The Princess must be rescued from the Slave Pits!

This adventure was based on TSR Module A1: "Slave Pits of the Undercity" by David Cook

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September 11, 2005

<DM> Ok, let's get started then.

> Mialee works out spells to memorize.

<DM> Yes, please give me your spells when you have them ready.

> Vlix offers to morph and hide in someone's cloak or brassiere if we leave at night.

<Mialee> Heh.

<DM> six hours have passed since Mialee left the elven compound

<Mialee> OK... here are Mialee's spells:

<Mialee> Level 1: Transfer by Portal x1, Sleep x1, Magic Missile x4.

<Mialee> Level 2: Knock x1, Levitate x1, Melf's Acid Arrow x2

> Mialee pets Voronda and lets her know we're about to depart.

> Pengo gathers up his stuff.

<Mialee> I want to be sure not to do anything that might offend the elves; I want to be on good relations with the temple.

<DM> It's now late afternoon, so Vlix's suggestion might not be all that farfetched.

<Vlix> 2xMM 1xinvisibility

<Mialee> OK, let's try Vlix's idea.

<Mialee> Would be easier than knocking him out. :D

<Mialee> Of course, now I wish I'd not memorized Sleep. :)

<Vlix> was it ok with everyone else on the robe and armor as discussed in the BB?

<Mialee> Yes, that sounds fine to me.

<Vlix> Mordin/Flint?

<Mordin> Yes.

<Vlix> and I need the bat link again.

<Flint> Level 1: CLW x 4, TBP x 1

<Flint> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1

<Mialee> OK, I'm ready to go. :)

<Vlix> ooof - "he'd"?

<Mialee> Sorry, that's Sheppy talking. :D

<Vlix> packing a little something extra Mialee?

> Mialee beats Vlix with the flat of her sword.

<Flint> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1

<DM> So, I think we're ready.

<Mialee> Looks like it.

<Mialee> We need to wait until after dark for the cloak of the bat to work, right?

<DM> Yes

<Mialee> OK, we'll do that, obviously.

<DM> Ok, night falls...

<Mialee> Off we go then. :)

<DM> The seven of you arrive at the elven compound.

> Mialee pats Voronda's head to keep her calm while she turns to Vlix and says, "You're on."

<DM> Elrohir is there at the gate to meet you.

<Mialee> Hello, Elrohir. We're doing well, thank you. And we appreciate the use of your portal.

<Mialee> :)

< Elrohir > Come in, come in.

<Vlix> assuming Vlix morphed and is hiding somewhere lightless in someone's cloak well out of torchlight.

<Mialee> I hope so. :)

> Mialee enters the gate, gesturing for the others to follow.

<DM> Vlix, we'll assume you're hiding in the folds of Jozlan's cloak

<Mialee> Boys, be sure to remain quiet and respectful in their temple; they're being most gracious allowing us passage.

<DM> Elrohir leads you all through the winding paths to the back corner, where the transfer portal is.

<DM> "Are you prepared to go? "

> Mialee asks Icarius (presuming someone will speak for him ;) which portal in Kendall we should use.

<DM> Elrohir answers that he knows of one that should work.

<Mialee> Thank you, but if we don't know its aura, how can we use it?

< Elrohir > "which of you are prepared to cast the Transfer spell?"

<Mialee> I am...

<Flint> I am.

<Mialee> I presume Icarius is although I don't know that.

< Elrohir > "I will take you there first, then bring you back here, and you can then take your companions through the gate. "

> Mialee bows politely.

<Mialee> You are most kind.

<DM> Icarius and Jozlan nod yes

< Elrohir > "Come then, gather round."

> Mialee steps closer to Elrohir.

<DM> As do Icarius and Jozlan

<DM> Elrohir lays his hands on your shoulders, and murmurs the words of the spell, and you suddenly find yourself in another garden, under a small stone bridge on a footpath. It's raining lightly.

<DM> oops

<DM> [ If you look on the map of Kendall, in the SW corner (remember on the map of Kendall, south is up) at the corner of Wall Street and Temple Street, you'll see a garden with what looks like an old-style phone handset. That is the bridge. ]

<Mialee> Where is this place, Elrohir?

> Mialee memorizes the aura of this portal.

< Elrohir > "Make note of the impression of this portal, that you might return to it."

<DM> Icarius and Jozlan likewise memorize the aura of the portal.

> Flint memorizes the aura.

<DM> Once you've done that, he grasps you firmly again, and within seconds, you are back in Byrne, in the elven compound.

< Elrohir > "Now you have a way from Byrne to Kendall. I would ask you not to return via this portal unless you are in dire distress. Felothas' patience is wearing thin, and I do not wish to test it any further. "

> Mialee looks for the map.

> Mialee finds it in the archive of CSI: The D&D Edition.

<Mialee> Thank you, my friend. We shall avoid testing his patience.

<Mialee> Are we ready to go, then?

> Mialee takes hold of Pengo, concentrates on the aura of the Kendall temple portal, and casts Transfer By Portal.

> Pengo holds his breath.

> Flint takes hold of Mordin and casts Transfer By Portal.


<DM> Icarius and Jozlan transfer themselves. (Did we forget anyone?, Like Voronda? ;)

<Mialee> Ack!

<DM> Jozlan took Vlix, too, and Icarius took Talos

<Mialee> Did anyone get Voronda? I can't believe I did that!

<DM> Yeah, Mialee got her.

<DM> and Pengo.

<Mialee> Whew.

<Mialee> Still getting used to remembering this. It'd be easier if I could physically see her on the screen. :D

> Vlix hands Sheppy a magic marker.

<Mialee> :)

<Flint> Open a window with her name in it.

> Mialee does. :)

<Mialee> OK, so what is this place? Is it a temple or a park, or?

<Vlix> yah, I've got 8 tabs going.

<Mialee> I presume it's a temple.

<DM> or, maybe Icarius took Pengo, since Mialee can only take 1 through

<Mialee> Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. :)

<DM> And he swoons unconcious from the effort of taking two through.

> Mialee feels guilty.

<DM> The botanic garden you find yourself in is very pleasant, even in the lightly falling rain. It is surrounded by a metal fence decorated with fancy workings in various metals.

<DM> There are intertwining paths running through the lush plant life, with comfortable wooden benches scattered about the area, concealed by the surrounding flora.

<DM> The effect is that several dozen people could enjoy a measure of privacy in this garden, without ever seeing each other.

<Mialee> We should get out of here and to someplace where Vlix can restore himself without worrying about upsetting anyone.

<Mialee> If this is another temple, it's certainly not the place for that. :)

> Vlix waits until the party is clear before crawling out and morphing - don't need any prying eyes.

<Mialee> Can someone help me with Icarius ?

<DM> Vlix could just fly over the fence, you know.

<Mialee> Heh. That's a good point.

<Vlix> ok

> Vlix crawls out and flys over the fence...

<Mialee> Vlix, go find Owen, let him know we're in town.

<Mialee> We need to let Icarius recover.


<Vlix> <twitter-sqeek-sqeek> Translation: not sure Owen is in town right now.

*** <Jozlan> has entered the room.

<Mialee> Hi Joz.

<DM> hi Jozlan

<Mialee> Anyway, we'll see you shortly.

<Mialee> How long will Icarius be unconscious? :)

<Jozlan> hi, sorry i'm late

<Mordin> Hi Jozlan.

*** <Icarius> has entered the room.

<DM> Icarius will be out for about 15 minutes, and exhausted for another 15.

> Pengo keeps an eye on Talos, who's probably pretty perturbed by this.

<Mialee> This seems to be a safe enough place to wait for him to recover fully.

<DM> To fill you in, Ic, you've used the portal in the elven compound in byrne to jump to a garden in Kendall.

<DM> You were the only one who could carry two beings through a portal, so you swooned a little.

<DM> Vlix has flown away.

<Vlix> flap flap flap

<Mialee> :)

<Icarius> ok


> Mialee pets Voronda while we wait for Icarius to wake up.

<Flint> No, everybody but Mialee can take 2 people.

<DM> Flint, you are correct. Sorry.

> Mialee is pretty wimpy for a fighter/magic-user. :)

<Flint> But Jozlan is the only one who won't swoon.

<Mialee> :)

<Flint> Most of the party has gained a level since we last used that spell. :)

> Pengo looks around at the plants and stuff.

<Mialee> :)

<Flint> Mialee is multi classes, and Mages advance slower.

<DM> Pengo see some beautiful plants - they look tended.

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> To Vlix: Inside this bustling establishment, you see several dozen sailors engaged in drinking and wenching.

<DM> At the sight of you, a hush settles over the crowd, but it only lasts a moment, and the patrons return to their conversations, albeit in slightly lower tones.

<DM> Icarius comes around, but he's still exhausted.

<DM> ....

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> We'll wait until he's recovered fully.

<Icarius> thanks

> Pengo stretches.

<DM> Icarius shakes off his lethargy.

<Mialee> All right... let's go find Vlix.

<Mialee> Who wants to take the lead?

<Mordin> I will.

<Mialee> Lead on, sir dwarf.

<Flint> Do we have any idea which way he went?

<Mialee> I was checking on Icarius . Was anyone watching? :)

<Jozlan> not I

<Mialee> This is another reason why we need a ranger. :)

<Flint> And more importantly, Where he was going.

<Mialee> Well, let's just go out and see what we see.

<DM> LOL! Even a ranger would have a hard time tracking a bat. :D

<Flint> Rangers can't track things through the air.

<Mialee> Yeah, that's what *they* say. :)

<Flint> If we leave, How will Vlix find us?

<Mialee> Well, I'm just suggesting we exit the garden and take a look around the street. :)

<Mialee> Not wander off into the city.

<Vlix> you guys said you would catch up to me.

<Mialee> Who said that? :)

<Mialee> So, what are we doing?


> Pengo gets bored.

<Vlix> ,sigh>

> Mialee rolls her eyes and follows the path out of the garden.

> Pengo glances at the rest of the party, then follows Mialee.

<DM> As you leave the garden, through the open gates, you notice the similarity in workmanship between these gates and the ones at the elven compound in Byrne.


> Flint chooses to wait for Vlix to return.

> Mialee mutters to herself that it's interesting that the gates are open here, while they were closed in Byrne.

> Mialee stops and stands just outside the gates, looking around to see what's out there.

<DM> You're in the nicer end of town, with nice looking residences all around.

*** << <Flint> << I know I may be splitting the party, but it doesn't make sense to lose contact with Vlix.

> Mialee whispers to Voronda, "If he were on the ground, you'd probably be able to help track him, eh, girl?"

<Mialee> All homes, huh?

<DM> Just then, you hear a flapping sound, and Vlix quietly reappears.

<Vlix> flap flap flap

<Mialee> Hi Vlix.

<Flint> Hello Vlix

<DM> There are some government buildings, and the park you're in, and a few business establishments.

> Mialee sends Pengo back into the park to get the others.

<Mialee> So, what do we do next, Vlix?

<Vlix> Owen isn't where we agreed to meet - instead, he left this message, that we are to go to the Duke, as quickly as possible.


<Mialee> All right. "As quickly as possible" implies to me that we go now, despite the hour.

<Vlix> agreed - this parchment is our pass.

> Pengo returns to the others and urges them to come out to the street to rejoin Mialee and Vlix.

<Vlix> So, as soon as we're all gathered, let's go.

> Mialee idly scratches between Voronda's ears while waiting.

<Flint> Lead on Pengo.

> Mordin follows.

> Pengo does so.

> Jozlan follows

> Pengo returns to Mialee and grins. "Got 'em."

<DM> And you're all together, outsie the gates of the garden.

> Vlix asks for directions to the Duke's resiidence

<DM> The duke doesn't actually live here, he lives in Lethbridge, but while in the city, he stays at the King's palace.

<Mialee> All right, let's go then.

> Mialee sets off toward the palace.

> Pengo tags along.

<Vlix> well, let's hope he's in town...

<DM> You arrive at the (closed) palace gates, having walked through the rich Temple district, with its large and opulent homes. There are 4 guards at the gate, in an attentive pose.

<Mialee> Vlix, the pass? :)


> Vlix walks up to the guards and waits to be challenged - then presents the parchment and asks if the Duke is available.

<DM> One of the guards accepts the parchment from Vlix.

> Mialee waits patiently.

<DM> The man steps into the gatehouse, and returns in a moment with a huge man in bright steel plate mail, with a breastplate engraved with heraldic designs.

<DM> It is the arms of the King's household guard, appropriately differenced from the King's own coat of arms.


<DM> The Sergeant of the Guard inspects the scroll, and unlocks the gate to let you pass. He looks suspicious, especially of Vlix, but recognizes the seal of the Duke, and so instructs one of his men to escort you to His Grace.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> That young worthy leads you through the inner gate, to the royal guesthouse, a multi-turreted broad, round keep just north of the palace proper.

<DM> The guesthouse is attached to the Palace via an enclosed walkway 25 feet above the ground.

<DM> The gate guard passes you off to another guard in the livery of the Duke, who invites you all into the keep.

<DM> He leads you through an audience chamber, up some stairs and into a large bedroom, where you see a tall man in a large four-poster canopied bed, with several people in attendance.

<DM> There is a man fussing with some bottles and pouches of herbs at a nearby table, and a cleric kneeling at the side of the bed, head bowed. A serving woman is placing a bowl of fruit on a table by the side of the bed.

<Mialee> This doesn't look good.

<DM> "You, then, are the hoped-for heroes that can save my darling daughter." he says without a trace of question in his voice.

<Mialee> Yes, sir.

<Vlix> Aye, we come to aide Owen Shea - is he here?

<Lethbridge> "I know he was hoping that you would return sooner, but felt that he couldn't let any more time pass before pursuing the kidnapping scum, lest he lose their trail entirely."

<Lethbridge> "He took ship with 15 men-at-arms to follow the pirates. Unfortunately the pirates had a 2 day head start, and there are many ports in the southern seas where they could hide, especially in the so-called Merchant States, so I didn't hold out much hope that he would be able to find them quickly."

<Lethbridge> "He did send back a pigeon. It arrived just this morning. It indicates that he had discovered the pirate ship at dock in Rio de Aerdi, and that you should follow with your comrades as soon as possible, to join him in the chase.

<Lethbridge> "I've arranged for a ship to take you there. It is a merchant ship with legitimate cargo, and so should not cause any alarm or even notice with its arrival.

<Lethbridge> "Owen said that Vlix should go to the tavern at the sign of the Merry Mermaid at the 20th hour of the clock. Do this every day until he returns."


> Mialee nods thoughtfully.

<Lethbridge> "As you can imagine, I am absolutely distraught with the seizure of my daughter, but I realize that you are not vassals of mine."

<Lethbridge> "I nevertheless promise to make it worth your while should you be able to rescue her and her maids-in-waiting."

> Pengo stands toward the back of the group and watches keenly.

<Lethbridge> "I hereby pledge to each of you that return with my daughter alive; 400 pieces of platinum."

<Lethbridge> "Furthermore, for each of her maids-in-waiting that you are able to rescue, I will give each of you 10 pieces of platinum. "

<Mialee> We shall endeavor to return them all.

<Vlix> DM question

<Flint> How many Maids-in-waiting are there?

<DM> go ahead

<Lethbridge> "There were 6 maids taken with my darling Elannie."

<Lethbridge> "Owen knows all of the maids and will be able to recognize them."

<Lethbridge> "Their names are AnnMarie, Belinda, Charissa, Dannielle, Edwina, and Francine. "

<Vlix> is the Merry Mermaid in Kendall or in Rio?

<Lethbridge> The Merry Mermaid is in Rio.

> Mialee wonders to herself if Owen knows the maids or "knows" the maids...

> Vlix was wondering the same thing...

<Mialee> When will the ship depar?

<Mialee> depart.

<Lethbridge> The ship can sail with the morning tide.

<Vlix> "Owen is... my friend, and I owe him my life. We will go to him and aid him as best we can. If there is nothing else, then we will depart with the next tide."

<Lethbridge> It's a three-day sail to Rio de Aerdi

<Mialee> Very well, sir. We shall find lodging for the night and be at the ship at morning's light.

<Lethbridge> I wish you luck and may the gods go with you.

<Vlix> can you lend us a wind conjurer to speed us on our way?

<DM> He then goes on to tell you exactly where to find the ship.

> Mialee chuckles.

<Lethbridge> I'm sorry, but I know of no such conjurer.

<Vlix> eh, it was worth a try...

<Lethbridge> If I did, I'd have sent him along with Owen.

<Mialee> That makes sense.

<Lethbridge> If there are no other questions, my physician insists that I rest.

<Vlix> actually, I was hoping for "...take these scrolls to summon favorable winds..."

<Mialee> Thank you, we shall return with your daughter and her maids-in-waiting.

> Mialee curtsies and turns to depart.

> Pengo steps in behind Mialee.

<Vlix> Heh, thanks Mialee... you forgot the "or die trying" part.

<Mialee> I didn't forget it. We'll return them all.

<Mialee> There is no "or."

<Vlix> I say skip the inn and lets board the ship tonight. If it's a three day sail, we have bunks already.

<Mialee> That's logical.

<Mialee> Let's go.

> Pengo doesn't care, he just wants to sleep.

<DM> The guard offers to lead you out of the palace.

<Mialee> Thank you.

> Mialee falls in behind the guard.

<Vlix> We'll need to be cautious around the docks... that is where the riff-raff will be.

<Mialee> I expect we can probably handle ourselves. :)

<DM> The guard leads you out the gate, and closes the gate after you.

<Mialee> Mordin, would you like to take the lead, my friend?

<Mordin> Yes.

> Mordin heads for the ship.

> Mialee follows, with Voronda at her side, and Pengo behind.

> Jozlan follows

<DM> It's about 2 hours before midnight when you arrive at the dock.

<Mialee> Let's get on board the ship.

<DM> You're greeted by a sailor identifiying himself as the first mate.

*** <Lethbridge> is now known as <Mate>

<Mialee> Hey there; the Duke sent us. I believe we're expected.

<Mate> Good evenin', mateys. We weren't expectin' ya til morning.

<Mialee> Well, we were hoping that you had bunks for us so that we could set out at first light.

<Mate> you're wlcome to come aboard, but the cap'n ain't here.

<Mate> sure, sure, come aboard, bunk on down.

> Mialee does so.

<DM> he shows you where you can bunk in.

> Mialee peels off her gear and stretches out on the bunk.

<Flint> When is the morning tide?

> Pengo does likewise.

<Mate> In about 6 hours.

<Vlix> the bunk is more likely a hammock

<Mate> But since you're here now, we can leave in 5.

<Flint> Will the captain return before then?

<Mate> of course.

<Vlix> I hope so...

<Mate> Well, I'll let you sleep then.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> he closes the door.

<DM> Anyone doing anything else before going to sleep?

<Mialee> No, nothing comes to mind.

<Mordin> No.

> Mialee dozes off.

> Pengo goes to sleep.

> Icarius tells talos to stand guard

<Mialee> I'll tweak my memorized spells a bit; let me know when you want the revised list.

> Mialee lays out her cloak on the floor for Voronda to sleep on.

<DM> ok, then, the night passes uneventfully. You are awakened by some shouting on deck.

<Vlix> Vlix will sit in the corner and meditate.

<DM> the wood of the boat creaks and groans.

> Mialee gets up and retrieves her cloak.

<Vlix> it appears we are underway

<DM> You feel the motion of the boat as it gets underway.

> Mialee strokes Voronda's head.

<DM> Now, if there are adjustments to spell lists, now would be a good time. And I need Icarius ' and Jozlan's list anyway.

<Mialee> OK...

<Mialee> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5

<DM> Hopefully, everyone has had a chance to see the map:


<Mialee> Level 2: Knock x1, Levitate x1, Melf's Acid Arrow x2

<Vlix> Our journey is taking us to the Confederation of Merchant Princes... they are nothing more than thugs really.

> Mialee nods.

> Mialee relaxes and commisserates with Voronda.

<DM> any other changes?


<Flint> Level 1: CLW x 5

<Flint> Levels 2 & 3: No change.

<Jozlan> 5 clw

<Jozlan> 5 csw

<Jozlan> 1 cure disease, 1 cure critical

<Icarius> 2 sleep, 2 mm

<Icarius> 1 shatter 1 web

<Icarius> 1 suggestion

<Vlix> Vlix: no change

<DM> Ok, the day dawns bright and clear, with a stiff wind at your back.

<Vlix> I should warn all of you... where we are going, my markings may make for some unpleasant encounters.

<Mialee> How so?

<Mialee> Or, I should say, more so than usual?

> Pengo asks, "Are we there yet?"

<DM> The captain of the ship is a sort of grouchy guy that doesn't seem interested in conversation much. And he doesn't seem to welcome you on his ship.

> Mialee was about to go out on the deck for some fresh air, but decides to stay out of the captain's way.

<DM> The day passes, as you sail south out of the Sea of Gearnat.

> Vlix DM2 should I be worried or comfortable about returning to this region?

<DM> Night falls, and the ship keeps sailing south

<DM> The next day dawns, with a colder wind at your back.

> Pengo just wants this voyage to be over so we can get to business.

<DM> With the strong wind that you've had at your back for the past two days, you're hardly surprised when you turn the corner

<DM> of the landmass at noon of the second day, and head NE into the delta of the River of Aerdi.

<DM> by the 18th hour, you're making port.

<DM> The city is bustling with industry. Even before your ship docks, you can hear the shouts and cries of the merchants in the streets.


<DM> As you disembark the vessel, you see that the area around the docks is a virtual forest of crates, barrels, and other cargo.

> Mialee thanks the captain and first mate for the transport.

<DM> the captain nods gruffly.

<Flint> How long will you be docked here, Captain?

<DM> The Captain indicates that he'll be in port for a few days.

<Mialee> Can we make it to the Merry Mermaid by the 20th hour?

<DM> yes, you can make it to the Merry Mermaid by then.

<Mialee> Let's go.

<DM> It's not hard for you to find the Merry Mermaid, since it is very close to the docks.

<Flint> Which way is it?

<DM> It's within sight of the boat from which you're disembarking.

<Flint> Okay.

> Mialee heads in that direction.

> Pengo follows Mialee.

<DM> Within 10 minutes' walk, you arrive at the front door to the tavern.

> Mialee goes inside.

<Mialee> "I could use a drink."

> Pengo grins and goes along.

<DM> Entering the dimly lit common room, you are greeted with the sound of sailors drinking and laughing.

<Vlix> what time is it?

<DM> it's about the 19th hour.

> Mialee orders a brew and some food.

<Vlix> convenient - ok. let's have some drink and watch the locals.

> Icarius listens for interesting conversation

<DM> The locals look like a rough crowd, but nothing you figure you couldn't handle, if push came to shove.

> Vlix watches for Gynir thieves or assassins

> Mordin orders ale and food.

<DM> Conversation is mostly what you'd expect from sailors.

> Mialee reminds Voronda to stay close and to stay calm.

<DM> As you sit around enjoying your meal and drinks, you hear the sound of a ruckus going on outside.

> Flint orders food and ale.

<DM> In an area like this, that would normally be no cause for alarm, until you hear the telltale sound of clashing steel on steel.

> Mialee goes to look outside.

> Vlix makes for the door

<DM> Stepping outside, you see that there is indeed a fight going on.

<DM> It is happening a ways down the dock, about five berths away from the one that your ship docked in.

> Flint heads out the door.

<Vlix> lets check it out...

> Mialee agrees and follows.

> Mordin follows.

> Pengo sighs and goes along.

<DM> There seem to be several men in some sort of livery fighting with a bunch of sailors.

<Vlix> let's get closer...

> Mialee does so.

<DM> You move toward where the ruckus is going on, zigging and zagging through the piles of cargo on the docks.

<Mialee> Are we going to miss Owen if we're out here?

<DM> You get within about 100 yards....

<Vlix> Owen!!! <Vlix draws his sword and charges ahead...>

<DM> Looking closely, you see that the livery the men are wearing is that of Lethbridge.

> Mialee draws her sword and leaps into the fray.

> Flint charges

> Mordin charges

<DM> By the time you arrive, the fight has degenerated into a general melee. Of the 15 men-at-arms, six of them are on the ground, groaning in pain or motionless. There are 10 or so bad guys laying on the ground too, but each remaining good guy is facing at least two bad guys.

> Pengo slinks in among the boxes and works his way silently toward the rear of the enemy, sword drawn.

<DM> Owen faces at least four of the sailors.

<DM> Mordin and Flint, you can make an effective charge.


<DM> Round 1: Spellcasters?

<Vlix> Vlix attempts to help Owen - MM #1 to one of his attackers.

<Mialee> Melf's Acid Arrow. :)

<DM> I guess Jozlan and Icarius are the only ones that haven't declared action

> Mialee is excited to get to use a new spell. :)

<DM> Vlix and Mialee can try that next round

<Mialee> Oh. OK.

<Mialee> When you asked about spellcasters, I figured you meant, you know, us. :)

<DM> Sorry, got behind myself. :)

> Jozlan is running into the fraY

<DM> Ok, there are 14 pirates still standing - please number your attacks. Flint and Mordin, you were charging.

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

<DM> Normally that would mean you get the last attack, but I'll allow that the flank will give you an even shot this round.

<DM> so Initiative, please, Flint.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> you got it

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 10

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

<DM> on which pirate? (1-14)

*** Roll by Flint: 1D201 -> 22

<DM> Numbers 1 through 4 are on Owen.

<Flint> Number 1

<Mordin> Number 2.

<DM> Believe it or not, both hit.

<Vlix> MM #3 <I forget how many I can cast>

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 6

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 1 + 6 = 7

<DM> Mordin drops his man with a mighty swing!

<Mialee> Woohoo!

> Pengo slinks.

<DM> Mialee you get 2

<Vlix> 1

<Vlix> oops

*** <bystander> has entered the room.

<Mialee> Yeah, I know I get two. :)

<Mialee> Just not this round. :)

<Mordin> Showrn

<DM> oh

<DM> that was vlix that asked

<Mialee> Yeah. :)

<DM> Vlix gets 2 also

<Vlix> thats a d4+1x2?

<Mialee> 2d4+2 :)

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> but that has to wait until next round, vlix, since you already declared an attack for this round.

<Vlix> yah.. I know... I couldn't remeber how much EACH MM did.

<DM> Jozlan?

<DM> each missile does d4+1

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 4 = 8 + 2 = 10

<Vlix> wow

> Jozlan attacks

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 4

<Mialee> Nice shot, Vlix.

<Mordin> Something tells me that there is a smoking hole where that sailor used to be.

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Ok, wait a second. Vlix is attacking with his Sword this round, right?

<DM> BTW, Jozlan that actually hit.


> Mialee waits for that all to be resolved.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> Hit, Vlix

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d8 -> 1

<Vlix> heh

<Jozlan> pirate #4

<Jozlan> d6?

<Mialee> That wasn't as good as that MM would have been. :D

<DM> The hammer is d4+1, Jozlan

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<Vlix> ah, but if he was attacking Owen, then it's a backstab right?

<Vlix> ;)

<DM> You didn't say you were attempting a backstab, so no.

<Vlix> heh


<Mialee> :)

<Vlix> Take that you filthy pirate! I hope that sting festers and turns gangrenous.

<Mialee> Hehehe

*** <bystander> is now known as <Owen>

<Owen> Vlix, well met! Ooof!

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> hits!

<DM> These guys are in shirtsleeves, BTW

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 4

<Mialee> Well, that makes them pretty easy targets then. :)

<DM> the guy is still standing, and giving it all he's got.

<DM> He swings back at Owen.

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> and misses

<DM> There's at least one pirate on each of you.....

*** Roll by DM2: 7d6 -> 2 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 1 + 3 = 16

<Mordin> Only 1 ??!!!

<DM> but they are scared, now, and aren't fighting well.

<DM> ============================================

<DM> Round 2: Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Flint> Melee.

<Icarius> mm on #2

<Icarius> & # 3

> Vlix stays with sword

<Mordin> Number 2 is dead.

<Mialee> Melf's Acid AZrrow.

<DM> right. he is.

<Icarius> 3 + 4 then :)

<Mialee> (on #6)

<DM> Mialee, you know you have to roll for that.

<Mialee> OK. :)

<Mialee> I didn't, but okay. :)

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 3


*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 1

<Flint> If we let them go first, maybe it will boost their morale. :)

<Mialee> Heh

<DM> ok, the guy on Mialee takes a lunge...

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> and misses.

<Owen> "takes a pluge...

<Owen> er, plunge

<Mialee> :)

<DM> on Owen.

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> and misses

<DM> on the rest of you.

*** Roll by DM2: 6d20 -> 19 + 17 + 1 + 20 + 19 + 1 = 77

<DM> Flint, Mordin jozlan and Icarius are hit

*** Roll by DM2: 4d8 -> 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 8

<DM> taking that damage respectively

<DM> that is, 3 on Flint, 2 on Mordin, etc

<DM> DM rolls secretly

<Flint> What kind of weapon are they using?

<Vlix> then its no secret...

<DM> scimitars

<Vlix> our turn?

<DM> Pengo, sneaking around, you must have stubbed your toe, because the guy you were after spins at the last second.

<Pengo> Dammit.

<DM> You can still attack, but the backstab fails.

<Pengo> Let me know when to go for it. :)

<DM> Ok, meanwhile, another 2 sailors and one of Owen's men drops to the ground. It's your turn.

<Vlix> now it appears

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 19

> Pengo slashes at the guy he was after.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 7

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 12

<Mialee> What do I roll for my acid arrow?

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d8 -> 7

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

<Mialee> I don't see anything about rolls except damage on the spell description.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 8 + 6 = 14

<DM> Pengo hits

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> Flint drops #3

<Owen> Owen attempts to subdue

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> Vlix drops number 4

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 1

<DM> Mordin drops which one???

<Mialee> Jeez, Mordin. Nice hit. :)

<Owen> 2? because Owen has #1

> Mialee waits for instructions on the acid arrow spell.

<Mordin> Which ever one hit him.

<DM> Mialee, you roll _as_if_ you were a fighter of your magic-user level, IOW as a 3rd level ftr.

<Mialee> So I roll d20 to hit?

<DM> Ok, #5

<Mialee> I'm not sure what I'm rolling for. :)

<DM> yes

<Mialee> Hm. OK.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1

<Mialee> Bah.

<Vlix> uhoh

<DM> and the conjured glob of acid goes wizzing into the crate behind your victim

<Mialee> If I'd known about the roll I'd not have bothered to memorize this spell; it doesn't mention having to roll to hit in the description. It says that on casting, the arrow "speeds itself to its target."

<Mialee> Grumble.

> Mialee takes a mental note.

<DM> "which speeds itself to its target as_if_fired_from_the_bow_of_a_fighter of the same level as the magic-user casting the spell. "

*** <_Joxlan> has entered the room.

*** <_Joxlan> is now known as <Jozlan>

<Mialee> That's not clear to me that it means you have to roll to hit. :)

<Mialee> It doesn't say that, it just says it fires as if it were an arrow. :)

<Mordin> Second attack. Who's still standing?

<DM> #1 and 6 through 14

*** <Icarius> has entered the room.

<DM> re Icarius and Jozlan

<Mialee> Anyway, I misinterpreted the spell description, and I don't recall it ever missing when playing NWN, so I assumed it was a guaranteed hit.

> Mordin attacks #7

<Jozlan> phone interferes with wireless internet sometimes :(

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 5

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

<DM> hit Mordin

<DM> he's down, minus one arm

<Vlix> he'll need a wooden arm now, arrr me mateys.

> Mialee grumpily moves around and prepares to cast a spell that doesn't suck.

<DM> Mordin, remind me on future even rounds about the second attack, because your first one should be first.

<Mordin> Before the enemy goes?

<DM> Yes, if you get two attacks in the round, you hit first and last, and initiative just applies to the rest of the party.

<Mordin> Okay.

<DM> I think that's it for the round?


<DM> ============================================

<DM> Round 3: Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Flint> Melee

<Vlix> Vlix stays with sword

<Mialee> Magic Missile.

<Mialee> Dammit. :D

<Mialee> At #6.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 4

<Icarius> mm at 15 + 16

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 5

<Mialee> Grr.

<Mialee> C'mon, you scurvy scum! Give me your best shot!!

<DM> umm, Ic, there are only 14

<Pengo> Heh

<DM> at 13 & 14?

<DM> Sailors 12, 13 adn 14 break and run, as Icarius aims his magical bolts.

*** Roll by Icarius : 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

*** Roll by Icarius : 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> 6 & 8 are on Owen's men, so 9, 10 and 11 attack Flint, Mordin and Pengo, respectively

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 2 + 15 + 14 = 31

<DM> both hit!

<DM> Mordin takes :

*** Roll by DM2: 1d8 -> 4

<DM> Pengo takes:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d8 -> 3

<DM> The 2 sailors that Icarius hit are still running

<Vlix> Vlix will chase

<DM> your turn: 6 and 8-14 are still standing, as is #1

<Owen> Owen attempts to subdue again...

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> Owen, is that on #1?

<Owen> yes

<DM> ok.

<DM> hit, Owen

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 3

> Flint attacks #9.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 10

> Mordin attacks #10.

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3

> Mialee fires her magic missile at #6.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 1 = 3 + 2 = 5

<DM> Mordin hits

> Pengo hacks at the guy on him, whoever the hell that is.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 3 + 6 = 9

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2

<Flint> That's ##11, Pengo.

<DM> Flint's man goes down

<DM> So does Mordin's

<DM> Pengo misses

<Pengo> Thought so.

<Mialee> How

<Mialee> How's my guy doing? :)

<DM> He collapses, clutching his chest.

<Mialee> Sweet.

<DM> What's Jozlan doing?

> Jozlan attacks #12

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> hit, Jozlan.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** <Icarius> has left the room.

*** <Jozlan> has left the room.

<Owen> ahhh! Dopplegangers!

<DM> Jozlan crushes his man's skull before leaving

*** <Jozlan> is now known as <Jozlan>

*** <Icarius> is now known as <Icarius>

<DM> oh, there he is!

<DM> Pirate 1 and 8 and 11 are the only ones still fighting.

<DM> 13 & 14 are beating feet, being chased by Vlix

<Owen> init?

<DM> ============================================

<DM> Round 4: Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Mialee> Are 13 and 14 still in range for magic missile?

<Icarius> nothign

<Flint> Melee

<DM> no

<DM> they are out of range

<Mialee> Melee.

<Mordin> @nd attack round.

<Mordin> 2nd

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> Mordin goes first, then me

> Mordin attacks #8

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 7 + 6 = 13

<DM> hit, Mordin

<DM> Mordin splits his man in two.

<Mialee> Nice.

<DM> number 11 bolts and runs, and #1 drops his sword and raises his hands.

<DM> your turn

<Pengo> Can I take a whack at #11 still?

<DM> several men lie on the ground groaning in pain.

> Mialee takes off after the two Vlix is chasing.

<DM> you can throw something at him.

> Pengo flings a rock at #11.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> hit!

<Pengo> What do I roll for that? :D

> Flint attends to the injured.

> Jozlan casts clw on the worst of the injured comrades

<DM> the guy drops to the ground.

<Pengo> Hehehe

<DM> you find a total of 5 friendlies that are hurt badly.

> Owen "arrests" his opponent

<Mordin> Nice shot Pengo.

> Pengo grins.

<DM> there are 3 pirates that are seriously injured.

<Owen> You "rock" Pengo

<DM> and one on the ground.

<Pengo> heh

<DM> unconscious from Pengo's rock.

<DM> Flint, Joz, you each have 5 CLW -- who is going to do what to whom?

<Owen> meanwhile, Vlix will stop short and attempt to MM ea escaping pirate.

<DM> ok, Vlix, you can do that.

> Mialee keeps chasing, hoping to catch up.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

> Pengo helps watch the bad guys on the ground.

<Flint> Jozlan, do you want to pump CLW's into 2 guys, and I'll do the other 3?

<Jozlan> ok

<DM> both fleeing men drop like sacks of potatoes

> Mialee joins Vlix to check them out.

<DM> Having administered the cures, you are both thanked profusely.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7

> Vlix retrieves them, checking that they are dead and drags them back to the scene of the melee.

<DM> By now, you're starting to attract some attention, and you see some people milling about.

<Owen> Owen binds the two survivors.

<DM> remember there are still 3 injured pirate survivors.

> Flint binds their wounds.

> Mialee helps Vlix drag his two back to the group.

<Mialee> So, who wants to make them talk? :)

> Mialee turns to Owen, says, "I take it you're Owen Shea?"

<Owen> Vlix, good to see you... Thank the gods that you arrived when you did. There were more of the Pirates than I had anticipated. I recognized their ship as soon as I came into port, but there was no one aboard except for a locally hired guard. We have been waiting here, hoping to catch them on their way back to their ship.

> Mialee chuckles.

<Mialee> Looks like you did.

<Owen> Yes, I am the Duke's retainer, Owen Shea <bowing low, waving sword in salutation>

<Mialee> Mialee. A pleasure.

<Pengo> Hi, Mr. Ranger. I'm Pengo Strongfoot. Glad to know ya.

<Jozlan> Jozlan the Cleric at your service

<Icarius> do you have any other information to provide us with?

<Owen> "...and yours, I take it you've met with the Duke then, and are agreed to rescue his daughter and her entourage?"

<DM> As you stand around introducing each other, a couple of big burly men in sloppy uniforms push their way through the gathering crowd.

<Owen> oops, time to go!


<Mialee> Eh?

*** <DM> is now known as <CityWatch>

<CityWatch> 'Ere, now what's goin on?|

<DM> he fingers his short sword in its sheath.

<CityWatch> What sort of murder and mayhem is this, eh? Who done this?

> Icarius casts suggestion

<Icarius> nothing to see here officer

> Mordin wipes his axe clean and says "Our friends were set upon by these ruffins. We helped them out."

<DM> his companions look around at the crowd, at the bodies on the ground, and that the group of you.

<Owen> these aren't the droids you're looking for...

<DM> the one Owen subdued shouts out:"That's a bloody lie! We were on our way back to our ship right over there when THESE people assaulted US!"

<CityWatch> Eh? Is that true?

<DM> he looks at Owen

<Mialee> Certainly not. Do I look like the sort of person that would attack someone without just cause?

<Owen> hang on

<Icarius> he's had a little too much to drink, methinks

<Pengo> No kidding.

<Owen> sorry - kiddo

<Owen> can't just tell her "go away"

> Mialee wonders what Owen's talking about.

<CityWatch> I think you all need to lay your weapons down real slow like, and come with me. We'll see what the captain of the watch has to say.

<Mialee> And I think that's totally unnecessary.

<CityWatch> eh?

<Owen> Taylor - my daughter is here.

<Mialee> Ah :)

<Icarius> you've had ahard day, I don't think the captain will mind if you quit work early and grab a pint

<Mialee> I see no need to go anywhere with you. I saw someone attacking a friend and I aided him.

<Mialee> In fact, I came to the aid of uniformed soldiers much like yourself.

<CityWatch> Oh, well, maybe there is something to that, but where are you folks from? I don't recognize the livery.

<Owen> Now now, let's not be hasty... these ruffians are wanted men and we aprehended them.

<CityWatch> Wanted? Wanted for what?

<CityWatch> and wanted by who?

<Owen> We're sorry for any commotion we may have caused and are willing to contribute to the local orphans of slain and disabled city watchmen fund.

<CityWatch> Oh? Well, anyone willing to donate to the fund can't be all bad, can they, eh boys?

> Mialee smiles.

<DM> he looks to his comapnions, who nod their agreement.

<Mialee> If we were to give you our donation, could you make sure it got to the right place?

<CityWatch> I suppose a SUITABLE donation might serve as a character witness

<CityWatch> oh sure.

<Mialee> I thought so.

<Owen> whats the recommended donation, orphans and all considering?

<CityWatch> oh, well, there's lots of orphans, don't you know... probably at least a hundert of 'em.

> Mialee donates 100 gp to the orphans.

<Mialee> Poor orphans. I'm an orphan myself, you know.

<CityWatch> Why, thank-ee, Ma'am. Much obliged. Now, y'all clean up this mess, ok?

<Mialee> Will do, sir.

<Owen> 100gp? holy cow

<DM> he and his friends turn around and start breaking up the crowd.

> Mialee smiles.

<CityWatch> Ok, y'all get gone, now. Nothin' to see here. Get on home...

> Mialee whispers to Owen, "it can't hurt to grease the wheels with the local constabulary."

<CityWatch> gowan, now, get out of here.

<Owen> I'll reimburse you later - in the meantime, let's take our mess somewhere else. I have a boat nearby.

<Mialee> All right.

<Mialee> What should we do with the ones we had to dispatch?

*** <CityWatch> is now known as <DM>

<Mialee> The rest we'll take with us for a friendly chat.

<DM> the crowd slowly disperses, and you are left with the bodies and your prisoners.

<Jozlan> the sea will provide a home for them

<Jozlan> fishes must eat too

<Mialee> True enough.

<DM> darkness starts to fall over the wharf district

<DM> it's about 20:30 hrs

<Icarius> shall we retire and discuss strategoesi?

> Mialee looks to Owen.

<Owen> let's go - buy a wheelbarrow or wagon if we need to from a street vendor. let's get this rabble to the boat.

<Mialee> Yes, let's.

<DM> It doesn't take you long to get to Owen's boat, a small merchantman vessel.

<Mordin> I think we can carry them.

<Owen> ok, we'll make the prisoners help.

<DM> there's about 12 dead bodies.

<Mialee> Whew.

<DM> with the prisoners helping as they may, you might get them all there.

<Mialee> Very well.

<DM> using a locally procured wagon

<Owen> what a sight we must be

<Flint> I suspect that this is not the first time.

