The Dwarves of Warka

This adventure was based on "The Dwarves of Warka" by Fran Hart from Dungeon Issue#16

Here is the telling of the tale of the Dwarves of Warka.

<DM> By the end of March, most of you are suffering a little cabin-fever, from being stuck in the city all winter. Icarius and Pengo are used to it, having grown up in Byrne, but Mialee misses the forests, and the dwarven cousins miss the mountains, and the winter here has been just enough to make Jozlan pine a bit for his home far to the north.

<DM> One day in mid-April, soon after Mialee and Pengo finish their arduous regimen of training, while your group is relaxing in your common room, there is a knock on your door. James answers the door, and announces Paulinus.

<DM> You invite him in, of course, and after accepting a goblet of wine, and engaging in a little pleasant chit-chat, he gets down to the purpose of his visit:

<Paulinus>There's a little puzzle which needs to be solved, and I believe that you are the ones to solve it.

<Paulinus>Those of you who accompanied us to Kendall are familiar now with the magical transfer portals which are scattered far and wide across this world. Their locations are usually kept secret by those who construct them, and for good reason.

<Paulinus>That type of portal, as you know, requires the expenditure of some bit of magical or divine energy in order to work.

<Paulinus>There are other types of portals, though; some which have been endowed with enough magic during their design and construction that they can transfer anyone or anything that encounter them, without the use of a spell by the traveler.

<Paulinus>Some of these are one-way portals, and some are two-way. Some lay flat on the ground, and are activated when you step on them, and some are like a doorway, where the would-be traveler must step through it in order to activate the magic.

<Paulinus>It is said that there are some that can take you to other worlds and even to other planes of existence. " "I have long been interested in all types of magical portals. You could say it's a hobby of mine.

<Paulinus>While reading some ancient tomes concerning the nature of portals and other forms of interplanar travel, I happened across a passing reference to an ancient network of portals which would, together, allow anyone with or without magical power, to traverse the continent in a matter of minutes.

<Paulinus>I know, I know; the concept boggles the mind.

<Paulinus>This piqued my interest, and I did some further study. I wasn't able to find much information about them, even in the great library at Kendall, but I _was_ fortunate enough to discover some of the symbology associated with the network.

<DM> He reaches into a pocket of his robe, and pulls out a scroll tube.

<DM> He shows you a sheet of vellum with some runes:


> Mialee takes a look.

<Paulinus>I'm sure this is an incomplete set, but I've not yet uncovered the rest.

<Paulinus>Also, the exact topology of the network is still unclear to me. I don't know how many portals there are, nor do I know where most of them are located.

<Mialee> But you know where some of them are?

<Paulinus>By lucky happenstance, I've recently discovered a map which holds a rune that matched one of a set of runes associated with this network of portals.

<Paulinus>Here is a reproduction of that map, and here is a reproduction of the runes that I've so far found which are somehow associated with the portal network.

<DM> He pulls a small map out of the scroll tube.

<Paulinus>As you can see, the map depicts ancient fortifications built by people long ago.

> Mialee nods.

<Icarius> do you know who built the fortification?

<DM>No, those fortifications were built by a civilization long since lost; from before the great plague It just occurs to you now that there is no WAY that a scroll tube of that size could have fit under Paulinus' robe without creating a noticeable bulge.

*** >> to Flint: It just occurs to you now that there is no WAY that a scroll tube of that size could have fit under Paulinus' robe without creating a noticeable bulge.

<Paulinus>Judging by the rivers and terrain shown on the map, combined with my knowledge of the source of the map, which I won't bore you with, I've determined that this map describes an area in the Northern March.

<DM> He shows you a fair size map of the Kingdom, with the Northern March in the upper-right corner.

> Mialee studies Paulinius.

> Pengo looks at the map.

<Flint> Apparently the Map is hidden Knowledge guarded by the gods. :)

<Mialee> What is it you'd like for us to do, Paulinius?

<Mialee> Paulinius, that's a very nice robe you have there. Where can I get one like that?

<Paulinus> Oh, this old thing? I picked it up a long time ago.

<Jozlan> whereabouts, if I might ask?

<Mialee> Have lots of pockets?

<Paulinus> Well, that's not really here nor there.

> Mialee shrugs.

<Mialee> Anyway, what is it you'd like for us to do for you?

<Paulinus>where was I?

<Mialee> You just showed us the map showing you where the Northern March is.

<Paulinus>Compare it to this map of the Northern March, and you'll see that it most likely fits right here:

<Paulinus>Please take note of the glyph in the loop of the river. If this is a map of area defenses, as I believe it was, then certainly a portal in the network we've been discussing would have been significant enough to include.

> Mialee nods.

<Paulinus>What I would propose for you to do is to investigate the location shown on this map, and see if there is indeed one or more portals that actually lead somewhere, and if so, _where_.

> Pengo listens with great interest.

<Mialee> Sounds like fun.

<Paulinus> I'm sure you can easily imagine how valuable it would be to know the full extent of this network. It would be extremely useful to us, in communicating and coordinating with allies in times of need.

<Icarius> sounds dangerous. a staff of magic missiles would probably be handy

<Paulinus> Ah, yes, your staff. I shall return that to you, as sort of payment in advance for undertaking this little quest for me.

<Paulinus>I'm not sure what you'll find at the locus of the glyph, but I trust you'll take all necessary precautions.

<Mialee> Certainly.

<Paulinus>Eventually, I would like to map the complete topology of the network, but there is no particular rush to complete this. "There will undoubtedly be dangers on this road of discovery, but you have proven yourselves to be able enough adventurers.

<Paulinus>Just remember that a copper in the hand is worth a gold in the hoard of a dragon; any bit of information that you can bring back is worth more than complete knowledge that you never return with.

<Flint> Not to mention what would happen if an enemy found and used the network to invade.

<Mialee> It sounds like a great deal of fun, indeed.

<Paulinus> Flint, that is also VERY true.

<Paulinus> We would like to know if anyone else knows about it, and is using or planning to use it. That is why we would prefer any discoveries you make to be kept between yourselves, and the Baron and I and Lord Darcy.

<Paulinus>You won't have to travel all the way to the March on foot. I have a cleric friend who entrusted me with knowledge of a Transfer Portal in his temple." "I've been in contact with him, and he has agreed to let me use it to bring you a little closer to where you have to go." "He will probably not object to you using it to return to Byrne when your mission is complete, should that be convenient for you.

<Jozlan> that would be most helpful

<Paulinus>Please, all of you come to the palace tomorrow, and we'll be on our way. This is very important:

<Paulinus>Three spellcasters among you should be prepared to cast the 'Transfer by Portal' spell at least 2 times tomorrow. And of course, be prepared for a great adventure!

<DM> With that, Paulinus gets up to leave.

<Paulinus> On the morrow, then.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> Paulinus leaves

<DM> Please send me your spell lists for your travel tomorrow, and remember what Paulinus said.

*** << <Mialee> << Magic Missile x2, Transfer By Portal x2, Knock x2, Levitate x1, Web x1.

<Pengo> This sounds like an exciting adventure.

<Pengo> What time is it?

<DM> Mid-day on the 10th of April.

<Pengo> Well, I think I'll spend the afternoon just packing up my gear. I don't have anything I need to be doing otherwise.

<Mialee> That sounds about right to me.

> Mialee sets about packing up her gear.

<Mialee> What's everyone else doing?

<Mordin> Sharpening my axe (again) and packing my gear.

<Icarius> Flint, are you doing 2 transfer by portal?

<Mialee> How exciting -- I'm finally going to get to work some portals. :)

<Flint> Yes.

<Mialee> Has Icarius had time to get his spell training in with Paulinius?

<DM> Yes

<Mialee> Great!

<Mialee> Cool.

<Mialee> Or as Mialee would really say it: "Excellent!

<DM> Currently Memorized Spells:


<DM> Mialee:

<DM> 1st Level: (6) Magic Missile x3, Transfer by Portal x2,

<DM> 2nd Level: (4) Knock x2, Levitate, Web


<DM> Icarius:

<DM> 1st Level: (4) Sleep x3, Magic Missile

<DM> 2nd Level: (2) Web x2

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Clairvoyance


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x3, Transfer By Portal x2

<DM> 2nd Level: (5) CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS x3, Hold Person, Speak w/ Animals

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Remove Paralysis


<DM> Flint:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x3, Transfer By Portal x2

<DM> 2nd Level: (3) Cure Serious x2, Slow Poison

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24

<DM> Just to set the record, so to speak.

<DM> Ok, the next day has dawned bright and clear, and you've all memorized the spells you've given me.

<DM> You're refreshed, and ready to go.

> Mialee lets James know we're leaving, and heads for the castle.

> Pengo follows.

<DM> BTW, I've deducted the next six months' worth of house upkeep from your totals, which will appear the next time I update the webpage.

<Mialee> All right.

<DM> When do you head for the palace?

<Mialee> Now. :)

<DM> When you arrive at the palace, one of the guardsmen at the gate says:

<Guard>Paulinus has told us to expect you. Please follow me. "

<DM> He walks off toward the palace. >DM presumes you're all following him.

<DM> The guardsman leads you back to the place in the hallway where the strange door was, and Paulinus is there to welcome you. He dismisses the guard, and the latter leaves.

> Icarius follows

<DM> Once the guardsman is gone, Paulinus opens the door, works his magic, and walks across the rather insubstantial-looking bridge to the turret beyond.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo does as well.

<DM> Once you are all inside the small tower room, Paulinus closes the door behind you, and turns to the cell. He gestures with his hand, and then moves forward and unlocks the cell.

<Paulinus>I have suspended the more fatal of the traps that guard this portal, and will leave them suspended while you are out on this mission, just in case you find a need to escape back here quickly.

<Paulinus>There are still some non-injurious contingencies guarding it, however, so don't be alarmed if you DO use it, and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

<DM> Turning to Mialee, Jozlan, Flint and Icarius, he asks:

<Paulinus>Did you memorize the Transfer by Portal Spell twice as I asked?

<Jozlan> yes

> Mialee nods.

<Flint> Yes.

<Paulinus>Good. Here's what we'll do, then. I will 'carry' 3 of you to the portal at my friend's chapel, and then you will travel under your own power back here. Then each of you will 'carry' one of the others with you back to my friend's church." "It will be good practice for you, and you should have no trouble carrying only one person each.

<DM> He then goes on to explain the intricate details of how to carry others with you while traveling by portal.

<Paulinus>Join hands, please.

<DM> Nodding to the others, Paulinus says:

<Paulinus>They'll be back soon.

<DM> He murmers the words of power, and you feel that slightly sickening lurch as the ground drops out from under your feet. Within a moment, you find yourself in the sacristy of a rustic church.

> Mialee memorizes the aura of the portal.

> Flint does as well.

<DM> A man in a coarse robe turns from a small altar, and smiles warmly when he sees Paulinus. He has a beard that even Flint can appreciate, and speaks with a gruff voice:

<BrotherBear>Ahh, good morning, my friend! It has been too long since we've stood face to face.

<DM> Paulinus takes several strides toward him and embraces him with vigor.

<Paulinus>Yes, too long indeed. Especially since we're really only a 'step' away. :) We really must rectify that.

<DM>Meanwhile, I would like to introduce some NEW friends of mine: Brother Bear of Wolfsam , I present Mialee of the Elves, Flint Deepdelver, Jozlan, Priest of Thor.

> Mialee smiles.

> Mialee bows slightly.

<Icarius> pleased to meet you

> Flint bows.

<DM> Turning to you all, Paulinus says:

<Paulinus>It's time for the birdlings to fly on their own. Each of you should memorize the signature of this portal, employ the spell that will return you to the portal in the palace, and then each of you bring one of your compatriots back here.

<Paulinus>I shall await you here.

> Mialee finishes studying the aura of the portal, then steps up and casts Transfer By Portal.

<Mialee> Calling to mind the signature of the portal at the palace.

<DM> You feel the rush, and soon find yourself standing in the tower again, with Pengo, Icarius and Mordin.

> Mialee takes Pengo's hand, calls to mind the portal in the church, and casts Transfer By Portal once again.

<Pengo> Here we go...

<DM> And you're back with Paulinus in the chapel.

> Pengo winces nervously.

<Pengo> Whew.

<Pengo> (assuming I'm there intact too :)

<DM> yes. :)

> Mialee leads Pengo away from the portal.

<Mialee> Next! :)

> Flint casts Transfer by Portal to the Palace.

<DM> Mialee is exhausted, though, and can barely stand up.

> Mialee looks for a place to sit down and rest.

<Flint> Ready Mordin?

<DM> and Flint finds himself there, lickety split

<Mordin> Do I have a choice?

<Flint> No.

<DM> There are plenty of pews out in the main chapel.

> Flint casts Transfer by Portal back to the chapel - with Mordin.

> Mialee apologizes to the priest, then stretches out and lays down in one for a bit.

<DM> Flint arrives with Mordin, and is also strangly tired after this exercise.

> Flint rests.

> Jozlan studies then transfers

<DM> Jozlan arrives safely

<Icarius> what took you so long?

> Jozlan transfers himself and ic back to the chapel

<DM> Jozlan arrives safely back with Icarius, but doesn't seem to be affected much by the transfer with Icarius.

<Mialee> Lucky dog.

<Jozlan> :P

> Mialee waits until she feels like she'll be a little more steady on her feet.

> Pengo looks around the church.

<DM> As you catch your breath, Brother Bear explains that Paulinus had described to him where you wanted to go, and he is able to give you instructions on the best route to follow.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> The chapel is rustic, with enough pews for about 30 people, max

<Jozlan> do you know much of the area?

<DM> The building itself is made of stone and wood.

<BrotherBear> I've lived here for many years, yes.

<BrotherBear> This hamlet is called Wolfsham.

<BrotherBear> We are close to the wildlands here, and often suffer attacks from predatory creatures, but the local folk are a strong and independent lot, and fight fiercly to protect their homes.

<Mialee> Admirable.

<BrotherBear>In times of crisis, when humanoids roam the hills, the nearby homesteaders can gather here and have a place to defend, rather than trying to defend their homes individually.

<Mialee> What sorts of humanoids?

<BrotherBear> Oh, the usual sorts -- goblins, orc, gnolls, and the occasional band of bugbears

< DM > You gather your gear, and step out of the chapel into the sunshine. A pleasant light wind wafts the smell of wildflowers to your noses. You look around and see the hamlet in which you've found yourself. It is a tiny village by any standards. You count perhaps 4 buildings besides the one you've just exited. All of them are wood, except the chapel, which is a combination of wood and stone.

<DM> There is a wooden stockade surrounding the buildings, perhaps 200 feet in length by 150 feet in breadth. There is a catwalk near the top, running around the whole thing.

<DM> There is only one gate in the stockade, and the building closest to it has several crates and barrels stacked on its covered porch. There is a sign hanging from the roof of the porch that says simply:"JEB's

<Paulinus>If you don't have any other questions of me, I'll be going back, now. I've other business to attend to.

<Icarius> Paulinus, do you have any suggestions for identifying an unknown portal?

<Paulinus>I'm afraid not -- I've never seen one of these particular ones, so I don't know what form they take.

<Paulinus>I would imagine though, that they would exude a magical aura of some kind. Perhaps strong, perhaps weak.

<Mialee> Is that something I might be able to sense?

<Mialee> Or Icarius, of course?

<Paulinus>For all I know, as ancient as these are, the magic might have failed completely. If so, that would also be good to know.

> Mialee nods.

<Mialee> That's true.

<Paulinus>If you memorize the 'Detect Magic' spell, any one of you (spellcasters) could sense it.

> Mialee nods.

<Icarius> thanks for the advice

<Paulinus> Good luck, then!

<Mialee> Thank you, Paulinius. We'll see you again soon.

<DM> Paulinus disappears back into the chapel with his friend Brother Bear.

<DM> He sticks his head back out and says:

<Paulinus>One more thing--

<Paulinus>Remember, to be useful, we need to know fairly precisely where the objects you seek are located.

<DM> Then he's gone.

<Icarius> too bad there's no GPS spell :(

<DM> Possible research task for later in your career, Icarius. :)

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> All right, where do we want to start?

<DM> So there you are, standing in the street.

<DM> Brother Bear has given you instructiosn that will get you ONTO the map that holds the glyph.

<DM> he said it would be a couple days' march to get there.

<Mialee> We should head out then.

<Icarius> yes

<Pengo> I don't know. Jeb's sounds like it might be a shop or tavern. Perhaps we should take a look first?

<Icarius> we might want to check out the fortifications for archeological clues

<Icarius> maybe someone there could give us some info on the area

<Mialee> Good idea.

> Mialee wanders toward Jeb's.

<Jozlan> should we have a cover story? that we're tracking

> Mordin follows.

<DM> As you approach the building, you see that it is a combination general store / Tavern. In a hamlet this size, there isn't much call for more than one permanent merchant.

> Mialee goes inside to take a look.

<DM> You notice one of the other buildings is a Blacksmith.

> Pengo goes in as well.

<DM> The inside of Jeb's is crowded with more barrels and sacks, piled high.

<DM> Along the far wall is a bar with a couple of stools, and 2 tables, which are empty.

<DM> Out of a back room comes a rather burly fellow, with long mustashes.

Hello friends, what can I git ya?

<Mialee> Well, what all do you have?

I've got foodstuffs for long winters, and a few tools and farming implements, and some other miscellany. What do you need?

<Pengo> I could use an ale, sir.

You all look like you're headed out to the wild lands. I haven't got too many weapons, but if you need some rope or other survival gear, I've got some of that.

<Mialee> How are we doing for rope?

Coming right up, sir hobbit.

<Jozlan> do you know much of the northern march?

<DM> He turns and fills a mug, and hands it to Pengo. "That'll be 2 s.p., sir

Well, considerin' I've lived here most of my life, I'd say I know it fairly well.

> Pengo pays, then takes a big swig.

<Pengo> (for a hobbit)

What are ye wantin' ta know?

<Jozlan> do you know anything of before the plague?

<Mialee> Well... I hear you all have some trouble with goblins and the like coming down sometimes. Any idea where they come from?

Nahh, that happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Do I look like an elf? (Beggin' pardon, Ma'am)

> Mialee chuckles.

> Jozlan smils

Aww, they roam the hills to the north. It's pretty much a constant struggle ta keep 'em at bay, but we manage.

<Mialee> DM, where are we on the map?

Still, you want to be careful if you're traveling up in the hills. You're apt to find all sorts of creatures up there, or they're likely to find YOU.

<DM> At the moment, you're not on the map, but SW of it-- in Wolfsam.

<Jozlan> ah

<DM> I'm referring to the map at:

<DM> You are where the arrow in the lower left corner is pointing to.

<Mialee> Is that heavy black line a river?

<DM> Yes, it is.

<Mialee> Do we know if it's navigable?

<DM> Jeb might. :)

<Mialee> But do we know what river to ask about, by name? :)

<Icarius> brother bear gave us instructions, so we should be able to identify it on a map

<Mialee> Jeb, do you know if this river is navigable?

<DM> Brother Bear indicated that it was a tributary to the River Madway, which flows into the River Serni

<Mialee> If so, maybe we should pick up a boat of some kind. Might make for a faster trip.

Not anywhere close to here, it's not. It's a big river, but fast and wild.

<Mialee> So much for that idea.

> Pengo finishes his ale.

<Icarius> well then maybe we should get going

<Mialee> I suppose we should. Thank you for the information, sir.

> Pengo stands up and rejoins the party.

<DM> If you're looking at

<DM> your current location would be somewhere around the 'N' in Northern March.

<DM>Y'all take care now, y'hear? And come back safe!

> Mialee smiles and exits.

<Mialee> All right, let's set out toward the northeast then.

<DM> The river we're refering to is below the resolution on that map, though Beyond the stockade, you see rolling hills all around you, with scattered copses of trees on them. The hills soon become more rugged, and mountain ranges can be seen not too far in the distance.

<DM> Judging by the maps you've seen, you estimate that it will be a good two-day hike to get to where the glyph is marked on the map.

<DM> As you walk along, you pass by farmsteads, with people out tilling the land. The ground is rocky, and you admire the pluck of the farmers that are trying to make a living out here.

<DM> The map and Brother Bear's instructions guide you high into the hills. By late afternoon, you've left the farmsteads far behind, and are well into the mountains, heading for a pass .

<DM> Here and there along your route of march, you see the ancient remains of what might have been fortifications. A stretch of crumbling wall, or the base of a tower, long fallen. All are half buried and overgrown with vegetation.

<DM> In the high country you're in now, spring has only barely arrived. The air is crisp, but the sun is warm, and the last of the snow is hiding under the foliage that is in relative abundance here. By early evening, as the sun sets over the western mountain peaks, the air turns chilly.

<DM> You find yourself in an area of mixed forest and high moorland covered with heather and bracken and moss. The trees are short and scrubby. Patches of snow are still around.

<DM> You're all pretty bushed from a long day of hiking.

<Mialee> Let's find a good spot to make camp for the night..

> Pengo likes that idea.

<DM> You find a suitable place, sheltered on one side by a cliff, with

<DM> plenty of tree cover around.

<Icarius> presumably we won't need to portal tomorrow, so should we study other spells?

<DM> good point ;)

<Mialee> Yes.

<DM> Warm camp or cold?

<Flint> I'm going to keep one portal spell in head in case of emergencies.

> Jozlan replaces his transport spells with 2 detect magic

<Jozlan> er, better keep 1 transport, 1 detect magic

> Mialee switches her first-level spells to 1 detect magic, 1 transfer by portal.

<DM> So you settle in for the night.

<DM> If I remember correctly, given the need for spellcasters to get several hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to regain spells, (recall that 3rd-4th level spells, now available to Jozlan and Icarius, require 6 hours) your guard shift schedule went something like this:

<DM> Jozlan - Mialee - Mordin - Pengo - Flint - Icarius

<DM> ...with each person pulling 90 minutes or so.

<DM> Is that about right?

<DM> BTW, you never answered: Hot or cold camp?

<DM> IOW, do you keep a fire going all night?

<Flint> Hot.

<Mialee> Yeah, hot.

<Mordin> Sure, that way there is more chance something will find us.


*** Roll by DM: 6d6 -> 6 + 2 + 6 + 1 + 3 + 4 = 22

*** >> to Pengo: during your shift, you hear some rustling in the bushes.

> Pengo quietly rouses the others during his shift.

> Pengo points into the bushes.

<DM> You hear a voice grumbling.

<DM> A wizened old man in a plain brown tunic and grey leggings wobbles uncertainly into the ring of light around your campfire. He stares intently at you, and then plops down by the fire.

<Icarius> plops down like sits down or plops down like passes out?

> Mialee rests her hand on her sword, then says, "Who... are you?"

<DM> Plops down like sits. He doesn't pass out, but he seems a bit... inebriated.

<Elisha>What's that ye say?" he asks. "I'm a bit deaf!

> Mialee grumbles.

<Mialee> Who are you!?

<Elisha>Oh! I'm called Elisha by my friends.

<Elisha>I live not too far from here, and whilst out relieving my bladder, I happened to see the light of your fire, so I came to see who had moved into the neighborhood.

> Pengo watches the guy carefully.

<Elisha>So what brings you way up here? I don't get too many visitors.

<Mialee> Just exploring.

<Elisha>OOOOHHHH, exploring for what? " he asks with a lopsided grin.

<Mialee> Nothing in particular. We just like wandering the woods seeing what there is to see.

<Elisha>Oh, right. None of my business. Fair enough, I guess.

<Elisha>Ok, well, then. I guess I'll be on my way. Pleased to meet you and all.

> Mialee nods and smiles. Good night, sir.

<DM> He rolls to his feet with surprising rapidity, and stumbles out of the firelight, waving his hand behind him.

<Flint> I don't suppose you know any thing of interest around here?

*** << << I want to follow him.

*** << << Silently.

<Elisha>What's that ye say?" says a voice from the darkness.

<DM> A few seconds later, he stumbles back into view.

> Mialee looks over at Flint to see what he says next.

<Flint> Do you know of any interesting old places around here?

> Icarius disbelieves he's actually a drunkard hick and not an illusion

<Elisha>I suppose that would depend on what you call interesting. There's some mighty nice views to be seen from these parts. But then I'm partial to beautiful tranquil views.

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d20 -> 3

<Flint> Any old ruins?

<Elisha>well, there are some REALLY old ruins, but they're pretty hard to find, actually.

<Flint> Tell us about them, please.

<Elisha> 'cept that one up on the hill by the curl in the river. I think there's even a tower still standing up there.

<Jozlan> the tower predates the plague?

<Elisha>the rest of them though, are mostly overgrown and disappeared back into the earth. I suppose it might predate the plague, but I'm not very expert at dating things.

<Elisha>Not very interested either. Old trees interest me more than old buildings.

<Mialee> How long have you lived around these parts?

<Elisha>I've lived here about 10 years now, I think.

> Mialee nods.

<Mialee> I take it you like it here.

<DM> OOPs! Admin note: I forgot to mention that Paulinus did indeed give Icarius back the Staff.

<Mialee> :)

<Elisha>Yes, I like the solitude and the tranquility to be found high in the hills, far from 'civilization'

> Pengo keeps watching the old guy.

<Elisha>Yawwwwwwn! Well, if ye don't mind, I'll be gettin' back to bed. Goodnight, good folks.

<Mialee> Good night.

<DM> he makes ready to leave

*** >> to Pengo: you gonna follow him this time?

<DM> He leaves the circle of light.

*** << << Yes.

*** << << Not going to make any effort to inform the others, I'll just slip out and go.

<DM> You look around, having had your sleep disturbed, and start to settle down again.

<DM> This all happened during Pengo's watch -- but spellcasters have been interrupted, so what will you do re shifts?

<Mialee> Well, where in the rotation was Pengo?

<DM> Jozlan - Mialee - Mordin - Pengo - Flint - Icarius

<Mialee> Hm, that does make a mess of things.

<DM> yeah.

*** >> to Pengo: you follow the old man quietly through the woods, about a 1/2 mile

<Mialee> I'm not sure how we should proceed.

<Flint> I'm fine, I only needed 4 hours of rest.

<DM> It's Oh-dark-thirty in the morning.

<Mialee> Well, why don't you take the next watch... not sure what else to do.

*** << << OK...

<Flint> My watch is next after Pengo's.

*** >> to Pengo: he crawls into a cave opening and disappears

<Mialee> All right. Pengo, you up to finishing your shift?

*** << << I follow, sneakily.

<DM> Hmm, Pengo doesn't seem to be around.

> Mialee blinks.

<Icarius> hmm

<Mialee> Did anyone see where Pengo went?

<Icarius> no. perhaps he followed Elisha

<Mialee> That does sound like something he would do.

<Flint> No, but maybe he followed the old man.

*** >> to Pengo: the opening is big enough for you to barely walk erect.

*** << << So Elisha's literally crawling then.

<Mialee> Well... what do we do?

<Mialee> I'm kind of inclined to see what he can find out, assuming that's what he did.

*** >> to Pengo: it goes in for about 20 feet before opening into a 20x20 ft cavern.

*** >> to Pengo: You see a glow of a lantern at the far end.

*** << << Anything else?

<Icarius> Flint can wait up for him while the rest of us sleep

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 43

<Mialee> That sounds like a good idea to me.

<Flint> Okay.

*** >> to Pengo: you see Elisha settle down on a pile of furs and go to sleep.

*** << << Anything of interest in the cave?

<DM> So Flint sets to watch while the rest go to sleep.

> Mialee dozes off.

*** << << Or any sign this guy has really lived in here for 10 years?

*** >> to Pengo: not that you can see now that Elisha has put out the lantern.

*** << << Oh, you didn't mention that he put out the light. :)

*** >> to Pengo: you did see evidence (before he did) that he was living here for a while anyway. You have no way of knowing how long.

*** << << Can I hear anything? Can I still see him, or is it too dark for me to see anything at all? > >> to Pengo: your infravision allows you to see the blurry outline of Elisha, and the glow from the dark lantern.

*** >> to Pengo: but the rest of the things in the cave are temp neutral.

<DM> And Flint watches.

*** << << Did I see anything that might be worth snooping into the room to examine before the light went out?

*** >> to Pengo: nothing really caught your eye.

<Pengo> All right. I slink out of the cave and back to camp.

*** >> to Pengo: There was a low table, a basket under it.

> Pengo sweeps.

<DM> ?

<Pengo> Dropped send. :)

*** << << Making my way back to camp.

*** >> to Pengo: sneaking back?

*** << << I'll just slip in. Yeah.

*** << << Wait. *** Private roll: 1d100 -> 33

*** << << Sneaking back, yes. Once I'm there, I'll want to look in first. When I see Flint has the watch, I'll go in and just settle in to sleep, quietly.

*** >> to Pengo: are you trying to hide from Flint?

*** << << Yeah, that'd be fun. :)

<DM> Flint continues to watch.

*** << << My goal is to lie down and go to sleep and have him suddenly notice I'm back and asleep. :)

> Mialee dreams about a pretty elf boy she knew as a girl.

<DM> Aren't all the elf boys pretty? *** Private roll: 1d100 -> 71

<DM> Flint hears a twig snap.

<Mialee> That's what makes it so easy to dream about. :)

<DM> Looking that way, he sees Pengo sneaking into camp

> Pengo grumbles softly under his breath and stops bothering to try to sneak.

<Flint> Welcome back. What did you find out?

<Pengo> Nothing worth mentioning.

<Pengo> I'll share with everyone in the morning.

> Pengo lays down to sleep.

<Pengo> Or would you like me to take the watch back?

<Flint> No, get some sleep.

> Pengo goes to sleep.

<DM> The rest of the night passes uneventfully, and everyone manages to get enough sleep to memorize spells that were used the previous day.

> Pengo tells the others, "The old man lives in a cave not far from here. Looks like a real pit. I'm starting to think he might have been exactly what he said."

<DM> The day dawns partly cloudy.

> Mialee eats a bit of breakfast and packs up to leave.

> Pengo does likewise.

<Icarius> shall we get moving then?

<Mialee> Yeah, let's head out.

> Pengo is ready to go as well.

<DM> So you break camp and start on your way to the NE?

<Mialee> Yeah.

> Mialee sets out toward the northeast, assuming the others will follow.

<DM> Here and there along your route of march, you see the ancient remains of what might have been fortifications. A stretch of crumbling wall, or the base of a tower, long fallen. All are half buried and overgrown with vegetation.

<DM> Did I say that already? :)

<Mialee> Dunno. :)

<DM> Anyway, you continue heading in that general direction. What spot on the map is your desired destination?

<Mialee> Where are we on the tower map?

<Mialee> Or are we yet?

<DM> You're a little NE of the fort icon in the SW corner.

<Mialee> Did we pass that site? If so, did we see anything of particular interest there?

<DM> in terrain that is a combo of scrub forest and open moorland.

<DM> That was the strech of crumbling wall, etc.

<Mialee> OK. I think at this point we should head for the rune on the map.

<Flint> Yes.

<DM> Any particular waypoints you want to hit, or go by the easiest/most direct route?

<Mialee> Most direct route, I think.

<Mialee> Easiest, anyway.

<DM> Ok.

<DM> The sun is at its zenith when you find yourself in a high meadow.

<DM> Birds of prey circle high above.

<DM> The shadow of a cloud passes overhead.

<DM> Somehow, you realize that the shadow of that cloud is getting too dark too fast. You look up to see the most enormous bird you've ever seen diving down toward your group.

<DM> It has a wingspan of 20-30 feet.

<DM> Roll 1d6 for surprise:

*** Roll by Flint: 1D6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> Somehow you're not surprised, so you can roll for initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> ok, you get a chance to react before it's in amongst you.

<Mialee> Can I shoot an arrow at it, or is there not enough time to accomplish that?

<Mialee> Given that it's slung over my back or whatever as we walk.

<DM> Yes, you can. 1 before, and 1 after

> Mialee fires an arrow.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> Woohoo!

<DM> hooah. hit

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> Anyone else?

> Pengo slings a stone at it.

<Pengo> (with his sling)

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1

<DM> Pengo misses

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 17

> Jozlan attacks with his warhammer

<DM> Mordin hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 4 + 6 = 10

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> Flint looks like a tasty morsel, and the Roc makes a grab for him with its talons as it swoops past.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 3 + 15 = 18

<DM> It strikes with one of its talons.

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 3 + 2 + 1 = 6

<DM> is the amount of damage you take as a talon punctures your leg.

<Flint> Ouch.

<Mialee> Woof.

<Mialee> I get another shot, right?

<DM> Yes

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<Mialee> Oof.

<DM> So does Pengo

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 20

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> d4

<Pengo> Only d4? My sheet says d4+1.

<Pengo> OK...

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d4 -> 1

<Pengo> Dammit. :)

<DM> just d4 for the stone.

<Pengo> OK.

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

*** >> to Pengo: don't forget you have a short bow too.

*** << << I do? I don't see that on my list. Strange.

<Icarius> same here

<Mialee> Staff or memorized?

<Icarius> memorized

*** >> to Pengo: but of course, it would take you a round out to change now.

<Icarius> after stashing the absorptive rod in my belt

<DM> Ok, fellas, fire away.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 3 = 7 + 2 = 9

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 3

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 12

<Mialee> We haven't done initiative yet. :)

<DM> wait, just the spellcasters

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Mialee> Icarius?

*** Roll by Jozlan: 3d4+3 -> 4 + 1 + 3 = 8 + 3 = 11

<Jozlan> wrong window :)

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> The bird screams!

> Pengo fires another stone.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> miss

<Mialee> Go for it, boys. :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 12

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> The enormous bird turns inthe air and heads in for another pass.

<DM> both hit as it passes through the group.

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d20 -> 12

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<Icarius> wrong window again :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 1

<DM> This time it makes a grab for Mialee

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<Mialee> It's like "Freaky Friday, The D&D Edition." :)

<Mialee> Ouch!

<Mialee> Did it not have to roll to see if it hit?

