Kingdoms and Chaos

Kingdoms and Chaos is a medieval and/or fantasy miniatures game system based loosely on a combination of Chainmail, Swords and Spells and 1st Edition AD&D BattleSystem, but with a new, fast-paced combat mechanic that will let you dive into the action with a single die roll to resolve combat.

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Carnage-Con 2011 Scenario: Battle of Bannockburn

It is the summer of 1314, and Edward II of England has led a powerful army north into Scotland to relieve the siege of Stirling Castle, and oh, by the way, obliterate the remainder of the Scottish Army. Hopelessly outnumbered, the Scots put their faith in their King, Robert the Bruce. Will they survive? This was the decisive battle in the First War of Scottish Independence.

Carnage-Con 2010 Scenario: Castle and Vassal

In the last campaign season, King Jonas of Drachenwald was able to retake one of his outlying castles previously captured by the Sarcian Empire.

Emboldened by his success, Jonas immediately launched his forces at another, larger castle and re-took it as well, just before the winter snows hit. Surprised at the sudden setback, imperial forces withdrew from the field. Leaving a small garrison there over the winter months, Jonas knew he would have to relieve them when the spring thaws arrived. The Sarcian Emperor would not stand idly by and let his acquisitions slip away one at a time. He would be back with a vengeance, of that Jonas was certain.

The only uncertainty was exactly what sorts of foul, loathsome creatures he and his troops would be facing in the spring...

Carnage-Con 2009 Scenario: Mournings and Knights

The Crown Prince Phillip has been assassinated, and King Jonas of Drachenwald has sworn vengeance! Despite overwhelming odds, honor must be served. Having learned via his operatives in the Sarcian court that the Emperor himself had given the order for the assassination, Jonas has marshalled his forces to land a punishing blow against the nefarious interloper, and sent dispatches to his elven and dwarven allies requesting help in his hour of need. Will any respond? And what dark forces will the emperor bring to bear against the King?