond is irregular in plan and rises to about 20 feet high in the centre. <DM> Just inside the cave-mouth is an overturned lectern, further back are what appear to be the remains of a bed and a stool. <DM> There are <DM> There are several small objects scattered on the floor and a sack leans against the left-hand wall. <DM> At the far end of the room a low passage leads off into darkness. Growing around and inside the passage is a strange plant whose fronds are moving slightly, as if of their own accord. <Mialee> Hm. <DM> Urquant says: "Beware the plant at the end of the cave there. It is dangerous!" <DM> refresh > Mialee searches through the objects on the floor. > Pengo examines the sack. > Flint searches the sack. > Mordin looks for the library. <DM> The sack contains the treasure of the gargoyles: 40cp, 16sp, 30gp, lOpp (81gp <DM> in all), <DM> <DM> a coronet, orb and sceptre (gilded bronze with costume jewels - total value <DM> 6gp), <DM> <DM> a reel of golden thread (value 15gp), a block of uncarved ivory (value 25gp), a <DM> slipper (left foot) made of silk and gold thread and decorated with seed pearls <DM> (value 40gp) and a statuette of a woman carved in rock crystal (value 800gp). <Mialee> I assume the library is through that passage, which we need to watch for. :) <Mialee> Hm, let's take all of that. :) <DM> Urquant says: "The witherweed plant is a dangerous plant, as I said." <DM> The monks of our order have cultivated a special strain of the weed whose large <DM> leaves are papery and provide a good alternative to parchment. The plants are <DM> still aggressive and are sometimes used as guards. They are kept under control <DM> by more experienced members of my order using their ability to speak with <DM> plants. <Mialee> Do you have that ability? <Flint> Can you talk to it? <DM> "Alas, I lack the experience necessary to talk to plants. Only the highest order of my bretheren can do so." <Mialee> Well, now what do we do? <Mordin> Then we'll have to kill it. <DM> Since there are no books in here, I must surmise that the library is beyond the plant there. > Flint throws two flasks of oil on the plant. <Flint> Any body want to guess. <Flint> ? <Mialee> Torch it. <DM> "Stop!" > Mialee looks at Urquant. <DM> "Beware, the plant, when burned, produces a very poisonous gas, which would surely overcome us all!" <Flint> Let me guess, the books go up as well? <Mialee> Oh. <Mialee> Well... how the heck do you kill it then? <DM> I'm not sure, but the fronds which you see waving there, can debilitate the healthiest person, attacking their nerves. <Flint> You stand outside the cave and shoot it with a fire arrow. <DM> Perhaps there is a clue hidden around here somewhere. <Icarius> should we search the hermit? <Mialee> Good idea. <Mialee> Hm, I looked through the stuff on the floor earlier but looking at scrollback I don't see any info on what I found. :) <DM> The cave beyond is irregular in plan and rises to about 20 feet high in the centre. <DM> Just inside the cave-mouth is an overturned lectern, further back are what appear to be the remains of a bed and a stool. <DM> There are several small objects scattered on the floor, mostly broken pottery, and bits of clothing and tools of the sort you would have if you were a hermit. <Mialee> Anything that might help us get past the plant thing? <DM> not in what is scattered on the floor. > Flint searches the lectern. > Mialee goes back down and searches the hermit's body. <DM> <DM> The lectern has a compartment which contains six quills, a penknife and five <DM> sheets of witherweed paper. Unfortunately, there were also bottles of ink here <DM> which have been smashed and the ink has ruined the paper. <DM> inlaid in brass on the top of the lectern, you find the following inscription: <DM> Though swords reap on the barren heath, <DM> and scyths upon the fruitful field, <DM> Though fire may bloom a funeral wreath, <DM> the quill alone will make me yield. > Flint takes a quill and approaches the plant. <DM> The fronds of the plant wave about a bit, and then part, moving away from the quill. <Mialee> Let's each take one and go on through. > Mialee takes a quill > Pengo takes one. > Jozlan grabs one > Icarius does too *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: after climbing back up?? :) > Mordin takes one. *** << <Mialee> << Yes. :) <Mialee> OK, let's go. :) <DM> Urquant looks dejected. <Mialee> I expect if you stay among us, you'll be fine. <DM> So you are going to surround him as you go up the steps? <Mialee> Yes. <Mialee> Up we go. <DM> Ok, the plants part their leaves, and allow you to pass. The broad steps lead up through the rock face of the cave, and eventually emerge into a small room. <DM> The plants, incidently, line the walls of the hallway all the way up, and cover half the walls in the library. <DM> (refresh) <DM> This is a small chamber with no furniture. There are nine books on a shelf on the right hand wall. Eight have brown bindings but the ninth is blue. <DM> When he sees the books, Urquant cries out in joy and then quickly, but reverently, gathers them up. <DM> "These eight books were written by Quern and contain the vital elements of his philosophies." <DM> "Hmm, this other one isn't written by Quern, though. Would you like to take it?" <Mialee> Sure. > Mialee takes it and examines it. <DM> (i) The bulk of the book concerns the births, marriages and deaths of the Van Arthog family over many generations and is rather boring. <DM> (ii) The family seat was a villa on the shore of Lake Spendlowe near the mouth <DM> of the River Lewyn. <DM> <DM> (iii) Many years ago (the book does not contain actual dates) Karl Van Arthog <DM> was the last mage to hold the post of the Guardian of the Keep of Adlerweg. <DM> <DM> (iv) When Karl retired to the villa he brought with him a powerful magical item <DM> known as the Sentinel. There is no reference to this object being used, <DM> however. <DM> <DM> (v) The family history ends with Heinrich Van Arthog who squandered the family <DM> fortune and was forced to give up the villa. <Mialee> Interesting. <Mialee> (Sheppy is getting kinda tired :) <DM> We're almost done here. <Mialee> (and hasn't eaten since lunch ;) <Mialee> OK. :) <DM> You search the room, and find nothing else. <DM> This hermit did live a spartan existence <Mialee> OK, we depart the way we came, keeping Urquant in the middle for his safety. <DM> and you emerge into the main cave room. <DM> After pengo searches the bed and finds nothing, you join Urquant outside the cave, and help him bury the body. <DM> He thanks you again, puts the books in his backpack, and heads off into the woods. <Flint> I think we should burn the plant so that it doesn't get out of control and hurt someone. <Mialee> I think we should leave it alone. <Mialee> You heard him, it emits a poisonous gas when burned. <Flint> You stand outside the cave, light it and leave before the gas can get to you. <Mialee> OK, whatever. :) <DM> The sun has reached its zenith by now, and the clouds have scattered in the wind <DM> Are you going to do that Flint? <Flint> Which way is the wind blowing with regard to the cave? <DM> It's not <Flint> The clouds have scattered in the wind, but there is no wind at the cave? <DM> the wind is high, the cave is low. :) <Flint> Okay, this is why dwarves stay underground. <DM> :) <Mialee> Torch it so we can move on. :) <Jozlan> yeah <DM> How would you do the torching, Flint? > Flint attaches some rags to a bolt, lights it, and fires at the plant. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 10 <DM> I'm assuming he's the only one in the cave. <DM> you easily hit the plant, and the dry leaves ignite. <Flint> Standing at the mouth of the cave. <Flint> leaving. <DM> you see almost an explosion of smoke <DM> and it curls out toward you rapidly. > Flint slides down the rope. <DM> ok, you're down. <DM> Since you're only amile or so from town, but feel you've had enough excitement for the day, you consider going back to town for the night. <Flint> Simple enough. <Mialee> Okay. <DM> You arrive at the inn, settle in and have an ale, and relax, maybe for the last time.... <DM> and that's where we'll call a halt for tonight. <Mialee> Cool. <Mialee> Sounds good. <Flint> Good, we can heal up, rest, get spells back, and Mialee can teach Icarius Identify. <DM> Thank-you gentlemen. As usual, it's been a pleasure. <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> Yes, this was good. :) <Mialee> I'm off to find some food. Later! :) <Flint> Thank you Thomas. *** <Pengo> has left the room. <Mialee> Yes, thank you! Nice job as usual! <Flint> When do we want to play again? <Mialee> Hm. <Mialee> Dunno :) <Mialee> I'm pretty open; post in the board your suggestions... I really need to go find food. :) *** <Mialee> has left the room. <DM> Can't do it on the 15th for sure. <DM> well, we'll work it out. <DM> good night everyone. ================================================== Feb 29, 2004 ================================================== <Flint> Dark vile stuff. *** << <Vlix> << uh, isn't the cat out of the bag? Trying to remember - but I want to keep my spells up. <DM> ok, so your spell book contains those spells, plus web, Detect Magic, Write, Read Magic <Vlix> aye, it is.. the Dew of the Moutains is not available in the magic drink dispenser. <Icarius> ok. cool *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: I think maybe it is. <Flint> See, it's already slurring your speach. <DM> Ok, any other admin stuff? *** << <Vlix> << I am broke - but assume my spells are kosher? <Mialee> Not from me. *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: yeah, and I've got you carrying MM and FF <Mialee> One little thing... did we end last time resting, rested, or not? *** << <Vlix> << affirm <DM> To recap, you were on your way to explore the Lakeside Villa, when you ran <DM> across the old Monk Urquant, who asked you to help him defeat a couple of <DM> gargoyles. <DM> You did so, and found your way past the witherweed plants, and found the books <Mialee> Trying to recall if I need to reset to a full spell load before we start. :) <DM> that the monk wanted to preserve. <DM> After saying farewell to Urquant, you decided you'd had enough excitement for <DM> the day, and headed back to Kusnir, where you found an old comrade waiting for <DM> you in the common room. <DM> Vlix is sitting in the darkest corner of the common room, nursing a drink. <Mialee> Hey, look who's here. *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: make up whatever you want for where you've been, etc. <Mialee> Where've you been hiding? > Mialee gives Pengo 5 gp. > Pengo grins. <Pengo> Told you he'd show up eventually. <Vlix> Greetings - it is good to see you alla again. <Mialee> Well, I know I'm wonderful, but I'm not sure I'm Allah. :) <Vlix> When we last met, I was called away on urgent business - but I have returned to renew our fellowship. <Vlix> ...if you'll have me. <Mialee> Well, I know the dwarves in particular aren't sure they trust you yet, but I think we can take you if we decide we don't like you. > Mialee chuckles. <Icarius> of course. the more the merrier <Mialee> So. <Vlix> Let us hope you never have to test that - it would probably be, unfortunate. Well, where are you off to next? <Mialee> I suppose a rest is in order, so I can refresh spells. <Mialee> After that, we should head to the villa to find out what's going on there. <DM> Does someone waant to fill Vlix in on what's been going on? <Mialee> Gosh, there's a lot. <Vlix> Ah, well - in that case, since I've been here awhile, and am completely rested - I'll be happy to keep an eye on things while you rest. <Mialee> We're here to figure out first what's up with a skulk that's been showing up in town stealing chickens and apparently children. There have been messages scrawled on the walls that seem to be warnings of a greater evil, left each time the skulk appears. <DM> Well, just the high points. <Mialee> There are also some "blue devils" that have in the past tormented the village but haven't been seen in a while, since the skulk started showing up, but they're apparently still out there someplace. <Mialee> We're here to figure out and stop these problems. <Mialee> That's pretty much the important stuff. :) <Mialee> We did take out some bad guys that are involved somehow in the plot, but we've yet to figure out their exact role. *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: go with the 3612 x.p. That includes the bonus for high stats <Mordin> We tend to do that a lot. <Mialee> Yeah. <Vlix> humm.. well, I'm just in time then. <DM> ok, on with the show! What's next? You sleep at the inn through the night undisturbed. <Vlix> whoa - sorry off game topic - the building next to our is burning. <DM> oops?!?!? <Icarius> oh my <Flint> Who needs healing besides Mordin and myself? <Vlix> The fire engines arriving tipped me off. <DM> well, if you suddenly disappear again, I guess we'll know why <Mialee> Yeah. :) <Mialee> I'm healthy, and Pengo over there looks fine. *** << <Mialee> << Memorizing standard package. <DM> I'll assumne you took care of that before you went to bed. <Flint> Okay. <DM> When you wake up, you're all in good shape. <Vlix> time of day? <Vlix> oh, morning? <DM> yes, it's morning. <Icarius> shall we? <Mialee> Let's go! > Pengo is ready too. <Icarius> how long until a full moon? <DM> about 3 days <Mialee> Oh yeah, three of us have been bitten by a werewolf. :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: actually, only 2 as far as I know. <Mialee> I mean two. <DM> This morning, you make it through the woods to the place where the villa is <DM> marked on the map without incident. <Mialee> Hm. Not sure anymore. Been a while. :) <Mialee> So, is the villa actually here? :) <Vlix> oh - well, as long as no one starts sniffing where dogs sniff, I'm ok.