<DM> anyway, you get to the boat, where half its complement of sailors remain on duty.

<DM> err, ship.

<Mialee> Owen, what's our situation?

> Owen orders the captain to deal with the dead pirates. The dead soldiers are to be buried at sea with honors.

<DM> "Yes, sir" says the captain.

<Owen> now, let's take our friends below and have a chat with them, shall we?

<Mialee> Yes, let's.

<Flint> Owen, do you have a forge, or some other way to heat metal on board?

> Vlix follows

<DM> you get them below, all 5 of them, 4 of them injured, and 1 with a wicked headache

<Owen> I don't know friend dwarf - doubt it, as this is a wooden ship.

<Owen> Ask the captain...

<DM> The captain says, no to Flint, sorry no forge.

<Flint> Mordin has a unique method of questioning prisioners.

<Mialee> I bet.

<Flint> We ask the prisoner a question, If they don't answer, Mordin starts at the feet and chops off a section. Then I put a hot iron on it to stop the bleeding.

<Mialee> Okay, how is that okay, but when I was hacking off fingers from a guy to get answers, you wanted to beat me to a pulp?

<Mialee> Sheesh.

<Flint> First prisioner to answer the questions lives.

> DM2 adjusts Flint and Mordin's alignment graph

<Mialee> Heh

*** << <Flint> << Only if I carry it out.

<Owen> "Alright, your lives are in our hands... I know you were crew on the ship that kidnapped the Duke of Lethbridge's daughter. Tell me all you know, or we will spare you no mercy."

<Jozlan> first to answer lives? bah. first to answer dies a *quick* death

*** << <Flint> << Last time I checked my alignment I was. :)

> Mialee steps back and leans against the nearest bulkhead.

> Flint winks at Mialee.

<Mialee> Start with the fingers, I say.

<DM> Yeah, we grabbed a couple of wenches a few days back from a ship in the Sea of Gearnat. Why? Were they important?

<Mialee> Oy.

<Owen> Where are they now?

<Pirate> Too bad. We probably could of got more money for them then.

<Pirate> Hard to say,really.

<Owen> Where did you take them?

<Pirate> Once we drop them off at the rendevous point, we don't know where they go.

<Pirate> We passed them off to our usual contacts.

<Pirate> We take them up to Puertoviejo. There is this old temple outside of town. I think it's dedicated to some orc god or something. Anyway, we don't stick around long. That place is too spooky even for me. We just hand over the cargo and collect our money.

<Mialee> To whom?

<Pirate> Well, I don't know them personally, I just know that we take them there, and they give us money for them.

<Mialee> Their names?

<Pirate> I'm tellin' ya, I don't know their names. I don't think ANYONE does.

<Vlix> I've heard of that place - it's an old abandoned city in the middle of a swamp.

<Mialee> What do they look like?

<Pirate> The ones that pay us are human enough, I think, but they do have orcs working for them, and some other nasty creatures.

<Vlix> how many?

<Pirate> I've only seen baout 20-30 at a time, but I'd guess there are more of them. It's a pretty big place, and they only bring us into the front area.

<Vlix> were you working alone?

<Vlix> who or what were the creatures that aided your kidnapping?

<Mialee> Creatures?

<Pirate> Ahh, the Koalinth? yeah, they are really handy for the snatch and grab jobs in the water.

<Pirate> I'm not sure what they get out of it, but we can give them a few gems,

<Pirate> and they're happy to grab some, though sometimes they keep one or two for dinner.

<Pirate> Not this time though!

<Pirate> no, they brought all 7 wenches to our ship.

<Owen> that may be fortunate for you...

<Pirate> And we delivered them all to the delivery point, I swear. That's it. That's all we did.

<Owen> what signals do you use to get close to the city? Surely you have made arrangements to pass close safely?

<Pirate> Usually the shackled people we bring in are enough of a signal.

<Mialee> You know, I think these pirate scum would make a tasty treat for the Koalinth.

> Mialee smiles cheerily.

<Owen> hold a sec

<Pirate> We always go in the middle of the day, and the ones at the temple can see you from pretty far off.

<Pirate> hehe, that's funny, that is.

<DM> he says nervously

<Mialee> Oh, yes. Quite funny.

> Mialee smiles more menacingly.

> Pengo chuckles.

<Pengo> I guess we're off to that orcish place, huh?

<Jozlan> my hammer thirst for the blood of orcs

<Owen> yes, but not in the middle of the day - we'll take their ship by night.

<Pengo> Isn't this the middle of the night? :)

> Pengo looks around.

<Pengo> Yup.

<Owen> and we'll take our friend here, and lash him to the mast.

<Pirate> It is now, and you guys are pretty tired, since you've been up since dawn

<Pengo> Pretty sure this is the middle of the night. :D

<Pengo> Mm, true enough.

<DM> oops, that was from me.

<Mialee> That pirate knows too much! :)

<Owen> we'll go tomorrow.

<Owen> we can man both ships and leave with the morning tide, and come back in the night.

<Mialee> All right.

<Mialee> Let's secure the prisoners and set a watch, then.

<DM> how can you man both ships?

> Icarius tells talos to be vigilant tonight

> Mialee does likewise with Voronda.

<DM> I assume you mean Owen's ship and the pirate ship

<Owen> We've got the crew of Owen ship - a full crew should more than enough to skeleton two ships.

<Mialee> Why do we need the pirate ship?

<DM> well, at the moment you have half of Owen's crew, the other half is on shore leave

<Owen> because the Orcs know the pirate ship - if we sail up to them in this boat, that would make them a little guarded, don't you think?

<Owen> unless you want to go overland, via the swamp...

<Icarius> perhaps we should send the pirate ship up te river as a diversion and attack via the swamp

<DM> To Vlix: you can't reach the actual city directly with the ship

<Icarius> oh, moot point

<Icarius> is there a map?

<Owen> so the pirate disembark, and go overland?


<Owen> do they take skiffs over the swamp?

<Pirate> Yes, we have to take a longboat for about a half-mile to get to the city, and the temple is on the far side, in the forest.

<Mialee> I say we get some sleep then sail up there and just go in. Since we have to row in through swamp anyway, it's not like it makes a lot of difference, day or night.

<DM> note the scale on that map. It's at least 35 km to the other city.

<Vlix> alright - we'll rest - I don't want to travel in the swamp att night.

<DM> ok, the captain takes responsibility for the prisoners, and you can get some rest.

<Mialee> Agreed.

> Mialee sacks out for the night.

> Pengo sleeps.

<Flint> Who needs healing?

<Pengo> I'm down very slightly.

<DM> you've got plenty of cures, I'll assume everyone is back to par.

<Flint> Thanks.

*** << <Mialee> << I'm tweaking my second level spells to Knock x2, Levitate x1, and Invisibility x1.

<DM> ok, so you sleep, you get up while the ship gets under sail, and start sailing up river.

<DM> It doesn't take more than 8 hours for you to get upriver to be as near as you can get to the old city

<DM> The captain of Owen's ship directs his men to lower a longboat for you, and asks Owen if he should wait, and if so for how long?

> Mialee looks at Owen.

<Mialee> I'd hesitate to leave them waiting here overlong.

<Owen> No, get clear and wait for us in the port city - we'll send word.

<DM> He acknowleges that.

> Pengo wonders how.

<DM> [ Note that the river here is about 2-3 miles wide. ]

<Mialee> All right, shall we set out?

<Owen> so, a bat could cross it at night easily.

<DM> Sure. :)

> Mialee smacks her forehead.

<Mialee> Of course.

> Mialee feels foolish.

<Mialee> OK, let's get moving. :)

<Jozlan> oran owl

<Mialee> True enough.

> Mialee pats Voronda.

<Mialee> Your day will come, kid.

<DM> so as you guide the longboat through the weeds and grassy growth coming out of the fetid water, you see ripples on the surface as if large things were moving underneath.

<Mordin> Owls eat bats, Don't they?

<Owen> alright, shall we camo the boat or just row too.

<Mialee> I was thinking that earlier, Mordin.

> Mialee chuckles.

<Mialee> Let's just row for it.

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> you get to the shore, if you can call it that.

<DM> At least there's more mud than water.

<Owen> we look for the path the pirates take

<Flint> The ripples are probably sentries.

<DM> the ground is soft and spongy,

<Owen> it's more like a bog?

<DM> there are trees all about, some rising out of the water, and some rising from small lumps of wet ground.

<DM> bog, swamp, everglades, something like that.

<DM> the point is, the ground is uncertain.

> Owen has his sword out

> Vlix has his ready as well...

<DM> Once you make land, you see the ship start to sail off downstream

<Owen> onward

> Mialee contemplates.

<DM> As you move further inland, the ground stiffens up a bit, so at least you're not worried about falling into a pit of quicksand.

> Owen is looking for trails, tells or anything in the terrain

<Mialee> What hour is it?

<DM> In this soft ground, it's pretty easy for him to spot a trail that many have taken.

<DM> it's about 17:00

<DM> spot a trail

> Mialee sends Voronda ahead to do a little scouting.

<DM> So many have taken, in fact, that he can't really tell WHAT took the trail.

> Mialee wonders if Voronda can catch any scents that would help know who or what has been here.

> Owen looks at the outer edge of the trail for signs.

<DM> Another hour of marching goes by, and you start to see old, overgrown milestones marking the path.

<DM> Voronda is overwhelmed with scents in this tropical forest.

<Owen> We must be getting close to the city...

> Mialee nods.

<DM> there is nothing that catches her attention, except that rabbit...

> Mialee urges Voronda to keep vigilant watch.

<DM> or was it a squirrel? Anyway, it tastes good.

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> Gross.

<Owen> how's the air?

<Mialee> But glad she's happy.

<Mialee> Do we see any signs ahead of the city yet?

<DM> Owen doesn't really see anything on the edge of the trail.

<DM> The air is close, and there is a feeling of dread all about. The ground is soft, and squishy in places.

<Owen> onward - carefully

<DM> You approach the city, and see the remains of a crumbled wall.

<DM> The gate is long gone.

<Mialee> Would it help if I used my invisibility spell and took a look around before we all go in?

> Pengo looks around.

<Owen> possibly, but I can scout ahead. Save your spell.

> Mialee nods.

> Owen scouts, using what skills he has to remain undetected.

> Mialee mentally calls Voronda to return.

<DM> Voronda returns to Mialee's side.

> Mialee grasps her sword and strokes Voronda's side.

<Mialee> (with opposite hands. ;)

> Pengo draws his sword.

<DM> It looks like the city was built on a slight rise in the ground, which keeps most of the city ground dry, relatively speaking.

<Mialee> Hmm.

> Mialee keeps her eyes open, watching for activity, while waiting for Owen to return.

<DM> Owen returns to your midst.

<Mialee> So, what did you find?

<Owen> This isn't terrain I'm used to... but the city is small, and most of the buildings are collapsed. I saw some movement in one building but couldn't tell what it was... and there are tracks there as well.

<Mialee> Well, let's go check it out en masse, shall we?

<Icarius> yes

> Mialee suggests Mordin take the lead at this point.

<Mordin> Okay.

<Flint> Is this the temple on the edge of town?

<DM> ok, Mordin's in the lead. No, this is the near side of the city

<Flint> Where the building is?

<Mialee> Is the building Owen saw movement in the temple, on the far side of town?

<DM> no, it was one of the buildings in the town.

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> We should check that out first, I think.

<DM> And it wasn't just one building -- he saw movement in several different buildings, at different times.

> Icarius asks talos to get a birds eye view of the area

<DM> Talos launches from Icarius ' shoulder into the air

> Icarius closes his eyes and concentrates

<Icarius> I see a clearing about a mile past the city

<Icarius> and probably some activity in town

<DM> ok, so Mordin is leading the way through the city...

<DM> This may once have been a great city, but now it is completely overtaken by the forest/jungle. Trees grow in the middle of the streets, and long vines choke the doorways and windows of the buildings.

<DM> You approach an intersection, and find yourself facing ten shambling humanoid figures. Their skin is falling off of their arms, their faces are pockmarked, and bugs crawl in and out of their eyes and mouths.

<Owen> eww.

<Mialee> Oooh. Glad we have clerics with us. :)

<DM> These ghoulish figures see you and turn your way, moving slowly.

<DM> they are bout 50 ft away.

<DM> closing slowly.

> Mialee casts Magic Missile at the nearest one.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 4 = 6 + 2 = 8

<Mialee> Whee! :)

<DM> the thing grunts, but keeps on coming.

<Mialee> Fun! :)

<Mialee> Anyone else? :)

<Owen> hello... clerics?

<Mialee> Seriously. :)

> Mialee shrugs and casts Magic Missile at the same one again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 3 = 5 + 2 = 7

> Owen checks behind the party...

<Mialee> (assuming I'll be told when we're going the initiative route ;)

<DM> Now they're 25 ft away, and you're beginning to smell their stench, which is considerable.

<Flint> Have they closed to 20 feet yet?

<Vlix> Vlix prepares a molotov

<DM> they have now.

<Mialee> Did that last pair of missiles take that one out yet?

> Flint presents his Holy Symbol boldly and turns the Undead.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4

<Vlix> <the grateful undead hopefully>

> Jozlan follows suit

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> Where did Vlix get the Molatov?

<DM> Flint's turning causes most of them to turn away, but not the first two.

<Vlix> if you see my inventory, you'll see I have 4 oils.

<DM> Jozlan, though turns the last two away as well.

> Mialee sheaths her sword and reaches into Pengo's bag, drawing out her Longsword of Light.

<Mialee> Ahhh!

<DM> That's true, but just remember you need a flame to touch that off.

<Mialee> So all the undead have turned?

<DM> at this point, yes.

<Mialee> How far away is the closest one?

<DM> back to about 50 ft away.

<Mialee> Shall we engage?

> Vlix puts the oil away... "that was a close call"

> Mialee looks to the Clerics for their thoughts.

<Owen> Can we proceed?

<Mialee> If we're facing undead here, I'm glad I have this sword.

<Owen> Will they come back?

> Mialee carefully wraps the Defender and places it into Pengo's bag.

<Jozlan> only if they have death wish

<Owen> how can the undead have a death wish... c'mon.

<Owen> I assume those were zombies?

<DM> hard to say precisely. they were dead men walking.

<Owen> dead a long time, or new corpses

<DM> certainly, they were at least partially decomposed.

<Owen> ok, shall we go forward?

<Flint> Let's continue on. We need to find the girls.

<Owen> Vlix, keep an eye on the rear...

<Vlix> OK

<DM> You follow what appears to be the main road through the city, which eventually leads out of town, into the dense swampy forest.

<DM> The road quickly turns into a barely discernible path.

<DM> Owen determines that there is evidence of people passing this way.

<Owen> humans?

<Owen> onward

<DM> Some of the prints do look like human footprints.

<Owen> Maybe the Lynx can tell more now...

<DM> Before you've gone a mile, you approach a clearing in the forest.

<Mialee> Lynx?

<Owen> like how fresh the trails are.

> Mialee asks Voronda (who's a bobcat ;) what she can tell of the people that have come through here before.

< Voronda > They're 2-leggers.

<Mialee> I take it she doesn't know the difference between one and the other? :)

<DM> to her they all look the same.

> Mialee asks here if she can tell how recently they've been through.

<Mialee> They all smell the same? :)

< Voronda > not smell the same, no.

<Mialee> Can she sense any scents? :)

> Mialee is just back from a run upstairs -- Sophie started playing in the tub for the first time ever. :)

< Voronda > Sure, lots of scents.

<Mialee> Does she know what of? :)

<DM> 2-leggers, and some others she's never encountered.

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> Hopefully her ability to tell the difference will improve with time.

<DM> definately dead beings around here.

<Owen> So... the LYNX was helpful?

<Mialee> As she gets experienced at smelling different things.

<Mialee> :P

<Mialee> OK, so I didn't know bobcats were a type of lynx. Shoot me. :)

<Owen> <snicker>

<Owen> I'm a Ranger - I know these things.

<Mialee> I bet you don't know that prior to initializing an Objective-C object with its +(id)init: method, you have to call its +(id)alloc: method. :)

<Mialee> So there. :D

<DM> Anyway, it doesn't seem to be natural clearing. It seems that someone has taken great pains recently to make sure that there's clear vision for at least 50 meters from the ruined building in the middle of the clearing. `

<Mialee> Anyway.

<Mialee> What does the building look like?

<DM> A closer look tells you that the building is actually the remains of a compound which may have held several buildings in it.

<Mialee> Hm.

<DM> Walls are 20 ft. high.

<DM> They are constructed of large blocks of stone, closely fitted together.


<Flint> I smell a Trap.

<DM> you also see partially collapsed roofs, and the still standing walls of a three story building inside the compound.

<Owen> Looks like the place - we could wait until nightfall and send Vlix in, maybe he can open a gate somewhere...

<Pengo> You're the expert on non-door traps.


<Pengo> Where exactly do you propose we spend the night, with the Undead on the loose?

<Mialee> I presume we're somewhere in the vicinity of that front entrance?

<Mialee> Toward the top of the map?

<DM> You're actually more off to the side, on the western side of the clearing.

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> What hour is it at this point?

<DM> Call at 50 m west of the northwest corner of the map you see there.

<DM> The hour is about

<DM> 10PM

<Owen> We can either scout around, looking for another opening, or infiltrate by night. the clearing is suicide in the day.

<Mialee> I think we should go in now. The cover of darkness is a powerful ally, especially for those of us with good night vision.

<Pengo> I don't like the idea of going in now, but better that than staying out here.

<Owen> agreed, can the owl see anything or do we send Vlix?

<Flint> We go now, if we wait we lose the element of surprise.

<Mialee> Well, as an elf, I can do some scouting; I have excellent night vision.

<Mialee> As does Voronda, for that matter.

<Flint> They should have sentries against the undead.

<Mialee> Unless they themselves are undead.

<Mialee> Or are in control of them.

<Owen> the undead usually don't wander too far from their haunts.

> Mialee suggests that Vlix, herself, and Voronda scout ahead a bit, while the rest of you remain behind.

<Flint> Yes, but then they shouldn't have any barred gates. :)

<Mialee> Talos can alert you to approaching danger.

<Mialee> I don't see any barred gates here. :)

<Owen> Ok, go ahead.

<DM> Actually, there is a porticullis in the front of the compound.

<Mialee> Ah, well, there you go then. That changes things a bit.

<Mialee> With that, I agree that Vlix should morph and flutter on inside, see if he can find us a way in. :)

<Mialee> Or possibly open the portcullis.

<Vlix> Vlix uses the darkness and his skills in conjunction with the robe to approach the building.

> Mialee keeps on guard for undead.

<DM> Vlix flies up near the compound, and gets a little better view:

<DM> basically, he sees a garden area of some sort in the NW corner.

<DM> Another one in the southern end of the piece jutting out to the east

<DM> and a big open courtyard just south of the portcullis

<DM> and a slew of collapsed buildings in the middle.

<DM> there are a couple of small fires burning in the big open area

<DM> and there is movement on the walls of the compound.

<DM> as if there were some sort of patrols.

> Mialee keeps a look out.

> Mialee whispers, "A flying creature just left the compound. Be wary."

> Owen puts his sword away and nocks an arrow.

> Pengo readies his sling.

> Mialee whispers "It's quite large."

<DM> it's flying around as if trying to catch something.

<Mialee> It's after Vlix, I think.

<DM> it's about the size of a human, but squatter.

<Mialee> Is it within range that I could shoot at it?

<DM> um, lessee, about 70 meters, at night, it would be a long range shot.

<Mialee> I'll take a whack at it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1

<Mialee> Heh.

<DM> what kind of arrow?

> Flint ducks

<Mialee> Regular.

<Mialee> Does the thing even notice the attempt?

<DM> no, you buried that one in the ground 10 meters ahead of you. :)

> Mialee shoots again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

> Mialee watches to see if that hits.

<Mialee> Slow arrow. ;)

<Vlix> patriot arrow

<Mialee> :)

<DM> yeah, that hits, and the thing lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Dammit. :)

<Mialee> At least it's distracted. :D

<DM> it's really more of a scream of rage than of pain.

> Mialee shoots again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<Vlix> oooh

<Mialee> Better. :)

<Vlix> double damage?

<Mialee> Good elf eyes. :)

<DM> Another scream. Funny, it sounds like a woman screaming.

<Mialee> Hm.

> Mialee takes another shot.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3

<Mialee> Look out! :)

<DM> By this time, the thing has flown out of sight.

<Mialee> Ah well. :)

<Owen> the jigs up

<Mialee> Yeah, I think they know we're here now. :)

<Mialee> Sorry, but couldn't let the thing get Vlix.

<DM> and Mialee buries another arrow in the ground.

<Mialee> I suspect I should have used my fire arrows, but I'm reluctant to use them under such conditions that my shots count less.

> Mialee switches back to her sword and keeps an extra careful watch now.

<Pengo> Nice shooting, Mialee.

> Mialee smiles briefly, keeps watching.

<DM> dm rolls

<DM> DM rolls again

<Pengo> I hope Vlix is okay.

<Owen> as long as the dice keep rolling, he's ok.

<Mialee> Heh.

<Mialee> No dice. ;)

*** Roll by DM2: 1d100 -> 93

<Mialee> Ooh, that's new.

> Mialee keeps looking for any sign of activity.

> Pengo fidgets.

<DM> You soon hear the light flapping of bat wings, and Vlix is once again in your party

<Vlix> flap flap flap

<Mialee> Whew.

> Mialee relaxes but remains vigilant.

<Mialee> What's up, Vlix?

<Mialee> What the hell was that thing?

<Vlix> Harpy - it never really had a chance to catch me.

<Vlix> oops

<Vlix> I THINK it was a harpy - if the stories I've heard are true...

<Vlix> There are several patrols on the walls - 20 humanoids ea. but I found a secret opening in the south wall and marked it.

<Vlix> I looked for traps, didn't find any...

> Mialee doesn't want to know how a bat would mark something.

> Pengo makes a face.

<DM> If you refresh your browser, you will see that bird's-eye view that Vlix saw.

<Vlix> I changed...

<Mialee> Wow, nice work.

<Mialee> So, shall we proceed to that secret entrance then?

<Pengo> 20 or so each patrol, huh?

<Pengo> Glad I have all those cocktails in my bag. :)

<Pengo> 13 left. :)

<Vlix> cocktails... molotovs?

<Mialee> Yes.

<Mialee> 13 flasks of oil with wicks.

<Vlix> Pengo.. you.. you.. arsonist you.

<Mialee> :)

<Pengo> We got them on a past adventure; we've used a good number.

<Vlix> I'm really surprised.

<Pengo> Thank goodness for my Bag of Holding.

> Mialee agrees, patting her Longsword of Light.

<Owen> Right, let's do it.

<Mialee> Onward.

> Mialee steps into line.

> Pengo takes position.

<DM> are you going to just march across the field?

<Owen> Might the thieves and invisibility types go first to clear the room and the rest follow?

<Mialee> Hm, that's a good idea.

<Pengo> Sounds like fun.

<Owen> what about the guards on the wall, can we time it for an opening?

<Flint> Owen, can you find a path to leads us to the secret entrance unobserved?

<Mialee> Or would it make more sense for me to cast invisibility on one of our sturdy fighter types instead?

<Owen> Fighter probably

<Mialee> OK, who would like to have that honor?

> Pengo prepares to be stealthy.

<Flint> Why, these are 20 man patrols.

> Mialee listens to what Flint has to say.

<Owen> suggest Mordin?

<Flint> If we engage even one patrol, we give ourselves away.

<Owen> isn't he the one with the heavy weapon?

<Flint> We need to move the entire party to the secret entrance unnoticed.

<Owen> I want to enter with stealth, between patrol passes.

<Flint> either all at once or in small numbers.

<Flint> Owen, can you move us one or two at a time unnoticed?

<Owen> I can try..

<DM> Let me state again that there is 50 meters of clearing between the woods and the compound.

<Owen> ie unlikely

<Mialee> I don't see any way to cross that unseen.

<DM> just so we're clear. :)

<Mialee> If we want anyone to get in there unseen, we'll have to send just a handful of us.

<Owen> or someone makes a distraction elsewhere...

<Mialee> I was just about to suggest that.

<DM> exactly how attentive the patrols are, is not so clear. :)

<Mialee> Hmmm.

<Mialee> Would Talos be capable of carrying and dropping, say, a small one of our fireball orbs? :)

<DM> too complex. He doesn't know what they are or what they do.

<Mialee> OK.

<Owen> yah, but we don't want to raise the whole place.

<Mialee> Dunno that he needs to understand them. :)

<Mialee> But okay.

<DM> were you referring to one of pengo's cocktails or one of Icarius ' orbs?

<Mialee> Icarius 's orbs.

<Mialee> From the necklace of fireballs.

<DM> they must be handled by the wearer of the necklace.

<Mialee> Ah, okay. Didn't know that.

<DM> It's all part of the magic ;)

<DM> but distraction: that's a good idea.

<Flint> Vlix, how much flying time is left in that cloak of yours?

<DM> He needs to rest for just a few more minutes before he can use it again.

<Owen> uhm... that long

<Mialee> :)

<Flint> IF vlix sets a fire just inside the woods about a third of the way around the perimeter from us. That might distract the guards so Owen can lead us across the clearing.

<Mialee> That's a thought.

<Icarius> good idea

<Mialee> Of course, doesn't it seem awfully likely they already know where here, given all the shots I fired at their harpy or whatever?

<Flint> He can quickly rejoin us.

<DM> bows are pretty quiet.

<Mialee> But the harpy has two arrows sticking out of it. :D

<Vlix> Ok Pengo... I'll be the arsonist this time.

<Pengo> Go for it. :)

<Flint> Chasing after Vlix in flight.

<Flint> She probably has no idea where they came from.

<Mialee> Just thinking aloud. I'm all for this plan. Go on, Vlix. Distract ho. :)

<Mialee> True enough.

<Flint> Vlix, Where is the entrance and How is it marked?

<DM> Key safety tip Flint.

<Vlix> once sufficiently rested, I will fly over to the specified place, morph and then douse a spot with oil... then using my Flint and tinder, set a slow burn with some grass to give me time to get away in the darkness before the fire really catches.

<Flint> Tactical common sense.

<Owen> Vlix said he marked the spot with chalk and pointed to the spot where we should head.

<DM> Ok. You do realize that you will have to walk away once you morph out.

<Vlix> huh?

<Flint> Better to walk to the spot, then fly back.

<Mialee> Agreed.

<DM> Or you can just wait the same amount of time as you were flying.

<Vlix> ok, walk over, fly back...

<DM> Either of the flying powers is usable for up to one hour at a time, but after a flight (either type) of any duration, the cloak will not bestow any flying power for a like period of time.

> Vlix proceeds

<DM> You succeed in getting a fire started.

<DM> The rest of you watching from the woods, detect a slight bit of movement towards the front of the compound.

<Owen> time to go...

<Vlix> Vlix flies to the secret door, drops morphs and hugs the wall, hiding

<Owen> let's go...

<Jozlan> ok

<DM> Along the way, Vlix noticed that about half of the patrols were moving towards the front of the compound.

<Owen> we make for the spot Vlix pointed to.

<DM> You creep through the grass as quietly as you can.

<DM> You arrive at the spot on the wall, and as far as you can tell, no one has spotted you.

> Pengo checks the door for traps.

<DM> He doesn't find any traps.

> Pengo carefully pries the door open.

<DM> When the door opens, there is a soft creaking sound, and a whoosh and a bang.

<DM> A spring loaded board with spikes and jagged glass embedded in the end swings inches over Pengo's head.

< Pengo > "Whew! Sometimes I'm glad I'm short!"

<Owen> no one else was close enough?

<DM> Close enough for what?

<Owen> the trap...

<Owen> it would have hit the opener only.

<DM> I believe it is common practice to stand clear whenever one of your thieves is checking for traps.

<Owen> works for me

<Owen> in we go...

<DM> Now that the door is open, you can plainly see the mechanism of the trap.

<Flint> Shall we proceed?

<DM> You also see a narrow 10 ft long passageway leading to another door at the other end.

<Owen> repeat

<Owen> <Owen> in we go...

<Flint> No, let Pengo open that door first.

<Owen> into the passegway.. so we're not outside...

<DM> Pengo agrees, and steps up to check the door for traps.

<DM> D M rolls.

<Flint> Into a 10 foot long trap?

<DM> Pengo does not find any traps. He carefully opens the door.

<DM> Pengo looks into a dark passageway beyond.

<DM> "Are the rest of you coming?" he whispers.

<Owen> in we go

> Mordin leads the way.

<Icarius> ready

<Mordin> Following Pengo.

<DM> It is really pretty dark in here.

<Owen> shall we risk some light?

> Vlix lights a candle

<Flint> That could give us away to the patrols on the walls.

<DM> BTW, I believe that Vlix normally brings up the rear, but where is Owen in the march order?

<Owen> toward the front

<DM> Right behind the dwarves?

<Owen> ok

<DM> You can refresh your browser.

<DM> You are in the East West passageway in the southwest corner.


<Owen> let's explore that eastward stretch first...

<Flint> Let's clear the east end of the hall first.

<Flint> And close this exit door.

<Owen> ok

<DM> Are you closing the inside and the outside door?

<Owen> sure

<DM> Doing anything else?

<Flint> Resetting the trap.

<Owen> then we'll start clearing those rooms.

*** << <Flint> << :P

<DM> Ok, are you going up the easterly passage?

<Owen> yes

<DM> You see the passage goes north for approximately 30 ft..

<DM> There is a door at the north end in the eastern wall.

<Owen> go Pengo

<DM> Pengo Sighs and steps up to the door

<DM> he checks for traps.

<DM> He doesn't find any.

<DM> He opens the door.

<DM> You see a 15 by 20 ft. room.

<Owen> any doors/windows? we're going in...

<DM> This room is burnt and partially destroyed, much like others throughout the compound. The floor is crowded with debris and movement is difficult.

<DM> Sagging and collapsed as it is, the ceiling still appears to be sound.

<DM> The east wall is different from the others. It shows signs of recent construction and upkeep as it is patched in several places. On the whole, this wall appears to be stoutly built.


<DM> Did I mention that the hallway floor, ceilings and walls all shows signs of a great fire at some point in the past?

<DM> There are no doors or windows in this room.

<DM> Other than the one you came in.

<Flint> No, you didn't mention it at any point in the past. :)

<Vlix> ok, quick search by the dwarves and then we'll back out.

<Flint> Dwarves are not quiet searchers.

<DM> you do not find anything of particular interest in this room.

<Vlix> ok, move on

<DM> On to the western door?

<Flint> Yes.

> Pengo checks the door for traps.

<DM> He doesn't find any traps.

> Pengo carefully opens the door.

<DM> Pengo sees a narrow 50 ft passageway leading to the north

<Pengo> Looks safe to go on up. Do the dwarves want to check for stonework traps and the like on the way?

<Flint> Sure.

<Pengo> Let's go. :)

> Mordin leads, checking for traps.

<DM> you get to the north end of the passageway safely.

> Pengo checks that door for traps.

<DM> DM Rolls

<DM> He doesn't find any traps.

> Pengo opens the door.

<Pengo> So, what's in that room, then? :)

<DM> The wooden door to this room is charred with several boards missing and another plank obviously weakened.

<Pengo> Ah. :)

<Vlix> oh, let's peek inside.

<Mialee> Well, guess there's been a fire then.

<DM> The handles, hinges, and other metal fittings are half melted, soundly jamming the door shut.

> Pengo peeks through the door's open spaces.

<Pengo> Anything interesting in there?

<DM> The room beyond, as seen through holes, is severely burned.

<DM> Its furnishings buried and ruined beyond recognition. The ceiling has collapsed for the most part, revealing another chamber on the second floor.

<DM> About 5 ft. of the original ceiling still remains around the walls of the room, forming an narrow, jagged ledge. The floor is littered with beams, plaster, ash, and unknown pieces of junk.

<Mialee> Well, no sense wasting Knock on this door. Who would like to remove the remaining planks forcefully? :)

<Mialee> Doesn't look like it'll take much work. Quietly would be good if it can be managed.

<Vlix> no where to go but force our way in.

<DM> The air is filled with the odor of rot.

<Vlix> moldy rot?

<Mialee> Or undead kind of rot? :)

<DM> Some kind of rot.

<Mialee> Can Voronda tell what kind of rot? :)

> Mialee is still learning her limitations.

<Owen> I think there's something rotten in there... <snicker>

<DM> She hates it and its nasty, and why would you want to go in there?

<Mialee> Hmmm.

> Mialee pets Voronda to soothe her, then tests the strength of one of the planks still in place in the door by giving it a pull.

<DM> As burned as it is, it is still solidly part of the door.

> Owen preps a couple of torches "just in case"

<DM> Do you mean he is lighting up the torch's?

<Owen> DM: no he's not lighting them, he's holding them and prepared to light them with Vlixs candle.

<Mialee> Would one of our stronger members like to give the door a good kick?

<Mialee> Or bash it with a hammer or axe? :D

<Vlix> here... we can use my spikes to wedge here and here and stress the door open...

> Jozlan gets ready to do some bashing

<Mialee> Someone just open the door. :D

<DM> Is Jozlan bashing the door?

<Pengo> Don't suppose any of the gaps are large enough for me to slip through? :)

<DM> Pengo, no.

<Owen> just force it...

> Mordin steps up to the door and breaks it in.

> Mialee tries to kick the door in.

<Mialee> Let Mordin do it. :D

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D6 -> 2

<Owen> he's Mordin likely to do it.

<Mialee> Oof.

<DM> Mordin runs into the door in his new heavy plate armor, and the door flies apart in splinters.

> Mialee chuckles.

> Mialee follows him in.

<DM> Mordin tumbles into the room.

> Pengo goes along.

<DM> he will spend the first round getting back up.

<Owen> heh - first round...

<DM> You hear a howling noises, as 10 of the same hideous creatures to you met in the city jump from the floor above.

<Owen> something is in here.

<Mialee> I hate when I'm right. Undead.

<DM> In this close space, stench is nearly unbearable.

> Mialee is glad to have her undead-loving sword.

> Jozlan dispels

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 8

<DM> Roll for surprise.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 6

<Owen> oof

<Mialee> That's a bummer. :)

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Sigh.

<Vlix> "I see dead people..."

<Mialee> Let's party.

<DM> in the first round, Flint, Mordin, Mialee, Pengo, and Jozlan are in the room

<DM> and Owen

<Vlix> Go Jozlan and Flint

<DM> one attacks Mordin

<DM> 1 attacks Pengo, and 2 attack the rest.

<DM> on Mordin

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 3

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 6

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 8

<Vlix> heh

<DM> nothing, Mordin is rolling around

<Mialee> :)

<DM> on Pengo,

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 10 + 10 + 1 = 21

<DM> nothin.

<Pengo> I'm little. ;)

<DM> on Flint

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 9 + 11 + 18 = 38

<Pengo> And everybody knows undead are clumsy. ;)

<DM> one hit --

*** Roll by DM2: 1d4 -> 2

<Vlix> they're dead tired...

<DM> Mordin make a saving throw

<Mordin> Me?

<DM> Sorry, Flint

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1

<Vlix> oof

<DM> Flint stiffens up with a shudder, and stands helpless.

<Icarius> not this again

<DM> ok, then, on Mialee

*** Roll by DM2: 2d20 -> 11 + 12 = 23

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 20

<DM> Mialee takes damage, and needs to save.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10

<DM> Mialee stiffens up

<DM> and takes:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 2

<Mialee> Got it.

<DM> on Jozlan

<DM> no the other on Mialee

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 3 + 17 + 20 = 40

<DM> two more hits.

*** Roll by DM2: 1d4 -> 2

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> Owww.

<DM> now on Jozlan

*** Roll by DM2: 6d20 -> 10 + 16 + 19 + 10 + 16 + 8 = 79

<DM> 3 hits, two claws and a bite

*** Roll by DM2: 2d3 -> 2 + 3 = 5

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> Jozlan roll asaving throw

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> you make it.

<DM> Now, anyone able and wishing to attack needs to make a saving throw (vs. poison) at -2 in order to do anything but gag.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 2

<Vlix> batf

<Vlix> er, barf

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> Mordin makes it

<DM> Owen Makes it

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> Pengo makes it.

<DM> Oh, sorry, if you failed, you can attack at minus 2

<DM> so Vlix, you can do something.

<DM> your shots.

> Pengo attacks the nearest one.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

> Mordin gets up on his feet.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

<Pengo> I assume I hit, anyway. :D

<DM> yes

> Jozlan tries to turn undead...

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> All of the creatures back away toward the door in the north end of the room

> Owen tries to revive Mialee

<Owen> failing that, lets climb up and drag them up...

<DM> Whoops! Mialee does in fact recover very quickly from the paralysis, since Elves are largely immune to it :)

<Mialee> Woohoo!

<Owen> or we burn these guys.

<Mialee> I assume I can't do anything until next round.

<DM> right

<DM> That leaves Flint still paralyzed.

<Mialee> Where are we going, then?

<DM> The creatures moan and groan and shuffle around at the north end of the room.

<Mialee> Should we chuck a bomb at them and bug out?

<Icarius> I think finding the fair maidens is of the utmost importance

> Mialee nods.

<Icarius> but torching them does sound like fun

<Owen> can't we force them away from the door by walking toward it?

<Mialee> Well, right now, they're blocking our path to get to them, so we need to get through that door.

<Mordin> We can see if there is a way out above.

<Mialee> Can we get up there?

<DM> To force them away would require an additional turning, I think.

<Pengo> Is there any way to climb up?

<Mialee> How far away are they from us right now?

<DM> There are beams and girders lying about, so I suppose you could construct something to climb up with.

<DM> 10 ft

> Vlix climbs up

<Mialee> I still sort of think we need to deal with these undead.

> Mialee sighs and slashes at the closest one with the Longsword of Light.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

<Vlix> absolutely, from up here... <yuck, the smell>

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 5

<Mordin> If we bypass them and find the girls, we can destroy them on the way out.

<DM> There are some narrow windows overlooking the wreckage in the courtyard area.

<DM> from where Vlix is standing.

<Vlix> if my climb is successful, I secure a grapnel and drop a line...

<DM> Mialee's victim is sliced in two.

<Mialee> Well, now there are nine.

<Mordin> And the rest charge.

<DM> 3 more close in on Mialee.

<Mialee> Do they? I thought an attack only affected the one you hit.

<Mialee> Well, hell.

<Mialee> Ah well. Better this than all the damn standing around yapping.

<DM> That would be a little too easy, then wouldn't it?

<Mialee> Let me know when I can take another whack.

<Mialee> Well, it's what I thought. :)

<Mialee> So sue me; I'm not a cleric. :D

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 1

> Owen is 1/2 up the rope,..

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

> Mialee slashes at the next one.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

<DM> you can go first

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> hit!

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

> Pengo hacks at the nearest one to him.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> another one bites the dust!

> Vlix pulls his bow

<Mialee> This sword is too good against undead not to use it. Anyone with bows other than me, get up above, use them from there.

<DM> They turn to attack, 1 on Mialee, 1 on Mordin, 1 on Pengo.

<Owen> as soon as Owen is up, he'll pull his bow

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 2 + 19 + 5 = 26

<Mordin> Did I hit?

<DM> no

<DM> one hit mialee

<DM> .3

*** Roll by DM2: 1d3 -> 1

<DM> on Mordin

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 16 + 10 + 20 = 46

<Mialee> Was that 1 hp damage?

<DM> yes, Mialee

<Mialee> Got it.

*** Roll by DM2: 1d3 -> 1

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 1

<Owen> cool

<DM> 2 on Mordin, and he needs to save

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19

> Pengo will be trying to climb up above next round.

<Owen> cursed DM dice

<DM> on Pengo, before he climbs

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 10 + 11 + 19 = 40

<DM> one hit

<Pengo> Ow. :)

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> and save

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> ok.

<Pengo> Whew :)

<Vlix> yea Pengo

<Pengo> Once I get up top, I can start shooting as well.

<DM> There are 7 of the creatures left.

<DM> ============================================

<DM> Round 2: Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Mialee> Melee.

<Vlix> Vlix and Owen are ready to shoot 4 arrows.

<Mialee> Icarius could probably hit them with something good.

> Mordin attacks twice this round.

<Icarius> mm

<DM> Mordin, go ahead with your first

<Icarius> on 1 + 2

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

<Vlix> I don't think mm will work...

<Vlix> oh well

<DM> that hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 3 + 6 = 9

<Mialee> Nice.

<DM> It's still standing though. (it's one of the real stinky ones. )

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<Mialee> Sigh.

<Vlix> wait

<DM> who is in the front rank? Mordin, Mialee?

<Mialee> Yeah, I think so.

<Vlix> Vlix has an attack

<Mialee> Mialee certainly.

<DM> what is that, Vlix?

<Vlix> He was already up top with drawn bow last round.

<DM> ok, good point. Shoot

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 12

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 6

<Vlix> assuming the 12 hits

<DM> well, the second attack didn't hit, and you have to wait til after, anyway.

<DM> but the first one did.

<Mialee> Woohoo :)

<Vlix> now we're on the next round...

<Vlix> aren't bows 2x per round?

<Mialee> Yeah, but once at the beginning and once at the end.

<DM> Yes, Bows are 2/rd, but they shoot first and last, then. The shot(s) you just fired were for round 2.

<Vlix> yes - I was waiting my turn

<DM> ok, now it's their turn. and 4 of them will attack Mialee and Mordin, while 3 go around and attack Flint.

<DM> unless someone stops them.

<Vlix> well, it doesn't matter - the last one would have missed anyway.

<DM> on Mialee.