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 20 + 11 = 31

<Mialee> Oh, that was Mordin. :)

<Mialee> Mordin got it good. :)

<DM> It grabs Mialee with both talons, doing this much damage:

*** Roll by DM: 6d4 -> 3 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 4 = 17

<Mialee> Ow!

<DM> and off it goes, with Mialee in its clutches.

<Jozlan> crud

<DM> Mialee drops her bow.

<Mialee>Someone pick that up for me!

<Mialee> Heh, maybe that's not realistic, but damn, it's a nice bow. :)

<DM> It wings away toward the mountains.

<Mialee> Are my arms free?

<DM> It is soon lost from sight, Mialee along with it.

<Mialee> If not, I'd pull my dagger and attack the thing.

<DM> no, they are pinioned.

<Mialee> Damn.

> Mordin grabs the bow.

<DM> I'm sure you would. :)

<Mialee> Of course, I don't have Levitate memorized anymore, so that would suck. :)

<Mialee> Wait, yes I do. :)

<Jozlan> good foresight

> Mialee kicks the bird hard.

<Mialee>Drop me, you ugly piece of meat!

<DM> The group is forced to wait, with great gnashing of teeth....

> Mialee kicks it again.

<Mialee> Is my face up into the bird, or am I facing away from it?

> Mialee keeps kicking.

<DM> Face up I'd say, since you were facing it when it struck

> Mialee tries to bite it.

*** >> to Mialee: The huge bird beats its wings furiously, gaining more

<DM> altitude than you can even imagine.

*** >> to Mialee: Looking down makes you dizzy.

*** >> to Mialee: It heads for some cliffs in the distance.

> Mialee kicks the bird again and again.

<DM> Bite it? I don't think so. :)

<Mialee> Why not?

*** >> to Mialee: As it approaches the cliffs, it goes into another dive,

<DM> gaining speed.

*** >> to Mialee: Just as it's about to ram into the side of the cliff, it back beats for a moment, slowing down, and releases you from it's talons almost 200 feet above the ground! You tumble through the air, (almost soiling your pants) but land on a not-so narrow ledge. You take the following damage from the fall:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6


<Mialee> Ow!

<Mialee> Leaving me with 1 HP.

<Mialee> Ooooof.

<DM> You've sprained or broken your left ankle in the awkward landing. You cannot support any weight on it.

<Mialee> Where's the bird?

*** >> to Mialee: The creature wings away, back in the direction of your

<DM> friends.

*** << <Mialee> << Dammit, why don't I have a cell phone? :)

<DM> With that, we'll pause for station identification, and go feed the dog. *** is now known as

<Mialee> Ack. :)

<Mialee> I hate being left up in the air. :) *** is now known as

*** << <Mialee> << Is there a nest nearby?

*** >> to Mialee:You look around and see that there is a large pile of branches and bramble on the ledge, looking somewhat smashed, as if something large had once landed on it. The ledge is about 30 feet wide at its widest point, 40 feet long. Looking up, the cliff above you rises at least 100 feet more, and peering over the edge, it's at least 150 feet down. From the eyrie, you can see for miles and miles -- The bird seems to be returning to the meadow where you left your friends. Following the river below, you can see it curl away behind some mountains to the south, and in the mountains in the loop of the river, you can see what appears to be a smallish tower of some sort. You're pretty sure that is just about where the glyph is marked on the map. The flat rock is littered with many bones, mostly animal, but a few humanoid and some demi-human and human.

*** << <Mialee> << Hm.

<DM> Meanwhile, back at the party:

<DM> As you deliberate what to do next, you see the huge bird returning.

*** << <Mialee> << Anything I can use to make a splint?

*** to Mialee: there are plenty of sticks and bones around.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

> Pengo flings a stone.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2

<Pengo> Bah.

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

> Icarius attacks

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 12

<Icarius> grr

> Jozlan attacks

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 16

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 4

*** << <Mialee> << I grab a pair of suitable sticks and fashion a splint using a spare bow string to tie them into place.

<DM> Flint and Mordin hit: Damage?

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 4

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

*** << <Mialee> << Once that's done, I start limping around looking for a way off the ledge.

<DM> The huge bird is just about gutted, and makes a feeble attempt to strike:

*** Roll by DM: 1d5 -> 5

<DM> going for Icarius

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 11 + 5 = 16

<DM> Ic gets grabbed by both talons, doing:

*** Roll by DM: 6d4 -> 2 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 12

<DM> And the bird is winging away again, but limping badly, and having a tough time gaining altitude.

<DM> with Icarius in its clutches.

<Pengo> Can I shoot again?

<DM> sure.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d4 -> 4

<DM> The amazing eye of that little hobbit puts the stone right through the thing's eyeball, and it drops like a Roc... errr Roc

<DM> rock

<Pengo> Excellent. Hopefully Icarius doesn't get hurt too badly in the fall. :)

<Icarius> :)

<DM> Icarius luckily was dropped by the Roc BEFORE it hit, and he takes

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Pengo> I figure better this than being some huge baby bird's lunch. :)

<DM> damage

<Flint> Was the Roc headed in the same direction as when it left with Mialee?

*** << <Mialee> << any signs of a way to climb down, or even up?

<DM> Yes, it was. You can see, in that direction, a long way off, a line of cliffs

*** >> to Mialee: no way down or up by conventional means.

Amongst the bones you find some rusty chainmail, and a shield snapped in two. There is also a broad sword and a couple of daggers. There are remnants of torn clothing and some scraps of boiled leather.

<Mordin> Let's head that way and see if we can find the bodies.

<DM> Icarius is about 500 meters away, lying on the ground groaning in pain.

> Jozlan runs over and Cure Light Wounds him

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7

<DM> The Roc's carcass is about another 200 meters past him.

*** << <Mialee> << What would happen if I stepped off the cliff, then cast levitate on myself?

*** >> to Mialee: it would be better to cast first, then step off the cliff.

*** << <Mialee> << OK, I do exactly that.

*** >> to Mialee:You look around and see that there is a large pile of branches and bramble on the ledge, looking somewhat smashed, as if something large had once landed on it.

> Mialee examines that pile first.

*** << <Mialee> << Searches, that is.

*** >> to Mialee:Climbing through the brambles and branches is hard work, but your search is rewarded with the discovery of a leather bag.

*** << <Mialee> << I look inside.

*** >> to Mialee: not to mention it is further more difficult because of your broken leg.

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah, I expect so. :)

*** << <Mialee> << What's in the bag?

*** >> to Mialee: on the other hand, check the duration of levitate. :)

<DM> So Icarius is back on his feet,

*** << <Mialee> << Not very long. Which is why I thought I'd step off then cast. :)

*** >> to Mialee:Inside the bag, which has a broken shoulder strap, you find several small pockets with a bunch of odd items in them.

*** << <Mialee> << Try to time it. :)

*** << <Mialee> << Such as?

*** >> to Mialee:One of the pockets has 3 pearls of good value(110gp ea) , and another holds a small diamond (worth 500 gp) a large Ruby (600 gp) and a Bloodstone (worth 350 gp). The rest hold oddments such as the leg of a grasshopper, a bit of bat fur, a small piece of quartz, Licorice root, some nut shells, a piece of amber and a bit of rabbit fur.

*** >> to Mialee:More interesting though, is the large book which occupies most of the bag. It is a bit waterlogged, but looks like it was crafted to be a beautiful work once.

*** << <Mialee> << Sounds interesting. I'll have to give it a good look once I'm down from here.

*** << <Mialee> << So, what would happen if I stepped off, waited until I was partway down my fall, then cast levitate? :)

*** >> to Mialee: it'd be iffy whether you could properly cast it while falling.

*** << <Mialee> << How high am I?

*** >> to Mialee: 150 ft

<DM> You as a group continue to trudge towared the cliffs. (?)

<Jozlan> yes

<DM> It just so happens, that is the general direction you were going anyway.

*** << <Mialee> << OK, since I'm not going anywhere... I carefully open the book and take a look.

*** >> to Mialee:When you open the book, the characters on the page seem to move, and twist, and it makes you a bit dizzy to look at them.

*** << <Mialee> << Don't need Detect Magic on this one. :)

*** << <Mialee> << Can I read it though?

*** >> to Mialee: like I said, though, there is nothing preventing you from casting it first, and THEN stepping off the cliff.

*** >> to Mialee: no

*** << <Mialee> << Except would it last long enough? :)

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah, it would, I think.

<Jozlan> convenient

*** << <Mialee> << OK. I cast Levitate, then step off the edge.

*** >> to Mialee: it lasts 1 turn per level, so for you it would be 40 minutes. You can move vertically 20 ft per minute.

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah, that'll be enough then. OK, I do it.

*** << <Mialee> << I thought you suggested earlier it wouldn't last long enough, so I gave up on it for a while. :)

*** >> to Mialee: I assume you took the bag and all. You float gently down to some big rocks etc and lots of trees

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah.

*** >> to Mialee: next to a raging river.

<DM> You hear the roar of a river as you approach to within a half-mile or so of the cliffs.

*** << <Mialee> << Is there a spot I can go to where I'll be relatively easy to find?

*** << <Mialee> << If so, I'll go there. If not, I'll just lay down and whistle for a while. :)

<DM> At the moment, you can just levitate above the treetops.

<DM> oops.

*** << <Mialee> << OK, that sounds like a good idea. I'll hang out in the air and look for them.

*** << <Mialee> << When I realize the spell is about to run out, I'll settle to the ground.

*** >> to Mialee: before long, you do indeed spot your friends heading in your general direction.

*** << <Mialee> << I wave to them.

*** >> to Mialee: unfortunately, they are on the far side of this big raging river.

*** << <Mialee> << D'oh.

*** << <Mialee> << How wide is it?

<DM> about 50 feet.

*** << <Mialee> << Have they spotted me yet?

<DM> As you approach the cliffs, you spot your friend Mialee floating above the trees, waving frantically

<DM> She is on the far side of a 50 ft wide, raging river.

<Mialee> Do they need to cross this river to get where we want to go, or do I need to go back over to their side?

<Mialee> My guess is I need to get over there. :)

<DM> you need to get back to their side.

<Mialee> Throw me a rope?

<Mialee> Er, "Throw me a rope!

<Mialee> Just one end, please. :)

<DM> Mialee is on the cliff side of the river.

<DM> 50 feet is a bit too far to toss a line.

<Mialee> Is it? Hrm.

<DM> well, by itself it is.

<Mialee> Well, they could tie something to it, or whatever. :)

> Mialee lets herself settle down to float just a couple of feet above the ground.

> Mordin ties a small rock to the rope and tosses it.

> Mialee tries to catch the rope.

<DM> his enormous strength is enough to get it across. Mialee is able to retreive it from where it landed.

<Mialee> OK, pull me across!

> Mialee remains floating about a foot above the ground (and water).

> Mordin pulls.

<DM> and Mialee comes shooting across the river like a rocket!

<Mialee> Ack! :)

<DM> passing the group, and still going...

<Mordin> Oh oh.

<DM> are you hanging onto the rope?

<Mialee> Yeah. :)

<Mordin> Yes.

<DM> You hit the end of the line, and the rope almost yanks your arms out of the sockets, and the pain is enough to make you faint...

> Mialee faints, as commanded.

<DM> but you manage to settle to the ground before you do.

<DM> Mialee is 50 feet away, passed out cold on the ground, (with 1 hp remaining)

> Flint proceeds over to her and examines her.

<DM> She is near death from bleeding and broken limbs

> Jozlan goes over and casts cure serious

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 4 + 3 = 7 + 5 = 12

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on CS

<Flint> Whoops, bad macro.

<Mialee> CS... Lewis? :)

> Pengo runs over to join the clerics tending to Mialee.

> Jozlan Cure Serious Wounds again

<DM> I assume you meant to cast that CURE LIGHT WOUNDS on Mialee

> Flint casts Cure Serious on Mialee.

<DM> one at a time, boys.

<DM> Flint, you first

<Flint> I figure it will take two to get her back to full.

<DM> She's already had one from Jozlan though.

<Mialee> Only if your rolls are bad. I'm up to 13 now, out of 24.

<Flint> CS~

<DM> eh?

*** Roll by Flint: 2d6+5 -> 4 + 2 = 6 + 5 = 11

<Mialee> And that's exactly enough to put me to max.

<DM> she's back.

<DM> Ic, is still down though.

> Mialee wakes up.

<Mialee> I just had the worst dre--- wait a minute.

> Flint examines Ic.

> Mialee notices the splint on her leg, realizes it wasn't a dream, and removes it.

<DM> He is only half dead. :)

<Mialee> I assume the bow string I used to secure that splint isn't going to be useful anymore?

<Mialee> For bows, anyway? :)

<DM> probably not. :)

> Mialee tucks it away for possible use for tying things up. :)

<DM> Icarius: 12 / 21

> Flint casts Cure Serious on Icarius.

<Flint> CS~

*** Roll by Flint: 2d6+5 -> 2 + 5 = 7 + 5 = 12

<DM> He's fine adn then some.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 12 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 27 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24

<DM> no

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 27 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24


> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on himself

*** Roll by Flint: 2D6+5 -> 1 + 1 = 2 + 5 = 7

<DM> try again.

<DM> CURE LIGHT WOUNDS is d4+4 I think

*** Roll by Flint: 1d4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

<DM> right

<Jozlan> cure serious is 2d6+5

<DM> So it looks like everyone is maxed out

<DM> So you look around; you are just north of where you think you want to go.

<Mialee> What time is it?

<DM> It's getting toward later afternoon.

<Mialee> Should we call it a day, and finish the walk to the rune site tomorrow morning?

<DM> The river bends around a group of low hills to your south.

<Flint> Yes, let's find a place to camp.

<Mialee> All right.

<Pengo> Sounds good to me.

<DM> You find a suitable campsite.

<DM> same shifts as last night?

<Mialee> Yeah.

*** Roll by DM: 6d6 -> 6 + 3 + 6 + 2 + 5 + 4 = 26

<DM> The night passes uneventfully.

> Mialee gets up, eats something, and gets ready to move out.

<Pengo> Me too.

<DM> Any change in spell lists?

<Flint> Prays for spells.

<Mialee> No, same as before.

<Flint> Same list.

<Jozlan> same

<Icarius> same

<DM> ok, you're all set, then. The hills to the south beckon.

> Mialee sets out.

> Pengo follows Mialee.

<DM> By mid-morning, you're pretty sure you're getting close to the area

<DM> marked with the glyph on the map, when you top the next rise and see a

<DM> tower standing in a clearing. Could this be it?

<Mialee> Do we see any activity?

<DM> Nope. A few birds chirping.

<DM> You've seen pretty normal wildlife all along this journey.

<DM> well, normal other than the roc.

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> What kind of shape is the tower in?

<DM> You're still about 500 meters away. Are you going to approach?

<Mialee> Yeah, although trying to keep cover as long as we can.

<DM> As you approach through the trees, you do find barely perceptible traces of former fortifications.

<DM> It seems thatthe tower may once have been in the corner of alarger fort.

<Jozlan> any indications of modern activity?

<DM> none whatsoever

<DM> The tower is 5-sided, and stands about 40' high.

<Mialee> We keep approaching.

<DM> There is an open archway in one side, and on each side there are very

<DM> small slits in the walls, near the slate roof.

<DM> There is ivy growing up one side of the tower.

<DM> You're about 100 feet from it.

<Mialee> Open archway? Can we see anything inside?

<DM> not from your angle. You're coming at it from the side.

<Mialee> Can we circle to the side a bit to get a look inside the archway?

<DM> Sure.

<Mialee> Let's.

<DM> You circle around in front, and see nothing but grass and dirt through the archway.

<DM> The inside is a bit shaded, so you can't really tell from this distance what's inside.

<Mialee> Let's go on in.

<Pengo> OK.

<Pengo> Do you want me to go take a peek first?

<Mialee> Nah, let's all go.

> Mialee heads toward the archway.

> Pengo tags along.

> Mordin readys his axe.

> Mialee goes inside.

> Jozlan follows

<Pengo> Me too.

> Flint examines the stonework.

<DM> Inspecting the archway, you do see designs, mostly worn away by the years, etched in the stone surrounding the open arch.

<DM> In fact, right in the top-middle, you see what looks like one of the glyphs that Paulinus showed you.


<DM> Inside the tower, you find a dirt and grass covered floor, and directly to the right of the archway, on the inside, a set of stone stairs rising along the wall.

<DM> The stairs rise about 10 feet before turning on the next wall, and finally disappear through an opening in the stone ceiling in the corner of two of the walls. The ceiling in this area is about 20 ft high. The stairs are only about 4 ft wide. (The stone ceiling is supported by arched stone buttresses.)

<Mialee> Anything else in here?

<DM> just dirt and grass.

<Jozlan> any evidence of recent activity?

<DM> none at all.

> Mialee draws her sword and starts climbing the stairs.

> Pengo follows.

<DM> You peer over the top of the stairs into the room above, and see beams of light from the slits illuminating motes of dust floating in the air.


<DM> This room's ceiling is only about 10' high.

<DM> You also see 2 huge -- and I mean huge -- snakes, coiled up on the far

<DM> side of the room, staring back at you with intent eyes.

> Mialee finishes climbing up, and motions for the others to back her up fast.

> Mialee attacks.

> Pengo climbs up into the room.

<DM> Let's number the snakes 1 and 2 for convenience; which do you attack?

> Mordin climbs the stairs.

<Mialee> 1.

> Pengo draws his sword and goes after #1 as well.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

> Flint climbs the stairs.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Bah.

<DM> Snake #1 attacks Mialee, while #2 goes for Pengo.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12

<Mordin> Are we there yet?

<DM> Pengo is hit..

<Pengo> For...?

<DM> and wrapped up in the thing's coils...

<Pengo> Oh boy.

<DM> he takes damage:

*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<DM> ok, now You can attack, except Pengo.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> and where are Joz and Ic?

<Mialee> No idea.

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

<DM> on which one?

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

<Mialee> #1, as I said before. :)

<Mialee> Did I hit it?

<Flint> Snake 1.

<Jozlan> we're going up the stairs to engage in combat

<Mialee> And also, does this count as "large" when deciding what to roll?

<Mordin> Snake 2.

<DM> Mialee hits

<DM> Yes, the snakes are large.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 6

<DM> which would mean d12, Mialee

<DM> Mordin, you missed, but Flint hit.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 5

<DM> Joz and Ic, you'll get in next round.

<Mialee> Duh, right.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d12 -> 3

<Mialee> Dangit, the first roll was better. :D

<DM> Nevertheless, the snake is looking pretty chopped up.

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Icarius> mm

<Flint> Melee

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Icarius: 3d4+3 -> 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 + 3 = 9

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> your hits.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1

<DM> ooh,

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

<DM> no hit.

<DM> ohhh geee.

<Mialee> On #1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d12 -> 4

<Pengo> On #2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8

<Pengo> Oof.

<Pengo> Wait, I'm trapped anyway. :)

<DM> Pengo can't roll

<DM> Mialee, however, chopped snake #1 right in half.

<Mialee> Joz?

> Jozlan attacks

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 3

<Mialee> Well then. :)

<Jozlan> for such large snakes, they seem to avoid being hit

> Pengo takes a deep breath.

<Pengo> As best he can, at least.

<DM> Snake #2 tries to bite Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> and missed, but continues to squeeze Pengo:

*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 3 + 2 = 5

<DM> Round 3:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Pengo> Oof.

<Mialee> Melee.

<Flint> Melee

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> The snake tries to bite Mordin again.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 10

<DM> and hits for

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 2

<DM> and it continues to squeeze Pengo for:

*** Roll by DM: 2d4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

> Mialee strikes.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d12 -> 4

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 5

> Jozlan attacks

<DM> the dwarves miss

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> Round 4:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<Icarius> i'll use the magic missile staff on #2

<Flint> Melee

<DM> magic missiles away...

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 1 = 4 + 2 = 6

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<DM> The snake suddenly stiffens, and collapses in a coil around Pengo.

> Pengo breathes a little easier.

<Pengo> Unless the stiffening broke his back. ;)

<DM> the coils slowly loosens, and Pengo gasps for breath

> Pengo crawls out of the coils.

<DM> Pengo: 8 / 24

<Mialee> Anything in this room worth mentioning, other than the snakes?

> Pengo sits on the floor panting.

<DM> The 5 walls all look the same; plain stone.

<DM> There is nothing hanging on the walls.

<Pengo> A little help, please.

<DM> There is a border of some sort near the ceiling, made of smoother

<DM> stone, and it looks like there are etchings on them too, between the

<DM> slim openings.

<Mialee> Can we make out what the etchings are?

<Flint> Pengo

<DM> Sure enough, two of the walls have glyphs which resemble two of the

<DM> others that Paulinus showed you.

<DM> Here are pictures of the glyphs you see on the walls, starting to the right of the stairs, and going clockwise from there.

<Flint> CL Pengo

<DM> Compare it to the runes that Paulinus showed you:

<Pengo> Yes? :)

<DM> I've numbered the glyphs for convenience in referring to them.

<Mialee> Anything on the floor?

<Mialee> Oh... is there one of these glyphs on each of the five walls?

<DM> The floor has a few scattered, broken bones, and some leaves and dirt, but nothing else.

<DM> Yes, there is one glyph on each of the 5 walls.

<Mialee> And how many slits are there in the walls?

<DM> there are 2 slits in each wall, one on either side of the glyphs.

<DM> They seem to be for the purpose of letting in light and air

> Mialee nods.

<DM> since they are overhead, you can't see the ground below them.

<DM> They are about 8 feet off the floor.

> Mialee casts Detect Magic to see if there's any magic afoot in this room.

<DM> Flint, did you roll the CL on Pengo?

<DM> hmmm,

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<DM> Mialee, your Detect Magic did certainly reveal some magic emanations, but what are you concentrating on?

<Mialee> Well, the runes in particular.

<DM> soooo, are you "aiming" at each one in turn? or what?

<Mialee> Yeah, let's try that.

<DM> You feel the magical auras coming not so much from the runes, but from the walls themselves. Wall #2 has the strongest aura,

<Flint> Wait a minute.

<DM> Walls 3, 4 and 1 have much weaker signals, while wall 5 is magically dead.

<Flint> Can the walls be the portals?

<Mialee> I think they are.

<DM> About the time you finish scanning the walls, your Detect magic runs out.

<Mialee> We need to find the endpoints corresponding to the still-functioning portals; I presume #5 is magically dead because the portal is no longer functional.

<Mialee> The rune for this site is over the archway to enter this tower.

<Mialee> I'd guess that each rune represents a "transporter room" of sorts, similar to this one.

<Mialee> But since we've not been to any of these sites, to our knowledge, we need to go to those places.

<Mialee> Can I sense the aura of a portal here?

<DM> not the "transfer by portal" type of portal, no.

<Mialee> Hm.

> Mialee touches wall #2. > DM thinks he needs to come up with a name for that type of portal.

<DM> It has the texture of stone.

<Mialee> towerrunes1.html

> Mialee reaches up and touches rune #2 itself.

<DM> The rune is etched into the smooth stone (like the engraving on a tombstone)

> Mialee pushes on wall #2.

<DM> It still has the rough texture of stone, but there is a slight resilience to it, similar to the feeling of a drum head, or an over-full wineskin.

> Mialee steps back from the wall, then tries to walk through it.

<DM> You bounce off, but surprisingly, don't hurt yourself.

<Mialee> Hmmmm.

> Mialee backs up again and runs at wall #2 at full steam.

<Jozlan> the 5 symbols correspond to walls 1-5

<Mialee> Do I bounce off again? :)

<DM> She hits it.

<DM> The rest of you see the wall depress a bit and then ripple like the water on a pond when you've thrown a stone in, and Mialee DISAPPEARS with the noise of a popping cork!

*** << <Mialee> << As for me...? :)

*** >> to Mialee: in a sec, let's see what the others do.

> Pengo blinks.

<Icarius> wow

*** >> to Mialee: You feel a sudden, almost painful pressure in your head...

*** >> to Mialee: Then your ears pop, and you're fine again.

<Icarius> if she's not back in a couple minutes, we should probably follow

<Icarius> or leave her for dead

<Flint> Now that wasn't very smart.

*** << <Mialee> << Now what? :)

> Pengo just stares at the wall.

<Jozlan> we could try punching the wall

*** << <Mialee> << Do I wind up anywhere? :)

*** >> to Mialee:You find yourself in a room much like the one you left. It has 5 walls of stone, with a stone floor, and a 10' high ceiling. There is a wooden trap door in one of the corners, but otherwise the room is empty.

*** >> to Mialee:There are small slits near the stone ceiling to let in light and air. The air, by the way, is much colder here. Yes, indeed, there are carvings in the stone at the top of the walls, just like in the last tower.

*** >> to Mialee:Starting with the wall that you rushed through, the glyphs decorating the walls are these:

*** >> to Mialee:The wall you came through has that same resilient feeling that it did from the other side.

*** >> to Mialee:None of the other walls feel like that.

*** << <Mialee> << I run through wall #1.

<Pengo> That was really weird.

<Flint> Or we could finish exploring this tower to see if we learn more before wandering through a portal.

<Jozlan> that's a better idea

<Pengo> Um... this is the top floor of the tower, and there are no exits save the way we came in. :)

<DM> Suddenly Mialee Pops back through the wall

<Mialee> That was fun.

<Jozlan> that was just as weird

<Flint> Where did you go?

<Mialee> Another tower, just like this one.

*** >> to Mialee: your ears pop again.

<Mialee> The return gate from there to here is the only one that works at that location.

<Mialee> It's a good deal colder there than it is here, though. If we decide to go through and explore, we might want to go visit Jeb again and buy some of that winter gear he mentioned having.

<Flint> Was that gate the one that radiated the strongest magic?

<Mialee> Yes.

<Jozlan> any snakes or signs of human habitation?

<Mialee> No creatures in the destination room. The location where the opening for the staircase is here has a trap door in the target room.

*** >> to Mialee: not that you noticed in the short time you were there

<Mialee> It's possible there were creatures downstairs.

<Mialee> Or in hiding in the room I arrived at, but I didn't see them.

<Flint> What if the weaker gates are only one way?

<Mialee> Or what if they go to locations that are just in bad shape?

> Mialee pushes on wall #1.

<Flint> Either way, we should only go through as a party, or we may be seperated when attacked.

<Mialee> Wall #1's symbol was also visible in #2's destination room, but as a dead gate.

*** >> to Mialee: no it wasn't

*** >> to Mialee: oh wait

*** << <Mialee> << It is too. :)

<Mialee> It's possible that the more functioning gates a room has, the stronger its "signal" is.

<DM> you push on the wall, and feel the same slight resistance.

<Flint> Let's closely examine this tower before we go through a gate.

<Mialee> Haven't we seen everything already?

<Flint> No.

<Mialee> What didn't we see?

> Flint heads down stairs.

<Mialee> We've been downstairs and up. :)

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo tags along, curious.

<DM> Joz and Ic do too.

<Flint> What is on the floor?

<DM> grass and dirt.

> Mialee awaits revelation.

<Flint> 3000 years of not cleaning.

<Flint> There may be something covered up.

> Flint proceeds to dig into the ground.

<DM> The ground is pretty hard, but you can dig it with..... what ARE you digging with?

<Flint> Dagger, unless someone brought a shovel. :)

<DM> ok, so about 10 minutes of digging gets you about 2 feet down, and you don't hit anything (like a stone floor, if that's what you were thinking)

<Flint> Yes, that's what I was looking for.

<DM> no, it seems that this tower doesn't have a stone floor on the base level.

*** >> to Flint: good thinkin' though ;)

<Flint> Along with those warm clothes, we might want to see if Jeb has a shovel.

*** << <Flint> << Thanks, Dwarves always think about what lies below. :)

<DM> So what next?

<Mialee> One moment.

<Mialee> Which rune is on the southwest wall?

<DM> bear in mind that there are 5 walls and 4 cardinal directions, but...

<DM> rune 5 is closest to SW

<Mialee> Figures.

<DM> Rune 2 faces northish

<Jozlan> we could try throwing a rock into wall 5

> Mialee pushes on wall 5.

<DM> It feels like very solid stone.

<Mialee> I'm betting wall 5 would have taken us to the fort toward the southeast corner of the tower map.

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Mialee> So, at this point, do we want to go back to the village, or try one of these gates?

<Mialee> I hate wasting four days of hiking. :)

<Icarius> yeah. how much colder was it on the other side?

<Mialee> Quite a lot.

<Flint> Do we want to continue with out the proper clothing and equipment?

<Mialee> But that was going through toward the north, I think.

*** >> to Mialee: noticably, but not unbearably

<Mialee> It wasn't unbearably cold or anything. Just noticeably cold.

<Flint> And the only active gate was back here?

<Mialee> Yes.

<Mialee> However, our mission is to explore and find out where these gates go...

<Mialee> Or we could try one of the other ones.

<Mialee> To be honest, I'd be more inclined to try some of the other ones first, under the assumption that a weaker gate is less likely to take us someplace full of people using it all the time.

<Mialee> Might have something to do with not being well maintained or something.

<Flint> Then we could go back and explore that tower. We don't know where it is, only that it is colder there.

> Mialee nods.

<Flint> Which brings up a question. How do we figure out where we are?

<Jozlan> how many people could have used that gate with the snakes there?

<Mialee> That's true, unless they were left there to guard it.

<Mialee> Well, we can look around. :) > DM is loving the debate. :)

<Flint> How many people run in to walls hard?

<Flint> Besides Mordin?

<Mordin> Hey.

<Mialee> Anyone with magical powers might detect the magic within the walls and realize they're portals.

<Mialee> Someone like Karak would love to make use of them, for example.

<Mialee> And we know he's got a thing for portals.

<Pengo> So...

<Flint> Which is why we need to closely examine every tower.

<Mialee> Yes.

<Mialee> So do we want to go to one now, then? > DM gets a drink while you all debate what to do.

<Pengo> I think we should go through the one you already went through. We know the exit is there and safe.

<Pengo> More or less at least.

<Mialee> I'd still like to go through one of the other ones, but I could be persueded.

<Mialee> Anyone else?

<Flint> Yes, and we can get back to report to Paulinius that the system is still working.

<Mialee> At least parts of it.

<Mialee> So which one do we go through? #2 or one of the ones I haven't tried yet?

<Pengo> #2

<Mialee> I'd like to try #1.

<Flint> Remember he needs to be kept up to date. If we die what we have learned dies with us.

<Mialee> Its symbol was on the wall in both towers I've seen so far.

<Mialee> That's true.

<Mialee> Tell you what.

<Flint> Number 2.

<Mialee> Any other votes?

<Mialee> All right. Number 2 it is.

> Mialee runs through wall #2.

<Mialee> On her way toward it, she says, "be ready for your ears to pop.

> Pengo takes a deep breath and follows.

> Flint follows.

> Mordin follows Flint, grumbling in Dwarven.

> Jozlan follows

<DM> You feel a sudden, almost painful pressure in your head... Then your ears pop, and you're fine again.

<DM> You find yourself in a room much like the one you left. It has 5 walls of stone, with a stone floor, and a 10' high ceiling.

<DM> There is a wooden trap door in one of the corners, but otherwise the room is empty.

<DM> There are small slits near the stone ceiling to let in light and air.

<DM> The air, by the way, is much colder here.

<Icarius> ditto

<DM> There are carvings in the stone at the top of the walls, just like in the last tower.

<DM> Starting with the wall that you rushed through, the glyphs decorating the walls are these:

> Pengo listens to see if he can hear anything through the trap door.

<DM> Listening at the trap door, you hear an intermittent shuffling sound.

<DM> It sounds like it might be something or someone pacing back and forth, in a lazy sort of way.

<Jozlan> which wall did we come from?

<Pengo> #1

<Pengo> The same C with a circle rune as the building we left.

<DM> #1

<Jozlan> so the runes correspond to the destination

<Pengo> Each rune uniquely identifies one of these transport rooms.

<Pengo> Yeah.

<Jozlan> and we're at ~

<Pengo> We're at the wavy river looking one.

<Pengo> Pretend Mialee said all that. :)

> Mialee stops practicing her ventriloquism.

> Mialee whispers, "Shall we drop in on whoever's guarding the room below?"

<DM> The shuffling sound stops, to be replaced by a sniffing sound.

> Mialee flings open the trap door and drops into the room below, sword drawn.

<Pengo> (drops, climbs, whatever's appropriate ;)

> Pengo follows Mialee.

<Pengo> After blinking in surprise.

<Pengo> Impulsive frigging elf.

<Flint> Why does she do that?

> Mordin follows Pengo.

<DM> She missed the Patience gene that most elves are born with.

> Flint follows Mordin.

<DM> you all barrel down the stairs.

<Mialee> Actually, she realized that the sniffing sound means someone is about to realize we're here, and thought a surprise attack would make sense. :)

<DM> roll for surprise.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Grr.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Flint> It's a suprise attack alright.

<DM> You are surprised to see an orc racing for the hole in the floor on that lower level.

<DM> hollaring like crazy

<Mialee> Uh-oh.

<Jozlan> only 1 orc?

<Mialee> Not for long, I wager.

> Mialee rushes at the orc, ready to attack.

<DM> he's ahead of you, and disappears thorugh the hole. Are you following him down?

<Mialee> Sure am.

> Mialee chases the orc like a woman possessed.

> Pengo hesitates, then follows.

<DM> you race to the next set of stairs, and down the stairs you go,

<DM> you see the orc jabbering with another one on the next level,

<DM> who starts jabbering in orcish and yelling down HIS hole.

> Mialee keeps rushing toward them.

<Mialee> When can I attack? :)

<DM> you catch up to the first one, while the second ducks down the stairs.

<DM> initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<Mialee> Argh.

<DM> You collide with the orc's swinging sword.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> almost. He misses

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<Mialee> Man!

<DM> miss

<Pengo> Am I in range yet?

<DM> yes.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 12

<Pengo> (short sword, btw)

<DM> 12 hits!