Near the Lake

On a spit of land on the edge of the lake you find what appears to be a long abandoned Villa. Although weeds and vines have almost completely overgrown the place, it doesn't appear to be heavily damaged or rotting.

This view is as if you were standing next to the Lake, near the tip of the spit.

<DM> The building has the air of one long abandoned, but appears to be relatively <DM> undamaged. Clinging plants grow over the walls and roofs. <DM> It is a low structure, roughly rectangular in plan, perhaps 200 feet long and <DM> 100 feet wide. A part of the building at the higher end rises above the rest. <DM> The walls are constructed from a local, durable stone. The roofs are of heavy <DM> ceramic tiles supported by beams of a dense timber that has resisted the <DM> ravages of time. <DM> This timber has also been used for the doors, rafters and other fittings. <DM> Note that the view you see here is from the SW, as if you had cicled the <DM> building, and were standing on the tip of the spit of land sticking out into <DM> the lake. <DM> On the bergplain map, this is located in hex 5J <Pengo> Any signs of life or recent activity? <DM> You're in the middle of what is now wilderness, other than the villa iteslf. <DM> You hear the occasional chirp of birds, etc, but no immediate sign of other activity. <Mordin> Shall we take a closer look? <Vlix> aye, let us get out from under the sun. <Jozlan> lets <DM> what part of the building will you approach? > Mordin heads for the front gate. <Flint> He would. > Flint follows Mordin. <DM> At the top of the steps, a gateway leads into a courtyard. <DM> On each side of the gate a doorway opens into darkness beyond. <DM> In one of these doorways a wooden door hangs awkwardly on only one hinge. <DM> On the other side a similar door lies flat on the stoneflagged floor. <DM> In the courtyard, flowers, small bushes, and two trees grow apparently <DM> unchecked. > Vlix brings up the rear <DM> I'll assume that YOU have assumed your "standard" formation <DM> (in which Vlix brings up the rear :) <DM> So you're standing at the top of the steps, in the gateway <Vlix> Vlix has taken point before <Mordin> I don't like leaving unknown rooms behind us. Left or Right? <Mialee> Hm. You don't like it when I make these decisions. Your call. <Vlix> we should do both, then go one direction. <Mialee> A quick look inside without entering you mean? <Icarius> sounds good <Vlix> aye - and one guard while the party searches the other direction. <Vlix> I'll rear guard and fall back as you do - if you need me, I'll come running. <DM> So, south doorway or north? <Icarius> south <DM> The door to this room hangs open at a crazy angle; the lower hinge has rusted <DM> completely away. <DM> The room beyond is stark and bare of furniture. The walls are of plain dressed <DM> stone, the floor is of flagstones, and wooden rafters support the tiles of the <DM> roof. <DM> Scattered around the floor is a litter of dry leaves with a little broken <DM> pottery and glass. > Vlix warily watches the north <DM> refresh > Mordin looks behind the door. <DM> he doesn't see anything of note. <Icarius> north then? <Flint> Search the room or look to the north? <Mialee> Look north first. *** << <Vlix> << while the party searches south, I approach north - and peek. <Icarius> peek north then search <Mialee> Right > Mordin looks into the north room. *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: sorry, they beat you to it. :) <DM> The hinges of the door to this room have rusted away completely and it now lies <DM> flat in the doorway. <DM> <DM> The room beyond is stark and the only furniture consists of a wooden table <DM> standing against the far wall. <DM> On the table is a ceramic jug and the stub of a candle. <DM> A litter of dry leaves lies on the flagstones of the floor. <DM> The walls are of plain, dressed stone, and wooden rafters support the tiles of <DM> the roof. > Vlix turns the jug upside down <DM> The jug is empty. <Mialee> Did we actually go in then? <DM> Vlix did, at least <Mialee> So it seems. So much for standing guard to the rear. :) <Vlix> yah, I was going in. > Flint checks to see if the candle is warm. <DM> he actually peeked in ahead of you guys <Mialee> I guess we're in the north room then? :) <DM> no, the candle is cold <DM> yes, you can refresh <Vlix> Mialee, I said we should peek in both - I peeked. > Mialee nods. <Flint> Let's search both. <DM> Recall that this is a fairly small area -- only 20' across. > Icarius looks under the rug <Mialee> OK, let's search them then. <Vlix> I'd like to look around - check the walls for anything artificial. <DM> You don't find anything of value in the roomYou don't find anything of value in either of the rooms. <Vlix> ..obviously, just the inner walls. <DM> Vlix, roll a d6 > Pengo looks at the bits of pottery and glass on the floor to see if we can figure out if they were anything interesting. *** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> you don't find any artificial in the walls <DM> Pengo, the pottery is just that. Nothing interesting. <DM> Icarius, I don't think there is a rug <Vlix> well, back to V1? > Flint checks the stonework in the walls and floor of V2. <DM> roll a d6 <Icarius> oops, nothing under it then *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4 <DM> you don't find anything. <Flint> back to the south room. <DM> To do the same? Are you checking under the door? <Flint> Yes. <DM> roll for surprise *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5 <DM> roll for initiative *** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> When you lift the door, a giant centipede scurries out and attacks you! <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> .2 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> the centipede misses you! > Mialee slashes at it with her sword. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 10 > Pengo attacks with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18 > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 1 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 11 <DM> Flint hit, Mialee missed > Vlix attacks with long sword *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 16 <DM> Pengo hit, Mordin hit *** Roll by Flint: 1D8+6 -> 6 + 6 = 12 <Flint> whooa...ignore the +6 ! <DM> The thing is squashed! <Mialee> Heh <DM> Your search of the room doesn't reveal anything else. <DM> <Icarius> next room? <DM> You've searched both the north and south gatehouses. <DM> To the east is a courtyard. <DM> Before you is a courtyard. A half-obscured pattern of pathways and flower-beds <DM> shows that this was once a formal garden. <DM> Now, however, the roses and other garden flowers grow wild, competing with <DM> weeds and briars. <DM> There are two trees growing here, an oak in the north-east corner and an ash in <DM> the south-west. <Vlix> Looks like something a Druid would like... > Mialee approaches the oak and examines it. Anything unusual about it? <Flint> Oak and Ash? Too bad we don't have a Druid. <DM> Whoa! <Mialee> Huh? <DM> The oak is across the courtyard. <Mialee> Oh. Then I'll look at the ash first. :) <DM> There is an archway leading to the south in the SW corner, and two iron bound <DM> wooden doors in the north wall. <Mialee> Sorry, thought you were done describing. :) <DM> 's ok. You see that the ash has grown tall and full. You can't see through to the top branches of the tree. <Vlix> suggest we hug the walls as we make our way? <Icarius> could we climb the tree and take a peek? <DM> You could try <Mordin> Either that or cut it down. > Vlix looks at the dwarves, "eh, surface dwellers..." and shrugs his shoulders. <Mialee> You dwarves aren't happy unless you're chopping stuff up. > Pengo starts climbing the ash. <Mordin> Well, I haven't exactly seen any ale to drink around here. <DM> Pengo gets about half-way up the trunk, when.... <DM> what REALLY captures your attention is the two screaming avian creatures <DM> swooping down to attack! <DM> (They look sort of like large eagles with goats' heads.) Villa Watchers > Pengo scrambles back down the tree. <Pengo> (let me know when I'm on the ground again) <DM> They swoop around and around for a second or two.... <Mialee> Can I shoot at one? :) <DM> Jozlan, roll for surprise *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: next round *** << <Pengo> << OK *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: not yet <Vlix> jump if you have to Pengo - I'll try to catch you. *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 3 *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** << <Vlix> << if I have to, can I cast FF on Pengo if he should need help? *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: you can try *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: actually yes, if he needs it <DM> They swerve and dive, one at Jozlan, the other at Icarius <DM> at J *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 *** << <Vlix> << ok, if he needs it - assume I do it, in the meantime - I await to attack when in melee range of my long sword <DM> Icarius is stabbed by the pointy horns of the creature! *** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 = 10 <Vlix> oooh - gored! <DM> badly! <Icarius> ow <Vlix> that'll leave a stain <Flint> and a mark. <DM> the thing caused much of the damage as it yanked its horns OUT of Ic's gut and flew on <Mialee> Oof. <DM> your turn. These things are still flying. <Vlix> anything close enough to swing at? <DM> you can take a swing as they fly by <Mialee> Icarius, if you're still standing, see if you can web them. > Mialee shoots at one. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7 <Mialee> Bah. <DM> assuming you're all close to Ic and Jozlan > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. > Pengo keeps climbing down. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6 <Vlix> If I get a flyby - I swing! <DM> miss miss *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 18 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Icarius. <DM> was that with your sword or your dagger, Vlix <Icarius> thank you! <Vlix> LS *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <DM> then it missed. <DM> though you'd have sworn you were dead on <Mialee> Hm. <DM> any other attacks? <Mialee> Icarius, can you web them? > Vlix says "I could have sworn I was dead on... <Vlix> <Icarius> are they webbable? <Mialee> We keep running into creatures that can only be affected by magic weapons. *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: am I correct in thinking your normal attack mode is with sword AND dagger? <Vlix> 404 no guess not webbable. <Mialee> LOL *** << <Vlix> << no, just using the LS now. <Flint> Try .org. <DM> Icarius, you could try, as they are winging between the trees and the buildings, but they'd get a bonus to their Saving throw because of their speed <Icarius> worth a try > Icarius casts web <DM> next round <Vlix> oops <Mialee> Did he get that in under the wire? :) <DM> Round 2: <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3 <Mialee> What's with their initiative? :) <Vlix> don't forget to attach the web to something - how about casting it in front of their flight path, near a tree? <DM> It would have to be in their flightpath, between the tree and the building wall. <Icarius> maybe sheild would be more sueful <DM> ok, *** Unknown die specification. Type /HELP ROLL for details. <Vlix> if they had a lawyer... *** Roll by DM: 1d7 -> 6 *** Roll by DM: 1d7 -> 3 <DM> At mialee and jozlan this time <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> BARELY missed. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> hit Joz *** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 2 + 2 + 4 + 2 = 10 <DM> another serious goring! <DM> your go > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. <Vlix> I drop my sword to the ground and pull my sling. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11 > Mialee shoots. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19 <Vlix> Did Pengo make it down? *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> yes pengo is safely on the gorund *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> Mialee misses <Mialee> Should have figured. <DM> miss, Pengo <Pengo> (that was with the short sword, not that it matters :) <DM> Mordin and Flint both miss *** >> <Pengo> >> to Pengo: it DOES matter <Mialee> I'll take my second shot. