The Sarcian Empire

Ruler:   His Celestial Transcendency, the Emperor of all the Lands of Sarcia, Overking of Drachenheim and Heimwald, Pasha-khan of T'un and Kelhaz. (Cleric/Fighter/Magic-User, 8th/5th/13th level)

Capital:   Tsinsi
Population:   2,234,000
Demi-Humans:   A fair number, scattered about among the kingdoms
Humanoids:   Many
Resources:   Varied
Type of Government:   Autocracy
Method of Succession:   None


Prior to 200 years ago, the eastern half of the continent was broken into several Koenigsfiefs. However around the year 720, the invasions from the eastern continent began. The Sarcian horde poured across the Straits to occupy the eastern desert. Originally financed and supported by the powers of the eastern continent, after 100 years or so, political turmoil there caused the support to fade away and finally cease altogether.

In the meantime, the general/commander of troops established himself as the Tarkhan of Sarcia, and began a campaign of imperialism. Not bothering to tame the great desert, the Empire began its slow but sure crawl up the face of the continent. In some cases, brute force was used to oust the legal government, and an imperial puppet put on the throne. The real power is in the hands of the Emperor, though, the control being very tight and centralized.

More recently, the last few kingdoms have elected to pay tribute to the emperor rather than subject their people to the ignominious defeat and subsequent blood bath that would ensue if they tried to resist crushing weight of the Empire. However, all chafe at the bit, and would gladly rid themselves of the Imperial scourge if they could. Only the Margravate of Gododden has held itself completely free of the yoke of imperial control, and that is only because of the buffer created by Drachenheim and Heimwald.

As far as the Empire is concerned, that situation is temporary....

Map of Sarcian Empire