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1

<Jozlan> lucky

<DM> The orc is visibly shaken by the sight of all of you, and is backpedling toward the stairs.

> Mialee wants to hit it again.

<DM> meanwhile, you can hear a commotion down below.

<Pengo> Icarius, you have any of your little bombs left? :)

<Pengo> One of those dropped down the hole could be... handy :)

<DM> initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Argh.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> the orc runs for the stairs. Take a swing, Mialee, Pengo and Mordin

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 8

<Flint> How big is the hole? Can more than 1 orc get through at once?

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 18

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> Flint, no

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

<DM> The orc spits up his life on the end of Mialee's sword

> Mialee hears what Flint says, and decides to wait next to the hole in the floor to see if any orcs stick their necks out.

> Mialee holds her sword at the ready.

> Pengo stands back and to the right of her a bit.

<DM> Everyone takes a second to breathe, and hears a chanting sound downstairs, along with some orc grumbling.

<Mialee> Chanting?

<Flint> Fair lady, not everyone has the long graceful legs that you do.

> Mialee smiles.

<Mialee> Any sign of anyone heading this way?

<DM> nope

<Flint> We can't back you up if we can't catch up to you.

> Mialee nods.

<Mialee> Shall we proceed, then?

<Icarius> let's

> Mialee heads down the stairs, sword at the ready.

> Pengo follows.

<DM> Peeking down the stairs, you notice that the next level is 40' lower than this one. The stairs wrap 3/5s of the way around the tower.

<Mialee> Hm.

> Mialee switches to her bow.

<Mordin> Mordin follows Pengo.

<DM> You see 10 orcs on the ground, and 9 crossbow bolts heading your way

> Flint follows Mordin.

<DM> 5 at Mialee and 4 at Pengo.

*** Roll by DM: 5d20 -> 5 + 3 + 8 + 9 + 6 = 31

<DM> all miss

<Mialee> Can I shoot at them now? :)

*** Roll by DM: 4d20 -> 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 = 15

<DM> yes.

<DM> all the orc arrows clatter on the walls.

> Mialee picks an orc with a crossbow in hand and fires.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> hits

> Pengo keeps trundling down the stairs, sword in hand.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> she transfixes the orc in the throat.

<DM> and it drops

<Flint> If the stairs is only 4 feet wide, I don't think you can get past her.

<DM> ehh, they're both skinny, but the dwarves would have a hard time.

*** >> to Pengo: but why do you need stairs?

*** << << Oh yeah! My ring of feather falling! :)

> Pengo leaps off the stairs at the orcs.

<DM> and floats gracefully down, like a feather.

<DM> meanwhile, the orcs reload their crossbows, and fire again.

<DM> this time 5 at Pengo, 3 at Mialee and 1 at Mordin.

*** Roll by DM: 5d20 -> 18 + 19 + 16 + 2 + 8 = 63

<Mialee> Owwww.

<DM> ok, so maybe floating wasn't a good idea. 3 hits.

*** Roll by DM: 3d4+3 -> 3 + 1 + 2 = 6 + 3 = 9

<Pengo> Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :)

<Pengo> Ack! I never got healed after our last run-in.

> Pengo is down to 4 hp.

<DM> that's true.

<Pengo> I forgot.

<DM> and now floating into the middle of a crowd of scared orcs.

<DM> 3 at Mialee

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 20 + 11 + 8 = 39

<DM> 1 hit

*** Roll by DM: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<Mialee> Put some to sleep, Ic.

<DM> 1 at Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> miss

<Icarius> sleep only works within 30'

<Mialee> Oof.

<Flint> And he is in the room above.

<Icarius> actually it will work :)

> Icarius casts sleep

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<DM> and three of the orcs start to snooze

<Mialee> Can I shoot again yet?

<DM> yes, if you'd like

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Plink. :)

<DM> ok.

<DM> so, it seems that you are all backed up behind Mialee, who is halfway down the stairs... ??

<Flint> Yes.

<Mialee> Apparently I'm in the way. I didn't realize I was big enough to block the stairs. :)

<DM> They're only 4 ft wide.

<DM> Round 3:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Are you saying I'm four feet wide? :)

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Pengo> Am I on the ground yet? :)

<DM> no, but the dwarves are close. :)

<Icarius> sleep again

<DM> yes, Pengo.

<DM> go, Icarius

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4 -> 4 + 2 = 6

<DM> the other six orcs fall asleep, leaving the one chanting by himself.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

> Mialee shoots the chanting orc.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7

<DM> miss

> Pengo attacks the chanting org with his sword.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> he stumbles back, and then lunges at Pengo, trying to touch him.

> Pengo opens his eyes wide in surprise.

> Pengo backs away fast.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> he hits Pengo with his open hand, and a huge gash opens on Pengo's shoulder.

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 6

<DM> Pengo shudders and falls.

> Pengo drops like a limp rag.

<Mialee> Pengo!

<Mialee> I get to shoot again now, right?

<DM> Mialee can shoot again.

<Jozlan> hmm

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Argh.

> Mialee starts moving down the stairs again.

<DM> Round 4:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Mialee is moving

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> any spells?

<Mialee> Switching to my sword while I go.

> Mordin follow Mialee.

> Flint follows Mordin.

<DM> you can if you drop the bow.

> Mialee keeps using the bow instead.

> Jozlan follows

<DM> ok, you're all running down the stairs, and

<DM> the orc is bolting out the door.

<DM> or archway.

<Mialee> Someone help Pengo!

> Mialee runs after the orc.

> Pengo bleeds silently.

> Pengo waits for rigor mortis to set in.

<DM> Round 5:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Flint> Cure serious on Pengo.

<DM> do a cure light instead, Flint

<Flint> Okay.

> Pengo wonders why.

<Pengo> Or would, if he weren't essentially dead. :)

<DM> Pengo is stabilized, the orc is out the door and around the corner, and Mialee and Jozlan are chaising it.

<DM> chasing, rather

<DM> not sticking it in a lunge chair

<DM> or lounge chair

<DM> anyway.

> Mialee seats the orc in a nice chair on C deck, overlooking the pool. :)

> Mordin gets his order from the bar.

> Mialee runs as fast as her legs will carry her, bellowing curses in Elvish.

<DM> you move around the towr, and see the orc about to disappear over the crest of a big boulder.

> Mialee keeps after it.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<DM> he is still within bow range, and you have time for one shot before he disappears.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> hits

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> he stumbles but keeps running.

> Mialee keeps chasing him.

> Mordin kills the sleeping orcs.

<DM> Jozlan is now out ahead of Mialee, still chasing the orc.

<DM> you're in a rocky and mountainous terrain, BTW, more on that later.

<DM> the orc has disappeared behind a big boulder.

<DM> Jozlan, your action.

<Jozlan> how much distance does he have on me?

<DM> he was about 20 yards ahead.

> Jozlan casts hold person on the orc

<DM> you have to be able to see him for that.

<Mialee> Can you do that to... yeah.

<Jozlan> drat

> Mialee keeps running.

> Jozlan keeps running then

<DM> Mialee passes up Jozlan, who had stopped to think. :)

<Mialee> :)

<Pengo> Am I awake again? :)

<Jozlan> I don't have the benefit of long elven legs

<DM> Pengo, you're down for the count.

<Pengo> Hm, 3 hp now, assuming I wasn't dead at -2. :)

<Pengo> OK.

<Mialee> Have I reached the boulder yet? :)

<DM> yes.

<Mialee> Any sign of him as I round it?

<DM> yes, roll for surprise

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<Mialee> #$&@#$

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee shoots the little bastard again.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> your go.

<Mialee> Or not. :)

<DM> nope

<DM> he lunges at you with open hand, and

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> hits, opening a long gash along your arm.

*** Roll by DM: 1d8 -> 3

> Mialee yelps.

<DM> Jozlan catches up.

> Jozlan attacks

<DM> with his hammer in hand.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 8

<Jozlan> not my day

<DM> evidently. :(

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

<DM> the orc sports a new arrow necklace.

<DM> and drops to the ground.

<DM> dead

<Mialee> Whew.

> Mialee tries to get a closer look at its hand, without touching the orc.

<DM> It's just an ugly orc hand.

<Mialee> Hm.

<Jozlan> the chanting perhaps

> Mialee heads back for the tower.

<Mialee> Mmm, yeah.

> Jozlan searches the orc for any goodies

<DM> he has a pouch with some herbs, and small bones, and a pearl worth 120 gp.

> Jozlan snags them

<DM> Mialee gets back to the tower.

<DM> Pengo is unconscious, but breathing normally.

> Jozlan returns to the tower

<DM> Admin note > Remember the rule if you go BELOW zero, you're comatose for the number of days that you were below.

<Pengo> Oh, right.

<Pengo> So I'm out for two days.

<DM> barring any miraculous cure. beyond the normal miraculous cures, that is.

<Flint> CS Pengo

<Mialee> Why waste it?

<Mialee> He's not going anywhere, might as well save the spell.

<Mialee> Not like he's going to do any combat. :)

<Jozlan> we can test tossing him thrugh the rune walls

> Mialee looks around.

> Mialee chuckles.

<Flint> Some body drops an area of effect spell on us, He doesn't get a save.

<Mialee> True.

<DM> logistically, you might use any extra on him before you sleep

<DM> if you don't have any other use for it.

<Mialee> Any clues as to where we are?

<DM> Looking around outside, you see that this tower sits on a lower spur of

<DM> a high mountain, in a grand mountain chain that stretches for as far as

<DM> you can see.

<DM> You can get a feel for the type of terrain you're seeing here:

As you descend, the view might look more like this:

<Mialee> What's the time at this point?

<DM> ummm, lessee.

<Mialee> Roughly.

<DM> You entered the first tower mid morning, I'd say that it took you until late afternoon to get this far

<Mialee> Do we want to leave someone here with Pengo and poke around a little, or just camp here for the night and then decide what to do?

<Mialee> I'm inclined to do the former.

<DM> BTW, in the tower, on the ground floor, you see a bunch of piles of pine boughs, and a low, rough table made of pine branches, with a few hunks of meat on it.

<Mialee> Hmmm.

<DM> You don't see any signs of civilization anywhere, other than the faint trace of a path leading away from the tower.

<Mialee> Should we follow that path, see where it goes?

<Mialee> We need to figure out where this tower is.

<Flint> For all we know, we are in the middle of the Orcish Empire. Splitting up the party is not a good idea.

<Jozlan> I do have a talk to animals spell, if we could find an animal that might know

<Mialee> True. Can we drag Pengo along though?

<Mialee> Or we could just throw him back through the gate to where we started. :)

<DM> You can see far enough to tell that no matter which way you go, it'll be hours before you get there.

<Mialee> Hmmm. What should we do then?

<Flint> Rest, heal, recover spells.

<Mialee> OK, but that still leaves us with a comatose hobbit. :)

<Flint> Yes.

<Mialee> Who wants to carry him around while we explore? :)

<DM> do recall that you're NOT necessarily under any time pressure on this quest.

<Flint> If we carry him around, he won't recover.

<DM> Of course, you only have so much water with you. and the hour deepens into evening.

<Flint> This is a garrison outpost. There probably is a source of water nearby, other than the snow.

<DM> snow. good point. :)

<Mialee> Well, perhaps we should return to the village then

<Mialee> Let Pengo recover, get some winter gear, then return.

<Mialee> Although we've given ourselves away by showing up and killing the garrison here.

<Mialee> Right now, no message has gotten out indicating anything is amiss.

<Mialee> If we take our time continuing, they'll know to watch for us.

<Flint> Us or the snakes.

<Mialee> Mm.

<Mialee> I vote to keep going.

<Mialee> We drag Pengo along the best we can.

<Jozlan> :)

<Mialee> Anyone else?

<Flint> No, We rest and recover as a fighting force. Our purpose is to gather intel, not to invade.

<Mialee> Can't gather intel if we just sit here.

<Flint> Can't gather it if we are dead either.

<Jozlan> yeah, we better rest up

<Mialee> Okay. Let's find a place to rest, then.

<Mialee> Where do you like?

<DM> in case you missed it in the mad dash downstairs, this tower has 4 levels.

<DM> the first level has a 40' ceiling. The second and third have 13' ceilings, and the 4th has a 10' ceiling. the second and third also have real windows that you can look out of.

<Flint> Pengo almost died because you rushed into a battle that you couldn't win. stopping on the stairs kept the rest of us out of the fight. Pengo had to face the majority of the force by himself.

<Mialee> I'm sorry, I saw a tactical advantage to remaining on the high ground.

<Mialee> It's not like I stood right in the doorway, I went halfway down to the first bend before opening fire.

<Mialee> When I realized I was in your way, I moved.

<Flint> Tactical only for you with missile weapons. If you let us go first you could have covered us with missle fire.

<Mialee> Well, you guys tend to sit around and not actually do anything. I get pretty tired of waiting around.

<Mialee> Sigh.

<Mialee> Besides, it wasn't *my* idea for Pengo to jump out at those orcs.

<Mialee> I was perfectly willing to hold the high ground and just take potshots until they were all dead.

<Flint> No, that's a whole different matter.

<Mialee> The only mistake I made was not realizing the stairs weren't wide enough for you guys to get by.

<Flint> His diving into them was not smart.

<Mialee> (As a player, I'll point out that it wasn't until after I'd stopped and started shooting that I was informed the stairs were too narrow for anyone to get by me)

<Mialee> (once I found out, I tried to take steps to correct the matter)

<Mialee> Then we got to the point there was only one orc left, so I took a shot at it again, trying to end the fight.

<DM> While you're discussing your tactical SOPs, the sun sets.

<Flint> Is the temperature going down with the sun?

<DM> yeah. The air is pretty thin. It's getting chillier.

<Jozlan> we can burn the pine

<Mialee> Or we could go back through the gate to a warmer place for the night.

<Flint> Yes.

<Jozlan> that's more prudent

<Mialee> Lead on, Mr. Deepdelver. I'll just do whatever you say from now on.


> Mordin picks up Pengo and carries him up stairs.

> Mialee waits.

> Flint follows Mordin.

<DM> all the way to the top?

<Mordin> Yes.

> Mialee keeps her mouth shut and just keeps following.

<DM> ok, you get to the top level.

> Icarius taps on the walls to check for portability

<DM> Wall #1 is the only one that seems pliable.

<Mordin> Better go first Flint.

> Flint charges into wall #1.

<DM> !POP!

<DM> Flint disappears

> Mordin follows with Pengo.

*** >> to Flint: your ears pop on the other side.

> Mialee goes through next.

*** << <Flint> << Any thing live in here?

*** >> to Flint: no

<DM> just some smelly dead snakes.

> Jozlan follows

> Icarius follows

<DM> The air here is a bit warmer, though hardly balmy. Nevertheless, it's fine for the night.

<DM> Where will you pitch camp?

<Jozlan> in the first floor?

<Flint> That would provide more shelter than out side.

<Jozlan> easier to guard too

<Flint> Yes.

<DM> so you set up a watch, sans Pengo.


*** Roll by DM: 5d6 -> 3 + 4 + 3 + 5 + 6 = 21

<DM> I'll assume that everyone will get healed up before going to bed...

<Flint> Yes.

<DM> You have enough to go around, I think.

<Flint> Who is hurt how bad?

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 19 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 25 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 0 / 24

<Flint> Yes, we have enough to go around.

<DM> I'm sure you have enough to max everyone back up, including Pengo (tho he's still comatose for another day)

<DM> So the night passes uneventfully, and except for Pengo, you all wake up refreshed and alert.

<DM> Any changes in Spell Lists?

<Flint> No.

<Jozlan> nope

<Mialee> Yeah. I want to replace my Transfer By Portal with a Read Magic.

<DM> Done

<Mialee> And then, before we depart, I want to cast it on that book I found on the Roc's ledge.

> Mialee does so now, and reads the book.

<DM> A read magic determines that many of the pages in the book have been

<DM> ruined by exposure to the elements, but the following spells are still

<DM> readable:

<DM> 1st Level: Find Familiar

<DM> 3rd level: Lightning Bolt, Haste, Item(UA 55), Sepia Snake Sigil (UA

<DM> 56)

<DM> 4th Level: Confusion, Fire Shield, Wizard Eye

<Mialee> Cool.

<Jozlan> nice

<DM> so, Pengo is still out of action for at least another day -- what will you do today?

> Mialee waits to find out.

<Jozlan> hmmm

<DM> Ok, then I'm going to jump to the rash assumption that you'll wait in the tower for Pengo to wake up.

<Mialee> Sure, why not. :) ========================================================================= May 22, 2005 =========================================================================

<DM> Welcome, everyone.

<DM> When we last left our little band of merry... people, they had holed up in the tower for a few days to cure the wounds of Pengo, and rest and recuperate.


<DM> Actually, within 48 hours, the holy ministrations of the clerics in the group have brought everyone up to par. Please confirm the following memorized spells:

<DM> Currently Memorized Spells:


<DM> Mialee:

<DM> 1st Level: (6) Magic Missile x3, Detect Magic, Transfer by Portal

<DM> 1,0,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (4) Knock x2, Levitate, Web

<DM> 0,0,0


<DM> Icarius:

<DM> 1st Level: (4) Sleep x3, Magic Missile 0,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (2) Web x2 0

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Clairvoyance 0


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x3, Detect Magic, Transfer by Portal 0,0,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (5) CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS x3, Hold Person, Speak w/ Animals 0,0,0

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Remove Paralysis


<DM> Flint:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x4, Transfer By Portal 0,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (3) Cure Serious x2, Slow Poison 0,0

<DM> So you're all back in the first tower, rested and ready to go.

<DM> You have been resting for 48 hours.

<DM> It's noonish.

<Mialee> Do we want to go back where we went last time, or try another destination?

<DM> If you recall, there was only one portal that worked.

<DM> at least that you were able to tell.

<Mialee> That's right.

<Mialee> I was thinking of the second tower, where there are a couple that seem to work.

<Mialee> At least somewhat.

<Mialee> Shall we pop back through?

<Pengo> I'm game.

<Mialee> Anyone?

<Flint> Where is the second tower located?

<Mialee> We don't know yet.

<Mialee> We didn't get to explore enough to figure that out.

<DM> That's kinda what you're trying to figure out. :)

<Flint> Let's go explore. :)

<Jozlan> yeah

> Mialee runs through the portal.

> Pengo follows Mialee.

<DM> !!Pop!!

<Flint> \act follows.

> Flint follows.

<Mialee> Any sign of trouble in the arrival room? I know we left things a mess here.

<DM> You find yourself in the other tower. Your ears pop again, and the air is chilly

> Mordin follows Flint.

> Mialee draws her sword.

<DM> Remember that you're on the top level of the tower.

<Mialee> Doesn't mean they couldn't have put a guard up here by now. :)

<DM> true. :)

<DM> all is quiet. Almost

<Jozlan> 1 got away last time?

<Mialee> Yeah, someone got away.

<Mialee> Almost?

<DM> you here some noise from below.... voices.

> Mialee listens.

<Mialee> Can I make out what they're saying?

<DM> duh, you HEAR some noise.

<DM> They're speaking in orcish.

> Mialee understands orcish. :)

<DM> It's a bit too far away to distinguish what they're saying.

<Mialee> Did Icarius and Jozlan come through with us?

<DM> We'll assume they did.

<Mialee> OK :)

> Mialee whispers, "Shall we?"

> Jozlan nods

> Pengo draws his sword.

> Mialee looks at Flint.

<Flint> What marching order do we want?

<Mialee> Melee fighters need to go first.

<Jozlan> we should try to keep one alive to interrogate re: location

<Mialee> I'll go in the middle since I can go either way.

<Flint> Standard order, single file?

<Mialee> Sounds good.

<Flint> Jozlan?

<Mialee> DM: there's a trapdoor, right?

<Mialee> Closed I assume?

<DM> Yes.

> Mialee whispers, "I'll pull the door open and stand aside so you guys can go down first."

<Mordin> Right.

> Mialee gets hold of the door, waits for Mordin to give the go.

<Mordin> Ready.

> Mialee pulls the trapdoor open and steps aside.

<Mordin> go.

> Mordin leads off.

<DM> you get down to the next level, where there is a 13' ceiling.

<DM> there are windows on this level, but no people.

<DM> there is one dead orc body

<Mialee> Can I make out what the voices are saying now?

<Jozlan> is he one that we killed before?

<DM> Jozlan, Yes.

<DM> Mialee, not quite. They seem to still be at ground level.

<DM> two floors below.

<Mialee> OK.

> Mialee waits for Mordin to continue.

> Pengo searches the corpse.

<Pengo> (quietly)

<Mialee> Anything else in this room?

> Mordin leads the way , quietly.

<DM> Pengo doesn't find anything but the cord from a purse which has been cut.

<Pengo> Hm.

> Pengo takes it just in case it's useful.

<DM> Down to level 2, Mordin?

<Mordin> Yes.

> Mialee remains in formation behind Mordin et. al.

> Pengo does too.

<DM> There are small windows in this room, 1 on each wall.

<DM> There are two piles of pine branches near opposite walls, with an animal skin

<DM> tossed over them.

<DM> Near one of them is a stack of stones, with a statuette of some sort on it.

<DM> There is an open hole in this floor, with stairs descending.

<DM> The orc conversation is clearer now.

<Flint> What kind of skins?

<DM> Listening carefully, you can discern the argument:

<DM>Look, Brong, Gripple and Munjuk are both dead. I say we get outa here.

<DM> There's no reason for us to hang around.

<DM>And where do we go?" says another voice.

<DM>We go back to the tribe and we'll get sliced in half by the chief.

<DM>Not when we tell him about the army of dwarves that attacked us, with us just

<DM> barely escaping with our skins.

<DM>What army of dw__ ahhh, I see what you mean.

<DM>Yeah," says a third voice, "he would expect us to warn him that this place is

<DM> too dangerous.

<DM>alright then, let's go.

<DM> Animal skins.

<DM> You hear some shuffling noises downstairs.

> Mialee looks at Mordin and whispers. "They're about to leave, should we stop them?"

<Flint> Yes.

> Mialee gestures to lead on.

> Mordin charges down the stairs.

<DM> roll for surprise, Mordin

> Flint follows.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee stays in formation and follows.

> Pengo does too.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> ok, no surprise, roll for initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<Mialee> Bah.

<DM> The 3 orcs on the ground floor look up at the lot of you charging down the stairs, and high-tail it out the front door.

<Mialee> Heh.

<DM> or archway, as it were.

<DM> Are Mordin and Flint following them? They have some good momentum going for them.

<Mordin> Yes.

> Mialee runs after Mordin and Flint.

> Pengo does his best to keep up.

<DM> with your charge, you are able to make contact with the last one just outside the tower.

<Mialee> Who catches up and does that mean they get to take a whack now? :)

<DM> Mordin catches up, and can swing at the back of the last orc.

<DM> So Mordin can attack.

<Mialee> Go Mordin :)

> Mordin attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 12

<DM> hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<DM> His axe splits the orc right down the middle.

<Jozlan> sweet

<Mialee> Beautiful :)

<Mialee> In a gross kind of way. ;)

<DM> however, his charge is spent, and the other two orcs are 20 ft ahead of Flint

<Mialee> How far ahead of me?

<DM> 30 ft, as long as you keep running.

<Mialee> Can I stop and cast MM at one? :)

<Mialee> I presume I can't cast it while running. :)

<DM> not this round.

<Mialee> OK.

<DM> but you can stop and cast it next round.

<DM> that is stop NOW and cast it nexxt round.

<Mialee> OK, I'll do that, and let Flint keep after them.

<Mialee> I'll stop now.

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> MM

<Flint> Melee

<Icarius> mm

> Pengo will keep running to try to catch up with the orcs :D

<Icarius> at the one Mialee isn't aiming for

<DM> Pengo and Flint are having a hard time keeping up.

<DM> The orcs continue to run, and they are a little fleeter of foot than the hobbit and dwarf.

<DM> Magic users, /send me which one you're aiming at, 1 or 2

*** << <Mialee> << Leader, whichever that is.

<DM> ok, fire away

> Mialee fires a magic missile.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 1 = 2 + 2 = 4

*** Roll by Icarius: 3d4+3 -> 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 + 3 = 10

<Mialee> eeew.

<Mialee> At least Icarius's didn't suck rocks. :)

<Icarius> that was 1 at 1, 2 at orc 2

<DM> The one in front goes down like a sack of potatoes, and the second one staggers to his knees, before getting up and running on.

<Mialee> Hopefully that'll slow that guy down enough that we can catch up with him. :)

<DM> it's enough, though for Flint and Pengo to catch up.

<Pengo> Do we get to attack this round, or not until next?

<DM> this round.

> Flint attacks with his Axe.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 12

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

<Pengo> Bah. :)

<DM> Flint hit, Pengo didn't

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 1

<Pengo> All yours, holy... dude, that was pretty wimpy. :)

<DM> But apparently, it was enough, as the last bit of life gurgles up out of the brute's throat

<Pengo> Cool.

> Pengo hastily explains that in Hobbit, "dude" means "most honored dwarf," and "wimpy" means "impressive."

<DM> :)

> Pengo searches #2's corpse.

> Mialee searches #1's corpse.

> Flint attacks with his Axe. act looks at Pengo sternly.

<Jozlan> check for anything that might indicate our whereabouts

<Pengo> Eek!

> Pengo ducks.

<Flint> Ignore that please.

<Pengo> How can I? :)

<DM> ok. :)

<Flint> It was a typo.

<DM> You don't see any signs of civilization anywhere, other than the faint trace of

<DM> a path leading away from the tower.

<Pengo> :)

<Mialee> Anything on either body?

<DM> Yes, you find several purses on the second one.

<DM> they've all been stuffed into a larger purse.

<Pengo> Anything in them?

<DM> inside, you find some small coinage, amounting to about 50 gp value, and a small dark purple gem.

> Pengo examines the gem.

<Pengo> Any idea what it is?

<DM> On the first one, you find a nice pearl, suspended on a silver chain.

<DM> maybe an Amethyst?

<Mialee> We take all that stuff, obviously.

<Jozlan> what gov't issued the coins?

<DM> There is a mixture of coins, some from Mercia, some from Rheghed, and some you don't recognize.

> Pengo returns to the orc Mordin killed and searches its body.

<DM> At least Jozlan doesn't recognize them.

> Mialee gives them a look as well.

<Mialee> (the coins)

<DM> Pengo finds a few coppers in his purse, but nothing else of interest.

<DM> She doesn't recognize them either.

<Mialee> Hm.

<Mialee> We should go check out the stuff on that second floor, with the bedding and the little statuette.

<Icarius> yes

<Mialee> Shall we?

<DM> Icarius and Mialee make it back up to the second floor, and survey the room.

> Mialee examines the statuette.

> Pengo follows them up.

<DM> it is a representation of an orcish god.

<Mialee> Any value, or is it just a hunk of rock? :)

<DM> crudely fashioned, and just barely recognizable.

> Pengo searches the bedding.

<DM> It might have some value to a collector, or perhaps to certain clerics.

<Mialee> Well, we'll gather it up, see if we can find anybody who would want it.

<DM> there is nothing in the bedding other than some bugs, and a scroll case.

<Pengo> Heh.

<Pengo>There's nothing at all to see here, except for the huge pile of gold shining in the corner!!" :)

> Pengo takes the scroll case and peeks inside.

> Flint follows Pengo.

<DM> it's made of the thigh bone of some animal, and is sealed with a waxy substance on the ends.

<Flint> What animal are the skins from?

<DM> they look like common woodland animals -- deer, bear, wolverine. etc.

> Pengo gives the scroll case to Mialee.

<DM> it looks like the tanner was none too particular about his work, and they are rotting in places.

<Flint> No help for our location there.

> Mialee tucks the scroll case into her pack for now.

<Mialee> Hm, no.

<Mialee> Is there any emblem or anything in the seals on the case?

<DM> no

> Mialee breaks the seals and opens the scroll case.

<DM> roll a saving throw vs. poison

<Mialee> Figures. :)

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> Mialee takes a whiff of a cloud of dust, and starts choking really bad.

<Mialee> Ack, cough, cough...

<Mialee> Gag...

<Mialee> Hack, wheeze...

<Mialee> Choke...

<Mialee> Cough...

<Mialee> Choke, gag, cough...

> Mialee watches in dismay as nobody does anything. :)

<DM> she starts turning blue.

<Pengo> Do we have any antidotes or anythying?

<Pengo> Anyone?

*** << <Mialee> << Can I do anything at all?

> Mialee slumps onto the ground and keeps choking.

> Flint casts Slow poison.

<Mialee> IP = It's Poiso!

<Mialee> Poison

<Mialee> Did that help me any? :)

<DM> Good thinking Flint!

> Flint administers First Aid.

<DM> The coughing subsides to an occasional cough, though you have a really sore throat.

<Mialee> Oof.

*** << <Mialee> << My inventory shows that I have a couple of bottles of a potion with a skull & crossbones with a red circle and slash. Do I really still have that? :)

*** << <Mialee> << If so, I think I'll try chugging one. :)

<Flint> That spell only slowed the effects of the poison, it didn't cure it.

> Mialee nods.

*** << <Mialee> << To my knowledge I've never used them, but sometimes stuff happens. :)

*** >> to Mialee: I think Pengo still has one -- I don't show Mialee as having one.

> Flint tries to use his First Aid skills to neutralize the poison.

*** << <Mialee> << Ack. If I'd known Pengo had it, he'd have given it to her already. :D

<Mialee> Does it work? :)

<DM> At the moment, Mialee is ok, whether from the slow poison or the First aid, you can't tell.

<Mialee> OK, if I start turning blue again, let me know. :)

<Mialee> So... anything inside that case other than the poison? :)

<DM> Yes, there is a scroll inside.

> Mialee looks at the scroll.

<Icarius> cure poison scroll?

<DM> She can't read any of the hrrible writing.

<Mialee> Figures. :)

<Mialee> OK, do we want to follow that path now?

<Flint> May I see it?

<Mialee> Sure.

> Mialee hands it over.

<DM> Flint can see that it is a Clerical scroll with 4 spells:

> Flint examines the scroll.

<DM> Dust Devil, Enthrall, Magic Stone, and Endure Cold/Heat.

<Flint> You want to keep this, Jozlan?

<Jozlan> interesting

<Jozlan> sure do

> Flint gives the scroll to Jozlan.

<Pengo> Time to explore?

<Jozlan> yes let's

<Mialee> I think we should follow that path, see where it leads.

<DM> You're on the spur of a mountain, with a barely discernable path leading down.

<DM> It's now about 2 in the afternoon.

<DM> You can get a feel for the type of terrain you're seeing here:


> Mialee waits for Mordin and Flint to be ready to move out.

> Mordin leads off.

> Jozlan follows

> Flint follows.

> Mialee does too.

> Pengo tags along.

<DM> It's not too long before you are below the frost line, and the terrain looks

<DM> like the bottom picture of:


<DM> You start to see some wildlife -- birds in the air, rabbits and gophers on the ground, along with the occasional deer and goats.


<DM> The track is still barely discernable.

<DM> You've been working your way downhill for about 4 hours, when you see a small plume of smoke a little ways below. The terrain is mixed open meadow and small scrub trees.

<Mialee> Any other sign of life down there?

<DM> About 500 meters away, you see the origin of the smoke - the chimney of a small cottage tucked into the steep hillside.

<Mialee> Hm.

<DM> As you get closer, the cottage starts looking smaller and smaller.

> Mialee blinks.

<DM> Are you still trooping down the hill?

<Mialee> You mean it actually looks like it's shrinking? :)

> Mialee stops walking and just looks at the cottage.

<DM> no, it looks like it wasn't as big as it seemed from the greater distance.

<Mialee> Ah.

> Mialee resumes walking toward it.

<DM> In fact, by the time you're within 100 meters, you can see that the "cottage

<DM> is nothing but a roofed doorway with a small metal chimney sticking through the

<DM> roof.

<Mialee> Hm.

<DM> the roof is attached to the hillside behind it.

<DM> You're 100 m from the door.

<Mialee> Is there a closed door, or just a doorway?

<DM> a door.

> Mialee waits to see what Mordin and Flint would like to do.

<DM> Mialee takes 1hp from her coughing.

<Mialee> Still coughing?

<DM> yes.

<Mialee> Looks like we need something to cure this poison.

> Pengo smacks himself on the forehead and rummages through his pack, pulling out a bottle with a red slash through a skull and crossbones.

<Pengo> We picked this up a while back. I dunno if it's an antidote or not, but the label makes me think it might be.

> Pengo shows it to Jozlan.

<Pengo> What do you think?

<Jozlan> as long as I'm not the one drinking it, let's try it

> Mialee takes the bottle and drinks the contents.

<Mialee> Bottoms up. :)

<DM> It's a pinkish liquid, and rather thick, but it soothes her cough, and restores the damage done by the poison.

<Jozlan> onward?

<Mialee> Do we want to look inside this place?

<Jozlan> oh yeah, we should

<DM> You're still 100 meters away, and you see a crude wooden pen in a nearby meadow that covers about 400 square meters.


<Mialee> Anything inside the pen?

<DM> There are 2 pigs in the pen.

> Mialee has some lag. :)

> Pengo quietly approaches the door.

<DM> There is a stout looking wooden door in the doorway, but there doesn't seem to be any locking mechanism on it.

<DM> As you're poking around the door, you hear a faint voice singing a slow song.

<DM> Mordin recognizes the tune as an old dwarven ballad.

> Pengo checks the door for traps. > DM rolls secretly

<DM> Pengo doesn't find any traps.

<DM> But by the time he's finished checking...

<DM> you see a dwarf driving a herd of sheep over a hillock toward where you are standing.

<DM>Hey, You there!" he hollers in a friendly voice. "Lemme get my sheep in the pen, and I'll be right with ya.

> Mialee gestures to be sure Flint and Mordin see the approaching dwarf.

> Mialee smiles.