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16 *** << <Pengo> << Yes, but I missed. :) <DM> miss <Mialee> Thought so. :) <DM> ICarius, here's your chance > Mialee switches to her sword. <Mialee> I think that means I'm out of action for a round. <DM> yes <Mialee> But I'm pretty sure it will actually connect. :) <Mialee> Icarius, don't forget your staff of magic missiles. <Mialee> Although it's running low. *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo, Vlix, logger *** (9 users) <Mialee> Anyone else? <DM> Icarius????? <Icarius> I'lll cast a web in front of us, so they'll get stuckk if they try to gore us <DM> They are winging around the tree, so you wouldn't be able to prevent them from coming the other way 'round <DM> you could try to time it to catch them <Icarius> hmm > Icarius cast magic missile *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5 <Mialee> Woohoo :) *** << <Vlix> << could you give me the info on the Drow wrist crossbolts - don't know their specs. Thanks. <DM> from the staff? <Icarius> spell. i don't need another shcok :) <Mialee> Heh <DM> you're not carrying MM, as far as I know, you're standard pack is 2 sleep and a web <Icarius> oh, ok, better be from the staff then <DM> you feel another tingly sensation, but the creature does flinch a bit. <DM> Anything else this round? <Mialee> Nope. > Jozlan cast cl on himself *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+2 -> 3 + 2 = 5 *** << <Vlix> << reminder my sling is +2/+2 *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: right ;) <Flint> +2? <Jozlan> +1? <Flint> +4 > Vlix attacks x2 with sling *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 2 + 2 = 4 *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 12 + 2 = 14 <DM> wait a sec <DM> ------------------------ <DM> Round 3: <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <Vlix> whhops sorry <DM> Mialee is changing weapons this round *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 3 <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 1 <DM> they choose to attack.... *** Roll by DM: 2d7 -> 7 + 3 = 10 <Vlix> Sorry, we'll need mor-din that... <DM> Mialee and Vlix > Mialee slaps Vlix around. <DM> Mialee *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2 <DM> Vlix *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 <DM> both miss. and wing on by! <DM> your shots > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6 <DM> and misses! > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 3 <DM> and misses! > Pengo swings with his sword. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2 <Pengo> Pfft. > Mialee works on getting her sword out. *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 19 + 2 = 21 *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 10 + 2 = 12 <DM> one hit, Vlix > Vlix forgets what damage a stone does... assuming it was a hit. > Icarius usees staff of magic missile <DM> it's a bullet, and it's d4+1 <DM> let me know which you are going for, #1 or #2 <Vlix> #2 *** Roll by Vlix: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3 <Vlix> I would have hit it twice if Mialee hadn't slapped me. *** << <Mordin> << Do you want us adding in our +'s to hit? <Mialee> Heh <DM> It squawks (bleats?) loudly as it goes by *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: yes, if they apply <Icarius> mm aat #2 *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3 *** << <Mialee> << Huh? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: oops *** >> <Mordin> >> to Mordin: yes, if they apply <DM> It bleats again, but keeps flying. <Vlix> whoohoo chickalope for supper tonight! <DM> any other attacks/actions? > Jozlan casts cl on icarius *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <DM> Ok, Jozlan is back up <DM> errr.... Icarius <Mialee> :) <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 4: <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 3 > Mialee swings her sword at #1. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 12 <DM> You get to attack before they wing in... <DM> > Pengo swings at #2. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9 > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. <Pengo> Man, we suck, Mialee. <DM> Mialee hits, Pengo misses > Vlix concentrates on #2 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <Mialee> Oh! *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 8 <Mialee> Bang :) *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 20 + 2 = 22 <Mialee> Nice. *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 6 + 2 = 8 *** Roll by Vlix: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. #2 <DM> good shot, Mialee *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15 <Mialee> Thanks. <DM> The things are screeching now, in pain and rage! <Vlix> Did Flint hit? <Vlix> And wasn't mine DD? <DM> but they keep coming. No Flint missed <DM> DD? <Vlix> double damage - rolled a crit <DM> nah, I don't do critical hits. <Vlix> ah, my bad. <DM> Ok, their turn. <Flint> That's okay, it means the monsters don't either. :) *** Roll by DM: 2d7 -> 5 + 2 = 7 <DM> At Mordin and Icarius <DM> Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 <DM> hits! <DM> .R 4D4 *** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 3 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 7 <DM> Icarius *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3 <DM> miss <Icarius> whew <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 5: <DM> Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 <Mialee> Bah. <Mialee> OK, don't let me do that again! :) <DM> they swing sharply back in, and go for... *** Roll by DM: 2d7 -> 7 + 4 = 11 <DM> Pengo and Vlix! <DM> Pengo *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 <Vlix> Can I use Pengo as a shield? ha, jk <DM> hit *** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 3 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 9 <DM> Vlix *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15 <DM> hit <Pengo> Owee. *** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 5 <DM> Vlix counts himself lucky. <Vlix> ugh! <DM> Your turn. > Mialee slashes at #1 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 8 > Vlix dusts off - just a flesh wound. <DM> miss > Pengo does too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> hit Pengo *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5 *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 4 + 2 = 6 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. <DM> Pengo which one? *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 8 + 2 = 10 <Pengo> Same one. #1. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Pengo> Thanks, Mr. holy guy. <DM> Pengo slices off the thing's head, and it tumbles to the ground <Pengo> Woot! > Mordin attacks with his Battle Axe. <Jozlan> sweet *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> Mordin misses <DM> any more? > Icarius uses mm staff *** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3 <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 6 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <DM> ok, I'll let that one in.. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> The thing squawks/bleats, and visibly hurt, tries to fly off <Vlix> I'll MM it! <DM> Those with missile weapons can try one more time. <DM> or MMs <DM> go ahead <Vlix> never mind, I'll sling it! *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 4 + 2 = 6 *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20+2 -> 13 + 2 = 15 <Vlix> 15 hit? <Vlix> since it's retreating? <DM> You hit with the second bullet, and the creature screams, and plummets to the ground. <Mialee> There you go. > Mordin charges over to make sure it's dead. <DM> It is. <Vlix> I'll save tyou a wishbone. <Vlix> Pengo - you should go see if there is a nest. > Pengo climbs the ash again. <DM> in the quiet after the battle, you hear a faint bleating sound coming from the archway to the south. <Mialee> Hmmm. > Mialee carefully approaches the archway to take a look. <Flint> <DM> The doorway leads into a dark room. Although the rusted stumps of the hinges <DM> remain in the stone of the door f rame, the door is missing. <DM> The room is long <DM> and dark, with bare flag-stone floors and dressed stone walls. The rafters <DM> above are wreathed in shadow. Lying on the floor are three sprawled corpses, <Pengo> Anything in the tree? <DM> their torsos horribly mutilated, and a litter of dry leaves and other detritus. <DM> No, Pengo nothing in the tree <Vlix> size and race of torsos evident? > Pengo climbs back down and rejoins the group. > Vlix wonders if these are our chicken/children snatchers <DM> 2 male humans, one female human <DM> you're still in the doorway > Mialee steps inside, cautiously. > Vlix retrieves sword <DM> refresh > Mialee searches the corpses. <DM> As you bend over the corpses, Mialee, roll for surprise *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2 <Vlix> "oh by the way - lookout for young'uns" <DM> you are surprised as three more of the creatures drop from the shadows above. <Mialee> Thanks for the hint. <Jozlan> villa watchers? <DM> They are indeed younger looking versions of the creatures you killed outside. <Flint> Subdue them. <Vlix> well, he did say we heard soft bleats from the room. <DM> They attack <DM> is anyone else in the room? <Mordin> Yes. <Mialee> I think it's just me. :) *** << <Vlix> << am I back? <Flint> Yes. <Pengo> Not sure if I'm back or not, I was climbing down the tree. :) <DM> ok, Mordin and FLint are also there. They each get attacked by one of the creatures <Pengo> Your call if I'm back by now. <Flint> Let's take them alive. <DM> Pengo, Vlix not at the moment. Since you were surprised, the creatures get a free attack. <DM> Flint: *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 <DM> Mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5 > Vlix calls to Pengo - Hurry! I hear combat ! <DM> Mialee <Flint> Strike to subdue. not kill. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 > Pengo hustles. <DM> Mialee was hit *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 3 = 5 <Mialee> Got it. <DM> ok <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 1 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 <Mordin> All right Flint. <DM> remeber to call your shots on 1,2 or 3 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 4 <Mialee> Someone roll initiative. Not me. :) <Mialee> Excellent. > Flint attacks with the flat of the blade. #1 *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 7 <DM> miss <Mialee> Why don't we want to kill them? <Vlix> whiff > Mialee swings with the flat of hers at #2. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19 <DM> hit > Pengo swings at #3, not caring if he kills it or not. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11 <Mialee> How do you roll damage when you do that? :) <DM> miss > Mordin attacks with the flat of the blade. #3 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+4 -> 17 + 4 = 21 <DM> do normal damage, but it's temporary <Vlix> ah, so we're there now. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 8 <DM> miss, mordin <Pengo> Oh, shoot, I don't know if I am. I missed anyway, so... :) <Mordin> Flint, you and your pets. <DM> Mialee, you knocked one to the ground, where it is fluttering around <Vlix> oh, THATS humane. <Mialee> There you go, Flint, as requested. <Mialee> What now? :) <DM> any more? <DM> their turn then. <Vlix> are we there yet? <DM> 2 left, attacking.... *** Roll by DM: 2d7 -> 5 + 2 = 7 <DM> Mordin and Vlix *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19 <DM> Vlix is hit! *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 2 = 6 <Vlix> I see a bright shiny light.... > Vlix collapes <Vlix> es <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 2 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 4 <DM> you got it > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Vlix. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Mialee swings at #3 <Mialee> (flat) *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17 > Mordin attempts to grapple #2. <DM> hit > Pengo swings at #1, also with the flat. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 3 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+1 -> 8 + 1 = 9 <DM> hit, Pengo, miss Mordin > Jozlan casts cl on vlix *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Vlix> whoa - I'm instantly feeling MUCH better! <Mordin> Pengo go for the one that's still up. <DM> Not Quite Vlix, We'll explain later, but you're out of this fight <Pengo> I thought I did. I thought only #2 was down. > Vlix takes a bio-break <DM> #2 is down <Mordin> My bad. <Pengo> Right, hence my attack on #1. :) > Mialee waits for the next round. <DM> They attack back at ... *** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 5 + 1 = 6 <DM> Flint and Icarius *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 8 <DM> Icarius is hit! *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 3 = 6 <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 3 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4 <Icarius> ouch *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2 <DM> They attack again, with renewed vigor. #2 stops fluttering and hops back to its feet. <DM> the other two attack.... *** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 2 + 5 = 7 <Mialee> Nobody's holding it down? <Mialee> Sheesh. <DM> Mordin and Icarius *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 <DM> hits mordin *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 16 <DM> hits Icarius <DM> mordin takes damage *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 1 = 5 <DM> Icarius takes damage *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 > Icarius dies <Mialee> That's not good. <DM> Flint has a couple of cures left <DM> anyway, it's your turn > Mialee swings full-on at #1. To hell with taking them alive. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13 > Pengo agrees, and swings at #2. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18 <Flint> When did Icarius go down??? <DM> hit, Mialee and Pengo *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 3 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4 <Icarius> -6 last round, -6 this round > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Icarius. <DM> Pengo, #2 is stunned again. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Flint> When did he fall down? <DM> #1 has a serios wound <DM> This round, Flint > Mordin attempts to grapple #3. