Adventure Archive

In this Biographical Log Of the Game (BLOG), you will find artifacts and memories of adventures past (in reverse chronological order).

Tomb of the Lizard King

(TSR Module I2)

May 1, 978

Our erstwhile crew were enjoying some well-deserved relaxation in Byrne when they were somewhat surprised to recieve an invitation to the wedding of Lady Elannie, the daughter of the Duke of Lethbridge, whom they had rescued from slavers the year before. Glad for a reprieve from the cabin fever that was creeping up on them, they traveled to Lethbridge in May of 978, and enjoyed a magnificent feast and festival in honor of the marriage. While there, they met Baron John Brunis of Sussex, who, having heard of their intrepidity and valor, and invited them to come to Sussex to rid his barony of a troublesome band of thieves.

May 15, 978

Some weeks later, the party arrived to find the Baron "interviewing" several prospective adventuring parties for the job. Needless to say, our company of heroes got the job. However, just as the deliberations were coming to a close, the baron was attacked by a renegade cleric believed to be somehow associated with the bandits. Believing that this attack foreshadowed a anarchic rebellion within the barony, the baron charged our company to "follow the snake to its head and cut it off".

Following the trade route to the north, the party discovered evidence of the depredations of the bandits, including whole villages sacked and burned. Outside a hamlet named Waycombe, they ran across a crazy hermit, who, despite his lunacy, offered the only hope of discovering the lair of the bandits. Following the old insane old coot through a miasmal swamp, they eventually found a broken and derelict temple in the middle of it.

May 24, 978

Approaching the temple carefully, the party was attacked by a guard element. Quickly overcoming this insignificant threat, the party was soon menaced by a huge Black Dragon! The dragon made three passes at the party, employing its acidic breath weapon each time, before flying off into the darkness. Icarius was unfortunate enough to catch a blast fully in the face, almost killing him. Indeed, even with the swift ministrations by Joslan which saved his very life, he was left crippled, scarred, and helpless, unable to cast spells or fight, and barely able to walk.

Fearing the return of the enormous beast, the party filed down the secret passage that Flint and Mordin had meanwhile discovered in the bloody altar at the back of the temple.

Supporting the limping and broken Icarius down the stairs, the party reached the bottom to find a small antechamber with double doors to the south, and a small door to the east. They decided to go through the double doors. Pengo, as usual, checked for traps, and Mordin and Flint strode boldly into the pitch-dark room. Suddenly, Flint's head was ablaze with light, blinding him, and the party found themselves facing an ambush in a huge high-ceilinged great hall! Facing far superior numbers, Mialee's quick thinking saved them as she cast 2 fireballs into the room in rapid succession, virtually eliminating the opposing forces outright. They chased some retreating stragglers for a short distance, meeting and defeating an apparent reserve force, before falling back to the great hall to regroup.

While resting momentarily, someone had the brilliant flash of insight to deploy the party's Portable Hole, and use the Rod of Healing to completely heal Icarius of his acid burns. Unfortunately, the rod couldn't save one of his traveling spellbooks, or any of his spell components. Also, while his health was restored by the Rod, there remained serious scarring, which permanently reduced his Charisma. Nevertheless, Icarius was thankful to survive this brush with death, but will carry forward an intense hatred of dragons, especially black dragons.

Having given themselves a short respite, during which they employed their Rod of Healing to restore Icarius to almost vigorous health, our experienced crew fell back on tried and true methods of careful exploring, eliminating resistance along the way. After clearing out a second, reserve ambush, they allowed themselves a few hours to recuperate.

May 25, 978

Pressing on then, they continued their exploration, attempting to find the evil cleric Mordrin (not to be confused with our own doughty Mordin) who had attacked Baron John, and also find the source of the evil that seemed to permeate the entire complex. Careful inspection of the site of the second ambush revealed a set of secret passageways that led to a trap door leading down into the darkness. Confident that they had eliminated any threat on this level, our dauntless group proceeded down the steps, only to have them collapse under them, depositing them unceremoniously at the back of an audience to a dark ritual. Not succumbing to their own surprise, they fought a pitched battle with these dark parishioners. Leading the service was none other than the despicable cleric Mordrin, who caught poor Icarious in another Flame Strike, bringing him once again to his knees. To make matters worse, while our heroes battled through their minions, the dark Patriarch Ul-Lon and Mordrin escaped through secret passageways.