<Mialee> I bet we can get some answers now. :)

<Jozlan> should we tell him we're lost?

<Mialee> I'd let our dwarven friends handle this. :)

<Jozlan> or just casually mention we don't know what kingdom we're in

<DM> He proceeds to shoo his 30 or so sheep into the pen, and then comes over to greet you:

<Galen>What brings such an odd mix of folk way up here, might I ask?

> Mialee waits to hear what the dwarves say. :)

> Pengo watches with interest.

<Flint> We are travelers.

<Flint> We seem to be a little lost. Can you tell us where we are?

<Galen>Why, you're in the Warka province of the Kingdom of Caernarfon, of course.

<DM> Most of you recognize this as _the_ dwarven kingdom on the continent.

<DM> Indeed, it was the birthplace of Flint and Mordin.

<DM> It's a big Kingdom, however, and no dwarf could be expected to know every nook and cranny.

<DM> Look to see where it is in relation to Mercia:

<Galen> Where do ya hail from?

*** << <Mialee> << You know, I don't know where Mialee is from. :)

*** >> to Mialee: when you get a chance to look at the maps and gazeteer, you can pick a place.

<Pengo> I'm from Mercia.

<Mordin> I'm Mordin DeepDelver, and this is my cousin Flint.

<Pengo> You know, I gotta say... I never imagined a dwarf herding sheep. :)

<Galen> My name is Galen Schafer

<Galen> Quite a few years back I decided that I'd had enough of the dust and darkness of the mines, and wanted to see some more sunshine before I died, so I came up here and started up this flock. I drive part of the flock down to Mountain Lake thrice a year, and bring back the things I need to live up here.

<Mialee> That sounds like a good life.

<Mialee> Is it as peaceful as it sounds?

<Galen> It suits me now. I've mined enough precious metals and jewels in my time, but I've found peace and tranquility to be more precious to me now.

<Flint> We found signs of Goblins a feww hours away, are they much of a problem around here?

<DM> Hmmm, I haven't seen a goblin in many a year -- though they used to be a continual problem.

<Mialee> What changed that?

<Galen> I certainly hope they don't become one again.

<Galen> We do have to deal with the occasional hungry wolf,

<Jozlan> what about orcs?

<Galen> Well, there was a long and bloody war twixt the dwarves and the goblin-kind 100 years or so ago. We drove them deep into the earth, killing all of the vermin that we could find.

<Galen> I lost many of my kinfolk in that war, though.

<Pengo> Deep into the earth? Where?

<Galen> That's sort of what we call a euphemism for killin' as many as we could.

<Pengo> Oh.

<Mialee> Any idea where the rest might have gone, if there were any left?

<Galen> the rest scattered, and those that survived probably did dig them selves down as deep as they could go.

<Mialee> I see.

<Mialee> I suppose we should move on, and let you get back to your flock.

<Galen> I understand that there are still occaisional raids against the communities, but personally, I've just been lucky, I guess. They haven't bothered me here. Maybe 'cause there's nothing for them to steal.

<Pengo> Raids, huh?

<Galen> It's getting pretty late - I don't have a LOT of room, but I can offer you a dry place to sleep for the night.

<Galen> Well, sure, my good hobbit. You know there will always be some vicious gangs roaming the hills, preying on those weaker than themselves.

<Flint> Where does that path lead?

<Galen> Eventually, it will take you down to Mountain Lake.

<Galen> It's about 2 day's hike from here.

<Flint> And in the other direction?

<DM> Up into the mountains, I suppose. I've not followed it all the way.

<Mialee> Flint, you think we should stay a night here before moving on?

<Flint> Yes.

<Pengo> Move on? Or head home? We did at least figure out where we are.

<Mordin> I think we should head up the path and see where it goes.

<Flint> We can decide that in the morning.

<DM> Just to be clear -- _up_ the path is where you came from.

*** << <Mordin> << our host doesn't know that. :)

*** >> to Mordin: right

<DM> _down_ the path is where Galen said you would find Mountain Lake.

<Mialee> All right, let's get a decent night's sleep then.

<DM> Galen leads you through the little doorway (some of you have to duck) and into his small, somewhat cluttered, but comfortable looking home.

<DM> There is a small entrance hallway, with doorways leading to a kitchen, parlour, and presumably a bedroom.

<DM> He leads you into the parlour and invites you to settle in.

<Flint> Thank you for you hospitality.

<Galen> You're welcome, cousin

<Galen>If you're as good with that bow as I've heard your race to be, lady elf, perhaps you could snag us a brace of rabbits for our dinner." he says to Mialee.

> Mialee smiles and goes out to do a spot of hunting.

> Pengo tags along quietly to keep her company.

<DM> Galen pours some beer for those that want some, and starts up a small fire in the stove.

<Icarius> thank you

<Mialee> Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.

<DM> He makes some smalltalk for a while, and then says: "Oh, bother. I've been nattering on like an old wife. Comes from having no one to talk to for months on end, I suppose.

<Galen> What of you all? I'd bet you have tales to tell.

*** >> to Mialee: you got one!

*** << <Mialee> << I presume it'll take more than one to feed all these people. :)

*** >> to Mialee: yes, you'd need 3-4 to make a decent meal.

*** << <Mialee> << I keep hunting, then.

*** << << I keep with her, quietly watching. :)

<Galen>Nothing to tell, eh? Ah well, yer probably needing to rest some. I'll leave you be.

> Flint tells of searching for Mordin and finally finding him in Karak's Keep.

<DM> meanwhile, Mialee snags a couple 3-4 rabbits and heads back.

> Pengo follows Mialee back.

<Mialee> I've got supper.

> Mialee shows off her rabbits.

<DM> Galen takes them and starts dressing them

> Pengo finds a seat and kicks back.

<DM> and throws the appropriate parts in the stewpot.

> Mialee wonders aloud why removing the skin from a rabbit is called "dressing" it. :)

<Mialee> I'd think that would be "undressing." :)

<DM> After dinner, Galen bids you goodnight, and heads for his bedroom.

> Mialee stretches out and goes to sleep.

> Pengo does likewise.

<DM> The night passes uneventfully, and you wake up quite refreshed in the morning.

> Mialee gets up and stretches.

<DM> You wake to the sounds of Galen puttering about in the kitchen.

<Pengo> Good morning!

<Galen>good Morning!> good morning

<Mialee> So... should we head down to town, or go back to share what we've learned so far?

<Mialee> Or to try another destination?

<Galen>I've got to feed the chickens, and then get my sheep out to pasture. You can stay as long as you like.

<Mialee> Thank you, Galen.

<Icarius> I think we should go back and try another portal

<Mialee> I do too.

<DM> Actually, you tried them all the other day.

<Mialee> Did we, even in the second tower?

<Icarius> oh :)

<Flint> Yes, We know where we are now.

<DM> yes, I think you checked them all.

<Mialee> We found that several of them had weak "signals," but didn't try to go through that I'm aware of.

<DM> You don't know EXACTLY where you are, do you? Close enough to point to it on a map?

<Mialee> Mm.

<Mialee> Guess we explore more here. I was sure there were portals left to check.

<Icarius> I guess so then

*** >> to Flint: you guys should feel like seeing the ol' homestead, or at least close to it, no?

<Mialee> All right, whenever our dwarven comrades are ready to lead on.

> Pengo hums a little Hobbit tune.

<DM> Flint? Mordin? You guys ready to go?

<Flint> Let's go.

> Pengo gets in line.

> Mialee falls in.

> Mordin leads the way.

<DM> Ok, so you start heading down the path.

<Mordin> Yes.

<DM> Galen had given you directions on how to get to Mountain Lake.

<DM> Along the route that Galen provided, you start to see more signs of habitation.


<DM> You pass by a couple of farms, and see the fields being worked by a families of halflings.

<Pengo> Halflings? Here?

<DM> Yeah.

> Pengo keeps an eye out for cute farmers' daughters.

<DM> There are a couple of farms being farmed by humans as well.

<Mialee> Diverse.

<DM> As you walk along the path, which becomes more and more distinct the farther down you go, you see this pinned to a rail fence:


<DM> _ __ __ _ _ _

<DM> _ / / /\ \ \__ _ _ __ | |_ ___ __| | / \

<DM> _ \ \/ \/ / _` | '_ \| __/ _ \/ _` |/ /

<DM> _ \ /\ / (_| | | | | || __/ (_| /\_/

<DM> _ \/ \/ \__,_|_| |_|\__\___|\__,_\/



<DM> Brave adventurers for cavern

<DM> exploration and research.


<DM> Apply in person to Carlos Blitzener,

<DM> Mountain Lake, Warka Province.


<DM> A crude map is appended to the notice, showing the approximate location of

<DM> Mountain Lake.


<Mialee> Hm. I'd jump all over that if we didn't have instructions to find out where we are then return directly back.

<Icarius> I guess we know where we are for sure

<Mialee> Does that map make it clear where we are in relation to the rest of the world?

<DM> It's really a local area map. Someone familiar with the Kingdom might be able to place it, more or less, --- but that notice sure piques your curiosity.

<Icarius> I think that's a hint

<Icarius> let's go get some excitement

<Mialee> Well, let's continue on to Mountain Lake then.

<DM> Consider it Divine inspiration. :)

<DM> So- continuing on?

<Mordin> yes.

<Mialee> Yep

<DM> Ok, the day goes by, and evening approaches. You are still in a very mountainous area, below the treeline, but still high, and the meadows and farmers' fields tend to be sharply sloped.

<DM> Where do you plan to spend the night?

<Mialee> Should we make camp or look for a friendly homestead? :)

<DM> Those would be the basic choices. :)

<Icarius> I say homestead it

<Mordin> Then we will want to have a story ready.

<Mialee> We heard adventurers were wanted and traveled to check it out.

<Mordin> Who we are, why we are here, were we are going, etc.

<Mordin> were > where

<Mialee> That would explain everything, I think.

<DM> Well, you have passed several farms along the way, and there are several more along your route.

<Mialee> Let's just keep walking and watch for someone we might approach and ask about lodging for the night.

<Icarius> yeah

<Mordin> Okay.

<DM> You just happen to be passing by a farm where you see a hobbit driving a cow back to the barn.

<Pengo> Good evening, friend!

<DM> He turns, and says:

<Will>Good evening to you as well, travelers!

<Mialee> (I have trouble picturing a hobbit being big enough to make a cow do anything ;)

<Icarius> maybe it's a miniature cow

<DM> It's a small cow. :)

<Pengo> We've been traveling for some distance. Do you know of a place we might obtain lodging for the night?

<Will>There are no places to lodge around here

<Will> but you're welcome to stay the night in my barn, in the hayloft.

<DM>My name is Will Overdale

<Pengo> I am Pengo Strongfoot and hail from the Kingdom of Mercia. These are my friends and companions.

<DM> He comes over and offers a somewhat dirty hand to shake.

> Pengo takes it and shakes it vigorously.

<Will>Pleased to meet you" he says.

<Pengo> Likewise.

<DM>You're a long way from home, then.

<Pengo> Yes, we are; we've been traveling for a long while.

<Pengo> You are most kind to offer us the shelter of your barn. Thank you.

<Galen>I'd heard that old Blitzener was looking for some adventurous types, but I didn't think that the word had gotten that far.

<DM> He grins, and opens a gate in the fence for you.

<Pengo> We have many friends who do a great deal of traveling. We get news from quite far away when there is adventure to be had.

> Pengo grins and passes through the gate.

> Mialee follows and smiles at the farmer.

<DM> He leads the way over to a smallish barn, and puts the cow in a stall, next to another one, muching contentedly on some hay.

<Galen>Loft is up there" he says, pointing to a ladder.

<Pengo> Thank you, friend. We won't trouble you any further.

> Pengo climbs the ladder.

> Mialee thanks the hobbit and climbs after Pengo, watching her head.

<Galen>Have you got food?" We ain't got much, but I can get my Marigold to whip you up some porridge.

<Mialee> I think we'll be all right. I'd hate to put you out, sir.

<Galen>Ok, then, goodnight!" he says, and leaves you in the gathering gloom.

<DM> Has everyone else converged on the barn as well?

<Jozlan> yes

<Flint> yes.

<DM> ok, then. You settle in for the night, and other than the earthy farm odors, pass it peacefully.

<DM> The next day dawns bright and clear.

<Mialee> Onward and downward? :)

<Mordin> Yes.

<Mialee> Lead on, sir dwarf.

> Mordin leads on.

> Flint follows.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo moves out too.

<DM> ok, you get on the road early, and by noon, you start to see some traffic on the road. As you round a bend and top the rise of the well-kept road you have been traveling, the distant sound of a horn splits the air. A crystal-clear body of water sparkles in the sun.

<DM> You finally come upon the town of MountainLake: You see a few buildings across the lake, near what looks like a bridge.

<DM> It looks like the easiest way to get to the town is following the road around the south (right) side of the lake to the bridge.

Following the path around the southern side of the lake, you reach a vantage point similar to the one below.

Most of the dwarven town of Mountain Lake is located underground. There are some buildings outside, plain in appearance, made of stone.

<Mialee> Looks like a pretty good town.

<Mialee> Any idea where the horn came from?

<DM> It sounded like it came from the south end of the lake, near the bridge.

> Mordin heads for the bridge.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo does too.

<DM> The road in that direction kind of winds back up the hillside, and around a knoll,

<DM> Following the path around the southern side of the lake, you reach a guard post, with a vantage point similar to this:

This view is from the Guard Post Tower overlooking the town and trade routes.

Buildings in the outer town:
D: The Weary Traveler Inn and Stables
E: Mountain Lake Smithy
F: The First Axe
G: Bartlett's Emporium
H: Javam Mountain Outfitters
I: The Metal Man
J: Jenna's Gems and Jewels
K: One-Eyed Jack's Custom-Crafted Curios.
L: Foaming Mug Tavern

<DM> A dozen or so well-kept stone buildings are visible, while large stone doors dot the mountainside. Figures carrying tools move purposefully in groups of two or three. Columns of chimney smoke rise into the air.

<DM> The guard post is a low stone building, with a flat stone roof. There are arrow-slits on all sides, and a steel-reinforced oak door.

<DM> Stuck to the wall of the building is another one of the notices that you saw on the farm.

<DM> As you approach the guard post, a youngish looking dwarf steps out of the door, and greets your party with a smile:

<DM>Hail, travelers, what business brings you to Mountain Lake?

<DM> He's wearing chainmail, and carrying a polearm.

> Mialee lets Mordin handle it.

<Mordin> that notice,

<DM>Ah! then you'll be wanting to speak to Carlos Blitzener. Have you been to Mountain Lake before?

<Mordin> No.

<DM>Well, you might find him out and about, but if not, you can call on him at his home.

<DM>He doesn't hold with too many formalities, despite his importance.

<DM> The young dwarf points out the doorway into the mountainside marked "A" on your map.

<Mordin> Who is he?

<DM> Carlos is the leader of all the clans in the Warka province. In other lands, he'd be known as a prince, but we don't use that title around here.

<DM> He does sit on the King's Council.

<Mialee> That sounds important.

<DM> Oh, he is, sir. He is one of the most important people in all of Caernarfon.

<DM> He is well-loved and trusted by his people.

<DM> What he says he will do, he will do.

<Pengo> Guess we should look for him then.

<Mialee> Sir? :)

<Mialee> Sir? :)

> Mialee harumphs grumpily.

<Jozlan> hehe

<DM> oops. Sorry. You elves all look alike to me.

<Mialee> Hmph.

> Mordin snickers.

<Mialee> All right, let's go find Mr. Blitzener.

<DM> The dwarf pulls Icarius aside, and whispers in his ear.

*** >> to Icarius: "if ye happen to be a practitioner of magic, ye may want to leave be with it while in Mountain Lake. Just a bit of friendly advice.

<Mordin> Do we want to wander around town, or try his home?

<Mialee> Up to you.

> Mordin heads for door A.

<DM> As you enter Mountain Lake, you see a caravan of merchants leaving the town.

<DM> Miners and townspeople move about, intent upon their business.

<DM> There are a number of dwarves walking the streets, and some humans and halflings as well. The latter look like farmers and traveling merchants, for the most part.

<DM> As you head straight through town toward door A, a stout female dwarf steps out of the door.

<Pela>May I help you?" she asks.

<DM> She is wearing a blueish green dress, and has neatly brushed hair and a dark auburn beard.

<Mordin> We are here to see Master Blitzener.

<Pela>He's not in at the moment, he supervising work in the mines. He should be home by the 19th hour, though.

<Pela>You may call on us then, if you like.

<Flint> Fine, fair lady, we shall return then.

<DM> With that, she brushes by you and heads into the town.

<Mialee> Guess we have some time to explore town then.

<Flint> We might want to arrange rooms for the night.

> Mialee wonders what the dwarf had to say to Icarius.

<DM> local time is about 4PM

<Jozlan> what is the current time?

<Mialee> Well, I'd like to check out some of the shops. I'm curious what sorts of weapons and armor are available here; I know dwarves are good smiths.

<Icarius> sounds good

<Flint> Okay.

<DM> Ok, where will you start? (the list of shop names is under the map).

<Mialee> Let's start at F, I think.

<Mordin> Sounds good to me. :)

<DM> The First Axe.

<DM> Bladed weapons of every size and style are displayed on the walls and in numerous cases that fill this shop. Spears, battle axes, throwing axes, bastard swords, and long swords compete for room with scimitars, short swords, and daggers. Cases of belt knives and intricately worked daggers gleam in the light. Two wolves rest on the floor in front of the sales counter.

> Mialee ogles the inventory.

<DM> Out of a back room comes a female dwarf, moving ponderously.

<DM> She is rather big in the tummy.

<Mialee> Hm, I'm probably fine with what I have, weaponry-wise.

<DM> She smiles at you, and asks: "Good day, are you looking to buy or sell?

<Mialee> Well, I'd like to know what you have for a swordswoman on the go.

> Mialee smiles.

<Mialee> I admit though that I have a weapon that I'm quite fond of already, so it would take a very special weapon to catch my eye.

<Shopwoman>Well, I've a selection of scimitars and longswords that might fit you well enough

<Mialee> Any longswords you think are particularly nice?

<DM> She pulls out a beautiful longsword from the display case, and brings it over.

> Mialee examines it.

<DM> She unscrews the pommel to reveal a hidden cavity big eounough to hold a small vial or a couple of gems.

<Shopwoman>Sometimes, it's nice to have a little treasure hidden not far from your hand.

<Mialee> Oh, that's a nice feature.

<Mialee> Anything else I should know about it?

<Shopwoman>Other than that it was enchanted to strike deep and true?

<Mialee> That sounds very nice. May I feel the weight of it?


<DM> She hands it over.

> Mialee takes hold of the sword and gives it a few swings to see how it feels.

<DM> It feels good, well balanced.

<Mialee> How much?

<Shopwoman>I can let you have that for only 2200 g.p.

<Mialee> Hm.

> Mialee hands the sword back.

<Mialee> Let me think about it, all right?

<Mialee> It's a fine weapon.

<Shopwoman>no problem.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<Mialee> Anyone else want a look at anything?

<Mordin> Let's see what you have in the way of axes?

<Shopwoman>So what brings you all to town?

<Shopwoman>I'm Lila Pearl Cuttingclose, by the way.

<DM> She shows you a selection of axes that range from dull but worthy, to fancy and ornate, and equally worthy.

<Mordin> Mordin DeepDelver.

I've none at the moment that are enchanted, but these are made by our own smiths, and you know that there are none that rival the smiths of Mountain Lake!

<DM> She winces a bit, and grabs her tummy. "That little Cuttingclose is really ready to make his way into the world!

<DM> Then she takes a few deep breaths, and relaxes.

<Mialee> Are you all right?

> Pengo admires the knives and daggers.

<DM>Oh, I'll be fine. The midwife told me it would be at least another month.

<DM> There is a really nice set of three matched silver daggers

<Mialee> Anyone else want to look at anything? If not, I'd still like to look at some armor.

<Jozlan> knock yourself out

<Jozlan> we know how you like to shop

<Mialee> Madam, where would we go to buy armor?

> Mialee glares at the annoying cleric.

<Flint> Probably the Iron Man.

<DM>You'd want to see Ruby over at the Metal Man. She's got a bunch of fine armor.

<Mialee> That's my guess, too.

<Mialee> Thank you, ma'am.

> Mialee heads for the Metal Man at I.

<DM>Have a good day!

<Mialee> You as well, madam!

<DM> I. The Metal Man.

<DM> This shop holds an assortment of shields and different types of armor in every

<DM> size imaginable. The armor is well made and well taken care of.

> Mialee looks through the selection for armor in her size.

> Pengo waits outside, having no real interest in armor.

<DM> Believe it or not, there are several suits of armor that would most likely fit. Chainmail to plate, with some splint and banded mail as well.

<Flint> What, not even interested in a good set of studded leather?

<Pengo> Well, I'm wearing magical leather already... Not sure I should trade that in for studded or not. What do you think?

<Mialee> I need some armor that protects well but is lighter weight than what I'm hauling around right now.

<Jozlan> I wouldn't

<Pengo> Neither would I. :)

<DM> Mialee is approached by another female dwarf who introduces herself as Ruby Fireforge.

<Flint> Depends on how special the new set is. :)

<Ruby>Can I help you with something?

<Mialee> Good day! I'm interested in finding some lighter-weight but still good, protective armor than what I'm wearing now. Can you help me?

> Pengo wanders inside, starts looking around to see if there's any enchanted studded leather available.

<Ruby>Is that regular chainmail you're wearing?

<Mialee> Yes.

<Ruby>Hmm, I can put you in some nice field Plate Mail, but that wouldn't necessarily be any lighter than what you have.

<Mialee> Any special qualities to it? Although I really should try to find something lighter.

<Ruby>If you're asking if it's enchanted for extra protection, then no, I don't have any of that sort at the moment, though I have sold many sets of armor to people who have _had_ them enchanted. They're the good in quality.

<DM> That good.

<Mialee> Hmhm.

<Mialee> What would get me less weight with the least loss in protection?

*** << <Mialee> << Trying to deal with my grossly over-encumbered status here :)

<DM>It seems to me you should be visiting some of your elven smiths to get some of that really lightweight mithril stuff.

<Mialee> Yes, that's true, I should.

*** >> to Mialee: I understand. :)

<Mialee> Ah well. Thank you for your time.

<Mialee> (what's the time now, more or less?)

<Ruby>You're welcome. (to Pengo:) Sir? Is there anything I can help you with?

<DM> 5PM

<Pengo> Well, I was wondering if you had any enchanted studded leather on hand, that might fit a hobbit, ma'am.

<Ruby>I'm afraid I don't, much to my sorrow. Would you consider some fine chainmail?

<Pengo> No, thank you.

> Pengo bows a little.

<Ruby>well, have a nice day, then.

<DM> she nods.

<Mialee> Well, I've seen what I want to see. Do we want to take a look at any of the other shops? The mountain outfitters might be a good place to visit, for instance...

<Mialee> Up to you all.

<Mordin> What do you have in the way of Dwarven sized armor?

<DM> She sidles up to Mordin and says:

<Ruby>My, aren't YOU handsome. I have a wide selection of armor that would fit you. What sort are you interested in?

> Mialee chuckles.

<Mordin> Plate mail

<Ruby>Ooooh, an excellent choice. None of that lightweight stuff for you, eh?

<Mordin> Nope, just good solid dwarven plate.

<DM> She shows leads you into a side area with some more suits on dummies, and shows you a suit of Dwarf Size platemail

<DM> It looks solid. It looks well made.

<Mordin> Using my Armorer skill, How well made is it?

<DM> It is excellently made. You couldn't have done better yourself. :)

> Pengo wanders outside to watch the passersby and imagine ways to pick their pockets.

<Mordin> How much?

<Ruby> A mere 400 gp. will get you into this suit.

<Mordin> Not bad, any with enchantments?

<Ruby> I'll even knock 25 g.p. off if you leave me the suit of chain that you're wearing.

<Ruby>no, sorry, I've got nothing enchanted in this shop. What's a strapping dwarf like you ened with that sissy enchanted stuff anyway?

> Mialee whispers to Icarius with a wink, "I bet I know a way he can get another 10 gp knocked off the price."

<Mordin> It's a little edge for taking on giants. ;)

<Ruby>Well, there is that, I suppose. What do you say, a new suit for you? It'll serve you well!

<Mordin> Okay.

<Ruby>Will you want to trade in your chainmail?

<Mordin> Yes.


*** << <Mordin> << Where do I find the weight of Armor in the PHB?

*** << <Mordin> << or is it in the DMG?

*** >> to Mordin: I was thinking in UA, but I haven't found it yet.

*** >> to Mordin: UA pg 75

<Mialee> Anybody else want to take a look? :)

<DM> Note that that will slow you down some. (9" to 6")

<DM> Ruby takes your money with a smile on her face, and collects your old chainmail, and hands you over your shiny new plate mail.

<Mordin> That's okay, base movement for a dwarf is 6". :)

<DM> hm, I thought it was 9, but ok.

<Mordin> Mordin dons his new armor.

<DM> Mordin is looking studlier than ever. :)

<Mordin> Let's look at shields.

*** << <Mialee> << Does this shop sell bracers, gloves, or boots, or just armor and shields?

<DM> There's a selection of every size hanging on the walls.

*** >> to Mialee: there are some metal gauntlets, but everything in here is mostly metal, so no boots.

<Mordin> How much for a large shield?

<Ruby>20 gp.

<Mordin> How well made is it?

<DM> It's very well made.

*** << <Mialee> << I assume Mialee can't wear those without harming her bow and/or magic abilities? :)

*** >> to Mialee: true. If there WERE some bracers, she could wear them, but not metal combat gauntlets.

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah. I'll have to look at one or two of the other shops; someone must have some other stuff I can use for added protection. :)

*** >> to Mialee: remember dwarves aren't renowned for their love of magic.

<Mordin> Make it 15 and you have a deal.

<Ruby>No, sorry, I already gave you a break on the Plate Mail. 20 gp. is what I charge for a large shield.

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah. I know.

<Mordin> Very well, but only because you are so pretty.

<Ruby>Well, thank-you sir dwarf. That'll be 20 gp." as she hands you down the shield.

> Mordin smiles and pays.

<DM> She accepts the money with a big smile.

<DM> It's getting on toward 17:30.

<Mialee> Madam dwarf, where might we find boots or gloves for purchase here in town?

<Ruby>You could try over at Bartlett's Emporium

<Mialee> Thank you!

> Mialee heads for the emporium.

> Pengo follows Mialee. > DM heads for the loo.

<Mialee> If you guys don't want to come, just meet us at A at 19:00.

> Flint follows.

> Mordin follows.

<DM> Bartlett's Emporium. Bartlett's holds a startling display of foodstuffs: iron rations; flour; dried meats; fruits; grains; sugar; barrels of pickles, beer, and ale; casks of wine; cases of breads, pastries, and confections; cheeses; sausages, etc. One section is devoted to ready-made items of clothing; bolts of cloth; spools of thread and ribbon; and boots, shoes, and slippers. A shelf holds a selection of parchment, charcoal sticks, pens and ink, slates, and chalk.

> Mialee takes a look at the footwear.

<DM> a short, red-haired, dwarf who moves quickly moves to ask if he can be of service.

<Mialee> Good day, sir.

<Bartlett>Hello, my name is Bartlett Rattsnatcher, how can I help you?

<Mialee> I'm interested in some good, protective footwear for an adventuring elf.

<Bartlett> I've a wide variety of excellent quality boots, high and low, hard and soft.

> Mialee takes a look at the inventory.

<DM> He shows you his selection of boots, and you find some good quality stuff.

<Mialee> I need something that protects well yet is good for moving quietly.

<Bartlett>Hmm, that would seem to be a conflict in terms, but let me see what I have.

<DM> He rummages through a pile of boots in a large box, and pulls up a pair of high boots of soft leather.

<DM> The heels and soles are hard.

<Mialee> Hm.

<Bartlett>Might these suit your purpose?

*** << <Mialee> << How much difference does it really make? I'm wearing chainmail, so it's not like I really move all that quietly, do I?

*** >> to Mialee: exactly

<Mialee> How much?

<Bartlett>2 gp.

<Mialee> Sold!

<DM> He accepts your money, and turns over the boots with a flourish.

<Mialee> Do you have any gloves?

<DM>But of course! would you want light and supple, or hard and protective?

<Mialee> I need gloves that I can use while wielding a bow.

<Mialee> Although I'd like some good protective gloves, obviously there's only so much one can do. :)

<DM>light and supple, then. 1 g.p. will buy these fine leather, and might I say, somewhat stylish gloves

<Mialee> Done!

<Bartlett>If you would like 20 pair of the same, I could make you a special deal.

<Mialee> I don't really need more than the one pair right now, but thank you.

<Mialee> How's the time doing now?

<DM> about 18:00

<Mialee> Good evening, sir.

<Bartlett>Come see us again!

> Mialee wanders across the street to Javam Mountain Outfitters.

> Pengo follows disinterestedly.

<DM> Along the way, an older looking dwarf bumps into Pengo, and stumbles back a little, and apologizes.

> Pengo looks at the dwarf.

<DM> His clothes are a bit disheveled, but nothing too unusual for a mining community

<Old Dwarf> "Sorry, sorry". He says, and wanders off.

> Pengo and checks his belongings.

<DM> all Pengo's belongings are there.

<Pengo> Hrm.

<DM> Javam Mountain Outfitters.

<DM> This store is filled with a jumbled assortment of ropes, saddles, sacks, bridles, blankets, utensils, lanterns, etc. Some merchandise is new, some used. The place is dirty and ill kept. Sitting behind the counter is a dour, dirty looking dwarf whose only vanity seems to be her hands. Her hair and beard are uncombed and greasy, her clothes are slovenly, but her hands are clean and adorned with many jeweled rings.

<Mialee> Hm. I don't really see anything I need here.

> Mialee wanders off toward K, One-Eyed Jack's.

> Pengo follows, wondering if it will ever end.

<DM> Make a saving throw vs. Petrification.

<Mialee> Me?

<DM> yes

<Pengo> Or me?

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 18

<DM> Mialee

<DM> As you walk out the door, you barely avoid tripping over a rope that is laying on the floor.

<DM> Funny, you don't remember the rope being on the floor on your way in.

> Mialee turns and looks back at the dwarf behind the counter.

<DM> She smiles a malicious grin.

> Mialee continues on toward K.

<DM> One-Eyed Jack's Custom Crafted Curios.

<DM> The shop is filled with overpriced, mass-produced belts, brooches, necklaces, and baubles. Pick-your-own "diamonds," "rubies," and "emeralds" fill a big glass jar.

> Flint follows.

<Mialee> I'm assuming we'll have a few minutes to poke a head in and get a look. :)

<Mialee> Custom Crafted, huh? :)

<DM> The items are gaudy and easily detected as fakes.

<Pengo> Wow, what a pile of junk.

<DM> A dwarf with a patch over his left eye appears through a curtain in the back.

<Dwarf with patch> How would you know, shortling?

<Pengo> Know what? The difference between glass and diamonds?

<Dwarf with patch> Junk from precious stones, yeah.

<Pengo> Well, I've seen precious stones, but not in here.

<Mialee> Come on, Pengo, let's move on, okay?

<Dwarf with patch> Well, if you find some by the roadside, come back and let me take a look, and maybe I'll buy them from you, and then I'll HAVE some precious stuff in here, eh?

<Pengo> Mm.

<Mialee> Come on, let's go.

> Mialee leads the way to A.

<Jozlan> finally

<Mialee> We had to kill time somehow.

<DM> Along the way, you pass by a young female dwarf that definitely catches the eye of Mordin, and even Flint. Her hair is a butterscotch gold and her blue eyes make her stand out among the dwarves. She is taller and less stocky than most dwarven maidens, and her hair and beard curl into beautiful ringlets.

<Pengo> Wow, she must be something.

<Mialee> Half-dwarf?

<DM> She walks along whistling a happy tune with a 25 pound sack of flour under one arm.

<DM> She heads into the tavern.

<Flint> Nice.

<Mialee> You boys can flirt later. :)

<DM> You arrive at the door A.

<Mialee> Anyone there?

<DM> The door is closed.

> Mialee knocks.

<DM> there is no one outside the door.

<DM> The door is quickly answered by a dwarf in Chainmail.

<Lan>May I help you?

<Mialee> We're looking for Mister Blitzener. May we speak to him?

<Lan>is he expecting you?

<Mialee> We are adventurers and saw the sign posted up the road.

<Lan>Hmm, please wait a moment, I'll see if Carlos is available. " He leaves the door ajar, and disappears down the hallway.

<DM> A few minutes later, the female dwarf you met earlier comes to the door, and opens it wide.

<Pela>You'll have to excuse Lan, he's very protective of my Carlos, and doesn't have much patience with strangers.

> Mialee smiles.

<DM> She motions for you to follow her.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo tags along.

<DM> She leads you down a hallway decorated in rich tapestries, and battle standards. Turning into a large chamber on the left, she leads you into the presence of Carlos Blitzener.

<DM> Carlos is seated on a large oak chair next to a dining table. He is wearing chainmail armor, and there is a short sword hanging by a belt over the back of his chair.

<DM> Carlos is 4'9" tall. He has brown hair and a long, brown beard (braided, knotted, and studded with campaign decorations) that he wraps loosely around his Both his hair and beard are liberally streaked with gray. His garments are of dark brown cloth and he wears a diamond and emerald brooch that is a symbol of his rank. Carlos wears three rings on his left hand and seven on his right. The other dwarf, apparently named Lan, is standing behind him, whispering in his ear.

<Mialee> Good evening, sir.

<DM>Good evening, gentlefolk. I'm pleased that you've come to answer the call.

<Mialee> Your sign certainly got our attention.

<Mialee> May we ask what help you require?