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+1 -> 9 + 1 = 10 > Jozlan attacks #1 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 7 <DM> Mordin realizes he's never going to be able to grab one of these things. <DM> Jozlan, you miss <Mialee> Just kill them. :) <Vlix> haha... I'm just laying here - gored stiff. <snicker> <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 4 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 <Mialee> Vlix, you're really strange. :) <Vlix> oh c'mon that was 2 puns in one and pretty good ones. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 4 <Mialee> Shh. You're out. :) > Mialee "accidentally" steps on Vlix during the fight. ;) <DM> The 2 that are still moving swing back for another attack on... *** Roll by DM: 2d5 -> 3 + 5 = 8 <DM> Mialee and Jozlan *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14 *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11 <DM> and hit both! <DM> Mialee takes *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5 <DM> Jozlan takes *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 3 = 6 <Mialee> Ow. > DM didn't think these things were so tough. > Jozlan attacks #1 *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 3 <Jozlan> drat > Mialee slashes at #2. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5 > Pengo slices at #3. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> Mialee beheads #2 <Pengo> Man. <DM> miss, Pengo <Flint> The DM forgot, not everyone has magic weapons. <DM> yah, that's true <Mialee> Yeah. <Vlix> -=hint=- <Mialee> I think that's a lot of it. :) <Mialee> Heh :) <DM> anything else this round? <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 5 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5 > DM is getting great initiative rolls tonight, too. *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 5 <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 3 > Mordin sits on his hands. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5 > Pengo swings at #1 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14 <DM> hit. Pengo *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2 <DM> And it crashes to the ground, unconcious <DM> #3 is the only one still flying <Pengo> Ooh, it's alive. Someone wrap it up. :) > Mordin attemps to wrap it up in rope. <DM> I guess there's no one else that CAN attack this round? <Mialee> Nope. <DM> ok, the remaining peryton attacks ... *** Roll by DM: 1d5 -> 1 <Pengo> I could kinda use a heal though. :) <DM> Flint! *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7 <DM> and misses <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 6 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5 <DM> and it attacks again, this time at... *** Roll by DM: 1d5 -> 5 <DM> Jozlan again *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> hits for./.. *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 1 = 5 <DM> Jozlan is hurt pretty bad <DM> your attacks > Mialee hacks at the damn thing. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 12 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 > Mordin continues to bind the unconcious one. > Pengo swings too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9 <Pengo> Thanks, Flint. <Mialee> Oops, I need healing more than he did. :) <Mialee> (I said it from the wrong window ;) <Flint> I'm out... Jozlan? <DM> Mialee, you hit <DM> pengo misses *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 8 <Jozlan> i think i can try to attack it <Mialee> Bang :) <DM> and you lop off its head! <DM> #1 is alive but unconscious <Mialee> Excellent. <Mordin> Have I managed to bind it. <DM> Ok, if I understood you right, Mialee, that should have been you that FLint healed? <Mialee> Yeah, please. <Mialee> You are a kind and gracious DM. :) <DM> Yes, Mordin, I guess so. <Jozlan> ok, i think some of us aren't doing so well <DM> Hit points as I see 'em: <DM> <DM> Flint ok <DM> Mordin -12 <DM> Mialee -3 <DM> Pengo -3 <DM> Jozlan -16 <DM> Icarius -6 <DM> Vlix -5 <DM> and you're all out of memorized cures. <Vlix> wait - I got CL twice. <Jozlan> shoulde we go rest up then? <Vlix> I went down with 0 or -1 depending on how you play it - then got 5 and 7 back. <Mialee> Probably, and maybe get rid of this thing we picked up. <Jozlan> back to town? I'm tired of all these animals attacking us <DM> I see the 7, Vlix, but where was the 5? <Vlix> the dwarf did it <Vlix> same round I went down. <Mordin> we could barricade ourselves in one of the gate houses. <DM> ok, found it <Mialee> That's a thought. I'd be more comfortable dragging that thing we captured back to town though. <DM> Remember, since Vlix and Icarius were at negative hit points, their <DM> Constitution and strength are reduced to 3, and they will gain back 3 points of <DM> each per day, assuming they are healed back up otherwise. <DM> Anyway, they can barely move, and certainly couldn't fight or cast spells at <DM> the moment. <Mordin> How far back to town? <DM> while y'all figure out what you're gonna do, i'm gonna take a bio break. <DM> 3-4 miles <Vlix> how does it play hit point-wise 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 or 3 2 1 -1 -2 -3? *** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM> <AFK-DM> ------------------------------------- <AFK-DM> ------------------------------------- <Flint> Okay, then we search the nest and head back to town. <Vlix> which method is used guys? <Flint> I always count 0, but I'm not sure with Thomas. <Vlix> it'll make a difference. <Jozlan> I was assuming 0 <AFK-DM> I count zero *** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM> <Vlix> I humbly bring to your attention then, I didn't make it to neg hit points. I went into the battle at 5 HP, to 6 damage to 0, got 5 back in the same round to 4 and then 7 next round. <Vlix> so, I'm back to 10HP. <Flint> 0 HP + 5 HP = 5 HP; +7 HP = 10 HP. :) <DM> but 5 - 6 = (-1) <Vlix> no - I'm maxed at 10 - I was over-cured. <Vlix> You said you count 0 <Vlix> sorry - <DM> yeah, but that doesn't change basic arithmetic. 5 - 6 = (-1) <Mialee> :) <Flint> Yes, when counting zero, 5 - 6 = (-1). <Flint> When not counting zero, 5 - 6 = (-2). :) <Mialee> OK :) <Vlix> <Vlix> sorry - <Mialee> I think we can move on now. Let's go back to town and heal and dump this flying death machine. :) <DM> No problem :) <Flint> Let's search the nest first. > Mialee looks around the room. Anything in here? :) <DM> The room is long <DM> and dark, with bare flag-stone floors and dressed stone walls. The rafters <DM> above are wreathed in shadow. Lying on the floor are three sprawled corpses, <DM> their torsos horribly mutilated, and a litter of dry leaves and other detritus. <Vlix> Are these the children? <Mialee> Yeah <DM> You were about to search the corpses when the perytons attacked <Vlix> should take them back. > Mialee searches the corpses. > Flint searches the room. <DM> They are NOT children's bodies <Mialee> Oh, the corpses. <DM> They are adult humans <DM> There is nothing else interesting in the room, Flint, other than the corpses <Vlix> ah, well then thats different. I'm just going to lay here as the battle has reduced me to a babbling idiot with no math skills. blbblblblbrrr <Mialee> Do I find anything searching the corpses? <DM> 1. Male human; wearing a simple tunic and rope belt. <DM> <DM> 2. Male human; wearing a rich (but now ruined) robe, a leather belt <DM> with a decorated buckle (worth 60gp), a fine longsword in a scabbard (value <DM> 40gp) and a pouch containing 20gp. <DM> <DM> 3. Female human; wearing leather armour (now useless) and a small pack. <DM> The pack contains a packet of food (rotten), two vials of holy water, a silver <DM> mirror, three sticks of incense and four candies wrapped in a piece of waxed <DM> parchment, a tinder box and the fragments of a shattered vial. The cleric is <DM> wearing a silver holy symbol (a model of a unicorn horn - value 50gp) on a <DM> chain around her neck. In a pouch on her belt are 27gp. Under her body is a <DM> footman's mace. <Mialee> I'll let the clerics divy this stuff up. :) <DM> err.... excuse me. That should be Horseman's Mace. <Vlix> of course. <Flint> Anything written on the parchment? > Mialee waits for the clerics to pillage the bodies. <DM> no <DM> Is anyone going to take any of this stuff? <Flint> Jozlan, do you want the Holy water? <Jozlan> sure <Flint> The mirror? > Mialee whispers to Vlix, "These clerics are really slow." <Vlix> ah, yes me too. <Vlix> it must be something in the water... <DM> BTW, the way the bodies were mutilated -- It seems that each one has a gaping chest wound. <Jozlan> i'll take the mirror too <Mialee> Like they might have been used as a host for an alien or something? :) <DM> It would seem that they are missing their hearts <Flint> Jozlan, do you want the mirror? <Jozlan> yes <Flint> okay. <Vlix> > Pengo collects the gold. :) <Flint> I'll take the candles and incense. <Mialee> Someone needs to take the mace, the longsword and scabbard, and the holy symbol. <Mialee> Unless we don't care about the mace. :) <Flint> The weapons, GOLD, etc. can go in the general party loot. <Mialee> But the rest seems to have value. <Vlix> I'd like to inspect the sword. <Mialee> Agreed. <DM> LOL! I'm glad you 'caught' the typo, Flint. I was wondering why the cleric would be carrying "4 candies wrapped in waxed paper" A cleric with a sweet tooth? > Pengo tucks the gold into his vest. <DM> It is a sword of fine craftmanship, with silver wire wrap in the hilt > Pengo backs away from Flint. <Vlix> nothing indicates anything special about it? <DM> not that you can tell at the moment. <Vlix> ah - ok, unless someone disagrees, I'll sling it on my back and keep it for now. <Mialee> Fine with me. Hopefully we can do a detect magic later. <Icarius> fine with me. <Mordin> okay. <Pengo> So, are we ready to go back to town? <Vlix> I use LS now - it would be nice to upgrade if this blade is better than my current one, even if it's not magical. <DM> I assume you're leaving anything that nobody mentioned pickin up? <Mialee> Sure enough. <Mialee> We're taking the holy symbol and the mace as well, in general trundle. :) <DM> ok, then off you go. <Mialee> And of course the leather belt with buckle. :) <Flint> And the buckle. <Flint> We can split up the gold now, Pengo. <DM> as hurt as many of you are, it takes most of the afternoon to get back to town. <Pengo> Hm, what? <DM> But you are greeted at the Inn by a worried Papa Kurst. <Pengo> Oh, the gold... right. <Pengo> Yeah, here. > Pengo hands over gold. <Flint> That's 7 GP each Pengo. <Mialee> Hi Papa Kurst. <Pengo> That much? <DM> "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! Oh, my, my, my, you all look so hurt! " <Pengo> I think I deserve extra. I picked it up. :) <DM> "What on earth did you find at the Villa?" <Mialee> Nothing a good night's sleep and a little help from our clerics won't fix up. <Vlix> yay - I'm not broke anymore. <Mialee> We haven't finished exploring the Villa yet, but we found a few of these. > Mialee shows off the captured creature. <DM> "Oh, MY! What is that monstrous thing?" <Mialee> I dunno. Pretty ugly though. <DM> "why have you brought it back here?" <Vlix> Dunno, but she didn't have the heart to kill it. <Jozlan> and ornery <Mialee> Flint's the one that wanted them kept alive. <Mialee> I dunno what's up with that. <DM> The thing is struggling against its bonds as you speak <Mialee> He seems to think they have value. <Mialee> So, Flint, what do we do with it? <Flint> Is it getting loose? <DM> "I can't imagine anyone around here paying anything for it - - maybe some owner of an exotic managerie might want it" <DM> It will eventually <DM> get loose that is <DM> it's biting at the rope, and squirming around. <Jozlan> do you have any good strong cages? <DM> And ever since it woke up, the pony that was carrying it has been going crazy <Flint> Let's get some chain from the blacksmith. <Vlix> Maybe you'd like chicken tonight? <DM> "I don't know -- the blacksmith might have a cage." <Flint> Vlix, try and hit it with the flat of that long Sword. <Vlix> good idea *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 17 <DM> "Or maybe you could lock it in a shed. Hmm, now who has a strong shed??" <Vlix> bonk <DM> BANG! it slumps back to unconsciousness <Vlix> schweet. <Flint> How's that for a detect magic. <Vlix> Thats drow for "wow" <DM> PK runs into the Inn <Mialee> LOL <Mialee> You drow have a strange language. <Vlix> I'd like to hold onto this blade. <DM> He returns with the innkeeper, who says that he has a shed you could stick the creature in overnight, but he couldn't have you leaving it there for more than that. <Mialee> I still want to know what we're supposed to do with it in the long term. <Mialee> I don't get why we kept it alive. <Flint> We need to hobble it with chains first. <Mialee> What is it and what's so special about it, Flint? <Mialee> Or you can just keep making a fuss about it without telling us why. :) <Flint> We should be able to sell it in Bryne. <Mialee> But why would anyone buy a vicious creature like this? <Flint> Someone is always willing to buy anything. Just ask Pengo. <Pengo> Huh? I try to never buy anything I can walk away with for free. <Jozlan> do you ever walk away with weird stuff? <Pengo> Well, I wound up walking of with you guys... <Pengo> of->off <Mialee> So you think we should be capturing everything we run into? :) <Mialee> I think this is a waste of our time and energy. <Flint> Just