Wargrave: Necropolis

This adventure was based on "Necropolis" by Nigel D. Findley from Issue #16 of Dungeon Magazine

<DM> Three weeks after your return from the Keep of Karak the Sorceror,
    Hillsview has settled into recovery mode.
<DM> Having done everything you can to help the people there, you've decided to
    journey to the city of Byrne, because it is there, (you've heard) that you
    will be able to find ANYTHING you need for further adventuring.
<DM> The total distance to Byrne is 80 km as the dragon flies.  At a
    comfortable pace, (20 km / day) you can expect to be there in about 4 days.
<DM> Is there anything else you want to do before leaving Hillsview?
<Flint> Yes.
<Mialee> :)
<Mialee> Which of them are first-level spells?  I'm told that I have a
    chance of failing transcription of second-level spells.
<DM> true
<DM> hang on a sec
<Flint> Did someone want some of the gems in place of part of their share of
    the gold?
<Mialee> I'd like my money as low-weight as possible. :)
<Flint> You and me both. :)
<Mialee> But generally I don't care what form it's in.
<DM> Level 1 Spells:
<DM> Push
<DM> Mending
<DM> Jump
<DM> Hold Portal
<DM> Tenser's Floating Disk
<DM> Shield
<DM> Burning Hands
<DM> Transfer By Portal
<Mialee> OK...
<Mialee> I'm inclined to transcribe shield and burning hands, but I'm open to
    suggestions from my compatriots.
<DM> What do they know about magic??   ;)   (only kidding)
> Jozlan has no opinion
<DM> I'd skip the burning hands.  At your level it doesn't do enough damage to
    make it worth carrying.
<Mialee> OK.
<Flint> You might think about Hold Portal.
> Mialee transcribes Shield.
<DM> I'd probably go with Hold portal
<Mialee> I was thinking... yes. :)
> Mialee transcribes Hold Portal too.
> Mialee suffers painfully, yadda yadda.
<DM> Also, remember that shield isn't going to benefit you much, since you're
    already wearing armor
<Mialee> Hm.
<Mialee> Well, jeez. :)
<DM> You can undo that if you want
<Mialee> Yeah.
<Mialee> Then, hm...
<Mialee> Hold Portal definitely.
<Mialee> And...
<Flint> It will stop spells being interrupted by missile attacks. :)
<Mialee> Hm.  That could be handy though.  Hm.
<Mialee> I'll be honest, most of these spells seem minimally useful or too weak
    at my level to be useful. :)
<Mialee> So this is a tough choice.
<DM> Jump can be handy sometims
<Flint> BUT...Only from the direction Mialee is facing.
<Mialee> OK, let's go with Jump.  Why not?
> Mialee transcribes Hold Portal and Jump.
<Flint> Good, somebody else can fall down the chasums.
<Mialee> :)
<Mialee> I can't believe we just got back from the store and there's still
    nothing for lunch here. :/
<DM> Actually, she can cast it on Flint, too
<Mialee> Woohoo! :)
<Flint> chasm
<Flint> But I'm +4 to my save to resist the spell.
<Mialee> Um, Thomas, do you have the descriptions of Jump and Hold Portal handy
    that you could email me?
<Mialee> I need to add them to my spell book in my character info file. :)
<Mialee> And I don't have them handy on my PowerBook.
<DM> uhhh, let me think
<Flint> I could try to send them to you right here, right now if you want.
<Mialee> OK.
<DM> Yeah, I'm actually on Jeannie's computer now.
<Flint> Here they come...
<Mialee> I just need basics.  Range, area of effect, etc.
<Flint> Hold Portal (Alteration)
<Flint> Level: 1Components: V
<Flint> Range: 2"/levelCasting Time: 1 segment
<Flint> Duration: 1 round/levelSaving Throw: None
<Flint> Area of Effect: 80 square
<Flint>   feet/level
<Flint> Explanation/Description: This spell magically bars a door, gate, or
    valve of wood, metal or stone.  The magical closure holds the portal fast
    just as if it were securely stopped and locked.  The range of the spell is
    2" per level of experi
> Mialee bets Flint got discoed for posting too much too fast. :)
<Flint> I may have to send it in chunks, did it come out at your end?
<Mialee> I got what I needed.
<Mialee> What is the "V" for components?
<Flint> What is the bet?
<Mialee> :)
<DM> verbal
<Mialee> And only Hold Portal came through.
<Flint> Verbal, Somatic, Material.
<Mialee> I see.
<Mialee> I need Jump now, please.  Don't need the text description, just the
<Flint> Jump is next.
<Flint> Jump (Alteration)
<Flint> Level: 1Components: V, S, M
<Flint> Range: TouchCasting Time: 1 segment
<Flint> Duration: SpecialSaving Throw: None
<Flint> Area of Effect: Creature touched
<Flint> Where there any tabs in that string at your end?
<Mialee> Nope.
<Mialee> But that's okay.
<Mialee> Thank you.
<Flint> Two columns.  ie.  Level 1            Components: V, S, M
<Mialee> Before we set out, I suppose I should memorize some spells.
<Mialee> What materials are required for Jump?
<DM> A grasshopper
<DM> s hind leg
<Flint> I The material component of this spell is a grasshopper's hind leg, one
    for each leap, to be broken when the leap is made.
<Mialee> OK.
<Mialee> Can I get grasshopper legs here or does it have to wait until we're in
    Byrne? :)
<Flint> It was in the spell description. :)
<DM> I'm sure you can find grasshoppers in the field somewhere
<Mialee> OK. :)
<Mialee> OK, I'm memorizing the following four spells: Jump, Hold Portal, and
    Magic Missile (x2).
<Flint> I assume that the chances of restocking supplies here in Hillsview are
    pretty slim right now.
<DM> Might be tough considering the devestation they've just suffered
<Mialee> And as for the material costs in transcribing those spells... my notes
    you sent me say that cost me 400 gp, Thomas, so do I deduct that from my
    treasure at this point, or...?
<Mialee> Okay.
> Mialee acts appropriately chastised after that booming voice from the sky.
<DM> You simply use up the quills and ink you found in Karaks Quarters
<Mialee> OK.
<Mialee> Hm... just remember, guys, I'm out of arrows.
<Flint> Did you check about the secondary skills we talked about?
<Mialee> But otherwise I'm ready to set out.
<Mialee> Oh... shoot... which two did I pick?
<Jozlan> lets do it then
<Mialee> One was bowyer/fletcher, but I don't recall the other one.
<Flint> That has to be cleared by the DM. :)
<DM> what did everyone have for hit points, since I forgot that?  Mialee was
    15, right?
<Mialee> I had a sticky note on my computer with all this and it went away. :)
<Mialee> I'm 15 now.
<Flint> 21 for me.
<DM> I think Jozlan had 17
<DM> And what spells are the clerics memorizing before you set out?
<Flint> Jozlan...did you want any of the gems in place of gold?
<Jozlan> i'm ambivalent
<Jozlan> hold person, spiritual hammer, and the rest cure light
<Mialee> What does switch-hitting have to do with it, Joz? ;)
<Flint> The 'Wilderness' set listed on the character sheet.
<Flint> BTW: Did you get the updated character sheet?
<DM> Jozlan, you need to pick 5 1st lvl and 4 2d level spells as a 4th level
    CLeric with a 16 Wisdom
<DM> Yes, Flint, I did
<DM> Flint, you get 4 and 2
<Flint>     Wilderness:
<Flint> 1st level:  Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light
<Flint>     Wounds, Cure Light Wounds
<Flint> 2nd level:  Silence 15' radius, Slow Poison
<Flint> :)
<Mialee> Good set. :)
<Jozlan> cure light x 5, hold x 2, spiritual hammer x 2
<DM> got it
<Flint> Well...that was a 5 minute lag time...
<Jozlan> I couldn't find my doc.  Got em now
<Flint> From when I type it until it is echoed back by Syndicomm.
<DM> Yuck
<DM> Ok, I think I'm set

<DM> You begin your journey with the sun shining, the air warm and dry.  You
    follow the road to the SE, which meanders through flourishing farmlands.
<Flint> Thank the gods it's not consistant that what.
<DM> There is an occasional castle in the distance.
<DM> As the first day wanes, you approach the village of Selbourne.  It is a
    small village with perhaps 20-30 buildings, mostly residences.  Along the
    main road, however, you see the sort of businesses you would expect to see
    in a village of this size.
<DM> There is a bakery and a butcher, a dry goods  store and a blacksmith.
    There is also an inn, the only 2 story building in town, with a sign
    outside, depicting a frog with its mouth stretched open wider than any
    natural frog could.
<DM> ??
<Flint> Do we want to stop here for the night?
<Mialee> Seems reasonable.
<Jozlan> ok
<Mialee> Perhaps we can check out the shops in the morning.
<DM> Are you heading into the inn, then?
<Flint> ok
<Mialee> Yes.
<DM> Inside, you see a common room with about 4 tables, a small fireplace, and
    a bar.
<DM> Behind the bar is a small, wiry man with a thick mustache, who greets you:
     "whatUll  ye have, neighbors?" in a high, squeaky voice.
<Mialee> Any patrons?
<Flint> Innkeeper, what is the cost for a meal and bed for the night?
<DM> No patrons at the moment
<Flint> And stabling for my mule?
<DM> "It'll be 3 sp fer a bed, 1 fer a straw tick in the common room
<DM> [D"If you're staying here, stablings free"
<DM> meals are an additional 5 sp.
<Flint> What are you serving for supper?
<DM> we've got some stew and black bread
<Mialee> Sounds tasty.
<Flint> And to Drink?
> Mialee ponies up to the bar and takes a load off.
<DM> Ale, wine, and mead
<DM> and if ye've got a strong stomach, we've got some "Fire of the Valley"
<Mialee> I'll have wine with my dinner, and I'll take a bed as well.
<Flint> I'll take the meal and a bed, after I stable my mule.
<Jozlan> mead, stew and bed for me
<Mialee> How much is the wine?
> Flint goes out and stables his mule.
<DM> the innkeeper accepts your coins, and says: "5 sp / bottle, or 2 sp /
> Mialee pays 15 sp.
<Mialee> Keep the change.
<Mialee> I'll take a bottle of wine.
<DM> Thankee, ma'am
<DM> He hands you a bottle with no label
<Mialee> May I ask where you get your wine?
> Jozlan asks the inn tender what's happening in this town
<DM> it's local
> Mialee tries to study the bottle closely without being too obvious about it.
<DM> the bottle is a little greasy, but not too bad.  It just looks like a
    homegrown vintage
> Mialee waits for her meal to arrive.
<DM> Nothing much sir (to Jozlan),  we're just mostly farmers
<DM> he barks an order to an unseen servant in the rear of the establishment
> Mialee opens the wine.
<Mialee> May I have a glass, please?
<DM> there is a grunted reply from the direction of the kitchen as the barkeep
    hands you a glass
> Mialee pours a glass of wine.
> Flint returns from the stable hauling the baggage.
> Mialee sniffs the wine delicately.
<DM> "the boy will show you to your room, sir Dwarf."
<DM> at this point, a small boy comes out of the kitchen carrying a small
    tureen of stew, and a loaf of bread, and sets it on the table nearest the
<Flint> It can wait until after the meal, innkeeper.
> Mialee moves to the table and sits, taking her wine with her.
<DM> The Wide-Mouth Frog doesn't have fancy fare, but it's hot, and it fills
    your stomach.
> Mialee eats supper, sipping at her wine as she goes.
<Jozlan> my complements to the chef
<DM> As you're eating a few men drift in, and greet the barkeep before
    settiling at the other tables
> Flint puts down the baggage out of the way and joins Mialee at the table.
> Flint sits so that he can keep a eye on the baggage.
<DM> they look at you curiously, but then turn to their own conversations
> Mialee smiles.
> Jozlan discretely examines the new arrivals
<Flint> Ale please innkeeper.
> Mialee looks over the newcomers while pouring herself a second glass of wine.
<DM> The bartender comes over a drops an ale on the table.
<DM> "My name's Willem, in case you need anything.  If I'm not at the bar, you
    can shout through the curtain -- I'll be in the kitchen.
<Flint> How much for the ale?
<DM> 1 sp, sir
> Mialee recorks her bottle of wine.
> Mialee listens to hear if the other patrons are having any interesting
> Flint hands willem a gold piese.
<DM> You see the boy bustling about, cleaning the tables and the bar, etc
<DM> Thankee sir!  says Willem
<Jozlan> Willem, have you heard any good gossip lately?