Although exhausted and injured from this most recent battle, our indomitable crew pressed on, after once again employing mighty and mysterious magic of the Rod of Healing to bring back Icarious from Death's door. Following Ul-Lon down a dark passageway, they came upon a horrific bridal chamber, where they interrupted the sleep of a vampire bride. Following the trail of her gaseous self, they eventually happened upon the dark lord of this demesnes, a Vampiric Lizard King!

The battle here was touch and go, with the Vampire Sakatha gleefully sacrificing his minions to the dwarven whirlwind that was Flint and Mordin while he stood back casting diabolical and dangerous spells. Eventually, facing Mordin's axe, and battered by magical bombardment from Mialee and Icarius, Sakatha was forced to flee into gaseous form.

Not willing to let the evil beast lay to rise again, the party went in search. While they didn't find the evil creature, they did come across a sizable group of captives, who had been kept prisoner there for weeks or months, subject to the depredations of Sakatha and his cohorts. Among the captives were townspeople of ransacked towns and merchants from caravans that had been raided by the bandits.

Another flash of insight helped the party conclude that destroying the coffins of the vampires might deny them the ability to return from gaseous form.

After accomplishing that, they led the prisoners back through the swamp to the ruins of Waycombe, where they rested and pondered how to eliminate once and for all the remaining threat of the black dragon that had almost killed Icarius. They also wondered, having just cleared out a nest of bandits, how little treasure they had found...

In fact, they took some time, after much needed sleep, to inventory the goods they had escaped with, and discovered the following magical items in their portable hole:

In addition, they found Gems totaling 3000gp in value: an average size purple Sapphire worth 1000gp, an average size clear Sapphire worth 1000gp, a small translucent dark green with black mottling and golden flecks Black Opal worth 500gp, a small rich olive green Peridot worth 250gp, a large opaque yellowish Pearl worth 120gp, a large opaque pure white Onyx worth 120gp, a very small clear pale blue-green Zircon worth 10gp.

Adding that to all the coins found, the party realized they had come away with a haul worth 31,595 gp.

May 31, 978

Our heroes set out to the island in the middle of the swamp again. Guessing that the dragon lived on or under this tiny island, they proceeded to search the island for a sizable exit from its lair. In due course they found it, and Pengo used the benefit of a levitation spell to proceed down the dark shaft into the heart of the lair, where he found the fell creature sleeping.

Spying what looked like a door of some sort on the opposite wall of the large cavern, Pengo decided it must be an alternate entrance of some sort, so he floated back up the exit shaft and reported his findings to his friends.

After a brief conference, wherein various possible tactics were discussed, from employing Fly spells to webbing the exit, it was determined that it would be easier to engage the creature on the ground. The party decided to search for this other entrance, and after a short search of the outer sanctum, they realized it was probably the large bas-relief on the back wall of the sanctum.

Mialee used a knock spell to open the door, and they stepped into the cavern, to be greeted by a wide-awake snarling Black Dragon!

In almost simultaneous attacks, Mialee and Icarius both flung Fireballs at the creature, even as it spewed forth its acidic breath weapon at the pair of mages, knocking them both out of the fight momentarily.

Mordin, meanwhile, quickly read the scroll of Protection from Breath Weapon, while Jozlan and Flint rushed to the aid of Mialee and Icarius.

Pengo kept up a barrage of arrows, as Mordin then charged in to attack the creature. Mialee, quickly healed by the grace of Thor, rushed in behind Mordin to join in the attack, but in an almost anti-climactic gesture, Mordin lopped off the head of the charred serpent.

The party then quickly discovered the hoard of the dragon, and shoveled it all into their portable hole. Besides the enormous number of copper and silver pieces, the group uncovered the following magical items:

After a quick stop at the court of Baron John, they used a transfer portal to whisk their way home to Byrne, where their seneschal James Smithson greeted them warmly.

June 4, 978

Upon waking the next day, they couldn't help noticing that something was different about Byrne...