the babies. <Vlix> Agreed, wring it's neck now. It won't take food from you - unless you're willing to give it your own heart. > Mialee wanders off to go sleep. > Mialee is going to memorize a detect magic as well, to take a look at the loot we've collected today. <Flint> What do the rest of you think? <Pengo> I don't care, I just don't want to spend any more time dealing with the thing. It's more trouble than it's worth. <Jozlan> how much do you figure it can be sold for? <Pengo> There's plenty of loot to ste-- er, stuff we can liberate-- out there. <Pengo> I'm a thief, not a zookeeper. *** >> <Icarius> >> to Icarius: it occurs to you that magic-users doing research and creating magical items and potions sometimes need strange ingredients. <Flint> I don't know what the market is like in Bryne. :( <DM> It's Byrne, BTW :) <Mialee> :) <Icarius> I think the potential benefit of keeping this unique item alive for a couple days is worth it <Flint> I got all the letters right. :) <Vlix> Do what you will, mmy gods wouldn't care one way or the other - would yours? <Pengo> Well, I'm going to go join Mialee and get some shuteye. This is tiring. :) <Jozlan> good idea > Pengo wanders off. <DM> The innkeeper repeats that you could use his shed for the night, but after that you'd have to find other lodginbg for the beast. <Flint> No matter what we do with it for the night, we need to bind it better or it will be loose by morning. <Jozlan> can we get some chains from the blacksmith? > Vlix finds his corner and begins meditation. <DM> He is just down the street a bit. <Flint> Keep an eye on it Vlix, If it moves, hit it again. > Flint goes to get chain. > Mialee snores. <DM> The blacksmith greets you warmly, and asks how he can help. <Flint> We've captured a beast that we need to chain up. <Jozlan> do you have some high strengh chains suitable for restraining a vicious animal? <DM> He offers a length of stout chain in the length you require for 20gp <Flint> And a means to fasten it? <DM> Yes, he includes a shackling mechanism. > Flint pays him 20gp. <DM> Is there anything else I can get you? <Flint> Do you have a second length? <DM> Yes, if you want. > Flint pays another 20 gp. > Flint heads back and secures the beast with both sets of chain. <DM> and he hands you another length of HEAVY chain. <DM> With the assistance of the Innkeeper, you manhandle the beast off the nervous <DM> pony and into the shed. <DM> with great effort, you manage to chain the creature up to an anvil. <DM> It continues to squirm and scream <DM> "Only one night, remember." says the innkeeper. <Flint> Yes. <Vlix> It will be dead by morning probably. <Mialee> And it'll be good riddance. <Flint> It might, but it won't kill anyone else. <DM> All night long you hear the thing squalling and the crashing sounds of tools being thrown about from the shed. <DM> But the morning finally arrives. <Mialee> OK, let's get all the stuff we picked up since the last Detect Magic out, because I'm going to cast it right now. :) <Vlix> Ok, I'll whip out the enchanted bird-bonker. <Vlix> ..and I have this dagger I don't know if is magic or not. <Mialee> That'd be the belt with buckle, the mace, the sword and scabbard that Vlix is carrying, the candles, parchment, and so forth. > Mialee casts Detect Magic. <DM> Where did you get that dagger, Vlix? <Mialee> Also the elven cloak Mialee is carrying. *** << <Vlix> << from the first adventure - you said it was worth 125GP, and it seemed magical in nature. Dunno if it was ever identified. It seemed to be special. *** << <Vlix> << do you recall? it's on the sheet with the bowl. > Mialee waits for Detect Magic to do its thing. *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: was it on the very bottom level? Or taken from a creature? > Pengo whistles while it works. <Mialee> Anything? :) *** << <Vlix> << maybe I should just delete it - since I lost so much time from before, missing to much of the game. I got it during the battle at the ceremonial room with all the zombie'd town people. <DM> ahhh, the cloak registers as elven magic <Mialee> Now I just need to figure out what it does. :) <Mialee> Too bad Identify almost kills me. :) <Vlix> Probably just a cloak of Elfkind - Mialee should be able to just tell. <DM> The sword does NOT register as magical, but the horseman's mace DOES <Mialee> Well. :) <Vlix> heh <DM> Vlix's dagger also registers as magical *** << <Mialee> << Can I tell anything about the cloak, being an elf and all? *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you would recognize this as an elven cloak, with all the usual properties. *** << <Mialee> << I don't know what the usual properties are. :) <Mialee> If we need another day to rest before setting out again, I can make an attempt to cast identify once. :) <Mialee> But since I need a full days' rest afterward... <Mialee> Or 8 hours, I think it is actually. <Icarius> the full moon is coming right up *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: basically, it makes you hard to see. Remember Frodo and sam outside the gates of Moria? <Flint> That should about take us up to the full moon. *** << <Mialee> << OK, thought so, wanted to be sure. > Mialee puts on the cloak. <Vlix> Would the sword or the dagger happen to be silver? <DM> The sword does have silver inlay in the blade. <DM> (Enough to count as a 'silver weapon') <Vlix> I think I'll keep it handy - I assume it's better than my old sword? If so, I'm trading. <Mialee> So, who all needs healing? What do we regenerate after resting? <DM> Yes, Vlix, it is of better quality and craftmanship that the one you had <DM> Hit points as I see 'em: <DM> <DM> Flint ok <DM> Mordin -11 <DM> Mialee -2 <DM> Pengo -2 <DM> Jozlan -15 <DM> Icarius -5 <DM> Vlix ok <Mialee> Looks about right. <DM> Mind you, Vlix and Icarius are still down for the count, and need several more days' rest before they're up to serious adventuring. <Vlix> I'll keep the watch while the others recuperate. <Flint> How many CL's you got Jozlan? <Vlix> Ok, not. <Jozlan> 3 normally, all are used up currently though <Flint> After resting last night? <DM> well, you've slept a night Joz -- you should have them back <Flint> I've got 4. <Flint> Cast a couple on yourself and one on Icarious. > Jozlan cl on himself *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Jozlan cls himself *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Jozlan cls icarius *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: joz is the worst off still *** << <Flint> << down more, but he has more to start with. *** << <Mialee> << Can I retroactively say I memorized an Identify last night, or am I SOL? It didn't occur to me that all this healing means probably another night of sleep. :) *** << <Mialee> << No big deal either way. :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: Sure *** << <Mialee> << You are a kind and generous DM. :) <Mialee> So, after using up all your healing spells, I presume we're staying another night? Of course, you guys need to also find something to do with our critter. <Mialee> If so, I'm going to cast my one memorized Identify. <DM> Flint still has some, doesn't he? <Flint> Yes. <DM> Hit points as I see 'em: <DM> <DM> Flint ok <DM> Mordin -3 <DM> Mialee ok <DM> Pengo -2 <DM> Jozlan -5 <DM> Icarius ok <DM> Vlix ok <Mialee> Well, we'll see then. :) <Mialee> Once we know what the plan is. :) > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Jozlan. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 > Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo. *** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7 <Pengo> Thanks. <Mialee> I could Identify either the dagger or the mace. Let me know if you want me to do so, and which I should try. *** << <Mialee> << Man, I hope we find something to boost my CON before too terribly long; this sucks. :) <DM> When you are finished, The innkeeper comes in and politely asks when you're going to be collecting your wild beast from his tool shed. <Vlix> do the mace first if you want. <Mialee> I was thinking the mace, since it's likely to be a more effective weapon regardless. <Vlix> I am not going anywhere. <Mialee> True. :) > Mialee gets comfortable and casts Identify on the mace. <Mialee> What do I roll again? d100? <DM> lessee.... <DM> % - 30% chance of success > Mialee loans Flint her sword. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 72 <Flint> Thank you. :/ <DM> ahh, you don't detect anything in particular, but do confirm that it IS magical. > Mialee teeters on the brink of collapse.... teeters... <Mialee> Bah. > Mialee passes out disgusted. <Mialee> This really sucks. :) *** << <Mialee> << The down side to rolling this character before I was refreshed in my recollection of 1st ed rules -- I didn't know about the 8 con thing; if I had, I'd have probably swapped the wisdom and the con. :) <Mordin> I hope no one minds if I use this mace on the little beasty in the shed. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: and BTW it is a full 24 hrs that you're out. <Pengo> Decided to kill it after all? <Mialee> Oh. <Mialee> I'm actually out for 24 hours, not 8. Sorry :) <Mialee> Wait... *** << <Mialee> << The spell list you sent me says 8 hours. <Mordin> No, but I don't have any weapons that will hit it. > Mialee sees conflicting info on how long she's out. <Mialee> Ah. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: but it drops you to zero constitution, which is essentially dead. <Vlix> well, considering that flying things usually have hollow bones, I'd be surprised if the thing hadn't killed or maimed itself during the ruckus. *** << <Mialee> << Right... but... I'm confused. :) <DM> anywhere below 3 and you are unconscious for the 24 hrs *** << <Mialee> << So it's 8 hours to regain plus more? *** << <Mialee> << Oh, I see. <Mialee> Yeah, 24 hours. <Mialee> Because I go to 0 CON after casting Identify. Bleah. :) <DM> Now, if there were another MU in the group that could ALSO cast identify... > Mialee would look at Icarius if she were awake. <DM> But Icarius is barely awake himself <Icarius> yeah, I've got a lowered constitution right now <Mialee> Well, rest time :) <Mialee> Let the others deal with their beast while we sleep. <DM> Meanwhile, the Inn keeper is getting really nervous looking. It's like; he doesn't want to be rude to his guests, but... he needs his shed. > Pengo keeps watch over the walking dead. > Flint heads down to the shed. > Mordin follows with the mace. <DM> and....? <Vlix> Well, as you all know.. I dabble in magic... <Vlix> ..but I don't know Identify. <Mialee> I didn't actually, until I heard you say something about magic missile earlier. <Mialee> Do we have an Identify around he can learn? <Mialee> Did Icarius use my copy to learn it earlier? *** >> <Vlix> >> to Vlix: oops! Maybe it wasn't out of the bag! <Icarius> yes I did <Vlix> Would one of you consider writing it to my book? <Icarius> I'd be glad to <Vlix> Maybe I have a spell I could trade you. <Icarius> what do you know? <Vlix> Know, nothing you don't already have. Do you have Feather Fall? <Icarius> nope <DM> (please recall that the material components for the Write Spell cost 200 gp) <Vlix> well, lets trade when economics allow it. <Vlix> In the meantime, I'm willing to try to learn Identify from your book. <DM> I don't think you can do that, Vlix <Vlix> if it's because I have my spells memorized, I'm willing to zap one and rest. <Vlix> ... before attempting to learn it. <DM> no, I mean that when an M-U writes into his own spell book, he personalizes it, > Mialee keeps being unconscious. <DM> so you can't use another M-U's book <DM> (game balance trumps logic in this case :) <Mialee> :) <Vlix> then, how does one MU get spells into his own book? <DM> He uses the Write spell. <Vlix> but, aside from scrolls, where else does he get those spells? <Mialee> You can't Write from one spell book to another/ <Mialee> ? <DM> if it's coming from another M-U's book, the spells stay intact in the source book. If they are coming from a scroll, the scroll is destroyed in the process *** << <Flint> << Using a spell out of another M-U's book would burn it off like a scroll. <Vlix> I'm pretty sure I can find references where it's done - unless this world is different. <Mialee> I think that's what Vlix wants to do -- Write spells from our books to his. <DM> And he can, but it still takes a write spell to do it. <Mialee> Right. <Flint> He has to use the Write spell for that at 200gp per. <Vlix> Yah - but he's saying I can't read your book... <Mialee> You can't read it, but you can Write from it. <Mialee> That's not the same as reading it. :) <DM> You cannot memorize spells from another MU's book <Mialee> Write like copies and translates into your own custom copy of the spell. > Vlix flips the read/write protection tab on Mialees spellbook. <Mialee> :) <Vlix> ok <DM> Consider that when you "write" the spell, you add in your own mnemonics or whathave you so that you can recall the words/motions whatever. <DM> it's more like an encryption thing. <Mialee> I think we got it. :) <Vlix> ok - I'm not arguing. <DM> Some sort of medieval RSA algroithm <DM> not that the RSA algorithm isn't magical in itself :) <Vlix> ..I'm just trying to give the party options - thought I could help in a pinch. > Pengo keeps watching. <DM> That's fine. :) <Mialee> Well, you can copy Identify from my book to yours, but it will cost 200 gp :) <Vlix> Pengo - you look bored. <Mialee> (in parts) <Pengo> I am bored. > Vlix casts feather fall on