> Flint digs in to the food.
<DM> "nought that would interest a stranger to these parts. "  he says with a
<DM> [D"Selbourne's a pretty quiet place, just the way we like it, eh boys?"
<DM> the other patrons nod their heads, and go back to their conversations
<Jozlan> time?
<Flint> Good, I could use some quite for a change.
<DM> It's getting to be about 8PM
<DM> the sun set while you were eating.
<Flint> Quiet
<DM> the place is starting to fill up
<Mialee> Well, gentlemen, I'm very tired and ready for bed.  Willem, could you
    arrange for me to be taken to my bed, please?
<Jozlan> I guess I should be getting to bed
<DM> You catch a few sniggers from a nearby table at Mialee's request.
<DM> Willem scowls at the men at that table and hollars for the boy
> Jozlan wandders off to his room & locks the door
> Mialee whirls around toward them, staff at the ready, fire in her eyes.
<Flint> Me too.  Jozlan, will you give me a hand with the baggage?
<DM> "Boy!  Take these kind folk to their rooms!"
> Jozlan returns to help with the luggage :)
<DM> The men at the table cringe, and suck at their cups
> Mialee smiles sweetly and turns to help with the luggage.
> Flint identifies which rooms are Mialee's and Jozlan's.
<DM> The boy grabs the luggage from Mialee, and leads the way upstairs
> Mialee follows the boy.
> Flint brings up the rear.
<DM> he goes to the end of the hall, and shows Mialee the room on the left, and
    indicates that Flint and Jozlan can share the room on the right
> Mialee enters her room.
> Mialee says good night to the gents.
<DM> the room is small, but the bed looks comfortable.
<Jozlan> good night
> Flint checks out the rooms security after entering.
> Mialee gives a quick look around the room for any obvious security concerns.
<DM> each room is outfitted with a small dresser and hooks on the walls, as
    well as a chamberpot under the beds
> Jozlan checks under the bed
<DM> the rooms look as secure as they could be in a wooden building.
> Jozlan goes to sleep
<DM> Jozlan sees the chamberpot and some dust
> Mialee closes the door, dumps all her stuff (except her spell book) on the
    floor, kicks it under the bed next to the chamberpot, and lies down on the
    bed with her spell book under her head.
<DM> The rooms only have one door each
> Mialee closes her eyes and goes to sleep.
<DM> and Flint is....  ???
> Flint prays quitely and then goes to sleep.
<DM> The night passes without incident.
<Flint> quietly
<DM> You wake up greatly refreshed
<DM> The sun is once again shining
> Mialee gets up, retrieves all her belongings, and opens the door to start the
> Flint checks the baggage.
<DM> She smells some bacon frying, and coffee brewing
<DM> The baggage seems to be all there
> Mialee pounds on the door across the hall.
<Mialee> Get up, you two, breakfast is on!
<Mialee> If you expect help with the baggage, let's go!
> Jozlan gets up, dressed, and heads down
> Mialee tromps downstairs.
<DM> As you enter the common room, you see the boy laying out plates of cheese
    and bread
> Flint gets up, dressed, and follow Jozlan.
<DM> "We've got coffee, or some watered beer if you'd prefer.
> Mialee drops into a chair.
<Mialee> Coffee would be great, thank you.
<Flint> Beer, definately Beer.
<Jozlan> it's not just for breakfast anymore
<Jozlan> Have you any tea?
<DM> Tea?  What's that?
<Mialee> Guess not, Joz.
<DM> "would you like wine instead, sir?"
> Flint sits and begins breaking his fast.
<Jozlan> Co, coffee will be fine
> Mialee eats.
<DM> The boy brings out everything you've asked for.
> Mialee finishes breakfast, stands, and stretches a little.
> Flint orders more Beer.
<DM> The boy brings Flint's beer promptly.
> Mialee steps outside for some fresh air.
<Mialee> (after paying for breakfast)
<DM> The day is warm and beautiful, just like the day before.
> Mialee leans against the wall and looks around the village.
<DM> It seems to be a typical small country village, like so many you've seen
> Flint finishes eating and pays his bill.
<DM> You can see the farmers already at work in the field, and hear the ringing
    of the blacksmith's hammer
<Jozlan> lets get going then
<Mialee> Let's.  I would like to stop by the blacksmith and the dry goods
> Flint loads the mule and makes ready to leave.
<DM> In a village this small, they're easy to find.
> Mialee heads to the blacksmith.
> Flint follows along.
<DM> The smithy is definately not the biggest you've seen, but there is a
    rather large man at work at an anvil
<DM> hammering on a horseshoe, it looks like
<Mialee> Does he have any interesting items on display?
> Flint observes his technique.
<DM> mostly farm tools:  sycles, scythes, etc
<DM> tack and harness
<Mialee> Ah well.
<Mialee> OK, on to the dry goods store.
<Flint> ok
<DM> Ok, across the street at the dry goods store, you find an older man behind
    the counter.
<DM> The store is filled with barrels and sacks and tools and whatnot
<DM> a typical general store.
<Mialee> Don't suppose he has arrows in stock. :)
<DM> There are dry foodstuffs, such as flour etc.
<Mialee> OK, I guess I'm ready to head on.  Let's go!
<DM> if you ask, he tells you that Yes, he thinks he has some hunting arrows
    stuck away somewhere.
<Mialee> Ah, how much?
<DM> he hobbles off to a room in back, and returns momentarily with a bundle of
<DM> "all I have is these dozen Madam, and I'd be glad to let you have them for
<Mialee> Thank you.
> Mialee hands over 2 gp.
<DM> Thank-you!  Have a nice day!
<Mialee> OK, let's hit the road. :)
<Flint> ok
<DM> You set off down the road again, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
<DM> The road wanders to the east SE, and you see farmland in all directions
<DM> to the north, several kms off, you see the edge of a great forest
<DM> By the end of the second day, you've passed through the town of Woodend,
    (about the same kind of town as Selbourne was) and are about half-way to
<DM> As the sun nears the horizon, you approach a small hamlet of no more than
    15 buildings.
> Mialee looks around.
<Jozlan> is there an inn?
<Flint> Is there an inn?
<DM> The woods here  come to within a km of the hamlet, and there are lights
    burning in all the buildings.
<DM> As soon as you enter the town, you notice that something is amiss. The
    locals are staring at you with awe, as though you represent some
    heaven-sent salvation.
> Mialee hails the people.
<Mialee> Hello!
> Flint mutters something in Dwarvish.
<DM> Most of them stare dumbly at you
<DM> There appears to be only one inn in the village.  In front of it hangs a
    sign showing a rabbit with its paws in the air in a defiant pose.
> Mialee examines the people.
<DM> The people look as though they were in shock
<DM> As you approach the inn, the villagers crowd around you.
<DM> their faces start to show signs of life
<Flint> What sort of signs?
<DM> hopeful smiles?
<DM> One of them, a young man with jet black hair, coughs up the courage to
    ask, "Kind sirs, you have the look of great adventurers about you.  Would
    you be willing to talk to our village elder?  I believe he would ask a boon
    of you."
> Mialee smiles.
<Mialee> "Talking never hurt anyone."
<DM> if you'll wait in the inn, I will fetch him for you immediately .
<Flint> Flint mutters something in Dwarvish.
> Mialee enters the inn.
<DM> As you enter the building, it strikes you that to call this an inn would
    be stretching the definition.
<DM> You see a single room, with three tables, one square, one round and one
    rectangular. Around each table, there are stools, each one made, it seems,
    to avoid any pretense of uniformity. There is a small fireplace at the far
    end of the room. At the near end o
> Mialee mutters "Stop muttering in Dwarvish, little man."
> Flint stables the mule and repeats the same procedures as last night.
<DM> At the near end of this room, you see a stack of boxes, which serves as
    the bar.
<DM>  _______________________________
<DM> |                           ___ ~~~~|
<DM> |\    _________            |_ _|    |
<DM> | |  |         |           |_X_|    |
<DM> | |  |_________|           |___|    |
<DM> |/               ______             |
<DM> |     ___       |      |            |
<DM> |    /   \      |      |            |
<DM> |   |     |     |______|            |
<DM> |    \___/                  \       |
<DM> |________________________    \______|
> Mialee picks a stool at the round table and sits.
<DM> The stable consists of 2 stalls under a very shaky roof
<DM> There is a woman, that you judge to be in her 40's, sweeping up behind the
<DM> As you come into the room, she looks up from her broom, and asks in a
    pleasant voice, "What can I get for you gentleman?"
<DM> and lady
<Mialee> "What do you have?"
<DM> We've got some local wine and ale. I'm afraid that's it, Ma'am
> Mialee orders an ale.
<Jozlan> can you tell me about the latest gossip?
<DM> The woman gets a shocked look on her face
<DM> Oh, sir, I think you'd better wait for Verethorn.
<Jozlan> who is Verethorn?
<DM> He's our village elder, sir, and I believe he'll be here in a moment.
<DM> A few minutes later, the young man returns, followed by a man you judge to
    be in his fifties.
<DM> Verethorn, appears still hale, though.
<DM> He greets you with respect:  " I am Verethorn. "
> Flint returns from the stable and sets the baggage in the corner behind the
    round table.
<DM> he indicates the stool next to Mialee:   "May I sit down?"
<Mialee> Nods her head and says, "Mialee."
<Mialee> Please do.
<Verethorn> "I have lived my entire life in Wargrave, as did my father and his
    father's father before him. I'm not too humble to admit that my
    fellowtownspeople see me as a bit of a fixture - and often come to me for
    advice,  as if I were a font of wisdom.
> Verethorn chuckles at that
<Verethorn> "But now this village is threatened by something beyond my power to
    change. I'd like to tell you a story, if you've the time and the
<Jozlan> plese go on
> Mialee nods serenely.
<Flint> Ale please good woman.
<Verethorn> "Some 200 winters ago," Verethorn relates, "Wargrave was the site
    of a clash
<Verethorn> between the forces of Mercia and the hobgoblin hordes that
    threatened the land.
<Verethorn> The forces of the Kingdom fought under the banner of General Balfas
    - a
<Verethorn> renowned warrior  (and surprisingly, just as renowned as a
<Verethorn> "In the heat of combat, General Balfas fell to treachery from
    within his own
<Verethorn> bodyguard, and for a while the battle seemed in doubt. But then the
<Verethorn> staff officers took up the reins of command.
<Verethorn> "Hundreds of humans and hobgoblins died, but the King's army
<Verethorn> victorious.
<Verethorn> "The dead hobgoblins were burned in huge pyres that stained the sky
    black with
<Verethorn> smoke. The fallen human warriors were interred with great honor in
    a score of
<Verethorn> barrows on yonder hill.
> Mialee listens with interest.
<Verethorn> "General Balfas himself - now know as "the Betrayed" - was laid to
    rest in the central, largest barrow.
<Verethorn> "Today, the only things left to mark the site of the battle are the
    barrows - overgrown and mostly forgotten - and the name of this village.
<Verethorn> "Until rec
<Verethorn> "Until recently, if we thought of the nearby necropolis at all, it
    was only as wasted land that could be put to better use growing crops. Now
    matters have changed.
<Verethorn> "It started quietly enough. Four weeks ago, one of our farmers
    awoke in the night to the sou
<Verethorn> "The events recurred the next night at another farmer's cottage,
    and again the next. Then an embellishment was added: as well as the
    scratches on the door, a splatter of blood was found on the stoop.
<Verethorn> "The first fatality occurred a week later; a calf was f
<Mialee> the sou?
<Verethorn> "The first fatality occurred a week later; a calf was found messily
    dead, its torn-up body showing the now familiar claw marks.
<Verethorn> "Now we're a common-sense lot over all, but you can imagine that
    the people 'round here could take only so much before eyes started to turn
    toward that mound of barrows out there.
<Verethorn> "The dead have been slumberin' quietly for centuries, sure. But
    we're thinkin' they've begun to stir now, the gods only know why.
<Verethorn> "The other night old Miles reported seeing a gray-cowled figure
    moving silently among the overgrown barrows.  That gave us all a fright,
    you can imagine!
<Verethorn> "Kind Folk, Wargrave has become a village under siege. When the sun
    goes down, nobody goes outside. All of us are keepin' our doors locked,
    with lights burnin' all night.