*** Roll by DM2: 6d20 -> 4 + 15 + 7 + 18 + 5 + 10 = 59

<DM> 2 hits

*** Roll by DM2: 2d3 -> 2 + 3 = 5

<DM> on Mordin

*** Roll by DM2: 6d20 -> 2 + 16 + 3 + 9 + 16 + 10 = 56

<DM> 2 hits

*** Roll by DM2: 2d4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

<DM> and Mordin must save

<Mordin> Wait a minute, do claws do 1d3, or 1d4?

<Mialee> That's a good question. We've seen both used.

<DM> it depends.... what the claws are attached to.

<Mialee> Ahhh. :)

<Mordin> Okay.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> easily saves

<DM> the other 3 shuffle off toward Flint.

<Vlix> but you got zombie funk all over you.

<DM> they're slow, so they won't get there this round.

<DM> Mordin, take your second shot.

<Mordin> Somebody save Flint.

<Vlix> Vlix and Owen both have their first arrows ready...

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 9

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<DM> The foul creature staggers under the blow, and sinks to the ground in a heap

<DM> Vlix already fired this round, but Owen can shoot.

> Pengo climbs.

<Vlix> that was last round.

> Mialee slashes at the nearest creature on her.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 1

<Mialee> Aw man.

<DM> it's enough to drop one.

<Mialee> Sweet.

<Vlix> DM you closed the second round before Vlix could get off either of his two arrows.

<DM> ok, Vlix, go ahead.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 2

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 16

<DM> Actually, we're still in the second round

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> at which creature, Owen?

<Vlix> my point is, Vlix should have had 2 full attacks before the last init roll.

<Owen> One heading for Flint

<DM> ok, so Vlix and Owen get one more shot this round.

<Mordin> No, Vlix took both shots at the beginning of the round with Mordin's 1st attack.

<Vlix> call the missle segments like you do the spell segments and I won't get out of sync with you.

<Mialee> I think one of those was from last round, handled late.

<Mialee> Yeah, I vote for that too. I get confused sometimes as well.

<Mialee> If it's not too much trouble, of course.

<DM> ok, I'll try to remember that. :)

> Mialee grins.

<DM> so Vlix and Owen shoot once more.

> Pengo starts hauling himself up top.

<DM> this round.

<Mialee> Are they going to shoot then? :)

<Vlix> it's time? ok..

<DM> ok, this is missile segment two. :)

<Mialee> :)

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> oh, the waiting was worth it I guess. :)

*** Roll by Owen: 1d30 -> 11

<Owen> opps

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 3

<DM> Owen missed.

<Mialee> Nicd30 is a fun way to try to improve your odds. :)

<Owen> didn't work though

<Mialee> Nope.

<DM> Any other attacks?

<DM> Jozlan? Icarius ?

<Mialee> Did Icarius ever do his MM?

<Mialee> And Jozlan hasn't done anything yet.

<Vlix> Vlix attacked a Zombie heading for Flint

<DM> I didn't see it.

<DM> K might have dropped off.

<DM> ok, Icarius ' MM

*** Roll by DM2: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 4 = 6 + 2 = 8

<DM> and he drops one of the ones heading for Flint!

<Mialee> As a level 3 spellcaster, shouldn't that be 3d4+3?

<DM> oh, yeah, he's 5th level

<Mialee> No argument over the result. :)

<Mialee> Five? Nice.

<DM> well, it was overkill then.

<Mialee> Hehehe

<Mialee> Right, five = level 3 spells.

<Mialee> Damn, that's confusing. ;D

<DM> Jozlan I'm sure would step up to intervene for Flint.

<Mialee> Sure. :)

<Vlix> there's a point where a nice overkill by spell becomes "special effects"

<Mialee> Mmmm... explosions. :)

<DM> so now there are 3 facing Mialee and Mordin, and one headed for Flint/Jozlan


<DM> ============================================

<DM> Round 3: Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Mialee> Melee, thanks.

> Pengo has his bow ready to shoot.

<Vlix> Vlix and Owen prepare first arrows

<DM> Jozlan will Turn the undead again.

<DM> Icarius will MM the one approaching Jozlan

<DM> ok, MM goes off first.

*** Roll by DM2: 3d4+3 -> 4 + 4 + 1 = 9 + 3 = 12

<Vlix> zap

<Mialee> Blam. :)

<Mialee> I will always picture NWN's magic missile in my head now when people use it in D&D games. :D

<DM> the thing staggers, but keeps coming, until Jozlan Holds forth his holy symbol and turns the creature.

*** Roll by DM2: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> the creature stops, and stumbles back.

<DM> Bows!

*** <Icarius> has entered the room.

> Pengo shoots.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> call your shots

<Pengo> Ooof.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 2

<Pengo> I think that narrowly missed my foot. :D

<DM> re Icarius

<Mialee> re Ic.

*** <Jozlan> has entered the room.

<Mialee> re Joz.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 5

<Pengo> Wow, we all suck. :)

<DM> Jozlan is defending Flint, and Icarius just launched a MM

<Icarius> k thanks

> Owen blames Dave

<Pengo> Good idea. :)

<Pengo> He wrote /ROLl :)

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Jeez. :)

<DM> therre are 2 on Mialee

*** Roll by DM2: 6d20 -> 17 + 13 + 18 + 16 + 10 + 6 = 80

<DM> 3 hits

*** Roll by DM2: 2d3 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<Owen> zombie love, baby...

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> on Mordin

> Mialee tries to puzzle out what all those rolls represent. :)

*** Roll by DM2: 3d20 -> 17 + 14 + 7 = 38

<Mialee> So I took 4, I take it? :)

<Owen> pain

<DM> 6 actually

<Mialee> Wait.

<Mialee> You said there were two on me. :)

<Mialee> But you said I got hit by three. :)

<Mialee> I'm so confused.

<Owen> 3 attacks per zombie

<DM> right

<Mialee> Really? I didn't notice that. :)

<Mialee> OK.

<DM> 2 claws and a bite

<Mordin> Claw, Claw, Bite: Claw, Claw, Bite.

<Owen> claw claw and a hickie

<Mialee> Okie-dokie.

<Mialee> I could use some healing, by the way. :)

<DM> :D

<DM> ok, now it's your melee

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 1

<Owen> oof

<DM> ugh

<Mialee> (at one of the ones on me)

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 11

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<DM> Mordin hits

<DM> duh. ok, Mordin's drops

<Mialee> Very good.

<DM> That leaves 2 on Mialee and 1 wandering.

> Mialee may need to retreat after the next round.

<DM> bows? second shots

<Mialee> Should probably this round, but I'm enjoying the fight too much.

> Pengo shoots at one of the ones attacking Mialee.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> can't

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> you can shoot at the wandering one, Mialee is obscuring the others

<Vlix> Vlix and Owen shoot to protect Mialee

<Pengo> Oh, okay. The wanderer then.

<DM> same deal

<Pengo> Bummer.

<Vlix> but, we're taller

<Vlix> ;)

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Too dicey from this angle

<Vlix> ok...

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> well, actually....

<Mialee> Where's Voronda hiding right now?

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 20

<Pengo> There we go.

<Owen> too dicey..

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> hey, by the way, Vlix, what are you shooting? Your hand crossbow?

*** <Jozlan> has left the room.

*** <Icarius> is now known as <Jozlan>

<Mialee> Wow, identity change. :)

<Vlix> no, we were using bows because I don't have data on the hand crossbows.

*** <Jozlan> is now known as <Icarius>

<Mialee> Um. :)

<DM> ok, well, you still hit, but damage is d3. We'll keep the 2 from this round.

<DM> did Pengo fire?

<Pengo> Yes.

<Pengo> Hit for 3 points.

<DM> right I see it.

<DM> is that it for this round?

<Vlix> Vlix really is using a bow..

<Mialee> I think so.

<Mordin> Yes.

<Pengo> Why is Vlix doing less damage with his bow than the rest of us?

<DM> ============================================

<DM> Round 4: Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Melee.

> Mordin attacks twice this round.

<Vlix> Vlix and Owen ready volley #1

> Pengo does too.

<DM> Icarius , I think you have 1 MM left

<Jozlan> mmit is

<Icarius> mm it is

<DM> at which one? the ones on Mialee or the wanderer?

> Jozlan clw on mialee

<Icarius> the ones on mialee

<DM> ok go ahead

<Vlix> the wanderer was pegged last round... he should be active.

> Pengo shoots at the wanderer.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> Pengo drops it!

<Vlix> do we have clear shots?

<DM> yeah, by now you could have moved around the room.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 2

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 6

<Pengo> Nice shot Owen.

<DM> Owen drops another one!

<DM> There's one left

> Mordin attacks the remaining one.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM2: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> go ahead Mordin

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

<DM> and Mordin drops the last one!

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<Mialee> Oh, well, there you go. :)

> Mialee is down by 22 HP. :)

<Mialee> So some significant healing would be appreciated. :)

> Owen retrieves dropped torches and salvages arrows..

<Mordin> Jozlan, is there anything you can do to help Flint?

<Mialee> Oh yeah, Flint's still paralyzed.

<DM> Jozlan did a CLW, did you ever roll the undamage?

<Mialee> No, I don't think he did.

> Vlix salvages arrows

<Mordin> No, he didn't.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 35 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 19 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 5 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 22 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 17 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 19 of 19

<DM> Owen: 26 of 26

<Icarius> I could cast remove paralysis ... tomoroow

<Mordin> Roll HP that is.

<Jozlan> other window

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Remember, he's paralyzed, not petrified. :)

> Jozlan casts cure critical on mialee

*** Roll by Jozlan: 4d4+11 -> 4 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 14 + 11 = 25

<Mialee> Ahhhh... much better.

<Mialee> Thank you, good sir.

<DM> what?

<Mialee> "What" what?

> Vlix chuckles... next time, you'll climb out of the zombie pit first.

<Jozlan> I could pray for l3 remove paralysis tonight

<Mialee> Hell no. That rocked.

<DM> ok, nevermind

<Mialee> This sword of mine is perfect for these fights, and as an elf, I'm immune to their paralysis, apparently.

<Mialee> So I'll put up with the damage, which our clerics can heal, in order to do the most good.

> Jozlan casts cure serious wonds on himself

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 5 + 3 = 8 + 5 = 13

<Vlix> You looked to be in pretty dire straights there... had we not saved you.

*** Roll by DM2: 3d4 -> 4 + 1 + 2 = 7

<Mialee> And I certainly appreciate it.

<Mialee> Besides, Jozlan was on it.

<Mordin> And all but one cleric was paralyzed.

<Mialee> If I'd been in real danger, Voronda would have jumped in and helped me out.

<DM> Spells:


<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,2

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,0,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> <Jozlan> clw x 5 1

<DM> <Jozlan> csw x 5

<DM> <Jozlan> cure disease x1, cure critical x1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> <Icarius> 2 sleep, 2 mm 0,2

<DM> <Icarius> 1 shatter 1 web

<DM> <Icarius> 1 suggestion


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1

<Mialee> Seriously though, I'd have fled if the fight had lasted another round.

<DM> The numbers to the right are the spells which are SPENT.

> Vlix says, the best defense is someone in front of you taking all the licks.

<DM> as you sit around, curing each other, etc...

<Mialee> Well, I'm fairly well suited for melee combat with undead.

<DM> how long DO you stay there?

<Mialee> Well... we need to fix Flint, or drag him with us somewhere. :)

> Owen says Vlix, enough... we have business to attend to.

<Mordin> Jozlan cast a Cure Crit on Mialee.

<DM> It's still pretty darn stinky in here.

<Mialee> Do we want to drag Flint to that other room that was apparently empty and hole up in there for a little while until we can fix him?

<Owen> ZombieMusk by Calvin Corpse

<Owen> let's get through that door.

<Mialee> The one to the north? Even with a paralyzed party member?

<Owen> that or let

<Owen> lets back track.

<Mialee> aI think we need to backtrack a bit and recoup a bit.

<Owen> your lynx isn't going to want to stay here...

<Mordin> Let's backtrack to room 2.

<DM> so -- heading back to room 2?

<Mialee> Yes.

> Pengo agrees.

<Jozlan> Mialee makes sense

<Mordin> Hopefully the girls will still be alive tomorrow.

<Owen> 2 is a dead end... how about to the secret door.

<DM> ok, you make it there without any problem, and as you sit there, catching your breath and resting for a bit, after about an hour, Flint becomes unparalyzed.

<Mialee> Whew.

<Mialee> There we go, now we're good to go on.

<Mialee> Although probably not this session. :D

<DM> Now, I think we need to end this session.

<DM> this is as good a place as any to end it.

<Pengo> Yeah.

*** <Pengo> has left the room.

<Owen> ok

<Mialee> That was pretty good. :)

*** <Owen> has left the room.

<DM> I will NOT assume that you've rested here -- take some time in the BB to debate whther that what you want to do.

<Mialee> I'm not inclined to rest, but we can discuss it.

<DM> Once again, the current stats:

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 35 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 19 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 27 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 22 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 27 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 19 of 19

<DM> Owen: 26 of 26



<DM> Spells:


<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,2

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,0,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1



<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 0,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1



<DM> The party is in Room 2 of the Temple Compound. They have NOT rested. It is midnight.



October 23, 2005



<DM> It's about 1AM.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 37 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 19 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 27 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 22 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 27 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 19 of 19

<DM> Owen: 26 of 26

<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> =====================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,2

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,0,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> <Jozlan> clw x 5 1

<DM> <Jozlan> csw x 5

<DM> <Jozlan> cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1



<DM> Icarius :

<DM> <Icarius> 2 sleep, 2 mm 0,2

<DM> <Icarius> 1 shatter 1 web

<DM> <Icarius> 1 suggestion


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1

<Vlix> well, the undead may be easier to deal with during the day... but IANAC

<Mialee> Around what time is it now?

<Vlix> I am not a cleric

<DM> 1AM

<Vlix> we've ingressed - do we want to wait for the light of day?

<Jozlan> I don't think we need to rest quite yet, if Flint;s up to speed, but waiting for daylight could have tactical advantages

<Mialee> Well... I'm torn on that. I'd rather take the fight to them than let them hunt us down.

<Flint> I think we should press on. This place isn't only about undead, and with areas that are indoors, the daytime advantage means little.

<Pengo> If we want to rest, which I'm always up for, I'd hate to do it in here without any idea what's looking for us.

<Pengo> Don't they know we're here at this point?

> Vlix shrugs "...I'll leave it to the leaders to decide. Just don't start anymore fights from the low ground."

<Icarius> my hammer thirst for blood, lets not waste time

<Owen> OK, we go on.

> Mialee nods. Let's go.

> Mordin nudges everyone into marching order and sets out to return to room 3.

> Pengo follows along with Mialee.

<DM> Flint and Mordin lead the way up the corridor

<Owen> same order as discussed?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Jozlan> are we there yet?

<DM> Standard March order?

<DM> Flint Mordin

<DM> Owen Mialee

<DM> Icarius Pengo

<DM> Jozlan

<DM> Vlix

<DM> Was that it?

<Owen> Pengo before Icarius - pengo is in the middle

> Mialee looks to Owen. Was that it?

<Owen> Jozlan and Vlix are side by side

<DM> Flint Mordin

<DM> Owen Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Jozlan Vlix

<DM> Like that?

<DM> And what about single file, because these corridors are only 5 ft wide.

<Owen> yes - the idea is Owen and Mialee if necessary can fire spells or arrows over the dwarves heads. Pengo could come up the middle possibly if needed. Icarius needs the most protection. We have a cleric in the rear and Vlix doubles as a fighter in case we're surrounded.

> Mialee agrees.

<Mialee> In single-file, I'd say we just go front to back, left to right: Flint, Mordin, Owen, Mialee, etc.

<Icarius> how about slightly staggered file, so

<Icarius> the left column back a foot or 2

<Owen> We already covered this in the forum.

<DM> Mordin thiinks he should be in front in any case.

<Mialee> Mm, yes.

<Owen> Thats fine - the dwarves can be looking at the masonry too - for structutal weakness.

<Mialee> We ready then?

<Owen> structural.

<Owen> sheesh

<Owen> head out

<Jozlan> I'm ready

<DM> ok, you get to the doorway of room 3, and are almost overcome by the stench

<DM> but you don't see anything moving.

<DM> I assume that for light, you are using Icarius ' rod with the continual light.

<Owen> same rotting stench?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> yes, same rotting stench

<Mialee> There's debris that we can climb to the top, IIRC?

<Icarius> Pengo, could you check the door for traps and listen for anything on the other side

<Owen> have the holy water, symbols ready.

<DM> the door at this end is still open

<DM> yes, there is some debris

> Pengo checks the door for traps.

<DM> DM rolls secretly.....


<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps


> Pengo listens to see if there are any sounds coming from beyond the door.

<DM> DM rolls secretly.....

<DM> Pengo doesn't hear anything.

<Owen> If it was a secret-you wouldn't tell us. ;)

<Mialee> Heh.

<Jozlan> let the undead bury the undead, let's move on

> Pengo opens the door.

<DM> Ok, am I already confused? Are you at the northern door of room 3 already?

<Icarius> is the room that big?

<Mialee> That's what I thought.

<DM> It's as you see -- 15' x 20'

<Mialee> Ah... you haven't got us in the room yet. I just spotted that looking over the scrollback. :)

<DM> ok, you open the northern door, and see an east-west hallway.

<Icarius> oh,oops :)

<Mialee> Let's move.

> Icarius hopes the air isn't so putrid

<Owen> is that a dead end by the stairs?

<Mialee> Hm?

<DM> yes, the hallway dead ends to the north.

<DM> refresh

> Mialee reloads and understands.

<Mialee> Is there anything in that dead-end area?

<Icarius> perhaps our dwarvey friends should check for secret doors

<DM> nothing of note.

<DM> It's your elvish friends that are good at that, BTW :)

<Owen> probably the another flight of stairs immediately above that space.

> Mialee checks for secret doors in that dead-end. ;)

<DM> DM rolls secretly.....

<DM> Mialee doesn't find any secret doors.

<Mialee> Surprise. ;)

<Icarius> do the stairs lead up or down?

<DM> They lead up.

> Mordin takes a look at the stairs to see if there are any structural issues.

<DM> He doesn't find any problem

<Mialee> He leads the way up.

> Jozlan grumbles

<Jozlan> I hope these aren't trick sliding stairs

> Mialee chuckles.

> Pengo goes along in his place.

<Owen> let's go

<DM> At the top of the stairs are the remains of a door, beyond which is a room. The floor here is almost entirely gutted as is the floor below. 30 ft. below is the grey stone of the cellar floor. There is an open doorway on the opposite side of the room on this level. The first floor of this cellar seems to be completely covered with rubble.

<DM> refresh

<DM> There seem to be three possible ways to get across this empty space.

<DM> You see a charred and crumbling section of floor clinging to the left wall.

<DM> Along the right wall, there is a sounder section of floor about 3 ft. wide.

<DM> Finally, there is a narrow pathway of fallen Beams that stretches across the center like a bridge.

<Mialee> Anything moving around?

<Mialee> And is my sword glowing? :)

<DM> You see no motion in the room

<DM> no, the sword is not glowing.

<Pengo> How sturdy do those beams look?

<DM> They look like they've just fallen there randomly

<Pengo> So not very.

<Pengo> You guys wait here.

<DM> but by look alone, they look like they are in place to stay

> Pengo starts making his way around the right side of the room to the other side, oh-so-carefully.

<Icarius> any signs of recent traffic?

<Owen> Pengo wait!

> Pengo stops.

<DM> No, Icarius

> Pengo shoots Owen a, "What?" look.

> Mialee looks down into the cellar.

<Vlix> Vlix tosses Pengo the end of a rope... got a feather fall? If not, take this and wrap it around you.

<Icarius> can we send vlix the bat down to check the cellar?

<Pengo> I have a ring of feather fall. :)

<DM> Not with your light shining

<Vlix> Yah, but me may have to pull you up.

<Vlix> fast

<Pengo> Ahhh.

> Pengo ties the rope about his waist.

> Icarius sends Talos out to fly down into the cellar and return

> Pengo begins making the circuit around the right edge of the room.

<DM> When you get about halfway down the side of the room, the wall beside you collapses inward, throwing you off the ledge.

<Vlix> Pull!

<DM> Luckily, your feather fall ring kicks in, and you flew gently to the floor

<DM> float

<Vlix> Ok, I stop - anything down there?

> Pengo looks around.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: the only thing you see down here of interest is a doorway in the south east corner. The floor is completely covered with rubble and the remains of the floor above

<Vlix> This is like fishing - and Pengo is the bait.

<DM> the route that Pengo took is now completely blocked.

<Pengo> There's nothing scary down here. Just debris and a door in the southeast corner.

<Pengo> Have I reached the floor yet?

<Icarius> he;'s on the first floor, ~15 feet bwloe?

<Pengo> Keep a hold of the rope, just in case. I'm going to poke around in here a bit.

<DM> 30 ft. below

<Pengo> Assuming I'm on the floor now, I search through the debris a bit.

<DM> you find broken timbers, as well as smashed up furniture.

<Owen> Owen and Vlix prepare to reel Pengo in in case he needs it - give the word Mialee if he gets into trouble.

> Pengo takes a look at the door in the corner, and checks it for traps.

<DM> After spending five minutes, you don't find anything else of interest. Will you continue to search?

<DM> DM rolls secretly.....

<Pengo> Actually, yeah, I'll search a little longer first.

<Pengo> (sorry)

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps


<Pengo> I didn't mean to say that I searched "for a bit". I want to do a good job of poking through the rubble.

<DM> How long will you spend searching?

<Owen> Joz, keep an eye open behind us - dwarves keep any forward

<Jozlan> will do

<Pengo> 10 minutes.

<Pengo> There's a lot of debris, and you know me, I love the idea of finding something of value in a room without monsters trying to kill me.

<DM> In the broken shards of a chest, you find a scroll case, made of ivory, sealed with wax.

<DM> The case is scrimshawed rather nicely

<Owen> My +5 Vorpal Defender might be down there - keep looking Pengo!

<Pengo> Heh

> Pengo collects it, thinking Icarius and Mialee will be pleased.

<DM> That's all you find after 10 minutes.

<Pengo> Now I check that door for traps. :)

<DM> you don't find any.

<DM> but the door is blocked by some fallen timbers which look too heavy for you to move.

<Vlix> we'll come back to this later... maybe from outside. Are you ready to be pulled up?

<Pengo> Yeah, bring me up.

<Vlix> We do so - safely.

<DM> You hope, :)

<DM> yeah, you do.

<Vlix> Same technique to the other side?

<Vlix> Pengo?

<Pengo> No, down the middle this time. :)

> Pengo sets out across the beams toward the other side.

> Vlix shrugs - go then.

<DM> roll d20-8 under your dexterity

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20-8 -> 13 - 8 = 5

<Pengo> You know, d20-8 would always be under my dex. :)

<DM> you make it safely across. The boards teeter a bit, but they seem solid

<Icarius> can you tie the rope to something sturdy, we can use it as a handrail

<Pengo> Anything over here that seems sturdy that I could do what Icarius just said with? :D

<Vlix> thats weird - higher dex player would be at a disadvantage,

<Vlix> ?

<Icarius> and check the end of the timber to make sure it's not at risk of falling off

<DM> no, the roll was to go UNDER dex

<Vlix> I c

<DM> There are timbers about that you might tie a rope too, but you can't really tell if THEY are secure.

<Pengo> Hmmmm.

<Vlix> Pengo - take a peek around quick.

<Icarius> tie it to 2 of them then

> Pengo takes a quick look through the doorway, without going through it, to see if there's anything in there to worry about.

<Vlix> so, when you fall, you'll pull twice the weight in timber down on you... no thanks.

<DM> You see a short hallway to the north for about 10 ft, and then it turns right.

<Vlix> smell anything? hear?

<DM> Icarius is just worried about his klutzy friend Jozlan, I think. :)

<Vlix> what light are we using? torch?

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: you don't smell or hear anything different in the hallway

<Pengo> It seems okay over here.

<DM> You're using Icarius ' Rod of Absorption with a continual light spell on it.

> Pengo ties off the rope to a couple of timbers.

<Pengo> Give that a tug to see if anything flies around.

<Vlix> cover it up for a few minutes so I can fly over and backup Pengo until we're all over there.

<Icarius> act heads towards the door and covers the rod

<Vlix> ok, I'll fly over and then take up a defensive position forward.

<DM> You make it over safely.

<Vlix> dwarves

<Vlix> ?

> Icarius uncovers the rod

> Flint crosses.

<Vlix> send the dwarves next, then Icarius and Joz, then Mialee and last Owen

<Vlix> one at a time

<Mialee> Same roll as for Pengo?

<DM> Roll d20 - 8 under Flint's dex

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20-8 -> 10 - 8 = 2

> Mordin sets out to cross once Flint's over.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20-8 -> 11 - 8 = 3

<DM> Ok, roll for Mordin

<DM> ok

<Icarius> I probsbly don't have time to cast levitate on someone if they fall?

<DM> no, probably not. it takes 12 seconds to cast, and they'd hit the floor before that

<Mialee> Well, it's your turn to cross now, Icarius .

<Icarius> ok

> Icarius starts to cross

*** Roll by Icarius : 1d20-8 -> 11 - 8 = 3

<Vlix> This is the crossing of the age of Icarius .

<Vlix> If you're worried, levitate yourself and we'll push you over.

<DM> he made it safely

<Icarius> Jozlan has a 9 dexterity, so a 25% chance of dropping like a stone

<Vlix> Maybe we should give you some rope?

<Mialee> He should just hang onto the rope that's already strung across.

<Vlix> oooh, rope burn. but if he falls, he can't climb back up?

> Jozlan holds onto the guide rope

> Jozlan heads across

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20-8 -> 14 - 8 = 6

<DM> no worries, mate!

<Vlix> alright

<DM> Mialee doesn't need to check.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20-8 -> 20 - 8 = 12

<Mialee> :)

> Mialee crosses.

<Owen> Now I get a 20. Oh, the irony,

<DM> Owen feels himself slip on the way across, but then his footgear seems to grab the plank of its own volition, and he scampers safely across.

*** >> <Owen> >> Owen: see your inventory.

*** << <Owen> << yah, boots.

<Mialee> :)

<Owen> alright, let's collect our rope and head out.

<Mialee> That's everyone?

<DM> So you're all on the other side, and your rope is securely tied off on both ends of the room.

<Pengo> It is?

<Owen> noooo

<Pengo> I thought Owen had a hold of the far end and brought it with him. :D

<Pengo> At least, that's what I assumed the plan was.

<Jozlan> send mialle back to get it

<Vlix> Pengo only tied it off on the far end.

<DM> Ok, so you have your rope. :)

<Owen> heh - tricksy DM. Wants to play gameses with my previous.

<Pengo> Hehehe

<Owen> er, precious

> Mordin nudges everyone back into marching order and sets off into the next room.

<DM> refresh

<DM> It's about 2AM by now.

<Mialee> Anything in this hall or in that little nook to the south?

<DM> In the small alcove in the center of the southern wall, you see three medium-size barrels.

<Icarius> want to check for traps, Mr Pengo?

<Pengo> Where?

<Pengo> Oh, the barrels. :)

> Pengo checks each of them for traps.

<Icarius> the barrels... who knows what evil lurks in the heart of barrels

<DM> DM rolls secretly.....

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

<Pengo> That's for all three barrels? :)

<Owen> Maybe they're barrels full of monkeys

<DM> right

<Pengo> Are they closed or open?

<DM> They are closed

> Pengo opens the first one.

<DM> It contains a dark liquid that smells like spoiled wine or vinegar.

<Pengo> Nice.

> Pengo opens the next one.

<DM> It has the same liquid in it.

> Pengo opens the next one. :)

<DM> Same Same

> Vlix wonders if it's flammable...

<Icarius> dip a cloth and light it

<Vlix> was that a suggestion or did you do it?

<Icarius> do we have a spare piece of cloth?

<DM> Recall that there is no open flame around at the moment.

> Mialee suggests we just move on. This stuff doesn't *smell* flammable.

<DM> a spare piece of cloth wouldn't be a problem.

<Jozlan> we've got better things to do

<Vlix> eh, no need to tarry - I just wondered because - you know, undead - fire. Let's go...

<DM> Mordin starts moving toward the stairs

> Mialee steps into formation and goes along.

<Pengo> Me too.

<DM> Mordin leads the way down the flight of stairs, which opens into a small room...

<Vlix> too bad no one took a stick and stirred the bottom of the barrels. nice hiding place.

<Mialee> Yeah... for a pickle. :)

> Vlix drops back, and does that.

<DM> What are you stirring it with, Vlix?

<Icarius> interesting thought

<Vlix> if I have to, my sword. I'm sure it's acidic.

<Mialee> How acidic?

<DM> You stir it around, and the vinegary smell wafts up.

<Vlix> I'll be gentle.

> Mialee watches.

<DM> it doesn't seem to adversly affect your sword.

<Vlix> I'll try all three. slow and gentle - just to see if there's something in one.

<DM> Ok, you don't feel anything in any of the barrels.

<Vlix> OK, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

<Mialee> All right, shall we move on?

<DM> Mordin is waiting at the bottom of the stairs, staring into the room.

<Jozlan> ready to proceed?

<DM> This room is almost bare except for the stairs that you came down and the door on the opposite wall. Five ft. to the left of this door is a mound of tarry-looking rags. There are all sorts of flies buzzing about the room, and the air has a sweet honey smell.

<Vlix> yah - y'all didn't need to wait on me.

<Mialee> Hmmmmm.

> Mialee studies the rags without getting too close.

> Vlix catches up.

<DM> How close _ARE_ you getting?

<Jozlan> tarry as in tar-covered?

<Vlix> tarry probably as in filthy.

<DM> yes, like a sticky, gluey substance

<Mialee> I don't actually approach them. :)

<Vlix> er, filthy

<Mialee> I just stay where I am inside the doorway.

<Mialee> Can we tell anything other than that they're rags?

<DM> not from the doorway.

<Mialee> Honey smell... hm.

<Mialee> What sort of number of flies are there, and are they concentrated in a certain place or just everywhere?

<Mialee> Not looking for an exact fly count. ;)

<DM> There are more of them buzzing about the pile of rags.

*** << <Mialee> << How big are those barrels?

*** << <Mialee> << Back behind us?

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: two man carry

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: but now that they're open, it would be tougher.

*** << <Mialee> << Can we close them?

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: you could, yes

<Mialee> Hey, Vlix, come with me.

> Mialee exits to the south and returns to the barrels.

> Mialee puts the lid back on one of them and closes it up.

> Mialee waits on Vlix.

<Icarius> so, will we find out once and for all if you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?

<Vlix> yah, ok

<Mialee> You know how they say you catch more flies with honey? :)

<Mialee> Help me lug one of these barrels up the stairs.

> Mialee grabs on and waits for Vlix to do likewise.

<DM> um, that would be DOWN the stairs

> Vlix helps

<Mialee> Down, sorry. :)

<Mialee> We lug the barrel down to 5B.

<DM> you manage to man-handle it down there, as awkward as it is

> Mialee removes the lid again.

<Mialee> Now... can we pick it up and toss the contents onto the pile of rags, or are we talking kick it over and hope it splashes in the right place? :)

<Mialee> Or do I need to levitate it, guide it into place, and turn it over? :)

<DM> A couple of STRONG people could maybe do that....

<Mialee> Do we have any of those? :)

<Mialee> I know I'm not one. :)

<Owen> I'm fairly strong.

<Icarius> Mordin & owen

<Mialee> OK, Mordin and Owen should do it.

> Mordin looks at Owen...

> Mordin approaches the barrel.

<Owen> <sigh> we're going to get splatterd. Ok... why not.

> Mordin squats and grabs the barrel.

<Mialee> Doing battle with the mighty flies. :)

<Pengo> Go for it :)

> Owen helps, making sure he doesn't overcompensate for Mordin's height.

<DM> Owen, roll for initiative

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> Not just rags, then. :)

<Owen> Lets just hope we go from rags.. to riches. ;)

<DM> you manage to get to within 5 ft, and hurl the contents of the barrel at the pile of "rags"

<DM> the liquid splashes all over the pile, and it animates!

<Mialee> Hmmm.

<Owen> It's a Dirty Laundry Golem!

<Mialee> LOL

<DM> Some of the rags suddenly extend like tentacles and reach for owen and Mordin

<DM> There seem to be hundreds of these tentacles, waving about like mad.

<Owen> whoops - lets find out if that stuff was flamable NOW!!!

<Owen> Mordin, will you join me in backing up?

> Mordin steps back a bit.

> Owen draws sword

<DM> the tentacles on the thing wave about like mad.

<Owen> does it seem to be in pain?

<Mialee> Well, does anyone have a flame? :)

<DM> about half the floor is covered in liquid, including where Owen and Mordin are standing.

<Mialee> Okay, not that then.

<Owen> ok, nix the flame idea.

*** << <Mialee> << Magic Missile doesn't ignite things, right?

<Owen> does it seem to be in pain?

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: right

<DM> no, not that you could tell. :)

<Icarius> is it just waving tentacles in a random manner?

> Mialee casts Magic Missile at it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 3 = 6 + 2 = 8

<DM> you see it shudder a bit, and continue to wave its tentacles.

<Jozlan> how long are the tentacles?

<DM> about 5-6 feet long

<Mialee> How thick?

<DM> 2-3 inches thick

<Jozlan> just to clarify, the tentacles have a cloth-like appreance, right?

<DM> yes, cloth in a sort of rough, skin-like way

<Owen> I say we use one of those fireball thingies from the amulet.

<Owen> All Mordin and Owen need to do is get out of range.

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : remember, this is a small room - - keep that in mind when choosing, if you do.

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : BTW, remember, should you choose to use a necklace bead, that it has a 20' RADIUS which expands to fit the available space.

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : and that room is only 15' x 15'

<DM> To re-cap: You have thrown a barrel of vinegar over the pile of tarry looking rags, and covered about half the floor in the process and the rags responded by coming alive and extending hundreds of tentacles.

<DM> The tentacles are 5-6 ft long.

<Icarius> yep

<Mialee> Did the rags come alive, or were the tentacles under rags?

<Icarius> ok, why don't we all sneak up the stairs, and I'll toss a nice fiery necklace missile at it

<DM> What looked like rags were actually tentacles.

> Mialee nods.

<Vlix> bak

<Icarius> unless vlix or owen have an alternate plan

> Mordin and Flint head back up the stairs, and return all the way to room 4, where they step to the side of the doorway.

> Mialee retreats to room 4 as well, dragging the hobbit along.

<Pengo> Hey! I can do it myself, you know.

> Pengo sputters annoyedly.

> Icarius positions himself at the foot of the stairs

<DM> at the FOOT?

<Pengo> I'd go to the top and throw it down. :)

<Vlix> Owen retreats

<Icarius> ok, can we see the pile from the top of the stairs?

<DM> not really.

<Vlix> no, just toss it around the corner.

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : remember the radius

<Vlix> like a grenade

<Icarius> ok, i'll do that, around the corned from the top of the stairs

<Vlix> look at what you're throwing at, and when you release, duck around the corner.

<Icarius> exactly, with a small missile

<DM> I assume Jozlan also retreated to room 4?

<Jozlan> I sure did

<DM> Icarius hears a soft click, then "Whooomp!" then a soft "whoosh"

<DM> the expanding sphere of fire, being restrained in the tiny room, seeks its only escape route, up the stairs, down the hallway, engulfing Icarius , and then rushes through the doorway of room 4!

<Icarius> oops

<Mialee> Whoops.

<DM> roll a saving throw, Icarius

*** Roll by Icarius : 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by DM: 5d6 -> 6 + 3 + 1 = 10

<DM> Ic, you take 5 damage.

> Icarius whimpers in pain

<Mialee> Medic!

> Flint hurries over to Icarius , and does a CLW

*** Roll by Flint: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

<DM> Talos was sensible enough to retreat to room 4 as well.

> Icarius sneaks down the stairs to inspect the damage

<Owen> Owen backs Icarius

<Mialee> Whoo.

<Mialee> You'ld think we'd learn. Don't play with explosives in confined spaces...

<Mialee> I sure hope we took out the thing in that room then.

> Mialee heads down the stairs to take a look at the chaos.

> Pengo goes along.

<DM> So now, Icarius is back to strength, hopefully having learned a valuable lesson about fireballs. :)

> Mordin heads for the stairs, to do some battle damage assessment.

> Vlix asks from the rear... "hey, what smells like chicken vinegrette?

<DM> His loud curse leads you to believe that the fireball wasn't as effective as you'd hoped.

> Mialee follows Mordin in.

> Jozlan joins the fraY

<DM> from down the stairs you hear: "enough pussy-footing around!"

> Mordin attacks the creature.

> Icarius carefully goes down

<Pengo> I want to attack it!

<Owen> ok, I'll go down and see what is to see.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

> Mordin swings at it.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 6

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d6 -> 5

<Vlix> Vlix brings up the rear.

> Mialee swings her sword.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7

<Pengo> Are we all in there yet?

<DM> Mordin hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 5

<Icarius> don't tell me I was the only one hurt by the fireball

<DM> Icarius - The thing is, you were the only one left in hallway, everyone else was back in Room # four.

<Icarius> I mean, was the rag pile injured?

<DM> Oh, yes, Icarius , the rag pile was injured, but not as much as you'd like to think it should have been.

<Pengo> Do I get to attack yet? I went down with Mialee...

<DM> Mordin and Mialee only for this round

<Pengo> Awww

<Pengo> :)

<DM> The thing lashes back at Mialee and Mordin with six tentacles at each.

<DM> at Mordin:

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 13 + 14 + 16 + 20 + 3 + 20 = 86

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Mordin is struck by 5 of the tentacles, and they stick to him like glue.

<Owen> now it's all fired up and mad.

<DM> What's worse, one of them struck Mordin in the face, covering his mouth and nose.

<Mialee> Uh-oh.

<DM> at Mialee.

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 12 + 18 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 1 = 38

<DM> Mialee is hit twice.

<Owen> I think Mordin is going to lose some nose hairs.

<DM> and those stuck to her.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Vlix> Vlix MM

<DM> The rest of you are crowded around the doorway to the room.

<Mialee> Melee.

<Owen> Owen had his sword out, he circles halfway around.

<Owen> out of range

<DM> Flint stands ready to render aid.

<Owen> hopefully. I'm going to try to pull Mordin

> Mordin will likewise try to pull free of the tendrils.

<Mialee> Yeah.

*** Roll by DM: 5d6 -> 2 + 1 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 21

<DM> He manages to pull the one off his face, but it looks like his mouth is still full of the gooey sap

<Mialee> Hm.

<DM> he also get free of one other

<DM> Mialee, you can try to pull free by rolling d6 to open doors.

<Mialee> Instead of attacking?

<Owen> is that with me pullinghim as well?

<DM> right. or you can attack.

<Mialee> I think I'll attack instead.

<DM> Owen, you can roll to pull him off the other 3

*** << <Mialee> << Do we need initiative? :)

<DM> d6 for each of 3 remaining tentacles.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 2

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: we will

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<Owen> oh, 3d6

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee attacks the thing.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2

<Mialee> Ugh.

<DM> miss

<Pengo> Can I take a whack at it?

<DM> yes

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2

<Pengo> Hrm.

<Jozlan> me too then?

<DM> yes

> Owen waits to find out what happened

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Owen: 2d6 -> 5 + 5 = 10

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<Owen> ok, that was 2 5 5

<DM> you get one more d6

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 5

<Mialee> :)

<DM> there are now 4 people surrounding the creature, no more can get close enough to it for melee

<Icarius> fine with me

> Icarius stays out of the waY

<Mialee> :)

<DM> the creature attacks all four people:

<DM> Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 2 + 4 + 10 + 14 + 12 + 10 = 52

<DM> he is struck by 3 more.

<DM> he takes 3 points of acid damage from the first ones

<Mialee> Interesting.

<DM> at mialee, who takes 2 points of damage from the first 2

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 18 + 1 + 15 + 2 + 7 + 16 = 59

<DM> 2 more stick to Mialee, who now has 4 stuck to her.

<DM> how many does Mordin have now stuck to him?

<DM> on Pengo:

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 16 + 9 + 10 + 19 + 1 + 1 = 56

<DM> 4 of them stick

<DM> on Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 14 + 18 + 9 + 12 + 18 + 3 = 74

<DM> 5 hit!

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 3:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Icarius> nothing

> Mordin starts turning blue, and struggles furiously to escape

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Vlix> uh, what about my mm?

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> oops!

<DM> from last round. WHAM!

<DM> (roll damage)

<Vlix> thats 2 right?

<Vlix> 2d4+2?

<DM> no

<DM> oh, yes

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 2 = 3 + 2 = 5

<DM> are you casting this round too?

<Vlix> yes, I'll cast #2 this round (3)

<DM> ok go ahead

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 1 = 2 + 2 = 4

<Vlix> oof

<Mialee> Oof.

<DM> the thing shudders a bit, but continues to flail its tentacles

<Vlix> If these were real dice - I'd throw them away.

<DM> sorry, I have to akf for a minute

*** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM>

*** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM>

<DM> sorry

<DM> ok, did someone roll for initiative this round?

<Mialee> yes

<Mialee> it won :)

<DM> oh I see now.

<DM> ok, it lashes out at the four in front of it.

<DM> at Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 5 + 6 + 3 = 14

<DM> and miss, but Mordin takes 3 damage

<DM> at Pengo:

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 5 + 2 = 7

<DM> both miss, but Pengo takes 4 hp dam

<DM> at Jozaln

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> hits!

<DM> he takes 5 dam

<DM> this damage being an aciding burning

<DM> and finally at Mialee

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 12 + 2 = 14

<DM> one hit, and she takes 4 damage

<DM> That it?

