You finally come upon the town of MountainLake: You see a few buildings across the lake, near what looks like a bridge.

Following the path around the southern side of the lake, you reach a vantage point similar to the one below.

Most of the dwarven town of Mountain Lake is located underground. There are some buildings outside, plain in appearance, made of stone.

This view is from the Guard Post Tower overlooking the town and trade routes.

Buildings in the outer town:

D: The Weary Traveler Inn and Stables

E: Mountain Lake Smithy

F: The First Axe

G: Bartlett's Emporium

H: Javam Mountain Outfitters

I: The Metal Man

J: Jenna's Gems and Jewels

K: One-Eyed Jack's Custom-Crafted Curios.

L: Foaming Mug Tavern