The Towers, Revisited

September 19, 977

Having recalled, as they tromped through the fertile fields of Devonshire some months past, a lone tower of pentagonal design in the distance, and having also recalled Icarius' mentor Paulinus' unequivocal interest in such towers, Our Steadfast Party decided that they would pay a visit to Pengo's Grandfather, and then set out to explore said tower.

September 25, 977

The party ventured into the heretofore unknown tower in the hills of Devonshire, and stepped through the portal to a tower sitting on a vast plateau in the country of Gaent, as they eventually discovered. Having satisfied themselves of their bearings, they returned to the tower in Devonshire, and stepped through a different portal which led to a tower in desmense of the "Merchant Princes," a tower they were well familiar with.

After defeating the undead creatures which they found there, they continued through another portal which took them to a crazily tilted tower in a frozen wasteland. Having prepared themselves this time, however, they managed to NOT slip through to the other side, and explored this tower a bit. They didn't find much, and couldn't really determine exactly where they were, (other then far to the north or far to the south) so they continued on through to a tower secluded deep in a forest. They also discovered it to be the lair of a Wyvern, but were able to overcome that beast somewhat easily.

They set out to explore this huge forest, and after three days, were brought up short by a troop of Silvan elves, who refused to allow them to penetrate deeper into the forest. After reassuring the leader of the troop that they meant no harm, and with promises to not attempt further incursions into the land of Llanfyllin, the party was allowed to depart in peace.

Stepping through a portal that they had NOT explored before, they found themselves in a rugged, mountainous region where in order to survive, they had to kill a Green Dragon!

October 14-30, 977

Since part of the reason they were exploring the towers was to see where they went to, our intrepid adventurers decided to have a look around after dispatching the Green dragon. They wandered a bit until they found a small town near the edge of a forest. They discovered the town was called Dunsinane, and was located in the Pfaltzgraf Heimwald. Unfortunately for the town, the forest was a lot closer than it had been the day before, and in fact was threatening to engulf the town.

Asked to investigate the phenomenon by a pair of neophyte druids, the party discovered that the Wayward Wood (Dungeon #32) was moving in response to an influx of Trolls come lately from the Underdark. With the aid of some friendly Firbolg giants and amicable Treants, the erstwhile Troll-banes were successful in destroying the evil band without burning down the forest.

Anxious to get home after their lonnnng adventure(s), they returned then to the tower whence they came, and stepped through another tower portal to a mountaintop in Caernarfon. Realizing they were almost home, they quickly stepped through the portal to the tower located in the Northern March of the Kingdom of Mercia.

Within a few days, they found themselves back home in Byrne, and took a well-deserved rest.

Jozlan was pleased to discover that the shrine he had commissioned to be built has been mostly completed. What hadn't pleased him so much is the sort of shanty-town that had sprung up around the construction site. Nevertheless, the structure had been completed, and waited only for some of the artistic decoration and any other special additions that Jozlan might want to add.

Site of ShrineThe Shrine itself

Indeed, with the help of some mentors (Elrohir of the Elven Conclave in Byrne), the group managed to create a Transfer Portal in the open-air sanctuary of Jozlan's Temple to Thor.

As winter approaches, the party relaxed and found themselves spending many evenings cozied up at the Dragon's Claw Tavern, where they would be occasionally joined by Paulinus, who was fascinated by what they'd learned about the towers. He had been doing his own research while they'd been gone, and had confirmed his previous opinion that the towers must indeed be eons old, from the time before the Great Plague. Since virtually nothing is known of the political realities of that time, it was still unclear to him what motivated their construction, but he felt that there must be a pattern of some sort, and he would be very happy to know what that pattern is. He also echoed his master the Baron's worries that the towers could be used for nefarious purposes if the full extent of the network is unknown.

The Curse of Xanathon

September 3, 977

Bound by their oath to Eric, the High Priest of Tyr in Rhoona, our stalwarts agree to investigate the strange events and mad behavior of one of the Dukes of Rhoona. While sneaking through the Ducal Guard's barracks, they find evidence of a plot against the Dukes, with none other than the Captain of the Guard in cahoots with the High Priest of Cyric to cause an invasion of neighboring dwarves and take the reins of power in the city.