<Verethorn> "And now the dead are demanding tribute!  We've found messages
    scrawled on the walls of buildings, sayin' that General Balfas walks again,
    an' we need to leave our hard-earned gold and other valuables near the
    barrows each night.
<Verethorn> "The messages say that if we do so, he and his cohorts will stay
    within their age-old resting places. Otherwise I"
> Verethorn shrugs his shoulders, then goes onI
<Verethorn> "So far, we've been doing what the messages say.  We've been
    leaving offerings at the boundary of the necropolis each night.
<Verethorn> "But we haven't  got much more, and I don't know what we'll do when
    we've plumb run out!  Soon there'll be nothing left to give!
<Verethorn> And what happens then?
<Verethorn> Would you help us? We've nought to give ye, since most of what we
    own is in the grips of General Balfas, but we'd be forever in yer debt!
<Jozlan> has anyone investigated?
<Verethorn> Yes, yes!   If you'd like, I can show you some samples of the
    night-time horrors that have gone on. "
<Jozlan> please do
<Mialee> Yes, please.
> Verethorn leads you out of the inn and down the quiet, darkened street.  A
    few houses down, he stops and shows you a farmhouse with claw marks on the
    windowsill, as though someone - or something - had tried to gain entry that
> Mialee examines the claw marks carefully.
*** <Verethorn> is now known as <DM>
<DM> roll 5d6, Mialee
*** Roll by Mialee: 5d6 -> 2 + 3 + 1 + 6 + 2 = 14
<DM> You know, it's funny, but a real close look shows that it wasn't claws
    that made those marks, but some sharp metal instrument, a dagger, perhaps.
     You also notice that there are footprints in the dirt, that look like they
    were imperfectly wiped away.
<Mialee> I thought as much.
<Mialee> Verethorn, someone's faking this.
<Mialee> These aren't claw marks at all.
<DM> Oh, no ma'am, you'll see, when I show you the next thing
<Mialee> Lead on.
<DM> At the second stop, he shows you the carcass of a sheep, its throat ripped
> Mialee examines the corpse.
<DM> roll 5d6, Mialee
*** Roll by Mialee: 5d6 -> 4 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 23
<DM> YOU don't notice anything, but a gruesomely defaced sheep
> Jozlan examines it
<DM> roll 5d6, Jozlan
*** Roll by Jozlan: 5d6 -> 6 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 18
> Flint examines the sheep.
<DM> It sure looks like a sheep with it's throat violently ripped out
<DM> roll 5d6 FLint
<Flint> 5d6
> Flint roll 5d6
<DM> yeah, roll 'em  :)
<Flint> typo's
*** Roll by Flint: 5d6 -> 2 + 4 + 6 + 4 + 1 = 17
<DM> You don't notice anything odd either.
<Mialee> Verethorn, is this where the sheep was found, or has it been moved?
<DM> "See what I mean?"  Says Verethorn.   "It's the undead that have risen
    again that are doing this dirtywork!  Let me show you some more!"
<DM> "It was found here, in the paddock."  he says
> Mialee looks at the dirt around the sheep.
<DM> roll 5d6, Mialee
*** Roll by Mialee: 5d6 -> 3 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 5 = 17
> Jozlan does the same
*** Roll by Jozlan: 5d6 -> 3 + 6 + 2 + 5 + 5 = 21
<DM> dirt on the ground is all you see here.
<Mialee> Hm.
> Mialee rolls the sheep over to look under it.
<DM> blood, caking the dirt
<Mialee> OK, Verethorn, lead on.
<DM> The third sample is a message, seemingly scrawled in blood, on the wall of
    a barn:
<Mialee> Balfas was a scholar?
<Mialee> That wasn't written by a schalar.
<DM> "Yes, sir, he was known to be a great scholar as well as a fine General!"
<Mialee> No scholar would have written with so many errors.
<DM> Verethorn explains: "There are lots of similar messages that have appeared
    elsewhere around the village, and you can believe that we've been taking
    them very seriously.
<DM> "Each night, one of us, selected by lot, leaves a small pouch of gold,
    silver, or something else of value at the outskirts of the necropolis.
<Mialee> I'm sure you have.
<DM> "These valuables are donated by all of us - willingly donated, because we
    fear for our lives!"
<Mialee> But I'm convinced that this is being faked by thieves of some nature.
<Mialee> At what hour do they come?
*** <Flint> has left the room.
<DM> We don't know, Ma'am.  It usually happens in the deep of night, except for
    that sighting by old Miles that I told you about
<Jozlan> where is miles now?
<DM> I'm sure he's at his home, sir.  We all stay in at night, mostly
> Jozlan takes mailee aside
<Jozlan> should we sneak out from the inn and wathc the thieves take the gold?
<Mialee> Yes, we should.
<Jozlan> have you left money out for tonigth?
<DM> Yes Sir, it was Benjaman's turn tonight, and he returned just before you
    arrived in town.
*** <Flint> has entered the room.
<Flint> Disco'd
> Mialee says quietly to Joz and Flint, "We need to set up a watch and keep an
    eye out to see what happens."
<Mialee> Can you show us where the offering is left?
<Mialee> We'll try to help you.
<Flint> what happened after I examined the sheep?
<Mialee> We went on to see a message scrawled in something bloodlike, badly
    misspelled, claiming to be from the scholar/general.
<DM> Oh, you couldn't miss it, Ma'am.  The offering is left at the opening in
    the wall of the necropolis
<Mialee> We'll see what we can do.  You should probably all go inside.
<DM> Verethorn gladly steps into the inn.
<Mialee> Is anyone else still outside?
<DM> The other villages that were following you either go inside or drift away
    to their homes
<Mialee> OK, let's go take a look at the offering spot, see if we can find a
    place to park and watch it without being seen.
<DM> long post follows
<DM>   \ To Woodend    _____
<DM>    \             |    z|
<DM>    |             |_____|                  ___
<DM>    \           __        _   ____   ___  |   |
<DM>     \_        |__|      | | |_   | |   | |___|
<DM>       \______________   |_|   |__| |___| ___
<DM>             ___      \________________  |___|
<DM>            |  y|      ____   _    _   \_________________________
<DM>            |___|     |____| |_| _|_|  _____   _   ___   To Wooton
<DM>                         _____  |_|   |1    | |_| |___|
<DM>                        |_____|x  .   |_____|
<DM>                                 .
<DM>                                 .
<DM>                                .
<DM>        >|  100 ft  |<--        .
<DM>                               ~~~ v
<DM>                              ~~~ 400 yds
<DM>                              .    ^
<DM>                          ...
<DM>                        .
<DM>                  ___ 4 ___
<DM>              ___/         \___
<DM>           __/     _     _   _ \__
<DM>          /    _  (_)   (_) (_)   \
<DM>         /  _ (_) _   _ _     _   _ \
<DM>        |  (_)   (_) / 5 \   (_) (_)|
<DM>        |     _   _ (_____) _   _   |                  ......
<DM>         \   (_) (_)  _  _ (_) (_) /                  .      .
<DM>          \__        (_)(_)     __/                  .   3    .
<DM>             \_________________/                     .        .
<DM>                                                      .      .
<DM>  >|  100 ft  |<--                                     ......
<DM> x,y and z are where the evidence was found
<DM> #1 is the "inn"
<DM> It is getting dark
<Mialee> I take it 4 is the offering?
<DM> well, you're not there yet, but yes, that's where it is described to have
    been left
<Mialee> OK, let's head that direction.
<DM> as you climb the incline, you see the vague outline of the ring around the
<Mialee> Is there anything to hide behind?  Tall grass, trees, anything?
<DM> This complex of barrows is surrounded by a raised earthen wall with only
    one entrance, opening northward toward the village.
<Mialee> Near the offering?
<DM> #4 is the opening in the wall
<DM> you can't see anything behind the wall because of the angle of the hill
<DM> and there is no significant cover for you.
<DM> you would be easily seen by someone hiding behind the wall
<Mialee> Hm.
<DM> at least in the daytime
<Mialee> Any ideas, guys?
<DM> but like I said, it's almost full dark now
<Mialee> Well, let's lie down within view of the entrance and wait.
<DM> let's say you're half way there as you contemplate
<Mialee> Any opinions, guys? :)
> DM wonders if his map knocked poor Flint off again.  :)
<Jozlan> we could just wait out in the open.  If they're scared, they're scared
<Mialee> We might not be able to catch them though, if they run off when they
    see us.
<Jozlan> or, replace the tribute with folgers crystals and see if they notice
<Mialee> Now there's a good idea.
<Mialee> Or simply take the tribute. :)
<Jozlan> do we have any good inventory items?
<Mialee> Joz, want to go grab it?
<Mialee> Uh...
<Mialee> I don't have anything.
<Mialee> I think we should just grab the tribute and see what happens when
    there's nothing there.
*** <DM> is now known as <theDM>
> theDM thinks for the next time he needs to add a searchable pricelist to his
<Mialee> :)
*** <AFK-Flint> is now known as <Flint>
<Mialee> So...
<theDM> Ready?
<Mialee> Do we grab the bag, or take the money and refill it with junk?
<Jozlan> flint, do we have any supplied that would be useful for setting a
<theDM> Flint the Quartermaster   :)
<Flint> supplied?
<Mialee> supplies :)
<Flint> Lets fill the bag with rocks.
<Flint> How big is the bag?
<theDM> You haven't seen any bag yet, since you haven't approached the ringwall
<Jozlan> how about we take the bag and mutilate a cow and split?
<theDM> you're about 1/2 way between it and the town
<Jozlan> lets go then to the ringwall
<Mialee> Yes, let's go.
<Flint> What god do you follow? :)
<theDM> It doesn't take you long to cross the other 200 yards to the entrance
<Mialee> Joz :)
<theDM> While the earth ramparts were obviously once high and difficult to
    scale, years of erosion have made them easy to climb. The only purpose they
    still serve is to hide the barrows from villagers' casual view.
<theDM> They are completely covered with grass.
<Mialee> How tall is the grass?
<theDM> The barrow mounds, too, have been weathered down, their contours
    softened by lush grass.
<Flint> do we find the bag?
<theDM> knee height
<Mialee> Perfect.
<Mialee> Where's the bag?
<theDM> yes, right in the entrance, there is a burlap bag laying in the grass
<Flint> How big is it?
<theDM> you see the dozen or so barrows in front of you, with a larger one in
    the center
<theDM> the bag is about a 6 gallon bag
> Mialee picks up the bag, takes all the gold out of it, and fills it with a
    comparable weight in rocks.
<Flint> What is the distance to the closest barrow to the gate?
<theDM> 50 ft.
<Mialee> I think after doing the swap with the bag, we should climb up onto the
    berm and hide in the grass.
<Flint> Fill it full of rocks, Mialee.  That way they will be slowed down, or
    stop to check it out.
<theDM> In the bag you find 3 gp, 47 sp, a silver ring, 13 cp and a silver
> Mialee takes the stuff and tucks it away.
<Mialee> Good idea, Flint.
> Mialee fills the bag with as many rocks as it will hold.
<theDM> and then??
<Flint> If we put Mialee on the nearest borrow with a bow and Jozlan and I hide
    in the grass on the berm...
<Mialee> Put it back where we found it.
<Mialee> Yes, good plan, Flint.
> Mialee heads to the nearest barrow, leaving the bag on the ground where she
    found it.
<theDM> The barrow is really a grass mound about 12 ft high
<theDM> covered with grass.
<Flint> How wide is the entrance?
<Mialee> Sounds great.
<Flint> to the ringwall?
<theDM> the entrance to the ringwall is about 15' across
> Mialee hides in the grass on the barrow, bow ready for quick access, and
<theDM> Mialee, are you hiding on the side AWAY from the center barrow or
    TOWARDs the center barrow?
<Flint> Gentle slope into the entrence or a shape drop?
<Mialee> I'm hiding so I can watch the entrance.
<theDM> after so many years, it's a gentle slope
<theDM> the entrance to the ringwall?
<Jozlan> what's the distance hold person can be cast over?
<Flint> Mialee...lay down at the crest where you have a view on three sides.
> Mialee nods.
> Mialee lays down at the top of the mound and watches.
<theDM> Ok, is this what it looks like?
<Flint> 60 yards.
<theDM>                  f__ 4 ___j
<theDM>              ___/         \___
<theDM>           __/     _     _ m _ \__
<theDM>          /    _  (_)   (_) (_)   \
<theDM>         /  _ (_) _   _ _     _   _ \
<theDM>        |  (_)   (_) / 5 \   (_) (_)|
<theDM>        |     _   _ (_____) _   _   |
<theDM>         \   (_) (_)  _  _ (_) (_) /
<theDM>          \__        (_)(_)     __/
<theDM>             \_________________/
<theDM> ??