<DM> ok your turn for melee.

<Owen> I tried to grab Mordin earlier

> Mialee swings her sword at the foul creature.

<DM> ok, roll up to 3 d6

<Owen> As far as I know, I'm still pulling BOOTS and all

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11

> Pengo slashes at it with his sword.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 13

*** Roll by Owen: 3d6 -> 5 + 4 + 1 = 10

<DM> hit, Mialee

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 6

<DM> Owen, you pull one tentacle off Mordin

<Owen> so, he has two left?

<Jozlan> am I too attached to attack?

<DM> Mialee's Magical Sword plunges deep into the heart of the beast! It shutters once more and sags to motionlessless

<Mialee> Excellent.

<DM> yes, plus he is still gagging from the sap clogging his mouth and nose.

<DM> the other three are still stuck to the beast

> Owen quickly flips Mordin over and starts digging the goo from his mouth and nose.

> Mialee pulls free.

<DM> It is thick and pasty, and you can't get it all out.

> Pengo tries to pull free.

> Jozlan tried to break free

<DM> you need to roll your "open doors" on a d6 to break each strand.

<Owen> see if it's water soluable!

<Mialee> How many do I have?

<Pengo> How about me?

<DM> 5, Mialee

<Icarius> or perhaps vinegar soluable

<Mialee> Or if that pickle juice will do the job.

<DM> 4 pengo

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : good idea!

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

> Mialee realizes too late she could have rolled 5d6 ;)

*** Roll by Pengo: 4d6 -> 4 + 2 + 4 + 6 = 16

<Owen> Is Mordin breathing at all?

<DM> No he's not.

<Mialee> Try the vinegar on it.

<DM> Flint takes the cue from Icarius ' comment, and runs up the stairs.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 6d6 -> 4 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 2 = 24

<DM> you hear a crash,


<DM> and Flint comes running down the stairs, carrying a cup full of vinegar.

<DM> he pours it over Mordin's face, and the goo dissolves quickly

<Mialee> Perhaps pour that on all of these tentacles holding the rest of us? :)

<DM> "Come on, laddies" he says to Owen and Icarius , "Let's get some more down here to free the others.

<Icarius> peculiar, given that the damage was acid caused... but if it works it works

> Icarius fetches more

<DM> with the administration of the vinegar, you are all soon freed.

<Mialee> All right, that was fun.

<Mialee> So, anything else in this room other than that creature?

<DM> Nothing is immediately apparent, other than the creature itself.

<Owen> Owen uses Vinegar to search the creatures remains

<Mialee> So, door to the north?

<Jozlan> what's our current HP?

> Pengo checks the door to the north for traps.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 37 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 13 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 21 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 18 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 22 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 19 of 19

<DM> Owen: 26 of 26

<DM> Owen pours some more vinegar on the creature, and notices that it is now movable.

<DM> it seems to float on the puddle of vinegar

<Owen> ok, fish around and see if it's absorbed anything interesting.

> Mialee helps root around through the thing.

<DM> you slide the beast to the side, and discover a strange cache:

<DM> Gems totaling 1510gp in value: an average size golden yellow Topaz worth 500gp, an average size very deep blue Spinel worth 500gp, a small translucent ruby with white "star" center Star Ruby worth 500gp, a very small translucent emerald green Chrysoprose worth 10gp, and a ring.

<Icarius> I guess that was worth it

<Mialee> Somone gather that stuff up.

> Jozlan casts csw on Mordin

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 2 + 1 = 3 + 5 = 8

<Jozlan> act casts clw on Mordin, miallee, pengo, and jozlan

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

> Mialee looks forward to seeing what we found.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<Mialee> found

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<DM> That's all your CLW, Joz.

<Jozlan> right

<Owen> What about the ring?

<Mialee> I'd suggest Icarius for the ring, except after getting burned (sorry) by the fireball thing, he might be wary. :)

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 37 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 27 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 26 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 23 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 27 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 19 of 19

<DM> Owen: 26 of 26

> Mialee collects all the stuff.

<Owen> I said I scooped everything up and gave it to Pengo for storing in the bag, but I wanted to look at the ring.

<Mialee> Oh.

<Pengo> OK, puts it in the bag.

<DM> The ring is made of platinum, with 3 small gems embedded in it.

<Mialee> What kind are they, Owen?

<Owen> humm - look like it would fit me?

<DM> dunno, it might.

> Owen looks at the gems.

<DM> one white, one green and one amber-colored.

> Pengo asks to take a look at the ring.

<Pengo> This is my area of expertise, after all

<Owen> heh, and I was going to let Vlix look at it.

> Owen hands it to Pengo

> Pengo takes it and studies it closely.

<Pengo> Can I tell what kinds of gems they are, or see anything else interesting about the ring or its workmanship?

<DM> The workmanship is exquisite, and the gems appear to be a small emerald, diamond and something else.

> Pengo relays this information to the others.

<Pengo> This is a fine, fine ring.

<Vlix> I'll volunteer to try it on.

> Pengo mutters, "It'll probably turn out to be magic, so the magic users won't let us sell it."

> Pengo shrugs and hands it (with some dejection) to Vlix.

> Icarius watches for any magical effects

<Vlix> ok, I'm brave - slide it on.

<DM> as soon as you put it on, you become aware that this rings somehow magically stores spells. It stores the following spells: Friends, Shatter, Jump

<Mialee> Nice.

<DM> you also realized that at the moment it only has one of each of those spells stored in it. In fact, the ring can only hold one of each of those spells at any one time.

> Vlix takes it off - hands it to Ic. For your efforts good sir. Why not hold it for now.

<Icarius> thank you

<Mialee> So, what, you can recharge it somehow, or...?

<Mialee> Hm.

<Icarius> I'll check the libraries when we get back and consult with Paulinus

<DM> That is the only information that the ring imparted to Vlix. Perhaps an identify spell will give you more information.

<Vlix> Who gets it or what we do with it, we'll decide later.

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Mialee> OK, are we ready to move on then?

> Pengo checks the door to the north for traps.

<Vlix> Icarius was brave and took the heat - literally, let him hold it for now.

<Owen> Let's go back up Pengo

> DM rolls secretlY

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

> Pengo opens the door.

<Icarius> more like overambitious, but i'll hold it either way

<DM> You see a hallway running to the north for 90' it also continues to the West for about 15 ft. before ending in the door

<Owen> vote to check left

<Pengo> Anything out there that we need to look out for? :)

<Pengo> If not, I agree with Owen, we go west.

<DM> You don't see anything.

> Pengo goes to the door to the west and checks it for traps.

> DM rolls secretlY

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

<Pengo> Anyone coming along? :)

<DM> no

> Jozlan follows

> Mialee goes with, hopefully in formation with the others. :)

<DM> oh, you mean your companions. :)

<Owen> Owen and Vlix are along

<Pengo> Was that "no traps"? :)

<Pengo> Ah, I see it.

> Pengo opens the door.

> Mordin and Flint follow Pengo

<DM> This is obviously a stable. The building is in good condition. In it is a row of stalls for horses, three of which are occupied at the moment. Tack hangs from the walls and 3 saddles are piled near the double doors. Piles of hay line the wall opposite the stalls and several open sacks of grain are beside them.

<DM> 3 really ugly guys are sitting on the sacks, their short sword thrust into the hay beside them. A ladder near the single door leads to a locked.

<DM> roll for surprise

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<Owen> There are horses here? Live ones?

<DM> yes, live ones.

<Icarius> are they human?

<Owen> sorry was typing that before you finished.

> Mialee doubts the horses are human. :)

<Icarius> centuars, you never know :)

<DM> While you stand there with your mouths gaping, they spring into action.

<Owen> ...and grab their weapons.

<DM> yes,

<Mialee> :)

<DM> and one grabs the horn from under his cloak, and blows it furiously...

<Mialee> Ah shoot.

<Owen> he did both?

<DM> he had two segments to do it.


<DM> Owen was only surprised for one segment, while the rest were surprised for two.

<Owen> can I take a whack at him?

<DM> not a whack - you're standing in the door behind Pengo, who was opening it.

<DM> but you could take one segment's action while the others are collecting their wits.

<Owen> oh, ok... so I push Pengo out of the way and charge the horn blower.

<DM> ok.

<DM> Owen roll for initiative vs. the hornblower.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<Owen> sorry - sword it out... don't have much else.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> you can swing first, if you hit, you interrupt the horn

<Owen> oh, thats pressure.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 19

<Owen> lets see - is he human?

<DM> he's sort of human.

> Owen fishes for bonuses

<DM> you definitely hit.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 3

<Owen> pllfst - dunno if I have any pluses there.

<DM> hm

<Owen> BTW, please post character URL when time permits.

<DM> 17 STR?


<DM> you get +1 on melee damage.

<DM> you interrupt the hornblowing.

<DM> the guy staggers back from the blow, but his friends attack Owen

<Owen> Ok, he did or didn't get off a blast?

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 1 + 13 + 4 = 18

<DM> all miss

> Owen does some fancy dodging

<DM> he did not get off a blast.

<DM> ok, now:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 1:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<Owen> Vlix nada

<Icarius> nothing

<DM> go ahead with the magic missile

<Owen> Vlix draws crossbows

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 2 = 4 + 2 = 6

<Mialee> Both at one guy.

<DM> the hornblower or another?

<Mialee> The hornblower.

<DM> General Note: It is helpful in melee if you call your shots on a numbered opponent.

<Owen> ack! I want him alive!

<DM> He drops dead.

> Mialee shrugs. Too late.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> your go.

> Pengo attacks.

<Pengo> #2, I guess :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

> Mordin attacks

> Flint attacks

<DM> at 3 & 4

<Owen> 4?

<DM> there are 3 horses, but 4 humanoids.

<Owen> I thought you said 3

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> hit

<Mialee> You did say three of the guys, by the way.

<DM> (d8)

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 4

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 13

<Jozlan> can I get a whack in, or is it too crowded?

<DM> too crowded this round

<DM> Mordin dispatches his quickly

<DM> Flint hits

<Mialee> Yeah, three horses and three ugly guys, you said. :)

> Owen rushes the 4th guy who magically appeared to try to subdue him

<DM> his is a d6

<Mialee> Owen :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Plink

<DM> the two that are still standing bolt for the far door.

<DM> They hit the door, and scramble to lift the bar

<Owen> hold on -

<DM> Owen can reach one of them.

<Owen> Owen gets an attack as does Vlix

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> ok, go ahead

<DM> he still subduing?

<DM> Owen hits.

<Owen> well if he turned to run, he gets hit harder.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 4

<DM> Vlix is too far in the back of the pack to hit this round

<Owen> With his crossbows?

<DM> he could try that, I suppose.

*** Roll by Owen: 2d20 -> 10 + 2 = 12

<Owen> oh well.

<DM> was that Owen or Vlix?

<Owen> quick, get in here - he can't lift the gate that fast!

<Owen> Vlix - sorry wrong windows

<DM> ok, one missed. Try the other?

<DM> what's the +2 for anyway?

<Vlix> Don't I fire two bolts - one from ea?

<DM> oh, sorry, misread

<DM> thought you were rolling d20+2

<DM> both miss

<DM> anything else this round?

<DM> ok, then,

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> The guys are at the door, lifting the bar.

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<Owen> free hits!

<DM> Spellcasters? Missileists?

<Pengo> Can I attack with my sword?

<DM> yes

<DM> after initiative

<Owen> how can there be init?

<DM> To see if they get the door open before you hit.

<DM> any other magic before we get there though?

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> They get the door open, and start running out. You can attack with melee on their way out, but only 2 people can get there.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 11

<DM> (fit through the door at one time)

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d20 -> 11 + 11 = 22

<DM> Owen missed.

<Vlix> wow - 3 11's in a row.

<Mialee> I presume I still get to fire my magic missile?

<DM> Vlix hits

<DM> yes, Mialee

<Pengo> And I can attack, since Vlix is shooting from behind, right?

<DM> yes

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 1 = 3 + 2 = 5

*** << <Vlix> << remind me - is it 1d3 ea?

<Pengo> At, well, #3. :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 3

<Pengo> Oof.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: yes

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d3 -> 1 + 3 = 4

<Vlix> #4

<DM> Both of the guys drop in their tracks.

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: that was your last MM

<Vlix> Owen checks 'em for life

<DM> they're dead.

<Owen> Why yes, thats what I do...

*** << <Mialee> << I know.

> Jozlan checks the bodies for goodies

<DM> They're each carrying 20 gp.

> Owen turns to the party and says "this is a rescue, we need information - we need to take someone alive. OK?"

<Mialee> Yessir.

<Mialee> Usually we handle this sort of thing by just killing the bad guys and retrieving what we're after. :)

> Owen nods

> Pengo looks around to see if there's anything else of value in here.

<Owen> ...but my liege may prefer we used our brains moreso than our brawn. We are to find out who is behind this as well.

<DM> You don't see anything of interest, Pengo, other than the normal trappings of a stable.

<Owen> Close the gate

<Pengo> Maybe someone bigger and stronger than me, if it took two big guys to open it in the first place? :)

<Owen> ok, what I meant is: Owen closes the gate.

<Mialee> Ah :)

<Mialee> All right... should we proceed, then?

<Owen> yah - if you're done searching.

<Mialee> Yep. Mordin?

<Icarius> how are you all doing spell wise?

> Vlix retrieves bolts

<Mialee> I'm out of magic missile but otherwise doing all right.

<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> =====================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,0,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> <Jozlan> clw x 5 5

<DM> <Jozlan> csw x 5 1

<DM> <Jozlan> cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1



<DM> Icarius :

<DM> <Icarius> 2 sleep, 2 mm 0,2

<DM> <Icarius> 1 shatter 1 web

<DM> <Icarius> 1 suggestion


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 1

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1

<Icarius> ok, no need to rest just yet then :)

<Vlix> Vlix has used both mm's

<DM> thanks

<Mialee> OTOH, we're now getting ready to enter the part of the temple where we saw so much activity earlier.

<Mialee> Perhaps we should rest and recover spells somewhere first?

<DM> It's now about 3 in the morning.

<Icarius> and this would probably be good place to rest

<Mialee> I disagree; people are likely to come for these horses.

<Mialee> Or to find out what happened to the guys we just eliminated.

> Pengo watches the door to the east for anyone approaching.

<Icarius> maybe. well, lets continue then, we might encounter an actual bed

<Owen> yah, let's move on - this isn't defensible

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Mialee> OK, Mordin leads us out then.

<Mialee> And to the north.

<DM> Flint and Mordin agree

> Mordin moves out.

<DM> you go north 20 ft, and see the passage to the east which extends for 35 ft or so and turns back south.

<DM> qo ft east on the south side is a door.

<DM> 10 ft east

<Mialee> East or north?

<Mialee> I say north.

<Owen> humm.. wait

<Mialee> Hm?

<Owen> The tree area - isn't that where the critter that chased Vlix as a bat came from or was that the other side?

<DM> (it was on the other side)

<Owen> ok, I don't have a problem clearing the north.

<Mialee> All right, Mordin, let's go north.

> Mordin heads north.

<DM> At the end of this passageway, it turns to the west, and deadends after 25 ft, with a doubledoor to the north and south.

<DM> refresh, if you haven't lately

> Mialee appraches the doors and checks the one to the south for traps.

<DM> was that pengo?

<Mialee> Yes. Sorry.

> DM rolls secretlY

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

> Pengo checks the door to the north for traps too.

<Owen> chk n pengo

<Owen> ;)

> DM rolls secretlY

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

> Owen votes M

<Owen> er, N

<Pengo> OK.

> Pengo opens the doors to the north.

<DM> This ramshackle building is cluttered with a variety of tools and junk.

<DM> There are hammers, chisels, and axe handles, slabs of stone, and warped boards.

> Mialee awaits a description of the vast army that's also in the room. ;)

> Jozlan checks for anything good

<DM> The walls are covered with many different types of Holy symbols, some of evil and some of good religions. Most of these look as if they have been pegged or nailed in place.

<DM> Crouched around a dim and sputtering lantern are six orcs, nervously fingering their halberds and glancing about.

<Mialee> There it is. :)

> Owen attacks

> Mialee attacks as well.

> Pengo joins in if there's room.

<DM> not before Mordin and Flint, though. :)

> Vlix moves up to attack

<Mialee> Well... yeah. :)

<DM> Owen and Mialee and the 2 dwarves are all that are in this round.

> DM rolls secretlY

<DM> oops

> DM rolls secretlY

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<Owen> Sheppy - you are the designated init roller?

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

> Mialee swings at orc #1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> go ahead

<DM> miss

> Pengo slashes at orc #1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 3

<Pengo> Sheesh.

<Pengo> The virtual dice hate us today.

<DM> Pengo isn't in this round

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 14

<Pengo> Right, sorry.

<DM> Owen hits

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 1

> Owen throws these dice awaY

<Owen> I really really think /roll is broken

<DM> Nevertheless, since these are orcs, against which Owen has a special hatred, he drops the thing in one blow

<Mialee> Nice.

<Jozlan> sweet

<DM> (you get +5 damage against orcs, goblins, etc)

<Owen> any plus to hit?

<DM> someone roll for the dwarves

<DM> no, just damage

<Owen> ok

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 2

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 16

<DM> Flint hits

<DM> (d6)

<Owen> how many?

<DM> 1

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> Flint drops another one.

<Owen> that oughta get them excited.

<Mialee> You'd think. :)

<DM> The remaining 4 scream in fear and rage, and return hits

<DM> on Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> on Flint

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> on Owen

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10

<Owen> snicker - well /roll works both ways.

<DM> on Mialee

<Mialee> :)

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> Ooof.

<Owen> ouch

*** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 1

<Owen> oh, the irony.

<Mialee> Ha-ha.

<Owen> init?

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

> Vlix moves for a clear shot to take this round

<DM> with his bows?

<Vlix> yah

<DM> ok

<Jozlan> can the rest of us attack this time, or is it too crowded?

<DM> anyone that wants to can.

<Jozlan> i'll go melee then

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> They will attack back at the same people:

<DM> Mordin, Flint, Mialee and Owen

<Owen> and then they will die.

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 7 + 15 + 17 + 1 = 40

<DM> Flint and Mialee are hit

<DM> On Flint:

*** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 10

<DM> on Mialee

*** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 8

<DM> halberds are deadly

<DM> your shots

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 4

<Owen> oooof

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 15

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d20 -> 2 + 7 = 9

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> Pengo's the only one so far

<DM> and Jozlan

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<Vlix> I would hate to be fighting a dragon about now.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> Pengo drops one!

<Pengo> These orcs are real pansies.

<DM> Jozlan drops another.

<DM> someone roll for the dwarves

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 11

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> both hit

<DM> and the last of them drop

<Owen> Vlix turns, looks and listens at the hallway behind them, and if hearing nothing, closes the door and watches.

<DM> Silence settles over the shop

<Mialee> That was fun.

> Jozlan checks the bodies

> Pengo searches the bodies.

> Mialee searches the room, looking for anything of interest.

<Owen> are they all dead?

<DM> yes, all dead

<Owen> good

<DM> they are each carrying 5 gp, and each one has a holy symbol on a chain around their neck.

<Mialee> Are they the same one?

<DM> no, 3 are grummsh, but the other three are from some unknown religion.

> Owen looks at the holy symbol? Do I recognize it?

<DM> you'd estimate their valuea t 40 gp each

<DM> no, I don't think so.

<Jozlan> should we stroll through the garden 8?

> Owen turns to Vlix - "you've traveled these lands - does this symbol mean anything to you?"

<Vlix> Vlix looks

<Mialee> Anything else in this room?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: doesn't recognize them either, though one looks vaguly familiar

<DM> just the tools and stone slabs that I mentioned before.

*** << <Vlix> << ok... thinking really hard here.

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> Shall we head toward the garden 8 then, as Jozlan suggested?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: Aha! One is the symbol of Loviator - a black nine-stranded whip

*** << <Vlix> << I'm hoping my recent livelihood and connections witht he guild may have put me in position to possibly know this stuff.

> Mordin doesn't think much of gardens, but he'll go if you want him to.

<Vlix> humm... this symbol is the mark of Loviator. See... the black nine-standed whip.

<Mialee> Lead on, Mordin.

<Mialee> Who is that?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: the god of pain, agony, torment and torture

<Vlix> Hang on - I'm remembering all that.

<DM> Meanwhile, Mordin opens the douth doors onto the garden (??)

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> this area is overgrown with weeds, gnarled bushes and dying trees.

<Vlix> their god of pain, agony, torment and torture... you know.

<DM> stone markers and small crypts can be seen at some points through the overgrowth.

<Mialee> So he's like the god of orcish fun.

<Mialee> Oh goody. A graveyard. In an area we're aware has undead. Super.

> Vlix turns and moves to the other side to follow the dwarves.

<Owen> Owen goes too.

<DM> Marking this area as possibly a cemetery for the area.

> Mialee looks down at her sword to see if it's glowing.

<DM> paths twist through the cemetery. Everything seems grey in color here, or black, considering that it's still 4 in the morning.

<DM> Mialee. verrry dimly

<DM> a feeling of oppression hangs over this place

<Owen> ok, close the doors to the mason room and close the doors behind us as long as they don't lock.

<Mialee> Mmmm.

<Mialee> Let's head to the south, then, slowly.

<Owen> Shall we go decrypt something?

<Mialee> I'm keeping an eye on my sword though. :)

<Owen> yah - do that. looks like a large crypt over there...

> Mordin grunts and heads for the south eastern path

> Mialee goes along.

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 5

<Owen> lets keep him company...

> Pengo stays in formation too.

<Owen> if you're rolling for marching order, that would be Pengo

<DM> As you move down the path in the darkness, pushing through the grass and weeds overgrowing it,

<Owen> zombie pygmies?

<DM> the weeds start writhing about you, encircling your legs, holding you all fast.

<Mialee> Oh.

<Mialee> That's interesting.

<DM> EVERYONE roll a save vs. paralysis

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5

> Icarius yearns for a scroll of weedwhacker

*** Roll by Icarius : 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 14

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> someone roll for the dwarves.

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 3

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> So Pengo and Flint are the only ones who don't manage to break free of the viny growth.

> Owen reaches down and grabs Pengo by the collar and pulls

> Mordin takes his axe to the vines entwined around Flint, (at their root ends) and hacks him free.

<DM> roll a d6, Owen

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> you manage to pull Pengo free.

<Pengo> Thankee.

<DM> This happened about 15 ft from the crypt.

<Owen> well... we could go weed whacking. Did the sword get any brighter as we approached the crypt?

<Mialee> Yeah, how's the sword doing?

<DM> No

<Mialee> Hmmm.

<DM> it still has just the faintest glimmer that you can detect.

<Mialee> All right, let's proceed.

> Mordin glances back at Mialee and says: " See why I like the rock of the mountains better than yer damn forests?"

<Owen> Where's the Roundup +5 when you need it.

> Mordin turns and heads for the door of the crypt.

> Mialee smiles.

> Mialee follows, still keeping half an eye on her sword.

<Owen> lets go

> Pengo follows, keeping an eye on the $&#@ing grass.

> Mordin arrives at the door, and tries the handle.

<DM> It seems to be locked.

> Mialee casts Knock.

<Vlix> Vlix looks over at Pengo

<DM> The door swings open with a creaking noise.

<Mialee> So, what's in there?

<Vlix> dark I imagine.. lots of dark.

<DM> There are a lot of spiderwebs in here, and a lot of dust.

<DM> not any more, since Icarius came along.

<Mialee> Anything else?

<Jozlan> or enyone else?

<DM> There is a large sarcophogus in the middle of the room.

<Owen> hows the sword now?

<DM> still the same.

<DM> stop!

<Mialee> What?

<Vlix> Pengo, shall we take a peek inside? Or leave the possibly rich dead sleep in peace?

> Pengo examines the sarcophagus and checks it for traps (when we resume).

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 52

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 1

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

*** <AFK-Owen> is now known as <Owen>

*** <AFK-Vlix> is now known as <Vlix>

<Pengo> OK, someone strong open the thing, I don't wanna. :)

> Owen steps up.

<DM> roll %

*** Roll by Owen: 1d100 -> 49

<DM> sorrry, it just won't budge for you.

> Mialee tries it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 2


<DM> but not quite.

<Mialee> Hmmm.

> Mordin tries it.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d100 -> 25

<Icarius> can't 2 people try together?

<DM> They could.

> Mordin suggests Owen give a heave along with him.

<Icarius> Mordin and owen, for example

<DM> roll %

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d100 -> 90

<Mialee> Pfft.

<DM> the thing seems to be stuck fast.


<Mialee> Um...

<Icarius> anything around to use as a lever?

<Mialee> Does it's lid open by lifting it off, or is it hinged?

<Mialee> its

<Owen> wand of force?

<Mialee> That's more of a force shield type of thing, I think.

<Owen> ah

<Mialee> Well, no, you can saw through things with it.

<Mialee> But not sure I want to ruin this thing yet.

<Mialee> Lift or hinge? :)

<DM> The lid would seem to lift off, but there is probably a 2-3 inch lip

<Owen> Is this something that can be tipped over?

<Mialee> Could I levitate the lid off of it? :)

<Owen> maybe a solid hammer hit in the middle?

<DM> Close inspection reveals some mortar like substance, so it looks like it was cemented on.

<Icarius> is it fastened on, or just heavy? If I cast levitate on it, that in theory should lift 500 pounds of it

<Mialee> I don't know if Flint would approve of desecrating a tomb by destroying it unless necessary.

<DM> heh, probably not.

<Icarius> guess we better give it a good bashing

<Mialee> Well, knock can open even welded doors.

<Mialee> Let me try it, see what happens.

> Mialee casts Knock.

<Owen> you have another one? ok...

<DM> you can try the Knock if you want.

<Mialee> Wait... hang on.

<DM> yes, you have another one.

<Mialee> Yeah, I know I do... what I'm curious about is this:

<Mialee> Knock has a range of 60 feet and an area of 10 Sq Ft per level. Would that have also affected this sarcophagus, then, when I opened the door?

<Mialee> And while Knock won't raise a portcullis (or this lid), it might undo the seal.

<Icarius> The spell will perform two functions, but if a door is locked, barred, and held, opening it will require two knock spells.

<Icarius> implies only 1 target at a time

<Mialee> Well, I want to be sure.

<Mialee> Because it's not clear.

<DM> Right, 1 target at a time.

<Owen> well, don't knock it 'till you try it.

> DM makes a note to clarify the wording of the knock spell.

<Mialee> OK.

> Mialee casts Knock on the sarcophagus.

<Icarius> of course " It causes secret doors to open." which is definitely plural and if it's secret, you wouldn't know if it an advance

<Mialee> :)

<DM> You hear a scraping sound...

<DM> and the sarcophogus starts to slide toward the front of the crypt.

<DM> (to the north)

<Mialee> Speaking of secret doors. :)

<DM> revealing a set of steps heading down.

<Pengo> Well. :)

<Pengo> Does it block the exit?

<DM> Actually, Pengo, it does. :)

<Pengo> Oh goodie.

<Owen> spike it open?

<Pengo> Owen, that's a good idea. Do we have anything to do that with?

<DM> The steps are narrow and twisting, definitely single file.

<Vlix> I have spikes

<Mialee> Spike it and let's go.

> Vlix attempts to spike it open.

<DM> Well, you can attempt to do that. I guess you won't really know it was successful until someone tries to close it. :)

<Owen> do you guys still want to open the crypt?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: fwiw, I don't see spikes on your inventory, but I'll let it pass. ;)

<Owen> hows that sword now?

<DM> The same as it was -- glowing as dimly as you can discern.

> Jozlan gets ready to start fighting

> Pengo thumps on the sarcophagus.

<Pengo> Is it even hollow? :)

<DM> It's made of stone, so thumping it doesn't reveal whther it's hollow or not.

> Pengo shrugs.

<Pengo> Let's just go on down.

<Pengo> The thing's sealed shut; if there's anything in there, it'll be there when we get back.

<Owen> eh - be on the watch for a pressure plate or lever that is meant to close this behind us as we go down.

<DM> Flint: Let's consider our mission. Do we think that it lies in this direction? (just asking)

<Mialee> That's a good point, Flint.

<Mialee> Except we can't get out the way we came. :)

<DM> Flint: Why not?

<DM> or why not through the stable or the other workshop?

<DM> they both had external doors.

<Mialee> I thought the crypt door was blocked off by the sarcophagus.

<DM> oh, yeah.

<Owen> This may provide a secret way to what we're looking for ... or not. Maybe there is a dungeon below?

<Mialee> I asked about that specifically, in fact.

<Icarius> we don't know where the ladies are... they could be down below

<Mialee> That's possible too, Owen.

<Mialee> At any rate, the only way out of here is down. :)

<Mialee> So I suggest Mordin lead the way and we do this.

> Pengo nods.

> Mordin shrugs and heads down the stairs.

> Flint follows.

> Mialee goes along, in formation, with Pengo doing likewise.

<DM> They go down steeply. About half-way down, you see a large lever on the righ-hand wall.

<Pengo> Yeah, let's not touch that. :)

<Pengo> I bet that works the sarcophagus. :)

<DM-Alt> New map:


<Mialee> Holy crap.

<DM-Alt> this is a big map, so you'll probably have to scroll to the right to see the entry point.

<Jozlan> maybe Flint was right :)

<Mialee> Man... you weren't kidding when you said we might take a year to finish this adventure. :)

<Mialee> Well, maybe so, but we still couldn't get out up there anymore. :)

<DM> hahaha! No I wasn't. :D

<Mialee> We might need that long just to explore these sewers.

<Mialee> OK, Mordin, lead the way.

<Owen> we better hurry if we're going to explore all this tonight.

<DM> He leads the way down. This narrow, twisting corridor has unworked stone walls,

<DM> with damp spots and slime in places.

<DM> the floor is uneven.

<DM> (refresh)

<DM> it bends to the east, and then slowly around to the west.

<Jozlan> how wide is teh corridor (on average)

<DM> 3-4 feet

<Jozlan> ok, single file formation

<DM> definitely

<Mialee> Yup.

<DM> the passage eventually dead-ends

<DM> with a hole in the floor

<Mialee> Hum.

<Mialee> Can we see anything below?

<Jozlan> .

<DM> it's dark below, and the glare from Icarius ' rod is defeating any attempt to see what's below.

<Mialee> Does it look like you can climb down?

> Icarius drops a small rock and listens for a noise back

<DM> Icarius is at the back of the formation.

<Vlix> how big is the hole?

<DM> or the middle at least.

> Icarius asks someone else to do so

> Mordin drops a stone down and listens.

<DM> He hears it hit very soon, maybe 25 feet below.

<Vlix> ok, so nobody here has read Lord of the Rings.

<DM> give or take 10 feet

<Mialee> I have. Why? :)

<DM> Hehehe.... Pippin's faux pas in Moria?

<Mialee> Ah, yes.

<Vlix> did it "sploosh" or did it "clunk"?

<DM> more of a clunk or click.

<Vlix> how big is the hole?

<DM> Big enough for a person to pass through it.

> Vlix passes the rope forward... Pengo, want to spelunking?

<Vlix> to go

<Pengo> Is there room for me to squeeze past the others to get to the front?

<Vlix> go between their legs

<DM> With a little huffing an puffing, yes.

> Pengo does so, and ties the rope around his middle.

<Pengo> I need a light though.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: not really

<Pengo> Ah, I'll be okay.

> Pengo steps off the edge and drifts downward.

<DM> he slowly drifts down about 25 feet.

<DM> halfway down, he hears a "twang"!

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> and he takes a bolt in the leg!

<Pengo> Up!

<Pengo> Now!

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2

<DM> he takes 3 dam.

<Pengo> Hey! Now!

<Vlix> ok, we pull him up

> Pengo yanks the bolt out when he's up to the top.

<Pengo> Okay, someone else go.

<Pengo> Did I see anything? :)

<DM> you did notice on the way down that you were right on a wall.

<Vlix> can't - you're up front.

<Pengo> Hm. Okay.

<Pengo> Can I successfully use my sling while falling? :)

<DM> you saw an open area about 60 feet across,

<Vlix> did you touch something, activate a trap?

<Pengo> Not that I know of.

<DM> and some warm blobs about 40 ft away.

<DM> you also heard some quiet cursing after the bolt hit you.

> Pengo nods.

<Pengo> Can I use my sling while going down?

<Vlix> how many Pengo?

<Pengo> I'm not sure how many.

<Pengo> It happened very fast.

<Vlix> guess?

*** << <Pengo> << Guess? :)

<DM> no, the feather fall prevents that.

<DM> somewhere between 6 and 16

<Pengo> Oy.

<Vlix> I don't see much choice except for us to stake this rope and rappel down as fast as possible and try to fight our way forward.

*** << <Pengo> << If I took off the ring of feather fall and dropped down, what kind of damage would I take?

<DM> You're not sure, but it seemed to you that thre were buches of crates and boxes in the direct vicinity of where you descended.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: about 3d6

<Pengo> Hm, could be some shelter around.

*** << <Pengo> << OK, that's out. :)

<Pengo> All right, I'm going back in then.

<Pengo> Someone follow me in a hurry, please.

> Pengo unties the rope from around his middle and steps off into the hole.

<DM> he floats down.

<DM> this time, nothing zings at him out of the darkness.

> Pengo watches in the direction of the creatures.

<DM> but he hears some growling.

<Pengo> Let me know when I land.

<Mialee> I guess Mordin's next.

<DM> you land

<Pengo> Is there cover?

<Vlix> let's just go in marching order. Vlix will snip off about 4 ft of the rope to make a proper anchor. Is there a good crack I can spike into?

<DM> There are definitely some common shipping crates and boxes piled about.

> Pengo gets behind cover and pulls out his bow.

<Vlix> 4 ft = 40 ft

<Pengo> Can I see the blobs still?

<DM> Vlix I'm not sure I understnad what you're doing with the 50' rope.

<DM> yes, Pengo, but not as many as before.

<Pengo> 40' you say? Can I throw that far?

<Pengo> I assume so.

<Vlix> we can't just jump down, we have to climb.

<Vlix> er, rappel.

<Vlix> or slide

<DM> the ceiling might get in the way, but normally yes.

*** << <Pengo> << Can I assume I have a flint on me? None of us have basic stuff like that actually listed in our inventories.

*** << <Pengo> << I'll understand if you say no.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: actually some of you do.

*** << <Pengo> << Hm. Really.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: but I guess you can assume a flint.

*** << <Pengo> << You are most kind.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: :)

<Vlix> I suppose Vlix can hold the rope for everyone else then fly down assuming the rod is put away until I can get down.

> Pengo withdraws one of his precious Molotovs from his Bag of Holding and uses his flint to ignite the wick on it.

<DM> Vlix, what I meant was, why are you "snipping off 40' "?

> Pengo throws the cocktail at the creatures.

<Vlix> hold on

> Pengo waits to see what effect that has.

<DM> the cocktail is gone, .... waiting on the action of the people above.

<DM> Meanwhile, Vlix, if you're looking for a place to spike and tie off the rope, you can find one.

> Vlix gives up and waits for the dwarves and everyone else to geronimo in.

<Mialee> Heck no; I'm waiting on that rope to be anchored. :)

<Mialee> But we should get a move on; Pengo's alone down there.

<Jozlan> so tie the rope, all but vlix go down, vlix unties & drops the rope and flies down?

<Pengo> Something like that.

<Mialee> I said that. ;)

<Icarius> then let's go

<DM> ok, then. Just about the time that Mordin and Flint are rappeling down,

<DM> Pengo's grenade splashes down amid the glowing blobs, briefly lighting the area

*** << <Pengo> << BTW, I did remember to update my tally on the cocktails.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: what is it now?

*** << <Pengo> << 12.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: so I can update mine :)

<Vlix> briefly? The oil takes a little while to be consumed.

*** << <Pengo> << :)

<DM> true

<Pengo> Anyway, I'm watching to see if I hit target, and to see what I see when there's some light over there.

<Vlix> but your infra is toast now.

<DM> and Pengo sneaks a peak around the crates to see some sort of animals on the ground 40 feet away,

<Vlix> doubt your vision will have time to adjust Pengo... we'll see.

<Vlix> or not.

<DM> along with humanoid figures to the side of an opening.

<Pengo> Did the humanoids catch any of the fire?

<DM> no, only the animals.

<Pengo> Tricksy humanoids.

> Pengo prepares an arrow.

<Pengo> Let me know when I can take a shot at those humanoids.

<DM> You see some sort of water 20 feet ahead, with a narrow (2 ft) brideg crossing it.

<DM> Meanwhile, who's next down the rope?

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 47

<Vlix> marching order

<Vlix> m and o are next then Icarius and Jozlan then vlix

<DM> As Mialee and Owen descend, they are horrified to see a figure materialize behind Pengo with a large dagger in his hand.

<DM> He stabs at Pengo:

<Icarius> note: i'm putting my light rod away where it can't be seen while I descend

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7

> Pengo tries to take aim at the humanoids.

<Vlix> doubt that

<Pengo> (since I don't know about the guy behind me yet :)

<Owen> Pengo! BEHIND YOU!

> Pengo starts to turn to look behind him.

<DM> The dagger sinks deep into his shoulder,

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 3

> Pengo yelps.

<DM> Pengo takes 9 damage

<Pengo> Dang.

<DM> from the backstabbing varmint

> Pengo tries to turn to face the guy behind him.

<DM> he does, --

<DM> Mialee and Owen hit the ground, 10 feet away

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6


<Pengo> Dangit, I've got my bow out. :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> You see the guy take a slug from a flask as he steps behind a crate.

<Mialee> Invisibility potion.

<DM> You hear a yell from close by...

<Owen> language? it says?

<DM> and the growling animals leap over the fetid water and attack.

<Mialee> Joy.

> Owen hopes these are gnolls.

<Owen> Can someone with infra see invisible creatures?

<DM> Icarius and Jozlan hit the ground as the snarling beasts, which look like impossibly huge weasels, close on Mordin, Flint Mialee and Owen

<DM> no, Owen, they can't

<DM> the fire from Pengo's grenade starts to fade

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 1:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Owen> wait

<DM> waiting

<Icarius> nothing

<Icarius> wait, how far away are the gnolls (?)?

<DM> what gnolls?

<DM> refresh

*** << <Vlix> << VLix flies down in bat form as quickly as possible and takes up a strategic place in the dark to switch forms and blend in - I want to look for and pick off the invisible guy.

<Owen> ok

> Mialee will cast nothing.

<DM> Owen?

<DM> still waiting?

<Jozlan> melee for me

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: or was that for you? :)

<Owen> I said ok - I wanted you to wait so Vlix could complete his action.

<DM> ok.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> Yes.

<Mialee> Can I still see the guy that attacked Pengo, or is he gone?

<DM> he's gone.

<Mialee> What's the nearest thing I can see, attackablewise.

<DM> one of the giant weasels.

> Mialee slashes at one.

<DM> can you put up that whiteboard?

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<Mialee> I can't, I'm afraid.

<DM> :(

<Mialee> I got a new router for work and it's not configured to let me do that yet. :/

<Owen> how many? 2

> Pengo switches to his sword.

<DM> ok, well, let me describe the layout then

> Owen waits to attack pending layout

<DM> if you've refreshed, you see that you are in the square area to the east

<Owen> er, layout

<DM> surrounded by crates and boxes. some 1x1x1, up to some 6x6x6 ft in size.

<DM> in the circular area, you see a central platform, surrounded by fetid water, with very narrow bridges to the east, north and south.

<DM> starting in the middle of the platform is a set of stairs going up.

<DM> the weasels are on your side (6 of them)

> Owen 's player is experiencing some deja vu like he's seen/played a similar dungeon before.

> DM was afraid that might be the case. :)

<DM> There appear to be a number of humanoids hiding out of sight to the left and right of the platform.

> Vlix sneaks over there...

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: in bat form, still?

<DM> anyway, the weasels are attacking,

<DM> and you have the initiative.

*** << <Vlix> << ok, yes if light permits - or lack therof.

<Mialee> Pengo and Mialee have gone.

<Pengo> Since I'm having to waste a round switching back to my sword. :)

<DM> huh?

<DM> ok

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 11

<Mialee> I rolled to attack a while ago and got a 5. :)

<DM> that missed.

<Owen> yah, DM was describing layout in middle of combat.

> Jozlan attacks a weasel

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> Owen and Jozlan missed.

<Mialee> Anyone else? :)

<Mialee> Flint, Mordin?

> Flint swings at the nearest weasel.

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 6

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 6

*** Roll by Flint: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 7

<Mialee> Nice.

<DM> these huge animals are wicked fast and really ferocious in their attacks.

<Mialee> Goody. :)

<Vlix> translation: prepare for the smackdown.

<Mialee> Mmhm.

<DM> Icarius , you put your rod away for the descent, what's the status now?

*** << <Vlix> << anything for Vlix?

<Icarius> better pull out the rod, but i'll stay behind one of the larger boxes so i'm not a target

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: he finds a suitable "perch" in the larger area, where he can see 10 orcs; 5 with swords and 5 with crossbows and swords.

<Icarius> are the weasels bigger than voranda?

<DM> the area lights up with a bluish glow.

<DM> yeah.

<DM> but I guess she's safely up in the corridor for now. :)

<Mialee> :)

<DM> are we waiting for the animals to attack?

<DM> yes we are.

<Mialee> Looks like.

<DM> who is standing up to them?

<DM> Owen and mialee and jozlan and Flint and Mordin?

<DM> ok, then one on each of them.

<DM> in that order.

*** Roll by DM: 5d20 -> 11 + 10 + 7 + 2 + 4 = 34

<DM> all miss

<Mialee> Whew.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Vlix> nothing

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> they go again, same order.

