Pengo Strongfoot

Halfling Rogue!

The Party
Name Pengo Strongfoot
Race Halfling
Primary Class
Class THF
Level 9
Experience 156376
x.p. to next level 3625
To Hit Bonus Damage Bonus Weight Allowance Open Doors Bend bars / Lift Gates
Strength 10 0 0 35 2 2%
Add. Languages Chance to Know Spell Minimum Spells/Level Maximum Spells/Level
Intelligence 14 4 55% 6 9
Magic Attack Adjust Spell Bonus Chance of Spell Failure
Wisdom 8 0 None 100%
Defense Adjustment Surprise/ Attack Adjust Pick Pockets Open Locks Find/ Remove Traps
Dexterity 17 3 2 5% 10% 0%
Hit Point Adjustment System Shock Survival Resurrection Survival Set Traps
Constitution 8 0 60% 65% 17%
Max Henchmen Loyalty Base Reaction Adjustment Move Silently
Charisma 10 4 0% 0% 5%
Hide in Shadows
ARMOR Leather 5%
Armor Class Type 12
Armor Class 15 Encumbrance: 74%
Hit Points 28
Level Bonus 4
Alignment Neutral Good
Weapon Proficiencies ShortSword Dagger Short Bow
Saving Throws
Poison 9 .
Paralyzation or Death 11 .
Petrification or Polymorph 10 .
Rod, Staff or Wand 10 .
Breath Weapon 14 .
Spell 9 .
Bonus for Will-based attacks 0 .
Resistance to Charm 0% .
Thief Level
Thief Abilities 8 Base Race Dexterity .
Pick Pockets 65% 55% 5% 5% .
Open Locks 90% 75% 5% 10% .
Find/ Remove Traps 98% 93% 5% 0% .
Set Traps 78% 53% 8% 17% .
Move Silently 75% 70% 0% 5% .
Hide in Shadows 49% 39% 5% 5% .
Hear Noise 33% 33% 0% .
Climb Walls 92% 92% 0% .
Read Languages 30% 30% 0% .


23718.131 in g.p. equivalent value

Magic Items:

Wizard Scroll: Continual Darkness, Paralyzation, Shadow Door, Veil
Wizard Scroll: Far Reaching I, FireFlow, Monster Summoning II, and Melf's Minute Meteors
Short Sword, The Shredder (+2, +4 vs Arachnids)
Dagger (+1)
Bag of Holding
Ring of Feather Falling
Ring of Spell Storing (Friends, Shatter, Jump)
Bracelet of Swimming


Cleric Spell: Neutralize Poison
Cleric Spell: Heal
Cleric Spell: Cure Blindness
Cleric Spell: Cure Disease
Cleric Spell: Remove Curse
Cleric Spell: Remove Paralysis


In his bag, Pengo has 5 potions:
One has a stick figure of a large humanoid standing next to several smaller ones.
One has a stick figure of a small humanoid standing next to several bigger ones
One has a stick figure of a small humanoid pointing at a big one
One has a stick figure of a humanoid beating his chest.
One has a picture of a coin on it.

Other Items:

Molatov Cocktails. 11
Silver laced Short Sword
Short Bow.
Thieves Tools

Skills and Proficiencies:

Reading / Writing
Reading Lips
Gem Cutting
2 open slots


Pengo Strongfoot was born in the village of Fundus in Devonshire. At the age of three, he was orphaned when his parents were massacred when the village was decimated by a goblin raiding party. He survived only because his mother had lowered him down into the town's well, where he kept out of sight until the goblins fled.

Rescued by his grandfather the next day, Pengo was raised and educated under his watchful eye in the city of Byrne. Grandfather Strongfoot made sure Pengo learned to read and to write, and taught him a respectable trade: goldsmithing.

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Pengo, his grandfather was deeply in debt, and when Pengo was just 18 years old, his grandfather vanished during the night. Saddled with his grandfather's overwhelming debt, Pengo was forced to surrender the goldsmithing shop and was left to fend for himself on the streets.

Although Pengo has vague childhood memories of other children, he doesn't know whether they were siblings or friends, and has been told all his life that he was the only survivor of the raid on Fundus.

Making good use of his trained eye for valuables, Pengo made his living as a thief, becoming quite talented at lifting items from unsuspecting persons on the street, until that fateful day when he tried to pick the pocket of an elf wizard in a tavernÉ
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