<Mialee> Don't look at me, I'm waiting for the bad guys to show up.
> Flint readies both his crossbow and axe.
<theDM> but are you waiting where the 'm' is?
<Mialee> Am I on top of the barrow lying in the grass like I said I was? :)
<theDM> ok, on top, then
<Mialee> OK.  Waiting and watching carefully.
<theDM> The minutes tick by....
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 13
<theDM> the minutes turn into an hour...
<theDM> 2 hours go by, and you see nothing....
> Mialee waits patiently.
<theDM> you're getting cramped and sore...
> Mialee stretches quietly.
<theDM> Elves are good at patience... :)
<Mialee> Yes. :)
<theDM> 3 hours...
<theDM> 4 hours...
<theDM> 5 hours...  and not a peep from the center barrow
> Mialee keeps looking around.
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 1
<Jozlan> time?
<theDM> Mialee sees some movement in the grass to the east of the center barrow
<theDM> it's a little after midnite
> Mialee looks at the movement.
<theDM> there are some forms moving in the grass over there
> Mialee watches them.
<theDM> they are heading toward Jozlan
> Mialee keeps watching.
<theDM> you see 3 creatures, about the size of a small dog, with long tails and
    pointy snouts, heading up over the wall in Jozlan's vicinity
<theDM> they are running on all 4 ft
<Mialee> Hm.
<theDM> Jozlan sees them coming at him
<Flint> into or out of the ringwall?
<theDM> they are moving from inside to the outside
> Mialee readies an arrow as quietly as she can.
<Jozlan> how far are they from me?
<theDM> they are on the top of the wall and Jozlan can clearly see that they
    are giant rat-like creatures!
<theDM> 15 ft
<Mialee> I don't think these are the bad guys we're waiting for.
<Jozlan> in a group?
<Flint> Can flint see them?
<theDM> they stop momentarily, and sniff  the air
<theDM> yes, in a group
> Mialee shoots one.
<theDM> roll
> Flint casts  hold person
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14
<theDM> hit!
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4
<theDM> the rat crumples to the ground with a squeek
> Mialee preps another arrow.
<theDM> the other two scramble down the wall toward Jozlan
<Mialee> Let me know when I can shoot again. :)
<theDM> out of Mialees view
> Jozlan gets his war hammer ready
<theDM> Jozlan, roll for initiative
*** Roll by theDM: 1d6 -> 1
> Mialee puts the arrow away and stays down.
<Jozlan> hich die?
> Flint targets the spell on the other two.
<theDM> d6
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 5
<theDM> oops, Flint did you cast that hold person?
<Flint> Yes.
<theDM> it seems to have no effect.
<theDM> Jozlan, you get the initiative, but miss on the swing
<theDM> the rats attack!
> Mialee continues to watch for others approaching.
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 16
> Flint seizes his crossbow.
<theDM> one hits!
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 12
<Flint> and fires a bolt.
<theDM> the other misses.
<theDM> Flint, not so fast.
<theDM> you cast a spell this round
*** Roll by theDM: 1d3 -> 1
<theDM> Jozlan, take 1 dam
<theDM> next round
<theDM> roll 1d6 for initiative
*** Roll by theDM: 1d6 -> 4
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 3
> Mialee stays in hiding and is still watching for others to approach.
<theDM> the rats attack again!
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 20
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 2
<Jozlan> uhoh
<theDM> one hits!
<Flint> ok, Sorry, I thought the spell went sooner.
*** Roll by theDM: 1d3 -> 1
<Mialee> I did too.
<theDM> 1 more dam Joz
<theDM> your turn.
<theDM> Now you can fire, Flint
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 2
<theDM> miss
<theDM> almost hit Mialee in fact  ;)
<theDM> (only kidding)
<Flint> JUST a little miss. :)
<Mialee> Woof.
<theDM> Joz, you want to swing?
<Jozlan> yep
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 6
<theDM> no hit  :(
<theDM> next round
<theDM> initiative
*** Roll by theDM: 1d6 -> 3
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 1
<Jozlan> eek
<theDM> the rats attack again
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 7
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 3
<theDM> but miss
<theDM> your turn
> Jozlan tries again
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9
<theDM> it's tough for him to see them in the dark I guess
<theDM> he misses again
<theDM> Flint?
> Flint grabs his Battle Axe and charges down the berm.
<theDM> he'll get there next round
<theDM> initiative
*** Roll by theDM: 1d6 -> 4
> Mialee keeps watching out for other bad guys, starting to feel guilty about
    leaving his companions to fend for themselves, but sure she's doing the
    right thing.
<Mialee> her companions
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3
<theDM> ok, the rats attack Joz again
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 20
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 8
<theDM> one hit
<theDM> .3
*** Roll by theDM: 1d3 -> 3
<theDM> 3 hp dam Joz -- your turn
<theDM> Flint you attack this round too
> Flint attacks with his Battle Axe.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 16
<theDM> big hit!
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 1
<theDM> not so big  :(
<theDM> Joz, your swing
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 19
<Jozlan> woohoo
<theDM> a hit!
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 8
<Flint> An even bigger hit :)
<Mialee> Nice.
<theDM> and crushes the rat's skull!
<theDM> the other rat turns tail and runs, offering you one parting shot
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4
<theDM> miss
> Flint chases the rat.
<theDM> Joz?
> Mialee keeps watching for other attackers.
> Jozlan provides cover for Flint in case of an ambush
<theDM> the rat easily outdistances Flint, and disappears into the night
> Jozlan casts cure light on himself
<Jozlan> d4?
<theDM> you catch your breath, with that little jolt of adrenaline sure to keep
    you up for a while.
> Flint returns to the entrance and retrieves his crossbow.
<theDM> yeah, d4+4
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 3
<theDM> so you're back to full, ...
*** Roll by theDM: 1d100 -> 12
> Flint searches for the first rat.
<theDM> the one mialee killed is on top of the wall
<Flint> (the one Mialee shot.)
<theDM> and easily found
> Flint examines the corpse.
<theDM> it's a big ugly rat with a hunting arrow sticking out of its side.
> Mialee keeps scanning the area for other movement.
<Flint> Is it wearing anything or using anything as a weapon?
<theDM> no, it's just a BIG rat
<theDM> good question though  ;)
<Flint> They must have a nest back in the barrows.
> Jozlan hides gain
<theDM> You settle back into watch mode, and tim passes...
<theDM> err, time passes
<theDM> tim went the other way  :)
<Mialee> :)
<theDM> another hour goes by
*** Roll by theDM: 1d20 -> 12
> Flint hides and readies his crossbow again.
<theDM> another hour...
> Flint decides not to shoot tim.
> Mialee continues to be patient.
<theDM> another hour, and the dew begins to settle, dampening the grass, your
    armor, and obtw, your bowstrings
> Mialee puts her bow away and breaks out the staff.
<theDM> another hour, and the first glimmering of dawn can be seen in the
    eastern sky
> Mialee then continues to wait.
<theDM> after another hour, the birds begin to chirp, and the sun rises in the
<Mialee> Hm.
<theDM> y'all are REALLY tired.
<Mialee> Well.
> Mialee stands up and stretches.
> Mialee heads down the barrow to the entrance.
<Mialee> I think they knew we were here.
> Jozlan follows
<Jozlan> or it was a setup
<Mialee> Yeah, or that.
> Flint checks the rats paw.  How many claws?
<Mialee> We need sleep though.
<theDM> ??? uh,  the normal number for a rat, I guess.   ???
<Flint> The same number as the scratches on the window sill? :)
<Mialee> I suggest we go to the inn and get some sleep, then maybe go into the
<theDM> ahhh,  no, not necessarily
<Flint> no, not necessarily to me?
<theDM> yes
<Flint> my question.
<Mialee> Let's head back to the inn.
<Jozlan> might as well...
> Mialee starts hoofing toward the inn.
<theDM> When you return to the inn, you are greeted by an anxious Verethorn:
<theDM> "Have you destroyed the demon from the underworld?"
<Flint> Do the spacing of the claws correspond to the spacing of the scratches?
<theDM> no FLint, they don't
<Mialee> The scratches were made by a metal blade, remember? :)
<Mialee> Verethorn, we didn't see any demon, just some rats.
<Jozlan> should we humor him?
<Flint> Just double checking.
<Mialee> But we'll look into it some more.
<Mialee> For now, we need some sleep.
<Flint> Flint enters the inn and checks the baggage.
*** <theDM> is now known as <Verethorn>
<Jozlan> V., let us know if any odd occurrences were reported last night
<Verethorn> We didn't see anything unusual last night,
<Verethorn> that's why I thought perhaps you had destroyed the monster
<Mialee> I think they saw us waiting for them and stayed in hiding.
<Flint> Or it's someone from the village.

<theDM> ok, the woman at the inn offers you some VERY humble lodging
<Mialee> That's fine.
<theDM> a couple of pallets in the common room.
<Flint> Verethorn was just standing there drooling. :)
> Mialee collapses and goes immediately to sleep.
<theDM> but she tells you they're free, since you're helping the town and all
<Flint> Has the baggage been tampered with?
<theDM> No it hasn't
<Flint> Do we want to set a watch?
> Mialee is already asleep.
> Flint takes the first watch.
<theDM> the sun rises in the sky...
<theDM> 2 hrs pass...
<theDM> You can see Verethorn in the street, pacing and fretting
> Jozlan wakes up to go see what's wrong ith V.
<theDM> how long a watch are you taking, Flint?
<Flint> What season is it?
<theDM> season?   Summer
<Flint> Four hours for the watch.
<theDM> ok, Jozlan, are you going to question V?
<Jozlan> why are you fretting so?
<theDM> about 3 hours have passed, FLint, and since Joz is up anyway, you might
    takt eh time to rack
*** <theDM> is now known as <Verethorn>
<Verethorn> Oh, I'm just so worried about what is going to happen to the town
<Verethorn> this isn't much of a home, but its all we have
<Verethorn> and the people really are looking to me to take care of them,
<Verethorn> but this is something I just can't deal with!
<Verethorn> "I do have something that may be of some use to you in the
    necropolis. "
<Verethorn> He produces a sealed scroll from under his vest.
<Verethorn> are you planning to return to rid us of that evil?
<Jozlan> what is that?
<Verethorn> "I'm not sure when or how this came into possession of the village,
    but it's been passed down from one village elder to another.  Thank
    goodness I've never had the need to use it.  Now that I do, I find myself
    short of the courage to do so."
<Verethorn> It has been kept to be used in the defense of the town, should the
    need arise
<Verethorn> "I'm not even sure that it will work, but I'm told that whoever
    reads this scroll will be able to speak with the dead! Perhaps you can use
    it to communicate with the spirits that walk the barrows, and find out what
    they want."
<Jozlan> i'll try
<Verethorn> Are you going to go back and vanquish them?
<Verethorn> ??
<Jozlan> we won't leave until the mystery is solved
> Verethorn hands Jozlan the scroll
<Jozlan> thank you
<Verethorn> then take this and use it
<Verethorn> and may the gods smile upon you.
> Verethorn walks away, still looking a little jittery
*** <Verethorn> is now known as <DM>
> Jozlan examines the scroll
<DM> the scroll is sealed with wax
<DM> and rolled into a simple wooden tube
<DM> (the tube is not sealed, just the scroll)
<DM> Of course, you couldn't tell that unless you removed the scroll from the
    tube  :)
> Mialee snorts, rolls over, and continues snoring.
<Jozlan> :)
<Flint> :)
> Jozlan goes back and stands guard
<DM> a few more hours pass...
<Flint> Are you taking the watch now?
<DM> the woman periodically comes out and asks if there is anything she can get
    for you
<Jozlan> yep
> Flint goes to sleep.
<DM> it gets to be about 3PM
<DM> Mialee awakens, greatly refreshed
> Mialee stretches, takes the watch.
<Jozlan> why don't we examine the place in daylight
<Mialee> Have we all slept?
<Jozlan> yeah
<DM> by about 4PM, you've all had sufficient rest
<Mialee> Then let's go have a look.
<Flint> Let me memorize a spell first.
<DM> Joz, I assume you're going to pray for that spell back, right?
<Jozlan> yep
<DM> Flint, are you taking something different?