Pengo - "go play" <Pengo> Heh <DM> so what are Mordin and Flint doing down in the shed? *** << <Vlix> << learns shield. <Flint> Is the creature still bound? <DM> it's managed to get one wing loose overnight, and broke several of the Innkeeper's rakes, brooms and other wooden tools. <DM> it's now flopping around on the ground. <DM> when it sees you, it lunges, but is pulled up short by the chain. > Mialee snores. <DM> .... <DM> .....???? <Pengo> Sheesh. Kill the damn thing and let's go. *** >> <Flint> >> to Flint: Hey Flint, are you there? <Pengo> This is taking way too much time. <Jozlan> yeah <DM> ok, I guess FLint and Mordin are having technical difficulties. > Jozlan goes down to the shed to see what's happening <Vlix> or an alignment crisis. <DM> hehehe... <Pengo> We've been messing with that stupid creature for over an hour and a half of real time. <Pengo> Hehehe :) <DM> Short of killing the creature, if you want to proceed, go ahead. <Mialee> Well, we need to rest through another night, so we can, you know, move again. :) <DM> Mialee and Icarius and Vlix are still out of it for the day. <DM> but someone needs to do SOMETHING about the creature. <Mialee> And the full moon is like tomorrow, is it not? <DM> day after tomorrow. <Pengo> Sigh. <Icarius> will we chain uo our were-buddies? <Pengo> I'm too small to do anything about it by myself. :) <Pengo> Any ideas? <Pengo> This is stupid. <DM> Ahhh, so THAT's what those rascally dwarves were up to! They went down to the Blacksmith and worked out a deal with him to build a cage <Pengo> LOL <Vlix> ACME SteelCages <Pengo> DM to the rescue. :D <DM> They had to pay 75gp, for a sturdy wooden, Iron bound kennel. > Pengo shoves it into the cage, slaps it shut and latched, and goes to rejoin the others. <Pengo> I'm not taking the chains off by myself. :) <Vlix> No, kill it then use the cage and chains on the suspected werewolves. <Mialee> Heh <Vlix> ..when the full moon comes out. <Icarius> i like the way you think <Pengo> Hey! :) <DM> meanwhile, you get a visit from the local cleric, who informs you that all is now in readiness to perform the ceremony to rid ONE of you of the dread disease Lycanthropy <Vlix> or, just prior actually. <Pengo> Who other than Mialee is it? Pengo or Flint? I thought all three were possibles. <DM> Flint is the other one. <Pengo> If it's me, I'll go, since she's asleep and Flint is who knows where. :) <Pengo> OK. Whew. :) *** <reFlint> has entered the room. <Vlix> heh - were-hobbit! It's a were-chiaua <DM> Hey Flint! *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo, Vlix, logger, reFlint *** (10 users) *** You're not authorized for that. <DM> Anyway, the Cleric says that if you come to the temple at sunrise tomorrow, he will perform the ceremony. <DM> by that time, Mialee should be back on her feet. <DM> <DM> Anything else you're going to do today, before resting again? By tomorrow, Icarius and Vlix should be back on their feet too. They'll still be down 3 ea in Strength and Constitution, but they could participate. *** >> <reflint> >> Roger, are you having technical difficulties? *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo, Vlix, logger, reFlint *** (10 users) <DM> Hello? Is anyone there? Just for grins, let's have a roll call, please :) > DM is here <Icarius> here <Jozlan> here > Vlix is here <Mialee> Sorry, been afk a couple <Pengo> bak *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo, Vlix, logger, reFlint *** (10 users) <DM> looks like FLint and Mordin are having difficulties. Let's proceed. <Mialee> OK, let's finish the night so either Flint or Mialee can get treated for lycanthropy. <Vlix> I'm resting all I can <Mialee> :) <Icarius> yeah <DM> and the night passes <Mialee> Let us know when it's sunup. :) <DM> it's sunup > Mialee gets up and stretches. <DM> the innkeeper awakens you as you requested. <Mialee> Let's go get treated. :) > Mialee heads over to the temple. <Mialee> I think Flint should go first. *** <Flint3> has entered the room. <DM> The Cleric is there waiting for you, with an alter of wood set up in front of the alter of stone <Vlix> I'll go to watch. <Mialee> Although if he needs to be participatory...? :) <DM> nah. He'll sleep though most of it anyway. <Mialee> OK, start it up. <Vlix> humm... reminds me of how people were cured of witchcraft... > Pengo tags along to watch. *** <reMordin> has entered the room. <DM> He instructs FLint to lie down on the stone altar, where there are brazier's burning at each end. <DM> On the Wooden altar, there is a wolf's head, soaked in alcohol <Flint3> Huh? <Mialee> Flint, you're getting the lycanthropy treatment. <Flint3> Why? <Mialee> Because you're one of the two people that got bitten. <Mialee> And we decided you should get it. :) <Flint3> Have I turned? <Mialee> No... we're doing it as a preventative measure, apparently. :) <Mialee> I thought that was the point. <Mialee> I was under the impression that was how it works. <Flint3> Better to do it as a cure. <Mialee> Really? <Mialee> Anyone know if that's true? <DM> he mumbles some words and splashes some incense in the brasziers. <Vlix> well, I made my suggestion earlier on the uses of cage and chains. <DM> the brasziers flare up, and Flint falls into a deep sleep. <Mialee> :) <Mialee> Too late. :) <Vlix> ...and they weren't kinky. <Mialee> LOL <DM> The cleric intones some prayers, and the flames burn brighter <Flint3> Comming from a Drow that's not saying much. <DM> He continues to chant, and suddenly, the wooden altar with the wolf's head bursts into flames <Vlix> oooh, aaah <DM> Flint's body trembles, and then is wracked with convulsions <Pengo> Wow. > Mialee is glad she didn't volunteer. <DM> he almost falls off the altar <DM> and then is still. <DM> The CLeric falls silent, and bows his head. > Mialee looks over at the Cleric. <DM> he walks over to Flint, and leans over him, laying his head on Flint's chest. <DM> he smiles. <Mialee> Whew. <DM> "He shall be fine" <Mialee> Great. <DM> he wafts some of the smoke from the brazier into Flint's face, and the dwarf awakens with a cough. <Mialee> Welcome back. > Mialee retrieves her sword from Flint while he's still woozy. :) <DM> "Ye need not fear the dread disease, Master Dwarf. It has been loosed from your body. " <Mialee> Now I'm the only one you have to worry about. :) > Mialee grins. <DM> I'm only sorry that I could treat but one of you. I'm afraid it will be up to you to find the cure for the other. *** <Mordin> has left the room. *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Flint3, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Pengo, Vlix, logger, reFlint, reMordin *** (11 users) <Flint3> I did not volunteer for this. *** <reMordin> is now known as <Mordin.> <Mialee> Well, you didn't object. :) *** <Flint> has left the room. *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint3, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin., Pengo, Vlix, logger, reFlint *** (10 users) <Mialee> So, are we ready to move along back to the villa to continue our little adventure? <Mordin.> Yes, I did. *** <reFlint> has left the room. <Vlix> aren't we waiting to see if you're a were-wolf Mialee? one more day? <Mordin.> Wrong window. <Mialee> I dunno... are we? I figured it doesn't make much difference whether I turn here or at the villa. :) *** <Flint3> is now known as <Flint.> <Vlix> here we have a cage and chains. <Mialee> And the latter means less waiting around. :) <Mialee> A cage with a vicious creature already in it. No thanks. :) <DM> You should be ready to go. <Mialee> You just want to see a cage match. :) <Vlix> there we might have to clunk you and carry you around instead of treasure. <Vlix> I thought we decided to send the creature into the afterlife. <Mialee> No, the dwarves bought a cage for it. <Mialee> In which it now resides. <Flint.> DM>You just put me through a ritual that I did not volunteer for! <Mialee> I'm the one you're worried about now. You guys decide what to do. *** <Mialee> is now known as <AFK-Mialee> <AFK-Mialee> Grabbing my dinner from upstairs, back in a couple <DM> Yeah, let's take 10. <DM> it's 20:37 by my clock. We'll reconvene at 20:47 <Vlix> 10 - uh... don't think I can make it to Sonic and back in 10... <DM> :) <Vlix> "The Elf is hungry..." "The Wizard shot the food" *** <AFK-Mialee> is now known as <Mialee> <Mialee> Bah... Sarah lied. She said dinner was ready but actually she wanted me to take the trash out. :) <Vlix> bait and switch <Mialee> Yeah... I think that was mean. :) <DM> 2 minutes..... <DM> I am using ProTERM classic to run this tonight, and have put the adventure text <DM> into a help file, which can generate an index so I can move around the <DM> adventure quickly. <DM> It actually works BETTER than using Word, because I can Apple-D the text <DM> directly into the ProTERM window. :) <Mialee> :) <DM> Ok, let's get rolling again. You're in Kusnir, and ready to set out back to the Villa. You've got the creature caged up behind the inn. <Mialee> I'm ready to go. I believe I'm back up with my regular load of spells. <Flint.> I need to get to the point in the ProTERM manual where they talk about macros. I have lost my keysubs with this reboot. <DM> As is everyone else, along with being back up to snuff hit point wise. Icarius and Vlix are still 3 down on STR and CON <DM> I keep the keysubs in a text file and apple-D them in. <Flint.> I had them in notepad. I lost it as well. <DM> so you trudge through the woods once again, and arrive back at the villa. *** Keysub '.f' set to '/send Flint. to Flint: '. <Mialee> All righty, let's go back into that courtyard and finish our look around. :) <DM> you arrive at area V1, and stare into the courtyard <DM> refresh <Mialee> So, is there anything interesting about the ash tree that we can see? <DM> btw, Vlix, do you know that when I say 'refresh' I mean I've added a piece to the puzzle on the web page, right? <DM> No, there is nothing outstnading about the ash tree that you can see. <Vlix> yah - I knew that. *** Keysub '.or' set to '/send Mordin. to Mordin: '. <Mialee> OK, shall we check out the doorway to our north, or finish exploring the courtyard first? *** << <Flint.> << What is the URL again? <Icarius> doorway <Vlix> vote for working our way around Villa Upper Level <Mialee> OK, let's hit the doorway directly north of the V5 doorway. > Mialee peeks inside. <DM> The door to this room is closed. Its timbers are sound but the lock and hinges <DM> are rusted solid. <Mialee> Ah. :) <Vlix> V5 was completely searched? <DM> yes <Mialee> Yeah. <Mialee> Guess we need to bash it in. <Mialee> Or can we? <Mialee> Hm. <Vlix> yah - grab a dwarf <Mialee> LOL <Mialee> Or do we skip it and come back to it later? <Vlix> jk <Icarius> let's skip it for now <Mialee> OK, let's do the other northern door then. <Mialee> Is it open or closed? <Pengo> And is there anything notable about the oak tree now that we're close to it? <DM> The door between the courtyard and this room is closed. Its timber is sound but <DM> the hinges are rusted and stiff. <DM> No, other than it being a tall, strong, and handsome oak <Mialee> OK, let's take a look at the southernmost door then. <Mialee> The one we haven't done yet. Is it closed too? <DM> checking... *** << <Mialee> << Did you see earlier that I put the cloak on, btw? <Vlix> We might alert something else in the villa, but I think we ought attempt to open the doors across from V5. Seems all the doors are going to be difficult to open. <Mialee> I agree, but I want to check them all first. <Mialee> If any of them can be opened without bashing, I want to do those first. *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: you need to let me know if you want to go into "hide mode" with the cloak. it's not automatic <DM> Ok, this door (in the middle of the south wall) does NOT look like it is jammed shut like the others. <Icarius> shall we <Icarius> ? *** << <Mialee> << OK <Mialee> Yes. <Mialee> Let's. <Mialee> Sorry, was fetching my food. :) > Mialee opens it a bit and peeks inside. <DM> There is barely enough room for the door to open. <DM> In fact, as you open it, you have to push aside some junk, causing a sort of <DM> wood-on-wood knocking sound. <DM> Almost the entire space between floor and ceiling is occupied by a disorganised <DM> heap of junk consisting of broken household goods of every kind: chairs, <DM> tables, curtains, pots, pans, boxes, beds, barrels, sacks, etc. <Mialee> Any movement? <Vlix> ack! its my garage! <Mialee> I don't see any computers. <Vlix> does the roof look safe? > Icarius prays no birds <Mialee> Ceiling :) <Vlix> er, ceiling <Icarius> next room? <Mialee> Still waiting for details on this one. :) <Pengo> DM? :) <Mialee> Hmhmhm. <DM> just a second. slight emergency here... *** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM> <Mialee> Uhoh <Mialee> Speaking of which, how are things next door, Sean? :) <Vlix> oh, fires been out - nothing major apparently. They didn't come knocking on the door to evac. <Mialee> I figured. :) <Vlix> I had all my servers ready to down - so I could carry them out of the building. <Vlix> =) <Mialee> Heh *** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM> <Mialee> All's well, I hope? <DM> soso <Mialee> 'sup? <DM> ok, there is no movement on the ceiling <Mialee> OK. > Mialee opens the door the rest of the way and steps inside to get a look. <Mialee> Without actually touching the heap of junk, can I see anything that looks particularly interesting? <Mialee> If whatever happened is something you should call it a night for, say so. <DM> you have to push aside some more of the junk, and see that the junk is piled high, making it almost impossible to even see, much less get across <Mialee> Hm, I say we leave this room and hit the two north doors. <DM> nah, that's ok <Mialee> (literally) > Mialee heads back to the western door in the north wall. <Mialee> Anyone else? :) <DM> ok, you arrive at the door. > Pengo tags along. > Mialee thinks we've lost a bunch of people. :) <DM> :) > Mialee tries to force the door open. <DM> ok, roll a d6 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1 > Mordin. watches in amusement. <DM> and the door opens! <Mialee> Wow. I rule, apparently. <Mialee> So, what's in there? <Mialee> Did I just unleash hell on earth? :) > Jozlan gets ready to attack *** <Mordin.