*** Roll by DM: 5d20 -> 15 + 18 + 4 + 11 + 17 = 65

<DM> Mialee and Mordin wer hit.

<DM> Mialee takes

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 2 + 5 = 7

<DM> Mordin takes

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 4 + 1 = 5

*** << <Vlix> << I want to find a dark corner from behind these orcs and using the robe, I want to blend in. Then, I want to take the poison I got last time, dab my darts and pick them off. The robe should hide me from site, and I want to pick them off from one end to the other. Hopefully as they take peeks over the boxes.

<DM> and they are hanging on with their incedibly strong jaws, grinding their teeth

<Mialee> Oh joy.

<DM> your shots.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 1

> Mialee swings at the closest creature.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

<DM> Mordin attacks twice this round.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 7

> Jozlan attakcs one on the ground

> Flint swings at the closest one (I have no idea what the numbers are or anything, sorry).

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 3

<Icarius> at leasat they're not moving

> Owen throws the virtual d20 into the trash

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 16

> Pengo slashes at the one closest to him.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> Jozlan hit too

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> Owen?

<DM> oh, never mind

<Owen> I attacked missed

<DM> Flint and Mordin?

<Owen> Mordin

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> believe it or not, that hits.

<Mialee> I already rolled for Flint, got a 3.

<DM> oh, that missed.

> Mordin attacks again

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 1

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 8

<DM> Mordin cleaves the beast in two.

<Mialee> Excellent.

<DM> it slowly releases its deathgrip and slides to the ground.

<DM> thinking...

*** <Mordin> has entered the room.

<Mialee> Hey!

<DM> Hey!

<Mialee> Ah, clever. :)

<Mialee> It's Sean. :D

<Mialee> I'm not going to open a third window. :D

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: I don't think you can attack while hanging upside down and maintain your invisibility, just so you know.

<DM> ok,

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 3:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Vlix> wait

<Mialee> How many of those critters left?

<DM> 4

*** << <Vlix> << I said I was going to find somewhere dark on the ground and blend in...

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: ok, but even then, you can't remain invisible after you fire.

<Jozlan> how many are clinging to party members?

<DM> one, clinging to Mialee

*** << <Vlix> << the cloak gives me 95% - doesn't say it's like a thiefs ability.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: actually 90%, but either way you look at it, like invisibility, or like hiding in shadows, you can't maintain that and attack.

<Mialee> Are we still waiting on Vlix?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: you can get one shot off, or even two, with the hand crossbows, but at that point you are revealed.

<DM> sort of.

<Mordin> go ahead

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Crappy initiative roll. :)

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Mialee> Guess they go first. ;)

<DM> the weasels attack again.

<DM> the one on Mialee stays on her -- she takes damage from blood loss

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 6 + 5 = 11

<DM> she collapses from the pain, and you all hear the screech of voronda as the cat leaps from her perch in the corridor above, enraged

<DM> One on Owen, Mordin and FLlint

*** << <Mialee> << I still have 7 HP, right?

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 10 + 13 + 20 = 43

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: I have you at -1, but you get +5 for Voronda, os you're ok, sort of.

*** << <Mialee> << Really? I have myself at 2 +5 for Voronda.

<DM> Flint is hit.

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: did you count the "sap loss" from the sundew?

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 3 + 4 = 7

*** << <Vlix> << how many vials can I throw in a round?

*** << <Mialee> << Every time you told me I took damage, yeah.

*** << <Mialee> << Maybe you missed telling me about damage once.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: vials of what?

*** << <Vlix> << oil

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: 1 per round, once you get out your flint and tinder and what not.

<Jozlan> our turn yet?

<DM> no

<DM> 4 orcs step around the corner, and fire crossbows at the party.

<Mialee> Heh, if I were conscious, I'd hope Voronda just keeps an eye on me and doesn't do anything stupid. :D

<DM> aiming at Jozlan, Pengo, Flint and Owen.

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 14 + 13 + 11 + 5 = 43

*** << <Vlix> << fly back to Ic, get a small fireball thingie.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: can't do that.

<DM> all missed.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 11

<Mialee> Now our turn?

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 1

<Mordin> see - 4 "1"s

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: once you stop flying, you have to wait an equal amount of time. PLUS- only Icarius can throw the fire thingies.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> yes, your turn

<Jozlan> might as well be

> Pengo hacks at the thing that has Mialee.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5

<Pengo> Man, the virtual dice hate us tonight.

<DM> Flint? Mordin?

*** << <Vlix> << ok, I pull my wand of fear out, peek around the corner and wave it at the orcs.

<DM> oh, Mordin went

> Flint attacks the one on Mialee.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> hits

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Heh.

<DM> and bashes in its head

<DM> that's 2 down and 3 to go.

<DM> Voronda, racing across the floor, stands guard over Mialee, growling fiercly at the remaining weasels.

*** << <Vlix> << do I need to activate it with a word or something, "boo"?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: the flying? no, just tell me, but you need to wait another round. And after tonight, I'll need to establish how long the transformation takes.

*** << <Vlix> << I am NOT flying

*** << <Vlix> << I was done flying rounds ago.

<Mialee> I think that's all, unless Icarius has something he wants to do.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 4:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

> Mialee lies on the ground bleeding.

<Icarius> sleep on the orcs

<Jozlan> will voronda aquiesce to a ccw on mialee?

<DM> cast away

<DM> sure she would.

<Jozlan> then I'll go for it

<DM> roll 2d4

*** Roll by Icarius : 2d4 -> 2 + 3 = 5

<DM> the five orcs with crossbows drop to the ground.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 4d4+11 -> 1 + 4 + 1 + 3 = 9 + 11 = 20

> Mialee feels a ton better.

<DM> whoops.

<DM> Jozlan, you already used your ccw

*** << <Vlix> << do I need to save too? I'm there you know.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: there is no save, but no you're not amongst them.

<Jozlan> oops, yeah I did

<Jozlan> 1 still have 4 csw left, right?

<DM> Flint can do it though.

<DM> yes, Jozlan

<Jozlan> ok, then lets' try that instead

> Flint will CCW on Mialee.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 2 + 4 = 6 + 5 = 11

<DM> ok, he won't then.

<Mialee> :)

> Mialee senses Voronda's anxiety and pats her head while slowly getting to her feet.

*** << <Vlix> << if you scroll back, you'll see that I wanted to land somewhere behind them in the dark. That was the round the weasels attacked.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: ok, and you did that near the stairs, which would be the darkest corner around.

<DM> behind them.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: oops

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

*** << <Vlix> << so I should have been waving the wand of fear at them before Mialee slept them.

<DM> three remaining attack Jozlan, Owen and Mordin.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: I'm sorry, I missed the line where you said "pull lout the wand of fear." I though you were talking about activating the cloak.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 15 + 7 + 16 = 38

<DM> Jozlan is hit, along with Owen

<DM> The fangs of the animal sink into Jozlan's thigh.

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 2 + 2 = 4

<DM> and likewise, Owen suffers a hit

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 1 + 2 = 3

<DM> the other orcs run to the ones that are down, and pick up their crossbows.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 43

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: now if you still want to use the wand, you can.

*** << <Vlix> << I did

<DM> a form materializes right behind Icarius, and stabs at him.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> and somehow misses!

<Mialee> Whew.

*** << <Mialee> << Do I get an attack this round, or am I still getting up and whatnot?

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: still getting up.

<DM> your action.

*** << <Vlix> << wave boo

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 4

<Pengo> Can I reach the dude behind Ic?

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 3

<Mialee> And can Flint?

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : great time for a shatter spell, fella ;)

<DM> See, this is where miniatures are really handy. :)

<Mialee> I'll try to get the whiteboard up again for next time.

*** << <Icarius> << to shatter all their invisible potion vials?

<DM> flip a coin, heads and you can, tails you can't each flip separately

*** Mialee flips a coin: tails

*** Pengo flips a coin: heads

> Pengo attacks the guy behind Ic.

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : just one. the one he's sipping from.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 3

<Pengo> And blows it.

> Icarius casts shatter towards the vial being sipped from

<Vlix> can't each flip seperately

> Flint swings at the Weasel thing on Joz.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> the guy curses as the ceramic flask in his hand is shivered in a hundred pieces. He ducks behind a crate.

<Mialee> Nice move, Ic.

<Icarius> I had divine intervention

<DM> any other attacks?

*** << <Vlix> << yes - I waved the wand

<DM> Mordin? Flint?

<Mordin> we already attacked

<Mialee> yup

> Jozlan punches at the weasle on his leg

*** Roll by DM: 5d20 -> 6 + 8 + 3 + 10 + 5 = 32

<DM> you see the orcs suddenly drop their crossbows, and sprint across the bridge at your party, obvious fear in their eyes.

<Jozlan> they're afraid but running towards us? or away?

<DM> toward you.

<DM> apparently they fear something else more.

<Mialee> Hum.

*** << <Vlix> << now that they have gone running, I'll slit the other 5.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: good. that will take 5 rounds.

<Mialee> I suggest we try to take them out quick so we can focus on whatever they're afraid of.

<DM> Hey did Mordin take his second attack this round?

<Mialee> Hm, no.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> do it then, please.

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 3

<DM> he gets that on every EVEN round.

<Mordin> I'm not used to playing Mordin

<DM> I'll assume that was on the one hanging on Joz.

<Mordin> ok, will try to remember.

<DM> and you gut that thing from stem to stern

<DM> 2 left. and 5 orcs screaming in panic.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 5:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Icarius> the space is too open to web the orcs, I assume?

<DM> maybe not, but you're likely to catch your friends along with them.

<DM> your anchor points would be the crates, etc.

<DM> and the web would tend to collapse them in

*** << <Vlix> << after I've done my handy work, I'll pilfer the goods from the bodies. If nothing unusual, I'll pile it together, and discreetly wait for the party to come over and find me, while I casually sharpen my dagger.

<Icarius> ok, no need. if they're running from something hungry, the sleepy orcs will suffice

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : you do notice, there is a solitary form bending over the orcs.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

<Owen> ok... so, init?

*** << <Icarius> << over the sleeping orcs or the running orcs?

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : the sleeping ones.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius : it looks like VLix

<Mialee> What's close to me?

<DM> your shots.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 7

> Flint swings at the weasel near him.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3

<Owen> <sigh>

<DM> I need to figure out a way to color code this chat.

<Jozlan> 2 weasles left? are they on the ground, or biting us?

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 9

> Pengo slashes at the guy that was behind Icarius .

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8

<DM> they are on the ground, attempting to bite you.

<DM> Pengo, he disappeared behind a crate, you'll have to hunt for him.

<DM> Mordin hits

<Pengo> OK, well then, that was at the nearest weasel. Either way, I figure I missed.

<Mordin> Mordin missed with a 9?

<Mordin> just checking

<DM> no he hit.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 5

<DM> That one squeals in pain.

<Mordin> khazzaahd zahmahd!

*** <Icarius> has entered the room.

<DM> Mialee, your swing?

<Icarius> sorry, discoes

> Mialee slashes at whatever's closest.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

*** <Jozlan> has entered the room.

<Mialee> Er

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> Joz- they are on the ground attacking you.

<Mordin> 2 left, one in pain

<Jozlan> our attack yet?

<DM> and it's your attack.

> Jozlan attacks the leftmost one

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> and misses

<Mordin> ping Icarius

<DM> anyone else? the orcs are in amongst you now too, not attacking yet, but trying to get away from something.

<DM> ok, 2 weasels attack, one on Mordin and one on Joz.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 18 + 19 = 37

<DM> both hit!

<DM> Mordin takes:

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 6 + 3 = 9

<Mordin> tis but a flesh wound

<DM> Jozlan:

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 4 + 6 = 10

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 85

<DM> Flint hears a scuffling noise behind him,

<DM> and avoids being stabbed in the back, but still gets swung at.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> but the guys missed.

<DM> err, guy

<Owen> init?

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 6:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Vlix> yawn - nothing

<Icarius> nothing

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee slashes at the nearest orc.

<DM> your shots

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14

> Pengo does too.

<Owen> Owen on Orc #1

<Jozlan> is there a weasel attached to me?

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> Flint will attack the guy that tried to backstab him.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> yes,

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 14

*** Roll by Owen: 1d8 -> 6

<DM> and to Mordin

<Mialee> Does Mialee's 14 hit that orc?

<Jozlan> ok, could I do a reverse cure serious wound on the weasel biting me?

<DM> slow down please :)

<Mialee> LOL

<Mialee> Sorry DM :D

<DM> Joz, no, but you can smash him with your hammer

<Mialee> I think at this point I'm looking forward to finishing combat so I can sleep. :D

<Owen> we should attack in marching order

<Jozlan> ok, i'll be traditional

<DM> that's a great idea.

<DM> next round lets do that.

<Mialee> OK.

<DM> meanwhile, Mialee hit orc 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 6

<DM> tha orc goes down

<Owen> does that mean I can hit orc 2 instead?

<DM> you missed anyway, but normall no.

<Owen> how could I miss?

<DM> ok, Mialee hit and dmaged, Owen and Pengo missed.

<DM> Mordin gets two attacks.

<Mordin> on the weasel

*** Roll by Mordin: 2d20 -> 6 + 7 = 13

<DM> normally that should be first and last in the round, but go ahead now.

<DM> both actually hit

*** Roll by Owen: 2d8 -> 6 + 4 = 10

<DM> that one is down.

<Owen> Didn't I roll less a 9 in the masonry room and hit the orc?

<DM> I don't recall, but not all orcs are alike, you now. :)

<Mialee> :)

<DM> so there's one weasel and 4 orcs and the other guy.

<DM> any other attacks?

<DM> ok, the weasel on Jozlan hangs on, worrying joz, and doing

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** <Icarius> has left the room.

*** <Jozlan> has left the room.

<DM> orc 3 swings wildly at Mordin in panic

*** Roll by DM: 1d20-2 -> 5 - 2 = 3

<DM> and misses

<DM> The other guy bolts for the stairs on the far side of the chamber.

<Mialee> Isn't that where they were running away from?

*** << <Vlix> << oh, if I see that I'll intercept him

<DM> the other guy is not an orc, but yes, that's the direction

<Mialee> Or do you mean the backstabber?

<Mialee> Ah.

<Mialee> What all is left now?

<DM> yeah, the backstabber

*** << <Vlix> << I'll try to surprise him.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: that's gonna be tough, since you're standing in the middle of the platform.

<DM> there is one weasel on Joz. there are 4 panic'd orcs scrambling around the crates, and there is one guy heading for the stairs.

*** << <Vlix> << huh? can I see the map again?

<Mialee> New round?

<DM-Alt> .v

<DM> Round 7

<DM> ==========================

<DM> spellcasters?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> I think Icarius discoed again.

*** << <Vlix> << so he's running right at me?

<Mialee> Looks like.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: yes, drawing a sword.

<DM> Jozlan will beat on the one on him.

*** << <Vlix> << OK, I'll take him on...

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: you'll do yours eseparately

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee slashes at the nearest orc.

<Icarius> soory, bak

<Mialee> Oops.

<Mialee> We're going in order by marching order.

<Mialee> SOrry.

> Mordin attacks

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 1

> Mordin says something angry in dwarvish.

<DM> whatever he was attacking, he missed.

<Mordin> he's got a weasel on him

> Flint swings at the nearest orc.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> no that weasel is dead.

<DM> Flint misses the orc

<Mialee> Owen's turn, I think.

<Mordin> I thought you said it was in pain

<Mordin> the other one died

<DM> this one is in pain too.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 1

<Mialee> Mialee swings at the weasel on Joz.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 7

<Owen> I've rolled 6 "1"s in this battle alone.

<DM> Y'all are gettin' tired. I can tell. :)

<Mialee> :)

<Owen> /roll is broken

<Mialee> I just want to kill these things so I can go to bed. :)

<DM> That weasel softly collapses to the ground, dead.

<DM> Pengo?

> Pengo attacks the nearest orc.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<Pengo> Plik.

<Pengo> Plink.

<DM> but that drops him

<Mialee> Yay

<DM> Icarius ?

<Icarius> nothing for me

<DM> and Jozlan was busy

<Mialee> So it's on Vlix.

<DM> ok, meanwhile, on the other end of the room.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> again

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> the guy stops short of charging you.

<DM> he takes a careful swing, trying to gauge your skill.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> more of a feint, really

<Mialee> Too careful. ;)

<Jozlan> how does he look?

<DM> how does who look?

<Vlix> ok, lift up my left arm and shoot him point blank with my special bolt.

<DM> your shot Vlix

<Jozlan> they guy the orcs fear

<Vlix> scratch that

<Vlix> I forgot, these aren't the wrist type.

<Vlix> I'll take a swing.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 20

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: don't forget your dagger, too.

<DM> good swing

<Mialee> Very.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d8 -> 7

*** << <Vlix> << and I'll draw that dagger for the type of fighting you described to me.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: go ahead and swing/stab whatever

> Vlix gives the backstabber a sneer and attacks again

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 6

<Vlix> woof

<DM> not quite

<DM> back to the other side for Round 8

<DM> =========================

<DM> Spellcasters?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Icarius> nothing

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mordin> Flint?

<Mordin> I think may need some curing before long...

<DM> Is there one weasel left? I don't think so.

<DM> 2 panic'd orcs is all I see

<Mordin> no - he dropped softly to the ground

<DM> one swings wildly at Mordin, and one at Owen.

<Mordin> or gently

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 13 + 4 = 17

<DM> and both miss

<DM> your shots

<Mordin> Mordin swings back - another 1?

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 1

<DM> that orc loses his head.

<Mordin> heh

> Flint swings at the other one.

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 2

<Mialee> Guess now it's Owen's go.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 1

<Owen> oops wrong windows - but notice the 1

<Mialee> Was that Owen?

<Mialee> OK.

<DM> he misses with his second shot

<Mialee> Mialee:

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 1

<Mialee> Plink. :)

<DM> and she skeweers the last orc!

<Mialee> Off to help Vlix we go. :)

<Owen> skeweers?

<DM> back to the other end of the room.

<Icarius> are the sleeping ones sleeping, or dead?

<DM> it's dead

<DM> some of both, at the feet of the fight going on.

<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> your shots

<Vlix> one attack this round?

<DM> no, 2

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> or, one with each weapon.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> sword is aways the first attack.

<Vlix> yah

<DM> both miss.

<DM> he returns

<Vlix> more 1s

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> missed.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> what's that for?

<Vlix> oh, sorry

<DM> round 9

<DM> ==============================

<DM> What is the group doing, first?

<Mialee> I'm heading over to help Vlix.

<Mialee> Although I could use some healing, you know me. :)

> Pengo goes with Mialee.

<Vlix> I thought you were comatose

<Mialee> I got healing a while back. :)

<DM> Someone cured her.

<Mialee> Joz.

<Vlix> I thought you were dead! ... I got better.

> Mordin and Flint will go to assist also.

> Jozlan follows

<DM> You will spend this round traveling.

> Icarius tags along

> Mialee nods.

<DM> next round you can attack.

<DM> ok, back to Vlix

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<Vlix> Gee, Ihope there isn't a next round for this guy.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> again

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> your shots

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 4

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> the dagger hits

<DM> (d4)

<Vlix> yah, I don't recall if it's special.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d4 -> 3

<DM> it is.

<DM> he swings back.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> and misses

<Vlix> Vlix hollers "He's MINE!

<DM> round 10

<DM> ===================================

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> your shots

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 12

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d8 -> 5

<DM> the swword hits

<DM> anyone else going to attack this guy?

<DM> or will you honor Vlix's plea?

> Jozlan holds back

<Mialee> I'll hold back. Don't suppose Jozlan could heal me some more. Or Flint?

<DM> Flint and Mordin slow down, and circle around

<DM> Flint will

<Vlix> >cue the StarTrek Arena combat soundtrack...

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> Thank you, Flint.

<DM> CSW on Mialee

> Owen says No! We need him alive!

*** Roll by DM: 2d6+5 -> 6 + 1 = 7 + 5 = 12

<Mialee> Thanks!

<DM> ok, he swings back

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> and misses

<DM> round 11

<DM> ==================

<DM> Spellcasters?

<Vlix> Does he look in pretty bad shape?

<DM> no too bad

<Vlix> or going strong?

<DM> so-so

<Vlix> Ok

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> he makes a run for the stairs, trying to get around you.

<DM> you get a free shot from the rear

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> at +2 to hit

<DM> and the dagger?

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 11

<DM> miss

<Vlix> chase him

<DM> anyone else taking a (long distance) shot?

<Vlix> yah, might as well now..

<DM> anyone?

<Vlix> shouldn't the dwarves get a shot?

<Vlix> they had him boxed

<Mialee> How long distance?

<Mialee> Are we talking shooting, or...?

<DM> Flint was healing but Mordin can try a shot

<DM> yes, shooting from your position

> Mialee fires an arrow at him.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 3

> Pengo slings a rock.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> Mialee hits

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> Pengo hits

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d4 -> 3

<DM> wait, what was pengo using?

<Pengo> His sling.

<Mordin> sling

<DM> ok

<Pengo> Should have used his bow but forgot he had it. :D

<DM> the guy stumbles at the top of the steps, but crawls up over the edge

<DM> or should I say, is crawling...

<Vlix> so I catch up to him?

<DM> round 12

<DM> ==================================

<DM> Vlix is chasing him up the stairs....

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<Vlix> me?

<DM> yes

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 3

<Vlix> you roll a lot of 6s

<DM> you're within feet of him, when he reaches up next to the doorway, and pulls a lever.

<Jozlan> I hate it when they do that

<DM> the metallic stairs suddenly shift under your feet, and louver into a straight metal slide.

<Mialee> Heh.

<DM> roll a d20 under your dex

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> Well, that's not it. :)

<Vlix> of course.

<DM> you are caught flatfooted, and hit the stone floor hard, taking damage

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1

<Vlix> how's the light here?

<DM> the guy closes the door behind him.

<DM> the light is fine, thanks to Iarius' rod.

<Vlix> thank you inanimate carbon rod!

<Jozlan> :)

<DM> Guys, I think this is the stopping point for tonight.

<Vlix> <simpsons reference>

<Mialee> Yes, please. :)

<Mialee> So sleepy. :)

<DM> wait a sec, though:

<Mialee> Good playing today though.

> Mialee waits.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 28 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 13 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 22 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 13 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 10 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 23 of 26



<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> =====================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 2,0,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 1,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 5

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 2

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1



<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 1

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 2

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1

<DM> just to get it on record.

<Mialee> :)

<DM> and while we're at it.

<DM> Standard March order:

<DM> Flint Mordin

<DM> Owen Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Jozlan Vlix


<DM> Single File March Order:

<DM> Mordin

<DM> Flint

<DM> Owen

<DM> Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Jozlan

<DM> Vlix


<DM> right?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> ok, so we'll pick it up here next time.

<DM> thanks guys!

<Mialee> Great. Thanks!

<Pengo> Night.


January 22, 2006




<Flint> re

<DM> re

*** <Mordin> has entered the room.

*** <Mialee> has entered the room.

<Mialee> Good evening!

<DM> howdy

*** <Kelvin> is now known as <Jozlan>

*** <Pengo> has entered the room.

*** <Icarius> has entered the room.

<Pengo> G'day.

> DM goes to reload his scotch.

<Mialee> Uh-oh. GUI. Gaming under the influence. :)

<Mialee> We're expecting Sean, right?

<DM> yes

<DM> he's got 4 minutes :)

<Pengo> Just checking :)

<Jozlan> so currently, we're in the sub basement type area?

<DM> right

<Mialee> Yeah. Pengo's hurting pretty good. :)

<Jozlan> our adversaries fled, and we're seemingly stuck down here?

<Mialee> Well, there's the greased or whatever ramp.

<DM> one adversary fled, and you're resting

<Mialee> Yeah, we decided to rest, since there's no chance of catching him before he alerts others.

<DM> Maps, etc. can be found here:



<DM> If you would like to catch up on recent events, I would direct your attention to this page:

<DM> ll/

<Jozlan> ok, been a little while I guess

<Mialee> Might as well be prepared when we have to fight. :)

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> = = = = = = = = = =

<DM> Flint: 28 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 13 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 22 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 13 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 10 of 27

<DM> Icarius : 21 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 23 of 26



<DM> Spells: Used:


<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 2,0,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 1,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 5

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 2

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 1

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 2

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1


<DM> Standard March order:

<DM> Flint Mordin

<DM> Owen Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Jozlan Vlix


<DM> Single File March Order:

<DM> Mordin

<DM> Flint

<DM> Owen

<DM> Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Jozlan

<DM> Vlix

<DM> To briefly recap; you find yourselves on the sewer level below an old temple,.

<DM> You fought off a bunch of orcs, and chased away a man that you believe to be one of the slavers.


<DM> Searching the room, you have discovered more coins than you could possibly carry, along with some jewelry.


<DM> You also discovered some business records that indicate that a convoy left just a few days ago. There was even a map showing the way it went.



<DM> Despite the imminent danger, you decide that you must recover spells and rest, so you have set up a normal guard rotation and settled in to get what sleep you can.


<DM> Surprisingly enough, you are able to get six hours of rest without disturbance.


<DM> The time is 10:00 a.m. on the 26th of June

<Mialee> I'll re-memorize the same set of spells.

<Flint> We should be able to get everyone healed up before we rest.

<DM> I'll assume that you will have used up any cure spells necessary before you slept to get people up to snuff.

<Mialee> OK.

> Pengo stretches a little.

<DM> What about the other spellcasters? Same set?

<Jozlan> same

<Icarius> same

<Flint> Same.

<DM> ok, then, you're all cured up, and ready to go.

<Mialee> Well, we need to check this place out to be sure the lady isn't here, before we set out to follow the route on the map.

<DM> During a rest period, you did hear some shouting and other strange noises beyond the great iron door at the top of the ramp.

<Mialee> Even though my gut tells me she's gone, we need to be sure.

> Pengo nods.

<Pengo> That's what I think, too.

<Flint> And we need to find a way to travel faster than the caravan in order to catch them.

<Mialee> Yes.

> Pengo makes his way up the ramp to the top to check things out.

<DM> roll %

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 59

<DM> you make it to the top of the ramp,

<DM> There is a large iron door here, which appears to be locked.

> Pengo picks it.

<DM> dm rolls

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 1

<DM> he opens it easily

<Pengo> Anything up here I could secure a rope to?

<DM> Yes, there is a big hinge that might secure a rope.

<DM> BTW, the door opens Toward you.

> Pengo ties off his rope to the hinge and tosses it down to the others so they might join him.

> Mialee grabs hold of the rope and uses it to haul herself up the ramp.

<Pengo> Is there any kind of landing at all at the top of the ramp?

<DM> No, the stairs continue past the door for another 10 horizontal feet, and you see a hallway beyond it, but because of your position, you cannot see anything down the hall.

<DM> refresh sewer.html

<Pengo> I opened the door? Thought I just sprung the lock. :)

<Mialee> Where is sewer.html? :)

<DM> Sorry, I assume that you have peeked around the door

<Mialee> OK.


<Mialee> Do I need to roll anything to make it to the top?

<DM> what he said/. ;)

<Mialee> Thanks :)

<DM> no, not with a rope.

<Mialee> Anyone plan to join us? :)

> Jozlan follows

> Icarius too

<Pengo> Does the ramp revert to stairs past the door?

<DM> yes, above the door, you find stairs.

<Mialee> That's good. :)

> Pengo checks the door for traps.

<Pengo> Or is it too late for that, having peeked? :D

<DM> Owen and Vlix will assume their normal SOP positions.

<DM> yeah; it's too late for that. But you could check the stairs beyond.

> Pengo opens the door.

<DM> and you see the stairs beyond.

> Flint climbs the ramp.

<Pengo> Is it me or the dwarves that should be checking architecture for traps?

<DM> the Dwarves would be better at it.

<Pengo> Sir Dwarf?

> Pengo steps aside.

> Mordin climbs the ramp.

> Flint checks for traps.

> Pengo unties his rope and returns it to his pack once everyone's up.

> Mordin checks for traps.

<DM> He doesn't find any traps along the stairs.

<DM> at the doorway, however, he does notice the big lever on the upper side of the door, on the wall.


/// That was a goof, BTW, it was a "hidden catch" that he found, not a "big lever". ///


<Mialee> That undoes the ramp effect, I bet.

<Pengo> I know how to find out.

<Flint> Mordin and I will continue checking for traps as we advance through the halls.

> Pengo pulls the lever.

<DM> Jozlan an Vlix need to roll d20 under their dexterity

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 7

<Mialee> Oops. Are they not off the ramp? :)

<DM> to avoid getting their toes pinched in the stairs as they revert to stair form.

<Mialee> Rolling for Vlix:

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> both make it.

<Pengo> Sorry...

<Jozlan> good. I enjoy having 10 toes

<Pengo> OK, Mssrs. Dwarf. Lead on. :)

> Mordin advances down the hell.

<Mialee> Away we go :)

<DM> you hear the twang of a crossbow string, multiple times.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 1 + 8 + 9 = 18

<Pengo> Oh. Interesting.

<DM> you hear bolts skittering across walls.

<Mialee> Can I hear where they're coming from?

<DM> Down the hall.

<Mialee> Can't see anyone though, eh?

<Flint> How long is this hall?

<DM> As you top the stairs, you see that the hallway goes down for about 60-70 ft..

<DM> After that, it seems to open up into a large space.

<DM> The space beyond the end of the hallway is where the crossbows seem to be firing from.

<Flint> I think we better rush them.

<Mialee> Sounds like fun. Let's go!

<Jozlan> might as well

<Pengo> Oh boy.

> Mialee charges.

> Pengo does the best he can to keep up.

> Jozlan charges

<Flint> Unless someone wants to toss a spell down there.

<Mialee> Nah.

> Flint charges.

<DM> are the dwarves charging then?

<DM> ok

<Mialee> As soon as I can see them, I want to stop to shoot.

> Mordin charges.

> Icarius knows better tahn to throw a little bomblet

<Mialee> :)

<DM> ok, on the way down the hall, you hear another couple of twangs.

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 13 + 6 + 16 + 3 = 38

<DM> all miss

*** << <Mialee> << Let me know when I can see the shooters, so I can stop and fire.

<Flint> A 16 misses?

<DM> you also hear some voices shouting, in orcish

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: fire what, your bow?

*** << <Mialee> << Yes.

*** << <Mialee> << I'm basically charging ahead with my bow out to get the shooters in visual range so I can shoot at them. :)

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: about half-way down, you can make out some forms, but your compatriots are in the way

*** << <Mialee> << D'oh. OK.

<Flint> I speak Orcish. What do they say?

> Mialee draws her sword.

<DM> they are deep voices saying something like:

<DM> "You can't hit the broad side of a barn, you idiots!

<Mialee> "Does this armor make me look fat?"

<Icarius> hehe

<Mialee> "No, no, not at all. And the color is very flattering on you. Brings out the snot dripping from your nose."

> Mialee keeps charging, sword ready to go.

> Pengo follows on his stubby little legs. :D

<DM> anyway, you soon discover 4 orcs fading back into the open room, between a line of 8 more orcs

<DM> with a couple of ogres backing them up.

<Mialee> How far away still?

<DM> you're 10 ft from the open room, and you notice a door on your left.

<DM> the orcs are 20 ft into the room.

> Pengo flings open the door on the left and looks inside to see if anybody's going to get behind us.

> Mialee sends a magic missile at one of the archers.

<DM> the door is locked

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 1 = 5 + 2 = 7

<DM> the archer keels over and dies

<Mialee> Beautiful.

> Pengo tries to kick the door in.

<DM> it's still locked.

<Pengo> Help me with this door!

> Mialee casts Knock on it to shut Pengo up.

<DM> mialee already cast a spell this round.

<Flint> Have we closed to melee range yet?

<Mialee> Sorry, didn't realize we were in a combat round. :)

<DM> hang on.

<DM> brb

<DM> ok, roll for surprise

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> as the dwarves and Mialee clear the end of the hallway, they are not surprised to see more archers to the side

<DM> "twang"

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 18 + 12 + 2 + 17 = 49

<DM> flint is hit!

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2

<DM> now Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<Mialee> Pfft.

<DM> Mordin, Flint, Mialee and Owen are in the front rank,

<DM> and are hit on by 2 orcs each.

<DM> in order,

*** Roll by DM: 8d20 -> 6 + 1 + 19 + 19 + 4 + 10 + 15 + 16 = 90

<Mialee> I'm guessing Flint gets hit twice. :)

<Flint> Ouch.

<DM> yeah.

<Mialee> Yuck.

*** Roll by DM: 2d8 -> 5 + 2 = 7

<Icarius> is the room suitable for webbing the orcs?

<DM> There are in fact, 2 large columns holding the ceiling up.

<Mialee> Niiice.

<DM> (refresh, if you haven't already)

<DM> of course, with your friends in melee, there is a chance they will be caught

<Icarius> so the orcs are between the columns, in the center of the room?

<DM> anyway, your hits back

<DM> they are in a semicircle, close to the columns

<DM> By the way, the floor has a grid-like pattern of metal and wood.

<Mialee> Interesting.

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

<Mialee> I'm assuming the orcs aren't done yet. :)

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> that is, right after one of the ogre pulls a big rock out of his pocket and hurls it at Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10

<DM> but he misses.

<DM> Mordin slices an orc in half.

<DM> no the orcs are done, it's your turn

*** Room 8: Dungeon Alt-DM, DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Pengo

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 7

> Pengo tries picking that lock, since he's safely behind the others.

<DM> another orc hits the floor

> Mialee slashes at one of the orcs on her.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> miss, I'm afraid

<Mialee> Ya think? :)

> Jozlan attacks an orc

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> joz hits

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<DM> someone roll for Owen

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> he severely wounds his opponent

<DM> Owen misses

<DM> Vlix tries to sneak north along the east wall

<Pengo> Keep me posted on how Pengo's lock-picking attempt goes. I assume it takes more than one round. :)

<DM> well, we're still in round one, but picking normally only takes one round.

<DM> any other attacks?

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Icarius> nothing

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Flint> Melee.

<DM> so we have, in order, Jozlan, Owen, Flint, Mordin and Mialee in the front rank.

<DM> facing 7 orcs and 3 ogres

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> ok, go ahead

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 16

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> miss

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<DM> ooops, no, Mordin's second was a hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 8 + 6 = 14

<DM> mialee missed

<Mialee> Mine was a miss though.

<DM> barely

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 9

> Jozlan attacks an orc

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 20

<DM> flint hits

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> jozlan hits

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 7

<Pengo> I'd hope so :)

<DM> Mordin kills 2 orcs

<DM> Flint kills one

<DM> Jozlan does too.

<Jozlan> somebody else want to roll for owen?

> Pengo keeps working on that lock.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1

<Mialee> Oof. Don't let me roll anymore. :)

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 93

<Jozlan> this isn't owen's day

<DM> Pengo can't seem to get that lock open

<Pengo> I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that behind it is solid stone on the map. ;)

<Pengo> I kept at it mostly because Pengo can't see that. :)

<DM> hehehe, not necessarily :)

> Pengo gives up on the lock anyway.

> Pengo draws his sword, ready to go at it next round.

> Icarius waits

<Mialee> Now what? :)

<Mialee> DM's had too much of that scotch. ;)

<Icarius> or we're going to get rushed by another wave of orcs

<DM> bak

<DM> we're having technical difficulties

<DM> 2 orcs left with swords,

<DM> 6 with crossbows

<DM> 3 ogres,

<DM> at mialee, one orc with sword.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3

<DM> miss

<DM> at Flint

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> miss

<DM> 3 orcs at Icarius, with crossbow

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 7 + 2 + 13 = 22

<DM> one hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> the three orcs wade in

<Mialee> Ogres?

<Icarius> ouch

<DM> right, ogres

<DM> but not until next round

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 3:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Mialee> Magic missile.

*** << <Flint> << A crossbow bolt doing a D6?

<Flint> Melee.

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: it was a tough bolt. :)

*** << <Flint> << :)

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: or a tough orc. :)

<Pengo> Do I have any route open to me to get up into the battle?

<Icarius> 2 mm, 1 at 2 different crossbow orcs

<DM> you can certainly attack the orc archers on the side, north or south

<Mialee> My missile will head for one of the ogres.

<Pengo> Will do. :)

<DM> Icarius, please be mores specific

<DM> you have 3 missiles per spell, right?

<Icarius> right, 3 mm, at 3 different crossbow orcs

<DM> you can individually target each one.

<DM> for a total of 6 missiles

<Icarius> the 3 that tried shooting me in specific

<Icarius> no, 1 missile per, 3 missiles total

<DM> right, ok

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4


<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<Pengo> reroll

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<Pengo> and again :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<Pengo> Yay :)

<DM> your go

> Mialee fires her magic missile at the ogre.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 2 = 3 + 2 = 5

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14

<DM> hit, Mordin

> Pengo attacks the nearest crossbow orc along the side.

<Pengo> Oops, didn't mean to hit return yet. :)

<DM> go ahead

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 8 + 6 = 14

<DM> pengo hits

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 6

<DM> Mordin, on an orc, or ogre?

<Mordin> Ogre #1

<DM> that ogre stumbles back, stunned, sort of.

<DM> Flint missed

<Icarius> mms

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<Pengo> Nice.

> Jozlan attacks a sworded orc

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> Icarius' MM didn't kill any, but they sure hurt 'em

<DM> same with Jozlan

<DM> did Owen swing?

<Mialee> Rolling for Owen

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13

<Jozlan> not yet

<DM> miss, barely

<Mialee> Bummer.

<DM> 2 orcs with swords remaining

<DM> and 3 ogres

<DM> 2 orcs on Flint

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 9 + 9 = 18

<DM> miss

<DM> Ogres on Mordin, Mialee and Owen

<Mialee> Joy :)

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 11 + 7 + 19 = 37

<DM> hits owen

*** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 1

<DM> 3 orcs firing at Icarius

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 20 + 18 + 16 = 54

<DM> 3 hits!

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 4 + 1 + 3 = 8

<DM> 3 orcs firing at Pengo

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 8 + 19 + 11 = 38

<DM> 1 hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 3

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 4:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<Mialee> On the same ogre as before.

<Mordin> Melee.

<Flint> Melee.

<Icarius> 3 mm, same as before, on the crossbow orcs

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3


*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> ok, first is the MMs

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 4 = 5 + 2 = 7

<DM> That ogre clutches his chest and keels over

<Mialee> Yay

<DM> Ic, you wanna roll?

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> 3 orcs die!

<Pengo> Excellent.

<DM> The Ogres attack Owen and Flint

<Icarius> maybe they'll stop shooting me now

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 13 + 20 = 33

<DM> FLint is hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 9

<DM> the remaining orcs attack Pengo via crossbow

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 14 + 8 + 12 = 34

<Pengo> Hey!

<DM> missed

<DM> your turn. There are 2 ogres, 2 orcs with swords, and 3 orcs with crossbows.

> Pengo gets his revenge and slashes at the nearest archer.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

<Pengo> Or not. :)

<Mialee> Rolling for Owen:

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<Mialee> Sheesh.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11

<DM> hit, Flint, on an Ogre, right?

<Flint> Yes

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 16

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3

<DM> MOrdin, one hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<DM> Vlix attacks some archer orcs

<DM> someone roll for him.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> he gets two attacks

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> one hit with d8

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 3

<DM> an orc dies

> Jozlan attacks a sword orc

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> miss

<DM> that it?

<Mialee> Think so.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 5:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<Flint> Melee.

<Icarius> nothing

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1


*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> go ahead

> Mialee fires her magic missile at one of the remaining ogres.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 4 = 8 + 2 = 10

> Pengo slashes at the nearest archer.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> an ogre drops!

<DM> Flint hits

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 17

<DM> Pengo hits

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> Mordin hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

<DM> The last ogre drops!

<Jozlan> what's left?

<DM> Someone roll for Owen vs an orc

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> miss

> Jozlan attacks an orc

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> hit

<DM> it's dead

<DM> the last remaining orcs (3) bolt for the open area at the back of the room

<Mialee> Can I try to MM one of them?

<DM> not yet

<DM> ==============================

<DM> Round 6:

<DM> =======================

<DM> roll for surprise

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> you already noticed the grid like structure of the floor

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Icarius> doesn't sound good...

<DM> hence it's not really surprising to see the wooden sections fall away

<Pengo> Fun.

<DM> everyone needs to roll 4d6 and get lower than their dexterity

*** Roll by Mialee: 4d6 -> 4 + 6 + 2 + 2 = 14

*** Roll by Pengo: 4d6 -> 4 + 5 + 6 + 3 = 18

<DM> to see if they can avoid falling into the pits

*** Roll by Flint: 4D6 -> 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 6

*** Roll by Icarius: 4d6 -> 6 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 12

*** Roll by Jozlan: 4d6 -> 6 + 5 + 3 + 2 = 16

*** Roll by Mordin: 4D6 -> 3 + 6 + 3 + 4 = 16

> Pengo is glad he has a ring of feather falling, just in case. :)

<DM> Pengo, Jozlan and Mordin fall into the pits.

<Pengo> Slowly, in my case. :)

<DM> Pengo floats gently down, but

<DM> Jozlan and Mordin take damage from the fall.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 20 + 2 = 22

<DM> no

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<DM> 4 and 1

<Pengo> How deep?

<DM> someone roll for owen and Vlix

<DM> 15 feet

*** Roll by Mialee: 4d6 -> 5 + 6 + 4 + 1 = 16

<Mialee> Owen

*** Roll by Mialee: 4d6 -> 2 + 5 + 3 + 2 = 12

<Mialee> Vlix

<DM> Owen falls

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> So Owen, Jozlan, Pengo and Mordin are in "the pits" which are iron barred cells

<DM> Which might look like:

<Mialee> Invisible cells! :)

<Jozlan> the worst kind

<DM> sorry

<DM> had to turn on the VCR for Desperate Housewives


> Pengo rattles his sword back and forth on the bars and sings a melancholy prison tune.