> Flint prays for Hold Person again.
<DM> oh that's right I forgot you spent that one
<DM> ok, everyone has their spells back
<DM> and it's now about 5 o'clock
> Flint checks on the mule.
<DM> the sun is starting to dip toward the horizon
<DM> the mule is fine
<Mialee> Let's go check that place out in daylight.
> Mialee heads off.
<DM> you've got about 1 1/2 hrs of that left
<Flint> Let's grab some bread and cheese and eat on the way.
<DM> The woman gladly supplies you with some food
> Mialee chews and walks.
<Flint> Thank you.
<DM> you get half-way up the hill....
<DM> and finally reach the opening in the ringwall
<Mialee> Is the bag of rocks still there?
<DM> yes
<Flint> Are the rat bodies still here?
<DM> everything is exactly as you remember it
<DM> yes, the stinky rat bodies are here
> Mialee looks at the center barrow.
<Flint> lets examine the barrows.
<DM> The central barrow - the final resting place of the fallen general - is
    different from the others. Apart from being larger (25, high at its tallest
    point), it is the only one with a portal.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19
<DM> are you going to explore the whole necropolis?
<Mialee> Maybe we should actually go inside.
<Mialee> Yeah, we need to check out the whole area.
<Flint> Does the Portal look sealed?
<DM> The barrow is about 75' in diameter.  Like the other burial mounds, its
    contours have been softened by erosion and by the lush grass growing on its
<DM> At its northern end is a recessed doorway formed by a stone lintel and
    stone uprights set into the earth of the barrow.
<DM> are you going for the central one or are you going to explore the rest of
    the place?
<Jozlan> explore it all
<Flint> Any tracks in the recessed dorway?
<Flint> Is there a door or is it open?
<DM> I guess Flint is heading for the central one whil the others explore the
    exterior then?
<Mialee> We're going to explore the whole place before we do anything like go
    into the barrow.
<Flint> Yes, but if there is traffic into the center one, we want to know this.
<DM> just to refresh...
<DM>             ___ 4 ___
<DM>         ___/         \___
<DM>      __/     _     _   _ \__
<DM>     /    _  (_)   (_) (_)   \
<DM>    /  _ (_) _   _ _     _   _ \
<DM>   |  (_)   (_) / 5 \   (_) (_)|
<DM>   |     _   _ (_____) _   _   |                  ......
<DM>    \   (_) (_)  _  _ (_) (_)
<DM> are you going to explore clock wise or counter-  near the edge, or closer
    to the middle?
<Mialee> The whole thing, starting at the outside and working inward,
<DM> As you circle around this encampment of the dead, you see how peaceful it
    seems, with the lush grass overgrowing the mounds
<DM> there are some brambles growing along the wall on the southern edge, but
    nothing terribly unusual
<DM> you circle around to the front again,
<DM> without having seen anything of particular interest.
<DM> the other mounds are just that, mounds in the earth with no apparent
> Jozlan checks if the rats are still around
<DM> You don't see any evidence of rats.
<Mialee> OK, let's check out the center barrow.
<DM> You approach the barrow from the north.
<DM> Within the recessed doorway, there is an antechamber, then another
    doorway. This is closed by large stone doors, (an ancient tradition for the
    graves of important people. Even in death, there must be no appearance of
    imprisoning the honored dead within a c
<DM> Even in death, there must be no appearance of imprisoning the honored dead
    within a closed barrow.)
<Mialee> Should we go in and have a look-see?
<Jozlan> lets
<Mialee> Let's go.
<DM> The interior of the barrow is very dark especially in the fading light,
    and the air is musty and thick with decay.
<DM>             ____    ____
<DM>          __/LLLL A  LLLL\__   -->10ft<--
<DM>       __/LLLLL       @LLLLL\__
<DM>      /LLLLLLLLL_/  \_LLLLLLLLL\  <-- doors are not open
<DM> The outer portal is formed by two stone uprights 10' tall. Across the top
    of the uprights is a stone lintel. The antechamber inside is 10' high. The
    walls and ceiling are stone; the floor is packed earth.
<DM> At the South end of the antechamber, there is another doorway, again
    formed by stone uprights and a stone lintel. This portal, however, is
    closed by large double doors made of slate. They are hanging crookedly, as
    if they were wrenched from their hinges by
<DM> In one corner, (@) partially concealed by a stone upright, is a bedroll, a
    gray hooded cloak, and a backpack - all undecayed and relatively new.
<DM> oops:  wrenched from their hinges by some great force.
> Mialee opens the backpack and searches it.
> Jozlan examines the backpack
<DM> The backpack contains food, some traveling clothes, a well-equipped
    thief's kit, an earthenware vessel containing red dye, a silver-chased
    dagger (15 gp) and a money pouch.
> Jozlan examines the clothes (ie what size are they)
<Mialee> Red dye.  Hmph.
<Mialee> Does it resemble blood?
<DM> man-sized, although they would fit only a small-framed man
<DM> yes, the dye resembles blood
<Mialee> Scamjob indeed.
<Flint> Would they fit a large framed rat?
<Jozlan> heh
<Mialee> Heh
<DM> Well?  dunno
<Jozlan> Seems like an odd place to store the stuff though
<Flint> How much money in the pouch?
<DM> Inside the money pouch are 25 gp, 50 sp, 65 cp, a rough gold ring (75 gp),
    and an antique silver stickpin (5 gp).
<Mialee> Well, not really.  We're the first people to come in here for who
    knows how long, except for the thief.
<Mialee> Let's proceed farther in.
<Jozlan> he must be coming in through another entrane maybe
<DM> The doors in the south are massive and difficult to move
<Mialee> Or he hides out in here.
> Mialee tries to open the doors enough to get in through them.
<DM> You can't quite make it through, and you alone can't move the doors an ich
<DM> an inch
<Mialee> Well, boys? :)
<Flint> That money is probably everything the village has donated.
<Mialee> I expect you're probably right.
<Jozlan> fliunt, lets' try to move the doors
> Flint checks for traps
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6
<DM> he doesn't find any
<Flint> How long ago were the doors moved?
*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 27
<DM> you can't tell exactly, but it seems like not more than a week ago
<DM> you do notice some scuff marks on the floor, as if some struggle took
> Flint searches the chamber for sliding doors and stonework traps.
<Flint> sliding walls.
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5
<DM> you don't find anything that would move, other than the doors themselves
> Flint thinks that sometimes it's good to be a Dwarf.
<Mialee> Can we go on now? :)
<Flint> Is the pack too big to fit through the doors?
<DM> your pack?
<DM> or the pack you found?
<Flint> The pack that was left here.
<DM> yes, I'd say the pack is too big to fit through.
<Flint> Okay, let's move that door.
<DM> with all 3 of you pulling, you manage to squeak the door open enough to
    fit through.
<DM>             ____    ____
<DM>          __/LLLL A  LLLL\__   -->10ft<--
<DM>       __/LLLLL        LLLLL\__
<DM> With walls and ceiling of stone and floor of packed earth, this corridor
    is 10' high. The X marks the position of a crumpled human body, broken and
<Mialee> How long dead?
> Jozlan examines the body
<Flint> Who wants to carry the lantern?
<Mialee> I need both hands free.
<DM> Examining the body, you see that the blood is still tacky, indicating that
    this man hasn't been dead more than a few hours, or a day at most.
<DM> The body has been torn by claws, and the face is frozen in a rictus of
<Jozlan> what size frame?
<Mialee> Does it look like it's the right size for the cloak outside?
> Flint readies his Battle Axe.
<DM> the same size as the clothes outside
<Mialee> Mmhm.
<DM> need another break.  brb
*** <DM> is now known as <AFK-DM>
<Mialee> Me too.
*** <Mialee> is now known as <AFK-Mialee>
<Flint> Guess we found out why the pack is still outside.
*** <Flint> is now known as <AFK-Flint>
*** <AFK-DM> is now known as <DM>
*** <AFK-Mialee> is now known as <Mialee>
*** <AFK-Flint> is now known as <Flint>
<Mialee> Looks like the con artist got taken down.
<DM> ok, then
<Jozlan> question is, who (what) killed him
<Mialee> Yeah.  Well, let's fine out, shall we? :)
<Mialee> find
<Mialee> So, what are the question marks?
<Mialee> Passages to explore?
<DM> Passages to the east and west
<Mialee> Shall we head west?
<Jozlan> sure
<Mialee> Care to lead?
<Jozlan> ok
<DM> Stepping over the dead body, you proceed down the passage to the west.
<DM>             ____    ____
<DM>          __/LLLL A  LLLL\__   -->10ft<--
<DM>       __/LLLLL        LLLLL\__
<DM>     /LLLL      X      ?LLLLLLLL\
<Mialee> What do we see down here?
<DM> why does Flint always disappear at the first sign of trouble?  :)
<DM> As you enter this chamber, you see 4 biers arranged around the walls of
    the room.  On the biers, there are 4 skeletal forms of what must have been
<DM> They are dressed in chainmail, with helms covering their heads, and
    longswords on their chests.
<DM> As you step into the room, you hear an eerie keening sound like the
    howling of the wind.
> Jozlan looks for signs of recent activity
<Mialee> Where's the sound coming from?
*** <Flint> has entered the room.
<DM> As you're looking, you see the 4 skeletons rise up, turn their heads
    toward you, and begin to move toward you
<Flint> \ shakes his head to clear his thoughts.
<Mialee> ack, afk a sec
<DM> the sound was coming from the skeletons, it seems
<DM> FLint:
<DM>             ____    ____
<DM>          __/LLLL A  LLLL\__   -->10ft<--
<DM>       __/LLLLL        LLLLL\__
<DM>     /LLLL      X      ?LLLLLLLL\
> Jozlan asks the skeletons how it's going
<DM> you're inthe western chamber, and have just awakened some skeletons,
<DM> they advance slowly, coming from all sides.
<DM> these are extraordinarily LARGE skeletons though, as if from huge fighting
<Mialee> bak
<DM> (not giant sized, mind you, just really big men)
> Jozlan casts spiritual hammer against them
> Mialee switches to her staff.
<Jozlan> d6?
<Flint> Lets fall back to the turn in the passageway.
<Mialee> Agreed.
> Mialee falls back.
<Flint> Jozlan fall back.
<Jozlan> ok
> Jozlan falls back
> Flint will guard the fall back.
> Flint falss back.
<DM> Joz, it should be d4+1, actually
<Flint> falls
<DM> roll for the hit, Joz
<Flint> They were probably put here as guards.
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 3
<DM> no, I mean you have to roll to hit:  d20
<DM> then d4+1 for damage
<Jozlan> oops
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> miss.
<DM> they continue to advance
<DM> you're at the neck of the passage.
<DM> still falling back?
<Mialee> No.
<Flint> Jozlan .. do we want to turn them or destroy them?
<Jozlan> that might work
<Flint> We will make our stand at the neck.
<Mialee> But if they're part of the problem in town, perhaps we should destroy
<Flint> which?
<Jozlan> turn probably better
<DM> They are within range of FLint
<DM> roll for initiative, Flint
<Flint> That will only keep them off us, not stop them.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3
<DM> the two in front take a swing at Flint, or is Mialee beside him?
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6
<Mialee> I'm in back, I think.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> Flint manages to dodge both blows
<Flint> Unless she moved up, she would be behind me.
<Mialee> Yeah.
<DM> ok, your turn
> Flint attacks with his Battle Axe.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 14
<DM> tell me which (1-4) you're aiming at
<DM> a hit!
<Flint> which two are attacking me?
<DM> #1&2
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2
<DM> you knock a rib out, but they keep coming
<Flint> #1
<DM> Joz?
> Jozlan casts hold skeleton at 3/4
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 4
<DM> your Spiritual hammer dissipates....
<DM> and the hold person seems to have no effect
<DM> Mia?
<Mialee> Can I hit one, or do I need to go magic?
<DM> if you're in back, you must use your staff
<DM> or spell
> Mialee points the staff and blows away skeleton #2.
<DM> you can use up to 2 charges in a round. how many will you use this round?
<Mialee> Do they both go at the same guy?
<DM> They don't have to
<Mialee> OK, one at #2 and one at #3.
<DM> roll d4+1 for each
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 1
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4
<Mialee> Talk about extremes. ;)
<Jozlan> :)
<DM> the last one you hit shudders a bit, but keeps coming
<DM> right about this time, Mialee, you hear some shuffling footsteps behind
> Mialee whirls around.