<Carlos>Let me explain. We here in Mountain Lake have long enjoyed prosperity by working hard in the mines and bringing the beauty of what lies hidden beneath the mountains to the light of day. " Of course, we're always looking for more areas to mine, and several weeks ago, we began to investigate a promising area to the NW. " We sent a scouting party into the area to look around, determine the danger level and if there was enough precious metals to justify the effort. Contrary to popular belief, there were but three that went in, not 20, but the truth remains that only one dwarf of those three came out alive. "He was burned almost to death, and in such as state of shock that all the efforts of our healers have yet to bring him to a point where he can tell us what happened. "These dwarves were miners of great skill, but not over-skillful in battle. "What I am looking for is a group that can investigate these caverns, and tell me what dangers lurk within.

<Mialee> What do you fellows think?

<DM> Lan, the dwarf behind Carlos, continues to stare coldly at Icarius.

<DM> While you're thinking about it, you notice that the room you're in is very nicely furnished, with highly polished wooden furniture, and wall ornaments of beautifully crafted metal and precious stones and gems.

<Mialee> You have a very lovely home.

<Mordin> What is in it for us?

<Mialee> Wow, that was direct.

<DM> Carlos laughs out loud.

> Mialee is startled.

<Carlos>Haha! Very good. A dwarf after my own heart. Let me tell you. My people are dear to me, and I'd not risk another of their lives unnecessarily.

<Carlos>For those willing to take the risk involved, I'm willing to pay a handsome fee.

<Mialee> I'm always looking for a good time. :)

<Mialee> So to speak.

<Carlos>I will offer you 5000 g.p if you can accomplish the following things:

<Carlos> Explore the caverns in their entirety. discover what killed my miners, and bring me proof of what killed them.

<Carlos>Let me know of any other dangers we would face were we to commence mining operations.

<Mordin> 5000 g.p. each, or total?

<DM> Lan's eyes open wide in shock at Mordin's audacity.

<DM> Carlos says: "Prosperity we have, but not unlimited wealth. The 5000 is to be split among any surviving members of your party.

<DM>Plus of course, anything you happen to find inside the caverns.

<Mialee> I think that's fair.

*** << <Mordin> << That's what a 9 Chr will get you. :)

<Mialee> I'm game.

<Pengo> If she is, so am I.

<Carlos>When would you like to get started then? I can have some guards show you to the entrance whenever you're ready.

<Mialee> We probably need to get a night's sleep first.

<Jozlan> tomorrow morning then

<Carlos>of course

<Carlos>Where are you staying in town?

<Mialee> We haven't got anything lined up yet.

<Carlos>Not that there's much choice, but I'd recommend the Weary Traveler Inn. I'll send word down there that your stay tonight is on me.

<Carlos>I'll have a guard come round to fetch you at the 9th hour.

<Mialee> You are most kind. Thank you.

<Carlos>Oh, there's one more thing, which may or may not be important.

<DM> He reaches behind him and pulls out a curved, flat oval object about 6 inches in diameter.

<DM> He hands it to Mordin, and says: "The miner that got out was clutching this in his blackened hands.

<DM> (Imagine a semi-curled up pancake)

<Mialee> Would you like for one of our healers to visit with him and see if he could help?

<Flint> I have some small skill in healing, perhaps I can help the survivor.

> Mordin examines the object.

<Carlos>I'm sure that everything that CAN be done for him is being done for him by the clerics in the temple of Dumathoin next door. But thank-you for your offer.

<DM> The object has a silverish color to it, or perhaps more like electrum.

<DM> it has a sort of rainbow sheen to it, like a serpent's scales.

<Mialee> Uh.

<Mialee> Could it be a scale from a dragon's hide?

<Mialee> Or similar beast?

<DM> Perhaps it could.

<Mialee> Interesting.

<Mialee> That would certainly explain the fire damage.

<Mialee> All right, let's go get some sleep and get this show on the road. :)

<DM> Lan steps around the chair, and leads you to the door.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo follows Lan.

> Icarius follows

<DM> As he shows you outside, he says:

<Lan>I wish you good luck in your endeavors. I hope they will prove to be worthwhile.

<Mialee> Thank you.

> Mialee heads for the inn.

<DM> As you head toward the inn, you notice a fair crowd of dwarves moving toward the big double doors in the mountain side to your left (P).

<DM> The doors are open, and you see two dwarves in grey robes and hoods flanking the doorway.

<Mialee> Temple, I take it.

*** >> to Flint: you recognize the habit of the clerics of Dumathoin.

> Mialee continues on toward the inn.

> Pengo does too.

<Flint> Yes, they are clerics of Dumathoin.

<DM> You arrive at the inn, a large, four-story building made of stone. The belowground level contains the living quarters of the staff and the brewery where the proprietor makes his renowned beer. The ground level contains the front entrance and two common rooms. The top two stories each have five private rooms. The inn is clean and well kept.

> Mialee goes inside.

<DM> The common rooms are mostly empty. There is a man with what appears to be some elvish ancestry sitting at a table, enjoying a light meal, and there is a dwarf behind the bar.

> Mialee approaches the dwarf behidn the bar.

<Mialee> Sir, we need rooms for the night, if you have any to spare. Mr. Blitzener sent us.

Yes, certainly. Any friend of Carlos is a friend of mine.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<Huk>I suppose, Madam elf, you'll be wanting a private room? Will the rest of you be amenable to bunking together, or would you also prefer private rooms?

<Mialee> I would like a private room, yes.

<Pengo> I'm all right bunking together with the others, if they are.

<Flint> Yes.

<DM> As a female dwarf emerges from the back room, the proprietor says:

<Huk>Marthe, please take these folk up and...

<Marthe>get them settled in" she finishes.

<DM>Yes, Huk, of course I will. Come along.

> Mialee follows her.

<DM> She leads the way up a short stairway.

> Pengo goes along.

<DM> She shows Mialee a small room with a single bed, chair, desk and chamber pot, and shows the others to a larger room with 6 beds, 2 chairs and a small writing desk.

<Mialee> Thank you.

> Mialee goes downstairs to get some food.

<DM> She sees the man sitting by the fire reading a manuscript, sipping on a goblet of wine.

> Mialee orders dinner and a goblet of wine.

> Mialee looks at the man by the fire.

<DM> Marthe, the female dwarf, takes your order and heads for the kitchen. Huk Huk, the bartender/owner, delivers your goblet of wine.

<Mialee> Thank you.

> Mialee sips at the wine, stretches, then finds a seat near the fire.


<DM> The man glances up at her, raises an eyebrow in acknowlegement, and goes back to his reading.

> Mialee smiles back.

> Mialee tries to see what he's reading, without being obvious about it.

<DM> Well, you can't see the words, really, but it is beautifully illuminated in gold leaf in a nature motif -- lots of leaves and vines, etc.

<DM> Everyone else still hanging out upstairs?

<Mialee> That's a lovely manuscript.

<Eurus>hmm? Yes, it is. It is as lovely to look at as it is to read.

<Mialee> Pardon me, I didn't intend to intrude.

> Mialee sips her wine.

> Mordin goes down to get something to eat.

> Flint does as well.

<Eurus>oh, no bother.

<Mialee> May I ask what you're reading, or is it of a personal nature?

<Eurus>It is a treatise on the preservation of nature's wonders against the depredations of civilization

<Mialee> Sounds quite interesting.

<Mialee> Although perhaps a little esoteric.

<Eurus>written several decades ago by a great druid, I believe.

<Mialee> It sounds like something a druid would write.

<Eurus>I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, but some of his ideas are not without merit.

<Eurus>My name is Eurus. Eurus Summertide

<Mialee> Mialee. A pleasure to meet you.

<Eurus>I noticed you carrying a longbow earlier. I too favor the bow.

<Mialee> I find the bow and the sword each have their virtues.

<Eurus>true enough

<Mialee> What brings you to these parts, if I may ask?

<Eurus>Oh, I am a wanderlust by nature, never staying in one place too long. I happened to stop in here a couple of years back, and found the relaxed pace here pleasant, while not getting cut off totally from the world.

<Mialee> I see.

<Eurus>So I stop in here periodically, sometimes I stay for a day, sometimes a week, sometimes a month.

<Eurus>In the winter, I stay longer, because as I get older, I find I don't care for winters in the wilderness as much as I did as an adventurous youth.

<Mialee> I and my party are wanderers of a sort as well, traveling here and there and using our skills as we can.

<Eurus> Are you here to answer the call to solve the mystery of the caverns, then?

<Mialee> Yes, we are.

<Eurus> Well, then, I wish you luck. From what I've heard, you'll need it.

<Mialee> Perhaps. But a little adventure is good for the soul.

> Mialee waits for dinner to arrive.

<Eurus>I believe it's time for me to retire, so I will bid you goodnight, and goodspeed.

<DM> With that, he gets up and after dropping a coin on the counter, walks out toward the stable building behind the inn.

<Mialee> Sleeping in the stable? Interesting.

> Mialee sips on her wine while waiting for dinner.

<DM> Dinner arrives just then. (Imagine that)

<Mialee> ;)

> Mialee eats hungrily.

<DM> The meal is not fancy, but it is tasty.

> Mialee finishes dinner, pays, and retires to bed for the night.

<DM> Is there anything else that anyone wants to do before retiring for the night?

<Jozlan> i'm ready to get cracking

A piece of the log was unfortunately lost. =============================================================================== June 6, 2005 ===============================================================================

We continue with our party north of area 5 on the map.

<Mordin> Let's head south.

> Mialee nods and follows Mordin.

<Mialee> Or maybe I just stand around waiting until we go. :D

<DM> You head down the passageway to the south, and it opens into an oddly shaped cavern about 60 ft. across

<DM> Stalactites and stalagmites of varying shapes and sizes fill this cavern. One formation resembles a giant chair, while another looks like a tremendous lantern.

<DM> The light reflecting from these crystaline formations rather dazzles your eyes.

<DM> Shards of these formations are scattered about the floor, making walking hazardous.

<Flint> What kind of crystals are they?

<Mialee> Do they look like they broke naturally, or was there maybe some kind of struggle in here?

<DM> Mostly limestone, from what you can tell.

> Pengo takes a look at the chair.

<DM> It looks like some of the stalactites were broken off. And the stalagmites too.

<Mialee> Hm, I wonder what happened in here.

<DM> The chair is large, like it would fit an ogre, but it looks like a natural formation, not carved.

<Mialee> Interesting.

<Flint> Keep an eye out for anything lurking overhead.

> Pengo looks at the lantern-like structure. Any sign it might actually have been used as one?

<Mialee> Anybody know of any creatures that can create or shape rock?

<DM> No. It too is a natural formation. It is about 3 ft. tall.

<DM> Pengo,

<DM> Roll a d20+2 and get under your dexterity...

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20+2 -> 19 + 2 = 21

<Mialee> Oh, that's not good. :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20+2 -> 17 + 2 = 19

<Pengo> Neither is that. :)

<DM> Pengo slips on the rubble and hits the ground.

<DM> You take damage:

*** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 1

<Icarius> perhaps if it was once carved then overgrown with limestone

<DM> Anyone else exploring the cave?

<Mialee> Did we both take 1 hp?

<Mordin> Yes.

<DM> no, Just Pengo, since he was presumable walking about the cave.

<Mialee> OK.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+2 -> 11 + 2 = 13

<DM> I'm assuming, since no one else said different, that everyone else is standing in the passageway.

<Mordin> I'm exploring.

<DM> Mordin also slips and falls.

<DM> You take damage:

*** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 1

<DM> Other than the odd formations already mentioned, you don't find anything unusual in this cave.

<Icarius> shall we?

<Mordin> Shall we continue on?

<Mialee> Yeah. Mordin, lead on.

<Mordin> Head east from 5 and take the south passage.

> Mordin leads.

<DM> The tunnel, being natural as it is, twists and turns, and widens and narrows along the way.

> Mialee follows, with Pengo in tow.

<DM> Turning down the south passage, you eventually, after 40 ft., come to another cavern, as depicted.

<DM> This area is also strewn with rocky rubble.

<Mialee> Does the tunnel continue on to the east from here?

<DM> Well, the tunnel that you turned south off of does continue to the east.

<Mialee> But what about from this cavern?

<DM> no, not from this cavern.

<Mialee> OK.

<DM> You are now at the top of the small cave at the south end of the tunnel.

> Mialee suggests again that the dwarves investigate the room.

> Mordin searches the cave.

<DM> roll a save

<DM> +2

> Flint searches.

<Mialee> Uhoh.

<DM> both of you.

<Mordin> versus?

<DM> same as before, vs, dexterity, to avoid slipping. or tripping.

<Mordin> OK, Dex check.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+2 -> 3 + 2 = 5

<DM> yeah, but add 2

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20+2 -> 12 + 2 = 14

<DM> Mordin makes it around. Flint slips and hits his head.

<DM> You take damage:

*** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 2

<DM> You don't find anything in this cave. Other than some bat guano.

<Pengo> Eeew.

> Pengo waits for us to move along.

<Flint> Let's continue east.

<Icarius> is anybody down enough that a Cure Light Wounds is warranted?

> Mordin heads back up and to the east.

<Mialee> I doubt it. :)

<Icarius> in case we find some action

<Pengo> I'm only down 1.

<Flint> No.

> Mialee follows Mordin.

<DM> The passage continues from the intersection about 60' and opens up into another cavern.

> Pengo goes too.

<Flint> I'm down 2 and Mordin is down 1 point.

<DM> refresh

<Mialee> Anything in here of note?

<DM> The main cavern that you see here actually continues north for another 20' before fading into darkness.

<DM> A mass of purple fungus covers the floor and halfway up the walls

<DM> here.

<Mialee> That makes me nervous.

<Icarius> lets be careful yeah

<Flint> Is there a draft in here?

<DM> No particular draft, no.

<Mialee> I suggest we go explore elsewhere for now, and come back this way later.

<Mialee> I don't like the idea of wading through an unknown fungus.

<Flint> Let's try to set it on fire.

<Mialee> Do any of us know anything about fungi? :)

<DM> As in special training? Not that I know of.

<Mialee> Didn't think so.

<DM> hmm, that would make an interesting non-weapon proficiency, eh? though I suppose it might be covered under herbalist.

<DM> The fungus looks to be about 3-6 inches deep, from where you're standing.

<Mialee> I'd like to know if it's dangerous before we do anything with it. :)

<Icarius> perhaps we could try burning it

<Icarius> like we did with the plants a few months back

<Mialee> I still think the best choice is to avoid it until we have to cross it.

<Mialee> We might find out what it is if we explore the other caverns.

<Icarius> ok let's carefully avoid the fungus

> Mordin pokes the fungi with his axe.

> Mialee stands back from the fungus.

<DM> Nothing happens to Mordin.

<Mialee> How's the axe? :)

<DM> The fungus seems to be a normal plant-life.

<DM> the axe is fine.

<Mialee> Hmmm.

<Icarius> hmm

> Mordin heads east.

> Flint follows.

> Mialee waits to see if Mordin gets engulfed in acid or spores or something. :)

<DM>So are you crossing toward the eastern passageway?

> Icarius waits

> Pengo waits too.

<Mordin> Yes.

<Icarius> that was a nonevent

<Icarius> :)

<DM> ok, you don't get engulfed in anything.

> Mialee follows the dwarves at last.

> Pengo follows.

<DM> about halfway across, you glance back to the NW and see that the cavern narrows, and splits into two passageways to the N and NW

<Mialee> (now the DM says, "But you do get impaled by razor-sharp blades protruding suddenly from the fungus!")

<DM> The fungus fades away when you reach the passage to the east.

<DM> It felt soft and springy under your feet.

<Mialee> Onward!

<DM> I don't mean fade from view, I mean it doesn't cover the tunnel.

> Mialee nods.

<Icarius> like a red carpet

> Mordin continues east.

<DM> You ocntinue down the passageway to the area marked '11', and find that this cavern too, has walls and floors covered in the purple fungus.

<Mialee> Is there water dripping in here? Any sign of this chamber being more damp than others?

<DM> No dripping water, but the air might be a bit more humid in the fungus infested areas than in the other areas of the caves.

<Mialee> How high is the ceiling?

<DM> about 30'

> Mialee waits on the dwarves.

<DM> it varies of course, and the floor is still uneven.

> Mordin explores the chamber.

<Pengo> Any sign of the fungus being disturbed or crushed by footsteps?

<DM> not here, no.

<Pengo> Was there in the last room? Dang, I didn't think to look.

<Pengo> When we move around, do we leave any visible sign of our passage in the fungus?

<DM> and you see that as Mordin passes, it springs back to its original shape, for the most part.

<Pengo> OK.

<Icarius> most interesting

<Pengo> If we get into a situation where we're chasing something, we should remember that if we're close enough behind, we may be able to tell which way it went by looking at the fungus.

<Pengo> Dunno how well it would work, but...

<DM> You can see some imprint, but the fungus looks pretty resilient.

<Mialee> OK.

> Mialee watches Mordin as he looks around.

<Mordin> Is there an exit to the east here?

<DM> Sorry. Mordin finds nothing of interest in the chamber.

<DM> There is an exit to the east.

> Mordin heads east.

> Mialee follows, with Pengo.

> Flint follows.

<DM> The passage comes to a 'T' with tunnels leading North and SE.

<DM> The SE tunnel bends to the NE after 20' or so.

> Mordin heads SE.

> Mialee and Pengo follow in formation.

<DM> As soon as you round the bend to the NE, you see a large chamber,

<DM> stretching N and S into the darkness.

<DM> refresh

> Mordin explores to the south.

<Mialee> Is this room made of the same crystalline material? Any debris or anything like that?

<DM> The floor continues to be very uneven, but with not nearly so much rubble as in a few caves at the beginning.

<Mialee> Hm.

<DM> It is pretty much the same soft stone, which glitters in the light of Icarius' rod.

> Pengo watches Mordin move around.

> Mialee waits.

<Mordin> Anything of interest to the south?

<DM> Mordin notices traces of metals in the walls, the kind that miners like.

<Icarius> do the dwarves know what the glittery stone is?

*** >> to Mordin: could be silver, platinum or... maybe something even more valuable. you can't really tell which without a careful lab analysis.

*** << <Mordin> << :)

<Mialee> See anything interesting, Mordin?

<Mordin> No.

<DM> Mordin finds a pile of bones, belonging to some unidentifiable creature.

> Mordin heads north.

<Mordin> Did I find anything else to the south?

<DM> The cavern extends northward only 20 ft. beyond what's on the map, and ends there.

<DM> Nothing else to the south, no.

<Mialee> Anything among those bones?

<DM> they were broken, but there was nothing in with them.

<Mialee> OK. Shall we, Mordin?

<Mordin> Let's head back to the 'T' and north.

> Mordin leads.

> Flint follows.

> Pengo and Mialee do too.

<DM> moving north from the 'T', after 40' or so, the passage widens into another large chamber. There is a nasty smell in here, as if something was rotting.

> Mialee doesn't like that smell at all. :)

<Mialee> Do we see anything in here?

<DM> the chamber is about 70' long, to the north, and then bends off to the east.

<Mialee> Whew, big chamber.

<Mialee> Anything? :)

<DM> Are you entering the chamber?

<Mialee> Well, do we see anything in it? :)

<Mialee> I don't want to go in until I know what I'm seeing. :)

<DM> nothing right off the bat, but who knows what might be past that roll in the ground?

<Mialee> What roll in the ground?

<DM> remember, the floors here are not smooth and even, they go up and down and have all sorts of humps and bumps.

<Mialee> OK...

<Mialee> Anybody sense a trap?

> Mordin enters the chamber.

> Mialee listens. Any sounds coming from in that room?

> Flint follows.

<DM> You hear the faintest humming sound.

<Mialee> Uh, guys...

<DM> it varies in pitch.

<DM> but then it's gone.

<Mialee> There's something in heree.

> Mialee describes the sound, quietly.

<DM> It sounds like it's coming from far off.

<Mialee> Ah.

<Mialee> OK.

> Mialee follows the dwarves into the room, with Pengo along.

<DM> Mordin, about half-way up the chamber, you stumble onto something that, were it not for your mighty constitution, might have made you gag.

<DM> you see, propped up against the wall, the body of a dwarf, half-decayed.

<DM> This is obviously where the charnel smell is coming from.

<Icarius> gross. a recent death then?

<Mialee> One of the party that disappeared, I presume.

<Mordin> How did he die?

<DM> It looks like he died anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months ago.

<DM> looking closer, you notice that what's left of the skin looks blackened and charred.

<Mialee> Yeah. I thought so.

<DM> the clothes are mostly burned off.

<Mialee> Anything that might identify him?

<DM> dental records, maybe.

<DM> (not :)

<Icarius> anything in his hands?

<DM> nothing in his hands, no.

> Mialee winces and gently checks to see if there's anything under him.

<Flint> Any remains of equipment laying around?

<Icarius> any indications of a fight within this chamber?

<DM> he is laying on top of a warhammer.

> Mialee suggests that Mordin take it.

<DM> the chamber is bare rock, so you don't see any evidence of a fight, no.

<Mialee> There's something nasty down here, for sure.

> Mordin examines the war hammer.

<DM> it, too is blackened and burned.

<Icarius> a balrog or a dragon perhaps

<DM> even the metal head is dulled.

<Mialee> Yeah, that's what I suspect. A dragon, or similar.

<Mialee> Do we see anything else around in here?

<Icarius> he's propped up, as if someone left him there, placed him like that

<Mialee> Or he was sitting there when he died.

<DM> no, there is nothing else in the chamber that you see from here.

<Icarius> perhaps

<Icarius> then let's proceed with caution

<Mialee> So, what now, Mordin?

<DM> From where you are, you can see a passage to the east, in the NE corner of the chamber.

<Mordin> Let's head east.

<Mialee> OK...

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo goes too.

<DM> at the north end of the chamber, you see a battleaxe laying on the ground, with a charred handle.

<DM> It looks like it was once a fine weapon.

<Mialee> Looks like this is where the dwarven party fell, for sure.

<Mialee> We should collect these weapons, and bring them back with us.

<Mordin> Where are we on the map?

<Mialee> I think we're at the north end of the chamber to the west of 14.

<DM> that's right.

<Mordin> Does the chamber continue north?

<Pengo> Did someone grab that battleaxe?

<DM> The chamber where you found the dwarf does NOT continue north, but there is a passage to the north leading from chamber 14

> Mordin heads for 14.

> Pengo follows, as does Mialee.

> Icarius too

<DM> This large chamber has little of note in it. The only odd thing you notice is a sort of crooning sound, coming from the passageway to the south.

<Icarius> crooning?

> Mialee imagines Frank Sinatra.

<DM> yeah, it's the sound you heard before, it almost sounds like a lullaby

> Mordin heads south.

<Mialee> As in, "Frank Sinatra sings for 3 points of damage!

> Flint follows.

> Mialee follows, sword ready.

> Pengo follows Mialee, sword in hand.

<DM> the passage winds to the south and SE for about 70 ft,

<DM> it opens into an irregularly shaped cave. > DM waits for the tension to build....

<Mialee> D'oh :)

<Mialee> Fine, be that way. ;)

<Icarius> lullaby sounds like a good thing

<DM> In the cave, you see a most unusual thing.

<DM> There is a dragon of silvery hue dozing in front of the passage to the 'A'.

<Mialee> Yeah, thought so.

<DM> There is another dragon of the same hue softly singing/humming in the alcove to the SW,

<Mialee> Oh. There's more than one.

<DM> to a clutch of 3 (count'em 3) young looking dragons

<Mialee> Oh my.

<DM> roll for surprise.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> you have 1 segment --

<Mialee> Uh.

<Icarius> how large are these dragons?

<DM> the adults are about 35 ft long

<DM> head to tail

<Flint> We mean you no harm.

> Mialee apologizes for intruding.

huh? Oh, hello there." says the crooning one.

<Icarius> how about the small ones?

> Icarius breathes a sigh of relief

Have you come to give our little ones gifts?

aren't they beautiful? *** has left the room.

<Mialee> I was just admiring them, yes.

<DM> At this point the other one wakes up.

<Mialee> You're quite fortunate.

<Icarius> they are most beautiful

<DM> he raises his head and turns toward the group.

> Mialee curtsies politely.

More visitors?" "Not more of those bothersome )*#$)#&&#@'s, I hope." says he.

<Mialee> We didn't intend to intrude; we were exploring the caverns and stumbled upon your home quite by accident.

The crooner says:"Well? What have you brought to start off our younglings' hoard?

> Mialee looks at Flint.

You _Have_ brought gifts, haven't you? It would be impolite not to." she says.

<Mialee> Mordin? :)

<Mialee> What would they like, do you think?

<Icarius> what do we even have with us?

<DM> Are you asking Mordin, or the dragons?

<Mialee> I'm asking the dragons. :)

<Mialee> Sorry.

<Flint> We have brought 100 PP for each of your three young ones.

<Flint> To start their own hordes off.

They would like that, I suppose.

Though they would probably like something special or beautiful even more.

<DM> The other dragon says something to his mate in a language that you don't understand.

<DM> She gets a quizzical look on her face, and turns to you.

Really? Is this your first hatching?

<Flint> Yes.

Oh, then I can see why you wouldn't understand the traditions.

It's tradition among our kind to bring gifts to younglings at their hatching, to start off their own hoards.

We don't value coinage much, (after all, what could we possibly use it for?) but we do treasure things of beauty and magic.

<Mialee> How much is 1pp in gold?

<Mialee> (to the DM)

<DM> 1 pp = 5 gp

<Mialee> Would your younglings like jewels? I have three fine jewels I could give, one to each of them.

> Jozlan looks

Oh yes, Jewels and other bright things are a delight to their eyes. :)

> Mialee waits for a reply.

> Mialee reaches into her pack and rummages around for a bit, then withdraws the diamond, ruby, and bloodstone from the leather bag we took from one of our foes recently.

<Mialee> Or did I find it on that cliff? No matter. :)

> Mialee holds them out for the dragons to admire.

ooh, I think they'd like that.

<DM> She holds out an immense paw, palm up.

> Mialee deposits the jewels in her palm.

<DM> It was on the cliff, BTW.

<Mialee>With our esteem, and hopes for along and happy lives for your younglings.

<Mialee> I thought so. :)

<DM> She turns and gives the gems to the young dragons, and they chirp in gladness.

Well, they say thanks, and appreciate your generosity.

> Mialee smiles.

as do we. It's not often that 2-leggers are so polite.

<Mialee> I take it you had a run-in with some recently?

There haven't been any robbers bothering us recently, if that's what you mean...

<Mialee> Might I ask you a question, kind dragons?

Go ahead.

<Mialee> There is a village of miners and craftsmen near here that would like to mine in these caves. Perhaps an arrangement could be reached, whereby they would make you beautiful things with some of the mined metals, in exchange for the right to do so?

Oh, that wouldn't bother us at all. In fact, we will be gone from here before the next moon wanes.

<Mialee> Well, that's fine then.

We've only stayed here for the hatching because, well, truthfully...

we're a bit of an odd lot among our kind.

<Mialee> How so, if I may ask?

> Pengo listens to the conversation with interest.

You see, most males don't stick around for the hatching, but my Emorys, he's such a fine male, and he cares for his younglings, don't you dear?

<DM> and if you can imagine a dragon batting her eyelashes....

> Mialee smiles.

<Mialee> That sounds quite lovely.

<DM> There is a grunt from the other dragon.

So we came to this remote place, (well, remote from our home) for the hatching because we didn't want to have to put up with the nasty talk from the others.

<Icarius> how long have you been in here then?

We've been here about 3 moons, now.

<Mialee> Have you seen any dwarves like my friend here (pointing at Flint) wandering around the caverns?

Yes, there was a regrettable incident almost a moon ago.

<Mialee> What happened?

I was practicing casting a fireball spell, when a few of them showed up right where you're standing

It was too late for me to pull it back, and I'm afraid they were singed a bit.

<Mialee> Just a bit?

<DM> They disappeared before I could enquire after their health

<Icarius> ah. well accidents happen

<Flint> How many of them?

I saw two of them

<Mialee> Do you know if anyone else lives in these caverns?

<Icarius> or bad luck at least

<Mialee> Bad luck indeed.

I'm sorry about it, I didn't mean them harm.

Oh yes, there are sveral types of creatures living here,

many of them of very bad temper

<Mialee> Mm. I think perhaps the dwarves you encountered may have run into them while trying to get home after your accident.

< Emorys >Like the )*#$)#&&#@'s," says the other one.

<Mialee> The what?

<DM> He says a word you don't understand.

<Mialee> Can you describe them to us? We're not familiar with them.

The creatures that bore through rock

<Mialee> They're of ill temper, you say?

Oh yes, they are. Mean and viscious.

<Mialee> We'll certainly be mindful of them then.

<Mialee> Well, I certainly appreciate the pleasant conversation. I think we had best move along. I hope you and your younglings remain well.

And you as well.

> Mialee gestures to Mordin that we should resume our exploration.

<Icarius> yes, thank you for your information

> Mordin heads back to 14.

> Mialee follows.

<DM> you arrive back in that cavern.

<Mialee> Sounds like the dwarves ran into something nasty when fleeing from the dragons after the accident.

> Mordin heads for the NE tunnel.

> Mialee follows with Pengo along.

<DM> You soon come to the 4-way intersection.

> Mordin turns right.

> Pengo follows.

> Mialee goes too.

<DM> the passage way winds down for about 50 ft and opens into a small chamber.

<Mialee> Anything in here?

<DM> a pile of rubble in front of a passageway heading back north

<Mialee> Passable or not?

<DM> yes, it's passable.

<Mialee> Or is it just a pile, not actually blocking the passage?

> Pengo searches the rubble.

> Flint searches the rubble.

<DM> it's a pile, as if it were blown out of the tunnel. *** has entered the room.

<DM> You don't find anything but rock in the pile of rubble.

<Icarius> be careful in the rubble... could be boring creatures.

> Mialee looks to Mordin.

> Mordin heads north.

> Flint follows.

> Mialee and Pengo follow.

<DM> the rubble-strewn passage goes north for 40 ' and opens into a large chamber.

<DM> As you enter the chamber, you see 2 very strange creatures coming out of the eastern alcove.

<Icarius> how large are they?

<DM> 8' tall, 5' wide

<DM> They see you and start walking your way, with their huge mandibles clicking and chattering.

<Icarius> must be the nasty borers we've heard about

<DM> roll for initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> They're still 30 ft from you. What are you going to do.

<DM> they continue toward you.

<Mialee> Magic Missile at the closer one.

<DM> roll it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 4 = 8 + 2 = 10

<Mialee> Woo :)

<DM> good hit. It flinches. A little.

<Mialee> Oooh.

<Pengo> Can I use my sling to pop one?

<Pengo> Hm, no, I'll just keep a grip on my sword, I think.

> Icarius mm at further one

*** Roll by Icarius: 3d4+3 -> 2 + 3 + 2 = 7 + 3 = 10

<DM> Anyone else?

<DM> by the end of this round, they'll be in melee range.

<DM> What is your formation? (Sheppy, this might be a good time for your magic whiteboard. )

<Mialee> Let me crank it up, just a sec.

*** >> to Flint: you still there, Flint?

*** << <Flint> << Yes.

*** >> to Flint: ok, just checkin' ;)

<Mialee> Where did we come in from?

<DM> ok, there you go.

<DM> there

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> Mi = Mialee, P = Pengo

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile again, at uh1.

<Flint> Melee

<Mialee> WHere are Joz and Icarius?

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 1 = 5 + 2 = 7

<DM> Flint, Mordin, Jozlan, you can swing.

<Mordin> \

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 10

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 12

<DM> both miss

> Pengo moves toward uh1, sword ready. I presume I can't strike until next turn.

<Pengo> Round, whatever. :)

<DM> check.

> Jozlan swings at the closest one

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> miss

<DM> Flint, Jozlan and Mordin, make a saving throw. vs. magic.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 16 *** has left the room.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> Mordin: Those eyes! those damnable eyes! All four of them looking at you, it just confuses the heck out of you!

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 20

<DM> You just stand there befuddled for the next round.

<Mialee> Oof.

<Mordin> Huh?

<DM> Meanwhile, they strike back with razor-sharp claws,

<DM> one at Mordin, one at Flint.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 17 + 9 + 10 = 36

<DM> one hit with a claw:

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 1 + 1 + 2 = 4

<DM> at Flint

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 13 + 8 + 19 = 40

<DM> one claw, one mandible hit.

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 2 + 1 + 2 = 5

*** Roll by DM: 2d5 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<Mialee> Dang.

<DM> Round 3:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile again.

<Flint> Ic...Feel free to join in the casting.

<Mialee> He doesn't have many offensive spells memorized that are useful in close quarters.

<Flint> Drop a fireball 30' behind them. :)

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 3 = 4 + 2 = 6

<Mialee> (at uh1 again, of course)

<DM> right

<Icarius> good idea..

> Pengo swings at uh1 with his sword.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 9

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 13

> Icarius sticks his rod in his belt and uses his staff of magic missile on #2

<Pengo> I thought Mordin was stunned this round.

<DM> Mordin only hit.

<DM> oh, that's right.

<DM> too bad.

<Pengo> Sorry, Mordin. :)

<Mordin> Pengo is right, I'm stunned.

<Pengo> Well, if it's any consolation, I'm sure the lady dwarves find you stunning. :D

<DM> confused, actually.

<Mordin> I only thought I hit.

<Mialee> Whatever. :)

> Jozlan attachs #1

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> There ya go. :D

<Mialee> Woohoo :)

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 3

> Mialee waits for the axe to fall, so to speak.

<DM> Pengo, Flint and Jozlan, roll a saving throw

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 83

<Pengo> Wait, that's not right. :)

<DM> d20 please

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 7

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 5

<Pengo> Oof.

<DM> Flint gets confused by the weird eyes.

<DM> Strangely enough, Jozlan, using his shield with the funny shimmering field, isn't really confused by the eyes.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 43

<DM> Flint, you stand confused for the next round.

<DM> uh1 attacks...