<DM> Jozlan notices that another cell holds a feeble looking not-so-old man

> Pengo waits for the pic to load. It's huge. :D

<DM> 5 minute break

<Pengo> Not quite halfway yet. :)

> Jozlan looks at the man

<Jozlan> are there bug men in the adjacent cells?

<Mialee> :)

<Pengo> Looks like there's a naked girl in one of them.

> Pengo hopes that's the one he fell into.

<Icarius> adult dungeons & dragons

<Pengo> :)

<AFK-DM> bak

<DM> Ic: From before Hasbro took over

<DM> ignore the people depicted

<DM> the only other occupant is the man

<Mordin> I like the people depicted. :)

<DM> so, what next?

<DM> the ones that did not fallinto the pits, are balancing on 12" wide metal beams.

<DM> the grid arrangement fills the entire room.

<Pengo> Is there a lock to get out of the cell?

<Jozlan> act talks to the man

<Jozlan> how do you do?

<DM> no, the cells are simple -- the only way out is up.

<DM> Jozlan, he ignores you.

<DM> meanwhile, you hear some movement to the east.

<Pengo> Any friction available that might let me climb the bars?

<DM> sure, you can try

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: roll d100


<Flint> Is there a place to secure a rope up here?

*** Private roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 31

<DM> perhaps around one of the columns

<Icarius> mialee has a levitate spell, no?

<DM> the columns are the 2 grey dots in the map

<Mialee> Yes, I do.

> Mordin tosses a rope to Flint.

<Mialee> But how are we doing in terms of enemies around us?

<DM> the door in the south wall of the hallway you came up

<DM> suddenly bursts open, and 4 of the creatures (depicted in the pits diagram) run down the hall toward you.

> Flint ties the rope to a column.

<Mialee> Goodie.

<Mialee> Let me know when I can cast MM at one.

<DM> roll for surprise

<DM> Mialee, roll for surprise

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> ok, then, you're not surprised to see 2 of the bug-like creatures emerging from the hallway.

<DM> with 6 arms each, holding 2 broadswords and 2 shields,

<Mialee> But the other two scare the bejeezus out of me? :)

<DM> Round 1:

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> They attack FLint and Icarius

<Flint> Am I still tying the rope off?

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: yes

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 19 + 10 + 3 + 10 = 42

<DM> 1 hit on each

<DM> on Flint

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 8

<DM> on Icarius

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 4

<DM> probably why they gotcha

<DM> so, your turn. Flint can't fight

<Mialee> /act casts MM at one of the creatures.

<Flint> Can I cast?

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 3 = 6 + 2 = 8

<DM> No Flint, you're tying off a rope

*** << <Pengo> << Any progress trying to climb out?

<Flint> Good I'll finish that this round.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: you'll be out after this round

*** << <Pengo> << OK, great.

<DM> Vlix should attack, (x2)

*** << <Pengo> << BTW, I think that given my feather fall state, I should have had a chance to try to grab the metal grid on my way down. :)

<Pengo> I'll roll for him.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 1

<Pengo> Wow, double suck.

<DM> ugh

<DM> Did Icarius do anything yet?

<Mialee> Don't think so.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?


<Icarius> run and hide

<Mialee> I'll cast another MM at the same thing I hit last round.

<DM> Sorry, Icarius, Sanctuary is a cleric spell :)

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 1 = 5 + 2 = 7

<Flint> Cure Critical wounds.

<DM> on who?

<DM> you have to touch them

<Flint> MySelf.

<DM> ok

<DM> Vlix will MM one of them

*** Roll by DM: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 2 = 3 + 2 = 5

<DM> roll, Flint

*** << <Flint> << How many points does cure crit do in your world?

<DM> 4d4+11

*** Roll by Flint: 4d4+11 -> 2 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 9 + 11 = 20

<Flint> I feel better.

<DM> Jozlan, Icarius, you can cast if you want to.

> Icarius casts sleep on the bug people

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5

<Mialee> Bug people are so much fun. :)

<DM> Unfortunately, your sleep spell has no effect.

<Icarius> darn

<DM> ok, then, the bugs attack Mialee, Flint, Icarius and Vlix

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 12 + 6 = 18

<DM> 1 hit on flint

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 7

<DM> sorry, that was mialee

<Mialee> Ouchie.

<DM> on Flint

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 17 + 1 = 18

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 1

<DM> Icaraius

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 3 + 4 = 7

<DM> on Vlix

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 17 + 20 = 37

*** Roll by DM: 2d8 -> 7 + 8 = 15

<Mialee> Oof.

<DM> Vlix falls into a pit, suffering further damage from the fall:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

<Mialee> Vlix is out of it.

<DM> luckily, he has fallen into the same cell as Jozlan is caught in

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 3:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

*** >> <Jozlan> >> Jozlan: ccw on Vli would be really good right now. :)

<Mialee> MM

<Jozlan> csw on vlix

<Mialee> Same guy as before.

<Icarius> i'm just going to parry

<DM> 2d6+5, Joz

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 2 + 3 = 5 + 5 = 10

<Mialee> Do I do my MM now?

<DM> yes

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 1 = 4 + 2 = 6

<DM> Aaaaqieeeh! He's hurtin'

*** << <Pengo> << I'm out now, right?

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: yes

*** << <Pengo> << And can attack?

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: yes and backstab even

> Pengo backstabs one of the creatures as if from nowhere.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8

<Pengo> Sigh.

<DM> roll to move silently

<Pengo> What do I roll for that?

<DM> %

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 90

<Pengo> Oof.

<DM> you miss

<Pengo> Yeah, I figured. :)

<DM> ok, others can attack..

<Pengo> At least I'm back up top. :)

<Flint> Did I finish tying off the rope?

<DM> yes, you can attack

<DM> and Mordin can climb this round

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> miss

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: what are you wielding?

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: hand axe or battleaxe?

<Mialee> Oh my.

*** << <Flint> << Battle Axe.

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: ok, then you miss

<Mialee> At the same time? :)

> Mordin climbs the rope.

<DM> Mordin climbs the rope

<DM> any other attacks?

<Mialee> I don't think so.

<DM> they attack back at Mialee, Flint, Pengo and Icarius

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 13 + 20 = 33

*** Roll by DM: 2d8 -> 5 + 8 = 13

<DM> Mialee takes damage

<DM> and falls into the pit

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Jeez.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 6 + 12 = 18

<DM> Flint takes damage

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 2

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 16 + 2 = 18

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 3

<DM> on Pengo

<DM> and he's knocked into the pit!

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> nope

<DM> he floats

<DM> on Icarius

> Pengo grabs for the rail to try to keep from falling in.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 8 + 12 = 20

<DM> hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 1

<Pengo> I've got to have some chance to grab at that grid bar, given the rate at which I fall. :)

<DM> ok, roll to climb walls

<DM> %

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 95

<Pengo> Sigh.

<DM> oops, you miss

<DM> and float to the bottom

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 4:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Jozlan> what the current hp situation?

<Pengo> Is it just me or are we almost all in pits now? :)

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 27 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 26 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 6 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 18 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 23 of 27

<DM> Icarius 6 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 5 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26

<Mialee> Levitate, on myself. :)

<Mialee> BTW, where is Voronda, anyway?

<DM> Flint, Icarius and Vlix are NOT in the pits. Everyone else is

<Mialee> Vlix got knocked into the pits.

<Mialee> He's at like 0 HP, too.

<Jozlan> I did csw on Vlix

<Mialee> Right, that's right, you did.

<DM> Jozlan did a quick cure on him, but yes, he IS in the pits/

<Mialee> But he's still in a pit. :)

<Mialee> So only Flint and Icarius are up top.

<DM> looks like

<Icarius> those pits are starting to look pretty good right about now

<DM> and 4 Big Bugs

<Mialee> Not sure the levitate is a great idea given that I've got only 6 HP, but someone's gotta try to take those things out. :)

<DM> though one is really hurting

<Mialee> So I'll do the levitate.

<Icarius> could you levitate mordin?

<DM> yes she could

<Mialee> Isn't Mordin climbing out though?

<Icarius> or shoot arrows from down here?

<DM> yes he is

<Mialee> Joz, do you want out? :)

<DM> she could do that too. :)

<Mialee> Yeah, I could, couldn't I? :)

<Mialee> I'll cast that levitate on Joz.

<Jozlan> yeah i'll go for it

<Mialee> Mordin's taking care of himself, so I'll help Joz out. :)

<DM> ok

<Mialee> Do I need to roll something for that? :)

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6

> Pengo starts climbing out again.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 84

<Pengo> Jeez.

<Pengo> The dice hateme. :)

<DM> it's ok, that's enough

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: your climb walls is 92%

*** << <Pengo> << Oh, yeah. :)

> Mialee goes ahead and casts that Levitate on Joz.

<DM> Joz rises to the occasion

<Mordin> Have I finished climbing out?

<DM> Mordin, yes

<Mialee> You'll have to nudge yourself so you're on the beam.

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 7

<DM> miss, Flint

<DM> and Mordin

<Mialee> Icarius could use his MM staff. :)

<Mialee> Someone needs to do some damage. :D

<Icarius> I thought it was back with paulinus still

<Mialee> Is it? I thought you got it back before this trip.

<Mialee> If not, oops on me. :)

<Icarius> I don't recall for sure

<DM> Icarius, you have the staff

<Icarius> the definitive word

> Mialee blinks.

<Icarius> ok i'd like to use it on the bug in front of me

<DM> ok

<Icarius> how many can it shoot at a time?

*** >> <Icarius> >> Icarius: it can shoot 2 per round (2d4+2

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 2 = 6 + 2 = 8

<Icarius> both on the one that's been attacking me

<DM> 1 jolts, but keeps coming

<Mialee> These guys are tough.

<DM> yes, they are

*** << <Mialee> << I'm guessing we'll wrap for the night after this fight? :)

<Mialee> I think that's everyone for this round.

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: yeah, I think so

<DM> they attack back

<DM> 1 each at Flint, Mordin, Jozlan and Icarius

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 16 + 11 = 27

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 8

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 3 + 3 = 6

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 4 + 8 = 12

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 4 + 6 = 10

<Mialee> Whew.

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 4

<Mialee> Oops.

<Mialee> Thought Ic had gotten away clean. :)

<DM> Ic took 4, he's down to 2

<DM> +5 for Talos

<Mialee> The fall into the pit would probably kill him, or I'd suggest dropping in. :D

<Mialee> Fling MMs from there. :D

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 5:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Flint> Is Ic close to me?

<Mialee> Do I have an MM left? My list shows I do, but I'm not convinced.

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: you have 1 left

<Mialee> MM at the guy I've been hitting so far.

<DM> go ahead

<Jozlan> can I do anything this round?

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 1 = 4 + 2 = 6

*** >> <Jozlan> >> Jozlan: sure

*** << <Pengo> << Am I up to the top this round or next?

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: next

<DM> mialee drops a bug!

<Mialee> Yay.

<Jozlan> am I close enough to icarius to heal him?

<DM> yeah,

<DM> go ahead

> Jozlan casts cure critical on icarius

<DM> Flint, Mordin, and Icarius are on top

*** Roll by Jozlan: 4d4+11 -> 2 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 11 + 11 = 22

<DM> he's back up to snuff

<DM> and Joz is on top

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> 1 ea on Flint, Mordin, Joz and Icarius

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 8 + 17 = 25

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 5

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 20 + 10 = 30

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 6

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 19 + 1 = 20

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 6

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 9 + 13 = 22

*** Roll by DM: 2d8 -> 7 + 8 = 15

<DM> yikes

<Pengo> Ouch for Ic.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 11 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 6 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 18 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 17 of 27

<DM> Icarius 621 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 5 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26

<Mialee> Icarius has 621? :)

<Mialee> Coolness. :)

<DM> Icarius 61 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Icarius 6 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<Mialee> Heh.

<Mialee> The DM giveth and the GM taketh away. :)

<Flint> Still 61 is pretty good.

<Mialee> Now our guys up top can go. :)

<DM> yes

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14

<DM> sorry, Mordin, this is an odd round

<DM> 7 misses

<DM> Joz, Flint and Ic

> Mialee hopes Ic's MM this round can take down the guy he's after.

<Mordin> I started my attacks last round, I thought it went 1, 2, 1, 2.

<DM> Mordin, you get 2 attacks on even rounds

<Mordin> Okay.

> Icarius uses the mm staff

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 3 = 6 + 2 = 8

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 7

<DM> Flint and Ic

<Icarius> mm staff

<Icarius> above

<Flint> I rolled a 7.

<DM> right, sorry

<Jozlan> and i'll csw icarius

<DM> jeesh, I'm tired

<Mialee> Well, when this fight is over, you can sleep. :D

<Mialee> Hint, hint. ;)

<DM> ok, go Joz

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 2 + 4 = 6 + 5 = 11

<Mialee> <DM> Suddenly the bug creatures all fall over dead for no apparent reason.

<Jozlan> hehe

<Jozlan> can of raid +3

<Mialee> ROTFL

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 6:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing. :)

<Icarius> mm staff

<Jozlan> melee

<Flint> Melee.

> Mialee readies an arrow.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6

*** << <Pengo> << Can I backstab?

<DM> There are 3 bugs

> Mialee fires an arrow at the bug Icarius has been hammering.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: not anymore

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

> Pengo attacks the nearest bug to him.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 7

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14

<Pengo> Man, the dice suck tonight. :)

<Mialee> Note to self: load the virtual dice. :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13

<DM> Mordin hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 7 + 6 = 13

*** << <Mialee> << I get two arrows a round, right?

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: yes

*** << <Mialee> << Let me know when I get to fire the next one. Can't remember when in the round I do that. :)

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: after the bugs attack

<DM> the bugs attack

*** << <Mialee> << Right, right.

<DM> Flint Joz and Pengo

<Mialee> Ic hasn't done his staff yet.

<DM> Ic, go with the staff

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 4 = 8 + 2 = 10

<Jozlan> I haven't attacked either

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12

<Mialee> Can't ask for a prettier MM than that. :)

<DM> hit Joz

<Icarius> thanks for loading the dice

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<Mialee> I think I scared 'em. :)

<Mialee> Now the bugs go :)

<DM> Jozlan drops one

<Mialee> Yay :)

<DM> ok, the bugs attack Flint and Pengo

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 8 + 12 = 20

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 6

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 6 + 9 = 15

<DM> miss

<Pengo> Whew :)

> Mialee shoots at the bug on Pengo.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 7:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing this round, thanks. :)

<Icarius> nothing

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

> Pengo attacks the bug on him.

<DM> your shots

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11

> Mialee shoots at the bug on Pengo.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

<DM> miss

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 16

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 9

<DM> mordin hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 7 + 6 = 13

<DM> Mordin puts a serious hurt on one

<Mialee> Joz?

> Jozlan attakcs

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 18


*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> Jozlan knocks one into a pit!

<Mialee> Hopefully not an occupied one. :)

<DM> no

<DM> there's only one left on top

<Flint> Did I hit?

<DM> Flint, No

*** Roll by DM: 1d5 -> 5

<DM> it goes after Pengo

<Pengo> Figures. :)

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 19 + 8 = 27

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 7

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 8:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Mialee> Wait...

<Flint> Melee.

<Mialee> I get a second shot from last round. :)

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> only 2 can attack in meelee

<Mialee> For all that does. :)

<DM> nah

<Mialee> Nothing to cast this round. :)

<DM> on the one bug

<Mordin> I've got him.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: but Pengo could backstab

*** << <Pengo> << Cool, he'll do that. :)

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> you go

> Mialee shoots at the one up top

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19

<Mialee> Bah.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 17

*** << <Pengo> << What do I roll? :)

<DM> hit hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 6 + 6 = 12

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 4 + 6 = 10

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: d20

<Pengo> Woof.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 3

<Pengo> Sigh.

<Mordin> I told you that I had him. :)

<DM> no worries, Mordin drops him into a pit

<Mialee> Can they climb? :)

<DM> that one is dead, tho the other one that dropped earlier is alive.

<Mialee> Gotta finish it off.

<Mialee> Where is it in relation to everyone?

<Mialee> Can I shoot it a few times? :)

<DM> Not from where you are, but you could from up top.

> Pengo shoots at it with an arrow.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11

<Pengo> I'm up top already. :D

<DM> miss

<Pengo> Sigh. :)

<Mialee> I need a rope or something to get out of here. :D

<Icarius> so it's not like shooting bugs in a pit after all

<DM> ....

<Pengo> Can I keep shooting? :)

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: try again?

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> hit, dead

<Pengo> There we go :)

<Pengo> Are there any more bad guys of any kind threatening us right now?

<DM> not now, no.

<DM> has everyone refreshed?

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 5 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 6 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 11 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 17 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 5 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26

> Pengo ties his rope around one of the columns and tosses the end down to Mialee.

> Mialee uses the rope to climb out.

<Mialee> I've refreshed.

<DM> ok, it's 11:00 PM here, so this is probably a good stopping point.

> Pengo uses the rope to help everyone get out of the pits, then fetches it back into his pack.

<Pengo> Yeah.

<DM> good.

<DM> we can pick it up here in 2 weeks?

<Mialee> I can. :)

<Flint> Yes

<Mialee> Gonna take off. Night all. Had fun :)

<DM> 5 feb then?

<Mialee> Yep.

<Jozlan> good for me

<DM> good, see you gents later!


<DM> Spells: Used:


<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,1,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 0,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 2

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 0,0

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion 0


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 1

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1 0


January 5, 2006


<DM> It is noon on the 26th of June. You've just finished reversing an ambush, and discovered the infamous Slave Pits. Is this where the nefarious slavers have taken Lady Elannie and her handmaidens?





<DM> The book of spells and maps for the CURRENT SESSION are at:



<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 5 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 6 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 11 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 17 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 5 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26



<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> ======================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,1,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 0,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 2

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 0,0

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion 0


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 1

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1 0

<Mialee> Have we all managed to get out of the pits, those that were in them?

<DM> Yes, you are all able to get out.

<Pengo> Flint, Mialee, and Vlix all desperately need healing.

> Jozlan casts csw on flint and vlix

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 6 + 3 = 9 + 5 = 14

<Pengo> Most of us need help, but they're the worst off.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 2 + 6 = 8 + 5 = 13

> Flint casts Cure Serious Wounds on Pengo.

<Flint> Sorry, Mialee.

<Mialee> :)

*** Roll by Flint: 4D4+11 -> 4 + 2 + 3 + 3 = 12 + 11 = 23

<Mialee> Ahhh.

> Mialee bows to the good dwarf.

<DM> That should be a 2d6+5, FLint

<Mialee> Heh.

<Flint> Feeling better /roll 2d6+5

<DM> what you rolled was a Cure Critical

*** Roll by Flint: 2d6+5 -> 5 + 4 = 9 + 5 = 14

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 19 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 20 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 11 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 17 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26


<Mialee> Not as good as that first one, but it sure helps. :)

<Jozlan> i think we should check out that guy down in the pit

<Pengo> I wouldn't mind some healing, but I know we need to use them wisely.

<Mialee> That's a good idea.

<DM> The beams over the pits are only 6 inches wide, so I'll assume you moved back into the hallway to do the healing, etc.

> Pengo walks out across the beams to the pit containing the prisoner and looks down into it.

<DM> You see the man sitting with his hands around his knees, not making a sound.

<Pengo> How big are the pits?

<DM> he occasionally gives a furtive glance around.

<DM> Basically 10x10 and 15 ft deep

> Pengo ties his rope to the beam he's standing on and tosses it into the pit.

<Pengo> "Pardon me, sir, are you all right?"

<DM> no response.

> Pengo drops down into the pit, floating gently.

<DM> DM rolls privately

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 100

<DM> Pengo is surprised by plummeting straight to the hard stone floor.

<Pengo> Oh!

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> take 2 dam

<Pengo> That's weird. It worked earlier in this room...

> Pengo examines the man.

<Pengo> What does he look like? Is he bound?

*** <Vlix> has entered the room.

<DM> He is breathing normally

<DM> Hi VLix!

<DM> he seems like he's close to catatonic, though.

<Pengo> I wonder if this cell has some kind of magic dampening or something.

<Pengo> It would explain my ring not working in this cell but working in that other one I fell into.

*** <Owen> has entered the room.

<DM> OTOH, he doesn't look as OLD as you thought him at first.

<Pengo> How long have you been here, sir?

<Pengo> Is he tied up?

<Owen> I'm at work - so, multi-tasking

<DM> He starts, and looks at you, and whispers "No, please not any more..."

> Pengo looks surprised.

<Pengo> Not any more what, sir?

<Pengo> If you'd like, we can help you get out of this cell.

<DM> lemme post the stats for Sean's sake. standby

<DM> It is noon on the 26th of June. You've just finished reversing an ambush, and discovered the infamous Slave Pits. Is this where the nefarious slavers have taken Lady Elannie and her handmaidens?





<DM> The book of spells and maps for the CURRENT SESSION are at:


<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 22 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 20 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 9 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 20 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26



<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> ======================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,1,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 1,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 4

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 0,0

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion 0


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 1

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1 0

> Pengo asks the prisoner again, "What have theyh been doing to you here, sir?"

<DM> He looks closer at you, (Pengo) and says: "You're... you're not one of them are you?

> Vlix rolls his eyes, "duh - he's been tortured."

<Pengo> Not that I know of... We're on a rescue mission. We're here looking for someone that was abducted by these... people.

> Mialee gives Vlix a gentle shove on Pengo's behalf.

<DM> "rescue??? "

*** <Alt-DM> is now known as <oldman>

<oldman> c'can you take me with you?

<Pengo> Yes, sir. We're here looking for a princess (DM: assume I used the right word if I'm mistaken -- it's been so long, I've forgotten who we're looking for :), but we'd be glad to help you.

<Pengo> May I ask who you are, sir, and if you know anything of the other prisoners?

<oldman> My name is Marsten, and I was kidnapped oh, it must be months now

*** <oldman> is now known as <Marsten>

<Pengo> Where are you from, sir?

<Pengo> If I may ask.

<Marsten> I've sort of lost track down here in the dark

<Pengo> I understand.

<Marsten> I'm from Gaent.

<Marsten> I was on a merchant ship that was attacked by pirates.

<Marsten> they took us all away to this gods-forsaken place

<Pengo> What happened to the others? Do you know?

<Marsten> they move people around here fairly quickly,

<Marsten> they come and go pretty regular.

> Pengo nods.

<Pengo> Are you strong enough to stand and walk, Marsten?

<Marsten> I don't know where they go-- I think they feed em to the bugs

> Pengo shudders.

<Marsten> I think so. Do you have anything to eat? I can't remember the last tiem I had anything to eat.

<Pengo> Why did they keep you here so long?

<Pengo> We have provisions along; I'm sure we can spare some.

<Marsten> I'm not really sure.

<Pengo> Strange.

<Marsten> I'm not very strong.

<Marsten> maybe they thought I wasn't worth taking away.

<Pengo> Tie the rope around your waist.

*** << <Vlix> << this guy really looks starved?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: yes

> Pengo calls up to the others, "Once he's tied himself off, pull him up!"

<DM> he does so

<Mialee> I'm pretty sure I'm not strong enough to do it by myself. :)

<DM> on closer examination, the man looks only in his early 30s

*** << <Vlix> << do we use thief's cant in this game?

> Mordin pulls him up.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: yeah, but remember, it's a form of slang, not a separate language.

<Pengo> Once you have him, drop the rope back down. Easier than trying to shimmy up the bars.

*** << <Vlix> << I want to tell Pengo this guy probably wouldn't be alive unless he knoew something valuable.

> Mordin unties Marsten and drops the end of the rope to Pengo.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: you could probably do that.

> Pengo grabs it and climbs up.

*** << <Vlix> << so... do you tell him or me?

> Mialee gives Marsten some food and water.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: you can /sen to him, and say a "public" version :)

<Marsten> Th-Thank-you mistress.

> Mialee smiles.

> Vlix says something vaguely unintelligeable to Pengo

<DM> Mialee notices some black and blue marks on his arms

> Flint casts Cure Serious Wounds on Pengo.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: exactly :)

> Icarius disbelieves that he's actually a 30 year old man

*** Roll by Flint: 2D6+5 -> 4 + 3 = 7 + 5 = 12

<Icarius> what do i have to roll for that?

> Mialee indicates the marks and asks, "What happened to cause those marks, Marsten?"

<Pengo> Thank you, Flint.

<DM> Ic, roll a saving throw d20

<Marsten> They beat us regularly, just for sport

> Mialee winces.

<Marsten> except for the better looking women.

<Marsten> them they just frighten.

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d20 -> 2

<Owen> who's watching?

<DM> He still looks like a very dirty, unkempt, half-starved, beaten man in his 30s.

<DM> The Ranger ;)

<Owen> are we in a row of cells?

<Mialee> Marsten, there's no exit the way we came from, so you're going to have to come with us.

<Mialee> We're above the cells; they're pits in the floor.


<DM> you're actually currently in that long hallway.

<DM> in front of the open door to the south.

> Pengo looks through that door.

<Pengo> What's in there?

<Icarius> ok, the door in 18B was locked, but now is unlocked right?

<DM> Yes

<DM> That's where two of the bugs came from

<Icarius> shall we check that room then?

<Owen> ah.. thanks for the log - question: did the weevils wobble but they didn't fall down?

> Mialee grunts irritatedly.


<DM> That's the current map

*** << <Pengo> << Pengo is going to be keeping an eye on Marsten.

<Marsten> ok, you know the way out?

<Icarius> not yet

<Icarius> do you?

<Mialee> Well, we know there is a way out.

<Owen> I suppose Marsten will have to march next to Icarius

<Mialee> And keep his head down.

<Pengo> So, is there anything in the room 18B?

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: you taking point?

<DM> You see a small 10x10 room, sparsely furnished. On the west wall are a large number of levers. Above them on the wall is a horizontal slit in the wall. There is a door in the east wall.

*** << <Flint> << No Mordin is.

> Pengo looks through the slit.

<Pengo> View into the cell room, right?

<Vlix> need a boost?

<DM> The slit is too high for him to look through

> Mialee looks through the slit.

<DM> Looking through the slit gives you a clear picture of the pits.


> Mialee flips one of the levers.

<Mialee> I presume these are cell ceiling controls.

<DM> The lever is hard to move, but

<DM> you do barely manage to move one, and hear some metallic clanking, and see one of the pits close up.

<Vlix> were all the pits cleared?

> Pengo checks the door to the east for traps.

<Mialee> They were all empty except Marsten's.

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps

> Pengo opens the door.

<Vlix> Marsten - do you know if this was the only place where prisoners were kept?

<DM> Directly outside the door to the east is a stairway leading south, descending 15 ft or so.

<Pengo> Descending? Interesting.

<Marsten> I think they kept others some other place. Where I was was the dumping grond for new arrivals.

<Icarius> down to the pits probably

<Pengo> Could be.

<Pengo> Do we check it out or move on?

<Marsten> at least, that's where I went, and I never left that pit.

<Vlix> I'll go, and come right back.

<Mialee> Let me come with you, just in case.

<Mialee> I think Icarius is right that these go to the pits, but on the off chance he's mistaken...

<DM> ...

> Mialee heads down the stairs.

<Icarius> right, there could be something down there

<DM> It empties onto a platform of sorts. To the west is a broad stone stairway leading down an additional 6 feet.

<DM> To the north is a passageway which narrows after 10', but seems to open up into a small area to the north.

<DM> Mounted along the ceiling are a series of large mechanical pistons and springs, which penetrate the western wall.

<Mialee> Weird.

> Icarius looks around for notes or paperwork in the room

<Mialee> Do the pistons point upward, or...?

> Vlix looks for secret doors, hatches

<DM> The pistons run parallel to the ceiling.

<Vlix> careful to avoid being too close to pistons and springs.

<Mialee> Curious.

<DM> refresh

<Mialee> Refresh what, exactly? :)

<Vlix> map

<Mialee> I don't see anything changed on the sewer.html page. :)

<Owen> 19c?

<DM> just a sec

<Mialee> Ah, I had to force reload for it to show up.

> Vlix continues looking

<Mialee> Oh... this is the mechanism for opening and closing the cell roofs.

<Mialee> I bet.

<Vlix> looking for anything interesting...

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> Vlix, are you going north, or staying at the landing

<DM> ?

> Mialee goes north to look around in the northern part of the chamber.

<Vlix> I want to explore that room

<DM> the southern end of the west wall is a broad stair going down.

<Mialee> We should get the others down here. There's more to see than we expected.

<DM> crap

<Mialee> Hm?

<Vlix> go ahead and get them - I'll keep watch

> Mialee goes back up the stairs to fetch the rest of the party.


> Vlix continues to explore

<DM> TextWrangler jsut dumped my two documents.

<Icarius> ouch

<Vlix> TextMangler then

<DM> no kidding.

<DM> I need to recover the hit points, just a sec.

<Mialee> Ick.

<DM> why not take 3?

<Vlix> a break?

<DM> yeah

<DM> a short one.

<Vlix> ok - gotta move some equipment

<Vlix> in a jiffy

<Vlix> jiffy up?

<DM> bak

<DM> whenever y'all are ready.

<Pengo> I am.

<Vlix> lets roll

<Flint> Okay.

*** << <Vlix> << Vlix doesn't wait for Mialee to return with the others - continues exploring/searching

<DM> BTW, Icarius, you didn't find any kind of paperwork or other interesting stuff in the room above.

> Mialee returns upstairs to get the others, so we can continue our exploration.

> Jozlan rolls

<Mialee> I'm not sure how much is down there, but there's enough that we should stick together.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: you enter a small chamber, with the piston/crank arrangements on the ceiling, and a hobbit chained to the wall

> Mialee leads them down the stairs.

> Vlix looks around, when certain nothing amiss, approach the hobbit

<Pengo> What hobbit?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: he flinches a little.

<Owen> so much for /action

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: and stares at you.

<DM> refresh again.

*** << <Vlix> << say to the hobbit, "gently halfling, I am here to help you... is there anything else in here?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: he shakes his head no.

<DM> The rest of the party collects at the bottom of the stairs.

> Mialee heads into 19C (north) to have a look.

*** << <Vlix> << "alright, I am going to free you - my companions are close at hand

*** << <Vlix> << try to free him, picks if necessary

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: he is chained by the ankle

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: roll

*** << <Vlix> << locks or pins?

*** << <Vlix> << 1d6 or perc

<DM> %

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 33

<Mialee> Who needs to roll that?

<Vlix> me

<DM> sorry, that was for Vlix

<Mialee> Ah.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: You are able to spring the lock

*** << <Vlix> << as I finish picking, I'll hand him my water flask

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: the hobbit looks at you warily.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: which he gratefully accepts.

<Mialee> So, anything in the north part?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: "You look like an elf, but I've never seen one with such dark skin before."

<Vlix> I'll call out loud "here is another..."

<Vlix> That's because I'm not your every day lightwalker.

> Mialee has no idea what Vlix is talking about.

<Vlix> sorry - assumed you'd be arriving about now after hearing me call... and said it out loud so you'd ?hear" it.

<Mialee> So, when I walked into the north part of the room, did I see anything? :)

<Mialee> When did you call?

<DM> You see Vlix talking to a hobbit.

<Mialee> Oh, when did that happen?

<Vlix> <Vlix> I'll call out loud "here is another..."

<Mialee> Another what?

> Mialee is really confused.

<Mialee> I think you guys are assuming you said something out loud that you didn't. :)

<DM> while you went upstairs to get the others, Vlix entered the northern chamber

<Mialee> Uh-huh... then I came downstairs and went that way myself, but nobody told me what happened next. :)

<DM> a little timewarp.

<Mialee> The next thing I know, I hear "here is another." Something's missing in the middle. :)

<Vlix> when you came down - I called out.

<Mialee> Not aloud. :)

<Vlix> yes I did/

<DM> ANYWAY.....

<Mialee> There's "here is another," but another what? :)

<Mialee> That makes it sound like you've already said, "Hey, here's a <something or other>". :)

<DM> Vlix found a hobbit chained to the wall in the northern chamber

<Mialee> Ah. :)

> Pengo heads north upon hearing this, to check out this hobbit.

> Vlix scrutinizes the new hobbit while breaking off some ration and handing it to him.

<DM> he gobbles it down hungrily.

<Vlix> Who are you and how came you to be here?

> Pengo takes a look at the hobbit and asks, "What's your name?"

<Pengo> Sorry. Kind of excited to meet another hobbit. :)

<DM> "My name is Troby Longhand"

> Owen maintains watch

<Pengo> How'd you wind up down here?

> Pengo takes a look at the chains while talking to Troby.

<Vlix> I've already freed him.

<Pengo> Oh. Nobody mentioned that. :)

<DM> I was minding my own business at my favorite watering hole.

<DM> and on the way home, got knocked on the back of the head, and the next thing I know, I'm in the cargo bay of a ship.

*** << <Vlix> << in thief cant I'll say "and then what happened?"

<DM> And then I end up in this awful place.

<Pengo> Where was that watering hole?

<DM> I think the only reason they didn't beat me to death was that they found out that I was pretty handy with these here contraptions.

<Pengo> The cell controls?

<DM> County Highwall in Gaent.

<DM> Yeah, they control the trap doors.

> Mialee looks at Marsten. Familiar with that place?

<DM> Pretty clever, really, but they constantly break down, and have to be fixed.

<Marsten> I've been there, but not recently\

<Pengo> What do you do for a living, Troby?

<DM> I am a maker of fine time-telling pieces.

> Pengo nods.

<Vlix> alright, let's get back upstairs

<Pengo> Have we gone down the short stairs to the west yet?

<DM> no

<Mialee> Let's check that out first, then.

<Mialee> Mordin, care to take the lead?

*** << <Vlix> << as soon as situation permits, I'll ask Troby if he knows anything about Marsten (secretly).

> Mordin heads down.

<Vlix> alright, I'll help Troby up.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo goes with Mordin.

<DM> the stairs only go down another 5-8 feet,

<DM> and open into a large room lined with more (conventional) cells.

<DM> refresh

<DM> sorry, try that again. :)

*** << <Vlix> << specifically, I want to know if Troby has overheard anything.

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: he replies that all he knows is that Marsten has been there as long as he has.

<DM> This large room is filled with 2 rows of cells

<DM> whose bars reach from floor to ceiling

<DM> each has a door with a heavy locking mechanism.

<DM> on the floor of the cells, you see some straw and wooden bowls.

<DM> most of the doors are swinging open,

> Icarius goes down and looks around for any paperwork or records

<DM> but one in the SW corner is closed, and there is the form of a person laying on the floor.

> Vlix delivers Troby to Owen and then returns to the party downstairs.

<Mialee> Is that the only one with someone in it?

<DM> no, the one in the NW corner has the slumped figure of a dwarf

> Mialee goes to the person in the southwest corner and takes a look.

<Pengo> Might the dwarves like to check on their fellow dwarf?

<DM> Icarius doesn't find any paperwork, but does notice the two doors in the east wall.

*** << <Pengo> << Is it just me, or does it feel like we're exploring this place backward? I can't shake the feeling that these cells were supposed to be some of the last things we found here. :)

<DM> and also notes that the room goes another 15 feet past where you can curretnly see.

<DM> on the map, that is.

> Flint heads for the Dwarf.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: hmmm. :)

> Mordin follows.

*** << <Vlix> << please let me know when Vlix returns

*** << <Pengo> << I know you didn't expect us to find the secret door in the sarcophagus. :)

<Icarius> hey, there's a couple more doors in the east wall

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: he's back. Is owen watching on the stairs?

> Owen continues to watch the back

<Mialee> Well, let's check on these folks first.

> Mialee looks at the person in the southwest corner. Can I tell who or what they are?

<Vlix> one at a time, let's take it slow.

<DM> It seems to be a human woman.

<Mialee> Hello? Are you all right?

<DM> she seems to be weepping silently, and drily, as if she's used up all her tears.

<Mialee> Pengo, come here. Can you open this lock?

> Pengo bustles over and starts trying to pick the lock on the woman's cell.

<DM> roll %

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 4

<DM> it opens easily.

> Mialee goes into the cell and kneels next to the woman.

<Mialee> How long have you been in here?

<DM> She flinches away

<Mialee> I'm not here to hurt you.

<DM> She looks at you in the face, and heaves a trembling sigh.

<Mialee> We're here on a rescue mission. We haven't found the person we're here to rescue yet, but we're rescuing everyone we can.

<DM> But her face wrinkles in emotional pain, and she starts sobbing agin.

<Vlix> maybe some water will help her.

> Mialee offers the girl some water.

<Mialee> What does she look like?

<DM> "Wh..who are you hear to rescue?"

*** << <Mialee> << I don't remember -- help me :)

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: lady Elannie and her handmaidens.

<Mialee> We're here for Lady Elannie and her attendants.

<DM> With that she bursts into another round of dry tears.

<DM> "Oh, noooo, what is to become of Lady Elannie? "

> Mialee looks at her with concern.

<Mialee> What do you mean?

<DM> "They took her away, they took her away..."

<Mialee> You're one of her handmaidens?

<DM> "y-yes, I was...."

<Mialee> When did they take her? Do you know where they went?

<DM> "I think... it was a few days ago, but there is no way to tell time here."

<Mialee> Do you have any idea where they went with her?

<DM> They took her and Ann-Marie, and Belinda and Charissa then,

<DM> "And then they came for the rest of them just a few hours ago."

<Mialee> Just a few hours ago? Hm.

<DM> "No, I have no idea where they went"

> Mialee looks to Vlix.

<Mialee> The caravan left two days ago. I think Lady Elannie is with it.

<Mialee> We need to hurry.

<Vlix> Owen thought as much - well, we need to hurry.

<Mialee> The timing can't be coincidental.

<Mialee> What's your name, dear?

<DM> "M...My name is Francine"

<Mialee> My name is Mialee. You're one of the people we were sent to rescue. Do you think you can walk?

<DM> "Y-yes, I think I can."

> Mialee helps Francine up.

<Mialee> Are you hungry? Thirsty?

<Vlix> Very well - now for the dwarf

> Pengo whispers to Vlix, "We're going to need to find more provisions if we keep rescuing people.

<Vlix> I'll pick that locki if neccessay

<DM> "Thirsty. I'm very Thirsty"

> Mialee gives Francine some water.

<Vlix> Pengo, I'll tighten my belt for these people for now.

> Pengo nods solemnly.

<DM> Vlix, the dwarf's cell is locked also.

<Pengo> Still, we need to keep our eyes open. If nothing else, we'll need more water.

<Vlix> I'm sure there are stores to be found somewhere.

<Vlix> what about the main storeroom we were in?

<Vlix> Where we fought the weasels and the thief?

<Mialee> Yes, there were rations there.

<Vlix> problem solved.

<Pengo> Would it be safer for everyone if we had the people we rescue go wait there, or do we need to keep them with us?

<Pengo> I don't mind either way, just trying to think of what would be best for them.

<Pengo> We could go back and get them once we clear this place out, maybe.

<Pengo> On the other hand, you never know...

<DM> The young woman exclaims "Oh please don't keave me here!"

<Pengo> Then we won't.

*** << <Pengo> << How much room is left in my Bag of Holding? Do you know?

*** << <Pengo> << I'm thinking of zipping back and grabbing rations and water and stuffing it in there. :)

<Vlix> We'll march a staggerd formation then, survivors in the middle behind Ic - I suggest we leave Vlix only in the rear for now.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: I would guess about 1/3 of its capacity. I'd have to check to be sure.

<Pengo> Let me go back to the storage area and fetch some rations. I can load up my Bag with provisions.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: there'd be room for that.

<Vlix> Unless you want Vlix to scout

> Pengo heads off do to that while the others attend to our new companions.

> DM rolls privatelY

<Vlix> ok, lets help the Dwarf

> Mialee checks in with the dwarves.

<Icarius> there's still a couple dorrs down here we haven't checked

> Mordin opens the cell door.

> Vlix watches Francine...

<Mialee> Yes, but let's deal with the rescues first.

<DM> The dwarves are in front of the cell with a single dwarf in it.

<DM> he seems to be semi-conscious, groaning a bit, as if in pain.

*** >> <Mordin> >> Mordin: are ya there, MOrdin?

*** << <Mordin> << Yes.

*** << <Pengo> << Let me know what if anything happens on my way back to the crates. Once I'm there, I'll try to gather up as many provisions as I can.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 68

*** << <Mordin> << (05:46 PM) > Mordin opens the cell door.

*** >> <Mordin> >> Mordin: sorry, missed that. But the cell is locked.

*** << <Mordin> << BBLG

<DM> What is vlix rolling for?

<DM> go ahead, Mordin.

<DM> If it was to pick the lock, he failed.

<Vlix> I said ealier I was going to pick the lock if necessary - so it was "in case I needed to" roll.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D100 -> 33

<DM> And unfortunately, so does Mordin.

<Mialee> Guess we shouldn't have let Pengo take off. :)

<DM> Owen might give it a try. :)

<Vlix> Owen isn't there.

> Mialee wonders if maybe keys are kept in one of the rooms to the east.

<Mialee> Why isn't Owen with us?

<Vlix> He's watching the way in - covering the back.

<DM> He's still watching the exit up on the stairs, right>

<DM> ?

<Mialee> Gotcha.

<DM> right.

<Vlix> He's also guarding Marsten and the hobbit

<Mialee> Shall we look through those doors, see if keys are stored in one of those rooms?