<DM> Flint, roll for initiative
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3
<Mialee> What's behind us?
<DM> you are horrified to see that there are 4 more of them coming out of the
    eastern passageway!
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6
<DM> the two swing at Flint again.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15
<DM> .
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11
<DM> a hit and a miss
<Flint> Jozlan, If those are more skeletons behind us then turn them!
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5
> Jozlan turns them
<DM> Flint, take 5 dam
<Flint> ok
<Jozlan> d6?
<DM> to turn?  a d20
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 6
<Flint> A d20 to turn undead.
<DM> They keep coming
<Mialee> Can I go now?
<DM> Yes
<DM> The ones behind you are 5-8
> Mialee shoots two of the skeletons behind us with magic missiles.
<Mialee> #5 and #6
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4
<Mialee> Mmmm. :)
<Mialee> 5 and 5
<Jozlan> :)
<DM> good job.  Flint?
> Flint opens himself up for attack by turning around and attempting to turn
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 5
<DM> not even close
<Flint> <eg>
<DM> next round
<DM> 1-2 obviously get the initiative on Flint
<DM> they strike
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> hit and miss
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 4 = 8
<DM> 8 damage Flint
<DM> a backstab
<Mialee> Oof.
<Flint> owww
<DM> #5-8 move toward the doorway you came through
> Jozlan rolls cure light on Flint
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 2
> Mialee fires two more magic missiles from her staff at #5 and #6
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 2
<DM> Flint, you can fight
> Flint attacks with his Battle Axe.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15
<Jozlan> :)
<Flint> #1
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5
<DM> #5 clatters to the ground in a pile of bones!
<DM> You knick the backbone, Flint, but it doesn't look like your blade is
    getting much purchase
<DM> Next round.
<DM> #6-8 are now blocking the door, and standing fast.
<DM> 1 & 2 are still attacking Flint
<DM> Flint .i
<DM> oops
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3
<DM>  roll for initiative, d6 Flint
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> They swing first
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7
<DM> 1 hit
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 1 + 4 = 5
<DM> Flint is taking abeating
<Flint> ok
> Jozlan cure lights Flint
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 1
> Mialee fires two more magic missiles, this time at #6 and #7
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 3
<DM> # 6 explodes in a cloud of dust !
<DM> # 7 & 8 start advancing again.
> Flint attacks Skeleton #1.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4
<DM> nope
<DM> next round
<DM>  roll for initiative, d6 Flint
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> again
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6
<Mialee> Flint? :)
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 4
<DM> they attack
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2
<Flint> lag time.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14
<DM> one hit
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 4 = 6
<Flint> #1
<DM> Flint takes 6 damage
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1
<DM> he's hurtin'
<Flint> Got it.
> Mialee fires two more magic missiles, at #7 and #8.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 1
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4
<DM> They will be on you next round, Mialee
<DM> Joz?
<Mialee> I know.
> Mialee grips the staff, ready to whack some bones.
<Mialee> OK, that just sounded dirty. :)
<DM> :)
> Jozlan swings the war hammer at #4
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 18
<Flint> rotf
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> ok, but I don't think you can reach 4, it'll have to be 1 or 2
<Jozlan> okay, #1
<Mialee> Oh my god.
<DM> The thing shudders, but stays on its feet
<Mialee> Jim Maricondo just signed up for an account. :)
<Jozlan> oh!
<DM> Didn't he create the Golden Orchard?
<Mialee> Yes.
<Flint> Jozlan, If you will hold them I will try to heal my self.
<Mialee> And Twilight II.
<Jozlan> yep & twilight II, DYA
<Flint> He ran DigiSoft, didn't he?
<Mialee> Yeah.
<DM> BTW, Jozlan, a Hammer normally does d4+1 damage,
<Mialee> Sorry for that out of character outburst. :)
<Jozlan> ok
<Flint> Wow, People are coming back to the fold.
<DM> ok, then,  next round
<DM> Joz, you can roll for initiative
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 3
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6
<DM> they go
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3
<DM> FLint you've stepped back
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19
<DM> one hit on Jozlan
<Flint> Sorry, lag time again.
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 1 + 2 = 3
<DM> 3 dam to Joz
<DM> 2 on Mialee
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 11
<DM> one hit
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 2 = 6
<DM> 6 dam on Mialee
<Mialee> Got it.
<DM> your turn(s)
> Mialee swings her staff at #7.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11
<DM> close, but no cigar
> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself
*** Roll by Flint: 1D4 -> 4
<DM> FLint back to 16
> Jozlan war hammers #1
<Flint> Yes..8 points back.
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 6
<DM> a miss!
<DM> that it?  ok, next round
<DM> Mialee, Initiative
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 1
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6
<DM> you got it
> Mialee swings at #7 again.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13
<DM> hit!
<Mialee> What roll for damage with the staff?
<DM> d6
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5
<DM> and the skeleton shatters!
<DM> Joz, Flint?
> Flint steps forward and attacks skeleton #1.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 19
> Jozlan swings at #2
<DM> and the skeleton flies apart!
<Flint> Finally. :)
<Mialee> Hey, an actual hit :)
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12
<DM> hit,
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 4
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 4
<DM> Jozlan smashes an arm off his
<DM> but he returns
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17
<DM> and hits Joz
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5
<DM> 5 dam
<DM> and at Mialee
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 2
<DM> miss
<Flint> How can he do 2d4 damage with only one arm? <eg>
<Mialee> Heh
<DM> another steps up to take #1's place
<DM> he can still swing his broadsword  :)
<DM> next round?
<DM> FLint, your initiative
<Mialee> Sounds like it.
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 5
<DM> These skeletons are QUICK!
<DM> at Flint
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 20
<Mialee> Apparently. :)
<DM> a hit!
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 1 + 4 = 5
<DM> 5 dam
<DM> Joz
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1
<DM> miss
<DM> at Mialee
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 4
<DM> miss
<DM> Y'all's turn
> Mialee swings at #8.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3
<Mialee> Bah.
<DM> There are 4 skeletons standing
> Jozlan swings at the new #1
<DM> 2,3,4 & 8
> Flint attacks Skeleton #3.
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 8
<DM> miss Joz
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17
<DM> hit!
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 6
<DM> And that skeleton is smashed to smithereens
<Mialee> New round?
<DM> but the other one steps right up
<DM> new round
<DM> Mialee initiative
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1
<Mialee> oof
<Flint> Now we're starting to get back into the swing of things.
<DM> gosh
<DM> at Mialee:
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 17
<DM> hit
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 1 + 4 = 5
> Mialee is in extreme pain.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1
<DM> miss
<DM> at Flint
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 3
<DM> miss
<Flint> Step back and heal her, Jozlan.
> Mialee swings at #8
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7
<Mialee> Bah.
<DM> miss
<DM> Flint?
> Flint attacks skeleton #2 (the one with only one arm).
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 12
<DM> hit!
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5
<DM> And that is the end of that skeleton!
> Jozlan attacks #3
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 11
<DM> miss
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 3
<DM> next round
<DM> initiative, Joz
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 2
<Mialee> Woohoo :)
<DM> you got it.  Barely   :)
> Jozlan swings @ #3
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 18
<DM> hit!
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 4
<Flint> What, You mean the skeletons don't go first automaticly? :)
<DM> It's still on its feet
> Mialee fires a magic missile at #8.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 1
> Mialee fires another one.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 2
> Flint steps back.
<DM> and Blasts # 8 to back to hell
<Mialee> Guys, if I get hit again, I will probably die.
> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mialee.
<Mialee> Thank you. :)
*** Roll by Flint: 1D4 -> 3
<Flint> 7 points back Mialee.
<DM> I guess the last one swings at Joz, then
> Mialee smiles.
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 1
<DM> and misses
<DM> Joz, initiative:
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 4
<DM> you go
> Jozlan attacks #3
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 13
<DM> hit
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 1
<DM> doesn't quite bring it down
> Flint steps forward and attacks.
<DM> Flint?
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 19
<DM> hit!
*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2
<DM> skins off another couple ribs
*** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 2
<DM> at Joz
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 18
<DM> hit
*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5
<Flint> I need to sharpen this axe.
<DM> joz takes 5
<DM> Flint, initiative
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2
<DM> again
*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4
*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 2
<DM> the skeleton takes a last swipe at Flint
*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12
<DM> and misses
> Flint attacks with his Battle Axe.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11
<DM> not quite
> Jozlan casts cure light on himself
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 3
<DM> Mialee?
> Mialee shoots a magic missile.
*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 2
<DM> and the skeleton becomes a pile of dust!
> Mialee curtsies.
<DM> Whew!
<DM> you look around, and see bones and dust everywhere.
<DM> if I'm not mistaken you all have 11 hp at this point
<Mialee> Woof.
> Jozlan examines the bones
> Flint examines the chamber.
<DM> the chamber is bare, other than the biers that the skeletons were reposed
<DM> the biers are plain stone
<Mialee> Well, let's have a look in the other chamber.  I expect it's safe now.
<Flint> let's check out that other cross passageway, and then rest and heal.
<Mialee> OK.
<Flint> It is probably another cyst like this one.
<DM> When you enter the eastern chamber, you see that it is indeed, a mirror of
    the first one
<Mialee> Yeah, probably, since that's where the four other skeletons came from.
<Jozlan> ok, chances are that's the most resistance we'll see in here :)
<Mialee> Yeah, quite possibly.
> Flint examines the biers looking for carvings of cut marks from stoneworking.
<DM> hehehe....
<Flint> or
<DM> The stone biers don't seem to have any artwork on them.  They are plain,
    smooth stone
<Flint> Don't forget the other set of doors at the end of the main passageway.
<DM> they _were_ fashioned... they're not natural stone
<Mialee> Shall we check the other doorway?
<Flint> If it's closed we need to leave it like that while we rest and heal.
<Mialee> Right, but let's have a look.
> Jozlan listens to the door
<DM> I assume someone is carrying a lantern?
<Flint> BTW: Mialee, did any of the skeletons make it outside of the barrow?
<Mialee> No.
<Flint> Flint has a lantern.
<DM> The double doors at the south end of the passageway are of brass-bound
    oak. They are shut.
<Flint> Any decorations or inscriptions?
<DM> No
<Mialee> Do we rest here or go back outside?
<Mialee> I think we should do it here.
<Flint> Here.
<Mialee> OK, let's rest.
<Mialee> I'm still a little wounded.  I don't know how you guys are doing.
<Jozlan> i have 2 cure lights left
<Flint> Not too good.
<DM> you all have 11 hp, right?
<Flint> I also have two left.
<Jozlan> yeah
<Flint> Yes
<Mialee> Yeah.
<DM> Suggestion:  Each take 1 cure light, and spend the last one on the one who
    needs it most.
<Mialee> One more will probably do the trick for me.
<Flint> Or hold the last one in reserve.
> Jozlan casts cure light on Mialee
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 2
<DM> Mialee is back to full
<Mialee> Thanks.
<DM> next?
> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Jozlan.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D4 -> 4
> Jozlan cast cure light on himself
<DM> Jozlan is back to full
<DM> take that back Joz!
<Jozlan> er, on Flint
*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4 -> 1
<DM> ok
<Jozlan> woops
<DM> that puts Flint at 16
<DM> out of 21
<Flint> yes
<DM> So FLint, it's up to you whether you want to spend the last one on you, or
    hold it.
<Jozlan> might as well user it now
<DM> especially if you're fixin' to rest
<Flint> I'll hold it for the future.
<DM> ok.
<DM> btw, it's about 10PM Game time
<Mialee> So, we all ready to go on yet?
<DM> I'm ready  :)
<Mialee> Flint?  Joz?
<Flint> Now what?  Do we sleep and recover spells or go on?
<Mialee> I didn't use any, so it's up to you guys.
<Flint> And which way do we go?
<Flint> Out to track down that rat, or farther in?
<Mialee> What rat?
<Mialee> Oh, that one.
<Jozlan> that was last night :)
<Mialee> Who cares, it was just a rat. :)
<Mialee> Let's go farther in.
<Jozlan> further
<Flint> The one that got away last night.
<Flint> Normally I wouldn't disturb a tomb, but if there are more undead they
    could harm the village.
<Mialee> I agree.  Let's move farther in.
> Mialee examines the doors.
<DM> The double doors at the south end of the passageway are of brass-bound
    oak. They are shut.
<Flint> Jozlan, what are your views on disturbing the dead?