*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1

<DM> Jozlan *** Unknown die specification. Type /HELP ROLL for details.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 11 + 19 + 17 = 47

<DM> one hit with a claw and one mandible hit.

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 4 + 4 + 2 = 10

*** Roll by DM: 2d5 -> 2 + 1 = 3

<Mialee> Oof.

<DM> Round 4:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> I'll use my last magic missile on #1.

<Mialee> Icarius should use his staff on these guys. :)

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> Ok, #2 attacks Flint.

> Icarius uses the staff on them

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 9 + 14 + 5 = 28

<DM> all miss

<DM> #1 against

*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1

<DM> Jozlan again.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 14 + 11 + 7 = 32

<DM> all miss

<DM> your turn.

> Mialee fires her magic missile.

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 3 = 5 + 2 = 7

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 4

<Pengo> Yuck.

<DM> bad luck, Mordin. Must be still a little dazed

<Mialee> Icarius, Joz?

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 1 = 3 + 2 = 5

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9

<DM> ok, at the end of this round, Pengo, Mordin and Flint make saving throws.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9

> Pengo looks dopier than usual.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 28

<DM> Pengo will stand confused for the next round. (I'm aligning this on the round boundaries from here out.)

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 1

<DM> So will Mordin.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 8

<DM> So will Flint!

<Mialee> Oy vey.

<DM> Round 5:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Jozlan> how far down are people, hp wise?

<Icarius> mm staff again

<Mialee> Me and Pengo are okay.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 9 / 22

<DM> Flint: 18 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 22 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 23 / 24

*** << <Mialee> << Can I switch weapons and move at the same time, or just one at a time?

<Jozlan> Cure Light Wounds on myself

*** << <Mialee> << I want to switch to my bow and move around to the left to get a clean shot, since I don't think I have one right now.

*** >> to Mialee: you can switch and move but not attack this round.

*** << <Mialee> << Yeah, okay, I just wanted to know how many rounds I'd be throwing away. :)

<Mialee> No spells here.

> Pengo drools confusedly.


<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee switches to her bow and starts moving around toward the left to get a better shot.

<Mialee> Like the arrow shows.

<Mialee> Icarius, want to cast that MM? :)

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 1 = 2 + 2 = 4

<DM> #1 doesn't even flinch at that.

<DM> though he is looking a little worse for the wear.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<Mialee> Nice :)

<DM> nevertheless, he attacks fiercly

*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1

<DM> Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 13 + 13 + 2 = 28

<DM> all miss

<Mialee> Whew ;)

> Jozlan thanks his deities

<DM> #2 attacks Flint

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 8 + 8 + 17 = 33

<DM> one mandible hit.

*** Roll by DM: 2d5 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<DM> Round 6:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Icarius> mm again on #1

<Mialee> Nothing.


<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 5

> Mialee shoots a fire arrow at #1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> Hit Mialee

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<Mialee> Let me know when I can take my second shot. :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 6

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

<DM> That first arrow goes right into one of the 4 eyes, and the thing stands rigid, and then slowly topples to the gorund.

<Mialee> Wooohoo!

<Icarius> finally

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1

<Pengo> Plink.

<DM> There is still one facing Flint.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 11 + 14 + 11 = 36

<DM> all miss

<DM> Round 7:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> My other arrow? :)

<DM> oh, sorry, go ahead

<Mialee> Or can I not change targets?

<DM> you can

<Mialee> Fire arrow.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7

<Mialee> Wasted. :)

<DM> miss

<Mialee> Nothing this round, I'll be using my bow.

<DM> Flint, roll another saving throw

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 5

<DM> Flint is confused.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 35

<DM> and stands there, this round.


<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee fires a fire arrow.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> Hit!

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 7

> Pengo swings with his sword.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 3

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 9

<Pengo> Whiff.

<DM> Mordin missed too.

> Jozlan swings

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> oof

<Pengo> We're cursed!! :)

<DM> bad luck today, for sure.

<Mialee> Icarius? :)

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 4 = 6 + 2 = 8

<DM> the thing is stung by that.

<DM> and looks pretty wobbly, but nevertheless attacks...

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1

<DM> Jozlan

> Mialee pulls a regular arrow out.

> Mialee fits it to the string.

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 6 + 3 + 11 = 20

<DM> all missed

> Mialee fires the arrow.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Plink :D

<DM> Mialee brings down the 2d one!

<Mialee> Woot!

<DM> another shot right through the eyes!

> Mialee barely resists doing an elfin happy dance.

<Mialee> Whew. Those were tough.

<Icarius> yeah

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 18 / 22

<DM> Flint: 10 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 22 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 23 / 24


<Icarius> we need to keep a head to show to the guys back in the village

<Mialee> Do we really have to? :)

<DM> I'm not sure there's a discernable neck at which to cut off the head. :)

> Pengo searches the bodies.

<DM> They aren't wearing any clothes, so the search goes quickly.

<Mialee> Do we see anything else in this room?

<DM> Pengo doesn't find anything ales on them.

<DM> nah, it's just another cave. :)

<Mialee> :)

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> Somebody should heal at least Flint before we move on.

> Jozlan Cure Light Wounds on Flint

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Flint

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<Mialee> Nice.

<DM> Flint: 25 / 33

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Flint

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<DM> any more?

<Flint> Did the Umber Hulks come from point 1 or point 2? (See white board)

<DM> They came from pt 1

> Flint searches the area at point 1.

<DM> You find a dirty looking canvas sack in the corner.

> Flint Examines the sack.

<DM> Inside the sack you find a pile of Platinum ore.

<Mialee> OooOOoooh.

<Flint> This we keep.

<Mialee> Damn right. :)

<Icarius> we deserve it

<Mialee> After that fight, yeah.

<Mialee> Where to now, Mr. Mordin?

> Mordin heads for the tunnel north, (Point 2)

<DM> back on the other map, you wind your way NNE, and then the tunnel curls back on itself and heads SW, until you get to the little chamber.

<Mialee> Anything in here?

<DM> there is a lump of something at the far southern end.

> Pengo approaches the lump gingerly to get a closer look.

<DM> It looks like a chest, buried half-way into the solid rock.

> Pengo checks for traps.

<DM> roll for surprise

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> (d6)

> Pengo waits to see if he needs his surprised face. ;)

<DM> ok, the chest morphs and extends a pseudopod, clubbing Pengo with it.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 7

<Pengo> Hey!

<Icarius> how curious

<Pengo> Can I hit it back? :)

<DM> it misses, though. Nevertheless, Pengo is stuck to it where he was trying to check for traps.

<Pengo> Guess not, then.

<Pengo> A little help here, guys? :)

<DM> Yes you can draw your sword and hit it next round.

<Pengo> OK. :)

> Mialee grabs her sword.

<Mordin> Can we attack?

<DM> Round 1:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?



<Mialee> Nothing.

<Icarius> nothing



<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> The thing extends again, and swings its club-like appendage at Pengo.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> but misses.

<DM> up to 3 of you can attack it, since it's in the corner.

> Mialee swings at it with her sword.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 4

<Mialee> Oof.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

<Pengo> Sheesh.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 20

<DM> Flint hits.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2 *** Private roll: 9d8 -> 7 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 6 + 4 + 6 = 37

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> go for it.

> Mialee swings.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 3

> Jozlan swings

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 13

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<Pengo> We can't all go. :)

<Pengo> I get to go because, heck, I'm stuck to it. :D

<DM> Jozlan, Sorry, no room for you.

<DM> Mordin hit once, as did Flint, and Mialee

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2

<Mialee> I hit? Well now. :)

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 8

<Mialee> Mmmmm. Pain. :)

<DM> oii, the thing is quivering like a jellyfish, now.

<DM> but it gamely shoots a 'pod at:

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 1

<DM> Pengo

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> hits!

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 4 + 2 + 4 = 10

<Pengo> Yow!

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<DM> err, round 3, actually

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> go ahead

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 13

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> Mordin and Flint hit

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 8 + 6 = 14

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2

<DM> And the thing is reduced to a quivery mass of fleshy stuff.

<Pengo> Eeeew.

<Pengo> Did it leave anything behind?

<DM> which soon starts to harden.

<DM> not that you see.

> Pengo backs away.

<Pengo> That was really weird.

<Pengo> I could use some medical attention...

> Jozlan Cure Light Wounds Pengo

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<DM> Pengo: 21 / 24

<Pengo> Thank you.

<DM> ok, then.

<Mordin> Is there anything else in this chamber?

<DM> nothing else.

> Mordin Continues down the tunnel.

> Mialee follows.

> Pengo does too.

<DM> after another 50 ft or so, the tunnel bends to the west, and opens up into a medium sized cavern, which has an exit to the south, and a large opening to the north.

> Flint searches the cavern.

> Pengo looks around the cavern.

<DM> refresh

<DM> This cavern is somewhat non-descript, but you hear some movement to the north.

> Mordin heads north.

> Flint follows.

<DM> you enter a large cavern (13) with multiple exits.

<DM> trudging along toward you are 2 more of the umber hulks!

<Mialee> Any good spot to throw a Web spell to trap them?

<DM> no, they are right in the middle of this huge cavern. (See whiteboard.

<DM> )

<Pengo> Would Sleep affect them?

<DM> not likely

<Pengo> Hmmm.

<Pengo> Icarius -- now would be the time to throw a fireball at them. :)

<Icarius> once they get a bit closer

> Icarius readies one of the small orbs

<Pengo> I presume they're some distance away yet.

<DM> yes, you're all at the southern opening.

> Icarius throws a medium orb at them

<Mordin> Ic, Don't you have Fireball as a spell?

<DM> They're 60 ft away

<Icarius> nope

<DM> the orb lands right in between the creatures, and blossoms into a beautiful rosy glow.

*** Roll by Icarius: 5d6 -> 6 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 4 = 25

<DM> one of them is really staggering.(#3)

<DM> but they keep on coming, nevertheless.

<DM> Mandibles chomping.

<DM> They're 40' away, now.

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Icarius> drat


<Mialee> Nothing.

<Icarius> mm staff at #3

> Mialee readies a fire arrow.



<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> They keep coming.

<DM> you can launch missile attacks

<Mialee> Our turn, then?

> Mialee fires an arrow.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16

<Mialee> (at #2)

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 3 = 6 + 2 = 8

> Pengo slings a rock at #2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d4 -> 3

<DM> Pengo, you missed with the sling.

<Pengo> Oooof. Really?

<DM> Nevertheless, the first Umber Hulk stops in his tracks, and slowly turns around, headed for the NW Exit.

<DM> Mialee, second arrow?

<Flint> Don't let him get away.

> Mialee shoots at the fleeing UH, with a fire arrow.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 8

<Mialee> Bah.

<DM> miss.

<Mialee>Fleeing" behing a relative term with guys this slow.

<DM> Round 3:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> The one closest is now 15 ft away, and the one that turned is 35 ft

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

> Mialee fires another fire arrow at uh3.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 1

<Mialee> Argh.

<DM> ugh

> Pengo starts switching to sword.

<DM> How many of those have you used tonight?

> Mordin attacks UH4.

> Flint attacks uh4.

<Mialee> Five so far, I have 15 left.

<Mialee> According to my tally.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 10

<DM> ok

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 10

<DM> Mordin misses. Flint misses

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> waitasec. Mordin, Flint, you guys bought new armor last time didn't you?

<DM> Jozlan missed.

<Mordin> I did.

<DM> or at least Mordin, right? Plate Mail, right?

<Mordin> Yes and shield(large).

<Mordin> I thought you were hitting me a lot more than that.

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Ok, fixed.

<DM> Any other attacks?

<DM> The one attacks...

<Mialee> Not until I get my next shot.

*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 3

<DM> Mordin

<Flint> Keep attacking the one that's fleeing.


*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 11 + 14 + 4 = 29

<DM> one claw hits

<Mialee> I plan to.

*** Roll by DM: 3d4 -> 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

<Mialee> My go?

<DM> yes

> Mialee shoots a regular arrow at the fleeing umber hulk.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 16

<DM> hit

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> and it goes down!

<Flint> Yes.

<DM> Flint and Mordin, roll saving throws.

<Mialee> Woot!

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 4

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19

<DM> Flint is confused

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 63

<DM> but he will attack the umberhulk next round.

<DM> Round 4:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<Mialee> Do I have a shot at the umber hulk?

<Mialee> Or am I going to need to move or switch weapons?

<DM> You would need to move, I think.

<Mialee> Thought so.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5


*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> Th uh attacks :

*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 2

<DM> Flint

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 8 + 7 + 13 = 28

<DM> Hits with a mandible

*** Roll by DM: 2d5 -> 3 + 1 = 4

<DM> Your turn.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 17

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18

<DM> Sorry Mordin, you should have gotten 1st swing this round.

<DM> but the second hit did, as did Flint's

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 3

> Mialee starts moving around the side.

> Pengo swings at it with his sword.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 8

<DM> miss, Pengo

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

<DM> And Mordin brings down the hulk!

<Mialee> Yay!

<Mialee> OK, now what? :)

<DM> You catch your breath.

<Flint> How injured is everyone?

<Mialee> Anything in this room other than the UH corpses?

<Mialee> Not at all.

<Pengo> Only down 3.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 18 / 22

<DM> Flint: 26 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 19 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 21 / 24

<Jozlan> better than last time.

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Mordin.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<Jozlan> perhaps they have alair up around the bend

<Mialee> Could be.

<Mialee> That fireball helped a lot.

<Icarius> maybe Pengo could sneak up with a fireball

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Flint.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 2 + 4 = 6

<Icarius> well, given there size, sneaking isn't too necessary

<Mialee> :)

<Flint> How are we doing on spells?

<DM> Oh, you asking me? :)

<DM> Currently Memorized Spells:

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> 1st Level: (6) Magic Missile x4, Detect Magic, Read Magic 4,0,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (4) Knock x2, Levitate, Web 0,0,0

<DM> Icarius:

<DM> 1st Level: (4) Sleep x3, Magic Missile 0,1

<DM> 2nd Level: (2) Web x2 0

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Clairvoyance 0

<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x4, Detect Magic 3,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (5) CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS x3, Hold Person, Speak w/ Animals 0,0,0

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Remove Paralysis

<DM> Flint:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x5 4

<DM> 2nd Level: (3) Cure Serious x2, Slow Poison 0,0

<Flint> No, the magic users.

<Mialee> Well, I'm comfortable to keep going, although I'm out of my favorite spells.

<Flint> Do we want to rest so that the mages can get spells back?

<Mialee> Up to you guys.

<Mialee> Maybe after one more encounter.

<Flint> Or adjust which ones they have memorized.

<Mialee> Well, that I could do.

<Flint> Icarius, Jozlan?

<Mialee> If you guys can find a place you're comfortable resting.

<Mialee> Any thoughts on that?

<Icarius> I don't think we need to

<DM> I think he's dropped out, hang on

<DM> or not.

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> Frankly, I'm okay just pushing on for now.

<Icarius> at least not yet

<Mialee> Yeah, let's wait.

<Flint> Okay.

<Mialee> Lead on, Mr. Mordin.

> Mordin heads to the tunnel to the NE of 13.

> Mialee follows, with Pengo.

<DM> The little passageway to the NE looks like it was just "drilled" by

<DM> one of the umber hulks. the floor is strewn with rubble.

<DM> It continues to the north for about 80 ' and dead ends.

<Mialee> Anything up there but rubble?

<DM> nothing.

<Mordin> Back to 13 and north.

<DM> The exit to the NW opens into a small cave, which has exits to the north and SW

<Mialee> Anything in here?

<DM> Your eye catches the glint of metal in the western alcove.

> Pengo approaches carefully and takes a look.

<Pengo> Without touching it. :)

<DM> It's an iron helm.

<Pengo> Is it really? :)

> Pengo pokes it with his sword.

<DM> There is a bad smell here, too.

<DM> It rolls around a bit.

> Pengo looks around for any sign of what smells bad.

<DM> You find some shreds of leather armor, and a gauntlet with the remains of a decaying hand in it.

<Pengo> Hm. What kind of gauntlet?

<DM> The kind a warrior wears

> Mialee casts Detect Magic on the gauntlet and helm.

<DM> They do not radiate magic, but...

<Icarius> can we tell if the wearer was short like a dwarf?

<DM> It could well be a dwarf's hand.

<DM> The edge of the spell catches some magical "radience" coming from a warhammer laying nearby.

<Mialee> Hmmm.

<Mialee> How many dwarves were lost in here?

<DM> rhetorical question?

<Mialee> No, I want to know how many dwarves were lost in that party. :)

<Mialee> Did they say?

<DM> they did.

<Mialee> And they said...? :)

<DM> gee, I'm not sure I remember. :)

<Icarius> if the hand is decaying, it must be recent

<Pengo> We should collect these items to bring back with us.

<DM> two weeks to two months or so.

<Pengo> Someone who can carry more than me should.

<Mialee> I lost my scrollback when I discoed earlier. :)

<Mialee> Or I'd go look.

<Jozlan> i'll carry the magical warhammer

<DM> well, actually Carlos told you when you met with him (last session)

<Mialee> Oh. That's right.

<Mialee> Ah well.

<Mialee> I forget.

<Pengo> Anybody want to haul the gauntlet and helm along, or just leave them here?

<Flint> Leave them here. After we clear this out, the townsfolk can recover their dead.

<DM> So you're inthe little alcove to the NW of area 13

<Mialee> OK. Mordin?

> Mordin heads north.

<DM> The tunnel to the north bends a little to the NW, before opening onto a LARGE cavern running to the south.

<DM> The cavern ends directly to the north of where you enter.

<DM> This tremendous natural cavern averages 40' across and is almost 250' long. Stalagmite mountains and huge limestone formations are strewn about like a titan's playthings. Ledges line both sides at varying heights of 8'-20'. The ceiling is lost from view overhead.

<Mialee> Wow. Big.

<Flint> Let's slowly move through here, searching as a group.

<Mialee> Agreed.

<DM> Does that mean that you're changing formation?

<Flint> Yes.

<Mialee> Wait.

<Mialee> The ceiling is lost from view overhead?

> Mialee looks up worriedly.

<Mialee> Can anyone think of a way to get a light up there?

<DM> yeah, it's dark up there.

<Mialee> Hm... I think I can.

<DM> also remember- 40' across and is almost 250' long

<Flint> Cast continual light on a stalagtite?

<Mialee> We don't have continual light that I know of. :)

<Mialee> Someone give me a torch and a light.

<Flint> Light?

<Mialee> Light the torch. :)

<Flint> Cast Light on a stalagtite. :)

<Mialee> Does anyone have that memorized?

<Icarius> I don't think so

<DM> not that I see.

> Mialee takes the torch, lights it.

> Mialee casts Levitate on herself.

<DM> ok, you're lighter than a feather -- for 30 minutes.

> Mialee drifts upward toward the ceiling, watching carefully to see what's up there.

<Mialee> You guys see if this added light lets you see any more details.

> Mialee looks for the ceiling while keeping track of the time the best she can.

> Pengo looks around, without moving.

<DM> You drift toward the ceiling, and the 40' radius of the torchlight lets you see that there are bones scattered about the ledges that line both walls,

<DM> the ceiling turns out to be about 80 ft. high.

<Mialee> Can I tell from my position what kind of bones they are?

<DM> no.

<Mialee> Anything of interest about the ceiling?

<DM> just a bunch of stalactites.

<Mialee> Are the ledges a single ledge of varying height ringing the room, or many smaller ledges of different heights?

<DM> it's mostly a single ledge on both sides, but there may be a split further down.

<DM> the ledges are mostly about 30-40 ft from the floor.

<Mialee> Have I reached the ceiling yet?

<DM> yes

> Mialee "crawls" along the ceiling until she's above one of the larger stretches of ledge.

<DM> and remember, with your torch, you can see about 40' down the chamber.

<Mialee> Anything down that way?

<Mialee> Toward the south?

<DM> you see some movement on the eastern ledge, something scuttling back into the darkness.

<Mialee> That's toward the south?

<DM> yes

<Mialee> Does the western ledge connect to the eastern ledge toward the north?

<Mialee> In other words, if I set myself down on the western ledge, can I walk around to the eastern ledge where I saw that movement?

<DM> no, it doens't connect

<Mialee> OK, I crawl toward the northernmost edge of the ledge I saw that movement on, until I'm above that ledge.

<DM> The ledges do not have a consistent width, in some places they're inches wide, in other a couple of feet (7') wide.

<Mialee> Ahh.

<Mialee> Well, as far to the north as I can be with at least three or four feet of clearance on the ledge. :)

<Mialee> Then I let myself settle down until I'm a foot or so above the ledge and cancel the spell.

<Mialee> So that I set myself down on the ledge.

<DM> Of course, it's very difficult for you to navigate trying to hold the torch upside down without burning your arm.

<DM> but, ok, you get to the ledge.

<Mialee> I hold it in my teeth then ;)

<Mialee> Can I still see the party from here?

<DM> yes, I'll assume they've kept pace with you.

<DM> I'd say you're about 40' (2 squares) down the eastern wall.

<Mialee> Is there anything on this ledge I could secure a rope to, so the others can climb up?

<Flint> See white board for suggested new party formation.

<Icarius> ok with me

<DM> Is that the "meeting engagement" formation Flint? ;)

<Mialee> So, is there someplace I can tie off a rope? :)

<Flint> Or do we have something like this in our SOP?

<DM> You don't find a great place in the vicinity Mialee

<Mialee> Guys, I think we need to explore this ledge. There's something alive up here. If Pengo were to climb up here, he and I together ought to be able to haul more of you up.

<Mialee> Or would you rather not explore up here yet?

> Mialee keeps an eye out for whatever she saw moving before.

<Pengo> I'm game if the others like the idea, but down here, the dwarves are in charge as far as I'm concerned.

<Flint> Let's clear that ledge.

<DM> do recall that the ledge sometimes gets very narrow.

<Pengo> Well, I'm on the part where I saw that creature, right? That was the idea, anyway...

<DM> pretty close, yes.

<Pengo> Er, Mialee is.

<Pengo> OK, can I climb the wall to that ledge?

<DM> the ledge is about 3 ft wide where you are.

<DM> you can try.

> Pengo climbs the wall to reach Mialee.

<DM> go ahead and roll %

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 47

<DM> you make it.

> Pengo uncoils enough rope and, with Mialee, lowers the end to the party.

<DM> the problem is, there's only 3 ft of ledge, and no place to brace against.

<Pengo> Whichever of you is lightest, come on up, we'll hold this end.

<Pengo> Oh.

<Pengo> Didn't realize that was necessary. :)

<DM> there would be a chance of pulling you off.

<DM> of course, there may be another solution...

<DM> if you can think of it. :)

<DM> 15 minutes have gone by since Mialee cast the spell.

<Mialee> I can still levitate?

<DM> yes, for another 15 minutes.

<Mialee> Oh.

> Mialee drifts upward, holding one end of Pengo's thin, light rope.

<Mialee> Anything on the ceiling I could tie the rope to?

<DM> no.

<Mialee> Hm.

> Mialee settles back down again.

<DM> the stalactites are all very smooth.

<DM> 14 minutes....

<Mialee> Well, I can't just pick them up and carry them... :)

<Flint> How high is the ledge.

*** >> to Mialee: and why not? Check the spell description.

<DM> at this point the ledge is 40' high.

*** << <Mialee> << I did. It doesn't say I can pick up heavy objects after casting the spell, it says I can levitate objects. That's not the same thing. :)

*** << <Mialee> << It certainly doesn't read to me like things I pick up instantly become weightless or whatever... is it supposed to mean that?

<Flint> Mialee, come down here and get this grappeling hook.

*** >> to Mialee: but you can levitate yourself. and you can levitate up to 400lbs. Mialee can't weigh more than 125.

<Mialee> We have one?

<Mialee> Bah.

<Mialee> I misunderstood the spell's instructions.

<Flint> Two actually.

> Mialee ties the rope around her waist, hands the other end to Pengo, and steps off the ledge, drifting down to the bottom.

> Mialee picks up Icarius around the middle, floats back up, and has Pengo reel us both in.

<DM> Icarius needs to hang on to Mialee, since she is physically very weak. But it does work.

> Mialee repeats to bring the others up.

<DM> Icarius is on the ledge. ... 10 minutes.

<DM> you barely get everyone up, and you feel the spell go away.

<Mialee> Whew.

<Icarius> nice timing

<DM> now what march order will you use? single file.

<Flint> On a 3 foot wide ledge?

<DM> yes

<DM> you don't think you can go double file on a 3' ledge?

<Flint> Single file is the only option. :)

<DM> ok, :)

<DM> so what's the order?

<Flint> Standard order.

<DM> Mordin, Flint, Pengo, Mialee, Icarius and Jozlan?

<Flint> Looks good.

<Mialee> Yup.

<DM> Ok, as you move down the ledge, you go about 20-30 feet on, and start to see the bones strewn about. They are of various sizes and types.

<DM> You can't really identify the creatures they are from.

<DM> ??

<DM> continue?

<Mialee> Yes.

<Mialee> IMHO :D

<Flint> Search the bones.

<DM> You search through the bones, and find one item that looks like a bone, but on closer inspection, looks more like a wand.

<Pengo> Icarius may want that.

<Flint> Pass it back to him. :)

> Pengo passes it along when it reaches him.

<DM> You also find a brass ring.

<Pengo> Hmm :)

<DM> It is engraved with a dwarven bonding oath, and the name Davris.

<Pengo> A wedding ring, essentially?

<Flint> Keep that to return.

<DM> not necessarily.

<DM> you might have to ask one of the citizens what they are.

<Icarius> hey hobbit, try the ring on

<Pengo> Are you kidding? :)

<Icarius> I heard the one true ring went missing years ago

<Pengo> :)

<DM> ok?

<Mialee> Let's go.

<Flint> I'll try the ring on.

<DM> On which finger, Flint? you're already wearing a ring on each hand.

<Flint> In place of the ring of regeneration.

<DM> ok. The ring fits, though it's a little tight.

<Flint> Swap it back.

<DM> ok.

<Flint> let's take the bonding ring along to return.

> Mordin continues on.

<DM> a little further down the ledge, you come across a small opening,

<DM> barely large enough for Pengo to squeeze into.

<DM> the opening leads into the wall, obviously.

> Mialee takes the torch from Mialee and peeks inside.

<DM> and a littel further down, you see there is a passageway that leads off to the SE.

<DM> Who is peeking?

<Pengo> Er, Pengo is. :D

<DM> the opening goes back about 8 feet and makes a turn up to the right.

<Pengo> Anything visible in there?

<DM> no, just bare rock.

<Pengo> What do you guys want to do?

<DM> the ledge peters out, widthwise, before the passageway.

<Mordin> Go see what is around the corner.

<DM> you'll have to get down to the floor level to do that.

> Pengo makes his way into the small opening, and tries to get alook around the corner.

<DM> oh, you meant in the little crawlspace

<Pengo> Yeah.

<Pengo> I hope that's what he meant, since that's what I'm doing. ;)

<Mordin> Yes.

<DM> Pengo can see that the tiny tunnel goes up for about 15 feet, and then levels off, so that he can't see beyond that point.

<Pengo> Can I get up there?

<DM> just barely.

<Pengo> I do so.

<DM> you crawl up the short slope, torch in hand, and as your head comes over the lip, you see a huge, beetle kind of thing. roll for surprise.


*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3


<DM> ok, then, roll for initiative

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

<Pengo> How far from me is it?

<DM> 6 feet.

<Pengo> Is there room enough to maneuver to fight it in here?

<Pengo> Or am I literally on hands and knees?

<DM> not really, it's barely wide enough for you to crawl

<DM> you're on hands and knees.

> Pengo backs the hell out of there as fast as he can.

<Pengo> Trying to keep the torch out front of me.

<DM> as you back down, you hear something hit the wall above your head.

> Pengo keeps retreating as fast as he can.

<DM> you're out among your companions.

<Pengo> Big bug! Big bug!

> Mialee draws her sword and waits to see if it comes out.

<DM> so now Flint and Mordin are past the hole, and Jozlan and Icarius and Mialee are behind it.

<DM> nothing comes out of the hole, at least for a few minutes.

<Pengo> Now what?

> Mialee looks at Mordin.

<Jozlan> everything is big to a hobbit, I suppose

<Pengo> How big was that beetle?

<DM> about the size of Flint.

<DM> only more streamlined.

<Mordin> We could lure it out and kill it.

<Mialee> How?

<Mordin> Send Pengo back in their and let the bug chase him out.

<Pengo> I'm not bait.

<Jozlan> sure you are

> Pengo doesn't think that's funny at all.

<Mialee> So, really, what now?

<Mialee> I think we should just move on; if they attack, they attack.

<Flint> Oil?

<Mialee> Hm. Maybe.

<Pengo> I still have 15 of those Molotov cocktails in my bag, if you think those might help.

<Mialee> So...?

<Icarius> yes, perhaps you could burn him out

<Icarius> or let sleeping bugs lie

> Pengo pulls out one of the flasks from his bag, lights it, and throws it into the hole as far as he can, then steps aside.

<DM> You throw the lit oil into the hole, where it begins to burn and smoke. It doesn't take too long, though for the fire to go out.

<Mialee> Any sign of activity in there?

<DM> Not yet.

<Flint> There is the turn 8 feet in. you would have to go around that to throw.

<Pengo> I don't want to go in there. :)

<Pengo> Let's just move on.

<Flint> Hmmm...If we toss a fireball in to the corner...

<Flint> Flames should shoot up the passage for 30 feet.

<Mialee> Do we really want to waste our happy fireballs on a beetle?

<Mialee> C'mon, let's just go.

<Mialee> It's not just a beetle, but it's a beetle in a passage that only one of us can fit into anyway. :)

<Flint> Being on the ledge beside the hole, we should be out of the way of the backblast.

<Icarius> I suspect we've got better things to kill

<Pengo> Man, you have a bug up your butt about this thing. ;)

<Pengo> I think you're right. Let's just go.

<Flint> Isn't one of our objectives to clear out the caverns?

<Mialee> Sigh.

<Mialee> Fine, let's kill the bug then.

<Icarius> our objective is to find where the teleporters go

> Pengo grabs a flask of oil and heads up into the tunnel.

<Icarius> if those village dwarves can't deal with a beetle, should they really be mining this place?

<Pengo> At the corner, I peek to see if I can see the beetle.

<DM> no, you can't see him from the first corner.

<Pengo> So what do I see ahead from here?

<Flint> That's what they hired us for.

<DM> ok, with your torchlight, you see the inclined passage going up and leveling off.

<DM> beyond that, you can't see from this angle.

<Pengo> The bug was on top of that, right?

<DM> yes

<Pengo> Can I throw the flask from here and get it up there?

<DM> with your dexterity? Piece of cake.

> Pengo lights the flask and throws it up there.

<DM> he hears it go "Poof--

<DM> and hears a squealing sound.

<DM> then a scratching sound.

> Pengo keeps watching and listening.

<Flint> Get out of there.

<DM> sort of a scrabbling like many feet sound.

<Pengo> Is the scratching coming closer or going away?

<DM> closer

> Pengo gets the hell out of there.

<DM> you get out onto the ledge.

<DM> you're in front of the hole.

<Flint> Move to the side.

> Pengo gets out from front of the hole and draws his sword.

<DM> Suddenly, the beetle-thing scrabbles out of the hole, but on the

<DM> ceiling of the tunnel, and scurries up the wall.

<DM> Flint and Mialee and Pengo are in range to swing as it passes by.

<Flint> Let Mordin and I stand on each side as they come out.

> Mialee slashes at it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

> Pengo takes a whack.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 11

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 15

<DM> Flint hits.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 7

<DM> Mialee and Pengo missed.

<DM> The thing scurries up the wall.

<Mialee> Can I shoot at it?

<DM> not this round, you swung with your sword.

<Mialee> OK.

<DM> it moves about 30 ft away, suspended from the wall/ceiling, and turns around, watching you.

<DM> it starts backing away.

> Mialee switches to her bow.

<Mialee> Let me know when I can shoot at it. :)

<DM> it keeps slowly backing away.

<DM> you can shoot now, but you're at medium range now, so take -2 to hit.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20-2 -> 15 - 2 = 13

<DM> hit!

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Plink.

<DM> the thing shudders, and starts moving back faster.

<DM> 40' feet away now.

<Mialee> C'mon, let me have one more shot...

<DM> go ahead, at -2

<Flint> Take your second shot.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20-2 -> 16 - 2 = 14

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> hit

<Mialee> Dangit.

<DM> and you see the thing drop to the ground, 50' below.

<Mialee> Whew.

<DM> kerplunk!

<Icarius> gravity should kill it

<Mialee> Shall we get back down onto the floor, then?

<Flint> I wonder if it dragged anything up its hole?

<Pengo> Hm.

> Pengo climbs back up into the hole to look around.

<Mordin> Is the beetle moving at all?

> Pengo rounds the bend and climbs up to the top where the beetle was.

<DM> You find some more bones at the dead end of the passage, and a leather sack.

> Pengo gets the sack and searches through the bones.

<DM> you don't find anything else of interest.

> Pengo opens the sack and looks inside.

<DM> No, the beetle is not moving.

*** << << What's in the sack? :)

*** >> to Pengo: 22 gp

*** << << That's all?

*** >> to Pengo: yep

> Pengo returns to the others.

<Pengo> To my surprise, all that was in there were some bones and a sack with 6 gp in it. Weird.

<Flint> Did you find anything?

<Pengo> I poked through the bones, but there wasn't anything in there.

<Flint> Some miner's coin purse.

<Pengo> Probably.

<Pengo> All right, where to?

<Flint> Too bad, you deserve more after taking those risks for the party.

> Pengo shrugs.

<Icarius> are you sure that's all that was in it?

<DM> refresh, if you haven't lately

<Mialee> OK, let's go back down to the floor and keep searching this place.

<Flint> let's climb down.

> Pengo climbs down to the floor.

> Mialee does so too.