> is now known as <Mordin> > Vlix gets defensi ve <DM> <DM> This room is utterly bare. There are no pieces of furniture or other items and <DM> the floor is very clean, as if swept. The walls are covered with white plaster, <DM> as is the ceiling. The air in the room feels cold. <Mialee> Hm. > Pengo searches the room, carefully, for traps and signs of secret doors. <DM> refresh <Vlix> \cold? uh... <DM> roll % *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 98 <DM> pengo <DM> you don't find any secret doors or traps, but you do notice that there is a slight gap between the floor and the ceiling on the west wall... maybe about 6 inches high > Pengo examines the gap more closely. <DM> it's too high for you to do that (15') <Flint.> Usually the gap between a floor and ceiling is a wall. :) <Icarius> :) <Mialee> Heh. <DM> hahaha!! LOL <Mialee> I take it it's between the wall and the ceiling? :) <DM> uhh, there is a gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling <Mialee> :) <Mialee> Can someone lift me up to take a look. I expect I'm the lightest person among us. > Vlix boosts > Mialee examines the gap. > Mordin picks up Mialee. <Mialee> Boys, boys, one at a time. <DM> Well, it actually takes both <Vlix> ugh, she <Mialee> OK :) <Vlix> s heavy <Mialee> Hmph. <Mialee> Elves are NEVER heavy. <DM> but Mialee can grab hold of the edge, and pull herself up to see that there is a small wooden box wedged in there. <DM> it takes both for the height, not the weight. <Mordin> That's because they have no meat on their bones. > Mialee pulls the box out. <Mialee> OK, bring me down. > Mialee opens the box warily. <DM> let's see... Mordin and Vlix for sure are standing nearby... anyone else within 5 feet? <DM> no? ok., <Mialee> Ah crap. :) <Pengo> The one time I don't check for traps first... :) <DM> Mialee opens the box, and is greeted by a huge flareup of flame <Mordin> As if you had a chance to check. <Pengo> Good point. Goofy elf. <DM> which engulfs her, Mordin and Vlix <DM> each should roll a saving throw vs magic <Vlix> well, there went your beard. *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 20 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5 *** Roll by Flint.: 1D20 -> 14 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3 <Mordin> That's what I get for not paying attention. <DM> I'll take Flint's accidental roll as Mordins <DM> So Mordin and Vlix take half damage. *** Unknown die specification. Type /HELP ROLL for details. *** Roll by DM: 1d4+7 -> 3 + 7 = 10 <DM> Mialee takes 10, the others 5 <Mordin> Vlix - How do you like your elf cooked? <Vlix> about the same as I like my dwarves - half-baked. <Mialee> You guys really need to keep up with me so this kind of thing doesn't happen. I get tired of waiting around. :) <Mialee> And... ow. <Mialee> So, after the flame, anything actually in the box? :) <DM> The box contains six gems (800gp, 100gp, 60gpx4), a vial containing a potion of <DM> ..... (a green liquid with a sherrylike flavour - two doses) and a piece of <DM> cut amber on a leather thong <Mialee> Nice. <DM> There are also the charred remains of a scroll. :( <Mialee> Ugh. <Vlix> Mialee should wear the thong - doubt Mordin would look good in it. > Mialee suspects it's not that kind of thong. <Vlix> <snicker> sorry - couldn't resist. <Icarius> :) <Flint.> She would still look better than him in it. <Mialee> Heh <Mialee> OK, I guess we're done in here, eh? <Flint.> NOT quite. <Vlix> oh yeah, let me finish patting off the little fire still burning. > Flint. casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee. <Mialee> I mean, aside from killing the elf. :) <Mialee> You're so kind. :) <Flint.> CL! *** Roll by Flint.: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6 <Vlix> I'm at half. > Flint. casts Cure Light Wounds on Vlix. *** Roll by Flint.: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <Vlix> ooh I feel tingly. <Flint.> While I'm at it. > Flint. casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin. <Vlix> Thanks Dwarf *** Roll by Flint.: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5 <DM> The room, as I said, is otherwise empty. <Icarius> next room? <Mialee> Yes, the one to the east on the north wall. <DM> The door between the courtyard and this room is closed. Its timber is sound but <DM> the hinges are rusted and stiff. > Pengo checks the door for traps. <Pengo> You guys can just wait. :) <DM> roll % *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 44 <DM> You don't find any traps <Mialee> OK, someone open it then. :) > Vlix makes an attempt *** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 1 <DM> you need to roll % on this one <Vlix> oh... *** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 13 <Vlix> oops *** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 20 <DM> nope > Mialee tries then. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 37 <DM> nope <Mordin> My Turn. <DM> You might just cut to the chase and give Mordin a try <Mialee> :) *** Roll by Mordin: 1D100 -> 51 <DM> nope <Pengo> What the heck... let me try! :) *** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 92 <DM> not even <Pengo> :) *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: uhhh, what spells are you carrying? *** << <Mialee> << Duh. <Mialee> OK, boys. > Vlix gets out his hammer and spikes and gives the rusted hinges a few whacks. <Flint.> Anybody have Knock? > Mialee casts Knock. <DM> and the door swings gently open, creaking a bit > Mialee curtsies. > Mialee peeks inside. <DM> refresh <DM> see that the <DM> lower part of the far wall has collapsed, leaving a hole large enough for a <DM> person to crawl through. The masonry above the hole is sound. <DM> <DM> The walls are of dressed stone. Wooden rafters support the tiles of the roof <DM> which is veiled in shadows. The walls were once painted green but the paint has <DM> started to flake off. <DM> <DM> There are dozens of large ceramic jars and the smashed fragments of hundreds <DM> more. The only clear part of the stone-flagged floor is at the western end, <DM> between the door and the collapsed part of the north wall. The western wall is <Mialee> What's with all the green paint? *** You are now a room leader. <Vlix> it's all "nature-like" <Mialee> Hm. <DM> of unpainted dressed stone. <Mialee> The shadowed ceiling makes me nervous. :) <Vlix> got a torch? <Jozlan> i do <Mialee> Light that sucker, let's get a look up above before we charge in there. > Vlix puts his spikes and hammer away - draws his blade. > Jozlan lights up *** >> <Mialee> >> to Mialee: what indeed? <Mialee> I'm serious... we keep seeing all these places with walls painted green. It has to mean something. <DM> your torch reveals nothing hiding in the rafters., <Flint.> Let's search the room. *** <Flint.> is now known as <Flint> > Mialee goes in and examines the jars. <DM> you loook through the containers... <Mialee> Are they all empty? <DM> Each of the complete jars holds one of the following: honey, wine, olive oil, <DM> pressed figs orfish paste. All of these iood items are now in a revolting state <DM> of decay. There are 54 whole jars. <Vlix> keep the torch away from the jars - <Mialee> Odd. <Mialee> Looks like someone laid in a supply for a while. *** Roll by DM: 1d7 -> 5 > Mialee takes a look at the debris from the wall. Any indication of what caused it to fall in? <Flint> Honey doesn't spoil. <DM> No, you can't really tell what caused it to fall int <Mialee> What do I see outside, through the hole? <Mialee> Any footprints or indication of people coming through that hole? <DM> You see the forest off in the distance > Mordin examines the walls and floor. <DM> no, no footprints. <Mialee> Looks like maybe someone busted through the wall and stormed this villa through it, smashing these jars on their way through. <Mialee> (At least, that's what it looks like when I picture the scene in my head) <Flint> Is the rubble on the inside or outside? <DM> Both <DM> Mordin, while examining the western wall, is surprised when the wall itself <DM> suddenly warps into a pseudolimb and strikes at him! <Mialee> Oof. *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18 > Mialee draws her sword. <DM> the glob of what seemed to be a wall splats onto Mordin's shoulder <Icarius> weird <Mialee> Uh... <DM> Mordin, roll a saving throw vs paralyzation *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 17 <DM> you resist the juices of the stunjelly! <Vlix> oooh - gross. <Mialee> What the heck do we do with that thing? <Mordin> Kill it. <Vlix> fire - try using the torch! <DM> but it has you, and is sucking you in slowly <Mialee> Is it big enough to safely swing a sword at though? :) <Mialee> Hm, I presume it is. :) <DM> it's covering most of the wall <Mialee> I see. <Mialee> Initiative or do we go? <DM> you go > Mialee slashes at it. <Mordin> Can I fight back? *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13 > Pengo does too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10 > Flint attacks with his Battle Axe. *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4 > Vlix grabs Mordin by the legs and pulls > Jozlan attacks with war hammer *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 5 <DM> Well, you could have, until Vlix grabbed your feet. :) > Mialee guesses Mordin isn't standing anymore. :) <Vlix> sorry - thought he was being sucked in <DM> He was, but slowly <Mialee> Slowly. :) <DM> Mialee hits, as does Pengo <DM> Joz misses <Mordin> Let me go. *** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 2 <Mialee> Wait, is this a large creature? :) <DM> yes *** Roll by Mialee: 1d12 -> 2 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 7 <DM> hehehe <Mialee> Pfft. <Vlix> I let go of Mordin <Mialee> I think that's it, unless Icarius has something he wants to do. <Vlix> who has the torch? was it dropped? <Mialee> Joz has it. <DM> Icarius, usually <DM> or Joz <Jozlan> i've got it <Vlix> can I take it this round? > Jozlan passes it off <DM> no VLix, this round you were pulling Mordin's leg <Jozlan> start of next round then <Vlix> but I was just teasing him. <DM> ------------------------------------- <DM> Round 2 - Initiative: *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6 <DM> again *** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2 <Pengo> Hmph :) <Mordin> Can I attack or just fight the pull? <DM> this time the thing warps out at .... *** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3 <DM> Jozlan *** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13 <DM> and it hits, doing damage *** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 4 = 8 <DM> roll vs paralyzation <DM> Jozlan <DM> Joz? <DM> Mordin, you can fight, but at half damage <DM> the rest can attack > Mialee swings. *** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 15 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20 <Pengo> I do too. *** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 15 *** Roll by Mialee: 1d12 -> 9 *** Roll by Pengo: 1d8 -> 3 <DM> you also resist the juices of the thing, but you are caught also! *** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 16 *** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+4 -> 10 + 4 = 14 <Jozlan> can I poke it with the torch? <DM> The jelly-like mass shudders, and goes limp. <Mialee> Good deal. <DM> Mordin and Jozlan are able to pull themsleves out, with a little help from their friends. <Vlix> must be jelly because jam don't attack like that. <Jozlan> i've been slimed! <Icarius> :) <Flint> I think we need to make sure it's dead. <Mialee> Go for it. :) <Jozlan> torch it? <Flint> Wait until we leave. <Flint> We don't want to burn the villa down around us. <DM> especially such a nice villa > Jozlan bashes it a few times for good measure <DM> with your hammer? <Mialee> Yeah. We clean it up a bit, could be a nice summer place. :) <Mialee> Squish. <DM> yeah. squish <Mialee> So, I think we were done in here, eh? <Flint> Right. <DM> And I think this might be a good place to halt for the night. <Mialee> OK. <Mialee> Sounds good. <Flint> When do we want to get together again? <DM> Hit points as I see 'em: <DM> <DM> Flint ok <DM> Mordin ok <DM> Mialee -4 <DM> Pengo ok <DM> Jozlan -8 <DM> Icarius ok <DM> Vlix ok
Sadly, further records of this adventure have been lost. Suffice to say that the party investigated the upper and lower levels of the villa, and found the skulk, who was wearing a mysterious white glove. When Flint puts the glove on, it becomes permanently attached, and he is unable to remove it. It has intelligence, and speaks telepathically to Flint, warning him of serious danger to the entire area. The party returns to Byrne to recuperate.