<DM> They would swing out into the passage
<Jozlan> if ther eare 8 skeletonsm we run.  That's my view :)
<Flint> Are they blocked or barred?
<DM> not that you can see
<Flint> Jozlan...lol
<DM> there are big brass handles on them
> Mialee grabs a handle and pulls.
<DM> The door swings open easily
<Mialee> And inside we see...?
<DM>             ____    ____
<DM>          __/LLLL A  LLLL\__   -->10ft<--
<DM>       __/LLLLL        LLLLL\__
<DM>     /LLLLLLLL          LLLLLLLL\
<Flint> I guess it's too late to look for traps.
<DM>     \LLLLLL     ____     LLLLLL/
<DM>      \LLLLL    |____|    LLLLL/
<DM>        \LLL              LLL/
<DM>            -------------
<Mialee> Coffin?
<DM> You see a large room, with a narrow stone shelf all the way around it, and
    a large stone sarcophogus in the middle of the room
<Mialee> Anything on the shelf?
<DM> the lid of the sarcophogus is laying on the floor
<DM> there are burnt out candle stubs places at varyious intervals around the
<DM> various, even
<Jozlan> how fresh are the candles?
<DM> not very
> Mialee looks inside the sarcophagus.
<Flint> Is the lid whole or broken?
<DM> and sees the remains of a tall man, who must once have been a great
<Mialee> Does he look like he's been up and about recently? :)
<DM> he is wearing slightly rusted scale mail, and carries a gleaming longsward
    in his crossed hands.
> Jozlan searches the shelf
<DM> (hang on a sec, I'm on a roll :)
<Mialee> Slow roll. ;)
<DM> On his belt is a second, shorter sword, with a gleaming golden hilt.
<DM> He's wearing a helm with a stone set into the brow.
<DM> and a pair of bracers on his wrists.
<Mialee> Nice duds.
<DM> just as you're admiring the finery, his hand suddenly reaches out to grab
<DM> roll 4d6 under your dexterity
*** Roll by Mialee: 4d6 -> 3 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 14
<Mialee> Hm.
<DM> He grabs your arm, and lurches up to a sitting position
> Mialee smiles and says, "Hey big guy.  You been here long?
*** <DM> is now known as <BALFAS>
<Mialee> "
<Mialee> "Nobody, you're dreaming, go back to sleep."
<Jozlan> guess I don't need a scroll to talk to the dead
> BALFAS swings himself out of the sarcophogus, pushing Mialee away
*** <BALFAS> is now known as <DM>
<DM> his height and weight are rather imposing
<Jozlan> Balfas, why wrer you betrayed?
<Flint> I am Flint DeepDelver.  We can in here chasing a thief who was robbing
    the village.
<DM> I don't know, but it has weighed on my mind for 2 centuries!
<Flint> Who betrayed you?
<DM> yess, the thieving rat-bastard was the first to disturb my slumber
*** <DM> is now known as <Balfas>
<Jozlan> did you kill him?
<Balfas> One of my most trusted aides sold himself out to the Hobgoblin King,
<Balfas> and struck me from behind as I was about to claim victory!@
<Mialee> Sounds like a real bastard to me.
<Balfas> Now I shall never rest until the Hobgoblin King is borught DOWN!
<Flint> What was your aides name?
<Balfas> Have you come with fresh troops?
<Jozlan> where is he now?
<Balfas> We can march at dawn!
> Mialee refrains from asking questions, to avoid freaking him out.
<Balfas> The aide's name is unimportant.  I'm sure he was struck down by my
    FAITHFUL staff
<Balfas> Where are the troops you've brought?
<Mialee> I'm sure their loyalty and love for you would have brought down their
    wrath upon him.
<Balfas> Are they in the village below?
<Mialee> We have no troops.  There are only the three of us.
<Flint> How is it you can still move.
<Flint> ?
<Balfas> We shall march at dawn to the hall of the Hobgoblin King, and destroy
<Mialee> What can you tell us about the Hobgoblin King and his realm?
<Balfas> What matters life or death?  I am committed to the destruction of the
<Jozlan> {didn't the old guy from the village say the hobgoblin as killed?}
<Balfas> And you are just as committed.... ARE YOU NOT?
> Balfas paces back and forth, his swords rattling at his side.
<Flint> Great idea, except we don't have an army with us.
<Balfas> No army?  Then we shall have to make do with the villagers.
<Mialee> The villagers would be of no help; they're small and frightened.
<Balfas> The Hobgoblin King WILL be destroyed!
<Mialee> But perhaps a stealthy incursion into the forest?
<Balfas> it's no matter.  They shall march whether they like it or not!
<Jozlan> hmm
<Mialee> But what use would they be?
<Balfas> A soldier does not question his duty!
<Mialee> They're not soldiers, sir.
<Mialee> They're frightened villagers; they would be a liability rather than an
<Balfas> It doesn't matter! they shall march, and they shall die, and become
    martyrs for the Kingdom!
<Balfas> You will tell them to prepare to march at dawn tomorrow!
> Balfas looks a little over the edge, even for an undead guy
<Mialee> Yeah, I noticed.
<Balfas> You will go NOW!  I shall be waiting for you at dawn tomorrow!
> Mialee backs out of the chamber.
<Mialee> Come on, guys, let's let his lordship sleep.
<Jozlan> ok
<Balfas> NOW! get out of my sight!  UNTIL the sun rises tomorrow!
> Mialee closes the door behind us all.
*** <Balfas> is now known as <DM>
<Mialee> Um.  Is it me or is that guy whacked?
<Mialee> Somehow I get the feeling everyone would have been better off if we
    hadn't gone in there. :)
<Jozlan> we should taslk to the old villlager
<Mialee> Yeah, we should.
<Flint> Seems fine for somebody who's been dead and entombed for a couple of
    centuries.  It must be you.
<Mialee> :)
<Mialee> Let's go back to the village and talk to V.
<Flint> Lets return to the vilage, rest, heal, and recover spells.
<Flint> AND talk to V.
<DM> It's almost midnight
<Flint> :)
<Mialee> So?  We'll wake him up; he needs to know about this before dawn.
<DM> You make it back to the village without incident
<DM> the woman at the inn is confused, but runs to fetch Verethorn
<DM> a few minutes later, Verethorn comes stunbling into the inn, visibly
*** <DM> is now known as <Verethorn>
<Verethorn> What has happened?
<Mialee> Verethorn, we have news.
<Verethorn> Have you slain the beast?
<Mialee> We found the thief that was conning you, dead.
<Mialee> We destroyed eight undead skeletons.
<Verethorn> I KNEW it!  Fould undead have indeed risen!
<Verethorn> oh, what are we to do?
<Mialee> And Balfas expects the entire village to march tomorrow into battle
    against the Hobgoblin King.
<Verethorn> WHATTTT??!?!
<Mialee> We're trying to come up with a way to put a stop to that nonsense.
<Verethorn> what Hobgoblin King?
<Verethorn> He was killed 200 years ago!
<Mialee> That's what he said.
<Mialee> He doesn't seem to care.
<Flint> Verethorn, What happened to the Hobgoblin King in the battle?
<Verethorn> well, you must tell him that there is no more hobgoblin king
<Verethorn> He was slain, and his body burned with the rest of the horde.
<Jozlan> perhaps you should talk to him
<Verethorn> Me? talk to Balfas?  Oh no I couldn't
<Mialee> He doesn't seem to mean you any harm.  He's just been dead a long time
    and he's somewhat confused.
<Mialee> He found the thief that was stealing from you rather repulsive.
<Flint> Right, everybody rest tonight, we try to get spells back in the
    morning, and we go talk to Belfas.
<Mialee> I would suggest we go before daybreak.
<Mialee> Since he expects everyone ready for battle at daybreak.
<Verethorn> well, that's good, b-b-but we can't march anywhere, we're not
    soldiers!  How can we convince Balfas that his cause is fruitless?
<Flint> We convince him with words, or deeds.
<Mialee> Yes, we will.
<Verethorn> but what words or deeds would convince him?
<Mialee> Where was the Hobgoblin King burned?
<Jozlan> you can tell him what becamof the hobgoblin king
<Verethorn> There is an area (3) to the east of the necropolis where the king
    was burned.
<Flint> You tell him the story of the battle, what happened after he was
    betrayed and struck down.
<Mialee> If we could find something that belonged to the Hobgoblin King, it
    might be used to prove the king is dead.
<Verethorn> If it were day, it would be easy to spot, because the grass grows
    so lushly there
<Verethorn> hmm,
> Verethorn motions to the woman, who has been sitting in a corner with rapt
<Flint> We take hime there tomorrow, if that doesn't work, we beat him back
    into that crypt.
<Verethorn> Wilma, go get Miles out of bed and bring him here, will you?
*** <Verethorn> is now known as <DM>
<DM> the woman leaves the inn.
*** <DM> is now known as <Verethorn>
<Mialee> I hesitate to destroy him if we can ease the unrest that has rendered
    him walking dead.
<Verethorn> there is a chance that Miles might have something that will help.
<Verethorn> He claims to have descended from one of the soldiers that fought
    here that day
<Mialee> Then yes, we need to speak to him.
<Verethorn> and he has a collection of old junk from the battlefield.
<Verethorn> perhaps there is something that would help.
> Mialee waits patiently.
<Verethorn> then perhaps we should just go see him ourselves?  Yes, I think
    that would be a good idea.  You may be able to spot the important thing
    better than I.
> Verethorn gets up and heds for the door.
> Mialee follows.
<Verethorn> Come, come.
*** <Verethorn> is now known as <DM>
<Flint> What I want to know is: "What kink of undead can go out in Sunlight?"
<DM> Verethorn leads you donw the street, where you meet Wilma coming back the
    other way.
<DM> she turns with you, and in a moment, you're standing in the doorway of a
    small cottage.
<DM> a wizened old man meets you at the door and bids you enter.
<DM> Verethorn steps inside
> Mialee enters behind Verethorn.
> Flint enters.
<DM> "So" says Miles.  "Wilma says you might be interested in some of my
    battlefield collection"
<Mialee> Yes, sir.
<Mialee> We're looking for anything that belonged to the Hobgoblin King.
<DM> "I know no one around here appreciates the historical value of it like I
    do." he says, glaring at Verethorn
*** <DM> is now known as <Miles>
<Mialee> They may soon enough, if you can help us.
<Miles> From the Hobgoblin King?
<Mialee> Yes.
<Miles> hmm. let me see here
> Miles digs through a trunk full of broken arrows and pieces of armor...
> Miles finally cries out in delight:
<Miles> Yes!  This is it, I'm sure of it.  This atrocity is the crown the
    Hobgoblin King wore on the day he fell in battle
*** <Miles> is now known as <DM>
<Jozlan> that should do
<Mialee> May we take that?
<DM> Miles hands Mialee a grotesque mockery of a crown,
<Jozlan> lets take it back to him
> Mialee bows.
<Mialee> Yes, let's.
<Flint> Thank you Miles.
<DM> well, I suppose, if it's really necessary...
<DM> EVeryone else has sacrificed here, I suppose I must do my part.
<Mialee> Thank you Miles.  It's possible you may have saved the village.
<Mialee> Verethorn, we do need you to come with us.
<Mialee> He may have questions.
<Flint> He might be in a better mood in the morning.
<DM> "Me?  Whatever for?"
<DM> "Oh my"
<Mialee> If he has questions, someone needs to come along that can actually
    answer them.
<Mialee> Flint: that's possible.  On the other hand, perhaps not.
<DM> Oh, ok, but you'll protect me won't you?
<Mialee> Yes, of course.
<DM> Alright then.  I suppose I must also do my duty.
<Mialee> The only question remaining is: do we go now or do we wait until
<Flint> And, in the morning we cand find the spot (Area 3) where the Hobgoblin
    King was burned.
<Mialee> I'm not sure we need to if we have something that belonged to him.
<Flint> can
<Mialee> Keep in mind Balfas expects us to have the villagers ready to march at
<Flint> And He may be weaker in sunlight, and we will be more rested.
<Mialee> All right.  Let's wait until morning.
<Mialee> But tonight, we all stay in one place, including Verethorn.
<DM> There isn't enough time left in the night for you to take watch shifts,
    and still be rested enough for memorizing spells
<Flint> Let's head back to the inn.
<Mialee> Well, we slept into the day yesterday, so I don't need much rest.
    I'll keep watch.
<DM> that's right, you didn't expend any spells did you?
<Mialee> Not a one.