<DM> With the aid of your rope and grappling hooks, it doesn't take you long to get back down to the cavern floor.

<DM> Assuming everyone else followed Mialee and Pengo down?

<Icarius> yeah

<Flint> Lets continue to explore this cavern.

<Mialee> Let's.

<Flint> Cluster formation?

<DM> You're just north of the side passage to the SE.

<Mialee> Sounds good to me. Lead on, Mssrs. Dwarf.

<DM> which one is that, Flint, the one you suggested earlier?

<Mordin> Yes, unless we already have one in the SOP.

<DM> no that's good.

<DM> so you're moving south?

<DM> SW actually

<Mordin> Yes.

<DM> You make your way to the southwest, watching your step to avoid

<DM> tripping and falling. You get about 40 feet further, when...

<DM> ZZZzzoT!

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 5

<DM> Mialee hears something hit the ground next to her feet.

<DM> something soft

> Mialee looks down.

<DM> to see a sort of shiny filiment or something being dragged away.

> Icarius looks up

> Mialee looks in the direction it's moving in.

<DM> it's dark up there.

<Icarius> erm... fishing?

<DM> the filament is very thin, and is soon lost from view.

<DM> but it was moving to the west.

<Mialee> Which direction is it going in?

<Mialee> We should check it out.

<Flint> Yes.

<Mialee> Lead on.

> Mialee gets her bow ready.

<Mordin> Which way?

<Mordin> Right, West we go.

<DM> you head toward the (north)western wall

<DM> as you approach the wall,

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> ZZZzzoT!

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 14

<Mordin> Is there another ledge up there?

<DM> Flint gets hit in the chest with something squishy, and finds himself being dragged toward the western wall. there is this gooey, gluey filament that has stuck to his armor, and the filament is dragging him over.

<Mialee> Can I chop whatever it is that's got him?

<Mialee> The filiment or whatever?

<DM> you can try.

<DM> the filiment is angled up, BTW

<Mialee> Yeah, more beetles, I expect, up on the ledges.

> Mialee hacks at the filament.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10

<Mordin> So does Mordin.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 6

<Pengo> There are rock formations on the ground here, right?

<DM> yes

> Pengo ties one end of his rope to Flint.

> Pengo ties the other end to a nearby stalagwhatever. :)

<DM> Mialee actually hits the filiment

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 4

> Flint attempts to brace himself against the rocks.

<DM> the filiment is cut!

<Mialee> Whew. :)

<DM> Flint falls backward.

> Pengo unties and gathers up his rope.

<Mialee> Do we go for it?

<Mordin> Let's keep moving before they try again.

<Mialee> I thought you guys wanted to clear this place. :)

<Mordin> I mean towards the wall. :)

<Mialee> Oh. :)

<Mialee> Let's go.

> Mialee switches back to her bow.

<Mialee> As soon as they're in sight, I want to start shooting. :)

<DM> You get to the wall.

> Mordin continues towards the wall.

<Mialee> Can we see it?

<DM> you don't see anything in the darkness above.

<Mialee> Grr.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

> Pengo climbs up the wall as quietly as he can.

<Flint> Can we see the ledge?

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 10

<DM> ZZZzzoT!

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> Icarius feels a splat on his back, and is jerked off his feet.

<Mialee> His back?

<Icarius> oof

<DM> he's drawn slowly up the wall.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 2

<Mialee> Hm.

> Pengo keeps climbing.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13

<Pengo> When I get to the top, I just want to peek over, see if I can spot the bug.

<DM> no, you can't see the ledge from here.

<DM> Pengo roll your %


*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 10

<Pengo> I did it a minute ago. :)

<Flint> Did I hit the Filament?

<DM> oh, I see

<DM> sorry, Flint but Icarius was already too high.

<DM> he's now 25 ft off the ground.

<DM> Pengo is making his way slowly up the wall.

<Mialee> Anyone got a rope they could toss to Icarius?

<Mialee> Maybe try to pull him back?

<Icarius> anything I can grab hold of?

> Pengo keeps climbing.

<Mialee> Anything useful in your cloak of useful items?

<Icarius> I could web myself, maybe

<DM> you try grabbing an outcropping, but the filament is too strong, and pulls your hand off.

<Mialee> Heh

<DM> Icarius disappears into the darkness.

<Mialee> Hm, 10 ft pole... large mirror... 24 ft ladder...

> Mialee isn't sure if she can climb this.

<DM> standby, you hear Icarius yelling.

> Mialee waits and listens.

> Pengo keeps climbing. *** Private roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 3 = 4 + 2 = 6

<DM> Pengo is almost to the top

<DM> Pengo gets to the top of the ledge, and sees Icarius being attacked by the beetle thingie.

<DM> Icarius, roll for initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

> Pengo rushes to help.

<Mialee> Wait, did Icarius yell, "Standby"?

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d6 -> 2 + 5 = 7

<Mialee> I thought he wanted us to just hang out. :)

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> sorry, that was ME that said standby

<Mialee> Well, crap. That's why I haven't been doing anything to try to help. :)

<DM> the creature attacks Icarius again with its pincers.

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 5 + 12 = 17

> Mialee tries to climb up.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 83

<Mialee> Oof.

<DM> hits both times.

<DM> Mialee falls back and takes damage:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 4

<Pengo> How far away am I?

<DM> The creature damages Icarius:

*** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 4 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 10

<Pengo>Get up here! Icarius needs help!

<DM> Pengo can attack.

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 2 = 5 + 2 = 7

> Pengo slashes at the thing.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 17

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 1

<Pengo> Plink. :)

> Mialee tries again to climb up.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d100 -> 96

<Mialee> Wham.

<DM> But for some reason, Pengo's sword seems to have an extra power against this creature, and he skewers it.

<Pengo> Really!?

<Icarius> with DM, all things are possible

<Pengo> Hm.

<DM> Mialee, valiant lass, takes some more damage from falling.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

<Pengo> I wonder if the Shredder has special abilities against bugs.

<Pengo> Is there another of these bug holes up here?

<DM> Icarius starts slowly gliding down, still suspended by the filiment.

<DM> almost as if being lowered by a reel.

<DM> No, Pengo, you don't see any hole on this ledge.

<Pengo> So Icarius is sliding back down toward the floor of the cavern?

<DM> he gets to the floor, and slumps to the ground near unconscious.

> Pengo climbs down to rejoin the party.

<DM> The filiment is still attached.

<Flint> Search the ledge first.

<Pengo> Oh, okay.

> Pengo returns to the top and searches around to see if there's anything up here.

<DM> nothing on the ledge but bones, and not too many of them.

> Mordin cuts the filament loose.

<Pengo> Nothing of interest among them?

<DM> It's tougher than you think.

<DM> No knife that you have can get through it.

<DM> no, Pengo, nothing interesting.

> Pengo climbs back down to the floor.

<Pengo> When I get there, I slice the filament with my sword.

<Pengo> Testing a theory. :)

<DM> It slices easily.

<Mordin> Knives, we don't need no stinking knives - We have axes. :)

<Pengo> Mmm.

<Pengo> This sword is a good weapon for down here, apparently. :)

<Flint> How badly injured is Icarius?

<DM> real bad

<Pengo> Icarius looks pretty bad. Can someone patch him up?

<Icarius> 2 hp left

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 18 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 2 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 21 / 24

> Flint casts Cure Serious Wounds on Icarius.

*** Roll by Flint: 2D6+5 -> 4 + 3 = 7 + 5 = 12

> Flint casts Cure Light Wounds on Icarius.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+4 -> 3 + 4 = 7

<DM> Icarius is feeling gnarly again.

<Mialee> Gnarly? Really? :)

<Mialee> Shall we move along?

<Flint> I've got just one more healing spell left, How about you, Jozlan?

<Jozlan> 3 Cure Serious Wounds and 2 Cure Light Wounds

<DM> actually I think you only have 1 Cure Light Wounds left, Jozlan.

<Jozlan> ok that's proably right

<Mialee> So... do we move on or rest up?

<Flint> We can move on.

<Mialee> OK, let's go.

<DM> You're at the edge of where the map currently ends.

> Mordin leads the way.

> Pengo tags along.

> Mialee follows.

<DM> moving to the SW, the cavern starts to narrow until after 80 ft or so, it narrows to 5' and intersects a passage that goes NW and SE


> Mialee looks to Mordin.

<Mordin> Shall we go back up to that first SE passage in the middle of the cavern?

<Mialee> If you like. You know caves better than I do, friend Dwarf.

<Jozlan> :)

> Jozlan Cure Light Wounds Icarius

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<Jozlan> oops, scratch that :)

> Mordin proceeds to the passage.

<DM> So you're backing up?

<DM> ok, you arrive there.

<DM> you can see the passage goes SE for about 50' before intersecting the NE/SW passage.

> Mordin heads down the passage and turns right at the intersection.

> Mialee and Pengo follow.

<DM> that passage twists and turns a little bit, and opens into a medium sized cavern. This cavern is also filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

<DM> A steady drip can be heard.

<Mialee> Hey, the water. :)

<Mialee> Anything in here? :)

<Mialee> Well, sound of. :)

> Pengo looks around the room.

<Flint> Let's search the cavern.

<DM> refresh

<DM> Near the western passage is a huge limestone formation that resembles a 10'-high human face, with flowing locks of hair and beard. Five feet away is a limestone formation in the shape of an overflowing fountain 6' across. Water drips from the ceiling to the pool in the fountain's central depression.

<Mialee> Hm.

> Mialee takes a close look at the fountain. Anything in it other than water?

<DM> nope.

> Flint drinks the water.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 88

> Mialee watches Flint turn into a duck.

<DM> The water is a little on the bitter side, but otherwise not bad.

> Mialee looks at the face. Anything interesting about it other than its size?

> Mordin drinks as well.

<DM> no, not really

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 40

*** >> to Mordin: as you look at it, the face looks just like Jozlan!

<DM> Mordin stands there, staring first at the face on the wall, then at Jozlan.

<Mordin> That looks like Jozlan.

<Mialee> Does it?

> Mialee looks at the face.

*** >> to Mialee: no, not really

<Mialee> Uh... no, it really doesn't.

<Icarius> perhaps its the water

<Icarius> try disbelieving what you see

<Icarius> disbelieving

> Mialee wonders why water might make you hallucinate something like that.

<Mordin> Yes, that is a likeness of Jozlan.

> Jozlan stands next to the face

<Mordin> See, they are identical.

*** << <Mialee> << Still no? :)

> Mialee looks at Mordin.

<Mialee> That's the water talking. :)

*** >> to Mialee: no

<Mialee> Jozlan looks nothing like that stone face.

> Mialee touches the stone face.

> Flint examines Mordin, any signs of poisoning?

<DM> it's smoothish limestone.

<DM> no, apparently not.

<Pengo> Any non-limestone features, like paint or jeweled eyes or something like that?

<DM> no.

<Pengo> How much water is in the fountain's basin?

<DM> this seems to be a natural formation that just happens to look like a face.

<Mialee> See, there've been too many of those. :)

<Mialee> Natural formations that look like things.

<DM> maybe a half-gallon.

<Flint> It can't be the water, I drank it and I'm fine.

*** << <Mialee> << Would my normal pack have a cup or anything like that in it?

<Jozlan> do you see anything odd? giant bugs that walk around upright, for example

*** >> to Mialee: it would have a plate or bowl, perhaps.

> Mialee scoops a cupful or so of water out of the fountain and splashes it onto the stone face.

<Mialee> Er.

> Mordin looks around to see if he sees anything strange.

<Mialee> Tries to pour it into its mouth.

<Mialee> (or on it, if there's no actual opening)

<DM> the mouth is not pronounced enough to pour anything into it.

<DM> it splashes on the mouth.

<DM> Mordin, you don't see anything strange.

> Pengo knocks on the stone face.

*** >> to Mordin: except the stone face that looks like Jozlan. :)

<Mialee> Hm.

<DM> Pengo, it feels just like stone.

<Mialee> OK, let's try an experiment. I know that face doesn't look like any of you.

> Mialee drinks some of the water.

> Icarius knocks on it to see if it's hollow

<DM> It doesn't feel hollow.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 68

<DM> The water is fine, Mialee, if a little bitter.

> Pengo drinks some too.

> Jozlan casts detect magic on the face/fountain area

*** >> to Mordin: Now the face doesn't seem to be so much like Jozlan after all.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 98

<DM> Pengo, the water is fine.

*** << << Not even bitter?

<DM> Jozlan, you don't detect magic on the fountain.

*** >> to Pengo: yes, a little bitter.

<Mordin> It's looks a little different. Maybe it is a trick of the light.

<Pengo> We're not going to get this figured out if we all make our saves. :D

<Icarius> how does the face look?

> Pengo looks at the stone face. Any change?

<DM> no

> Icarius drinks some water

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 64

<Mialee> Maybe we should explore the rest of the caverns, maybe we'll find a clue?

<Jozlan> yeah

<Mialee> Something's tickling the back of my brain about this.

<Mordin> Maybe Jozlan should try the water.

<Mialee> Not like deja vu, but a feeling part of my brain knows what's going on here.

<Icarius> maybe the water is parasitic

<Mialee> Sure, that'd be interesting. :)

> Jozlan drinks the water

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 44

<Jozlan> I say the face resembles Icarius

<Mialee> Hmm.

<Icarius> hmmm

<Mialee> Mordin, does it still look like Jozlan to you?

<Pengo> I definitely think we should move on, but remember to come back here.

*** >> to Mordin: no it doesn't

<Mialee> We also need to check out the room with the chair and the lantern formations again, too.

<Mordin> Somewhat

<Mialee> There's more to this than just something to look at.

<Mialee> Hm, so it's a limited-duration effect.

<Mialee> Let's go look around some more.

> Mordin heads west.

> Mialee follows, with Pengo.

> Icarius follows

<DM> The passage to the west goes for about 100 ft, and ends in a 't' intersection

<DM> or more like a 'y'

<DM> it goes NW and S

> Mialee awaits Mordin's decision.

> Mordin heads south.

<Mialee> We follow

<DM> the passage goes south for about 40 feet, and opens into a cavern, the floor and walls of which are covered with that purple fungi you saw earlier.

<DM> there is a passage to the west.

<DM> looking across the cavern, you see a passage heading east, and one heading south. There may be a second passage heading west also.

<Mialee> Anything else visible in here, other than the fungus?

<DM> no, the fungus pretty much covers everything.

> Mialee looks to Mordin.

> Mordin heads north.

> Mialee follows.

<Pengo> Me too.

<Pengo> Back the way we came?

<DM> you come to the Y intersection. East the way you came from, or NW?

<Mordin> NW

<DM> about 40 ft up the NW passage, you see an opening into a large cavern to the NE

<DM> the passage you are in continues to the NW

<DM> ?

<Mordin> This is under the unexplored area of the map?

<DM> yes, at the moment.

<DM> you'll just have to use your imagination. :)

> Mordin heads NW.

> Mialee goes along.

<Pengo> Me too

<Pengo> Just assume we're tagging along unless we say otherwise. :)

<DM> Another 100 ft through this passage, you find yourself in another cavern.

<DM> This large natural cavern of great beauty is filled with limestone formations. A large stone raven, 12' high, perches on a rock just 8' inside the west entrance; a limestone worm dangles from its beak.

<Pengo> Hm.

<Icarius> interesting thing to make a statue of

<Icarius> unless it was a real raven and worm which was stoned

<Mialee> That's an awfully big raven. :)

<DM> There are passageways headed out of this cavern to the NW and to the NNW, just out of map view.

> Mialee waits on Mordin's move.

<Mialee> If there is one. :)

<DM> ?

<Mordin> We are at 4?

<DM> yes

<DM> you came from the SE.

> Mordin heads east.

<DM> You go through a wide passageway into a long narrow chamber.

<Mordin> With ledges? :)

<DM> no ledges here, no. :)

<DM> about 120 feet in, there is a pool of what looks like fresh water.

> Mordin advances.

<DM> you come to the edge of the pool, which streches from one side of the cavern to the other.

> Mialee examines the pool.

<DM> The pool is 20' deep.

> Mordin drinks the water.

<DM> It's amazingly clear,

<DM> It's very refreshing.

> Mialee drinks.

> Pengo drinks.

<DM> Pengo feels refreshed, and in fact, is back up to maximum hp.

> Icarius drinks

> Jozlan drinks

<DM> They both feel refreshed.

> Flint drinks.

<DM> Flint is refreshed as well.

<DM> oops.

*** Roll by DM: 1d4 -> 3

<DM> Mialee is also restored to full hp

<DM> didn't see that she drank also.

<Mialee> Wow. Wish we'd found this earlier. :)

<Icarius> :)

<DM> the cavern continues on the other side, and seems to turn north just out of view.

<Flint> Can anybody swim?

<Pengo> I can.

<DM> Pengo can swim like a fish

> Pengo dives in and swims across.

<DM> you get to the other side.

<Flint> Anything over there to fasten a rope to?

<Pengo> Is there? :)

<DM> not really.

<DM> The passage does continue to the north from here, about 25 ft wide.

<DM> well, there might be a stalagmite that you could loop a rope over.

<Pengo> How wide is the pool?

<Pengo> Between me and them, I mean.

<DM> about 25-30 ft

> Pengo ties his rope around a stalagmite and throws the other end across to the rest of the party.

> Mordin throws the end of a rope to Pengo.

<Mordin> lol

<DM> ok, there's a rope across the water. :)

<Pengo> C'mon over. :)

> Mordin looks for a place to fasten the rope on this end.

<DM> I'm sure there's a stalagmite on this end you can fasten it to.

> Mordin does so.

> Mordin uses the rope to pull himself across.

<DM> he's across

> Flint follows.

> Mialee follows.

<DM> likewise.

<Flint> One at a time.

> Icarius follows

<Jozlan> same here

<DM> when Icarius arrives on the other side with his light source, you can see that the passage goes to the north for another 70 ft or so and dead ends.

<Mialee> Ha! :)

> Flint searches the passage.

<DM> there is a little rubble on the ground and small rock formations, but nothing more interesting than that.

<Mordin> Let's head back then.

<Mialee> back we go. :)

> Mordin crosses the pool.

<DM> You quickly return to the far side of the pool.

> Pengo waits to go last, to untie and retrieve his rope and swim back. :)

<DM> and you're all safely back on the other side.

<Pengo> OK, lead on, Mr. Dwarf.

> Mordin heads back to 4 and NE from there.

<DM> the passage to the NE twists around a bit.

<DM> It finally opens up onto a large cavern, but only a few feet of it are dry ground. the rest is an underground pond or lake.

<DM> Still water fills this cavern as far as the eye can see. It is impossible to tell the depth, but there appears to be a sparkling bottom.

> Pengo swims across to the dry area on the far side.

<Pengo> (and hopes there's nothing deadly in the water ;)

<Flint> Want to go take a look, Pengo?

<Pengo> The long delay makes me nervous. :D

<DM> Beyond the water lies a sandy beach about 10' wide, with a 20'-high

<DM> ledge hugging the cave wall above. A skeleton lies half buried in the

<DM> sand.

<Mialee> You know, guys, Icarius's Robe of Useful Items has a boat in it. :D

<Pengo> Can I see if there's anything on the ledge?

<DM> Looks like a pile of rocks.

> Pengo searches the skeleton.

<DM> Closer inspection reveals the skeleton to be that of a human

<DM> adolescent with a broken thigh bone. Lying in the sand near the body

<DM> is a bone dagger and an empty leather flask which is starting to

<DM> flake.

> Pengo examines the bone dagger without taking it.

<DM> it looks pretty normal, for a bone dagger.

> Pengo takes it, just in case.

<DM> as if made for someone who couldn't afford a steel one.

> Pengo climbs the wall to the ledge.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d100 -> 35

<DM> he makes it easily to the top.

> Pengo looks around on top of the ledge.

<DM> He sees a small passageway leading away.

<DM> hidden behind the pile of rocks.

> Pengo looks inside.

<DM> It's a small passageway. Pengo could walk hunched over, a human would have to be on hands and knees.

<DM> it soon twists out of sight.

> Pengo goes in and follows it to see where it goes.

<DM> how far will you go?

<Pengo> Until I see something of interest. :)

<Pengo> Or run into a wall.

<DM> You follow the passage as it twists and turns in an upward direction, until finally, you come out into late dusk, on the side of a mountain.

<Pengo> Huh.

<Pengo> Do I see any indication of where I am?

<DM> you can't see too far in the fading light.

<Pengo> Is there a trail or anything?

<DM> no, no trail

<DM> you don't see any signs of habitation nearby, though there might be some lights and smoke in the distance.

> Pengo returns to the others to report.

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 7

<DM> Roll a saving throw, Pengo.

<Pengo> Uhoh.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> As Pengo swims back to the other side, he feels a tingling sensation, which quickly turns to numbness in his limbs.

<Pengo> Uh-oh.

<DM> He almost makes it to the shore, when the rest of you see him go under the water.

<Pengo> Glub!

<DM> you can see him under the water, struggling against some invisible foe.

> Mordin throws him the end of a rope.

<Mialee> How far out is he?

*** Roll by DM: 4d4 -> 3 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 13

<DM> Pengo takes 13 damage.

<Pengo> Glub!

<DM> he's about 10 ft out.

> Mialee wades in to grab him.

<DM> there is something oozy which seems to have enveloped him partially, and is dragging him down.

<Mialee> Can I stab it?

<Mialee> Or can I not see it?

<Mordin> Grab Pengo, and grab the rope.

<DM> you can stab it, or you can grab him and pull him out.

> Mialee grabs Pengo and pulls.

<DM> you get him out of the water, but there is this oozy stuff still clinging to him, and creeping over him.

<DM> you can stab it, but you'll have to be carefull not to stab Pengo too.

> Mialee works on jabbing it with her sword.

<DM> once out of the water, the stuff starts to turn slightly opaque.

> Mordin attempts to hit it.

<Mialee> Actually,

> Mialee stabs at the stuff with her dagger.

<DM> with what, Mordin?

<Mialee> Do I roll for this, or...?

<DM> yes, roll

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7

<Mialee> Ack.

<DM> hit

<Mialee> Oh.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 3

<Mialee> (is that right for a dagger?)

<DM> yes

<Mordin> The point of the axe.

> Icarius uses his mm staff

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+4 -> 3 + 3 = 6 + 4 = 10

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 15

<Icarius> oops, 8

<DM> go ahead, Mordin

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D3+6 -> 1 + 6 = 7

<DM> roll for damage

<Mordin> I did. :)

<Mialee> :)

*** >> to Flint: divine inspiration: USe the mace!

> Flint attacks with the mace.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 17

*** >> to Flint: nevermind, Mordin has the mace.

> Pengo hopes his own comrades don't kill him.

> Flint attempts to blindly follow his god. :)

<DM> We'll assume Flint hit with a dagger.

<Mialee> Hehehe

<DM> next round!

<Mialee> Do we just take another turn thumping it, or...

<DM> Pengo is still paralyzed., and the oozy thing is still creeping up his body, toward his face.

<DM> yes, thump away.

> Flint uses his hammer.

> Mialee cuts at it with her dagger.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D4+1 -> 2 + 1 = 3

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 11

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d4 -> 4

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 19

<DM> Flint, you still need to roll to hit.

<Mordin> \d3+6

<Flint> That was for the first one.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D3+6 -> 3 + 6 = 9

<DM> ok, anyone else?

<Flint> I don't have a dagger.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 3

<Flint> For round 2.

> Icarius uses the mm staff

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 3 = 7 + 2 = 9

<DM> The thing suddenly siezes up, and melts into goo.

> Flint examines Pengo.

<DM> Leaving Pengo stiff on the floor.

<DM> he seems to be completely paralyzed.

<Mialee> Do either of you clerics have a cure paralysis? :)

> Jozlan casts remove paralysis

<Mialee> Ah, yes. :)

<DM> Pengo shudders, and flexes his limbs. Then he groans in pain.

<Pengo> Ow...

<Pengo> That hurt.

<Pengo> I could use some help, please.

<Jozlan> how are your hp?

> Jozlan cast Cure Serious Wounds

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 11 / 24

*** Roll by Jozlan: 2d6+5 -> 4 + 3 = 7 + 5 = 12

> Pengo describes what he saw on the far side.

<Pengo> Thank you!

<Flint> I say we take him back to the other pool.

<Flint> Never mind.

<Pengo> Well, I'm fine now. :)

<Pengo> Let's move on. =========================================================================== July 11, 2005 ===========================================================================

<DM> To recap, you've been exploring the newly discovered caverns in Warka, and have met a mated pair of Electrum dragons, who have admitted to accidently killing one dwarf, and who also mentioned that they were planning to leave the vicinity when their young were old enough to travel. You've explored the rest of the caverns, and have found several fearsome creatures, including a few umber hulks and cave fishers. You're pretty sure that you've got most of the caverns mapped, and are determined to finish the job and report success to Carlos Blitzener.

<DM> Pengo has just been rescued from an awful slimy sea creature, and you are currently in the hallway just south of area 6.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 23 / 24

<Mialee> I think we need to finish mapping these caves, make sure we've taken out all the critters.

<Jozlan> yes

<Mialee> I say we head for 4.

<Jozlan> sure

<DM> Of course, you've been through that cavern before, on your way from area 8,

<DM> where you found the healing spring.

<Mialee> Right, but we've not gone to the west from there yet.

<DM> true

<DM> you enter area 4:

<DM> This large natural cavern of great beauty is filled with limestone formations. A large stone raven, 12' high, perches on a rock just 8' inside the west entrance; a limestone worm dangles from its beak.

<Mialee> Those stone formations are still quite interesting.

<Mialee> Looks like there's a passage to the south; what's up to the west?

<DM> I should mention that there are many other formations in these caves that DON'T look like something -- I only specifically mention those that DO.

<Mialee> Ah :)

<Mialee> That's good to know.

<DM> To the west, there are 2 passages: one leading to the NNW, and one leading to the WNW.

<Pengo> I say we go WNW first. :)

<Jozlan> sounds good

> Mialee heads WNW.

> Pengo follows Mialee (and presumably Flint and Mordin ;)

<DM> Mordin leads the way to the west. the passage leads up a little way, and then opens into a cavern to the south.

> Icarius follows

<DM> there is still a passage heading NW from here.

> Pengo looks into the cavern to the south.

<Pengo> Anything in there?

<DM> mostly empty, other than a pile of bones and excrement in the south end.

> Pengo grudgingly goes in and searches through the pile.

<DM> roll a saving throw vs. poison.

<DM> d20

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> Pengo gets halfway down the cavern, and retches . The stink is unbearable.

<Jozlan> bleh

<Pengo> Eeew.

<DM> there is a coating of slimy crap all over the floor here.

<Pengo> This is gross, guys.

<DM> It would seem that some creature is using the area as their bathroom.

<Pengo> Eeeew.

<Icarius> and if we're lucky, we'll have the opportunity to kill it

> Pengo is torn between wondering if there's anything interesting in here and wanting to get out.

> Pengo keeps going, looking to see if there's anything among the goop.

<DM> BTW, here are the spells as I have them recorded: Remember that the numbers after the list indicate the ones that are SPENT.

<DM> Mialee:

<DM> 1st Level: (6) Magic Missile x4, Detect Magic, Read Magic 4,1,0

<DM> 2nd Level: (4) Knock x2, Levitate, Web

<DM> 0,1,0


<DM> Icarius:

<DM> 1st Level: (4) Sleep x3, Magic Missile 0,1

<DM> 2nd Level: (2) Web x2 0

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Clairvoyance 0


<DM> Jozlan:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x4, Detect Magic 3,1

<DM> 2nd Level: (5) CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS x3, Hold Person, Speak w/ Animals 1,0,0

<DM> 3rd Level: (1) Remove Paralysis 1


<DM> Flint:

<DM> 1st Level: (5) CURE LIGHT WOUNDS x5 5

<DM> 2nd Level: (3) Cure Serious x2, Slow Poison 1,0

<Pengo> Whew.

<Pengo> We've used a lot. :)

<DM> Pengo doesn't see anything amongst the offal.

> Pengo retreats and rejoins the others.

<Pengo> Let's go. Bleah.

<Mialee> All right, northward then.

<DM> the passage bends a bit to the west, and enters a roundish cavern.

<DM> This is a circular cavern about 30' in diameter, permeated by an extremely foul odor. Large stones and boulders are piled around the sides of the cave.

<DM> The odor is not as bad as in the last cavern, but it's similar.

<Mialee> Hm. A lair, perchance?

<Mialee> Anything in here?

<DM> Lots of boulders, like I said, and in the SW corner of the room, a large mound of stinky hides.

<Mialee> That's interesting.

<Jozlan> what kinds of hides?

<DM> As you approach the hides to inspect them, two big old trolls appear in the passageway to the NW

<Mialee> Yay! Trolls! :)

<DM> They are carrying goat carcasses

<Jozlan> is the layout conducive to webbing?

<DM> could be.

<Mialee> Web 'em :)

<DM> roll for surprise

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<Mialee> Ugh.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Woohoo :)

<DM> your initiative --

> Mialee fires an arrow at the nearest troll.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> go ahead and fire 2

> Pengo slings a rock at the nearest troll.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 10

<Mialee> Did that hit?

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9

<Mialee> Oof, that one didn't. :)

<DM> no, Pengo

> Jozlan casts web

<DM> you'd have better luck with your shortbow.

<Jozlan> wrong window

<Pengo> I have a bow?

<Pengo> I don't see it on my inventory.

<DM> of course.

<Pengo> I'll remember that, then. :)

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 2 + 5 = 7

<DM> ok, the first arrow of Mialee hit,.

<DM> did you roll damage?

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> Just then. :)

<DM> the trolls are caught in the web, but they are huge and strong, and seem to be less affected by it than you'd like.

<Mialee> Jozlan? :)

<DM> nevertheless, you have another round to do what you want.

<Mialee> Rolling for Flint:

<Mialee> Flint attacks

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7

<Mialee> As does Mordin

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 15

> Jozlan attacks

> Pengo fires an arrow at the closest troll.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> Flint misses, and gets tangled up in the web (roll a saving throw for him)

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> Oops, I didn't think of that when I sent them in. :D

<DM> was that for Flint?

<Mialee> Yes.

<Mialee> Wish it was my roll to hit though. :)

<DM> ok, he manages to slip out of it.

<DM> Meanwhile, Mordin seems unaffected by the webs

<Mialee> Did Mordin hit? If so, what does he roll for damage?

<DM> and he attacks and hits

<DM> he rolls a d8

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 4

<Mialee> Mialee shoots...

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 7

<Mialee> (and again, I believe)

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2

<Jozlan> attacking...

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 9

<Pengo> Did you get my damage?

<DM> no

<Pengo> I hit for 4, assuming my 18 attack roll was a hit :)

<DM> ok, got it

<DM> Jozlan, roll a Saving throw to avoid getting caught in the web

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 2

<DM> oooh, Jozlan is caught in the web.

<Jozlan> d'oh

<Mialee> Oof.

<Mialee> Initiative?

<DM> Round 2:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<Mialee> Bring on the trolls. :)

<DM> The trolls manage to break free this round, and one attacks Mordin, and one attacks Jozlan

<DM> on Mordin:

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 6 + 12 + 11 = 29

<DM> one claw rakes Mordin

*** Roll by DM: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<DM> on Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 13 + 13 + 3 = 29

<DM> 2 claws tear into Jozlan

*** Roll by DM: 2d4+8 -> 2 + 3 = 5 + 8 = 13

<Mialee> Ouch.

<Jozlan> ow

<DM> Mordin attacks twice this round

<Mialee> OK, I'll remember that.

<DM> your turn

<Mialee> Mialee:

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 5

<Mialee> Mordin:

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 15

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> is that arrows?

<Mialee> Mialee was.

<DM> Mordin hits twice

<Mialee> Mordin was whatever his usual thing is. :)

<Mialee> For Mordin:

<DM> d8 for him

*** Roll by Mordin: 2d8 -> 1 + 2 = 3

<Mialee> Ack. :)

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 8

<Mialee> My second arrow:

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

<Mialee> Jeez. :)

<DM> nevertheless, Mordin's swings bring it down!

*** Roll by DM: 1d100 -> 28

<Mialee> Wow. :)

<DM> Mordin is a powerhouse.

<Mialee> Apparently. :)

<DM> Of course, the arms and legs are still squirming on the floor.

<DM> and the mouth of the thing is biting on empty air.

<Mialee> Someone needs to torch those.

<DM> Meanwhile, the other one is still very active.

<DM> Round 3:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

> Mialee shoots the standing troll.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2

<Mialee> Sheesh.

> Mordin swings at it.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 6

> Pengo shoots it.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 6

<DM> Mordin only gets two attacks on EVEN rounds.

<DM> but the 20 hit

<Mialee> That's why Mordin only attacked once. :)

<DM> oh, duh

<DM> Icarius?

<DM> The troll attacks

<DM> Mordin, I guess, if he's the only one engaging it.

<Mialee> :)

*** Roll by DM: 3d20 -> 12 + 9 + 14 = 35

<Icarius> act stays back hiding

<Mialee> Wait...

<Mialee> Flint hasn't gone yet. :)

<Mialee> He didn't get stuck, so he's going to take another swing. :)

*** Roll by Flint: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> Oooh. What for damage? :)

<DM> misses that short guy

<DM> d4+3 for Flint

*** Roll by Flint: 1d4+3 -> 2 + 3 = 5

<DM> Round 4:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Nothing.

<DM> The first troll has rolled over toward its severed arm and leg.

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> it grabs its arm and leg and sticks it back on.

<Pengo> Sigh.

<DM> the first one swings once at Flint and twice at Mordin.

<Jozlan> how does it grab its arm?

<DM> with the other arm.

<Mialee> Is Joz still trapped in the web?

<DM> you hear a slurpy sound as the disgusting flesh knits together.

<DM> yes, Joz is still trapped.

<DM> on Flint

<Mialee> Hrm.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> swings wide

<DM> onMordin

*** Roll by DM: 2d20 -> 15 + 15 = 30

<DM> both connect!