September 4, 977

They infiltrate the Temple of Cyric late one night, overcoming stiff resistance, and finally encounter Xanathon, the High Priest himself. Although unable to physically harm him, They somehow manage to overbear him and capture him, and bring him back to the Temple of Tyr for Eric to question him.

September 6, 977

Unfortunately, Xanathon escapes in the night, but Eric has surmised that his invulnerability must be tied to some artifact which he believes to be hidden somewhere in the shrine to Cyric located deep in the Valonian forest. With the latest madness issued from the ducal palace, Eric is sure that that there is little time to save the Duke. Our crew wastes no time, but departs for the shrine to look for said artifact. Before long, they are caught in a huge fight with soldiers and clerics of Cyric, who don't take kindly to visitors. Nevertheless, the party manages to overcome a large number of followers of Cyric, and venture into the strange shrine.

September 8, 977

After vanquishing the garrison of the mysterious shrine, the heroes explore the shrine, finding little other than rather large storage areas of wine and grain. Then they discover a magically reversing hallway that turns people around without realizing it. They deduce the means to circumvent that, and descend to the dungeon/crypt area. After obliterating some zombies, and shredding some ogres, the party begins to explore the catacombs....

September 9, 977

Under the forest shrine, the party explores some dark and sinister catacombs, battling stony gargoyles, slimy giant centipedes, dusty and deadly mummies, a wight and a life-sucking spectre before discovering the artifact they seek; an amulet that must hold the key to Xanathon's power. With it in hand, they return to Rhoona.

September 13, 977

Back in Rhoona, the party confronts Xanathon in the Temple of Cyric, and with the amulet in their possession, overcome him at last, taking him into custody, and delivering him once again to the Temple of Tyr to face Justice.

The party then perpetrates a clever ruse to gain them entrance into the Palace, where they finally confront and defeat Draco Stormsailer, and free Duke Fergus from his curse. They are naturally lauded as heroes of the city/duchy, and promised perpetual welcome in the city.

Pengo's Quest

The party returned to Byrne to sit out the end of the winter, where Pengo learns that his long-lost grandfather may still be alive in Devonshire. The party makes plans to journey there to try to find him, and sets forth on a ship named the MacLain out of the port city of Nalium. They run into some difficulty on the way...

Shipwrecked on a desert island, along with the crews of 3 ships, our heroes run afoul of a strange mind-befuddling creature, which with the help of a (charmed?) shape-changing giant, was systematically entrancing the crewmembers and devouring them. Once freed of the enchantment, the giant flew away on the wind. Left to themselves, the combined crews and our adventurous party got to work building escape craft.

It takes them 2 months of hard work to build 2 boats seaworthy enough to sail on the open ocean. At some point near the ides of March, they set sail to the east, and with fair winds, and good luck, make landfall in 5 days' time on the coast of County Meath, in the Duchy of Valonia.

Once again booking passage to Devonshire on a trading vessel, our stalwarts finally arrive at their destination. Their search for Pengo's grandfather, however, has just begun...

Finally, after chasing all over Devonshire, Pengo finds his Grandfather in a gambling den in Rhoona, the capital city of Valonia. He regales them with a tale of woe of how he was cheated out of his life's savings by a ne'er-do-well that turns out to be the party's old nemesis Karak the Greedy!

Hearing that he might be hiding in an ancient castle ruin not too far off, the party sets off in pursuit, and within a few days, find themselves facing a formidable, if decrepit, keep in the hills of west Barony Cornwall...

After several perilous forays into the mysterious Keep Polyfense, our heroes return to Rhoonoa with the necklace and the body of Pengo who had been killed by a Fire Giant. Eric, High Priest of Tyr in Rhoona, granted the party's request to raise Pengo from death, under the condition that they voluntarily subject themselves to a Quest spell. They happily complied, and Pengo was given another lease on life.

NineTenths of the Law

After capturing Qhyanoth, the Puppet Master, our stalwarts were lauded and praised by Duke Richard and his court. They've decided to stick around in Lethbridge through the Midwinter Festival.

Since their stay in the city began, Jozlan has been welcome to make use of the facilities in a local temple to Thor. He had made several donations to cover this, but one day in mid-November, he was approached by Okinar, a senior cleric at the temple. Okinar is a short, well built man with stern features and dark, grey eyes, with a mustache drooping over his mouth and chin.

