An elven Fighter / Magic-User of growing renown

The Party
Name Mialee
Race Elf
Primary Class Secondary Class
Class FTR M_U
Level 7 7
Experience 74024 73346
x.p. to next level 50977 16655
To Hit Bonus Damage Bonus Weight Allowance Open Doors Bend bars / Lift Gates
Strength 9 0 0 35 2 1%
Add. Languages Chance to Know Spell Minimum Spells/Level Maximum Spells/Level
Intelligence 15 4 65% 7 11
Magic Attack Adjust Spell Bonus Chance of Spell Failure
Wisdom 12 0 None 5%
Defense Adjustment Surprise/ Attack Adjust Pick Pockets Open Locks Find/ Remove Traps
Dexterity 15 1 0 0% 0% 0%
Hit Point Adjustment System Shock Survival Resurection Survival Set Traps
Constitution 9 0 65% 70% 11%
Max Henchmen Loyalty Base Reaction Adjustment Move Silently
Charisma 8 4 0% 0% 0%
Hide in Shadows
Armor Elven Chainmail + 1 0%
Armor Class Type 15 Encumbrance: 133%
Armor Class 17
Hit Points 38
Level Bonus 6
Alignment Neutral Good
Weapon Proficiencies Longsword Longbow Quarterstaff Dagger BattleAxe
Saving Throws
Poison 10
Paralyzation or Death 10
Petrification or Polymorph 11
Rod, Staff or Wand 9
Breath Weapon 12
Spell 10
Bonus for Will-based attacks 0
Resistance to Charm 90%

Spell Book

Number of Magic spells which can be memorized:

1st Level Spells

Can Never Learn: Level: # of Spells
BurningHands Shield 1 4 Mialee can memorize twice as many 1st and 2d level spells, because of her Ring of Wizardry
Detect Magic Comprehend Languages 2 3
Feather Fall Protection from Evil 3 2
Firewater 4 1
Hold Portal 5 0
Identify 6 0
Jump 7 0
Magic Missile 8 0
Read Magic 9 0
Transfer by Portal
Traveling Spell Book 1 Traveling Spell Book 2 Traveling Spell Book 3 Traveling Spell Book 4

2nd Level Spells

Can Never Learn: Magic Missile Transfer by Portal Rope Trick Ice Storm
Hypnotism Web Invisibility Identify
Invisibility Stinking Cloud Melf's Acid Arrow Knock Fireball
Knock Color Spray Sleep Levitate Protection from Evil, 10' Radius
Levitate Firewater Detect Magic Alternate Reality
Mirror Image Hypnotism Read Magic Ray of Enfeeblement
Melf's Acid Arrow
Ray of Enfeeblement. .
Rope Trick

3rd Level Spells

Can Never Learn:
Alternate Reality Lightning Bolt
Fireball Monster Summoning I
Protection from Evil 10' Radius

4th Level Spells

Can Never Learn:
Ice Storm Monster Summoning II


11899.881 in g.p. equivalent value
4 500gp pearls

Magic Items:

Wand of Force
Ring of Wizardry, Doubles 1st & 2nd Level Spells
Ring of Protection +1
Longsword of Light (+1, +3 vs. Undead, Kept in Pengo's Bag of Holding)
Cloak of ElvenKind
Periapt of Good Health (Amber Pendant)
Longbow: Skyfire (+2)
Arrows of Fire (+1) 15
Longsword - Defender (+2)
Bracelet of Charisma
Portable Hole


Ray of Enfeeblement
Leomund's Tiny Hut
Magic Missile
Identify, Push
Tenser's Floating Disk
Spell book containing the following spells: Hold Person, Polymorph Other, Read Languages, Read Magic, Ventriloquism, Knock, Wizard Lock, Water Breathing, Wall of Fire.
Cleric Spell: Neutralize Poison
Cleric Spell: Heal
Cleric Spell: Cure Blindness
Cleric Spell: Cure Disease
Cleric Spell: Remove Curse
Cleric Spell: Remove Paralysis


Speed 3
Super-Heroism 1
Invisibility 1
Human Control 1
Heroism 1
Climbing 1

Other Items

Silver Arrows 11
Chainmail (normal) Dagger, quiver of 20 arrows Mialee has a familiar that she calls Voronda. Voronda's a scrappy young bobcat, who will fight if pressed. She has 5 h.p. (1 HD) and 3 attacks, doing d2, d2 and d2 damage with her claws and teeth. (If both forepaws hit, she gets "raking" attacks with her rear paws for d2,d2)

Skills and Proficiencies:

Reading / Writing
Languages, Ancient
Languages, Modern
History, Ancient


Mialee was born to Baradin and Eriel of the Northern Reaches of Rahn. Baradin was an aide to a wealthy trader living in one of the trading posts along the border with Mercia. Eriel was a respected elven mage.
When Mialee was very young, the trading outpost was attacked by foul creatures from the mountains to the north. Eriel stood bravely on the ramparts conjuring a defensive spell when she was cut down by a bolt of lightning cast by an evil sorceror in league with the foul army.
Mialee was inconsolable at her mother's death and frustrated with her father's inability to save her mother's life. From that day forth, the young elf maid's only play was playing at warfare, and the elves she looked up to were the one she had seen killing orcs on that fateful day.
For his part, Baradin was equally distraught at the death of his wife, and blamed her arcane art for her death. He was determined that Mialee would learn a safe and secure vocation.
When Mialee was eighteen years old, her father was dispatched on a trading mission to Kendall, the capital of Mercia. She saw many things that fascinated her both on the journey and in the city, including a great many soldiers and adventurers.
Upon her return home, she began spending more and more time roaming the hills and plains, and less and less time at her studies.
Her father grew more and more concerned with Mialee's disregard for the traditions of her family and for the lessons he wished her to learn, and, as she grew up, they drifted apart.
As the years passed, she turned her attention increasingly toward the study of warfare, combat, and -- much to her father's chagrin -- magic. Still, she found nothing to fill the void in her heart.
On her twenty-sixth birthday, she left her father a note and left home for good, eventually drifting to the city of Byrne in Mercia, where she took odd jobs providing security to minor landowners. Eventually she grew bored with that work and became an adventurer in her own right.

Mialee has a deep sense of having something to prove, despite her conscious recognition that there's nothing her father really could have done about her mother's death -- and certainly nothing an eight-year-old elf-maid could have done.

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