Just to keep what we DO have, here are some exerpts with appropriate captions.

Entering the Villa proper...

Beyond an archway, a flight of broad, stone steps leads up to a pair of closed, iron-bound wooden doors. Lying on the steps is a charred humanoid skeleton clutching a rusted dagger.
The doors are held closed by two hasp mechanisms, each with a padlock hanging from it. A third hasp hangs broken and charred. A blackened padlock lies on the steps below the door.

The party finds a wizard's library, but they are rarely unguarded...

The floor of this darkened room is tiled in green. The walls and ceiling are covered with undecorated white plaster. The only furniture consists of a pair of brass lecterns. There is a large book on each. Curled around one of the lecterns, you see an iron sculpture of a cobra.


The party found their way downstairs...

The cellar areas of the abandoned villa.

Map of the area underneath the villa

A Fearsome and mysterious creature!

You have come into a bare room hewn from solid rock. There is nothing in the room except for a zone of unnatural-looking darkness about 2 feet across which hangs stationary in the air, just above the floor, halfway across the room and a little to the east of the doorway.
Five writhing, whispy, green shapes suddenly appear, hovering in the air before you.

The "Blue Devils" are finally found.

Standing in the room are 40 or more small, blue-skinned humanoids. Near the statue is a very strange creature. Humanoid in form, it is much taller than the others, has a grotesque golden head and wears a long black robe.

The Shaman

The Sentinel!

the party finally found the bizarre skulk creature they had been tracking all this time. On the hand of the creature, you see this pale kid leather glove, which looks amazingly clean considering the environment in which you find it.

A friend and potential ally that the party never met

Picture of a Ranger

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