Paulinus, the Baron's advisor and mentor to Icarius, has discovered some curious runes in an old manuscript which he believes to be associated with certain intantaneous teleportation gates. He asked Icarius and his friends to investigate, and this is what he has found so far:

In the course of one of their adventures, our friends discovered a pentagonal tower in the Northern March Region of Mercia.

Along the top of the walls of the upper floor of the tower, they found the following runes, in order from just to the right of the stairwell, going clockwise.

In the second tower, which they determined was high in the mountains of Caernarfon, our stalwarts discovered these runes, arranged in order from the wall which they came through, going clockwise:

Many months later, while escaping from the Slavers' Stockade, our heroes ran across another tower, in which they found the following runes, in order going clockwise:

They also found the skeletal remains of a man who had scribbled a group of runes on the front page of his spellbook. those runes looked like this:

There was only one outlet from that tower (marked by rune #5 above), which led to one with a slippery, icy, tilted surface. Amazingly, as they were sliding down the sloped floor and through another wall, they had the presence of mind to observe the following runes on the surrounding walls:

They entered this slippery trap through the wall marked with rune#1 in the above diagram, and exited through the wall marked with rune#4 above.

They ended up being dumped into a tower deep in a forest, with the following combination of runes, having come through the wall marked with rune#1 (below):

They stepped through the next wall marked with rune #2 above, and found themselves in a Tower with these runes:

A litle anxious now, to return to some known environs, they didn't explore the area around this tower at all, but stepped through the wall marked by rune#3 above to a tower by the seashore:

After destroying a wereshark living in that tower, they stepped through the wall marked with rune #3 above, and found themselves back in the tower in the foothills of the Drachengrab Mountains.

Several Years later, our intrepid crew discovered another of these mysterious towers in Devonshire, and after debuzzing some giant bees, undertook to explore it. They found a room at the top with the following symbols:

They decided to follow the #3 rune and found themselves in another tower with these runes:

Exiting this tower, they found themselves in a high tundra region. Hiking to the nearest village, it turned out that this tower was in the Kindom of Gaent, a neighboring kingdom to their own Mercia.

Backing up to Devonshire, the party decided to try to see what else they could find out about the tilted icy tower. So they stepped through to the tower by the Slavers' Stockade, and thence to the icy tower, where Mordin managed to anchor himself. They were in an arctic region surrounded by snow. Once again sliding through the nearest wall, they dropped into the tower in the midst of a great forest.