*** Roll by DM: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

*** Roll by DM: 2d6 -> 2 + 3 = 5

<DM> Mordin grunts.

<DM> and attacks

<DM> twice

<DM> Actually he should have attacked first.

<Mialee> For Mordin:

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> so if he kills it with the first blow, I'll erase the damage.

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d20 -> 6

<Mialee> Assuming the first hit:

*** Roll by Mordin: 1d8 -> 7

<DM> and he brings down the other!

<Jozlan> yippee

<Mialee> Can I extricate Jozlan fairly easily?

<DM> The first one is still up though.

<Mialee> We need to torch the remains before they finish regenerating.

<Mialee> Mialee shoots it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 6

<Mialee> Bah.

<DM> it's alive!

<Icarius> do we have any torches?

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9

<Pengo> We have several of those Molotov cocktails left.

<Pengo> In my bag.

<Pengo> Just need to get Joz out of the way. :)

<DM> try your second arrows

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 2

<Pengo> I get a second shot?

<Pengo> The fact that I even have a bow is news to me, so... ;)

*** >> to Icarius:you can always dispel your own magic.

<DM> yes, Pengo

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 20

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 5

> Icarius dispels the web

<DM> hits!

<Mialee> Joz, get out of the way, man. :)

<DM> right in the eye, and the thing topples over again.

> Pengo pulls a cocktail out of his Bag of Holding, lights it, and tosses it at the trolls.

<DM> Flint digs out a Flint and steel

<DM> so that Pengo can light his cocktail.

<Pengo> Thanks for the light, Flint. :)

<DM> which he does barely in time, as the trolls begin to slurp back together again.

<Pengo> Bye, trolls. :)

<Pengo> Sizzle sizzle. :)

<DM> the stench gets even worse, as the oily smoke rises up from the disgusting corpses.

<Pengo> Does that one cocktail do the trick? :)

<Pengo> Phew.

<DM> for the most part, it drifts up the hallway to the NW

<DM> yeah.

<DM> How many of those do you have left?

<Mialee> 13.

<Mialee> I've kept careful count.

<Mialee> Well, Pengo has. :D

<DM> OK.

> Jozlan runs back to the fountain for some wuick healing

<Mialee> Good idea.

<DM> Did he go alone?

> Pengo goes along with Joz to keep him company.

<DM> Jozlan slips into the cool refreshing water, and feels his pain ease somewhat.

> Pengo dips into the pool as well, just for kicks.

<DM> Pengo sticks his toes in the water as well, and feels better.

<DM> Mordin decides it wouldn't hurt him either, so he follows the other two.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 14 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 22 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24


<DM> what are the others doing in the meantime?

<Mialee> Waiting. :)

<DM> Looking around the room, you see that piles of rocks serve as a table and chairs, and the three mounds of stinking hides in the southwest corner make it obvious that this is the trolls' current lair.

<DM> Strewn about the room are piles of bones, fruit cores, and two small casks of souring wine.

<DM> It takes about 30 minutes for the pool to do its work...

> Mialee searches through the mounds of hides to see if there's anything of interest among them.

<DM> Hidden among the hides is a leather pouch with 70 cp, 18 sp, and a potion

> Mialee collects that stuff.

<Mialee> Anything on the table or chairs?

<DM> You find a badly tarnished silver goblet of dwarven manufacture

> Mialee takes that as well.

<DM> (worth 75 gp). Eventually, it looks like the pool isn't going to do you any more good.

> Jozlan returns

<DM> So what will you do next?

<Jozlan> how far am I down?

<Mialee> We see what's to the northwest.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 24 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 14 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 22 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24

<DM> Despite the drifting smoke, you seem to smell a breath of fresh air coming from that way. Do you follow the tunnel?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Jozlan> wait...

> Jozlan casts Cure Light Wounds on himself

<DM> The passage leads gently uphill.

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 1 + 4 = 5

<Jozlan> and on Mordin

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+4 -> 4 + 4 = 8

<DM> I think you're out of Cure Light Wounds, Jozlan

<Jozlan> oh, nevermind

<DM> though you have a couple Cure Serious Wounds

<DM> the one on yourself was the last Cure Light Wounds

<Jozlan> ok, we can continue on then

<DM> Mordin probably doesn't need a Cure Serious Wounds yet.

<DM> The passage eventually breaks out onto an open mountainside, with a bunch of boulders and rocks scattered about.

<DM> the boulders effectively screen the entrance from observation.

<Mialee> Fascinating.

<Mialee> Anything interesting to look at from here?

<Jozlan> interesting

<DM> It's dark, nighttime, so you can't see too much.

<DM> Mialee, of course, can see the distant mountains. and the close ones. :)

<DM> there are some lights on far slopes.

<DM> (several miles away)

<Jozlan> back to the last room?

<Mialee> Yeah, let's hit that last room we've not seen yet.

<DM> Flint reiterates that it might be wise to find a place to camp for a bit, to recover.

<Mialee> Hm. Yes, let's do that. How about across the pool of healing?

<DM> you've all had a long day.

<Mialee> That's a pretty secluded spot.

<DM> Flint agrees

<Mialee> Lead on, Mr. Flint.

> Flint leads the way back to the pool, and suggests that Pengo once again swim a rope across.

> Mordin offers Pengo a rope.

<DM> while you think about it, I'll take a potty break.

> Pengo does that.

<DM> he gets across the stream, and in short order, you've all been pulled across. You settle in for a wet night.

<DM> Are you setting a watch?

<Pengo> Yes.

<Pengo> Definitely.

> Mialee nods.

<DM> ok, then.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> roll for surprise, Pengo

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<Mialee> That was Pengo ;)

<DM> during Pengo's watch, he notices something small moving in the shadows. Before he can react, the thing has crawled up on Flint !

<DM> And then he sees two more slithery, centipedish kind of bugs!

> Pengo rouses the party.

<DM> and they are headed for Mialee and Jozlan.

> Mialee wakes up and gets to her feet.

*** Roll by DM: 1d200 -> 85

<DM> errr..

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> the thing Bites Flint!

<DM> roll a saving throw for Flint.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 14

<DM> he feels a bit woozy, but he's ok.

<DM> but he takes 2 hp damage.

<DM> Mialee and Jozlan, you need to each roll for initiative

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 3

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

<Mialee> D'oh.

*** Roll by DM: 1d20 -> 19

<DM> the thing bites Mialee!

<DM> roll a saving throw and take 2 hp

<DM> Jozlan, you need to roll for initiative as well.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 3

<DM> Mialee feels REALLY woozy. *** Room 8: Dungeon DM, Mialee, Pengo, Icarius, Jozlan

*** >> to Jozlan: HEY JOZ!

<Jozlan> soorry

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> initiative first, please :)

<DM> though I'll keep that to hit throw

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d5 -> 4

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

<DM> you win the initiative, roll damage to squash the bug.

<DM> (d4+1)

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<Jozlan> just about to ask

<DM> BTW, these centipede things are about 1 foot long.

<Mialee> Fun.

<DM> Jozlan, you squash yours dead.

<Mialee> One down, two to go.

<Mialee> One of them being on Flint. :)

<DM> and one on Mialee

<Mialee> Oh, it's actually climbed onto me?

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> yes

<Mialee> Well, that sucks.

<DM> youcan try to hit to knock it off.

> Mialee thumps it.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 9

<Mialee> Grr.

<Mialee> Flint tries to do the same.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 10

<DM> that knocks it off you.

<DM> likewise with Flint

<DM> now someone else could try to squash them.

<DM> Mordin reaches out with his axe....

> Pengo swings at the other with his sword.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 13

<DM> (go ahead and roll for Mordin)

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20 -> 20

<Mialee> (for Mordin)

<DM> Pengo hits!

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d8 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> obviously Mordin squashes his.

<DM> as does Pengo.

<Jozlan> cool

<DM> Whew! A little too much excitement for a calm night's sleep. :)

<DM> Mialee is feeling worse, though.

<Mialee> Yup.

<Mialee> Any remove poison spells or anything like that among us?

<DM> Flint casts a slow poison on Mialee.

<Mialee> Can we finish the night's sleep at this point, or am I not going to get any rest after that?

<DM> That should hold you for a few hours at least.

<DM> Yes, you can rest.

<Mialee> Let's finish our sleep then.

<DM> due to the interruption, you need to extend the sleep plan a bit, but you eventually do get enough rest.

<Mialee> OK, same spells for me.

<DM> you are able to recover spells.

<Mialee> Are we ready to go tackle the last room?

<DM> But by the time you're finished with that, Flint's slow poison is beginning to wear off, and Mialee begins to feel ill again.

<Jozlan> yes

<Mialee> Sigh.

<Mialee> We really need to get some poison antidote potions. :)

<Mialee> At any rate, I guess we should move on, get this done as fast as we can before I pass out or something. :)

> Mialee prods Mordin to lead the way.

*** >> to Jozlan:according to my records, you have one poison antidote left.

> Jozlan digs through his pockets and pulls out a poison antidote

<Jozlan> for your enjoyment

> Mialee gulps it down.

<Mialee> You rock. :) *** has entered the room.

<Mialee> Hey, look who made it! :)

<DM> Yea!

> Mialee stops playing the dwarves. :)

<Icarius> better late then never

<Mialee> (and watches Roger get really nervous ;) *** has entered the room.

<Flint> Sorry for the delay. I had to reload 10.3 onto a partition.

<DM> You've arrived at an opportune time.

<DM> The party has defeated 2 trolls, and stopped to rest and recup in area 8, beyond the healing stream.

<Flint> Of course, I'm a dwarf.

<DM> A good url to keep handy during games is this one:


<DM> That has your character sheets as I see them.


<DM> the map

<DM> Anyway, Flint, you've just finished recuperating, and have decided to investigate the one remaining area.

> Mialee waits for Mordin to lead the way.

<Mialee> Or Flint. Or anyone. :)

> Mordin heads for the unexplored area.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 23 / 24

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 22 / 22

<DM> Flint: 33 / 33

<DM> Mordin: 23 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24

> Pengo swims the rope across the healing pool as usual.

<DM> from area 4, which way are you going?

<Mialee> I'd think SE.

<Mordin> Yes, SE.

<DM> You pass by 2 intersections, leading to areas that you've been to before.

<DM> You come to the north end of area 11.

<DM> A mass of purple fungus covers the floor and halfway up the walls

<DM> here.

<Mialee> Anything else in here?

<DM> to the west, there is an opening into a long cavern.

<DM> refresh

<DM> You are currently at the junction of areas 9 and 11

> Mialee kneels down on the fungus and takes a close look.

<Mialee> Hello, fungus.

<DM> It's the same purple fungus you encountered before.

<Mialee> I'm still curious about it.

<Mialee> Ah well.

<Mialee> Shall we go west into 9?

<Mordin> yes

> Mialee follows Mordin.

> Pengo keeps his position in the middle of the pack.

<DM> Stalactites and stalagmites ranging m size from as small as a dagger to as large as a house fill this chamber. One large formation in the middle of the room looks like a great sailing ship with many masts.

<DM> Another, smaller, formation resembles an overflowing fountain.

<DM> The light reflecting from these crystaline formations rather dazzles

<DM> your eyes. (You can only see about 20 feet or so.)

<DM> Shards of these formations are scattered about the floor, making walking hazardous. The bones are of various cave-dwelling creatures.

<Mialee> Any idea what might have broken the formations to make the shards? I've not seen that before, have we?

<Mialee> Or have we in another of these rooms?

<DM> you were in a room before with the stone shards

<Mialee> Right.

<DM> they caused you to slip and fall, cutting yourselves on the sharp edges.

> Pengo carefully makes his way across the floor, keeping an eye open for anything of interest.

<DM> There is nothing to indicate what might have broken the formations.

<DM> Pengo,

<DM> Roll a d20+2 and get under your dexterity...

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20+2 -> 14 + 2 = 16

<Pengo> Done. :)

> Mordin eats some of the purple fungus.

> Mialee looks at Mordin in surprise.

<DM> Pengo makes it half-way across the cavern.

> Flint looks shocked.

> Icarius ponders

<Mialee> Mordin? Are you insane?

<DM> Suddenly, you hear a scuttling sound from above, and you see 4 large

<DM> cutworm-like creatures scampering down the stalactites around Pengo.

<DM> They look like

> Pengo doesn't notice, but keeps looking around him to see if there's anything among the debris on the floor.

<Flint> Yes he is, but we don't talk about that.

<Pengo> Joy.

<Pengo> Help, guys! I'm under attack!

<Mialee> Is he too far away for us to see him or the critters?

<DM> The light is dazzling, so you can't see him clearly but you hear him fine.

> Mordin charges forward.

> Mialee heads into battle.

> Flint charges forward.

<DM> Mordin and Mialee,

<DM> Roll a d20+2 and get under your dexterity...

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d20+2 -> 12 + 2 = 14

<DM> and Flint

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20+2 -> 9 + 2 = 11

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20+2 -> 17 + 2 = 19

<Flint> No.

<DM> Mordin and Flint, you sliup along the way

<DM> You take damage:

*** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 1

<DM> Mordin.

<DM> Flint takes:

*** Roll by DM: 1d2 -> 1

<Icarius> is the centipede "detectable" for purposes of an mm?

<DM> Not from where you're standing

<DM> Pengo:

> Mordin gets up and continues the charge.

> Icarius carefully walks closer


<DM> Their tentacles wave wildly about, making them difficult to see clearly.

> Flint gets up and continues the charge.

> Jozlan charges in

<DM> One of the wormy things runs at you, and flails its 2' long tentacles at you (there are 8 of them).

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20+3 -> 14 + 3 = 17

<Mialee> Good lord.

<DM> Jozlan, you slip and take 1 damage

<DM> Pengo, initiative.

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 6

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 4

<DM> The thing flails its tentacles at you:

*** Roll by DM: 8d20 -> 15 + 9 + 18 + 5 + 19 + 16 + 10 + 11 = 103

<DM> 2 of them hit you!

<DM> You've been slimed! Roll a saving throw (d20).

<DM> in fact, roll 2

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 14

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 15

<DM> Icarius, you need to roll the dexterity roll too.

<DM> heh, there's a little stiffness in your arm, Pengo, but you can still swing it!

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d20+2 -> 8 + 2 = 10

<Pengo> Good!

<DM> Icarius, you make it to within 20 feet of the scuffle on the next round.

<DM> ok, Pengo, you can swing at the creature, or whatever.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 9

<Pengo> Argh.

<DM> miss

<DM> It's got a hard shell on its head.

<DM> Round 2:

<DM> =============================

<DM> Mialee is within attack range this round, and is facing 2 of the creatures.

<DM> Flint and Mordin didn't wuite make it because of their fall.

<DM> there are now 2 facing Pengo as well.

<DM> Icarius and Jozlan are within spell range, but not melee rrange.

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<DM> ?

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 3

<Icarius> magic missile

<Mialee> Magic missile

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 6

<DM> ok, your shots.

<DM> there are 4 of the creatures, please number your attacks.

<Icarius> at 1, 2, and 3

*** Roll by Icarius: 3d4+3 -> 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 + 3 = 8

<Pengo> My magic missiles both at the one attacking Pengo.

<Pengo> Er, that's Mialee ;)

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 2 + 1 = 3 + 2 = 5

<DM> ok,

> Pengo swings at the one attacking him.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d6 -> 3

<DM> Pengo manages to transfix one with his sword!

<Pengo> Woohoo!

<DM> the bloated body sags to the ground.

<DM> there is still another facing him though. It attacks.

*** Roll by DM: 8d20 -> 20 + 5 + 19 + 17 + 20 + 3 + 19 + 17 = 120

<Pengo> That looks bad for Pengo. :)

<DM> yikes, Pengo. Roll 6 saving throws.

<DM> (12 or better)

<Pengo> Yow.

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 15

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 18

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 19

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 1

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 7

*** Roll by Pengo: 1d20 -> 2

<Pengo> Boy, that started out well. :)

> Pengo is disemboweled. ;)

<DM> You feel a stiffness crawling up your arm, until you can't swing your weapon. The paralysis spreads quickly through your torso to your other limbs, and you find yourself unable to move at all!

> Pengo thinks, "Crap!"

<DM> there are two attacking Mialee:

*** Roll by DM: 16d20 -> 13 + 9 + 11 + 15 + 14 + 3 + 17 + 7 + 13 + 8 + 12 + 18 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 15 = 165

<DM> Amazingly, she is able to parry all of the tentacles!

<Mialee> Yay!

<DM> or at least dodge them.

<Mialee> Whatever. Both work. :)

<DM> Round 3:

<DM> =============================

<DM> Everyone is now within range to do whatever they want.

<DM> Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<Icarius> mm

<Icarius> oops, scratch that

<DM> you only had one.

<Mialee> He has his staff still though.

<DM> true enough.

<Icarius> yeah, i'll use the staff

<DM> you can use 2 missiles per round with that.

<DM> go with the missiles first.

> Mialee casts Magic Missile at the nearest one attacking her.

<Icarius> 1 each at #1 & 2 *s

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 4 + 2 = 6 + 2 = 8

<Icarius> assuming neither was killed by Pengo

*** Roll by Icarius: 2d4+2 -> 1 + 3 = 4 + 2 = 6

> Pengo is busy doing his excellent his Colossus of Rhodes impression.

<DM> Pengo killed #1

<Icarius> 2 & 3 then

<DM> 3 & 4 are attacking Mialee

<Mialee> I take it my excellent MM didn't polish one off? :)

<DM> Yes, as a matter of fact, it did cause one to stiffen up and keel; over.

<DM> Icarius, do your damage

<DM> just one on #4, since #3 is already dead.

*** Roll by Icarius: 1d4+1 -> 1 + 1 = 2

<DM> you still hit it, it was just overkill.

<DM> Flint and Mordin? Jozlan?

<Flint> \

<DM> oh wait

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 5

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 1

<Mialee> D'oh :)

<DM> one attacks Mialee

*** Roll by DM: 8d20 -> 13 + 7 + 6 + 18 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 16 = 73

<DM> She once again evades the attacks.

<DM> one attacks...

*** Roll by DM: 1d3 -> 1

<DM> Flint, assuming he's in range.

<DM> ??

<DM> what is everyone doing?

<Flint> Yes he is.

<Flint> Melee

<Mordin> Melee

<DM> on which? 2 & 4 remain.

> Flint attacks #2

<Jozlan> melee

> Mordin attacks #4

> Jozlan attacks #2

<DM> ok, on Flint then.

*** Roll by DM: 8d20 -> 14 + 4 + 18 + 3 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 10 = 54

<DM> Flint roll one saving throw

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 18

<DM> no problem.

<DM> you got slimed, but it didn't affect you.

<DM> on Mordin.

*** Roll by DM: 8d20 -> 20 + 10 + 15 + 4 + 11 + 8 + 14 + 5 = 87

<Flint> How many are left?

<DM> Mordin, roll 1 saving throw

<DM> there are 2 creatures left.

<Flint> Didn't one already attack Mialee?

<Mialee> yes

<Mialee> But three just attacked. I'm confused, if there are two left. :)

<DM> sorry, lemme look again.

<DM> you're right. one attacked Mialee, and one Flint.

<DM> ok, then, your shots.

<Mordin> I disbelieve the illusion.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 13

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 5

<Mialee> :)

<DM> Flint hits

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 4

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d20 -> 12

<DM> Jozlan hits

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d4+1 -> 4 + 1 = 5

<Mialee> Kill it! :)

<DM> Jozlan brings it down!

<Mialee> One left. :)

<DM> only one remains.

<DM> Round 4:
Spellcasters, what will you cast?

<Mialee> Magic missile.

<DM> Anyone else?

<Icarius> mm staff

<Icarius> hold that, nothing

<DM> Initiative:

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 2

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> again

*** Roll by DM: 1d6 -> 1

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d6 -> 2

<DM> your shots

*** Roll by Mialee: 2d4+2 -> 3 + 1 = 4 + 2 = 6

<DM> it's still slithering.

*** Roll by Flint: 1D20 -> 11

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 11

<DM> Mordin hits

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 2 + 6 = 8

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D20 -> 14

<DM> Mordin squashes it.

<Mialee> Whew. :)

*** Roll by Mordin: 1D8+6 -> 5 + 6 = 11

<Mialee> Pengo looks like he's got trouble. :)

<DM> in the sudden quiet, you hear some scuttling noises in the distant darkness.

<Mialee> Ah, crap.

<Flint> As long as we stay together, we won't have a problem.

<Mialee> Yeah.

<Mialee> Can someone fix Pengo's paralysis?

> Jozlan casts remove paralysis

<Flint> Concentrate your attacks on one creature at a time, kill it, then move to the next.

<DM> gee, how convenient that you had that, Joz! :)

<DM> so what's next?

<Jozlan> :)

<Icarius> being animals, they should be scared of fire (hopefully)

<Flint> Let's explore the little tunnel to the north from Area 9.

<DM> the little tunnel goes up hust a little ways and dead-ends.

<DM> just a little ways.

<DM> you do see what looks like a gem of some sort sticking out of the wall. It's greenish in color.

<DM> about the size of a gold piece.

> Mialee looks to the dwarves to inspect the stone.

> Flint examines the gem.

<DM> You're pretty sure it's an emerald.

> Mordin takes the gem.

<Mialee> Don't forget that chest that turned out to be a creature. :)

<Mordin> I'm hoping. :)

<DM> Well, it's not as simple as taking it.

<DM> but a little dagger-work, and you pop it out of the soft rock.

<Flint> Other than investigating that scuttling noise, I think we are done in here.

<Mialee> Yeah, which way to that?

<DM> ??

<Mialee> Where was that scuttling noise we heard earlier coming from?

<DM> you mean, which direction is the noise?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> oh, it was up near the ceiling somewhere. Hard to place because of the echoing.

<Mialee> Like, above us now, or...?

<Mialee> Or just in that room we were in beore?

<Mialee> before

<DM> between the bright reflections from the rock formations and the darkness beyond them, it's just really hard to say where they were coming from.

<DM> you don't hear anything now.

> Mialee looks at Flint and Mordin.

<Mialee> What now?

<Flint> either we hunt around in area 9 until we find them, or we leave.

<Jozlan> hmm

<Mordin> I say we hunt them down.

<Jozlan> yeah, might as well

<DM> ?? /action, please.

> Mordin leads the way back into area 9.

<DM> How long will you spend looking?

<Mordin> Until we find something.

<DM> You spend an hour or so looking, but though you occasionally hear what might be the creatures, the reflection from the glittering stone prevents you from laying your eyes on them. Apparently, the sudden demise of their cousins has tought them caution.

<DM> Will you continue to look?

<Mialee> Yeah.

<DM> meanwhile, of course, you've been stumbling around, falling over the shards of rock laying on the ground.

<Mialee> Wait.

<Mialee> Heh.

<Mialee> Let's get out of here.

<Mialee> We can let the dwarves know what to watch for.

*** >> to Mialee: ;)

<Mialee> This is just stupid. :)

<Flint> I agree.

<Jozlan> yeah

<DM> ??

> Mordin heads for area 1 and the exit.

> Flint follows.

> Mialee follows, being careful not to wander into Area 51 on the way out. ;)

> Pengo goes along.

<Pengo> Let's just go report in to whatsisname.

<DM> You make your way to area 1, and find the dwarf sentries there waiting for you.

<Mialee> Whoo.

<DM> they look a bit surprised, but relieved to see you.

> Mialee grins.

<Dwarf Sentry>How do you fare?

<Mialee> Well, we're breathing. :)

<Dwarf Sentry>I am glad to see you return, and I'm sure that Carlos will be glad to see you as well.

<Mialee> We explored all the caverns, and learned their secrets.

<Mialee> Yes, we need to speak to Carlos.

<DM> They offer to escort you to his residence.

<Mialee> Thank you, yes.

<DM> one of them remains at his post, while the other leads you back out into the outer town.


<Mialee> Let's go visit Carlos. Where is he?

<DM> The dwarf leads you straight to the door marked "A

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> he knocks on the door, and after a bit, a pleasant looking female dwarf answers the door.

<Mialee> Hello.

<Dwarf Sentry> The explorers have returned announces the dwarf.

<Mialee> We've returned, and need to speak to Carlos, please.

<Pela>Please come in," she says.

> Mialee enters.

> Pengo follows Mialee in.

<DM> the other dwarf bows to the lady, and returns to the cavern entrance.

<DM> She leads you into the same chamber that you were in before, and greets her husband.

<Pela>Carlos, your explorers have returned. I'll fetch some tea.

<DM> Carlos greets you:

<Carlos>Hail to you my friends. What news have you brought me?

<Mialee> We have learned the fate of your missing party, as well as what creatures live in the caverns.

<Carlos> Please go on!

<Mialee> (Sheppy suddenly realizes he's not sure he remembers all the details of what happened with the kindly dragons and the dwarf party :)

<Mialee> There is a family of kindly dragons living in the caves; your party was inadvertently injured by them, and while they were fleeing, they were attacked and killed by other creatures, which we have dispatched.

<Carlos> Kindly Dragons? Is there such a thing?

<Mialee> Certain races of dragons are not necessarily cruel or evil.

<Mialee> These had a family of younglings that they were caring for; they intend to depart as soon as they're old enough.

<Carlos> depart, you say?

<Mialee> Yes, the dragons will be leaving as soon as their young are able.

<Carlos> Hmm, I think I like no dragons better than friendly dragons

<Mialee> In addition, a pair of trolls were living in the caverns, but they have been destroyed. They had this with them; I don't know if it carries any special meaning.

> Mialee presents the goblet retrieved from their lair.

<Carlos> Hrmff. Trolls are always better dead.

<Carlos> are you sure you killed them completely?

<Mialee> Yes; we burned their bodies.

<Mialee> After the dragons leave, the caverns are yours. Except that we encountered some interesting creatures; we tried to eradicate as many as we could, but we suspect there may be some in hiding. However, they appear to be fearful of us now. You should have little trouble eradicating them.

> Mialee describes the worms.

<Carlos> ahh, they sound like Carrion Crawlers. Aye, we've dealt with the likes of them before.

<Carlos> What else can you tell me about what to expect if We were to mine the caverns?

<Mialee> There are some interesting rock formations, and a couple of chambers are littered with dangerously sharp rock shards.

<Mialee> And a couple of rooms also are heavily carpeted with brightly colored fungus.

<Mialee> Otherwise, the caverns seem to be clear now.

<Carlos> And what proof do ye bring me of these dragons and their friendly nature and intentions?

<Mialee> (guys, do we have any proof?)

<Mialee> (I can't remember :)

<Flint> We are alive, aren't we?

<Pengo> That's true. :)

<Mialee> So either we slayed them, or they're friendly enough. :)

<Mialee> Either way, you should have no problems with them.

<Carlos> Hmmm,

<Carlos> either that or you've made up the story to claim the reward.

<Mordin> Of course we can always take him in and show him the dragons.

<Mialee> We could. Just be sure to bring a gift for each of their three younglings; it's their custom.

*** << <Mialee> << I honestly don't remember much about the dragons... did we get anything we might use as proof? :)

<Flint> They are silver dragons by the way.

*** >> to Mialee: I don't remember either :)

<Carlos> well, I suppose that your offer to introduce me to them should be proof enough of your veracity.

<Mialee> I do suggest staying out of the southeastern area of the caverns for the time being, until the dragons depart. They said it would be soon.

> Mialee bows.

<Carlos> We had a bargain, I believe, and I believe you have lived up to your end.

<Carlos> I shall live up to mine.

<Mialee> Thank you, sir.

<Carlos> Here is the reward that I promised you.

<DM> he hands you a sack with 1000 PP in it.

> Mialee smiles. Thank you, sir.

<Mialee> If you have a piece of paper or parchment and a pen, I can sketch you a map of the caverns if you like.

<Carlos>That would be most appreciated.

<DM> he gets up and goes over to a desk and brings you the parchment and pen and ink.

> Mialee sketches the map for Carlos.

<Carlos> I would invite you to stay as long as you like in Mountain lake.

<Mialee> Thank you, sir, but we do need to return home.

<Carlos>I thank you for your deeds and manners.

<Carlos>You shall be considered a friend of Warka henceforth.

<Mialee> Thank you. That is indeed an honor.

<Carlos>Is there anything else I can do for you?

> Mialee looks to the others in the party.

<Flint> I think thats it.

<Carlos>Then go with my blessings and thanks.

<DM> He shows you to the door.

> Mialee departs.

<Mialee> Let's return to Paulinius and report on the transport system.

> Jozlan exits

<Jozlan> yeah. I think we have it covered

<DM> will you leave immediately, or spend a day or three in Mountain Lake?

<Flint> We might want to rest a day or two before we head for the tower.

<Mialee> I think we should go immediately.

<Flint> Recover and get back spells.

<Mialee> Well, okay.

<Flint> There are goblins in the hills remember.

<Jozlan> true

<Mialee> Ah, yeah, okay.

<DM> So you spend a day or 2 in Mountain Lake, and get to know some of the locals, and decide it's generally a friendly place.

<DM> You're a bit surprised to note that these dwarves seem especially religious, as dwarves go, but that's ok.

<DM> after you're all rested and recovered, do you head back for the tower?

<Icarius> before we go, I'd like to get a map of the surrounding area... might be useful to report back

<Icarius> oops, I barted

<DM> Certainly, you are able to procure a fairly detailed map of the region.

<Icarius> great

<DM> (and as soon as I draw it, you'll be able to see it. :)

<Mialee> :)

<DM> It takes you a few days to get back to the tower, and another few days to get from the other tower back to where Paulinus' friend's chapel is... but

<Mialee> OK, let's head home.

<DM> you make the trip without much trouble.

<DM> After making the appropriate preparations, you are able to use the transfer portal in the small chapel to transport yourself to the Baron's palace in Byrne!

<DM> Within 20 minutes of arriving in the tower, the door opens, and Paulinus greets you warmly.

<DM>Hello, my friends! How did you fare? Have you unlocked the secrets of the towers?

<Mialee> Hello, Paulinus.

<Mialee> We have indeed.

> Mialee describes how you simply need to run through the ones that emit a magical aura.

<Mialee> Most of them are not functional any longer.

<DM>That is too bad, but you say that some of them ARE functional?

<Flint> Yes.

<DM>This will be worth studying some more.

<DM> He leads you out of the palace and to the front gate of the compound.

<DM> He wishes you well, and offers an invitation to drop by the next day

<DM> to discuss your adventure.

<Mialee> Thank you.

<DM> You arrive back home, safe and sound, and James greets you at home.


<Mialee> Whew. :)


This has been a long haul

<Jozlan> hooray

But you've all fought valiently and well.

<Mialee> Thank you.

> Mialee looks forward to xp. ;)

Experience Gained from this adventure:

(per class)

Mialee 4565 Gains a Level!!

Icarius 10042

Flint 4565 Gains a Level!!

Jozlan 10042 Gains a Level!!

Mordin 10042

Pengo 10042

<Mialee> Wow.

<DM> So Mialee goes up as a MU, Flint as a Cleric, and Jozlan (obviously) as a cleric

<Mialee> Mialee goes up as a MU? The "xp to next level" on your character sheet pages says she needs 9690 for that. :)

<Mialee> Not that I'm complaining -- I really want that level. :)

<DM> Sorry, she goes up as a fighter

<Mialee> What sort of rolling up of stuff does she need to do then?

<DM> I'll fix the sheets later, but if you want, we can roll hit points now.

<Mialee> I'd like to. *** has left the room.

<Mordin> Flint should be going up in both classes.

<Mialee> What do I roll?

<Mialee> And here's hoping I roll well for a change; I think I've gotten the lowest possible roll every time. :D

<DM> Mialee would roll a d10 / 2

<DM> Flint you're correct.

*** Roll by Mialee: 1d10 -> 5

<Mialee> Bah.

<Mialee> So, 2?

<DM> lemme check the book. 2 or 3

<DM> can't find it. Roger, can you help me find the rule on multi-class hit points?

<Flint> Yes

<Mialee> How about 2x3? ;)

<DM> got it, pg 19

<DM> though that doesn't describe what to do when you go up a level.

<Mialee> 19? Cool! :)

> Mialee didn't mean to make this so complicated. ;)

<Jozlan> :)

<DM> but it seems to say that fractions of .5 or up should be rounded up.

<Mialee> We can pretend I rolled a 10 if you like. ;)

<DM> so I'll say 3

<Mialee> OK.

<Mialee> Well, that was fun, guys. Thanks!

<DM> goodnight!

<Mialee> I look forward to the next time we manage to get time to play -- Mialee should be able to advance as a magic user next adventure. :)

<Mialee> Night. :) *** has left the room.

<DM> Jozlan, you wanna roll?

<DM> yours is easy, a straight d8 *** Room 8: Dungeon Alt-DM, DM, Flint, Mordin, Icarius, Jozlan

*** Roll by Jozlan: 1d8 -> 5

<DM> not bad.

<DM> give you 27

<DM> Flint, if you're ready, you can roll your (d8+d10+2)/2

*** Roll by Flint: 1D8 -> 2

*** Roll by Flint: 1D10 -> 3

<DM> ouch

<DM> that would be 5+2 = 7/2 = 3.5 = 4

<DM> right?

<Flint> yes.

<DM> Current Hit Points

<DM> ==================

<DM> Mialee: 27 / 27

<DM> Icarius: 21 / 21

<DM> Jozlan: 27 / 27

<DM> Flint: 37 / 37

<DM> Mordin: 27 / 27

<DM> Pengo: 24 / 24


<DM> Does that look right?

<Jozlan> yep

<Flint> Yes.

<DM> Well, thanks, guys for your perserverance on this one. Feel free to do any offline activities in Byrne on the BB.

<Jozlan> ok. thanks. and good night

<Flint> Good night.

<DM> My grandkids arrive on Saturday for 3 weeks, so it will be at least that long before we can play again.

<DM> goodnight!

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