> Flint tries to force the door.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D100 -> 100

<Mialee> I don't think you succeeded. :)

<Flint> NOT today!

<Vlix> go ahead - I'll try spiking the lock open with my trusty hammer and spike - if I can wedge it, it may be easier force.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: you get back to the other room, and root around in the crates, etc.

*** << <Pengo> << Do I find suitable provisions?

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: but don't really find any rations in 10 minutes of searching. It's mostly other caravan goods.

<Vlix> Dwarves - forget the door for now, try to bend some bars.

> Mordin goes to get Owen.

<DM> Mordin already tried that.

*** << <Pengo> << Really? The description of the crates' contents on the web site specifically says "Others contain traveling rations and other dry foodstuffs."

<Flint> As did I.

<Vlix> I hought he tried to force the door.

<Vlix> sorry.

*** << <Pengo> << So either we were mistaken when we searched them before, or there are rations in there. :)

<Flint> That is the only way we can force the door. :)

<Vlix> Ok, Owen will come if called

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: my bad. Ok, you find some rations. but no water.

*** << <Pengo> << Hm. Okay. I grab what rations I can stuff into the bag and head back to rejoin the others. Let me know when I make it back. :)

> Mialee opens the northern of the two doors in the east wall.

<Owen> time passes - am I there?

<DM> yes

<Vlix> Mialee - one tactical situation at a time...

<DM> Mialee - This room has tables and shelves neatly piled with clothing, dried rations, manacles, whips, rope, branding irons, and tuns of wine.

<Mialee> Anybody in there?

> Owen BBLG's

*** Roll by Owen: 1d100 -> 59

<DM> ok

<DM> sorry, nope

<DM> Mialee, no.

<Mialee> Any sign of water, or is it all wine?

<Vlix> lol, Pengo ran off for nothing.

<Mialee> Boy, guess we didn't need to send Pengo away. :)

<Icarius> hehe

<DM> no water, but the wine is pretty weak.

<Mialee> Well, it's better than nothing.

<DM> and pretty sour.

<Mialee> Ick.

<Owen> anyone got a knock?

<DM> drinkable, just not the best vintage.

<Mialee> It'll still be better than nothing, I suppose.

<Pengo> I do, but Pengo will be back soon, I'm sure. Do we really want to use the knock when he can probably pick this?

<DM> Pengo arrives in the room

<Owen> Have the watchmaking hobbit give it a try.

<Pengo> Well, I found some rations, but no water.

<Pengo> I took what I could.

<Mialee> That's a good idea. Troby, can you pick a lock?

<Pengo> Pick a lock? You guys still haven't gotten in there?

<DM> "I've never tried to. I'm an honest hobbit!"

<Flint> Pengo, see if you can open the cell door.

> Pengo picks it.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 10

<DM> Troby mumbles:"Everyone thinks: 'he's a hobbit! he must be a thief!' We just don't get any respect"

<DM> meanwhile, Pengo opens the cell door.

<Flint> He makes it look so easy. :)

<Pengo> Piece of cake.

<Owen> We didn't say you weren't an honest hobbit Troby, we assumed you might be a resourcefull hobbit. But it's moot now.

> Pengo gestures to the dwarves to go on in.

<Pengo> Troby, being good with your hands is a good start toward being able to pick a lock. Trust me, I know.

<Pengo> I used to make jewelry for a living.

> Flint approaches the dwarf and addresses him in Dwarven.

<Flint> Are you okay?

<DM> He groans, and wakes up, and starts suddenly:

<DM> "Get away from me ya dirty b@stards!"

<DM> then sees Flint, and says, "What?

<DM> "are ye in with them too?"

<Flint> We mean you no harm.

<Flint> We are here on a rescue mission.

<DM> Troby says: "Sorry, who am I to question my rescuers? I apologize for any insult where none was intended, sir"

<Flint> Who are you and how did you come to be here?

<DM> Originally I'm from Bornholm, but I've been livin' in Gaent for a couple of years now.

<Flint> I am Flint, a cleric of Moradin Soul Forger.

<DM> "An' I'm pleased ta meet ya."

<Flint> That is my cousin Mordin.

<DM> "p'rhaps, friar, you could do sumpthin' about me leg, then?"

> Flint examines the leg, as well as the rest of him.

<DM> He rolls over, and you seea piece of his femur sticking out through his thigh.

<Pengo> Ow.

<DM> "They wanted ta take me with em, and I declined ta cooperate,

> Flint uses First Aid to set the leg.

<DM> " so they just decided it'd be best to keep me here, and gimme this to ensure I didn'a wander too far."

<DM> He groans softly through that procedure.

*** << <Flint> << Will a CLW heal the break?

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: it will take at least a CSW

<Flint> Besides the leg, how injured is the dwarf?

<Vlix> Can he fight?

<DM> not too bad. a couple of bruises and knots on his head.

<DM> he couldn't even walk in the condition he's in.

> Flint casts Cure Serious Wounds on the Dwarf.

<Vlix> AFTER he's healed?

*** Roll by Flint: 2D6+5 -> 3 + 4 = 7 + 5 = 12

<Flint> That's my last one.

<DM> "Thankee, kind sir. I'm feeling much better now. "

<Vlix> can you bear a weapon?

<Flint> What is your name?

<DM> "Aye"

<DM> "Gringar"

<DM> "I can handle almost any weapon, but I'm most comfortable with the mace.

> Pengo goes into the storage room and fills his bag with provisions, including the wine.

<Vlix> lets get what we can to restock from the store room and try the next door.

<Vlix> Gringar - do you know what's behind this door?

<DM> "As far as I know, it's just supplies and such"

<Flint> Gringar, do you know any thing about a princess and her maids that were here a few days ago?

> Mialee opens the southern door in the eastern wall.

<Vlix> Vlix backs her up

<DM> This room looks like the other one, except that most of the material is missing, and one of the tables is knocked over.

<Mialee> Must have left in a rush.

<Vlix> is something behind the table?

<DM> "I dunno about a Princess, but there was a bit of a fuss made over a couple of the human womenfolk that they took out of here a few days back.

<Vlix> using it for cover?

<DM> no, nothing behind the table.

*** <Marsten> is now known as <Gringar>

<Vlix> so, whats to the south?

<Flint> Those are the ones. What sort of fuss?

<Gringar> Ach, just heard them sayin' such as "She'll fetch a _high_ price" an such.

> Mialee sighs.

<Gringar> and "be careful not to damage em."

> Mialee wanders down toward the south end of this chamber, to see if there are any more cells down there.

<Vlix> c'mon Mialee - lets cheeck south

<Vlix> er, check

<DM> the eastern row of cells ends 5 feet short of the southern wall, so you can walk completely around it.

<DM> rather the western row ends 5 ft short, and the eastern row ends 10 feet short

<DM> the cells are staggered, with a total of 13 cells

<DM> refresh, if you haven't lately

<Vlix> alright, no use looking for secret doors down here... let's gp

<Icarius> ok

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: ?

> Vlix makes a pass anyway/

> DM rolls privatelY

*** Private roll: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> Actually, Vlix DOES find a secret door in the SE corner.

<Mialee> Huh.

<Vlix> "Hold on, I spoke too soon...

<Mialee> Pengo, come here and check this out.

<Vlix> Uh, I'm RIGHT THERE.

> Pengo trots over and checks the secret door for traps.

<Mialee> Hm, Vlix?

<Vlix> Vlix is a thief too.

<Mialee> Oh. I forget. :)

<Mialee> For some reason, I have it in my head that you're a fighter/mage. :)

<DM> That's ok, he normally doesn't let on. :)

<Mialee> Sorry. :)

<Mialee> Well, one of you check for traps, and let's have a look. :)

<Vlix> <sigh> look for traps, let Pengo look too if he wants and if clear, try to open when the party is ready.

<DM> Neither Penog nor VLix finds any traps. The door is of the sliding stone variety

<Vlix> do I need to roll?

<Flint> Just a minute.

> Flint checks for traps.

> Mordin does as well.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 60

<DM> they don't find any.

<Vlix> Ok, Vlix tries to open

<DM> they do manage to discover the trigger, a torch sconce.

<DM> he pulls on it, and the door slides back, and swings away.

<Vlix> anything to be seen?

<DM> refresh

<DM> Stairs going down some more, and a hallway disappearing into the dark.

> Vlix my kind of place...

<Vlix> Shall I scout ahead?

<Flint> Owen, any sign some one has been through here recently?

*** >> <Owen> >> Owen: there's nothing here that you can discern that from.

<Owen> I'll look for signs

<Owen> there are no signs of passage that I can tell.

<Vlix> c'mon Pengo, let us go into the dark together and see what is afoot.

<Pengo> Okay.

> Pengo heads on into the passage.

<DM> what are you both holding/carrying/wielding?

<Pengo> I'm wielding my sword.

<Flint> Do we want to waste time exploring or head after the princess?

<Mialee> Well, we have to find a way out of this place.

<Mialee> So that's going to require exploring.

<Vlix> sword - and I can take a torch if Pengo is concerned.

<Pengo> I wouldn't mind a torch, but I won't insist on it.

<Flint> There is still the Door in 18A.

<Vlix> we'll take one.

<DM> ok, you head down, then.

<Flint> Okay.

<DM> or-- wait until someone breaks out a torch and lights it.

<Mialee> Hm, you're right, there's still that upstairs.

<Mialee> Of course, we don't know that that's going to be an exit.

<Vlix> Pengo, carry the torch will you?

> Pengo takes the torch.

<Pengo> Let's go.

<DM> you get down to the fork in the passage that you can see.

<Vlix> at the crossway, I'm inclined to check left

<DM> to the left, the passage bends around out of sight to the east.

<DM> to the right, it goes as far as you can see and dead ends.

<Pengo> I say we check to the right first then.

<Pengo> Although if we're looking for an exit, that's not the way to go, I guess.

<Owen> alright, I have yor back.

<Pengo> Whichever you prefer, Vlix.

<Owen> check your dead end - I'll be here in case something comes from the lft.

> Pengo heads to the right and takes a look.

<Pengo> Is Owen with me or Vlix? :)

> Owen draws hoops wrong window

<Pengo> :)

<DM> It's pretty easy to tell that this is the BACK side of another secret door like the one you just came through.

> Vlix draws his second weapon

<Pengo> Does there appear to be a way to open it from this side?

<DM> Yes, there is a fairly obvious lever to push.

> Pengo returns to Vlix and tells him about it.

<Pengo> Do we open it? :)

> Vlix backs down the hallway to help Pengo

<Vlix> maybe a crack, to spy what we may - can it be done quietly?

<Pengo> How much noise did the last one make opening it?

<Vlix> put out the torch.

<Pengo> (DM)

<DM> there was some stonescraping noise, but it wasn't too loud, considering.

> Pengo opens the door to peek through.

<Vlix> Vlix is read to jump through if necessary

<DM> You see (and smell) a sewer main. (refresh)

<DM> there is a narrow walkway on your side, about 4 feet wide.

<DM> the brownish water is smelly.

<Pengo> Yuck.

<DM> to your left, it looks like there was a cave-in.

<DM> there is a regular, slow drumming sound

<Owen> Well, sewers have to go -=somewhere=- but I'd rather find something more wholesome.

<DM> echoing through the hallway.

<Pengo> I have a feeling this is going to be our way out, but I'd rather look elsewhere first.

<DM> The water level here is about 1 foot below the walkway.

<Pengo> Let's go follow the passage around to the left first.

<Pengo> (the secret passage, that is)

<Owen> maybe a waterfall? lets go back a look on other path.

<Owen> dang - wrong window again

> Pengo closes the secret door behind us and returns to head down toward the left on the secret passage.

<DM> the path bends around to the east, but it also goes sharply DOWN

<Vlix> This place is huge.

<Pengo> Sheesh, yeah.

<Pengo> How sharply down?

<DM> about a 10-20 % grade

<Pengo> Hmmm.

<Vlix> is it slippery?

> Pengo looks at Vlix.

<DM> not too bad

<Pengo> Do we really want to do this without the others?

<Pengo> I think we should go see what's across room 18A, then come back here if we need to.

<Vlix> Pengo, where is your sense of adventure and profit?

<DM> :D

> Pengo sets off down the passage.

<Pengo> (while grumbling about how nobody loves profit as much as Pengo Strongfoot, dammit)

<Vlix> if it starts to get slippery, we can spike and use a rope.

<DM> it drops about 20 feet vertical by the time it bends back to the SE, and then starts UP again.

<Vlix> proceed

> Pengo keeps walking.

<DM> You go about 150 feet total, when it bends back up to the NE a bit

> Pengo mutters, "Telling me I don't have a sense of profit." Grumble, grumble.

<DM> refresh

<DM> you've been gone about 15 minutes so far.

<Vlix> I didn't say you didn't have one, I asked where it was.

<Vlix> ok, whats here?

<DM> more passage...

<Vlix> we are scouting after all...

> Pengo keeps going.

<DM> refresh

<DM> you come to a fork

<Vlix> ok...

<Pengo> No knife or spoon?

<DM> you start to see smaller holes in the walls, floor and ceiling of this natural passageway.

> Pengo peeks into one of them.

> Vlix stops Pengo

<Pengo> What?

<Vlix> try your dagger first - then your face.

> Pengo pokes into one of the holes with his sword.

<DM> Pengo sees a pair of multi-faceted eyes staring out at him.... momentarily

<Pengo> Uh-oh.

<Pengo> We need to get out of here.

<DM> there is a scritchity sound,

<Vlix> agreed - let's go.

<DM> and then a whole bunch of scritchety sounds.

<Pengo> Crap. Run!

> Pengo turns and flees back up the passage the way we came from.

<DM> and then there is a swarm of giant ants on your heels!

<Vlix> as I run, I sheath my swords

> Pengo runs as fast as his little legs will take him.

<Pengo> Adventure enough for ya, Vlix?

<Vlix> YAH!

<Vlix> Let me know as soon as my hands are free.

<DM> which is not quite as fast as the ants' 6 legs take them. he gets about 50 ft down the passage when they catch up, and 3 of them attack in the first round.

<Pengo> Damn, damn, damn.

<Pengo> How many are there?

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 1 + 16 + 8 = 25

<DM> a bunch

<DM> one hits

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<Vlix> whats the url to the char sheets?

<Pengo> Ouch.


<Pengo> Do I get to swing back at least?

<DM> Pengo is down to 3 hp, BTW

<Pengo> What? I got healed ages ago. I have 15.

<DM> If you want to turn and stand, yes.

<DM> hrm.

<Pengo> Well, I can't outrun them, so I guess I better turn and stand.

> Pengo swings at the ant that hurt him.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10

<DM> That must be the CSW I lost

<DM> ok, 15 after the hit?

<Pengo> yes.

<Owen> wait

> Pengo yells at the top of his lungs, hoping the tunnel will carry the sound back to the others, but not holding out tons of hope for that.

<Vlix> Can Vlix out run them?

<DM> not necessarily.

<Pengo> Probably not while carrying Pengo, if that's what you're thinking.

<DM> but sometimes endurance counts for more than speed.

> Mialee peers into the darkness of the secret passage, wondering where Pengo and Vlix are.

<Mialee> They've been gone for an awful long time for just taking a quick look around.

<Icarius> yep

> Mialee fidgets worriedly.

<Vlix> what if I grab PengoYah, I was thinking about that - I want to grab Pengo and make a best effort.

<Pengo> I presume my 10 didn't hit? :)

<Flint> Maybe we better go find them.

<Mialee> I dunno... we said we'd wait here.

<DM> anyway, Pengo missed with his sword

<Pengo> Thought so.

<Mialee> If they're not back in a few minutes, maybe.

<Mialee> Although... I do hate standing around waiting.

<Mialee> What do you all think?

<Vlix> spidey senses tingling?

<Flint> You;re right, what if they come back by a different route.

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Flint> We had best stay here.

<Owen> What, got ants in your pants Mialee?

> Pengo waves his torch at the ants while waiting for his turn again. :)

<DM> Vlix, the problem with you carrying Pengo would be that the passage is very irregular, and that would cut your speed even further.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================, what will you cast?

<DM> Vlix, that is.

> Mialee steps into the passage and peers into the darkness, listening for the return of Vlix and Pengo.

<Vlix> nothing really appropriate here - all I have is MM

<Vlix> MM it is

<Vlix> wiat

*** << <Vlix> << can MM ignite oil?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: no

<Pengo> Wiat? :)

<Pengo> We're so far away, there's no way they'll hear us, is there?

<Vlix> Pengo, I think we should run if you have as many HPs as you said you do.

<Pengo> Ugh.

<Pengo> I think you're right.

<DM> so Vlix, are you acsting?

<Pengo> This round, I'll turn and run.

<Vlix> We're running

<DM> ok, then.

<DM> you run off, and you hear them chasing you, and then the sound disappears,

<DM> you're down in the lowered portion of the tunnel.

<DM> and you make it back up the hill to the intersection.

<Pengo> That was weird.

<Vlix> you ok Pengo?

<Pengo> Yeah. Thanks for that, by the way.

<Pengo> (says Pengo with much sarcasm)

<Pengo> Let's get back to the others.

> Vlix gives Pengo a pat on the head "lucky hobbit"

> Pengo returns to the secret door where the others wait.

<DM> you arrive back there.

<Mialee> There you two are!

> Pengo explains what we found.

> Vlix reports

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 30 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 20 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 15 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 27 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26

<Pengo> So, what it comes down to... do we explore the sewer, fight the giant killer ants, or go up to 18A and see what else is up there?

<Mialee> I'm inclined to go upstairs and see what else is up there before going into the sewer.

<Owen> I say we use 18A - come this way only if all others fail.

<Pengo> Me too.

<Owen> We may be able to deal with the ants if we have too.

<Owen> lets head back

<Icarius> ok, but keep in mind some combatants did escape through the door in 18A

<Mialee> Yes, let's go.

<Mialee> That's a good point. I still think we should explore there, though.

<Mialee> It's been a while -- they may have fled completely.

<Owen> are we playing for another 40 mins?

<Owen> er, 50?

<DM> that's the plan, Owen

<Mialee> Mordin, do you want to lead the way?

<Owen> march march march

<Mordin> Yes.

<DM> Pengo, you still carrying the torch?

> Mordin leads the way.

> Pengo puts it out and tucks it away.

<Pengo> Thanks for the reminder.

<DM> Ok, you make it back to the stairs leading up to 18

> Vlix chuckles... <lucky hobbit>

<Mialee> Up we go.

<DM> you get to the hallway upstairs, and see the pits, all but one of which are open.

<DM> the beams in between them are 6-8" wide.

<Mialee> Are we going to have trouble crossing, or do we need to close the rest of the pits?

<Mialee> Or at least enough to make a path?

<DM> It will take a good bit of DEXTERITY to cross safely. :)

> Mialee goes into the control room and starts flipping levers to make a safe path.

<Flint> Let's close the pits.

<Icarius> there should be a lever by the door on the other side of the beams

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 73


<DM> that wasn't too secret was it?

<Mialee> :)

> DM inserts a 'p' into his macro

<DM> you hear some whining and groaning of metal, and the traps close.

<Mialee> All right, let's go.

<Mialee> Mordin, lead the way, sir.

<DM> you make it safely across the room, and see the opening on the other end.

<DM> There is a long narrow passageway running to the SW.


<Mialee> Let's take that.

> Mordin leads the way.

> Pengo checks on our rescuees to be sure they're all holding up.

<DM> The passageway runs about 70-100 feet, and ends in a door to the south.

> Pengo checks the door for traps.

<DM> Gringer is doing great, Francine and Marstell seem a little in shock.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 1

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps.

> Pengo opens the door.

<DM> You open the door, and see a 20x20 ft room cluttered with broken and rusty weapons, rags, busted furniture, and other trash. The air smells bad, too, and stings your eyes.

<Pengo> Bad how?

<DM> There is another door in the SW corner leading S.

<Vlix> smoke?

<DM> smells slightly, I don't know, acidic?

<DM> not smoke

> Pengo goes in and searches the trash to see if there's anything interesting.

<Vlix> rusty weapons... acidic smell. humm.

<DM> anyone else going in?

<Vlix> Owen will

> Mialee is amused by Vlix volunteering Owen. :)

<DM> You find nothing interesting.

> Pengo checks the southern door for traps.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 58

<DM> He doesn't find any traps.

> Mialee joins Owen and Pengo.

> Pengo opens the door.

<Owen> sorry - multitasking

<DM> there is a small landing, and a set of steps leading down to your right.

<Mialee> Are the rest of you coming along?

<DM> This wide hallway is also apparently a sewer main.

<DM> refresh

<Pengo> Oh, goodie.

<DM> The narrow (4') walkway along the west wall is about 1 foot above the water level.

<Pengo> Does there appear to be anything over there?

<Mialee> Anyone coming?

<DM> over where?

<Pengo> On that walkway along the wall.

<Pengo> For all I know, there's a chest full of magic gold over there. :)

<DM> your infravision does make out some forms about 70 ft down the hall.

<Pengo> Toward the west?

<Pengo> Oh. I see.

<DM> possibly on both sides of the hallway.

<Pengo> Okay.

<Pengo> There's someone down that way.

<Mialee> Well, if the others would join us, we could continue. :D

<DM> While they're prepping themselves, let me go take a quick station break.

*** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM>

<Owen> I think it's a given we're all coming - we're in marching order.

<Mialee> OK.

<Owen> better chk the w wall.

<Owen> er, east I mean

<Owen> ^*&# lag

> Pengo goes down the short walkway to the east to be sure there's nothing over there.

*** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM>

<DM> There is nothing there that you can see. (refresh)

<Vlix> chk it Pengo - the wall

<Mialee> All right... Mordin, care to lead the way to the south?

> Mordin leads the way.

> Pengo looks at the walls, to be sure there aren't any more ant holes.

<Vlix> Vlix will look for a secret door too.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 99

<DM> Vlix finds nothing.

<Mialee> OK, let's keep moving then.

<Vlix> and Pengo?

> Pengo checks the wall for secret doors.

<Pengo> Don't forget, I saw something to the south.

<DM> Standard single file march order?

<Pengo> sounds good.

<Pengo> Except with our guests in the middle.

<Icarius> yeah

<Flint> Yes, unless we can fit two across.

<DM> You can't.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Single File March Order:

<DM> Mordin

<DM> Flint

<DM> Owen

<DM> Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Jozlan

<DM> Vlix

<Icarius> other between pengoand i

<Pengo> Yeah.


<DM> ok, then, off you go, down the stairs and down the hallway.

<Flint> Hi ho hi ho...

<DM> Icarius' rod illuminates the hallway pretty well, and

<Mialee> Ah, dwarf humor. :)

<DM> you can see that there is a waist-high stone wall about 60 ft down, behind which crouch a couple of orcs.

<Flint> Small, but strong. :)

*** << <Vlix> << I would have thought my infravision would be a bit better than most - being an underworlder.

<DM> across the "river" opposite the orcs, are 3 walled alcoves which also hold some orcs.

<Flint> Let's try to walk up like we belong here.

<Vlix> I say we pick them off.

<Mialee> Are there any I can hit with my bow?

<Flint> We don't have any cover.

<DM> If you want to stop and hold up traffic, you could take shots at the ones across the river.

<Mialee> Does the passage widen at all at any point that we can see?

<Mialee> We're going to have to shoot at the ones across the water.

<DM> no in theis hallway, no.

<Mialee> Hm, no, it doesn't.

<Mialee> All right, let's start with the guys on this side then.

<DM> meanwhile, the ones on your side act.

<Mialee> Although once we reach them, we're going to be stalled anyway.

<DM> roll for initiative.

<Flint> We are walking into an ambushe!

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> three kneeling orcs behind the wall fire crossbows at MOrdin.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 20 + 20 + 10 = 50

<DM> wow. 2 hit

*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<DM> and two behind them hurl some sort of container.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 19 + 17 = 36

<DM> they crash on the floor, shattering, and spill out the most vile-smelling sewage, splashing Mordin and Flint both.

<DM> Mordin and Flint, please save Vs Poison

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 9

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18

<DM> they both save, and gag but a little as the move forward.

<DM> meanwhile, the 4 orcs across the river take potshots at the line.

<Mialee> DM, are we going to get to a point where Mordin is engaging the enemy but the rest of us are stuck behind him?

<Mialee> If so, when that happens, I'll want to start shooting at the orcs across the river.

<DM> could be.

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 14 + 19 + 6 + 16 = 55

<DM> Jozlan is hit, as is Gringer.

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 4

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 3

<DM> your action.

> Mordin charges the barricade.

<Vlix> spells

> Flint charges the barricade.

<DM> you can't both charge the barricade

<DM> you're in single file.

> Mialee shoots at one of the orcs across the river.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 12

<Vlix> spells

<DM> hit, Mialee

<Mordin> When I reach it, I will lean forward to form a ramp up the barricade. Flint can run up my back.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> ok.

<Pengo> That's an interesting approach. :)

<Mordin> Standard infantry tactics.

> Owen drops his sword and draws his bow

<Vlix> Ic?

<Icarius> staff of mm

<Vlix> on?

<Icarius> on 2 of the orcs

<DM> which bank?

<Vlix> across th way or in front?

<Icarius> across the river

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<Vlix> all on one or multiple targets?

<Icarius> 2 different orcs

<DM> one rolls into the river of sewage

<Flint> Is that all that staff puts out?

<Vlix> Pengo, got missle?

> Pengo shoots at one of the orcs across the way.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 13

<Pengo> (short bow)

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> you catch one in the arm. He roars in pain

> Vlix fires MM, one ea at the 2 remaining orcs across the waY

<DM> So mordin hits the barricade, and Flint runs up over him.

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<DM> fire away, Vlix

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<Flint> I will try to leap among the orcs, leaving room for Mordin to scale the wall.

<DM> why don't you roll d20 against your dexterity. (Get low)

<Mialee> Time for another round? :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 14

<Mialee> Wait, I get two shots, right?

<DM> we're still in round 1

<Mialee> OK. Sorry, it got quiet, so I was trying to prod things along. :D

<DM> Ok, FLint you leap, and get in amongst them, but lose your footing, and spend NEXT round gettin g up, and getting whacked on.

<Flint> Okay.

<Vlix> remember, we agreed to attack in marching order to keep things easy.

<DM> as far as missile fire, I think that with all the weapons switching, you will only get one shot in this round.

<Mialee> Okay.

<DM> thanks for reminding me of that too, Vlix. :)

<Vlix> MM's do anything?

<Mialee> I forgot. :)

<DM> Yes they did, Vlix, but didn't drop any that I saw. :)

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Vlix> even the wounded one?

<Icarius> mm staff again

<Mialee> Nothing, I'll stick with the bow.

<Mialee> How many orcs do we still face on each side?

<Flint> I will get to my feet.

<DM> there is a crowd of undeterminate size on this side, and you can see at least 5 left on the other side.

<DM> at the beginning of the round, another orc steps onto the southernmost platform on the other side.

<DM> ok, missile weapons that fire twice.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15

<Vlix> Mialee

<DM> fire your first.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> hit

<Mialee> (across the river)

<DM> another orc topples into the sludge

<Vlix> splitting missle attacks?

<DM> yes,

<DM> Pengo?

<Owen> Owen

> Pengo shoots

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> that orc falls back, dead.

<DM> owen, go

<Owen> Owen shoots at target of opportunity across the river

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> miss

<Owen> Ic?

<DM> ok, spellcasters (Icarius?)

<DM> We'll get back to him.

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Owen> Pengo

<DM> pengo already killed his

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 6

<Owen> but he has 2 shots - he can't aim for another?

<Mialee> Not until later. :)

<DM> after the melee

<Mialee> Right.

<Mialee> So now Flint is getting up, and Mordin gets to go.


<DM> ok, MOrdin can go.

<Mialee> Uh-oh.

<Mialee> But? :)

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 12

> Mordin crosses the barricade.

<DM> the three across the river get to fire, but not until after melee

<Owen> ok

<DM> Mordin, You have to kill something first

<DM> or let them attack you first anyway.

<Mordin> I thought they were attacking Flint.

<DM> there's plenty of them to do that. :)

<Mordin> Okay.

<Mordin> \

<DM> there are still some in front of you.

<Mordin> \

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

<DM> well, the second one doesn't hit.

<Mialee> Does the first? :)

<DM> yes

<Mialee> Wow.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 7 + 6 = 13

<Mialee> Mordin's The Dwarf. :)

<DM> That orc goes to meet Grummsch

<Mialee> I think that orc turned into a fine mist. :)

<DM> ok, then, 4 orcs attack FLint

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 2 + 11 + 12 + 8 = 33

<DM> none hit

<DM> the lone orc across the river incants....

<Owen> lone? thought there was 3

<DM> welll the lone orc on the south platform.

<Icarius> shh

<DM> and casts...

<Pengo> Incants? That makes me nervous.

<DM> and Icarius feels a surge as his rod absorbs another charge.

<Mialee> Heh.

> Mialee bets that orc is confused.

<DM> Ic you still have your shots with the Staff

<Owen> "Thank you inanimate carbon Rod!"

<Icarius> 2 mm at 2 orcs across the river

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> you see them jolt, but they don't die.

<DM> ok, final missiles

<DM> wait, the 3 shoot first

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 3 + 3 + 2 = 8

<DM> they're scared

<DM> go ahead

<Owen> mialee

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> her mark keels over, dead as a kobold

<DM> hit, Owen

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> his target is skewered

<Owen> see - they're not scared anymore.

<Mialee> Heh

<DM> pengo?

<Owen> next round

<Owen> he killed his

<Pengo> I still get another shot. :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 4

<Pengo> Not that I'll hit anything. :)

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 4:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Vlix> nothing - I'm just watching

<Icarius> mm staff

<Flint> How did we go from round 2 to round 4?

<Vlix> no, scratch that - I'm gallantly protecting the survivors.

<DM> sorry, it should be round 3

<Flint> Melee.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> Yay :)

> Mordin climbs over the barricade.

<DM> 1st missiles? There are 2 orcs left on the other side.

> Mialee shoots.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17

<Mordin> Sorry.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> She kills that one.

<Mialee> 1 left? :)

<DM> the spellcaster

<Vlix> the incanter I think

<Mialee> Excellent.

<Vlix> pengo?

<Icarius> maybe we should let him try to incant again

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 15

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

<Vlix> he'd more likey run

<DM> Was Owen going to shoot?

<Owen> yes, was waiting my turn in the MO

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> winged him.

<DM> ok, now, those attacks on him did hit, but not until after he was able to get off his spell:

> Vlix says, stand back people, so you can be safe to the survivors.

<DM> Owen, roll a saving throiw vs. Spell.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 3

<DM> Owen, you're scared of that guy across the water. So scared, in fact that you're trembling.

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 2 + 1 + 4 = 7

<DM> (and will continue to tremble for 7 rounds)

<DM> ok, Flint you can attack.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4

<DM> BTW, you're facing about 5 orcs

<DM> miss

<Flint> That's okay, help is on the way.

<DM> MOrdin is going to lose the initiative for going over the wall this round,

<DM> so the orcs attack back.

<DM> one at Mordin.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1

<DM> he's scared too.

<DM> 5 at Flint

*** Roll by DM: 5d20 -> 18 + 5 + 1 + 16 + 6 = 46

<DM> one hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 2

<DM> Mordin attacks

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3

<DM> Believe it or not, that hits.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 4 + 6 = 10

<DM> One less orc in the world.

<DM> final missiles.

<Mialee> Where are the remaining orcs?

<Mialee> Any left across the river?

<DM> and Icarius, too I think.

<DM> the only one that you can shoot at is the incanter.

> Mialee does so.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> Ic could shoot at ones on this side, though.

> Pengo shoots at the incanter too.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 1

<Pengo> And doesn't hit him. :)

<DM> Owen CAN still shoot too, just at a disadvantage

> Icarius 2 mm at the incanter

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 2 = 6 + 2 = 8

<DM> And he toppples over, Dead.

<Mialee> Well, that's good.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 4:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Flint> Melee.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Icarius> mm staff

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<Mialee> Only a few of us can actually do anything now. :)

<DM> Owen is next in line, but he has to change weapons.

> Mialee isn't one of them. :)

<Owen> I do?

<DM> Ic, you can fire at one of the orcs in melee

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<DM> well, you're using a bow now,

<DM> I suppose you could fire into the melee

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> if you wanted to.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> good shot

<Mialee> Yeah. :)

<DM> one drops dead

<DM> ok, Mordin and Flint next, I think.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 12

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 3 + 6 = 9

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 7

<DM> which axe, Flint?

<Flint> Hand axe.

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 1

<Owen> Axe and ye shall receive.

<Owen> or not

<DM> Flint drops another.

<DM> only 2 remain.

<DM> and they bolt down the passageway.

<Owen> takem alive or kill them?

<Flint> Did Mordin drop any?

<Mialee> Kill, kill! :)

<Owen> bows

<DM> He dropped 2

> Owen waits for the DM

<DM> In the interest of sleep, I'd suggest we call it for tonight.

<Mialee> Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

<DM> this doesn't indicate a particular pause in the game,

<DM> but at least it's a stopping point.

<DM> you can breathe for a minute.

<Flint> With 2 still alive?

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 28 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 15 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 20 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 15 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 23 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26

<Owen> and then what happenens? we want to shoot the runners in the back

<Mialee> :)

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: there are more than that, ;)

<Flint> Never mind, I missed that they bolted.

<Icarius> maybe the trip and fall into the sewage river

<Mialee> Owen -- all the missile users are still behind the barricade.

<DM> Owen, you're not in a position to do that.

<Mialee> I can't imagine we can climb over it that fast. :)

<DM> Mordin and Flint could throw their axes, I suppose.

<Owen> but the barricades aren't more than a liitle higher than waist high

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: wanna try that?

*** << <Flint> << Okay :)

<Owen> ok, we'll shoot em in two weeks.

<DM> waitasec

> Mordin throws his axe.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 4


> Flint does as well.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 3

<DM> also a miss. :(

<Mialee> Oof. :)

> Mordin runs to retrieve his axe.

<Mialee> Hm. I thought they took a side passage. Are they going straight down the passage we're walking down?

<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> ======================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,1,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 1

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 3,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 4

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 0,0

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion 0


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 1

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1 0


<Mialee> If so, then I'm confused about why we can't shoot them. :)

<DM> No they went down a side passage to the west

<Mialee> That's what I thought.

<DM> sorry, I should have mentioned that.

<DM> any cures before we break?

<Mialee> That's why we can't shoot 'em. :)

<Mialee> Mordin and Pengo are the only ones down significantly, and even then, neither quite 50%.

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Pengo.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin.

<Pengo> Thankee, holy guy.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<Flint> Well, I'm consistant.

<Mialee> Too late, Sheppy realizes he just started a secure wipe of his hard drive before copying all his fonts off his machine.

<Mialee> Oh well. :)

<Mialee> Guess that's it for two weeks?

<DM> Final tally:


<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 28 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 20 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 20 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 20 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 23 of 27

<DM> Icarius 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26



<DM> Spells: Used:

<DM> ======================================================

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> Level 1: Detect Magic x1, Magic Missile x5 0,5

<DM> Level 2: Knock x2, Levitate x1, Invisibility 0,1,0


<DM> Flint:

<DM> Level 1: CLW x 5 3

<DM> Level 2: CS x 3, Slow Poison x 1 3,0

<DM> Level 3: Cure Crit x 1 1


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> Level 1: clw x 5 0

<DM> Level 2: csw x 5 4

<DM> Level 3: cure disease x1, cure critical x1 0,1


<DM> Icarius :

<DM> Level 1: 2 sleep, 2 mm 1,2

<DM> Level 2: 1 shatter 1 web 0,0

<DM> Level 3: 1 suggestion 0


<DM> Vlix:

<DM> Level 1: Magic Missile x2 1

<DM> Level 2: Invisibility x1 0

<DM> yeah, if the 19th is cool, we'll continue then.

<Pengo> Works for me.

<Flint> It works for us. :)

*** <Pengo> has left the room.

<Mialee> That was fun tonight.

<DM> Ok, then, goodnight Guys. Thanks!

<Mialee> Night all. :)

*** <Mialee> has left the room.

<Flint> Good night.

<Icarius> night

*** <Icarius> has left the room.

*** <Jozlan> has left the room.

*** <Mordin> has left the room.

*** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Gringar, Owen, Vlix

*** <Flint> has left the room.

*** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Gringar, Owen, Vlix




January 19, 2006







*** Now logging to file "/var/ftp/./users/tcompter/private/rtc_logs/log_20060219-160727".

*** Line truncated to 400 characters.

<DM> When last we left our intrepid heroes, they had just finished over-running a guard post of some kind, by the side of a canal of sewage. Recall that there were several orcs on the far side of the canal as well, which were all apparently brought down by missile fire. Two orcs escaped down a side passage, and you took a few minutes to cure a few ills. You notice a couple of 15' planks laying in th

<DM> You notice a couple of 15' planks laying in the opening of the passage.

<Mialee> How wide is the "river"? :)

<Mialee> 12'? :)

<DM> about that, yeah.

<Mialee> Gosh, whatever are the planks for? :)

> Jozlan casts clw on flint, mordin, and mialee

<Vlix> C'mon Pengo, while the others are licking their wounds, lets use these planks to cross and explore the other side.

<Pengo> Good idea.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

> Pengo helps Vlix sling 'em into a bridge.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<Mialee> Thanks, Joz.

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 33 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 27 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 27 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 20 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 23 of 27

<DM> Icarius: 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 18 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26

<Flint> Save your spell, Joz. I'm fine.

<Jozlan> you'll thank me later

<Owen> Owen covers the bridge building,

<Flint> Well, Thank you now. :)

<DM> You get the planks across the canal, onto the northernmost platform

> Mialee chuckles.

<Owen> Let's hope we find some soap somewhere...

> Pengo crosses first.

<Pengo> (being both almost insanely dextrous, having the feather fall ring, and being able to swim like a fish with a "ring of fish-swimming" on)

<Vlix> Sure friend, you can check the planks out.

<DM> He finds a couple of dead orcs, arrows sprouting from their chests.

> Pengo searches the corpses.

<DM> and a short passage into a small chamber.

*** << <Pengo> << Pengo loves searching things out of ready sight of the others. :D

> Vlix follows and checks the acloves

<Pengo> I think we have to string these to each individual alcove. There's no foot path over here along the edge of the water, I think.

<Vlix> I thought one may be an opening into a room maybe.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: doesn't find anything of value on the orcs

<Pengo> There is a short passage here.

> Pengo pokes his head into the passage to see what's on the other side.

<DM> you see a small chamber, with a couple of sleeping furs scattered about.

<Pengo> Any other exits from the chamber?

<Vlix> Pengo, look under the furs.

<Pengo> I will.

<DM> yes, there is an exit to the north and an exit south. You also see some planks here.

<Pengo> Anybody in there that I can see?

<DM> under one of the furs you find a sack.

<DM> no one is there that you can see.

> Pengo takes a look in the sack.

<DM> you find....

<Pengo> A statue that looks like Harrison Ford, carved in Ivory Soap.

<Vlix> The dwarves need soap.

<Vlix> lol

<DM> 250 gp and 2 Gems:

<DM> Amethyst (100gp), Large Peridot (1000gp)

> Vlix winks at Pengo.

<Owen> map

<Owen> please

> Pengo gathers that stuff up, pausing briefly to consider pocketing the gems for himself.


> Pengo checks out the exit to the south to see if anything's down there of interest.

<Vlix> heh, think again... lets clear the south Pengo

<DM> It opens into another elongated chamber, with some more sleeping furs, and an opening onto the other 2 platforms.

<DM> refresh, if you haven't lately.

> Pengo looks under the furs in this chamber.

> Vlix will check the dead orcs

<DM> scrambling around, he comes upon another sack.

> Pengo takes a peek inside.

<DM> Vlix finds nothing of interest on the orcs.

<DM> another 250 gp!

<Vlix> Pengo, beer money.

> Vlix heads north

> Pengo goes with Vlix.

<Vlix> ...and east

> Pengo stays behind Vlix a ways, to act as a help-fetcher if Vlix runs into a thousand angry orcs.

<DM> There is a path that winds around a bit, and after a little while, comes to a fork.

<DM> about 15 minutes have passed now, since the battle at the wall.

<Owen> In the mean time, let's push this barricade into the water and make some room and also peek around the corner.

<DM> The barricade is made of semi-large stones and logs.

<Mialee> I thought so.

> Mialee listens to see if there's any sign of reinforcements coming from the diretction the orcs fled in.

<DM> not to say you couldn't move it, but it's not as simple as pushing it to the side.

<Owen> Well, the dwarves are already on the other side, how about they look?

<DM> OTOH, it's not too high to climb over.

<Mialee> Thought we already had. :)

> Vlix takes the left fork

<DM> Mialee does hear some shouting way off in the distance, down the hallway

<Vlix> Pengo cover me here at the fork

> Pengo does so.

<Pengo> Already on it.

<Mialee> Guys, we have company on the way, I think.

<DM> after about 25 feet, that fork dead-ends in a pile of rubble.

> Mialee gets her bow out and ready.

> Mialee watches down the side patches.

<Owen> Owen too

<Mialee> passage.

<DM> ??

<Vlix> anything interesting about the dead end? I'll search, if not backtrack and try the next fork.

<DM> Nothing interesting.

> Mialee keeps listening. Does the shouting seem to be getting closer?

<DM> Mialee, no

<DM> Vlix,

> Pengo stays at the fork.

<DM> down the other way, you go about 30-40 ft, and it dead-ends at a wall.

> Vlix skill checks the wall

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 57

<DM> waht are you checking for?

<Vlix> secret door

<DM> ok, you find a handle of sorts.

<Vlix> humm, hate to be remedial... traps?