Okinar: "Some weeks ago, I was approached by a man calling himself Nerick who donated 2,000 gp in gems to the temple, to cure him of lycanthropy by casting a remove curse spell. As I'm sure you're aware, to be effective, the spell must be cast the night of a full moon (or the night immediately before or after), when the man is in wereform. By bad luck, I had not finished preparation for this lengthy spell casting when the creature escaped the confines of the temple, wounding me and killing several temple inhabitants. Fortunately, I was not infected with the magical disease afflicting Nerick. I wish to track down Nerick to complete the casting of the spell -- not only am I morally obligated to do so because of the payment Nerick already made, but I would be in violation of my vows to allow a known werewolf to roam the city. I would ask the Duke to assist in the search, but again, I feel it is the temple's responsibility to do so, since we allowed him the opportunity to escape. "Would you be willing to undertake the task of finding this Nerick fellow and return him (alive, obviously) to the temple so that I might complete the spell of purification?"

The party agreed, and started tracking down Nerick. Along the way, they interviewed Nerick's wife, who didn't seem to excited about seeing him again. Icarius visited with the wizard Certimfil, an old companion, and the dwarves discovered the body of Germad, who had been Captain of the City Guard after having been Nerick's companion on several adventures.

Clues that they found lead them to the Athenaeum, a rather large building housing artistic, magical and cultural artifacts. The rumor they heard pointed to a large Gem housed there being linked to the ystery. They stake it out over one night, and other than a mysterious shadow, see nothing.

The next morning, the crew goes and talks to the curator, one Gerfeld Blim, and convince him that he's losing his mind in order to get him away from the building. they take him to the Royal Arms where they secure him in their chambers.

Vlix, Mordin and Pengo head back to the Athenaeum to retrieve the gem, and come upon a figure milling about the place. In the ensuing fight, the intruder casts several spells, and then warps and wavers, and assumes a wolfish form! After mortally wounding Mordin, Vlix chases the creature away with his wand of Fear, and they drag Mordin back to the Inn.

They spend a day trying to identify the mysterious gem, and discover that it is a recepticle for holding a life force. In fact, you do discover that there IS a life-force contained in the gem.

Doing some more investigating, Vlix is apprehended by representatives of the local thieves' guild, who are upset because they believe that he is the "unauthorized thief" that absconded with Certimfil's books. He convinces them otherwise, and they give him some information about where Nerick may be hiding. They determine that Nerick's lair might be in the basement of bldg 673.

Working their way through the odorous undercity, they encounter and defeat an Ice Lizard before facing off against their foe in his hidden lair. Cornered like a rat, he is defeated by our illustrious band of heroes.

They return him to the Temple of Thor, where Okinar takes possession of the prisoner. They meet with Certimfil, to try to discover the nature of Nerick's possession. Ultimately, they are able to free Nerick from the possesion by destroying the gem with which he was possessed.

The PuppetMaster

After relaxing in Byrne for a few weeks, and doing some training and research, the party decided in mid-October, 976 to travel to Lethbridge to collect their reward for rescuing the lady Elannie and her handmaidens. After arriving in the city, they were feted by Duke Richard of Lethbridge, and invited to stay in the city for a while. They began exploring the city a bit, during which Pengo and Vlix had an interesting encounter with the local Thieves' Guild. After a week or so, they were asked by Duke Richard to bring to justice an evil and secretive wizard named Qhyjanoth, who had been busy of late manufacturing puppet-like automatons that were terrorizing the neighborhoods in the area of the city known as LowTown.

Below an abandoned warehouse, they encountered some of thesestrange creatures, and clashed momentarily with Qhyjanoth himself, before the latter escaped down a dark shaft. Pengo and Vlix jumped down soon after, and found themselves facing the undead remains of a patrol of the city guard, along with another odd puppet-like creature.

The group captured Qhyjanoth, just barely, and Duke Richard was quite impressed. He not only rewarded them with bags of money, but also with a perennial lease on the property formerly occupied by Qhyjanoth. The fact that it's in a bad part of town only slightly lessens the value of this generous endowment.