<DM> ok
<Flint> He will make enough noise to wake the dead, if he comes.
> Mialee leads the way back to the inn.
<DM> the others settle in for a rest, and the hours tick by.  Mialee notices
    the wind start to pick up a little outside, and a fog rolls in, blanketing
    the area.
<Flint> I'm going to cast the last cure on myself and then rest to recover
<DM> ok
<Mialee> Go ahead.
> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself.
*** Roll by Flint: 1D4 -> 4
<DM> good job!
<DM> so everyon is back to max, right?
<Mialee> I am.
<Flint> Right.
> Flint goes to sleep.
> Mialee takes the watch.
<Mialee> Sleep tight, all.
<Mialee> Verethorn is here with us, right?
<DM> yes
<DM> he sleeps also
<Mialee> OK, everyone sleep, I'll keep an eye out.
<DM> fitfully
<Mialee> I want to wake them around a half hour before sunup.
<DM> just before dawn, you hear a piercing scream, which washes over the
    village like a wave
<Mialee> Hm.
<DM> it does indeed wake everyuone up.
<Jozlan> uhoh
<Mialee> Let's go, all.
<Mialee> We need to move.
> Flint starts praying for spells.
<DM> Flint, it takes about 10 minutes per spell...
<Mialee> I don't think we have time.
<Mialee> We need to go.
<Flint> Guess I'm not going to get very far.  Let's go.
<DM> there is another long scream, this time touched with a hint of rage
<Mialee> He's pissed.
<Mialee> Let's go.  Fast.
> Mialee hustles toward the barrow.
<Flint> I told you we would hear him. ;)
> Mialee knew we should have gone earlier.
<Mialee> Are we there yet? :)
<DM> your small party is on its way up the foggy hillside when you see the
    figure of Balfas striding out of the mist
<DM> He sees you and stops.
*** <DM> is now known as <Balfas>
<Balfas> YOU!
> Mialee shows Balfas the crown.
<Flint> Hail Balfas.
<Balfas> Where are my troops?
<Mialee> We have the crown of the Hobgoblin King, Balfas.  He has been dead
    nigh on two centuries!
<Mialee> Verethorn, tell him.
<Flint> We bring you something better than troops.
<Balfas> While I slept, someone snuck in and slew my honor guard!
<Balfas> they shall pay for this treachery!
<Jozlan> it was karak!
<Balfas> what?
<Balfas> crown?
<Balfas> What Crown?
<Jozlan> he lives in a keep not far from here!
<Balfas> I know no Karak!
<Balfas> I only know that the Hobgoblin King must be destroyed!
<Mialee> He's already dead.
<Balfas> Now more than ever!
<Flint> The crown of the Hobgoblin King.  You were vitorious that day, inspite
    of your aides treachery.
<Balfas> How?
<Balfas> Prove it to me!
> Mialee gives the crown to Balfas.
> Balfas takes the crown,
<Balfas> stares at it, turning it one way, then the other
<Flint> The Hobgoblin king also died in the battle, killed by your loyal staff.
<Flint> We can show you the ground where his body was burned.
<Balfas> SOOO, it is true, then.  The Hobgoblin King would never give up his
    crown -- his source of power, unless he was dead.
<Mialee> Yes, he is dead.
<Flint> Power?
> Balfas spins around to face you again.
<Balfas> you have served me well, loyal servants.  I shall go now to my rest.
> Mialee bows.
<Jozlan> godspeed
<Mialee> Rest well.
> Balfas turns back up the hill and starts walking toward the necropolis.
> Balfas disappears into the swirling mist.
*** <Balfas> is now known as <DM>
<Mialee> Well.
<Flint> What power does the Hobgoblins crown hold, Balfas?
<DM> Balfas is out of hearing range
<Flint> time lag :(
<Jozlan> I guess our work here i s done
<DM> Verethorn slides to the ground, shaking with relief
<Mialee> It does appear to be done.
<Flint> We can not leave an undead creature free to walk about as he wishes.
<Mialee> I assumed that this meant he would go and finally become really dead.
<Jozlan> that's what I imagine
<Flint> Jozlan, nice idea about sending him after Karak though.
<Jozlan> :)
<Mialee> But perhaps we should go tuck him in.
<Mialee> Verethorn, you can go home.  Thank you.
<Mialee> Flint, want to pray a little, get spells back?
<Flint> We will have to go back into the barrow later,and see.  Then close it
    up behind us.
<Mialee> Well...
<Mialee> Do we want to call it a night at this point?  It's quite late for most
    of you. :)
<Flint> let's return to the inn.  If we disturb him now, he might remain
<DM> oh, lets just finsh up here
<Mialee> OK.
<DM> we're almost done, I think.
<Mialee> You're the expert, Flint.  Lead on. :)
<Flint> I'm good.  I have to make a phone call in 2 1/2 hours anyway. :)
<DM> So, you go back to the inn?
<Mialee> Yeah.
<Mialee> And Flint can pray a little.
<Flint> I don't know where you got that idea from, but it might get you killed
    some day.
<Flint> We return to the inn.
<DM> It takes about an hour of Prayer for Flint to regain his spells.
<DM> and Jozlan too, I'd imagine
<Jozlan> yeah
<Flint> cure light wounds X 4.
<DM> BTW, Jozlan, did you know that the spiritual hammer spell's material
    component is a full sized hammer?  which is used up in the casting?
<DM> so you need to carry a normal war hammer for every casting of that spell
<Jozlan> I don't think I knew that
<DM> ok, so there you are in the inn, all rested and refreshed.
<Flint> And the spell is broken if you cast another spell.
<Mialee> Time to check on Balfas?
<Flint> Is it noon yet?
<DM> It could be, if you want it to be  :)
<Mialee> We want it to be.
<DM> ok, then it is   :)
<Flint> Not that it probably matters , but noon sounds like a good time to go
<Mialee> OK, let's go.
<DM> You make the ascent up the hill with no difficulty.
<Jozlan> ok, we're there
<Mialee> Let's go on in.
<DM> The inside doesn't look quite so scary in the light of day,
<DM> but it's still pretty gloomy,
<Flint> Is the pack still in the outer chamber?
<DM> and of course, it smells bad on account of the rotting corpse
<DM> yes, I believe it is
<Mialee> Well, let's go have a look at Balfas.  Who wants to lead the way?
<Flint> We need to return it to the village.
> Jozlan goes in
> Flint leads the way.
<DM> The chamber looks just as it did the last time you saw it.
> Mialee has her staff ready to fire, but stands away from the sarcophagus.
<Mialee> So... what now?
> Flint looks in the sarcophagus.
<Jozlan> chamber was open when we left
<DM> You look into the sarcophogus, and see the raiment that Balfas was
    wearing, including the helm, armor, swords, bracers etc laying in a pile of
<Jozlan> if it's closed, everything is fine
<Mialee> Looks like he's gone to me.
<Flint> Is the Hobgoblin king's crown there?
<DM> Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.
> Mialee takes it.
<Mialee> I'm inclined to return it to Miles. :)
<Jozlan> that might not be a good idead :)
<Flint> Lets return the crown to miles, gater up the raiments close the
    sarcophagus and the barrow and leave.
<Mialee> I think we should leave the raiments.
<Mialee> I feel it would be inappropriate to take them.
<Mialee> Let's restore this place to something resembling a dignified state and
<Flint> Mialee, you have the wand of detect magic, why not use it?
<Mialee> Good idea.
<DM> Actually, Jozlan has that
<DM> doesn't he?
<Mialee> Go Joz. :)
<Mialee> Yes.
> Jozlan usese wand of detect magic
<DM> He detects that the Longsword is magical
<Flint> If these are magic, they probably are what sustained him.
<DM> nothing else seems to be
<Flint> I don't like the thought of leaving them laying around.
<Mialee> I don't like the idea of raiding the tomb of a man that served the
    Kingdom with honor.
<Mialee> But however you prefer.
<Flint> We destroyed the guardians put here to keep them safe.
<Mialee> All right, let's do it and get out of here.
<Flint> The next thief can walk right in.
<Mialee> All right.  Let's take it all, close the sarcophagus, and go give the
    crown back to Miles.
<DM> Oops.  Sorry, the Hobgoblin crown also showed up as magical
<Mialee> I still think we should give it back to miles.
<Mialee> Miles.
<Mialee> Sitting in his little collection, I expect it would be reasonably
> Flint gathers up the all the raiments.
<DM> so are you taking the magical longsword AND all the other stuff, or just
    the crown and sword?
<DM> ok,
<Flint> AND all the other stuff.
<Mialee> Help me put the lid back in place.
<DM> and you've closed the sarcophogus back up.
<Mialee> OK, let's go back to town.
> Jozlan helps put the lid back on
> Flint helps Mialee
<DM> Alrighty then.  You make it back to town.
<Mialee> Are we in agreement about giving Miles the crown back?
<Flint> Let's try to close the outer stone doors as best we can.
<Mialee> Yes.
<DM> Good.  That's done (the doors)
> Flint collects the thiefs items and the pack.
<Mialee> So, the crown?
<Flint> Jozlan, Are you going to give that scroll back to Verethorn?
<DM> So.  You're back in town, and all the villagers are crowding around you
    like you're heroes.
<Jozlan> he gave it to me :)
<Flint> To use to protect the town.
> Mialee gives the crown back to Miles.
<Jozlan> we protected the town, didn't we?
<DM> Verethorn is in the front of the bunch, saying how eternally grateful they
    all are, and how there homes are your homes, etc.
<Flint> Mialee, we should warn Miles that the crown is magical.
<Mialee> I don't think he needs to know. :)
<DM> Miles is hapily surprised to see his crown again.
<DM> their homes, actually
<Flint> Powerful magic can be tracked down.
<Mialee> Okay.
<Mialee> Miles, you should be aware that this crown appears to be a powerful
    magical artifact.
> Flint gives the pack back to Verethorn.
<DM> "Really?"  he says, beaming.
<Mialee> It might be safer if you didn't keep it, but it is yours if you want
<Mialee> Someone may come looking for it someday.
<DM> Verethorn shouts with glee, and shows the other villagers that they have
    their scant money back
<DM> "I'll keep it hidden"  Miles says
<Flint> We believe this is the tribute you payed the thief.
<DM> Miles scurries away toward his home away
<DM> his home.
<DM> "Thank-you so much!"  says Verethorn.
<Mialee> You're welcome.
<Jozlan> we should probably get moving....
<DM> It's a little late in the day to head out again, so Verethorn offers the
    hospitality that the town can offer.
<Mialee> I think we can accept that.
<DM> The townspeople wine you and dine you as best they can
<DM> and insist on giving you the best beds in the village to sleep in
<DM> The next day, you wake up to yet another glorious morning.
<Flint> Shall we be on our way?
<DM> Verethorn serves you breakfast himself,
<DM> and again thanks you on behalf of the villagers, and says to come back any
<DM> Are you ready to leave?
<Mialee> Yes.
<Jozlan> yep
<Flint> We gather everything up and pack the mule.
<DM> Good.  You set off once again ont he road, and 2 days later you come
    within sight of the City Gates of Byrne!
<DM> But that's a story for another day...  :)
<Mialee> :)
<Flint> :)
<Jozlan> :)
<DM> Well, guys, this was great.
<DM> You all did a marvelous job
<Mialee> Yes, quite. :)
<Flint> Yes, it was!
<Flint> Fair, I should have used the flat of the axe head.
<DM> Even though you didn't kill a lot of creatures, you did do very well, so
    I'm just going to round up the experience to an even 500 xp each.
<Mialee> How do I split that?
<DM> evenly between the classes
<Mialee> OK.
<DM> (which is the normal way to do it)
<Flint> Unless the DM says differently.
<DM> right :)
<Flint> :0
<Mialee> I asked because last time we did it differently. :)
<Mialee> So I was just double-checking.
<Jozlan> well, I got to get to sleep
<Jozlan> goodnight
*** <Jozlan> has left the room.
<Mialee> :)
<DM> we can clean up the details after I get back from Germany, but meanwhile,
    it IS getting pretty late
<Mialee> Yeah.  Night all, it was great fun. :)
<DM> so good night all
<Flint> He left fast.
*** <Mialee> has left the room.
<Flint> Good night.
<DM> Thanks Roger.  We'll see you next time
*** <DM> has left the room.
<Flint> You're welcome Thomas.
<Flint> I enjoyed it.
<Flint> Have a good night.
*** <Flint> has left the room.

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