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 5

<DM> Vlix doesn't find any traps.

> Vlix attempts to open

<DM> with a little effort, you are able to pull back on the door, revealing a tangle of stone, wooden beams and logs.

<DM> Hoever, there seems to be an opening large enough to crawl through.

<Vlix> does it look like a tunnel colapes?

<DM> on the other side, there seems to be a fairly large chamber.

> Pengo whispers loudly, "Vlix, you okay down there?"

<Vlix> er. colapse

<DM> Yes, from what you can see,

> Vlix risks it - carefullY

<DM> it's either a collapsed tunnel, or ... made to LOOK like a collapsed tunnel.

> Pengo fidgets nervously.

<DM> refresh

> Pengo creeps down the passage toward Vlix's position.

<Vlix> Ok, looking around...

<DM> There is a 5-ft wide platform along the wall.

<DM> which joins another one running perpendicularly.

> Mialee keeps listening for incoming orcs.

<DM> the sewage here is lapping up against the pile of rubble to your right.

<DM> errr... left

> Pengo edges down the corridor.

<DM> and there is a drumming sound, at intermittant intervals.

<DM> coming from very close by.

<Vlix> ok, explore the ledge - but keep an eye on the sewage.

<DM> after 35 ft or so, like I said, it 'T's with the north south wide passageway.

<DM> the drumming sound now seems to be coming from behind you.

> Pengo worries.

<Vlix> try to determine cause of drumming

<DM> It seems to be coming from the pile of rubble at the west end of the passageway.

> Pengo calls out, "Vlix?"

<Vlix> huh, ok... lets head that direction cautiously.

<DM> you get there, and hear Pengo calling quietly.

<Vlix> come in Pengo, it's safe so far.

> Pengo joins Vlix, feeling better.

<Pengo> I was getting jumpy out there.

<DM> it would seem that there is an upside down metal tub lying in the rubble, and there are occasionally drops of water or sewage dropping onto it.

*** << <Vlix> << anything on infravision?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: nothing warm, except the sewage.

<Pengo> Is that the drumming sound that made us all nervous going down that passage the last time we separated from the others?

<DM> It's just the unusual acoustincs of the area that seem to amplify it.

<Vlix> probably - can i kick the tub over?

<DM> acoustinc: the acoustics of a stinky place.

<Pengo> I'd turn it over gently.

<Pengo> If these acoustics are so good, do you want to raise that kind of ruckus?

<DM> Vlix, you could kick it over or turn it over gently

<Vlix> humm - ok, we can flip it over facing away and then slide it to the right so we don't expose ourselves right away.

<Vlix> gently does it

<Vlix> have your sword ready Pengo

<DM> the drumming sound stops.

<DM> there is nothing under the tub but more rubble.

<Pengo> Heh.

<Pengo> Should we get back to the others?

<Vlix> I'll put it back then.

<Vlix> yah, lets head back.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: > Is that the drumming sound that made us all nervous

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: it sounded like it.

<Pengo> OK. Let's go.

<DM> ok, you put the tub back in place, and the slow drumming resumes.

<DM> you find your way back to the sewage canal without incient.

<Pengo> Hi guys.

<Mialee> Find anything interesting?

<Vlix> from the southermost aclove, can we see down the west passage?

<DM> That passage twists around so that you can't see more than 15 ft in from any direction.

<Vlix> ok, worth a check.

<Owen> Ok, Mordin and Flint, lead on

<Mialee> Indeed, let's go.

<Mordin> Follow me.

<DM> It's a twisty, winding narrow (single file) passage, which, after about 30 ft opens into a 20x30' chamber. The chamber has some sleeping furs scattered about. There is an exit to the SW on the west wall.

<Vlix> Mialee, no nothing except rags and fur skins.

<Mialee> Anybody in the chamber?

<DM> refresh

<DM> no

> Pengo starts looking under the furs.

<Vlix> Just the orcs we killed and some dead end tunnels of no worth.

<Icarius> better than your last tunnel exploration

<DM> Under one of the furs, you see a stone chest, that almost looks like it was carver right out of the bedrock.

<DM> carved

<Vlix> yeah, that really bugged Pengo.

> Pengo shoots Vlix a dirty look.

<Pengo> Hm. I wonder whether this is for me or the dwarves to check for traps. :)

> Pengo checks the chest for traps.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 22

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps.

> Pengo tries to open it.

<Mordin> I'll look.

<Owen> Owen moves to cover the other entrance/exit

> Mordin checks for stone work traps.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 45

<DM> he doesn't find any traps, but what he does discover is that the chest isn't REALLY carved right out of the bedrock.

<Vlix> heh, here it comes.

<DM> it's just fitted really snugly into it

> Pengo tries to open the chest.

<DM> roll a %, pengo to open locks.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 98

<Pengo> Yuck.

<DM> oooo, you can't do it.

> Vlix tries

<Pengo> Want to try, Vlix?

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d100 -> 3

<DM> he opens it with ease.

<Pengo> Nicely done.

<DM> inside, you find 1000 gp!

<Vlix> eh, you must have jimmied it just right for me.

> Vlix 's eyes bug out

<Pengo> Wow!

<Vlix> transfer to bags - but let's be careful

> Pengo helps gather up the coinage.

> Vlix wonders if there's anything UNDER the chest...

<Mialee> Good question.

<Mialee> Once we get the gold out, we should check.

<Vlix> once it's empty - maybe some muscles can move it.

<DM> You manage to get all the gold out of the chest.

<DM> and into sacks.

<Mialee> Would our stronger members like to try lifting that chest?

> Mialee looks in the direction of the dwarves.

> Vlix waves to the warves

<Vlix> er. dwarves

> Mordin picks up the chest.

<DM> Underneath the chest, you see the thick thigh bone of some large animal.

<DM> in a slight depression in the ground.

> Vlix checks it out - reoves it

<DM> it seems that the bone was hollowed out

<DM> there is some sort of parchment or something rolled up inside of it.

<Mialee> May I see it?

<Vlix> cool - must be something special.

> Vlix looks at it - anything interesting?

<Vlix> any marks or glyphs

<DM> it is covered in strange glyphs and writing that Vlix cannot decipher.

*** Room 8: Dungeon Alt-DM, DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Owen, Pengo, Vlix

<Flint> May I see it?

> Vlix hands it to Mialee - "we can try to identify it later..."

<Mialee> Anything I can make heads or tails of?

<DM> Mialee can't decipher any of the writing.

> Mialee shows it to Flint.

<DM> The scroll _can_ be read by him, it is a scroll of Cure Paralysis

<Vlix> or let the Dwarf look at it. It might be some kind of religious hocus pocus

<Mialee> Ahhhh. :)

<Mialee> He's right. :)

<Flint> You just have to have faith, Vlix.

<Flint> Joz, do you want to carry this?

> Vlix looks at the Dwarf with a wry smile... "Faith? Got it right here..." pats his sword.

<Jozlan> sure

<Mialee> :)

<Pengo> Anything else in here before we move along?

<Owen> Alright, if there

<Owen> is nothing else - let's go

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: any chance you can get that whiteboard up and running?

<Mordin> Let's continue to the SW.

*** << <Mialee> << Unfortunately no... I don't even have a copy of it on my new machine here.

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: rats.

<Icarius> yes

<DM> after about 25 feet, the passage opens up onto a large chamber.

*** << <Mialee> << :)

<Icarius> we're not here to find treausre

<Vlix> humpf

<DM> The walls throughout are hung with tapestries and skins

*** << <Mialee> << whiteboard name Mercia, password "thomas" :)

<DM> and tribal banners

*** << <Mialee> << Never mind. It's not graphical. :)

<DM> There are several small cooking fires, mostly out

<Vlix> beware of ambush whispers Vlix

<DM> but still giving enough heat to ruin infravision.

> Pengo slips into the shadows.

> Vlix does the same, bat-style

<DM> The chamber is about 50 feet long, and about 30 feet wide.

<Vlix> Pengo, let's go opposite sides in case we need to back stab someone into the aftrlife

<DM> There seems to be some shadows trying not to move along the southern wall.

> Mordin advances towards the southern wall.

<Owen> some arrows may flush them

<DM> before Vlix and Pengo can deploy, the entire party would have to enter the room

> Flint follows.

<DM> ok, then once the light from Icarius' rod lights up the room...

<DM> you can easily see that there are 2 ranks of orcs along the south wall, armed with crossbows

<Vlix> you know, Icarius should name that thing... I vote for "Rodney"

> Icarius groans

<DM> and some more that seem to be scrambling toward an exit to the south, carrying bundles of something.

*** << <Mialee> << d_password=true

*** << <Mialee> << Password is "thomas"

<Owen> let's shoot!

> Mialee prepares her bow to sing.

<Flint> Ic, You got a fireball handy?

<Icarius> yes

<Flint> Stinking Cloud, any thing?

<Icarius> 3 medium size

<Icarius> how far away are the orcs?

<DM> 50 ft

<Flint> I really don't want to charge against all those missle weapons.

<Mialee> Go figure.

<Owen> two ranks = how many orcs?

<Mialee> I'd say toss a medium fireball out behind them.

<Icarius> and then run, i'm tired of getting burnt

<DM> it looks like abbout 12 total.

*** >> <Mialee> >> Mialee: a can't seem to get it to draw, so let's not worry.

<Owen> I'd say do it.

*** << <Mialee> << Hm, nobody's connected to it but me. Ah well. :)

<DM> ok, so Flint and Mordin are advancing slowly, Vlix and Pengo are sneaking around.

<Owen> better do it soon

*** << <Mialee> << I'll see about getting set up with a draw board again for next time.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> Toss it, Ic. :)

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> they fire a volley of bolts from their crossbows first.

<DM> 6 bolts fly at Flint Mordin

<DM> Owen Mialee

<DM> Pengo

<DM> Icarius

<DM> Gringar Marsten

<DM> except Pengo.

<Mialee> Six bolts at 8 people? :)

<DM> and Marsten.

*** Roll by DM: 6d20 -> 12 + 7 + 13 + 7 + 15 + 1 = 55

<Owen> heh

<DM> gringar gets hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1

<DM> he shrugs it off.

<Owen> maybe Orc #6 fumbled and shot a friend

<Mialee> Heh

<DM> your hits.

> Mialee fires an arrow.

<DM> missile fire

<Owen> wait

<Mialee> At, I dunno, whoever. :)

<Mialee> Wait?

<Owen> don't we declare spells first?

<DM> sorry, yes

<Owen> then we go down the marching order

<DM> Spells, then?

<Owen> guess not

<Mialee> That was a lot of fuss for nothing. :D

<DM> including Icarius, if you're going to toss a grenade.

<Icarius> i want to throw a medium missile bomb behind the orcs

<Owen> dwarves?

<Mialee> Ah :)

<DM> ok, Ic.

<Owen> it's procedure

<Icarius> and then run

<Mialee> :)

<DM> ok, then, if no more spells, then missile fire.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 4

<Mialee> Pfft.

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 15

*** Roll by Owen: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> you get one, but he doesn't go down.

<DM> Icarius, go ahead and toss. roll 5d6

<Owen> whoohoo

*** Roll by Icarius: 5d6 -> 2 + 5 + 1 + 6 + 2 = 16

<DM> Flame engulfs the southern half of the chamber, and you hear the dying screams of the dozen or so orcs, and then there is silence.

> Mialee blinks.

<Mialee> Did that get them all?

<Owen> uhmm... toasty.

<Icarius> is there a disturbance in the force too?

<Mialee> Daaaammmmn.

<DM> you can see the smoking remains crumbling into dust

<Flint> That's better.

<Owen> move up

<Mordin> Let's go folks.

> Mordin advances.

*** << <Pengo> << I'll remain in the shadows but do my best to stay near the others.

> Mialee goes to poke at the corpses with her foot.

<DM> you get halfway down the chamber...

> Vlix is checking behind the banners, tapestries, etc.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: on the east or west wall?

*** << <Pengo> << West.

<DM> vlix checks behind the largest of the tapestries, and finds....

<DM> roll for surprise, Vlix

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> a chamber with a bunch more orcs waiting silently, along with a couple of ogres.

<DM> Vlix, roll initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

<Icarius> behind a tapestry?

<Vlix> muvey tuatha!

<Mialee> Which side of the room is this on?

> Vlix backs around corner and backs up quickly - hoping IC can toss another fireball

<DM> on the east wall, about halfway down.

*** << <Pengo> << I chose wisely. :D

<DM> it's a small chamber,

<DM> roll initiative, Vlix

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 1

<Vlix> oof

<DM> as you back around the corner, they swing at you,

<DM> 3 of the biggest, meanest looking orcs you've seen.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 15 + 10 + 5 = 30

<Vlix> as I back up, can I pull the tapestry down on them?

<DM> one hits

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 7

<Vlix> ouch

<DM> if you can roll d30 under your dexterity,

<DM> you can pull it down on the 3 orcs.

<Vlix> d30?

<DM> yeah, that's a nice round number. :)

<Mialee> Woof. :)

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d30 -> 18

<DM> oh, too close!


<DM> but you do back up into the main chamber, where help is close at hand for next round.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Vlix> MM

<Flint> Melee

<Icarius> how many are there?

<Owen> Owen should be feeling some blood boiling about now!

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> there are 3 orcs in the front rank, and an orc and 2 ogres in the second rank.

*** << <Pengo> << I'll be making my way around the room to try to get behind the orcs as they come into the room.

<DM> ;) I suppose he would!

<Icarius> 2 mm from the staff

<DM> refresh

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<Vlix> are the ogres good targets for spells?

<DM> yes

<Vlix> attacking an ogre

*** Roll by Vlix: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 4 = 7 + 2 = 9

<DM> ok, then - - spells away

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<DM> Ic, at who?

<Icarius> the really big one

<DM> the really big Ogre? or the really big orc?

<Icarius> orc

<DM> ok

<DM> missiles?

*** << <Owen> << need your help on Owen - not sure what ranger bonus is

> Mialee shoots at the big ogre.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<Owen> there are 2 ogres

<Mialee> The bigger one :)

*** >> <Owen> >> Owen: +5 damage

*** << <Owen> << missles too?

*** >> <Owen> >> Owen: no

> Owen changes weapons this round - sword

<DM> ok, then, Melee

<Owen> anymore missle people? Ic?

<Owen> oops

<Owen> NM

> Mordin attacks Orc #1.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

> Mialee will wait for her turn to fire her second shot.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

<DM> technically that second one should wait until after they get their shots, but you can keep the hit.

<Owen> wiffle-hammer?

<DM> Jozlan?

> Jozlan attacks

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 15

<Mordin> okay, I'll wait to roll damage. :)

<DM> hit, Joz

> Flint attacks Orc #2

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> on which orc, Joz?

<Owen> remember anyone attacking the ogres with melee weapons - LG damage

<Jozlan> #1

<DM> ok, Flint,

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 7

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 1

*** >> <Flint> >> Flint: actually, if you're using the battle axe, Flint, that was a miss.

<DM> if you're using the hand axe, it should be d6

*** << <Flint> << My bad, wrong die.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 6

<Owen> nice gimme

<DM> that's momre like it. :)

<DM> the orc staggers a bit, and growls.

<DM> my turn?

<Owen> what about the NPC dwarf

<DM> good point, he'll attack orc 3

> Mialee is just waiting her turn to shoot again. :)

<DM> Flint, roll for him please.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> that'd be a hit.

<Flint> What weapon is he using?

<Owen> uh, thought we gave him a sword

<DM> let's say a short sword.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4

<DM> ok.

<Owen> mialee

<DM> she's waiting to shoot

<DM> my turn.

<DM> one orc each on Mordin, Flint, and Gringar

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 17 + 3 + 2 = 22

<DM> FLint is hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 2

<DM> brb

*** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM>

<Mialee> D'oh.

*** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM>

<DM> sorry

<Owen> This dramatic pause in gameplay brought to you by Syndicomm Communities, your online destination.

<Owen> Now, back to the game...

<DM> Ogre 1 attacks Owen

<Mialee> Once we're done with this fight, can we have a short break so I can nuke my dinner? :)

<DM> Ogre 2 attacks Joz

<DM> mialee, yes

<DM> on Owen

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14

<Owen> questio

<DM> go ahead

<Owen> how can second rank attack? aren't they blocked by first rank?

<DM> You're now in a big open chamber, they can simply walk around.

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: next round, you can attempt a backstab

<DM> anyway, he misses.

<DM> on Joz

*** << <Pengo> << Thanks :)

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> misses him too.

<DM> The big orc in back stands in guarded position.

<DM> second missile shots.

<DM> I think that's just mialee

<Mialee> At that ogre again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> miss

<DM> Mordin roll damage

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<Mordin> Now that I have his attention...

<DM> crushes his opponent's skull, and the creature slumps to the ground.

<Owen> you're going to insult his mother?

<Mordin> I would, but I don't think he is listening.

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 3:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Flint> Melee.

<Vlix> Vlix is tanked, switches to dual blades

<DM> missiles?

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<Mialee> I'll be using my bow, yes.

<DM> ok, fire your first arrow

<Mialee> Ogre again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14

> Owen thinks Mialee went to nuke dinner

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> the ogre roars in pain

<DM> the orc from the back rank steps up to fill the hole

<DM> 3 orcs on Mordin, Flint and Gringar

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 3 + 10 + 3 = 16

<DM> all miss

<DM> ogre on Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4

<DM> on Owen

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10

<DM> miss

<DM> what a bunch of wimps.

<DM> your hits.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 20

<DM> ummm, hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 6 + 6 = 12

<Vlix> woof

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 8

<Mialee> Wow, that's going to turn an orc into paste. :)

<DM> makes a mighty swing of his weapon, and decapitates his foe!

<DM> that was Mordin

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3

<DM> Flint slams the creature with his weapon, and blood spurts everywhere. The creature clutches it's head and tumbles to the ground.

<Vlix> flint for npc again?

<DM> sure

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18

<DM> hit!

<Flint> D6

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2

<Vlix> heh - he's still handy to have around

<Mialee> :)

*** << <Pengo> << Time for me to strike? :)

<Jozlan> how many are left?

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: roll % to try to move silently

<DM> there is one orc and 2 ogres.

*** Private roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 23

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: success

*** << <Pengo> << Now what do I do? :D

> Owen attempts to give his Ogre an appendectomy - without caring where an appendix might be located.

<DM> now roll to hit the orc

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 9

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> err, Pengo

<Pengo> Bah.

<Owen> oops

<Pengo> That never works ;)

<DM> both missed.

<DM> anyone else?

<Vlix> me

> Jozlan attacks the orc

<Mialee> And then my second shot. :)

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 5

<Flint> Joz?

*** << <Vlix> << I attack once or twice?

*** << <Vlix> << or not at all?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: once with 2 weapons.

<DM> miss, Joz

*** << <Vlix> << so I'm rolling twice?

<DM> go ahead, Vlix

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 18

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: yes, first roll is sword, 2d is dagger

<DM> what are you attacking?

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d12 -> 7

<Vlix> ogre

<DM> 1 or 2?

<Vlix> #2

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d6 -> 5

<Vlix> oops

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 1

<Vlix> nuff said

<Mialee> Talk about putting the cart before the horse. :)

<Vlix> one hit, one miss

<Mialee> My turn? :)

<DM> yes

> Mialee shoots at the same ogre again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

<Mialee> Grr.

<DM> miss

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 4:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

> Vlix ducks as the arrow whizzes bY

<Mialee> Melee.

<DM> there is one orc and 2 ogres

<Flint> Melee.

<Vlix> melee

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Vlix> Ic didn't get a chance

<DM> missiles?

<Mialee> Same ogre

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> hit

<Mialee> Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

<DM> Mialee watches the arrow speed straight to the heart of the matter. The target stands transfixed for a moment, arrow sticking out of his back, before falling to the ground with a thud.

<Mialee> Excellent.

<Icarius> 2 mm from staff

<DM> go ahead - at which ?

<Icarius> 1 at each of the ogres

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> one ogre is dead,

<Mialee> One ogre is dead. :)

<Icarius> ok, both at the ogre

<DM> so we'll put them both on the other one

<Owen> #2 is the dead one, right?

<DM> Actually, the dead one is #1

<DM> orc at Gringar

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> hits

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 5

> Mialee grins ferally.

<DM> Gringar grunts in pain/

<DM> ogre at Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d10 -> 2

<DM> <sigh>

<DM> your hits.

> Mordin attacks the remaining Ogre.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15

> Pengo attacks the ogre.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 1 + 6 = 7

<Pengo> Well, when it's my turn. :)

<Pengo> And assuming Mordin didn't polish him off :D

<DM> The ogre is staggering around.

> Flint attacks the remaining Orc.

> Pengo hopes not to be fallen upon.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 5

<DM> Mordin actually gets 2 attacks this round

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 5

<DM> miss

<DM> owen?

*** Roll by Owen: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> Gringar?

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 20

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2

<DM> That tough orc is hanging on

<Owen> 7 missed

<DM> yeah

<DM> Joz, Vlix?

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 16

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> hit

<DM> Jozlan bashes in the thing's head, and it slowly topples to the ground.

<Mialee> Just the ogre left, eh?

<Owen> was that the last critter?

> Pengo attacks the ogre.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> no, just the orc left

<Pengo> Oh, then that. :)

<DM> miss

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 10

> Mialee will shoot it when her turn comes up to take the second shot.

<DM> she probably won't get a clear shot with all her buddies crowding around.

<Mialee> Good point.

*** << <Vlix> << am I attacking x2 every round?

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: yes

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 4

<Vlix> oof

<Vlix> swish swish

<DM> ============================

<DM> Round 5:

<DM> ============================

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Vlix> melee

<Flint> Melee.

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Roll for initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> The orc rages on...

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> at Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> your shots

> Pengo slashes at it.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 15

<Vlix> dwarves

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 17

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> ok, that orc is toast!

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 6 + 6 = 12

<Pengo> :)

<DM> 10 minute break, folks.

*** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM>

*** <Mordin> is now known as <AFK-Mordin>

*** <Mialee> is now known as <AFK-Mialee>

*** <Flint> is now known as <AFK-Flint>

<Vlix> but it's 20 minutes till 10EST

<Vlix> don't we only play until 10EST?

*** <Jozlan> is now known as <AFK-Jozlan>

<AFK-Mialee> No...

*** <AFK-Mialee> is now known as <Mialee>

<Mialee> We play until like 11. :)

*** <AFK-Jozlan> is now known as <Jozlan>

<Mialee> Or whenever we get around to stopping :)

*** <AFK-Flint> is now known as <Flint>

*** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM>

*** <AFK-Mordin> is now known as <Mordin>

*** Room 8: Dungeon Alt-DM, DM, Flint, Icarius, Jozlan, Mialee, Mordin, Owen, Pengo, Vlix

> Mialee feels better as nice hot chicken enters his tummy.

<Mialee> her. Whatever. :D

<DM> ready?

<Jozlan> ready

<Mialee> Let's do it.

<Vlix> Did the escaping whatevers actually escape or did they get toasted too?

<Mialee> Now that these guys are dead, is there anything interesting in 15B?

<DM> you look around the room, 15A and come to the conclusion that this was the home of an orc tribe.

<Mialee> "Was" being the operative word.

<DM> there are chipped pots, worn baskets, etc

<DM> crude bone utensils

> Vlix goes looting and checking behind the other tapestries

> Pengo looks to see if there's anything in 15B worth taking.

<DM> There is another passageway leading from the chamber to the SE behind another tapestry

<DM> 15B: This room looks like the other, It is an earthen chamber, its walls hung with furs and tapestries

<Vlix> Did the escaping whatevers actually escape or did they get toasted too?

<DM> the tapestries are dingy looking and drab, with scenes of torture and enslavements.

> Pengo checks behind the tapestries and furs in 15B.

<DM> the floor is covered with furs.

<Icarius> any notes or paperwork?

<Pengo> (and under the furs)

<DM> at the north end of the chamber is a bigger pile of furs covering a raised area

<DM> and a chest.

<Pengo> After I check the rest of the stuff out, obviously I go and check out that big pile of furs and the chest. :)

<DM> you don't see any kind of paperwork

<DM> The escapers escaped.

<DM> nothing behind these tapestries but walls.

> Pengo digs through the big pile of furs.

<Vlix> and Vlix checks the chest.

<DM> The chest looks like it is in good shape, contrary to everything else in the room.

<Owen> Owen covers the other entrance/exit

<DM> there is a keyhole in the front of it.

<Vlix> action says "look for a key on the bodies, or in the furs"

> Vlix looks for traps

> Pengo keeps searching through the pile of furs.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 17

<DM> Pengo finds a key buried under the pile of furs.

<Pengo> Ah-ha!

<Vlix> after checking for traps - Vlix waves for pengo to toss the key

> Pengo hands the key to Vlix.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 21

<DM> Vlix, you don't find any traps, but you do notice a strange symbol engraved in the lock.

<Vlix> oh? strange how?

<DM> uh, strange as in you don't recognize it.

> Vlix points it out to Pengo and asks "seen that before?"

*** >> <Pengo> >> Pengo: nope

<Pengo> No...

> Icarius looks at it as well

> Mialee suggests having a cleric look.

<Vlix> ok, c'mon everybody - take a look.

<DM> Icarius doesn't recognize it.

> Mialee looks over to Flint. You?

<Icarius> or owen?

> Flint looks at it.

<DM> he doesn't recognize it either.

<Owen> everyone takes a turn

<Mialee> Hm. I think everyone who doesn't open that should be in the next room. :)

<DM> no one recognizes the symbol.

<Flint> Is it in Orc or Ogre>

<Vlix> alright, everyone backup... Vlix will cover his mouth and nose with his cloak and turn the key AFTER everyone has backed up.

> Mialee backs away.

> Pengo hides behind Mialee.

<DM> it's just a symbol, not a character.

> Flint backs away.

<DM> are you actually leaving the chamber, or just backing up?

> Mordin backs away.

<Vlix> eek

<Flint> South end of chamber.

<Vlix> ah, well - nothing ventured - nothing gained. Put that on my tombstone, ok guys?

<Mialee> You betcha.

<Vlix> and...

<DM> and???

<Vlix> <Vlix> alright, everyone backup... Vlix will cover his mouth and nose with his

<Vlix> cloak and turn the key AFTER everyone has backed up.

<Mialee> We're all waiting for you to open it. :)

<DM> Vlix feels an electrical surge run through his body that makes his muscles all go rigid. He can't move.

<Pengo> Good thing we found that cure paralysis scroll earlier. :)

<Vlix> yah, I think I need it now.

<Mialee> Did you hear a grunt?

<DM> :0

<Mialee> Did he get it open before locking up? :)

<DM> The Key turned, but the chest is not OPEN

<Mialee> Hmmmm. :)

<Mialee> Now what? :)

<Jozlan> maybe it WAS unlocked

<Owen> maybe you should unparalyze Vlix in case something unexpected happens.

<Pengo> Hm. Maybe.

> Jozlan uses the cure paralysis scroll on vlix

<DM> Vlix shudders and sighs, and swoons a bit.

<Mialee> Who wants to be the guinea pig that tries to open the chest now? :)

<Vlix> must have been potent - no savings throw

<Vlix> I'll do it

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: OOPS! sorry

> Mialee stays back. :)

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: go ahead and roll.

<Flint> Is the symbol still there?

*** Roll by Vlix: 1d20 -> 12

> Vlix attempts to open the chest

*** >> <Vlix> >> Vlix: didn't make it anyway.

<DM> it opens easily.

<DM> Inside you see a 3 bags, and 3 daggers.

<DM> 1ea copper, brass and bronze-hilted.

> Vlix checks them

<DM> The blades appear to be coated with rust.

<Flint> Rust?

<Icarius> there's got to be more to it than that if the chest was so well protected

> Vlix keeps checking

<DM> Closer inspection reveals that it is actually an oily powder

<Vlix> also looks for hidden compartments

<Vlix> the rust is an oily powder?

<DM> did I mention the bags were full of something?

<Vlix> not yet - but I'm a looking.

<Mialee> The daggers are poison-tipped or something.

<DM> the rusty-LOOKING substance is an oily and grainy residue

> Pengo waits to hear what's in the bags.

<DM> The bags each hold 400 cp.


<DM> The last one also holds 4 gems:


<DM> Malachite (5 gp),


<DM> Star Rose quartz (50gp),


<DM> Large Ruby (2000gp) and a


<DM> platinum necklace set with a diamond pendant (5000gp)

<Mialee> Holy cow.

<Vlix> let's not bother with the copper.

<Mialee> Mmhm.

<Icarius> or rescuing the girls

<Mialee> Heh

> Vlix hands the copper to Ic and says don't spend it all in one place.

<Vlix> someone else can handle the daggers.

<Mialee> I suggest the daggers to to the clerics, who may be able to analyze them later.

<Vlix> Cleris won't touch blades.

<Pengo> Ah.

> Pengo carefully takes them, wraps them up, and tucks them into his bag.

<DM> next?

<Vlix> anything under this chest?

<DM> no.

<Owen> if there's nothing else, let's move out.

<Flint> How's everybody doing for hit points?

<Mialee> Let's move on.

<Mialee> I'm good. So is Pengo.

<Icarius> the battles so far have been pretty good to us

<DM> Current Hit Points:

<DM> ===================

<DM> Flint: 34 of 37

<DM> Mordin: 25 of 27

<DM> Mialee: 27 of 27 (+5 for Voronda)

<DM> Pengo: 20 of 24

<DM> Jozlan: 23 of 27

<DM> Icarius: 17 of 21 (+5 for Talos)

<DM> Vlix: 11 of 19

<DM> Owen: 24 of 26



> Jozlan casts clw on vlix

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

<Vlix> thx

<Owen> marching on..

<Mialee> What's to the southeast of 15A?

> Mordin heads east.

> Mialee goes with.

> Pengo follows.

<DM> the passage winds down for a bit,

<DM> and there is a chamber to the right. (refresh)

<DM> beyond the chamber, about 10 ft down, there is a fork in the passage.

<Owen> std proc - check left, then right eh?

<Mordin> Anything in the chamber?

<DM> This is a small dirt chamber. In the east corner is a small glowing brazier that provides a dim light and not much heat.

<DM> The odor of burnt meat and uncured leather hangs in the air.

<DM> the walls are hung with the hides of various creatures, all poorly prepared and ragged.

<DM> Near each exit is a gong hung from a large bone stuck in the wall.


<Mialee> Hmmm.

> Mialee quickly looks behind the hides on the walls.

<Owen> care to sample the jerky Mialee?

<Mialee> eew.

<Vlix> doubt there's anything here - but make a complete search

<DM> You don't find anything of any particular interest.

<Vlix> is the brazier actually buring something or just glowing?

<Mialee> All right, let's move on then.

<DM> The brazier is still burning, but very low, as though it hadn't been tended for a while.

<Owen> move out

> Mordin takes the left fork.

> Flint follows.

<DM> The fork to the left only goes 15 ft before ending in a tunnel collapse.

<Owen> was that tunnel in the southwest a dead end? in 15A?

<DM> No, did someone look up there? if so, I'm sorry, I missed it.

<Flint> No one looked.

<Owen> Own will scout it

<DM> he makes it back to the main chamber, and starts up the narrow tunnel. He doesn't get far before he loses the light from the coals remaining in the cookfores of the main chamber.

<DM> cookfires

<Owen> he'll light a torch

<DM> Ok, he lights a torch, and proceeds.

<DM> the tunnel winds around somewhat haphazardly,

<DM> but basically remaining in the SW direction.

<DM> eventually, he smells some fresh air.

<Owen> keep going

<DM> within a few minutes, he finds himself staring at trees through a narrow opening.

<Owen> is it day or night

<DM> there is a tumble of rocks concealing this entrance.

<DM> late afternoon, he thinks.

<DM> close to dusk.

<Owen> ok, back to the party and report that I found a way out

<DM> you arrive back at the party.

<Owen> possibly - assuming the rocks can be dislodged

<DM> There is enough of an opening to get around the rocks.

<Icarius> do we have a good idea where the prisoners were being taken?

<Mialee> We should seriously consider getting out of here and following that map inland to pursue them.

<Mialee> We do have the map.

<Pengo> I kind of want to see what more goodies we can find here... we keep finding these really nice treasures.

<Owen> Aye, we should be on our way

<Flint> We are going to need horses to catch them.

<Mialee> Then we may need to get back into the above-ground complex to see if they have any we can... borrow.

<Owen> It's unlikely there are more prisoners in the "uncivilized" portion of this complex.

<Flint> We should look for a stable or something.

<Icarius> we can come back here later

<Mialee> I agree, Owen.

<Pengo> Yeah, okay.

> Pengo sighs.

<Owen> alright, don't forget - the undead walked above.

<Owen> let's go

<Mialee> I've got my undead-busting sword out. :)

<Mialee> Yeah, let's go.

<DM> ??

> Mialee is waiting for the leaders to, you know, lead. :)

> Mordin heads for the tunnel out.

> Mialee follows, with Pengo in tow.

> Flint follows.

<DM> ok, you all get to the tunnel exit.

<Jozlan> fresh air at last

<Mialee> Ahh. Much better.

> Pengo shrugs.

<Pengo> Still want to look for more gold.

> Owen searches for the trail of the escaping orcs because he doesn't know if they all died in the blast or not.

> DM rolls secretlY

*** Private roll: 1d100 -> 70

<DM> he finds the tracks of 12-24 orcs leaving the exit.

<Owen> they had packs - packs of what? don't know...

<DM> you look around, and find yourselves not too ar from the edge of the forest whence you first assaulted the place.

<Owen> do they head the direction we want to go or away?

<DM> they head generally south, while the path you intend is to the east.

<Mialee> We should take off to the east then.

<Mialee> Unless we have an idea where we can find horses.

<Owen> alright = to the stables - but let's keep an eye out.

> Icarius sends Talos to fly up and look for horses

<DM> Talos flies toward the compound, but doesn't seem to see any horses.

<DM> he returns.

<Mialee> Hm, I guess we hike, then.

<Jozlan> lets' get to it then

<Pengo> Yup.

<Vlix> yah, we hike in the morning - let's find somewhere to camp and heal - dusk is coming

<Vlix> re-mem spells

<Mialee> I'd feel better if we got a ways away from here first.

<Icarius> so would i

<Vlix> alright

<Flint> Let's follow this trail east until we run out of light.

<Owen> let's march for 3-4 hours

<Mialee> Agreed.

<DM> to go east, you'll have to go around the compound.

<Mialee> Well, let's do it at a bit of a distance. :)

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> so you start hiking....

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> C'mon, let's get moving before the DM decides to have something attack us. :D

<DM> Francine asks if that is the way toward civilization.

<Mialee> Hm. That's a good point. What do we do with the prisoners we saved?

<Mialee> They want to go the opposite direction, I think. :)

<Owen> humm, well caravans usually make stops at points of civilization...

<DM> Gringar Marsten

<DM> Troby Francine

<Owen> Maybe Gringar, being indebted would take them back for us?

<Mialee> Yeah, that's a good idea.

*** <Alt-DM> is now known as <Gringar>

<Gringar> back to where?

<Owen> To the Duke, who will likely pay him.

<Mialee> Well, to civilization, at any rate. :)

<Gringar> Pay? What sort of pay?

<Icarius> doesn't sound so indebted to me

> Mialee waits to hear what Owen says to that.

<Gringar> acch, lad, I'll take 'em back to Rio, anyway, and if y're wantin' that lass to go farther, I s'pose I could take her as far as Kendall.

*** << <Pengo> << I presume we'll be wrapping up shortly? :)

> Owen explains to the dwarf the Duke's mission to the party, and offers a share of the treasure if he does as asked - and hopes he agrees because I'm getting tired and still have a 45 minute drive ahead of me.

<Mialee> That seems reasonable.

<Mialee> Heh.

<Gringar> alright, that seems reasonable enough. Why don't ye give me a share o' that gold ye just found?

<Gringar> I'm a dwarf as good as me word, and I'll get the lass back to Kendall as I pormise.

> Mialee urges Owen to give him an appropriate sum.

<Gringar> promise

<Owen> on your beard, then it's settled.

<Gringar> Aye

> Owen urges Troby and Marsten to go with them.

<Mialee> That's a good idea.

<DM> How much are you going to give him?

<Owen> how much gold do we have?

<Mialee> A lot.

<DM> more than you'd want to give him. :)

<Mialee> Yeah. :)

<Mialee> We haves some nice moderate-value gems we could give him one of.

<Owen> Is 250GP fair Gringar?

<DM> you might do better to give him some of the heavy gold, and keep the gems yourself.

<Gringar> Aye, that's more than fair, sir.

<Mialee> Good point.

<Icarius> and heavy copper

<Owen> Then I also bid you give the duke a message of our wherabouts and where we are going - I'll create a rough copy of the map if I can, or show Gringar and the others our map and have them commit it to memory.

<Gringar> I'd suggest that if we all stayed together for the rest of the night, we'd stand a better chance of getting out o' this gods-forsaken forest in the daylight.

<Owen> aye - let's do that.

<Mialee> Good plan.

<DM> you set up a normal watch, and what do you know, the night passes without incident.

<DM> of course, you had spent any cures you had left the night before.

<Owen> And in the morning, I'm sure the cleric will bless your journey.

<DM> so you all wake up surprisingly refreshed.

<Mialee> :)

> Mialee bids farewell to the rescued folks.

<Mialee> Safe journey!

<DM> So is your plan then to head east?

<DM> and follow the map?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Vlix> we're following the map

<DM> Good. then that is a tale for another day!

<Vlix> or so we think

<Mialee> Whew. :)

<Mialee> At lease we're out of the sewer. :D

<Vlix> next river = dwarves can take a bath

<Vlix> we all can probably.

<Mialee> I do want to come back and finish exploring that place once we've finished our mission.

<Flint> Yes, and cleanse the undead from it.

<DM> Ok, then, I'll figure out experience and all that, and we'll get back together in 2 weeks?

<Vlix> sure sure... Pengo has some unfinished business with the ants.

<Mialee> Ooooh. Experience? :)

<Mialee> My favorite word. :D

<Pengo> Ick, the ants.

<Mialee> So, March 5th then?

<DM> yeah, I just realized, I don't have Owen and Vlix entered into that part of my spreadsheet yet, so I can't give it to you immediately.

<DM> but yes, March 5th we'll continue.

<Vlix> still haven't found my +4 vorpal defender makes julian fries sword yet. damn.

<Mialee> Can you let us know in email or the board perhaps, once you get it figured? :)

*** <Pengo> has left the room.

<DM> yes, of course, :)

<DM> it'll be on the board.

<Mialee> You're my favoritest DM ever. :)

<Mialee> Thanks guys, that was a blast!

> DM blushes

> Vlix hopes he levels up - he's tired of being behind

<DM> thanks!

<Mialee> Heh, I want to level up as an MU. :)

<Mialee> I'm pretty close to it... might make it this time.

<Mialee> All right, going to go finish dinner. :D

<Mialee> Night all!

*** <Mialee> has left the room.

<DM> night night

<Vlix> cya

*** <Owen> has left the room.

*** <Vlix> has left the room.

*** <Icarius> has left the room.

*** <Jozlan> has left the room.

*** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Flint, Gringar, Mordin

<Mordin> Good session Thpmas.

<DM> thanks.

<DM> I just wish I could figure out a way to speed up the combat a little more through better automation.

<Flint> Macros to print the round headers?

<Flint> It will speed up some as people get used to the combat.

<DM> I've got that already.

<DM> automating the combat sequence would be good.

<Flint> I got confused about Mordin's second attack.

<Flint> Last session we lost initiative so much, I got used to him just swinging twice. :)

<DM> Yeah, he should really swing during missile fire.

<DM> that is, first and last, but only on even rounds. on Odd rounds, he follows initiative.

<Flint> When we win initiative.

<DM> unless, of course, he's fighting something else with multiple attacks, in which case, he also follows initiative.

<DM> (see why automation would help?)

<Flint> It might be easier to just have one side do all attacks and then the other.

<Flint> First spell casters declare action, then roll for init., then winning side goes, etc.

<DM> That would be easier, but like in tonight's battle, Mialee dropped the ogre on her first arrow, even though she lost initiative.

<DM> that might have made a difference.

<DM> or was it Mordin that dropped it?

<Flint> I think Initiative should apply to the first attack.

<Flint> Or the entire attack sequence.

<Flint> Claw / Claw / Bite.

<Flint> Something that can be discussed on the boards.

*** <Mordin> has left the room.

<DM> sure, bring it up.

<DM> hey is there any reason that multi-classed characters wouldn't get the 10% bonus as long as the attributes are high enough?

<Flint> No, They get the bonus in any class that they have the atributes.

<Flint> XP is divided by the number of classes, then 10% is added to the amount for the class with the bonus.

<DM> well, for hanging out so long, you get teh sneak preview. :)

<DM> Experience Gained from this adventure per class:

<DM> Mialee 1576

<DM> Icarius 3467

<DM> Flint 1576

<DM> Jozlan 3467

<DM> Mordin 3467

<DM> Pengo 3467

<DM> Owen 3467

<DM> Vlix 1733

<DM> Vlix leveled up.

<Flint> Sweet.

<Flint> Mordin almost made it.

<Flint> :)

<DM> he's only 1088 short.

<DM> he'll make it after the next phase, I'm sure.

<Flint> I like that you are giving out XP during the adventure instead of at the end.

<DM> As I'm sure you've figured out, you guys went in the backdoor, bypassing about half of the encounter areas.

<DM> This is actually the end of this "adventure".

<DM> It's just that there are 4 strung together.

<DM> so you get experience between phases.

<Flint> Ahh...

<DM> ok, it's bedtime for me. see ya later! :)

*** Disconnecting from chat server.






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