Rescue of Lady Elannie

The party was somewhat surprised to see the return of their sometime compatriot Vlix Vyarin, but agreed to join him in a rescue mission to recover the kidnapped daughter of the Duke of Lethbridge. They soon found themselves on a ship bound for Rio de Aerdi, a port city in the domain of the nine "Merchant Princes." Soon after their arrival, they intervened on Vlix's friend Owen's behalf as he and his men battled the pirates who had kidnapped the daughter of the Duke.

Interrogation of the pirates led our intrepid group to the half-forgotten, half-buried city of Puertoviejo in a swamp, where they discovered an ancient decrepit temple compound that was still in use.

The Undercity

The party chased the slavers through the wilderness, encountering stange and fearful creatures along the way, not to mention the occasional near-death experiences. Finally, they came across some sort of fortress in the foothills of the Drachengrab Mountains.

The Stockade

After battling through the upper level of the stockade, they discovered a route to the dungeon level below, where they fought and killed the ringleaders of the band of slavers, (although one named Blackthorne got away...) and escaped with over 50 slaves, who they were able guide safely to their homes. With that, our group of heroes has possibly destroyed this sick menace to civilized society. On their return trip, they also found one of those enigmatic pentagonal towers, and were able to discover several more of the ancient towers connected by magical gates.

The Dwarves of Warka

Can our super-sleuths solve the mystery plaguing the town of Mountain Lake?

The Runes that Paulinus Discovered

A view from the top

The town of Mountain Lake

The Temple of Dumathoin

The Caverns

CSI: the D&D Edition

Icarius, Mialee and Flint travel to Kendall with their benefactors Baron Stephen and Paulinus, and solve a murder mystery!

The City

The Neighborhood

The Scene of the Crime

The Lair of the murderer

Winter of Our Discontent

The party invades the lair of a nearby Thieves' Guild in the Town of Cham

The Guildhall

The Floorplan

The Gauntlet

The Sentinel leads the party to face its nemesis in the remote Keep of Adlerweg!
The Approach to the Keep of Adlerweg Other scenes from the adventure:
Map to the Keep Device found on the Door to the Undercroft, and also on the floor of the undercroft
You see the keep from a distance A bunch of gnolls attack your party in the main defensive room
A closer look at the keep The Ugly Cook
The keep is an imposing structure The lieutenant's room
The approach to the upper gate A smelly Ogre greets you in the main hall!
Birds-eye view of the area around the keep You find some prisoners
Maps of the Keep A mighty warrior is captured

The Undercroft

The forces of the giant are arrayed against the Keep
The First Floor The Giant Attacks!
The SecondFloor  
The Third Floor  
The Fourth Floor You have found the ogrillon, and he's wearing the Gauntlet!
The Turrets The ogrillon attacks your party!


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The Sentinel

While answering the call to help a rural farming community rid itself of an evil menace, the party finds a mysterious white glove...

The Chapel of Silence

Having established a residence in the small city of Byrne, and collecting some new friends, the party agrees to help the local Baron Stephen Wingate eradicate the evil found in a small chapel to the north of town. It is there that they meet a new companion named Vlix.

Wargrave: Necropolis

On their way to the "big city" of Byrne, our little band of adventurers stops to help a small village rid themselves of a pesky undead king. Quenda has also decided to seek other pursuits by now.

The Assault on the Keep of Karak the Greedy

Regdar and Floren have left the group to pursue their own adventures, but new friends join the campaign. A dwarf named Flint DeepDelver and an elven Ranger named Quenda join our stalwart band. This is the group's first almost-encounter with the man that would later become their nemesis, as they discover that plundering a wizard's lair, even while he is in absentia, carries it's own dangers.

The Caves of Shadow

Back where it all began, in the backwater village of Hinesford in northern Barony Stafford. Four young adventurers gather together to rid the world of evil, one dungeon at a time. Mialee, Jozlan, Regdar and Floren begin their careers by eliminating an ogrish threat to Hinesford.

Hereafter follows a abbreviated calendar of activity:

Year Date Activity
Party Defeats the Ogre in the Caves of Shadow
Karak's forces devastate Hillsview
Party loots Karak's keep while he is away.
Party leaves Hillsview headed for Byrne
A short stop in Wargrave
The Party arrives in Byrne for the first time!
Pengo, Icarius and Mordin join the party
Party rids the Chapel of Silence of its evil
Party begins investigation of the Sentinel in Kusnir
Party departs for the Keep of Adlerweg
Party returns to Byrne to rest out the winter.
Assassination Attempt
Party assaults the Thieves' Guild of Cham
Pengo starts a month-long dexterity-enhancing regimen
Icarius, Mialee and Flint investigate a Murder in the capital city of Kendall
Party sets off to discover the mystery of the towers.
Party cleans out the caves of Warka
Party returns to Byrne.
Party leaves Byrne to head to Kendall
Party arrives in Rio DiAerdi, and hooks up with Owen, to hopefully chase down and rescue the maidens.
Break into Temple in PuertoViejo
Rescue Prisoners: Marsten, Gringar, Francine
Come within sight of the Stockade
Exit the Stockade with ex-slaves in tow., including Elannie and her maids, AnnMarie, Belinda, Charissa, Dannielle, and Edwina.
Return to Byrne, rest and relax for a little while.
Depart for Lethbridge
Arrive in Lethbridge, feted by Duke Richard
Pengo's encounter with the Thieves' Guild of Lethbridge
Audience with Duke Richard - Accept the mission to root out Qhyjanoth
Capture Qhyanoth, the Puppet Master.
15 Nov
Approached by Okinar to find Nerick
23 Nov
Enter Artenal's lair under the city.
25 Nov
Break the Magic Jar spell on Nerick, killing Artenal
15 Dec
Arrive back in Byrne
Back to Byrne for Training, Magical research, etc.
Feb 12
Take ship from Nalium on the MacLean north to Devonshire.
Feb 16
Shipwrecked on Island with mind-crontrolling monster
Feb 20
Release Giant(?) from mind control
Apr 15
Finish Boats and set sail from island
Apr 20
Make landfall on the coast of County Meath, in Valonia
May 15
Arrive in Fordham-on-the-Loudwater, in Devonshire
May 24
Arrive in Wadebridge, discover that Grandpa is no longer there
Jun 7
Finally find Grandpa in a gambling den in Rhoona
Jun 11
Arrive at the once-mighty Keep Polifense, presumably the current lair of their nemesis Karak
Jun 20
Retreat to Rhoona to restore Pengo from his stony condition
Jul 1
Return to the Keep Polifense
Jul 2
Pengo is Killed by the Fire Giant!
Jul 3
Party Confronts Karak again, and narrowly misses killing him.
Jul 15
Return to Rhoona with Grandpa's Necklace
Jul 17
Pengo is raised from the dead!
In Rhoona, recovering and identifying, etc
Sep 3
Infiltrate the Barracks of the Ducal Guard
Sept 4
Sneak into the Temple of Cyric, Voronda is almost killed, and Jozlan is turned into a TOAD!
Sept 5
Manage to Overbear Xanathon, the high Priest of Cyric in Rhoona, capture him, and carry him off to the Temple of Tyr
Sept 6
Xanathon escapes from the Temple of Tyr, and the Party sets off to find Shrine of Cyric in the Forests of Valonia
Sept 8
Party enters the Shrine of Cyric, deep in the Valonian forest, looking for Xanathon's secret amulet.
Sept 9
Party finds the amulet, and starts heading back to Rhoona
Sept 13
Party confronts Xanathon, and defeats him
Sept 15
Party confronts Draco Stormsailer, and defeats him.
Sept 19
Party sets out to visit Pengo's Grandfather, and investigate the strange pentagonal tower they saw on their previous journey through Devonshire.
Sept 25
Party discovers tower in Gaent
October 14-30
Party discovers tower in Heimwald.
Nov 5
Party is back home in Byrne
978May 1
Party leaves Byrne for Lethbridge to attend wedding of Elannie
May 15
Party arrives in Sussex: Baron John is attacked by renegade Cleric
May 24
Party discovers old temple (Bandit Lair) in the middle of the swamp. Icarius almost killed by Black Dragon acid
May 25
Party Kills Vampire Sakatha
May 31
Party Kills Aulicus the Black Dragon
June 3
Party returns to Byrne